Rya’s Lust for Her Father Erupts

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This story is purely fiction, and none of the events are real or contain real characters. Please feel free to comment any feedback, thank you! ~ Kitten


Only a few days after her 18th birthday, Rya laid in her bed, eyes gazing at the ceiling.

“Damn, that was so hot..” She murmured, breathlessly. For years now she had been having very vivid, sexual dreams of her father and her doing… unmentionable, unspeakable things.

“It’s not like I’m actually doing anything, so it’s not bad.. and either way, I’m 18 now! These things happen, even I we did do something, I’m an adult now.” She continued to reassure herself as her small, delicate hands gently fondled her erect nipples through her thin, white nightgown.

“But, fuck.. I wonder what he feels like..” She let her fingers twist around her hard nipples, as her eyes slipped shut.

Suddenly she was snapped back into reality, as her mother shouted from downstairs.

“Rya, are you up? Your sister and I are leaving now for her campus tour the next couple of days, so it’ll just be you and your father. Bye, love you!” Her mom’s cheery goodbye was followed by the harsh thud of the front door.

“Oh, bye, mom!” Rya eagerly sat up, realizing now was her chance to let out some of her sexual frustration before having to greet her father. Her long, brunette hair tousled down the side to her small, petite waist.

Rya was rather small – even for a newly 18 year old. She stood at only 5’2″, with a waist the size of a child’s. However she was definitely evened out, with round, bodacious C cup breasts and smooth, curved hips. A slight yawn escaped her lips as she rubbed her large, pale blue eyes awake. Her legs then slid down off the side of her pink satin bed, and she pushed herself up onto her feet.

“Aw fuck, now where’d I put my vibrators..” Her eyes skimmed her room until she saw the small, taped box aside her desk. She smiled to herself and rushed rushed over to it.

As soon as she popped off the lid of her secret little box, her body flooded with heat and she felt even more tingles in her pussy than when she had her naughty dream. Immediately she reached forward, grabbing the large, silicone dong and the slick, pink vibrator beside it.

Quickly she closed the box, with both toys in hand and rushed to peak out her bedroom door. The house was so quiet, she figured her father was asleep. Even so, she tiptoed across the cold tile floor, causing her light pink nipples to harden all over again, until she got to the end of the hallway.

Rya slipped inside the bathroom quickly, because even though her father was asleep, she had no panties or bra on. Only her skimpy little white, almost see-through night gown covered her fertile young body.

As soon as she got inside the bathroom, she closed the door and turned on the bathtub water so her vibrator’s buzzing would be more discreet. Rya then grabbed the large, fleshy, silicone dong and stuck it to the tile floor. Her body felt so hot with the desire to cum and release her liquids, she could bairly wait to have her pussy filled up.

She’d never had a real boy fuck her before. Her toys were the closest she’d ever gotten, and before then she used household items. She’d fucked herself with the handles of hairbrushes, and even cucumbers and bananas from the kitchen. Rya wasn’t proud of it, but she longed to feel her pussy spread open by a real man, and would always fantasize about it. But she didn’t want just any man, no. She wanted her father.

Carefully Rya rested her hand against the side of the bathtub for balance, and lowered herself onto the large dong, sticking up from her bathroom floor.

“Ahhh… ahh fuuuucckk..” Rya moaned as she bit her lips gently, trying to keep quiet.

The tip of her dildo was pushed against her pink, fleshy mound. Her lips spread around the head slowly, as she lowered down and let it slide into her wetness. Rya’s tight, young pussy stretched more and more, as she let her body engulf as much of the thick toy as she could.

She could feel the walls of her pussy be forced open, and stretched as far as they could be. Steadily she began to bounce, up and down, up and down. Rya’s little cunt was adjusting to being a woman, as she steadied her knees on the ground.

“Fuuuck, oooh fuuck yes… fuck me daddy, fuck me..” Her eyes closed as she let her ass bounce up and down her dildo’s long, thick shaft.

“Fuck your little girl… I’ve always wanted this, I’ve always wanted you..”

Rya began rocking her hips back and forth, fully enjoying the feeling of bursa escort being fucked and fantasizing it was her father. She talked dirty to herself quietly, but then got louder and louder as the pleasure swept over her fragile, young body.

Due to the water being on, she started to forget she had to be quiet at all. Her imagination took over as she envisioned the thick dong inside her being her father’s cock.

“Aww yes daddy, fuck your baby girl.. fill me up like you did Momma..” Her hips buckled as she picked up momentum, imagining that the cold tile her round ass was slapping against, was really her Daddy’s balls hitting against her.

Meanwhile, out front a car pulled up. And out stepped the tall, strong, gruff and yet handsome Mr. Warson. He was wearing still wearing his gym shorts and tank, after having finished his morning workout. Mr. Warson walked up to the front door, unlocked it, and stepped inside. .

He set down his gym bag and yelled up to his daughter, “Hi Rya, I’m home!” Then stood for a moment, waiting for a reply, before realizing there was water running so she probably didn’t even hear him. Mr. Warson kicked off his shoes and made his way up the stairs to the bathroom, before pausing at the door.

“Ooooh yes, oh Dad.., fuck me, fuck your little girl!… aaa- I’m- I’m gonna cum if you keep fucking my tight little pussy like this!”

His cheeks flooded with blood and so did his manhood. What was he hearing?! His little girl… masturbating to the thought of him having sex with her? It was unbelievable! And yet, his cock began to swell and harden even more as he continued to listen to his daughter.

“Daddy! Daddy! Oh yes, Daddy!” Her moaning got so loud, she was practically screaming. Screaming for her father’s cock.

Mr. Warson, just outside the bathroom door, began to rub his manhood over the flimsy gym shorts.

“Mmm yes, babygirl… call for Daddy.” He began to quietly moan back. Then his eyes snapped open and reality struck him, and suddenly he was almost… angry. Angry that his little girl could give him such dirty thoughts. But more importantly, he was angry his daughter was filthy enough to touch herself and fantasize of him while doing it.

Without thinking, he flew open the door and was immediately caught off guard by what he saw. What his little girl looked like, beautifully naked, open and exposed.

Rya had switched positions, she was now laying on her back on the floor. Her legs were high up and spread above her, exposing her shaved, dripping wet teenage cunt. The thin nightgown was pushed so far down that her round, pale, perfect big breasts were popping out above the top.. Her nipples erect and mouth watering.

Mr. Warson gasped as he stared at her, her small cunt was stuffed full by this fake dildo.

“Oh! Daddy.. oh god I, well don’t look! Go! Get out!”

Rya was so embarrassed, she rushed her small hands quickly over to cover her swollen, pink cunt and large, round breasts. Wasn’t much help, though.

“Wow. You dirty girl..” Her father licked his lips slowly and smirked, while his bulge continued to grow under his short. Then he felt his rage all over again.

“Ha. What? You think this is okay?! You think this is alright, for you to stuff your private parts up with toys and cum to the thought of your father?!” His voice raised harshly as his eyes took in the view of his precious little girl’s now flawless womanly body.

“Well, if that’s what you want, then you need to learn your lesson, don’t you?! What kind of a dirty girl wants her own father?” His legs kicked the door fully open and he got down, slamming his palms down on either side of Rya’s face. She was shocked, with her blue eyes wide open. For a moment, she even seemed scared.

“I guess my dirty girl wants her own father, right? So here, you can get what you want!” Mr. Warson ripped out the thick dildo so fast, her pussy gushed out with liquids onto the floor.

“N- no! Daddy, that’s not what I was, I didn’t mean to-”

His hand smacked down onto her shiny, slippery pussy with a loud SLAP!

“Shut up!” He shouted, while looking into her eyes. His big middle finger then pushed deep inside his daughter’s young pussy, as he furiously fingered her g-spot.

“Oh, Daddy! No, stop! Don’t! You’re gonna make me..ahh!” Rya’s hands frantically grabbed onto her fathers back, clawing at his skin. But he only fingered her faster, and slipped another two fingers inside, already stretching his little girl open.

“Hell no you aren’t!” He slapped her across the face with his bursa escort bayan free hand. “You’re not gonna cum until I say you can, got it you little fucking slut? You’re going to obey your father, you dirty fucking whore. How dare you disgrace me like this.” His firm hand slapped her face again and then moved to her neck.

Her eyes widened with fear and got teary. She didn’t know how to feel… her father touching her body, being inside of her, was all she’d ever wanted or dreamed of. But now, now she didn’t know what to do or how to react.

“Fu-..fuck me…” She stammered out with the little breath she had.

“What was that?” Her father’s eyes gleamed, and narrowed down at her, as he smirked a wicked smirk.

“You want your Daddy to fuck you, little girl?” He chuckled as he his fingers slammed into her pussy. Rya’s juices had dripped all the way down his hand and formed an even bigger puddle on the floor.

“Well, alright, if that’ll teach my sweet little baby a lesson.” He moved his hand off her neck and down onto his daughter’s big, round breasts. A loud SLAP filled the air as he smacked both of her titties and pinched, then pulled at her nipples.

“Ouuhh daddy…”

Her back arched up as her breasts greeted his warm mouth over them. Mr. Warson began kissing and gently dragging his wet tongue all over his daughter’s tits. His beard scruff gently scratched against her soft skin, and his mouth enclosed over Rya’s hard, pink nipples, sucking repeatedly.

“Fuuck, oh dad… yes..” Rya moaned louder, as his mouth engulfed her nipples. He bit down, harder and harder onto them, tugging them up and sucking them furiously.

He took out his other hand from the inside of her pussy and lifted up his head. He continued to stare at her, as he began to pull out his rock hard cock and swollen balls from the inside of his gym shorts. Rya gasped as she looked down at the entity of her father’s manhood.

This is what he fucked her mother with, this is what created her. This gloriously huge, insanely hot cock is what she’d been dreaming of for years..

“Ohhh just give it to me, Daddy! I need your fat cock inside me!” She panted like a hungry dog begging for a bone.

His hand lurched forward as it smacked against her big breast, making it jiggle furiously before he grabbed onto it roughly.

“Shut up! I’ll fuck you when I want to fuck you.” He glanced down at his daughter’s swollen, throbbing cunt again and spit on it.

“Oh god. Fuck, baby. See what a dirty girl you are? Making your own father want to have sex with your sweet, young little pussy.” He spit onto her wet cunt again.

“Have you done this a lot? Have you fantasized about Daddy shoving his fat cock in you a lot?” he questioned her while beginning to rub her clit rapidly.

Rya panted, “Oh yes Dad, yes I have. I’ve wanted you to fuck me for so long, daddy..” Her hands tugged at his shirt.

“Hold on, whore!” Her father exclaimed, pinning her hand down against the hard tile floor.

“Have you fucked anyone else, hmm? Is Daddy going to be your first? I better be, you’re MY little girl.”

“Aww Daddy, yes you’re my first. I only want you, I only want your big hard cock, Daddy.” She cooed at him, as she lifted her wet pussy up towards his eager cock.

“Good babygirl… good.. Because this pussy is mine. I created it, now only I get to have it.” Mr. Warson lifted his hand steadily off her wrist on the ground and the other from her pussy, and began to guide his large dick into his daughter’s hungry little cunt.

“Ohh, yes baby. Here’s what you wanted, here you go little girl..” His head leaned back as he steadied his weight onto his arms on each side of his daughter’s young breasts.

Mr. Warson’s fat cock rubbed against his daughter’s slippery teen pussy, before slipping inside and stretching her open once again. But this time, even more than her dildo had.

“OHHH, GOD! Fuuuck Dad!” Her eyes rolled back as she felt a real, hard cock inside of her for the first time. Her own dad’s real, hard cock.

Her father was so big, he couldn’t fit all of his length into his little girl’s pussy. He stuffed her full, all the way to the back where her cervix was.

“Mmm babygirl… you feel so good and tight. Daddy loves this. Daddy loves fucking his little girl..”

He looked down into her eyes again, as he slid his fat cock in and out of his daughter’s pussy. Rya’s large breasts began to jiggle more, up and down as her father started to pick up the pace of fucking his babygirl. Her small hands slid up escort bursa his back, digging into him and clawing his flesh once again.

His thick manhood slammed into her as the pleasure and pain overswept him. Here he was, fucking his little girl, his own daughter. He felt ashamed for only a moment, until the heat of it all pushed that shame away. It just felt so good, and his little girl, Rya, was just SO hot.

It’s not my fault, he thought to himself. It’s hers, she’s the little slut who needed her Daddy to fuck her. I’m just fulfilling her wish and teaching her what a real man feels like. His cock continued to plow into his daughter’s tight, slippery pussy, with his balls slapping against her fat perky, but fat ass.

“Oh daddy!” Rya’s back arched up again. “Daddy, oh Daddy, you feel so good inside me.. I need your cock forever! Please make me cum Dad, oh please make me cum like Mommy.”

Their eyes met once again as she continued to beg for release.

“Please Daddy, make me cum like Momma.. I know you make her cum, I hear you guys at night having sex. But Dad I’ve always wished it was me! I’ve always wished you were making ME cum, not her.” Rya’s mouth dripped with saliva, she was so hungry for her him. So hungry for her father.

Mr. Warson snickered, looking down at his feverishly hot, slut of a daughter.

“Alright baby, I’ll make you cum. I’ll make you cum REAL good, like the fucking whore you are!”

His hand lifted up and slapped his daughter’s face, straight across the cheek before reaching her neck again. He began to choke her and she yelped quietly, before smiling and moving one hand down over her swollen clit. She began to rub it as fast as she could.

As her father continued to choke her, he couldn’t help but fuck her pussy even more roughly. He could feel his daughter’s body tense up beneath him, as her back arched once again. Her pussy walls tightened hard around his fat cock, making him fill her up completely, till it was impossible to stretch her anymore.

Her pussy walls continued to tighten around her father’s meat, as her hand work quickly over her young clit. He then moved his hand from her throat so she could fully let out her release.

“Oh yes, Dad! OHHH YESSSSS! I- I’m gonna cum with you inside me, Daaddyyy… I’m gonna cum all over your big cock! Fuuuuuck! Oh Dad!!” She began to scream out as her body rippled with wave after wave of orgasm, clenching her father’s shaft as he was ball-deep inside her.

Rya was shaking uncontrollably underneath her father, her big breasts fully exposed and jiggling, and her cheeks flooded with blood. She couldn’t stop blushing over the fact that her Dad had just made her have the best orgasm of her LIFE.

“Mmm good girl, god you’re so sexy. My babygirl is so fucking sexy when she cums. But Daddy’s not done with you yet. You’re my little fucking daughter, my little fucking whore. And you need to make your Daddy cum now.”

Her father slammed his thick cock into her, as hard and fast as he could. He wanted to destroy his little girl’s pussy, absolutely wreck her tight little cunt. That way no one could ever have her like he did, and his daughter would forever be his slutty little girl.

So he did, he fucked her teen pussy ferociously, covered in his baby’s wetness, until it was too much to bear. His balls tensed up and tightened, as they shot load after load of thick, hot cum into his daughter’s pussy. He completely filled up her fertile womb.

“Ohh God baby, fuuckkk, Daddy’s fucking filling you up right now. Oh God!” He cursed over and over as he slowly pumped his daughter’s pussy full of every last drop of his seed.

“Daddy.. daddy oh I’m so happy I could make you cum, Daddy! Was I better than Momma?!” Rya’s eyes lit up as she searched into his for reassurance, licking her lips gleefully.

“Oh yes baby, yes you were way better. And now that you’re full of Daddy’s cum, you’re gonna be a Momma too, little girl. Are you happy? Are you happy you’re gonna have your Daddy’s babies?” He slid his cock out of her slowly and leaned down to kiss her neck and breasts.

“Yes, Daddy. I’m so happy. Thank you!” Her tiny hands reached up to the back of her father’s head, pulling his face to hers.

Their lips met, and they began to kiss. Slowly their lips pressed against one another, as her father’s tongue slipped into her mouth and played with hers.

In that moment, half-naked and relieved, Rya and her father realized what a long, happy life they would continue to have together. Regardless of anyone’s thoughts, they were adult’s now, and they could have as much hot, passionate sex as he and his little girl wanted. At last his daughter was his, truly his. His whore, his new partner and mother to more of his children, and he could finally be with her.. forever.

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