Soldiers Temptation

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Big Tits

Having just gone off duty for the day, George and his friend Harry marched from the mess hall towards their barracks. Dressed in their no1 blues uniform, parade shoes and beret, all in tip-top shape.

They talked about various video games they had been playing recently during their vacation and which they preferred. They soon spotted the mechanics workshop coming up on their left, noticing someone inside. The person had their head under the bonnet of a van.

As they marched closer, they realised who was working on the vehicle. “Oh god, it’s him.” Said Harry, keeping his voice down.

“What, Brody? You heard much about him lately?” replied George, glancing at Harry briefly

“What weird shit has he been saying now?” Asked Harry.

“Nothing actually, surprisingly. But I’ve heard that people think he might be, you know, gay,” said George reluctantly, trying to keep his voice down.

“Ha, it wouldn’t surprise me, to be honest…” giggled Harry. He paused in thought for a moment, coming up with an idea. “Hey, how about we find out if he is actually gay… Then they won’t be just rumours then. If you find out, I’ll buy you a beer every day for a week!”

“Oh fuck off! A month at least!” Said George, tempted by the idea.

“Done! Go on then; see you later. Try not to get molested.” Harry joked, breaking away from George, urging him to head over to the workshop; George looked back at Harry as he marched away.

Harry waved and smiled mockingly, heading away and leaving George to gather himself before walking into the workshop. Brody poked his head out from under the bonnet as he saw George approaching.

“Evening Sergeant. What can I do for you?” He chirped.

George stood close by, almost brushing up against Brody as he said hello “Evening. It’s alright; I’m just seeing how you’re doing; what’s up with this one then?” He asked politely.

George had become increasingly more handsome after he’d passed into adulthood a few years ago, only getting hotter as the years slowly rolled by. For a man of 24 years, he was a well kept and clean-shaven guy, tall, slim and relatively muscular.

His smouldering good looks meant the ladies were often all over him, eager to flirt regularly. Which he had no problem with and often enjoyed the attention. But the thought of another finding him attractive hadn’t crossed his mind before, until now.

“Oh alright, um… looks like a coolant leak; that’s why it’s overheating all the time.” Said Brody.

George stood pretty close, almost touching him but keeping a slight distance for now. Brody couldn’t help but admire George’s gorgeous body, trying to be discreet about it as he moved around behind him, catching a glimpse of his arse as he ducked under the bonnet again.

“Ah, ok. Sounds like that could be a lot of work.” George replied, sticking close by as he peered under the bonnet too; this time, he was right up against him, seeing how he would react. Brody tried to ignore how close he was getting and continued working to find the leak.

“Well, it could be, depending on where it’s coming from. It could be the water pump, the Radiator, or just a split hose.” Said Brody.

George stuck close, brushing against him a few times. Brody coughed slightly, feeling a little uneasy as he felt a few flutters down below, his dick threatening to become erect being in such close contact, his mind picturing various explicit thoughts, which steadily became all he could think about as George stayed close by.

“Sounds expensive,” said George, reaching into the engine to look around, seemingly touching Brody’s hand by accident a few times. George began to notice how Brody seemed a little uneasy now, unsure if it was because he was so close or because he was genuinely getting in the way.

George reached into his pocket, momentarily brushing Brody’s arse, as he pulled istanbul travesti out his phone to use his torch. Brody sighed as he suspected something was going on but wasn’t sure if George was just careless. Doubting himself and just saying in his head that he was overthinking it, as usual, seeing signs that weren’t actually there.

“So, anything interesting happen lately?” Asked Brody, trying his best to carry on without seeming bothered.

“Um, not much, I guess… rumours are floating around as usual, though. But never really been one for gossip.” Said George with a slight shrug.

“Oh really… hear my name amongst them, did you?” Said Brody coldly, continuing with his work.

George got the impression Brody knew why he was even talking to him, but he refused to give up without hearing him say it flat out “Well, yeah… There’s rumours about everyone really… I’ve heard that people think, you might be, you know, into guys…” he said carefully, watching Brody’s reaction.

Brody chuckled quietly to himself, shaking his head. “Look, mate… I don’t mean to be rude, but my personal life shouldn’t be the gossip of mere acquaintances and colleagues. That’s why I’ve always kept to myself around others; the less they all know, the better. Now, if you don’t mind, I have work to do.” He said sharply, giving George a stern look, hinting he should leave.

“Hey, hey chill man, I don’t mean to cause any offence… like, I’m just curious, you know?” Said George, stepping back a little with his hands raised.

Brody seemed unsure, still suspecting something was up but questioning whether George was hinting at something. “So what if I am? What’s it to you?” He replied.

George shrugged slightly. “I got nothing against it. I’m just curious. If you know what I mean?” Approaching Brody again cautiously.

Brody stood his ground as George reached for his hand, being slow and cautious just in case. Brody gulped, his mind racing with all kinds of imagery. George soon noticed a bulge forming in Brody’s trousers; he was about to laugh when Brody grabbed hold of him, pushing him around the side of the van and slamming him against it.

Before George could react, Brody kissed him, taking the chance to cop a feel of George’s superb arse, squeezing his firm cheeks eagerly. George was stunned, unsure of how to react at first. But soon felt a warm rush of excitement flooding through him as he kissed back, grabbing Brody’s bulge and rubbing it as he remained pinned up against the van.

Brody pressed himself closer as he felt George groping him, feeling that he was willing to carry on; they continued kissing, moaning softly as they began to tongue each other lightly.

Not daring to be seen by anyone whilst in uniform, Brody urged George towards the back room, stopping briefly to head out of sight and lock the door. Once hidden away, they resumed kissing. Brody backed George against a worktop, groping his muscular body when he realised there was a bulge in George’s trousers.

George surprised himself that he was getting turned on by this, his breathing becoming ragged as Brody groped his growing bulge. George felt around for Brody’s belt, undoing it and quickly unzipping his trousers. He reached in, slipping a hand into Brody’s boxers and grasping his throbbing dick.

Brody moaned deeply as George started stroking his shaft, already trickling with pre-cum as he trembled with excitement. They kept kissing as George pulled his trousers down, revealing his manhood. Urging Brody to sit down, he took a firm hold of his dick and started stroking, making Brody moan and curse.

Brody tried to keep quiet, hoping no one would hear them and interrupt this heavenly moment. George took to stroking Brody’s cock with ease, thinking of it as his own and trying to do it how he would on himself, which so far was going istanbul travestileri well as Brody gripped the sides of the desk chair he was slumped in, his legs spread apart with George between them.

George hesitated a few times, tempted to go all in and take a mouthful. Eventually, he did, causing Brody to squirm and gasp as George began sucking on his dick. His head bobbing back and forth as he slurped on it, using his tongue swirling around its head, trying to make Brody moan out loudly, finding it entertaining to hear him groan blissfully.

With restrained gasps, Brody leant his head back, squirming in his seat as George kept sucking, “Oh fuck! Yes! Yes! I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum!” He gasped, feeling his body tense up as his blood pumped harder than ever.

George stopped sucking and continued beating him off, stroking as fast as he could to keep the climax building until eventually, Brody groaned blissfully, straining and wriggling as cum burst his penis, spraying all over him.

Brody sighed heavily, straining for a few moments before slumping back in the chair exhausted, cursing as his dick twinged sporadically, cum still trickling from it as he began to relax.

George smiled, still stroking Brody’s dick slowly. “Not bad. That went fucking everywhere, though!” He laughed, playing with Brody’s balls while he recovered.

“Let’s see if you can do better!” Brody sighed, catching his breath before hopping up and switching places, undoing George’s belt and pulling down his trousers. He began rubbing George’s dick through his boxers for a while, making sure he was nice and hard before peeling them down slowly.

George’s dick sprang to attention as it was freed from his restrictive clothing; Brody nodded, smiling proudly as he began stroking it. George sighed softly, relaxing in the chair as Brody toyed with him. “What?” He asked, curious why he was smiling so much.

“I always figured you’d be pretty hung.” Brody grinned, stroking George’s dick eagerly with both hands.

“Really? Thought about my dick a lot have you?” Said George, groaning as Brody used a variety of movements on him.

“Oh, you have no idea! I never thought I’d actually get the chance to ever do this….” Said Brody happily, taking almost the entire length of George’s cock into his mouth and starting to suck. George would’ve responded, but he was quickly interrupted as he moaned deeply, resting his head back as Brody slurped away.

Brody’s head bobbed back and forth as he sucked, forming a tight seal and the head of George’s dick and swirling his tongue between his foreskin. George groaned blissfully, his eyes rolling back into his head as he struggled to keep quiet. Brody moaned too, looking up at him as he sucked, watching the expressions of ecstasy on George’s face.

Now using his hands on George’s shaft whilst he sucked the tip of his cock, Brody moaned softly, watching as George tried to hold back louder moans of ecstasy. He wanted to reach up and stroke his toned muscular chest, tearing off his clean, crisp uniform and scratch that hairy chest of his, but unfortunately, they didn’t have the time.

Brody started deep throating him, taking his dick in as far as he possibly could, going all the way to the base and gagging on it several times, coating his dick in fresh spit.

After gagging on his dick some more, Brody went back to a tight seal around his head, stroking the rest of his dick rapidly. George groaned, grabbing the back of Brody’s head suddenly as he let out several loud gasps. Leaning back, George tensed up, thrusting his hips up, holding Brody’s head as he came.

Brody felt him squirt three large loads into his mouth, gulping it down without hesitation and continuing to suck as George finished orgasming. He listened to George’s deep and satisfied moans, no longer caring if anyone heard travesti istanbul them as they simply enjoyed the moment together.

Eventually, Brody came up for air, laughing as he rubbed George’s thighs. “Big dick, and a big load! I’ve hit the jackpot with you, mate!”

George chuckled back, catching his breath. “You’re not so bad either,” he sighed. Brody looked at him with a smile as the two of them began to realise what just happened.

“So uh… Yeah. Guess that confirms those rumours you heard. Bet you didn’t expect to find out quite like this.” Said Brody, standing up and straddling George, keeping him in his seat.

“Not really, no… that was… Intense.” George sighed, stroking Brody’s clothed legs, the smile gradually fading from his red and almost sweaty face.

“Maybe some other rumours might start floating around… That maybe a certain someone is also a bender? Huh?” Said Brody sternly, leaning closer to George, placing his hands either side of his head on the back of the chair, almost leaning close enough to kiss him.

George gulped, looking to and from Brody’s eyes and mouth. “Um… Yeah, I don’t know what rumours you’re talking about. I’ve not heard anything, definitely not about you.” George shrugged, squeezing Brody’s legs as he smiled.

“Not gonna lie, that felt pretty good… It was the last thing I expected, but fuck, imagine what we could get up to with some more privacy.” He added, pecking Brody on the lips.

“Well, if you don’t tell, I won’t. And we can find somewhere better to have some fun next time, how about that?” Asked Brody, pecking him back and soon starting to kiss again.

They were groping one another longingly, enjoying their newfound intimacy. The temptation to keep going grew stronger, itching to take one another’s clothes off and start fucking. Despite the urge to keep going, they had to stop.

As George started unbuttoning Brody’s shirt, Brody reluctantly pulled back, kissing him one last time before staring at him with a proud grin. “We should get back… If we’re caught doing this on duty, we’ll be out on our asses before the end of the day.” He sighed, resting his hands on George’s chest.

George groaned unhappily, rubbing Brody’s crotch as they stared at each other “I guess so. But I’m really getting into this. So… When are you free?” He asked, threatening to unzip Brody’s trousers again, eager to start playing with his dick again.

Brody bit his lips, taking a deep breath as he grasped George’s dick again before he could undo his trousers. “Oh really? Shame we have to cut it short. But I’ll be free in a few hours, depending on what you had in mind?”

George smiled. “Tying you down to a bed and playing with your dick for hours, edging you the whole time?” He said, squeezing Brody’s bulge.

Brody shuffled back, standing up and neatening his uniform. “It’s a date then. I’ll see around 7?”

George sighed, wanting to carry on, but eventually, he gave in and pulled his trousers back up, also neatening his uniform. “Alright. See you then. Where do you want to meet?” He said, checking he no suspicious stains on his uniform.

“You know where to find me.” Brody smiled, slapping George’s arse as he head for the door.

George nodded, making sure his uniform was perfect before they head back out into the workshop, opening the door and stepping out, expecting someone to have been there listening to what they’d were doing. But surprisingly, not a soul was in sight.

They reluctantly parted ways. George head outside, resuming his march back towards the barracks, eager to change into some civvie clothes. Whilst Brody returned to work, stopping by the vehicle he had been working on, trying to recall where he’d gotten to, but all he could think about was George.

Barely able to suppress the almost constant erection he now had, he sighed, shaking his head and trying to focus. Still, his mind kept wandering, remembering the feel of George’s hands around his dick, he slammed his hand on the bonnet of the vehicle, unable to fight the warm fuzzy sensation rushing through his body, and neither could George.

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Ben Loves a Challenge Ch. 17

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***Hey all,

Only one chapter after this! I can’t believe Ben and Dean’s story is almost done… Thanks for sticking around!

I might write something about Aisha as a Dom, let me know if you’d want to read that. It would more than likely be m/m/f, as I really enjoy writing that genre, too.

Anyway, hope you enjoy!

-Penny ***

Dean was pacing, his phone gripped so hard in his hand that Ben could see his veins clearly sticking out. “Hey, hey,” Ben tried. “Dean?”

Dean ignored him. Or, at least it seemed like it, but it occurred to him that maybe he didn’t actually hear him. Ben was at a loss as to what to do, he’d never been good at the supportive stuff, at knowing the right things to say to make the people he cared about feel better. It was partially what lost him Laura, which, in retrospect was a good thing, but now he worried it would drive a stake between him and Dean, and he couldn’t allow it. Not again.

“Dean!” He grabbed Dean’s arm as he passed him. Dean stopped in his tracks, then looked up.

Dean looked startled. “Ben?”

He didn’t know what to say, didn’t have a plan, so he just pulled Dean into his arms and hugged him as hard as he could. Dean tried to squirm away at first, then wrapped his arms around Ben and hugged him back. A second later he shuddered and made a strangled, gasping sound.

“Come on, sit down,” Ben directed, leading him towards the couch. “Come on.”

Dean didn’t let go of the hug and Ben skip-walked them both to the couch, then pulled Dean down on top of him. Dean was shaking now, crying, his face buried in Ben’s shoulder.

“Shh, shh.” Ben shifted until he was comfortable. Dean tried to get up, but Ben held him tight. “Stay,” he begged. “Stay here.”

“Uh-huh,” Dean whispered between sobs.

“It’s gonna be okay,” he said, rubbing his hands in small circles on Dean’s shoulder blades.

“D-Don’t say that!” Dean snapped. “How c-can you s-say that? You d-don’t know it’ll b-be okay.”

“I do,” Ben soothed, keeping his voice smooth and level, even though he didn’t feel calm at all.

“You don’t.”

“I do,” he countered. “I do, because no matter what happens, I’ll be here for you.”

“Ben,” Dean groaned.

“No, Dean, I will. I’m here, and I’ll be here for you as we get through this.”

“There isn’t a ‘we’ in this scenario,” Dean said, his tone harsh enough that Ben flinched.

Ben held his breath for a five count before he spoke again. “Are you breaking up with me?”

“Fuck no,” Dean growled. “No. God no. W-why would you even s-say that?”

“You said there wasn’t a ‘we’ in this scenario.”

Dean didn’t answer right away. “I mean, this isn’t, like, it’s not your problem. It’s my shit. Not your problem.”

He hugged Dean tight. “Your problems are my problems, Dean. You’ve been here for me with the whole thing with my mom. I’m here for you for the thing with your mom.”

His words sent Dean into another fit of sobs, and he held him tight as he rode them out. Eventually Dean calmed down again. “Why?”

“Why what?”

“Why do you-“

“Why do I wanna help you through this? Cause I care about you, Dean. Because I love you. Because I hate seeing you in pain like this. Because I want to help you get through this. Because you’re important to me. How many more becauses do you need? I can come up with more, if you need me to.”

Dean sighed, deflating. “Of course you can. I shoulda known, yea?”

Ben snorted a laugh. “Yup. So, how long will it take to get to the hospital your mom’s at?”

“I dunno. Two-ish hours.”

Ben looked at the clock on the wall. “So, if we grab lunch on the road we can be there by three thirty or four, if we get moving now.”

“I don’t, you don’t have to come. I don’t wanna waste your last day of vacation on this.”

“Dean, first, spending time with you is never a waste of time for me. Second, your mom is in the hospital and she wants to see you. I’m your boyfriend and I wanna be here for you, you don’t have to do this alone. Let me take care of you, okay?”

“Maybe now isn’t the appropriate time to come out to her?” Dean growled. He sounded angry, but he didn’t look angry. He looked scared. Ben felt closer to him, now that he could see the difference. He finally felt like he was starting to understand Dean a little better.

“I didn’t say anything about coming out to your mom,” he corrected, trying to keep his tone gentle. “I don’t even have to leave the car if you don’t want me to, or I can hang out in the cafe or cafeteria or whatever they have there. I just wanna be close by, so, you know, like, so you know you aren’t alone. So you know I’m there, waiting for you, no matter how good or bad it is.”

Dean broke out of his arms and pushed himself up. He started pacing again, looking at his phone. “I can’t, I don’t wanna waste your time.”

Ben sighed. “Dean, I already told you that it isn’t a waste of my time.”

“I know, but I-“

“Not a waste of my time, Dean,” he repeated, calm, but firm.

“I’m, like, I’m not used to having someone care, Ben.” Dean was going to pace a hole into his floor if he istanbul travesti didn’t stop, he was nothing but nervous energy. “I don’t want, like, my shit. My baggage, yea? I don’t want you to-“

“I wanna know everything, Dean. I wanna know everything about you. I wanna be with you, for the good stuff, and to help you get through the bad stuff. The shit with my mom has me fucked up. Still has me fucked up, but you’ve been here the whole time. You’ve supported me, helped me deal with it. It’s my turn. Don’t tell me I can’t be there, doing this with you. I won’t let you go alone. I won’t let you do this alone. You aren’t alone, Dean. I’m here, with you. I’m coming, and I’m driving.”

Dean stopped pacing sometime halfway through his little monologue, looking at Ben with a look of confusion, but also something else. “You really wanna come?”

“Yes, I really wanna come,” he reiterated. “I would worry myself sick if I didn’t, and I’d make you call me and leave me on speaker for the whole entire time until your phone died. And even then I’d worry.”

Dean bit his bottom lip, his eyes watery again. “Ben…” He held his breath, staring a hole into the floor. “I can’t…”

“What do you want for lunch?” he asked.

Dean looked up sharply. “What?”

“What do you want for lunch? We will break this into little pieces, and the first piece is lunch. I’m taking you to get lunch, we can pick something up and eat in the car. Then, I’m driving, and you’re navigating. One of the most important things a navigator does is pick the road trip soundtrack. I know that’s a lot of pressure, that’s why I’m telling you now, so you can start thinking up a good road trip playlist. Then, we drive. I’m assuming I’ll need gas, so we will stop at a gas station. Maybe pick up refreshments, and probably piss or something, I dunno. I guess we’ll see when we get there.”


He looked up and Dean met his eyes. “Yeah?”

“You really don’t need-“

“I think what you meant to say was thanks.”

Dean blinked twice before he recovered. “Um. Okay? Thanks?”

He smiled, then stood up and stepped into Dean’s arms. Dean hugged him hard. “No need to thank me. Come on, let’s get ready, okay?”

Dean nodded, but continued to hug Ben. “Seriously. Thanks. I… I’m sorry, yea? I’m sorry I’m like this.”

“Shush. I’m not. You’re Dean. You’re my Dean. I like you the way you are.”

Dean hugged him harder, hard enough he could feel Dean’s heartbeat against his chest. After a while Dean relaxed, then pulled away. “We should get going. I want Penn Station.”

Ben nodded. “Aye-aye captain. To Penn Station we sail.”

Dean rolled his eyes, but he was smiling. They got subs, then hit the road. It was a mostly uneventful trip, but Ben could see Dean’s stress growing with each passing mile, until he was worried Dean would pop like an overfilled balloon when they passed the sign welcoming them to Dean’s hometown.

“You okay?” he asked, not sure what else to do, other than keep driving.

“Yeah, sure. Yea. Okay,” Dean said, not actually listening. He could tell Dean hadn’t actually heard him, just answered on autopilot.

Ben sighed, then stopped at a red light. “You grew up here?”


“You grew up here, right?”

“Oh, yeah, I guess.”

“Is this the first time you’ve been back since you moved away?”

Dean exhaled slowly. “Yea. It looks… It looks exactly the same. I mean, there are little changes, like, that store over there was a little old-fashioned ice cream and candy shop, the one that has cigars now. Oh, and that was a donut store, the one that’s a Papa John’s now. But, like, it’s weird, how it still looks the same. Shouldn’t it have changed?”

“Hmm,” Ben wondered, turning left at the light, following the signs for the hospital. “Does it feel like it should’ve changed because you have?”

Dean looked over at him, but he was paying attention to the road. “I haven’t changed.”

“Maybe that’s why it doesn’t feel like this place has changed, because you feel like you haven’t changed. But, Dean?”


“You have. You’ve changed, even in the short time we’ve been together. We both have. I like to think I’ve changed for the better, and I know you have.”

“What has you feeling all philosophical?” Dean wondered.

Ben shrugged. “I guess I’m just feeling sentimental, too. Like, I dunno. Just…” He sighed, then shook his head. “Looks like we’re here. Where should I park?”

Dean directed him, the color draining from him little by little as they parked. Ben turned the car off and Dean inhaled deeply, then held it. “It’s fine. Everything is fine.”

Ben shifted, then put his hand on Dean’s knee and squeezed. “It is. Everything is going to be fine. Say it again.”

Dean looked like he was going to pass out. “Yea. Okay. Everything is fine.”

“Good job. You got this. It’s gonna be okay. Where do you want me to wait?”

“Where ever you want, you drove, you took the time and, like, just, um, just do what you want, yea?”

He exhaled slowly, then squeezed Dean’s knee again. “What would make you the most istanbul travestileri comfortable?”

“Come with me?” Dean looked brittle, as if even the slightest breeze could shatter him to pieces.

Ben nodded, then squeezed again before releasing his knee and unbuckling. “Of course. I can wait in the hall if you need, but I’ll be with you the whole way. I promise.”

Dean reached out across the cabin and pulled Ben into a tight, awkward hug. “Thank you,” he whispered, holding the hug for a few breaths before releasing it and unbuckling. He was out of the car, the door slamming in Ben’s face before he knew it.

Dean was in high gear, and he nearly had to jog to keep up with his boyfriend’s longer legs and nervous energy as they headed towards the hospital. Dean stopped at reception, then headed to the elevators. Ben followed, neither of them talking the entire time.

It had been a while since Ben had been in a hospital, and he’d never been in this one, but they all seemed to look the same, neutrally colored walls, formica nurse stations, and the smell of industrial sanitizer. They walked the long, recurring hallway in silence, and for a second Ben felt like they were in a loop.

None of the staff looked at them as they made their way through the ward, looking for Dean’s mother’s room. Combined with Dean not talking to him, it made him feel more than a little invisible. Dean’s anxiety seemed to overflow into him, each step he took had him more and more antsy. He almost barreled into Dean when he stopped abruptly, barely catching himself.

Dean’s mother’s name was written perky, looping cursive in dry-erase marker on the wall outside her door, Girna Kazmarek. Dean swallowed hard, but he didn’t move. Ben wasn’t sure he could, he looked frozen in place.

“Hey,” he whispered, careful not to touch Dean, unsure if that would freak him out or comfort him, and not willing to take the risk of it being the first one. “You got this.”

Dean looked over at him sharply, then nodded. “I got this,” he whispered to himself. “Could you… I want you to come in, too,” he replied just as softly. “If you, um. Like. You don’t have to.”

“No, I will. Come on, let’s go. I’m here for you, okay?”

Dean swallowed hard again, then inhaled deeply, slowly releasing it. He did this two more times, then stepped inside the room, and Ben followed on his heels.

There was a privacy curtain pulled across the room, though the other bed was empty. Dean pulled the curtain back, his hand trembling slightly.


Dean’s mother wasn’t as old as Ben had thought she would be, though she did look harried. To be fair, most people looked like shit in the hospital. He saw Dean’s high cheekbones on her face, saw his sharp jawline on her, too. Her dark brown hair was only slightly streaked with gray, and her eyes were soft and caring. She was just as thin as Dean, too, from what he could tell.

“Mom?” Dean said, a tremble in his voice. “You, um. What’s, um, are you?”

She sighed. “Hey kiddo, it’s good to see you. It’s been…” She seemed to think about it for a second, then shook her head in a very Dean-like way. “It’s been too long.”

“What’s wrong?” Dean asked, his whole body a rubber band pulled too taut. “Why are you in the hospital?”

“Dean, sit, please, you’re making me nervous. Oh, um. Hello, are you with Dean?”

Ben blinked a few times as he realized she was talking to him. “Um. Yeah. Um. Hi, Mrs. Kazmarek, I’m Ben. Um, Dean’s friend.”

Dean cleared his throat, then walked stiffly to one of the hospital chairs. Ben looked around the room, then picked a chair closer to the door, far enough away from Dean that he hoped he’d be comfortable.

“Dean’s friend? That’s lovely,” she mused. “How’ve you been, kiddo? I’ve missed you, you know.”

“I get your cards,” Dean barked. “In the mail.”

“Oh, that’s good. I’m glad.”

“I’m, ah. I’m moving soon. I can. Um, new address, so, yea.”

She nodded, then went to scratch her face, but the IV in her hand stopped her short. “That would be nice. When are you moving?”

“Next month,” Dean answered, his foot tapping on the floor. “February. Mom, what happened? Are you…”

“Oh, yes, prolly just a close call is all.”

Ben was realizing where Dean learned how to answer questions without actually answering questions. He smiled slightly, then sobered his face when he saw Dean’s mother watching him.

“Mom,” Dean sort-of whined. “Why’re ya in the hospital?”

She rolled her eyes. “Had a stomach ache that wouldn’t go away. I didn’t wanna come, but you know your father. I mean, I guess he was right, in the end, but you know I hate ta be bother a ta people. They thought it was cancer, so I have to have surgery, but they think it’s benign. I guess no way to tell for sure without cutting it out.”

“Cancer?” Dean asked, sounding choked.

“They don’t think it’s cancer, they put a camera inside me and looked at it. Said it looks like a benign fatty tumor in my intestines, but it’s too big to leave or burn, so they have to cut it out. It’s fine,” she dismissed. “I’m really travesti istanbul glad you came.”

“Cancer?” Dean repeated, stuck on the word.

“It’s fine, kiddo. It’s probably benign.”

Dean was white as paper. “Ma, when’s your surgery?”

“Tomorrow. I wasn’t sure you’d come. It’s been a few years.”

“Ma, you’re in the hospital, of course I’d come. I mean-“

“Well, I’d like it if I didn’t have to be in the hospital for you to visit, you know.”

Dean looked like he’d been kicked. “Sorry. Sorry, yea…”

She shook her head. “Don’t worry about it. Tell me what you’ve been up to, I’m literally dying of boredom here.”

“Where’s Dad? Or Sean, or Dave?” Dean asked, looking around as if he’d missed them in the room.

“Dave’s at work, he’s coming tonight to visit with Daisy and June. Sean was just here, I think he went to get a bite to eat, hospital food’s not to his picky liking. Your Father’s at church, praying for me.”

Dean frowned. “He coulda done that here,” he grumbled.

His mother shrugged. “Well, he’s doing it at church. You know how he is. Who’s this friend’a yours who came out all this way?”

Dean looked over sharply, Ben wondered if he’d forgotten that he was there. Now that both Kazmarek’s attention was on him he felt self conscious. “I, ah, drove.” He kicked himself internally, he shouldn’t have said anything at all.

“From work. We work together.”

She tilted her head, pursing her lips to the side thoughtfully. “An awfully nice work friend, to drive you all this way.”

“I, ah… Yea.” Dean looked out the window, pointedly not looking at his mother, or Ben.

“If you don’t mind me asking, might he be your boyfriend?”

Dean spun back to face his mother, his cheeks even more pink than normal on his pale face. “B-boyfriend?” he gasped. “I, uh, he, um, what?”

Dean’s mother had on her ‘no-nonsense’ face, the same one his mother used to use on him, back when she was still talking to him. “Your boyfriend. Is that not the right term? Your significant other? Your partner?”

“I, what, how?” Dean sputtered. Ben very pointedly stared at the floor, terrified his face might have given it away somehow.

A small smile lifted the corner of her lips. “Dean, I’m almost offended that you think your mother wouldn’t know about her children.”

“He could just be a friend,” Dean said, his tone tight.

His mother shrugged. “I guess he could, but it seems like a lot for a friend to come with you like this. And, he just seems a bit smitten with you. Are you just really just friends, Ben? Oh, and I’m sorry if I made an assumption, I know men can be a bit titchy about being referred to as gay if they aren’t.”

“Smitten? I, ah, wait, what’s titchy?”

“She means touchy, Ben,” Dean clarified.

“Titchy, touchy,” she said, dismissing the words with a shrug of her shoulders. “Whatever. You know what I mean. So, Ben, are you smitten, or are you just friends?”

He’d been fingering his collar, only realizing it when Dean’s eyes locked onto his fingers and his cheeks flushed again. He dropped his hands into his lap, then looked up at Dean’s mother.

“Mom,” Dean complained before he could answer.


“Please don’t antagonize Ben.”

She smiled like a cat with cream. “I wouldn’t dream of it, kiddo.”


“Hmm? I forgot how fun it is to tease you.”

“Maybe that’s why I don’t visit,” he snapped, then looked down at the ground regretfully. “Sorry.”

“That’s not why. Dean, I’ve known you were different ever since you were little. God makes us all the way we are, it’s not for us to question his reasons. It doesn’t change who you are, and it doesn’t change the way I love you.”

“Ah, yea, so. Um. He’s, ah. My, um. Yea.” Dean sniffled and Ben looked over to find him openly crying, tears streaming down his face as he stared at his mom. “Boyfriend. Ben’s my boyfriend. Mom… Does… does dad kn-know?”

She shook her head. “Your father is… He’s a little more fire and brimstone than I am, but he sees the world how he wants to see it. So, no, he doesn’t know. And-” She held up her hand, stopping Dean from interrupting. “I won’t tell him. He doesn’t need to know.”

“Sean? Dave?”

She shook her head. “Your secret is safe with me, kiddo. I knew you were different, but wasn’t sure you were actually gay, not one hundred percent, not until I saw Ben here. He loves you a lot, I can tell from here.”

Ben’s face burned and he studied his hands. “Sorry,” he whispered to Dean, not sure what gave him away, but feeling guilty about it anyway.

“You, um. Mom, I…” Dean wiped his tears away, then tried again. “You don’t think I’m… disgusting?” She shook her head, but Dean wasn’t convinced. “Dad would. Sean and Dave would.”

She looked offended for a second, then sad. “I understand why you feel that way, and you’re probably right about your father and brothers, but…” She sighed. “You know I work with people, at the church, you meet all types. I guess it got my eyes open to a lot of things. God works in mysterious ways, Dean, and love is a rare commodity. When you find love, you’ve gotta grab it and hold on tight, because God put that there for you to find. It’s not up to me, or your father, or anyone else, if you find the one who makes your heart feel full. When you find your one, you should cherish them.

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Lust and Love Pt. 02

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When I awoke the next day around noon, I immediately noticed I was alone in the bedroom and still naked. I went down the stairs and retrieved my clothes from the living room. After dressing I walked through the downstairs, calling for Derek but he wasn’t there.

In the kitchen, I found a note he had left for me that read “Sorry Tris, had to run and didn’t wanna wake you. Help yourself to whatever you like.”

I smiled, thinking it was cute he left me a note instead of texting that. However, I didn’t linger very long. I had a paper to write and since my laptop was back at my dorm, I figured I’d go back and try to write it while Derek was out. That way I have all of break to do what I wanted, and hopefully what (or who) I wanted wanted to do what I wanted to.

As I walked back to my dorm, I was replaying the previous night’s events in my head. The encounter lasted a good while but the actual sex didnt last very long. But even still, it was mindblowing. Even beyond the physical, it felt so sensual and there was an ache I felt in my heart just thinking about Derek prematurely ejaculating from his excitement to be fucking me. An ache that hurt but in a good way.

I thought about texting Derek and telling him I’d left and why but I remembered he said he liked to chase. So I figured that was a bit of an indicator how I should handle the situation. I’d wait until he texted me when he got home.

But I waited all day and night for that text and it never came. I began to worry, wondering if maybe he’d realized he wasn’t into me. I wanted to text him so bad but I wasn’t going to be just another puppy dog begging for his attention. It took a long time for me to fall asleep that night and when I did, I didn’t sleep well. My anxiety was so high and I was feeling pretty stupid. I convinced myself he’d text me tomorrow just so I relaxed enough to drift off to sleep.

But I didn’t hear from him the next day and then all day the next either. I was so hurt and confused. I probably typed up a message and then deleted it about a dozen times over those couple of days. On that third day after, Tori ended up calling me and begging me to come out with her to another party at the same house as the other night. I finally agreed reluctantly and she came to my dorm to ensure that I got ready.

“We’re gonna make sure you’re looking cute, one of those boys has to be gay and we are going to get you a boyfriend before the end of the year!” Tori insisted.

I felt an awful twinge of hurt in the pit of my stomach and I knew it was because I’d already found the guy I wanted. But Tori’s brother didn’t seem to feel the same. Regardless, I was all for trying to look cute because I figured Derek would be there.

“Yeah I guess…be kind of hard considering I’m in the closet. But speaking of boyfriends, what happened with you and Stephen the other night?” I asked, trying to change the subject but also genuinely curious if she’d finally gone past second base.

Spoiler alert: she did not. I couldn’t help but laugh when she told me about how he practically begged her to sleep with him. I asked her if she was worried he’d lose interest and go after an easier girl.

“Not really, if he does then he isn’t the guy for me anyway. It’s not like I’m waiting for marriage but he hasn’t even asked me to be his girlfriend officially yet.” I always admired her self-assuredness and conviction. It seemed to run in the family.

“Right, why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free?” I joked with her.

“RUDE!” She exclaimed in mock outrage. “How dare you call me a cow…But on the whole, a pretty accurate observation. Guys are gross. Besides, I can’t leave you as the only virgin in our group can I?”

My face burned red hot and something in her eyes told me she registered it. But she didn’t say anything. Tori was a great friend, she’d never press me for anything I didn’t volunteer and I appreciated that about her. But my stomach bubbled with guilt knowing I’d slept with her brother.

Finally, she was satisfied with my look (which was the most stereotypically closeted twink look possible) and we made our way to the party.

“I wish John and Ana would go ahead and tell us they are fucking. What do they think they are, future Oscar winning actors or something?” Tori said.

“I know right, I don’t get why they haven’t told us,” I responded, before adding “but I’m sure they will when they are ready.” It was probably my own guilty conscience speaking. I didn’t like keeping things from Tori, especially something as big as this.

We continued to discuss their relationship and agreed they’d be a good match. We starting joking around a bit and by the time I got to the party, I was smiling. It was short lived.

When we walked into the house, of course the first person I see is Derek standing with his douchebag friends. We caught eachothers eye and my smile immediately fell. He looked like someone had just struck him in the face and it wasn’t a happy look istanbul travesti obviously. Of course, in typical Tori fashion she had to run over there and drag me with her.

“Big brother!” She shouted loudly as she threw her arms around him, intentionally trying to embarrass him as she always did. Derek half grinned, half grimaced.

“Annoying little sister!” He said back and picked her up. I remembered how he’d picked me up the other night and for some odd reason, I felt a twinge of jealousy. He looked at me.

“What’s up Tristan?” He said to me dispassionately and immediately I noticed him calling me by my first name.

“Not much,” is all I got out. I felt like I was gonna throw up. So he does regret the other night, I thought to myself. I excused myself, using the excuse of going to get a red solo cup of beer like the one in everybody elses hands.

I chugged my first cup from the keg and refilled it. I stood alone in the kitchen trying to collect myself for about ten minutes. I decided the only thing I could do is act like nothing happened and try to have fun…or at least appear to. I finished my second cup, refilled it again and grabbed an extra cup for Tori.

When I returned to the larger crowd in the living room, I immediately noticed Derek and Tori with the usual group of guys and girls surrounding them. Derek seemed like he was just soaking in the attention this time. I felt a sharp pain in my ribs before I pushed it from my mind and rejoined them.

Throughout the night, Derek would flirt hard with the girls and throw little snide comments my way. Subtle enough but still obviously shady to the point Tori kept throwing him confused looks. I did my best to laugh them off but it really did hurt. Bad.

“Hey Tori, why don’t you and Tristan just skip all the bullshit and fuck already? The sexual tension between yall is obvious,” one of Derek’s douchey friends said, knowing full well that wasn’t true but just trying to embarrass us. Derek, who had been concentrating on a conversation with a girl who was leaning all over him, lifted his head up and watched intently.

“Shut up. We’re just friends. And sorry Tris but I’m already seeing someone,” she said to me, kissing me on the cheek in a mock-apologetic way with a smirk.

“Well damn, that’s disappointing,” I said sarcastically back. Then I heard Derek speak up.

“Be careful Tori, bet Tristan will ditch you for disappointing him,” he said with a slight edge to his voice.

I was stung. I didn’t understand where it came from. It made no sense to me and I was kind of surprised. Like I said, he’d made some borderline rude comments but this is the first one that very clearly wasn’t some sort of joke.

“What’s that supposed to mean Derek?” I spat out with unintentional aggression.

“Ya’ll chill, Derek what’s gotten in t—” Tori started to say, looking from one of us to the other.

“I’m just saying, he seems fake to me. I get the vibe Tristan is a bit of a CLOSET asshole,” interrupted Derek, glaring at me and emphasizing the word closet.

Tears immediately welled up in my eyes and i threw my cup down on the ground followed by turning around as quickly as possible to walk away, hoping to get away before anyone realized I was moreso hurt than simply pissed. But it was definitely a mix of both and I cry when I’m angry anyway.

As I got to the door, I heard Tori go off on Derek. By the time I’d slammed the door behind me, tears were rolling down my face. I was pissed but mostly, I’d never felt so hurt.

I had thick skin for sure, but it was different with Derek. I’d let my guard down some with him and I felt like I could trust him. He’d made me feel so secure with him but now, I wondered how someone who seemed so sweet could end up being so cruel.

It wasn’t even what he’d said, it was just the general attitude he had after I gave my virginity to him. Despite how it may look, I was very much in the same boat as Tori in wanting my first time to mean something. And Derek’s words had disarmed me enough to believe that he was the guy I wanted to give everything I had to. Maybe that’s silly since I gave it up to him at the first chance but its not like we’d just met. It felt real at the time.

I was about halfway back to my dorm when I heard feet shuffling behind me and heard a familiar voice.

“Tristan! Tristan wait!” It was Derek. I kept walking.

“Leave me alone Derek,” I said loudly.

“No, we need to talk!” He fired back authoritatively, right behind me at this point.

“No, you NEED to leave me alone,” I sobbed, starting to cry again. He grabbed my arm and stopped, stopping me as well.

“I left you alone for three days, you owe me an explanation,” he said rather angrily.

“For what?! Gonna claim I seduced you? I took advantage of you? And thats why youre being such a dick to me? Leave me alone Derek,” I said, glaring at him. Silent tears shining in my eyes, he looked taken aback.

“What are you even istanbul travestileri talking about?” He asked me, looking a littled stunned.

“Oh yeah right, I’m sure you were just so drunk you don’t even remember. That’s rich….to think I actually liked you, you’re such an asshole!” I said, starting to cry again.

“Hey,” he started angrily, “I told you how I felt that night! You didn’t!”

I kept crying softly, unable to speak for a moment. Derek’s face softened and, when he spoke again, so did his voice.

“Tris… if you liked me, why did you not even try to text me once?”

“You didn’t text me! All that ‘I like to chase sometimes’ bullshit, I wasn’t about to beg for attention! And I’m glad I didn’t, you turned out to be such a jerk” I said, the last couple words almost like a whine as my crying picked up again.

“Well, you’re the one who ditched me! I told you I didn’t mean to…you know…so fast…I just felt like you must not have had a good time and werent interested anymore.”

The words fell on me kind of oddly. I couldn’t understand how a guy like him could be so insecure about premature ejaculation. In the moment, I had understood but for it to affect him like this days later…it was almost endearing in a weird way, not that I saw it like that as tears rolled down my face.

“You didn’t have to be such a jerk to me tonight though, you could have tried to talk to me first instead of doing that in front of everybody,” I exclaimed, still sobbing a little.

“Tris…stop crying, please. I’m sorry, you’re right. I get insecure like everybody else sometimes too you know? Please stop crying,” he pleaded and wrapped me up in a tight hug.

As hurt as I was, I just melted right into him. He was so much taller than me, my head was buried into his chest but my adrenaline was still pumping. I was still crying and shaking violently.

“Come back to my place…please Tris. I’m so so so sorry. Give me a second chance please” he practically was begging me and, let’s be honest, there was no way I could have found the strength to say no. Even after all that had transpired in the last couple days and especially tonight, I was still so into him.

I pulled away from his chest and, his arm around my shoulder, we turned around and started heading back to his place in silence. I was sort of stunned for a moment, I really didn’t understand how he could think I wasnt interested. He’s the kind of guy that could get whoever he wanted. But I thought about how the night and the next morning went and it started to make some sense. He must really like me to have been that upset with me…that thought cheered me up a little bit.

I was a little concerned someone would see us together, walking that way but I didn’t notice anybody as we walked. When we finally got to his place and inside the house, he spoke again.

“I really am so sorry Tris…I’ve been such a jerk tonight. Even if I was right and you weren’t interested, you didn’t deserve to be treated like that. I was just so hurt thinking about what I thought was going on. And a little embarrassed still I guess.”

“Derek, I don’t care if you cum quick every time we ever have sex. Seriously. I had a crush on you for who you are as a person, not for your sexual prowess. And I told you I had a great time” I said to him with a bit of exasperation.

“I know Tris, I know…it’s just that really has never happened to me before. And I’ve never been so up front about my feelings to someone in the middle of a hookup. It felt humiliating, I’m normally the one who gives someone an orgasm. I know it sounds shallow and a little conceited but it was just a new feeling and I didn’t know how to handle it. If I didnt like you so much, I’d have probably handled it better but I just wanted to please you and felt like I’d failed.”

“I understand but like I said, it wasn’t even something that crossed my mind. Just being with you felt good…And I should have told you I was leaving. I had a paper to write and wanted to get it over with so I could spend the whole break with you,” I explained to him. Derek turned a deep shade of red at my words.

“I guess I ruined that, didn’t I?” He mumbled, looking down between his feet looking ashamed. This made me feel like it was my turn to console him.

“We’re together now, aren’t we? It’s all worked out fine in the end,” I told him, taking a step towards him and wrapping my arms around his waist. I felt his whole body relax suddenly as he exhaled at my touch. He put his arms around my neck and leaned down onto me a little. I started rubbing his back, feeling his bulging muscles. We stayed locked in embrace for what felt like an hour.

“But please Derek,” I said as we separated finally, “never do something like that again. We need to communicate better if we are gonna see eachother. That goes for me too I guess. We’ve told eachother how we feel, we need to trust what we are told.”

He gave an apologetic, bashful smile travesti istanbul and agreed. That smile…I felt butterflies in my stomach for the first time since that first night.

“Ugh you’re so cute,” I told him, feeling totally relaxed with him again for the first time. He smiled wide as I threw myself back into his body and wrapped him tight again.

“So are you Tris…you have this affect on me that I can’t really explain.”

“I’m glad…well are you gonna carry me upstairs to your room or are you gonna make me walk?” I asked him as sweetly as I could manage.

“Oh you like when I carry you?” He asked me through a big smile. I looked up at him and I bit my bottom lip as I nodded my head ever so slightly in affirmation.

He picked me up with such force, hands under my armpits that he practically tossed me up like an oversized baby and then caught me with his arms under my butt and my legs wrapped around his waist. I leaned in and kissed him on the lips and we kissed as he carefully made his way up the stairs and into his bedroom.

When he got to the bed, he told me to watch my legs before spinning around and dropping straight on his back, me landing on top of him. He let out a soft grunting “oh” from the impact and we both giggled a bit.

We started kissing again, our tongues intertwined and our bodies lightly grinding into eachother. I felt Derek’s hands go inside the back of my pants as he started kneading both ass cheeks. His hands were so large, he was able to grip them so firmly that I gasped at the feeling.

We just laid there like that for well over an hour, kissing eachothers lips and neck. We ran our fingers through eachothers hair. I caressed his face, feeling a little bit of his scruff as we looked deeply into eachothers eyes. You’d have never thought that just a couple hours before, we both thought the other wasn’t into us.

Suddenly, Derek flipped me over to where I was under him. He grabbed both of my wrists and pinned them up over my head as he started to kiss my neck again. Then he kissed my armpit through my shirt and I squirmed and giggled, being so ticklish.

“Oh, you really are ticklish huh?” he asked me with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. Before I could say anything he wiggled one of his fingers into my pit while holding my wrists with one hand. I scream-laughed and squirmed, trying to break free from his grip but he was so much stronger than me. Before I could start begging him to stop in between laughs, he quit, let my wrists go and smiled down at me.

“Don’tttt Derek,” I whined, but I was smiling. I loved how playful he was, how strong he was.

“I’m sorry, you’re just so cute when you try to overpower me,” he said with a smirk.

And with that, Derek practically ripped my shirt over my head and dove back down into my neck. I gasped, my body erupting into goosebumps.

After kissing my neck for a moment, he unbuttoned my pants and pulled them and my underwear off. My rock hard dick popped up and slapped my stomach with an audible smack. And then he took his shirt off and leaned back down over me, circling my nipples with his tongue. I’d never had it done to me before and it felt incredible. I gripped his hair tight and moaned.

I pulled my legs up and started trying to push his pants down with my feet with no success. I knew I couldn’t do it but hoped he’d get the message, which he did. He slipped his pants and underwear off and I saw his beautiful cock for the first time in 3 days. The head of his dick was like the spade on a playing card. His shaft was thick but his head was ever so slightly thicker at the bottom. His cock really was beautiful…and big.

I reached down between my legs where he was kneeling on the bed straight up on his knees and started pulling on his hard fat cock. He let out a gasp and watched me pull on it for a moment.

“Hey, one second!” He said to me and pulled out of my grasp and walked to his closet. He came back out with a bottle of what ended up being lube.

“I got it the other day while I was out and you were here asleep…I don’t want to hurt you again,” he said sweetly as he crawled back onto the bed.

I didn’t say anything back, I just pulled his head to my face and kissed him deeply to express my appreciation for his thoughtfulness. And then he started to kiss his way down my body before pushing my legs up and I knew what was coming. My body shivered in anticipation. I felt his wet tongue against my hole and immediately moaned.

“Your hole is so sexy, so pink and tight,” Derek told me from between my legs before diving back down to continue his work.

My hand found the back of Derek’s head and pushed his face into my ass. Derek stuck his tongue as deep as he could get into me as I stroked his hair.

Without warning, Derek scooped me up like a wrestler performing a powerbomb and turned over on his back with me on top of him.

“Sit on my face babe,” he directed me. And so I faced away from him, scooted back on my knees and leaned over his body and with my ass in front of his face.

I thought I did it right but then Derek grabbed me by the hips, pulled me back even further and pressed me hard onto his face. I felt his tongue enter me deeper than he had before.

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Hauling Christmas

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The overhead light in the sleeper cabin behind the Mack truck cab was on dim, casting an eerie light over Mack, nicknamed for driving semis, who was covering the young sailor. It was a little over a week before Thanksgiving. Long Beach was where he’d picked up the cute little guy in his alluring sailor whites when Mack was taking on a load off the docks there to drive to Kansas City. The very-young-looking, nineteen-year-old sailor, coming off his first cruise, said he was headed south to Fort Worth—home for the holidays, he’d said—and had begged for a ride and agreed to be ridden to get it. The truck was parked at the Flying J truck center in Barstow, California, where the highways—and Mack and the sailor—split and where Mack would be taking I-15 north and the sailor would be looking for an ongoing ride west and south on I-40.

The sailor, small of body, barely able to raise a beard, cute and willowy, was on all fours on the bed that took up most of the sleeper cabin. He was doing what he’d only recently, on his first cruise, learned to do for sailors on board ship. He was taking cock—massive cock in this instance.

He was still in his white jumper, but that was all. Mack, large and formidable, especially in contrast to the young sailor, was hovering over the young man, embracing the sailor’s chest, his hand up under the jumper, clutching the sailor’s pecs, holding the little guy close and steady as he moved his hips, mining the sailor’s channel to a steady beat. The sailor was writhing and huffing and puffing as Mack penetrated him with a beer-can cock, not appreciably long, but almost impossibly thick. The young man was especially aware of the thick cock ring pressing at the latex of the condom in the truck driver’s cock head. This was the first time the sailor was being fucked by a cock with a thick stud in its head, and all of the young man’s groaning senses were focused there.

It had been all sex. They hadn’t even exchanged names. The sailor was nervous, trying out for the first time how he could get from the ship to Fort Worth without having to shell out any money, and Mack wanting to only think of his winter holiday haul pickups as convenient pieces of ass rather than young men with names and lives of their own.

Mack, in his mid-forties, was an avid bodybuilder, hanging onto youth as best he could. He also was into leather and tattoos and piercings. Tom of Finland was the look he went for when he was trucking, the look that attracted the young guys looking for adventure and manhandling.

He was a divinely built, handsome man of commanding musculature, his torso and arms covered with intricate, expensively done, tattooing, and a diamond stud in his right earlobe and gold bars in his nipples. If he were an ugly man, other men would give him a wide berth, but he wasn’t. He was strikingly good looking and had a great smile. It was obvious he was a man’s man, a Tom of Finland, but other seeking men gravitated to him, wanting to ride on the wild side and intuitively knowing he’d treat them right—and, if not exactly right, he’d fuck them totally—certainly something to think about and savor at Christmas.

Fully mounted and saddled, Mack held steady on the young man’s back. Trembling, but also holding steady now, fully possessed by the stretching shaft, the sailor settled down for the initially slow in and out, in and out fuck.

“Shit, that cock ring,” he moaned.

Mack was in his favorite gear for action such as this. His torso was encased by the leather harness, with the ring pressed under his bulging pecs, he was wearing his black leather wristbands and his black-leather studded captain’s hat, and his shiny black leather combat boots were on his feet. He was Tom of Finland, fucking his boy.

He held the sailor close under him, mounted on his tail like a dog, and thrust and thrust, picking up speed and intensity as the sailor held under him, shuddering and shimmering, whimpering and panting, taking the impossibly thick shaft and rub of the cock ring, one of the sailor’s hands moving between his legs to stroke himself off, while the other hand and his knees took the position. Even though the truck was heavy, the motion of the fuck was causing the cabin to sway a little, not unlike what the sailor felt on board his ship at sea while one sailor after the other was gangbanging him. Mack was taking most of his own weight on the soles of his feet buried on either side of the sailor’s calves, raising his arms in the concluding increasingly vigorous thrusts, and grasping strap loops in the interior of the cabin sides to hold himself in place as he drove hard to his ejaculation.

The sailor cried out in pain-passion and collapsed under Mack onto the narrow, vinyl-covered bed in the dim light as Mack tensed and jerked and came, tensed and jerked and came.

It wasn’t the first time they’d fucked in the sleeping cabin. They’d done so where Mack had picked the sailor up in San Berdino at a truck stop. But this had been a better fuck istanbul travesti than the first time. The sailor had known what to expect—what was expected of him, which wasn’t much—and, having taken the beer-can cock before was better prepared to take it a second time.

Inside the café in the Flying J truck stop, eighteen-year-old Tanner, nudging the duffel bag beside his chair, was nursing a cup of coffee and staring out of the window, looking for something out in the lot where the tractor-trailer trucks were parked. Some drivers were out and about in the lot, gathering in small conversation group. But the drivers of many of the semis were snoozing in their sleeper cabs, building up the energy to start the next leg of their cross-continent drive, hauling the nation’s goods to market from the ports in the weeks building up to the Christmas season.

Tanner, small, blond, preppy looking, saw the sailor, also small, compact, moving gingerly, looking spiffy in his sailor whites and hefting a white duffel bag, climb, with effort, out of the sleeping cab of one of the tractor trailers, a humongous Mack truck, and hobble deeper into the parked fleet. Tanner scrutinized the sailor, speculating where he’d been and what he’d been doing, as the young man approached a couple of drivers who were leaning against a truck and jawing. A few minutes later, a real hunk of a guy, not too old but not too young, muscular and strutting like he owned the place, came out of the sleeper cab. He was dressed in faded jeans, topped by a fancy Western-style cotton shirt with fancy detailing and silver studs on a yoke collar and along the shoulders. The studded black-leather captain’s hat and shiny combat boots gave him a dangerous look. Tanner shuddered and felt the “coming-to-life” arousal going through his tight little body.

That was the one. If he was headed east in that rig, that was the one Tanner was looking for.

Mesmerized by the size and bearing of the dark-haired truck driver, Tanner watched Mack strut across the asphalt separating the Flying J building from the truckers’ parking lot, enter the building, and head back toward where the shower facilities were for the truckers. Tanner didn’t miss the diamond stud in Mack’s ear, the satisfied look on his face, or the baggie he was carrying in his hand containing what unmistakably was a spent Trojan Magnum condom.

The truck driver gave a little scowl as he entered the Flying J building. The place was decorated—tackily decorated—for Christmas, with a lot of stringy red, gold, and white tinselly stuff hanging around on the walls. It wasn’t even Thanksgiving yet and the Christmas decorations were already going up. Not that it mattered all that much to Mack, who would be on the road, moving goods, most of the holiday season—right up to Christmas. He always paused his driving to be at home, on the lake, in Gunnison, Colorado, for Christmas. There wasn’t much other for him to do at home in this season, though. There wasn’t anyone but his dog and a few casually friendly neighbors waiting for him there. This was his busy season in a job that was slowly decreasing for him. He made sure he was on the road for the winter holidays. It was all for the little gifts he gave himself while on the road.

And, speaking of gifts, Mack’s eyes had looked beyond the Christmas decorations and picked out the cute little blond piece watching him from the café as well, and he let his assessing look become blatant as the two focused on each other. He also made sure the baggie he was carrying with the spent condom in it could be seen.

The kid, the only one seated in the café at the moment, wasn’t more than eighteen or nineteen, Mack thought. He was small, perfectly proportioned, dressed preppy, good-looking, with an eager puppy demeanor, and had a gold loop earring in his right ear. That wasn’t supposed to mean much anymore, but Mack, who was good at picking them out, knew that, combined with other signals, it did mean something. As he marched back to the showers to dispose of the used condom and to shower up for the run up to Vegas, Denver, and beyond, he also noticed the duffel bag on the floor at the kid’s feet.

Maybe the sweet piece wanted a ride in exchange for being ridden, Mack thought. Maybe he’d still be here waiting for me when I finished my shower. This is what Mack got on the road for during the winter holiday season—this was his “gifts to myself” season.

* * * *

Mack didn’t have to wait. When he came out of the shower into the locker room, Tanner was there, leaning up against the bank of lockers. They stood there, Tanner with eyes wide in the wonder of what he was looking at and Mack, entering the locker room from the shower, holding the knot of his towel with one hand.

“Shit, just look at those tattoos,” Tanner said, his eyes getting big.

Mack laughed. “You like tattoos, kid?” he asked.

“Sure,” Tanner said after a pause. Then, boldly, “Can I touch them?”

Mack laughed. “Knock yourself istanbul travestileri out,” he said. with a smirk, letting his towel fall and standing there naked. “Got ’em down here too.” Would this kid really be this easy? He looked around the area. Anyone else here? No one in sight. He could take him here, but, no, there was too much risk of someone coming in. There were several trucks in the lot. The risk was high that one of those drivers would want to shower just as he got the sweetie under him. This was why he had the semi with the sleeping compartment behind the cab.

Tanner sucked in air, “Fuck,” he said, his eyes going to the size of Mack’s dark cock and balls and to the cock ring in the shaft’s head. The cock was on the rise. Tanner knew the man wanted him.

The dance had begun.

Mack was of a mixed breed—a bit of everything, including Hispanic, black, and white. His cock and balls were from black sires. Tanner didn’t shy away. He moved closer and touched the tattooing on Mack’s muscular chest, covered in light swirls of dark hair that didn’t hide the tattoos but, rather, seemed to animate them. An index finger went to one of Mack’s nipples, with puffed up, and lingered there. Their eyes locked as the finger slid down Mack’s torso to below his waist briefly before going back to a nipple. There was nothing subtle about this kid—about what he wanted and what’d do for a guy, a guy like Mack.

“Fuck is good,” Mack said, knowing that they would. He’d take the little piece back to his sleeper cab and fuck the hell of him—and the young guy would let him do it. He took Tanner’s free hand and moved it down to his crotch. Tanner didn’t flinch from that either, but Mack didn’t push for more than a touch there with the fingers of that hand too before he released the young man’s hand. He’d already decided they couldn’t do it here—shouldn’t try to do it here.

Mack took Tanner’s other arm by the wrist and moved the young man’s hand away from his chest, but he held the hand for several seconds longer than necessary, applying pressure to establish his dominance, and smiled at Tanner.

“Can I buy you something to drink when I’ve dressed,” Mack asked.

“Yes, please,” Tanner said, a slight look of confusion on his face. He too had thought of doing it here. He hadn’t thought of the risks like Mack had. He wasn’t accustomed to thinking of the risks of these situations that Mack was. His eyes, roving all over the man’s muscular and tattooed body, were unabashedly taking it all in.

“What’s your name?” Mack asked in a low, calm voice. Time to put a bit of a damper on this, for now. But why this way, he thought. He had a strict rule about exchanging names with his prey. Why had he abandoned that? What did this kid have that the others hadn’t? It was something, that was for sure.

“Tanner. Tanner Davis.”

“I’m Mack, as in the truck I came here in.” It wasn’t his real name, of course, but for the months on the road, it was him. When he was on the road during the winter holiday season, he was Mack, but he also was Tom of Finland.

“I saw your truck. It’s big.”

“Everything about me is big, kid.”

“I can see that,” Tanner said.

“Wait for me in the café. I’ll dress and come out to you.” And then, in not very long, I will come in you, he was thinking. We’ll both have a ball balling. But he didn’t say it. Time to damp this down until he could get the guy in his sleeper cabin. Everything was set up for games in the sleeper cabin. Mack was already thinking of positions to put the young man in there. There were hanger straps all over the place to use to trap wrists and ankles—to incapacitate his prey and put them in good positions. He didn’t have great length, so the access had to be open. But, god could he screw them to the bed with his thickness. He could make them squeal. They all whimpered and squealed for him. He was Tom of Finland.

He liked this kid. Not only was he easy on the eyes, a sexy little piece, or that he was being easy to get. The guy had spunk and he turned Mack on as much as any guy he’d humped before. He was raw and straightforward. He reacted well to everything Mack had said or had shown he was and what he intended to do. He wanted to have the guy for the long haul to Denver. He was a real present. Mack would savor him. He’d fuck the shit out of him, of course.

Tanner obviously heard the instruction to leave the locker room, but he didn’t go to the café immediately. He backed away to where he had originally been standing, leaning up against lockers, but remained there, watching Mack dress, which the man did slowly, obviously like he liked being watched and worshipped by the kid’s eyes.

Tanner’s eyes again went wide when he saw Mack pulling the black-leather harnessing onto his chest before covering it with the Western-style, long-sleeved shirt. Tanner’s interest and arousal grew as he watched Mack take on his chosen character—the boots and wristbands coming on after the harness travesti istanbul and the shirt, and it all topped off by the black-leather captain’s hat. Tanner got that Mack was becoming Tom of Finland. He was Mack when he was driving and Tom of Finland when he was fucking.

Once the man got the shirt on, though, the raw sexuality of the character became tamped down—for public consumption, the young man thought. One couldn’t tell other than at the edge of the man’s exposed wrists that his torso was covered in tattoos. He looked like a whole different man than he did just in the torso harness and black-leather boots. Then, when he’d snapped on the leather wristbands, the tattooing disappeared even there. But there, for a moment, Mack had shown Tanner what was on offer—that, for Tanner, Mack would be Tom of Finland and all the raw, rough, sexuality that that portended.

Tanner stood, leaning against the locker, unabashedly rubbing his crouch and watching Mack dress until the wristbands and cap were being put in place, and then he retreated to the café, where he had left his duffel bag. No one else was in the café.

When Mack entered, he bought two coffees without asking Tanner if that was what he wanted and sauntered over to the table, putting the coffees down, and turning a chair around and straddling it in reverse. Both of them understood the uncoordinated choice of the coffee meant more than something to drink. Mack would provide what he wanted to and Tanner would take it.

“Great looking truck out there,” Tanner said when they were settled.

“Yes, I like it. It’s my home on the road.”

“It’s got a sleeper cabin behind the cab. That’s where you sleep with you’re on the road—rather than staying in motels?”

“Yes, it does have a good sleeper cabin, and, yes, it’s where I sleep—and do other stuff.” The words sounded benign, but they all had sexual meaning. Everything said was part of the dance. Mack’s clipped tones were a matter of maintaining control, showing who was boss—being Tom of Finland.

“Are you headed east or west?” Tanner asked.

“East, from Long Beach. You?” This was a significant point. Were they going in the same direction so that Mack could take him along and use him en route, or were they separating here—would Mack have to take him out to the truck now and bang the hell out of him in a one and done? That would almost be best. He sensed danger with this kid—the danger of wanting more.

“East, I hope. I need a ride east.”

“I offer rides—for a ride,” Mack said.

“Just one ride?” Tanner asked, showing a saucy smile.

“OK, rides—as often as I want them between here and Denver.”

“And if I wanted it more often?” The kid was laying it on thick. It didn’t make him less arousing to Mack.

“I doubt you could.” I’m Tom of Finland. I’ll fuck you silly, Mack was thinking. His look was intensive enough to convey that to Tanner, who shuddered, but held steady.

“What are you hauling?” Tanner was looking down at the surface of the table. Was it time to totally capitulate yet or did they want to dance a bit more?

“Christmas trees. Hauling them to Kansas City. You going in that direction, that far?”

“That direction, to Denver. Won’t Christmas trees dry out before you get them that far?”

Mack laughed. “They’re fake trees. From China. Shittin’ fake trees for Christmas from a heathen country.”

“You like the real better?” Tanner.

“Fuckin’ right,” Mack said. “I like it real. I like it real in everything, not just in Christmas trees.”

“And raw? Do you gotta have it raw?” Tanner asked. Was this another sticking point? Hardly, Mack thought.

“Naw, I do safe—usually.” He’d flashed the baggie with the used Trojan at the kid earlier. The kid knew he’d used a rubber the last time. They were just marking time, beating around the bush, at this point. That there would be a main event was settled. They were just covering details now. “But I do real. I do rough. What you see is what you get. And I like to give and give and give. Understand?”

“Yes,” Tanner answered.

“And give and give,” Mack repeated. He needed to settle this cocky kid—and he did.

Tanner visibly shuddered. Mark reached over and grasped the young man’s wrist. Tanner didn’t pull away.

“What are you doing out on the highway without wheels of your own, son?” Mack asked. “You’re after a ride east—in exchange for giving a ride, right?”

“Yes,” Tanner said. “I’m going to my dad’s house in Denver. I can’t take my mother’s boyfriend anymore.”

“You’ve taken your mother’s boyfriend?”


“And you didn’t want to be taken by men?”

“Not by my mother’s boyfriend.”

“But you’ve willingly gone with other men? You know what we’re talking about here? I’m in it to party, not to shock or teach some reluctant or sassy virgin who will break down on the challenge of carry through.”

“Yes, and yes.”

“So, you’ve been ridden by men before. By this boyfriend, and by others maybe too?”


“You’re looking for a ride all the way to Denver, are you?”


“If I give you a ride to Denver, I’ll be riding you to Denver, stopping at nearly every rest area between here and there to do my business.”

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Corrupted Juices Ch. 08

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Chapter 8 — Chased

They spend the first few minutes walking in complete silence, looking around nervously at every moving shadow. The truth it that they were all pretty freaked out from what Darnell and Shanice had told them about people running around in the street, chasing each other. It had almost sounded like a scene from some cheesy horror movie Brandon had seen a couple of weeks earlier.

“Goddammit, Tyler! You and your parking paranoia. That guy Darnell’s story’s got me freaked out of my mind right now,” Alyssa scolds her brother. “I swear to God, if we get chased and killed, I’m going to rip you a new one.”

“Chill, Alyssa,” Tyler says, holding up his hands defensively. “You never know if the cops are staking out the place, ready to jump on anyone that leaves.”

“It’s not like they couldn’t just follow us to your car on foot, you know,” Alyssa huffs.

“Look, we’re almost there,” Tyler says, sounding slightly annoyed. “It’s just over there around the corner. You don’t have to…”

As they round the corner, the parked car comes into view a couple of yards down the street. Tyler swallows his words when he sees a number of shadowy figures surrounding his car. In the dim streetlight, Brandon can see their bodies are slightly twitching and jerking. The way they were moving almost seemed… unnatural.

One of them is only wearing briefs, and Brandon’s eyes grow wide as he sees the state this man’s body is in. The entire left side of his back is one bloody mess. Parts of his flesh just seem to be torn off somehow. One leg is also missing a large chunk of flesh. There are two others who do have clothes on. But Brandon can tell they weren’t in any better condition. The clothes are ripped and covered in dark stains in several places.

The three of them just stand there for a few moments, not sure how to react to this scene. Brandon can hear gasps coming from his companions, which draw him out of his stupor. “Hey, let’s just turn around and head back to Darnell’s place.” Brandon whispers, while motioning for them to follow him back the way they came. He already sees Alyssa starting to whimper and hopes she can keep it together until they’re out of sight.

Suddenly, another dude walks out from the alley that was right by his car. As he walks into the dim streetlight, Brandon’s jaw drops, and he freezes in his tracks. The new dude’s completely naked. His tall body was really pale. The skin seems like it’s shimmering in the streetlight somehow. What has Brandon’s frozen in place, though, is the sight of the guy’s enormously raging cock and the huge balls hanging a good 10 inches below. Brandon can hardly grasp what he’s seeing. What’s protruding from the man’s lower abdomen is possibly the largest cock he has ever seen. An unnaturally pale shaft with a dark and extremely swollen mushroom was glistening brightly in the streetlight.

While turning around, Tyler steps on a can that was laying by his feet, and the sound shatters the street’s silence. All the figures that are standing by his car suddenly freeze and turn their heads towards them simultaneously. Low grunting noises can be heard coming from the group. The tall man slowly turns his head towards the trio and quickly narrows in on Brandon.

Alyssa gasps and Tyler starts pulling her back. They’re already three or four steps away when Brandon can finally tear away his eyes from the tall guy. He turns around and starts running to catch up with the others. As the guys surrounding the car start charging towards them, Brandon calls out to Alyssa and Tyler. “Run you guys, they’re coming!”

The group chase the trio through one street, but after cutting down an alley, they seem to have lost their pursuers. They come out into an empty street with dark houses on their side and low apartment buildings on the other. In their hurry to get away, Alyssa and Tyler had run the wrong way, and Brandon saw no other option except to follow them. Calling out again didn’t seem like a good idea at the time.

Brandon suddenly hears faint music and conversation coming from down the street and points toward it. The other two follow his gaze and nod when they hear it too. Slinking through the shadowy front yards of the houses along their side of the street, they make their way forward as quietly as they can. After walking through a couple of front yards, they spot a dim light shining out of an open window. It’s set in the first floor of one of the buildings on the other side of the street.

As they approach further, they hear music and lively banter coming from it. Someone is standing in the window, looking at their phone. Just as they get to the house across the street from the apartment building with the open window, they hear rushing footsteps coming from the backyard of the house.

Brandon istanbul travesti starts pulling the others toward the street and out of the shadows. Just as he’s about to yell for help, his group is tackled by a dark shadow, seemingly jumping from the house. They all fall onto the street and quickly 2 more guys jump on top of them.

Brandon is so shocked by this that he hardly offers up any resistance at first. Cold and slick hands grab hold of his arms and hold him in place. When he finally does try to break free, he’s pulled back with such force that his head smacks onto the hard pavement below him. Through blurred vision, Brandon sees the two others turn to Tyler. He tries to scream, but he can’t seem to find his voice.

One of the attackers bites the inside of Tyler’s thigh, causing blood to start rushing out. Tyler does scream, but the other guy straddling him goes for his neck and bites down hard. Tyler’s scream quickly turns into a gurgle. While this is happening, Brandon is frozen in place, his brain refusing to process what he’s seeing.

Alyssa was thrown a little further away and was able to crawl away from the tangle of bodies. In a blind panic, she gets her feet under her and breaks out in a wild sprint, screaming hysterically. The guys biting Tyler’s leg releases him and rushes after Alyssa.

Tyler’s empty eyes are staring at Brandon, who’s being held down by incredibly strong hands. Cold fingers are digging into his skin, but he still can’t react. The figure that’ still ravaging Tyler releases his now dead friend and turns to Brandon. In a blur, he rushes up to him and stops inches from his face. Brandon’s face was splattered with blood flying off his lips. A pale face with cloudy, white eyes is hovering before him. A large bite mark is clearly visible on the guy’s left cheek. In his panicked state, Brandon can make out every individual tooth mark in the wound.

Behind him, Brandon hears heavy footsteps on the pavement. A low grunting noise can be heard, and the face in front of him jerks away. He looks back and sees the tall naked dude he saw at Tyler’s car. The pale, bald head shimmers in the streetlight’s glow. His mouth is also covered in blood. Fresh blood by the look of it.

He was just standing there, swaying slightly, while the other two were twitching and jerking around like crazy. The pale eyes in his face staring down at Brandon while breathing heavily. Brandon had seen enough movies in his life to know that something is very wrong here. But his mind won’t let him believe it. “Zombies aren’t real, man!” it offers up desperately. His eyes flash back to Tyler, who’s now laying partly on the street, partly on the sidewalk. His eyes staring blankly into nothing. A small pool of blood was forming around him.

The third guy suddenly jumps back on Tyler’s body and bites down hard somewhere. Along the guy’s naked back, Brandon can see the bloody mess he saw before more clearly now. It’s made up of several overlapping bite marks. Tyler’s left leg twitches once, and then stays limp. The slurping sounds coming from over there cause Brandon to turn his head away. “Zombies!” he screams inside his head.

He tries to wriggle free, but the cold hands holding him have got a tight grip on his arms. He’s not going anywhere. “What…?” is all that he’s able to get out of his mouth as he looks back at the tall figure standing only a couple yards away from him.

His eyes focus on the swollen cock that’s sprouting from the man’s abdomen. A pair of enormous balls are hanging below it. At this sight, Brandon’s cock twitches slightly, but he barely even notices.

The tall zombie grunts angrily, and the two others start dragging Brandon towards him. Brandon finally starts screaming then, as he frantically tries to fight off the two twitching shapes dragging him. But it’s no use though, and only a few moments later, he’s laying at the feet of the big guy.

Looking up, Brandon’s staring directly at those large, tight balls. He can see dark veins below the pale skin. A strange, intoxicatingly sweet smell wafts off the body towering above him. He looks up a little further, to the swollen mushroom at the end of that pale shaft. He sees a large drop of pre-cum hanging from it. Slowly, it’s sinking down further and further. As more liquid flows down, it suddenly drops and lands on Brandon’s cheek, right below his eye.

Almost instantly, Brandon’s vision begins to blur, and his head feels like it’s swimming. The glob slowly runs down his cheek and before Brandon knows what he’s doing, he reaches for it with his tongue. He lobbed it up and swallowed it down before he was able to stop himself. A strangely pleasant tingling then starts growing in his throat, down to his stomach.

Brandon looks back up at the bloody istanbul travestileri face above him, and a blank stare is returned to him. Without warning, the zombies holding Brandon flip him over onto his stomach. The air is rushed out of his lungs when his body hits the pavement with a hard smack.

As he lays there, dazed, the zombie holding his legs grabs the back of his pants and rips it open in one forceful movement. His ass is exposed to the cold night air and his body shudders. He looks back to where the big zombie was standing, but it’s not there anymore. He hears heavy steps behind him and just as he’s starting to look back, his legs are forcibly pulled apart.

His firm butt cheeks part and his asshole is now also exposed to the night air. That sweet smell is still filling his nose and he breathes in deep. Brandon turns his head to look back and sees the tall, shadowy figure behind him. On its knees, it’s swaying slightly. He tries to move again, but suddenly, a cold hand slides up Brandon’s back, pushing him down to the pavement.

As the tall zombie behind him bends forward, Brandon sees a maddeningly gleeful sneer spread across its face. He gasps, and its cloudy, white eyes lock with his. Brandon freezes in place again. His mind is racing so fast now, that he’s unable to grasp any single thought. The only thing he can hold on to is the tingling sensation that’s spreading out from his throat. It feels soothing and is somehow relaxing his body, despite the panic he was feeling.

In a sudden, jerky motion, the zombie lurches forward on one knee, pushing Brandon’s legs open further. Then on the other knee, now spreading both his legs so far apart that he automatically lifts his ass up off the ground. Something slick and cold roughly slides between his butt cheeks, over his asshole and then part of his lower back. Brandon feels a thick liquid running further down his back and between his ass crack.

This snaps Brandon out of his daze, and he tries to struggle again. But the hand is still solidly on his back. The two other zombies still have a firm grip on him too, so he can’t get away. The big zombie behind him sinks down on top of Brandon, pushing him down to the pavement even more.

The hard, fleshy protrusion is now being pushed against Brandon’s sphincter, and he can feel a fast-paced throbbing in it. The zombie above him starts jerkily moving its hips back and forward, rubbing its meat against Brandon. On the end of it, he feels the swollen mushroom dragging over his skin. On the third push, the zombie hits Brandon’s hole dead center, and it slides its head in halfway.

Brandon screams as pain bursts from his ass and up his spine. Above him, he can hear clattering teeth and a heavy, whistling breath. Brandon feels a heavy pulsing in his hole, followed by an increasing pressure further inside him.

The hard meat poking in his ass is pulled back, and he can feel a stream of thick liquid slowly running out his ass and down over his balls. The pain goes away almost instantly, and Brandon breathes out loudly. A second later, the zombie thrusts its hips forward again and plunges into Brandon’s ass, right up to his second sphincter. The pain coming from his insides causes Brandon to scream again, trying again to desperately to move his body away.

The zombie on top of him grabs him by the shoulders and holds him firmly in place. It twists its lower legs around Brandon’s, holding them into place as well. Inside him, he can feel a low pulsating feeling quickly picking up pace. The increased pressure he was already feeling inside starts to grow in intensity. The insane nature of the pain he was feeling seems to have dissipated. Instead, it’s replaced with a low vibration that feels strangely pleasing. That’s when he recognizes the pulsating feeling for what it is. This thing is filling his ass up with its juices.

After a few moments of just laying on top of Brandon, the zombie above him starts thrusting into him with a such a sudden force that it slides through his second sphincter without Brandon even realizing it. The completely alien nature of this feeling causes Brandon to scream again. The zombie’s now slamming its full length into him, far past the point where any stranger in the City Park has ever gone.

Suddenly, it stops and lifts its upper body to seemingly turn around. Brandon tries to turn his head to get a look at what’s going on. But he can’t see anything more than an empty street. After a making a few low, agitated sounds, the zombie turns back and grunts deeply at the other two. They immediately start pulling Brandon away from the street, toward the house and into the shadows.

As Brandon is being pulled up some stairs, through a door and into the dark house, the zombie on top of him is still travesti istanbul deep inside him. It starts pumping itself into him again, its hands digging into Brandon’s skin as it tightens its grip on his shoulders even more. Finally, he’s dropped on a thick, dusty smelling rug in a dark room.

The two others holding Brandon down let him go, and he hears them shuffling away from him. Opening his eyes for a moment, he can see their shadows disappearing through a doorway. He doesn’t try to get away. Instead, he submits himself completely.

The pressure inside his ass is steadily growing. This is a kind of fullness is like nothing he’s ever felt before. The hard thrusts into his guts are making a loud, sloshing noise. The rhythmic nature of the sound is fueling the strong haze that’s already got a strong hold over his mind. He knows this situation is completely fucked up. But the pressing nature of this realization is quickly fading.

The tingling feeling radiating from inside his ass is growing into a steady pulse of pleasure. As it grows in intensity, so does Brandon’s resistance shrink away. He relaxes his body and lays his head down onto the rug, while pushing his ass up into the air. Above him, the zombie grunts loudly. It tightens its grip on Brandon’s shoulders again and pushes into him with one last heavy thrust.

“Gggwwweeeeehgaaaaheeeggggg,” comes as the first real verbal sound from behind Brandon. The wild nature of it stirs something deep within his body, causing him to arch his back into the thrusts.

The zombie holds itself firmly against Brandon’s ass. Inside him, he feels the thing’s cock spasming heavily. Moments of clarity make him aware of what’s happening to him right now. A small part of his mind is screaming for him to try and get away. But it’s quickly drowned out by the overwhelming cloud of lust Brandon’s swimming in. Above him, the zombie suddenly starts breathing even more heavily and then makes a low guttural sound.

“Grrrruuuhhwaaaaaarrrggwuuuuaaahh,” it breathes out.

Even though the zombie’s hips are now planted firmly against his ass cheeks, Brandon feels its cock slide in him even further. Slowly, inch after inch of zombie cock is going up his ass. As the pressure in his abdomen is increasing even further now, he’s finding it harder and harder to breathe. Brandon weakly starts wiggling his body in a feeble effort to catch his breath. The zombie suddenly starts sliding off him, while pulling Brandon to his side and up against its body. The pressure inside his body is immediately relieved, and he’s able to breathe comfortably again.

This seems to be exactly what the zombie was trying to do. As it pulls Brandon closer, its meat slides back into him. He lets out another moan, even louder this time. Not in discomfort, but in pure pleasure. As the two bodies connect, the zombie releases his shoulders and crosses its arms across Brandon’s chest. Its embrace is tight, but not so tight that Brandon can’t breathe or is otherwise uncomfortable. Inside him, the pulsating sensation keeps feeding into the steadily increasing pressure. His stomach is visibly extending now, but he feels no pain or even discomfort. His mind is drifting through a haze and his body is surfing on a wave of ecstasy. Sporadically, he can feel the zombie shudder behind him.

He sinks into the body behind him and opens his eyes. The room Brandon’s in is dark. He can make out some shadowy shapes, which he suspects are pieces of furniture. But there’s not enough light to see anything clearly. Although he can’t see them, Brandon hears the two other zombies making noise somewhere in the house. The thick and strangely comforting smell of the dusty carpet under him brings a small part of his mind back to reality for a few moments. Brandon closes his eyes and lets his mind drift away again.

Behind him, he hears a gurgling sigh and suddenly there’s the feeling of cold, slick flesh on his upper left shoulder, right where it meets his neck. It feels like a tongue, almost. The sight of the blood spattered mouth of the big zombie flashes through Brandon’s mind again, but it doesn’t scare him. He feels calm and content.

The soft flesh is replaced with something hard. Brandon can feel teeth slowly sliding over his skin. Gradually, the pressure on his skin increases as the teeth sink in deeper. He feels his skin being pierced and blood starts flowing from his neck. So far, Brandon doesn’t feel any pain. There’s only the vibration he feels in his stomach and the waves of ecstasy it’s sending through his body. The teeth sink in further and blood starts running down Brandon’s chest. Cold lips close around the bite and the blood stops.

Brandon opens his eyes again, but now the room is completely dark and all he sees is black. A soft sucking sensation on his shoulder has him turning his head into it. He shuts his eyes again and lets his mind float away completely. The feeling of the carpet under him is replaced by a feeling of weightlessness, and soon he’s in a state of blissful unconsciousness.

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Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 52

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Going on a Monday was not necessarily the solution to the baths being empty, but opportunity beckoned temptingly. As did smoking even more before visiting than last time. The appeal of being stoned and having gay group sex stretches back to my teenage years, when stroking while high let fantasies flow. Now, the reality continues to completely overshadow the fantasies of what can happen at a male only sauna.

Due to various health rules, the steam bath remains unavailable, a lack that continues to be fairly large in terms of cruising fun. The steam room is probably the most reliable place for serial group encounters, something I had never even known about back when believing a bathhouse possessed whirlpools and showers as primary attractions for naked men to enjoy each other.

Today, after arriving I was alone for several minutes at the entrance, and only one other man was behind me as I got naked in the locker room. It took little time to get undressed then go upstairs. Where I waited for a long while without anything happening. Finally, someone peeked at me a couple of times while in the porn room, resulting in nothing happening. The following interval in the dark room was equally empty.

Wandering again, debating whether to go downstairs, another man came out of the porn room, so I walked to the darkroom entrance, making sure he caught a glimpse of my towel slipping off before going inside. He soon followed, laying his towel next to mine. The poppers were already out, but I was still wearing a mask when he started to pull my head to his cock. My preferences do not include such an unsubtle approach, though the way he soon stopped and went down on me made up for a lot.

However, like last week, the sensations were simply too good too fast. Since this was occurring the third time in a row, quite possibly a lack of practice was playing at least as large a role as getting very stoned. As he went down on me, I took off the mask. After a nicely hazy period of head, I began to play with his cock before bending down to take its sexy length into my mouth.

Another man entered, then a couple more, one of whom approached us as I was going down on a stranger. Reaching out to add more encouragement as my partner bent down to take this new cock deep too, soon I felt his mouth on my cock. However, this proved temporary. The man I was giving head to started to make clear he wanted me on my back, requiring a bit of effort to move my things before laying down. As his lips slid down my shaft, it appeared that the other men were also having sex.

Sliding further back, he shifted position to straddle my face. Unfortunately, the poppers were nowhere to be quickly found, as soon the intense pleasure of 69 made thinking impossible. The best male 69 always seems to connect cock and mouth directly, yours and his, merging in pure bliss. My finger started teasing his ass, and it was heavenly when he started softly touching the hair at the top of my thighs and under my balls.

I began teasing his hairy skin, loving the chance to use a man’s intimate hair to make him even hornier, being addicted to that style myself. He soon became a total ass slut, one available to play with, a perfect match to my lust.

Burying my face between his legs was paradise, with a wonderfully sexy scent filling my mind in animal lust. Compared to the last very direct rimming opportunity, this time was much more erotically charged. I took a luxurious time to lure him onward, knowing that I was the magician whose spell he could not help succumbing to. A spell that kept me enchanted as he sucked me, getting more sexy and sloppy the closer my probing tongue came to his soft ready ring.

The moaning around my rigid shaft was delightful as my tongue tip started to dart back and forth directly on his hole, still teasing his hairy crack at times. We continued for a nice stretch, a good amount of which I spent sweeping an arm out to keep track of my things. The poppers bottle was elusive, because just when I wanted to do a hit the sensations made finding it far too difficult.

Rarely had I ever felt so in control of a man, doing to him what had been done to me during that first visit to the baths. He was my total ass slut, mouth filled with cock, in a place where men have sex with strangers. Quite often, extraordinary male sex with unknown partners, giving in to the freedom to just get off.

With his ass wet, I slipped one finger in, and soon enough, a second followed as I sucked his cock. The tight softness was exquisite to feel, knowing he was completely captivated istanbul travesti by the sliding motion. He moved away, clearly not wanting to cum yet. When he sat up and took up his towel, I took his cock into my mouth a final time, still searching for the poppers.

But at the end of our time, the bottle had disappeared completely, an unpleasantly distracting thought. However, I had kept track of my mask, and discovered I held his too. The room was far too dark to tell a difference, so I handed him one.

Which, after getting near the lit solarium room, turned out to have a broken strap. It also did not look like mine precisely. Returning to the dark room, I asked him to check and we returned to the light. At that point, he mentioned his mask was broken, so we exchanged. My interest had been in being accurate, as it was thoroughly possible that the strap had torn during the time spent keeping my things together.

Instead of going downstairs to shower after the first encounter, I went back into the darkroom a moment after exchanging masks. Getting lucky promptly as first one person, then another entered. The first man found my waiting cock quickly, and soon we were jacking each other off. The third man approached, soon playing with us. As the second man concentrated on my cock, the first man left, for whatever reason.

This man was a true slut. We were 69ing quickly, though he was never really hard, leading to me starting to tongue his ass, turning into full blown rimming. I fingered him too, much the same way as the other man, though only one finger this time. I did keep track of the poppers much better this time, but he never really fingered me, regardless of how often I begged between licking his ass and sucking his cock.

When another man stood in front of the platform, he left me to start sucking a new cock, with my tongue able to reach his soft hole as he did. The other man found my cock with an exploring hand, but as others entered, the action moved away from me. Providing a break to just jack off while seeing and hearing others having sex.

My recent cock sucker was sitting on the floor in front of the platform, with three men standing around his head, all being serviced. Another man approached me, but for only a moment. The glory holes were empty on the other side, though there is something about how the smooth wood feels against a cock that remains delightful when beating off, cock available to anyone who wants it.

Returning to the same space as before, I saw that my cock sucker was now sitting on the platform, with no one around. Prompting him to go down on me. Creating a certain dirty thrill at knowing just how many cocks had already been in his mouth, taking advantage of a willing bathhouse slut. And rewarding him too of course, as we soon returned to 69ing, my ass above his mouth, facing out.

I was not offering anything, and only one man needed to be politely rejected. He did not mind, his dick being taken into the other man’s mouth as I moved away a bit. The room seemed to be filling again, and my slut could not stop himself from sucking newly available cock. The new man started to go down on me as I lay back, jacking his stiff spit covered length.

When he knelt in front of my mouth, it was easy to take him deep. Initially thinking about poppers, then as a luscious mouth slid down my cock, worrying about not cumming, knowing that poppers were beyond me now. Getting head while giving head is always entrancing, especially when you know that two men are involved, increasing the possibility of male group sex.

Plus it was nice to recognize the talent of my slut again as he returned to blowing me. Keeping track of the different times he had gone down on me was not any more practical than trying to keep track of how many men had gone down on me already – 4? 5? Recognizing his style was easier now, after having enjoyed it maybe a half dozen times. The crowd seemed to keep swirling as we returned to 69ing, beginning to rim him again.

When he tried to leave after the dark room was empty the third or fourth time, keeping him there was easy whenever my tongue could reach his hole. Long experience has taught me just how helpless a man becomes when being rimmed, and he was no different. My tongue would stop him moving, his brain simply no longer functioning as the pleasure started again. Finally, he did leave, and I gathered my things and left too.

Going to the cabin section to get my things organized after being in the dark, I headed to the other side. A man wearing a towel had started to follow istanbul travestileri me as I walked, and seeing him get closer, I went into the end cabin where I had enjoyed a very interesting session involving multiple men and my camera. Taking pictures today remained a hope, much like still doing poppers.

While spreading out the towel, putting things to the side, he leaned against the wall outside, still wearing a towel. Turning to look at him, starting to play with my naked cock, seeing how his hand moved down along his growing length. This is standard foreplay, bathhouse style, as the horniness grows between each. A booth retains a certain sense of privacy and ownership, and a sense of not exactly barging in is generally retained.

Unlike in the steam room, a place for pure cruising, where nothing but an initial glance or touch is required to have sex. Part of this is undoubtedly that everyone in the heat is normally naked, an enticing situation, leading to the possibility of very direct sexual contact from the start. The etiquette in the dark room is similar to that of the steam room, while the etiquette of the porn room is closer to the booths.

As soon as he took off the towel he stepped inside, closing the door. That is another distinction, as these are the only places to be truly private when having sex. I personally care nothing about the door being open or closed, not minding others looking or joining in. When this section was fairly new, I had spent more than an hour with the door open, having sex with five men over time, taking pictures of a variety of group sex combinations. Including some really dirty pictures of a man sucking my cock, his cum visible on my dark bush

This photo session had been done openly, but with four different men involved at one time, it was not necessary to keep things secret. Much of that time, I had nothing to do but be serviced on camera by a couple of men, who I also played with. The camera had been shared too, allowing me to concentrate on performing in front of it.

Understandably, many visitors in no way want to be photographed, but I find this an incredible thrill. Other men do not seem to care much one way or the other, yet for me, knowing that other people can see me having sex is irresistible. Plus, they are the sort of pictures which turn me on, such as sucking a man’s cock, or fingering his ass. Him doing the same to me is equally arousing. Being cock to cock is wonderfully erotic. Two men like that are in paradise, yet such shots seem somewhat rare.

He stood at the edge of the platform, cock hard. I reached out first, watching his reaction to that initial touch while stroking myself. The poppers were out of reach, which was not a problem, but the way he bent blocked my face from going to his crotch. His breath on my cock head stilled my motion, hand at my bush, holding my length taut.

His lips slid down my held shaft until they stopped at the top of my circled finger and thumb, leading me to start stroking into his mouth. Maybe a minute had passed before entering the booth and getting head. I decided the best way to take pictures was to get him really horny first. The hand on his cock began pumping faster, in the direction of my face.

Normally, it does not take much hinting for a man to give in to a cock sucker, and today was no different. He straightened, his silky cock sliding into my open mouth, neither of us concerned about how many cocks and mouths we had already enjoyed today as the familiar pleasure rose again. A hand began roaming over his ass, sliding down the crack as his thrusts became more turned on.

“Can I… use… the poppers?” he asked.

Pulling back and getting the bottle, saying “sure,” I opened it under his nose. He sniffed under each nostril, then I closed the bottle and put it down. My lips slid slowly over his cock head, holding him close with an arm around his hips, hand touching between his legs. His hands were resting on my head as he began moaning when my finger explored his soft hole. He slumped a bit, wanting my finger deeper as the poppers affected him. I started going down on him with an up and down motion, feeling how his hands tightened.

His hole was slippery enough that my finger went deeper into his squeezing tunnel easily, matching the way the poppers were turning him on. He held my head motionless after I began finger fucking him, groaning, hips starting to move. Soon, confident he would not cum, I began to move finger and mouth in opposite directions, so that when my finger was deep, my lips were right travesti istanbul around his cock ridge.

This continued for a nice interval until he moved away, my finger touching but no longer inside him. He sat next to me, bending again, putting my cock into his wet mouth. I was able to slide my finger around his quivering anus, starting to talk about having a camera, and how he could take pictures of me. Having the other person hold the camera is intended to make sure they are in complete control, not needing to worry about pictures that they would not want taken.

It did take a while to make myself clear, as the sheer joy of his devoted sucking made my mind very hazy. A haze that had only grown more enticing as I began to talk about pictures. Since he did not stop, I reached back to get the camera, saying he could take pictures of me sucking his cock. He got up, taking the camera. I started jacking off, but the camera did not work at first, as it was set to play, not record. Technology tends to be a distraction at the best of times, but we were soon playing again as the flash went off.

Taking pictures offers another perspective when combined with writing. The files provide times and specific details, but without the actual sensations. I can be amazed at how little time passes when things had seemed very stretched out. The camera time stamp simply does not match perception, and sometimes for that matter, my memory. Part of this being that the camera tends to be used, then ignored, then possibly used again. Another part being that taking pictures makes me incredibly horny, surrendering to the desire to be a true exhibitionist.

Today, he took the first pictures, with a scene set by me. First shots of us stroking, then pictures of our cocks together, then more shots of me going down on his gorgeous cock, a couple where it is easy to know why my hand is between his legs as my lips surround his cock head. He put the camera down, likely when I started taking him deeper into my soft mouth.

Using a camera becomes a distraction, meaning it was six minutes before the next set, taken by me. Apart from the first one, framing his cock beautifully over my forearm, the position making plain he was being fingered, the rest were very poor quality. Part of that being that we had been kept playing, meaning what concentration I had was focused elsewhere. With a big part of that being the hit of poppers done right before picking up the camera.

As soon as my lips met his cock, it became increasingly difficult to do anything except point the camera and press the button, even before breathing out. In the end, trying to frame his hand on my cock as I went down on his sexy shaft was not possible. One shot might have had a certain erotic subtleness, however that is not my goal in such sessions. Explicit hardcore sex is what I want captured, much the way these stories are written.

Almost deep throating him, he reached over me to get the poppers, repeating what happened earlier except this time, he started touching my nipples after the rush dwindled. Stroking myself as he kept touching my them, I did a hit. Instead of going down on me and playing with my ass as hoped, he moved onto the platform, doing another hit.

He was on his hands and knees as I jacked off, then he simply left. My befuddled best guess being that he wanted to be fucked, and I had not picked up on the proper cues. An observation that applies to him in turn regarding my own wishes, but the baths are a place where luck plays its role. This set of circumstances was not exactly frustrating, but after three trips, not being able to just enjoy head with poppers was appearing as a rare string of poor luck.

Putting together my things to leave, another man appeared in the door. My cock was still hard, so I started playing with it as he looked on. He entered, also closing the door, and I went down on his cock. Followed by a bit of sucking on his part. He was surprisingly uninterested in oral sex, and he left too.

Still on the platform, a third man appeared, and just came in. His manner was very abrupt, just reaching for my head to go down on him. That being the most reliable method to ensure I won’t do it. I stood, things in hand. Turning to leave, he went down onto the platform, on his stomach, legs spread. That was a strange transition, tying together the idea that three bottoms in a row had entered this cabin.

Seeing the clock, and later using the time stamps, I had spent around 2 hours in the dark room, and a half hour or so in the cabin, which provided a strange ending to a quite mixed day at the baths. Not that there was anything to complain about, but there was also little to say was at the expected level of the past. Of course I would be returning at the next opportunity, with expectations hopefully matching reality.

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The Saint is the Sinner Ch. 06

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The Saint is the Sinner

By Servemist

Chapter 6

Welcome friends. If you joined me for the journey from the beginning, thank you. If you are just coming to the party now, you will need to read the first five chapters, otherwise the story will not make sense. Go ahead and read, my friends and I will wait till your all caught up.

There is a short, but significant, part of this chapter that is non-consent. It is an important part of the story. I want to give you all a heads up.

I open our story during the fall of 2001, which was also the period of September 11,2001. I touch on this subject briefly. I do not mean to dismiss the significance this tragedy had on New York they are welcome here to our party for the weekend?” He had a rather disturbed look on his face.

I hesitated trying to figure out where this was going but said rather innocently “They always come to our parties,” and I added “They are the only two people that I talk too at these parties”.

Defensively, I add “Everyone else treats me like I have the plague!”

Michael seemed rather agitated “That is not true. My family has not done anything other then welcome you.”

I look at him like he has three heads. “Do you not hear any conversation between me and your family?”

I wait a second to provide an answer. “No!” then I continue, “The reason you do not hear any conversation between me and your family, is that they haven’t said one word to me since you and I met.”

Now it’s Michael’s turn to be agitated “That is not true!”

He is now standing in the middle of the main room “I have seen my own mother and father talk with you.”

Now I am smiling, knowing that is not true. “Hello and goodbye is not a conversation”

Michael knew his family wasn’t very receptive to me since we had been seeing each other. In the middle of August, this is one frosty room when his family is here.

Michael folded his arms over his chest “This is my house, and no one should be coming through those doors,” pointing to the front door, “unless I know about it before.”

I was just shocked by what was transpiring between us. Its almost an out of body experience. “Where is this istanbul travesti coming from?” and I add “Where is Michael, because you are an imposter?”

Now his anger was showing, and he raised his voice “Fucking my house, you are a guest, you do not invite anyone to my house without me knowing first!”

Normally, I let a conversation like this go. I really would not let it bubble over. Michael and I had some issues in the past, but nothing that a few kisses and a “I’m sorry” wouldn’t fix. This was something else.

“Michael, Honey, where is this coming from?” being more responsive to his anger.

“You heard me!” yelling and walking away from me.

This had all the earmarks of his brother or father. Someone put a notion in his head, that I was creating a business issue and he’s mad because he is being pushed into making this decision. I walk after him. I found him in the bedroom. He was lying on his back on the bed. He had his right forearm across his eyes and forehead. I lay down next to him, lean in and lightly kiss his neck.

As I kissed his neck, I whispered “Baby, what is really going on?”

I continued kissing his neck, I lowered my hand caressing his cock, giving his it light squeezes, and found him already erect.

Michael doesn’t react just keeps his forearm over his eyes. He speaks softly “Maybe we need a break.”

I stop kissing his neck and removed my hand from his cock. I raise my head and looked in his direction.

“A break?” I asked raising my voice. I wasn’t letting this one slide.

“I invited my two best friends, who I have invited to your house,” I emphasize “your house.”

I continue, “So many times, I lost count.”

I got up from the bed, but Michael doesn’t move from his spot.

I speak in a low monotone voice “When you decide you want to really talk with me, and really tell me what is going on,” walking towards the bedroom door and turning around, “I will be at my place.”

I retrieved my gym bag, went the dresser and removed the clothes I just put in there, and put them in my bag. I walked back toward the bedroom door, turn around and see that Michael hasn’t moved. I walk out the door, I istanbul travestileri walked out of the house. I drove home in a fog.

I was trying to figure out, what I did wrong that could have triggered this. How this was my fault somehow? During that one-hour drive, I thought of about a thousand different scenarios.

The one scenario that kept coming back over and over, was that his family was never going to accept me. Maybe his family was never going to accept him. It really didn’t matter anymore. I drove home thinking that, this would be the last time I would ever see Michael, or step foot in that house.


Fall of 2002

“Trip, would you get your ass out here, you are going to miss The Sopranos.”

This was our night, me, Trip, and Trixie watched the Sopranos every Sunday night. It would be beer, popcorn, and watching dancers at the Bada Bing Club.

Trip would always ask us if we missed the “good old days”, and both Trixie and I would laugh and say, “hell no”.

I would look at Trixie, give her a suggestive smile, “I only want one person grabbing my ass,” reaching for Trixie’s hand, intertwining her fingers with mine, “and she is right here.”

I raised Trixie’s hand and mine at the same time, bring her’s to my lips and kiss it. We both look into each other eyes and smile.

We can have a real shitty day, a real shitty week, or month, but she is able to set me on fire and I will never be able to get enough of her. I knew my place would always be by her side, she brought a calmness to me that I never thought I’d ever have.

Trip walked into our living room and plopped between us. Took a nice long drink of his beer, swallows and says, “I can’t believe Johnny almost bought it last week.”

His eyes were wide and a nice smile on his face, he says “I hate Johnny Sack.”

We were all in agreement. We watched our favorite show, after the show was over, we continued to give a play by play of every minute. That was our Sunday night.

Trip was different, where I thought he would be a mess after the breakup, he wasn’t. He was actually happy for a change. He didn’t see this as an obstacle he couldn’t get past. Maybe travesti istanbul he just assumed it would happen and had accepted it long before.

Hard to say, but I was relieved that Trixie and I wouldn’t have to be on 24/7 watch.

I get up and go to the kitchen to get another beer for myself. I yell out to the others “Beer?”

Trixie, as usual “None for me, I’m getting fat.”

Trip is gets up from his spot and walks towards the front door to put on his jacket, “Nope, got a date.”

Trixie gives me the knowing look “You mean, you’re going to fuck him?”

I shake my head in agreement and adds “Where did you find this one?”

Trip squinted his eyes in a condescending way “For one thing, not everyone has sex all the time.”

Pointing a finger at both of us, “For the other thing, I met him on dudesnude.”

I gave Trip a disgusted look and shook my head back and forth. “Do you even have a picture?”

Trip said “Sure, fire up your fancy Apple.”

I walked over to the desk in the corner of our living room and turned on our MacOS X 10.2. Our computer guy gave us a recommendation and said, “Apple is the wave of the future”. So, we got it.

Trip walked over and typed in his website and searched for his date. A guy came up and he called himself “big Bob”.

I started laughing. “So, is Big Bob, big?”

Trip scrolled down to pictures and clicked on a picture of big Bob naked, and big Bob was in fact big, really big!

I could swear Trip was drooling. I mean he was looking at big Bob’s cock and could not look at anything else. I don’t think that even Trixie had a toy that big, and Trixie had a lot of toys.

Nudging Trip “Is it safe?” I asked.

Trip finally came out of his trance, looked at me. “Most of these guys are married, they cum and run.”

Trip was now looking back at the computer, “Just what I need after Michael.”

Trip gave us a kiss and started walking towards our front door. He stopped and turned back toward me and said sadly “It’s just what I need, no attachments.”

Then he walked out.


Fall of 2002

“I remember the warmth that flushed over me as I was about to close my eyes. I was ok with that.”

Big Bob — Bill/Trip

I always gave myself extra time before I would meet someone. I wanted to be clean inside and out. It was such a big deal to me to make sure I was properly ready for my one-hour date.

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Stuffed In A Gym Locker

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Big Tits

With Lyle outside the locker waiting for his dad to bring him a change of clothes, Big Mike and I remained trapped in the double wide locker. Our towels fell to the floor and there was no room to bend down for them. Our cocks were covered in cum, still rock hard, and jammed into each other’s bellies. Both of us had that feeling when you cum from sustained sensuality rather than a tight fuck. So you blow, stay hard, and then ache even more for real skin contact gripping your rod. I hoped we would jerk off longer.

With more time and our bones going nowhere, Mike brought his sizeable hands up and grabbed my shoulders. Their direction turned me around in the tight space, as he jammed his fat ass back into the locker to compress it for more room. His 5-inch cock came to a rest pointing upward along my back, my plump cheeks caressing the ridge of his cock’s soft underside. I could feel the rounded pressure of his knees along the outside of my thighs as he awkwardly squatted around my legs. He moved his cock up and down my hairy, bulging butt. Mike just wanted a spot easier to rub against than my belly.

My buttered jizz and his fresh cum was spread along my crack, like an expensive massage oil. Mike flipped his hands engulfing my waist onto each cheek. He pulled them apart so that the underside of his cock was now sliding between my butt. His rod dipping briefly istanbul travesti into the pink whirlpool before continuing along.

Mike gripped his full log tightly with one hand so that the prominent tip was protruding through. He began prodding it along my entire crack, sliding it up and down my hole. I found myself jamming my ass back into it each time he scratched my now spasming hole. The cum felt incredible and his slick tip just kept pressuring me. I estimated Big Mike would finish in a second.

Then at almost the same time, Mike whispered, “Just gonna see,” and quickly pushed his tip into my hole. My face pushed into the locker wall. Instinctively, I reached back with both hands to get a grip, and found my hands covering ¼ of each of his fat cheeks.

First, he shoved part of the tip. Then, he rammed the whole tip. Then, ran down to his shaft’s start before I bottomed out on his large fist. Big Mike’s cock with the pressure of his fist on my hole felt incredible. I kept pulling on his ass to force more in. Each time he’d knock into me, his big hand would push against the rim of my man slit.

Big Mike’s breathing got ragged, covered by the gym’s music outside. Big Mike’s belly and full pecs were laying across my back, his temple rested atop the back of my head. I kept his balance for his cock to keep entering me. I could feel istanbul travestileri his wide pelvis and thighs envelop my ass cheeks. They’d gently slap into me as the first inch and a half of his cock continually yoyoed into my sloppy cock holder.

By this point, my cock was leaking profusely on the floor. Big Mike and his weight had me so pressed into the wall that I couldn’t even get a hand under to stroke my cock. My pleasure was not his concern. All I could do was just keep pulling his power ass into me.

Mike’s prodding got more furious. His cock was going in and out of me incredibly fast, my hole barely adjusting before getting plunged again. “I’ll pull out,” he warned. After all this time, I was crazed by the ache in my ass. I used my leverage on his ass to push off the wall forcing him upright. Losing his balance, Big Mike took the hand limiting his depth off his cock. My greedy ass slid back hard around the five-inch breeder pole. Mike bit down into my neck to hide the moan from this jolt of pleasure. I clenched my fist from the bite and renewed the force that I kept slamming my ass back onto him. My prostate finally getting properly hit by Big Mike’s cock, sent shockwaves. I could feel Mike try to slip his fingers between my ass cheeks and his pelvis to get me off initially. Within seconds, they moved to grip the front of my thighs and travesti istanbul pull them back into him so that his cock would fuck deep into me.

Within seconds of my hole massaging all of Mike, he whispered “You’re fucking gettin’ it.” His cock pulsed out hard on my inner walls spraying my guts. Mike’s hands kept squeezing down harder on my thighs, desperately trying to grab more of my body before the next jet of his babies fired into me. My cock kept bouncing in front me, each fuck pulse pushed into my prostate forcing my cock to flex. I threw my hands down over Mike’s and held them hard, as my own cock began to fire freely. His cock pulsating from the orgasm would trigger my own cock to throb cum out onto the locker wall. Again. And again. The intensity of my shots were tortured pleasure without more. I grabbed Mike’s hand and he began stroking me as his hips continued their innate need to thrust seed deep. Without prompting him, he draped his other forearm over my thigh and started massaging the slick cum over my balls. In the dark locker, he blindly picked my cum off the wall adding it to his stroke before my cock shot more cum onto the wall. Finally, Mike’s cock stopped firing cum and the aftershocks of his orgasm remained, pushing out on my tight walls. His cock would pulse out on my g-spot, my cock jumped, my hole tightened, which caused his cock to flare out, my dripping cock to jump, and my covered hole to tighten. We must have sat there for a minute letting this happen. Motionless finally, Mike just stood there with my balls and cock in his hand, his spent fuck rod softening inside of me.

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Night At Jack’s

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Night At Jack’s

It’s not often I treat myself to something I want. Much less things I need. Though being a creature of habit is simple and easy, spicing things up is a nice turn as well. But rather than going to a pub, even a slap up meal, I really wanted a haircut. I’d been hearing of a place by exclusive appointment only, run by a handsome man known as Jack. Since he bans phones on coming in, no one’s gotten a decent picture of him and descriptions don’t do justice.

Despite never meeting, I built a picture of him in my mind. I pictured him as a tall, well dressed fellow, strong body and big hands. Being a barber, I figure he had a fine head of hair and beard. Just making the picture made my stomach turn, and toes curl. God… I should stop getting turned on by mysterious men.

I didn’t remember signing up but I apparently had for March of next year. So imagine my surprise when I received a call from Jack himself.


“Is this Sellic Raener?”

“Yes. Who’s this?”

“This is Jack from Royalty Barber. I had a cancellation and decided to do a holiday special for one lucky patron. Your name came up.”

“You never do holiday specials. Not from what I’ve heard.”

“It’s part of business. You do unexpected things. So would you prefer morning, noon, or evening?”

As I thought on it, I felt chills sneak up on me. “What about after hours?”

There was a pause before I was greeted by a rich, warm laugh. “I usually don’t. But for you, I’ll make an exception.”

I had the urge to squirm and did so suddenly. That’s when I realized I had gotten rock solid. “I appreciate it. Nights are very free for me.”

Another warm laugh from him and I went flush once more. “Come by taxi at 8:30 tomorrow. I’ll have everything set up.”

“Do I need to bring anything special?”

“Nothing necessarily. But dress comfortably. And be ready for anything.”

“Alright then.”

“See you soon Sellic.”

Hanging up that call, I felt dazed walking in from my balcony. Sliding the door shut, my sweatpants were a tent of cloth and I cursed under my breath. My body was reacting as if I invited someone over for passionate fucking or someone had invited me to be used for cock worship. Why does a man I’ve never met make me feel so crazy?


I underestimated how long the cab ride was. Right as I went to call, a car pulled up for me and insisted I hurry. You wouldn’t think a haircut or shave would take an hour ride. With anticipation running through me, I had to fight back goosebumps and an already excited cock. As we pulled up, the driver told me to knock twice, pause, then twice more. Giving a nod, I nearly leapt out and paced to the door. Knocking as instructed, the door opened and a man was visible but veiled with dark shadow.

Gesturing me inside, I walked in and was swept into an even more sensitive mood.

Hearing the door close then lock, I started to look around where I was. The space was cozy, a vintage chair, large mirror and work station, older barbershop fodder like a working twirl pole, signage, and other nuance. I felt hands on my shoulders, unsettling me a bit as I turned abruptly to face him. Staring at him, the picture came true in some ways.

While he was tall, he was lean yet overly tone. His hair was a lush brown, stubble over a five o’clock shadow with some greys. Something I didn’t think of were his eyes… And they pulled me in as soon as we’d locked sights.

“Didn’t mean to startle you. Just trying to take your jacket.”

“You do that with everyone?”

“Only if they don’t first.”

Turning my back to him, he comfortably and easily slipped my jacket off. His hands running over my shirt made me shake a bit. Looking back at him, he’d hung it up and moved close to me again. Shockingly, he took my hand between his and led me to the chair. I knew I was likely blushing as I sat down and he went to the sink to wash his hands.

“How long you been cutting hair?” I asked, trying to ease my nervousness.

“Since I was maybe thirteen. Just something almanbahis that I found enjoyable.” He answered so matter of factly while drying his hands.

“What about your shop?”

He turned, leaning back to the sink a bit. “It’s a different kind. I come to a temporary set up or rent out a space and cut by appointment. The name Royalty is just that. I’ve cut the hair of a lot of people, including movie stars, artists, musicians, monarchy from other countries, and every so often, porn actors.”

I cracked smile, thinking of him cutting a male porn star’s hair. “Quite the clientele. Why make time for someone like me?”

Jack smiled back at me, pouring a drink for himself and me. “I’ve seen you outside of some places I’d been with a client for the past month or so. I figure I keep an eye out if I saw you again. Sure enough, I got a picture of you in an email from someone who’d noticed you around like I had.”

Taking the drink from him, I sipped slightly as he stared. “Lucky me.”

He moved closer, making me lean back in the chair. His hand gently held under my chin. “I think that’s my line.”

His hand on my face made my senses whirl, so much that the drink in my hand fell. He placed his on the work table, turning my head carefully side to side, other hand seemingly tracing my jaw. My guess was he was trying to figure out where to start. Tilting my head around, he gently ran his fingers through my hair, and smiled a bit. As his hands left my face, I saw the ring on his left pinkie but my eyes soon found his cock, hard and pressed in his dress pants.

His eyes followed mine, not losing his smile.

“Something wrong?”

“Just something I noticed.”

“Nighttime does that to me. Kind of weird if you ask me.”

“Not necessarily. Or else we’d all have day sex instead.”

A laugh spilled from him, a genuine, full laugh. “That’s very true.”

Jack had walked over, washing his hands a second time, then went to a small box I’d seen on the way in. Opening the small door, he pulled out a towel, and came back to where I’d been sat. He cranked the chair, leaning me back a bit, and started to press along my face carefully. I found it a bit different, seeing as warm towels are for after the haircut and shave. Needing an answer, he responded by saying it relaxes the face and opens pores for an easier shave.

Placing the towel in a nearby bin, I caught him preparing a straight razor. I’d never been given a shave with one. So this would hopefully not end in me getting cut. Drifting into that thought, I came back to see him staring at me, stirring the fresh shaving cream. I felt myself tensing, nipples and cock starting to stiffen as he kept looking me in the eye as he started to dab the cream onto my cheeks, neck, and jaw. Watching him sharpen his blade, back turned, I saw him and admired how he was graceful yet seductive in just how he did his work.

Though as he faced front again, his cock was still hard, blade sharp, I felt myself swallow a lump of nervous energy.

“Never had a straight shave?”

“Not exactly. I figure you’re good if you do that.”

“I only do it upon request. But again, figure I made this visit the best one. Maybe I’ll see you again that way.”

Feeling myself fall flush, Jack started to lightly drag his razor along the grain of my beard. I went still as a board, though my heart wanted to do laps inside my chest. I tried to not bite my lip, thinking it would alert him of my excitement. I only did so when he walked to clean his razor from the shaving cream. I even moaned quietly to myself.

Once my cheeks has been done, Jack tilted my head upward, dragging his blade down my throat. Trying to hold my breath, he took the time to start talking again.

“I’ve never seen someone so nervous about getting a haircut and shave. I try to not put up an intimidating look but… you’re shaking. I can honestly say I’m flattered that you feel so strongly. Especially with how much I’ve run into you.”

As he talked, I felt relaxed, even a bit sleepy. Leaving to clean his blade again, I stared again, hypnotized by him. He’d put the blade down, brought a clean, dry towel almanbahis giriş and pat my face gently to clean me off. Again, my eyes went where they shouldn’t have and I thought I’d seen a damp spot where his cock pressed. Lifting away from the temptation, Jack had caught me looking this time, wearing a light flush on his face and another smile.

“Enjoying the view?” He asked teasingly.

“Hopefully that’s not a problem.” I answered sheepishly. “I… think you have a decent size and I was imagining what that would be like.”

Fixing the chair, I was sat up to face the mirror with Jack behind me. He gently fiddled with my hair, leaning down to whisper in my ear.

“How would you like your hair?”

“In your palm.” I blurted.

From my ear, I felt a grin spread on his face. “While I’d like that, I want you to pick how you’d like me to cut your hair.”

I giggled, which was the only was to describe it. He played so coy while being in work mode. “Short and a bit neater. Fit to my face.”

“Sounds perfect. I’ll make sure you look striking.” He responded while still combing through gently.

Before I saw him stand, I felt his lips touch my neck. My fingers curled around the chair arms, my head tilting away to open my neck to him. They were so soft… Driving me wild as he sucked and licked. Short as it was, I knew I was hot, bothered, and hungry for him. Wrapping my suckled neck with a cloth, he draped the sheet over me, a bit more ruffled due to the throbbing hard on I tried to hide. Right as he went to cut, I tilted my head back slow, looking up at him longingly.

“Is that okay?” He asked as if he knew what I wanted.

“Yes…” I nearly begged.

Sure enough, he did. Like a movie scene, he leaned down to kiss me, hand lingering at my chest and collarbone with the other hanging loosely by his side. Jack’s kiss was igniting as it set a fire already being stoked. Our lips were each others… and I ached for so much more. When I thought he’d leave, I groaned and he came for more of me. After a while, he had to take a breath and stand straight, both of us looking flushed in the mirror.


We didn’t talk after and Jack finally started clipping my locks. Every so often, he’d compliment the color of my hair, the small movements, and even reached to kiss my hand from under the sheet. I kept having to adjust my own cock underneath, hoping the energy could leave through tapping my feet. A good time later, he was dusting off the extra hair and I had a final look at myself. I thought he’d cut all the beard off of me and I’d only noticed now he didn’t. I looked a lot better than when I came in. But I wanted more before I left out.

Pulling the sheet from over me, Jack paused, seeing something he professionally ignored. Being so hard, I had precum soaking through my pants and I felt a chill as I saw him lick his lips with me watching.

Instinctively, I started letting my mouth run. “Do you accept tips?”

Nodding, a neutral look came over him. “Depends on what it might be.”

A third time, I let my eyes fall to his bulge, the spot wet like mine. Hearing him mutter, I moved toward him, kneeling to kiss his wet pants and hot swollen cock. Lips carefully gnawed over the shape and length, licking the patch by his tip while looking up for his approval. He kept me eyes, undoing his shirt and rubbing his chest.

“May I suck you off Sir?” I asked politely.

His lip curved, showing another smile. “Of course you can sweetheart.”

I unbuckled him as he took his shirt off, the skin of him glistening from the strings of precum. Kissing and licking, I let it coat my lips before taking him into my mouth. I was desperate to suck him down quickly but fought back to enjoy the mysterious guy I’d fantasized about for the past months. He got harder as I sucked, more so as I massaged his balls.

Just as I felt him ready to cum, Jack took my neck in his hand, forcing me to my feet and moving toward a smaller couch. Without many words, he pulled to let my cock hang out with his, all while keeping my almanbahis yeni giriş lips occupied with his. Once I felt my hardness out and free, he gave a hard push as I was now sat down again. Like I had, he knelt down and started teasing me with his tongue. My hips adjusted, giving me something to focus on and not cumming so soon as he’d started.

Stopping a moment, he told me to take off my shirt and start softly pinching my nipples. I somewhat frantically did as told, interrupted by Jack moving to lick at my hard nips. Resuming as he was, I played with my chest as he sucked slow and deep on my shaft. I wanted to release, as stimulating my sensitive buds were making me want to cum faster. But I tried to be a good boy, listening to what he told me and enjoying being pleased.

Close as I was, his mouth left me, hand finding the scruff of my neck, pulling my to his lips that were tasting me. My hands stood where they were, pinching and rubbing, as I felt my cock pressed to his and a hand wrap around both. Then tugging, skin tingling against his, cum spurting to coat us. I moaned into his mouth, making him stroke us faster, before he mimicked me. The moans and breaths slowed, both of us aching to finish.

I started to thrust, making Jack’s hand squeeze the back of my neck and bite at my bottom lip. The shock is that he didn’t stop me, but joined with a bit of thrusting. I was edging… Wanting to let him have my nectar and giving me his as well. Moving from my neck and into my freshly cut hair, I felt a hard pull, ordering to give more. Not long after, I felt myself cumming and I began begging.

“Fuck. Please let me cum Jack. I can’t hold anymore…”

“Just promise me.”

“Jesus fuck. I’ll say whatever you want.”

Through our shaking and panting, I heard him whisper. “You’ll come back.”

Nodding, I screamed out. “Yes! Yes I’ll come back! Oh fuck please….”

“You may.” I finally heard him say.

Those words rattled in my head, my body busting and leaving Jack covered in my cum. Before I realized, I was pushed into the couch, Jack’s cum covering my cock, trailing up my stomach and chest, some of it on my throat, and leaving a nice bit on my chin and lips. While we caught our breaths, I licked his bit of cum from my lip, grinning like a naughty whore as he looked. His fingers rubbed along his coated tip, and they found themselves in my mouth.

Sucking coyly, he talked.

“In truth… I brought you here because we’ve met once before. We didn’t really keep in touch. So I thought to find you in some way. When I called you, I didn’t think I could get rid of my hard on. Call me a sad kind of guy… But I wanted a lot more than just meeting for this.”

Looking back, I tilted my head, as if to ask what he meant.

“I asked you to come back. By that, I want to actually keep you this time. I can’t give you the world. But I know I could take you out sometimes, make you laugh, make you glow after fucking, and spend a lot of time together. The simple things.”

Letting his fingers go, I found a voice to speak. “Do I have to count on you fucking other clients?”

Shaking his head, he kissed my hand. “You’re the first and last I’d do that to. Because no one is like you Sellic… No one. Don’t think I’d track you down otherwise.”

I shook my head a bit, taking in what had happened. On my back and ass, cock satisfied and covered in a hot man’s cum, said hot man proposing to be partners and not sometimes fuck buddies. Wiggling a bit, I inched my ass toward him, and he bit his lip at knowing what I wanted next. But he refused me.

“That’ll be our next date. The real one.”

“But now I want you…”

“You’re worth savoring. Let me do that.”

Unable to hide a smile, I agreed. “I will. So long as I can do the same with you.”

“Of course you can.”

Despite all our fun, it was a genuinely good time. Cleaning me off with warm towels, me cleaning Jack with my tongue, asking to have a bit of his cum on me for later, and lots of heavy kisses. Dressed and cleaned up, I paid him cash and left a piece of paper with my number. Escorting me to my cab, he kissed my cheek and headed in. Not long into the ride, I got a text from him, undressed and jerking a little for me.

I didn’t expect this outcome… But I enjoyed it nonetheless. And I was eager for the rest of our relationship to blossom.

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It’s Time for a Family Swap Ch. 02

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This is a fictional story based on my fantasies about two families. All the characters are fictional and strictly above 18. I prefer stories with a plot that get us involved in the story and then leads to sex rather than stories with just wild sex. My stories are bit lengthy and usually have everything like gay sex, lesbianism, threesomes, groupsex and mainly incest. If they do not suit you please give these a pass. Enjoy the story.

So far we have seen how Rahul and Akram reveal to each other about their feelings towards each other’s mom. And then how they end up finding out about their parents secret and end up watching them in a groupsex.


As we sat there in the car in complete silence, my mind was running all over the place with crazy things I saw that day. It was trying to process everything from wife swapping to lesbian sex to gay sex. After thinking about it for quite some time, I finally spoke..

Me: “Woaah.. That was some crazy shit we saw today.”

Akram: “Yes dude.. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined, I would see something like this. I am still unable to process the whole thing.”

Me: “Yes bro. It was pretty wild in there. Much beyond what I had imagined. All these days, I was under in the impression our parents were innocent, fun loving people but after today, I think they are probably the wildest, craziest people I have known. Imagine if they are like this in their 40’s, I cannot even imagine all the crazy stuff they might have done when they were younger.”

Akram: “Yes bro. I am still unable to believe everything I saw out there. They were so careful that we never even suspicious about them.”

Me: “Yes dude.. That we have to give it to them. We definitely have to learn so much from them. Being so careful, restraint and most important of all, sex. That was some wild sex I saw today. No porn video could beat what we saw today.”

Akram: “You are right bro. Today we saw our dream girls in action and that’s the best porn one can ever see. I just so wish I was in my dad’s place. Fucking your mom, while playing with her big boobs.”

Me: “Yes. Even I wish I was in your dad’s place. I would love to fuck your mom’s pussy but at the same time, for the first time I was attracted to my mom’s big boobs. I felt like caressing them and kneading them and sucking them. I might have sucked them when I was an infant but I couldn’t take my eyes off of them today. Today I understood, why you are so crazy about them. And the way she sucked Akbar uncle’s cock, I just wish it was my cock instead of his.”

Akram: “ummm.. Me too bro. For the first time I have sexual feelings towards my mom. The way your dad was fucking my mom’s pink pussy, I wish I could lick that and fuck it and suck her boobs and bite her pink nipples.”

Me: “Me too dude.. All these days, I would just fantasize about your mom but today, I can’t stop thinking about my mom too. I just don’t want to think. I actually want to fuck both my mom and your mom. Just like our dads are doing it. Its good thing we are still virgins because I want one of these two women to be the first woman I have sex with. Even better if it is both of them together.”

Akram: “What! You actually want to have sex with your mom and my mom? Fantasizing is one thing but doing it in real life? Don’t you think it is wrong? Would they even have sex with us in the first place?”

Me: “ummm.. I don’t know dude. It feels wrong but at the same time I am very much attracted to my mom. I can’t stop thinking about her or your mom. I will go mad and crazy if I can’t do anything about it, even after seeing their wild side and everything that happened today.”

Akram: “ummm.. I guess even if I get a chance, I wouldn’t give a second thought about fucking my mom and your mom.”

Me: “ummm.. Remember all the incest porn and erotica we came across? We never really showed any interest in it but I am pretty sure I read somewhere, saying that it is pretty common to have sex within the families.”

Akram: “ummm.. I guess so. Let’s find out more about it. In the meantime we have to be very careful just like our parents were and not do anything stupid.”

Me: “Yes dude. That’s right. We got to be very careful and let’s see what we can do.”

Akram: “Yes. Anyways, what do you think is the craziest thing we saw today? For me, it was our dads sucking each other’s cock.”

Me: “Yes dude. That was the craziest stuff. I still can’t believe they are into such stuff. Especially with two lovely ladies right in front of them.”

Akram: “Yes dude. I wonder how they got into it. I was always reluctant to even watch gay videos but today seeing our dad’s sucking almanbahis each other’s cocks is something I can’t wrap my head around.”

Me: “ummm.. Maybe if we get lucky, we will find out about all of this one day.”

With that we drove back home and as it was late, we tried to sleep but we couldn’t. We started exploring about incest. We ended up watching a lot of incest porn and reading a lot of incest erotica. Every time I was reading a story, I could only see my mom’s image in front of my eyes. With that my lust for her was only increasing more and more.

We hardly slept all night and fell asleep for just a couple of hours in the morning. As our parents were going to come home only next day morning and with Sona still at Akram’s place, we continued our research on incest even on Sunday. After a lot of reading and stuff, we were so full of lust for our moms that we finally decided that we would do something to seduce our moms and have sex with them. And we would also swap our moms just like our dads swapped their wives and have group sex.

Our only problem was we dint know how to go about it. We thought about a lot of different plans and ideas but nothing seemed like it would work. We were getting restless and irritated. We were coming up with so many weird and crazy ideas that it felt like, we have already gone mad. So we decided to stop thinking about it and get some sleep. It is at that moment something stuck me and I blurted out..

Me: “Why don’t we take our dads help?”

Akram: “What!! What are you talking? You have really gone nuts. Why would, of all the people in the world, our dads help us to have sex with our moms? If anything they will probably kill us if they get to know.”

Me: “ummm.. Hear me out Akram. I have an idea and maybe we will be able to convince them but for that we will have to do something crazy.”

Akram: “ummm.. And what is that?”

Me: “I will only tell if you won’t get angry at me.”

Akram: “alright. I won’t. Tell me.”

Me: “We will have to become gay and suck our dads’ cocks.”

Akram: “What!! You have really gone crazy. You want us to suck our dads’ cocks? That’s some crazy shit I have heard. You need some sleep.”

Me: “No Akram. I am being serious. I definitely wouldn’t mind sucking a few cocks in order to have sex with our moms. I think that’s the best bet we have. If our dads help, it would be easier to convince our moms and we wouldn’t even have to be scared about them finding out. Think about it Akram. I think this will work.”

Akram: “ummm.. I don’t know man. Sucking a cock itself sounds weird. And I can’t even imagine me doing it.”

Me: “Don’t think so much about it. You always wanted to get your cock sucked by my mom right? What if even she feels the same way? And we always talked about the way we would eat each other’s mom’s pussy. Sucking a cock is not very different from eating a pussy. If we do it a few times with our eyes closed, I am sure we will get used to it.”

Akram: “ummm.. You are good at convincing me. You are sure this will work right? I don’t want to end up sucking cocks for nothing in return.”

Me: “Don’t worry bro. It will work. We will see to it.”

Akram: “Alright. So how do we start? What’s the plan?”

Me: “ummm.. we will start right now. With our cocks.”

Akram: “What! You want to us suck each other’s cock?”

Me: “Yes bro. We will have to learn before we go on to next step. I will start first.”

With that, for the first time in our life I placed my hand on Akram’s dick. I could feel it was not completely erect. I pulled down his shorts and underwear. There it was right in front of my eyes. I have seen it before but never so closely. I took it into my hands and started playing with it. The touch of another person, for the first time in his life got it erected.

In order to get his cock into its full erect state, I started talking dirty about our moms and how we would bang them. Within no time, it was in its prime. It was definitely thicker than mine but not as long as mine. As he was circumcised, his cock’s head was popping out of the skin and was pink in color. I slow licked on the head. It felt weird but he got a vibration in his body.

I slowly took the whole cock into my mouth and started sucking it. I was using all the experience I gained from watching porn. After sucking it nicely for few minutes he shouted he was gonna cum. I was not ready to taste his cum yet, so I removed his cock from my mouth and he cummed on my hand. I went and washed my hands and mouth and came back.

Akram: “Wow. That felt so good dude. Now I understand why guys go crazy for a blowjob. Handjob is almanbahis giriş nothing compared to it.”

Me: “ummm.. good. And I dint mind sucking your cock. In fact to be honest, I enjoyed sucking it. At first it felt weird but as I started it, I was enjoying it more and more.”

Akram: “What! Really? Or are you just saying so that I would suck your cock?”

Me: “No bro. Why would I lie? I really enjoyed it. And you can suck my cock only if you want to. There is no compulsion dude.”

Akram: “ummm.. It’s ok. I want to do it for my best friend and for our moms. Hope this will help us in getting to fuck our moms.”

With that he pulled my shorts and stroked my cock a bit. He dint have to do dirty talking as my cock was in its prime already. He then took it in his mouth and sucked it. He wasn’t as good as me but I liked the feeling of getting a blowjob. After a good few minutes, I shouted I was gonna cum and ran in to the bathroom to release my cum. I washed my dick and came out. He washed his mouth too.

Akram: “To be honest, even I liked it. It was nothing like I imagined. People make such a big deal about gay sex but sucking a dick is something I don’t mind doing again.”

Me: “See. I told you. At least this was one good thing for us today. Hope someday this will help us in getting into our moms pussies.”

Giving a blowjob to ourselves relieved us and helped us in getting good sleep. Next day, our parents returned. I couldn’t see them in the same way as before. Every time I saw my mom, I could only see her naked body and big tits. And every time I saw my dad, I could only see him sucking Akbar uncle’s cock. I was trying to not think about it as the only thing on my mind was how we could get our dads involved in our plan and help us.

After thinking for a long time, I finally came up with an elaborate plan and explained it to Akram. At first he was skeptic but he got ready to implement it. As a part of our plan, we convinced our moms to take our sisters and go on a ladies fun trip for the weekend. They liked the idea and decided to go on Friday evening and come back on Monday morning.

As planned all the women had left on Friday evening. I was waiting for my dad to return from work. I was getting tensed as we were finally going to put our plan in action. Both, I and Akram were well prepared for the different scenarios that could arise. As we were going through our plan my dad came home.

My dad freshened up and walked in to the hall to watch TV. I went and sat with him. After watching TV for a while, I asked him if he wanted to have a drink to which he replied yes. After I turned 18, I would have drinks with my dad occasionally. After having a couple of glasses of scotch and making sure that my dad was a little tipsy, I started working on my plan..

Me: “Dad, Can I talk to you about something?”

Dad: “Of course beta (son). What is it?”

Me: “Only if you won’t get angry dad.”

Dad: “I won’t beta. What is it?”

Me: “There is something wrong with me dad. I don’t know how or why? I don’t know who I can share it with.”

Dad: “What’s wrong beta. What happened?”

Me: “Other day, I and Akram were watching some porn and one thing led to another and in the heat of the moment we ended up sucking each other’s cock. Since that day, I have been feeling weird. My brain is not working in the way it should. I am getting all kinds of crazy thoughts, that if I am gay, if I am interested in guys and not girls etc. It’s not that I am not interested in girls. I like girls but these weird thoughts are killing me. I am not able to focus on anything.”

Dad: “ummm.. Its ok son. There is nothing to be worried about. At your age people start exploring sexual things and as a part of it you do many things. That doesn’t mean you should be scared of exploring. It’s all part of life. Just because you suck someone’s cock doesn’t mean you are gay. Maybe you are bisexual. And also there is nothing wrong in being gay if you like only guys.”

Me: “ummm.. I don’t know dad. It feels weird. I have enjoyed sucking Akram’s cock but at the same time I feel guilty that I did it. I don’t know how to let my emotions out. Can I ask you something?”

Dad: “Yes son.”

Me: “Have you ever sucked anyone’s cock dad?”

He was shocked at this question. He paused for a few minutes as he dint know how to answer it. I was hoping he would come clean and let his secret out.

Dad: “ummm.. You are my son and I won’t lie to you especially when you are going through this tough phase. So yes. I did suck cock. When I was probably your age, even I was exploring sexual stuff. So just like you and Akram, I and Akbar almanbahis yeni giriş uncle ended up sucking each other’s cocks. That is one of the reasons we are such close friends now.”

Me: “Wow!! That’s crazy. I could have never guessed that. Thanks for sharing it dad. Now I feel a little better and confident. Do you guys still do it now? Even after getting married and all?”

Dad: “ummm.. Yes. We do it now and then. To be honest, I enjoy sucking cocks.”

Me: “oh wow! Me too dad. I really enjoyed sucking Akram’s cock other day. I also enjoyed getting my cock sucked but I liked sucking better. I think I have gone after you.”

Dad: “haha. Maybe son. You do have quite a few features of mine.”

Me: “Thanks dad. Can I ask you something?”

Dad: “Of course beta.”

Me: “Talking about all this cock sucking got me pretty horny. I would really love to suck your cock dad. I want to learn the art from the professional. Please dad.”

Dad: “What!! How is that possible?”

Me: “Please dad. Just once dad. Please. I beg you. All this crazy stuff has been making me go crazy. This will help me get relaxed and understand that it is ok. Please dad.”

He paused for some time, lost in his thoughts. I was praying that he should say yes. I dint want my plan to fail. As I was eagerly waiting for his answer..

Dad: “ummm.. Ok but just for this one time.”

Me: “Ok. Love you dad. You are the best in the world.”

With that, I stood him up and pulled down his shorts and underwear. After seeing my dad’s cock from a distance in the farm house, it was now right in front of my eyes. I also pulled down my shorts and underwear just to tempt him with my cock. As I touched his cock and took it into my hands, it started stiffening up. As I was stroking it, it was completely erect in no time. It was not as long as mine but was of good size.

As I was stroking my dad’s cock, even my cock stiffened up completely and he was surprised at the size of my cock. After playing with his cock for some time, I took it into my mouth and started sucking it gradually increasing and decreasing speed. I used all my experience in giving him, one of his best blowjobs. After sucking for some time, without a warning he cummed in my mouth. For the first time, I ended up swallowing cum. It tasted weird.

I went and washed my mouth and came back. As I was walking back, I could see his eyes were on my cock. I was happy my plan was working. I came close to him and displayed my cock even more indicating that it needs help too. He was ready to grab it. He took it into his hands and admired it for a bit before taking into his mouth and sucking. He was giving an amazing blowjob and I was really enjoying it. I could clearly see the difference between his experience and Akram’s lack of experience.

After a good few minutes, I shouted I was cumming but he continued sucking until my last drop came out and he swallowed all of it. Then he licked my dick clean. I really enjoyed it and wished we could do it more often.

Dad: “Wow. You did really last much longer than I expected. That’s good. You will make your partner happy.”

Me: “Thanks dad. It was the best blowjob I had. You were really amazing. And your cock was amazing too. I would love to do it more often dad. Please.”

Dad: “ummm.. Dint I say only once? But you got a nice long cock. And you also need some training in sucking the cock department. So let’s see. Although, I would want you to do something else for me. If you are ok with it, we can do it again.”

Me: “What is it Dad?”

Dad: “I want you to fuck me in my asshole. I want to feel that long cock of yours in me.”

I was shocked to hear this. I was not prepared for this. But I was up for exploring and experiencing it.

Me: “ummm.. yes dad. I would love to. But I have never done that before. So you will have to teach me.”

Dad: “Don’t worry about it. It’s not very different from fucking a girl in pussy. You will learn quickly.”

With that, my dad took my cock in his hands and started stroking and sucking it again. Within few minutes my cock was stiff again. He turned his back towards me and got into doggy position. I got into position over him and with one push, I pushed my cock into his asshole. It was a little hard to get in but once it went in, I started stroking slowly and kept on increasing the speed.

After few minutes I ended up cumming in his asshole. I lied down on the bed next to him. I was happy that first part of my plan was a success. Now I was thinking about what was happening at Akram’s place and if he was successful. As my father was falling asleep..

Dad: “That was amazing son. I had a good time today.”

Me: “Thanks dad. Me too. I hope I will have many more good days like these with you.”

With that both of us fell asleep. I only woke up next day morning with Akram’s call.

To be continued..

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