The Workout

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Lori always loved working out. She went to the gym four times a week to do aerobics, swim, workout on the machines…just about everything. She liked staying in shape, and it really showed.

She was a knockout. Whenever she was working out on the machines, the guys around would be checking her out. Without realizing it, they would just stare at her as if she was one of those magic eye pictures that you have to focus on to see. She knew they were looking and it didn’t bother her one bit. She’d put a lot of effort into this body and was proud of the results.

When Lori worked out, she was almost oblivious to the people actually there. She knew they were around but she wouldn’t have even recognized her own mother if she were there. Lori gets very focused during her workouts and is sometimes absent-minded.

Toward closing time, there weren’t very many people left. After Lori got finished with the stair-stepping machine, she grabbed a towel and was wiping the sweat pouring from her forehead. She started walking to the shower room and ended up making a wrong turn…into the men’s locker room.

She sat down on the bench and got undressed. Grabbing a towel from a stack, she headed for the shower stalls. Belek travesti As she passed one by, she noticed a man’s feet poking out from under a stall. She looked around and realized what she had done, but before she could go back to get her things, the man stuck his head out to go grab the shampoo he forgot.

Lori looked at him and was pleasantly surprised. It was one of her best friends, Jared. He looked at her with the towel wrapped around her, chuckled and said, “Make a wrong turn, Lori?”

She kind of looked down and smiled, “Hi Jared…yeah.”

Just then, they heard a couple of male voices coming into the locker room, so without thinking, Lori jumped into the stall with Jared and pulled the curtain closed.

He was quite surprised but pleasantly so. He had always thought Lori was gorgeous and wanted to take things further than friendship.

Lori whispered, “I’m sorry. I don’t want to get kicked out of this club. I love it here, and–“

Jared put his finger up to her lips and smiled. “It’s okay. I’m almost done with my shower and then you can take yours. I promise I won’t peek if you won’t.”

She looked around, obviously a little flustered and finally managed to Kemer travesti say, “Okay.”

He slipped back into the shower and began finishing up when he felt two arms come from behind him and go up to his chest. He jumped a little, not expecting anything like that to happen. When he turned around, there was Lori looking at him with lust in her eyes.

They grabbed each other, pressing their wet, naked bodies together and kissing deeply. His hands roamed down to her perfectly-formed ass as her hands caressed his back.

He brought his hands around front and caressed her breasts. He bent down and took one of her nipples into his mouth with the water from the shower splashing onto them both. She grabbed the back of his head and started to let out a moan but stopped herself, remembering there are other men in the locker room. This got her even more excited.

Jared stood with his back to the shower as Lori got on her knees. She stroked his hard, wet cock in the hot water and then took him into her mouth. He braced himself against the walls of the stall as she gave him the most incredible blowjob he had ever had.

Grabbing her head, he pulled her up into a deep kiss. He grabbed her Konyaaltı travesti ass and lifted her off the floor, bringing her down right on top of his erection. As he slid into her, he put her back up against the wall and kissed her neck.

He thrust into her over and over again, the water providing some buffer for the sounds they were making. Lori held onto the back of his neck as he penetrated her. She had never felt so out of control in her life, and she loved it.

Jared pulled himself out of her and lowered her to the floor, her legs riding his all the way down until they landed with a splash. She turned around, placing her hands against the wall, and stuck that beautiful butt out for him. He grabbed her hips and thrust into her again. He watched himself go in and out of her as he had imagined so many times before. This time it was real and he couldn’t believe it.

He felt the heat take over his body as he penetrated her over and over again. He put his head next to her ear as he came. “Oh, Lori…oh, god Lori,” he whispered.

She whispered back, “Oh, Jared…give it to me, baby…oh, yeah…”

He came with three last thrusts. They both just stood there for a minute, enjoying the afterglow and the feeling of hot water soaking their sweating bodies.

Lori turned around and kissed Jared, pulling him close. “Wow, this was the best workout I’VE ever had,” she said, smiling at him.

He chuckled, “Yeah, me too. I can’t wait to do it again…”

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The Video Store

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I have worked at a video store for seven years. I started in high school, needing a job “to learn responsibility,” apparently. My mother made the same mistake that nearly every parent does in assuming that a part-time job teaches kids anything other than how to screw around and break rules without getting caught. Once I graduated, I moved away to college and transferred to a different store in the same chain.

I have worked in a video store long enough to watch the slow death of that business as movies become available online or through the mail. When we have customers, they’re in to rent as a novelty more than anything, and they spend an hour browsing through thousands of DVDs looking for the movie they couldn’t find on the internet or didn’t want to wait to have mailed. It happens less and less.

I worked my way through college and transferred again when I moved to grad school. I finished up my first year and started my second, avoiding the manager position that kept getting thrown my way with a persistence that my fellow employees were continually awed by. I was generally, the oldest employee at any given time, and the one who knew the ins and outs of the system better than most of the managers. I wanted to be the manager less than I had wanted anything else, ever.

Most of the kids I worked with were misfit dudes with little sense of social interaction or super bouncy popular girls who just needed extra money and had no intention of ever serving anyone anything consumable. For seven years, my work life was a revolving door of comic book fanatics and perky, hot jailbait.

Not that there’s anything wrong with hot girls. I love attractive women, and I have met many. I don’t love jail, though, so I have done most everything possible to avoid going there.

I clocked in to work on a Friday in the middle of winter, having decided years previously that the best way to keep from getting shitfaced and blowing off the pile of homework that only got bigger the more advanced my classes got was to work. The store closes at midnight, so I’d be back home by one, and I could get in a couple of good hours of homework before crashing, wake up the next morning and pound out a couple more hours before taking a jog, a shower and another trip to work.

My manager, Rob, flagged me down as I dropped my coat and backpack in the break room.

“Yo, Carl, what’s up?” he asked as he walked up. Rob is a nervous guy, always looking around and shuffling when he talks. He only asks me questions when he needs something.

“Same old. You need something?” I kept my voice polite. I don’t hate Rob, as he leaves me mostly alone and isn’t a bad guy, really. He also gives himself the night off whenever I work, which is nice.

“Yeah, I sort of need a favor,” he said, his eyes going from his shoes, to the clock, back to his shoes, one of which he moved, to his shirt, and then to the front door.

“Ok,” I said. Rob’s favors are always relatively simple, so I was down.

“I sort of made plans tonight because I remembered that you were working, but then I hired a new girl and forgot that you were working tonight.” He cleared his throat, raised his eyebrows, and looked almost at my eyes. That meant the favor was huge in his eyes.

“And you want me to train her, because you told her to come in for training tonight?”

“If you do, I’ll give you overtime tonight.”


“Awesome, dude! Thank you so much, man, really. She comes in at eight.” Rob actually blushed as he thanked me, and shuffled around me and out the door.

I had a couple of hours until the New Girl, whose name Rob didn’t mention, arrived, so I put away the returns and switched out the movies in the DVD player to something less insufferable than what Rob decided promoted a family-friendly environment. I did a walk-through of the store, checked the porn section for strays, then settled down behind the counter with a book.

I refuse to read homework while at work. Combining work with more work causes stress, and I have enough of that. I pulled out a Neal Stephenson novel that I’d been working my way through for a couple of months and put my feet on the counter.

About an hour and two smoke breaks later, the door chimed and I looked up to see what, given the time, could have been Rob’s new hiree, but given her appearance I began to seriously doubt it. Rob has a tendency to hire every girl her jerked off to in high school, and this girl wasn’t Rob’s type. If anything, she would terrify him.

She wasn’t short, but not tall either, probably about five foot-six, couldn’t have weighed more than one twenty. She was shapely, with firm, high breasts under a t-shirt with a picture of a bone and the words “I Found This Humerus” printed across it and the kind of hips that are perfectly suited to carrying what I was guessing from her toned arms was a perfect ass. Her hair was an amalgamation of brown and faded pink that suggested she was a fan of short-lasting hair color, and the sides of it were buzzed down short under what fell long from the top. She looked back at me, Üçyol travesti sizing me up exactly the same way with her soft, critical blue eyes. A horseshoe shaped barbell glittered in her septum, and I could see tattoos trailing out of her sleeves and down to her wrists. A short denim skirt sprouted black fishnets wrapped around what were undeniably amazing legs that disappeared into what looked like high-heeled combat boots.

She cleared her throat and licked her lips, wetting deep red lipstick and just a bit of her porcelain white skin.

“You’re not Rob,” she said.

“Nope,” I replied. “Rob had something to do,” I continued, smiling as I formed a fist and pantomimed a slow jerking off motion, “so I’ll be training you because he can’t remember who he schedules when, or why. I’m Carl.” I stuck my hand out over the counter.

“Jo,” she laughed. She took my hand, wrapping long, slender fingers complete with short nails that matched her lipstick. “So where do I drop my shit?”

“Break room,” I said. I stood up and waved her behind the counter, leading her to the break room door. I held it open for her as she walked past, smelling shampoo and pretty much nothing else. “Throw it literally anywhere.”

“Cool,” she said. Jo turned back to me, shrugged her knapsack off her shoulder, and dropped it to the floor. “So is there a uniform or something?”

“Nope. Wear whatever you want, I’ll make you a nametag.”

We walked back out into the counter area and I grabbed a blank nametag from the bin under the computer and the label maker from next to it.

I spent the next fifteen minutes explaining to Jo that DVDs are arranged alphabetically, the computer system is simple enough to be used by a five year old, and that when people walk in, saying “hi” is required in the same way it’s “required” when meeting someone new.

Jo caught on quickly, not being stupid, and we passed the time talking about basically anything other than movies. She was a smart girl, working to earn some extra cash while attending the same university I was, studying English, loving it just enough to have fun but not enough to fuck herself over. I told her about working weekends to avoid getting wasted and fucking myself over.

“That’s not a bad idea, actually,” she said. “How do you meet people, though? Seems like working weekends would be a great way to not have any friends.”

“Oh, I meet people through class and I take random weekends off, but for the most part, I just want to get through school and get a job that doesn’t involve telling people when they need to return their porn.” She laughed as I finished.

“No, I mean how do you get laid? Or are we allowed to ask customers out?” She was looking at me with her head cocked to the side, her arms crossed under her, I was starting to assume, absolutely perfect breasts. She asked completely frankly, without embarrassment, like sex was a topic she was totally comfortable with. I liked that about her immediately.

“Ah, sex! I’ve read much of this mysterious act you people get up to. I’ve even tried it a few times, here and there. But for the most part, it’s books and papers and DVDs that it is strictly against company policy to throw at people.”

Jo laughed out loud, her breasts moving wonderfully with the sound.

“Oh thank God,” she said. “I thought I was the only one not getting any in college. Seriously, I haven’t been fucked in like two months.”

The topic changed after that to other, more mundane things. The time passed quickly; she was good company. At closing time I showed her where the vacuum was kept and showed her how to make it look like she’d done a really good job of vacuuming the entire store without having to do more than about ten minutes’ actual work. I counted out the drawer and we walked out together.

“Congratulations on completing your first day in the exciting world of video rental,” I quipped as we left.

“Yeah, thanks,” she said and laughed. “Thanks for showing me the best way to perform my new, wildly difficult job.”

“Uh-huh. I’ll see you, what? Tomorrow night? Rob usually starts the new guys on weekends.”

“Yep. Though, that weekend work plan actually sounds pretty good. I think I’ll just apologize to my vagina and request weekends to keep my grades up.” She grinned at me.

“Oh, she’ll take it fairly well, probably. Might be grumpy at first, but I’m sure she’ll come around,” I said. Jo laughed again, and I smiled. “On that note, I have a shitload of homework to get to, and you probably do too. I’ll see you at seven.”

“Later, man.” We waved at each other and Jo climbed into an ancient and somewhat rusty Oldsmobile as I crossed the parking lot and started the relatively short walk home.

Jo and I, as it turned out, worked pretty well together, and since we were actually eager to work weekends, Rob basically gave us the Friday, Saturday and Sunday night shifts. We developed games to pass the time and entertain ourselves. One of our favorites was “Fuck, Marry, Kill” which was played every time there were more than Alanya Travesti three customers in the store.

We also worked out a system for the odd rush that involved passing DVDs behind, under or around each other in what looked far fancier than it was while keeping ourselves from losing our shit with anybody. For the first time in a long time, work was fun thanks to Jo.

About three months after Jo started, we were having another slow Saturday and had nothing left to do that was work related.

“I need to get laid,” Jo said off-handedly.

“Uh-huh. I forgot to mention that after apologizing to your genitals and gaining their acceptance on the whole ‘weekend work’ thing, they will occasionally rebel in spectacular fashion.” I grinned at her and went back to my book.

“Seriously, man! I thought my vag and I had an understanding on this whole, ‘get educated, become a smart pussy’ thing! But noooo! I’m all trying to study and meanwhile there’s a lake down there. I bumped the counter earlier and almost fucking came.”

“Welcome to my world. I spend half the time with my crotch as close to the counter as possible to hide boners.” I realized as I said it that with any other coworker, I would have kept my mouth shut and just nodded. Any other coworker would have freaked out, probably.

Not Jo.

“Really? That why you’re keeping your book in your lap, too?” She smile wickedly as she said it and raised her eyebrows, looking pointedly at my book as she leaned back against the cash register and crossed her legs, arms tucked under her breasts, pushing them up just a bit so that her cleavage was even more pronounced in her tank top.

It totally was. Jo, friend and coworker though she was, was incredibly hot in her punk girl way, and she had been doing a lot of bending and moving around in a short skirt and tank top.

“Ha! NO,” I said, making sure to over-emphasize the last word to the point of ridiculousness and ensure she knew I was lying.

Jo threw her head back and laughed, clapping her hands and blushing slightly.

“Awesome! Jesus I need to find something else to think about!” With that, she pushed away from the counter and walked past me to get out of the counter area, looking over the top of my book in an incredibly un-subtle way. I heard her suck her breath as she got a look.

I should take a second to explain something. I’m not a huge guy, just under six feet, broad shoulders, just under one-eighty. I’m a big guy, just not overly so. My dick is built a lot like I am. I don’t buy suits off the rack, and I don’t buy condoms made for average guys either.

I heard Jo mumble something under her breath before pulling her head back and scooting out from behind the counter. I grinned to myself as I watched her ass disappear around the corner and went back to trying to concentrate on my book. I had enough experience with women to know that something had definitely just changed in our work relationship, but I wasn’t sure how much just yet. I figured that finding out would be a lot of fun.

About an hour later, a DVD popped through the slot and I picked it up. Jo was dusting around the pamphlets and snacks on the counter, standing on the far side, closer to the shelves. I scanned the DVD back into the system and went to hand it to her.

“Oh come on, man! I’m dusting!” she pouted at me for a second, trying not to smile.

“Oh whatever, lazy. It’s a ‘G’. It literally goes right behind you, bottom shelf. All you have to do is stop for two seconds, turn around, bend over, and put it behind the case.” As I finished the sentence, Jo started to grin wickedly at me again.

“Oh, Ok,” she said, taking the DVD. “Like this?” With that, she backed up slowly, turned her back to me without looking away from me, straightened her legs, shoulder width apart, and bent slowly at the waist.

As she bent, her skirt crept higher and higher until the bottoms of her amazing ass cheeks came into sight, separated by a hot pink, lacy wedge of thong. Her pussy pushed against the material, soft and plump and looking like everything I’d ever dreamed of in a panty-covered pussy.

“I feel like I’m forgetting something,” she said, a fake thoughtful look on her face.

“Mmhmm. You’re supposed to put it in now. The DVD, I mean,” I said. My cock was straining against my pants behind the counter.

“Oh! Right,” Jo said. She made a show of searching the shelf while still bent over, her ass and not-quite-exposed pussy wiggling back and forth. “I found where it goes!”

“Me too,” I mumbled, and heard her giggle.

“I’m not sure I remember how to do this. Carl, will you come put it in for me?” she asked in as innocent a voice as she was able to manage.

I was around the counter in a heartbeat, walking quickly up behind her and pressing my hard cock between her ass cheeks as I bent down over her back. She was the perfect height for me to reach down and pull the DVD case forward without pulling my dick away from grinding against her crotch.

“Fuck,” I heard her breathe as I took the DVD Konyaaltı travesti from her hand. She reached back with her now free hand and gripped the back of my thigh, pulling me forward as she pushed her ass back against my cock.

“It’s simple,” whispered in her ear. “You just take it and shove it in as far as it will go,” I said as I jammed the DVD in place and ground my cock against her a little harder. Jo moaned and wriggled against me.

“What if it comes out a little?” she asked.

“Then you jam it back, over and over if you have to,” I replied. We continued to grind against each other for a few seconds, her hand gripping my thigh, my arm wrapped around her waist and my breath against her ear.

The sound of the door chime sent me sliding away from her, staying down so the customer wouldn’t see what was going on. I crouched next to her as she straightened up and greeted the customer cheerily, her face flushed and her nipples poking hard against her tank top.

Jo watched the customer walk into the shelves and the second he could only see her head she slid her hand down the front of her skirt for a second, her hand working furiously before slipping back into the open, her fingers coated in clear, sweet-smelling fluid. She popped the fingers into her mouth and winked at me.

“Your fault,” she said. I stood up next to her, took her hand and placed it directly on my painfully hard cock.

“Your fault,” I retorted. I winked at her and shuffled back behind the counter, praying I’d be able to concentrate on my book for a while.

The customer strolled around for two hours, wandering back and forth between DVDs before finally selecting one and coming to the counter. He spent twenty minutes arguing with Jo about his six-dollar late fee, and by the time everything was settled and he was gone, it was closing time and Jo and I were both pissed off.

We finished everything quickly and headed out the door, saying a quick goodnight. I had mostly forgotten about the earlier grinding in my annoyance at a stupid customer I hadn’t even had to deal with.

“Hey Carl!” I turned around and was greeted by the sight of Jo bending down to grab her keys, her perfect butt cheeks and covered mound peeking out at me from beneath her skirt for the second time that night. “I don’t know about you,” she called, “but I’m gonna go home and finger myself stupid thinking about something BIG I learned tonight!” She straightened back up, winked, and hopped in her car.

I jerked off twice that night before I could get any homework done, the image of Jo’s ass in my mind, wishing that fucking customer hadn’t come in. I wondered idly as I finished up a chapter on prehistoric Russia what the next night would bring.

I clocked in the next night and did some busy work while I waited for Jo to arrive. I wore light cargo shorts that night, deciding it was just warm enough out to defend the choice if confronted and knowing I wouldn’t be. I had also decided to go commando, just in case.

Jo arrived about five minutes later, and I got hard immediately. Her handful B-cups were barely contained in a tight spaghetti strap top, the kind with a built-bra that stopped two inches above her navel, and I could tell she had left the padding at home. Her legs were encased in the same torn fishnets she had worn on her first night, and she was wearing her favorite high-heeled combat boots with a pleated skirt that was just barely long enough to cover her ass. Just. Barely. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, showing off the buzzed sides of her head and the tattoo on the back of her neck. The rest of her tattoos were on proud display, save the very few that were covered by her tiny top, and I saw a jewel glinting from her belly button. She smiled brilliantly; quite proud of herself as she caught me staring while Rob said his goodbyes and shuffled out.

“Happy to see me?” she asked as she rounded the corner to the row of shelves where I was re-stocking DVDs. I saw her look down at the bulge in my shorts and watched her nipples harden as she walked closer. She stopped just short of my slightly restrained cock pushing up under her skirt.

“Definitely,” I replied with a smile. She blushed and giggled, something incongruous with her look and totally endearing at the same time. I handed her half the stack of DVDs. “Wanna help me out?”

She took the DVDs and dropped her eyes to my cock again.

“Mmhmm,” she hummed. “I’ll get this side,” she said, turning around and beginning to slot DVDs away.

A few seconds later I heard, “Hmm. Bottom shelf,” just too loudly for her to be talking to herself, and I turned to watch her look back at me and bend slowly at the waist, her long, gorgeous legs spread just a bit farther than last night, her skirt not even bothering to cover her as she went.

I watched her eyes for a moment, grinning at her widely before switching my eyes to her backside. I nearly dropped the stack of DVDs as I was greeted by a nearly full view of her gorgeous ass and the sight of a jeweled barbell nestled in her completely shaven, completely exposed pussy. My breath caught as I took in the sight of her sex, smooth, pale and pouty outer lips framing pink, already-wet inner lips. The jewel glittered over her clit, and her puckered, tight little asshole peeked out just below the hem of her skirt.

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The Wind

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Foreword: This is my first attempt at writing any type of fiction, so if you enjoy it, let me know! Special thanks to Starsinger for her guidance and expertise with editing.


Desmond woke to the touch of a soft warm Mediterranean breeze moving across his face just as the first rays of morning light entered the cabin of his sailing yacht. He threw his arms back, stretching his long masculine muscles, only stopping to lay a gentle a kiss on the cheek of his beloved Sasha as she lay next to him, naked but for the thin colourful sheet splayed across the bed. Desmond knew he could stay there all morning, drinking in the beauty of her lustrous body; the soft smooth skin; the slow curves of her hips. But the deck was waiting and the day just beginning.

Desmond stepped out from the cabin onto the smooth wooden deck of the Nautilus. As a child, he had been captivated by the book “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea” and thought it only right to name his own ship after one that brought him such fond childhood memories. He strode over to the bow and started to pull up the anchor… dropped last night to keep them from drifting closer to the shore of the small bay they had found while sailing around this beautiful Mediterranean island. After pulling the anchor home, Desmond set to raising the jib sheet and mainsail, he then let the boom slide across to the port side and secured it for a slow tack to get some wind filling the sheets. Almost immediately the Nautilus was sailing at a comfortable pace toward the sandy beaches on the north side of the island.

Sasha was soon awake and on deck. She strode over to Desmond, her long legs parting the soft silk of the bed sheet still wrapped around her and planted a tender kiss on his cheek, lingering just a little.

“Good morning,” she said.

“Good morning my love,” said Desmond with a gentle stroke of her cheek, his eyes staring deep into hers.

“I’m going to change,” Sasha said, dropping the corner of the sheet as she turned to go back into the cabin, leaving Desmond with a quick flash of skin, just enough she knew.

Desmond continued steering the ship, loosening the boom in order to tack leeward then back half windward, finally after locking down the boom, the Nautilus was getting much closer to the north side of the bay. Sasha came back up on deck in a flowery summer dress, the bottom of it dancing with the wind as it passed over the ship.

“Breaky!” she said as she wandered up to the bow and sat down dangling her feet over the edge, giggling as the water kissed the tips of her toes. Desmond checked the safety rigging and sat down with her to enjoy the breakfast she had cooked up.

“Bacon and Eggs! My favorite!” exclaimed Desmond as he picked up his plate.

“Only the best for my dearest Des,” she said.

“Thanks Sash,” turning he saw her pointing at her cheek, so he obliged gave her a quick peck.

“I’m going to drop anchor a little further into the bay and we can go for a dip, after last night; I think we need it,” said Desmond with a sly smile.

“A wonderful idea,” said Sasha, with an equally sly smile.

They finished breaky and Sasha took the plates down into the cabin while Desmond started to bring down the sails so the ship wouldn’t drift off while they were swimming. Once down, Desmond threw the anchor over and waited until it was secure. He pulled his shirt over his head, leaving it on the deck and dived into the cool blue ocean. The first break of water over his head felt wonderful and as he dived deeper into the water, that wonderful feeling of cool blue calm washed over his entire body. He rose to the surface and brushed his hair back, the water trickling down his chiseled face. He looked around for Sasha and found her standing on the deck, clad in a stylish blue bikini, remnant of something that might have been worn in the 50’s.

“So beautiful,” Desmond thought.

Sasha dived in to Desmond, entering the water only a meter or so from him. He dived under the water and came up right in front of her, wrapping his large arms around her body and Lara Travesti bringing her in close for an embrace, his head dipping close to her neck; his lips brushing the soft tender skin. He felt her quiver with excitement from his touch. They played and flirted in the glistening ocean for a while, splashing and chasing, until Desmond noticed an Ox-eye not too far from them.

“Looks like we might have a storm on us soon,” said Desmond. You should get inside and down into the cabin, I’ll be down in a bit, just need to check the last of the rigging.”

“Oooh a storm” said Sasha, biting her lip just a little. “I’ll dry off and wait for you below”.

Desmond let Sasha climb back on board first, watching that vivacious arse of hers as she pulled herself up on deck. Desmond followed up behind her and checked the rigging on the sails. Making sure they were all secured for the storm. He then walked to the cabin; to Sasha.

Just as he pulled the cabin door shut, the rain started pelting across the deck. Sasha was lying on the bed, under that colorful sheet again. Despite the coming storm and the expanse of water, it never got cold here. There was always a nice warm breeze, which made the nights most enjoyable as they lay together. Desmond reclined next to Sasha, extending an arm so she could snuggle up to him, her long brown hair spreading across his chest. The warmth of her skin was soothing on his windswept chest.

“Cuddle weather,” she said with a smile on her face.

“My favorite kind of weather,” he replied.

A sheet of lightning cracked loud overhead and before he knew it, Sasha was pressing into his arms a little closer than before. He touched her skin gently with his fingers and slowly started to stroke her arms; her smooth shoulders; her shapely abdomen; her graceful legs. Desmond rolled onto his side with Sasha, facing each other they could better drink in the love and desire between them. Desmond’s hand didn’t stop stroking, he traced the line of her leg, following it up to the sexy curve of her hip, further up and across to the side of her back, finishing on her elegant neck. His fingers moved across her back, ever so lightly, he circled the knot holding the top half of her bikini together, almost teasing it; teasing her. In a matter of seconds the knot was loose and the layer of clothing fell between them. Desmond’s fingers quickly resumed tracing, leaving an enticing tingle as they moved across the rest of her voluptuous body.

“Mmmm, kiss me” she moaned in a soft enticing voice.

Desmond complied, slowly he drew his lips to the curve of her hip, she could feel the warmth of his breath as his lips lingered so close to the skin. He dipped in and lightly kissed that curve, he lifted his head and then kissed again, only this time a little higher than before, and again his lips touched her, gently he kissed the side of her ribs; the top of her arm; her shoulders.

Sasha felt her skin tingle with felicity as he moved further and further over her body.

He traced his way to the delicate skin of her neck, where he lingered just a little longer. Feeling the heat of his breath against such a sensitive part of her body drove her wild, sending deep red flushes across through her body.

“Do it,” she begged softly.

Desmond knelt his head closer and slowly brought his lips to the pulsing skin of Sasha’s neck, hanging just above for what seemed like eternity, but finally kissing it passionately, his lips pulling gently at the skin. He heard a long moan escape her lips and in an instant he was over her, his hands pinning her hands back; his legs pinning her legs. Under him she was powerless, totally without control, and yet she bit her bottom lip so seductively. With lightning speed he kissed her neck again, fiercely his lips drank in the tender skin, his teeth delicately nibbling at her luscious body.

Sasha’s back arched as she shivered with pleasure. A further moan escaped from her lips.


Desmond loved it when he could coerce her full of so much pleasure that her own Manavgat travesti body betrayed her, sending itself into a deep arch full of longing, the beautiful curve forcing her prominent sensuous bosom forward. It turned him on like nothing else.

Desmond drew away from her neck and let her hands go, as he did she collapsed back down onto the bed, the bosom jumping a little.

“That felt so damn good, how about I repay the favour?” She said with a lusty hint.

Just like that a hand was rubbing against the bulge in his shorts, as she drew him down and pressed him in close to her body, he could feel the soft skin of her breasts pushed against his bare chest. A feeling he loved and she knew it too. Still rubbing the swelling bulge below she ran her lips over the skin of his neck, tracing it softly across to his lips. Desmond raised a hand to her cheek and kissed her deeply. The warmth of her lips touched his and their tongues toyed, flicking and caressing the other, charges of excitement shooting through his body with each touch. Desmond broke the kiss and moved across to her ear gently nibbling on the lobe. He felt her rise under him, her body rocking with pleasure as she pressed her groin to his, grinding against him with a passionate lust. The sucked the lobe gently only releasing to move further down her beautiful body.

His lips brushed her neck again and he could feel small goose bumps raising up under the brush. He kissed her neck intensely again, biting softly as his hand ran over her breasts. Breaking the kiss he felt Sasha shudder with pleasure under him. His hands still toying with the soft flesh of her breasts he kissed his way down; first her collarbone, then down to the front of her shoulder and across to her chest. Desmond could feel her heart beating fast through the touch of his lips, this left him only more encouraged.

Still kissing her he moved between her breasts, one hand softly caressing, edging closer and closer to the delicate nipple, the other hand resting on the side of her hip. He kissed down to her belly and back up to her luscious breast, following the rib cage as he went, each kiss parting with a soft moan.

Kissing the underside of her breast, he slowly made his way around in a circle, never staying in one place, while his fingers gently tweaked her sensitive nipple. He took her nipple into his mouth, sucking as if it might have been a tasty cherry, his tongue slowly flicking around the areola; his lips gently sucking sending waves of pleasure rocketing through Sasha’s whole body.

He broke from his teasing of her breast and said with a desiring look “Well, it would be inappropriate of me not to give equal attention to the other.”

“Oh so inappropriate,” said Sasha biting her lip, she longed for him to do so.

He dropped his head down and took a plentiful amount of her other breast into his mouth, sucking hard, teasing her with his tongue brushing against her gentle nipple.

“Aghhhhhhhh” she moaned

This only made him suck harder sending further waves of pleasure soaring across her body. Desmond gently stopped sucking her nipple and slid her bikini bottoms off, caressing the inside of her legs as he did. He felt it only necessary to kiss his way back up her leg, a naturally sexy, musky smell leading his way.

She was just starting to get wet, as he started kissing around her labia edging closer and closer to her clit. He could feel her hips rising and falling, daring him to touch her, to devour her. His fingers brushed against the wet opening of her vagina, searching their way around her clit, moving a little closer with each circle and with each circle her hips grinding a little harder.

“Please sir,” she begged.

Finally he touched her clit, gently tracing around it, so softly, so lightly, sending deep pleasurable feelings though her entire body. He continued playing with her clit as he kissed the inside of her legs. Hearing further moans escaping her lips he pressed his tongue against her vagina, drinking in the sweet aphrodisiac musk he Side travesti loved, he took her clit in his mouth and moved his fingers to her, pressing gently against her vagina. He sucked against her clit all while slowly sliding in one finger, and curling it back and forth, after a minute or so he slid in another finger, curling both fingers back and forth together, each curl sending stronger waves of pleasure, doubled with the devouring of her clit.

Desmond started to slowly speed up the movement of his fingers, back and forth; faster and faster; still licking her clit with a passionate desire. He could feel her getting closer and closer, so he started moving his fingers with more force, almost fucking her with his fingers, pressing them hard; back and forth; faster and faster.

“Aaaaaaaaghhhhh, yes, that’s it! I’m close, don’t stop!” she moaned as her skin tightened across her neck, biting her lip, her breasts growing firmer.

Desmond continued fucking her hard with his fingers, then all at once she let out a loud satisfying “Aaaaaaaghhhhh”.

Her neck tensing first; then her whole body, her back arching with that delightful curve, her breasts full and prominent as her body shook with the pleasure of orgasm; of climax. Desmond continued slowly curling his fingers, Sasha shaking with pleasure with each curl and touch. Finally she fell back to the bed.

Desmond was kneeing slightly in front of her, longing to be part of her, to feel her tight wet vagina feast on his hard pulsating cock.

“Fuck me,” she moaned.

“I need that hard cock deep inside me, now.”

At that Desmond pulled her legs onto his shoulders, a favorite position of his. He lined his hard throbbing cock to the pulsing vagina waiting to devour it. He pressed the head against the moist entrance, feeling the enticing warmth as she took him, sliding deep into her vagina.

“Agggggghhhhh” a deep primal moan echoed from his lips as his groin pressed firmly against her own.

He slowly slid back pausing for a second, and slammed back forward again, sliding deep into her. He grabbed her breasts while he was fucking her, softly at first but his pace picked up with ferocity quickly, he hungered for her, he needed her, he wanted her. He pinched her nipples hard, rolling them between his fingers as he filled her deeper and deeper, harder and harder.

He grabbed her hands and pinned them above her head, Sasha let out a deep moan. Taking the control from her he started fucking her harder.

“I’m going to fucking you hard like this, would you like that?”

“Yes sir, fuck me hard.”

“I’m going to take you as I want.”

“Sir, I’m yours, fuck me harder! Please!”

Pinning her arms still, he pressed her legs further back toward her shoulders, penetrating her deeper and deeper with each thrust. Desmond could feel his cock throbbing harder as he fucked her like this, getting closer to the warmth building within him.

“That’s it sir, I’m your little slut, fuck me.”

“Aaaaaghh,” a loud moan came from Sasha as he fucked her deeper; harder; filling her completely.

“I’m going to cum inside you, would you like that?”

“Yes! Please! Fill this slut with your hot cum!”

“Yes, what?”


He slowed his pace a little, teasing her as he knew she was close to orgasm herself.

“Yes sir!”

With that Desmond thrust harder into her, his cock filling her alluring vagina even more than it had before. Harder and harder he pounded, moaning together as he did, feeling the heat building inside as his pace sped up. Fucking her harder as she moaned louder and louder.

“Aghhhhh! Yes! I’m cumming!” she screamed

Desmond thrust hard once more, deep into her and held there as her vagina tensed and untensed rapidly with orgasm, sending him over the edge and into orgasm too.

“Aghhh,” he moaned deeply as his hot cum filled her, his body shuddering, his hands gripping hers tightly as the heat of his cum spilled forth on the bow of a truly intense orgasm.

They lay there like that for a while; deeply braced in each other, not just in pleasure but being too. Finally, they got up and wandered into the shower. To clean? Or maybe for another romp? Who knows, the sunlight was only just starting to shine through the cabin again and the day only just beginning.


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The Waiter Gets Served Ch. 01

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Big Tits

I was waiting tables on Sunday morning, as usual, when I noticed a woman being seated with another girl and about five guys. I recognized two of the guys as regulars that always had Robert wait on them, so I wasn’t surprised when they were seated in his section.

This was Sunday Brunch at “the Street”, by the way… the “hip” Italian restaurant in the heart of the art district in Houston.

(If you were rich or gay, you were always up for brunch at ‘the Street.’) Bottomless Mimosa’s with every meal meant 100 or so intoxicated gay men roaming the area every Sunday afternoon.

Needless to say, it was a hectic morning. That didn’t stop me from pausing for just a moment to check out the eye-candy sitting down just three tables away.

I was enthralled, all while a prissy queen was at my table in front of me, saying words like “Hello?! Can I order please?” and “Waiter? Oh, you are NOT ignoring me… hello?!”

I just tuned him/her out and kept gazing at her… wild, curly brown hair pinned in a half-assed bun… a sleeveless, silken-white top that showed most of her back with a yellow summer skirt tied loosely about her hips. I guess she didn’t want her bra strap showing in the back because she opted to go braless. Not like she needed a bra! I could make out the silhouette of her breasts, and they were amazing. Her legs were like Barbie legs… long and toned and stopped right into a tight little ass….

As I tore my eyes away from her legs and up past her breasts, I discovered that she had been staring at me, too. Embarrassed at first, I quickly glanced away… but when I brought my eyes to hers again, I was surprised to see a slightly mischievous smile surface.

I couldn’t help but grin a bit myself, as this bombshell saw me practically drooling over her and liked it.

In the following 10 seconds of gazing at each other, it was like we knew each other’s life story. I could tell she was a little younger than me, (maybe early 20’s), that she was new to town (she was dressed way too vanilla for THIS crowd) and she was the only one in the building that looked like she had slept the night before. Then I realized the man she obviously came with was flamingly gay. He was stopping every gay waiter and patron that passed by, introducing himself with hugs and cheek-kisses, barely talking to her at all.

Still in our wordless, shameless stare, she saw that I noticed her neglect and gave me a look that said “Yup. In from out of town and stuck with a bunch of glamorous gay men.”

So she was available, AND (possibly) a little desperate for a straight man? I was overwhelmed with desire and anticipation. I stared deeper into her and thought, “I am going to fuck the daylights out of you.”

Her eyes widened up, a little shocked, and I thought “Uh, oh! Can she read my mind?”

She looked around a bit, saw that she was being ignored by everyone else, then fixed her eyes back on me. I locked eyes with her, smiled and let her watch as my eyes followed the line on her neck, past her cleavage and all Bornova travesti the way down her legs. I slowly followed her tight curves back up to her face, where I was met with a wide-eyed glare. I was a little confused, but then noticed everyone at her table was staring at me as I stood in the middle of a full section of loud tables, unable to pull myself away from soaking in the sight of their out-of-town friend.

I caught my snap and tried to focus on my customer’s in front of me, mentally catching up on the status of my other tables…

The once-noisy queen that had been trying to order had stopped yelling to get my attention. He/she was sitting there, mouth agape, staring at my crotch…

My apron was tenting just a bit! I was hard as a rock!

I wasn’t about to ask this person what he wanted to eat… I just blushed a bit and said I’d be right back. I glanced over at the cause of my distress, and discovered she and her whole table were staring at my apron tent. All the men were not staring like straight men would be…all pissed off. No, no. I could tell by their “WOOOO’s!” and statements like “Look out, girlfriend, that man just ordered YOU for lunch!”, that they were hoping some straight man would step up to the plate. THEY sure as hell weren’t going to do it.

As is my nature, I decided to make the best of this situation. I grabbed a water pitcher from the bus station and made my way to the nosey table, asking, “Anybody need any water?”

All the glasses were held up, so I started at the opposite end from my fantasy girl and leaned in. My apron-tent was right at face level between the two regulars. Their names were Nate and Mikey and they knew me too well. Nothing they could do could offend me. Every weekend these two would beg me to be gay for a day and I would lead them on until after they tipped me. It was a ritual that we all enjoyed and they were always good-natured. I figured they’d help me get into the blushing brunette at their table.

Mikey piped up first when I picked up his glass. “Hi, Lloyd! Thanks for bringing us water!” he said, as he casually rested his hand on my ass as he turned up to look at me.

“Sure thing, Mikey. Good to see you. Who’re all these people?”, only looking at the girl as I spoke.

Seeing the game I was playing…that my eyes were going to stay obliviously glued to her, Nate and Mikey started closely inspecting my apron tent… Mikey lifted my apron so that the whole table could see the outline of my strained erection and said casually “Well, this is George, Nate’s brother from Arizona, and his partner, Stevie….”

“Hello.” I said, still gazing at my mystery woman, who was blushing but also getting used to the fact that the bulge at the end of the table had her name on it.

George spoke up next, “Hello yourself! Could I have some water over here, please?” raising his glass.

“Sure thing, George. And welcome to Houston.” I said as I walked and stood between the two men, lifting George’s class to the pitcher.

I Buca travesti felt Stevie’s hand non-chalantely moving up my leg from behind… he was leaning in a little bit, so it wasn’t really noticeable to the table. I was about to say something when George said “and this is Meg. She introduced Stevie and I years ago. This is her first trip out of Yuma, Arizona! Can you believe that?”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Meg.” I said.

“Pleasure’s all mine, Lloyd.” She half-whispered.

Right then Stevie’s hand reached it’s goal and he took a firm grip on my cock through my slacks.

“Oh my God.” He said, as he learned how hard and how sizable I was.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, too, Stevie.” I said, not missing a beat.

Now, I’m not gay, but I didn’t mind the attention my cock was getting because it needed some adjustment. George, now catching on, asked if he could borrow a pen. I said sure, if it was to write down Meg’s number for me.

He reached into my apron and got himself a good squeeze of my now tortured cock.

“That’s not a pen, there, George.” I said.

“You got THAT right. More like a bowling pin!” He quipped.

This caused the table to break out laughing as I pulled away from the gropers and moved next to Meg, my cock now inches from the mouth of the most fuckable woman I have ever seen.

I leaned and reached for her glass, giving me the unexpected view of her cleavage that was rising and falling a little faster with each breath.

George was whispering to her… things like “Just do it! You’ve got to feel this thing!” and then it sounded like he was giving her instructions.

Next thing I knew, I felt the lightest touch on my inner thigh…slowly rising up my leg. Nobody could see this, but the whole table knew what was happening.

“Are ya’ll enjoying your trip so far?” I said to George and Stevie as they leaned back to enjoy the show.

“We are now.” Said George. That’s when I noticed Stevie’s hand was in George’s lap somewhere, and his arm was jerking around a bit.

Then, ever-so-lightly, I felt the fingers of an angel rest on my bulging cock and heard Meg whisper “Oh my…” and as she traced the length of it and felt it grow another inch at her touch, she said “Oh no way. Oh my God, no way…” and she started acting light-headed.

Her eyes started closing and she started leaning sideways towards me like she was going to fall off her chair. With my left hand I put my arm around her shoulders and leaned in to support her. My right hand held the water pitcher, so it was useless as I tried to set it down.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” I said as I pushed her up with my hips at a slant and pulled her to me in an awkward hug.

I held her that way for a second as I sat the pitcher down.

I thought she was unconscious, but I noticed she was supporting herself with her right hand (the groping one) by grabbing my back pocket. Now she was grabbing my ass and pulling me towards her, with her head already mashed into my apron.

As Konak travesti she did this, she began to nuzzle my bulging apron, slow at first, then more she became more obvious and wanton…being around all these gay guys and watching them fuck each other for days must have taken it’s toll on her.

How lucky could a guy get? I couldn’t help but grind my crotch into her face a bit instinctively, but accidentally knocked the pitcher of water into her lap. It wasn’t much, since I had refilled most of the table with it, but it was cold and drenched her already clingy shirt.

She jumped back for a second and exposed the sexiest scene imaginable… her breasts heaving up with nipples pointing to the ceiling, wet with icy water, causing her shirt to grip them with a shimmer. Her hair flew back, releasing the bun it was in, and her wild eyes caught mine for the first time since she ‘fainted’. They were full of lust and determination, along with some ice-water shock…

“Oh I’m sorry, Meg.” I said, grabbing some napkins and dabbing them on the her nipples. I then saw my opportunity…

“Tell you what…”, I said, as I pulled her to her feet, “you come with me to the check-out room and I’ll get you one of our staff shirts to wear until this one dries, okay?”

She seemed a little nervous and looked to George for support. He smiled and nodded, saying, “Don’t worry, Meg. I’ve been assured you’ll be in safe hands with Lloyd.”

I couldn’t stand any more and just headed towards the break room with her in tow. Once we got in the room, I locked the door. Luckily there was nobody in there cashing out their shift or doing paperwork yet. There was a couple of tables with some forms and pencils and a big pile of aprons and shirts in a bin.

I walked over to a stack o f t-shirts and grabbed one that looked a little too small on purpose. She was leaning back on one of the tables, sitting on her hands, which caused her shoulders to raise up and really accentuate her absolutely perfect breasts. She was biting her lip and shivering a little bit.

I reached up and held her smooth face up… I stepped closer as she widened her legs to give me more room. Again, it was as if we were reading each other’s thoughts…

I leaned in and kissed her slowly, gently and deeply. Her taste was unlike anything I ever knew before… sunshine vanilla with a cherry gloss. I couldn’t get enough… couldn’t stop kissing her more and more ravenously, exploring her mouth with my tongue as she met my eagerness with matched intensity.

I moved my hands from her head as they massaged their way down her back, obviously aimed at getting a grip on that Barbie ass.

Before I even knew it, her hands were moving so fast, my apron was on the ground and she was shoving her hand down my pants without even unfastening them.

I pulled back for second to look at her and was thrilled at how the moment had taken her over and she wanted nothing more than my cock in any way she could get it… whispering “Oh give me that cock, I have to see it… let me touch it I NEED it…”

Right then her desperate hand hit the jackpot and gripped my cock right in the middle. Her tiny hand barely fit around it and she stepped back in shock while never letting her grip ease.

“Oh my God…” she whispered…

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The Ultimate Dream

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I am standing in the middle of this beautiful room wondering how I had gotten there, it is almost as though I was transported here, there is this fireplace, blanket, pillows, wine, strawberries, whipped cream, candles and soft music playing.

I started to look around unaware that there was someone else in the room with me, it wasn’t until a certain song started to play that I turned around and saw you standing there with a single red rose in your hand.

There is a soft smile on your face as you walked towards me. “I can’t believe you are here” you said “I can’t believe I am here either” I replied. I walked toward you and it only took seconds before our arms were around one another.

It was like no time had passed between us. We were where we had left off. We fit so well together. After what seemed like forever we separated and you handed me the rose.

I could feel a lone tear fall from my eye. You gently washed it away with your thumb and pushed my hair behind my ear.

We both walked over to the center of the room in front of the fireplace. You poured us both a glass of wine and we sat down on the many pillows that were on the blankets. We toasted to each other and the times we had and the times we were going Esat travesti to have from then on.

We put our glasses down and looked into each other’s eyes. It didn’t take long before we were embracing, our lips finding each other.

With loving caresses and slow care we continued to taste and trace one another’s lips with our tongues. Our tongues met in a fiery mash and we couldn’t control ourselves any longer. Our kisses deepened as our passion enflamed.

“MMMMMmmmmmm,” I couldn’t help myself from moaning as you kissed your way down my neck. “Please don’t stop that feels sooo good.”

You massaged my neck with your tongue and then went to work on my ear lobe. Our hands had been busy caressing others backs and legs and arms, but now your hands had started to take the elastic from my hair, “I love your long hair, I want to be able to run my fingers through it and pull on it.”

While you were taking my hair down, I slowly undid the buttons on your shirt…..I couldn’t help myself any longer, my lips had to touch your skin. I started to kiss your neck, slowly working my way down your chest. By this time, You were laying propped up on some pillows and I laying between your legs rubbing and kissing Kızılay travesti and nibbling your chest while you were playing with my hair. I slowly kissed my way down to the button of your jeans and stopped!

I was now kneeling down in front of you…..Instead of unbuttoning your pants like you think I should….I slowly take of my top. You reach up and start playing with my tits through my black lace bra. “Just the way I remember them,” you say as you start pulling on my nipples through the fabric, you sit up, pull down the fabric of my bra and take a nipple into your mouth.

I scream out in pleasure. You start nipping and sucking, I take my bra off so that you have access to both. You go back and forth between the two, sucking, nipping, tweaking, pulling, kissing.

I push you back on the pillows and pop the button on your jeans and unzip them. I quickly get you out of them. I am not disappointed. Your cock is nice and stiff and just waiting to get out of your boxers. I pull him out and start to play with the tip, rubbing softly. I grab the shaft and gently squeeze. You moan slightly. I can’t take it any longer. I want more. You want more.

I take the tip of you in my mouth and flick it Alsancak travesti with my tongue. It tastes good, very good. We have been apart for too long. I don’t waste any time and take the length of you in my mouth. In and out, over and over, you moan as you grab my hair and fuck my mouth. “That feels so good, I have waited and longed for your mouth on me. I love the way you suck my dick”

You lift me off of you and lay me down on the pillows. You slowly take my skirt and black lace panties off. There is a slight wicked grin on your face and before I know anything your mouth is on me. You kiss the insides of my thighs as you find your way to my clit. I am so wet that you take your time licking my clit, rolling it with your tongue, teasing and nipping at it, making me hotter and hotter. I keep screaming and moaning your name. You do not miss anything, you even play with my ass teasing the little hole with your tongue, you use techniques that I have never felt making it harder and harder to breathe.

“I need you,” I scream, “please, please take me.”

You enter me with a force that is a long time coming. While you are pumping, you find the whipped cream and lather it onto my tits as you play with them. You lick it off just as we are both climaxing, we both scream each other’s names as we both orgasm at the same time.

Afterwards we lie there quietly together holding each other, thinking that it would be great if it would last forever.

Unfortunately after that I woke up….

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The Traffic Jam

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My car trip from Indianapolis to Chicago couldn’t have happened on a more beautiful day. It was early June, and the sky was cloudless and gloriously blue. It was very warm, but comfortably so, without any of the brutal humidity that often came with summertime in Indiana. I headed up the interstate with the top down on my dark green Chrysler Sebring, rock and roll blaring impossibly loud from the radio so I could hear it over the sounds of the wind and road noise.

I was feeling great. I loved having the warm breeze on my face and the sun on my shoulders as I drove. I had one long strand of hair that stubbornly wouldn’t stay in the clip I was using to keep my chestnut brown mane out of my face, and it whipped around wildly, hitting me in the face and tickling my neck.

I was on my way to Chicago to spend the weekend with my best friend, Allyse. Allyse and I graduated from Indiana University together two years ago, and soon after graduation she took a job in the Windy City as the manager of a trendy downtown boutique. I went back to my hometown of Indianapolis and went to work as an advertising manager for a local newspaper.

We vowed to remain the best of friends despite the 200 miles that now separated us, and at least once a month one of us would make the drive to the others’ home and spend the weekend. It was my turn to make the trip, but I didn’t mind at all. I couldn’t wait to see Allyse. I always had a great time visiting her, and she loved showing off her new hometown, taking me to the various restaurants or nightclubs she was constantly discovering.

I had taken off work at lunch time, and traffic was still very light so I was making good time. With any luck I would make Chicago before rush hour.

I entertained myself as I drove by checking out people in passing cars, and if there were any cute guys I would give them my sexiest smile and maybe a little wave. I loved to see if I could get them to acknowledge me in return, and usually they did. I played my little road flirting game often, and I was delighted whenever I’d get a honk or sometimes a guy would even try to signal me to take an exit.

I never did pull off to talk to someone, even though I was sometimes tempted. For the really enthusiastic ones, I would often slide a strap off my shoulder or undo a couple of buttons on my blouse, depending on what I was wearing. I got a thrill out of showing a little skin to complete strangers.

I knew it was probably a little dangerous, but so far I’d never had any guys take it too seriously and try to follow me or anything. Somehow the hint of danger made it even more exciting and I enjoyed it all the more because of it.

About half an hour outside of Indy, I first saw the trucker. He had his driver’s side window rolled down all the way, giving me a clear view of him. He was by far the best looking guy I’d seen today, or for that matter, he was the most attractive man I’d seen in quite some time. Of course, I could only see him from the shoulders up, but my imagination made the rest of his body every bit as good as his face.

He had close-cropped dark brown hair, and a strong featured face that was perfectly proportioned and completely masculine. As he gazed down at me from the cab of his truck, I could see that his eyes were icy blue and piercing. I favored him with my best smile, and he returned it with a grin of his own. His smile seemed to light up his face like the sun coming out from behind dark storm clouds, and I could see that he had straight, white teeth. To me, an attractive smile was always a desirable feature. His grin seemed both boyish and mischievous at the same time, and I was immediately intrigued by the handsome truck driver.

He was driving a bright red Freightliner, pulling a trailer with giant tomatoes painted on the side. I paced the truck for quite awhile, staying directly beside him and trying to give him a really good look at me.

I put on my best flirting show for him. I took off my sunglasses, pretending to rub my eyes, and I looked up at him with a smile so that he could see my entire face. My eyes are wide and chocolate brown, and I’m always being told that they’re one of my best features, so I naturally wanted him to have a look at them.

I pulled a tube of bright red lipstick from my purse and applied it carefully to my rather pouty lips, part watching the road, part checking my coloring job in the rearview mirror, and part surreptitiously checking to see if the trucker was looking. He was. When I finished with the lipstick, I rubbed my lips together slowly and sensuously, blotting and blending the color. Then I wickedly licked my lips, running my tongue suggestively over them and wetting them.

I was wearing a peach colored tank top held up by tiny spaghetti straps, and with a contrived shrug I managed to slip one of the straps off my shoulder and I let it hang tantalizingly off to the side. Even though my breasts are quite large and I should have been wearing a bra, Çankaya travesti I had dressed comfortably for the road trip and I hadn’t bothered to put one on. Now I was extra glad that I hadn’t. With a couple of well-placed brushes of my arm, I had my nipples standing at attention and clearly showing through the thin fabric of my top. I moved to the beat of the music from my radio and my tits bounced enticingly as I shimmied.

I was clad in white denim shorts, and I knew that in my sitting position quite a bit of my tanned thighs were exposed. I caressed my thigh with my fingers, trying to make it appear to be an unconscious gesture, doing my best to draw his attention to my toned legs.

I knew I was being shameless, but I loved the way his smile grew larger and more predatory as he watched me tease him. It was obvious that he was enjoying my little show.

I wanted to keep my car next to his truck, but I had a van behind me that apparently wanted to get around me. With a disappointed sigh, I stepped on the gas and pulled in front of the truck so the van could pass.

I regretfully decided that I had teased the poor trucker enough, and despite the fact that I was enjoying it immensely, I sped up and began to put some distance between my car and the truck. I gave the trucker a little backwards wave as I pulled away, and I laughed delightedly when he gave me a replying blast of his horn.

As I drove on, I couldn’t help looking in my rearview mirror until the truck was out of sight. I also couldn’t keep myself from fantasizing about the sexy trucker. I imagined climbing up into the truck, and stripping naked for him in the sleeper cab before he fucked me senseless. I could feel myself becoming genuinely aroused as I ran various erotic scenarios starring the driver through my mind. I giggled happily to myself as I realized that I could actually feel myself getting wet between the legs.

Not ten minutes later I reached what appeared to be a massive traffic jam. I was forced to bring my car to a dead stop, and in front of me I could see nothing but an endless line of cars and trucks stretching out to the horizon. I was in the left lane, and I briefly toyed with the idea of moving over to the right lane that seemed to have the shorter backup, but I quickly decided it would be useless. Nothing on the northbound side of the interstate was moving at all, and I noticed that there were hardly any cars passing by on the southbound lanes either.

Oh great, I thought. So much for getting to Chicago before rush hour. By the look of things I wasn’t going anywhere in a hurry. Several minutes ticked by, and the line of traffic still had not moved even an inch. With a disgusted sigh, I turned off my car’s engine and settled in for what appeared would be a very long wait.

Cars were stacking up behind me in the left lane, and now the backup in the right lane was almost even with where I sat. I was more than a bit surprised when the red Freightliner driven by the gorgeous man ground to a halt directly next to me.

The blue-eyed trucker gave me a friendly smile, and above the sound of his rig’s idling engine, I heard his deep, masculine voice. “Hello there,” he said, nearly shouting.

I just had to laugh. Here I was, stuck in traffic right next to the man I’d been teasing, and there was absolutely nowhere I could go to escape him. “Hi,” I replied sheepishly, “looks like we’re in for a long wait.”

“Yep,” he said, his blue eyes flashing with good humor. “I heard on the CB that a truck hauling some kind of hazardous material dumped his load about three miles ahead. Both northbound lanes are shut down, and only one southbound lane is passable. We’re gonna be here for a loooong time.”

“Well,” I said loud enough to be heard over his truck’s engine, “at least it’s a beautiful day. This would be really lousy if it was pouring down rain.” I did my best to sound nonchalant.

“That’s true,” he replied, “if it was raining you would have the top up on your car and I never would have gotten such a nice look at you!” His tone of voice and the expression on his face told me he was amused.

I felt myself blushing. He knew that I had been having fun flirting with him, and he wanted me to know that he knew.

I grinned at him, my eyes meeting his gaze directly. “I guess I wanted you to look. I was sure checking you out, too,” I admitted.

“No harm in that. I can only hope you liked what you saw,” he said, his face growing more serious.

“Oh, there’s no doubt about that,” I said sincerely. I hoped I wouldn’t regret what I said next. “You know, you’re welcome to come down here and sit with me so we won’t have to shout. If you’d like to talk, that is. To help pass the time.”

I laughed out loud as he threw open his door, climbed down, and got into my car in less than 10 seconds flat. “Thanks,” he said, “we would have gone hoarse if we’d kept shouting at each other for very long.”

He stuck out his hand Dikmen travesti and introduced himself. “My name is Paul Scovill. It’s a genuine pleasure to meet you.”

I shook his hand and replied, “Glad you meet you too, Paul. I’m Kim Matthews.” I met his gaze directly as I spoke, and although I didn’t think it was possible, Paul was even more handsome close up. His eyes were strikingly blue, and his smile was warm and friendly.

His body was even better than I had imagined, and even though I tried not to be too obvious, he had to know that I was checking out his form. From the few seconds I saw him standing upright when he was getting into my car, I could see that he was fairly tall, at least 6 feet, and was nicely proportioned. He appeared to be nicely muscled, but not overly beefy. His shoulders were broad, and his arms were strong-looking and toned. It looked like he definitely worked to keep himself in shape.

Another thing about him that I noticed immediately were his large, manly hands. I had always had a thing for guys with big hands. I am very petite, and something about having a guy’s large hands moving over my small body is such a turn on for me.

I could see Paul giving my body the once-over as well. His gaze moved from my face down to my breasts where he paused for a moment. A quick glance downward explained why. My nipples were still rock hard and straining against the filmy peach colored fabric of my top. His inspection continued as he cast his eyes downward over my stomach to what he could see of my legs. When his gaze once again met mine, I thought I could see approval and even longing in his eyes.

We began to talk and get acquainted, and I was delighted to find that Paul was extremely intelligent and well spoken. He was 27, only 3 years older than me. He told me that he was originally from St. Louis and that he’d been driving a truck since he graduated from college. When I asked him why he decided to drive a truck for a living instead of using his business degree and entering the corporate world, he told me that it was simply because he had fallen in love with driving. He had intended to only drive for a year or two at the most, but he found he loved the freedom of the open road and he enjoyed the variety of scenery he passed each day. He said he could no longer picture himself wearing a suit and being chained to a desk at some company somewhere.

I told him a little about myself, about my job and about things I liked to do. He wanted to know where I was heading and I told him about Allyse and my frequent trips to Chicago.

Gradually, the conversation turned other people in our lives. I found out that we both liked to date, but that neither of us was involved in any serious relationships. “One of these days, I’ll settle down,” Paul told me, “but being on the road so much makes it kind of hard to get serious with anyone right now.”

With a sly grin, Paul said, “I do get through Indianapolis 3 or 4 times a month. Maybe you’ll let me take you out to dinner sometime.”

I was hoping he’d say something like that. I found myself to be very attracted to him, and I hoped that this wouldn’t be the only time I’d ever see him. With my sexiest smile, I answered, “I’d love that. Remind me to give you my number before we get out of this traffic jam.”

We continued chatting about trivial things, and as we talked, I lowered my seat back and stretched out a bit more so that I could enjoy the sun in a little more comfort. “I love the feel of the sun on my skin,” I explained.

“That looks like a marvelous idea,” Paul said. With that, he peeled off his blue t-shirt, giving me a marvelous view of his sculpted chest. I swallowed hard looking at his exposed chest. He had a nice covering of dark brown hair, which I loved. My pulse sped up as I could see the way his muscles worked whenever he moved.

We both sat quietly for quite awhile, reclining back and soaking up the sun’s rays. I kept watch on Paul, subtly casting glances his way, looking at his attractive body, totally enjoying the view.

It wasn’t long before I got really hot from the sun, and even more hot from looking at Paul. I was really turned on by him, and I had such a strong urge to touch him, and to feel him touch me.

Suddenly, Paul’s eyes locked on mine, and as if he were reading my mind he said, “You know, Kim, I have some cold drinks in the truck if you’re hot. And I could always roll up the windows and turn the air conditioning on.” His suggestion sounded innocent enough, but the look in his eyes told a different story. He wanted to get me alone.

My stomach fluttered with anticipation as I answered, “That would be perfect. I could sure use a nice…drink.” I gave him my best meaningful look and he shot me a wolfish grin as he climbed out of my car.

I followed him, enjoying the view of his enticing ass as he walked. In a gentlemanly gesture, Paul helped me up into his truck and directed me into the sleeper Eryaman travesti cab. The sleeper was just like a tiny little bedroom, complete with a small bunk-like bed. Crammed into the tight space he had a ton of stuff, including a medium-sized cooler full of cans of soda and bottled water on ice.

Paul invited me to sit on the bed, and he handed me an ice-cold can of Coke. He sat down next to me, popping the top on his own can. Apparently the can had been shaken up, and it didn’t merely foam over, it virtually exploded. Both of us were immediately soaked with the cold, sticky drink. A bit of the spray hit me in the face, but most of it landed on my tank top, plastering it to my skin. Paul mostly got it across his still bare chest.

Paul had a horrified look on his face, and he immediately began stammering, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, Kim.” I burst out laughing. When he saw that I wasn’t angry, he began laughing too and soon we were cackling like a couple of crazy people.

When I was able to talk again, I said, “Thanks a lot for the Coke, Paul!” With a grin, he fished around beside the bed and pulled out a package of Handi-wipes. He moistened a couple of them with some water from a bottle and handed one to me. I wiped the sticky mess off my face as best I could as he scrubbed at his chest.

Looking down at my soaked tank top I said, “I don’t think wiping this is going to do any good.” Paul’s eyes fixed on my chest. The wet fabric clung to my breasts like a second skin and the moisture made my top translucent, clearly revealing every detail of my hardened nipples.

“No,” he agreed, “I think that pretty little tank top of yours has had better days.” His voice sounded hoarse as he said, “Maybe you should just take it off. I can always give you one of my clean t-shirts to wear.”

I grinned at him, thrilled at his suggestion. In one quick move, I peeled the ruined shirt off over my head and tossed it aside. Paul’s eyes grew wide and a soft “ohhh” of admiration escaped his lips as he stared at my exposed tits.

“God, Kim,” he stammered, “you’re like some kind of fantasy come true. You’re so damn sexy.”

With a sly smile I replied, “Sexy, maybe. Sticky, definitely. I think you should help clean up this mess you’ve made of me.” I passed him the moist Handi-wipe and shot him a meaningful look.

“Well,” he said with a grin of his own, “I guess it’s the least I can do.” With that, he slid over next to me, and with gentle strokes he wiped the sticky Coke off my tits. I leaned back on the small bed, resting my weight on my elbows, giving him complete access to my breasts.

“I think this towel is soaked,” he said, “but I don’t think I got quite all of it.” I groaned with pleasure as he leaned over me and began tenderly licking my tits. He covered every inch of them with his warm, wet tongue, saving the nipples for last. He drew one nipple into his mouth and ran his tongue over it, lightly sucking, then he lavished the same attention on the other.

I was panting with lust by the time he finished his tongue bath of my tits. At that moment, I wanted to fuck this handsome stranger worse than I’d ever wanted anything before. And judging by the size of the bulge in the front of his pants, he wanted me too.

Turning his attention from my breasts to my lips, Paul kissed me, hard. I responded with a fierce tenacity, virtually exploding with lust. The kiss was pure electricity, and soon our tongues mingled together in a passionate dance.

Without breaking the kiss, Paul’s fingers found my nipples and began lightly pinching them, causing me to moan into his mouth. I ran my fingers through his short hair and down over the muscles in his arms.

After what seemed like a long time, Paul pulled his lips from mine and growled in a low voice, “I want you, Kim. I want you so bad.”

My stomach did a happy flip-flop as I heard his words. “Oh, Paul, I want you too. I want to have your cock in my wet pussy, as deep as you can go.”

His blue eyes widened in surprise at my nasty-naughty reply, but his lips curled up into a hungry smile. He stood, unzipping his jeans as he moved. He kicked off his shoes and slid the jeans off his hips and down his legs.

He bent over and pulled his pants off over his feet, then he stood before me, completely naked. As I took in the sight of him, my mouth went dry and I felt my pussy flood with moisture. His body was perfect, masculine and achingly well proportioned. I looked him up and down, trying to memorize every detail of his form. My eyes returned to his cock and locked there. He was well hung, and his long, thick member stood out proudly in front of him.

Finally, I tore my eyes away from his cock and smiled up at him. He bent over and gently pushed me backwards so I was lying flat on my back with my legs dangling over the size of the bed. He carefully slid my sandals off my feet, then he unzipped my shorts and pulled them off my legs, taking my panties with them.

He stood up straight again, staring down at my naked body for several long seconds. Then he sunk down to his knees in front of the bed, where he gently lifted my legs and draped them over his broad shoulders. He leaned forward, and I could feel his warm breath on my pussy.

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The Trophy Wife Next Door Ch. 02

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For five of the next seven days, I rode “Sweet Thing” as hard and as fast as I could, across several state lines while still avoiding the law. I talked to Lynn several times and told her what she should bring to the secluded, small, wonderful bed and breakfast that I had discovered two years ago. It was supposed to be closed for the season, but the two gay guys who ran it were friends. They listened to my tale and wanted to help. I assured them, I would make it worth their while and would get them some great publicity for spring. Twice I texted Sue. She did not reply. It was becoming difficult for me to keep my mind from facing that I had butted into her life, messed it up and hurt her. I could not face what I felt and how much I had wanted her.

Terri knew what this long weekend was all about but Lynn was laying it on thick about it being a lovers’ get-a-way for the two of them. They arrived early on Terri’s first peak fertility day. All day Lynn and she snuggled and talked about the future. After a light dinner, they retired, stone sober, very touchy feely. Soon they were nude in the very dimly lit room, cuddling under the covers; Lynn knew the script.

“Terri, I have never asked you this and it is okay if you say, no. I understand how you feel about having your body penetrated by anything except my tongue and fingers. I have had a fantasy for a long time of making love with you, being assertive and bringing great pleasure to you as a man does to his woman. I would like for us to be together like always are but I would like to wear something and push into your hot, fertile body.”

“I want this to be a special weekend for you, as it is for me. If it hurts will you stop?”

“Yes, Lover, I’ll stop. I could never hurt you except to make you cum one more time than you want.”

“Remember that time we both had too much to drink and you took an hour to push your hand inside me?”

“I am sorry about that. I really got turned on and carried away.”

“I need to confess something to you. I have let you feel bad about that but, truthfully, I never came harder in my life. I don’t want to go that far tonight but I want to feel you on top of me, taking me, opening me, doing what you want to me to feel complete and satisfied. I’ll imagine you cuming and making me pregnant.”

For most of an hour, I watched them. Lynn’s talented tongue and fingers brought Terri off twice and then tortured her, getting her close and backing away. She put a little pillow under Terri’s hips and then buckled on a strap-on a harness with a very natural feeling cock. Terri found it as Lynn climbed back into bed. She stroked it, asked for it to be in her mouth and Lynn urged her on, reaching back to rub Terri’s wet, swollen pussy’s red lips. I could not hear her whispered words but I knew what was being said. My cock was rock hard and needing to cum. I imagined Lynn’s words, “I am going to put one of the big round cushions under your knees so you can tilt her to me. Then I’m going to straddle you, enter you, make love to you, cum in you and leave your pregnant with our baby.”

My costume was just to keep Terri from feeling my male skin; it was just a cloth covered half round of cardboard. Lynn set the stage for act one, “Close your eyes, lover, and feel me getting you ready for me to push into you and cum in your belly.”

Terri sighed, closed her eyes and helped Lynn by holding her legs up while Lynn positioned the “round cushion” and then stretched Terri’s legs over it and straddled her belly. I could see the drops from Lynn’s pussy string down from the harness and smear as their bodies touched. For several minutes they kissed and Terri’s body began to churn up against Lynn’s. Lynn reached back and rubbed her, slipped two fingers into her, spread her, “Are you ready for me?”

A hoarse, turned on, wanting to cum voice rasped out, “Yes. Fuck me.”

Lynn was careful to let only the thumb and forefinger of her right hand touch Terri. When I pushed, Lynn rolled her hips, held her cock away and guided the tip of my cock, through her fist, to push into the willing pussy. Terri’s groan was sincere pleasure. Her own hips pushed and Lynn allowed more of me to slip inside her girlfriend.

“Give me all of it.”

Lynn let go of my cock and leaned forward to kiss her. I watched Lynn’s beautiful naked, spread ass and her little pucker. I could see the muscles begin to tighten and ready themselves for their first thrust. I matched it. Terri had half of me when she moaned into Lynn’s mouth, lifted her hips and opened her thighs wider to accept the rest. We had not practiced but I matched the next few thrust perfectly. Lynn’s imagination was in over drive so her thrusts were not regular. I heard her struggle to say, “God, Terri, you are so tight, I cannot take much of this, you are going to make me cum.”

Lynn’s thrusts were harder now and Terri opened as wide as she could and my cock nestled tightly against her each time I tried to match Lynn’s thrusts. Terri’s fingers were flying on her own clit. The back of her hand Osmanbey travesti rubbed against the empty leather harness. I was struggling with all I had to match their climax to maximize Terri’s cervix accepting my sperm. Terri’s body began to tremble and Lynn arched her back. Their mouths were glued together but I heard their mutual, “Now.” My balls gave up everything and my cock was still throbbing, rock hard when, Lynn lifted Terri’s legs and I rolled away. She explained to her hopefully pregnant lover,

“I’m going to tilt your hips so they are higher than your chest, so my cum stays puddled at the mouth of your womb. You can take your time and sip it. It is good for a long time. I want it all to get deep inside you and bathe your egg.”

Terri heard her but Terri was played out and almost asleep. She let Lynn maneuver her like a ragdoll, slide into the bed beside her and pull the comforter over them. It wasn’t in the script, but I turned off the dim light when I went out.

Before breakfast the next morning, the two ladies had peed, washed and returned to bed to snuggle just a little. Lynn lay on her back with her head at the foot of the bed, toward the door, spread her legs and said, “You didn’t finish me last night.”

I was going to stroke my half-hard cock to get it ready, but watching Terri’s naked ass spread as she crawled up from the foot of the bed to nestle her face between Lynn’s thighs was more than I needed for stimulation. Lynn’s fingers invaded her lover’s pussy, “You are still swimming in my cum from last night.” As she pulled her wet fingers free, Lynn reached out and guided my cock smoothly in. Before I hit bottom, I heard Lynn’s lips slurp the tasty wetness from Terri’s clit.

This time there was no great staging. Terri tensed but then relaxed grinding her pussy into Lynn and thrusting it back against me. Mornings are usually great for male control. Today was an exception. Lynn fingering my balls did not help. Both of their timed moans did not help. When my scrotum tightened, Lynn squeezed as if to wring out the last of my cum from me. My cock throbbed and pulsed longer than it usually did. I knew I was empty but the pleasure from the tight milking sheath was too much to leave. I would probably have stood there until my cock got hard again and I could cum more but Lynn pushed my thighs away. That was my cue to leave, get ready quickly, be sitting at the breakfast table when they arrived and I complaine about them being late.

Lynn had choreographed the late afternoon activity. It seems they liked to play in the shower. I bribed our hosts to let us use their large steam shower with six heads. My job was to sit in a strait back chair and be invisible and cum on queue. An extra shower curtain was my blanket when the lights were turned down low and two nude already turned on women slipped into the steam.

“I have the strap-on again. Walk forward and let me guide you down onto my cock.” I leaned to one side so Lynn could stand behind me, kiss, touch and love her girlfriend. “Thrust into me, Terri. I don’t know how to move like this.”

Lynn’s fingers were very active. She was much rougher than I would normally be with a lover. She pulled at Terri’s nipples, rubbed her clit and pulled at that too. Terri found the perfect angle to drive her g-spot into the head of my cock and then push having me slide deep enough to press at Lynn’s fingers and touch the mouth of Terri’s drowning cervix. I watched, detached as long as I could. Lynn had felt me tense about ready to cum. Now, it was she who tensed and she grabbed Terri roughly, cried, “I cuming” and filled her lover up again. When Terri stood to hug Lynn, I snuck away so they could touch and share love without me. I was happy how things were going for them but my invisibility was making me think about Sue more and more.

The last round we had planned was the next morning. It was almost like the morning before. Terri’s position said she knew and that she was ready. Lynn was leaning against the headboard this time with her legs splayed wide and Terri’s face was working between her outstretched legs. Lynn watched my nude body approach her woman, spread her and enter her from behind. I motioned for Lynn to keep Terri’s head down and her hips high so my spend would go deep and be where it should be, if Terri was not already pregnant. Lynn had a plan of her own.

“Terri, use you wonderful muscles and suck me off.” For a lesbian, Terri had remarkable control. I had never felt such contractions, ripples and sucking inside a woman. I stood taller and very still to enjoy her every move. Again Lynn instructed her, “Lift your ass higher so my cum will flow deep and stay in you.” This new angle raked my cock roughly along the bottom of Terri’s clit and across her g-spot.

Terri began to cum but Lynn told her, “I’m not there yet, slow down, keep going.”

Those magical muscles sucked and tugged at me. Some part of her insides found a way to lick at the ridge of my helmet and I had to struggle to stand. I was Ayrancı travesti still, she was not moving much but my cock was being stroked. It was very sensitive and my balls loved it and refused to cum. Lynn began to thrust into Terri’s face, pushing Terri’s cunt into longer slides of pulling my cock out and pushing it in. Lynn knew from watching my squinted eyes and contorted face when the first rope launched from my lurching cock. I reached out to touch some female flesh but I knew it was not Sue, so I remembered my place and why I was there.

When I pulled out of Terri, her cunt was gaping and only a little cum dripped from her opening. I could barely stand and the sensitivity of pulling out bent me over to look at my own, red, pulsing, super-sensitive cock. I managed to stumble out and leave. Terri’s ass was still up in the air. I knew that inside, she was working her muscles to suck Lynn’s sperm deeper into her body.

We had one more evening together. The plan was for all of us to dine together. Terri was tired and went to sleep early. Lynn came down and saw that I was drinking rather heavily.

“That’s not like you, Big Boy. What’s wrong?”

“Just me, being me. I messed things up for Sue. I wanted to help but I didn’t”

“Why do you say you messed things up?”

“She doesn’t even wave to me, answer my calls or text messages. By now I’m sure she is lonely and wishing everything was like it was before she ever met me. I’m sure she blames me for everything.”

Lynn knew when to stay quiet.

“I’ve thought through what happened a hundred times. I didn’t think I had horrible motives. I told myself, I was helping and that truth was what she needed to be happy. Now I think I wanted her, could see her being the one and I set out to get her without thinking about her and what she really wanted.”

“Tony, I don’t think your mind is working and I don’t think you are giving Sue enough credit. You don’t really think she wanted to be with a cheating husband who didn’t care for her, had another family on the side, didn’t come home but controlled every facet of her life and wouldn’t even let her have friends. Do you?”

“I didn’t, but now, I’m not sure. I only know how much, I want her for myself. Maybe I should have told her that and then stayed out of her life. I now think I got involved to benefit myself and not her.”

The evening meal was excellent, as usual. Lynn and I talked about more fun stuff. I told her when I would need her and Terri again – this time in San Francisco. As we called it an evening, I gave her a white box with a white bow. The top just lifted off. Inside were two pregnancy tests, a note that said “Wait two weeks,” a pink baby rattle and a blue baby rattle. I got my hug and saw tears of hope in her eyes. I thought I would be flying high after what Lynn, Terri and I had done. Instead, I felt empty. Even trying to hear “Uncle Tony” in my mind did not help.

When I got home the next day, I waved to Sue. She did not wave back. The same thing happened the next day. I decided not to try to horn into her world again. The next week a “For Sale” sign went up on her house.

Nothing had ever grounded me or pushed me into a true depression before. This did. I gave up on my current mystery because my characters didn’t seem real any more. Porn did not interest me. I started to go really wild with my imagination into the genre of science fiction for the teenage male mind. I tested my first short stories on the internet. They were too dark even for those twisted, hormone driven creatures.

For a day, I could soak up the beauty and enthusiasm from Lynn and Terri. Terri was pregnant. It was too early for this, but I thought, she absolutely glowed. I gave Lynn an outline of my family tree, my boringly healthy medical history and an “I Owe You” to “a baby to be named later” for $20,000 to start a college savings account in a Franklin Mutual Fund. I also told her to have all the medical bills sent to me. Hell, I could use all of that for write offs.

I could not tell anyone what was going through my mind. It was too un-American, too libertine and too deviant for western consumption. My father had been career military. I had spent many years in Oriental countries. When I enlisted, I spent two more in Thailand. Before I was twelve, I knew “marriage” was a contract in most of the world. Sometimes “love” came later from mutual respect. I thought more and more every day that I belonged in a society where a woman would be with me because I would provide, would be nice and respect our agreement. I could accept the fantasy and the lie that she cared, if we could share time together, have satisfying sex and be together day after day. Love had failed me many times. I was ready for another approach in the years I had left. I wanted a son and a family, more than I wanted everything else. I never voiced that, because it sounded so pitiful and needy. I was stronger than anyone I knew, yet I had this need and twisted way of thinking burning inside me. On top of that, Cebeci travesti I loved Sue and she hated me for what I had done to her life.

Two thirds drunk, I typed as fast as I knew how to escape into “Coulan — the universe’s consummate hunter.” It grew and grew from a short story into a novel and my editor sent it to another publisher. Everything exploded. It was picked up by a cartoon network and worked into a Saturday program. That quickly moved to a late weeknight cartoon and I was asked to write more. In five months, my stupidity had made more money than all my mysteries combined and it showed no hint of stopping. The more I wrote, the more I made Coulan like me, dark, sulking and desirous of a young girl that he knew and who kept his secret.

All I had to do was, drink half a box of cheap wine, wear lose clothing and start typing. The part of me that never grew up, raced from my finger tips and sold without much editing. The sadder, I got, the more popular the “late night kids'” program became. Polls of viewers discovered that men, 30-50 watched the show more than teenagers did. Women watched to see if Coulan ever lost control and took what he wanted from the human females of the earth. He was massive, unbeatable and always on the edge of losing control. That is why he was spending so many years exiled on the earth, until he matured. The more I wrote, the more I knew, I had never matured and did not deserve love unless I earned it or paid for it. My love was a gift but I did not deserve the same gift in return.

In one day of sanity, I went with Lynn to see a now eight month pregnant, Terri. During lunch at their house, Terri showed me a tiny foot push against her skin from inside her. She asked that I gently push at it. The human inside her learned quickly to resist the pressure of my hand. My eyes were full of tears when she asked me to stop playing because she was getting kicked painfully under her ribs.

For two days, I wrote and re-wrote what had happened when I felt the tiny foot inside Terri. Lynn had sensed something was wrong. She came to me and gave me what she had and what had always been my desire. She gave me her body. I tasted it, touched it, reveled in it, pleased her and fucked her until she went home the next morning satisfied and knowing that I was still on the edge, like my cartoon, Coulon. I also knew, I was losing my grip on reality, so I wrote and wrote and wrote to please the endless demand. When I fell asleep on my keyboard, there were a few hours of relief. I could not let my mind and heart be free or the tears would come.

Lynn was my friend. Somehow, she found where Sue had moved to. She had gone back to the small town where she was born. Now she was affluent but alone and unhappy. Lynn’s presence on her doorstep did not make Sue any happier but she was gracious and invited her in for coffee.

Finally the eight hundred pound gorilla was addressed, “Sue, why did you quit talking to Tony and move away?”

“Did he send you to ask me that?”

“No, he has no idea that I am here.”

“He played with me, used me, broke-up my marriage and all that left me alone.”

“He cares for you very much. He thought, he was helping by getting you some freedom, some excitement, some new experiences and letting you see how you were being used and even abused.”

“Why are you here?”

“I thought we were at least casual friends and could talk. He is a wonderful man and has helped Terri and me beyond words but he has not recovered from your rejection. Like you, he now also believes, he should have left you alone to live with your cheating husband, controlled and afraid in your house. He is having trouble living with the hurt he feels he caused you by wanting to give you control of your life, your happiness and your freedom. I should not have come. I see now that he is right and you did not mind being degraded and you do not value what Tony wanted to give you.”

Sue sat quietly. Lynn felt very out of place.

“I need to leave. I was wrong in coming. Your world and his are just too far apart. When they touched, I guess, everyone had to get hurt.”

“Is Tony alright?”

“No. You have been with him. I’m sure you felt the life, the excitement and love that goes with him. He wanted you, he wanted to help you. When you were hurt instead, that drained much of the life out of him. He is busy, successful and more deeply sad than anyone should have to endure. Don’t worry, I should be able to get dozens of people to put fun and happiness back into him. I’ll tell him how beautiful you house is, tell him about your furniture, your car, your computer, your family that lives with you, your friends, your activities and all the freedom you have. That will please him and make him know that he did not ruin your life by having your cheating husband tell you the truth.”

Lynn gathered her stuff and began to leave when Sue said, “He could call me.”

Lynn’s face flushed with anger. She was barely in control. “You turned your back on him, did not answer his many calls; didn’t wave when he waved and left without saying goodbye to a man who loves you and wants only the best for you. Don’t you think you have to purse him equally? Can’t you be human and call him?” She knew it was best that she got out of Sue’s house before she exploded.

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The Thanksgiving Visitor

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Big Cock

Peter had looked forward to a nice, simple Thanksgiving. His daughter was coming home from college for the long weekend and bringing her friend and roommate with her as her parents had gone to a wedding overseas and the girl had nowhere to go, so Peter and his wife Karen had invited her. He and his wife were happily married and had two children, their son Michael was grown and off to the west coast for a few years, and their daughter Brooke was in her final year of college.

Peter and Karen had never met Mindy, who their daughter had made fast friends with, but she had been described to them as a lovely, hard working girl working her way through school to become a doctor. Their daughter’s age, and intelligent, they were happy to have her in their home for the long weekend to share Thanksgiving with them. That’s what the holiday was all about after all, sharing, and being grateful, and taking in others that didn’t a place to be for the holiday.

Peter had only been home from work around an hour when the train the girls were due to arrive on was to arrive, so he’d gone down to the station to pick them up and drive them back. He broke into a smile when he saw his beloved daughter get off the steps of the train and her pretty friend was right behind her, loaded down with suitcases and her purse. He was struck by her beauty, a lovely redhead with emerald green eyes and fair skin, petite in comparison to his tall, leggy blonde daughter with her flowing hair. Mindy was a striking girl to be sure.

“Daddy!” Brooke yelled as she greeted her handsome father.

“Hello, dear, wonderful to see you!” he exclaimed as he threw his open arms around her and hugged her tightly, after not seeing her since she left for school a couple of months earlier.

“Daddy, this is Mindy, I’ve told you and mom all about her. We have gotten to know each other so well, you’re just going to love her!” Brooke said assuredly. Mindy put out her hand and Peter shook it.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Harrison,” Mindy said politely.

“Oh for heaven’s sake, no need to be so formal, it’s Peter,” he stated as he placed a hand on a shoulder of each of the girls on either side of him and led them to the car.

They put their bags in the trunk and drove the few blocks back to the house. When he opened the door, he was shocked to see his wife Karen standing in her coat with a suitcase about to walk out the door.

“Honey, what’s wrong,” he asked her concerned.

“Oh Peter, my sister just called, she’s broken her leg I have to go help her and her family for the weekend, I am so sorry to leave you and the girls alone like this, but I have to help her. All the groceries for the meal have been purchased and are in the fridge, Brooke is going to have to do the meal, she’s a good cook, she can do it, and I’m sure Mindy can help her,” she said.

She was out the door and into the cab she’d called before they knew what had happened. Peter was a bit disappointed, but things happen, you have to go with the flow.

“Alright girls, looks like it’s just the three of us, I’m sure it will be fine. Let’s order a pizza tonight, and tomorrow we can get the meal done between the three of us,” he said.

So Brooke called for a pizza, and the three of them chatted about their school projects and how they were doing and Peter was telling them how his business was coming along as well, they had a nice dinner and then the girls went upstairs and retired to Brooke’s room for the evening. Peter tidied up and settled in to watch a movie on t.v., and the girl in the movie resembled Mindy a bit he thought, another pretty redhead. She really was a beauty, he thought to himself.

He was tired after his long day, and fell asleep in the Şişli travesti reclining chair with the t.v. still on and he didn’t hear Mindy come down a while later. She was hungry and had come down to get a couple of more pieces of the leftover pizza that was in the fridge.

The beeping of the microwave woke him and he straightened up in his chair to see her in the kitchen. She was sitting at the table with the heated up food in front of her on a plate as he got up and entered the kitchen.

“Oh, hello Peter, I was hungry so thought I’d come down and have a bit more of the pizza,” she said.

“Of course dear. I’m actually a bit hungry again myself, maybe I will join you,” he said.

He then heated up some himself and sat down across from her and they chit chatted away. He couldn’t help but notice the swell of her full breasts under the big, loose tee shirt she was wearing as a nightgown, and how shapely her bare legs were that she had crossed. The night shirt was a bit sheer and he could see the outlines of her darker nipples through it. Mindy seemed unaware of the effect her attire was having on Peter and kept chit chatting away and enjoying the reheated pizza. She finished it and placed the plate on the counter beside the sink and walked back upstairs after saying goodnight and he watched her walk up the stairs and as she climbed them, he caught a glimpse of her bare buttocks under the shirt and felt a twinge in his cock as he saw.

The next day, Brooke did most of the meal preparation as she was a good cook and enjoyed cooking and all ingredients were already on hand. So Mindy and Peter spent most of the day in the living room together talking and getting to know one another as they had the Thanksgiving day parade on and the football games. They found they were very compatible and got along very well and talked about many different topics. Brooke had mentioned to Mindy that her parents always liked to dress up for holiday meals, so Mindy had brought along a nice dress to wear and some stockings and heels and changed into them before going to eat in the dining room, which Brooke had beautifully set. Her mother Karen was always jokingly called “Martha Stewart” around the holidays, since she liked everything ‘just so’ and her daughter Brooke had also inherited that streak for doing things up right as well.

After the meal was ready, they all had a lovely dinner and watched some movies on t.v. together before the girls again went upstairs for the night. The dress Mindy had been wearing and the stockings with the seams up the back had made Peter spend most of the meal with a hard on under the table as he took quick glances at Mindy across the table. He knew he shouldn’t be thinking those thoughts, he was happily married and this girl was his daughters age, yet he was thinking of what a lovely, appealing girl she was…

Like the night before, he again fell asleep watching t.v. in the reclining chair and again woke up to the beeping microwave. He went into the kitchen and saw Mindy heating up some of the leftover dinner.

“I get so hungry in the night sometimes!” she confessed.

“No worries, my dear, have all you’d like,” Peter said as he sat down at the table and watched her.

“Are you hungry too?,” she asked him.

“A little, I could go for something, maybe a sandwich,” he said.

“You sit right there. I will make it for you,” she offered. Mindy quickly made him a turkey sandwich, and added a couple of pickles to the plate. She placed it in front of him and then brought her own plate of food to the table and they ate and talked together. Once more, Peter looked at her and had thoughts he felt he shouldn’t for one so young, or for one so happily married Taksim travesti as he was.

“You’re really a lovely girl Mindy,” he said quietly.

“Thank you Peter, you’re a very attractive man yourself,” she said truthfully.

Peter was in his late forties, graying at the temples, very distinguished looking and still had a boyish charm about him. He reminded Mindy of one of her professors she liked a lot from last year, one she had had a brief affair with. She never told Brooke about it, since she worried her friend might not understand, or even question her motives, worrying it was to improve grades or something, which it was not.

“Would you like a drink, let’s go in the living room and talk some more,” Peter asked her.

They got up after they finished their food and sat on the sofa with the brandy he poured for each of them. They had a few drinks and the t.v. was on in the background at a low volume. They glanced at the screen and some sort of love story was on, there was a couple making out in bed.

Instinctively Peter reached out and ran his fingers through Mindy’s beautiful, soft long red hair. She didn’t stop him. He then leaned in and kissed her softly on the mouth and she parted her lips eagerly and they kissed deeply there for what seemed like a long time. Peter felt guilty, yet couldn’t stop himself, and his hands sought her firm, youthful breasts under her night shirt. He could feel her nipples becoming erect at his touch. Mindy was also turned on, and removed her nightshirt by pulling it off over her head. She was momentarily worried about Brooke waking and coming to look for her, but Brooke was a sound sleeper and seldom ever woke before morning.

Peter pushed her back into the deep, plush sofa and laid on top of her, exploring her mouth with his tongue. He and his wife had a good sex life, but there’s nothing like youth to get your juices flowing and this beautiful, young college girl was getting him harder than he had been in years. He could feel her nipples against his chest and his hard cock wanting to be released badly from his pants. Mindy was naked underneath him and his hands squeezed her full breasts and his thumbs toyed with her nipples and he trailed kisses down to her neck and breasts as his fingers caressed her creamy thighs.

She parted her legs for him to make his quest easier, and she let out a tiny gasp when she felt his fingers reach her pussy lips and trace up and down her wet slit without diving right in, he wanted to tease her before going for her clit. He just gently toyed with the outermost edges of her lips. He could feel her seeping wetness without ever pushing his fingers into her yet. She started to buck her hips up towards him to get the fingers to go to her clit. He finally did as she wanted and eased her pussy lips open and started to rub her clit, which was stiff and demanding attention from his fingers. He rubbed it and made gentle little circles with his middle fingertip over it until she was panting. She could feel his hard cock in his pants against her thigh and wanted to please him, but not until she got her first release. Her breath quickened, and he continued his rhythmic rubbing on her and she came biting her lip to keep from crying out and waking his daughter upstairs, Brooke.

She slowly caught her breath and as she did so, she unzipped his pants and took out his cock and it was very hard. She stroked it in her hand and pumped it forcefully.

“I want to make love to you, Mindy,” Peter whispered in her ear as he kissed it.

“Then do it,” she whispered.

Peter stood up and got out of his clothes and then laid back down on top of Mindy. She opened her legs for him and her pussy enveloped Gümüşsuyu travesti his cock and he felt her molten loins take in his entire length and coat him with her juices. He closed his eyes in ecstasy as he glided back and forth with her, feeling her clench around him. She ran her nails up and down his back lightly and he loved it and whimpered his approval at her touch. She wrapped her legs around him and felt herself nearing her second orgasm as he rocked and rocked inside of her. She took a breath and did indeed cum all over his cock. He came inside of her and just lay inside of her that way until he caught his breath.

He then withdrew his cock from her dripping pussy and sat up on the sofa, naked beside her. She got down on her knees on the floor in front of him and took his cock into her mouth that was still wet from both of their juices and he was soon hard in her mouth again. He’d never slept with anyone but his wife before and this was something he had never experienced with another woman and it was amazingly pleasurable to him to feel these feelings with someone else. He placed his hand on the back of her head and she swallowed his cock greedily and with great gusto, slurping and sucking it and licking it clean, then paying attention to his full balls. Taking them in her mouth and stroking his cock at the same time. She knew from his breathing he was about to cum again and she fully deep throated him in anticipation of his load. She felt him shoot rope after rope down her throat and she gulped it down.

He raised her up back to the couch and laid her back. This time it was he who knelt onto the floor and placed her knees over his shoulders and buried his face into her sopping cunt and licked it clean of both of their cum and he again worked on her delicate pearl of a clit which had already cum twice, with his tongue. He flickered it, swirled it and sucked on it with his tongue driving her wild once more. As he sucked on it, she came and came and came, her orgasm coming in waves, her fingers clutching his hair and pushing his face right into her pussy, making it shiny with her juices from ear to ear.

They both soon caught their breath and realized dawn was breaking out the window and she’d best get up to bed before Brooke woke up and wondered where she was. The next couple of nights Mindy was there, she snuck downstairs after Brooke was asleep and fucked her host pretty much the same. On the day she and Brooke were due to go back to school, Brooke’s mom Karen returned home after looking after her sister for the weekend.

“I am so sorry I had to leave you girls alone, I do hope you made out OK, and got a nice meal for yourselves and Peter,” she said.

“Oh yes mom, we had a very nice visit with daddy,” Brooke said innocently, not knowing what her father and friend had been up to.

“Tell you what Mindy, I think you should come back for a few days over the Christmas holidays and I can make you feel like a real guest, not having to pitch in and get your own food. I want you to feel right at home,” Karen said.

“Oh I’d LOVE that! But trust me, I felt right at home,” Mindy said, looking over at Peter, who cast his gaze elsewhere guiltily.

They all said their goodbyes and Peter drove the girls back to the train station and hugged them both before they got on board. Before she boarded the train, Mindy leaned into Peter and whispered, “Looking forward to Christmas vacation even more this year…”

The girls boarded the train and Peter drove back home wondering what he’d gotten himself into with this beautiful, saucy young girl. He grinned and couldn’t wait to find out.


Note: This is one of 11 short stories that I originally ghostwrote for someone for pay, but I ended up buying the rights back to them and have proof as such. So if anyone ever sees this story anywhere else online under a different authors name, all copies to my knowledge were removed, I did indeed write it.

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The Teacher Ch. 02

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Chapter Two: The Job

You’ll remember, I hope, that Eve left the studio for lunch to meet her best friend Jan following an audition as an actress in the adult film industry. Jan had suggested contacting her friend, George, for an interview and a possible acting job in adult videos. Jan had answered a casting call a year earlier and now earned a nice living appearing in porn movies. Eve liked Jan’s upscale lifestyle which she couldn’t afford since losing her teaching job seven months earlier. Let’s catch up with the girls at lunch …

“Over here, Eve,” Jan waved as I looked around the dimly lit restaurant for a friendly face.

Spotting Jan at a corner table, I said, “Hi! How long have you been waiting?” putting down my purse on the table. The table was large, enough chairs for six.

“Actually, I just got here a few minutes ago, Eve,” she said with a pleasant smile.

“Are we expecting friends for lunch? I inquired looking at the chairs.

“No. I just asked for a quiet place where we could talk,” Jan answered.

“Good idea,” I replied with a sheepish grin. “I’m ravenous! Let’s hit the salad bar first.”

The salad is always fresh at Crispy’s Cafe and for some reason, this afternoon it was more delicious than ever. We didn’t talk at first since it was evident we both were hungry and enjoying our meal but eventually, Jan broke the silence by asking, “Well, how did it go?”

“It went well, I think. I got the job!”

“Wow! Already? George usually makes the girls sweat out a few days before letting them know if they’re hired or not. He does it on purpose. That’s the only evil streak in George and I don’t like it.”

“Yeah, but it was a pretty good audition because Billy Joe got me so turned on, I forgot where I was and, um, I totally let myself go.”

“Oh, so it was BJ doing the honors for the audition? You were lucky. All the girls want to work with him and you can see why.”

“I’ll tell you, Jan. The boys back in college sure could learn a lot from him and I don’t mean about basketball. He sure knows how to pleasure a girl.”

“Right and congratulations! Let’s have a glass of Chardonnay and make a toast to your new job.”

Our server brought over two chilled glasses and we sipped our wine as Jan and I talked a little more about my morning. Jan had gone through it herself and was familiar with the routine. It was really nice of Jan to buy lunch as a celebration for my new career.

Two weeks later, I began panicking. Neither Betty or George had called and I was worried. Finally I called Jan and asked her, “What’s up?”

“Don’t worry, Eve. The wheels don’t turn that fast in our business. There’s the script to be written; a director to be chosen; locations to be found; and of course, deciding on actors that fit the parts. You would think it is just a matter of finding people that want to fuck on camera but George’s company tries to put out a better product. You saw the quality of my video and must have noticed there was more to it than cocks and pussies.”

“OK, I understand. How long did you wait before your first role?”

“Probably three months.”

“Oh my God! I thought it would only take a couple of weeks, not months. I’ve got a few months of unemployment left so I’ll survive but Jan, I’m really anxious to get started.”

“Hold your horses. It will happen. By the way, I saw your screening with BJ. You’re fuckin’ hot in that clip. Eve, I didn’t realize you were that good of an actor!”

“I wasn’t acting, Jan. I was totally into it! I loved the whole experience and maybe that is why I can’t wait to get started.”

Weeks turned into months and my unemployment benefits were ending. Anyway, the more I thought about doing porn, the hornier I got. I found myself pleasuring myself four to five times a week. Just the slightest hint of sex sent me over the edge. I even went on to hook up with a stranger for a one night stand. The guy was a jerk and had no Halkalı travesti idea how to satisfy a lady. All he wanted to do was plunge his cock into my cunt without a thought for my needs. This guy had to be macho man and show me how many times he could cum. The truth is, he wasn’t kidding about his abilities. The first time he came inside of me. Once he splattered my tits, and the next morning, he filled my mouth with his salty cream. Lucky for me, the phone rang before I tried hooking up again.

It was Betty … “Hi Eve. This is Betty, George’s assistant. How are you doing?”

“I’m fine Betty. I was hoping you would call a litte sooner.”

“Yes, well, we’ve been busy. Are you still interested in working with us?”

“Sure. What do you have in mind?”

“The script is still being finalized but the title is ‘Daddy Knows Best.’ We’d like you to come into the office and sit down with the director to go over the script and see if it is something you would be interested in.”

“OK, when?”

“How about tomorrow morning at 9:30?”

“That’s fine,” I said.

“OK, then we’ll see you then. Bye.”

“Bye,” and we hung up. I was on my way to an exciting new profession!

The next morning I was up with the sun, showered and dressed by 7:00 AM. Not too anxious, right? I didn’t want to be late and as it worked out, I was 15 minutes early. The receptionist took my name and said it would be a little while before Norm, the director, would be in his office. She offered me tea. We chatted while I waited and found out she did not act but got the job because her boyfriend was an actor there. His name is Tommy and she thought I’d like working with him.

“She said, “My Tommy is only 22 but he sure is a good actor. You’ll see. He has the tightest ass and a soft voice that drives me crazy.”

“Aren’t you jealous of him having sex with lots of other girls?” I had to ask.

“Oh no. He’s faithful to me and we probably will get married soon. He says it’s just a job.”

“”Yeah, and a pretty nice situation for him, too,” I thought.

Finally at 9:35, the receptionist said the director was ready and to go right in. She pointed to the door with a large sign that said, “VIDECTOR.” Even a blond like me could figure out it meant video director.

Seated behind a large desk piled high with notebook binders and DVD’s was a nice looking man in his early fifties. He wore a nicely cropped beard like BJ’s and his name was Norm. That’s right, it was Mr. Selznick, my principal!

Imagine my shock! “Norm? Could that be you?”

“Hello, Eve.” I’m so happy to see you again!”

“Why are you doing this?” I blurted out.

“Have a seat, Eve, and I’ll give you a heads up on the last few months. After you left, things really got nasty at the school district. Teachers were losing their jobs, schools were closing, and finally, administrators were fired. I was one of the last principals to be sacked. It wasn’t like on TV with Donald Trump, you know, ‘You’re Fired!’ but hey, the results were the same. I was out on the street with no job, a mortgage, a wife, and three kids.”

Norm added, “I have an undergrad degree in drama management, whatever that means, and saw this job opening. It seemed to fit and this job pays well. I’ve come to like it. Ah, sorry for the double entendre. How about you?”

I gave him the Readers Digest version and said, “Well, after leaving teaching I tried three or four different jobs but none of them worked out. My girlfriend suggested I contact George and apply. It sounded fun and the money here is better than unemployment or even teaching. So here I am!”

“OK, sounds like things are working out for the two of us. I saw your audition video and think you are perfect for this role.”

At that I blushed imagining my principal watching me fucking and sucking a complete stranger.

“Don’t be embarrassed, Eve. You bring an energy to the screen that is infectious. We all think you can Levent travesti be a major star!”

“So,” he continued, “I’d like to go over the script to see if it is to your liking. If so, we should start shooting in three weeks. There is some travel involved in this project. Would that be OK?”

“That would be fine, Norm,” and he began giving me an overview of the “project.”

“First,” he said, “I’ll be using some pretty plain language so we need to get over that quickly. Then you understand that all rights to the video are with our company. Questions?”

“No, I understand.”

“Ok, then … the working title is ‘Daddy Knows Best.’ You would be the daughter who is your age and a man about my age will be the father. OK, so far?”

“Go on,” and I thought I knew where he was going with this.

“The dad had recently divorced his wife, her mother, so he decides to take his daughter on a vacation in the Caribbean to a little island called Antigua for a father/daughter bonding. Their cottage is by the ocean with a beautiful beach. However, it turns out to be a ‘clothing optional’ beach.” On the second day, the daughter gets up enough nerve to go topless and by the third day, she is at the beach joining the others completely nude. Several of the young guys notice her and ask her dad if they were married or if she was with someone. The dad says no to both questions but that night he begins fantasizing about his daughter. The fantasy is like a dream and in the dream the father sees his daughter’s naked body on the nude beach. In the dream he tells her how she looks just like her mother when they were on their honeymoon in Antigua. Returning to the island is like reliving a part of the wonderful years they had together. It was the reason for this father/daughter trip to Antigua. He seems so sad that the marriage had ended. The daughter is taken in by this line of reasoning and feels sorry for her dad. The two hug and kiss and soon find themselves in bed fucking. She finds the romance wonderfully erotic and does what her dad wants. There will be the obligatory blow job, followed by several sexual positions and finally her dad wants to introduce her to anal sex (which her mother loved, by the way.”

“You see Eve, I’m leaving out the dialogue and just giving you a sketch of the script. You will need to learn a few lines but we’re not asking you to be nominated for an Oscar. Incidentally, Betty mentioned you were unsure about doing anal. Have you thought any more about it?

“I’ve thought about it,” I answered, “but need to talk with my friend, Jan. She might help me get over some reservations I have.”

“OK fine. Jan is a real good girl and a fine actor. She has done anal several times and would be a good person to talk to.”

“I’d like to tell you more about this vid if you have a few more minutes.”

“Sure, let’s hear the rest.”

“After the fantasy/dream sequence with your dad, we get back to reality. The next day the girl is invited to a weekend party at a plush mansion on the other side of the island. The guys tell her it might be nice for her to be in a younger crowd … inferring that being alone with her dad might be a little stifling. She agrees.”

“At the party, most of the guests are nude in the pool and having a good time. There doesn’t seem to be any tension and the group is friendly. Occasionally, a couple walks up the stairs to the bedrooms and it isn’t clear what is going on there but it isn’t hard to imagine. A few of our shots will peep into the bedrooms to see what is going on. This gives us a chance to film different kinds of fuck scenes with a few different bodies. Eventually our star … the daughter … is seen going upstairs with a ‘hunk’ (we’ll call him Jeremy) and we follow them into the bedroom. For awhile, the sex is garden variety fucking until the girl asks about, Paul, whom she had seen in the pool. She refers to his ‘package’ and wonders if he has a girlfriend. Jeremy gets Şirinevler travesti on his cell phone and asks Paul to join them. That’s when the real fun starts. You would be taking one guy in the mouth as the other enters you from the rear and then they switch and you ride him cowgirl while sucking on the other. Jeremy takes out the lub and starts rubbing your ass while you are on all fours, doggie position, and eventually slips his dick into your ass. Meanwhile you are fingering your pussy and sucking Paul. Paul gets the picture as Jeremy flips you over so that he is on his back with you on top, continuing to fuck your ass. Paul spreads your legs and enters your pussy while the two of them keep thrusting until the cum shot.”

“Now Eve, I know when you get excited, you let out some pretty awesome sounds and that is exactly what we want at this point. This is what we saw on your screening video and one reason we like you for the part. You have to react like you did with BJ. Can you do this?”

“I think so but I’ve never done DP before.”

“Well maybe we can set up a trial run before doing the filming.”

“I’d like that after I talk with Jan.”

“The cum shot is according to the director, in other words, me. If the action looks natural, I’ll have Jeremy cum in your ass and Paul will do some squirting on you face and in you mouth. The timing here is critical so it can be a little tricky. I want to see Paul’s cum on your tongue drooling down your chin onto your tits. This is usually a 30 to 45 second shot. Then I need a close-up of Jeremy’s cum oozing out of your butt hole.

“OK, that’s about it but there is one more thing. The script has not been finalized and we might need to do a fill. This means we need to be sure the DVD contains the proper length of video. We are talking about doing a group scene … an orgy finish. How does this all sound to you, Eve?”

“Pretty exciting! It will be my first job so I’ll definitely need your direction. I trust you, Norm, so this should be good for me.”

“Thanks, Eve. I’ll tell George about our meeting here. Take care and I’ll be seeing you soon to tie up the contract.”

“Got it. See you later. Bye.”

As I turned to go, Norm said, “I think you will be great in this role and I hope you agree.”

I nodded and left.

I spoke with Jan about the offer and she said, “What are you waiting for? A free trip to the Caribbean, a couple thousand bucks and you didn’t sign a contract on the spot? Come on girl, go for it. I’m jealous! Maybe I can get a part. Anyway, don’t worry about doing anal. It’s just like getting your honey pot reamed but in a different hole. They’re professionals, Eve. They take care of their talent.”

The production of “Daddy Knows Best” went pretty much like Norm had said. Tommy was there and he was everything the receptionist had said he was and more. Jan figured out a way to get into a scene and Norm helped me get over my fear of anal because … guess what? Norm played the part of my father! Who would have guessed? Norm had suggested earlier that I might like to set up a trial run for the DP scene. He offered to show me the ropes so before flying to Antigua, we had a couple of trial runs. After a few times feeling Norm’s warm slippery pecker up my ass, I began to enjoy anal. We had one DP practice session with Norm and one of the other actors. I can’t recall his name but I absolutely loved it. I felt a littly slutty but it’s all about being an actor. By the time we got ready for the DP scene in the Carabbean with “Paul” (played by Tommy) and “Jeremy,” I was more than eager to get started. Tommy had the most perfect cock I had ever had in my mouth and pussy. I wonder why the receptionist didn’t mention the fat bulb at the end of his dick. It’s that enlarged head that gave me the most pleasure, especially as it hit my g-spot. I lost all inhibitions and got so into it that George decided to keep the camera rolling for an extra 5 minutes and use it for the preview. I’m telling you, the feeling of two men thrusting in and out of a woman’s cunt and ass at the same time is an experience not to be missed! And they call that work! Go for it girl …

Look for me online as Cuntry Girl and in the adult video store near you.

Love, Eve

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The Study Pt. 01

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Big Dicks

I’m a long-time reader of this content, but this is my first attempt at a story like this. I appreciate it may not be the most original!


I stood at the desk, my throat dry and my heart thumping. I hadn’t expected this process to be so nerve-wracking. Yet here I was.

The room was empty except for myself and the receptionist, who was busy searching through a filing cabinet.

“Sorry, just give me a moment to find it.” She was a large, stout woman dressed in a very sensible cardigan, short enough that she had to stand on her tiptoes to reach the furthest files in the drawer. There was no hint of apology in her voice.

Aside from the occasional small grunt of effort from behind the desk, the space was enveloped by the ticking of the clock hanging above the door. I was desperately hoping that nobody else would walk in and see me. Not that I had anything to be ashamed of. There could be any number of reasons for me to be stood in the Student Services office. Still, the paranoia was there.

I was a university student in my third and final year. Truth be told, I was having the time of my life, enjoying the freedom and independence that came with living away from home. And yet somehow I was starting to feel things becoming a little… stale.

I had a small but reliable friendship group from various societies we took part in. I was living in a decent flat, opting for university accommodation instead of doing the usual thing and moving into a rented house. Money wasn’t so much of an issue thanks to a bursary scheme that I had somehow been accepted for. I had received enough marks to gain a first in my second year and things were looking good for a first-class degree. But I was becoming overwhelmed by an urge to put myself out there and do something different. Something daring.

When I was a wide-eyed and overexcited fresher I signed up to the student union’s weekly magazine. Of course, after skimming through the first issue I realised it was your typical poorly-written trash and ever since they had been piling up in the corner of my room. For whatever reason, last week I felt compelled to open the most recent one. Perhaps I thought it may have improved in the two and a half years since I last scanned through a copy. I picked up the magazine from the floor and flicked through.

Turns out, things were still broadly the same, save for one extra section towards the back.

Want to make some easy cash? Sign up to one of these studies and receive payment for your participation!

A thought crossed my mind. This could be the change, the variety I was looking for. I read through the titles of the studies, most of them being dull, half-hour long surveys. Towards the bottom, one caught my eye.


This is a week long residential study funded by the Sexual Behavioural Science Research Group, led by Dr S.R. Jenkins.

This research aims to analyse adult sexual activity in a controlled, confined environment.

Your participation in this study will be strictly anonymous and you may withdraw at any point in the process.

The minimum age for participation is 18.

There was some small print below regarding timings and the extraordinarily high payment. It suddenly occurred to me that there was nothing really stopping me from taking part.

And so, a week later, a receptionist at Student Services was handing me a piece of paper and a pen.

“Now this form has a red bar at the top, which means you’ll need to fill it out in one of those,” she said, pointing to the group of three enclosed booths at the side of the room. I nodded meekly and stepped inside the furthest one, closing the curtain behind me.

The form was simple enough, asking for my name, age, sexual orientation and other personal details. At the bottom were two statements to sign, one confirming that the information I just gave was completely confidential and the other confirming my willingness to participate in a study that “involves the anonymised recording and documentation of sexual acts, including non-penetrative and penetrative sex, between consenting adults.” I signed in both spaces and dropped the form into a letterbox in the wall on my way out.

The following weeks leading up to the study were some of the oddest I’ve experienced. I was required to read a number of prescribed articles on sexual wellbeing, expressing consent and even sexual advice. I was tested for a vast range of sexually transmitted diseases, which thankfully all came back negative. I was even asked to refrain from masturbating for a week before the study commenced, which may have been the most difficult part of the process. And all through this, I was still half convinced that I would back out of the study and walk away.

But before I knew it, I was packing a suitcase and catching a bus for a research building on the outskirts of the city. I was the only person to get off at that stop, and had to wait around for a while as I had been given very explicit instructions to arrive within a five minute window. I assumed this was to allow the Bakırköy travesti participants of the survey to enter the building without seeing anyone else.

As I walked up to the unassuming red brick building, I started to wonder about who I would ‘encounter’ in this week. Would it be just one person or multiple? Or would I be part of some control group and be stuck alone in my room for a week, jerking off to porn and wondering why the hell I even bothered?

These questions were soon answered after I was greeted at the reception and taken to a very small office where, sat behind her desk, a smartly dressed women sat smiling at me.

“Hi there! My name’s Dr Jenkins. Take a seat,” she said in a friendly, sing-song voice. She confirmed my name and then leaned forward on the desk, her hands clasped in front of her. Maybe it was because I hadn’t masturbated in a week, but I couldn’t help but find her intoxicatingly attractive. She looked to be in her late thirties, with short black hair and a colourful array of ear piercings. She wore a very bright green high-necked top, tightly fitted and accentuating her ample chest. A tattoo was peaking out the collar of her left arm. She was exactly the sort of person you might expect to be running a sexual behaviour study, and the way she was leaning forwards and eyeing me almost made me suspect that this was part of the research.

“So, just to confirm, you are fully aware of the nature of this residential?”

I nodded.

“Good. I’ll explain the process then. Your name has been entered into the system here,” she explained, motioning to her computer, “and in a moment you will be randomly allocated to another individual according to your sexual orientation. Now of course, we make no guarantees as to whether this person appeals to your particular physical preferences.” She said this with a small smile. “However, even if you don’t feel sexually attracted to the individual, it will all contribute towards our research. The arrangement is that you spend a week living with this person in one of our specially fitted apartments, all while being monitored by cameras installed in each room, engaging in as much or as little sexual activity as you and your partner see fit.”

I took some deep breaths. I had to admit, although it was daunting, the thought of being watched so intimately excited me. In my few previous sexual encounters I had never considered myself to be much of an exhibitionist, but the idea certainly appealed. Dr Jenkins seemed to notice my excitement and went on.

“Now I understand this may be a rather scary prospect, and so should you feel the need to, you may exit the study at any point by simply leaving your apartment. This will end the study for you and your partner immediately. Otherwise, you are required to stay in the flat for the full week. Food and supplies will of course be provided. Do you have any questions?”

I had a few, but none that she would be able to answer, so I shook my head. She smiled and rose to her feet. The door behind me opened and another smartly dressed woman led out of the office, down a long corridor and up several flights of stairs, before arriving at a hallway that resembled a cheap hotel.

“You’ll be in apartment 3E, which is just down the left there. Your partner is waiting inside. There’s a phone in the kitchen so if you need anything during the week, give us a call and my team will get to you as soon as we can.” She handed me a keycard and left.

Nervously I walked down the corridor. I was expecting a cacophony of moaning and thumping against walls, yet it was surprisingly quiet. Once I reached my door, I swiped the keycard and stepped inside.

I stood in a tiny entranceway with another door leading to the main apartment. The walls were white and the carpet was an uninteresting shade of blue. The only object in the room was a pair of shoes, clearly belonging to a female. Well, I thought to myself, at least they got that right.

I slowly opened the door to the apartment and peered in. There was nobody there to greet me, so I took off my shoes and stepped inside.

It was a simply furnished but very pleasant living space. I stood in the left corner of a combined kitchen and sitting room which, although small, did not feel too closed in thanks to the open-plan design and natural light coming from two large windows (which, I noted with some relief, had been fitted with frosted glass.) On the wall on my left were some plug sockets and a smallish TV. A sofa sat in the middle of the room facing the screen, and behind it was the kitchen. I walked across the room and looked it over. It was simple enough but very clean. All the appliances seemed to be new, or at least very well kept. In fact, I was beginning to notice that every single fixture and fitting in the apartment seemed to be brand new. There was still a very slight hint of fresh paint smell in the air. A wireless telephone was sitting on the breakfast bar, as promised.

As I started to settle into the space, I noticed the sounds of a shower coming from the other room behind the kitchen. Beylikdüzü travesti I walked through the archway and found myself in a sparsely furnished bedroom. There was a large double bed, on top of which were some towels, bathrobes and basic toiletries. On each side was a bedside table and a lamp. Opposite the bed against the wall was a desk, with two comfortable looking chairs and two laptops. We had been instructed to use these rather than our personal devices, I assumed for the purposes of monitoring our internet consumption. On another wall was a wardrobe, in front of which was a suitcase presumably belonging to my ‘partner,’ and on the wall opposite, a closed door which must have been the bathroom. Where my partner was currently showering.

I considered knocking on the door to let her know I was here, but decided against it. Instead, I left my suitcase next to hers and headed back into the main living space. I checked the fridge and found it was fully stocked, so I grabbed a coke and sat down in front of the TV. Flicking through the channels, for the first time I looked up and saw in each corner of the room a very small, discreet camera. I cast my eyes around and noticed some other cameras: one on top of the fridge, one next to the phone on the breakfast bar, one above the door leading out of the apartment. I was becoming aware of the uneasy feeling of being watched.

I noticed with a start that the shower had been turned off. I carried on facing the screen, I suppose not wanting to completely freak out the person I was living with, and listened. I heard the bathroom door open and some footsteps, which paused for a moment, before getting louder as she stepped into the room. I turned to face her.

“Hey ther-“

We stopped as we saw each other. It took a moment, but I could feel myself going pale as I realised I recognised the girl standing in the kitchen.

“Hi Hannah,” I said, quietly.

Hannah was a girl on my course. I hadn’t really spoken to her much, but we knew of each other and were reasonably friendly around each other. She had her own friendship group which I didn’t really take much notice of, though I recall doing some sort of group project with her in first year. All I knew of her was that she was smart, polite and a fairly outgoing person without being obnoxious about it.

“Oh my god… So you…?” She didn’t finish her sentence and instead, thankfully, started laughing. I laughed too.

As I looked at her I began to realise that my worries of being paired with someone I would find sexually unappealing were unfounded. Hannah was a pretty girl with straight blonde shoulder-length hair and a slim frame. She wasn’t exactly a supermodel, but then again, I supposed that wasn’t really my type. I was used to seeing her in a jumper and brightly-coloured leggings, with her hair tied back in a ponytail. Stood in front of me now, however, her hair was still wet and draped over her bare shoulders, a white towel covering her body. I could still see the outline of her smallish breasts, though nothing more.

The laughter broke some of the tension and gave me a chance to explain myself.

“Yeah, I signed up to this thing months ago. I had no idea you’d be involved.”

“Me neither,” she said, folding her arms and shaking her head in disbelief. “This is crazy. Hold on, I’ll go put something on and we’ll talk.”

She darted back into the bedroom and moments later reappeared in one of the bathrobes. She hopped onto the sofa and brought her knees up, clutching them to her chest while facing me. She looked me up and down for the briefest of moments before speaking.

“So… This is weird.”

We laughed again, not really knowing what to say.

“Yeah, I guess it is.”

“How come you signed on to this thing, then? It’s not exactly a normal study or anything.”

I explained to her how I’d been feeling stuck and bored with my status quo, how I needed to deliberately throw a spanner in the works and get something interesting going on in my life again. She nodded enthusiastically.

“I’m totally the same, I’ve just… I don’t know, I’ve been feeling sort of stale lately. I want something new to shake things up a bit, I guess.”

“But this is, like, a sexual experiences thing. Aren’t you with…?” It was bold but I wanted to clear it up. She snorted and waved her hand.

“Wow, you really haven’t been keeping up, have you? I broke up with him in second year, it just wasn’t working.”

“Ah shit, Hannah, I’m sorry.”

“Nah, don’t worry about it,” she said, momentarily placing a hand on my arm. “I’m happier, I know that.”

We sat in silence for a moment, just staring at each other. She was quite extroverted, which actually made things easier for me. I had a feeling she could sense my shyness, but I didn’t want to have to spend the entire week in awkward silence, so I carried on talking.

“Why this, though? Why a sex study?”

She shrugged. “I mean, why else? I… want to have more sex.” Now it was her that was getting shy. “I’ve never gone out just to hook up with someone, Bomonti travesti so this seemed like a different way into it. What about you?”

I nodded. “Same, pretty much. I guess we’re all just extra horny right now.”

We both laughed at that. She brought her knees down and shifted a little closer to me.

“You know, it’s kind of obvious, but this means we’re going to be having sex, right?” She looked at me, a sense of nervousness in her eyes.

“I guess we are. If that’s okay with you, obviously.”

“Yeah, yeah, I think we should…” Her voice trailed off. Another awkward silence. Suddenly, she jumped to her feet. “I’m hungry, let’s make lunch.”

We threw a couple of sandwiches together, her in her bathrobe and me still in the clothes I arrived in. As we ate, we started talking more and getting to know each other. I was rapidly growing to like Hannah, and I was regretting not talking to her more in the past. We had similar opinions on things like our favourite lecturers, the state of the student union facilities, which bars and clubs in town were best avoided. She had a bubbly sort of eagerness that I was very fond of. All the while, a nervous energy hung in the air like electricity, both of us knowing that the purpose of use two being in this apartment together was to have sex. And lots of it.

Once we finished eating Hannah offered to clear up while I went to the bathroom to take a shower. As I stepped in I saw that Hannah’s clothes were still in a folded pile on the floor. I couldn’t help but notice this included her underwear. I stooped down and gently felt one of the cups of her bra, but stopped myself before I got too excited. The urge to masturbate was already killing me, and if we really were going to fuck at any point during this, I better control myself.

I showered quickly and, after a thought, dressed myself in just the bathrobe as Hannah did. I walked back into the main room and saw her sat at the breakfast bar.

“Hey, take a look at this.”

She showed me what looked like some sort of bread bin, but as I drew closer I saw it was full of different sorts of condoms and lubricants.

“Holy shit. I mean, I guess that makes sense.”

“Well, I’ve been on the pill for a year now so a lot of this isn’t really necessary, so…” She glanced at me quickly before flicking through the different packets. “Oh look, you can take this one home.” She tossed a packet of extra small condoms at me teasingly. I batted them away.

“Well, you better be careful what you’re saying there,” I said with a grin. “You sure you want to be spending a week with a guy with an extra small dick?”

She shrugged. “Size isn’t everything. There’s more to making me cum than just having a big cock.”

Hearing her say “cum” so directly like that was a bit of a shock, but a welcome one. She pulled out a cherry flavoured condom.

“Never tried one of these before.” She said it almost dismissively. Tossing it back into the box and closing the lid, she hopped off the chair and walked over to the sofa. “Let’s watch something.”

“Er… sure.” I stayed in my seat.

“Come on, then.” She beckoned me over.

“No, it’s… it’s fine.” I was suddenly getting very uncomfortable.

“What’s up, why won’t you-? Ah,” she said with a knowing grin.

The stiffness of my cock wasn’t visible to her behind the bar, but I could feel it pushing out against the fabric of my bath robe. Hannah paced over to me slowly, an eyebrow raised.

“Well this is fun. You okay there?”

“Oh shut up,” I said, feeling my cheeks go red. “Sorry, I mean, it’s just a bit… embarrassing?”

“Embarrassing? That?” She nodded at my still hidden crotch. “Look, if you’re going to be fucking me, I’ll be seeing much more than you pitching a tent, you know.”

Again, hearing her speak so boldly about me fucking her had all sorts of things racing through my mind. She noticed.

“Was it because I said about making me cum? Was that it?” She walked right up to me, placing a hand on my shoulder in a teasingly patronising way as I tried to hide my erection. “Well,” she said, lowering herself down to my level, “you’re going to be making me cum a whole lot this week. I just know it. You’re going to fuck me and you’re going to make me cum, and I want that so, so bad.”

I swallowed. My cock was now throbbing and her lips were centimetres from my neck.

“Do you want to fuck me?” she asked beseechingly.

“Yeah, I do.”

“Well, stand up then.”

Timidly, I turned round and stood up. It occurred to me that only a couple of girls had actually seen my cock before, and Hannah was about to be the third. My cock was poking through my bathrobe, fully erect. I was aching to cum.

Hannah smiled approvingly. “I can work with that.” She stepped forward and reached for the collar of my robe, before seemingly changing her mind and instead grabbing her own. She continued to stare at my cock as she undid the belt of her robe and let it open. My eyes followed as the material parted, revealing her cleavage, the gap between her breasts, the subtle line leading down to her navel, and finally, fully shaved, her pussy lips. I drank her in as she shifted her shoulders and let the robe fall completely, revealing her pert little breasts with small, perfectly round nipples. I could tell from her breathing that she was just as nervous as I was.

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