First Time with Vice Principal

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*All characters in this story are above the age of 18 years old.*


Daughter from “mother” series of stories is called into vice principal’s office for the first time.

I sat in the waiting area of the principal’s office, after I have been called to report one afternoon. I had no idea what I had done, but you don’t get called here unless something was wrong. I tried to think of everything that I have done that could explain why I was called here, but I kept drawing a blank. The vice principal, Amanda Whitney, then emerged from her office and beckoned me inside. I walked in and took a seat that she silently pointed to, before she shut the door behind us. She then walked around her desk and took her seat, before sitting silently while she stared at me for an unknown reason. I was getting more and more nervous by the minute, but still had no idea why I had been called here.

Ms. Whitney was a tall blonde haired woman of about in her middle thirties. She was always dressed professionally in form fitted pants suits. She was known to be a stickler for the rules and regulations and was generally known to be the real head of the school. She had been a track and swimming athlete in high school and college, and had obviously kept up with her olds habits as she still had an amazing body. As nervous as I was, I couldn’t help admire her beauty. Her body was obviously firm and athletic, with amazing breasts and a firm ass. Her hair was always drawn up in a formal bun or other way to keep it out of her face. Her piercing blue eyes seemed to look right through me and I couldn’t help the slight dampening of my own pussy as I sat before her.

My own sexual awakening to my enjoyment of older women had started with former couch Stephanie one late night after school was out. I had dabbled since then, but I was in no way confident enough to make the first move. My friend’s mother Racquel had been the first woman to come on to me after coach Stephanie. I had stopped by to visit her daughter, but since she wasn’t home yet her mother had invited me to wait inside. Her slow seduction of me had ended up with two hours of the most amazing lesbian sex I had yet engaged in. This had resulted in numerous other encounters and my frequent visits in the five or six months since then. I had even spent the night with in her bed, once her daughter had gone to sleep. I began to get it into my head that Ms. Whitney had somehow come to find out about coach Stephanie’s and my sexual encounter all those months ago, and had brought me here to confront and expel me from school.

I made it a point to remain quiet, as my mind raced in a thousand different directions, but always seemed to return to me being in trouble. I made a decision to not mention a word about coach Stephanie and to vehemently deny anything in regards to our time together. I still thought of her warmly and refused to do or say anything that might put her career in jeopardy. I felt my face harden as Ms. Whitney suddenly leaned forward and placed her elbows on her desk. She then placed her chin on her clasped hands, using them like a pedestal to hold up her head as she continued to stare silently at me. She finally tilted her head to the side and asked calmly, “Do you know why you have been called here, young lady?”

I bristled at her calling me by that name. That was something that my mother called me when I was in trouble and the fact that Ms. Whitney deemed to call me that set me back and güngören escort made me very defensive. I answered calmly but coldly, “No, Ms. Whitney.”

She then replied, “Well, I have had several conversations with a friend of mine. And it seems that you have been engaged in some very inappropriate behavior in the past six months. Does that help to jog your memory?”

I again steeled my resolve to admit to nothing in regards to coach Stephanie. Ms. Whitney seemed to be fishing and I was certainly not biting. I shook my head and decided to play innocent, as I answered “I’m sorry, ma’am. But I have no idea what you are referring to. I haven’t had any problems at school and my grades are as high as they have ever been. I’m afraid I have no idea what you are referring to.”

She smiled and nodded her head as if she was confirming something that she had already known. I was already planning my next denials, when Ms. Whitney smiled and asked “I hear you have become quite close to Ms. Racquel Sanchez. We have been very close since childhood and she confided in me recently about your rather perverse relationship. Do you have anything to say to me now?”

I actually felt like smacking the bitch. I gritted my teeth and hissed out, “I am eighteen years old and whatever I do outside of this fucking school with another consenting adult is none of your or anyone else’s god damn business.”

I was practically shaking with rage as she continued to stare at me. So far her only reaction to my statement was a quirk of her eyebrow. She then began to smirk at me as she said, “That’s good to hear, because I think it’s time to broaden your horizons. You can’t honestly tell me that Racquel’s innocent MILF personality is enough for someone as sexy as you, can you?”

My mouth fell open at her statement, as I stared at her. How the fuck had this turned from her earlier statement of my supposed “perverse relationship” with an older woman to Ms. Whitney now seeming to come onto me. I blinked several times and refused to fall into some kind of trap, as I simply asked “What?”

Ms. Whitney then leaned back in her chair and unbuttoned her suit jacket, allowing her to relax a bit more, and letting her full breasts to clearly bulge behind her white blouse. She smirked at me as she watched my eyes drop to her breasts. She let me sit there for a few minutes before saying, “Well, as I said Racquel and I grew up together and even now we have no secrets. So I know all about your numerous trysts. does your mother know that her daughter enjoys licking older women’s pussies?”

I stuttered out, “I…My mom knows I am a lesbian.”

Ms. Whitney’s smirk intensified and she slowly trailed a finger across her bulging breasts, as she asked “But does she know you have a preference for older women? I don’t think she does. But we can keep that between us, if you’re amenable, that is.”

I blinked again and shook my head to try to clear my mind, as I asked “What do you mean, ma’am?”

She held my gaze as she answered, “I would like you to show me what a good little pussy licker you really are. I like the idea of having you paged to my office and having you service my wet pussy at any time during the school day. After school, you may do as you like and continue to fuck Racquel to you heart’s desire, but during school your young little body belongs to me. We both know that principal Hartmen has one foot out the door to retirement bağcılar escort and that I am the one who really runs things in this school. I could be a very good friend to have, don’t you agree.”

Yep, my pussy felt like it had just caught fire. I was definitely turned on by all of this. I had never expected to be subtly blackmailed into having sex with my beautiful and sexy female vice principal. I had to force myself not to agree to everything that she had said, even though I felt my panties being soaked through from my leaking pussy. I wanted to draw this out and hear more. Besides, being forcibly taken by a beautiful older woman was one of my most recurring masturbation fantasies. She was right about Ms. Sanchez, she definitely played the role of innocent MILF perfectly. But Racquel could never be anywhere near a forceful and domineering as I fantasized about. I finally asked in fake innocence, “I’m not sure what you would expect me to do, Ms. Whitney.”

She smiled wider at me as she stated, “Well, it’s quite simple really. I text you to come here whenever I want. You come into my office by the side door and close the door behind you. You then climb under my desk and service my wet and needy pussy like a good girl should. Racquel says you are an excellent pussy licker and clit sucker, so that should not be an issue for you. Once I cum, I’ll let you go back to class. Of course, you will be required to keep my pussy juices on your face for the rest of the day. I’d want everyone, and especially Racquel, to know where that cute little face and tongue of yours have been. Don’t worry, there will be no ramifications from teachers, coaches, of staff members here. Even if they were to suspect something, I will handle everything. I’ll even furnish you with tardy slips so you won’t get into trouble with your teachers. All you have to do is act natural and that’s it. What do you say?”

I again had to stop myself from jumping up and down and doing a fist pump in the air. I kept an innocent and slightly nervous face, as I asked “Do I have a choice, ma’am?”

Ms. Whitney smirked again as she answered, “Why of course you do. You can choose to enjoy my sweet pussy whenever I call you here. That may even happen several times a day. This will help you by getting you more practice in the proper servicing of a wet pussy. You will also benefit from a glowing recommendation from your school’s vice principal, soon to be principal, towards the college of your choice. Or you can refuse and leave my office right now. I won’t give you a second chance here. So think hard, young lady.”

I pretended to think hard and even look like I was not interested. I turned and looked at the door, like I was considering leaving. I then turned back to her and softly replied, “I’ll do it, ma’am.”

Ms. Whitney smirked and leaned forward, as she asked “You will do what exactly?”

I huffed dramatically, as I answered “I will service your pussy whenever you call me in here.”

Ms. Whitney smiled at me as she once again leaned back in her chair, as she said “That’s a good girl. Now I have an appointment with the school board in twenty minutes, so why don’t you get down where you belong and show me that you really mean what you say.”

I sighed, as I stood up and walked around her desk. I then dropped to my knees, as she pointed under the desk. I crawled under the desk, so turned on that I could hardly believe that esenler escort this was actually happening. I intended to enjoy every second of this. I then placed my face between her legs, as she guided my hands to pull her pants and panties down. Accomplishing that, she then pulled my head directly into her pussy, as she moved her chair towards me. I was now trapped under her desk with my face smashed into her wet pussy. I could not hold myself back any longer. I shoved my face between her wet folds and slid my tongue deep into her wet pussy.

I felt her juices wet my face, as I moaned softly. My hands gripped her thighs as I pulled myself closer to her. I felt her fingers gripping my hair as she pulled and held me to her pussy. She moaned out, “Oh, you good little cunt licker. I’m going to make good use of that tongue. Eat my wet pussy you little tease. I knew you wanted this. I could tell you were just acting all innocent. I bet your young pussy is as wet as mine, isn’t it? Mmm…that’s it. Lick deep inside me. Oh, yes.”

She was right, my pussy was dripping wet. I just hoped that I could have some fun with Ms. Sanchez later on today, as Ms. Whitney had said nothing of making me cum. I was in cunt licking heaven. I had longed to be treated like a little slut for pussy by an older woman. Now that is was actually happening, all I could think about was pleasing her. I flicked the tip of my tongue up and down, as I shoved my tongue in and out of her pussy. I smiled thinking that both of my favorite sexual encounters involved older women from my high school. I briefly wondered if this was the first time that Ms. Whitney had a little pussy licker service her desires at school, or was I the first? I cast that thought out and decided that it didn’t matter, as I concentrated on her soft moans and sighs of pleasure.

She was pulling my face deeper into her pussy lips, as she bucked her hips into my face. I felt my face glisten with her juices, as I continued to service her pussy. She was really getting into this and her moans were growing louder. I absentmindedly wondered if anyone would check on her to make sure everything was alright. I smiled thinking of how hot it would be to lick her pussy silently under her desk, while she had a meeting in her office. Everyone else would be oblivious to what was really going on. I wondered if she could keep herself together as I brought her to orgasm.

My inner musings were brought to an abrupt end as she suddenly pulled my hair roughly and moaned loudly, as her pussy released a flood of her juices over my tongue, into my open mouth, and covering my face. She was a real gusher. I felt her juices dripping from my chin as I continued to lick deeply into her pussy. She let go of my hair and leaned back with a very satisfied sigh of relief. She then moaned out, “Racquel was right about you. You are a natural pussy pleaser. I am definitely going to make good use of you.”

She then stood up and pulled up her panties and pants. She made herself presentable and then handed me my tardy slip as she said “You may go now. I’ll text you when I want another round.”

I dipped my head and crawled out from under the desk, as I said “Yes, ma’am.”

I then left through the side door and went back to class. No one said a thing to me about my face smelling like pussy, not teachers or students. I smirked as I wondered how many of them actually knew what pussy smelled like. I savored the taste of her juices for the rest of the day, and even refused to get a drink so as not to lose the taste. Racquel was unfortunately out of town, so I had to take some me time in my room before mom came home. I always wondered if mom ever suspected anything or if she ever noticed my face smelled of pussy. But she never said anything so…

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First Chance Taken

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I click off my computer and straight away dial your number. When you answer, there’s some uncertainty in your voice.

“You’re wet for me already, aren’t you Tana?”
You have to admit that yes, you are.

“It’s alright to be wet for another woman.”

You give a tiny, cute little giggle.

“Tell me what you have on right now. Probably a gown and panties?”


My voice is very low, soothing. It’s so strange to hear this tone from female vocal chords. Exciting, scary. I whisper, “Are they the cotton kind that soaks up the wetness and stays damp all day or the nylon kind that gets all slippery and shiny?”

“The cotton kind,” you answer, your voice also a bare whisper, still unsure of this new situation.

“Touch the fabric and tell me how wet it is.”

Your panties are beginning to soak through. Something so new and taboo…

“Take them off, sweetheart,” I tell you. “Pull them off and then lie back on your bed. Get comfortable for me. Open your knees very wide.”

You do as you are told, knowing that I expect nothing less.

“Now close your eyes, Tana. Concentrate on only my voice. Shut out all other thoughts except what I tell you.”

Very quietly, you whisper, “Okay.”

“Feel me there in the room with you. I’m lying down on the bed between your legs. You can feel the bed sink down, you can feel my breath on your inner thigh. I’m examining your pussy.

I hear an intake of breath. You can feel me… knowing that I’m staring at your most intimate place.

“You are open just for me, aren’t you, Tana?” “I see your lips swelling up,” I tell you. The blood is causing them to be so soft and puffy. I see you getting wet, little drops of clear glistening fluid forming. I see your little clit growing into a hard pebble, peeking out from its hood.

“No you feel my fingers brush lightly over your downy hair, tickling it, caressing your. I drag my fingertips over the outside of the lips, across your thighs, down to the swell of your ass. Not invading you, but soothing you.

Your merter escort breath is a little quicker now, I hear you sigh. “No touching, Tana. Your pussy is my plaything tonight. My toy. You can’t play with someone’s toy without asking permission first, can you?”

“No,” you murmur.

“Do not touch.” Said more sternly this time.

“Yes, Ma’am,” that slips out without you being consciously away of saying it.

Now you feel my thumbs, pushing down between your puffy lips. I spread you open so I can see all of you. I spread you wide, spreading the inner lips too. Spreading them so wide that it is almost painful. It stings just a little bit… more pleasure than pain.

I use one hand to hold you open and with my longer middle finger, I push into that so hot, so wet tight opening. I ease it all the way in, feeling the folds of muscle and flesh inside your pussy. I hear you moan again.

Slowly, I begin to fuck you with this finger, sliding it all the way out and back in.

“My, how wet you are!” I tell you, my voice warming your ear. “Such a good girl.” To reward you, I add a second finger, pushing them into you slowly, twisting my wrist and turning them inside you. Stirring up your juices… I can hear the sounds of the moisture… the squishing sound of your excitement.

Your sighs tell me that you really like this. You really like the feeling of a woman’s fingers inside your pussy.

Then suddenly you gasp as you feel a warm flick over your clit. I flatten out my tongue and lick up over the whole area, tasting you for the first time. How sweet you are! I feel a flood of new moisture.

Now I make my tongue very hard and put it against one side of your clit. Not directly on it – like most men believe – but we know that can sometimes be too intense. I think the right side is probably your most sensitive spot and I concentrate there, stroking up and down.

But then over the phone line, I hear you moaning loudly, too loudly for just listening to me.

“You’re touching yourself, zeytinburnu escort aren’t you Tana?” I scold you, already knowing the truth.

You stay silent and that is as good as a confession.

I stop everything, even pulling my fingers out of you.

“Oh, Tana, what will I do with you?” I feel you bowing your head in shame, knowing that you’ve been a bad girl.

I stand up and my eyes search the room until I find a discarded silk tie – one of your husband’s. I pick it up and surprise you by climbing on top of you, straddling you so are hips are pressed together. I am naked too and you can feel the trimmed hair of my pussy tickling your lower belly.

I take your hands, putting your wrists together, binding them only tight enough so that you can’t pull them apart. Then I push them up over your head. When I lean forward, my breasts brush right over your face. You wonder what it would taste like to suck the small hard nipples, hardly noticing that I’ve secured your hands to the headboard. I sit back to admire my work and although you struggle to pull free, your struggles only tighten your bonds.

“No!” you protest. “That’s not fair!”

“Be quiet, Tana.” I lean over again to whisper in your ear, sucking the earlobe lightly between my lips. Then I climb back off the bed.

You turn to watch me rifling through my bag. You can’t see what I pull out but you see me putting on something, it almost looks like a thong from behind. This makes you very curious.

When I turn around I see something almost like fear in your eyes. The size of the strap on is big, thick as your wrist and at least ten inches long. I move to climb up on the end of the bed between your open thighs.

“I’m going to fuck you, Tana. I’m going to make you scream and make you know what it feels like to be fucked by a woman.”

Though your eyes are still wide with surprise, I see them gleaming with lust. I know you want this.

I lean forward and rub the cool rubber head up and down your slit güneşli escort to get it wet all over. You certainly are very wet. When it is too, I place the head of it right at the opening and press forward again.

You moan loudly as it begins to invade you, your arms straining at the tie that holds you still. Using small strokes at first, I pull out and push back in, working the huge cock into you a little at a time, inch by inch. When it finally slides in all the way to the rubber balls, I start to slam it into you roughly.

I take your legs in my hands and lift them, opening you more and letting me have deeper access to your pussy. Harder and harder I fuck you, making you squirm, almost as if to get away, but it feels so good. You want to reach out to me but your bound hands are unable.

The sounds you make and the quickness of your breath tell me you are close to orgasm. I drop your legs now and lean over you, my face close to yours.

“Are you ready to cum now, Tana?” I asked you through my own gritted teeth. You have no idea how wet doing this has made me.

“Oh yes! Yes please!” you answer, pleading.

“You have to ask me nicer than that!” I growl, suddenly reaching behind the base of your neck and grabbing a fistful of your hair. I tug your chin up so that I can nibble on your neck while my artificial cock still slams into you.

“Ohhhhh!!” now you scream. “Please, please!”

I go back up on my knees now and reach one hand down between us, finding your clit. I start to stroke it with my thumb.

You writhe, hardly able to hold back yet afraid to let go until I tell you it’s okay.

I wait only a few seconds, enjoying the look of near-torture on your face, then I whisper, “Now. Cum now, Tana! Give it to me!”

Even though the dildo is not part of me, I can feel the contractions of your pussy on it – squeezing it, milking it. I love the way you are crying out, the way your hips are bucking from side to side.

As the spasms dwindle, I smile and speak very softly. “Good girl, Tana. Very good.”

It’s hard for you to catch your breath. I pull out of you, remover the strap-on and crawl up beside you, taking a moment to untie your arms. Then I put my arms around you, pulling your head down to my chest.

“You’re so good,” I sigh into your ear, stroking your hair softly. “I can’t wait till you do me.”

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From the Tent Ch. 01

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Ch. 01: The Scarf

My darling concubine,

Sadly, we are separated by enormous distance, yet I find myself thinking of you.

I remember the first time I saw you…

I walked through the market place searching for a gift for my Prince. No longer in his favor, a little bored with me, I hoped to rekindle his passion with an unusual present.—new blood for his collection of concubines. You were to be that gift. Bored, I examined the women for sale—they looked tired, jaded and unremarkable. Then…

I saw you – a tiny figure at the back – your posture giving away your pain and expectation that you’d be overlooked. Yet something about you called to me even though you seemed unaware of my scrutiny from the crowd.

Today, I send you this gift – a scarf I found in the same market.

I want you to undress and hold the fabric to you as you read this.

The scarf holds my perfume, and I hope this will help you recall my presence. Even across the miles and through the long journey, my hope is the fabric will have retained my favorite perfume which will remind you of how it feels to caress my skin, a trace of tobacco which may remind you of my kisses, and perhaps traces of my musk from when I pulled it repeatedly between my thighs last night when I thought of you and longed for the pleasure you give me.

The material and texture are particular, too. The scarf is soft like your skin, yet black which represents my touch and possession of you. The translucence makes me think of your wide-eyed trust. The sequins are solid and shine like your inner beauty.

Search with your breath—find what remains and use your imagination to bring me to you, as if I was there now…

Last night I undressed and thought of you. My eyes closed, I draped the scarf around my neck. I let it trail across my breasts and remembered what your sweet hands felt like as they tentatively stroked my skin. I tingle with the memory even now as I write this. I want you to place the scarf in the same way I did. Pull it away—relish the soft, rough coolness as it slides across your throat, grazing your neck where I bit you and marked you as mine.

I remember when they brought you to me—the first time and I knew, even then, that you belonged to me, that I wouldn’t let you go. I had to enjoy you and explore your body, and I wouldn’t, couldn’t, give you away or risk losing you.

You tried not tremble as I circled you, and you didn’t flinch as my slaves removed your clothes—careful not to touch the skin that now belonged to me. I knew you didn’t like my eyes scouring your curves and pale, flawless skin. I watched you breathe and wondered at your composure. Your head hung demurely, eyes instinctively on the floor, no doubt aware of my painted toes. I heard a slight intake of breath, sensed fear as I leant forward and touched a scar on your arm with a long fingernail.

“What are these?” I asked one of the slaves. No one knew. You glanced at me as I spoke but kenw to look away as I leaned even closer.

“I’ve decided to keep you for myself,” I told you. “You belong to me.” A slight nod. “All of you…” I lowered my voice, “Even this…” I cupped your mound and felt you shift a fraction. “Leave us,” I said. The slaves hesitated, and I removed my hand to wave them away. “I want to prepare her myself. No one but me must touch her.”

Loosening my belt, I moved towards the deep, warmed bath. I poured oil into the water then pulled my silk dress over my head. I stood before you, naked, before my prize.

I want you, now, to bunch the scarf and roll it gently across your skin, slowly, not forgetting your back and buttocks as you bring back that moment, the heat from my admiring gaze.

Do you remember the bath—how we both stepped down into the deep water? hd porno How I took your hand? How you lowered your eyes and knelt before me?

“Wash yourself,” I said, and I watched hungrily as slowly, you scooped handfuls of water and rinsed your head and shoulders.

A finger beckoned you closer, and you slid forward—apprehensive but so brave.

“You are here to please me,” I explained gently. “That will be your pleasure.” You thought a moment, glanced up at me and looked away automatically when I frowned.

“You must ask permission to speak and you will address me as ‘Mistress’ for I am yours as much as you are mine.”

Your scarf, concubine, is a symbol of how you are tied to me. Softly, willingly, I want you to think about that tie as you wrap the fabric loosely around your wrists. Lie on your belly. I want to know that now you are submissive and beautiful. I want to visualize your skin glowing you flush with a sense of purpose. Take pride in that knowledge.

Remember how I placed my hands on your breasts? I wanted to teach you how your body belonged to me. I held your eyes as I gently massaged your skin. I enjoyed how you tried to stay still. You knew your place, and I sensed that you wanted to touch me.

I slid my hands to your waist. The water heaved as you shifted to part your thighs and raise your knees for me. I nodded my approval, proud that I had chosen someone who knew what I wanted.

“You are a good kitten. This is my name for you because you are young, soft and innocent.”

As I spoke, I watched your face for a reaction. Your eyes were half-closed and I could feel your heart pounding in excitement, perhaps a little fear.

I raised one hand to your lips, stroking gently. “You may kiss my hand,” I said, sliding the other along your thigh.

Loosen your scarf and roll onto your back. I want you to stroke the velvet across the same place—slowly. Close your eyes and bring that first time back. I did the same last night, and I said your name as I became more and more aroused, “Kitten…Kitten…” I whispered as I thought of how right it felt as I touched your smooth skin. And how eager you were in your stillness.

Remember how carefully you explored the palm of my hand as I smoothed it across your lips?

“Yes! Do that…you can do that…” I sighed—aroused by you so soon, despite myself. While your tongue lapped my palm, I felt the tension increase as I stroked your thigh in response.

Can you feel me now? Has the memory resurfaced and made this real again? Last night it became so for me. It was as if I was with you again as my hand searched for that place between your thighs.

There was, I remember, the tiniest gasp of disappointment when I pulled away. I rose above you, showers of water glistening in the candlelight.

“Kneel,” I said as I sat at the edge of the pool, my thighs parted for you so you could know your Mistress. “My concubine…” I purred, proud of my choice. “Now, put your hands behind your back. Yes—like that. Clasp them tight. I want to see your breasts jutting toward me, your Mistress.”

You blushed deep. I pulled your chin up, “There’s no shame, concubine, just acceptance—look at me.” And brilliant blue eyes cut through me. I felt a jolt of protectiveness.

“You’re safe here, with me. No one will harm you.”

Lips parted, you sighed, looked at me expectantly.

“You are here to give me pleasure and I will train you. You will give me everything.”

You nodded.

Last night as I recalled this moment, I threw my head back into the pillows when I remembered the glorious moment when you first pressed your face into my cunt. I tried to reproduce the sensation with my open hand, your damp hair tickling my skin as you fed off me—like the scarf sex izle tickling you as you read this. Nothing, however, can reproduce the shock and feeling of completion as you inhaled my scent. You panted and moaned despite yourself as your hungry tongue licked and stroked me, possibly a little too quickly.

“Longer strokes…” I gasped as your mouth and chin twisted between my legs. And you obeyed, and despite myself, I lost a little control in my excitement and fell back, lifting my ankles out of the water to gain purchase on the tiles. In doing this, I inadvertently dislodged you and you knelt up, confused, worried that you’d displeased me.

“Mistress?” you said, your voice shaking with anxiety.

I lifted my head so I could look at you. Taking pity, I wrapped my legs around your neck nad pulled your face back down to my sopping cunt.

“Longer…strokes,” I repeated, “and…oh…and you can use your hand.”

Now I want you to know how that felt for me as you tortured my soft, moist cunt lips. Touch yourself with the scarf. I want you to slip two fingers deep inside yourself. Feel the heat inside you as you once felt it inside me. Buck your hips like I did. Hear my ragged breath and remember your own, muffled groans.

As I reached climax, I remember clawing at your head, twisting your long hair around my hands, pulling your face harder to me.

Last night, I rolled that same scarf across my belly. I teased myself with it, stroking my breasts, thighs, my vulva until I came long and hard, moaning your name. Can you remember how that felt for you?

I remember my shaking legs, slumped, I shuddered at the intensity.

“My beautiful concubine…” I groaned in wonder. “I made a good choice.”


“Speak.” I leant on one elbow to look at you. Your chest heaved, your face anointed with my juices.

“Did I…did I ‘please’ you?” “You did. You have much to learn about how to pleasure me—but for now, I am pleased with your obedience.”

I pressed against your fingers again, aroused by your humility.

“More,” I insisted, and I marveled at your spirit as you pumped four fingers into me this time, gently at first, then when I commanded you “Harder,” you did my bidding. I guided your other hand to my belly under the curve and above my pubic line, making you press hard, there, so it felt even deeper.

“Kitten…harder…” I gasped as I fell into an orgasm more ferocious than the first.

I pushed your hands away. Tears filled your eyes. For a moment, I think, you believed I was angry.

“You’ve done well, my good girl,” I smiled. “I’m cold. That’s all.”

I pulled you to me, wrapped my legs around your waist and forced my mouth against yours. Your lips parted with no hesitation as I breathed you in. I felt you trying to control the emotions in danger of overwhelming you, and I felt the skin on your forehead tighten as you fought back grateful tears.

“Tell me what’s wrong, Kitten,” I murmured into your mouth, but you couldn’t answer with my tongue searching for yours, and when I clasped my lips around it, pulled you deep inside me, you moaned as if in pain.

“You’ve surpassed my dreams.” Remember when I told you this and how you wept hot tears as I hold you and stroked your beautiful face, your eyes shut in shame.

“I want your tears,” I soothed. “I want all of you. I have all of you.” I tilted my head to the side, amused at your innocence. “Why are you crying Kitten?”

“Because I’m happy, Mistress,” you said.

Remember how I helped you out of the bath and wrapped you in large, soft towels. How I took you to the fire, we sat facing each other on the sheepskin rug, and I tied your wrists in front of you with a black, silk scarf? Then I sat behind you, pressed my altyazılı porn breasts against your back trying to hold you as close as possible. I positioned my legs on either side of you and reached over to pull your knees apart. You were shaking with need.

And now, can you feel my hair trailing across your skin when I licked the nape of your neck and shoulders as I rolled your breasts.

“Mine.” I reminded you and you whimpered in gratitude, pushing your head against me as I enveloped you. Then I slid my hands to your hips, checked you were still open for me and reached under your tied hands to your soft curls, sliding my fingers over a moist nub.

“I want you to give yourself to me,” I hissed in an effort to compose myself. “I am your Mistress, and if you give yourself to me, I’ll be pleased.”

Your legs trembled as I worked you with rough strokes. “Give up all your control. It’s time. It’s what I want.” Your moans become louder, pleading almost as you turned your head awkwardly so I could kiss the side of your mouth, but my own mouth was searching for the perfect spot just as my fingers were.

“Keep your legs wide.”

“Oh, yes…Mistress. Yes.”

“Give,” I insisted before my teeth clamped to bite at the juncture of your neck and shoulder. “The same side as your heart,” I explained as I pulled back for an instant to take a calming breath. “Are you ready?”

Hold your hand to your mark, Kitten, as you rub yourself as roughly as I did that night. There was no time for gentleness. I wanted you to feel mauled and out of control. This was about my will being done. As I rubbed, I chewed on your neck, knowing that it hurt, and when I sensed you were close, I bit down hard—and you screamed your pain and ecstasy as you came for what seemed like an eternity, rocking against my but making no effort to escape as you fell into the bottomless pit that was my desire for you.

And I held my hand firmly against your cunt, rubbing mercilessly, even when you were past coming, hissing your gratitude. My other arm wrapped tight around you to keep you still as I suckled at your mark, pulling and nipping at the skin symbolizing my ownership of your body and soul.

Finally, I released you and you collapsed against me.

“You’re mine,” I sighed.

I covered you in towels and stroke naked to the flask of warmed wine, and since your hands were still tied, I held it to your lips while you drank. I teased your black locks away from your tear-streaked face and patted it dry with a corner of a towel. You looked calm and peaceful. I pulled the towels away, and you automatically parted your legs for me. I nodded my approval, licked my lips, tempted by you.

“Later. You need rest. Come to me.” And you followed me to my bed, waited as I pulled the thick coverlet back and lay on my side. You knew what to do and climbed in, your tied hands making it difficult.

Your body was limp as I wrapped my arms and legs around you once I had pulled the covers over us. I remember lifting your hair, drinking in the erotic sight of your bruised neck—the seal that made you mine.

As you slept, I enjoyed the warmth from your body. I listened to your peaceful breaths. I stroked the scars on your arms in the hope of healing you.

I lay awake a long time. I sighed as your hands searched for my face over your shoulder, and I kissed your fingertips and helped you get comfortable again. Once I was sure you were safe, I drifted off.

Last night, when I remembered all this, I held your scarf between my thighs, and I slept with it like that so you could feel me now.

Hold it to your face.

When there are tears, I want you to lose the sobs in here as if it were my neck. When you feel lost, remember, you have this scarf to tie you to me. When you don’t know what to do, stroke yourself with it as if it was me touching you.

Keep it with you. Remember me. Imagine me, your Mistress, for, my beautiful concubine, I am as much yours as you are mine. And you are safe.

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For Your Viewing Pleasure

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Megan dreaded the thought of another week alone at the condo. The holidays were always tough for a laid off legal secretary because the law firms simply weren’t in need of people. The temporary agency she relied on for work had warned her December would be bad.

Not having an income wasn’t the only reason Megan dreaded being stuck in the condo. She had good reason to be afraid because of something she had little control over…her looks. A beautiful, blonde, thirty four year old divorcee known to be alone for extended periods of time was like a neon sign telling the young, single guys in the community to ‘hit on Megan.’ Hell, she’d even been approached by a couple married men lately.

Their methods were numerous and varied, though seldom creative. Megan could spot an unwelcome advance from a mile away and she was very good at being abrupt in her dismissal of the superfluous suitor.

This time it was a condo association maintenance man who alleged that a pipe was thought to be leaking near Megan’s condo. In spite of her better judgment, or perhaps in fear he may be right, she let him proceed. She watched from behind a bedroom curtain as he walked back and forth across her back yard with what looked like a miniature metal detector better used to find rings at the beach.

Megan soon tired of watching the parade and went back into the kitchen. Eventually, the man knocked on the sliding door. Megan opened it just enough to talk.

“Think I found something,” the man said in a deep southern accent. “Let me show you.”

He held a roughly sketched map in his hand and practically forced his way inside before Megan could even say, ‘Show me from there.’

“What is it?” she asked when he was half way in.

“Let me put this here map on the table.”

He had propped the metal detector up against the back wall of her porch and, dirty shoes and all, made his way to the kitchen table. Megan figured he was about forty, with a mental age of fifteen. He looked rough. He smelled rougher.

The man slapped the paper on the table, stabbed at a point close to her back porch with a dirty finger, and said, “I got a really weak signal right thar. From thar to the back of y’alls lot, it sounded fine. We might need to dig.”

Megan’s mind was not on the map. She was kicking herself for choosing this day to wear her most revealing tank top. The man’s eyes were more often on her tits than the map. He never once made eye contact with Megan. She sensed trouble.

“Listen. Have the condo association get hold of me. We’ll discuss it,” she said hastily.

“Oh, but ma’am, I might be able to save you all kinds of money here,” the man said. “What do you say we bargain a little.”

Now he was looking at her with a nervous look filled with craving for something she wasn’t likely to give.

“No thanks,” Megan answered. She took a step backwards.

He matched her step and reached out for her. Megan was expecting it.

She lurched away with the athleticism of a teenager. Megan pulled a chair over behind her and ran for the front door, grabbing a butter knife along the way from a dinner plate still sitting on a coffee table. As they approached the door together, she turned and held the knife in front of her.

“Don’t touch me or you’ll die.”

Just as the man opened his mouth to speak, the doorbell rang, causing both of them to jump with surprise. The man saw a face outside the little glass window next to the door and he returned to the kitchen in a hasty retreat.

Megan quickly opened the door.

“Megan, are you OK?” the woman outside asked.

“Oh my God, Nataly. Get in here.”

As Nataly entered, the man exited the same way he had come in.

“I saw Wilson come over a little bit ago and knew I better check on you,” Nataly said, noticing the knife still in Megan’s hand. “Did he…”

“Don’t worry about it,” Megan said as they walked into the living room. “He wouldn’t have lived to talk about it.”

“Geez. I just knew it. He’s such a retarded ass.”

Megan plopped on the couch, trying to get her pulse back to normal. Nataly sat beside her.

Megan’s savior was a gorgeous twenty six year old brunette that she befriended soon after moving in. Nataly knew of Megan’s home alone status and often acted as an unofficial security force of one. Nataly had spied on the maintenance guy until he entered Megan’s condo. After waiting an appropriate period of time, she came to the rescue.

“I’m the ass for falling for it,” Megan sighed.

“Nah. You never know. That’s the scary part.”

Megan looked over at Nataly. “Hey, you want a drink? I need one.”



“Sure,” Nataly replied. “Any work lined up?”

Megan talked while collecting glasses and her favorite pinot grigio. “I haven’t heard from the temp agency in over a week. I suspect I won’t until after the first of the year. Not many law firms need people right now. You’re out until January, right?”

Nataly nodded, although Megan wasn’t looking. “Yeah. The türkçe altyazılı porno kids come back the first week of January. The little brats will be all hyped up after Christmas.”

Megan returned with the drinks. “I’m not sure what’s worse. An attorney or a second grader.”

Nataly took a sip. “Can’t have sex with a second grader.”

Megan giggled with a mouthful of wine. She swallowed and said, “So neither one of us is getting lucky. Maybe I should have let Wilson have his way with me.”

“Nah. You can do better.”

A prolonged pause was broken when Megan asked, “Any men in your life lately?”

Nataly grinned. “Nope. Haven’t been looking. I rely on my virtual friends, my plastic pals, and other artificial means.”

“Virtual friends?”

“Online. I have people I chat with. Watch videos. You know…,” Nataly said sheepishly.

Megan was intrigued. There was an awful lot about one of her best friends that she did not know. Neither of them prodded the other into revealing ‘secret’ stuff. It wasn’t their style. But curiosity abounded.

“Really?” Megan said.

“It’s better than being a serial killer, isn’t it?”

Megan shrugged. “Suppose so.” She looked over at her young friend. “Imagine the media coverage somebody like you would get if you were on trial for a series of axe murders.”

Nataly laughed out loud. “I’ll take that as a compliment, I guess.”

After another short gap in the conversation while both women finished their wine, Megan said, “Tell me more about your chats.”

Nataly leaned back on the couch and thought for a moment. Just how much would she disclose? Was Megan ready for this?

“I have friends—girlfriends—that I get online with and we, uh, talk and sometimes, you know, turn on the web cams and, um, do stuff.”

The expression on Megan’s face told it all. Nataly expected a little shock and perhaps disapproval and that appeared to be what she got. But Nataly found herself staring at her beautiful friend in the tank top and jeans instead of preparing for the next question. Megan’s full, firm tits appeared ready to fall out of the top. Or maybe it was the wine that made her think so.

“Interesting,” Megan replied.

It wasn’t the answer Nataly anticipated. There was a hint of possible acceptance in the tone.

“It’s totally safe,” Nataly said. “No hurt feelings. No morning after.”

“And you always orgasm?”

Nataly gasped in feigned surprise. “Megan!”


When Nataly didn’t respond, Megan asked, “Do you?”

Nataly smiled. “Always.”

Megan seemed to be lost in deep thought, staring somewhere into space. Nataly moved over until they almost touched and said, “You should join me sometime, Megan.”

It was, of course, exactly what Megan had been thinking. But now that the suggestion was ‘on the table,’ she was hesitant to commit. As long as she had known Nataly, Megan had never actually seen her with a man she knew was a date. Hints that Nataly preferred being with another woman, at least online, raised new questions in Megan’s mind.

“I don’t know…,” Megan began to say.

Nataly’s hand was on her arm, slowly rising toward the point of Megan’s shoulder and the strap of her tank top. Megan looked over cautiously, somewhat taken aback by the pleasurable feeling of another person’s hand on her skin.

“It’s very innocent,” Nataly said softly. “I know you would prefer seeing a man, but this lets you concentrate entirely on yourself.”

Nataly’s hand was on the back of Megan’s neck, caressing gently every patch of bare skin she touched. Megan gave her room and felt fingers slide inside the back of her shirt. Nataly pulled Megan closer.

Megan had no intention of kissing her friend, but as they came closer and closer together and their faces nearly touched, she found herself preparing for it; almost wanting it. She saw Nataly’s lips part and Megan did the same. Their mouths came together in simple contact.

Nataly’s tongue slid across Megan’s warm lips and Megan instinctively responded in kind. Nataly fought the urge to probe her beautiful friend’s body with her hands, not wanting to end the kiss in progress. It paid off in the short run as the kiss became increasingly more intense. The women turned toward each other and Nataly put her hand on the back of Megan’s head. From that point on, the embrace was more sensuous than friendly.

The twenty seconds that it lasted seemed like a lifetime to Megan. When they separated, her heavy breathing was audible.

“It’s something like that. Only better,” Megan said with a smile.

“When should I come over?” Megan sighed.


In bed that night, Megan had thoughts of Nataly that she’d never dreamed of having. She caught herself thinking about the feel of Nataly’s body pressing against her own; the soft breasts against her side; the lips and tongue caressing her mouth; Nataly’s hair on her face.

She would go to Nataly’s condo and watch. The idea actually xnxx excited her, but she would never participate. Not in front of another woman…or two. Megan thought about how awesome it would be to have a young man with her, slowly undressing her while Nataly did her thing online. She thought about his hard cock brushing against her ass.

Megan put a hand on her pussy and closed her eyes.


Nataly jumped off the couch when the doorbell rang, knowing it was Megan and knowing what was in store for the next couple hours. She’d always imagined having another woman share in her delightful online chats in person, but never dreamed it would be Megan until this week. Now it was about to happen.

She nearly ran to the door and welcomed her friend in.

“I’m SO happy you agreed to come over,” Nataly said. “I really think you’re going to love this.”

They walked into the living room. “Can I get you anything?” Nataly asked.

“I’m gonna need a drink,” Megan said with a grin.

“Got it,” Nataly said, rushing into the kitchen. “Have a seat.”

Nataly returned quickly and Megan admired, as always, the young woman’s model-like figure, especially in the little knit tip and tight jeans that she wore. By all appearances, Nataly didn’t have a bra on. But that didn’t shock Megan.

“So, how is this going to work?” Megan asked.

Nataly took a long sip of her drink. “Well, we’ll be in the den. I’m supposed to be online at eight to start a chat with Sam. Her name’s really Samantha but she goes by Sam.”

“What is she like?”

Nataly’s face lit up. “Oh my God, Megan. She’s the cutest little thing you ever saw. She’s my age, maybe a year younger, with darkish blonde hair and an awesome body.”

Megan said, “You’ve seen her…uh, naked?”

Nataly laughed. “Yeah. That’s kinda the whole idea.”

Megan suddenly felt old and foolish and she could feel the blush overtaking her face. The entire concept of using another woman as her means of stimulation, or undressing in order to please another woman, was just too foreign to her. She wasn’t naïve enough to think it didn’t happen. She just never suspected Nataly and never saw herself in that role.

She’d be a trooper and try anything once.

The women talked for another half hour before Nataly proclaimed it was time to set up the PC and web cam. When they entered the den, Megan was surprised to find a couch pulled up to within a few feet of the desk holding the PC. It was a strange setup for a room…IF you weren’t going to use a web cam online.

“Sit on the couch, Megan. I’ll get us hooked up,” Nataly said.

Megan watched as Nataly connected to the instant messenger, made the video connection with Sam, and introduced Megan. Nataly had been right about Sam. She was in her mid-twenties with a cherubic face and unkempt, but sexy, hairstyle. She wore a long football jersey that didn’t do a whole lot for her figure. Sam sat on the edge of a large bed.

Nataly returned to the couch and said to Megan, “Feel free to just watch, or play along. I was nervous the first time, too. Sam is wonderful. Aren’t you Sam?”

The girl on the monitor replied back, “You make it easy, Nataly. Do you want anything special for your lovely friend Megan?”

“Nothing special. Just be yourself and we’ll be happy,” Nataly said.

“Then I can take off this jersey?”

“Please,” Nataly answered.

Megan watched with great curiosity and a little awkwardness as the young woman stood at the end of the bed and slowly raised the jersey over her head. The first thing Megan saw was a bright red pair of very tiny panties, almost a thong. Then Sam’s bare breasts came into focus.

It all happened so fast Megan didn’t have time to register any internal approval or condemnation. All she could do was stare at the perfect, round tits. There was something about the fact that Megan knew Sam was doing this for Megan and Nataly’s benefit that made her look at the breasts differently. She felt compelled to appreciate them much more than she would, say, if Sam was in the shower at the local health club. Besides, now that the jersey was off, Megan could see that Sam was, in fact, an exceptionally beautiful girl.

Sam moved closer to her camera, causing her breasts to appear disproportionately large. But the effect of this, when she put her hands around them and began massaging them, was undeniable. Megan felt the same sensation deep inside her pussy that she got viewing a large cock. And it surprised her.

Megan glanced over and saw Nataly playing with her own tits through her top. The nipples stood out dramatically and grew harder with each squeeze.

“Let me see them,” Sam could be heard saying.

Nataly didn’t waste any time in taking off her shirt. She leaned forward on the couch and gave her online friend a closer look of the tits as they hung lusciously from her chest.

“Ooooohhhhhh, I want them so bad,” Sam mewed.

“Take off those panties and you can have them,” Nataly replied.

Megan porno izle watched as Sam backed away from the camera and sat on the edge of the bed. Then Sam fell backward and spread her legs. A hand partially hid the panties as it slid back and forth over Sam’s pussy. Then the fingers were inside, rubbing Sam’s clit and searching out her sweet hole.

Nataly leaned back on the couch and rubbed her pussy through her jeans. Megan fought the urge to do the same. She was content with being a spectator…for now.

On the screen, Sam was sensuously pulling down her panties with her legs slightly raised and held close together. It provided a tantalizing clue of what was to come. The small, round ass, creamy thighs, and neatly trimmed pussy were aimed directly at the camera and became even more prominent as Sam lifted her legs higher and removed the panties entirely.

“Oh God, Sam. Let us see you, please,” Nataly begged.

Sam understood and, as the legs began to lower, she spread them apart. Megan and Nataly stared at the wonderful sight of the nude woman sprawled out on the bed, teasing them with her body.

Sam leaned up and said, “C’mon, girl. Get those jeans off.”

Nataly smiled and promptly removed her pants. She wore a light blue pair of panties that weren’t much larger than Sam’s thong-like undies. Megan and Sam watched her rub her pussy for a moment before taking them off while standing near the camera.

Megan gazed at Nataly’s tight ass, with the flawless little cheeks sloping down to her lean thighs. Then Nataly turned around and Megan was gawking at her tits and pussy as if hypnotized.

The reaction in her pussy was shocking. Megan was getting wetter and wetter, to the point where she was afraid it would show through her jeans.

“Are you ready for the show to start?” Nataly asked Megan as she returned to the couch.

“It hasn’t yet?” Megan said with surprise.

“Nope.” Nataly plopped down next to her. “Watch Sam.”

They peered at the screen. Sam was on her side, looking back at the camera and holding an object in her hand.

“It’s your favorite, Nataly. Big Ben.”

Sam held up the vibrator for everyone to see. Megan heard Nataly sigh.

“Oh, yeah. Play time,” Nataly said. “Let’s do it.”

Sam got on her hands and knees, facing the camera. A soft hum could be heard as she moved the vibrator across the front of her chest, rising and falling as it traversed the curves of her breasts. Nataly was leaning back, her legs spread for easy access to her throbbing pussy. Sam let the toy linger around each of her nipples, tilting her head back and moaning as waves of pleasure flowed through her body. Nataly watched and masturbated, never taking her eyes off the monitor.

Sam said, “Megan, I can’t believe your self-restraint. Or you don’t like this, one or the other.”

“Oh, I like it,” Megan said truthfully. “Just watching.”

She had plenty to see. Sam was moving the vibrator farther down her body and Nataly was spread out next to her, sliding her hands up and down to find her breasts and pussy in alternating moments of stimulation. Just before the vibrator reached Sam’s pussy, she raised it to her mouth and erotically sucked on it like a cock.

“Watch this,” Nataly said quietly. “This is so awesome.”

After a prolonged simulated blowjob, Sam put the vibrator between her legs and methodically skimmed it across her clit. She let it rest in place for a while and then moved it lower. The tip separated the moist folds of skin and found the entrance to her cunt. Megan couldn’t take her eyes of the vibrator as Sam tilted it just right, and very, very slowly began to insert it.

Nataly had the advantage of being able to replicate the action with her fingers. But poor Megan could only sit and feel her body respond to what her eyes were seeing. Her entire pussy screamed for attention and she nearly had to sit on her hands to keep herself from ripping her jeans open.

Sam reveled in the effect she was having on Nataly’s new friend. She stared right at Megan as she pushed the vibrator deeper and deeper until only the widest part of the end was visible.

“God, that feels good,” Sam moaned. “I wish you could feel it, too, Megan.”

Megan didn’t know how to respond so she didn’t. Next to her, Nataly smiled and frantically rubbed her swollen clit. Then Sam slid the vibrator in and out of her hole with measured strokes that heightened the stimulation. Sam’s free hand worked on her clit and nipples until both she and Nataly were groaning loudly with delight.

Megan suspected she knew what the result of the video chat was going to be when it started, but now the reality was about to set in. Two women—one online and one sitting next to her—were about to masturbate until having orgasms. And unless she changed her mind, she would just sit and watch and listen.

Nataly and Sam rarely took their eyes off of each other. For each of them, the desire to be with the other, assisting them in reaching a climax, was part of the excitement. Although they would cum by just watching, they desperately wanted to be together; touching and holding and fondling each other.

For now, they were happy to simply feel the orgasms welling up inside their bodies and threatening to explode at any second.

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French Kissing for Girls

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The story that follows is a re-telling of my last year’s Nude Day contest entry, ‘Okay, Baby, We’ll Do It!’ but this time from Kirsty’s viewpoint instead of Helen’s. Hope you like it

Kirsty was bored. Not mind-numbingly bored, just couldn’t-be-bothered-to think-of-anything-to-do-before-supper bored. She’d picked up the local paper to read for something to do and was skimming through it. A lot of the content was devoted to the actions of the local City Council, a bunch who her Mom had described as Neanderthal only yesterday.

It’s funny how the mind works sometimes, how a word will stand out from a page. The word was ‘nude’. An ordinary little word, only four letters, perfectly innocent in itself, just meaning ‘naked’ or ‘uncovered.’ But add boys to the equation and it could get interesting. She read on. Wow! A nude beach! Here in Hicksville. Yee-haa!

It seemed that the City Council had agreed that the beach at Dover Point, well away from the more popular beaches and well screened by dunes and pines, could be used from July 5 for nude sunning and bathing. A footnote said that family parties would be admitted to the beach free on July 14, National Nude Day. An idea jumped fully-formed into Kirsty’s consciousness. Did she dare? Soon find out. . . .


“Yes, dear?”

“Remember, when I was revising for my exams?”


“You promised me a day out with you, at your expense, anywhere I wanted, if I passed them all?”

“I remember. Okay, show me.”

Kirsty passed the paper over, open. “The item half-way down the right hand column.” She held her breath, waiting for her Mom’s reaction. It was milder than she’d feared

“You expect me to accompany you to a nude beach?” There was a strange note in her Mom’s voice. Terror?

“Yes, Mom, because you promised.”

Helen Anderson shoved the paper under her daughter’s nose. “I didn’t expect anything like that!”

“No, but you said I could choose. Not on opening day. We’ll go on the 14th.”

Her Mom frowned. “Bastille day?”

What was she talking about? Oh! French history. “So it is,” said Kirsty, grinning again, “but I suggested the 14th because it’s National Nude Day.”

“National Nude Day! Ye gods!”

Kirsty sobered. “Mom, you promised. Anywhere, you said.”

“I know, but this!”

She studied her mother. “Mom, Dad has been dead for three years now. You’re a good-looking woman – you are, so don’t try to deny it – and I’d be proud to have you with me.”

“Thank you, sweetheart,” she said, looking at the paper again. She looked up. “All day?”

“All day, Mom.”


“Because I’m a natural show-off and this is my big chance.” Kirsty grinned. “I guess really I just want to see if I have the nerve to be naked in public and I wanted my best friend there with me to hold my hand.”

“I thought Jeannie was your best friend?”

“Mom! You know what I mean. Anyway, you really are my best friend.” And she was. She’d always been there for Kirsty, answering her questions, supporting, encouraging, helping her cope with her father’s death, despite her own sorrow.

“You really want to do this? Really, really?” Was her Mom weakening?

“Really, really, Mom.” Kirsty shrugged. “I guess if you really, really don’t want to, Mom, we can do something else.”

There was a pause as they studied each other, until Helen took a deep breath. “Okay, baby, we’ll do it!” There was a rueful expression on her face.

Kirsty leaped up and hugged her. “Thanks, Mom. Can Jeannie come with us?”

“I guess so, sweetheart. Safety in numbers. Who’s gonna notice me if I’m with you sex kittens.” She smiled across at Kirsty.

Kirsty grinned. “I would, if I was a man.”

Helen laughed. “Thanks, baby. Tell you what, since this is going to be such an expensive day – ” Kirsty grinned ” – I’ll treat the three of us to dinner at Toni’s that night. Okay?”

“Very okay, Mom. Thanks, Mom, thanks a lot.”

Kirsty thought Jeannie was going into shock when she suggested it, but she rallied quickly, a thoughtful look on her face. “There’ll be boys on the beach, won’t there?”

“I hope so!” said Kirsty. “We can size up their shlongs!”

Jeannie giggled. “That thought did cross my mind. While they get to see our tits! Never mind, I think we both have nice ones.” She shook her head. “We could just have gone ourselves, you know, you didn’t have to persuade your Mom to come.”

Kirsty frowned. “I know, but I thought it might take her out of herself a bit. She’s been so down since Daddy was killed.”

“So have you!”

Kirsty made a face. “I know. I think I’m okay now. It’s been three years, I wish she’d go on a date or something.”

“Yeah, tell me about it! I’ve got Dad moping at home. He and Mom are still friendly enough, but he could do with dating, too.”

“We should get them together,” said Kirsty thoughtfully.

Jeannie stared at her. “Yes,” she said slowly. “We should. I know Dad likes her.”

“Mom likes your Dad, too. He was really good to us when Dad was killed. Your Mom, too.”

Jeannie porno indir giggled. “If Dad saw your Mom at Dover Point it might help!”

“Tell him where we’re going,” urged Kirsty. “It might tempt him.”

“Ohmigod, he’d see us, too!”

There was a brief tingle in Kirsty’s pussy as she thought of Jeannie’s father seeing her naked. “Does that bother you?”

“N-o-o,” said Jeannie slowly, “I don’t think it does. Mind you, I’ll probably blush like crazy if he does come.”

Kirsty laughed. “Me too! How would you feel if they did get together, and it got serious. I mean, your Dad in my Mom’s bed. Or vice-versa.”

Jeannie looked thoughtful. “I don’t think it would bother me too much. I mean, I know Mom and Dad aren’t going to get back together. They made that pretty clear. I like your Mom. If I had to pick someone out for Dad, it would be someone like her.”

Kirsty hugged her friend. “If it got really serious, we could end up as step-sisters. I’d like that. I get lonely sometimes as an only child.”

“Me, too.” Jeannie laughed. “We have to get them together, first.”

“First step could be Dover Point.”

“I’ll tell Dad where we’re going, I’ll tell him your Mom’s going.” Jeannie shrugged. “After that, it’s up to them.”

“Roll on the fourteenth!”

Which came incredibly slowly. Kirsty, her Mom and Jeannie had discussed the day and the meal and they had agreed to take casual clothes for the evening meal, and to wear what seemed appropriate for the day and the weather, which meant that Kirsty was wearing shorts and a bikini top and Helen a light cotton sun dress when they arrived to collect Jeannie.

Similarly clad to Kirsty, Jeannie threw her bag into the back of Helen’s car and scrambled in. “Hi, Kirsty. Hi, Mrs Anderson.”

“Jeannie,” said Helen, “you are now officially an adult, yes?”

“Yes.” Puzzled.

“Call me Helen. That way I don’t feel so old. Okay?”

Jeannie laughed. “Okay, Helen it is, Helen.”

“Can I call you Helen, Mom?” asked Kirsty.

“Definitely!” Helen laughed. “Except when I’m establishing that we’re a family group to avoid paying, okay?”

Kirsty laughed. “Okay, cheapskate!”

They were soon at Dover Point and heading towards the beach. Kirsty noticed a startled expression on her mother’s face when they came to the shiny new sign saying ‘No clothes beyond this point’, but she didn’t hesitate long when she saw that Kirsty and Jeannie were already naked. Kirsty grabbed one of her mother’s hands, Jeannie the other and they tugged her towards the beach, Kirsty suddenly proud of her mother’s slender beauty.

There were quite a few people already on the beach. Youngsters of both sexes in the majority, but there were enough older people to make Helen feel less uncomfortable, Kirsty thought. Someone called Helen’s name, an older woman, and she stopped to talk to her, while Kirsty and Jeannie found a spot just beside the pines where the beach narrowed. A nice warm hollow between the dunes.

“Where’s Mom?”

“I’ll go see.” Jeannie retraced her steps and paused, looking over the dune. She waved. “Over here, Helen.”

Kirsty had laid out their towels. She looked up at Jeannie. “I think we should take turns to guard our things. What d’ya think?”

“Good idea.”

“I’ll get Mom to take first turn.”

Helen came over the dune and joined the girls, smiling and looking much happier, Kirsty thought, than she had when they arrived.

“Hi, Mom – Helen – we were just going to have a swim. They’ll probably be okay, but we thought maybe one of us should stay with our things. If you take first watch, one of us will come back, then you can go in the water. We’ll all take turns being watchdog.”

Helen nodded in agreement. “Sounds sensible, daughter mine. Okay, but if one of you could put some sun block on my back before you go. I can manage my front.”

The intimate task was quickly accomplished and Kirsty and Jeannie trotted off together towards the water.

“Did you see who was along the beach, playing volleyball?” Kirsty asked.

Jeannie grinned. “I saw Mary Ross and Jimmy Perez, and wasn’t that Julie March, too?”

“Yeah, I think you’re right, and I think the fourth one is Billy Trainor.”

“Tell you what, Jeannie, let’s get in the water, swim along that way, get out past them and just kinda saunter back . What d’ya say?”

“I say yes. Race you!” Jeannie raced into the water, followed quickly by a squealing Kirsty. The two girls swam about twenty yards out, then turned and swam parallel to the beach for ten minutes before letting the waves carry them back inshore. They wrung their hair out to get get rid of most of the water then hand-in-hand ambled back along the shore towards Helen.

As they neared the volleyball game Jeannie squeezed Kirsty’s fingers. Kirsty glanced across.

“Just look at the pricks on Jimmy and Billy. Very nice, wouldn’t you say?” asked Jeannie in a low voice.

Kirsty grinned at her friend. “Good enough to eat, I’d say.” She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

Jeannie rokettube giggled, a look of fascinated horror on her face. “You wouldn’t?”

“I might,” said Kirsty. “I’d like to know what it’s like.”

“Would you — swallow?”

“Dunno. It might depend on how excited I was.” She loosened Jeannie’s hand and waved. “Hi, guys.”

“Hi, Kirsty. Jeannie,” said Billy Trainor, his eyes flickering over them, a pleased look on his face.

“Hi,” said Mary Ross. She grinned. “What brings you here?”

Kirsty laughed. Despite Mary Ross’s reputation as an apparent pushover for any male with a hard prick, she liked her for her quick wit and friendly personality. “Curiosity, I think. Checking out the guys,” she said, winking at Jimmy Perez, “just wondering if I had the nerve to be naked in public.”

“Funny,” said Julie March. “I think that’s why I came, to find out if I could, I guess.”

“And what conclusion have you very lovely ladies come to?” Jimmy asked with a laugh.

“I love it!” said Julie.

“Me too,” Kirsty responded.

“We like it too, don’t we, Billy?” Jimmy said with a grin.

“Too damned true,” Trainor said fervently.


“Yes, Jimmy?”

“Who’s that woman that came with you?”

“Ah! Watching, were you? That’s my mom.”

“Your mom! Heck, I thought she looked familiar, but we thought it was a cousin or something. Would she mind if we played along there? There’s a little more room. We didn’t want to bother her.”

“Mom won’t mind. She might even join in.”

“That’d be cool,” said Jimmy dryly, “playing naked volleyball with your classmate’s mom.”

“You like older women?” Jeannie asked with a giggle.

“I always liked Kirsty’s mom,” said Jimmy seriously. “She’s always been nice to me and I have to say, she’s one of the best looking women – present company excepted, of course – on the beach.”

“Thanks, Jimmy, I’ll tell her you said so,” said Kirsty, laughing.

“Hell, no, she might not like me saying that,” Jimmy replied, alarmed.

“I think she would,” said Kirsty, “but okay, I won’t tell her.” Not until later, anyhow. “Come on, let’s see if she wants to join in.”

Helen welcomed the chance for some activity and she, Kirsty and Jeanie teamed up with Mary against the two boys and Julie. Not one of the seven took the game at all seriously and there were laughs and squeals in plenty. Lunch time came and the two boys, Mary and Julie wandered off in search of their own supplies, while Kirsty and Jeannie joined Helen in tackling the feast they had brought. Replete, they sprawled in idle comfort and chatted about – well, nothing of importance, Kirsty decided, but it was good to see her mom so comfortable and relaxed.

She looked up as a figure loomed over them.

“Daddy!” Jeannie said in surprise. “What are you doing here?” She was blushing but not trying to hide herself from her father.

“Looking for you, munchkin,” said Tom Evensen, also a little red. He sat cross-legged beside Helen, who watched him covertly. Phase one, Kirsty told herself, sneaking a look at Tom Evensen herself.

“My meeting finished early and I knew you were coming to Dover Point,” Tom said. He gave a rueful laugh. “I’d forgotten it was a nude beach now.”

“Kirsty and I were just going for a swim, Daddy,” said Jeannie. “Are you coming?”

“Not at the moment, sweetheart,” Tom said. “Maybe later.”

“Okay.” Jeannie grinned at her Dad. She took Kirsty’s hand and the two girls ran off towards the water.

“Hey, your dad is kinda hunky,” Kirsty said, giggling.

“Yeah, impressive.” Jeannie squinted at her friend. “Nice shlong, eh?”

“What I saw of it. I think Mom was sneaking a peek, too.”

“Maybe they’ll get together. We’ve done what we can. Come on, race you to the float and back!”

After their race to the diving-float and back, the two girls were breathing heavily as they walked back up the beach towards Tom and Helen.They were both pleased to see that their respective parents were going for a swim together as the girls returned.

“They look good together, Kirsty,” Jeannie said as they watched Tom and Helen run into the water together. The adults didn’t stay in the water long and were both smiling as they returned to the girls.

“Tom’s coming to dinner with us,” Helen said. Kirsty and Jeannie looked at each other, grinning.

“Have you a reservation?” Tom said.

“For three, at seven,” Helen said

“I only have my office clothes here. Are you going formal, or casual?”

“Casual, definitely. That’s what we brought.” Helen looked slightly apologetic.

Tom Evensen nodded. “If you ladies will excuse me, I’ll go home and change, then see you at Toni’s at seven. Okay?”

“Sounds good. Kirsty, have you brought your mobile?” Helen said.

“In my bag, Mom.”

“I’ll ring Toni’s and change the reservation. I doubt they’ll be full on a Monday, but this way we’ll be sure.”

Tom nodded and got to his feet again, grabbing his carryall. “I’ll see you ladies at seven. porno ‘Bye for now.”

“‘Bye daddy,” Jeannie said.

“See you later, Mr. Evensen.”

“Until seven, Tom.”

As Evensen moved away Helen’s eyes followed him and Kirsty smiled to herself. Good, Mom’s interested. Helen turned back to the girls and Kirsty gave her a smiling thumbs-up, before turning away to lie beside Jeannie as they watched their friends who had begun playing volleyball nearby again. Jimmy Perez waved to them to come and join in.

Kirsty stood and hauled Jeannnie to her feet. “You playing, Mom?”

“Not this time, sweetheart. I’ll just watch.”

When it came time to leave the three of them made their way back towards the car, cheerful and no longer self-conscious in their nudity. There was an open shower – communal – and they rinsed off the sand and salt, then stopped at the picnic area to don their clothes. Kirsty wriggled almost in distaste as she dressed and decided she would come again. She looked across at Helen, catching an expression on her face which she felt sure mirrored the one she had made herself.

“Enjoy yourself, Mom?” she said.

“Very much.”

“Coming again?” She grinned.

“Yes, I think so. With or without you.”

Kirsty laughed. “Both, most likely. I guess I’m the exhibitionist I thought I was.”

Helen looked thoughtful for a moment. “No more than I am,” she said slowly. “I think I enjoyed being ogled by those classmates of yours.”

“You know Jimmy Perez?”


“He said you were the tastiest older woman on the beach today.” Kirsty laughed.

Helen snorted. “I’m flattered, I think.”

“He meant it, Mom. Jimmy doesn’t know how to tell a lie.”

“In that case, I am flattered.”

“While you’re in a good mood, is it okay if I sleep over at Jeannie’s tonight?” Kirsty gave her mom an appealing look.

“No problem, sweetheart. Anyway, you’re legally an adult, so how do I stop you?”

“Yeah. But,” said Kirsty.

“I know. Of course it’s okay. When we leave Toni’s, take our car. Tom and I are going for a drink after the meal.”

“Great!” Stage two, maybe.

“You’re pleased?” There was surprise in Helen’s tone.

“Definitely, Mom. You’ve come back to life.”

“Was I so bad, sweetheart?”

“A little, Mom.”

“I’ll be better in future, I promise.”

“I’ll hold you to that.” Kirsty held her hand out. “Can I drive?”

The meal was good, the conversation light and it seemed no time at all until Tom and Helen were saying goodbye.

“See you, tomorrow, Mom,” Kirsty grinned. “Have fun.” She turned to Tom. “Look after my Mom, Mr. Evensen.”

“That, I promise, Kirsty.” He kissed her cheek and turned to Jeannie, hugging her. “See you later, munchkin.”

“Maybe tomorrow, Dad, we might be in bed. I’m tired.”

“Okay. See you whenever.” He turned to Kirsty’s mom. “Ready, Helen?”


“Let’s go, then. ‘Bye, girls.”

Kirsty and Jeannie watched them go, waving as they left in Tom Evensen’s Jaguar.

“Home?” said Jeannie.

“Yeah, I think so,” Kirsty said. “Dunno if it’s the sea air, but I’m bushed.”

“Me, too,” Jeannie said. “Let’s go.”

The girls were soon back at the Evensen house and found that they weren’t quite as tired as they thought. Neither of them wanted to watch TV so they played Scrabble for a while, winning a game each.

“Do you think Jimmy and Billy are seeing Mary and Julie?” Jeannie said as they packed the Scrabble away.

“You mean, like going steady?” Kirsty said.

Jeannie nodded.

Kirsty made a face and shook her head. “Dunno. Maybe Billy thinks he’s onto a sure thing with Mary.”

Jeannie shook her head. “I don’t think Mary’s reputation is quite what it’s made out to be. Look who talks about her. Trish de Vere, and Trish got dropped by Tony Jansen before he asked Mary out. Sally Gunn, Trish’s friend. And Jack Ellis, who might have said he got Mary’s cherry, but he was drunk at Trish’s party at the time. If anyone asked Mary, she refused to answer. Trish was the first to call her ‘Round-Heels’, and have you seen Mary’s face when Trish is around?”

Kirsty nodded thoughtfully. “I think you’re right. Anyway, I like Mary. She’s fun.”

“Me, too,” Jeannie said. She glanced over at the clock. “Just about bed time.” She frowned.

“Problem?” Kirsty said.

“We usually lock up at night, but Dad’s out with your mom, and I don’t know whether to lock up or not.”

Kirsty grinned. “You mean, like he might not come home at all?”

Jeannie flushed. “If he doesn’t …”

“It means he’s probably with my Mom. Maybe they’re in bed together.” Kirsty laughed. “I’ll ring home, see if they’re there.” She dialled, waiting a moment for an answer. “Hi, Mom, I didn’t know if you were home.” Kirsty listened, frowning. “Are you okay, Mom?” Whatever Helen said must have been reassuring, because Kirsty smiled. “Is Mr. Evensen there? … No, I just wanted to know. Jeannie was wondering what time he’d be home. She didn’t know whether to lock up or not, ‘cos we’re just off to bed.” A grin spread slowly across Kirsty’s face. “Mom, are you in bed together?”

Whatever Helen said made Kirsty laugh. “Have fun, Mom. See you in the morning.” Jeannie signalled frantically. “Wait. Hang on a sec.” She turned to Jeannie. “What?”

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Get a Room

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Author’s note: This is part of a series of stories about Jacqueline DeNorlan, a famous sculptor and her submissive, a young Assistant District Attorney named Victoria Lerner.

I want to test them out before thinking about writing more than the three stories that already exist on my hard drive. So, feel free to comment on the story, critical remark are especially welcome – as long as they focused on facts and not on pure emotion. In plain words, if you think the story sucks, not only let me know that it does but also tell me why.



Victoria checked the bathroom to make sure that she had not left anything behind; she closed her carry-all and put the box her Mistress had sent her the day before in her hand luggage. She was more than ready to go home.

The raven-haired Assistant District Attorney had been asked to present a panel at the annual Conference of Women in Law Enforcement in Chicago. Three busy and interesting days had been flanked by three very frustrating and lonely nights. Phone calls definitively were not an adequate substitute for her beloved’s presence, and their sensual verbal games had always stopped before she could reach a climax.

The first night she had thought that her Mistress had been kidding when she had told her at the airport that she would make her masturbate, that she would have her hot and bothered but that she would not be allowed any release. Now, she no longer doubted Jacqueline’s words.

A last look in the mirror showed her a picture of conservative, professional elegance; three inch heels stretched her 5’6” frame elegantly, a white blouse, knee length, hip hugging skirt and matching jacket accentuated her perfect figure and contrasted nicely with her shoulder-length dark hair.

Victoria had spent the better part of the night wondering why her Mistress had insisted on such a rather formal attire. The other delegates undoubtedly would be wearing jeans or other casual wear for their journey home. She once again checked her image in the mirror, including the light touch of make-up that brought out her dark brown eyes.

Last night she had imagined being helped in the Lexus and ordered to remove her panties and to pull up her skirt, so her Mistress could play with her bare, freshly shaved pussy on the way home. The blouse would be opened to afford the sculptor an unimpeded view of her hard nipples. Her Mistress would carry her to their bedroom or even better their play room and make sweet love to her…

Victoria shock herself out of her pointless musings and left her hotel room. Her cell phone rang while she was waiting in line at the security check point. Jacqueline ordered her to go to a toilet as soon as the fasten seatbelt sign had gone out and to follow the instructions she would find inside of the box now residing in her elegant backpack.


The cramped space in the airplane facilities couldn’t diminish the anticipatory shiver when she read her Mistress’ letter.

My best-beloved,

I know I asked a lot of you these three days but I knew that you could do it, for me. I wanted you ready for me but not to the point to distract you from your work. Now, there’s no longer a need for such caution.

On top of the box you’ll find two rubber bands. You know what to do with them, and don’t worry, as far as I know you did nothing to warrant the use of switch. I would have made you use nipple clamps but the rubber bands are simply less obvious under your clothing.

The raven-head smiled. Her Mistress really knew her well. She unbuttoned her blouse und unclasped the bra. She even didn’t have to play with her nipples to get them hard. The rubber bands were carefully wound around the hard nubs and her clothing restored to order.

The following instructions left her speechless.

Remove your slip. You’ll find a butt plug and some lubrication in the box. Make sure that the plug goes all the way in.

Victoria’s first instinct was to disobey; this literarily cried disaster.

Put your underwear in the box and return to your seat. Don’t pull your skirt up. I don’t want you unnecessarily exposed.

I’m looking forward to see you at the reception area.

Love, J.

The ADA smiled once again. Her Mistress really knew her too well; she knew how to break her resistance. She also trusted Jacqueline implicitly; in the four years they were living together the resourceful artist had yet to disappoint her.

She quickly obeyed the rest of the instructions and left the cubicle just when one of the flight attendants had been about to knock on the door and ask if she was alright. She smiled reassuringly and returned to her seat.

Victoria tried to get some work done, then she tried to read but her mind stubbornly türkçe altyazılı porno returned to the plug filling her and her constricted nipples throbbing with every breath, not to speak of her mind running at least a mile a minute with all probable and especially the more fantastic scenarios she came up with.


Finally the 757 landed, she hurried to the baggage claim area and was engulfed in her lover’s strong arms as soon as she had passed the barrier separating the passengers from their loved ones. Jacqueline was almost half a head taller than her, with the broad shoulders and strong wrists of someone used to do hard physical labour. She smelled of stone dust and sandalwood, a mixture which always made the smaller woman feel safe and at home.

They exchanged a mostly chaste kiss but Victoria saw the hunger in her Mistress’ eyes reflecting her own need. They took the elevator to the top level of the parking building, Jacqueline told her to walk in front of her and that her car was waiting at the other end. She followed a few paces behind with the carry-all and studied her partner’s backside appreciatively.

Victoria felt the eyes on her and started to swing her hips with every step, nothing provocative, just to show off a bit.

They reached the other side of the deck. The raven-head was surprised to see that her Mistress had not brought the SUV but her own car, a cherry red Mustang. She walked around the vehicle to the passenger side and suddenly found herself half lying on the hood.

Her skirt was pulled up and she automatically spread her legs. She heard the sound of a zipper, and only then understanding dawned: Her Mistress was about to fulfil one of her oldest fantasies, a fantasy she had only spoken of once before, four years ago during their second date.

The young woman felt something hard touching her nether lips. It slid in without resistance and she marvelled at its length and thickness. She pressed her ass against the welcome intruder and moaned when it slid all the way in and almost touched the tip of the butt plug. Jacqueline thrust into her, building a rhythm that made her soar.

This was better than any fantasy.

Her climax was approaching irresistibly and she began to beg. The red-headed sculptor snuck her hands under her lover’s torso. Victoria heeded the message and used her arms to brace herself on the hood of her cherished vehicle to give her Mistress more room to play with her breasts. The thus slightly changed angle made her feel even fuller.

Jacqueline bent down and whispered in her ear, “Come for me, my love; come with me!”

She shouted her Mistress’ name, not caring to be overheard. Instead of withdrawing the taller woman kept her rhythm up and quickly brought her to another orgasm. She finally pulled out and took her beloved in her arms.


Green eyes met dark brown.

“Please, Mistress, let me clean your toy.”

Jacqueline was still on the edge and unable to do anything but nod.

The shorter woman crouched in front of her, her legs wide apart. She slid her tongue over the artificial member and suckled its tip. The redhead observed her lover and moaned almost inaudibly.

Victoria opened her mouth wider and deep throated the appendage, suddenly thankful to her former part-time Mistress for all the times she had to learn how to service a cock as a punishment. Jacqueline’s hips bucked and the dark haired woman looked up questioningly.

“Oh Gods, go on, baby. This feels so good. It’s so real.”

Victoria returned to her task. Strong hands grabbed her shoulders and she tried to stabilise them both by holding on to her lover’s waist. Though she couldn’t explain it and had no proof, she was convinced that somehow the taller woman felt what she was doing to the rubber phallus. So, she put all her skill in the caress and was rewarded by a tell-tale shiver running through her Mistress’ body.

She knew that the taller woman would not be able to keep her balance much longer. Victoria quickly stood, slid one arm completely around the other woman’s mid-section while her other hand continued to stroke the dildo.

“I need you, my Tory. I need to be inside of you.”

The raven haired woman wordlessly pulled her skirt up and leaned with her back against the hood of her Mustang. She spread her legs, made sure that the phallus was in the right position and drew her lover closer. She immediately was filled and unlike the first time her Mistress now seemed to explore the sensations the appendage was giving her.

Jacqueline grinded her hips and the tip of the phallus scraped against Victoria’s moist walls. They moaned together. Brown eyes were locked on green. It was an incredibly intense sensation. xnxx They came together and slowly disentangled themselves.

The redhead unhooked the member and closed her trousers. She straightened Victoria’s skirt and kissed her.

“I love you, my Tory.”

“I love you too, Jacqy.”

The taller woman’s thumbs gently stroked her nipples through her clothing and she trembled slightly. Jacqueline methodically opened the blouse and freed the firm globes. She loosened the first rubber band and immediately suckled the hard, blood deprived nub to make the pain more bearable. Victoria still flinched slightly but gave her beloved Mistress a thankful smile. The other nipple received the same gentle ministrations. She then helped her to take the bra completely off and slowly re-buttoned the blouse.

They kissed and Victoria whispered, “Thank you, Mistress. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for fulfilling my fantasy.”

“You are welcome, my love.”

Their next kiss was broken by a voice coming from a few cars over, “Hey guys, go and get a room!”

They giggled softly but the atmosphere was broken and Jacqueline opened the passenger door for her beloved. She didn’t even have to remind the raven haired woman to pull her skirt up.

When they had left the vicinity of the airport Victoria asked about her Mistress’ strange reaction to the phallus.

“It’s something Marge has been working on for some time. I helped out with a few things. Have a look. What appears to be purely ornamental, these silvery points or dots, are sensors that transmit to a receiving plate resting on the wearer’s clit, amplifying the sensation. It’s one of the prototypes, and as far as I’m concerned it works much better than expected. I can’t wait to let you try it, my love.”

Victoria’s bright smile and the mischievous twinkle in her eyes were all the answer the tall artist needed to push the vehicle just above the speed limit.


At home they didn’t come further than the couch in the living room where Jacqueline found herself on her back, covered with the whole 5’6” length of her lover’s very amorous, squirming body. All she could do was to hold on for dear life while an inquisitive tongue plundered her mouth.

The brown eyed woman was busy opening the fly of her trousers and before she knew how they had been pulled down; the harness was gone and her lips had been deserted for more southern regions. With the jeans at her knees she was unable to spread her legs as far as she would have liked but that thought quickly left her when her beloved began to cover the whole length of her sex with slow, sensuous strokes of her tongue.

Every swipe let her heart go faster. Her hips bucked of their own accord. It was ecstasy and she wanted her partner to feel the same way.

“Turn around, baby, let me lick you!”

Nothing happened.

“Turn around, Tory, that’s an order!”

The tongue was pressed against her clit as if glued to it but still the dark haired woman didn’t obey though she also didn’t obviously disobey.



Jacqueline knew that she could stop this strange game and overpower her disobedient submissive. She could take her over her knees and punish her – and as the dominant partner she probably should. She should reassert her ownership but except for the head-rush the licking and lapping had created, this also was a question of trust. So, she tried to relax.

Victoria felt the change in her Mistress’ posture and resumed her ministrations. Her swipes now were punctuated by half whispered, half murmured words that considerably increased the heat coursing through the taller woman’s veins.

“You’re – mine – now – my Jacqy – mine – these – are – my – lips – my clit – mine – so wet – for me.”

Two hands pressed down on her hips, trying to hold them still, and Jacqueline instinctively obeyed the unspoken command.

A few heartbeats or an eternity later the tall sculptor found herself in the rather rare situation of wanting to beg.

“Mine – so – beau – ti –ful – so wet – so ready – mine.”

The steady rhythm continued and through squinted eyes she saw Victoria’s hips undulating in counterpoint. Her legs were pressed together and she seemed as close to the edge as her tall victim. Before the redhead could take advantage of this instinctive knowledge the ADA changed tactics.

She began to suckle the engorged clit and when she removed her right hand from Jacqueline’s hips and quickly entered her with two fingers it was as if her whole blood was rushing to her centre.

The taller woman felt her climax building and her inner muscles clenched around the welcome intruders. Her legs were fighting against the constriction of her trousers and suddenly the mouth was porno izle gone, the fingers deliberately hit her G-spot.

Even without the whispered command, “Come for me, my love!” she would have been unable to hold herself back any longer.


Jacqueline was peripherally aware of her lover’s also shaking body and somehow managed to get a hold of her shoulders and pull her up, on top of her long frame. Green orbs met brown and she saw the need still burning in Victoria’s eyes.

Her hands travelled under the skirt and pulled it up until she had reached the firm buttocks. A slight nudge to the side and her left leg was between the other woman’s thighs, increasing the pressure on her clit. Green eyes still held brown.

Her fingers roamed over her lover’s backside and inadvertently brushed the base of the butt plug she had completely forgotten about in her own bliss. She gently pulled and pushed it back in, only a couple of inches, and immediately was gratified by Victoria’s response.

Obeying her anal training she tried to relax and hold her hips as still as possible, and soon Jacqueline was able to work with the whole length of the medium sized plug. The taller woman kept her movements deliberately slow. Her beloved’s juices were coating her thigh and she felt the tension in the cherished body rebuilding. She angled her thrusts slightly, playing Victoria’s body like a prized Stradivarius.

It wouldn’t take long to bring her to another memorable orgasm.

The evil, harsh Mistress inside of the red haired woman’s head seriously considered that it might be a good punishment for her earlier disobedience to leave her hanging on the edge but the pleading brown eyes, speckled with passionately burning dots of gold made her reconsider. She slowed her thrusts further and was rewarded by her partner’s begging,

“Please, Mistress, please, make me come like only you can. Please, my heart, my beloved Mistress.”

A wave of affection and love washed over the taller woman but she still was not yet ready to let her lover off the hook.

“Are you mine, Tory?”

“Yes Mistress. I’m yours, only yours.”

“Then come for me.”

The tremors running through the body on top of her were incredible. Victoria’s eyes widened; she screamed Jacqueline’s name and thus pushed her to her own much quieter orgasm.

The dark haired head came to rest on her chest. She closed her arms around her lover’s torso after putting the butt plug on the couch table and rolled them over, so they could rest side by side.


Their heartbeats slowly returned to normal and Jacqueline pulled a blanket from the back of the leather couch to cover their half-clad bodies.

“Thank you Mistress.” Victoria’s words were a contented purr.

“For the blanket?” the other woman asked slightly amused.

“No… yes, that too. Thank you for indulging me, Mistress, and thank you for claiming me.”

For a while they basked in the afterglow of their love-making and their feelings for each other until Victoria asked, “When will I be punished, Mistress?”

“Do you think you should be punished, my love?”

“I disobeyed you, twice. Usually I get to feel the cane for disobedience.”

“Do you think you should be punished, Victoria Katherine?”

The young woman didn’t answer immediately but then she snuggled closer and said, “Only if you wish it, my beloved Mistress. I am yours, to do with what you want, when you want.”

“That’s my girl.”

Jacqueline’s strong hand gently squeezed the smaller woman’s ass.

“What did you feel when you were in control, my love?”

“It was a thrill. I could feel how you fought against the restraints of your clothing and how you fought yourself. I could feel how you kept yourself from simply taking over. I felt your surrender and yet I knew that you could stop me any time you chose. I was so wet just from looking at you, and yet I never felt more how much I belong to you than when you came at my command, Mistress.”

“And you really want to be punished for such feelings, baby?”

“You are my Mistress; it’s up to you, but if I had to decide, yes, I would punish myself. I should have asked your permission, and I should have known that no orgasm I had without your permission would ever be able to match the ones you authorised.”

“What are you talking about, love?”

“When you claimed me, when you made me come by fucking my ass, my release was much more potent than earlier.” The raven-head whispered. “It taught me why you are the Mistress and I’m the submissive.”

Jacqueline bent her head and kissed her beloved. The admission had made her blush.

“I love you, my Tory, and I enjoyed what you did to me. I enjoyed that you had the courage to surprise me that way. And I love that you know and feel that I belong to you as much as you belong to me.”

She kissed her on the forehead.

“You are mine and you will not be punished for following your heart, my love.”

“Thank you Mistress. May I please kiss you?”


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Girl Scout Moms Ch. 03 – 70% Club Kickoff Meeting

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This is the third in the Girl Scout Moms series. It starts where Part II left off, so you’ll want to read the first two before reading this one.


The next few days after my encounter with Jill at the campout were uneventful. Except for my near-constant rubbing my pussy and diddling my clit while thinking about Jill’s sweet pussy. And Anna’s too. And the pussies of every attractive woman I saw. On Wednesday, I was in my office at a major bank when I got an Outlook calendar invite: “70% Club Research Project Kickoff Meeting.” Thursday night at 7:30 at Anna’s house. My heart stopped, the air was sucked from my lungs and my face flushed. I had been constantly turned on for the last several days, but was this something I should continue? What about Jill? Would she really do this? I got my answer about 10 seconds later when I got the notification that Jill had accepted the invitation. It was kinda ridiculous that I even hesitated because there was no way I was going to miss this.

Anna’s ex-husband picked up their daughters on Thursday afternoon, so she would have the house to herself. Jill was obviously good to go, but I did have to work out some logistics to make this work. A few text messages later, I accepted the invitation and immediately scurried to the restroom. I needed some relief. Badly. I breathlessly entered a stall and didn’t even bother to look to see if anyone else was in any of the other stalls. I sat down, pulled up my skirt and pulled my panties down before rubbing my needy pussy. A gasp escaped my lips even though I had no reason to be surprised by anything. It felt so good and I was so wet I could hear the squishing sound but just couldn’t stop. I needed to cum and was in a fog of lust as my orgasm built. And then I came. And came. My whole body convulsed and a guttural moan escaped my lips as I nearly passed out.

When I opened my eyes, I looked down below the stall door and saw a pair of gorgeous black Christian Louboutin 6-inch heels with their signature red soles attached a pair of muscular, but shapely legs. There was no mystery as to whose legs those were. They belonged to Aileen, the beautiful 40 yr old Senior VP who must have one of the most amazing shoe collections in Miami. She is an extremely fit Puerto Rican with silky brown hair that frames her gorgeous tan face and bewitching smile. Even before my recent lesbian leanings, she was a recurring character in my bedtime vibrator sessions. Those shoes would have been hard for many women to walk in, but Aileen is one of those women who was seemingly born in 6-inch heels. She could probably play tennis in them. Watching her walk from behind, with her perfect ass swaying musically, is a sight to behold. But seeing her outside the stall scared the crap out of me. I didn’t know what to do. She must have heard me. I was sure of it. But I couldn’t get out and face her. I would have to wait until she left the before I could leave.

Then she took a few steps, entered the stall next to mine, and closed the stall door. I didn’t know what to do. Should I wait until she is done and leaves the restroom or should I get out as soon as possible while she is in the stall? I decided to make a break for it. Until I heard her voice.

“Hi Katerina, how are you doing?” she said as she sat down and maneuvered her clothes.

“Oh hi, Aileen, I’m good,” I said.

“I’ll bet you are,” she commented with a wry smile that I couldn’t see but I could hear. “Seems like you’ve been enjoying yourself.”

She obviously knew exactly what I had been doing. I was so embarrassed.

“I’ve got to get back to my desk, busy day,” I said, hoping to end this conversation and get out of there.

As I started to pull my panties up, she said “Please stay for a moment — I need to talk to you.”

I sighed, as I really couldn’t refuse her. “OK”

“How are things with your boyfriend? The cute lawyer” she asked.

“We broke up a little while back. We just weren’t looking for the same thing.” I told her.

“That’s too bad, but sometimes it is for the best,” she said. “When one door closes another one opens up.”

“I guess so” I started to say when I heard her moan. I stopped talking and listened to her ragged breaths and the squishing sound that I know all too well as the sound of fingers frantically rubbing a very wet pussy.

“Maybe it’s time to try something new,” she said between breaths. “Wouldn’t that be exciting?”

Again my face flushed. “I suppose it would,” I said. And then I felt a jolt of courage. I had nothing to be embarrassed about — she was doing the same thing I was doing. “So tell me, how is your dating life going? Anything new and exciting,” I asked.

The squishing sound got faster and louder and she didn’t respond for a few seconds. Her moans got louder too.

“Nothing new and exciting just yet” she said, “but I’ve been thinking about it a lot and I’m definitely curious.”

“Oh yeah,” I said, “what are you so curious about?”

“Something porno indir softer. Sweeter.” Aileen said just as she reached her climax and let out a few low moans before taken a few deep breaths. “We should go out sometime, now that we are both single and looking for something new and exciting.”

“That would be fun,” I said. “I need to get back to work but we should stay in touch.” And then I quickly opened the stall door and bolted for the bathroom door before Aileen could get dressed and out of her stall.

As I left the bathroom I heard Aileen say, with a chuckle, “We should definitely be in touch.”

I couldn’t concentrate at all the rest of the day. Between the encounter and innuendos with Aileen and the impending meeting at Anna’s the next evening, I was a bundle of nerves and my pussy was sopping wet. But I made it through the rest of the day and spent the evening with my vibrator practically attached to my clit.

Thursday took forever. I was both excited and nervous about the meeting at Anna’s. I obviously knew it would not be a regular get-together, but I didn’t quite know what to expect. But I figured I would prepare for the worst. Or best. I dressed to kill, with a tight skirt that hugged by ass perfectly and the 5-inch Jimmy Choo’s that my ex-boyfriend had bought me. And no panties. My pussy was already moist thinking about the evening and I saw no reason to cover it.

When I got to Anna’s house, Jill’s car was parked in the driveway. Jill was never on time, so I knew that if she got there early she must have been as excited as I was. I rang the doorbell and Anna answered the door dressed like a sexy school teacher, which she is. A form fitting black skirt with a white blouse unbuttoned slightly more than would be acceptable at school. She had 5-inch black heels and was wearing pearls around her neck. Her hair was up in a bun and she had black-rimmed glasses. Strangely, she was holding a wooden pointer.

I looked at the pointer with bewilderment and she said, tersely, “You are tardy, Ms. Villa.” Then she said, “Follow me, class is about to begin,” before leading me into the living room. As we entered the living room, I saw Jill, strangely dressed like a Catholic schoolgirl, with a plaid skirt, knee socks and a white blouse. Her blonde hair was in pigtails. On the chair next to her, there was a neatly folded stack of clothes. Another Catholic schoolgirl outfit, identical to the one Jill was wearing. The whole scene was bizarre and ridiculous, but it was also sexy as hell. It was clear that it would be a very exciting evening.

Anna ordered “Strip and put on your uniform!” I looked over at Jill and she shrugged.

Anna said “do as you are told and hurry up — I have a lot to teach you.” The whole thing was crazy, but I started to undress. I took off my blouse and then my bra, revealing my ageless 34 Cs.

Anna said “Beautiful!” and when I looked over she was leaning back and pulling up her skirt to reveal her bare and glistening wet pussy. After everything that was going on, I don’t know why I was surprised but I was, and I gasped. Anna lowered her hand to her pussy and started rubbing her fingers over her clit.

Anna said “Jill, do you like what you see?” I had almost forgotten about Jill, but I turned around and saw Jill, with her mouth agape and her face red. Embarrassed, Jill blushed and just nodded her head.

Anna removed her hand from her pussy and put her fingers in her mouth, saying “mmmm,” and then stood up and picked up the pointer. She said “Welcome to Sapphic Seduction 101.”

Continuing, Anna said “this is the kickoff course for our little experiment. As we discussed, I believe that about 70% of women will have a lesbian experience and eat pussy under the right circumstances. We already know that includes 100% of the women in this classroom. Now for this to be a truly scientific study, we would have to try to seduce a random sample of women, regardless of looks, but I don’t think we need to be that rigid about it. Let’s keep this fun and sexy. So let’s first develop a list of participants. I’m going to first ask each of you to name a woman you know who you have thought about while making yourself cum. Jill, you first.”

“Ok,” Jill said, “you mean someone who is not in this room, right?”

“Yes” Anna confirmed.

“I’m going to say my college roommate, Stephanie,” Jill said. “We still keep in touch and she lives in Coconut Grove. Her tits are amazing. I don’t know if she’s every really done anything major with another girl, but I do know that she once made out with another girl at a fraternity party back in college.”

“Nice,” said Anna, “we will put her in the “likely” category. If she has made out, it’s likely that she can be enticed to go further under the right circumstances. Katerina, who is your nominee for a “likely” labia licker?”

After the recent experience and innuendos with Aileen, she was the first person to come to mind. rokettube I told Jill and Anna about the encounter in the restroom and the other banter that we had.

“Sounds like an excellent choice, Katerina,” Anna exclaimed. “Now I want you to think of someone that you have thought about sexually, but whom you don’t know if she has any interest in women. Katerina?”

“My best friend Lorena comes to mind, but I do have an inkling that she might be a bit bi-curious. She’s very complimentary of how I look and often uses words like “sexy” or “hot” instead of “beautiful” or “pretty.” I know she’s been to strip clubs and likes them, so I’m thinking there might be something there.”

“Lorena is super hot,” Jill added. “When my husband met her he was clearly smitten. Me too, to be honest. That night we fucked like rabbits and that is not a common occurrence for my husband.”

“Lorena makes the list,” Anna said. “Jill, who is your next nomination?”

“I’m going to nominate Ellie from the girl scout troupe,” said Jill.

“I had a feeling Ellie would make this list,” Anna said. “Her ass is amazing. I have a feeling she won’t be hard, but I don’t have any insider information on that, just a hunch,” she said, winking.

“OK, for the next category, I want you each to pick someone who you think would claim to be disgusted or grossed out by lesbo action, but who you would love to look down and see them licking your pussy as your own submissive slave,” Anna said.

“Oooh, this is a fun one!” said Jill. “I would love to see Cecilia Warren, the principal at my daughter’s school, looking up from between my legs with her tongue buried in my pussy. She’s such an icy bitch, but still pretty hot.”

“For this category,” I said, “I’m gonna pick my “friend” Someera. She’s Moroccan and pretends to be this righteous Muslim, but she’s a big hypocrite and she is gorgeous. She’d claim to be shocked and horrified by lesbianism, but I’d love to make her my little slave.”

“OK, we have 6 for our first group of test subjects, but we need a 7th,” said Anna. “Five out of 7 is just a bit over 70% so we will see if we can get 5 of our subjects to lick pussy.” Anna continued, “For the 7th spot, I want someone who seems to be almost asexual or disinterested in sex. Any nominations?”

Jill looked at me and I knew exactly what she was thinking. I started to shake my head “no” when Jill blurted out “Susana.” I was horrified.

“Who is Susana?” Anna asked.

“Susana is Katerina’s sister,” Jill explained. “Katerina told me that her sister has never had an orgasm and has no interest in sex. She and her husband have 2 kids, but she supposedly only had sex for procreation purposes and otherwise has no interest. But she’s got Katerina’s genes, so she’s still pretty hot.”

“I don’t want my sister a part of this. If she is, then I don’t want to be part of that seduction,” I said.

“Susana is in,” said Anna. “You don’t have to touch her, of course, but teamwork is a big part of this.” “But I’ll tell you what,” Anna continued, “if you can get your other 3 nominees to lez out, then you don’t have to be there when we seduce your sister. You can help us set it up, but you will have earned a pass for that one.”

Anna went up to the whiteboard and wrote the word “EFFECTS” vertically, from top to bottom. “As I said, teamwork is important here, especially for those inexperienced at Sapphic seduction. For our first few seductions we will develop a strategy in advance and will work together to make it happen. When you feel ready to fly solo, I will set you free, but to start we will work together and will be guided by “EFFECTS.” What does EFFECTS mean or stand for? It’s an acronym.”

“Let’s start with the first E, which stands for Eye Contact,” Anna wrote. “This is basic flirting technique because that is what we are doing. Just as you keep eye contact with a guy you like and like when a guy does it to you, we will do the same to our targets.”

“The first F stands for Flattery,” which she wrote on the whiteboard next to the first F. “Again, basic flirting — compliment the target, tell her how great she looks, tell her how sexy she is.”

“The second F is for Frustration,” Anna said. “Here, we are talking sexual frustration — how horny you are, how unsatisfying your husband or boyfriend is, how infrequently you are having sex. This is the case for most women so they will likely commiserate and share a few complaints of their own. It also starts turning the conversation to sex, which brings us to the next letter.”

“E is for Erotic Conversation”, she explained. “Start getting a little more detailed and graphic. A little dirty. Show that you are horny and frustrated and like to talk about sex. Encourage the target to do the same. Eventually transition to how much more sexy and beautiful women are than men and joke about giving up on men and going lesbo. One-on-one this can be an awkward conversation, but with two other friends porno there to giggle, laugh, joke and agree it helps set the target at ease.”

“This brings us to the next letter — C, for Comfort. This is to let her know that she is not alone and that it is common for women to be attracted to other women and even experiment with them. If there are 4 women in a conversation and 3 of them indicate they find women sexy and would consider hooking up with another woman, the 4th is likely to feel more comfortable about admitting the same.”

“T is for Touch. Again, basic flirting and seduction. Hands, hair, knee, butt, boobs, etc. Whatever you think you might be able to do without making her too uncomfortable. Follow your instincts.”

“And finally, S is for Secret. What happens here stays here. We all have an interest in keeping this discrete and secret. And that makes it even sexier. Let her know that nobody will find out and this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do something she has probably fantasized about for years.”

“So we will start with Jill’s college roommate, Stephanie,” Anna said. “Jill, you said Stephanie made out with a girl in college, right?” Jill nodded. Anna asked “What can you tell us about that?”

“It was at a fraternity party. She was drunk and started dancing. There was this other girl, a soccer player, who started dancing with her and it started getting pretty hot and dirty. They were grinding and twerking and became the center of attention. Then the soccer girl moved in and kissed her and she didn’t pull back. She kissed her right back and it was pretty intense. It probably sent on for about 20 seconds. The other girl then put her hands on Stephanie’s amazing tits and that seemed to freak her out. She looked embarrassed, turned and left the party.”

Jill continued, “When I got back to our room she was already asleep and we never really talked about it. I knew she was kinda embarrassed and didn’t want to make her uncomfortable. Over the years, some others who were there made some little jokes about it and teased her a little. She was a good sport, but you could tell she was a little uncomfortable about it.”

“OK,” Anna said, “we can work with that. We know a little alcohol might limit her inhibitions and that the subject can be raised without her really freaking about it. We can use that event to bring up the subject and you can indicate that you thought it was pretty hot and got turned on by it. I will play the role of the wild, uninhibited one who has plenty of experience with women and loves to talk about it.”

I said, sarcastically, “Wow, Anna, that is really a stretch for you.”

Anna smiled and said, “well, I have the acting range of Jean Claude Van Dam or Steven Segal, so it’s best for me to stick to what I know.” “Katerina, you play the role of Stephanie’s counterpart and conscience. By that I mean, you try to match her experiences but with a very curious and open mind about lez-play. So, for example, your story will be that you had a similar kissing experience when younger, but have always wondered and fantasized about going further and really exploring your bi-curious nature. You see this as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do it discretely. You play a lez virgin who wants to lose her virginity.”

“Jill,” Anna continued, “you do you. Seeing her make out all those years ago turned you on and you should tell her how you wanted to explore that with her. But you were too afraid and nervous to try. But more recently you did start exploring that and it changed your life for the better. You wish you hadn’t wasted all those years keeping those feelings bottled up inside.”

“I think all of us should be well within our acting range for those roles,” Jill said slyly.

Anna said, “Stephanie will be naturally curious about who you more recently explored your girl-girl desires with and how that came about. Let’s give her some time and opportunity to ask those questions. If she doesn’t, then it will be your job, Katerina, to steer the conversation there. The answer, of course, will be that you and I have become lovers. And we will start showing it. Katerina, you show and express surprise, followed by how turned on it is making you. Try to bring Stephanie in on that. We will play it by ear as to when we start trying to get physical with Stephanie and who takes the lead on that. I think you will find that it will all become clear and easy.”

The thought of seducing women — presumably straight women — had me turned on beyond belief. And having met Stephanie before I was particularly excited about getting with her. My face was flushed, my nipples were hard and my pussy was wet and tingling. I turned to look at Jill and saw that she was in very much the same state, trying to inconspicuously rub her mound. . Anna noticed too and said to Jill, “You look life you need some relief — go ahead and pet that pretty pussy.” Jill treated that like an order, spread her legs and started to do just that. I turned back to Anna and saw that she was doing the same thing. I was getting lightheaded with my two gorgeous friends rubbing their wet pussies.

Anna said “You like that, don’t you Jill? You are dying for another taste of pussy aren’t you?” Jill nodded.

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Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 44

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Dinner at Alpha Beta Delta that night was Chateaubriand with potatoes au gratin and a Caesar salad. Afterward they had coffee and cake served in the living room by Polly and Nikki, who continued to be on their best behavior, mindful of what Miss White had told them.

“That was a wonderful meal,” said Luz. “My compliments to the chef.”

“Yes, excellent work,” added Miss White. “Sasha, Sofia, all of you.” She looked around at the lovely young women who were her charges, and breathed a deep sigh of both satisfaction and anticipation. It had been a lovely evening, but the night was still young.

After finishing an enormous piece of chocolate cake and two cups of decaf, Luz stood up and took Jodie by the hand. Turning to Miss White, she asked, “Sewing machine still in the same place?” Miss White nodded, and Luz led Jodie up the stairs and down a hallway to a rarely used room that Jodie had never even noticed before.

In one corner was an old sewing machine coated with a substantial layer of dust. Luz shook her head; had it really been that long? Turning to Jodie, she said, “Do me a favor, sweetheart, and get that cleaned off while I try to find some thread here.”

Happy to have been given a task to do, Jodie went to grab some cleaning supplies, then set about the task with alacrity. While digging through a series of boxes looking for thread, Luz occasionally glanced up and watched the younger woman as she bent over the machine, tiny skirt riding up on her shapely rump. That was one thing about the uniform Luz had no intention of changing; the effect was delightful.

Once she’d found the appropriate thread Luz had Jodie take off the uniform, leaving her naked except for her shoes and socks. Jodie found herself blushing; though she was getting pretty accustomed to being nude in front of the women of ABD, at the moment she felt particularly exposed for some reason. She stood watching nervously as Luz’s hands moved deftly over the sewing machine.

As she worked Luz stole a few lingering glances at Jodie’s naked body. She really was a tasty little morsel — sweet and shy, a brown-haired girl with glasses, a type that Luz had always liked. Luz knew that she could have Jodie at the snap of a finger, and she fully intended to. But there was no need to be in a hurry. It had been years since she’d had the opportunity to indulge her lesbian tendencies, and it might be a good while before she had another. She meant to savor it as much as possible.

Working this way hd porno made Luz feel nostalgic for the old days at ABD. The life she lived now was the one she’d always wanted, and she certainly had no intention of giving it up. But her old life had been much simpler — not to mention wilder. Her husband was a wonderful man and a considerate lover, but at no point in her married life had she experienced anything like the sexual abandon she’d known at Alpha Beta Delta.

Her mind drifted back to when she had first started at ABD. She had been just 19, the same age as many of the students whose needs she served. Back then she had been a good Catholic girl, so innocent and naive that it was hard for her to believe now, though not a virgin — she’d had sex exactly twice, with a boy who lived down the hall from her.

When she missed her period she’d thought her life was over. Her parents would kill her — maybe not literally, but close. She prayed and prayed, telling God that if he made her not pregnant, she wouldn’t have sex again until she got married.

And God came through for her. She’d never been so happy as she was when she started bleeding. After that she steered clear of boys, concentrating on her schoolwork and her job.

Even so, after high school it was clear that she was going to have to work for a while before she could think about college. After a few months of cleaning hotel rooms she landed the job at ABD, which had the added advantage of providing food and board.

Luz had been hired by Miss White’s predecessor, Miss Winters, a Nordic-looking blonde in her mid-40s. Miss Winters was strict but fair, and Luz was happy with the job, though she worked very hard. Between keeping expenses low and not having much time to go out and do things, she saved up money at a good clip.

Under Miss Winters Alpha Beta Delta had been considerably more buttoned-up, and it had been weeks before Luz started to suspect that there was more going on there than met the eye. At times she heard strange moans in the night, and for a while she started to suspect that the place was haunted. One night, finally, she screwed up her courage and went to investigate.

Climbing the staircase toward the third floor, from which the sound seemed to be coming, Luz felt like she was in a dream. The moans soon resolved themselves into two distinct voices, one high-pitched and girlish, one slightly huskier.

Upon reaching the top of the stairs Luz found herself looking through an open sex izle door into a bedroom illuminated by candles and moonlight. She blinked a few times, not quite able to register what she was seeing; nothing in her experience had prepared her for what she now beheld.

Opposite the door was a bed, and leaning back against the headboard was a girl she recognized from around the house, a brunette named Melissa. They had exchanged pleasantries a few times but no more. And now Melissa was sitting there in plain sight, naked, with her legs spread wide.

Stretched out on the bed in front of Melissa was another girl, also naked. Her hands were bound behind her back and her head was between Melissa’s legs; Luz couldn’t see her face but Melissa was holding on to her red ponytail as her head moved up and down, back and forth.

For a long few seconds Luz stood there watching, both shocked and fascinated. A voice inside her was telling her to get away — she shouldn’t be there, wasn’t supposed to be seeing this. But she remained frozen in place, unable to move. Still the feeling was of being in a dream — surely this wasn’t, couldn’t, really be happening?

Then Melissa’s eyes met hers, and a look passed between them. Luz felt like Melissa was seeing all the way down into her soul, exploring her deepest desires, the hidden corners of her mind.

Finally Melissa raised one eyebrow and her mouth curled into a smile. “Would you like to join us?”

Luz’s heart began to pound furiously. Alerted now to her presence, the redhead turned to look at her; Luz recognized the face but couldn’t put a name to it. She had big green eyes and freckles, and the look on her face showed no surprise or embarrassment, just curiosity.

Luz found her eyes wandering to Melissa’s crotch, taking in the triangle of brown pubic hair, the shiny pink pussy, the slightly parted lips. She’d been around naked women plenty of times, for instance in the locker room, but never seen one with her legs splayed open this way; it was lewd and wanton, but also beautiful.

Realizing that she’d been staring, Luz blushed and returned her gaze to Melissa’s eyes. They were glimmering now with amusement, and displayed a certain knowing calm, as if she knew exactly what was going to happen next.

Without ever consciously deciding to, Luz took one step forward, then another. Melissa patted the bed next to her and Luz sat down in the indicated place. She was quivering with nervousness but knew, somehow, altyazılı porn that this was where she was meant to be.

There was a cloud of scent in the vicinity of the two naked girls, and Luz’s nostrils were filled with mingled hints of flowers, sweat, and the fishy odor Luz knew from exploring her own private parts. She felt a little lightheaded, almost faint. Then Melissa reached one arm out to hold her and leaned in for a kiss.

Those lips seemed like the softest thing Luz had ever felt and she allowed herself to return the kiss, ignoring the nagging voice telling her how sinful this was. This was not, she told herself, what she’d promised God she wouldn’t do — it was something different, something she’d never even imagined.

From that point forward time seemed to disappear. Melissa pulled away and the redhead took her place; there was a strong taste on her lips of what Luz realized must be Melissa’s pussy; the idea sent a shudder through her, but not an unpleasant one.

Next thing Luz knew the girls were pulling off her nightgown, kissing her neck, her breasts, her belly. The craving this incited in her was like nothing she had ever felt before. All her inhibitions fell away, and before the night was over she’d been pleasured by both Melissa and the redhead, and pleasured both in return; had a dozen orgasms more intense than she’d ever thought possible; and discovered a whole new side of herself.

After that Luz regularly trysted with Melissa, sometimes in combination with the redhead — whose name was Joanna, she learned — and sometimes with other girls. It became well-known around ABD that the maid was hot to trot, and she found herself involved in some kind of sexual escapade almost every day.

In time Miss Winters caught wind of what had been happening and summoned Luz to her office. When confronted Luz tearfully confessed, expecting to be summarily fired. Instead she found herself being tied up, spanked, and then fucked with a strap-on. As she lay there on the floor of Miss Winters’ office, sweaty and panting and thoroughly sated, she knew for sure that her life had changed.

A lot had happened since then… but Luz shook her head and brought herself back to the here and now. The uniform was done and Luz held it up, inspecting her work with satisfaction. She helped Jodie into it, though not before copping a little feel, squeezing Jodie’s boobs and then her ass.

“Better?” asked Luz.

Jodie nodded and said “Yes, thanks,” still blushing slightly from having been fondled. She found Luz very attractive and hoped she’d have the chance to show her gratitude a little more intimately. But at the moment Luz was taking her by the hand and leading her back downstairs.

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Fun with Bri Ch. 02

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The Relationship Continues


This is part two of the story of Kate’s relationship with Brianna. While it can be read as a stand-alone story, it may better be enjoyed by first reading “Fun with Bri”, which relates how Kate and Bri first got together during a business trip to Orlando.

I have posted this in the Lesbian Sex category as the focus of the story is the developing relationship between Kate and Bri. Note that there is also some straight sex featured in the story too. If that isn’t your thing please pass this story by.

Enjoy, and as always, I welcome positive, constructive feedback that helps me grow as a writer..



Crystal and I always get together first thing Monday morning to discuss ongoing work and plan our activities for the week. The Monday after returning from Orlando was no different and I spent ten minutes updating her on the information that Brianna and I had gathered during our trip. She listened attentively while I explained what we had found and the ways that I thought we might use it to the advantage of our clients.

“That’s great, Kate. Good work,” she said with a smile. “The information that you sourced will go a long way to helping settle the suit.”

“A lot of the kudos goes to Brianna. She prepared well for the trip, and that made it easy for us to achieve what we needed very quickly. She really is a find for the firm, Crystal.”

“I know, I hear it from others as well as you. I’ll make a point of stopping by Bri’s cube later to thank her.”

“Thanks, Crystal. Hearing what a great job she is doing directly from the Managing Partner will be good for her.”

“Ummmmmm, I have an eight o’clock call, but I really want to hear how the other part of the Orlando assignment played out. Are you free for lunch, say around one?”

I blushed. “Yeah, that works. I’ll swing by then and we can walk over to Little Italy. See you then.”

I collected my notes and phone from Crystal’s desk and headed down the hall to my office, deep in thought regarding the ‘other assignment.’ In addition to being colleagues, Crystal and I have been lovers for the past six months, and have both acknowledged an attraction to Bri. We had agreed that I would use the Orlando trip to grow my personal relationship with Bri and figure out whether she might be open to a relationship with one or both of us.

Well, I succeeded beyond my wildest dreams with that part of the assignment, I thought to myself as my mind flicked through the trip. After successfully running the Disney Wine and Dine half marathon in a personal best time, Bri had been tired, wet and hungry. I’d driven her back to our hotel, ordered room service for the two of us and, in a moment of inspiration, offered to give her a massage using my Lelo Mia travel vibrator. She was a little reluctant at first but with some gentle persuasion she was soon lying, almost naked, on the bed. I had slowly and sensually seduced her and, forty minutes later, was rewarded by watching as she shook and shuddered through a long, seemingly ecstatic orgasm. Afterward, she had returned the favor, licking and sucking at my pussy until I came explosively, her head clamped between my thighs. It may have been her first time, but God, she certainly knew just how to please her partner. We made love many times following that initial seduction, and Bri was a willing and eager participant in what turned out to be a delicious voyage of exploration.

I was hopeful that our voyage could continue now that we were back in Austin and that we might expand our horizons to include Crystal in what, I mused to myself, could be a very promising and delightful menage a trois.

Brianna ?It seemed like the trip back to Austin, and the reality of life came all too soon. The time I spent with Kate both shocked and thrilled me at the same time. Honestly, I don’t know what came over me while we were together in Orlando. Maybe I actually was a lesbian or at the very least bi-sexual? The way that Kate had brought me to such delicious orgasms had me questioning everything about my past relationships. Even my initial reluctance to go down on her quickly evaporated as I delighted in the taste of her sweet nectar. It felt as if I was making up for lost time as each night we found new and different ways of giving the other erotic pleasure. ??In a way, I was glad to be going home, so I could rest and catch up on my sleep. Kate literally wore me out, which while not unpleasant, had given me little time or desire to consider the implications of sleeping with my boss.??On the flight back I held her hand in mine, at times wishing I could hold her closer. I know it sounds silly, but I was infatuated. Maybe because she was my first, perhaps because she was so gentle and caring, I don’t know. I knew I had to put those thoughts away once we landed. Kate is happily married and would never leave Dan and her children. What a lucky türkçe altyazılı porno man he is.??My first day back at the office proved uneventful. Kate had an early meeting with Crystal to discuss our trip. I worked on organizing and cataloging the information that we had collected, prior to my three o’clock meeting with Kate. ??Over lunch I allowed my mind to revisit the many wonderful moments that Kate and I had shared on our trip. I squirmed in my seat as I thought of the jolt of pleasure I had received from her first caress and I positively flooded as I recalled the intensity of the orgasms that she had given me with her mouth and fingers. ??The sexy thoughts that had invaded my mind over lunch made my pussy tingle for the rest of the day, something that has never happened to me before. I actually looked it up online as I was so worried about this new feeling. I discovered it was called ‘edging’ – a sexual technique which may be practiced either alone or with a partner and involves the maintenance of a high level of sexual arousal for an extended period of time without reaching climax.??Needless to say, I worked myself to a massive orgasm as soon as I got home that evening.

?Kate?Crystal was on the phone when I tapped on her door just after one. Looking up she held up a finger and pointed to the chair in front of her desk. She smiled as she hung up a few minutes later.??”Phil Laidler at Brooks, Morgan. Looks like they have a large transaction coming up that they want us to represent them on. Should be a great piece of work. Hopefully, we can get you involved.”??I smiled, “Phil is a good guy!”??I had worked with Phil a few times on previous projects and knew him to be a major flirt. I could never quite grasp whether he was truly serious or just flirting for the fun of it, however. His wife, Marianna, was a gorgeous Brazilian that he had met while at law school and I couldn’t, for the life of me, fathom why he might want to play outside of his marriage. Just another example of how difficult, perhaps impossible, it is to have any insight into someone else’s relationship.??Ten minutes later, Crystal and I were seated at our favorite Italian restaurant sipping on a couple of iced teas.??”So, your smirk of satisfaction didn’t go unnoticed this morning when I mentioned the additional Orlando assignment, Kate! Time to tell all!”??I laughed softly. “Well, I have to admit that I succeeded beyond what you could ever imagine! Let’s just say that Bri may be considering changing sides!” I lowered my voice to a whisper, “She is absolutely delicious, Crystal. You should have heard her when she came! Oh my God, it was so wonderful to experience.”??Crystal looked at me, astonishment showing in her eyes. ??”You slept with her in Orlando?”??”Not just once, Kate! Once the dam broke, she was almost insatiable! There is actually a very sexy young lady hiding behind the demure persona that she presents at the office!”??”You did communicate the importance of discretion on this? It needs to stay between you, her and I.”??”Yes, we talked about that. Bri understands, and while she’s over the moon about her and me, she knows it needs to be a secret for now. I haven’t told her about our relationship just yet, although her face did light up when I told her that I was sure that you would definitely want to get to know her as well as I do. She didn’t ask, but I think she understood what I was saying.”??”I’m swamped this afternoon, I’ll make a point to chat with her later however to make sure she knows how valuable she’s becoming. Have you given any thought as to what comes next, both on the Lyons case and with Bri?”??”It so happens I have,” I replied. “Bri and I need to work on developing our case over the next few weeks. Once we’ve completed that we’ll have a much better perspective regarding what comes next and the level of resources required.”??”OK, but please keep me in the loop regarding how things are going. What about you and Bri?”??”Still to be decided, Crystal. I told Dan about her and I the night I got back from Florida. He gave me his ok to continue seeing Bri if that’s what I wanted.”

Dan’s only concern had been that I might be getting in over my head as far as the number of lovers I was slowly acquiring. However, I had reassured him that he was number one forever and always, reminded him that Crystal had Dave and told him that neither of us was contemplating leaving our wonderful spouses for anyone. Bri was simply an inquisitive young woman who seemed to want someone to introduce her to the joy of lesbian sex and I told him that I’d make sure she was aware of our situation before we went any further. I had no intention of deceiving her into thinking I would ever leave my family.

I had then kissed him deeply, told him he was the best, and ten minutes later was on my back receiving long, slow strokes of his thick cock as he drove himself mercilessly into my exceptionally wet pussy. I came twice before he finally let go and emptied himself into me.

After my xnxx lunch with Crystal, I met with Bri to help plan her week. She sat on the sofa in my office taking notes while I reeled off the various activities that needed to be completed. She was dressed in a grey pencil skirt that ended a few inches above her knees, paired with a classic white blouse decorated with lace, and buttoned to provide just a hint of her breasts. She seemed oblivious to just how sexy she looked in the moment; tanned, taut legs crossed, one nude heel dangling from her foot, as she spoke confidently about the case. It was a struggle to keep my mind on work.

I complimented her on the work that she had done so far and commented on the schedule that Crystal had requested.

“Crystal asked if we could present our strategy for the case to her and the remainder of the leadership team by the end of the month. That’s tight but achievable, I think, though it will probably require a few late nights for both of us.”

“That’s fine for me, Kate. I really don’t have much of a social life these days anyway. Besides, I’d love to be able to spend some alone time with you, even if we are working.”

I blushed a deep red, took a deep breath and, walking over to the door, closed it quietly. “Ummmmmm………well yes, we did seem to connect in Orlando. And that…………I guess that leads to the next thing. Ummmmmmmmm, I told Dan about you and me when I got home and asked if he would be ok with me continuing to see you. I……..well,…….to be honest I’d love to explore what a relationship between us could be.”

Bri was clearly startled and shocked by the information that I had just imparted.

“You told Dan that we slept together! And he was ok with it? Are you serious!”

Carefully, I explained to Bri that Dan and I are totally committed to our relationship and that while we don’t have an open relationship, he has given me the opportunity to explore relationships with certain women. I didn’t, however, tell her that the only other woman I’ve had sex with is Crystal.

“He knows that I’m bi and loves me enough to allow me to satisfy that part of my make-up, Bri.”

She just stared at me, dumbfounded.

“I’d like for us to continue what we started in Orlando, Bri. See where it might lead us.” I said softly.

I can only imagine the thoughts running through Bri’s mind at that point.

“I like you, Kate. I really do. And I loved what you and I shared in Orlando……….”

I sensed a ‘but’ coming as she hesitated, gathering her thoughts, “but I would never want to do anything that could hurt your relationship with Dan. Besides, couldn’t you get in trouble with the firm if anyone ever found out?”

I shrugged, “That ship has already sailed, Bri. I’m confident that it won’t get out and, even if it does, I’m sure I can manage the situation. And there’s no way that I will do anything to hurt Dan either. That’s why I told him about us right after I got back.”

I could tell that she was reeling from the revelations that I had just laid on the table and the implications for her and I going forward.

“I really can’t process all of this right now! I need some time to absorb what I’ve just heard and think through what comes next!”

“Absolutely, Bri,” I responded with a soft smile. “Take all the time you need. Oh, and please know that whatever you decide it will have zero impact on our working relationship.”

Shaking her head and smiling softly at me, she said “Thanks for saying that, Kate. I trust you totally and know that you will always look after me here.”

“I will, I responded quickly. “You have my word on that, Bri.”

I walked towards the door, and as Bri stood, brushed my fingers across her cheek and kissed her lips invitingly. Bri responded, and in seconds we were locked in a deep, passionate kiss that communicated everything that each of us was feeling at that moment.


I left Kate’s office Monday afternoon with my head spinning, not only from a kiss we had shared, but from the revelation that she’d told Dan we were lovers and that he didn’t mind. When I got home I felt as if I’d been drunk driving. I knew I was home but didn’t know how I’d arrived; my mind was flooded with questions, images, and scenarios regarding not only Kate but of Dan as well. Maybe I was taking this thing with Kate too far in my mind, though it wasn’t unpleasant imagining myself sandwiched between them in their bed.

I thought about that while I was showering. My once ‘vanilla’ mind played vivid thoughts of Dan happily satisfying my pussy while I, in turn, drowned in Kate’s sweet juices. The images scrolled through my mind as the warm water cascaded over me. Needing to satisfy the yearning sensation between my legs, I shut the water off, used my favorite body gel to make myself slippery and sexy, and sat back against the cold tile of the shower.

Soon I had one hand kneading each breast, pinching and arousing my nipples, while porno izle the other hand pretended to be Dan’s stiff penis slipping in and out of me. After a few moments, I switched hands, tasting myself and imagining it was Kate spread over me as my ‘Dan’ hand merrily pumped away knowing the perfect spot to satisfy my desire. It didn’t take long before I was a quivering mess on the shower floor, panting, my heart racing, with one hand resting inside my pussy while I sucked on the finger of the other.

I lay there looking up at the ceiling, smiling as I shook my head. What had I become? I’d never had these kinds of feelings before and now they seemed to arrive frequently. Finally, I got up to finish my shower, the aching in my pussy satisfied for the moment. I knew that feeling would visit me again, I just didn’t know when.

I dried off, dressed in my lounging attire, then plopped myself down on the sofa to watch some mindless TV show. Then an idea shot through my mind. I quickly opened my laptop trying to remember the name that Kate had used. Luckily Google was able to help with suggestions. I found the site then perused it, gazing at the various items that were available. When I saw what I wanted I set the computer down to get my ‘online shopping only’ credit card, made my selections, entered the required information and clicked send. I sat back congratulating myself. Soon I’d be the owner of a Lelo Mia and Gigi 2, my very first sex toys.


I was totally astonished by the news that Kate and Brianna had gotten together in Orlando. Make no mistake, Kate is hot, however, I never envisaged that she would be able to break down Bri’s defenses quite so quickly. Kate rocks my world when she and I make love so I can only imagine how Bri must have felt being seduced by Kate.

I eventually found a moment to drop by Bri’s desk around 5 o’clock. I have to admit to a momentary pang of jealousy towards Kate as I took in just how sexy Brianna looked. It passed quickly though when I reminded myself that Kate was actively helping me find a way into Bri’s bed.

I tapped gently on the cubicle wall and smiled brightly as Brianna shifted her gaze to me.

“Oh……..Crystal……hello!’ She greeted me, a quizzical look on her face.

“Hi Brianna, how are you today? How was the Orlando trip? I hear from Kate that you posted a personal best time in the half marathon that you ran. That’s fantastic, congratulations!”

“Thanks! The trip was wonderful. I loved seeing how Kate works and I think we managed to collect just about all of the information that we wanted. The time for the half was just icing on the cake!”

“Kate mentioned in our meeting this morning that the two of you had collected just about everything that you needed. That’s really great since given what Kate’s passed along, it should go a long way to ensuring a successful outcome for the client.”

Bri smiled, “I really hope so. I’m enjoying the experience of working on this one. Lot’s of new stuff to learn but Kate is being really good at helping me understand why we are doing the things that we are. Working with her is totally awesome.

I smiled back at her. “Well, I know that she is enjoying working with you too. She told me again this morning just how bright, hard-working and inquisitive you are. All traits that will go a long way in helping you build a successful career here. I’ve heard glowing praise from others too so please keep up the excellent work!’

Bri’s face lit up at my praise of her work.

“Oh…….wow, Crystal! Thank you! That’s amazing! Especially hearing it from you! And of course, I’ll keep trying to meet you and Kate’s expectations of me.

“I’m sure of that,” I responded, giving her an encouraging smile. “Oh well, guess I should get back to it – another hour or so and I should just about have caught up with my never-ending email stack! Thanks again for your efforts on the case.”

“You’re welcome, Crystal. Thanks for allowing me to work on it.”

“By the way, I love that skirt and blouse combination! Compliments your figure perfectly.” I said, turning and heading back to my office.


What a day! After a night of masturbation, self-examination, and contemplation I made a decision as to my relationship with Kate. As soon as I got to my desk I emailed Kate asking for a private meeting. I knew that she was out that day but I wanted to get with her as early as I could tomorrow. I was pretty certain what I wanted to say however I still hadn’t fully made up my mind regarding what she and I had done in Orlando. I didn’t really consider myself a lesbian after just a week of making love with Kate. On the other hand, it appears that I’m not totally straight because, well……because I had just enjoyed a week of making love with Kate! If that confuses you just think what it was doing to me. Finally, I came to the conclusion that I’m not going to label myself. If I find someone attractive and we hit it off I’m going to go for it, regardless of their gender. That doesn’t mean I’m going to jump into bed with just anyone. I’m going to make a checklist of criteria that need to be met before I have sex with anyone. A large part of the checklist will undoubtedly be based on my relationship with Kate.

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Greg’s List Pt. 04

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Copyright 2012, 2020 Lisa Summers

Trish looked hungrily at Samantha’s body.

“It’s a shame that we couldn’t discover each other’s feelings earlier, baby,” Trish said, as the two sat on her bed. The tension was palpable, and got to be too much for Samantha, her fingers tracing over Trish’s bare thigh.

“So, uh, how do we start?” Samantha asked.

“Maybe just with a kiss?” suggested Trish. Samantha smiled and moved closer.

“May I touch you?” she asked, her eyes on Trish’s breasts, her hands moving nervously.

“You really don’t need to ask,” Trish said. “I’d adore anything you want to do to me.”

“Yeah, it’s just that I’ve never been the person making the moves before,” Sam said, her smile tentative.

“Me neither,” said Trish. “So…if we want to get this new relationship off the ground, I think we just need to do, not think, okay?”

“You’re so fucking smart,” Samantha grinned.

“Key word, fucking,” said Trish, as she pulled Samantha on top of her on the bed.

Although kissing another girl on the lips felt a little different than kissing boyfriends had, or when receiving a ‘Hi!’ kiss from a female friend, it was far more than outweighed by the realization by each that they were being kissed by a girl who loved her, in all ways – spiritual, emotional and certainly physical, and that they were both initiating and sealing what they both hoped and believe would be a lifelong joining of two hearts.

The universe of sensations that coursed through Samantha and Trish was limitless. Boundless happiness, the intimacy of best friends and lovers, the excitement of knowing with certainty, that each would ensure the other’s complete ecstasy – can any pairing of man and woman ever experienced that as fully and dependably as these two would?

As they kissed, the two girls adjusted their bodies until they were comfortable together. Samantha caressed Trish’s full breasts, bigger than her own, with larger, brown nipples and areolae, her lover’s nipples occasionally teasing and touching her own, smaller nipples, both girls feeling tremors of pleasure from the contact.

Their stomachs pressed together, Samantha’s flat stomach against Trish’s slightly plumper belly – Trish was constantly annoyed by the few inches and pounds that never seemed to go away – Samantha had always thought Trish’s tummy adorable, and secretly hoped that Trish’s perennial diets would fail.

Hips against hips, both girls were cushioned enough not to be bony, and fit together perfectly, their panty-covered torsos warm and soft, thigh slipping between thighs, vulvas straining to touch.

Samantha caressed Trish’s back, marveling at her smooth, warm skin, finding the few small moles that detracted from her perfection, but not her beauty. Her hands were led to the upswelling of Trish’s plump, round bottom, her fingers slipping under the thin elastic of Trish’s panties, to caress two sweet, warm and soft pillows of pleasure.

Remembering the admonition to ‘not think, just do’, Samantha whispered in Trish’s ear, “I’m going to lick your tight, hot, ass hole before we’re through tonight,” then began licking inside Trish’s ear.

Trish shivered, both from the sensation of Samantha’s tongue in her ear, but even more so from the vision of Samantha forcing Trish’s legs up to her breasts, so that her hands could separate Trish’s hot, damp ass cheeks, and her long, pink tongue delving inside Trish’s heretofore unexplored ass. The sweetness inside Trish’s swelling, pink clit even now was becoming almost unbearable.

She moaned in response, “God, I’d like that…lick my pussy and my ass,” and then kissing Samantha’s cheek wetly. The two returned to their passionate kiss, fingers roaming over each other’s body, and through their hair, exploring what was easily available to them, but saving their most intimate areas for further exploration and carnal worship.

They enjoyed the simple contact and communication of their first kiss, promising each other undying love and a lifetime of erotic pleasures, as only two women could through such a simple, uncomplicated sharing of mouth with mouth, being with being. Then Samantha slipped off Trish, to lie next to her, their noses touching, but their bodies so close that they could feel each other’s heat at breasts and pussy.

They whispered loving endearments, eyes flashing with love and excitement, their two separate destinies joining to the one to be shared together. Each could see nothing but perfect beauty in the other.

“Let me feel your pussy, then see it, then smell it, then taste it, in that order,” demanded Samantha.

“Of course, if you let me do the same,” Trish rejoined. The two knelt on the bed, facing each other. Samantha placed her hand on Trish’s stomach, her palm and fingers flat against her warm, smooth skin, the tips of her fingers on the top of Trish’s panties. She slipped her hand down, under the thin, tight fabric and over the smooth skin where Trish’s pubic bush had once resided.

Samantha’s hand continued, porno indir her middle finger riding lightly over Trish’s clitoris, Trish’s hips shaking as Samantha did so, then lightly into Trish’s moist slit, her heat and dampness surrounding Samantha’s finger as it slipped inside her.

Trish moaned. “Oooh god that’s nice…to feel you inside me, fucking my pussy, go deeper…” she urged Samantha.

Samantha ignored her entreaty, instead cupping Trish’s hot, wet slit in her hand, possessing her lover’s sweet vagina, clit and labia all in her grasp, adoring the feel of the girl’s heat and desire on her palm and fingers, pulling Trish toward her with that one hand, kissing her hot and ready mouth savagely, a promise of what a girl’s mouth, lips and tongue would do later to her eager pussy, labia and clitoris.

Samantha’s other hand went to the back of Trish’s neck, the girl’s hair curling over her fingers as she held Trish briefly immobile in her grasp. Samantha had a sense of selfishly taking from Trish, of dominating her, making her submit…all with the promise of giving it back, of submitting to Trish when it was her time. Trish moaned in Samantha’s grasp, then finally broke the kiss, gasping.

“Do me, fuck me, take me…I’ll do anything for you, Sam.” The look that she gave Samantha was pure, unadulterated lust, her orgasm already coursing through her – not explosive, mind-ripping pleasure, but a higher level of ecstasy, a plateau of pleasure that wasn’t going away anytime soon.

Samantha kissed her again, her grip loosening, her kiss soft and tender, then she took her finger out of Trish’s now-sopping wet slit, and with her other hand, slipped Trish’s panties off her full hips, down to her mid thigh, exposing the girl’s soft, bare vulva, her small, pink swollen clitoris, ruddy fat labia, and her deep rose pussy, glistening as her cream slipped from her hole to wet the inside of her panties, a distinct, slick and creamy spot already plainly evident on the cotton.

“So sweet,” Samantha murmured, as she flattened herself on the bed, chin in her hands, inches away from her female lover’s excited and aroused sex. Trish’s naked mons bedewed with small, gleaming droplets of her abundant fluid, above her tiny pearl of a clitoris, deep pink and uncovered from her clitoral hood.

Her labia were fat and plump, darkly red, soft flesh, like a woman’s lips ready for a sweet, loving kiss, warm and giving. Trish’s slit was slightly parted and open for Samantha’s delighted eyes, giving her fascinated lover a view of her glistening, rose-colored interior – wet, glistening as her inner cream nearly gushed from her hole, streaming out to race towards her anus, as well as dripping onto the sheet below.

“I’ve never been this excited,” whispered Trish, apologizing for the abundance of the reaction of her body to her impending pleasure.

Samantha looked up at Trish. “I love what your body is doing…you’re so beautiful!” Her gaze returned to her lover’s sweet, unforgettably lovely vulva. Her eyes followed a small droplet of feminine cream perched on the upper portion of her left labia. It was engorged by a second droplet, swelling into a tiny stream racing down her pink interior, just inside her lip, spreading out to wash over her soft flesh, readying her body for sex, joined with the other quantity of sweet and salty, slick liquid musk that evidenced Trish’s willingness and readiness to be fucked by her new girlfriend and mate.

Samantha pulled herself closer to her lover’s sweet pussy, as Trish smiled above her, caressing her own breasts and nipples, her excitement growing, and feeding Samantha’s. She brought her thumb and forefinger down to her clit and labia, to stroke herself, and attenuate some of the excruciating pleasure that was building inside her, seemingly causing her clitoris to expand like a tender balloon – of course, that was just her imagination, but the pain of pleasure building was real, nonetheless.

“I’ve got to cum,” she murmured, but stopped short in surprise when Samantha lightly slapped her trespassing hand.

“You’ll cum when I let you,” the girl growled. Trish moaned in frustration, but complied, her hand diverting instead to her sweet round ass, squeezing and caressing a delightful cheek instead. She pushed her hips and pussy out towards Samantha’s face, hoping that blatantly pushing her cunt into Samantha’s face might motivate her to eat such a hot, delectable pussy, dripping with girl juice as it was.

But Samantha wanted Trish’s anticipation and excitement to be at such a high level, that her hot little pink pussy would be sopping and dripping with cream, and perhaps to even cause Trish to squirt into her face and mouth when she came. Samantha could think of no bounds to her own horniness, and wanted Trish’s frustration and desire to drive her over the edge, too. If this were the most intense night of lovemaking in Trish’s life, Samantha hoped that Trish would love her forever. She knew that her own love for Trish was rokettube granite solid.

Samantha turned her attention to the fragrance of Trish’s pussy. Recognizing that scent is the memory that stays with us the longest, she wanted to make sure that she memorized the scent of every part of Trish’s body, to carry with her through the rest of her life, to stimulate her when she was away and happened on a similar scent. Trish’s hair, the smell of her skin at her face, the fragrance of her arm pits, the smell under her breasts, the smell of her pussy as she slept, the perfume of her ass hole, the smell of her period, the odor of her feet – it would all be Trish, it would all be the woman she loved, and wanted to keep within her forever, good or bad.

Trish’s pussy was moist and steamy. It was obvious just from the climate inches from her cunt, that she was excited and near orgasm. But within that steamy, wet atmosphere were her scents: the fresh pussy smell described by some men as ‘fishy’, but evocative of a woman’s sexuality, and rich with her pheromones. The smell of urine, a salty, tangy scent that layered itself within a woman’s slit, and more often on her labia and her pubic hair, no matter how thoroughly she wiped herself. The ghost smell of blood, a faint reminder of her period and a badge of honor for all women. The smell of perspiration – not so much from her sweet pussy, but from the joint of her thighs to her pelvis, and the small creases of skin there that generated perspiration and its fragrance.

Samantha inhaled and mentally catalogued Trish’s scents gratefully, happy that she could be close enough to her loved one to perceive her scents, and to remember them.

Samantha toyed with Trish’s reddish labia, swollen and hot, tracing her finger along the fleshy lips and the downy, invisible hairs alongside them. Trish jerked and moaned, Samantha’s touch unexpected but very welcome. “God, Samantha, that feels great! Don’t stop…”

Samantha smiled, and pressed her lips forward, slightly touching and teasing Trish’s sensitive labia, getting her first taste of her lover’s quivering pussy. A sheen of Trish’s creamy dew coated Samantha’s lips. Instead of giving in to the irresistible desire, and licking them, she raised up and brought her wet lips to Trish’s trembling mouth, pressing her lips there, fresh from Trish’s pussy, leaving the heat and moisture of her touch, and the shared taste of Trish’s hot cunt on her lover’s lips, then gazed into her eyes briefly, and then dipped back down to more fully explore Trish’s erupting volcano. Trish shivered…she was so close…

Samantha once again kissed Trish’s soft labia, and this time tongue kissed her hot hole between them, the fabulous scents that she’d experienced before, now tastes sparkling on her tongue, and in her mouth. The creaminess of Trish’s lubrication covered Samantha’s lips, tongue, gums and even her cheeks and chin, so copious was her hot flow. Samantha lapped greedily at the girl’s excited pussy, glorying in the pleasure and delight of orally pleasing another female’s vagina.

Samantha almost literally fed at her girlfriend’s cunt, driving Trish beyond the bounds of mere physical pleasure.

“Oh my god, I needed your touch there for so long, baby,” Trish whispered, “I needed to feel your warm, gentle touch, I needed you to show me your love, make me your own, make me your lover…oh god oh god oh god yes yes yes YES! Oh, fuck me fuck me with your tongue, eat my hot cunt GOD I wanna cum in your mouth, feed you all my pleasure, give you my happiness, be with you and in you and you in me, oh FUCK ME, FUCK ME…PLEASE fuck me, your fingers your mouth, do me do me I WANT TO CUM SO BAD!!”

Samantha added two of her fingers to the teasing and titillation of Trish’s now spasming vulva, hooking them up and back inside the girl’s tight hole, to caress her g-spot, while her tongue began to circle and mount Trish’s now prominent clitoris, gleaming red and begging for Samantha’s attention.

Samantha fastened her lips over Trish’s clit, barely distracted by Trish’s fingers running through her hair and scratching her scalp, the slight pain only serving to excite Samantha’s own, hot and ready clit.

“Oh god oh god oh god,” babbled Trish, as she felt the most explosive orgasm of her young life building inside her, taking control of her body. As Samantha squeezed Trish’s tender clitoris with her lips, and simultaneously ran her tongue lightly over it, and attacked her g-spot even more forcefully, Trish erupted, her hips shaking like a 9.0 earthquake, and her pussy firing out jet after jet, squirting her hot liquid onto Samantha’s chin and upper chest, as Trish screamed with pleasure that she had never before dreamed could exist.

“Oaaaahhhfuccccccckkcummmminngcummming,”she managed, the rest trailing off into a blissful plane of existence where she was made delight incarnate. Samantha rode out the furor, her own clit spasming in orgasm, as she felt Trish’s hot spurts of pleasure hit her, and soak her porno upper body, and she catalogued a new, rarer scent to remember Trish by.

“Ohhhh…fucking good…” Samantha murmured to herself, as her legs pulled up toward her body, seeking to contain the pleasure she felt within her a bit longer. She couldn’t resist the temptation to rub her own clit through her now soaked panties, her hips convulsing with pleasure, her mouth still on her lover’s pink clit.

Her finger slipped hungrily around the gusset of her panties, and into her pussy, only partially filling the aching need there, her soft, liquid lubrication sloshing as she fucked in and out. Trish moaned above her, the universe of pleasure in which she had been so deeply immersed, now fraying at the edges as she returned to reality.

“Ohhh, baby, I love you so,” Trish cooed. “I’d love to taste your wetness, touch your hole, smell your hot body…” She began to take control, sensing that the balance of power had now shifted, and that she could now do her best to please her new lover.

The two collapsed, to lie together on the bed, face to face. Trish smiled at her new mistress.

“I love you so much, baby,” she whispered. “You’ve made me so happy!” She saw a slightly disconnected look in Samantha’s eyes, and knew that she needed to bring Samantha over the edge, to join her. She began licking Samantha’s cream-covered face, like a mother cat cleaning a kitten, as Samantha submitted to her ministrations.

At the same time, she brought a hand down to Samantha’s panties, slipping her hand under the waistband of the flimsy, sopping wet piece of fabric. Her fingers slipped through the small, trimmed garden of Sam’s pubic hair, wetly slick and holding her moisture, then around and over Sam’s swollen clitoris and labia.

Samantha moaned, her hips pushing into Trish’s questing hand.

“Fuck me, baby, please fuck me,” Samantha moaned, as Trish kissed her, loving the sweet smell of hot cunt surrounding Samantha’ head and face, and the taste of her own pussy inside of Samantha’s slack and submissive mouth. Gingerly, she inserted two fingers into Samantha’s previously abused pussy, as she thrust her tongue into Samantha’s mouth.

The simultaneous fucking of her pussy and mouth brought Samantha to climax, her body jerking with pleasure, as an electrical storm of ecstasy washed through, and over, her body, mind and soul.

“Oh god, so good, so good, god yes I love you fucking me, inside me, I love you so much, Trish…” Her hips shook against Trish, her eyes teared with the emotional overload, and Samantha curled up in Trish’s arms, her emotional needs finally met after a long lifetime of searching. Samantha had found her life mate, she was sure.

The two women lay contentedly, their bodies wet and weary, but far more satisfied than they’d ever felt before, and soon fell asleep together. They awoke hours later, unashamed and more certain than ever that they’d each found the key to their eternal happiness.

“Hey,” Trish whispered to Samantha, when she opened her eyes to find Samantha’s eyes resting softly on her.

“Hi, baby,” Samantha whispered back. “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” Trish replied. “So much.” The two women hugged, a long, sweet embrace.

“God, we’re a mess,” Trish said.

“But we smell, really, really good,” Samantha giggled.

“Yeah, true,” Trish smiled. “So…do you think we can do this a lot more?”

“Right now?” Samantha asked. “We could, I’d love that. Or, we can clean up and eat something, and kind of see where things are since we, um, discovered our new relationship…”

Trish giggled. “Are you as hungry as I am?”

“Starving,” Samantha gasped. “Pussy just ain’t enough.”

“Still, it’s pretty good,” Trish said. “At least judging by how mine tastes.” Samantha looked quizzical.

“It’s all over your face…and mouth…and hair…and breasts…” Trish grinned. She looked sad. “But I didn’t get to taste yours.”

“Well…” Samantha said, as she slipped her hand between her legs, and then brought it up to Trish’s face. “If you’re interested…”

Trish slipped her mouth over Samantha’s two glistening and wet fingers, licking and sucking in the taste of her lover’s sweet pussy, after her cum and juices had stewed within her hot body for hours.

“God! So good,” Trish moaned. “Now I want to eat you so bad.” She kissed Samantha, both women reveling in and savoring the taste of ripe pussy on Trish’s mouth.

“I have got to eat something – food wise. How about we eat, then shower, and you can do me there?” Samantha said.

“How about I do you while you’re eating?” Trish was becoming inflamed by the thought of fastening her mouth on Samantha’s wetly oozing vagina.

“Mmmm, okay,” Samantha said, grabbing Trish’s hand and pulling her out of bed. The two slipped on each other’s panties, then headed to the kitchen, giggling and bumping hips several times, and stealing kisses from each other.

“What sounds good?” asked Samantha.

“Um, fresh fruit…and yogurt?” suggested Trish. Samantha nodded, and the two put together a nice fruit plate, along with healthy dollops of vanilla yogurt. They sat across from each other at the small kitchen table chatting, as they ate and smiled, quite a bit.

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