Interview With Lisa and Brain

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“Another interview another dollar!” I said to Ron, my cameraman, as we rolled out of the motel parking lot headed for Lisa and Brian Thompson’s house. I read the stat report out loud. They would be our third interview.

“Let me see? Lisa, age 64, 5’8 tall, 126lbs, college-educated but never worked. Husband deceased.

Brian, age 46, 5’10”, 158lbs, college-educated and an accountant for a law firm. They have been active for 10 years. It says it was Lisa who contacted us!

What do you say we get some breakfast? There is a McDonald’s coming up.”

We arrived at the Thompson’s rather large house in an expensive neighborhood.

Brian answered the door and we followed him into the living room.

We found ultra-slim, and still quite attractive, Lisa to be quite charming. She had white hair cut rather short and rosy cheeks, skillfully applied, but heavy makeup, blue eyes, and wearing gray sweatpants and a lightweight white cotton pull over. She wore sandals. Her statue was dignified and pampered as she sat on the sofa.

Brian seemed admirable, shaking our hands firmly. He had dark, almost black hair and dark piercing eyes. His complexion, unlike his mother, was dark, a father genre, perhaps.

We sat down and chatted a few minutes about their lovely area and home. Then, Ron unpacked his camera and we started the interview.

“We will start with you Lisa. Can you tell us a bit about how your sexual relationship began with your son Brian.”

“Oh my goodness! My husband had been gone a about a year. I have two other children but Brian was the only one who stayed in the area. He was a great comfort to me when his father passed, and helped a lot. Brian had split with his wife of eight years and was staying with me. He’d been in my home for about six months.

The central air-conditioning had failed and it was hot! Some days were over 100° in late July. We were one week into a two week wait period before another unit could be installed. They had lent us three small window units and by letting the fan of the central unit blow the living room was comfortable and the rest of the house was tolerable after closing a few doors.

At night we watched TV here in the living room, I wore my usual underpants and light sleeping gown. Brian wore cotton shorts and a T-shirt. He’s very muscular wouldn’t you agree?

Well, it was not all that comfortable in the house that evening and I hiked up my nightgown to cool my legs, not giving any thought to Brian who was sitting outside of my vision.

“Out of the blue, Brian told me that he thought my legs were very pretty. I was a model in my younger days and I have to admit I do have pretty legs. What hurt my career was I had no ass to speak of.”

Lisa was relating a lot of needless information, but I liked her bubbly attitude and her lovely voice, so I let her rattle on.

“I told him he had seen my legs lots of times and he replied that he had not seen as much of them and that he could actually see the side of my buttock and that too was positively exquisite. I smiled at him and told him thank you, but I felt a little bit uncomfortable with our exchange. I let a couple of minutes pass and then pulled my sleeping gown down. It was so funny the way he voiced his opposition, “No mom! Don’t do that! It is so hot in here”. The statements had enough room in between them that you could tell it was not my comfort he was interested in. I lifted my nightgown back up, making sure it was as high as before, and began eying him occasionally. He was missing the whole TV program studying my legs and the side of my butt.”

“Did you pull up your gown again to tease your son or because you wanted the attention?” I queried. “Or just appease him?”

“My intention was certainly not to tease. I was pleased at his comment and figured my gown had been up for quite a while already. But as I sat there I began to think about my son’s troubles. I asked him why he had not found a girlfriend. He told me it was because he was still married and he really didn’t have the time. The question was In responds to him studying my legs. I told him I felt bad for him. I told him that because his dad and I had had a very active sex life. We had even swapped a number of times when I accompanied him on his business trips. I enjoyed sex immensely and I knew what it felt like to go without. I had the usual girl toys but they just didn’t satisfy.”

“You never told me about you and dad swapping?” Brian said with surprise in his tone.

“It’s not something you spread around, son.”

“So you were 54? And you didn’t have a boyfriend of your own?”

“I had my suitors. An occasional dinner, I couldn’t think of giving myself to anyone.”

“Could you continue Lisa?” I said, and then asked. “If I may call niğde escort you Lisa?”

“Certainly young man. We’re all friends here! I sat there thinking a long time about Brian, about me, about sex, and about sex between family members – incest. I wondered if Brian was sitting there with a hard-on looking at my legs. I bet you and Ron here have a hard on just talking about this. Knowing Brian as I do, I figured he probably did. Back then, I could only speculate.

Anyway, I pondered long and hard and finally I made a decision. Not for me, mind you, at least not at that time, but for Brian. I told Brian that I could be his girlfriend. They didn’t have that phrase “with benefits” back then. A whole lot less embarrassing while getting the message across. Brian told me I was already his girlfriend. I countered by lifting my gown a bit more.”

A few long moments passed.

“I sat there for long minutes waiting for Brian to process what I had said and done. He stopped looking at my legs and appeared to be in deep thought………………”

“Brian, if I could bring you into the conversation?” I said turning my attention to Brian. “When your mother said that to you – that she could be your girlfriend – can you tell us how you took that – processed that?”

“It took me a few moments to realize what she had said – I didn’t know right off what she was suggesting. We had always been good friends – hugged each other – kissed each other! I couldn’t put any meaning to it! I had to ask, so I asked her what she meant. She told me that she loved me very much and hated to see me in such turmoil – that she knew I worked hard – and it wasn’t fair how life was treating me. She said I had a wanton look in my eyes looking at her legs – that a man needed sex and that was what she was offering.”

A college educated dumb-ass, I thought.

“I told him lets go to the bedroom and just do it. We could talk about it later.” Lisa added.

“And you two did! Pretty straightforward. No lustful seduction – no passionate discussion! You’re a down to earth lady, Lisa.

“Oh no! Brian! I think was in shock at my suggestion. He sat there staring at me. I told him, for me personally, that if I was ever going to have sex again it would have to be with a family member, that I could not entertain the thought of another man outside the family between my legs. At that point, I knew and accepted that truth. I told him that it would be to our mutual benefit, I suppose, to help bring him around, and that I was going to the bedroom and I hoped he would join me.”

I felt like I needed to expand this interview. “Brian, did you follow your mother immediately to the bedroom? Tell me, as you remember, what was going through your mind – what happened?”

“It was near 30 minutes before he came into the bedroom!” Lisa injected in her bubbly voice but you could tell she was defending her son.

“I sat there for the longest time. Like mom said, I guess I was in shock. I remembered her lifting her gown higher. But sometime or other I got up and brushed my teeth. I went to the bedroom – her bedroom – pretty much in a daze. The bedside lamp was the only light on.” Brian took a deep breath. “My mother, as you see, is hot now. 10 years ago the was even more scorching hot. Her hair was jet black and her skin was milky white, as it still is. Back then she used makeup that gave her face a China doll look that you would be afraid to touch, as it might shatter.

When she saw me enter the bedroom, she stood up and turned to face me. She thanked me for coming. She slipped out of her nightgown and let it drop. She removed her underwear, dark blue, I’ll never forget. She stood there in front of me and I was thinking how absolutely gorgeous she was and how thankful and lucky I was to have an unselfish and understanding mother like she was.”

“Did the fact that Lisa – sorry, your mother – had told you that she too was sexually in need have any influence on your decision to go to her bedroom?”

“What are you implying young man!” Lisa shot at me. “My son would never take advantage of his mother’s misfortune!”

“Yes ma’am.” I stammered.” I’m certain of that! I’m not even sure what insight I was seeking with the question.”

Brian picked up, saving further embarrassment.

“I didn’t know how bad off I was until mom hiked up her gown and I sat there studying her – my own mother’s – absolutely gorgeous legs and butt. I knew dad was mesmerized by her and worshiped the ground she walked on, but I knew a good marriage is not built on sex alone, but for a fleeting second, I did wonder about the sexuality of my mother and if she desired, or missed, sex. When she told me that she did, of course it relieved me of the selfishness I would have ordu escort felt later knowing she had given herself for my benefit alone

“But sex is a very significant part of my son’s life.” Lisa chimed in. “As it is for any man.”

You should have seen the look on that boy’s face as I stood there in my birthday suit. You could see the hunger in his eyes. You could see a gigantic bulge in his cotton shorts.”

“So, Brian, did you take charge of the situation at this point?”

“Nobody takes charge of mom when it comes to sex or anything else.”

“My son is honest. I asked him to remove his boxer shorts and I think I kind of embarrassed him standing there looking at his erection. I told him that it was bigger than his father’s. I laid down on the bed without taking the covers down. Like it is now! And motioned for him to join me. It was so awkward it was funny! We were on our sides facing each other, but we fumbled putting our arms and legs around each other. Finally situated, I kissed him lightly on the mouth as I had so often in the past, but finally I planted one on him. That caused him to get with the program and we kissed passionately. He began fondling my breast and ass. I got my hand on his cock and it felt like a steel rod. It still does! He still thinks my pussy is the best thing in the world! Don’t you sugar?”

“Yes mother. You know I do. You can imagine my nervousness!” Brian began. “It’s not every day you’re in bed with mother naked, with her hand gripping your cock. I spent a lot of minutes fondling, stroking and exploring her gorgeous body. She was moaning a little and telling me how good my hands felt, but she really began to seriously moan when I started sucking on her nipple.”

“Don’t let him fool y’all! He was taking a long time because he was hesitant to stick it in me!” Lisa chimed in humorousl. “It was understandable, but when he started sucking on my nipples I was ready. I was passed ready! I tried to pull him over on top of me. I finally ended up begging him to stop playing and get on top……………..”

“You can imagine!” Brian picked up with a smile. “What it’s like to have your mother begging you to stick it in her.”

I had reached the point where I thought the best idea was to see mother and son together, so I suggested that we go to the bedroom.

“You really have to film us? The story is not enough?” Brian questioned.

“As per contract or no outlay of funds, unfortunately.” I replied.

“Brian, I told you that filming us was important. And we certainly don’t need the money!” She directed that stern statement towards me. “The filming is quite necessary for sexual immortality. We will be seen by many people and they will see mother and son loving passionately. And they’re going to send us a copy as stated in the contract. In your old age, you’ll be able to sit back, watching the film and thinking of me fondly. “

“And,” I added. “The faces will be blurred out as stated in the contract. Not all of our interviews state that. Mrs. Thompson, you are a wise woman.”

“And, now that you are married, like I have been telling you for over a year, we need to end this little affair we have been having.”

That little revelation nearly floored me. I saw Ron’s eyes widen in surprise. I was torn between ignoring it or expanding the interview to include it.

“Lisa! If I may?” I rallied. “Brian, what are your feelings on ending your sexual relations with your mom?”

“With all due respect, Bill, that is a personal matter between me and my mother. But I’m sure you will be able to answer that question yourself though in a minute or two.”

“Bill, before we go to the bedroom, I would like to take care of the paperwork.” Lisa requested.

I saw no problem with doing that and laid the check on the living room table.

We retired to the bedroom and Lisa was the first to shed her clothes. I was immediately struck by the dark-haired, neatly trimmed, forest confined to her mound. She noted our smiles and smiled back, turning to give Ron and I a total picture.

I was mesmerized by her well toned body, and bar none, one of the finest set of legs I had ever seen, in print or on film.’ And, they ran all the way up to her flat, but just as smooth and lovely, ass

“Now gentlemen, I know what you’re hoping for, but nobody sticks a dick in me except Brian. But I am multi-orgasmic and I will entertain giving you a taste if you would like. It has been washed and pampered.”

The elderly, sensuous and gorgeous Miss Lisa was full of surprises. I smiled warmly at the woman and told her that she was being very kind and generous.

Ron and I did a quick “rock, scissors, paper”, much to the amusement of the lady in question, with Ron winning osmaniye escort out. He handed his camera to me and waited for Lisa to position herself. She positioned herself on the edge of the bed, after gathering up a few pillows to prop herself up, causing Ron to kneel in front of her. As he did, she positioned her feet on his shoulders. He began to kiss her pussy lightly.

“You done this before I see!” Lisa said teasingly.

She watched him for a long time before closing her eyes and moaning a quiet pleasurable drone. Unfortunately, and I say this in kindness, Ron concentrated on her clt and she came rather quickly, though she was immensely appreciative and said so. Maybe she just knew there was more to come!

Apparently knowing she was going to offer, Brain handed her a moist towelette. She delicately wiped her pussy.

I took his place without rushing. I wanted to study the 64-year-old woman. Her breasts were small but robust, the raisin sized nipples firm due to the attention of Ron. Her whole body was exquisitely smooth and creamy white. Not a blemish in sight. I took a chance.

“Lisa, would you roll over for me so that I may kiss her delectable ass?”

“Of course, young man!” Lisa answered beaming a smile.

I wanted desperately to get my cock into this lovely, older lady, but I knew it wasn’t going to happen.

After long minutes, kissing and nibbling on her gorgeous ass, I turned her over. She scooted to the edge of the bed again and I dropped to my knees. I studied her pussy long moments, knowing better than to touch it. Her Vulva was only slightly inflated, a light orange tent in color, probably due to Ron’s attention. It had a smidgen of new hair growth, giving it a lightly furred appearance. Her labia – her pussy lips – were tiny., but I knew I would find a deletable clit just inside. I deemed her pussy as lovely as the rest of her.

I knew how to eat pussy and I was going to keep her on edge for as long as I could. After a few minutes of exploring and pleasuring her orally, a thought came to me. Pushing back on her thighs, her feet lifting from my shoulders, I pushed by tongue into her hole. I knew I was taking a big gamble. I pushed by tongue deeper as she began to hump my face and moan with lustful passion. My tongue was accepted inside of her! I returned to exploring her pussy, only flicking her clit occasionally to tease her. I pushed by tongue into her two more times before she moaned for me to stop playing and that she was ready for her son’s cock. Reluctantly, I concentrated my tongue on her clit and brought her to orgasm!

While praising my efforts, She scooted herself up on the bed, repositioning pillows. She motioned for her son, who had stripped.

“Come on Brian!” She lovingly directed. “Its time for you to stick it in mother. Ron, be sure to get us coupling and stay there for a few minutes.”

Ron moved in concert with Brian. He filmed Lisa’s hand placing her son’s cock to her treasure hole. Brian’s cock entered his mother’s pussy easily and pushed deep, his balls coming up against her buttocks. I figured Brian, after all these years, knew how his mother liked to be fucked.

He began to withdraw his cock to its domed head before shoving it deep once more. Over and over, causing the dignified and classy Lisa to moan and groan with lustful passion. Behind closed doors, she was like any other sensuous woman with a man between her legs, his cock inside of her.

Brian had a good-sized cock. It was strong and firm and the boy had learned his mother’s most sensitive areas. Let it be acknowledged, Brian was fucking his mother well and she was soon lost in incestuous lust. Incestuous lust? Because she kept begging him repeatedly to, “fuck mother’s pussy”, until she moaned in orgasm, and then begged him to , “come in mother” and “fill mother’s pussy”.

Discounting Ron and myself, with a minimum of foreplay between mother and son, they fucked for 40 minutes. I deemed it a good amount of time under the circumstances, but wondered what their real life intimacy was like. I got my answer as the two of them laid on their backs looking at us.

“Fellows, it’s been fun,” Lisa said in her bubbly, happy tone. “but I’m sure you two are capable of finding your way out. It’s been over a week since Brian and I have been together and we’re not quite finished yet. You understand?”

I thanked them both, especially Lisa for her generosity. We gathered up our stuff and left the bedroom. I elbowed Ron and motioned towards the bedroom door, which I had purposely left ajar.

I looked in first and saw Lisa on her knees next to her son stroking and sucking his cock back to health. Ron backed up a ways and got a good few seconds of the action on film. Then, we tiptoed away, laughing quietly.

Back in the car; “Do you think Brian will ever be weaned off his mother’s pussy?” I inquired jokingly.

“I suppose,” Ron answered. “If Lisa wants him to be. I will take bets that she doesn’t want him to be!”

“Did you see that lady sucking his cock?”

Ron shook his head

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Shauna’s Heaven

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Shauna pauses outside the conference door and takes a deep breath. She has been preparing for this for several months now. She looks down to see that her skirt is just the right height. She is wearing a red miniskirt with a pale pink blouse. Both leave little to the imagination. Her black clad silky legs and red high heels completed the very sensuous outfit. But it was evening and she was not expected to be at the office. She left work several hours ago. So they could not fault her for her attire. It was the evening after all and she had planned on going out, or so she told them when they called. That sounded like a perfect excuse to show up at this board meeting dressed as she was.

Clasping the files she was holding closer to her chest, she could feel the wetness gathering between her thighs, as thoughts of the upcoming events that she hoped would transpire, formed in her mind. On the other side of this door were three very handsome, very eligible gentlemen who had no idea that they were being setup this evening. All the planning was slowly coming together.

She thought of John, fair-haired and equally fair skinned. He was the living equal to the Greek myth of Adonis. His heart was pure gold and his manners, impeccable. The company could not have chosen a better public relations executive then John. She thought about the times she had teased him and the look on his face when his desire became evident in his suit pants. But he always moved away just when she thought he would take his wanting a bit further. She was not sure it was because of her position in the company, or his shyness around women.

Then there was Mike, quite the opposite of John in many ways. He was the clique of tall, dark and handsome. He had deep brown, almost black eyes, and bedroom eyes as they say. His dark Italian skin and a body that showed his passion for weight lifting, was her undoing. But unlike John, he was always on the prowl. She was never sure just how much of the teasing was in fun and how much was serious. But she knew she would find out one day. He was the company’s attorney and despite his easygoing manner he was lethal in the courtroom.

The last board member was James. He was the handsomest of the three as far as she was concerned. He was older then her but not by much and he sent out such an aura of sensuality that just being around him caused her heart to race and her thighs to glisten. He was graying at the temples that gave him a distinguished looked to his already handsome face. His hands were his most erotic features. He had large hands, strong hands. You can tell that this was not a man to sit behind a desk all day. The thought of those hands running over her body had taken Shauna to the edge of a climax and over in her fantasies. She was hoping this was the night all her fantasies would come true.

He was the main brain in this company. He knew every detail of the operation and all the workings of the machinery. Together the three of them made a hell of a team. Shauna’s abilities erzincan escort to work on all three of their levels gave her the best position within the company. She knew everything there was to know about the workings, the legal standings and the public relations that there was to know. She was invaluable to all three of them and her salary and bonuses proved just how much they relied on her. There was not a dealing that went down, not a product that was discussed that was not brought to her attention. They had originally called her position Administrative Secretary, but they have since renamed her job to Executive Manager.

She clasped the files tighter, grabbed the doorknob and after swinging the door open and hearing it make a resounding bang against the back wall she walked into the room. Knowing that all eyes were immediately on her.

She surveyed the gentlemen in front of her. Mike as usual was drooling and could not keep his eyes off her legs and boobs. John was shifting in his seat, and Shauna was sure it was because of his instant arousal. James had a look of pure lust that he was trying unsuccessfully to hide. She walked to the table and asked them all to come to the end where it would be easier to show them all the latest updates so that they can all look at them at the same time.

Mike practically ran to the head of the table where she was standing, John took a few seconds after standing to adjust his pants. Shauna was looking at the papers but kept one eye on him and smiled when she noticed his condition. James was the last to arise, as he slowly got out of his chair and flashed her a huge smile as he came closer.

She gathered them around the papers and started to speak. She showed them the results of the latest survey. Her voice was a melody to their ears but they had no idea what she was saying. They were all too aware of her breasts rubbing and caressing their arms and hands as she explained the files. What made it even worst was the fact that they knew just what she was wearing under that shirt. For that matter what she was not wearing would have been a better evaluation. James had the hardest time concentrating. Just when he controlled his thoughts she would rub her butt gently across his crotch in a manner that left him hard as a rock. She had to be aware of his state of arousal, but gave no sign or indication that she was anything but business.

They could not believe the sight of her when she walked in the door. That mini skirt should be illegal. They should ban see through blouses also for that matter. No sooner did she walk through the door than all three of them got erections. They had desired her for a long time, but other then a few smiles and some quick glances she never seemed interested. Now with the way she was looking all they could think of was putting her on the conference table and making her the main course in a very pleasurable sexual meal.

John kept swallowing to try and moisten his dry throat from the erzurum escort heavy breathing he was trying so hard to control. Mike was gazing non stop at the places her breast touched his arm and every time she moved he would raise his arm slightly to caress her breast as they moved over his arm. James was another story altogether. He was not able to control his erection and after a few minutes didn’t bother to try and pull back when she leaned against it. But instead push a little forward as she did. Shauna was getting wetter by the second. This was working out just as she had planned. They had no idea what she was talking about.

This meeting was now under way. She was going to get her wish. Her wildest fantasies were about to come true. Until that moment she was not sure about their desires and their wants, but by their reactions to her outfit and her movements, though subtle, things were going just as planned.

She knew now that they wanted and desired her as much as she did them. James was the first to make a move. He slid his hand slowly up her thigh as she moved back to him and then back to the table. She closed her eyes briefly. His touch was so light she was not sure she felt it. When he received no reaction from her he got bolder. He slid his hand to the inside of her thigh and closer to her crotch. As he got higher on her thigh he realized she had thigh high stockings and garters on.

Now his cock was harder then before. He slowly slid his hand higher. He figured she would either keep going or she would turn and slap him. Either way he had to find out if she wore underwear under that outfit. He slid his hand boldly up to her pussy and almost groaned aloud when he found not only that she did not have on underwear, but also that her pussy was shaved. He felt her smooth as silk lips and the moisture that was slowly soaking her lips and thighs. She only paused a second in her explaining as she felt James’ exploring fingers. She wasn’t sure the others had noticed his hands under her skirt with him standing behind her.

As she leaned over to point out another fact in a file she heard John’s quick intake of breath and she knew he was aware of James’ finger exploration. She did not have to guess at Mike’s thoughts as she felt him reach out with his fingers and take her nipple between them and pinch them tightly, to which she could no longer hold back a soft moan. John reached out and took her whole right breast into his hand and started caressing it. James got bolder as he saw the others starting to caress Shauna’s body and he slowly slid a finger into her.

Feeling the wet moist heat penetrating his finger as he slide it all the way in. He moaned slightly as he wiggled his finger inside her soaked pussy. Mike got up and pushed on Shauna’s back to lay her upper body on the table. He pulled her skirt up around her hips as James’ finger continued his exploration. Mike leaned over her pussy and took a deep breath. Sighing at the wonderful smell eskişehir escort she was giving off. John and Mike pulled on her hips until they were off the table and her exposed butt and pussy were draped over the end of the table. Reaching down Mike slowly searched her lips for her clit. Mike started to rub it quickly, smiling as he heard her moan louder now.

James started sliding his finger in and out slowly. Adding first one then two more fingers to her dripping pussy. John stood there not sure what to do. He then leaned over Shauna started to caress and rub her tight butt. He bent to lick her skin as her moans of pleasure increased. Mike rubbing her clit in faster and faster circles as James slammed in and out of her pussy with three fingers. Her juices were dripping down onto Mike’s hand as he brought her closer and closer to a climax. John spread her butt cheeks and exposed her tight butt hole. He reached under her and wet his hands with her juices and slowly circled her butt hole with his finger. As her hips started to move with James and Mike’s hands she moaned louder.

They knew she was close to a climax and all three of them increased they speed to bring her over the edge. James’ fingers flew in and out of her and he added a fourth finger to her pussy, spreading the lips tight against his hand as he continued to fill her with his fingers.

Mike rub faster and much harder, the juices from her pussy dripping onto her clit and his hand making the area slick for his movements. John slid his finger around her butt hole and then slowly slid it into her tight hole as she neared a climax. Shauna had never felt so pleasured. Here were three very handsome men bringing her to orgasm. She was soaked before she even came into the room and now she knew that she was making a puddle of juices on the floor with the help of these three wonderful pleasers. She was climbing closer to an orgasm as they continued rubbing and filling her.

As she neared her orgasm her hips started bucking like crazy. She started to scream as she went over the edge. Bucking her hips and screaming as an orgasm shook her entire being. James, Mike and John continued to fill, caress and rub her until her orgasm started to subside and she lay on the table panting, trying to regain her breath. James slowly removed his fingers as he caressed her pussy lips. Mike removed his hand from her clit to rub her tight butt. John slowly pulled his finger from her butt hole and rubbed her other butt cheek as she slowly calmed down.

Mike reached up and slowly turned Shauna over. John went to the other side of the long table and helped Mike move her until she was lying on the table between the three of them. Mike and James were standing to her left and John standing on her right. Not a word was said as they slowly undid the buttons on her blouse. James went to the end of the table and slide off her heels and skirt. She lay there with only her bra, garter and stockings on.

The three men just stood there and gazed at her. They have all wanted to see what she was like under all those business outfits. The fact that she walked in here dressed to kill to begin with was a shock. But now she lay here before them in just her erotic lingerie. They all had a raging hard on but they knew that their desires would soon be satisfied.

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Hayley Under Claire’s Control

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Hayley finds out that she is under Claire’s control

It seems that I have another case where I can tell the “rest of a story.” I have recently relayed to my readers the continued stories of Chris’ Photo shoot and her adventures in Strip Poker, as the reluctant and shy young wife found aroused out of her control and used by several people without her husband’s knowledge.

Now I have some entirely new information about a different shy wife, fropm a different part of the country, named Hayley.

Hayley had a number of adventures arranged by her husband, Steven, with each one leading her farther and farther into erotic sex. After getting a taste of wild sex from her husband’s fantasies, Hayley found herself being used by others who took advantage of her when she was sexually aroused.

This is the story of what happened next after the story Steven published on alt sex stories titles “Sex for Sale.”

As a way to supplement her husband’s salary, Hayley had tried things like selling Tupperware, Mary Kay, and a few other work from home jobs, but none of them worked out. Through a coincidental contact with someone she met through Tupperware, she got into a business that she would probably never have considered before her husband began to widen her sexual horizons. She got into the multi-level marketing “downline” of her friend from Tupperware, hosting Tupperware like parties, but instead of selling kitchen products, she sold sexy clothing, sex toys, and related items.

She would arrange for one of her girl friends to host a party where she would her products to show 8 or 10 ladies and take orders for them at the party. With only women, the parties were relatively tame, but once in a while there were some off color comments about some of the products, and occasionally she would demonstrate a new product. It had become a great source of income for Hayley and as she got over her shyness about these sex aids and toys, she could see her income rising fast. But the audience was always women, and there were never any men present…

All that changed when Claire, once her closest friend until a falling out over a boyfriend several years ago, had agreed to host one of Hayley’s “sex for sale” parties at her house.

When Hayley arrived, Claire had a surprise for her. Claire was going out with her girlfriends for a girls night out, and Hayley’s customers for the evening were the husbands of the women that Hayley had thought were going to be her customers

Hayley overcame the initial shock and managed to get comfortable selling to the men, even demonstrating the items for them.

She got a little too comfortable and eventually the guys got her so hot that she let them convince her to demonstrate even the most intimate items like vibrators and she wound up completely nude, so turned on that she agreed at the end to suck off each of the customers in return for them buying the rest of her inventory. Because of the unusual situation, Hayley had charged premium prices and required the men to buy her entire inventory before agreeing to demonstrated her products. As she was getting dressed after the party, her host invited her to come to the same house the following Friday night, and thinking nothing about it, she said yes. She did not realize until it was over that the whole party had been recorded on video.

That gives you a summary of the story as told by Steven in “Sex for Sale.” It ended with the end of the party at Claire’s house.

Here is the interesting continuation of the story.

By Wednesday Hayley had almost forgotten last week’s wild party.

Then the phone rang, It was Lou, Claire’s husband. Lou told Hayley not to forget that she was to be at the Friday night poker party. It was Lou’s turn to host. Hayley explained that she wasn’t planning to go and that she had only promised she would be there in the heat of the moment last Saturday night.

Lou explained that Hayley had no choice but to come and do as she was told or the videos showing Hayley naked and begging the group of men to let her suck them off would be posted on the internet. After protesting for a while, Hayley realized that she had no choice and reluctantly agreed to go to the party. Lou told her to be there at 5:00 on Friday. When Hayley asked why so early, Lou explained that Hayley was to help Claire clean the house and prepare the snacks for the poker party.

He also told her to bring all of her sex toys and to wear a short skirt and blouse and no underwear. Hayley protested again, but reluctantly agreed when Lou reminded her of the video tapes. Lou’s last request did not make sense to Hayley and when she asked why she should bring all the paperwork about her sex toys for sale business,

Lou just said, “Do it or else.”

Hayley was very nervous when she rang the doorbell of Claire and Lou’s house at 5:00 on Friday with her case of “toys” and the folder with all her records from the business. She was a little chilly dressed as she was on the September afternoon.

Claire giresun escort opened the door and stood there for a minute looking Hayley up and down as she stood on the front porch shivering slightly from the combination of the cool air and the anticipation of what might be coming.

“Let me take these.” Claire said as she reached for the sample case and folder, but made no move to invite Hayley inside.

“Lets see if you dressed properly.” Claire said sternly as she first told Hayley to lift her skirt and then to open her blouse to show that she had no underwear.

Even though Hayley was facing away from the street so that no one beside Claire could possibly see, she was both embarrassed and turned on as she complied with Claire’s demands.

“Good.” said Claire, “Now hand me your blouse.”

“What?” Hayley said, “Here on your front porch? No Way!”

“OK Hayley, have it your way, you will be the newest internet porn star in no time. When word gets around about the video Lou will be posting on his web site, people will forget all about Paris Hilton.” Claire said smiling.

Hayley protested but realized that she had no choice when Claire told her. “Hayley dear, you will do exactly as I say, or all of the video footage taken last Saturday will be on the internet tonight and we will email the link to all of your friends and relatives… do you understand?”

Hayley nodded and looked down at her feet as she unbuttoned the blouse and took it off, handing it to Claire. “Can I come inside now?” She pleaded.

“Not yet,” Claire grinned. “Give me the skirt.”

“Oh my God.” Hayley thought as she realized that she had no choice and reluctantly stepped out of the skirt and handed it to Claire.

“Can I go inside now? Please!” Hayley begged as she stood there naked.

After what seemed like a very long time, Claire stepped back and let Hayley come through the door, closing it behind her, grinning broadly.

“Can I have my clothes back?” Hayley asked timidly, feeling like a child in the presence of an adult.

“All in good time” Claire responded coolly, “We have to check out the things you brought first, then you have a lot of work to do to get ready for the party and Lou’s friends.”

Claire led the naked Hayley into the kitchen and ordered her to clean up the counters while Claire went through the items in Hayley’s sample case and the folder..

After a few minutes Claire called Hayley over to the kitchen table where she had the items from the case spread out.

“It looks like you have been making very good money from this business. How much would you say you have made?”

Hayley was surprised at the question and answered. “It varies, but usually $400-$500 in a good evening.”

Claire continued reading the papers in her hand. “It looks like one of these sessions was a lot more than $500. It looks like almost $2000. Which one was that?”

Hayley responded timidly. “Last week, with the men.”

“So you are going to do a lot more like that where the income is so much higher.”

“No, I don’t think I will be doing any more like that.”

“I think you misunderstood me Hayley” Claire stated firmly. “That was not a question, it was a statement. You will be doing a lot more with all male customers,” Claire smiled as she handed Hayley a small stack of papers and a $1 bill”

“What do you mean?” Hayley asked, puzzled. “What is this?”

“Sign at each place I have marked to complete the sale of your business to me for the grand sum of $1.” Claire said with a huge grin.

“I don’t understand.” Hayley said confused. “Why would I want to sell my business to you, especially for $1?”

“For the same reason that you took off your clothes in front of my house and the same reason that you will do everything I tell you to do from now on. To prevent your career as an internet porn star from being launched.”

Hayley trembled as the realization of the extent of her predicament began to sink in. She was surprised that the feeling of terror was mixed with one of sexual arousal as she was reminded that she was virtually helpless to stop Claire from making her do anything she wanted her to do.

After a long silence Hayley asked “But you said I would be doing a lot more of the parties with men. How can that be if I sell my business to you?”

“I am glad that you are starting to think about how this is going to work. The business will be mine and I will make most of the money. You will be working for me, below minimum wage”

Hayley could not understand it all and asked, “What do you mean?”

“You will accompany me to my parties and you will demonstrate each of the products for and with our, I mean my, customers. Don’t worry, I will pay you $5 an hour to start and if you do a good job, a raise to $7.50 is possible. Not a bad deal I would say, You do all the work for $5 an hour and I make $2000 or more each night. I like that.”

“How would I explain gümüşhane escort this to Steven?” Hayley asked, physically trembling from both fear and the unwanted sexual arousal that was building inside her at the thought of being so helpless and under Claire’s control.

“No problem, You just tell him that with the economy, sales are way down and you are not making much at each party. That will also give you an excuse to be at more parties, trying to make up for the drop in sales.”

Hayley begged Claire not to do this to her and asked her why she was being so cruel. Claire seemed to ignore the question at first and said

“As I recall from the video, this was one of your favorites.” as she put the restraining belt around Hayley’s hips.”

“Do we have to do this?” Hayley asked pleadingly, fighting the growing arousal deep inside her.

“We do if I want to.” Claire said, “and I want to.” as she finished fastening the belt around Hayley’s waist and then used the velcro straps to fasten Hayley’s arms tightly to her sides.

“How does that feel?” Claire asked and Hayley could only look away as she began to feel the same warmth between her legs that she had felt when the men had put her in the same predicament. This bothered Hayley as she did not expect to be turned on at all in the presence of only a woman.

“Surprise, surprise.” Claire said as she slid a finger into Hayley’s moist pussy. “You are getting wet! It looks like this turns you on. Is that right?”

Again Hayley did not answer, only turning her head away as she struggled to keep Claire from seeing her reaction to the situation and the finger inside her.

After moving her finger in and out several times and then fondling Hayley’s clitoris which now stood quite erect, Claire turned her attention to Hayley’s nipples which were also betraying her state of arousal as they stood out hard and firm from her breasts.

“Yes, I would say that this turns you on quite a bit” Claire continued as she rolled Hayley’s nipples between her fingers. “Doesn’t it?”

Hayley could only stifle a moan as she tried in vain to stand still under the electric touch of Claire’s skilled fingers.

Now, in response to your question…I might as well let you in on what is happening here, and what is going to happen to you.” Claire said as she took a vibrator from the pile on the table turned it on and began to rub it against Hayley’s pussy

“W w what do you mean?” Hayley stammered trying to hide her reaction to the vibrator as Claire began to slip it inside her.

“Well Hayley dear, i have been waiting for this moment for a long time. Do you remember in high school when you got Danny Thornton to take you to the Junior Prom and then dumped him for your precious Steven? I was planning to go to the prom with Danny and I had it all worked out until you flirted and teased him behind the gym. You got him so hot that he promised to take you to the Prom for just a look at your breasts and you said “later” the later that never came. You dumped him without even giving a glimpse or a feel of your precious body.. I followed you and I saw it all, and when Danny came to me the next day to break up with me so he could take you to the prom, I vowed that one day I would get even, and this is that day… or at least the beginning of a lot of those days.”

“What do you mean?” Hayley whimpered and shuddered as Claire began to work the vibrator’s full length in and out of her now thoroughly wet pussy.

“What I mean is that you really messed me up by stealing Danny, now I am going to get even by making sure that you get fucked hard and often by anyone I choose. The whole party Saturday night was a setup from the beginning. All of the videos taken of you naked with those cocks in your mouth are actually already on our web site, we just haven’t made the link available to anyone except a small group of people. As long as you follow my orders to the T, the link will remain private, but as soon as you fail to follow my orders, it will be broadcast far and wide, including all of your friends and relatives.”

“Here is the good news for you.” Claire continued, “I know that if I make the videos public, even though I will enjoy destroying your reputation forever, I will lose my control over you, so I want to keep the links secret as much as you do… just for different reasons. Do you understand?”

Hayley was not able to answer. She was struggling to keep Claire from seeing how much she was turned on by being a helpless victim of anything Claire wanted to do, and the effect of the vibrator was bringing her close to orgasm.

Claire seemed to realize the situation as she said “It looks like the same sexual energy that gave you so much power over me in the competition for Danny is giving me even more over you. I have scheduled “my” first all men party tonight, so I need for you to sign off the papers for the sale of your business to me so we can start to get ready. Let’s make sure that hakkari escort you are in a pliable mood.”

With that Claire slid the vibrator deep inside Hayley and turned it to the next speed. Hayley began to gyrate and moan as she approached orgasm. Claire then turned the vibrator to its lowest setting and pulled it almost all the way out of Hayley’s now very wet pussy.

“Oooh,” Hayley moaned as she tried to slide back onto the love stick. “That felt soo good. Please put it back in and turn it up… please.”

“As soon as you sign these papers to make the sale of your business to me for $1 official.” she said triumphantly.

“Y..yes, OK anything you say, just hurry” Hayley stammered breathlessly as she squeezed her thighs together to try to hold onto the good feelings.

Claire handed Hayley a pen and opened the bill of sale for Hayley to sign.

Then said, “oops,” as she took the pen back. “I almost forgot that we need a witness to the signing of the documents.”

She picked up her phone and made a call as Hayley squirmed trying to get the vibrator deeper inside her. “This will take just a few minutes, and then I promise you a nice big orgasm.” she told Hayley.

Hayley could only say, “please hurry.”

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door and Hayley started to look for her clothes.

“That must be the witness for our agreement.” Claire said as she turned the vibrator up a notch and Hayley began to tremble. “Answer the door.” Claire told Hayley

“N n no”. Hayley stammered as she fought the feelings brought on by the now more active vibrator. “I don’t have any clothes on.”

“Now Hayley,” Claire said firmly. “Remember that you do what I tell you to. Besides, I promised you a nice big orgasm once we finish the sale of your business to me. But ok, for now I you can put that on.” Claire pointed to a short kimono. “I think that Japanese Happy Coat will cover you nicely.”

Hayley put the short silk robe coat on. It was very short and she checked to see that it did, but just barely, cover her pussy and cheeks behind. She tied the belt to hold the sides of the garment closed and noticed how the silk rubbing against her already firm nipples made them stand out even more.

Hayley was conflicted, not wanting to go to the door barely covered, but wanting the relief of the orgasm that Claire had promised, she finally realized that there was no point in resisting, and slowly turned to walk to the door.

She hid behind the door as best she could as she opened it and recognized Danny, the boy that Hayley had stolen from Claire in High School and then dumped. It had been a whim for Hayley who had never liked the nerdy Danny, but stole him from Claire just to prove that she could. She remembered that the only interesting thing about Danny had been the fact that he had a very large cock. Hayley only teased Danny, fondling it through his pants a few times after making him hard by teasing him, and once actually taking it out of his pants in a movie theater and acting like she was going to suck him off, but left him hot, bothered, and begging for relief after teasing him mercilessly.

Claire told Danny to come in and Hayley hid behind the door until Claire told her to close it. With the door closed, she was unable to hide from Danny and he grinned ear to ear as he leered at her crossing her arms across her chest to cover her nipples that made huge bumps in the thin fabric.

“Put your hands at your sides and let Danny have a look at how turned on you are.” Claire told Hayley harshly.

As Hayley felt a blush rise on her cheeks as she dropped her hands to her sides in submission.

Danny whistled and said, “Look at those nipples! Damn Claire, I did not believe you when you said you would have Hayley here…wow!!. But I don’t think you are going to be able to make good on the rest of your promise though.”

Hayley did not want to think about what the rest of the promise was, but she could not keep certain ideas out of her head that both terrified her and turned her on even more.

“First you have to do your job, Danny.” Claire said, “and be the witness as I do Hayley a big favor and buy her little business that it seems that is too much for her to handle any more.”

Hayley I think that you should thank Danny for going to the trouble of coming over here to witness the sale so it will be official and binding, don’t you?” Claire said with a gloating tone.

Haley said nothing, just staring at her feet.

“Danny I want you to come over here by me.” Claire continued. Danny walked briskly to a spot that Claire pointed to

“OK, let me get this adjusted, and we can start” Claire said as Hayley saw her placing a video camera on a short tripod that held the camera about waist high right next to Danny. Claire picked up a remote and turned on the large screen television across the room where Hayley saw a close up of Danny. Actually a close up of Danny from just above his knees to just above his belt.

“Right here Hayley.” Claire said, pointing to a spot in front of Danny.near her.”Hayley keep your hands at your side so Danny can get a nice closeup look at your nipples. Danny why don’t you untie the belt on Hayley’s Kimono.” With that Hayley folded her arms across her stomach, covering the belt.

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Slut at the Old Folks Home Ch. 01

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Anna is a very attractive married woman who’s been working for me for a number of years, she is married and I know her husband well, in fact he sometimes helps me set up some of her adventures. She is a complete slut, exhibitionist and loves old men, big cocks and fucking!

They are quite filthy fantasies and real life, she tells me all her adventures even when I’m not there.

Chapter 1

When David said “do you want me to crack your knickers off!” I said what? David laughed and said Tom had sent him a text message and laughed. Let me see you bastard I said, I grabbed David’s phone and read the message, “Thanks David, you were right, she was lovely and the dirtiest slag we’ve seen for years, we sent her home with her knickers full of spunk, her hubby will have to crack em off!” Below was a picture of me with David’s prick in my mouth with Tom spunking on my face. I couldn’t remember any photos being taken, but they take a good one, the timing was perfect with Tom’s spunk literally splashing my face!

You bastard David I said, you set me up and told them god knows what; I told them you were the hottest piece of snatch around that’s all, he said and laughed.

I’ve worked for David for a few years now, the job and money is good and David is one dirty fucker. If I had a quid for every time I sucked or wanked him off or he’d fucked and fingered me I’d be rich; even worse, he was friends with Mike (MY HUSBAND) and am sure the two bastards used to set me up so that when I got home at night, Mike would fuck me silly whilst I told him of my filthy tricks that day!

David took back the phone and looking at the picture of me sucking cock, said looks like you enjoyed yourself as well. I grabbed David’s hand and pushed it up my skirt, as his hand went over my knickers covered fanny, he said “fucking hell Anna, your knickers are soaking” I pulled my skirt up to my waist and he could see how my knickers were mattered with spunk. As I did this I reached forward with my other hand, David’s zip was already undone and I wrapped my hand round his hard on.

Turn round Anna, David said, let me see your arse, you dirty cow he said, there’s spunk running down the back of your leg he said! I bent forward over the back of a chair and parted my legs, showing my cum filled knickers, my fanny and arse.

David moved forward and I felt the end of his knob rubbing up and down my crack through my knickers, you dirty fucker he said, your gash is wide open as I felt his bell in in my hole, I’m going to fuck you through your knickers and push that spunk right up you. He then started to fuck me seriously, my knickers started to come off my hips as David’s knob rammed them further up my hole. The sensation rize escort of having spunk filled knickers shoved up my gash by David’s rampant prick made me cum, my legs started to tremble as David then started to tense, I’m going to fill your fucking cunt with spunk David shouted as I felt his hot cream fill my hole.

As he pulled his prick out, my knickers remained full of spunk in my cunt, leave them he said as I moved to pull them out, let Mike get them out later, David then sent a text to Mike, don’t know what he said, but I could guess and knew I was in for a mega fuckathon when I got home!!

About a week later I was in the office when David called me and said I needed to go back to the Old Folks home the next morning as they wanted to invest in one of the schemes as he’d received a call from Tom. The dirty fuckers I thought, they want a rerun!

Given what happened the last time, the next morning I dressed appropriately, I had short grey skirt, well above my knee, tight white blouse and no bra, red heels, copper stockings with red suspender belt and no knickers, I also shaved my fanny that morning. So as not to appear out of order to the matron, I put on a raincoat to make myself look presentable!

The matron took me to the same room as before and they stood up as I entered, when they saw the raincoat they had looks of disappointment on their faces.

Jeff and Tom were on the sofa and David sat in the chair, there was a chair and table for me, I put my bag on the chair and turned towards them.

I started to undo my raincoat and said, I understand that you want to make an investment, they nodded, I slipped off my mac and let it hit the floor. When they saw how I was dressed I thought their eyes were going to pop out! I sat on the edge of the table, my skirt was above my stocking tops and as I lifted on foot and put it on the chair, my legs were obviously apart and my fanny was on view to all.

Having 3 old blokes looking at my snatch knowing that they were going to fuck the shit out of me was turning me on like crazy, I was in first class slag mode!

Get your fucking knobs out, wank for me I said, toss yourselves off whilst you look at my cunt. All 3 wasted no time in getting their pricks out, Tom and David were about 7 inch, nice and hard with red bell ends, Jeffs was a good 10inch gnarled with a big purple bell end. I’d had that up my arse the week before but today I wanted it up my gash along with Tom and David’s. I pulled my skirt right up around my waist so they had a perfect view of my open cunt, all 3 had fucking hard ons and were wanking. My cunt was dripping, it hadn’t been touched but I was that fucking horny. Undress I said sakarya escort to them, let me see your spunk filled balls as you wank, again they wasted no time, Tom and Jeff had quite tight balls, but David, fucking hell, he had a right pair of danglers!

You could cut the atmosphere in the room with a knife, the smell of sex was incredible, I got off the table and still with my skirt up around my waist walked across to David, I lifted my leg and put one foot on the chair arm, finger me David I said, finger me off whilst you wank. He rammed two fingers straight up me, I wanted something in my cunt so much that I came straight away, the dirty cows fucking cumming David said, my twat farted as cunt juice sprayed all over David’s hand. I was positioned so that Tom and Jeff could see David’s fingers sliding in and out of my hole. The two of them were wanking their pricks like mad as I urged them on, go one you dirty fuckers I said, I want fucking till I can’t walk and you’ve emptied your bollocks up me. I moved from David and stood in front of Tom and Jeff, my legs were well spread and with both hands I pulled my cunt flaps apart, my dripping hole was on display for them. They wasted no time and both got their fingers in me, that’s it I shouted, finger me off while you wank; my cunt was squelching with the fingering I was getting, a massive jet of cum squirted out my fanny as they fingered me off, I was dying to feel their knobs up me but held off, they were going to treat me like the slut I was!

I walked back to the table and sat on it again, this time though I leaned back, spread my legs and lifted them in the air, my fanny was gaping for them as I said to Tom come here.As Tom approached me with his knob bobbing up and down, I said to him, fist me, shove your hand up my dirty slut cunt. I felt 4 fingers go in straight away and within 20 seconds he’d managed to get his fist up me, ram it in Tom, let them see what a filthy fucking cow I am, cum was spraying out of my hole, I was being a slut and was loving it, I couldn’t get enough and had lost control.

Tom had got my blouse open and was sucking on my tits, my nipples were like chapel hat pegs, rock hard, when I shouted to David to come and fuck my mouth. I grabbed David’s prick which was oozing precum, I licked his bell end whilst I wanked his knob, I then started to rub it all over my face, what a slut I was, I’d got a guy fisting my cunt whilst I rubbed another blokes knob and bell end all over my face. I’d got his balls in my mouth and started to suck on them, my mouth was full of his big hairy balls sacks, he lifted one leg and put his foot by my head, lick underneath my balls Anna he said. I pulled on his knob samsun escort so I got his balls on my face and started to lick underneath them, fuck yes he shouted and I could feel his knob get bigger as I wanked him and rubbed him over my face. I knew licking underneath a blokes balls was one of the best things you could do, I also knew that his arse was close. I started to lick the rim of his arse, fuckin hell I was manic and stuck my tongue up his arsehole! The sluts got her tongue up my arse he shouted as I fucked his arse with my tongue, I’m fuckin cumin he shouted and grabbed his prick from my hand, I opened my eyes just in time to see his bell end swell as the biggest jet of hot sticky spunk plastered my face, the old fucker couldn’t stop, and shot three more loads all over my face, I was caked in spunk. Pull your hand out Tom I shouted, show Jeff my gaping cunt, as Tom pulled his fist out of my hole with a plop my cunt was wide open, I’m going to fuck you Jeff.

I got off the table and walked across to Jeff, spunk was dripping off my face on to my tits and my thighs were soaked in my cunt juice. Jeff’s massive prick stood to attention, I turned round and faced away from Jeff as I lowered myself down, I felt his bell end touch my hole. I relaxed, swoosh his fucking knob went right in, I could feel his end pushing my cervix, then fuck it went straight through it and he was in up to his balls, his bell end was in my womb and I was cumming like crazy as the dirty old cunt started to fuck me. I was cumming in waves, as I called to Tom, fuck me, Tom got in front of us and his prick went right in alongside Jeff’s, the two then fucked me in tandem, my snatch was gaping, two old men’s pricks up it, god it was fantastic. Take a picture I shouted to David, I was lying back on Jeff, legs in the air and David pulled one leg further apart so he got a perfect shot of the two knobs in my cunt, he took another standing back so my spunk covered face was also in the picture. I didn’t need to ask, but he sent them straight away to my boss David. The two bastards fucked me like this for a good half hour. I lost count how many times I’d cum, before Tom said he was cumming, he pulled his cock out and jumped up, I made an O with my mouth, and he put his bell end to my open lips as he started squirting spunk into my mouth, my mouth was full of spunk I swallowed what I could with a river of cum running down my chin. Jeff was still fucking the shit out of me, I was still cumming like crazy! Jeff started to cum, I felt his knob swell and then there was a hot feeling has he emptied his balls up me, I could move, I just let him fill my belly with spunk.

I slid off Jeffs knob to the floor, I was exhausted, my face and tits were covered in spunk, Jeffs spunk was running down my legs, lets get you cleaned up David said and helped me to my knees, he then moved right in front of my face and rubbed his knob all over my face.

I finally wiped myself down with the inside of my mac and decided to go back to the office…

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She’s Still Hot Ch. 03

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Big Dick

“Housewarming this weekend. Clothing required” read the text.

Tammy knew the property adjoining her new lover’s house had been sold, but she still didn’t know who had bought it. Evidently they were new to the island and its “clothing optional” policy. “Crap!” she thought. She had been going to the island with him for a couple of months, and never packed anything except traveling clothes. They enjoyed a very uninhibited sex life there, and clothes never entered her mind. Now, she had to make a decision about a freaking dress!

The morning had been stressful enough. Her business partner and ex-husband was being an asshole about an important deal, and she hadn’t had sex in a month. She really needed a weekend of debauchery, uncomplicated by a housewarming with a bunch of uptight strangers. Now, she had to choose what to wear!

“Private party to follow. We need to shop” came next. Just as she was digesting this info, Tammy’s lover stepped into her office. Dressed in his tailored suit, he looked good enough to eat. This thought crossed her mind as she stood to welcome him. Their kiss belied any semblance of a professional relationship.

Breathlessly, Tammy said, “I’m so horny, I could fuck you right here! Wanna try the desk?”

He laughed softly and replied, “As inviting as that sounds, we need to wait. I promise you’ll get your fill of decadence this weekend. We need to get you properly attired for the housewarming first.”

“But what about the ‘private party’?”

“It’s just that-private. We’re invited, along with some of the new homeowners and neighbors. Anyway, you won’t need clothes then,” he told her as he ushered her to the door.

Her interest piqued, Tammy allowed herself to be driven to a ritzy dress shop in the next city, and was amazed at the selection of “come-fuck-me” clothes on display there. They were greeted by a tall, stunning redhead who shook her hand politely on being introduced.

“Hi. I’m Sylvie. Welcome to my humble shop. I see you are every bit as lovely as he has told me,” she said. Turning to him, she melted into his arms and planted a very sensuous kiss on his willing lips. Pulling away, she said, “You sure can pick them. She’s a fucking doll!”

“That’s generally the idea,” he said, sliding a hand around Tammy’s waist. “What we need is a dress for an island housewarming. Sadly, it should be presentable, just hinting at sexy. Think you can help us?”

“Honey, I can cover that body in a blanket, but her curves are still going to show. Let me see what I’ve got that may work.”

Taking Tammy by the hand, she said over her shoulder, “Do you mind locking the door and turning on the ‘Closed’ sign? We’ll be back here,” Sylvie said, as she led Tammy around the store. Here and there, she pulled a dress off a rack and held it up to Tammy’s body.

For the first time, Tammy really noticed how good Sylvie looked. About five feet-six, her red hair fell almost to her very womanly hips. She wore a mint-colored sheath dress that did nothing to hide her voluptuous body. Tammy had noticed her nipples showing beneath the curve-hugging fabric, and wondered if she wore a bra. She had also noticed the sheer stockings that were a perfect match for the color of the dress. “Garter belt or pantyhose?” thought Tammy, as she watched Sylvie stop at a rack and pick two selections. “Fuck, you’re depraved!” she thought. Sylvie found another dress and led Tammy to the fitting area.

The section of the store more resembled a plush living room than a store fitting room. Tammy’s lover took a seat and got comfortable as Sylvie began undressing Tammy. She seemed to take extra time here and there, and Tammy got the distinct impression that she was being felt up by a pro.

“You are extremely beautiful,” said Sylvie, sliding Tammy’s blouse off her shoulders, then unfastening her skirt. Standing there in just her bra and panties, Tammy suddenly felt extremely sexy. Her nipples pushed at the fabric of her sheer bra, and she looked forward to Sylvie’s nimble fingers extracting her tits from it. The thought had no more than entered her mind than Sylvie eased behind her and, pressing her body into Tammy’s back and hips, deftly unfastened the hooks of her bra. Sliding her hands underneath the fabric, she palmed Tammy’s breasts, cupping them and massaging them with a feathery, yet demanding touch.

“Damn, you’re good at this,” sighed Tammy heavily as Sylvie rolled her nipples gently. “I can hardly wait until you take my panties off.”

“Whatever the customer desires,” whispered Sylvie, as she turned Tammy around and cupped her face. The kiss she delivered shook Tammy to her core, and she knew that no matter what, she was going to enjoy sex with this goddess. Sylvie then knelt, and hooking the elastic of Tammy’s tiny panties, eased them over her hips and down her legs, helping her step out of them. She picked up the wisp of fabric and tossed it to Tammy’s lover, who deftly caught them, holding them as if they were hatay escort a valuable treasure. “Honey, you smell wonderful. Let’s get this fitting over and have some fun!” said Sylvie, standing and resuming the role of businesswoman.

All three of the dresses were strapless, so getting them on and off was simple. With each trial, Sylvie managed to hold Tammy’s breast together, slide her hand down her ass, or touch her sensuously. Tammy’s stomach was in knots, and when they finally decided on one of the dresses, she launched herself at Sylvie, wrapping her tightly with her arms, and saying breathlessly, “OK, Sylvie darling. It’s my turn!” Finding the zipper of Sylvie’s dress, Tammy slid it down her back to her hips. Easing it off the creamy, soft shoulders, they let it pool at Sylvie’s feet. Stepping out of the pile of fabric, Sylvie struck a pose that held Tammy and her lover breathless. Her d-cup breasts were held up by the half-bra of a bustier, thus allowing her nipples to protrude sexily.

Greedily looking down Sylvie’s body, Tammy was delighted to see that she wore a tiny g-string outside a lace garter belt, which held up her hose. The entire outfit matched the color of the dress perfectly, and magnified the perfection of the body before them. Awestruck, Tammy finally said, “You are absolutely the most desirable woman I have ever seen. I want to kiss you so badly, but I’m afraid of where it will lead.”

“Get out of that dress, and I’ll show you!” said Sylvie, removing her g-string and exhibiting her well-coiffed landing strip. Turning to Tammy’s lover, she said, “I took your advice, Dear, and I love it!”

Tammy had wasted no time shimmying out of the curve-hugging dress and had hung it back on its rack. Sylvie took her hand and led her to a loveseat, sitting beside her and motioned for Tammy’s lover to come over. “We’re going to get each other revved up. Since you’re the only one with clothes on, why don’t you perform a little strip tease for us? Obviously we can’t throw our panties to you, but I assure you, the effort will be worthwhile. Take your time.”

He began undressing slowly, watching the two vixens closely. They embraced and when their lips met, there was no formality, no hesitation; nothing but animal hunger. Hands groped breasts, fingers found nipples and crevices, tongues slithered in and out of wet lips as if there was a time limit on pleasure. By the time he had gotten to his belt, they were paying him no attention. Sylvie finally looked at him and said, “Enough of ‘slow’. Help me get these legs on my shoulders, then plug my pussy with that sausage you carry around.”

They slid Tammy around so that she was lying on the daybed, her legs up in the air, Sylvie bent over the arm of the daybed, pulling Tammy’s hips to her hungry lips.

Starting by plunging her tongue as deep into Tammy’s sodden cunt as she could, Sylvie attacked the delectable pussy lips relentlessly. Pulling them with her lips, mashing Tammy’s clit, licking to her asshole and back, she soon had her conquest moaning and holding her head in place.

“C-u-u-u-m-m-m-i-i-i-n-n-n-g-g-g,” groaned Tammy, as the long anticipated release approached. Bucking her pussy against Sylvie’s face, she screamed until she ran out of breath, yet continued to ride the incredible wave of ecstasy. Lying back to catch her breath, she felt Sylvie move as her cunt was filled with his cock in one stroke. It was Sylvie’s turn to moan as he stroked her deeply. Matching his rhythm, she soon returned to Tammy’s drenched cunt and resumed her oral assault. Tammy’s juices had run down to her asshole, and Sylvie followed them hungrily. She tickled the pulsing orifice, her nose pressing against Tammy’s clit. The combination was driving Tammy wild, and she actually held Sylvie’s head still, not wanting to cum again so soon.

“Make love to my pussy, Baby,” she murmured, feeling each thrust as her lover pummeled Sylvie’s pussy. She held Sylvie’s face in place and allowed her tongue to contact her sensitive pussy with each forward stroke. This was more erotic on her sensitive pussy, and she soon looked between her legs at her lover. He was staring at her, mouthing her name, and fucking Sylvie silly.

Tammy felt herself coming again. This one was going to be fucking great. She let Sylvie nibble her clit, enjoying the different feelings being telegraphed into her nerve center as Sylvie approached her climax. Their lover had sped up and was really pounding Sylvie’s pussy as he climbed the mountain of his orgasm. When Sylvie came, she clamped down Tammy’s clit, driving her over the edge again. They both heard him growl as he unleashed jet after jet of hot, sticky jism into Sylvie’s hungry cunt.

He continued to stroke, fucking the redhead with abandon. Finally, Tammy could take no more and lifted Sylvie’s head, pulling her up to lick her face. This pulled her off his dick, and she collapsed on the arm of the daybed. He backed up and looked at his ığdır escort conquests, smiling like the alpha male he was.

“OK, Fucker. You win!” said Tammy breathlessly. “This bitch knows how to eat pussy as well as you. Did you teach her?”

“Oh, I started her on her journey of depravity, but I must say, when she got her bearings, she really excelled my highest expectations,” he replied, helping Sylvie to her feet and hugging her. Tammy moved behind them and added her body to the group. She delighted in the feel of Sylvie’s ass pushing into her torso, the heat radiating like the sun.

“Fuck, I think I could do that again,” she said, kissing Sylvie’s neck and shoulders. Her hands had found the sides of Sylvie’s tits mashing against his chest and began kneading them slowly.

Sylvie groaned, saying, “If we continue this, we’ll have to move to my house. I need room to explore both of you, and help you descend into my world.”

He looked at both of them and said, “As inviting as that is, we have to get to a housewarming.”

“You’d rather go to a housewarming than an orgy at my house?” asked Sylvie, dropping to her knees and suckling his cock.

Reluctantly pulling her up to his face, he explained gently, “Well, the housewarming is just the beginning. There’s a private party afterwards. I expect Tammy’s sexy new dress will be wet and stained with plenty of body fluids. Tell you what-let us take a rain check. We will get together, and I’ll bring reinforcements, just in case you two overwhelm me!”

Faking a pout, Sylvie agreed, and made them commit for one month later. An hour afterwards, they were on their way to the island, Tammy wearing her new sundress, and marveling at the sensuous way it hugged her breasts, allowing the nipples to stand out proudly. When she had put it on for the ride, the hem barely reached midthigh, and now she had slid it up to expose her pussy.

Looking at her leaning back, letting the sun shine on her face and her bald cunt, he felt himself beginning to get hard. He unzipped his pants and took his cock out, stroking it gently until it was erect. Tammy rolled her head in his direction, and, opening her eyes, said seductively, “I’ll take care of that when we get to the house.”

She put a hand on her pussy, massaging it slowly, and rubbing her nipple with her other. She soon had a finger in her slick cunt and reached over to rub his cockhead with it. As they approached the gate, neither moved to cover their nakedness. Fortunately, the attendant waved them through, and by the time they pulled into the garage, both were highly aroused. They fell into each others’ arms in the elevator, and when the doors opened, Tammy dashed to the bed, stripping off the beautiful dress and stretching out on her stomach.

“Get naked and bring me that sausage, Stud!”

He quickly stripped, and approached the bed. Using just her lips, she sucked his plum-sized head into her mouth. Sliding both hands around his hips, she pulled him to her and, using just her lips and tongue proceeded to suck her way down his cock, sliding her tongue under, then along the sides of his shaft. The pressure she put into her tongue bath was more than he could stand, and by the time her nose touched his pelvic area, she could feel the vein under his cock begin to spasm. She moaned and tried to say, “Cum for me.”

He responded instantly, spurting rope after rope of his jism deep into her throat, fucking her face sensuously. She continued to suck until he was completely dry, and massaged his cock with her tongue as she pulled it out of her hungry mouth.

“Remember – no matter what happens at the private party tomorrow, I still love your cock, and I’ll prove it as often as you want me to.”

Pulling her up, he kissed her and slid his tongue into her mouth, raking the sides and collecting the cum she hadn’t swallowed. When their lips parted, a long string connected them.

“That’s the sexiest thing in the world. I can’t wait to let you have your way with those poor innocents tomorrow. They don’t know what they’re in for!”

They were asleep almost instantly.

Tammy awoke once more to the delicious sensation of her lover slowly licking her from her clit to her asshole and back. She spread her legs to their widest and mumbled, “Deeper! Deeper!” He responded by pushing his tongue as deep as he could up her cunt and holding it there.

She began to writhe, and suddenly, he pulled away. “What the fuck?” she screamed.

“Darling, you need a touchup shave, and I don’t want you to come until the party. Let me just keep you on the edge,” he said, padding to the bathroom and returning with his shaving utensils. As he prepared and shaved her, she asked several questions about the party. “Yes, there would be other couples there, no there wouldn’t be any sex, yes the new owners were someone she knew.”

Then she got down to the “after party,” on which he refused to comment. “You’ll ısparta escort just have to trust me,” was all he would tell her.

Still somewhat in the dark, Tammy envisioned all sorts of scenarios to take place when the real party started. “How do we know who’s invited?” she asked.

“Every one of the special invited guests will be wearing a pair of nipples clamps. Here are yours and I’ll put mine on a little later,” he answered, handing her a gold chain with an adjustable diamond clamp on each end. “Need any help?”

“Please. I’ve never worn any before.”

“Let’s shower first and then we’ll get ready.”

As the warm water cascaded over them, their passions rose again. Fondling his dick and balls as she washed them, Tammy said seductively, “Sure you don’t want a quickie?”

“More than you know, but, I want you to be absolutely on fire when we get started,” he said, massaging her ass and slipping a finger in just to tease.

“Oh, fuck, I hope someone wants to fuck me in the ass. I haven’t had it back there in a month.”

“I can almost guarantee it, my Dear. Just be patient.”

At the appointed hour, they walked leisurely to the house next door, and were delighted to see Steve and Juana, as well as Susan on the front veranda. Laani, a woman who looked amazingly like her, and a very well-built, tanned young man were welcoming guests.

Laani hugged Tammy and her lover and thanked them for coming. She then introduced the woman standing next to her as her Mother, Meka, and the young man as her boyfriend, Ki.

Leaning in to Tammy’s ear she whispered, “His name has 17 letters and nine syllables. His dick is just as long!”

Entering the house, they were swept away on a decorating theme that literally felt like an island. Flowers, a waterfall, sheer curtains wafting in the breeze-all contributed to the ambience of the décor. Guests were enjoying a variety of exotic food and drink, as they took leisurely strolls throughout the house and onto the spacious rear deck, which fronted the ocean.

Leaning over the rail, Tammy asked here lover if they would be allowed to utilize the beach sans clothes.

“Absolutely, Darling. I own five miles of this beach, and like the houses, there are no clothing rules. In fact, I’m negotiating with the city for an additional two miles to be utilized by the paying public as a clothing optional beach, with half the income going to the town, and half applied to the cost. With your organizational skills, I might be able to finagle a job for you if you’re interested,” he replied, stroking her ass through the wispy dress.

“You keep that up and we’ll have to break in this deck!” she laughed, kissing him deeply.

A tall, voluptuous blonde in a curve-hugging strapless dress, cleared her throat, and said, “I hate to interrupt, but all the guests are asked to come inside. By the way, I’m Constance. I’m Susan’s – um- partner. I see you’re both invited to the ‘after party.'”

Tammy instinctively felt her nipples, as Constance gave her a sly smile. “Wish I could be a fly on the wall,” she said, giving them a saucy wink and returning to the house.

As they entered the living room, Laani and her mother stepped onto a raised platform, dressed in short grass skirts and barely there bikini tops. Meka’s full tits threatened to spill out the sides of the straining flimsy fabric, and their skirts were short enough that the audience on the floor were treated to occasional glimpses of upper thighs.

Meka, in a slightly accented voice, told them, “This dance has been performed by our people for centuries. It invokes the blessings of the Supreme Being for health, happiness, and prosperity. No new home is utilized until this ceremony is performed. We hope you enjoy the show. Afterwards, we hope you will enjoy the food we have prepared and are safe on your way home. Thank you for sharing this day with Laani and I.”

The music wafted throughout the house and Laani and Meka each swayed their hips, telling a story with their hands. Ki performed a running narrative to keep the audience aware of the legends and the significance of the two beautiful dancers’ movements.

When they had finished, the group moved onto the deck for a modified luau. Servers from the restaurant attended to every guest’s needs. Laani and Meka circulated among the friends, accepting gifts and well-wishes. Finally, couples started leaving, and Tammy began to pay attention to those wearing nipples clamps. She and her lover, of course, Steve, Juana, Ki, and Susan. A little disappointed, Tammy noticed that Constance was absent from the remaining group.

They assembled in the spacious living area and Meka welcomed them as special friends who had been invited to complete the ritual of the housewarming. This part was a fertility ceremony to ensure the procreation of the species. Assuming her role as director of activities, she began with a beautiful song, delivered in a native tongue, and punctuated by suggestive body movements and deep emotion. A beautiful flask was passed around and each participant sipped the nectar. Tammy immediately felt her loins heat up and noticed that Juana was beginning to squirm in her seat. She also noticed Ki sliding his hand down the front of his shorts.

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Rehabilitation At the Beach

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Rehabilitation at the Beach

As I laid my nude, aging body back and exposed it to the world, the heat of the mid-day sun’s rays striking every part of it felt good.

Yeah, I was exposed to the world, but I’d found a quiet, secluded spot, which provided well deserved relaxation after a long ten days of strenuous work, where no one would wander—not that I’d wanted anyone to pass by.

As a matter of fact, it’d been so long since I’d needed (or wanted) anyone for companionship, the wanting had disappeared long ago—it was no longer required—but I didn’t mind.

I closed my eyes and drifted from days of past to that day. I wanted yesterday so bad, but was stuck with the problems of the present. Brief moments of joy enclosed me each time I had memories of past days, but those, too, were soon lost as I was pulled back to the present as if a voice was calling out to me.

It took a few seconds to realize the voice wasn’t within my mind but coming from behind me. I shook my head to clear my thoughts, opened my eyes, and looked up. I saw her standing over my shoulders as her white shirt was blazing in the sun.

Still believing my mind was lost in the past, I searched for reality, for there I was, visiting a nudist beach, and yet, someone behind me was apparently clothed. I wiped my eyes to try to clear the vision above me, and the more I rubbed, the clearer she became, but still wearing that white shirt.

It was too late to react for there I sat, or rather semi-reclined, on a beach chair and naked to the world. What I had was clearly visible even though some may not think it to be much.

I managed a weak hello.

“Um, hello.”

She motioned to the lounge chair that sat across from me.

“Is anyone sitting there?”


I was still trying to determine why someone who was dressed would be on a nudist beach.

“May I?”

I nodded yes.

I felt her hand touch the wooden frame of my chair as she moved around me. I looked at the shirt flowing over her shoulders—it was a bit large but apparently comfortable during the heat of the day. It wasn’t until she’d gone as far as the foot of my lounge that I suspected she was wearing only the shirt and nothing else.

Unfortunately, the shirt was long enough to cover her hips, but I could see her legs emerging from beneath it. They were exquisite and well worth the price of being exposed to a younger woman. I’d only seen her face briefly when as she glanced back as she moved to her chair, not at the start when she spoke to me.

Young? Yes, but her walk and manner were classic as she dropped her beach bag at the side of the chair. As she bent over slightly, her shirt pulled upward to show more of her thighs.

She stood beside her chaise, turned as she sat down on the edge of it, kept her legs low as she raised them from the ground, and pivoted on the chaise as she laid them to rest along it. She had her knees slightly elevated, which hid my view of her legs as I could see nothing more than her calves, knees, and the white of her shirt.

She reached down, found the opening of her beach bag, pulled a paperback novel from it, and grasped it with both hands before resting them over her bosom. She couldn’t have read more than a paragraph before she slowly lifted her eyes away from her book until she was looking into my eyes.

Her voice was clearer and less informal than before.

“Hi, I’m Kathy.”

I couldn’t help but think about what she’d seen when her eyes moved past the top of the book, but it didn’t matter because she’d obviously seen more when she stood behind me.

I stammered because I was unsure whether or not a conversation would follow or only a brief politeness until she returned to her book.

“I…I’m Bruce.”

The latter was correct. I watched as she lowered her eyes to my crotch again (only slower that time), paused, and then glanced down to her novel.

A touch of disappointment overcame me as I would’ve appreciated some conversation that was more than only a “Hi.”

I watched as her eyes moved back and forth along the lines of the page. Otherwise, she laid there motionless, except for the odd itch of her ankle as she moved her other foot against it and slowly rubbed it. Each time it happened, I hoped for the movement to shift her blouse and expose more of her thighs, but it didn’t happen.

She did momentarily lift her eyes, now and then, to see if I was still there. More than thirty minutes had passed, the heat of the day was starting to reach its peak, and yet, I still felt alone. I wasn’t the only one who felt the heat!

Kathy finally rested her open book on the edge of the chaise. She wiped the brow of her forehead to remove the perspiration that’d beaded there and was threatening to break free and slip onto her face. She wiped her fingers, starting at her shoulders, onto her chest, which turned the material translucent as it clung to her breasts.

I looked up just as she was slowly (as if she had all day) beginning to unfasten the buttons of her kilis escort blouse. One by one, the buttons were unfastened and exposing more of her cleavage as the sides of her blouse opened and rested against her breasts.

Finally, as she struggled with the last button, the tail of the shirt fell to her side. She grasped the loose ends, pulled them back for a moment, and then lifted them up. I waited (patiently) for the shirt to be slipped from her shoulders so I could enjoy the moment when she, too, would be naked from the waist up.

No sooner had she pulled the shirt from below her, she wrapped the ends under her breasts, pulled them tight, and tied them into a knot. For but a split second, her left breast had slipped from her cover but once again disappeared as she secured the shirt.

The wait was worth it to be able to see her firm, tanned, breast and the tiniest nipple. She’d given me the smallest, but hopeful, glimpse of her breast, which bore the proof of nude sunbathing. I was content to gaze upon the depth of the cleavage her breasts as they were suspended inside of a cloud of white cloth.

Again, she reached down, picked up the book, and gave me a quick glance.

“It’s hot!”

“It certainly is.”

I was unsure of what she thought my statement referred to—the heat of the sun, or her shirt grasping her breasts.

Kathy smiled and continued reading her book. Pages turned, one by one, again with only the occasional scratching of her ankle as she’d done before. It seemed that any movement by her caught my eye, which caused me to focus upon her.

That time, I saw her cross her ankles after she’d finished laying her legs against the cushion of the chaise. When I saw only a few sparse tuffs of fine, black, pubic hair held tightly between her thighs, it was only then that I confirmed she was wearing only the shirt.

Kathy slowly looked up, stopped half way to twist her neck as if her muscles had tightened, looked at me, and gave me another short smile.

“The sun sure is nice to relax these tired muscles.”

I followed her outline from her feet to her eyes with my eyes as she rubbed the back of her neck.

“Yes, Kathy, it surely does.”

Kathy raised her arms out to her sides and placed them behind her as she stretched her whole body tight. Even the shirt that was tied to her pulled (hard) against her breasts, which made clear outlines of her tiny nipples through the fabric. Just as she reached the extent of her stretch, the knot of her shirt came loose, causing her shirt to pull free of her breast.

“Darn, I always have problems with that knot. What’s the use of trying?”

She pulled the loose ends of the shirt to the side to expose all of her round breasts. The nipples perched upon them were tiny, firm buds and deep in color. After the shirt was freed from her body, she twisted slightly to place it upon the back of the chaise, which profiled her breasts, which were held high on her chest.

She reached into her bag, pulled out a bottle of suntan lotion, removed the cap, and placed it on her thigh. Kathy placed a dab of lotion in one hand and spread it over her shoulders and upper body. Her skin was shining as the sunlight reflected off of her moist body.

As another drop of lotion dribbled onto her palm, I watched as she placed her hand on, and moved it across and around, her breasts. As I watched her slightly distort her breasts as she rubbed the cream thoroughly into her flesh, the top to the bottle was slipping from the top of her thigh to between her thighs.

She leaned forward as she moved her long fingers between her thighs, captured the bottle top, and closed her thighs again, but not without briefly exposing the outline of her pussy.

She saw me looking as I was unoccupied by other things.

“Bruce, can you do my back, please?”

I placed my feet flat on the ground, stood, and moved next to Kathy.

She handed me the bottle, turned over on the chaise, moved to the opposite edge to make room for me, locked her ankles again, and turned her head toward my direction.

My soft cock was hanging between my thighs as I sat down next to her with my left thigh resting along the edge of the chaise. The other was opened to provide balance to my perched stance.

I raised the bottle above her and allowed several drops to fall onto her shoulder blades before I began spreading it about her upper back with my palms and massaging the oil into her skin with my fingers. I placed another drop on her lower back and spread it to just above her butt cheeks. I noticed their round shape and the crease between them that dipped between her tightly held thighs.

“There, I’m done.”

“Feels good and better than I could do. Do all of my back, if you would?”

I couldn’t resist. She followed my movements as I placed two drops on her cheeks, lightly rubbed the oil about—I felt very little give to her tight cheeks—and moved myself further down the chaise to allow my hands to perform their task.

I kırıkkale escort placed two, long streams of oil along her thighs. The warmth of her body and the sunlight was loosening the bond of the oil, which caused it to spread over her thighs and drip between them. Kathy unlocked her ankles but laid each foot next to the other.

Her thighs became less rigid and were barely separated from each other. I continued the application of the oil and vigorously rubbed it into her flesh. It was only when I applied the oil to her upper thighs that I took my time and was careful not to touch where I shouldn’t.

She relaxed some more and allowed me to move my fingers deeper, see her looser cheeks, and see the more visible crease. As I placed the top back onto the bottle, I noticed her eyes were half open as she was still watching me.

After standing, I handed Kathy the bottle as she turned over and moved into the sitting position with her feet supporting her. At the same time, her fine pubic hairs barely concealed her pussy as she separated her thighs again. Her unblemished lips came together as her slit made its way downward.

I felt a twinge inside of me, but I wanted it to be more than a faint feeling. I took my chair and sat as I had before—after all, I wasn’t showing any outward emotion of being that close to someone so desirable. After Kathy re-opened the bottle, she poured a stream of oil onto her thighs and down to her knees.

The oil shone in the hot sunlight as she slowly massaged it against her flesh. When she pressed her fingers between her thighs, she moved the skin against her hand. I took a moment to wonder how steady my hands would’ve been had she asked me to continue with the application of the oil.

Bit by bit, she opened her thighs and raised one up as the other lay open and flat against the chair. I couldn’t help but see the tiny, delicate hairs adorning her pussy as they shone strongly from the oils she’d applied. It’d become easier to see the fullness of her lips where they came together to hide what was held between them.

What she was doing wasn’t obscene or vulgar. It was simply an innocent activity that, as her hand moved back and forth, allowed me a momentary view of her.

Each time, I was able to anticipate when her hand would be low enough on her knee to allow me another glance of her.

Each time, I waited for it and more tingles seemed to build deeper inside of me.

I noticed I was slowly reacting to the feeling of myself growing larger as the start of an erection began. It didn’t amount to much, but considering the period before, it felt wonderful! Kathy looked up, saw my pathetic attempt at becoming erect, and lowered her eyes back to her task.

My cock was hanging low between my thighs without form or shape. My moment of ecstasy had passed much too quickly as it’d lasted less than a minute.

As Kathy continued her task until her body shone from head to toe, she’d occasionally look at me for a moment and then turn back. She returned the bottle to her beach bag, wiped her hands free of the oil on a small towel, then picked up the book to continue her leisurely relaxation in the sun.

She couldn’t have read more than a page when, once again, she placed her hand inside of the bag and found her disk player. She turned it on, placed the headset over her ears, and continued with her reading. I couldn’t tell what she was listening to, but since she continued to flicker her eyes across the pages of the book, it appeared to be the type of music one uses for background enjoyment.

As she turned each page, Kathy became more and more relaxed. She’d slouched lower on the chaise until she was lying flat on her back, feet tucked closer to her hips, and knees raised above it.

First, her toes began to move to the rhythm of the music, then one foot tapped out the beat, and then the other. Soon, her feet were stepping from side to side as if her soul were out on a dance floor. I wasn’t sure whether or not she realized the effect the music had on her, and I wasn’t about to tell her either.

As each foot moved to the music, her knees and thighs opened wider until I was able to look along her thighs and clearly see her pussy without any obstruction from her hands. I couldn’t move my eyes from her, nor did I want to, for she was that captivating!

Every part of her seemed to tingle. Her pink, delicate folds of flesh held my gaze as they’d partially opened and exposed the hood draped over her clitoris. I was barely able to make out the start of the opening to her pussy—I would’ve seen more, had it not been for the sagging of the cloth chaise.

Each movement of her body tantalized me more and more as I ached to see more of her, but I was content with what she’d inadvertently shown me. It hadn’t been wasted either. I felt that ache returning, stronger than ever before, as my cock stood up from between my thighs.

It was long and slender, but as rigid as if I’d been re-incarnated as a juvenile. I couldn’t kırklareli escort believe my reaction—the site and physical being of my erection had almost been removed from my memory. I could only take pleasure in having noticed it for, no sooner had it become erect, it’d once again lost all of its magical powers.

I was glad, if not mildly embarrassed, Kathy had looked up to see my erection for a moment before she returned her eyes to her book. I saw nothing wrong with that. It was, after all, a natural reaction to seeing something wonderful.

Unfortunately, Kathy’s eyes lost some of their glimmer as she looked back again, only to see me in my normal pose. She continued to read and occasionally looked up at me to see how I was doing, but if anything, she was confirming the roller coaster rides my erection seemed to be taking.

It seemed to be only seconds since the last time my cock had stood straight and hard before Kathy laid her book beside her. It must’ve been longer, though, as my shaft, weighted by the constant erections, hung heavy between my thighs.

She raised her back rest upright, eased herself to the end of her chaise, and sat on the edge. Her feet were planted firmly into the hot sand, elbows were on open knees, and a clenched fist was resting against her chin as she stared at me.

Any other time, I was sure I would’ve become erect—who wouldn’t—if I’d seen her so close to me that I could reach out and touch her.

The silky flesh between her pussy lips would’ve driven anyone mad and that’s not considering the clitoris that remained hidden by the mystique hood. I only took a quick glance at her, refraining from staring, for I knew there’d be no reaction.

Her eyes, acknowledging my limpness, briefly had a suppressing emotion upon me. It’d be impolite to look when her face bore some concerns. Kathy sat there and waited for the moment, but the moment didn’t come.

She blurted out.

“Do you not find me attractive and sensual?”

I thought for a moment.

“Yes, I do!”

Her eyes and expression looked sincere. I owed her an explanation, but I found it difficult to find the words to follow.

“I’m sorry, Kathy. Believe me, it’s not you by any means. As you may have noticed during this last hour, I’ve had many erections, all as a result of seeing you, but there’s another problem.”

Her face drained of any sadness she may have been experiencing as concern seemed to remain. I explained the symptoms I was going through with erectile deficiencies, something that struck men of my age with increasing numbers.

She looked puzzled, almost as if I was talking about someone else.

“But how could it be that, you definitely don’t have any problem getting an erection?”

She was right, I didn’t have any problem becoming erect—maybe not as fast as my younger days and definitely slower than had I come upon her years before—but it did stand for me, often on its own volition with no encouragement from me.

“Kathy, the problem isn’t getting it up, the problem is keeping it up.”

That seemed to confuse her more as she shook her head in disbelief. As she leaned back on her hands, her breasts pushed forward from her body. It was also the first time the tender flesh of her pussy had come into full view. How beautiful Mother Nature had created her, unique from all of the others I’d seen. I had no regrets or uncomfortable feelings of looking at her.

I’d accepted my condition a long time ago and was tightly holding on to those brief moments of the past when I did respond (for but an instant) with an erection.

Her eyes were in a trance, fixed upon my crotch as my cock slowly swelled and pushed itself outward and then, as in an athletic feat, began to rise upward until it stood suspended between my thighs.

Her face showed no emotion, except for maybe a slight glimmer in her eyes, as she continued to stare at me and encourage me.

“Bruce, you’ve got to believe it could only be a slight medical problem that’ll soon disappear as so many other ailments do.”

I dared not to speak so nodded my head instead.

Not that I found the conversation trivial, but they were words that I, too, had spoken long ago and had since dismissed. My thoughts weren’t on the conversation but on Kathy. I even took that moment, during a serious discussion, to bathe my eyes in her beauty and the innocence of her exposure.

I felt myself throbbing, and I was uncomfortable as I didn’t know what I’d do next. It’d been so long since that feeling was felt, it seemed to be new to me.

As she sat up, she had a look of confidence beaming from her eyes as she pointed to my erection with her right hand.

“See! I’ve proved it! You only needed a little encouragement and imagination to get yourself over the hurdle and become as you once were!”

Kathy raised her left foot onto the edge of the chaise and grasped it with her left arm as her chin rested upon her kneecap. She was so happy and cheerful to have found a challenge and resolve it. She was so excited.

Her face was alive as my angel of mercy sat across from me and continued to gaze upon her creation. I couldn’t make contact with her eyes because I wanted her to enjoy the moment without any distraction from me. I was content to lower my eyes and take more of her beauty into my thoughts.

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Jack’s First Job Ch. 04

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The next morning mum made breakfast then she had to work, she had four home visits to do. Jack felt quite relieved as she didn’t mention last night. Mum was pleased and cheerful. Jack spent the day revising work from University, he covered a lot of ground then did the same thing on Sunday.

On Monday, Jack and Jean christened the bedroom. Jack had changed the lock, but he was the only one with a key, that way, he couldn’t be disturbed no matter who was in the room with him. Tuesday, he invited Clare over, she loved it, she was also much noisier there so she must have felt secure. The bedroom proved to be very handy. The beauty for Jack was that he controlled it, he saw Jean again on Wednesday and Clare on Thursday. Mum had her hair cut on Wednesday; she also had highlights done which changed her look. Jack had booked a table for two at the pub on Friday evening; he had ordered a bottle of champagne, to be served on their arrival, he also advised them that they would be eating Chateaubriand to be presented medium-rare. He was so looking forward to Friday evening; he thought mum was too, hence the haircut and highlights.

Friday night arrived after work Jack had come home and showered and shaved. He had dressed in a blazer and slacks; he heard mum still in the bathroom, she had her en-suite bathroom connected to her bedroom. He went to the fridge to get a glass of wine; there was a note attached to the fridge door, it read, “Jack, I got some champagne in for tonight, pour yourself some, and I’ll join you in the lounge, love mum x.”

Jack poured a glass then sat in the lounge. He wondered if mum would mention last night, on reflection, they both had started to kiss simultaneously. Jack felt that they both wanted to kiss. Jack knew himself that if the opportunity came again, he would do the same thing.

Jack was on his second glass when mum came in carrying her glass, she raised it and said, “Cheers.”

Mum looked stunning; she was wearing a figure-hugging dress which showed her curves to perfection. She was also wearing three-inch heels which were unusual for mum as she was a tall woman. She sat beside Jack on the sofa; Jack said, “Mum, you look gorgeous, I’m privileged to be your partner tonight. I’m also pleased that it’s a beautiful evening and we can walk, you’ve saved money on the taxi.”

Mum smiled then said, “Jack, if we walk, I won’t walk in these shoes, I’ll wear flatter ones to walk and put these on before we go into the pub. I like heels, but I never have the opportunity to wear them. I can wear them when I’m with you as you are so tall. Do you like champagne? I want tonight to be special; my beautiful son is spending part of his first wage taking his old mum out for dinner.”

“You are not old mum, you look beautiful, you’ll be the best looking woman in the pub tonight, kastamonu escort and I’m sure about that.”

They finished the bottle then walked to the pub, mum in her flat shoes, she changed back into her heels before they went into the pub. They were escorted to their table then as if by magic, the champagne appeared. Mum was impressed after they had toasted each other, mum whispered, “Jack, that was so thoughtful of you. I appreciate this so much. I want to kiss you, but I won’t do it here, but you are getting a special kiss when we get home tonight. Jack, I enjoyed last night, especially the kisses, to be honest, I was sorry that you went to bed.”

Jack couldn’t believe it; he whispered back, “Me too, I love how you kiss, I didn’t want to clean my teeth this morning as I could still taste you.”

Mum smiled then said, “What a lovely thing to say, Jack, I’m happy that you feel the same way as I do, we must be careful when we are out, especially in the village.”

The main course was served, which amazed mum as they hadn’t ordered. Mum saw that it was medium-rare and smiled. It was delicious; they didn’t speak as they ate as the food was so good. Jack couldn’t keep his eyes off mum’s tits, they looked magnificent, she was wearing a bra, but it must have been a push up one. They finished their meal; Jack said, “That’s a beautiful dress you’re wearing mum, the colours suit you.”

“On Wednesday I spent hours looking at clothes. I found an excellent boutique in the city. I bought three outfits, apart for leggings for you. I haven’t bought anything for years.”

“Your leggings are wonderful, mum.”

“You just like looking at my lady parts, my newest leggings are so tight, but they are comfortable to wear. You weren’t looking at my dress; you were looking at my tits as you were eating your steak.”

“Mum, I love big tits, and you have got beautiful big tits.”

“I loved it last night when we were kissing, and you were playing with them, I loved how you teased my nipples, I was about to cum then you left.”

The waiter cleared the table and asked if we would like dessert or coffee. Mum looked at Jack then said no that we were both full. Jack paid the bill then they left. Outside mum put on her flat shoes then they walked home. Jack said, “Mum, I’d love to put my arm around you and cuddle you as we walk home.”

“Jack, I’d love that too but we can’t. When we get home, I want to kiss and cuddle you; I’ve plenty of champagne in the fridge so we can sip champagne too. Would you like me to wear leggings and a top like I had on last night?”

“I would love that mum; you looked so well last night, I was happy that you weren’t wearing a bra.”

“Last night, I wasn’t wearing any underwear, I’ll change when we get home. Could you kayseri escort get the champagne and fresh glasses?”

“I’d like that mum; I’ll get the champagne when you are changing.”

They arrived at the front door as Jack was opening it, mum said, “I’d love it, Jack, if you were only wearing your boxers.”

Inside the hall they kissed then mum went to change, Jack said, “I’ll only have my boxers on when you come back.”

Jack got the fresh glasses and champagne then stripped, he was sitting on the sofa when mum came back, she looked gorgeous, her leggings were pink, and so was her top. Jack’s cock was semi-hard; it was parallel to his waistband. Jack cuddled mum, their kisses hot and hungry; both were burying their tongues in the other’s mouths. Both their hands were probing unhindered.

Jack was concentrating on mum’s tits as he had done last night, teasing and stimulating mum’s hard nipples. Mum had found Jack’s erect cock, his bulbous head and part of his shaft was now three inches above his waistband, mum gasped when she saw it, her hand was around it stroking it with amazement, mum said, “Jack, your cock is massive, it’s so long and thick, I can’t believe that it’s so big but gorgeous, let me make him hard.”

Mum went down on Jack, her lips covering his bulbous head, her tongue teasing and probing. Jack was loving what she was doing to him, but he wanted to go down on her and make her cum.

He slid his hand inside the waistband of her leggings; her lower stomach felt so soft and flat. His fingers then touched mum’s vulva; it was smooth and swollen, his finger felt mum’s hooded clitoris; it was big and moist to his touch. Mum opened her legs wider to give him better access. Mum purred with pleasure as Jack slid two fingers inside her hot, wet and hungry cunt.

Jack was now in control; he laid mum on the carpet in a position that allowed them to 69. Mum was taking the full length of Jack’s massive cock; it felt so good, her lips were wrapped around the base of his cock. Jack had removed his boxers; he had also removed mum’s top and leggings, mum had a beautiful body for her age, it aroused Jack as he looked and admired it.

Jack then went down on mum, sucking mum’s clit, he initially began finger fucking her with two fingers. Mum loved it; she was pushing her puss against Jack’s mouth; she was also gripping Jack’s fingers with her strong cunt muscles. Mum said, “Jack, I love what you are doing, you’re doing it so well, I love how you are sucking my clit, you will make mummy cum, do you want to make mummy cum?”

“I want to mum; I want you to cum in my mouth, I’m so happy that you are enjoying this, every time that we make love, I want to go down on you, I want you to cum in my mouth, then I’ll know that you are ready for my kıbrıs escort cock.”

Jack continued sucking his mum’s clit; he was sucking and teasing it with his tongue. His fingers were going deeper inside her, he formed his fingers into a cone shape then started to fist his mum. She loved that, she opened her legs wider and pushed against Jack’s fist.

Then Jack felt the warmth of her cum in his mouth; it tasted delicious; it was so sweet and tasty. Mum’s cunt was dripping; she was ready for him. Holding mum’s cum in his mouth, Jack took her arms; they tongue kissed for several minutes, not a word was said as her cum was transferred from Jack’s mouth to his mum’s. Mum swallowed her cum then as she lay with her legs open full and Jack stroking her long sex slit with the bulbous head of his cock, mum said, “Jack, thank you for that, it was so intimate and personal, you did it beautifully and lovingly, please take me now, I’m yours.”

With a gentle push Jack slid inside his mum in the missionary position, they were soon riding each other in tandem, it was if they were one, as Jack increased the tempo, mum did the same. Mum was gripping Jack’s throbbing cock at the base and head of each thrust. Jack said, “Mum, it feels so good, how’s it for you?”

“Jack, it’s amazing, I feel stretched, but it feels so comfortable. You are stimulating my cervix, I’ve never experienced that before, it’s a wonderful feeling for me too. I love it when you go deep, Jack, fuck me harder.”

Jack then raised his pace, mum’s legs were in the air, she was supporting them by holding them at the ankle, but her hips and cunt muscles were working overtime.

For the next twenty minutes they continued their intensive lovemaking, they were kissing and touching lovingly. Jack realised that he wasn’t doing this for his own sexual gratification, he was making love to his mum, and she was making love to him, this was something special.

Then mum started to moan loudly; Jack sensed that she was close to cuming; he went faster and deeper. He put his finger on her clit, his cock and finger were moving at the same tempo, mum loved it, her hips were pushing so hard against Jack’s penetrating cock then the flood gates opened, they both climaxed simultaneously.

Mum had a body-shaking orgasm as Jack shot the final dribbles of his spunk inside her. Mum pulled Jack to her then they kissed as mum gripped Jack’s pulsating cock and held him deep inside her dripping cunt. They kissed tenderly and lovingly for several minutes then mum said, “Jack, that was beautiful. I loved every minute of it. I’ve never made love like that in all my life. When I think about it, I have been fucked many times in my life, but I’ve never had anything like that before, you made love to me and gave me the best fuck of my life.”

They kissed again; Jack knew that mum was feeling and thinking the same as him, Jack had been apprehensive about having sex with his mum, they hadn’t had sex, they had made love, they had both loved it. Jack has enjoyed having sex with Jean and Clare, but this was another world, he was so happy that they had done it.

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The Fallen One Ch. 04

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Hi readers, I’ve got to tell you, it has been a very interesting summer. Seems like life has fun throwing curve balls at you and dares you to swing and connect. I have been enjoying my new life of leisure, cottaging, spa weekends (Fucking awesome way to unwind), bought two new cars, five new Armani suits, some custom made shoes and a dozen ties while travelling Italy for two weeks. And believe it or not, I actually finished writing two more stories. I wrote the next chapters of two on-going stories while staying in a villa and now I’m back and writing about Bitch.

Well, get this, Bitch has been fully submitted and from the first viewing since I got back, seems to like her new role. Looks like the girls knew the right buttons to push to get her to break and enough rewards to convince her this was what she wanted all along in her life. Rachel and Carolyn enjoy getting licked and cleaned and have their mornings started with several orgasms each and submit Bitch to a daily dose of pussy and ass stretching to keep her in shape. I noticed several days of DP fisting and Carolyn worked a two hander in her cunt. The sloshing sounds she made during that were incredible. They had her do a beauty touch up on each of them, legs and pussies shaved, manicures and pedicures, and then had her suck their toes and then apply polish to their fingers and toes. They love making her submit to being servile to their every need.

She looks a little butchy now with her hair stubble coming in, like a boot camp marine. No make up or scent is allowed, I was told, so she has no identity. She takes everything they do to her with compliance and gratitude and the best is coming.

A friend of Carolyn is doing some of the artwork I wanted to have done. Piercing and studding all the vital areas and then later, her tattooing is getting done. I had an Email from her friend Rashida, showing the design she worked out and it’s amazing. It uses studs around her aureolas and out into her tits, a line of studs down each outer labia, close to her thighs, two rows going straight up from her clit hood, up to her navel and a ring around her anus, and then the small rings are attached to her clit hood, inner labia and nipples. And for the piece de resistance, a Queen Victoria. To utilize these studs and rings, is a bra and panty set made of solid silver and gold plate mail. They hook on to the studs and keep things in a delicious state of painful arousal. Once I see the footage, I’ll detail the process. Needless to say, inflicting pain costs money and this was costing $5500 for the stud work and piercing, the ink is going on later and the set was $12,500, not sold in stores obviously, but custom fitted for Bitch personally. The girls had done a full and in depth measuring of her tits, pussy and ass, along with photos for clarity of position and shape, and sent them to a place in France that designs them. Secret, someone else is getting the whole set too, only nicer. Another entertainment right-off for my taxes, sweet.

As I mentioned before, my girlfriend wanted an old fashioned handmaiden and I was in the process of letting her know about Bitch. It was while we were in Italy, we visited a few castles and villas and met some very nice people. They had their own personal handmaiden and valet, and after they told me what they do for them to manage their daily affairs, I am definitely getting them.

What’s the use of 30+ million if you can’t enjoy it to the max, I mean really. Tell me you’d be doing something different if it was you. So after she had that thrown her way, she was hounding me to have one and well, I dropped the bomb and told her about Bitch. To my surprise, she didn’t seem too shocked. I thought she’d freak out and call the cops,saying that I was a total sicko. No doubt, upon investigation, they’d think the same thing and nothing would keep me out of jail, except a whole bunch of cash. She took it calmly actually, and admitted she sensed I wasn’t the total nice guy she knew me to be, and I wouldn’t do that to her without something else up my sleeve. She was actually happy I had taken her down off her high horse and didn’t mind the abuse I hurled at her, well the girls did that for me and I’ll add, for some of you readers as well.

Thanks again for writing and telling me your thoughts and feelings for what I’m doing. I’m sure many of you reading can relate to loving someone so much and then have the rug pulled out from under your feet. You’ve sat there looking at them and wondering why the fuck are they treating you like this? You gave your heart to them and now you get treated like a piece of shit. Not too hard to imagine how that makes you feel, especially when your child is getting that too. So for those who write and call me a sick fuck and complain about cruelty, talk to my readers and others, men and women, who have had to deal with this. I’m sure I’d be mailing copies of the discs to you and you’d cheer through it all.

Sorry, back to my girlfriend and Bitch. She looked at her transformation and istanbul escort when I said, ” You can turn her into anything you want”, she didn’t think too long and said she’d go out and see her and see what she thought. She has an idea of what she’d like and thinks she would find it interesting to have Bitch serve her. Happy, happy, happy.

Now, like I said earlier, life throws some good pitches and then some wicked curves. I got a slider thrown to me and I think it’s out of the park. I had submitted my stories and was getting feedback and one in particular came from a fellow writer. She told me how much she enjoyed my writing and I happened to catch her new piece and we ended up getting in touch and Emailing each other, We hit it off and became friends and shared all kinds of thoughts and feelings about things and shared intimate details and described our sex lives and it didn’t take long before we were swapping pics and real names and lo and behold, we’re falling in love. Now I know I’ve got a great girlfirend and she does love me, how deeply I’m not sure yet, but I know it has it’s limitations. All relationships do. What I was finding in my new interest, I knew didn’t exist in my current one, was the depth of character, and her personality had me instantly.

I’ll tell you know, it’s LittleMissJen. She’s a beautiful sub who lives in a south-west state and she is fabulous. I can’t say enough about her as to what she is as a person and as a woman. As a sexual partner, I was coming to learn there was a side of me that liked what her lifestyle was like, and wanted to try it. I’ve always been adventurous and this just seemed to fulfill what I had been missing now, and in all my relationships. I have some Dom traits that LMJ likes in me and she does so many things that turn me on, that I don’t have to coax her into, she’ll do them willingly and gladly on command.

I never saw it coming. Right out of left field and hit home plate. I had fallen in love mutually with the woman my heart desired and she found I filled her life with what every other Dom lacked. So, now I have Bitch getting studded and pierced, my girlfriend going out to check out her new handmaiden and me falling in love with a writer from Literotica. That’s a curve ball if I ever saw one.

You can find out all about it in a posting coming out soon called ‘The Bonding of LanceGT and LittleMissJen’. We thought it was worth putting in a story.

But now let’s get back to the matter at hand, Bitch’s artwork. Rashida came on a Tuesday and Wednesday to do all the work and wow, is she gorgeous. The total Indian princess thing, you know. Slender, long, raven-black hair, those hypnotically, black eyes and a killer body, 5’7’about 120 lbs. I truly think I watched her more, than what she did. She moved with such grace and precision applying the metal, it was hard to concentrate on Bitch getting done. There really are beautiful women in every race.

Bitch came out from the kitchen, naked of course, she’s upstairs now too, and greeted Rashida at the door. Rachel and Carolyn were out on the patio after swimming, judging from the bathing suits they were wearing. Introductions and all aside, they headed down to the ‘Den’ and Bitch was back on her table and having her legs and arms strapped down. The stirrups were spread apart and Bitch was open for business. Rashida wiped her entire pussy and ass area down with alcohol for santitary purposes, professional, don’t need any infections to spoil the show at this stage, right. She opened her kit and took out a pistol like device and a strip of solid silver studs. Apparently the studs have little, tiny barbs that hold them in place, so once they go in, they’re in. She looked at the drawing and studied Bitch’s cunt and opened her and moved her about to see the stretch and limits to her. She used a pen and made dots where she was going to pierce her and Bitch’s face looked nervous when she was counting how many and where they were going. I laughed out loud when they told her that many and more were going in her tits and her face had this sadistically, funny expression of horror. I swear, you would have laughed too. Without the ability to move, she lay there shivering with fear and dread, as Rashida finished and got ready to fire the first of many one inch studs into her sensitive cunt area. The sound of the spring releasing wasn’t that loud, but the yelp from Bitch, had Carolyn fetching a ball gag and muffling the sound, so Rashida could concentrate on her work. I could see Bitch shaking more and more as the gun fired and more silver adorned her outer labia. Her’s were really plump and the barbs had some good meat to sink into. I always liked her pussy. You could get her wet and fuck her for hours. It was such a heavenly feeling, pounding into her and bouncing off her. What you’d call, ‘A real, long distance fuck’, more cushion for pushin’, more bounce to the ounce, built for comfort, not for speed. Too bad she used it as a weapon, instead of giving it izmir escort lovingly to me. Yup, too bad.

After 15 minutes, the outer labia were done and Rashida wiped away the blood drops and looked at her handywork. She re-loaded the gun with another strip and started from her navel and worked down the first row to her clit. The girls strapped her waist down, after she twisted her hips up, when Rashida started getting close to her clit. She was crying hysterically after the second row was done and Rashida again wiped away the blood and looked at her. She discussed it, like a project, with the girls, explaining how the rings connect with the panties and they pull her apart and the effects while moving and doing certain positions. Rashida did another re-load and was using gold this time for her anal ring. I could only imagine getting anything up her ass and the points digging in mercilessly, increasing in agony as the opening was stretched. Combine this with close to 6 sq.ft of ink going on as well, and Bitch was going to be having a very painful next two weeks, I’m sure.

Rashida, I like her name, sounds exotic and mystical, doesn’t it? She aims the gun and six shots later, Bitch is shining like a star. A tight, puckered centre of light brown, surrounded by a shiny ring of bright gold balls. Wipe away the blood and she’s done for studding. Now for the rings.

A long, fairly thick needle came out and was sanitized in alcohol and put to the side. Using some long, thin clamps, Rashida exposed the inner labia and made her series of dots down the side. Taking the needle, she slowly pushed on it and then with a quick jab, the needle was through and the first gold ring was slid into the hole, as she pulled out on the needle, stretching the hole open and then the needle was removed. Three more and the first side was done. Bitch just cried and shook, as no thought to her pain, or attention paid to her suffering, was given. The rings glowed as they dangled from their new purchase. Rashida went to work on the other side and after the last dot was made, Rashida started her work again. Bitch cried and bled as she felt the last one go in, and then screamed as the alcohol pad wiped away the blood. When her little clit hood got stretched out, she panted so fast, I thought she would pass out from hyper-ventilating. She made it through and a thicker ring hung over her clit as it was finished.

Rashida used a curved needle now and starting from the pussy side, pushed it through the flesh at the bottom and with a slow, deliberate movement, it came out through Bitch’s anus, right where the needle was supposed to be. Using the same method of stretching, a larger gold ring was inserted and worked through the tiny opening and completed its journey. All the rings were fixed in place and the job was done.

In two short hours, Rashida had transformed the once comely looking sex area into a glistening work of art. The difference in looks, solidified her appearance firmly, as that of a slave.

Once I took a look at the precision of the studs and rings, I felt nervous about Jen getting it done to her. I knew her enjoyment of pain consisted of very nasty things she liked, but after seeing Bitch get done, I wasn’t sure I wanted that kind of pain inflicted on her. It would be completely her choice to get it done.

They left Bitch strapped down and Rashida came up and took one of her tits and checked it out like an inanimate object, like it was a piece of fruit and not a vital part of the anatomy. She pulled, poked, stretched and squeezed the expensive mound, that tit had become, and sized up her plan of attack for tomorrow. Bitch was left on the table, more for her own good, so she didn’t hurt herself and to let the areas heal. The girls and Rashida went upstairs and got caught up with their lives, laughing pretty hard at some of the things they said, and asked when she’d be back. She was coming around 10 and said she was bringing the bra and panties for a test fit, to make sure everything lined up correctly. The set would need to be adjusted, naturally now that the studs and rings were in place, and she could finalize the proceedure.

Bitch was given strict instructions to keep herself clean and how to walk and sit, while the studs healed in place. Being naked all the time would make that easier to do. In fact, she stayed on the table and didn’t move until bed time and lock up.

Rashida was back just after 10 and spent some time out on the patio with the girls, having some cold drinks and some brunch, enjoying the warm morning. Bitch was down on her table, strapped completely like yesterday and a gag ball waiting beside her head. She didn’t sleep very well, unfortunately, the studs dug into her when she moved and kept her awake, trying to find a comfortable position to get into. Like I always say at a time like this, ‘Imagine My Concern’, get used to it.

I could see her work from yesterday and there was some swelling and redness around her pussy. izmit escort The studs were definitely making themselves known and quite at home. The rings didn’t cause as much inflamation, but a ring of red surrounded each piercing hole.

After a good social visit, the girls came down and Rashida went to her case and went straight to work. The girls were watching intently on either side of Bitch, ready to help with whatever Rashida needed them for. She had them swab the areas down with alcohol on cotton pads, several times. The dots were carefully placed and the design on one tit was completed. Bitch whimpered by the time Rashida was only half way done, counting the dots and figuring as many were going in her tit, as her pussy and ass combined, maybe more, and the same going in her other one as well.

I was hoping the studs wouldn’t damage the new enhancements and ruin the look of her perfect tits. They did look awesome, I have to admit. They looked like they were sculpted and then attached in just the right location on her chest. The aureolae were almost perfect circles and the nipples had been adjusted by the girls to remain somewhat full and erect from the constant suction and stretching they gave her.

Rashida loaded the gun with a strip of gold studs for her nipple and lined up the first dot. Cupping her tit, she pressed the gun in and fired. In a split second, the gun had deposited the first of six ball-headed studs around the aureola. Bitch shook from the instantanious injection and readied herself for the next one. Another squeeze of the trigger and a ping of the stretched spring and there is another shiny ball of gold attached. See, I’m learning about the beauty in pain. Take away any feelings for her, not hard to do, right, and concentrate on the art itself and before you know it, a masterpiece has been created. I was told it would take a week or two for the studs to bond into the flesh before they were usable and the inflammation went away, but it looked incredible already. The first ring around the edge of her aureola was finished in 10 minutes and Rashida loaded a strip of silver studs into it. She had purpose to her every movement and wasted no time in starting the next row. Eight studs ringed the next one, an inch gap between them and contrasted nicely with the bright gold. Rashida looked at the picture she used as reference, and confirmed she was exact in her measurements. Two more rings to go, increasing in number by two each time. I knew how the bra was attached to it and knew it stayed in place with loops and the studs. The straps were mostly just for show, but could be used to increase/decrease the amount of pull on the studs, if desrired.

In half an hour, Bitch’s tit was transformed into a glittering work of art. They gave her a few moments to get used to the studs and wiped her blood off. Rashida went to work on her other tit and shortly had it marked out. She started with gold again and the process continued. Ring after ring was attached and by the time Carolyn called down for a break for lunch, it was done.

The girls sat under the awning on the patio enjoying more drinks and a cold soup Rashida had made along with some small slices of dark bread. It looked good and I’ll have to find out what it was. I love trying new and different foods from around the world. Speaking of which, I almost forgot to tell you, if you remember from the first part I wrote, I said I wanted to collect her cum and ejaculate and boil it like syrup, well it worked.

Before I took off to Italy, I went over and got it out of the fridge and started to boil it in a double boiler. I added two cups of water and did a low boil for an hour and a half, stirring slowly. At first the smell was pretty acrid and then it mellowed out and it took on a different scent, kinda sweeter. It was liquidy, not very syrupy, but it thickened to a point I thought had brought it to completion of the sugars caramelizing. I had three full cups of pussy juice and two of water and I ended up with a cup and a half of a sweet, slightly tangy nectar. I’d call it a sauce instead of a syrup, but really tasty. You never know what you’ll get from a pussy these days. I wonder if there could be a market for this stuff. I mean we all like to taste it in its raw form don’t we? Who doesn’t like the taste of fresh cum? I’m just saying try it like I did and taste it then. Then tell me there couldn’t be a market for it. Just use your imagination and let it run wild and the possibilities are interesting.

I bottled mine and left it in the fridge to age till I got back and tried it on plain vanilla ice cream, top quality of course, and it was heavenly. I was thinking of a nice fruit compote to mix it with as well.

Okay, the girls are done eating and are heading back down. Bitch is lying still and not crying anymore. She seems to be studying, slight pun, her new additions. I’m guessing she’s thinking how this bra and panty thing must work with how the studs are placed. I have a better idea of how it works than she does and I know it’ll still blow her mind more when she does experience it for the first time, even after she knows it in her head. Rachel is putting the ball gag back in and gave her a loving caress on her stubbly head and smiled so sweetly. Fucking nasty, I love it when she does that.

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Sexual Olympics

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The red-headed man blew the whistle around his neck, and everyone’s attention turned to him. He was balding and bearded, and a little overweight, but his bright blue eyes twinkled merrily. Other than the whistle, he was wearing only a pair of tennis shoes, and he carried a clipboard.

“OK, then! The teams are assembled, let the games begin. We who are about to cum salute you! The first event is the wheel-barrow race. The rules are simple- back and forth across the hall 4 times. When the team crossing slaps the hand of the next team, they can go. If at any time a cock pulls out of a pussy, that team has to go back to their original starting point and start over.’

Billy licked his lips nervously and glanced at the slender little Chinese girl that was his partner. He was in the third heat of his team’s leg, and he wanted to do well for his squad. His team – who had come up with the name “Team Dream-Fuck”, had 6 people in it, which meant that a couple of people were going to have to do more than one leg of the race. Bill figured he was in the best physical condition of the 3 men in the team, but he was glad he was only running one heat.

He glanced to his left where Rosalita’s team was preparing itself. She was in the first leg of her team’s heat, and was happily giving her partner head already, getting his cock nice and stiff for the race. Billy glanced at the Chinese girl- was her name Mai or something?- and wondered when she should start priming his pump.

Across the room- maybe a hundred feet away or so, he saw his sister Sylvia kneeling and cheering for her team. Her face was flushed with excitement and her eyes were slightly glazed in hunger, and he found himself envying the big, beefy blonde man standing behind her that was going to get to impale her and push her across the room.

The red-headed master of ceremonies- Ron- gave another short blast on his whistle. “OK- Judges ready? Teams ready? Gentlemen, mount your engines! On your marks…get set……GO!”

The teams lurched forward, and the cheering commenced. Almost immediately, Billy’s team stumbled and the man’s cock plopped out of the muscular black woman’s cunt.

“Foul!” Cried a woman judge in a striped basketball referees’ shirt. She ran forward and grabbed the man’s huge, rigid cock and led him back to the starting line, grinning all the while. “Do I need to show you how to do this, John?”

“I got it!” Called the black woman- Tonita or Bonita or something, Billy thought. With considerable athleticism she put her hands on the matted floor and did a small cartwheel to bring her cunt poised right in front of John’s huge tool. He laughed aloud and thrust smoothly into her, then grabbed her by both thighs and lifted her legs off the ground. “Here we go again!” He shouted, and they were off again.

“Go! Go!” Billy was nearly jumping up and down in his excitement. They were already way behind the other teams. Mai turned to face him, grinning. Her hand snaked out to encircle his cock, and he nearly jumped again.

“I like a man that gets excited easily. But don’t get too caught up in winning the race, big boy: the main thing is that there are no losers here.”

He returned the grin. “Yeah. I see what you mean.”

He glanced over to see that Rosalita and her partner had collapsed unto the floor about 2/3rds of the way across the room, and they had decided to stay there for a moment as the guy pumped away at her. Their teammates were laughing and screaming at them to come the rest of the way across.

Sylvia and her partner were already getting started on their second leg, far and away in first place, and they moved slowly and steadily across the floor. Sylvia’s arms were bicycling smoothly and her tits were jiggling enticingly.

“Run as fast as you can,” Mai told him. She stopped pumping his rod and jumped up into his arms, her legs wrapping around his waist. She was as light as a feather, and she looked down and poised her pussy lips at the tip of his cock. “I’m a gymnast, you know.” She slid down the length of his tool and he gasped. She began rhythmically milking his cock with her cunt muscles.

“Jesus!” adana escort He gasped again. “You’re going to make me come before we get started!”

She glanced back over her shoulder. “They’re on the way- we better get into position.” She bucked back off him and fell to the floor, waiving her tail enticingly at him.

“Damn, I’m glad Rosalita talked me into this.” He thought as he mounted her and lifted her off the ground.

She was a short girl, and her arms were so short that she was almost vertical, with her head down. “Are you sure you want to go fast?” He asked, concerned that if she stumbled he might fall over on top of her and break her in half.

Seemingly without effort, she raised her torso up to a horizontal angle and smiled back at him. “I’m hardly going to be touching the floor. You can go as fast as you want.”

Her effort certainly had a wonderful affect on her pussy muscles. “I thought you didn’t care about the winning and losing?” He inquired.

She reached out and tagged the hand of the oncoming couple, and they were off. They seemed to cross the room in a few steps, easily taking over first place, and when they had passed the lap to the last remaining member of the team, Mai twisted back around so she was facing him again without removing herself from his member.

She was panting slightly. “I just remembered what the winners get.” She said. She ground her hips against him methodically as they watched their team win the race with ease.

When all 4 teams had finished, Ron blew his whistle in a long blast. “Ten minutes till the next event- the cock toss. Save your hard-ons, fellas! We’ll put the standing up on the blackboard”.

Team Dream-Fuck was ecstatic, exchanging gusty high-fives and the occasional caress of a tit or tug of a cock.

The cock toss was sort of like ring-toss, except the teams had to score 5 ringers around each of the stiff cocks of the men on the team from about 15 feet away. John had by far the biggest cock on the team and in the room- Billy figured it had to be well over a foot long, but it drooped slightly downwards, so the girls on the team had a hard time sticking a ringer around it until Bonita crawled over and held it up at an angle, despite the good natured boo’s and cries of protests of the other teams.

There wasn’t a lot of raw sex integral to this event, but it was fun getting the girls to keep their cocks stiff through it- “fluffing”, they called it. The other woman on the team was a tall, stocky, auburn haired woman named Carol who gave head with a wicked suctioning/twisting action, and Tonita and Mai gave enthusiastic efforts as well.

But Team Dream-Fuck came in third in this event, falling behind in the total standings to Sylvia’s team- who called themselves “Tits and Asses”, who now had a second and a first place finish on their records.

“The next event is the Dildo pass. Select your weapons and find a mat. This is based on 4 women per team so if you don’t have that many, someone’s going to have to do double-duty.”

“The dildo has to go in and out to at least the four inch mark four times in each pussy, then same thing in the next one, until all four get fucked. The men can switch off on the dildo whenever they’re ready. But only the man in the middle can handle the dildo- got it? Simple enough, aint it?’

“Oh, and one more thing- absolutely no hands can touch the dildo at any time!”

Groans and laughter filled the room.

“Where’d John go?” Billy asked as Tonita walked up and slapped a huge double-dildo into his palm. It was semi-rigid and floppy, but it felt amazingly life-like.

“John doesn’t eat pussy. It’s just you and Ernie for this one.” Tonita said.

Billy glanced down. “What’s with the double-dong? I’d rather have a normal vibrator.”

Tonita shrugged, grinning. “This is all they had. You worried about looking like a cocksucker, Big Boy?”

Billy glanced at the other teams. All of them had the same sort of tool at hand. He shrugged and glanced at Ernie, a skinny dark-haired man with glasses, who returned the adıyaman escort gesture.

“We’re ready to start. On your backs, Ladies.” Ron announced.

Billy took up his position in the center of the mat. They decided to start with Carol, who laughingly assured them she had the widest, wettest cunt. “It’ll slide into me like a hotdog into a bun.” She announced, announced, her legs spread wide. She frigged at her clit as she waited for the starting whistle, eyes locked on Billy’s. He stuffed an end of the dildo into his mouth, biting into it just behind the head for leverage.

“OK- cocks in mouths, boys. No hands from here on out. Ready? Set? Go!”

Billy leaned in and opened Carol’s cunt lips with his hands and poised the dildo head and began to push with his neck and shoulders.

“Feed it to me slowly, Billy. Once we get the head in, we’re home free.”

The judge, the same curly haired blonde in the referee shirt, leaned closely over the insertion, her face just inches away from Billy’s. It was tricky getting the floppy toy started, but he suddenly found a good angle and shoved hard. It entered a short ways into Carol’s cunt, but at the same time pushed backwards into his own mouth, and he pulled off it, gagging.

The girls were squealing in excitement. “You have it, Billy! Push it a little more and you got it!”

He worked the unattended edge of the double-dong back into his mouth without it falling out of Carol’s snatch, and he bit harder, pushing in short, smooth strokes that worked it in further.

“Four inches!” The referee called. “Pull it back out.”

“How far?” He asked, gasping as he looked up at her. She had vivid blue eyes that were lined with varied wrinkles, and he realized she was probably one of the older women in the room. But she was still very cute, and she winked at him mischievously.

“Nobody ever said. Just take it back aways and give it another shove.”

He finished Carol off easily, and crawled to Mai. She was going to be the hardest, he figured, with such a small, tight cunt. But a timely ‘accidental’ nudge from the referee helped get the initial insertion.

“Oops!” She said innocently. “I hope nobody spanks me later for that!”

Billy was necessarily crouched on his hands and knees, positioning himself for leverage, and someone reached underneath and started fondling his cock and balls at about the third stroke, and he yelped and nearly yanked the dildo out.

He was surprisingly exhausted as he finished with Mai, and when he pulled out, Ernie eagerly took the dildo from the mat as he dropped it.

Billy fell back onto his elbows, panting heavily. He glanced across at what he could see of the other teams, which was mostly just asses and piles of flesh. He saw a pair of shapely brown legs in the air that could have been Rosalita’s. There was shouting and laughter everywhere, and some woman was loudly coming in fine porn star fashion.

Carol rolled over next to him, and planted a warm kiss on his cheek. “Good work, stud! But Ernie’s having trouble getting started. You might have to help out.”

He exhaled heavily and grinned. “OK- you want me to take over?”

She reached down and grabbed his meat, which was somewhere just shy of full erection. His balls felt over-full and heavy, and he knew when he finally did get a chance to bust a nut it would be a messy scene.

“What you need to do,” Carol said as she expertly stroked him towards rigidity. “is to distract the ref. I think she’s got a sweet spot for you.” She nodded at the striped-shirt blonde, who was kneeling on hands and knees next to Ernie, peering down and shaking her head as he struggled to get the dildo in Tonita’s cunt.

“Is that legal?” He asked.

Carol just raised an eyebrow at him and pointed at the softly round ass of the referee. He rose to his knees and crawled forward between the ref’s feet. He reached underneath and gently stroked her lips. She arched immediately back against him and turned her head to look at him.

Smiling, she winked again and wiggled her ass against him. Reaching afyon escort underneath, she guided him into her soft, velvety folds and he began thrusting slowly into her. Somebody slapped his ass hard, and he took the hint and increased the pace.

In a very short time he was pounding furiously deep inside her, and her face was buried against the mat, mouth wide agape as she moaned raggedly.

Meanwhile, Tonita blatantly took the dildo in her hands and thrust it rapidly in and out of her cunt. Ernie had lost his hold on it, and was comically trying to grab the other end in his wide open mouth as it writhed and jumped in the air.

Billy felt the heat rising deep in his balls, and knew he was getting close. He reached out and tapped Tonita’s knee and nodded over to Carol, who was lying on her back, ready for the final relay.

“Fuck it.” Tonita said huskily, and pushed Ernie aside. With the Dildo still inside, she crawled over to Carol and inserted the other end into her and the two began fucking each other eagerly.

“Here…..I……cum!” Billy said, letting loose torrent after torrent of semen deep into the referees twat. Her own orgasm clenched her tightly against his shaft and he groaned continuously.

His orgasm lasted a long time, and he kept pumping slowly into her until she finally moved forward off of him. She lay with her eyes closed for a long moment, then turned and smiled at him. “Wow. I think we have a winner.” She pulled a whistle out from beneath her shirt and blew a short blast on it.

Team Dream-Fuck was pretty much busily fucking each other. Carol and Tonita were still riding the double-dong, and Mai was on top of Ernie, wriggling on his pole.

By the time the other teams finished the event, Billy was stirring towards another erection as Carol and Bonita took turns licking him clean.

“OK- after 3 events, the winner is Team Dream-Fuck! So they get to be the judges in the next and final events of the evening- the Blow Job contest and the Pussy Eating Prize.

Shortly after the announcement, Billy found himself blindfolded and seated in a cushioned chair with his hands tied to the arms. He knew Ernie was similarly seated to his right, and Mai and Tonita beyond him. Neither John nor Carol were judging this event.

“OK- this is how it goes. Each of the other teams line up randomly. They get 2 minutes to make the judges come. Whoever is on the pole or in the hole when the orgasm happens wins second place for their team- and second place means you get to make up the rules for next weeks games, and be the judges and refs. You can use hands, but only on the cocks, cunts and tits- no rimming or ass-play. That’s it- ready? Go?

Billy knew it would take a good while for him to come again. He heard Ernie bust his nut loudly after maybe half a dozen changes, but despite some terrific techniques and some unimaginably talented mouths, he felt like he was in control.

He even recognized Rosalita despite the blindfold when she took a turn on him- he recognized her soft, full lips and the way she liked to nibble at the sensitive flesh just beneath and under his cockhead. He thought about giving her the victory by trying to come for her, but he was digging all the hot mouths that were coming his way too much.

He also recognized Carols twist and suck bit, and at one point he realized with a start that what he was feeling on his thighs was a man’s beard. He began to freak out a bit, but the guy was undeniably good, and Billy didn’t figure the situation made him any kind of a homo.

It was only a couple of mouths after that the he felt a feather-soft, ultra-light technique that worked its way up and down the length of his shaft. One hand cupped his balls and gently squeezed, and in contrast the other trailed sharp nails up his belly to grip and pull at his chest and nipples.

Just before the hot mouth engulfed his aching length, he heard her breathe huskily. “Don’t tell Mom about this, bro.”


Down to the root on his pole, his cock deep down her throat. The thought took him instantly over the edge, and he groaned and writhed against his bonds as he spurted again and again into her gullet.

Ron blew the whistle one last time. “That’s a wrap, folks. The show’s over- we have our winners. Don’t forget to tip your waitresses, and we’ll see you next week. In the meantime, please enjoy Hedon’s Heaven safely!

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Jacob’s Harem Ch. 01

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My family had always been somewhat unconventional. We were just a bunch of misfits that somehow found a place we all belonged. The life we had may not have been the life I had in mind growing up, but it was my life and that was good enough. Little did I know that our life together was about to take an unexpected turn.

Mom had lived a hard life, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at her. Her hair was long and dark, her eyes deep and calm. I wouldn’t call her short, not to her face anyway, but she certainly wasn’t tall. I had towered over her since my early teens. After Dad died, she had taken whatever jobs she could find to care for us kids- most often, a few jobs at a time. But somehow, she always found time for all of us. She was there to help with schoolwork or attend games and recitals; she always stood up for me when the teachers all said I wasn’t cut out for school, even though I knew they were probably right. When it came to her children, she was a mother bear- something that always took people by surprise when they ended up on her bad side.

I was the oldest out of all the kids, behind Mom by only seventeen years or so. I was also her only son, so our relationship had been a little bit difficult during my rebellious years. After I grew up and calmed down, we had grown very close. More than once, someone thought I was a much younger husband or boyfriend. I took it as a compliment; I was never sure how Mom took it.

My twin sisters, Lisa and Jessica, were a few years younger than I was. Although they were completely alike in appearance, they couldn’t have been any more different from each other when it came to personality. Lisa was athletic and outgoing while Jessica was more bookish and somewhat reserved. Lisa’s major was “sports medicine” while Jessica’s was chemistry. Night and day. When it came to looks alone, however, the two were indistinguishable. Both kept their blonde hair long and, most often, pulled back in a ponytail. Both had the same soft, delicate features framing fiercely intelligence blue eyes. They were also both extremely attractive, which boys started to notice early on. When they started to develop, I got in my first real fight.

Then there was the youngest, Heather. She had a different father than the twins and I, having been conceived and born during the brief time that Mom and Dad had been separated. Her skin was a very light olive and her eyes a soft brown. She was very slender, almost dainty in appearance, but she had an energy and love for life that no one else I knew could ever match. Her father wanted nothing to do with her or our mother, but she was as much a part of our family as any of us.

At some point, we had picked up a few strays, too. The turbulent redhead Samantha (don’t ever call her that to her face unless you want a bruised shoulder. It’s “Sam.” Always Sam) was Lisa’s best friend. Her home life wasn’t all that great, so we had become somewhat of an adopted family for her. I felt a little better about seeing her as an attractive woman, since we weren’t related in any way. She was best described as “curvy.” But, again, not to her face.

Last but not least, there was Jamie. She had been Mom’s coworker once- while younger than me, they held the same position at the time. She came over once or twice, and then she just sort of stuck around. It was far from an imposition- we were all glad to have her in the home. She was a great cook and funny as hell. She looked a lot like Mom, too, so it was a little bit awkward for me to admit that the younger brunette was hot.

When Dad died, it left me as the man of the house. I was the one that chased down the spiders and met the boyfriends. Chased them down, too, when I had to. I learned how to unclog sinks and fix holes in drywall. I couldn’t always fix a broken heart or convince a teenaged girl that she wasn’t getting fat, but I suppose most father figures struggled with those things as well. I was also still the big brother for nearly all of them, Jamie being the sole exception; it was itself a full-time job.

It was a chaotic home- always loud and generally disorganized, but it was our home. One by one, as we all became legal adults, we decided to stay. Despite the home being a little too small for so many people, we were happy there.

Most days, at least. In a house filled with sisters, there were bound to be fights once in a while.

I was just coming home from a double shift. I was tired and wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed and sleep. But even before I opened the door, I knew that wasn’t going to happen.

It really wasn’t unusual for the girls to fight among themselves, but a small part of me wanted to just turn around and go somewhere else for a while. Sometimes, those fights could get pretty intense. I sighed and pushed the door open. Whatever it was, I’d probably have to referee it sooner or later.

I listened, trying to gauge the tone and topic as I hung up my heavy winter coat and set aside my snow-covered boots.

“How long’s it been now?” kilis escort It was Lisa’s voice, pointed and frustrated.

“That’s none of your damn business,” snapped Mom. Oh boy. I took a deep breath and collected my thoughts. If I was going to wade in the middle of that, I had to be ready.

“We just care about you, Mom,” Jessica chimed in. She rarely argued, especially with Mom. Things must be bad if she was involved. “It’s just… you haven’t seen anyone since…”

Don’t mention Dad. Don’t mention Dad, I thought to myself.

“Dad,” Lisa finished.


Mom hadn’t dated anyone since Dad died. She said that she didn’t want anyone else after him, but I knew that she was also privately worried that no one would want her “at her age” and with a whole houseful of kids. I never really understood why she felt that way; although she was my mother, even I could admit that she was extremely attractive. Beautiful, even. Lisa and Jessica took after her in a lot of ways, although our mother also possessed the confidence and poise that could only come with time. So, Dad was kind of a sensitive topic.

Mom went silent as I entered the room.

“What’s going on?” I asked, calm and collected. The last thing I wanted was to exacerbate the situation, especially before I knew what was actually going on.

“Nothing,” Lisa and Jessica replied in unison. It was always “nothing” and they always, always presented a united front.

Mom, however, was a bit more forthcoming. “Your sisters seem to think that I need to start dating. Still.” She shot a look at Lisa and Jessica, who ignored it. It was a conversation they had several times before. I had always tried to stay the hell out of it, but I didn’t really have a choice this time.

“Mom,” Lisa began delicately. “We all miss dad.”

“But he wouldn’t want you to be lonely,” Jessica continued. “We’re all grown up now, Mom. It’s okay.”

Mom didn’t respond. One by one, each one of the women- the most important women in my life- looked at me. They expected me to arbitrate, just like I always did when they reached an impasse. In this case, they all wanted something very different from me.

Long moments passed. I took a very deep breath before speaking. “Mom,” I said finally. “They’re right.”

Her eyes narrowed. I know it wasn’t what she wanted to hear, but it was the truth. Jessica and Lisa looked away.

Mom didn’t reply. She stood up, left the room, and slammed her bedroom door behind her.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Mom sighed. She looked herself in the mirror as Heather straightened her dress.

We were all there- Heather, Lisa and Jessica, Jamie, Sam, Me, all helping Mom get ready for her first date in a very long time.

“You look great,” I assured her. She really did. Mom and Jamie had gone out earlier in the day to pick out a new dress. It was tight and clung to her body in a way I hadn’t really noticed before. Then again, I hadn’t seen her dressed up in years. I tried my best not to stare. It wasn’t easy.

“Are we going to meet him first?” Sam asked.

“He’ll have to get past Jake,” Heather joked, poking in in the chest.

I’d met every one of the girls’ boyfriends before they went out together. Most of them were fine, but there were a few that had been left dateless and blue-balled. Good riddance to those ones. But I hadn’t really thought about meeting my Mom’s date first. On one hand, I was her son and had no business interfering with her love life; on the other hand, I wasn’t about to let my mother’s first date in years get ruined because the guy was a creep.

“I think Mom can screen her own dates,” I replied.

“All the same,” Mom said, “I’d like to know what you all think. He’ll be here any minute.” She looked at me strangely; I couldn’t tell exactly what was in her eyes, but I could see that she had misgivings.

“Of course, Mom. Really, you look great. He’s a lucky guy.”

Mom smiled warmly.

As if on cue, the doorbell rang. Mom, for the first time in a very long time, blushed.

I went down to meet the man, most of the girls in tow. Only Jaime and the twins remained to help Mom get ready. We all sat in the living room, most on the couch or chairs taken from the dining room. No one, not even Mom’s date, sat in Dad’s old recliner. This left him on the loveseat; comfortable, but very much the center of our attention.

The man’s name was Franklin, and he was a perfect gentleman. He seemed to understand our unorthodox family dynamics and bore the interrogation with good-natured grace. He’d met Mom at work (He was a supply chain analyst for a vendor’s company); he’d never been married (he said he hadn’t yet found “Missus Right”); he liked fishing and sailing (Mom didn’t, but that was a small detail). He seemed all right to me. More importantly, to us.

When Mom came downstairs, Franklin lit up. She was already glowing.

“What do you think?” Mom whispered kırıkkale escort to me.

“I like him,” I whispered back, kissing her on the cheek. “Have a good time.”

There were goodbyes and feigned warnings (“have her back by midnight,” Sam warned. “Tomorrow!” Heather added. We all laughed), and then they were off. It felt strange to even think, but I hoped Mom got laid. She needed it. We all watched as they got in his car- he opened the door for her, which was a good sign- and drove off.

“It’s weird, isn’t it?” Heather asked, moving away from the window. “Am I the only one that thinks it’s weird?”

“What’s weird?” Sam asked.

“That she’s finally going out with someone. I’m glad she is, I mean, but… I don’t know.”

“It’s just different, that’s all. It’s change,” Sam replied. “Hopefully it’ll be something we’ll have to get used to.”

“Yeah,” Heather said absently.

“I just hope she has a good time,” I added. Translation: I hope her heart doesn’t get broken on her first date in years. Franklin was much older than I was, but he was also a big guy; I had learned my lesson about started fights I didn’t have to, but I always welcomed the opportunity to defend myself after someone hurt one of the girls.

“She will,” Lisa said. “I know it.”

“How do you know that?” Jessica scoffed.

“Because it’s meant to be. She’s going to fall in love, I just know it.” Lisa seemed to fall deeply in love a few times a year. To her, true love was always around the corner. It was like she was living in some sort of fairy tale, and had been ever since she was a little girl.

Jessica only rolled her eyes. Jamie’s call to dinner was the only thing that interrupted a sarcastic retort.

During dinner, we talked about anything but Mom’s love life. And afterwards, we all retreated to our separate places in the home. I had just showered and started to get settled in when there was a knock at my door. On the other side, Lisa and Jessica.

“What do you want?” I asked, only a little bit annoyed. It had been a long day and I wanted nothing more than to just jack off and go to bed.

The girls pushed their way past me, coming into my bedroom without any sort of invitation.

“Come on in, then,” I said, rolling my eyes. Sisters.

They sat on my bed, leaving me to take the chair nearest my desk.

“It was good what you did for Mom,” Lisa said.

“What did I do for her?” I asked, genuinely confused.

“She wouldn’t have gone out if you hadn’t said she should,” Jessica answered.

“Whether she’d admit it or not, she needed your approval.” Lisa added.

I hadn’t thought of it like that before. I had only been relieved that she had gone. “Oh, okay.” It was all I could think to say. It seemed only slightly underwhelming, given the credit they were giving me, but I never really had much of a way with words.

The girls exchanged glances. There was something going on between them that I couldn’t quite figure out.

It was bold, brave Lisa that finally asked the question that they had come to ask. “When was the last time anyone did the same for you?”

“What do you mean?” I asked, defensive. Cautious.

“We mean,” Jessica clarified, “that you haven’t been dating much yourself. As far back as we can remember, you’ve been taking care of us. Who’s taking care of you?”

“I don’t need anyone to take care of me. I’m fine,” I lied.

My sisters looked at each other again, finding some sort of strength in one another.

“We don’t think so,” Jessica said delicately. “Thin walls,” she added with a wry smile, as if it were some sort of an explanation.

I tried my best to pretend that I didn’t know what she meant.

“But, anyways, we talked about it,” Jessica continued, “and we want to help.”

I knew where they were going with that. It wasn’t the first time they’d tried it. “No,” I said firmly. “You’re not setting me up with one of your friends. The last time was a disaster.”

“That’s… not exactly what we had in mind,” Jessica said after a long moment.

“We want you to fuck us,” Lisa declared, bold and unashamed.

“Both of us,” Jessica clarified, as if it weren’t clear enough already. She leaned closer to our sister. “I thought we were going to be subtle?” she scolded in a harsh whisper.

My brain did an odd sort of summersault, trying to make sense of what I was hearing. I could only manage to stare. I thought that I must have been dreaming. Or maybe hallucinating. Or maybe I had simply gone insane.

The girls glanced at each other nervously.

“I told you he’d be upset,” Jessica fretted, clenching and releasing her fists. She always did that when she was nervous.

Lisa studied my face for a moment. “He’s not mad… he’s confused.” She giggled. “Take your time, Jake, we’ll wait.”

That brought me back to my senses. Even then, I couldn’t quite accept what I had heard. “I don’t know what kind of kırklareli escort game you’re playing, but I don’t have time for it.”

“It’s not a game,” they said in unison. They glanced at each other and laughed at the unintended synchronicity.

“We want to do something nice for you; we want to do this,” Lisa explained.

“You’re drunk,” I guessed. “Go to bed.” If they weren’t my sisters, I would have taken the chance all the same. There was no denying that they were hot, and twins at that. With both of them- the identical twins- sitting on my bed, practically begging me for sex, I could imagine… Your sisters, my brain reminded me. You’re talking about your sisters. Right.

Jessica sighed and turned to our sister. “I told you he wouldn’t want us,” she said. She sniffled. I knew that trick, but that didn’t mean it didn’t work every damn time.

“Why don’t you want us, Jake?” Lisa asked. “Aren’t we pretty?” Her lip started to quiver. Tears started welling in her eyes. She could cry on cue, any time she wanted. It was impressive, really.

“Knock it off,” I argued weakly. I was wearing down; I wasn’t sure if they were serious or testing me for some reason, but I could feel my resolve slipping. I could also feel my cock started to swell. All that my body knew was that two attractive women were sexually available to me. It didn’t care who they were.

Another look between them. They seemed to speak their own language sometimes, and I was positive that they could communicate without saying a word. And then, at the exact same time, their shirts came off.

“Wha…” It was all I could manage.

Neither of my sisters wore a bra. That wasn’t a surprise, though. I had noticed it shortly after they sat down. I had seen their bare breasts before, of course. Growing up together, there were bound to be occasional dropped towels or bikini malfunctions here and there. But they had never showed them to me. After a moment, I realized that I hadn’t stopped staring.

“You like them?” one of the girls asked. I wasn’t exactly sure which one.

Before I knew exactly what I was doing, I nodded. With that, my resistance crumbled and they knew it. Their breasts were perfect- creamy and firm. Pink nipples, stiffening from the cool air and their own arousal, were contrasted against their pale skin. I thought that Lisa’s may have been slightly larger, but decided that illusion was caused when she leaned towards me.

“I knew that would get him,” Lisa smirked.

Jessica only nodded.

“You really want to do this?” I asked. One more chance to back out; one more opportunity to reveal the prank before I fall for it completely. I could barely take my eyes off of their perfect tits to catch their response.

They nodded. Once again in unison.

“Jake,” Jessica replied tenderly. “You’ve done so much for us; and we know how much you’ve given up for the family.”

“Remember when Tanya broke up with you because you weren’t spending enough time with her? You think we didn’t know that it was all of us keeping you so busy?” Lisa said.

“That bitch,” Jessica muttered under her breath. None of them liked Tanya.

“Or the fact that you haven’t taken a day off in as long as we can remember? Even Mom gets weekends,” Lisa added.

“I make more then she does. And there’s a lot of mouths to feed, it just makes sense.”

“Mouths to feed? How about the tuition you’ve been paying so we can go to school?”

“You girls are crazy smart; you just have more potential. Again, it just makes sense.”

They rolled their eyes. “Let us thank you then; it’s the least we can do,” Jessica demanded. “Jake,” she added, her voice softening. “We’ve wanted this for a long time. We’ve talked about doing it for months… but when Mo-“

“How long since you had your dick sucked?” Lisa interjected bluntly.

Any other time, hearing my little sister talk about sucking a dick would have made me sick. Probably earned some asshole a black eye, too. But hearing her talk about my dick while they were both topless? It was something else entirely.

“Too long,” I confessed.

“Then that’s where we’ll start,” she replied with a satisfied smile. As usual, my little sisters had gotten their way. This time, however, we all were going to get what we wanted.

“You won’t tell anyone, right?” I asked.

“Not a soul,” Jessica promised. Lisa nodded in agreement. I looked the two in the eyes, one after the other. There was something I had never seen in them before.


“Take off your clothes,” Lisa said. It wasn’t a request. It wasn’t even a command. It was simply what had to come next.

I stood up; their eyes were fixed on me. Subtle hints of smiles on their matching lips. My heart was thundering in my chest. My legs were weak. Was I really going to do this? With my little sisters of all people?

One more glance at their tits convinced me that yes, I definitely was.

“Someone will hear,” I said. I didn’t know why I was so uncertain. It clearly wasn’t a prank and they obviously wanted is as much as I did, but there was still something holding me back. Perhaps it was the forbidden nature of what we were about to do; maybe it was the fear of getting caught. Whatever it was, it wasn’t enough to stop me any longer.

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