Britnee Busted XXX Ch. 06

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Big Tits

Author’s note: The character of Debra Tahtaz, her voice, speech patterns, and accent are a combination of actress Judy Holiday, 80s pornstar Kelly Richards and Mayor Quimby’s mistress from “The Simpsons”.


“Goddamn, Larry, this is some hot shit,” Britnee exclaimed.

Larry raised his head from between Britnee’s thighs and looked over his shoulder. “Yeah… it is some good stuff,” he replied.

Britnee slapped the top of his head. “I didn’t say stop.”

Larry turned back and resumed licking Britnee’s wet pussy. The pair were on Britnee’s bed watching a scene Lara had done just before her breast enhancement surgery.

On the fifty-five inch flat screen opposite the bed, Lara was lying on her side slowly stroking Eddie’s long, fat cock while licking the swollen tip. Joe was lying against her, holding her long, shapely leg high as he slid his fat dick in and out of her tight pussy.

“Dude! The angle you got there… the way you fit it all in the frame? Perfect!” Britnee spread her legs wider. “Who’da thunk it, a nerdy, creepy dork like you could actually be useful for somethin’? I mean, yer a cinematic genius like… mmmm… More of that.”

Larry mumbled, “I’ll take that as a compliment, I guess,” and continued licking the hot flesh crushed against his face.

“And Lara’s recovering well enough,” Britnee continued. “She might be gettin’ the bandages off today. Not like mama… right there! Right fucking there…! I mean, Frank’s gone through hell the past week the way mama’s been cryin’ and fussin’ like they did open heart surgery on her… Yes! Yes! Yes! Eat it! OHHHH! OHHHHH! Eat Me!!”

Larry’s tongue was dancing circles around Britnee’s throbbing clit. He slipped a finger deep in her drooling cunt and rubbed against her G-spot. Britnee thrashed and bucked her hips against his face.

“Yes! Do it!” she cried. “Yer gonna make me cu-“

A loud knock on the door interrupted her cries. “What the fucking holy fuck!?! Seriously?”

Britnee pushed Larry’s head back and rolled off the bed. She pulled her shirt down over her fat tits and grabbed a pair of shorts as she ran for the trailer’s front door.

“Of all the… motherfucker better have a good reason… I was just about to… Oh! Hey!” Britnee was happily surprised as she opened the door to find Debra Tahtaz on the front step.

“Hey, kid,” Miss Tahtaz grinned. “I hope I ain’t interruptin’ youz or nuthin’.”

Debra Tahtaz was standing in a pair of sneakers, jeans that looked painted onto her full, round hips and a shiny, burgundy blouse that was unbuttoned and tied just below her enormous, perfectly spheroid, surgically enhanced, 9000cc breasts. Her thick, long, brunette curls did little to cover her monstrously huge chest.

Britnee mumbled, “So big…” then blinked and shook her head. “I’m sorry,” she continued, “Please! Come in! Larry! Get dressed! We got company!

Miss Tahtaz stepped inside. “It’s alright, kid. I get that look all da time! Hey… youz gotta nice little place here.”

“Thanks. It’s okay. Umm, what’s up?” Britnee was trying not to stare at the massive cleavage just inches from her face with little success.

Debra set down the bag she was shouldering. “Well, officially, I’m heah to check on yer mom and yer lady friend and, unofficially… I wanted ta talk to youz about yer offer to do some a dat sexy bizness youz mentioned oylier.”

Just then, Larry walked into the room. “Holy shit,” he exclaimed. “Those are huge!”

Miss Tahtaz giggled at the sight of Larry standing slack-jawed staring at her enormous chest. “Well, hi,” she said, noticing the equally enormous bulge in his cargo shorts that threatened to break through the fabric. “Dat’s a nice, big salami yuh gots dere in yer pants.”

“Shit,” Britnee frowned at Larry. “Put your eyes back in their sockets and pick up yer jaw, dimwit! An’ get lost! Me and Miss Tahtaz got stuff to do. Go over to mama’s and tell her to get dressed. We’ll be there in a few.”

“B, buh… but…” Larry stammered.

Britnee slapped the back of his head and pushed him towards the door. “I said git!”

“He’s cute,” Miss Tahtaz said after the door closed. “Is that yer boyfriend?”

Britnee looked stunned. “Him? What? Boyfriend? Oh, hell no! That little creep is my main videographer and part-time stud. Where are my manners… Drink?”

“Shooah. Bourbon if yuh gots any. Fer a creep, he shooah gots a big package.”

“Yeah,” Britnee replied, handing Debra her glass. “I gotta admit, he sure knows how ta use it. Please, sit.”

The two sat and sipped their drinks and made small talk. Britnee was growing hornier by the minute, she couldn’t take her eyes off Miss Tahtaz’s huge, fake tits. She felt almost hypnotized by them but, not the way she felt when Julie was near. This was pure, raging lust for tit flesh.

“So…,” Britnee said, leaning closer to her guest, “You stopped by to check on Lara?”

“Yeah,” Mis Tahtaz replied, finishing her drink. “Da doctuh got called away fer a special meetin’ taksim escort and since I had da rest a da day off, I said I stop by fer da checkup and here I am.”

“Great!” Britnee set her glass down and stood. “Lara’s in the back bedroom. She might be asleep. I gotta say, I didn’t expect to see you out of your uniform when I opened the door.

Debra stood, grinning at Britnee. “Yeah, well… I only wear ’em at the office. They’re so tight I’m afraid they’ll bust if I’m outside an’ I don’t wanna go to jail fer public exposure. I get enough attention just like this.”

“Umm…,” Britnee said shyly. “Do you think, maybe… um… I could…”

“See ’em? Shoouh, kid. Here yuh go!”

Miss Tahtaz gripped the edge of her open shirt in one hand, slipped the other hand under the fabric and pulled her huge tit out. She repeated the moves with her other tit. It was a series of moves she had perfected years before. The desired effect registered on Britnee’s face. The younger woman was practically drooling as the massive tits came into full view.

“So… big…,” Britnee murmured. “So big and heavy and round… Miss Tahtaz, you’re so beautiful! Your tits! Oh my God! So fucking big!”

Debra held her massive juggs in her hands and stepped closer to Britnee, pressing them against her face. “Go ahead, shorty, give ’em a kiss.”

Britnee moaned softly at the touch of the soft flesh on her cheek. She kissed the giant tit tentatively then, as her lust washed over her, grabbed the tit with both hands and lashed the nipple with her tongue.

Miss Tahtaz sighed and pressed against Britnee. Britnee’s lips locked onto the hard nipple and the tiny slut sucked for all she was worth. Debra groaned with ecstasy. Britnee released her grip and moved to the other tit.

“Oh, fuck,” she groaned. “I can’t get enough! You taste so good! Your tits are so fuckin’ big!”

Miss Tahtaz felt her knees buckling under her. She pressed her tits against Britnee’s face and then, pulled herself back.

“Jeezuhs, kid,” Debra moaned, breathing deeply. “Ya gettin’ me all woiked up heah. If we don’t stop, I’ll Nevah gets my woik done!”

Britnee massaged the massive tits in front of her. “What’s the hurry? Ya gotta be somewhere?”

Miss Tahtaz grinned and stuffed her oversized tits back into her shirt harness. “Foist bizniss then, pleasure,” she replied with a smoldering look. “Now. Whayuhs the foist payshunt?”

“Okay, c’mon,” Britnee grumbled, ignoring the low pulsing in her hot, wet pussy. She led the way to the back bedroom.

Britnee rapped on the door. “Hey, Boo? You awake?” She opened the door enough to stick her head in. “Boo?”

“I am now,” Lara snapped angrily.

“Yeah, sorry,” Britnee stepped into the room. “So wake up. The doctor is in.”

Lara lay in a tangle of sheets and pillows. She threw a pillow at Britnee before noticing Miss Tahtaz

“Hey, sweetie,” Miss Tahtaz grinned and set her bag on the nightstand.

“Umm, uh, hi, Debra!” Lara fumbled for her glasses and tried to smooth out her hair as she stared open-mouthed at Debra’s huge tits. She smiled and tried to straighten the extra large sweatshirt she was wearing.. “Please excuse the mess, I…”

Miss Tahtaz chuckled. “It’s awright, sweetie. I’m just here to check on yer recovery an’ replace the bandages.”

Lara smiled as seductively as she could. “Oh, why, yes! I’d love for you to examine me.”

“Great!” Miss Tahtaz turned and reached into her bag. Britnee frowned at Lara and mouthed the words “You are such a slut.” at her. Lara grinned back and mouthed, “Fuck you, bitch.” back at Britnee then stuck her tongue out. She quickly smiled up at Debra as she turned back.

“Okay, beautiful,” Miss Tahtaz smiled, “Let’s see them big ole boobies!”

Lara blushed. “They aren’t as big as yours, Deb.” She reached for the hem of her shirt. “Wait. Boo? You gotta wait outside.”

“Wait. What?” Britnee frowned.”Why? You always stay in the room when I’m at the doctors’.”

“That’s cuz you’re a wimp. Now, shoo!” Lara waved at the door.

“But I wanna see ’em!” Britnee protested. “I been waitin’ to get my hands on em!”

“Boo, I want you to see them but, right now they’re all sore and bloated and bruised. I don’t want you to see them ’til I look beautiful again!”

Miss Tahtaz turned to Britnee. “It’s okay, shorty. It’ll just be a few minutes.”

Britnee sighed. “Okay…” she walked out of the room, muttering, “I ain’t no fuckin wimp…”

A short time later, Miss Tahtaz joined Britnee in the living room. “Da payshunt is in great shape,” she announced.

Britnee perked up. “When will-“

“Da bandages can come off in a few days. Da sutchuhs will fall off soon aftah, probably when she gets a showah. And da bruises will go away soon enough like.”

Britnee sighed with relief. “And she’s healthy?”

“Aw, yeauh… She’s fine. No signs of infection. She’s healthier than a… well a… healthy poyson outta ta be.” topkapı escort Miss Tahtaz smiled.

“Awesome,” Britnee grabbed her purse. “So I guess ya wanna check out my mom. She’s next door. But, I gotta warns ya, It’s kinda freaky over there. That’s where we got our production studio.and we’re always filming something over there.”

“Aww, no sweat, babe,” Miss Tahtaz replied, following Britnee out the door. “Can’t be any woise den da stuff I saw back in my strippuh days.”

Britnee, momentarily mesmerized by Debra’s bouncing, jiggling tits shook her head. “You were a stripper?”

“Oh, Yeauh! I had ta woik my way through noysing school somehow. Dat’s why I got dese babies pumped up in da foist place. Went from a B cup to a double D! Man, my income tripled almost overnight!” Debra hefted her mighty rack. “Now I’m a 36 HHH. Ha! Like da wrestluh! Ha!”

Britnee burst into laughter. As they reached the door to Brandee’s double-wide trailer, they heard grunting and screaming coming from inside.

“We’re here,” Britnee said. “Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.”

They were greeted inside by the site of Jed kneeling with a camera pointed towards a group of legs and asses on the floor. It took Britnee a moment to realize he was filming a double penetration scene. Tina was sandwiched between Joe and Jayden, getting her asshole and pussy thoroughly stuffed by their heavy pricks.

“Fuck me! Fuck my tiny holes,” Tina screamed. “Fuckit!Fuckit!Fuckit! Yes!Yes!YES!!”

Britnee looked at Miss Tahtaz. The hugely endowed brunette was watching with a mixture of shock and lust in her eyes. Britnee giggled.

“That’s Tina. She works at the club. And she wants to meet Dr. Ritter.” Brinee said.

“She coitainly looks like she’s enjoyin’ them cocks. And those are some big cocks,” Miss Tahtaz whispered excitedly. “I’m gettin’ all woiked up ovuh heuh!”

Britnee took her hand. “C’mon.”

She led the way to the first bedroom. The door was open. Nomi was lying on the bed with her legs spread wide. She was massaging her big, implant heavy tits as a skinny, flat-chested blonde girl eagerly licked her cunt.

“Ooooo, lick my poosy! Eat meeeee!!” Nomi groaned “Lick m-MMhhllppphhh!”

Larry was kneeling next to Nomi’s face feeding her his ten inch cock as he filmed the scene.

“Her soigeon did a great job,” Whispered Debra. “Those tits look great!”

Britnee nodded. That’s Nomi. We call her the Brazilian Bombshell. The tiny thing eating her out is our new girl, Tiffany. They work at the club too.”

“She looks like a teenager. Is she old enough? I mean,”

“Oh, yeah,” Britnee grinned. She’s older than me. Twenty six or twenty seven I think. She looks young but, she’s a goddamn freak! Last night she rode my strapon for an hour while my studs fucked her ass over and over…” Britnee shuddered momentarily. “It was fuckin’ hot!”

“I think I’m goin’ ta like iit heuh,” Miss Tahtaz grinned. “I’m juicin’ my panties heuh!”

“SSLLLUUUURRRRPPPP!! Suck my clitty! EatMeeeeeeee!!” Nomi cried.

“Okay, let’s go. Mama’s gotta be around here somewhere.” Britnee turned.

The next door opened to Frank Maple sitting in a chair, watching a video on the UHDTV opposite him. He was slowly stroking his enormous, twelve inch he watched. Large globs of precum formed at the tip as he stroked and trickled down the shaft like a slow lava flow.

“Jeez, Frank,” Britnee exclaimed.”What the fuck you doin’ in here?”

“Oh, ummm…,” Frank looked over, “Brandee is asleep and I was, well, kinda horny so…” He shrugged and continued stroking his cock. The tv screen was filled with the moving image of Frank’s massive dick sliding in and out of Brandee’s fat, round ass.

Britnee watched for a moment. “That is a hot scene… So, why you here? Why didn’t you join one of the scenes we’re shooting in the other rooms?”

“Because my mask is in the laundry.” Frank looked away, embarrassed.

Britnee smacked herself on the forehead. “Anyways, Miss Tahtaz is here to check on Mama’s recovery. You said she’s asleep? “

Miss Tahtaz stepped into the room. Her jaw hit the floor when she saw Frank’s cock. “Dat’s da biggest dick I evah saw…” She muttered half to herself.

Frank’s eyes threatened to pop out of his skull as he saw Miss Tahtaz. “Holy Shit! Those are the biggest tits I ever saw,” He cried.

Britnee laughed and shook her head. “Frank? This is Miss Tahtaz. Dr. Ritter’s assistant. Debra, this is Frank Maple. My mom’s fiance and my sometime boyfriend.”

The two stared at each other’s endowments. Several seconds passed before Britnee touched Debra’s arm.

“Umm, Deb?” Britnee giggled.

Miss Tahtaz continued to watch Frank fist his cock. “Could I, Ya know…, just fer a minute… maybe…”

Britnee shrugged. “Why not?”

In the blink of an eye, Miss Tahtaz whipped her shirt off, liberating her enormous, fake tits. She dropped to her knees at Frank’s feet and stared at his huge tuyap escort cock. “Ya don’t mind, do ya, stud?”

Frank stared at her tits. “Oh, hell no. I don’t mind a bit!”

Debra leaned forward and pressed her heavy tits around Frank’s prick. It was slick with precum. She began bouncing slowly, sliding his huge, throbbing cock between them. Debra moaned as she felt the hot, stiff rod against her skin. Frank watched, dumbfounded, as his cock disappeared in her cleavage.

“Oh my God! That’s fucking amazing! It’s like nothing I ever felt before,” Frank groaned. He couldn’t help but slowly thrust his hips.

Miss Tahtaz grinned up at him. “Dat’s eighteen liters of super-enhanced tits, yer fuckin’, stud. It oughtta feel amazin’!”

She started fucking him faster, squeezing her tits tighter against him. Frank’s cockhead popped up between her tits, slapping her chin.

“Oh! Hello,” Debra giggled. “Let’s have a lick.”

She slurped up a wad of precum from the tip and groaned. “Mmm… Dat’s da sweetest t’ing I ever tasted!”

Debra stuck her tongue out and licked Frank’s throbbing head every time it poked through her deep cleavage.

Frank reached out and grasped Debra’s enormous juggs. Debra released her grip and let Frank pump her tits as fast and hard as he wanted. She licked and sucked at the head and moaned softly as he fucked her massive tits.

“It’s so unbelievably good,” Frank cried. “They’re so firm… yet so soft. Like fucking two massive beach balls made out of hot tit flesh!”

Britnee watched, leaning against the door. She had a hand down her shorts and was wantonly fingering her dripping pussy. Frank’s huge dick always made her horny but, Debra’s huge tits were pushing her over the edge. She was about to strip off her clothes and join them when she remembered why they were there.

She walked over and shook Debra’s shoulder. “Hey, babe, c’mon,’ she said. “Debra. Debra! Hey, lady, you got work to do!”

Britnee pulled Miss Tahtaz back and away from Frank. Frank groaned,”No!” but Britnee wouldn’t have it. “C’mon, nurse, you have a patient to look after.”

Miss Tahtaz sat back on her heels and sighed deeply. “Sorry, kid, I gots a little carried away.” She tied her shirt under her heaving tits and stood. Looking at Frank she grinned, “Don’t woiry, stud, I gotta feelin’ we’ll be hookin’ up soon. Okay kid, let’s go see yer mom.”

Frank frowned. “Hey, wait a minute! What about this?” He pointed to his cock. “What about my needs?”

Britnee frowned back at him and crossed her arms over her chest. “Bae? How much pussy did you get today? Hmm? How many times you cum already today?”

Frank looked down at his feet. “I dunno… maybe five or six maybe…”

“Okay, then you can just do what you were doin’ before we showed up. ‘Kay?”

Frank replied sullenly, “Okay…”

Outside in the hallway, Miss Tahtaz stopped and looked at Britnee. “Did he just say he came like six times today?”

Britnee smiled. “Yeah, Frank’s a freak of nature. He’s got that dick an’ he can come as many times as you want. An’ he never goes soft and he shoots like, gallons of cum. Gallons! Anytime, every time. I love him to death!”

She stifled a guffaw as she watched the look of shock on Debra’s face. Britnee banged on the door behind her. “Wake up, Mama! Time to get yer tits checked out!”

Brandee was tying a robe around herself as they entered. “You don’t have to shout, dear. I was just gettin’ dressed. Hello, Miss Tahtaz. It’s so nice to see you again.”

“Hi, yerself, lady,” Miss Tahtaz replied. “I’m heuh to check out yer progress and recovery.”

“Oh,” Brandee beamed, “I feel wonderful. I think I’m ready for a new wardrobe. I see a shopping spree in my future.”

“I guess you want me to leave the room, now?” Britnee asked, trying not to show her annoyance.

“I don’t mind if you stay, dear,” Brandee smiled at her daughter, ” You know I’ve never been shy around you.”

Britnee made a face like she’d just tasted sour cheese. “Yeah, I know. Okay, well, Ima raids yer closet while you’re busy.”

Miss Tahtaz began her work, taking Brandee’s vitals. Britnee rummaged through Brandee’s closet, throwing clothes she liked onto a chair and clothes she didn’t like on the floor.

“Ima takin’ this top,” She called over to her mother. “An’ this an’, this one… not this… Why in the holy fuck did you ever think this looked good on you?”

“Babygirl, hush,” Brandee scolded. “Miss Tahtaz is trying to examine me.”

It’s awright, Mrs. Lain, I don’t mind,” Miss Tahtaz grinned. “I gotta say, lady… You gotta great lookin’ set o’ cans theyuh. The doctor did a great job on ya. Okay… I think we’re all done. Now, keep them wrapped foh a few more days and say… Saturday, you should be ready to knock ’em dead.”

“What about the stitches?” Brandee looked worried.

“Ah, no problem, deauh. They’ll fall out in a few days. Prolly the next time you shower.”

Brandee smiled. “That’s wonderful! Umm, Britnee? Where’s Frank?”

“Last time I checked, down the hall, beating his meat.”

Brandee’s eyes filled with lust. “If you’ll excuse me, I’m in need of a protein shake”

She ran out of the room.

“Congrats on yer upcoming nupchoouls!” Miss Tahtaz called after her. “So, kid, ya wanted ta talk me inta woikin’ fer ya? I gotta tells ya, I’m convinced.”

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Behind the Big Tree

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For years I’d heard the same rumour, ever since I can remember, the local girls would chatter excitedly about it all the time, the guys who knew, from seeing it after University football practice had all confirmed it, my friend James has a very big penis.

I don’t like football and I don’t care much for most girls, so all I had were second hand accounts and my own warped fantasies, where the object I craved to see was much bigger than was humanly possible.

Up to this time my sexual orientation was still undecided, I had had a few of brief encounters only, and these only from around my 19th birthday. A girl I knew used to let me touch her intimately but she wouldn’t let me go all the way and she was not touching me for all the gold in the world, so that didn’t last. Another had masturbated me to a very messy climax as I came, spraying semen all over her bedroom. She didn’t want to know me after that.

I had another friend, around that time, a guy who used to like to jerk off together with me while watching porn, his theory was as long as we didn’t touch it wasn’t gay for him, it was alright to play with ourselves from a safe distance for that to be the case and when it was over I’d leave and we’d say no more until the next time.

Yet again I spoiled that scene when, during another porn session at his apartment, we were watching a scene where a girl was sucking two huge cocks, one at a time and then rubbing their cock heads together for a bit, then sucking again until they both came liberally, all over each other’s penises and her face too.

I was really turned on by this film, secretly envying the girl and wishing I was in her place and had two monster penises like that to play with. He seemed to enjoy watching this too and I watched fascinated as he began to come too, lying back on his bed, his eyes now tight, normally at this point I’d come too in my chair while I watched him ejaculating, but this time I just couldn’t hold myself back anymore at the sight of his lovely stuff squirting from the end of his cock and, feeling that familiar tingle in my loins and taking inspiration from the movie, I stepped quickly and quietly across the imaginary divide and began rubbing my rock hard penis against his as he was pumping out the last few drops that ran down his shaft.

I had an incredible orgasm shooting hot strings of spunk all up his body and as far as his face. I think some even flew into his mouth as he drew in gulps of air after his own efforts. He shouted at me that I was a queer, to get out and never come back.

Anyway James and I were both in our first summer break of university, 2 months plus and nothing planned. My parents had offered me the use of their cabin for a week, up in the hills about 20 miles away and I could take a friend, my mother’s face forming a strange faraway, smile I’d never seen before now, when I said I’d ask James if he’d like to go. Had she heard the rumour, or heaven forbid had she gone Mrs Robinson on him? Who knew?

We’d arrived, a few days later, laden with supplies, mostly beer and pizza, unpacked like guys do, which basically meant opening a suitcase and taking whatever was needed from it. The cabin itself was a 3 room affair, a main room with basic cooking facilities and a sink, then two bedrooms either side of the central wall. There was a shower/toilet block about 400 yards away which served the other 3 cabins in the clearing which was surrounded by the big forest of oak trees.

There was another clearing, accessed by a path through the trees where a beautiful lake was situated. We had made a beeline for this lake almost as soon as we’d got the travel dust out of our hair. I hadn’t mentioned it yet and was on the verge of saying how we could skinny Büyükesat Escort dip, as the lake came into view only for my hopes to be cruelly dashed by the presence of a couple of thirty somethings, no doubt from another cabin near to ours, who were having a picnic by the lake.

James called out hello to them and they waved back, I could see the way he looked at the blonde lady who was wearing a bikini that was fairly revealing and showed how well she looked after herself, as she had a very trim looking figure. Her partner was clad in loose fitting Bermudas as, disappointingly so were we, which the loose fitting cloth denied me still, the possible truth of how big my buddy’s endowment actually was.

We waded out into the water and swam for a bit and you know how these things go when your luck is out, as we began to wade back to shore, as James said he was tired and wanted a beer, they too had decided to leave ahead of us and my chance to suggest how swimming in the nude might be a fun thing to do was again cruelly taken by fate.

Near to our cabin about 20 yards away, was a tree much bigger than the rest and we’d taking to using it as a urinal as it offered cover from the other cabins and was considerably nearer than the block. There were some tall bushes not far from the tree and I’d found myself hidden there after telling James on the first night I wanted to go for a walk by myself.

We’d been drinking beers most of the afternoon and the tree had seen a lot of use as we visited it to relieve ourselves on many occasions. I knew that if I hid in the right spot that I might finally catch a glimpse of his legendary manhood. Sure enough he had come along for a piss and walked around the tree, he peeped around to see if anyone could see, then turning, he almost looked right at me through the bush before unzipping his jeans.

This was it I thought! But no, again I was left with nothing to see as he turned to face the tree and after emptying his bladder he zipped up and walked back to the cabin to his room for a nap.

Now 24 hours later supposedly out tramping the forest again, I was once more hidden in the bushes but I’d angled myself to get a much better view, if he adopted the same position to pee away some of the large amount of beer we’d drank again for most of the evening. It was getting dark soon and I’d all but given up hope, when I heard him stumbling through the undergrowth toward the tree. He’d obviously drunk some more since I left and he looked half drunk.

This time he didn’t bother to check and undid his trousers ready to pull out his cock, I still couldn’t see it, just tantalisingly out of my sight, if only he’d turn a little. I couldn’t bear it and started to creep around to try to see what I could see and then I stepped onto the little twig that finally changed my luck. I froze as he looked around to see what had made him start so, as he quickly pulled up his zip again.

He looked in the wrong direction over to where I’d been before about ten yards away. Seeing nothing he turned around and I was soon to be seeing everything, right there in front of my very eyes was going to be the object I’d longed to see so much I thought I’d burst sometimes.

My heart skipped a beat as his hands first pulled down the zipper on his jeans and I thought he’d pull it straight out like most guys would now do. Instead he also undid the button at the top and it soon became apparent why. He simply couldn’t get it out without making more room for himself. I was trembling with fear and excitement as he reached into his boxers and finally my life had a meaning to it.

It was very long but not fat at all, which made it look all the longer Elvankent Escort somehow, the skin colour was quite light and he had a longish foreskin which covered the head completely. I’d seen very few cocks in my life, and none came anywhere close to his in length, As I looked he shook it by gripping the base quite forcefully to help start him peeing I guess and, as he did it seemed as though the shaft was so long it seemed to bend in two directions at once, like an S bend . He’d drunk a lot of beer and very watery pee began to powerfully squirt from the end of it onto the grass near the bush I was hiding in.

He seemed to piss for what seemed an eternity, but as he began to finish he pulled back his foreskin revealing entirely the glistening wet head and I watched fascinated, with a deep growing desire to put my lips over it and draw it into my mouth, while the last jets of clear liquid squirted in short bursts from the end of it.

He now shook off the last few drops and after it was over, I had two regrets now one, I may never see a man do that once again and two, my desire to have sucked it as he finished pissing, was now replaced by an even more insane obsession to have taken hold of his cock, from the very moment he had pulled it out, putting it straight into my mouth and instead of shaking I would tickle the end of it with my tongue to stimulate him into starting to piss and then keep on sucking and swallowing until he had finished and beyond. I was still thinking about how good that would feel, when suddenly he spoke.

“I know someone is there, come out don’t be afraid,” he said.

I stayed where I was, rooted in fear the erection I had swiftly fading,

“You were here last night too weren’t you, come on come out or I’ll come in there,”

I slowly pushed my way through the bush and saw the look of surprise on his face.

“I suppose you thought it was Blondie from the other cabin,” I replied to him.

“No, I-I-I no I thought it was… well I don’t know what I thought, I never thought it would be you though.”

I decided to come clean and told him of how long I’d wanted to see his massive cock and how I’d heard all the stories and if they were true or not. I didn’t tell him how much I wanted him now I had seen it and how much of an effect he had unleashed within me in the last few moments. The sexiest women in the world all paraded naked in front of me, could not be able to make me feel the level of passion I was feeling right now in the presence of his majestic prick.

“Well now you’ve seen it do you believe the stories?” he asked,

“Yes oh yes, it’s incredible,” I replied breathlessly,

“Bigger than yours I’ll bet,” he said winking at me, “do you know I’ve had gay guys offer money, just to look at it.”

My heart leapt.

“Sometimes they offer me so much I let them play with it and suck it too.”

My heart did a somersault.

“James,” I said shakily “I want that too but I…,”

He put his finger to my mouth to stop me,

“I know, I know,” he said, “but you’ve always been my friend and I sort of knew you wanted to see it all along, but you could never be brave enough to ask. I’m not surprised you tried to find out like this.”

A silence fell between us as I gazed down upon his cock once more. I just couldn’t stop staring at it until he broke the moment saying,

“What are you waiting for it’s yours to play with as much as you want, I won’t touch you though I’m not really into guys, but I’m used to them touching me now,” he offered.

Needing no second invitation I sank to my knees to confront this mighty weapon. Having never really had the chance to play with another Beşevler Escort cock properly before, I tentatively reached out and began to gently stroke it. I ran my fingers lightly from the root all the way to the tip and back again, as my fingertips brushed the head it twitched slightly and he exhaled loudly.

Feeling braver I grasped the shaft around the base and began to shake it like he had done to pee, still wishing I’d been on the receiving end of that, he moaned slightly this time. Using my other hand I circled the shaft just below the head and slowly recovered it with it’s protective sheath. I leaned back and admired my work and was pleased to see that he had the beginnings of an erection as it had begun to draw away from his legs.

Throwing caution to the winds I again grasped the shaft just below the tip and pulled back his foreskin slowly until the shining nut was fully exposed again. I began to repeat this movement again and again slowly increasing my speed and I wasn’t surprised as it got harder still as I took control fully. Now came the moment I was really waiting for as I put it into my mouth for the first time.

It tasted good, quite sweet and I began to roll my tongue around the head as he started to moan appreciatively. I was hungry for his cock beyond belief now and I wanted it all. I started to move down as taking as much as I could in my mouth, but I didn’t get past halfway I think.

It was pretty much erect now and I stopped and stopped sucking to see how big it now was. I wasn’t disappointed but it didn’t look much bigger at all just stiff and although it was pretty stiff it didn’t get above horizontal due to it’s sheer size. I presumed. Still I loved it and grabbing the shaft around the base again I began sucking for all I was worth again.

I soon developed a rhythm his breathing pattern suggested he liked, by sucking deeply up and down the shaft for three or four times, then pulling off and licking around the tip quite forcefully, then taking him back into my mouth and started the sucking pattern again.

He began to thrust his hips in time with my movements knowing to stop when I’d pull back to swirl my tongue around the head, now dripping and shiny with a mixture of my saliva and clear juices that had started to leak their way out of the very tip of his swollen cock head.

Up to now I’d paid no attention to his balls but with my free hand I began to caress them gently, every so often giving them a little squeeze together. He was really taken with this and moaned out loud at this point. I wanted to see just how much he was “not really into guys” and looking up at his face I released him from my various grips at the same time.

He looked aghast and stepping back he moaned “Oh please, please don’t stop.”

While his big glistening cock wagged about in fresh air, so I grabbed him again and pulled him by his cock back to my welcoming mouth and I resumed sucking him again. He took hold of my head and tried to increase my pace which I did of course and within seconds I knew I was forgiven as I felt his cock get so stiff it didn’t seem like flesh anymore.

I immediately sucked as fast and hard as I could knowing he was coming and sure enough my mouth was soon filling up with his sperm. He held my head still as it continued to pump out tasting so sweet onto my tongue as I started to swallow it down as best I could. I rubbed all around his balls and the root of his penis as his orgasm subsided and he released my head to let me suck and lick the rest of his come from around his glans.

Shyness quickly over came him as he began to come to terms with what had just happened to him, and as he ran back to the safety of his room in the cabin, I knew I was hooked on big cock for the rest of my life, as I lay under the stars and brought my self to a rapid and furious orgasm as the taste of his sweet spunk was still fresh on my lips.

In the morning he had gone and we drifted apart after that, I haven’t seen him (or a bigger cock) for many years now but I still remember that night as if it were yesterday.

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Becoming a Gal Friday Pt. 02

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Big Tits

Here I am a normal twenty year who had everything, living with this thirty year old babe who loves to be fuck, working at her law office, living with her. An ideal gig and then wham! She dumps me for some rich guy her own age.

So things were getting desperate for me and I had to find a new job and place to live. That’s how I came to be getting drunk, sitting naked at a computer applying for this odd dream job.

Room and board, great pay. But there was a catch.

I work live situation with two Gay Guys in a clothing optional life style and I was hired to be their ‘Gal Friday’. There fem servant/helper.

But I was desperate and so I agreed.

My online interview ended but not before I end up showing off my naked body to one of my new bosses, a good looking black guy who shows me his naked body as well. He has the biggest package I’ve ever seen, at least eight inches.

With that he ends the chat connection and the web cam goes dark. Here I am sitting with my hard on thinking what the hell did I get myself into. Oh Fuck. I finish off my brew and open another one.

Hell. I never did ask him about the CD’s. I wonder what that was all about. But, the ad said

I didn’t need to bring my own, so I should leave my music collection here for now.

I wonder if cold showers really does take care of hard ons. But, then, Demetevler Escort I ain’t taking no cold shower to find out. I’ll just shower and brush my teeth and such and pack my stuff. I have some time to kill.

I’m trying to get my wits about me as I just stare at my lap top’s Desktop back ground slide show. I have on my AHH show, Ass and High Heels. The images that slowly appear and disappear on the screen are of hot looking women showing off their asses, wearing at minimum high heels, as well as pictures of babes with heels and thongs, and/or other pretty clothing items. It always makes my hard cock twitch to look at these. I’m a real ass man.

Oh Hell. I grab my cock and just begin to stroke off. I figure I need the release. I find a porn video of some gal sucking off two guys and enjoy the show and just edge for a while. Just teasing myself, and feeling that heat of desire run through my body but I don’t allow myself to cum, recalling what David said, just keeping those flames burning bright.

I finish one video with her getting covered in two creamy loads. I just love looking at that and imagining what it would feel like to have all that cum on me. I get up and grab some lotion to anoint my erection and begin another vid with a similar theme.

I lose track of time in all Otele gelen escort my edging and my drinking when I finally focus on the clock… I realize I have just twenty minutes to meet him at noon. Fuck!

I hastily shut down the machine, shove her bath robe in the hamper, and run headlong into the shower. A quick hot shower, dry off, brush teeth, gather all the toiletries and shove them in my back pack with my lap top and smart phone. I find my flip flops and trench coat, slip it over my naked body, and try not to think as I turn off the lights and head downstairs to wait.

Whew! As I check the time, I’m three minutes before noon. I don’t really have time to think and I’m still a bit flushed from the shower and running around. It feels weird and exciting to be outside all naked like this in public. Well, no one can see that I’m naked, but I know I am underneath. I feel my cock getting hard again. Oh great, like I need that.

A silver Tesla pulls up in front of my Ex’s place and the door opens. I spot David inside.

“On time. Excellent. Get in and let’s do this,” he says in a commanding tone. “And undue the coat and put it on the seat, then toss the flip flops in the back, you won’t be needing them. They were only to keep you from getting arrested while you wait.”

Oh Balgat Escort Shit. What now?

“Are you in or out?” David asks.

“Ahhh… in… yes… in.” Hell, I’m such a loser. I look around and see that there is no one else around, thank God. I quickly remove the coat, toss it on my side of the seat and then step out of the flip flops, and bend over and quickly toss them in as well. Then I set my naked butt onto my coat and shut the door. “There see I’m in.”

“Excellent, here is the cash; you can count it if you like.” David says as he undoes his seat belt.

“I trust you,” I say putting it in my back pack that I leave in the back of my seat. I just wish

I ‘m so damn turned on by all this; I’m embarrassed by my rock hard stiff that I’m sporting.

“I see you’re already eager to see me. Excellent, this is a good reason for a taste test.”

With that, he grabs my cock in his warm black hand and leans over and before I can say boo, my cock head is inside his warm wet mouth. Fuck!

He’s going down on me right in front of the building… ahhhh but… oh fuck… my Ex never made me feel like this… oh… shit… Oh God… I don’t know what he’s doing but he sure can do it… ohhhhh.

I am losing it. I feel my cock begin to make pre-cum and oh Hell… he’s fucking good… and I was so on the edge… I’m about to burst.

“Oh man!” I moan. “I’m going to cummmmmm! Fuck Yes!”

I spurt out a thick one and he expertly swallows it all. Oh shit, this is amazing. Oh shit… oh shit… ohhhhhhhh…

Finally, I come to. My cock has settled down to its two inches, my body is all flushed and hot and I thank god I’m sitting on my coat to absorb my sweat and juices.

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Bereaved Husband

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I had been living next door to the Kegans for almost four years, and we had become best friends. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a couple as much in love as Duke and Doris. I was so jealous of their relationship. It was the kind of thing I wanted for myself, but never seemed to find. Maybe I was incapable of love.

I had dates, of course, but they never seemed to go anywhere. And some of them were very pretty girls. But I never felt anything. If I kissed them it was more out of a sense of duty, than emotion. I would take them home, and then drive back to my own house, sad and lonely.

It was so wonderful to see Duke and Doris together. The fun, the joking, the companionship. They had no children and made each other the only important thing in their lives. I felt honored to be in their company, and I was glad to be able to offer Doris my companionship during the long hours that Duke was at work.

They were an attractive couple. Duke was a big handsome guy about forty years old. He was big-boned and athletic looking. He had been a college football jock and was dripping with testosterone. I had to raise my head a little to look at his thick, glossy black hair, and those unbelievable blue blue eyes. His features were clean and even and he was always immaculately shaved and dressed.

Doris and he had been in the same class in college, and she had been the school’s leading actress, appearing in all the school plays. She had long flowing blonde hair, and also had blue eyes, though not as intense a shade as Duke’s eyes. Everybody thought she would end up in Hollywood starring in motion pictures, but then she met the football hero, and that was that.

You would always see them holding hands when they walked down the street together, which I found so romantic. I would lag back a step or two just to watch them together, and Duke would turn around and laugh, “Get a move on, Jack. You’re such a slowpoke.” And then Doris would laugh. And then even I would laugh and take a few quick steps to catch up.

Duke had his own construction company, and he was doing very well, which of course left Doris all alone during the day, and I know she was glad to have my company. How often she would walk across the lawn and ring my doorbell. “Come on, Jack,” she would say. “Let’s go down to the stores and see what’s on sale.” And I would always go with her. I was a wallpaper designer and worked at home, so my time was pretty free. I could do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted.

We had such fun on those trips, and Doris always picked up a few knick knacks for the house, most of which she didn’t need. I was always worried that Duke would think I was trying to make time with Doris, but that was ridiculous. She could never have been interested in a little guy like me when she had that big handsome gentle brute. I was even an inch shorter than Doris, who was eight inches shorter than Duke. I had neat brown hair, smooth skin, green eyes, and though I thought I was nice looking, I was far from being the handsome hulk she was married to.

Actually I was more Doris’ friend than Duke’s, though I know he liked me too.

Doris and I had so much in common. We both loved music. We both loved the movies. We loved to go shopping. We watched soap operas together. Duke was the alpha male. He liked watching football games, baseball games, basketball, golf, tennis, the Olympics. I had never been athletic, and in high school the other kids would make fun of me. When we played baseball, they would put me out in right field where I could do the least harm, because no balls ever went into right field. After a while I would get bored and sit down on the grass looking for four leaf clovers while the game continued. A real loser. Nobody wanted me on their team.

But even though we had nothing in common, I knew that Duke liked me, and treated me almost like a kid brother. And that’s exactly the way I felt about him.

As if he were my great big brother, my protector, my role model. And he was twelve years older than I. He was forty and I was only twenty-eight.

And then we found out that Doris was ill. She hadn’t been feeling well, and our shopping trips were getting fewer and fewer. Finally Duke insisted that she see a doctor, and after all the tests, the news was not good. Doris had a terminal illness. Duke was devastated. He took as much time off from work as possible, and when he couldn’t be there, I stayed with her. Finally Doris went into the hospital, and in three days it was all over.

I sat in the waiting room, while the Doctors took Duke into another room to tell him what had happened, and offer their condolences. When Duke reappeared at the waiting room door he was crying, and I knew right away. I ran over to him and wrapped my arms around him, and let him sob into my neck.

“Oh, my poor Doris. My poor beautiful Doris,” He sobbed, and I was crying too.

Finally we got control of ourselves and drove home in silence. It was Duke’s car, but I drove. He just was in no condition to drive.

I helped Duke with the funeral arrangements, Cebeci Escort and so did his two sisters, Ethel and Evelyn. He called Doris’ parents in Florida where they were now living. And there were tears on both ends of the line. Doris’ parents were making arrangements to fly right up for the funeral.

It was a small funeral. Duke and Doris hadn’t been that social. They were too wrapped up in each other. The family sat in the front and I sat towards the back where I could hold my handkerchief to the tears dripping down my face without everyone seeing me.

Doris’ parents stayed with Duke for three or four days and then flew back down to Florida, and Duke was alone. All alone. My heart was breaking for him. This was the rest of his life. Where could you find another Doris? I looked out the window and watched him leave for work in the morning. And I thought to myself,

“I can’t let him come home to an empty house. I can’t.”

I drove over to the supermarket and picked up some steak and some potatoes to bake, and I bought corn on the cob. Doris had given me their key to water the plants when they went on vacation one time, and then insisted that I keep it “in case we get locked out,” she had laughed. When I drove home, instead of going into my own house, I went into Doris’. I spent the day watching game shows and soap operas on television, and then around five o’clock I went into the kitchen and started to prepare dinner for Duke and me.

Duke got home around half past five, and when he opened the front door, I was standing right there. I had heard the car pulling into the attached garage.

“Hello,” he laughed in surprise. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m cooking you dinner,” I answered.

“That’s so nice. But you didn’t have to do that. I could have opened a can.”

“That’s exactly what I was afraid of,” I said. “I have to make sure you eat properly and keep up your strength. It’s what Doris would have wanted,” I added.

He hung his head and nodded. “Well, thank you so much. You’re such a good guy.” He walked over and patted me on the shoulder.

“Now you just sit here while I get everything ready,” I ordered, and marched back to the kitchen. The potatoes were baking. I put the steak under the broiler and began to boil water for the corn. Meanwhile I set the table with dishes, glasses, silverware, napkins, as I shuttled back and forth between the kitchen and the dining room.

“You need any help in there?” Duke called from the living room.

“No, you just sit there. I’m doing fine,” I called back. “Everything’s almost ready.”

I put the food on the dining room table and called Duke in to dinner. As we were eating, he nodded. “This is really great. Delicious.”

“Thanks, Duke,” I said. I loved feeling appreciated.

After dinner, I washed the dishes and joined Duke in front of the television in the living room. He was watching football, and as we sat he began explaining the game to me. I knew that this is what he and Doris used to do every evening, and I felt I was really helping him by being there.

Around eleven o’clock, I decided it was time to go home. We shook hands and I went back across the lawn to my own house. He thanked me again. And I said. “Don’t be silly. I enjoyed it too.” And I had. Even the football. That big guy was so cute sitting on the floor in front of the TV cheering for his team. When I got back home I went upstairs, took a shower and got ready for bed. And I slept well, feeling I had done something good.

It had been such a nice evening, that I did the same thing the next day, and the day after that, and the day after that. If I was company for Duke, he was company for me. We actually started palling around together. We went to football games, and basketball games, and I was actually starting to like them. I made Duke’s teams my teams. And we cheered together.

The only thing was that I was falling in love. I was lying in bed one night trying not very successfully to fall asleep and it hit me. I was in love with Duke, which was ridiculous and impossible. I had wanted to fall in love my whole life long, and now I had. With another man.

I continued to hang around with him, to eat with him, to go to games. It’s just that now, every time I looked at him, I wanted to hold him, to hug him, and I felt like crying all the time. I knew that I should stop coming over, but I just couldn’t.” And besides,” I rationalized, “he needs me.” What would he do without me? If I weren’t there he’d be all alone. I had to be with him, for Doris’ sake.

I had tried suggesting to Duke that he should start dating, that he should try to meet someone, but he just looked at me as if I were crazy. We both knew there could never be another Doris and he wouldn’t settle for less.

One day we decided to go hiking in the woods. It was a perfect day, warm but not hot, and the air was crystal clean and dry. We were both wearing blue jeans, casual shirts, and, of course, hiking boots. Duke looked so damned handsome. Kolej Escort I couldn’t bear to look at him. I was glad that he was behind me on the narrow path, so I didn’t have to keep staring at those long legs, and his full round mounds, which suddenly seemed so sensual to me.

Suddenly down the path I saw a red squirrel with its little paws folded around an acorn, chewing and chewing. So busy eating that he wasn’t paying attention to our approach. It was so cute. “Look, Duke,” I whispered. “See the squirrel?” He came up behind me and peered over my shoulder.

“Where?” he asked.

“Over there,” I pointed.

His eyes followed my hand. “Oh, I see,” he said. “Cute little guy.”

“Yes,” I affirmed.

Suddenly I became aware of how close he was. His whole body was pressed against my back, as his head peered over my shoulder. His large hands were even gripping my shoulders. I could feel his whole frame touching mine, and if I had turned my head to the right slightly we might have ended up kissing. So I made certain to keep facing the squirrel. And then, near the top of the division between my buttocks, I could feel his penis. Inside his jeans I could feel his penis. He was taller than I so it was high up on my behind. I didn’t move. He didn’t move. And the penis seemed to be getting harder and stiffer. Was he almost pressing it against my backside?

Suddenly he stepped back. I turned to smile at him and saw his face was a little red. Probably he had just realized that he was poking my backside and was a little embarrassed.

“Let’s keep going,” he suggested.

“Right,” I said. And we went on hiking.

As evening was approaching we drove back and went into his house, where I rustled up some dinner for the two of us. I was becoming aware that he was staring at me. Every time I moved, his eyes would follow my rear end, and I was becoming a little uncomfortable.

When I finished the dishes, I joined him in the living room. He was sitting on the sofa and when I came in, he patted the pillow next to him, telling me to sit down.

“You don’t know how much I appreciate what you’ve been doing for me,” Duke said.

“Don’t be silly,” I said. “I’ve been doing just what I wanted to do. If I weren’t here with you having a great time, I’d be sitting home alone and that wouldn’t be much fun.”

“No. It’s no fun to be alone,” he said. “Stop me if I say anything embarrassing, but we’re both guys here and I feel close enough to you to confide in you.”

“Of course. Go ahead.”

“It’s been quite a while now since Doris died, and she was sick for a good period of time before that. What I’m trying to say is that I haven’t gotten laid in a very long time, and I am getting sooooo horny.”

I looked down at his lap and noticed he was getting an erection, but I just concentrated on his face. “Believe me. I understand.” I reassured him.

“Maybe I should go to a prostitute,” he wondered.

“It might solve your problem,” I said.

“I don’t know.” He shook his head. “The whole idea is so unappealing to me”

“I feel so bad for you, Duke,” I said. And then I started to cry a little thinking of him and Doris. What he had and would never have again.

“Come on now,” he said, patting my back and putting his arm around my shoulder, hugging me to him. He was comforting me. “You’re such a good friend,” he said. He squeezed me a little more. I looked into his eyes, and then he looked into mine, and he bent slightly forward and gave me a small kiss on the lips. I sat there motionless, hoping something more would happen. I guess when he saw I wasn’t going to freak out, and that I had obviously liked being kissed, he bent forward again, and gave me another kiss. But this one wasn’t quick. It started out on the lips, and then slowly his mouth opened and his tongue snaked out and began licking my lips. I opened my mouth and his tongue crawled inside, licking my tongue, my teeth, the roof of my mouth, and I was starting to suck on his delicious tongue, and I was moaning. My arms went around him and I clutched him to me. I looked down and noted his erection.

The hand which had been around my shoulders now started drifting down my back until it reached the cheeks I was sitting on. He was patting them, rubbing them. And it was wonderful. I knew that I had an erection too, but his was the one that interested me. I gently placed my hand in his lap and began caressing his large stiff organ through the cloth of his jeans. I had never been so excited in my life. My god. Did I want to see that thing! To touch it! To taste it!

“Why don’t we go up to the bedroom,” he suggested. He stood up and took my hand, leading me upstairs into the master bedroom, where the queen size bed was. The bed that he and Doris had shared for so many years. He planted his tall body directly in front of me and began to unbutton my shirt. Then he lifted my undershirt up, off my arms and over my head. I stood there passively as he prepared me. Now he was unbuttoning and unzipping Yenimahalle Escort my blue jeans. He sat me down on the edge of the bed to take my shoes and socks off, and to pull the pants from my legs. Finally he made me sit up a little so that he could slip my white jockeys from under my bottom, then down my legs and off. I was naked in front of Duke. He stood there looking at me as he started to remove his own clothing.

Finally he pushed me over on the bed and lay down next to me. We both lay staring at the ceiling for a few minutes, not saying anything. Then he edged me onto my side facing him and began nuzzling at my mouth again. I threw my arms around his back, stretching my mouth open for access. His large right hand reached around my back and began to gently caress my ass cheeks. He was really turned on by my behind, and that thought made me excited. I got a little stiffer thinking about Duke in relation to my ass.

Duke himself had a thick iron-hard fire poker in front of him. He took my hand and wrapped it around his poker, and I gently massaged it, feeling it get thicker and thicker. His flesh down there was incredibly hot. His poker. What was it going to poke? I tried not to let my mind get ahead of me.

Duke’s hand was running through my hair now, letting the strands fall around his large fingers. Then I felt as if that hand were putting some pressure on top of my head, pushing it away from his face, and pushing it down along his body till it got to his crotch and I was face to face with the thick iron fire poker, which was in reality an imposing tower of male flesh.

“Suck on it for me, sweetheart,” he whispered.

I had never done such a thing before, but how could I resist the word ‘sweetheart’? I totally melted inside when he called me that. I tentatively took the instrument in my hand and bent it forward to touch my lips. He groaned. I continued rubbing my lips on the large head. Then throwing caution to the wind, I stuck my tongue out and began licking it with gusto.

“Take it in your mouth, sweetheart,” he urged.

So of course I immediately enmouthed it. It was wonderful, I felt like a baby sucking on a very large nipple waiting for my reward, the sweet milk to come. He moaned. I moaned. It was been everything I’d been dreaming of my whole life, not even knowing what I had been dreaming of. Duke’s pulsating dick in my mouth, stretching now to the back of my throat, and his hands pressing the back of my head, as he was feeding it to me, making me swallow it, even though I was coughing and choking and dribbling. It went back and back until it hit the very back of my throat with each forward thrust. Oh my God. Oh my God. My darling Duke My own darling Duke. I had my Duke’s cock in my mouth, slamming my tender throat.

“Oh, sweetheart,” He moaned again and kept pounding. Then he kind of eased off and slowly took his sweet penis from my mouth.

“What’s wrong?” I asked nervously. I wondered what I had done.

“Nothing’s wrong, sweetness. It’s just that there are other things I’d like to try.”

“Oh,” I said.

We lay side by side on the bed again, and he cuddled my small body in his large arms, kissing my face. “I wish I could do for you what you just did for me. But I can’t. I just can’t. I hope you don’t mind that.” He apologized.

“Don’t be silly. I don’t mind that at all. I wouldn’t even want you to do that to me. My happiness is to give you pleasure. That’s all I want, believe me.” He kissed my lips again. And then it became another long wet affair again.

As he lifted his lips from mine, he whispered, “I wanna be inside you. Is that okay?”

Of course it was okay and I said so. His hand began massaging my round firm little ass cheeks, and one finger strayed into the crack and began to massage my virgin pucker. It was so tight. He was having trouble trying to work his finger inside, so he spit on it and tried again. This time it penetrated.

“Oh, it’s so hot and tight in there,” he breathed. “I can almost imagine what it’s gonna feel like when its wrapped around my big gun. It’s gonna make my gun wanna shoot real quick. Isn’t it, sweetheart?”

“Yes, honey,” I answered. “I want your gun in my tight little holster. Please put your gun in my holster before you let it go off.”

He raised my face to his and asked a question. “Have you ever had a gun in your holster before, sweetheart?”

“I never have,” I answered truthfully.

“Then we had best get something to help.” He got off the bed and walked to the master bathroom across the room. He came out with a large tube of lubricant.

He kneeled on the bed next to me and made me turn onto my stomach. Slowly he began feeding his fingers and the gel into my behind, making it looser and wider. Twisting his fingers around to let the muscle get used to width and girth.

Preparing my hiney for something very big.

Finally he crawled on top of me and began to ease his stiff thick rope through my tiny needle hole. It didn’t happen easily. He kept having to take it out and put more goo on it. Then he’d put it back inside me, this time a little deeper. It took a while till the whole length of it glided in and I could feel his balls on my ass cheeks. As he worked it into me, I delighted in the slight scratchiness of his pubic air on my behind. And then he took it out again. Just when it was starting to feel so good.

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Enlightened 1

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Doug Miller and I grew up in the same suburban neighborhood.  We went to school together, joined the Boy Scouts, and spent much of our free time with one another.  Doug and I doubled the night of our senior prom, taking two of the girls we knew from school.I invited Sue Walker, and Doug took Karen Silverman.  The four of us had a great time at the dance.  After the prom, we parked and made out with our respective dates.  When we took the girls home, Doug and I were still virgins.“How did it go with Sue, Matt?” Doug asked after we dropped her and Karen off at Karen’s house.I laughed and said, “It was okay, but not what I planned.  I was hoping Sue would do more than kiss and let me feel her tit through her dress.”“You didn’t get any further than I did, Matt.  Karen did say she would like to go out again.  Did you ask Sue if she wanted to date?” Doug said.“No.  I’ll talk to Sue at school.  Maybe we can double and take them to the show or something,” I said.Doug and I agreed to ask the two girls out again.  After I took my best friend to his house, I went to mine.  Everyone was in bed when I walked into the dark living room, so I tried to keep quiet as I made my way to my bedroom.  After removing my rented tux, I crawled into bed.Stretching out on my back, I replayed the evening.  I thought about kissing Sue and touching her tit.  In reality, Sue was less than impressed when I covered her breast with my hand.  She removed it several times, telling me she did want me to feel her up.  I relented and spent the remainder of the night kissing her.As I thought about our encounter, I put my hand on my hard cock, rubbing it through my underwear.  After a few moments, I pulled my dick out so I could stroke it properly.  The idea of future dates and getting into Sue’s pants fueled my excitement.  After about fifteen minutes of steadily jacking my cock, I sent cum into the air.  My semen cascaded down, coating my hand, cock, and stomach.I continued fondling myself as I recovered from my self induced pleasure.  A few minutes later, I got up to clean the mess.Doug and I took Sue and Karen out a few times during the last two months of our senior year.  Like the night of the prom, the girls rebuffed most of our advances.  When Doug and I talked after our dates, we shared our experiences.  He told me Karen would let him feel her tits, but no more.  I let him know I was getting the same from Sue.  The two girls were best friends, as were Doug and I.  We decided they talked about what they did with us and what they wouldn’t do.In June, we received our diplomas and became the graduating class of nineteen-seventy-seven.  Doug and I went to several parties, with and without the girls.  Because the drinking age was eighteen, there was always beer and booze at the parties.  On more than one occasion, I overindulged and got drunk.  After a couple of nights of hugging the toilet, I decided to control my drinking.Doug and I continued dating Karen and Sue.  After the graduation parties died down, we started going to some of the clubs.  I always controlled the amount I drank so I wouldn’t be too drunk to drive.  After the clubs, we’d park and make out with the girls.  Sue had relaxed and allowed me to get my hand under her shirt and under her bra several times.One night, beşevler escort Karen and Sue told Doug and me they were going away for college.  They said we could continue to date until they left in August.  Doug and I let them know we were starting our jobs as apprentice carpenters and staying in our hometown.On the night of our last dates before Sue and Karen left for Ohio, we went to a club.  We danced, drank, and had a good time.  After the bar, we parked.  Doug and I hoped the girls would let us fuck them before they left for college, but our plans didn’t come to fruition.Before they moved, Karen and Sue told Doug and me they’d stay in touch.  The girls told us they enjoyed dating us, and we would get together when they came home for breaks.“It looks like we need to find new girls,” I said as Doug and I rode to work.  It was several days since our last date with Sue and Karen.  The two girls had left home for college.Laughing, Doug said, “No shit!  This time we need to find chicks who aren’t lesbians.”“What?  Sue and Karen aren’t lesbians,” I said.“Maybe not full-blown, but I found out they’re into each other.  That’s why we never got past second base with them,” Doug said.“That’s bullshit!” I said.“Not if what my cousin Kim says is true.  She told me Sue and Karen have been getting it on for several years.  Kim knows them pretty well,” Doug said.  “I guess they’re bisexual because they went out with us.”I pulled into the union apprentice school’s parking lot, shut off my car, and looked at Doug.  He grinned and said, “Kim said she was at one of the graduation parties and saw Karen and Sue making out.”Shaking my head, I laughed and said, “Well, that explains a lot, doesn’t it?  One night while we parked, I put Sue’s hand on my cock.  She jerked her arm back and told me never to do it again.”“Karen bit my tongue when I tried to touch her pussy,” Doug said as we laughed.Doug and I headed into the building for our class.  After school, we went out to eat and make plans for the weekend.  We talked about several of the area clubs, deciding which one offered the best odds of finding girls.On Friday night, I picked Doug up, and we headed out.  We went to one of the clubs, went inside, and ordered beers.  Standing at the bar, we scanned the room, looking for girls we would like to ask to dance.  I led Doug to a table with several girls.  We started talking with them, then I asked one to dance.  When she said no, Doug and I left the table to hunt for someone else.After several hours, a few beers, and endless refusals from the girls at the club, I told Doug we should leave and try another place.  He agreed, so we finished our beers and left.As I drove, Doug said, “Listen.  I scored a dime-bag today.  Do you want to grab a twelve-pack, go to my house, and get buzzed?  My parents are out of town for the weekend.”I thought for a moment, realizing our prospects for meeting anyone were dim.  “Sure, why not?”I stopped at a store to get the beer.  We went to Doug’s house and sat outside to smoke a couple of joints.  At about midnight, we went inside to watch television.“Your pot is some good shit, Doug.  I’ve got a great buzz going,” I said as we sat on the couch in the living room.“Yeah, cebeci escort I’m buzzing too,” Doug said.We watched one of the late-night talk shows, laughing at the jokes.  Doug went to the kitchen to get us cold beers, then came back to the living room.  When he sat on the couch, he was closer than before.  I noticed he was fidgety as he sipped from his bottle.  After a few minutes, Doug put his beer down and began rolling a joint.“Let’s go outside and spark this joint,” Doug said as he held it up.“Sounds good,” I said as I followed him out the backdoor.We smoked the joint, then went back to the living room.  Sitting on the couch, we drank our beers while watching television.  Doug put his bottle on the coffee table, leaned his head back, and sighed.“Are you okay?” I said.  I knew we were buzzed, but I didn’t feel we were too fucked up.“Yeah, I’m fine, Matt.  Just thinking about Sue and Karen.  Even though we didn’t get too far with them, it was fun dating the girls.”“I agree, it was fun.  I wish I’d have known about them before we spend a ton of money trying to get laid,” I said, then I laughed.  “Oh well, I guess we’ll have to find other girls to get us off.  Doing it myself is getting old.”Smiling, Doug lifted his head and looked at me.  He took a deep breath, then picked up his beer.  After drinking what was in the bottle, he put the empty down.“Matt, you know you’re my best friend, don’t you?” Doug said.“Yes, and you’re my best friend.  What’s up, Doug?” I said.“I don’t know how to say this, but I have to.  I know I risk losing my best friend, but I can’t hold it in any longer.”  Doug put his hand on my shoulder.  “Matt, I have feelings for you.”I sat in a state of shock as I gazed into my best friend’s eyes.  Doug’s expression was one of fear.  Not sure what he meant by his confusion, I nodded.“What are you trying to tell me, Doug?” I said.Moving his hand from my shoulder to the back of my head, Doug leaned closer.  He blinked a couple of times, then he pressed his lips to mine.  I stiffened as my best friend kissed me.  It wasn’t a peck. Instead, it was a kiss filled with passion.  When I didn’t pull away, Doug softened his mouth and moved against mine.Pulling his head back, Doug moved his hand from the back of my head.   He stared at me for a moment, then said, “I’m so sorry, Matt.”As I watched Doug’s face, I could tell he was upset.  My mind reeled as I digested what happened.  Never had I thought of doing anything with another guy, let alone my best friend.  As I replayed his tender kiss, I realized that although it should have repulsed me, it didn’t.  In a matter of a few moments, I had to decide what to do.My first thought was to shake it off and blame it on the beer and pot.  Should I get up and leave?  Should I yell at Doug, telling him I wasn’t into guys?As I contemplated what to do, I wondered why I wasn’t pissed off at Doug.  Why didn’t his kiss turn me off?  Was I willing to end a nearly lifelong friendship because Doug was able to gather enough courage to tell me his feelings?  It was clear my friend felt scared and conflicted, as did I.I remembered learning about Sue and Karen and how they shared a relationship with each other and with Doug and me.  Did I find the kolej escort idea of bisexuality so obscure I would end my friendship?Deciding the only way for me to resolve my feelings was to explore them freely.  I put my hand on Doug’s cheek, leaned in, and kissed him, doing my best to show the same passion as he did when he kissed me.  It felt as if time stood still as we kissed each other again.  Doug wrapped his arms around me as I did the same to him.  When he parted his lips, I relaxed so his tongue could slip into my mouth.The longer we held our kiss, the more excited I became.  Throwing caution to the wind, I moved my hand over Doug’s back, rubbing him.  He moaned into my mouth as he ran his hand over my side.  A few moments later, we broke our kiss.  Doug rested his head against my shoulder, holding me firmly.“Please don’t hate me, Matt.  Thank you for this.  I’ll understand if you want to leave now,” Doug said.“How long have you felt this way?” I asked.I felt Doug shrug his shoulders.  “It’s been a while, a long while, I guess.”“Why didn’t you say something before?” I said.“As I said, I was afraid of losing my best friend.  I was going to continue keeping my feelings hidden, but I just couldn’t.  I have never felt any attraction to a guy before, Matt.  Only you,” Doug said.Doug and I continued hugging as we sat on the couch.  He kept his head buried against my shoulder, not making eye contact with me.  I was aware of his hand, gently stroking me as we held one another.  Ever since we became friends, Doug and I had always supported each other.  In all the years, we never had a falling out.  We had other friends come in and out of our lives, but our friendship never wavered.  I felt it was our strong bond that prevented me from bolting.  The longer I thought about everything, the clearer my feelings became.Doug broke the silence when he said, “So, now what?”I felt Doug’s question was fair.  I wondered what we would do now that Doug confessed his feelings.  Would it end here with us returning to the way things used to be?  How could they?  How could we act as if nothing happened between us?  There was no way I could simply ignore the tender kisses or how they made me feel.  In the past, Doug and I were always able to find common ground when it came to deciding what we wanted to do.  He would offer an idea, and we’d talk, then usually try.  It was the same when I wanted to try something new.“You know we’ve always been able to come to a mutual agreement when we wanted to try something new.  We didn’t always agree, but we did find a solution when we needed to.  I don’t see how this is much different, Doug.  I think we should see where things go and work out the details along the way,” I said.I felt Doug nod his head.  He pulled back, looked into my eyes, and smiled as we came together, our mouths and tongues seeking each other.  Our kisses heated, and our hands began roaming, stroking each other’s bodies.  When Doug’s hand moved from my side to my leg, then my crotch, I didn’t flinch.For the first time in my life, someone other than me was rubbing my cock.  It didn’t matter if it was a guy’s hand touching me.  It felt amazing.  Moaning into Doug’s mouth, I spread my legs to give him access.  Feeling it was only fair, I put my hand between his legs.  Doug shifted as I used my palm to rub his erection.Doug began unfastening my jeans while we maintained our kissing.  I felt my pants open then he tugged at the waistband.  Lifting my ass, I let my friend work then down my legs.  Doug removed his mouth from mine and looked down as he wrapped his hand around my cock.

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Just a Quick Peep and Suck

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Standing outside of Mindy Ferguson’s bedroom window at 11:00 p.m. I was jerking my meat as I watched her coming out of the the shower. She always left the bathroom door open and her shower stall had a clear sliding door. I could make out her silhouette and something of her tits and pussy. She was 18 years old and I was too. I had lived next door to her all my life. I had a crush on her. Now we were graduating soon and I would so miss these jack off sessions I had every night that I could sneak out.I am Jimmy Blake and I had been doing this for a year now. Ever since Mindy gave me a kiss otele gelen escort one day as we walked up the sidewalk. It was on the cheek, but still! She just said she appreciated my friendship over the years and she hoped I had a great Senior year. I feel madly in love right then and there. From then on I was outside her window whenever the family was not in the way. I had cum all over her lawn right under that window so many times I had lost count. She never failed to make me shoot great gobs of spunk. Now she was leaving balgat escort the bathroom naked as always. She was one of those girls who never worried about being too fat. She had plenty of curves. Her tits were like cantaloupes but they were young and round and very, very perky. Her nipples stuck out from the chill of the open window. I was peeping around the corner of the window and staring at her great, hairy pussy. She was a red head and her short cunt hairs were tightly curled and still damp from the shower. My hand was working elvankent escort overtime. I was taking in her whole body. Soft and full were her hips and ass. I loved her ass and it wiggled as she strolled over to her vanity and began brushing her hair. She had dried it in the bathroom with a hairdryer and I had been able to watch her holding her arms up to her hair and her tits standing proud. Fuck, she was gorgeous! She finally finished brushing her short pixie style red hair and went to her closet. She got out a kimono robe, put on some flip-flops and walked slowly out of the room. Damn! I had not got my rocks off yet. I would have to go back home and just think about her as I whacked off. Anyway, I would stick around for a few minutes just in case. “Jimmy, may I ask what you are doing?” Oh, fuck! I was caught. Mindy was standing right beside me. “Uh, uh, oh hell, I don’t know Mindy.” “I think you are jacking off Jimmy.

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Restaurant Romance

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It’s been two weeks since the laundromat incident and I still feel guilty but yet I can’t shake the need for more sex. My husband seems completely oblivious to my needs. Just the other night I tried to suck his dick. If you will recall earlier on I told you that my husband loves to have his dick sucked. It’s such a big dick when it’s at attention. It throbs and jumps up and down as soon as my lips touch the head. When I go to suck my husband’s dick he will always get into position so to speak. But the other night no such luck. His dick didn’t rise one little centimeter. What is up with that? I don’t know what to do. I have tried talking to him by asking him if he is stressed, or if he is no longer attracted to me. I am too afraid to ask him if he is cheating. I do not want to know the answer. So here I am sitting at the edge of the bed at 11 o’clock at night and I am feeling extremely blue. When I am feeling sad like most people I tend to turn towards comfort food. Waffle House is right up the street and I think I will go up there to get a waffle; maybe the company of others will make me feel better. What to wear? I will put on my size 10 jeans since those are the only pair of pants I own that aren’t too big and this cute orange top eryaman escort that shows some cleavage will be comfortable. It’s so hot outside I should put on some shorts instead of jeans but I don’t own a pair of shorts; so jeans will have to do. I hope the cute cook is there. He is so handsome and his smile always makes me feel better. I’ve never admitted to being married although he has asked me on many occasions. He only works the third shift so I go up there when my husband is hanging out like he is doing tonight. I suppose there is the off-chance that one day my husband and I may go up there together while he is working but I don’t think he would give me away. But one can never be too careful I suppose. I don’t even know why I am thinking along these lines. This man and I have only seen one another a few times and have talked briefly while he fixes my food. We don’t even know each other’s names; nothing has happened so there is nothing to feel guilty about, right? If that is the case why do I feel a little tingle of guilt? Let me get out of here. “Hey you, long time no see.” He’s here. Ok, act calm, don’t give yourself away. He doesn’t know that you were just at home thinking sincan escort about him. He doesn’t know that you dressed in one of your cutest outfits to get his attention. This visit is just like any other. No reason to act differently. Breathe. Smile. Speak. “Hi, how are you?” “I’m good, thanks for asking. Do you want the usual today?” “Yes, that’s fine.” Why is he looking at me like that with that gorgeous smile on his face? Stay calm girlie. Stay calm. My palms are sweaty. I am so nervous. What is there to be nervous about? I am a married woman and we aren’t doing anything. I just came to get a meal at the Waffle House and he just happens to work here. Get it together. “You sure do look cute tonight. You just coming from the club or something?” “As a matter of fact I am. I went out with some friends tonight and you know how it is after you get a couple of drinks in you; you get the munchies.” He has a nice laugh. I don’t think I’ve heard him laugh before. “Your husband doesn’t mind you staying out this late? He doesn’t worry about you?” “This late? It’s only 12:30.” “Well, if you were my wife you wouldn’t need to go out at all.” “So what you are saying is that you don’t allow etlik escort your wife to have friends and go out and socialize? And if she does she has to be back home before the street lights come on?” “You are such a comedian. No that isn’t what I am saying. So you are married?” “I have admitted to no such thing.” “Will you be eating here or taking this to go?” “You know what? I think I am gonna eat here today. I like the idea of you serving me.” Why is that waitress giving me the evil eye? Does she like him too? Are they fucking? They don’t seem to be fucking. I don’t get that vibe from them. I wish she would stop looking at me like that, mean mugging with her face all frowned up. Oh good, another customer; now she can focus her energy on someone else, but now I can’t flirt with the cook. Oooooh this food is so good. Just what I needed, comfort food and some light flirtation. I just need to feel sexy sometimes and since my husband doesn’t fulfill that need, I am finding it in other ways. I know it’s wrong but what else can I do? I have tried talking to my husband, earnestly. I have lost weight at his urging, so I am finer now than I have ever been, but still no change. No change in his sexual desire for me. What’s a girl to do? After eight years I am tired. I want some good dick. I want to feel sexy and appreciated. Now I’m all done with my food but I am not ready to leave. How can I stall? It’s too hot for coffee with it being 98 degrees but what other excuse do I have to stay? “Did you enjoy your food?” “I certainly did, I love the way you cook my food.

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The War Diaries

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The funeral was over and we had scattered mom’s ashes to the four winds, per her last wishes. She had lived 89 adventurous years, the last 30 as a widow. We had retired to her house, now our house to do with as we pleased, to divide up her personal belongings. There were five of us kids, if you can call 50 to 65 year old siblings kids, and we had made short work of it. My two brothers and two sisters were gone, having taken what they could with them. I was sitting in moms kitchen with my wife, poring over an ammo box full of personal effects and letters that my parents had written each other during their early married years. Most of them written while dad was overseas fighting the Germans and mom was home with me, a just off the breast two year old brat. I vaguely remember being babysat by my grandmother while mom went to work at the local truck plant, taking dads place on the assembly line. Mom was a very headstrong woman, who ran the household with something of an iron grip, both before dad came home, and after. She taught us all to think for ourselves, go after the things we wanted, be tolerant of others beliefs and opinions, be polite, and, most important of all, don’t take a lot of shit from anyone! As headstrong as she was, I was still surprised at what I was reading. It started off with the expected stuff, like ‘I miss you so much darling and can’t wait for you to come home.’ Then it started getting more and more graphic. Reading this made me feel like a voyeur, much of this obviously not meant to be seen by anyone other than my folks. I just couldn’t bring myself to put them down. It was almost like a soap opera, but with way more sex than TV allows. I picked up one dated December 20 th 1942 and began to read it. Dear rus escort Dot, By the time you get this, Christmas will be long gone, but I hope the spirit of the season will not be. I am consumed with guilt! I went into the local village. A place called XXXXXXXX. near our training base. Got a little soused at the Pub, flirted with a local girl, who was also a little tipsy. Before I knew it we were at her flat and she and I , well, we ended up in bed. I don’t remember what, if anything I did. I was way too drunk! I don’t even know her name! I’m so very, very sorry! If I hadn’t drunk so much, maybe I could have stopped! Can you forgive me? I do love you sweetheart, Jack I was stunned! My father had cheated on mom! He was such a quiet man. Unassuming. Docile. I never, in a million years would have thought him capable of such a thing. I showed the letter to my wife Carol, who’s only comment was, “War does strange things, dear. Were you able to resist the temptations of the flesh in Saigon or Tokyo, when you were in the service?” “That was different! We weren’t married.” I snapped back, not sure if I was royally pissed at my old man, or just disappointed. Carol replied, “Was it? Really?” and then dropped the conversation, returning to her work in the kitchen, and I went on to the next letter, this one from Mom to Dad in response. Dear Jack, January 30 th , 1942 When I read your letter, I cried. For me. For you. I have tried to forgive, but, I’m not there yet! Many of my co-workers at the plant think I should drop you like a hot rock, letting you shack up with your nameless female stranger. Others have urged me to forgive you. ‘There’s a war that needs to be won.’ ‘After all, you yenimahalle escort were drunk and this hussy took advantage of you.’ I’m going to have to think about it. February 1 st , 1942 One of my co-workers, Jane was over for coffee this morning. We talked a lot! I mean A LOT. About you. About me. About us. She has convinced me that it is easy to lose yourself in the moment. How do I know you’ll survive? When you get home, will you still want me? And what about me? My urges. Not a night goes by that I don’t long for your tender touch. On a couple of occasions I’ve even found myself lying in bed thinking of you, only to discover that I’ve touched myself. Put my finger inside. Am I allowed to do that, since you caved in to your baser instincts? Am I allowed to go farther? February 2 nd , 1942 Jane came by again today. We talked a lot more. I’ve come to the conclusion that if you can play, I can play. So go ahead. And when the war is over and you come home, hopefully, your wild oats will have been depleted, and mine also. I will take you back under one condition. You will tell me, in lurid detail, about each and every time you fuck. That’s right! I said fuck! I’ve learned a whole new language since I started working at the truck plant. I know you know all those dirty words, and quite frankly, they turn me on. To be fair, I will do the same for you. It may take me some time, but I will do it. February 3 rd , 1942 In keeping with my pledge, I’m going to tell you about Jane and I. She works next to me on the truck line. She is single, never married, tall, almost black hair, nice bust. And, boy can she kiss! Last night after putting Tommy to bed, she and I sat on the divan with a couple of beers. We got to talking some more and drinking some more. She advised me to let you do your thing and me do mine and approved of yesterday’s entry. Then she surprised me with a kiss. Tentative, soft, and gentle at first. It felt nice, our lips brushing together. It didn’t put me off at all! So, when her tongue separated my lips and began grazing my teeth, I responded in kind. She held my head in her hands as our tongues fenced, back and forth, first in my mouth, then in hers. I felt a tingle down there, and some wetness too, kind of like when you play with me. It seemed only natural to continue. Her hands slid from my face to my breasts as we continued to kiss. Unbuttoning my blouse, she continued to kiss and caress. My lips, my chin, my neck. Before I knew it my bra was on the floor and Jane was feeding at my breast. God, it felt so good! And at the same time so nasty and depraved. If I’m going to do this, shouldn’t it be with a guy? Maybe a total stranger? Like you did? But I didn’t have time to think about it. Jane bared her chest and led my face to the fullness of her breast, urging me to suckle on it like a baby. It felt so good Jack! Her fingers dancing on my breasts, plucking my nipples, making them hard with need, as I lavished kisses on hers, feeling them stiffen under my touch. One thing led to another and by morning she had taught me how to get her wet, using my fingers and my tongue. She tasted so good! And she did the same to me. It felt so intense! Like nothing I’ve ever felt before! And afterwards, we kissed again, tasting each others juices. Now that I’ve bared my body to Jane, and my soul to you, I expect you to do the same. Leave no detail out! If you want to keep me, write back. Your loving wife, Dot This was absolutely incredible! First, my dad cheats on my mom, then mom cheats on dad! And with a woman! I couldn’t wait to read the next letter! March 19 th , 1942 Dear Dot, I’m surprised at your openness and will try to reciprocate.

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My girlfriend and I were talking one night and I got up enough nerve to tell her about a fantasy. As a matter a fact, two fantasies. One was to lick a pussy while it’s being fucked by another man. The other is pleasing another man like she pleases me. This meant I wanted her to coach me in to giving the other guy a blow job like she does me and to take his load into my mouth.The way I explained to her is that the other guy would take a shower. While he was in the shower, with the bedroom with just enough light to see she and I would be in the bed and we would get each other aroused. While she was on the edge of the bed giving me oral, the guy would walk into the room with an erection and he would slide his clean dick into her wet pussy. He was not to touch her with his hands, only to slip his hard dick into çankaya escort her wet pussy. Then I would turn around in the bed and she and I would be in a 69 position. Then I would start licking her pussy while his hard dick would slide in and out of her hot pussy.The other position would be that the other guy would be lying on the bed on his back. She would get me next to her with our heads at his penis. She would tell me to take his dick in my hand and start stroking it, then to touch it with my tongue, then slowly take his dick into my mouth and hopefully I could take it all into my mouth. If I’m into it enough, give him a blow job like she does me and maybe let him cum into my mouth.Of course she was shocked at what I said but it did get us both keçiören escort aroused. After a couple of months this conversation got more exciting talking about it. One day we talked about it becoming a reality. She and I couldn’t believe that it had come to this point. I flat out told her if she could find the right guy I think I would like to try it. My girlfriend is the type that likes to please more than to receive. There’s not many like her I don’t think.After several months I asked her if there was someone that she thought might want to be the one for my fantasy. The deal was if we did do this is that she would wear a lingerie that would have an opening in her bottom part of the lingerie. She was not to remove her lingerie. There would be no etimesgut escort touching from the other guy. We would only be using him as a live toy. We just wanted a real penis instead of a toy penis.Well, she told me of a guy she once worked with a few years ago. She said they had never been together sexually but she thought she could do it with him. He had moved away into another town. At first it kind of bothered me but we talked about it more. She said she just couldn’t do it with someone she didn’t know. It had to be someone that she knows is clean, and I agreed.Well, she contacted him and finally got up the nerve to tell him about a fantasy. She made out like it was her fantasy instead of mine. He said he would have to think about it but she felt like he would.Again, several months went by. I told her one night lets do it. Nervously she said okay.She contacted him, he agreed, and the date and time was set up.The day finally came. We both were nervous. He came to the house. After he came inside and after a little short conversation, he went to the bathroom to take a shower. She and I went to the bedroom and got ready for him to come in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Wedding Crasher

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


I crashed a wedding party and got lucky.I hadn’t intended on crashing the Party, but I needed to take a wiz in the worse way, so I parked across the street from this small boutique restaurant where a friend of my teenage son worked during the day. There was a private event going on and I knew the restaurant owner, so I saw no harm in sneaking in the back door to the restaurant and into the men’s room to relieve myself.I was surprised to find a young couple in the men’s room, doing some serious making out. I quickly apologized and stepped into the stall beşevler escort and closed the door as the couple continued making out like I wasn’t even there. They were obviously a little inebriated.He obviously wanted to screw her right then and there in the men’s room, but she kept resisting. I flushed the toilet and stepped over to wash my hands as they continued to make out, totally oblivious to my presence.I stepped out of the men’s room and a very beautifully young lady in a very cebeci escort short, off the shoulders, cocktail dress with a wine glass in her hand asked me if I wanted to dance. I told her I wasn’t a guest to the party and didn’t want to crash the reception.“Well,” she replied, take a sip from her wine glass, “You can crash me.”I had no idea what that meant, until she grabbed my crotch and smiled.“Nice package,” she remarked, pressing herself up closer to me and pinning me against the wall of the kolej escort small alcove in the back of the venue.Suddenly, we both could hear muffled grunts coming from inside the men’s room.She pushed the door open to the men’s room and we saw the guy, his pants around his ankles, pummeling the girl from behind, her dressed pulled up around her waist. Meanwhile, just a few feet away, wedding guests were sitting at their tables, eating dinner, cake and drinking their wine.“Julie Mcintosh!” my newly acquired friend exclaimed as she pulled me into the rest room. I had no idea who Julie was, but quickly surmised it was the young lady being butt-fucked at the sink. The guy didn’t stop and the girl leaning over the sink seemed lost in her own little world.The young lady who had dragged me back into the restroom, shimmied out of her cocktail dress and tossed it on to the countertop.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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