Amy’s Wedding

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I wasn’t surprised when Amy told me that Steve had proposed to her. They’d been an off and on couple since we were all in high school together. I was however a little surprised when I received an invitation to their wedding. Amy and I had dated for a short time when she and Steve were in one of their off cycles. When our brief relationship ended, she and I remained on really good terms and we continued to see each other in social situations and at friend’s get-togethers, but my relationship with Steve had been a little strained ever since.

The weekend before Steve and Amy’s wedding by coincidence I ran into Amy’s bachelorette party at one of the local nightclubs. I congratulated her on her upcoming marriage and we shared a few reminiscent moments on the dance floor before I called it a night and went home.

That next Thursday I got a call at work from Amy. She said she wanted to ask me for a huge favor, then she proceeded to explain that the bartender that they’d lined up for the wedding had canceled and that they were desperate to find someone to fill-in. I told her that I’d be delighted to help out in any way that I could. She thanked me profusely and we chit-chatted for a few minutes before hanging up.

On Saturday morning of the wedding I drove over to the hotel where the event was to be held so that I could scope out the reception room and bar area. It was all pretty straightforward the bar area was off in one corner of the large room and pretty much what I’d expected. My work space was behind a pub style oak bar with cupboards above and below with a small sink and small fridge. All the alcohol the wedding party had bought to fill the bar had been left in a piled just in front of the bar so I began the laborious task of filling coolers and organizing the alcohol behind the counter.

By about eleven I had the whole bar all squared away and ready for service and with a few hours to kill before the wedding, I decided to stroll over to the adjacent conference room where the service was to be held and check it out.

I found Amy there going over a few last minute changes. She looked really cute with her light brown hair pulled back in a ponytail and a little pink sweat suit that said Juicy across her tight round butt. As I stood looking at her it became obvious that she was really stressed out, so I decided to walk over to where she and the coordinator were talking.

“Hey how’s it going?” I asked.

“God I’m ready for this day to be over.” Amy replied

“Anything I can do?”

“No, I don’t think so. Did you find all the bar stuff OK? Sorry it was all such a mess. I really appreciate this. I’ll make it up to you I promise.”

“Don’t even worry about it. I’m glad I could help. I’ve got everything under control, in fact it looks like you could use a drink right now.”

“Oh that sounds good but I really need to get going, my bridesmaids are already up in the room getting dressed. I just had to come down and deal with this.”

“Come on, one drink.” I insisted taking Amy’s hand and leading her into the empty reception hall and over behind the bar. I quickly poured up a stiff Rum and Coke and handed it to her. She sat down on some cases of wine that I’d stacked behind the bar and drank form the glass. I really had forgotten how sexy she was. I couldn’t help but get turned on as I looked down into the cleavage that the tight pink sweat suit revealed. On impulse I reached out and took Amy’s shoulders in my hands and began to knead.

“Oh that feels good.” She said closing her eyes and taking another drink.

“Good just relax. Everything is going to be fine.”

“I know. God I’d forgotten how good at this you were. I’ve needed a little release all day.”

Something in the way Amy spoke emboldened me, and I moved one of my hands from her shoulder down to her breast. She smiled though her eyes remained closed and I took that as a sign to continue. I knelt down in front of Amy and gently took hold of the waistband of her sweat suit. Immediately her eyes shot open.

“What are you doing?” She asked in a low scared whisper.

“Helping you relax.” I replied as confidently as possible. I continued to gently tug downward on her sweatpants and after a brief moment of resistance Amy’s eyes closed again and she raised her butt off the box enough for me to pull her sweatpants and panties down to her ankles.

Her shapely hips came into view followed by her cleanly shaven pussy, the sight made me wonder why I’d ever broken up with her. Gently coaxing her legs apart I leaned in and took in a deep breath of her pungent womanly sent. When I kissed her pussy lips Amy quivered and breathed in sharply. As I licked and nibbled around her outer folds I could feel all the tension drain from her and soon her hands had found the back of my head. I probed and penetrated her with my tongue and it wasn’t long before I could feel her beginning to buck and squirm.

Bringing my right hand in, I wetted it in her juices and began to gently Escort Eryaman circle her puckered asshole with my soaked finger. I could feel her pushing down against my face and finger as her breath grew louder and more ragged. I eased the tip of my finger up into Amy’s ass and her movements immediately became more violent. Then as my first knuckle passed inside of her I felt all of her buildup release as she came.

I pulled out my finger but continued to lap at her pussy as her orgasm subsided. As I stood up I caught the full view of Amy slumped over and panting atop the wine boxes, her thighs wide and pussy glistening. My hard on was raging and I desperately wanted fuck her.

“Feeling better?” I asked her as she began to come down from her high.

“Oh my god that was awesome. Steve hates to do that. And I totally forgot about that finger thing. Holly shit. Makes me wonder why I ever let you go.”

“Yeah me too. You’d better get going.” I said with great regret. “We wouldn’t want you to miss your wedding.”

“You going to be OK?” Amy asked patting my bulging pants.

“Yeah I’ll manage.”

“I’ll make this up to you, promise.” Amy said as she hurried to get dressed then ran form the room.

I was in worse shape than I’d let on as I watched Amy leave. But with a few hours before the wedding I decided I was going to have to take matters into my own hands. I knew of an adult shop a few miles away and so I quickly hopped into my car and drove over to it.

While looking through the magazines for spank materials I saw a spinning cabinet of high-end dildos. A medium sized glass butt-plug caught my eye. The butt-plug was about six inches long and tapered gently up from a rounded point to a medium sized girth of an inch or more at its widest. Behind the widest point the plug shrank back down to a half inch shank and then ended in a small swirling knob of blue glass. I quickly asked the shop keeper to retrieve it for me and then I purchased it along with a small tube of lube and my magazines.

Unfortunately when I returned to the hotel I didn’t get an opportunity to use the magazines that I’d purchased because as soon as I stepped foot behind the bar to stash my bag of goodies, a steady stream of guests approached the bar wanting drinks. I served guests until a few minutes before the ceremony was to start, when all but a few people were already seated.

Amy and her bridesmaids had gathered in the reception room to wait and so I poured them each a couple of shots. As I haded Amy hers I whispered to her, “Women’s bathroom. The one outside in the hall. The big stall. In one minute.”

Amy’s eyes got big with alarmed curiosity as I spoke.

“Trust me. One minute I have a gift for you.” I said.

She was still looking at me uncertainly as I retrieved my paper bag from behind the bar and left the reception room. The hall outside the room only serviced the meeting rooms and I was pretty confident that the ladies room would be empty but just to be sure I hollered inside before entering, “Cleaning Crew. Anyone in her? Cleaning Crew.” When no one responded I entered and went strait to the large handicapped stall.

A few moments later I heard the door to the bathroom open and then shortly after that there was a knock at the stall door. I opened it and a scared looking Amy entered.

“What the fuck?” She hissed.

“I wanted to give you my gift.”

“Now? This is hardly the time.”

“Come on just turn around and bend over.”

“What?” She was amused than scared. “We don’t have time for this.” She protested again giggling, but she allowed me to turn her around and bend her over.

I began to pull up the copious amount of white dress that trailed off behind her and began to pile it up onto of her back. When I finally found her underwear I was pleased to find frilly white panties and a matching garter set holding up smooth stocking. Amy’s tight round ass and hips looked amazing as I slid my fingers under her panties and began to slide them down.

“Not all the way off… No.” She began to protest, as her panties fell around her ankles. “Hurry up. I’ve got a wedding to go to.” Amy said laughing again.

I knew she expected me to fuck her right there, but that wasn’t what I had in mind. Quickly I removed the butt-plug form the bag and squeezed on a dab of lube. Then I put a little lube on Amy’s puckered asshole.

She began to protest and tried to stand up but I put my hand on her back holding her down as I placed the butt-plug against her rear opening. With a little pressure, Amy began to open up to receive the smooth glass plug. She gasped as I kept pressing in into her. Then she winced and cried out a little as the widest part spread her beyond her limits. When her ass finally clamped down around the shank leaving just the shiny blue ball showing between Amy’s ass cheeks I let her stand.

“What the fuck.” She said loudly. “Get this thing out of my ass. What do you think Eryaman Escort your doing?”

“No, no. Leave it. You’ll like it. Just give it a chance.”

“No, I’ve got to go. I don’t have time to play games with you. I can’t believe I was going to let you fuck me. Fuck I’ve got to get out of here.” Amy was sputtering as she fought with the layers of dress that had fallen back down. “Shit I can’t reach it.”

As she fumbled around I bent down and picked up the white panties she had inadvertently stepped out of and put them in my pocket. Then we both froze as we heard the bathroom door open.

“Amy are you in here?” Called a female voice.

“Yeah I’ll be right out.” Amy replied.

“Are you OK?” the voice called again.

“Yeah just butterflies.”

Amy gave me a furious look as she smoothed her dress down, trying to minimize the damage. She was noticeably flustered but after a few deep breaths she unlocking the stall and stepping out. The sink ran for a few seconds then I heard the two women leave. As they left Amy was still trying to convince the other women that she was fine.

After several long moments I stepped from the stall and slipped out into the empty bathroom. Peaking out the main door into the hall I made sure the coast was clear and then casually made my way back to the reception hall.

No one seemed to notice my return to the reception room. Everyone’s attention was on the wedding ceremony that had already begun and the bride-to-be. Two pairs of bridesmaids and groomsmen had already walked up to the altar and with two pair left to go, Amy’s turn was rapidly approaching. She was awkwardly pacing around the room with a face that looked torn between anger and deep anxiety. Fortunately everyone seemed to think her demeanor and obvious discomfort had something to do her approaching nuptials and not her soar ass.

As I watched Amy leave the room arm and arm with her father I couldn’t help but laugh a little to myself. I watched from the doorway as the blushing bride walked to the daises and I couldn’t help but be impressed with the level of composure she’d been able to muster. If I hadn’t known there was a six-inch butt plug inside her I would have said she looked like the perfect bride.

The ceremony finished without incident and as soon as it was over the rush was on at the bar. For the next few hours I was a busy man, it seemed like everyone at the wedding wanted to get tossed and the line at the bar didn’t begin to die down until dinner was being served.

Thanks to a chorus of commotion that erupted in the reception room as the bride and groom entered, I was able to watch as Amy took her seat at the head table. To my delight she shuttered noticeably as she sat down. I could only hope that that was because the plug was still in place. I went back to work very satisfied. In fact I had fun the rest of the night, I caught up with a lot of old friends and I even flirted a little with one of the bridesmaids.

By the time all of the toasts were over and the dancing had started everyone was pretty drunk and the bar was beginning to run low on booze. I hadn’t seen Amy up-close since the bathroom incident but several times throughout the night Steve had found his way up to the bar. Each time he appeared he was noticeably more intoxicated and I suppose I have to take more than just a little bit of credit for that.

Steve was downright nice during our first few encounters and I even felt a little bad as I congratulated him on his new marriage. But by his third or forth trip to the bar Asshole Steve had appeared. His digs about being the better man that had won Amy became more and more open and obnoxious. So his dinks got stronger and stronger in turn. By the end of the night Steve was drinking from a highball of strait whiskey.

Needless to say by around eight o’clock, Steve was swerving around the dance floor and slurring badly. Being the nice guy that I am I volunteered to help him up to his room.

The honeymoon suite was magnificent. A huge king sized bed with mounds of pillows sat in the center of the room, beyond it a sitting area with couch and chairs faced a large TV cabinet and beyond that a sliding glass door opened out onto a large balcony. Steve staggered over to the bed and flopped down face first, within seconds he was snoring. I took my time exploring the hotel room that was at least as big as my apartment and when I found the mini-bar I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. The little bottles of premium alcohol were too enticing to pass up, but before I could begin to indulge myself I heard the electronic door lock being worked.

“No I’m fine. I’m just going to check on Steve and call it a night. We have an early flight in the morning.” I heard Amy saying to someone in the hall. When she entered the room and saw me kneeling by the mini-bar she quickly closed the door and looked over at Steve.

“He’s out. Care for a drink?” I said resuming my search of the mini-bar.

“You’re Eryaman Escort Bayan such an ass. I’ve had this thing stuck in me all day. I’ve cum twice already tonight just from sitting on it and do you know how hard that is to cover-up in a room full of relatives?”

“No.” I replied as I handed her a mini bottle of vodka.

“Well it’s hard. And my pussy is soaked. Without panties my thighs and ass are all wet and sticky too.” Her tone had lost most of its edge and had taken on amusement.

Amy dropped the empty mini bottle to the carpet as she leaned in and began to kiss me. I wrapped her in a tight embrace and we began to make out like school kids. My hands wandered over her dress and eventually found her butt. Through the layers of material the plugs round end proved difficult to find, but once I had it I began to send shudders through Amy as I manipulated it with my fingers.

Guiding Amy over to the couch I turned her around so that she was in a kneeling position on the couch with her chest resting on its back. I lifted up her dress and piled it on her back just as I’d done before, but this time I wasn’t greeted by panties. The garter belt and stockings were still in place and the colored glass knob of the butt-plug stood out wonderfully against Amy’s tanned skin. She hadn’t exaggerated about her pussy and thighs at all, they were soaked and glistening with cum and pussy juice.

Unbuckling my belt I freed my raging hard-on that had been neglected all day and stepped up to Amy’s exposed pussy where I rubbed the head of my cock over her entrance. She moaned loudly began to beg me to fuck her. With gentle pressure I buried myself I her with one smooth stroke. Her sopping wet pussy offered no resistance at all and as I began to stroke I took the end of the butt-plug in my fingers again and began to manipulate it. Amy was slamming herself back into me and screaming into the couches cushion as I fucked her. Luckily for me she reached orgasm quickly because I was in no shape to hold out very long, and as soon as I felt her vaginal mussels begin to clench I shot my load deep inside her.

We collapsed together in a heap on the couch panting. As our breathing began to slow, the room was filled once again with Steve’s snoring. We both began to laugh and Amy kissed me as she got up and went into the bathroom. I figured that would be the end of a great evening, but just as I was about to get up and pull my slacks back on Amy appeared at the bathroom door.

The wedding dress and stockings were gone and she soot there naked and grinning. God she was gorgeous. It was the first time I’d seen her breasts in years and they were still as perfect as I remembered them. Her figure hadn’t changed much either, she was athletic and curvy in all the right places. Her full body tan was perfect and as she walked over to me the sway of her hips was mesmerizing.

“You put this in, will you please take it out?” She said as she stood in front of me. Then she turned around and bent over at the waist. Her pussy and ass were right at my eye level and the sight of my cum leaking from her used cunt sent blood rushing back into too my cock.

I twisted and pulled at the butt-plug and Amy squealed as the wide part of the toy spread her asshole open. When I’d pulled the plug completely out of her, Amy’s ass gaped for a second before retracting to its fully closed position.

“You know that’s the first thing other than your finger that I’ve ever had inside me.” Amy said as she striated up.

“Really? You and Steve never…”

“No way he’s so vanilla.”

Without hesitation Amy straddled me on the couch. She reached one hand behind her and took hold of my rejuvenated cock. I leaned forward and took one of her nipples in my mouth and another breast in my hand as she lowered herself onto my dick. It was obvious my penis wasn’t headed to her pussy again as I felt her guide me to her tight ass opening. Letting her weight do the work Amy slowly sank down onto my cock. There was resistance at first then I broke through and began to slide in. She winced a few times as my full length penetrated her, but once her butt was resting on my thighs she stopped to catch her breath.

“I never thought I’d like this.” She said. “But it’s a whole different feeling.”

Once she was comfortable she began to ride me cowgirl style. Slow at first, then she picked up speed as she found a rhythm that worked. Her ass was so much tighter than anything I’d ever experienced and had I not just cum it would have been over for me quickly. Amy began to grunt, low guttural sounds of pleasure that I hadn’t ever heard before. Soon I saw her eyes begin to flutter and then I felt her asshole clamp down around me and her body shudder. She came in a torrent, moisture leaking from pussy and dripping down onto my balls and pelvis.

She came two more times before I shot my load into her butt. When she finally climbed off of me we were both tied and soar. We kissed and I said goodbye and wished her well. We’ve talked a few times since she and Steve got back from their honeymoon. Just the other day in fact she told me that she was pregnant. It happened sometime on their honeymoon she thinks. I guess it’s a good thing Steve and I have similar features and complexions.

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An Encounter at the Dive

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Expert Footjob

My thoughts drift away like the smoke rising away from my cigarette. Of all the seedy little dives in town she walks into mine. There’s nothing special about this place, just a dinghy hole in the wall with a good sound system, cold beer, and booze that flows freely.

A stripper pole in the corner for the occasional drunk college girl and a pool table that’s been my bed more nights than I care to admit. On this particular night, I sit in with the band on guitar wasting time and drinking bourbon. All is right in my world, then… she walks in.

We get all kinds here from the rich tourist kids spending their parent’s money; the haggard old guys and their somebodies, and the local wannabe hipsters hanging out on the wrong side of town.

But we never get her!

I see her walk in. She has her guard up. I admire her beautiful face and strawberry blonde hair. She has a beautiful body with ample cleavage, long legs and my God what an ass! All wrapped in pretty pink. The room seems brighter whichever part she moves to.

I watch her and enjoy the vision. I watch her and laugh to myself as she swats away all the guys’ advances like some little annoying gnats swarming around her. I watch her as she works the room, all eyes on her. I watch. Her.

Finally we lock eyes. Her face though looking like an angel gives me the “Fuck right off” look.

But her eyes give her away. Those heavenly green eyes. Lights glint off them like diamonds and they betray her guarded act. In those eyes I see her yearning for love. Her passion. Her soul. I fumble through the next few chords on my guitar. So for the next 15 minutes I watch her and we lock eyes here and there. Each time I’m dumb thumbing through a section on the guitar.

I follow her ass as she shimmies toward the stripper pole. I watch as she starts to work that pole!

As the song ends and the band takes a break I notice a young wannabe harassing her, I know she can easily handle him but I get off the stage and walk straight up to her, grabbing her arm, spinning her around into my arms. I glare at the wannabe, silently mouthing, “Back off, she’s mine!” The wannabe slinks away with his tail between his legs.

Finally I gaze back into those eyes and say “Hello there.” She smirks at me, “What, you think your some knight in shining armor? Saving a damsel in distress?” At this point my heart melts when I hear her sexy spicy Cajun accent. I just smile at her and then lean in to whisper in her ear, “You’re still holding me!”

The band goes back on stage and they call me up, I break our embrace just enough to wave the band off and they start the set. I’m thinking they don’t sound as good when Escort Ankara I’m not up there but I don’t care. Tonight has become about only one person and it’s not me for a change.

The night ebbs away as we never break our bond. Slow song, fast song it makes no difference. She is melting in my arms and I feel her heartbeat against mine.

We kiss. And we kiss. The kisses feeling like one long kiss. We feel as two people joined as one.

As the last of the customers leave and I finally walk away from this angel to lock the door. I wrap my arms back around her and kiss her one more time. I take her by the hand and smile at her as we walk towards the backroom.

Actually I’m really smiling to myself because I know I’m falling for this girl. I squeeze her hand and lean to give her a peck on the …

“Boss, boss wake up you fuckin drunk!” and slowly the world almost comes back in to focus.

An empty bottle of bourbon by my head. My head pounding, I feel like I was hit by a truck.

“You really got to stop sleeping on the damn pool table! Jesus boss I swear I’m gonna walk in one day and I’m gonna find you dead on that fucking table!”

“Sammie if you don’t start whispering I’m gonna find you dead! What time is it?” I growl.

Thankfully quietly Sammie says “The suns been up and ready to set in a couple hours.”

I think to myself. “Sammie gets to live another day as I stumble off the pool table and to the bar to light a cigarette. My eyes try to focus that last little bit and my head screams. I savor that first hit of nicotine and think “Fuck the doctor!”

“Coffee”, is the only thing I can say as Sammie scurries to the backroom to get some.

I yell out. “Where’s. where’s…” as I search the cobwebs of my mind, I realize I never got the angel’s name. “Where’s that pretty strawberry blonde in pink that was here last night?”

“Boss man you’ve been drinking too much, there ain’t never been a strawberry blonde girl in this place.” Sammie answers “Great!” I think, “Just a fucking dream!” I take a long, long pull of my smoke.

I stumble back to the pool table to collect the empty bottle. I pick up the bottle and under it is a bar napkin with the impression of a kiss and a phone number all in pink lipstick. I tuck the paper into my pocket and smile to myself.

I’m sitting in the backroom of the bar, drinking coffee, trying to feel human again.

It’s far too loud out there for my screaming head. I keep looking at that napkin thinking I should call.

Fuck it!” I decide and text her. “I want to see you again. Stop by tonight.”

I’m hopeful but I don’t expect her to answer.

About Ankara Escort an hour later my phone goes off. It’s her!

“On my way” with a smiley face.

I walk out into the bar and tell Sammie, “I’m going out.”

On my way out, I pat the bouncer on the back and tell him, “Take care of the place while I’m gone.”

I light a smoke and wait, enjoying the cool fresh air. Before I finish my smoke, a cab pulls up. There in the window is my angel!

As I climb in the cab I’m greeted with “Hey Daddy.”

“Hey angel” is all I can muster. My heart melts at the sound of that spicy accent. I’ve never been called daddy before. I like it. I sneak a kiss and pull away much sooner than I wanted too.

I look up at the driver, who is ogling angel, “Hey Johnny, takes us through the park, and take your time.”

As the cab pulls away I turn my attention back to my angel. She’s wearing a strapless black number and seems to be very short! I see those gorgeous legs covered in sheer stockings.

God I love this girl and I don’t even know her name.

As I look up to her face we lock eyes. “Baby, I need to know, what’s your…”

She places a finger to my lips as she says, “sshhhh Daddy.”

She replaces her finger with her lips, then replaces her lips with her tongue. Her hand slides down my chest and then further down, rubbing me, making me grow.

I slide my hips down to the edge of the seat giving her better access. We never break our kiss as she starts to fumble with my jeans.

I lean my head back as she releases me from my jeans, her hand slowly stroking me. I lift my head up and open my eyes. I see the driver staring into the mirror.

“Hey Johnny. Eyes, road, drive!” I growl as her hand squeezes harder and increases its pace.

I kiss my angel and undo her zipper just enough to slide her dress down. It’s enough to expose her ample bosom. My right hand reaches for a breast, kneading and squeezing while I kiss down her neck and chest to her other breast.

I suck on her nipple as my hand rolls the other nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I feel her body react to my touch and she kisses the back of my head and softly moaning.

Her hand continues stroking me while I release her nipple and kiss back up to her lips.

After enjoying a kiss, I trail my lips down her neck and kiss her bare shoulder. My tongue tracing a path as I go. I kiss and lick my way back up her neck, feeling her breath increase and I quietly but firmly whisper in her ear, “Take care of daddy.”

With that she starts to lower her head. Her hand now holding the base with her fingers stroking my sack. Now it’s Ankara Escort Bayan my turn to moan.

The outside world passes by as we enter the park. Her tongue starts at the tip of my cock and runs down to her hand and back up.

“My God, it feels so fucking good.” My mind is swamped with the heady sensations.

She repeats this two or three times. Finally she slides me into her mouth, just my head to tease.

Her tongue swirls over it. It feels heavenly, but I need more.

I notice the car is now parked up, I look at the rear view mirror and the driver is watching intently. I can’t blame him. I’d be watching too! The sexiest angel on earth is in his backseat pleasuring a man with her mouth.

Finally I growl at my angel, “I said take care of daddy not tease daddy.”

With that, I put my hands on her head and slowly push her head down over me. I push her all the way down and hold her there, enjoying the feeling of being deep inside her mouth.

I hold her there as she starts to gag and then release her so she can breathe.

“My God! The feeling of her gagging around me!” My mind silently screams.

She happily goes back for more. Again I push her all the way down holding her there and thrust my hips up trying to get further in. I hold her there longer this time, savoring the feeling of her gagging.

I moan when I release her again.

Now she starts to go to town. She doesn’t need me to hold her down anymore. She’s learning quick and now knows how I like it. She works me good. “Such a good little baby girl!” I murmur.

I look up at the mirror. I can hear him! It’s obvious the driver is pleasuring himself while my angel is pleasuring me!

My hands are resting on her head as she moves up and down. She releases me long enough to say “Give it me daddy.” And she goes right back to it. “God I love her!”

Now every time she fully engulfs me, I thrust upwards. She reacts and increases her pace to accommodate my lust. I grunt with each thrust upward. I’m getting close to climax but I’m trying my best to hold off. She feels so good. I want to savor every moment as long as I can.

But, she’s too good and nature takes over! I feel it building. “Baby I’m going to explode!” I grunt and warn her. She doesn’t flinch. She quickens her pace even more. Finally I push her head down and thrust up as I start to let go,wave after wave engulfs me! My baby girl takes it all.

I moan. I grunt. I thrust.

I release her head but she still doesn’t move off, keeping me in her mouth, working and sucking every last drop from me. She finally pulls off of me but continues to lick me like an ice cream cone.

After she finishes cleaning me she looks up at me asking “How was that daddy?” I smile, “Not bad baby, not bad.” And I start to laugh with the wonder of what just happened. She laughs too, sexy and highly desirable laugh. I swear I hear the driver laugh as well!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Altered State

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Though I enjoy parties, I often find myself overwhelmed by the noise and drinks after a few hours. This is why, at eleven o’clock on a Saturday night, I was lying on a bed in a dark room. A bass rhythm and the soft babble of voices was reaching me through the walls. I was going to give myself fifteen minutes, then jump back into it.

The room belonged to my best friend’s sister, and it smelled like her perfume. Her name was Allie, and she was hot. Smoking hot. Blonde, thin, gorgeous. I was in a state of tipsy excitement about simply lying on her bed. I thought the few cones I’d smoked earlier were certainly worth it.

The door suddenly swung open, admitting the roar of music and causing me to squint in the relative brightness of the hallway. Selena, a girl a vaguely knew from my dorm, stepped hurriedly inside and closed the door behind her.

“Oh god,” she moaned, and fumbled her belt buckle apart. Her jeans slid down around her ankles and she leant her back against the door. Her white cotton panties went the way of her jeans and she pulled one foot free, so that her legs were spread.

This all happened before I could even think ‘What the fuck?’ let alone of how to respond. In some disconnected corner of my Etimesgut Escort mind, I noted with interest that although her hair was red, her pubes were black and curly.

She reached down and split herself neatly with a single finger. “Oh god,” she whispered again as she probed against her clit. She was rubbing it in small, tight circles.

“Whoa,” I finally managed.

She stopped dead, standing like a rather smutty statue. Then her free hand made its ponderous way to the light switch.

With a click, I could suddenly see her properly. Her blue eyes were wide.

“Oh shit,” she said shakily. She was obviously in some kind of shock, because she hadn’t thought to move her incriminating finger from her button. We just stared at each other for a moment.

“Ohshitohshitohshit,” she muttered and ducked down to grab her jeans, trying to put her foot back in the right hole. “I’m so sorry, fuck.”

I rose and walked towards her as she made a particularly bad attempt at re-dressing.

“It’s alright, I won’t tell anyone,” I reassured her. She looked like she was about to cry.

“This is so embarrassing,” she groaned. I reached out and touched her arm, and she looked up right Escort Etimesgut into my eyes.

“Do you…ah,” suddenly I was the nervous one. “Do you want to keep going? Or me to do it for you?”

Our eyes were locked for what seemed an eternity, as my words sat like a solid weight between us. Then, as if in a trance, she took my hand in hers and guided it down to her fuzzy, plump mound.

As I felt my way through her coarse pubic hair to her slippery opening, I began to imagine she was my friend’s sister. And yet, it was somehow more than imagination. Before my eyes Selena’s red hair became blonde, her waist narrowed and her features transformed to goddess-like beauty. Allie. I rubbed her with my fingertips, just the way she had been doing herself.

She began to breathe heavily and I felt her hands at my fly. She produced my burning hard-on and began to clumsily pump it. Somehow the very fact of her inexperience made it real and exciting for me.

“We probably shouldn’t be doing this,” she panted to me.

“I don’t want to stop,” I replied.

“Me neither.”

I reached up under her shirt with my free hand and took a hold of Allie’s bra-clad breast. I massaged it gently, Etimesgut Escort Bayan slightly increasing the pace of the fingers of my other hand.

“I’m gonna cum,” I soon breathed heavily.

Without a word she pushed my hands away and sunk to her knees. She stuck her hand between her legs and took up where I had left off. She put my cock in her hot, wet mouth and moved it back and forth, with just the slightest hint of teeth.

“Oh shit,” I gasped, feeling hot and dizzy, and shot semen all over her tongue. As it drained from me, her hair slowly melted back from yellow to red. I came more, in utter ecstasy. Her body was morphing. Finally I was slowly pushing my cock back and forward over Selena’s tongue. For some reason, I wasn’t disappointed.

Selena started up a muffled moaning, and her body began to quiver.

“Cum, baby, cum!” I whispered loudly to her.

“Mmph!” She cried, then let a shuddering sigh out through her nose.

I reluctantly pulled out, and Selena got to her feet. She seemed to be looking around for somewhere to spit. Eventually she made a face, and swallowed in one big gulp.

“Euch,” she shuddered. I tucked my slippery member back into my pants and she pulled on her jeans.

“Well,” she then said, looking uneasy.

“Hey, next time you feel…uh, yeah…you should come round to my room,” I offered. She tilted her head and gave me a small smile.

“You know, maybe I will.”

Simple as that, without another word, she returned to the party.

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My wife and I have a large group of friends. We love to have them over for dinners, parties, and cook outs. I have long been a flirt and do flirt unmercifully with all of the women, old and young alike but have never done more than that. Sometimes I really get it going with one lady who must be in her late 50’s or early 60’s, and sometimes others join in the fun.

One day I was working in the yard putting a birdhouse on an 8-ft pole. She (Margaret) and my wife (Suzie) were sitting on the deck watching when she yelled across to me, “That’s a nice pole you have there, Sam.” I responded, “Yeah, want to hold it for me?” That conversation deteriorated rapidly to become purely about sex, fucking, and etc. After she went home, Suzie and I had the best sex we had enjoyed in months!

We had a party a few weeks later and there were 25 or 30 people there for a cook out. Margaret was there and brought her son (Ralph) and his wife (Alicia). Alicia is 23 and very sexy. Suzie, Margaret and I have discussed her and agreed that when Alicia walks through a room of men every one of them are left breathless. Not because she dresses extremely sexy, nor because she tries to emphasize her sexuality, but because she “has it.” I never see her without feeling the old familiar stirrings in my groin, and some times I get an erection just watching her. She is not particularly beautiful and is a little plump, but that doesn’t detract from her sexiness.

Today was no different. She walked up to me at the grill and said “Hey, sexy man. How would you like me to jump your bones?”

“Hey, Kid. There are several ways you could jump my bones! Take your pick. If you ever followed through with that you would throw rocks at Ralph.”

“That’s what you think,” Ralph joined in.

“Lets do it at my house so I can watch. I might even be able to add a little flavor of my own,” said Margaret. And we all laughed and agreed that we would do that very thing “some day.”

I work at home, and was at my desk fairly early on Tuesday morning after the party when the phone rang. I answered and it was Alicia.

“Hey, sexy man. How about I drop by and jump your bones?”

“OK by me. Any time you get the urge.” The conversation lasted a few minutes about other things, then she hung up, leaving me there with my thoughts of what I would like to do to/with her if she ever did follow through with one of these teasing promises.

The doorbell rang and I answered it and was surprised to see Alicia. She pushed past me and ran down the steps to my office in the basement. I followed at a slower pace. As soon as I reached the basement floor she was in my arms. I held her as her lips pressed against mine and her tongue slipped past my lips and found my tongue. Wonderful!

I already had Escort Çankaya an erection from our previous conversation and my thoughts about her. She found it very quickly with one of her hands and whispered between kisses, “Is it always like this, or were you waiting for me?” I said in words broken by tongues touching, lips pressing together and breath becoming shorter “I was thinking about you ever since you called. God, I never thought you would stop by like this.”

“I came to fuck your brains out. My god I have wanted you for a long time.”

We moved toward my work table that had papers spread across it and hastily removed them. Most fell on the floor, but I didn’t care. Her clothes were falling on the floor among the papers, and were being quickly joined by mine as well.

I loved sucking her nipples and holding her breasts in my hands. Her breathing stopped, then she gasped as I pinched one nipple between the thumb and fingers of my right hand, as my teeth gently brushed the other and my tongue massaged it expertly.

My hand moved down from her breast to her bush as my mouth moved to the other breast and sucked as much of it as possible in and began sucking, tonguing and gently biting. “Oh, Sam. Yes! Don’t stop. God, that feels wonderful. Oh, Yes. Sam, Fuck Me. I need an orgasm, Fuck me!!”

My hand cupped her bush and slid between her spread legs to caress its full length from the top down to her ass hole. As my hand moved back up a finger dug through the hair and slightly entered the slit to find it very moist.

I could feel her hand gently stroking my cock and squeezing it as she stroked me.

I inserted a finger in her pussy and found the opening to be fairly small, and very wet. I inserted a second finger and heard her breathing become ragged and loud. Her face and chest had red splotches from passion and her eyes were closed. “Oh, Sam. Fuck me! I need you to Fuck me now!!”

Without any hesitation, I pushed her back on the table and buried my face in her pussy. My tongue found the opening, which had been massaged by my fingertips earlier, and I fucked her with my tongue. I ran my tongue around the opening, then plunged it as far inside as I could get it. After repeating that several times, I could feel her body begin to tense and felt her stomach muscles tighten. I continued moving my tongue in and out of her pussy and sucking her pussy lips into my mouth. “Oh, God. Oh, Sam. Eat Me. My God, That is wonderful. Suck me harder. Make me CUM. I want to CUM so much. EATTTT MEEE. OH, GOD!!”

I moved my tongue down her slit and out of her pussy. I licked around her ass hole and then back to her pussy. As my tongue entered her pussy again she exploded “OH, GOD. I’m CuMMMing!! OH, YES!! DON’T STOP!!.”

I Çankaya Escort moved my lips over her clit and gently sucked it into my mouth as far as it would go. I sucked on it. Licked it, and gently touched it with my teeth as I sucked it in and pushed it nearly out of my mouth. She completed the orgasm and I didn’t even slow down. In fact I increased the pace and moved a hand between her legs to slip 2 fingers into her pussy. Her juices were flowing very well now and my hand was wet with her cum. “That’s it, Yes, Fuck me with your fingers! Suck my Clit, MY GOD, I’m going to CUM…. I’M CUMMMMMMMMINGGGGGGGG.”

She crashed after that orgasm, and I picked her up and moved her over to the couch so I could lay her down. I held her in my arms, cuddled her, and stroked her hair, her breasts, and her stomach for several minutes after her breathing returned to normal. I cuddled her until she began to stir.

Alicia said, “Man, that was the most wonderful orgasm. I never expected anything like that when I came over.”

“OH No? What did you expect, I asked breathlessly.”

“I never expected you to eat me like that. That was the best I ever had. You need to teach Ralph how to do that.”

“I’d be happy to” I said as she moved off the couch and onto her knees in front of me.

She took my cock in her hand and looked at the moisture on the end of it, then licked her tongue out and slurped it up in one motion. She looked up at me and said, “You are bigger than I thought you would be. In fact, Ralph is large, but not like you. Tastes good, too.”

Then she made an “O” with her lips, positioned them over my cock and moved her head down until her lips were 6 or 7 inches down my cock. I didn’t feel a thing since she had moved her tongue, lips, and cheeks away from my cock and inserted it that deep without allowing my cock to touch or be touched by anything. I watched incredulously as she took a deep breath and finally let her lips touch my cock. She blew her breath out her mouth and puffed out her cheeks, then moved her lips down my shaft another inch or two.

Then she made contact with my cock. Her tonsils touched the end of my cock and allowed it to slip past them. They enclosed my cock head with warmth that I had never felt before. Only after her tonsils surrounded my cock did she open her lips and allow the air out of her mouth. As she did, she engulfed my cock from one end to the other instantly with her warmth.

Her tongue began moving up and down on the underside of my cock. She moved her head up and down so my cock could go past her tonsils and into her throat.

I couldn’t believe it. This was the only time anyone had ever been able to take my entire cock in her mouth. It was incredible! Simple words can Çankaya Escort Bayan not describe how good it felt. Then my nut sac began to contract and I knew I would cum. Only a few strokes!! My God!! I couldn’t believe the intensity of this feeling!!

“Holy Shit! I’m Cumming already!! MY GOD, I AM CUUUUMMMMIIINGGGG.!”

Alicia never missed a beat. She swallowed my cum and continued fucking me with her tonsils. I felt a finger slip in my asshole, and her other hand caressed by balls. She expertly worked to prevent me from losing my erection. I wasn’t interested in having her quit now, even if I had just CUM. It was good, but I wanted more.

I had never felt anything as good as her mouth and tonsils on my cock.

She continued to slide my cock in and out of her mouth. Each time she made certain she swallowed my cockhead as far as she could. In just a few strokes I could feel my cock hardening and stretching to its full length again.

Her finger was replaced with two fingers, which she had lubricated with juice from her pussy. She moaned as she fucked me with her fingers and sucked me with her mouth. Her tongue moved quickly over my cock as it slid in and out of her mouth and past her tonsils.

I could feel the passion still churning in both of us as she sucked me back to life in her own special way.

I lifted her off my cock and pulled her into my arms. She guided my cock into her very moist pussy and my 10 inches impaled her in a single stroke as she gasped and exclaimed, “OH, God. That feels wonderful.”

We began to fuck each other and quickly picked up the rhythm. She wanted my cock as deep as possible in her pussy. She took it all and only relinquished it from her depths in order to have it slip to the surface and plunge deeper on the next stroke.

Since both of us had cummed earlier we had much more staying power. We fucked for longer than I had ever fucked before and both of us were completely engulfed in passion. It was the most incredible feeling. In fact, we were so engrossed in our passion that we did not hear the door open or the footsteps that came down the stairs to the basement.

My Orgasm was building and I knew that I would not be able to hold back much longer so I slipped a finger down to her clit and gently massaged it. Her breath quickly began to come in gasps. Her face was red with passion and both of us increased our movements as we came closer to orgasm

“OH, God, I’m going to cum” she breathed between gasps. “I’m going to CUM. Cum with me Sam. Oh, Fuck me Sam. Fuck Me. Fuck Me Sam. OH, GOD, CUM With me. OH, Shit, CUM WITH ME SAM, I’M CUMMING. I’m CUMMMMMMIIIIIINNNNNGGGG.”

And at this same instant I joined in. I spurted my Cum inside her warm loving pussy as I grunted “UNH, UUNNHHH, GUUNNHHH, I’m CUMMMINGGG WITH YOU!!. Alicia, I’m CUMMMING with YOU. UUNNHH UUUNNNHHH.”

We collapsed into each other’s arms and were totally shocked when we head Margaret say, “Now that’s how it should be done!!”

Both Alicia and I said, “Oh, Shit” almost in unison.

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Allen Ch. 01

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They had worked together for nearly two years, at first she regarded him simply as a co-worker, an older man, distinguished and hansom, but way out of her league. The first day they met, when he was in training a mistake was made by his trainer and even though she could have made an issue out of it, just talking to the man she knew that even though she was his “boss” this man was something special. He was intelligent and funny and his eyes showed a sad loneliness and hunger she definitely knew to her core. So the days went on, they worked together, slowly getting to know each other. They had similar stories, both in pain, both looking for a happiness neither had ever known. It became a dance of frustration, an anticipation of what could not happen due to the responsibilities they had prior to knowing each other.

Travel was part of the job, they traveled with their co-workers both sneaking glances at the other. The tension building. One day they were the only two traveling together they went to work but on the way home he offered to take a back road short cut. She smiled and was enjoying his company so why not. He was so close she could feel the heat from his skin. She was intoxicated by his very presence. Escort Kızılay As they drove she prayed for the trip to just keep going and it did. They were delayed at every step. A motorcycle ride with an endless number of vehicles crossing in front of them, a wrong turn here, another there.. was he doing it on purpose? She wondered, When was the last time she smiled this much? He was enchanting, his stories so funny, his smile sooooo sexy. She was miles away from a teenager but she felt so new with him. She could be herself, silly, flawed, and happy. OH how long has it been? She tells herself at the end of the day he is just being nice that is who he is a nice guy, he just was having fun do not take it seriously, he cannot think of you that way. Why would he?

Soon after she gets very sick and has to be out of work for a couple of months, she thinks of him most days, sure he has forgotten her but… there he is on her computer screen. Talking about life, never eluding to any romantic notions, but he is there and she is hopeful. They talk about everything and she imagines his perfect mouth forming all the words and cannot wait to get back to work.

Once back at work the Kızılay Escort urgency of need is evident to both of them. They fight it knowing they both have to settle the bad relationships they are in before they can move on. They have never talked about it but both start to clean house. Hers is easy her relationship has been over for awhile, he is just a houseguest who has outstayed his welcome. His is harder a marriage that was over years ago and has been dragging and dragging both of them in misery.

They falter at first, how can they do this? Feeling selfish they back away. Work is hell,,, she tries to avoid him, he tries to avoid her. At the end of the day it is too much. He walks her to her car and says he is unsure what to do. No longer caring of the consequences she knows he is the only man for her she is shaking and every nerve is on fire as she stands on her tiptoes and kisses him. Hard and unsteady lights burst behind her eyes. Life has meaning again. The say good-bye both stunned and exhilarated.

A dam has broken now they have to be together. They agree to meet for drinks at a seedy little motel they know from work. She checks in and texts him what room. She buys Kızılay Escort Bayan candles and tries to make herself look good. He shows up and she can’t breathe, he is so sexy. Tall, very muscular but not aggressively so, his smile melts her. She is nervous but he is so sure and strong. They kiss her stomach erupts with butterflies, he instantly knows how to move her. He pulls her close undressing her and himself. His hands so strong are all over her. He is like a man possessed to have his desires fulfilled. She can only submit to him she has no choice. He reaches between her legs and puts her body where he wants it. Quivering she feels him rock hard and steady begging for entrance. She is dripping wet, the anticipation of having this man inside of her is too much. He gently slips his tip inside her, she gasps from delight. He presses further into her, no longer being so gentle. He is a starved man and he wants his fill. He thrusts himself all the way into her, making her feel wanted and needed in a primal heat, he flips her onto her side and enters her pussy from behind, she is lost in pleasure, then she is face down, his dick is sliding in and out of her in the most basic animal position and she is in heaven. His dick is so hard and his need so basic she cannot help but throw her hips back against him over and over. Time stops as two hungry souls find the food only they can give each other. For hours the explore each other’s bodies until both are tired and need food and drink.

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Alex , Beth

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It started with an innocuous comment during a tea break at work. Alex had recently broken up with his long term partner and joked that he was now available as a plus one for parties and weddings. It was only meant as a joke to try and cover up the loneliness he now felt. The breakup actually happened a few months earlier but he had been too upset and embarrassed to admit it at work.

It hadn’t been a particularly bad breakup but the ending of a 6 year relationship had been difficult to deal with. The last one had not ended badly. The decision had been his partner’s and he understood her reasoning, however painful that was for himself, he respected her enough to accept her wishes.

Later that evening Alex was decorating his new flat when his phone pinged. This was unusual enough to grab his attention. Putting his paintbrush down he wiped his hands on his t-shirt and picked up the phone. It was a message from Beth, one of his team at work.

Beth: hey Alex, I need a huge favour.

He wondered what she wanted. They had already switched shifts once this week so she could go to a concert instead of doing the late.

Alex: heya, what’s up? I’m not switching shifts again.

Figuring this might take a while he gave up on the painting and tidied up.

Beth: It’s nothing to do with that. I need a favour this weekend. I have to go to my sister’s wedding and everyone is expecting my boyfriend to come.

Alex: You’ve been single longer than me, why do they think you’ve got a boyfriend?

Beth: A lie that’s totally go out of hand. Please can you help me? You said you could be a plus one?

It took Alex a while to remember he had even made that joke. How could she really have taken him seriously?

Beth: Please Alex, I don’t know what else to do. They all already think I’m a failure. If I turn up without a boyfriend I’ll be humiliated.

She didn’t know what to do? He didn’t know either, but at least he could buy himself some time.

Alex: Let me think about it. We’ll speak at work.

Beth: Thank you Alex, you’re my hero.

He hadn’t made a decision yet. He thought her last message was jumping the gun rather. Alex opened a bottle of cider and sat down on his sofa to think. Was it really right for him to pretend to be Beth’s boyfriend in front of her family? Surely it wouldn’t work? He didn’t like the idea of her being humiliated though. Families could be cruel and though he didn’t know Beth terribly well what he had overheard at work suggested she did not get along well with her family.

Alex took another swig of cider. He and Beth had a good, flirty relationship at work. She was fun to be around so it could be a laugh. If nothing else it could be like that mini holiday he’d been promising himself. There was an added bonus. Beth was hot. A couple of years younger than him with a nice curvy figure she was smart as well as funny. She was bound to wear a nice dress to the wedding so it wouldn’t be hard to pretend he liked her, hell he’d jerked off imagining her enough times… His mind was pretty much made up but he’d let her stew overnight.

The phones were already going crazy in the office when Alex arrived. It was going to be another busy day. As much as he wanted to talk with Beth straight away it just wasn’t possible. They sat at opposite ends of their bank of desks so couldn’t even easily see each other. He figured it would be best to keep this arrangement quiet anyway, he doubted she’d want the whole office to know. By mid afternoon the rush was over. Deciding it was now or never Alex got up for a drink and stopped by Beth’s desk. She looked stressed and not just from work.

‘Drink?’ he asked. He noted that she was wearing a low cut top today, showing off her cleavage, together with a pencil skirt it really made her look all the more sultry. Was that an attempt to woo him?

‘I thought you’d never ask,’ she said quickly getting up.

They went to the smaller of the two kitchens which, as ever, was empty.

‘Well?’ she asked as soon as they got inside. ‘Please tell me you’ll come?’

‘This is really fucking weird, you know that right? I was only joking,’ Alex said, putting a tea bag in his cup and filling it. ‘But, yes, I will come with you. It’s madness and probably won’t work.’

‘Oh thank you Alex,’ Beth squealed and hugged him tightly from behind, pushing her breasts into his back. ‘You have no idea how much this means to me. I don’t know how but I’ll pay you back somehow.’

‘Lets just get you through his weekend first,’ he said, patting her arm until she let go. ‘Where are we going anyway?’

‘Ambleside in the Lake District,’ she said. ‘It’s my sister Florence’s wedding. She’s marrying some twat from down south. All my family is going to be there along with most of our friends from school.’

‘I take it you aren’t looking forward to it then?’ Alex asked.

‘No. Let’s put it this way. She’s my sister and I’m not even a bridesmaid. I moved to the other side of the country to get away from my family,’ Beth said, making her own coffee. ‘Our friends aren’t much better. They are all either yummy mummies Escort Eryaman with a million kids each or business owners in power suits with massive shoulder pads. I’m the odd one would with no kids, renting and working a crappy office job.’

Alex knew the feeling. That effective described his relationship with his old school friends, though with less shoulder pads.

‘Aren’t shoulder pads a bit 80s?’ he joked.

‘You know what I mean,’ Beth sighed.

‘Well then,’ he said. ‘I’m going to be the best fake boyfriend you’ve ever had and we’ll get drunk and make fun of the lot of them.’

‘Thank you,’ Beth laughed. ‘I’ll email you the details tonight.’

‘And I’ll see if my suit still fits,’ Alex said, patting his stomach. He was approaching that age where a sedentary office job was increasingly bad for his waistline.

‘I’m sure you’ll be able to squeeze into it,’ Beth said smiling. ‘You aren’t as fat as me.’

‘You aren’t fat,’ Alex retorted, deliberately bumping hips with her. ‘You’re just fishing for compliments. My girlfriend doesn’t do that.’

She laughed. ‘Well my boyfriend gives it to me all the time, sometimes twice.’ There was a dirty little smirk on her face. ‘Come on, we’d better get back they’ll be wondering where we are.’

True to her word Beth emailed over the details that evening. The wedding was at some fancy hotel near Ambleside on the shores of Lake Windermere. Definitely a nice venue and likely an expensive one. The wedding itself was kicking off early on Saturday morning so they would have to drive over on the Friday evening. Beth already had a room booked for the weekend so that wouldn’t be a problem.

A thought that occurred to Alex was that the room would likely be a double, with only one bed, but it was too late to change that, not to mention it would look a bit weird for Beth and her boyfriend to have twin beds. There was no sense worrying about it now. When the time came he would just offer to sleep on the sofa.

Still wanting to keep things secret they didn’t talk about it at work on Friday. Beth had already arranged a half day holiday to get her hair done and other stuff that ladies needed to do before a wedding. For his part Alex had called in a favour to use up some lieu time to leave early. It was going to be a long drive, at least three hours if the traffic was kind, so he wanted to set off as early as they could.

Car packed and topped up with petrol Alex drove round to Beth’s and helped her load up her suitcase.

‘All ready to go?’ he asked as they both put their seat belts on.

‘As ready as I’ll ever be,’ Beth replied. ‘I can’t believe I forked out 60 quid to get my hair and nails done of this. I don’t even like my sister.’

‘For what it’s worth I like it,’ Alex said pulling away. He genuinely meant it as well. Beth’s blonde hair had been cut short into a pixie cut and highlighted with a splash of red give it a warm glow. ‘You look good with short hair.’

Beth shrugged. ‘I’m bored of spending ages washing my hair. Not to mention Florence will have the stupidest, longest hair possible. When we were younger she let her hair grow past her arse. I mean what is the fucking point?’

‘That does seem weird,’ Alex agreed. It was funny to see Beth get so animated, it lit a fire in her eyes that showed her passion.

There was plenty of time over the long car journey for Beth to give him the low down about her family. So he would at least be prepared for mad Aunt Jill, Cousin Shirley’s drinking problem and Granda Colin’s excessive racism. It seemed that all families had weird relatives.

They also had more than enough time to decide on how they met. While Alex was all in favour of a ludicrously over the top tale involving a chihuahua riding a dancing great dane but Beth shot his idea down because she didn’t like dogs. Instead they settled for a more boring, but believable, story of romance following an office party that had been going on for a few months but quietly due to office politics.

With an hour to go Beth looked at her phone and groaned.

‘What’s the matter?’ asked Alex.

‘Message from my mum,’ she said. ‘She would like to take us to dinner when we get there.’

‘And that’s a bad thing?’

‘Of course it is,’ Beth said, hammering a fist on the dashboard. ‘It’s going to be like the bloody Spanish Inquisition.’

‘You mean she’s going to poke us with soft cushions and force us to sit in comfy chairs?’ Alex said seriously.

Beth laughed. ‘I wish. It’ll be a meal where I’m the sole topic of conversation and how rubbish I am compared to Florence. I’m the older sister but she was always the golden child.’

‘Think I’m detecting a hint of sibling rivalry here,’ Alex said. The miles were rolling away but they still had a long way to go.

‘Hardly rivalry, she won the second she was born,’ Beth brooded, after a while she spoke again. ‘I’m sorry Alex, I should never have made you do this. I was mad to think we could get away with it. No one will believe our story.’

‘Why not? You are too hard on yourself,’ he said. ‘The only thing Eryaman Escort unbelievable about this whole story is how I could get a girlfriend as gorgeous as you. I mean it. You’ll just have to tell them all that I’ve got a big cock, am amazing in bed and it makes up for my looks. We’ll make this work and if not we can have a spectacular breakup fight on Sunday.’

‘Don’t be daft I could totally see myself being with you…someone like you,’ Beth said mumbling the last bit and wriggling in her seat. ‘Anyway we’ll just have get there and get it over with.’

She fell into a brooding silence for the rest of the drive. Alex was equally nervous. He was not naturally at home in groups of new people and this weekend was going to nothing but strangers. He was vaguely reassured by the idea that he’d probably never meet any of them ever again. With that said it still felt a little wrong deceiving so many people, even if it was for a good cause.

Alex was still mulling over the best way to approach the weekend when he pulled off the road and down the long driveway to the lake side hotel. There was no denying the location and venue were beautiful. The hotel had a grand Victorian style which could easily be mistaken for a stately home from that time. There was even valet parking which he considered rather extreme for his battered old Vauxhall Corsa.

The elegance continued inside but to an even more lavish degree. Marble and gilt was everywhere to the extent that it was an assault on the eyes.

‘Greetings and welcome to Hotel Oliant,’ said the lady at the reception desk, she wore a bright red uniform with a needlessly over the top neckerchief. ‘How may I be of assistance?’

‘We’d like to check into our room,’ Beth said. ‘It’s in the name of Beth Mackenzie.’

‘Your name is Bethany, you should use it properly,’ barked an austere voice across the lobby.

Alex saw Beth’s face twitch.

‘Mother, how delightful to see you again,’ Beth said, putting on a not very convincing smile and turning to face her mother.

‘I’ll just take the key,’ Alex said to the receptionist, whose industrial grade cheeriness was unfazed.

‘There you go, sir, Room 26, which has a rather beautiful view out over the lake,’ said the receptionist. ‘I’ll have the porter take your bags up.’

Alex nodded a thank you as he slipped the keycard into his pocket.

‘You are late Bethany. We have been waiting to have supper,’ Mrs Mackenzie said with the love and affection of a Rottweiler. ‘It’s no wonder that you never achieve anything with such poor timekeeping.’

Alex liked to think that he was a fairly easy going type of guy who saw the best in everyone. Looking at Mrs Mackenzie he struggled to see any good. She was obviously a foul tempered woman with a face that had the same emotional range as a granite wall. For a little while he had been wavering about this weekend but now he was resolved.

‘I’m terribly sorry Mrs Mackenzie that’s my fault,’ he said coming up beside Beth, taking her hand and giving it a squeeze. ‘Beth wanted to set off sooner but I was stuck in an important client meeting. It is difficult to let two senior members of staff leave early on the same day, no matter how important the event is.’

Mrs Mackenzie gave him a cold stare, though he doubted they came at any other temperature, before speaking. ‘So you are this Alexander, Bethany has mentioned?’

‘Indeed so, and a pleasure to meet you, Alex Dott,’ he said, offering a hand to shake which she did reluctantly.

‘Where’s father?’ Beth asked.

‘Propping up the bar waiting for you two,’ Mrs Mackenzie said. ‘Come on before he drinks himself into even greater stupidity.’

Alex squeezed Beth’s hand again and leant in to whisper in her ear. ‘I told you we’d make this work. I’m not letting an old battleaxe like her win.’

‘Thank you,’ she replied before kissing him on the cheek.

They hurried to catch up so as not to be accused to being late again.

Introductions with Mr Mackenzie were short and perfunctory. He seemed to Alex and affable sort of man who clearly lived in fear of his wife. Quite what brought these two seemingly very different people together to start a family Alex did not know.

Alex tried to keep the mood light by making jokes, which both Beth and her father appreciated, but it was an uphill struggle against Mrs Mackenzie. He also tried to reassure Beth as much as possible without being too obvious, patting her hand and squeezing her knee under the table. She was, however, drinking her wine quite quickly, which the waiter always kept it topped up, he guessed as some sort of defensive reaction.

Once all the food was eaten the conversation reached the elephant in the room. Alex and Beth.

‘So, Alexander, how long have you and Bethany been together?’ Mrs Mackenzie asked, glass of wine in hand and taking a long drink. Both mother and daughter were hitting it hard.

‘It must be coming up to three months now, right darling?’ he said, giving Beth a chance to confirm that. ‘Naturally I’ve known her longer than that though. When she first Eryaman Escort Bayan started in the office I helped to train her and even then I could tell that she was something special. I was in a relationship at the time so we were just friends. My relationship ended six months ago and I took it quite hard. Beth was a great friend in helping me through those tough times.’

‘So you are just using her as a rebound shag?’ Mrs Mackenzie said harshly. ‘I trust you are using protection.’

‘Mother!’ Beth said shocked.

‘I assure you Mrs Mackenzie. There is no rebounding here,’ Alex said keeping his anger in check. ‘Beth offered me her friendship and compassion when I was hurting. It showed me how much of a caring person she is. I didn’t stand a chance, there was no way I couldn’t fall for her.’

‘And yet you are not public about your new relationship?’ Mrs Mackenzie said jabbing a finger at him. ‘Are you ashamed?’

‘Mother, I said, we can’t be open about it at work,’ Beth said, composing herself and knocking back more wine. Her face was flushed. ‘There’s office politics involved. They discourage staff being together because they believe it just causes problems. We have to be discreet.’

‘Well I can understand that,’ Mr Mackenzie cut in. ‘One second you’ve got two productive members of staff then they have a row at home. Now you’ve got two staff that are distracted and working inefficiently. No way to run a business. Clearly you’ve got a smart man in charge.’

‘Indeed,’ Alex said, no agreeing with a single word said. ‘When the time is right then of course we can be more open. The very last thing I would want to cause is any embarrassment to Beth at work. She is too valuable a member of the team.’ It looked as though Mrs Mackenzie was about to speak again but Alex cut her off. ‘It’s getting late and we’ve had a long journey. I understand we need to be up bright and early in the morning so we’d best be getting to our room. If you’ll please excuse us.’

‘Fine go but remember this Bethany, don’t ruin this wedding,’ Mrs Mackenzie said as a parting shot. ‘We’ve had enough for your antics.’

With no further ado Alex got up and pulled Beth’s chair out for her. They thanked their waiter and left. However Beth stopped them in the entrance to the restaurant. Out of earshot but still in sight of her parents.

‘Sorry about this,’ she said before leaning in and kissing him on the lips.

Alex was taken by surprised by tried not to show it. The touch of her lips was divine; he could feel her warmth, it made his heart leap and his cock twitch. It had been a very long time since anyone had kissed him passionately and he enjoyed every moment of it. Sadly it was short lived.

‘No need to be sorry about that,’ he said, giving her a smile.

She giggled. ‘I knew she’d watch us out like a hawk. Give the old prude a show the prove we are serious.’

‘That was serious kiss all right,’ he said, hoping she didn’t notice the semi in his trousers. ‘Lets find our room. I think its on the top floor.’

The hotel’s interior was a bit of rabbit warren but eventually they found room 26 and it was indeed on the top floor, two doors down from the bridal suite. The room itself was beautiful and wouldn’t have looked out of place in an interior design magazine.

‘There’s only one bed so I’ll sleep on the sofa,’ Alex said, coming in an turning on the lamps.

‘Have you seen this bed?’ Beth said, flopping back onto it. She lifted her t-shirt to scratch her stomach. ‘It’s fucking huge. You could fit three people in here with room to spare, it’s like it was made for orgies. I’m not forcing you to sleep on a sofa when you’ve been so nice to me.’ Beth rolled onto her side and stared at him. She was idly tracing circles around her belly button. ‘Did you mean what you told my mother. About me being caring and compassionate and helping you?’

He wasn’t sure whether she meant to or not but the way she was laying, the line of her body and the light reflecting off her eyes had an incredible sensual feel to them. She really did look beautiful right now.

‘Of course I meant it,’ he said, perching on the edge of the sofa. ‘I was a bit of a mess for a little while there, if you recall, and you were very supportive even if you didn’t mean to be. I’m very grateful for that. I’ve never really known how to repay you.’

‘Good,’ she said a warm smile on her face. ‘I couldn’t stand seeing you upset all the time. You deserve to be happy Alex.’

That smile lit up her face in a way that warmed Alex’s heart. He had the sudden urge to be with her on the bed. To kiss her and so much more. Had he been braver or perhaps drunker then maybe he would have. Instead he nervously got to his feet.

‘Thank you,’ he mumbled. ‘I’ll just get ready for bed in the bathroom.’

Alex splashed water over his face, trying not to think of Beth’s breasts straining against her t-shirt and hoping that his erection would subside quickly. It was true that he’d originally envisioned perving over Beth in her wedding outfit but he never thought this was would be an issue. To find her so achingly attractive just lounging on a bed in jeans and a t-shirt. He wasn’t convinced she was interested in him as anything other than a friend. Sure they had kissed earlier but that obviously just for show. He didn’t want to risk the embarrassment of rejection not when they had to share a bed.

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Agatha Allbut , The Bimbo Squad Ch. 07: Reunions

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© 2012 Sal De Klerk, All Rights Reserved

Authors Note:

This is a long story, containing 10 chapters a prologue and epilogue. All chapters have been submitted and should be posted within a few days of each other.

The idea for this story came from a story idea forum. Thank you janetsexy77!


This story contains lesbian sex. If this is not your kind of smut, please find another story, more to your liking.


As soon as the bedroom door closed, Aggie and Christina fell into each other’s arms and began exploring the other’s body. They collapsed onto the bed and hands and tongues were touching and tasting anything they could reach. Eventually, they ended up in a sixty-nine with both girls ravenously licking and sucking on each other’s creamy pussy.

Christina was on the bottom, and she slipped a finger into Aggie, as she sucked on her clit. When her finger was well lubed she pulled it out and without warning, she pushed it into Aggie’s ass. Aggie screamed when she felt the digital penetration, as Christina started flicking Aggie’s clit with her tongue, and Aggie began to shudder in orgasm.

As her orgasm drove Aggie to heights of pleasure, Christina began to finger fuck her ass as she slurped up the cream gushing from Aggie’s body. The waves of pleasure from her latest climax made the feeling of the finger in her ass much more enjoyable than Aggie had thought it would be. When Aggie finished her climax she let Christina continue to finger her ass while she continued to lick the sexy Latina’s cunt.

Christina’s orgasm wasn’t far off, and she pushed her hips into Aggie’s face trying to get over the edge. Aggie slurped and licked Christina using her fingers on her clit trying to give her the same satisfaction she had gotten. Christina felt her orgasm approach like a tidal wave of pleasure, and when it crashed down upon her she screamed “AGGGGGIIIIIIIEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” as she involuntarily rammed her finger into her lovers virgin asshole. Aggie joined in the scream, not sure if it was from pain or pleasure.

When both girls were fairly well sated, they lay on the bed, legs intertwined not talking. After almost 20 minutes, Christina broke the silence. “Well, that was fun.”

Aggie was smiling, having learned how much fun sex could be, and she finally understood why Lars always tried to get her to be more adventurous. Too bad it’s too late she thought to herself, as tears started flowing.

Christina saw her new lover so distraught, wrapped her arms around Aggie, and pulled her close letting her cry. When Aggie had no tears left, Christina kissed her forehead and looked into her eyes. Aggie, are you okay? Did I do something…”

Aggie shook her head no. “It . . . it wasn’t . . . wasn’t you, it was me. I did something stupid,” and then she began to spill her anguish to Christina. Starting with the infamous kiss through her latest humiliation from Bree and Pris. Ending with how Tina got her into The Sisterhood of the 7. “And now that I know how wonderful sex can be, it’s too late. I don’t have the man I love to share it with.”

Christina had no words that would comfort her lover, so she just held Aggie and lightly caressed her until they both fell asleep.

The next morning, Aggie and Christina were awoken by someone pounding on the door. Christina extracted herself from Aggie, who was still asleep and opened the door still naked. Hannah was standing in the hallway wearing a white satin robe. “Good morning sisters,” she said brightly, “in case you didn’t explore anything but each other last night, there’s a shower in your room. Bathe quickly, and put these on. The sisters and I will have breakfast for you soon.” As she handed Christina two robes, identical to hers.

Christina woke Aggie up and then they found the bathroom. The shower stall was built for one person, but the girls were skinny and liked being close, so squeezing in the phone booth sized shower stall wasn’t too difficult and a lot more enjoyable than it should have been. Despite the cramped space and time constraint, They washed each other thoroughly, very THOROUGHLY.

Once they were clean and mostly dry, they pulled on the robes, took each other’s hand, and went off in search of the dining room. It would have been easy to find, even without the smell of coffee and bacon leading them straight to it.

“Help yourselves to some breakfast, but don’t leave. There’s one more thing you need to do before you rejoin the world,” Hannah said hugging both girls and heading off. The two girls sat at the table and started helping themselves to the food piled on top of it. They ate one-handed, not wanting to lose their hold on each other.

They ate in silence, enjoying each other’s company. Soon the other contestants from last night joined them. Everyone one of them looked like they spent the night fucking instead of sleeping. None of them had anything to say, just shy smiles and glances were exchanged, as each Escort Sincan one sat down to eat.

Once they had eaten their fill, a girl none of them knew came in and called them away one by one. As each girl left, none of the girls who left before her returned. Eventually, only Aggie and Christina were left. “What do you think is happening?”

“I don’t know, and I’m scared. I don’t want to be separated,” Aggie replied, pulling Christina’s hand to her mouth and kissing her fingers.

Before anything else could be said, Christina’s name was called and she kissed Aggie and said: “Meet me at IL Positano as soon as you’re done.” Aggie nods and holds Christina’s hand as she walks away.

Almost an hour later, Aggie is called. She walks out of the dining room, and into a room where five girls are sitting at a table. Tina, Hannah, and Nat there with two other girls Aggie didn’t know. There was an empty seat at one end of the table. All the girls are identical yellow sweaters with the international symbol for women on the breast with the horizontal crossbar making the top the number 7.

Hannah smiles at Aggie and Tina nods at her. Nat stands up and hugs Aggie, and kisses her on the cheek. “Now Aggie, take your clothes and get dressed,” she says pointing to a door off to one side of the room. “Then come back and sit down so we can talk.

Aggie takes the box and goes through the door. She quickly pulls on her clothes, finding the stuff she locked up last night in the bottom of the box. Once she’s ready she returns to the other women. She sits in the seat and looks at the ladies.

The woman in the middle starts to speak in a familiar voice, “I’m the current Headmistress of the Sisterhood of the 7. You already know Sister Hannah and Sister Tina. You’ll meet more of the sisters at the party tonight to welcome our five newest members.”

“Aggie, you played well last night and showed sportsmanship, open-mindedness, and more courage than should have been required. We were especially impressed with the way you dealt with Sister Erin.”

“Wait! What?” Aggie exclaimed. “Sister Erin?”

“Yes, Sister Erin,” the headmistress said smiling. We always plant one of our newer sisters into the game. She’s there to see how the players react to hostility,” Tina told her smiling broadly at Aggie.

The door behind Aggie opens and Erin walks up to Aggie holding her arms open for a hug. “No hard feelings Aggie, it was my job. I hated treating you like that.”

Aggie takes a deep breath and stands up hugging the other girl. The sisters applauded as Erin whispered in Aggie’s ear, “This is for stomping on my foot,” as she steps on Aggie’s foot. “Now we’re even.”

Aggie was so happy that she let Erin getaway with her revenge. Erin and Aggie stopped hugging and Aggie sat down as Erin took the empty seat at the table.

“Tonight there is a party to welcome our new members of The Sisterhood of the 7. Is there anyone you would like to invite, a boyfriend maybe.” Erin asked.

Aggie replied “No!” very sharply, making the other ladies glance at each other. Remembering how everyone was addressed last night she hung her head and said “No worthy Head Mistress, there’s no one. Not anymore.”

Tina heard Aggie’s voice crack and saw the tears forming in Aggie’s eyes. She quickly spoke up on her behalf. “Aggie recently went through a bad breakup with her first boyfriend, who is now dating her ex-best friend. To make things worse Aggie found out her Ex friend is friends with two girls who bullied and tormented her throughout middle and high school. All three are on the cheerleading squad. What is it you call them?”

“The Bimbo Squad,” Aggie said looking down at her feet, ashamed to let these powerful and sexy women see her crying like a little girl. All the women in the room cracked up when they heard this expression.

“I love it. From now on all sisters will refer to cheerleaders as the bimbo squad.” the room erupted in applause, and Aggie was smiling through her tears.

When order was restored, Hannah told Aggie “There’s a dress code for tonight’s party, to go with the theme. Tina will meet you at your dorm with your costume by 6. Once you’re dressed, she’ll bring you to the party.”

“I’ll be there,” Aggie said. As she stood up to leave each sister hugged her and welcomed her.

Aggie drove back to campus and parked her car. She was walking to her room when she suddenly froze in her tracks. She almost forgot she was supposed to meet Christina. She took her phone out to call her, then realized she never got the Latina sexpots number.

Sighing in exasperation, Aggie turns around to head over to the restaurant. As she gets her keys from her purse, she bumps into someone, knocking them to the ground. “Oh I’m sorry,” Aggie says looking down. When she sees Tiffi, her blood began to boil. Aggie was not the same person she was yesterday, so instead of running away from the woman who stole her man, she was ready and willing to fight for him.

“You bitch!” Aggie screams, Sincan Escort and jumps on top of Tiffi, one hand scratching her face, the other grabbing a handful of her hair. Tiffi started to fight back, smacking Aggie across the face and grabbing a handful of Aggie’s hair. A crowd quickly gathered and began cheering on the two sexy coeds as they wrestled.

Before either girl could inflict any real damage on their adversary, campus police arrived and quickly pulled the two combatants apart, put handcuffs on them, shoved them into the car and took them to the police station.

Neither girl said anything. Both were breathing hard, and seething with anger. They were escorted into the police station, “Sit there and don’t move,” a cop told them.

Once the officers were out of earshot, Aggie, her heartbreaking, said to Tiffi, “Even if you didn’t want to be friends anymore, why did you have to start dating Lars, knowing how I felt about him?”

“What the fuck bitch?” Tiffi said, giving her a disgusted look. “What kind of freak do you think I am? I don’t date relatives!”

“Wait! You and Lars are cousins? Why didn’t either of you say anything to me? Why did Bree tell me he’s your man? Why did you delete me from your Facebook?”

“He never told you? He promised me he would. It’s not a secret, but there’s some dark family history and if anyone takes more than a surface look at our bloodlines some things might get out we’d rather keep to ourselves, so we keep our familial connection quiet.” Her voice trails off. “Wait! When did Bree tell you we were dating?”

“Yesterday. I went looking around campus for you, and when I saw you, you were standing next to Lars and wearing a bimbo squad uniform. I saw you and Lars talking, so I hid behind some bushes and waited for him to leave, so we could talk. The next thing I know, Bree and Pris showed up. I tried to leave without those bitches seeing me, but they came right up to me and told me you were their best friend from cheer camp and were dating Lars.”

Tiffi shot upright in her seat. “Those skanky bitches! I’m gonna kill ’em!” She was furious, and Aggie could tell it wasn’t with her. “Okay let’s go from the top. I went to cheer camp with Bree and Pris, and couldn’t stand them. I was only in cheer because my mom was a former cheer captain of a champion team, and forced me to cheer. I hate it. My folks went through a nasty divorce over the summer and spent my college fund on their court battles. So I had to find a way to pay for school. I tried out for a cheerleading scholarship and got it. Then Bree and Pris were expelled from Alabama to avoid some kind of scandal, with those two it’s anyone’s guess what they did. Their high school coach was an alumni here, so she pulled some strings and got them in.”

Tiffi paused and took a few deep breaths to calm down. “I moved out of the dorm because I couldn’t afford it. Bree and Pris live in a three-bedroom off-campus apartment and asked me to live with them, rent-free. Pris told me the reason you hate cheerleaders is because you’re a closet lesbian, and had stalked and attacked several cheerleaders in high school after they refused to be your love slaves.”

Shaking her head Tiffi continued, “I foolishly believed her and decided to avoid you. When Lars found out who I was living with, he told me how they tortured you in high school. If I had known the truth, I wouldn’t have moved in with them. I deleted Facebook a few weeks ago because I couldn’t handle the nasty things they were posting about each other.”

Aggie realized that once again Bree and Pris had set her up, fucked with her head and tried to ruin her life. Not my life, she realized, just a few hours of a day. I got my best friend back, I have some cool new friends, and a shot at getting Lars back into, well not back into, into places he’s never been before.

Tiffi broke Aggie’s reverie “When I was talking to Lars yesterday, he told me what happened on your trip, and asked me to see if you were willing to talk with him. I was on my way to your room when you attacked me.” Aggie looked at Tiffi trying to digest all she had been told and trying to reconcile it with everything that had happened to her in the last two days.

Both girls sat in silence, processing their new truths, and rewiring their brains to align themselves with true north again. After a long wait, a police officer walked over and grabbed Aggie by the arm. He pulled her to her feet. “Officer, this is a misunderstanding. Tiffi is my best friend. We were roughhousing, and I accidentally scratched her face. Then she pulled my hair and I pulled hers, next thing we know there’s a crowd around us yelling catfight. The next thing I know we were in cuffs and brought here.”

“I don’t care girly. You get one phone call. He points to an empty chair by a desk, that has a phone and phone book on it. Aggie grabs the phone and quickly dials Tina’s number hoping she’s in her room and not tied up. Aggie quietly chuckles at the term that took on a whole new meaning for her in Sincan Escort Bayan the last few hours.

“It’s Tina..”

“Tina it’s Aggie. I’ll explain later, but I need your help. I’ve been arrested by campus police. Tiffi and I are here and there’s been a huge misunderstanding, along with some misinformation. Is there anything . . .”

“I got it, girl. Hang tight,” and the line went dead. Aggie hung up the phone, and the officer took her by the arm and led her back to the bench where Tiffi was waiting.

“Your turn rocky,” he says grabbing Tiffi by the arm and leading her to the same desk. Before she could lift the receiver, a female lieutenant strutted over. I got it from here McFadden. Go grab me a cheesesteak from the Waikiki diner, and get yourself something, my treat. She tells the overweight but young officer, handing him $20.

She brought Tiffi back to the bench and quickly uncuffed the two girls. “Don’t get into any more trouble. I won’t be able to help a sister twice without someone noticing.” She tells them gruffly, then turns and walks back to her office.

“A sis . . .” Tiffi starts to ask.

Aggie grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the station whispering, “STFU, I’ll explain later.”

As they stepped out into the sunlight, Aggie saw Tina hurrying up the steps. Aggie hugged her and introduced her to Tiffi. As they rode back to the dorm in Tina’s car, Aggie and Tiffi told Tina how they had been set up by Bree and Pris.

“What bitches. No wonder you hate them.” Tina says to Aggie.

“I guess they didn’t learn their lesson from Lars after all,” Aggie told the others about the video Lars had played at their graduation. Thinking about the group of naked females, she exclaimed, “Oh shit, Tina. I was supposed to meet Christina and I forgot when I left the house. I don’t have her number…”

Tina tosses her phone to Aggie, “Number 5 on speed dial” Tina says.

“Hey, girl it’s Aggie. Change of plans. My dorm ASAP, I have some news and need your help. Thanks, see you soon.” She’s on her way Aggie tells the other girls.

“So you and Tina seem pretty friendly, and who is Christina?” Tiffi asks.

“a friend,” Tina says shooting Aggie a warning look.

“How did you make these friends Aggie?” Tiffi asks, sounding perturbed that no one is answering her questions.

“Tina took me to a…party last night, and I joined Christina and a few other girls in an intense game. We kinda formed a bond.” Aggie told her hoping it was enough to stall any more questions but satisfy her friend’s curiosity.

“You’re in the Sisterhood of the 7?!” Tiffi asks in shock. Aggie looks at Tiffi in aghast. “I thought that was some perverted frat boys idea of a sorority.” She said in shock. “It really exists?”

“It’s a SECRET society.” she says to Tiffi, “how the hell do you know about it?”

“I read an old school newspaper for a project last year and there was an article about secret clubs on campus.” Tina nods her head, I know the piece, she said ending the discussion.

The three girls head up to Aggie’s room and wait for Christina. When she arrives, Aggie introduces her to Tiffi, and they tell her how Bree and Pris once again were screwing with Aggie. After hearing the whole story she’s seething with anger.

“We’ve got to take care of those bitches once and for all. I don’t want Lars fighting this one for me. I want to handle this, with the help of my friends. But I’m not sure what we can do.” Aggie looks at her friends for any ideas.

“Don’t the cheerleaders have their Bikini car wash fundraiser soon,” Christina asks.

“That gives me an idea,” Aggie says pulling out her phone. She searches and finds the phone number she’s looking for. She walks to the other side of the room and holds a quiet conversation and hangs up. She walks back to her puzzled friends smiling, “Here’s my idea… .,” and tells them her plan.

When they hear it, they all start to laugh and agree to help. Tiffi even agreed to be a mole for the plot, glad to finally get revenge on the two stuck up girls who always made her feel like crap while pretending to be her friend.

“We can work out the details later, but now we have to get ready.”

“Ready for what,” Tiffi asks.

“We have a party to go to tonight,” Tina tells Tiffi.

“Ohh can I come?” Tiffi asks.

“Not tonight, it’s by invitation only,” Tiffi says, “But I think there might be another event in a week you can come to,” Tiffi says handing Tiffi a card with an address on one side and some instructions on the other.


Aggie opens the box Tina left for her, she pulls out a yellow plaid belt with three buttons to hold it closed. There were black thigh high stockings and black 4″ stilettos. At the bottom was a white button-down shirt that wouldn’t have fit Aggie properly in sixth grade, now it would be scandalous. “Shoes, stockings, belt, and blouse,” Aggie asks Tina. Is something missing?”

Tina laughs at her. “That’s not a belt, it’s a skirt,” she tells her. Aggie turns a deep red when she realizes this skirt would not only leave her ass cheeks exposed, she didn’t think it would even cover her pussy lips, and she had to walk out of the Dorm wearing this. Aggie had never seen an outfit so revealing before, then Christina opened her box.

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Afternoon Delight

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The cool air felt good on my sweat soaked golf attire as I stepped into the house. I draped my sodden shirt and shorts over the rim of the clothes hamper so they could dry a little before contaminating the other dirty clothes. My wife complains when my hamper begins to smell like a gym locker.

I smiled as I stepped into the shower; it had been a fun morning. I shot an 83, 5 strokes better than my 16 handicap, and as a result, my partner and I had split the $200 winning pot. I had added to that by making a birdie on the number 1 handicap hole and collecting a $25 skin. Pretty much fun and a satisfying round.

As I was enjoying the feel of the water rinsing the sweat from my body, I thought I heard the bathroom door open.

“Meester Lewees?”

“Yes,” I responded hesitantly.

“It ees Maria, I clean bathroom now.”

“I’m in the shower, Maria,” I said thinking she would clean some other area of the house until I got through. I didn’t hear anything else and figured she’d moved on.

My eyes were closed as I let the warm water run through my hair. Then I heard the shower door open and as I squinted through the water running down my face, a beautiful little foot with perfect red toenails appeared through the door. That was followed by a gorgeous ankle, calf, and thigh, then the tan naked body of the sexiest woman I have ever seen.

“I guess you wanted to start with the shower,” and without giving her the time to answer, I grabbed a handful of blonde hair on the back of her head and covered her pouting lips with mine as our wet bodies met. Our lips opened and she tasted delicious as I sucked her tongue into my mouth. It was like I could feel her taste buds. And when she sucked back, I started rolling my tongue around every area of her mouth and the inside of her lips. Our tongues went back and forth and our breathing got faster; I could feel my cock getting firmer as we ground our slippery bodies together.

Our mouths moved apart and I licked her cheeks and eyebrows, then nibbled on her earlobes, pulling on the dangling gold earrings, the only things she hadn’t taken off. I could begin to hear little moans as she closed her eyes and leaned her head back, allowing me to gently bite her neck. To relieve a little pressure on by now raging hard on, I moved my hips back and slid my hand down to her perfectly lasered pussy. She moved her legs apart to give me full access and as I ran my middle finger between her labia, there was a wetness a lot thicker and slicker than shower water.

“Oh, oh” she groaned as I ran a couple of fingers lightly over her clit.

She reached down with her right hand and cupped my balls, and with her left hand she offered me her left tit. I couldn’t resist, I sucked as much of it as I could get into my mouth and then as I released the pressure, I grabbed he nipple with my teeth and pulled it as far out as it would go. It stayed hard as I moved and repeated the maneuver with the right one. Perfect 34c’s, with little brown areoles, just slightly darker than her gorgeous tan body, unblemished by tan lines. As I went back and forth, sucking and biting, her moaning became more pronounced and her cute little nipples got longer.

We were both getting pretty worked up and my cock was beginning to throb. I stuck two fingers in her pussy and it was just juicy. Time to have some fun.

“Maria, Escort Keçiören you were a bad girl to interrupt my shower, and I think you need to be punished.”

“Oh no, Meester Lewees, please don’t punish me,” she said, so excited and out of breath she could hardly get it out.

“No need to beg, Maria, bend over the bench.”

“Pleeze don’t hurt me, Meester Lewees.”

I ignored her by grabbing her shoulders and turning her toward the bench. I grabbed the towel off the door, folded it twice and put it on the back of the bench. I snaked my left arm around her tiny tight waist and, as I pulled her against by hard cock, used my right hand to grab her blonde wet hair and push her head down on the towel.

“Now spread your legs and get that tight ass in the air.” She complied without protest.

I let go of her waist and hair and grabbed her arms, forcing her to balance with her head on the towel. I placed one strong petite little hand on each cheek of her ass, noticing the red nails matching her sexy toes.

“Now, spread those cheeks,” I demanded. She wasted no time grabbing each side of her firm ass and pulling it wide open. The button of her asshole looked so inviting. I stepped back to enjoy the view, the tight wide open ass, glistening pussy lips hanging down, and the most gorgeous slender tan muscular thighs with the hamstrings stretched tight from being bent over with her ass in the air. Goddamn! That’s the most erotic picture I have ever seen and I’m going to ravage it until she collapses from orgasms.

I squeezed a little shampoo along the top of her crack and watched it slowly run down, some of it pooling in the indent of her puckered little asshole. I squeezed some more on my right middle finger and laid the tip of it gently on the open entrance of her ass. Her hips wiggled and she continued to pull on her cheeks to keep her ass spread. Her lack of fear of the position she was in was evidence that this was no virgin asshole.

I begin pushing my finger firmly into her tight hole, slowly at first, but as it popped past the trap door, I pushed it all the way to the knuckles. She let out a big breathe with a soft little “Oh!” but continued to hold onto her ass. As I slowly moved my finger up and down her shute, she began breathing a little faster and I could feel her pussy and ass contracting.

Time to open the hole a little wider. I used the shampoo nozzle to lubricate my index finger and begin pushing it in to join the other finger. Her moaning got a little louder and she began rotating her ass to make a little extra room.

Watching this beautiful ass being violated made my cock get even harder, if that was possible,. After moving both fingers up and down, I figured she was dilated enough for the final act. I used my free hand to squeeze more shampoo on my now throbbing cock. As I removed my fingers, I put the head of my steel hard cock on the dilated button. Before it could start closing. my mushroom moved to her sphincter and I could feel the pop of her trap door letting me in.

An “aaahhh!” was followed by her hands slipping off her ass cheeks. She shoved back as I grabbed the front of her pelvis and, pulling her tight, buried my cock to the balls in her ass.

Her moans were sounds of sheer ecstasy and as her hips rotated, the contractions Keçiören Escort Bayan of her ass milking my cock.

“Rub your clit,” I told her.

She reached under herself and began rubbing her slick mound. Every few strokes, she would move two fingers inside her pussy and rub the back wall so I could feel her going up and down my shaft through the membrane of her asshole. Her rubbing slowed down but not her contractions.

“Ahhh, ohh, fuck my ass, fuck it hard,” she almost screamed as she fought for breath, her ass grasping my cock so hard, that I was having to fight to keep from exploding.

“I’m commming!” she screamed, and her asshole tightened so hard it was like sucking me all the way in.

I couldn’t hold it, I pumped her so full of cum it began squirting out around my cock. As she collapsed onto her knees, my cock popped out, suctioning out even more cum. I leaned over and cupped her tits, her nipples hard and standing straight out from the intense orgasm.

“I’m so weak, I can’t move,” she said.

I stepped back under the shower and watched, cum still dripping from her ass onto the tile. As her breathing returned to normal, I reached down and lifted her to her feet and asked: “Was that enough punishment.”

“Oh, Meester Lewees, I theenk I can’t help being a bad girl.”

We hugged tightly as the water rinsed over us. I decided to use the shampoo for its intended purpose and sprayed it first on her head and then my own. We began sudsing each other’s hair, then took turns rinsing. We each took a bar of soap and began washing each other’s body. I gave her gorgeous ass a little extra attention and when I moved to her bald pussy, she began to purr again. I knew then we weren’t through for the day.

She leaned up and kissed me softly then, as she wrapped her arms around my neck, became more insistent and her tongue moved between my lips. My cock was getting hard against her firm little body. I leaned down and picked her up under her thighs and she immediately locked her legs around my waist.

I flipped the shower off and pushed out of the stall, carrying her easily toward the bedroom, dripping water all the way, with me getting harder feeling her pussy squeezed against me and riding up and down with each step. Our lips never parted and our tongues continued to play. I laid her shiny wet body on the bed with her head at the foot, then climbed in on the other side in the opposite direction.

I slide my left arm under her hip and with my right arm over the top, rolled her onto my face. Her knees spread over my head and she rose slightly, putting her pussy right over my mouth. I grabbed the top of her thighs and buried my face in her succulent bald pubes. I could feel her taking my growing cock into her mouth, a perfect 69.

I sucked her entire pussy into my mouth and began to softly chew her pussy lips. I sucked the ever increasing sweet tasting pussy juice and started running my tongue up to her clit. Her body reacted as she moaned and sucked my cock harder and deeper. I paid more attention to her clit and she began to spasm, no longer able to maintain her rhythmic sucking.

“Oh, oh, oh, you’re making me come again,” she almost screamed. Her thighs were pinching my head and her pussy started to spasm as her hips bucked up and down, contracting Keçiören Escort so hard and fast it was almost smothering me.

I wouldn’t let her go and she started yelling “stop! stop! I can’t take any more, it’s too tender!” I licked her hard little clit one more time just to feel her jerk again, then rolled her over on her side.

As she recovered, she reached over and wrapped a hand around my, now throbbing and leaking cock. “The bed is wet enough,” she said as she sucked off the pre-cum.

She turned around and climbed up my body to give me another of her wet kisses. She moved down and sucked my right nipple into her mouth, as she sucked it in she grabbed it with her teeth and bit down with her sparkling eyes and wicked little grin letting me know she knew exactly what she was doing. As she moved to the other side, she mischiefly whispered: “Did it hurt so good?”

“Oh, yeah,” I said knowing I was going to get the same treatment on the other nipple. She chewed and pulled on my left tit until I was ready to yell from pain and pleasure, then she let go with a pop and moved down to my balls. Her mouth sucked in one, then the other, back and forth several times; then she sucked them both all the way in and made a little humming sound making them vibrate. Her tongue licked up the shaft of my rock hard penis and when she got to the top she swallowed it all the way to my scrotum. I could feel her sucking hard and it felt like she was fucking me with her throat.

I stood it as long as I could but warned her: “If you keep doing that, I’m going to cum down your throat and I want to be in your pussy.”

She teased me by going up and down one more time then straddled me and lowered her well lubricated pussy onto my shaft. With me totally buried, she sat back with that lascivious grin and started flexing her pussy muscles. The feeling was heavenly and I reached up and pinched her nipples between my fingers.

Her hips started moving slowly and I could feel her hard clit rubbing against me as she moved backward and forward still milking my cock with her well-conditioned vagina. Her breathing got faster and her pussy started contracting. I was about to come but was determined to wait on her. I didn’t have to wait long as she moved faster and got tighter and tighter.

“I,mmmm readddy,” she gasped and her orgasm started in waves.

I pulled her hips down hard and tried to fill her cunt with cum. She collapsed on my chest, still having little contractions, totally exhausted.

“That was exquisite,” she muttered. She nestled her beautiful face between my neck and shoulder, still out of breath. My cock slipped from her pussy followed by the feel of warm cum beginning to run out.

Then I heard the front door open. Uh Oh.

“Meesis Lewees, Meesis Lewees.”

My wife raised her head from my chest and breathlessly tried to respond: “Ye Ye Yes, Maria. Wi Wi will you start in the ki ki kitchen.”

“Si, Meesis Leewees,” she said, but I think I heard a little giggle.

Joan collapsed back on my chest and laid there a couple of more minutes before rolling off. She closed the bedroom door on her way to the bathroom. I watched the roll of her firm little ass and noticed the sheen on her legs as our juices ran down her thighs.

“Maybe Maria would like to come help us in the shower,” I suggested.

Without turning Joan threw me a middle finger salute and said: “In your dreams, lover boy. Now get your ass in here and clean up, you’re taking me to lunch while Maria cleans the house.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Think I’ll use my golf winnings to take her somewhere nice.

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After the Show

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Big Tits

You drop your coat on the back of the couch, and kick out of your heels. Dinner was divine, and the show was fabulous… but you are tired. I had a fabulous time in your company tonight, but I admit I am tired, too. And yet, your simple, easy grace with the simplest gesture – letting your hair down – catches my eye, and I catch my breath: you happen to be facing away, silhouetted by the dim light from the kitchen, and as you reach up with both hands to unfasten your hair clip, you are momentarily statuesque. A goddess. My Venus. And my fatigue dissipates, and my desire takes root…

I step up behind you, and place my hands on your hips, smoothing out the soft wool of your pencil skirt. You lean back slightly, and the cool silk of your blouse grazes my chest. I hug you from behind, and you cling to my arms and pull them around you firmly, as if you have a chill and need my warmth… but as I start to nuzzle the nape of your neck, and my hand lightly caresses your breasts, I feel your warmth… and know that you crave my touch as much as I crave to touch you.

Up to your collar then traveling down the placket Escort Etlik of your blouse, my fingers in turn release each button – you still facing away from me. When you reach to help, I catch your hands, and wordlessly implore: “allow me this tender treat… to undress you slowly… and to reveal your body to the cool air, and to the warmth of my strong hands.” Understanding fully, you wordlessly grant my request.

I unzip your skirt, and as it and your blouse fall away, you turn to kiss me. We drink deeply of each other’s lips, and we are lost in each other. Lost, in a moment of bliss, of complete connection, of passion. I feel your breasts pressed in to me through the thin fabric of your lacy bra, my hands cup your ass through the lace of the matching panties, and I guide your hips into mine. Your hands furiously undo my shirt and belt, as our lovely tender kiss morphs into something lusty… and hungry. I squeeze your ass cheeks as our tongue continue to dance and dart after each other… your hand soon slips to my crotch where you find my member, full, and straining against the fabric Etlik Escort of my shorts.

The nails of your hands in the small of my back bite me as you curve your fingers and pull me to you… my hands in your hair gain purchase as I continue to kiss you deeply, grabbing you softly as we continue to kiss lustfully.

I pull you close, and whisper: “I want you”. You turn a wry smile and shoot me a sultry sexy look. You place your hands on my hips, and tug on my shorts, then turn and put your hands on the back of the couch, and bend forward. Pressing your ass into my throbbing cock, you begin to gyrate slowly. You look over your shoulder at me, and say “Then take me.”

My hands reach for the crotch of your panties, and I slip two fingers under the cloth. Your pussy lips are swollen and wet, and you catch your breath at the touch. Your juices coat my fingers and fill the room with the scent of your sex. Our love making is usually so tender and so slow… but this time I want you too badly… my cock needs to be satisfied with the heat of your wanton pussy. I move the fabric aside, revealing Etlik Escort Bayan your pussy lips, aching for my cock. I spread your juices on the tip, and bring it slowly to you… and in one slow continuous thrust, I enter you, and fill you with my manhood…

You moan in pleasure as my cock slides into you… you bend your knees just a little to take me even deeper. I begin to rock back and forth, pounding deeper with each thrust, until my balls are slapping against you.

I reach forward to grab your breasts. I knead them at the same time I use my new handhold to pull you even more firmly on to my erect shaft. I find your erect nipples, and I roll them between my fingers. More grunted than spoken, I manage to say “I’m… going… to… cum…”

As my jizz rises through my cock, I involuntarily tighten my grip, and the pinch on your nipples causes you to lose control, and you cry “oh, baby, baby please cum for me!”

And with one more thrust, I trigger your orgasm and mine. We both moan in pleasure as our hot love coats cock and pussy…

We linger in that pose – cock buried deep in pussy – as we both catch our breath. After a minute of gently kneading my cock with your slippery but satisfied pussy, you look over your shoulder and say – with a sexy, wry smile – “We’ll have to see that show again, soon: looks like we really both like the ending!”

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Chatting with Tom

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Big Dick

“Hey Bree! Your favorite weirdo just got on and wants to talk to you.” You hear some stuff being dropped on the floor down the hall as footsteps begin to get louder. Bree runs into the room, still in her blue jeans and pink halter top. “I thought you were in there to change for tonight?”

“I’m working on that. Geeze.” Standing beside you, she leans over to see the screen. “What did he say?”

“Not much. He just typed your name and asked how your day went?”

“Tell him I just got home, that my day was fine until somebody spilled a drink on my pants…and tell him I’ll be right back and that he caught me in my underwear changing.” Bree starts laughing. “Yeah, tell him that and see what he says.”

You’re already typing what she said. You chuckle as she finds another way to mess with Tom. Tom is a neighbor who lives down the street. He moved in several years ago around the beginning of Bree’s junior year. Tom’s a bit weird, but not because he has a few physical disabilities. Tom’s weird because he has an almost stalker-like fascination with Bree, and has no problem letting her know that he likes her. And Bree loves messing with him because of it. She probably brings a lot of it on herself. “What are you laughing at Bree?”

Pointing at the screen, she says, “Duh. He offered to come over and help me change. Wake up John. Maybe I should be typing.” Without skipping a beat, Bree pushes your chair back a bit and sits on your lap, pulling the chair back up so she can type. With no armrests, you reach around and rest your arms against her legs, your hands resting just above her knee.

Now Bree’s a beautiful girl. You’ve known her for about five months now, and while you are just friends, her definition of friends has resulted in somebody asking you that once. Her body could get her a modeling job if she wanted: shapely legs, a tight yet round ass, well endowed breasts, and a developing hourglass figure. She has been working out on the equipment her dad owns to help keep in shape. And every time she decides to sit on your lap at the computer, she reminds you of all of that.

Bree laughs again, just before she wiggles her ass in your lap as she scoots back and turns her head. “Can you believe he said that?”

“Amazing.” You quickly look to read what was said. Something about how he had a dream about her last night. Oooooh, that’s what she meant. Apparently the dream was a fun dream for him as she finally kissed him first. You chuckle as she types back to him, asking if she used tongue or not. Not surprisingly, the response was yes. As Bree starts to type again, you stop her. “Wait, I have a thought.” You lift your hands off of her legs and reach for the keyboard. You type back a response and hit enter.

Laughing, Bree reads what you typed. “That’s odd, as I usually don’t use tongue on the first kiss.” She smacks the side of your leg. “Nice. I was going to ask if he liked the taste.” She starts laughing again. “Well, I guess he didn’t like hearing that, he sounds a bit upset.” She pushes your hands away and starts typing again, “Anything else happen?”

You read as Tom types back that the alarm woke him up before anything else could happen. Bree starts laughing again. “Now what do you want to say Bree?”

“I don’t know. You start typing.” Her hands limp off the keyboard and rest between her knees as she leans back.

With your chin on her right shoulder, you reach up and begin to type. You start asking him what he would have done if the alarm hadn’t woken him up, what Bree was wearing, and where were they at? Each time you come up with some odd response like you did before. Each time Bree laughs. It isn’t until Tom begins answering your question of whether this was the only time they kissed that you begin to notice that Bree is slowly rubbing the inside of your legs. You keep typing as you inch your feet forward between hers. Two minutes later, you use your feet and legs to spread her legs apart.

You keep typing, this time with Bree telling you how her day went so you can tell Tom, with some embellishments. As you type about how Bree started feeling horny during her music history class, you notice that her hands are no longer rubbing your legs, but you can feel her arm flexing against yours as you type. With your chin resting on her shoulder, you carefully lean your head forward and glance down, confirming that her hand is moving between her legs. At an opportune moment, you apologize to Tom and ask how his day went. Once you have him talking, you pull your hands away from the keyboard. You startle Bree as your left hand gently rests against her and squeezes.

Stuttering, Escort Ankara Bree manages to speak. “I…I’m sorry.”

“Bree,” you grab the button on her jeans, “it works better if these are undone.” You unbutton her jeans and pull the zipper down. Letting go of her hand, you reach up and type something in to make Tom think you’re listening, then reach back down again. Bree is still a bit frozen in place. You grab her left hand and place it back between her legs. You then help her move hand in a circular pattern against her cotton panties. After a few times around, you let go and she keeps moving on her own. You whisper softly into her ear, “See, that wasn’t so hard. Now enjoy yourself while I end the chat.”

You get back to Tom and explain to him that talking to him about his dream and about your day has made you even hornier, so you need to go take care of it. You end saying you’ll talk to him later. With his final surprised response, you close the window and turn off the program you were chatting with. By that point, Bree is leaning back against you instead of sitting upright. “That’s right Bree, get comfortable.” Her head leans back against your shoulder as her head turns toward yours. With her breathing heavy on your neck, you decide to find out if she does use tongue on the first kiss. As you lean in for the kiss, your breathing against her lips causes her to purse them. Almost as soon as your lips touch hers, hers spread open and a tongue comes out. Not wanting to disappoint, you both begin kissing for what seems like minutes for each kiss.

While kissing, you reach both hands back down between her legs. Her left hand is still rubbing against her panties. You pull her hand away and rest it to the side. Then, using your left hand, you pull her panties away from her skin enough to slide your right hand inside. With your right index finger, you begin rubbing against her clit, gently massaging the skin that covers it. In response to your touch, Bree’s back arches as you begin to rub. The kissing stops as she takes a large breath and opens her eyes, looking intently into your own.

“Are you okay Bree?” Her head shakes yes. “Does that feel good?” Her head shakes yes again. “Do you want me to stop?” She begins to bite her lower lip and her eyes slowly shut. After a few seconds, her head shakes no. You slide your fingers down a bit so they are resting against her slit, then you slide your index and middle fingers gently inside, feeling a slight wetness against your fingers as you do this. That opens her eyes as her back arches once again. She looks you in the eyes once more. “Bree. Are you sure about wanting me to continue?” This time her head shakes yes without hesitation. You pull your fingers out. “Then I want you to stand up.”

Bree leans forward and untangles her legs from yours. Setting her feet on the ground, you push back in the chair to give her room as she stands up. She turns to face you, “Okay John, now what?”

Sitting forward on the chair, you reach out and grab her jeans. As you start to pull down, Bree leans forward and rests her hands on your shoulders as she pulls her legs out of the jeans. Once they are off, you reach for her panties and pull them off. As they get tossed to the side, Bree steps forward and shoots her arms into the air. Slipping your fingers under her shirt with your thumb outside, you slide your hands upwards against her skin, pulling her shirt up as you go. Bree leans forward to allow you to untie the knot behind her neck, before pulling the shirt completely off of her. She then stands there in nothing but a pink, strapless bra, which you reach out and undo the front hook of and let it drop. Bree stands naked in front of you. Firm, fit, and well built, her body is just how you imagined. You stop her as she starts to get on her knees.

“Look at you. You’ve been a naughty girl.” Bree smiles with a devilish grin. “It’s time for you to go to your room and dress like one. Now go.” With a giggle, she stands back up and turns towards the door. As she begins to leave, you give her a little spank. Her hands grasp her ass as she runs out of the room and down the hall to her bedroom. As you begin to hear her rustling through her drawers and closet, you log off the computer and get up off the chair. Looking around, you decide to grab all of her clothes. You hear a drawer slam shut as you pick up her bra and jeans, then walk around to her shirt and panties. As you start to walk towards the door, you hear another drawer shut and some mumbling from her room. You find the laundry shoot in the linen closet and toss everything down it, then head Ankara Escort to her room.

As you lean against the door frame, you watch Bree pulling a pair of baby blue stockings up as fast as possible without damaging them. You smile as she carefully attaches the stockings to the garters of the matching corset she has already put on. A matching pair of elbow-length gloves lay on the bed next to a matching pair of heels. As she finishes attaching the garters, you ask a question. “So when did you get all of this?” you ask as you wave your hands at the outfit. She then pulls a pair of panties up over the garters.

“Remember my cousin’s wedding that I had to go to earlier this year? Well, I was a bridesmaid for her.” Bree slips her right arm into the gloves as she speaks. “She bought all the bridesmaids matching sets of these for us to wear under our gowns. I’m sure you can guess what color the gown was.” She sets the heels on the floor to slip them on. “Maybe it was a bit much, but it was her wedding and none of us were going to argue.” She steps away from the bed and puts her arms out. “Do you like it?” she asks as she starts to turn around.

“Maybe more of an innocent slutty look, but yes, I like it.” You reach your arm out and she steps forward to grab your hand. Pulling her into your body, you grab your other arm around her and begin to kiss her again. Her body relaxes in your arms as saliva is exchanged during the tongue wrestling. As the kiss ends, her body stiffens up a bit and she begins to pull you towards the bed. You are then shoved back onto the bed. As you pull yourself upright again, you look to find Bree already down on her knees. Reaching out, she grabs onto your jeans and begins to unbutton and unzip them. Reaching into your pants, she pulls the top of your boxers down enough to grab your stiffening manhood out.

“Wow. I didn’t expect it to be so big.” Bree’s eyes open wide in amazement.

“Uh, thanks. I think.”

Bree’s hands begin rubbing up and down your shaft. After a few times, she leans forward and spits onto the head, then proceeds to rub it in. A few moments later, she repeats this. After a few minutes of doing this, your dick feels harder than it has ever felt before. Standing upright at about seven inches, it is prime and ready to enter into any orifice Bree presents. It takes only a few seconds later to realize the first one will be her mouth.

As she leans forward, her tongue comes out to meet the head. It rolls down from the tip and around the edge of the head before going back into her mouth. Bree licks her lips before she begins again with a moan. As she finishes licking the head, she begins to lick in lines down the shaft, going down one side before coming back up the other side. She repeats the motion over and over again until the entire shaft is moistened. Lifting her head back up, she then opens wide and engulfs the head of your dick in her mouth. You can feel her tongue going back and forth across the tip. While doing this, she glances up to look you in the eyes with a grin. Staring you in the eyes, she then begins to lower her mouth further, making it almost halfway down the shaft before she stops and pulls it back out. With a quick swallow and lick of her lips, she grins and tries again, this time making past halfway. You can feel the back of her throat against your tip. Lifting her head back up, she takes a big breath and looks you in the eyes with a grin. “Third time’s a charm.”

This time, you almost immediately feel the back of her throat as her teeth lightly run along the skin. You then feel her begin to swallow as she pushes herself farther. You watch as she gets the entire length of your dick into her mouth, straining herself to the limit of tearing up as she proves that she can handle you. You smile as you grab her hair and pull her off.

After she catches her breath, she opens her mouth. “Why did you stop me?” she asks.

“Because I don’t want you passing out this early in the game. That would take the fun out of all of this. Now, think you could continue WITHOUT choking yourself?”

Bree looks at you and laughs, “I’d love to.” Without hesitation, her mouth is back around your dick as she begins to take it more slowly. Flicking her tongue across your tip, running it along the shaft, occasionally using her teeth, and sucking on your head and balls, she does it all as she works you closer to orgasm.

A few minutes later, you grab her hair again. “Bree! Time to choke yourself again.” She gets a big smile on her face just before you push her down between your legs. She opens her mouth and begins to engulf Ankara Escort Bayan everything once more. You once again feel the swallowing as your tip reaches the back of her throat. You feel her tongue moving back and forth against the shaft as her face reaches the limit. You look at her as you feel yourself releasing hot, sticky cum down her throat. Her eyes begin to tear up as her gagging reflex begins to kick in. As you feel the initial burst slow down, you pull her head up enough to get yourself out of her throat. “Keep taking it all,” you tell her before she can take her mouth off. As she struggles to avoid a gagging, you continue to let loose in her mouth, which is clamped tightly around your head. Bree begins to stop gagging and switches to swallowing what is already in her mouth as your continue to unload.

As you begin to feel the orgasm slow down, you relax your grip on Bree’s head. Bree slowly lifts her head off of your dick as more cum slowly trickles out. With a last swallow, Bree smiles and looks up at you. “That was amazing. I never knew anyone could cum that much. I thought my head was going to explode the way you kept filling my mouth. And the feeling as you shot it down my throat. We HAVE to do that again.”

“Well, with the right help,” you wink at Bree as she stands up, “it wasn’t too hard. I have to say, you swallowing was the weirdest feeling. And it felt good. We’ll try that again, but first….” And with that you scoot forward and sit on the edge of the bed, reaching out and grabbing Bree by the waist as you settle into a comfortable position. Pulling her closer, you reach for her panties and pull the crotch to the side. Leaning forward, you stick your tongue and take a lick. “Mmmmm. Tastes like you enjoyed that too.” She shakes her head yes. Taking a few more licks, you realize that each one is making her more and more wet. You slap your knees. “Take a seat Bree.” She doesn’t hesitate a second as she climbs onto your lab. “How does that feel?

“Stiff. It feels stiff.” It takes a second for this to fully register with her. When it does, she quickly reaches down and tries to stick it inside herself. When that doesn’t exactly work, she uses her legs to lift her body up, then helps guide it in as she sets herself back down about two inches. “OOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!! That’s tight. I’ve never felt that before.” With a smile she pushes herself a bit further, and then further, and the further, until a few minutes later as she finally gets the entire length inside. She leans against you as she rests, her breasts pushed against your chin. “I can’t believe I got all of that in.” she softly says between her breaths. “Give me a minute.”

“Take your time.” Your response gets another smile from her. You push her body up a bit and pull down the edge of her corset before beginning to lick her breasts. More sensitive than you expected, you can feel her body clench up as you work her nipples with your tongue, hands holding her waist. As she begins to feel up to the act again, you finish sucking her right nipple and let go. Her breasts pull away as she begins again.

“Okay, I’m going to take it slow until I get used to this.” Her body begins to slowly lift up. When she almost pulls off, she slowly starts back down. At the bottom, she gives you a quick kiss, and then starts over again. After a few times up and down, she starts to get used to the motions and speeds up a bit. After a few more times, she gets a bit faster and eventually stays at that rhythm. While she fucks you, each time she comes down you lick one breast, and each time she goes up you lick the other breast. After a while, her nipples harden like rocks.

It doesn’t take long with all this stimulation to feel like you need to release again. Suddenly, Bree’s moaning turns into yelling, “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.”

“What?!?” you ask.

“I feel like cumming!” she yells back.

You grab her waist and help speed her up. Within a few minutes, as you are about to release, you feel Bree tighten up around your dick. As she begins to moan and yell louder, you lose control and finally release your load into her. A few seconds after you feel this begin, Bree lets out one long moan as her body slams down as far as possible and stops. Both of you let out long orgasms, releasing everything you have together. Minutes later, you both collapse in each others arms on her bed.

About thirty minutes later, Bree wakes up with an orgasm as you finish working her pussy with your tongue and fingers. As she grips the bed sheets, she unloads on your mouth. A minute later, she lifts herself up on her elbows and looks towards you. “Hey, that’s not fair. How am I supposed to enjoy it if I’m asleep?”

“Don’t worry, we’re just getting started.” With that, you stick your index finger into her pussy and begin rubbing her clit with your thumb. “And it’s only mid-afternoon.”

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