Corner Two-Angie Makes the Call

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This is a story looking for a home. First, “Corner Two- Angela’s Revenge” debuted in Loving Wives. Then I accidently posted follow-up “Corner Two- No Place to Play” in Erotic Couplings (of which there is little). You might enjoy those two full stories, but this third one begins with a thumbnail sketch to help bring you up to speed. Speaking of which, Greg Carpenter has two loves, motor racing and Angela.

Angie Makes the Call

Corner Two is dangerous, no place to play. In the last couple of years big things had happened to me there, some good and some bad. This one was awful!

Two years back, I was watching the season-opening regional road-racing event at the corner when I saw Angela for the first time. She looked gorgeous in tight leather and denim, drawing every male eye on the hill as she obediently tagged along behind her uncaring husband. Hours later, Angie and I were wrapped together on her penthouse sofa, the first of many intensely satisfying trysts with this fine young woman.

Half a year later, she’d left her abusive man and we were a couple. At the last race of the season, we stood near Rocco along the fence at Corner Two. Angie seethed as she heaped scorn upon him, berating her husband for his selfishness during their failed ten-year marriage. I saw a side of my lover that I hoped wouldn’t be turned on me some day. She can be a very intense woman!

Today I felt that blistering anger directed at me, but as relief, not invective. I had taken up racing and during a sudden cloudburst, I’d crashed our shiny new Penske Camaro replica Trans-Am machine hard into the tire wall at that tricky bend. The accident left me unscathed but with a battered ego and race car. Angie rushed to the scene as I jumped from the wreck.

“Are you alright? Oh my god, Greg, are you hurt!”

“I’m fine! I’m fine! But the car….”

“To Hell with the goddam car!” my passionate lover blasted, but I understood that she was far more concerned about my survival than the costly crash.

“That’s it. We’re done for today. Maybe forever? This bloody mess will cost plenty to fix,” I lamented loudly.

“Damn it, Greg! Doesn’t matter. You’re OK!” she yelled, then clambered down the metre-high concrete wall and flew into my arms.

It did matter, but not quite so much now.

“We’ll get it fixed. Maybe in time for the October race. You’ll see,” she assured me as the entire crowd at Corner Two craned their necks to watch the tender scene unfolding beside our smashed Camaro. I guess little moments like this are not a common sight during a race.

It didn’t take long for a flatbed truck to arrive on the scene. The driver lowered the long ramp, then attached a heavy chain to the car frame. Sharp grinding sounds issued from the front end of the Camaro as the powerful winch slowly dragged our resisting knock-kneed vehicle up the steel slope. He locked it in place, then brought the ramp back beneath the truck.

Angie and I piled in beside the heavy, black-bearded driver. It was my first face-to-face meeting with the guy everybody nicknamed ‘Grizzly Adams’, a long-time track worker. His old shirt was sweat-stained, and he reeked for need of a hot shower. Angie was tight against him in the crowded cab, and I could see her nose wrinkle up as his strong aroma engulfed our crowded space.

“Hell of an accident, eh!” he growled. “Seen worse. Cars on top of the tires. Turned over. Guys half dead! Fuck of a place to crash! Real deadly, Corner Two.”

“I guess that’s why people like to watch here,” Angie replied, and when he turned to give her a big gap-toothed grin, his pungent breath took ours away.

“Yeah. They like crashes- the sick bastards. Yours ain’t so bad. Seen a lot worse. Fires. Blood and guts. Not my favourite place, scrapin’ up what’s left after along the wall. No, you’re OK. Could’ve been a lot fuckin’ worse!” Grizzly reassured us for the third time.

The driver’s crude description wasn’t making me feel much better, but Angie’s hand wrapped tightly around my leather glove did help. They were both right. I wasn’t hurt and the car wasn’t burned down to a smoldering hulk. Maybe there would be another day? It was just a matter of how soon the Camaro could be repaired- and how much it would cost.

Back in the pits, our group looked like drowned rats from the sudden deluge that caused the accident. We gathered around, examining the damage. The steering linkage was broken and probably more front end pieces. The right front wheel was bent and both tires on that side blown out. The length of the passenger side bodywork was crumpled, and the hood arched up. It was a mess

Marty and my engine-builder Sam both shook their heads in dismay. But Angie was more upbeat, trying hard to revive our sagging spirits.

“Let’s get it onto the trailer and go home. You can take a better look at it inside the garage behind Rod’s building.”

Roderick Grantham was my boss, owner of Grantham Graphics, a minor sponsor of our car. He lusted after Angie, and when she turned on the charm, he had agreed Ankara bayan escort to pay our race weekend entry fees and buy team gear, in addition to letting us use part of his spacious, well lit storage building. In exchange, Angie posed for promotional photos for Rod’s company.

I carefully backed the Camaro onto our open trailer, dragging its forlorn, broken front end screeching across the ramp. Our sodden gear was tossed inside and by mid-afternoon we were on our way home. The traffic along the expressway was already building as families streamed back from a weekend away. They gawked and pointed at our battered machine, pulled behind Sam’s truck.

“Don’t worry, honey. We’ll get through this and move on, with or without the car. Greg, you weren’t hurt, the only thing that really matters to me,” she repeated softly for at least the fifth time.

It had been a terrible day at Corner Two. The crash had scared me, and I kept replaying it over in my mind. Could I have done anything differently? Should I have come in for rain tires when the skies looked ominous before the deluge? Would I be able to face that corner again or had I lost my nerve? Was this whole racing adventure just a foolish mid-life crisis on my part?


My name is Greg Carpenter. I write for Literotica as 1fastguy, my alter ego, but in real life I’m a tall and fit 57-year-old graphic designer living in Canada. My wife and I drifted apart as our son Marty grew older, until we mutually agreed to divorce about a dozen years ago.

When I met Angie two years back, I lived alone, working out at the gym a lot to stave off old age. My friends and I travelled to watch racing events across eastern North America in my old camper [caravan if you’re British]. Life was incomplete, but I hate the bar scene and shouted pickup lines.

Angela Carrier breathed new life into my empty routines. She’s a strikingly beautiful woman, tall and slender, way out of my league in the looks department. Angie was a fading fashion model, queen of the runway in her twenties, but now, her mid-thirties meant catalogue modelling as somebody’s mother or aunt. Her husband Rocco managed her career and had taken more interest in his younger clients, neglecting, and sometimes mistreating his wife.

Neither of us felt content or satisfied, when Fate intervened at Corner Two. Now she was divorced from Rocco, and we were together in my rented apartment a few hours from her former home. The court awarded Angie half of the marital assets, leaving her with several beloved contemporary paintings and a nice pile of cash. She wanted me to go racing, so chose to spend some of it that way.

Meanwhile, Angie was right about the car. We were back for the last race weekend on the regional schedule. It was a scramble to put it all back together in a month, but with very late hours in Rod’s storage building, and some unexpected help from my adult son Marty, the paint shop had it ready just in time.

We were entered for the Autumn Colours Weekend with high hopes and empty wallets. All the work we had to send out to shops cost several thousand dollars, including new parts and bodywork, paint, realignment and so on! The only way that we could make such a commitment to more racing came through my boss- and his attraction to Angela.

“I’m sure we could persuade Rod to invest more into our racing team, Greg,” she stated flatly a few days after we had hauled the wreck back from the track.

“Yeah, you could probably talk him into just about anything, depending on what you wore that day,” I commented sarcastically.

“Right… I was thinking about that….”

“OK, tell me. You’re working on an idea. I can see it on your pretty face.”

“Well, you know how Rod is so distracted by me, right? I think he needs to see more.”

“What? Like in clothes you modelled on that tropical shoot last winter? He’d like that but….”

“No, I mean more of me connected to his business. He did mention promotion at industry trade shows. Probably working a booth or something, handing out information and chatting up customers.”

“He did, but nothing firm on that. You want us to talk to him about it?” I asked.

“Yes, get him committed. And some other ideas too. Like seeing me in his advertising material, in team gear of course, but maybe with tight shorts and heels. He might want to have a pin-up type calendar?”

“Sexist, don’t you think, Angie? I won’t have you doing that just to get me racing.”

“I’m only tossing out ideas. He’d like to see ‘Grantham Graphics’ displayed prominently on the car. Maybe the entire hood or the front fenders. Then there are those ‘hero cards’ that some teams pass out at their pits. Full colour, with the car on one side, the driver, crew, and sponsors on the back. This would be good promotion at the track and trade shows.”

“Good ideas. Now how would all of this get us money to fix the car for next month?”

“We could convince him that this makes business sense if he paid some up front. He could expense it for this Escort bayan Ankara tax year. The car could be lettered when it’s repainted.”

“Great. I’ll set something up for this week and you’ll seal the deal.”

“No, Greg. That’s your job. I’ll be there as window dressing to back you up. It worked last time when Rod agreed to pay your entry fees and buy shirts and hats. This will just take it to a higher level.”

Two days later, I stepped in for another appointment with Rod, accompanied by Angie. It was a cool day, so she wore a long coat, but strangely, no stockings. She also wore a silly grin, one that said, “I’ve got a secret.” She soon revealed it- and herself. Once we were inside Rod’s office, off came the coat, leaving her clad in the Grantham team T-shirt, and tight little blue shorts. She quickly put on her team hat and big heels.

“Do you like the look, Rod?” Angie cooed as she struck a confident fashion pose in front of his desk. “I think it would really help promote your business. I’d like to get you more involved in Team Grantham.”

“Well, I know how I’d like to be more involved but that’s not on the table.” he joked.

“Of course not,” she interjected. “But this playful look on Grantham advertising, even a sexy calendar, display cards, and, at trade shows could sell plenty of your graphics, don’t you think?”

From there the negotiations were easy. Rod accepted our proposal- most of Angie’s ideas. Besides her long legs on a calendar, he wanted the company name displayed on the hood and fenders of the car. And he already had identified three shows where he wanted to display Angela with the car. We left with a sizeable cheque, enough to get back on the track.


Autumn Colours was a fitting name for the October race weekend. The fall colours are usually spectacular here, especially the maple trees, their leaves changing to a striking pallet, from yellow and orange, to resplendent reds. Warm sunny days can be followed by nights cold enough to bring touches of frost. Angie the art lover finds the season glorious.

My tastes in art don’t match hers, but I did like the fresh blue and yellow paint scheme of our repaired Camaro set against Nature’s paintbrush. By Friday evening, our crew had all arrived: Angela and I, son Marty and his girlfriend Suzanne, engine- guy Sam, and a new addition, my boss, Roderick Grantham. He was eager to see his costly team up close- both the car and Angie.

Our hopes were high, but Friday intake inspection put a real damper on the team mood. I registered for Vintage Class, but a sharp-eyed scrutineer immediately noticed a rules violation with our newly painted vehicle.

“You’re running it as a vintage replica, right? The Penske Sunoco Trans-Am Camaro from the late-Sixties.”

“Yes. Got the right shade of blue and the bright yellow lettering. The number used at Riverside back in the day….”

“It’s the other lettering across the front fenders and hood that’s a problem- Grantham Graphics.” She had her phone out. “I’m looking at a picture of the original Penske Camaro. There’s ‘Sunoco’ on the car, but no graphics company.”

“No. It’s a sponsor I picked up to help repair the damage from my September crash….”

“Sorry,” she interrupted. “Can’t do it. The Vintage rulebook says that replica vehicles can only use lettering, colours and numbers true to the original.”

Then the inspector opened the rules bible, thumbing through it until she found the relevant passage. As she quoted it word-for-word, I saw that in my haste for some funding, I’d overlooked the strict rules governing Vintage. Then came her verdict.

“You have a decision to make before you can be classified for the weekend. Either tape over the new advertising or race in the contemporary classes.”

I thought for a few minutes and conferred with Angie and Rod before coming back to talk with the official.

“Which division would I race in if not Vintage?” My boss was here for the weekend, and I wanted to display his advertising on the car.

“Grand Touring- GT1 or GT2, depending on engine displacement. Are you running the original Penske configuration, a 327 V8 and four speed manual transmission? If so, it’d likely be GT2.”

“And what would I be up against?”

“Tough competition. A mix of modern stock cars and pickup trucks converted for road racing, mostly fiberglass bodies on tube-frame chassis. Throw in some high-end BMWs and smaller-engine Porsches. It would be a fast crowd to race with your older, heavier car.”

She seemed to be trying to get me to cover up the lettering and run Vintage. It was important to confer with Rod, after all, his company name would be eliminated. He wasn’t happy.

“Damn it! I don’t like it either way. Why not see how it goes against the regular GT1 and GT2 group?” he advised, eager to see his brand displayed to the other competitors and the spectators.

“OK. Put us in GT2,” I told the inspector tersely. “We’ll show the advertising.”

Then she continued her examination of the Camaro, Bayan escort Ankara tapping on the bodywork with her knuckle. There was a metallic ping along the side of the body from the back corner to the front of the doors. After that, a hollow “thunk” sounded as she moved to the front corner.

“Ah, a fiberglass fender! You can’t just cover up the advertising now. Vintage cars need to run original bodywork. and for early Trans-Am that means sheet metal, no ‘glass. This is strictly illegal, you know, a clear Vintage Class violation. Anything lightweight is cheating!” She seemed a bit hostile now.

“Shit! I didn’t know that. Metal fenders were more expensive!” I shot back defensively.

“The rules are clear, and you aren’t in compliance. Run in GT2 this weekend, or go home. Make your choice!” And with that she spun on her heal and went to the next car in line.

I caught up with her and apologized. The scrutineers know the rulebook like the back of their hands. Pleading ignorance is no more effective than arguing with the cops or the tax people.

“Sorry. We’ll run in Grand Touring,” I said as calmly as possible.

“Good luck!” she said sarcastically, adding a little smirking grin as we passed her station and went to a shady spot to unload the car. The race weekend was off to a bad start.

Our Friday night campfire was more subdued than the last time. Sam compared September lap times for GT2 to ours in Vintage and I didn’t like the result. We were about four seconds per lap slower than the winning car, a big deficit that would become half-way round the track in a ten-lap race. We had no chance of winning against these cars!

“And the slowest times, Sam?” Rod asked.

“About the same as we ran last time out,” was the tough verdict. I was crestfallen. No chance to even place well.

“Just have fun out there, Greg,” Angie encouraged.

“It is as it is Dad, so do your best,” Marty added.

I hadn’t seen enough of him in his teens and early twenties as his mother and I drifted apart. If nothing else this weekend, I’d take heart in our racing bond.

Then Rod spoke up. “I follow a lot of racing on TV. How about I be your crew chief this weekend, Greg? Nothing to lose, right? I’d get a kick out of it, making all those important calls from the pit box,” he joked.

“Well, why not?” Angie replied right away. “After all, it’s partly your car now that your company name is on it. Sam and Marty can look after tires and pit signs to update Greg and call him in if necessary.”

At the time I didn’t recognize the importance of this idea that would change the course of the weekend.

Later that evening, Marty and I talked privately around the dying campfire. Most of the others had drifted off to their tents and I knew that Angie would be waiting for our traditional “Good luck” send-off in our camper. He had something on his mind.

“Mum keeps talking to me about your racing and Angela. She says it’s too dangerous, but mostly she’s really pissed about you being with a fashion model twenty years younger. Thinks she’s young enough to be my sister….”

“It must really bug her,” I agreed, grinning.”

“You have no idea! She’s been online and found some of Angie’s early modelling shots. And that swimwear catalogue deal in the islands last winter. Lots of bare skin, so she thinks that Angie is a tramp who’s going to bring you down. In her words, ‘If racing doesn’t kill him, that bitch will!'”

“That’s funny, but it’s not my problem. We divorced a long time ago. She needs to get her own life.”

“Seriously, I think she still has some feelings for you. She hates Angela and would like nothing more than to see her out of the picture.”

“Not going to happen, son,” I replied smugly.

“Just telling you so you keep your eyes open. You know how hard Mum pushes sometimes to get her own way.”

I knew that and thanked him for the warning, though I didn’t give it much thought as I headed toward the camper, and another exciting romp with my new love.


Things were different in this last race weekend of the season. Word got around among the Vintage competitors that I had been caught breaking some rules during inspection. The Grantham Graphics advertising was no big deal, a rookie mistake with the detailed wording of the lengthy rulebook. But the lightweight front fender was a serious matter, a competitive advantage. The usual racer camaraderie wasn’t there anymore. We were being shunned.

Vintage racing is different from conventional road race competition. It’s supposed to be a sport of ‘gentleman/ gentlewoman’ drivers, usually amateurs who treat their historic vehicles with loving care. Some own and race the same car for many years. Rules about equipment and presentation are very strict, though modern safety equipment is usually required.

A ‘no-touch’ provision is universal. One is not allowed to ‘tap’ the car ahead or alongside to move it out of the way to ease a pass. Common practice in regular race competition, this is forbidden in Vintage racing [though it does occur at some prestige events with paid professional drivers, like the Goodwood Revival in Britain]. An offending driver is treated like a pariah by peers, and their competition license could be suspended by the racing body.

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Joel , Mrs. Kant 01

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Joel & Mrs. Kant 01

Well, you don’t need to remind me that my life has been like a run away train all summer. I mean, I know as well as anyone that sexing my way through all of the MILFs in Middleton, the local book club members and all the back and forth with my newly promoted fake fiancé Staff Nurse Chicklet isn’t the best way to behave, so I’m committing to all of you that I’m going to do some soul searching and at a minimum, a minimum I say, come to a firm decision today. And what better way to do such deep soul searching than to enjoy a cup of coffee on the front porch on a power outage emergency Saturday morning?

I mean, I can stare into the skies above and search my soul or I can watch how all the neighbors are checking out the damage to their property and search my soul, right? And believe me because I know all of you believe anyways, I searched my soul and I came up with a very important decision that I planned on implementing immediately to better my crazy life.

I mean, hell no, I’m not giving up on the sex, but as a starter, I absolutely committed to figuring out just who the rightful owners were of the lawn chairs that ended up in my backyard from the storms! I mean, baby steps, right? And to prove my commitment towards a better life, I put the lawn chairs near the front curb just in case the rightful owners were driving or walking around and looking for them. I mean, that’s commitment towards a better life in anyone’s book, right? And please note, I stayed right with them on the front porch with my coffee to protect them, just like my fake fiancé Staff Nurse Chicklet forces me to protect our relationship bed, which if you remember correctly, she does the same when she’s at home or on the job at the hospital.

Ooh, ooh, look at that, will you? My life is becoming chuck full with commitments! That’s adult stuff, right?

“Wow, I never thought I would see these lawn chairs again after those storms. Um, these are my lawn chairs and I can prove it if you don’t believe me young man. Ah, Kelly, Kelly Kant by the way and I live kitty corner behind you on Cedarwood, so they must have been blown over the fence by the strong winds. Also, I have a single daughter about your age and she can prove her age, which is about the same as yours, young man.”

“LOL, I believe you about owning the lawn chairs and I believe you about having a daughter about my age, but I’m sorry, I’m going to have to call you about your daughter being single if she looks anything like you.”

“Ooh, why thank you, I think, but stop looking at me! This is my power outage emergency hair and I’m not exactly presentable. Anyways, people say that my daughter and I look a lot alike, you know, on normal days when I don’t have power outage emergency hair or casual cotton shorts on or with a power outage emergency Saturday morning bandana head wrap on, so stop looking at me, ah???”

“Joel, your kitty corner neighbor, Joel. Listen, just let me finish my coffee and I’ll gently toss your lawn chairs back over the fence.”

“Hmmm, is that code that I should sit with you for a few minutes on your porch bench on such a lovely power outage emergency Saturday morning so we can get acquainted as kitty corner neighbors, Joel?”

“Well, I didn’t write the playbook and they hand copies out for free, so, you know, right?”

“Men! You’re all the same. However, ah, is there a chance that I might have a cup of coffee too? I mean, I headed out pretty early this morning looking for my lawn furniture and I’m about one cup shy.”

For the record because you all know by now that I insist on having the record clearly stated, her hair wasn’t that bad, I mean for power outage emergency Saturday morning hair and all. And by the way, whoever invented those female sleeveless shirts with the tie tails across the stomach, well, thank you.

Also, ah, code # 32 clearly states that when a man hands off an empty coffee cup, well, that clearly means “well, while you’re at it”, right. I mean, for the record, it clearly states that!

“And Ankara escort I say it again, MEN, you’re all the same! Do this for me and do that for me and oh, by the way, always make sure that your hair is perfect! Do you at least have a coffee machine?”

“Best available on the market, Mrs. Kant. You know your way around a house, right? I mean, I’m a man and I’m exhausted and all from the recent storms. I mean, I picked up like eight branches and all.”

“Ugh, men! Should I take my socks off too, Joel?”

“Well, you’re wearing power outage emergency Saturday morning sandals already, so you are kind of barefoot, right Mrs. Kant?”

“OMFG, MEN! Fine, but only because I need to pee and all from leaving my house so long ago. I mean, I’m a woman who knows my way around a house, so finding your bathroom should be a breeze, right Joel?

Alright, for the record, ah, were we flirting and she likes to scream a little while she flirts back or should I have crawled under the front porch to hide? The record and the playbook are a little fuzzy about this.

“Well, Mrs. Kant, look at it this way, we got our first fight out of the way, so there is no where to go but up, right? Hmmm, double-double bold, one and one for me, please.”

“Ugh, men!”

Now I hear the phrase from time to time, but I don’t know the exact definition of “daddy issues”, but it’s safe to say that Mrs. Kant has issues with men, am I right?

“Ah, hello? Readers? Hi, it’s Kelly Kant and I don’t mean to break into Joel’s story, but fucking men, am I right? It’s always, do this and do that and bend over farther when you hook up the game console, right? Fucking MEN! They’re all the same. Anyways, Kelly out because you know, I’m barefoot in a stranger’s kitchen brewing his fucking double-double bold coffee! Fucking men! He’s lucky that he is cute, I mean he’s lucky that I have a single daughter about his age.”

Ahh, this is the life, isn’t it? Kicking back on my front porch, watching the neighbors mill about and enjoying my morning coffee. I could do this all day.

“Here you go Master Joel, one freshly brewed double-double bold with one and one, served with a smile and please forgive me for not wearing a super short power outage emergency Saturday morning maid uniform on. I wasn’t expecting any of this and by the way, your house is in better shape than I expected, so good job with that, not that I snooped around while our coffees were brewing.”

“Thanks for the perfect coffee, Mrs. Kant, and by the way, did we just make up from our first fight?”

“Men! But let’s put a pin in that make up thing for a moment. Um, Joel were you outside of the bathroom door listening to me pee? That’s kind of personal and something that seems like invitation only, by the way.”

Whoa, what? That’s crazy, right? Also, is that a thing? I don’t remember anyone saying anything about that on Chang, so help me out, is that a thing?

“No, Mrs. Kant, that’s, ah, that is very personal, so no. I just walked past the bathroom to grab my phone from my bedroom and you probably noticed that. I mean, I’m getting your phone number this morning, right?”

“Well, Joel, I’ll give you my number, but as a woman who knows her way around a house, I can tell that there is female activity in your house, so if you have a girlfriend, which you obviously do, well, just go ahead and put my number in the “acquaintance” side of your contact list.”

Oh, wait, is that a thing on my phone too? Is there such an “acquaintance side” of the contact list feature?

“And by the way Joel, while your coffee was brewing, I snooped around your kitchen drawers and I found your little cheat sheet that describes how you like your women to make your coffee in the mornings! Ugh, MEN!”

“And that cheat sheet was in my bedroom dresser drawer, so go on, Mrs. Kanter.”

“No way Joel, I’m wearing Saturday morning power outage emergency panties, so forget it!”

Um, is that about the same as saying it’s laundry day?

“Anyways Joel, I Ankara escort bayan know that you’re all exhausted and stuff and I appreciate the return of the lawn chairs and all, so I’m just going to go back into your kitchen and you know, wipe off your kitchen counter tops. I mean, you just sit here and finish your coffee like a man, alright?”

I know I have said many times, but am I living the life or what? I love kicking back and taking it all in, right?

“OMFG, MEN! That’s girl code from our playbook that it might be nice if you get off your ass and follow me and give me a proper power outage emergency Saturday morning fuck because I already removed my laundry day granny panties and put them your trash! Fucking men! Oh, and by the way, just leave well enough alone and don’t search through your trash. LOL, once I looked at myself in your bedroom mirror, well, those panties were a terrible choice, even for a totally excusable power outage emergency Saturday morning. I mean, yikes, right?”

“Oh, ah, let’s see, right? How does it go? Oh yeah, OMG Women! In the beginning we were making wedding plans for your daughter and I and boom, now the wedding is called off because the future mother-in-law hasn’t had sex for a while! Did I get that right, Mrs. Kant?”

Hey, I never said that they give away both gender code books for free, right? I mean, I stole one from an old girlfriend because they refused me at the give-away table, but I still a copy of the girl code book just the same.

“Well, I just removed my granny panties for you, so call me Kelly. Besides, if we have an affair before you officially meet my daughter, that’s legit, right? And for another besides, as a woman who has an eye for things around a house, I know your girlfriend has dumped you. There isn’t anything in your closet, dresser, back room, living room, kitchen or basement that tells me a woman lives here now, I mean, I may have glanced around while our coffees were brewing and I think you’re single enough to bang me like a crazy man on a power outage emergency Saturday morning. Am I right or wrong, Joel? And by the way, yes Joel, as a man, you’re correct as usual, it’s been a while for me, so I’m willing to serve it up, with a smile, of course.”

Hmmm, smart women who know their way around a house and are not afraid to go for it after so long without it, logic, right? Women rule, by the way.

“Joel before we go, ugh, if you like your women cleanly shaven down there, well, I’m going to ask you to ignore that for today. I just haven’t had much need to care for myself down there since I kicked my lousy no-good cheating faggot husband to the curb for trying to get pregnant from some twinkle toe faggot named Butch. But I promise to clean things up if you invite me back for maybe an “after the power outage emergency” lunch or something. And by the last way, OMG Joel, there is simply no such thing as a “relationship” bed! There is a “bed” and there is a “martial” bed, but nothing in between!”

That’s MILF code for “I’m too old to be on my hands and knees on the floor” or something, right?

“But Mrs. Kant, I mean Kelly, my ex-girlfriend used to call it our “relationship” bed all the time.”

“MEN! Don’t tell me, was she batting her eyes while she was convincing you to stay sexually true to her? Was she packing sexy lingerie in her work bag as she begged you to remain faithful to her? Didn’t you ever wonder why the condom box always seemed empty, even though she rarely joined you in your “relationship” bed, yet she never seemed overly horny because her needs were well taken care of? OMG, you bought her a ring and she sold it, didn’t she? Stupid men! It’s all right there on page one of the playbook, fool.”

Damn, she didn’t to say all that, right? I mean, yes to all of that, but still, right? Well, I’ll show her about MEN, alright! I mean, I’m missile man Joel, right? And you know what, come to think of it, I guess I never anyone other than my fake fiancé Staff Nurse Chicklet say anything about a “relationship” Escort Ankara bed, so maybe Mrs. Kelly Kanter was right. There is no such thing as a relationship bed, end of story.

“Ooh, this bed is nice, Joel. Momma likes. Ooh, momma likes naked Joel too! Um, like I said, it’s been a while for me, but I used to be pretty good at sucking cock, I mean, in case you’re a missile man and you launch a little early and all. I mean, should I suck the first one out of you?”

And yup, momma was still was good at that and yup, momma just might be my new woman.

“Wow, that was quick, but hey, you got size baby, so it’s all good. So, ah, I feel a little funny having left my shirt on and it seems fitting that I should be as naked as you while we share our relationship bed, so which one of us is removing my blouse? Also, is your missile seriously reloading this quickly? Ah, is that normal? And by that, I mean as long as your quick recovery time isn’t a medical condition, then don’t go the hospital about it because I don’t need some gold-digging young chicklet nurse trying to move into our sacred relationship bed. By my last way before you take me proper, ooh, la, la, MEN. Momma Kelly like men again.”

LOL, like I could attract any such gold-digging young chicklet nurse at the hospital, right? I mean, hey, wait, what?

“Oops, I mean, ooh, la, la Joel doesn’t waste time! Ooh, yeah, plunge it Joel, push it in deep baby. And it’s OK that you didn’t put a condom on, I’m safe baby, I’m safe today. So, ooh, keep pumping me baby while I ask one more thing of you, OK? Or I don’t need to tell you what to do, stud. Damn, wow, it should never be a while for any woman, damn that’s deep baby, anyways, all I’m asking is that we keep our brief affair here at your house, Joel, ooh, shoot, ah, since I kicked the lousy no-good faggot cheating husband to the curb, ooh, I love you Joel, ah, since I’ve been single again, I moved an old friend in with me and Millie is a bit of a prude, so let’s keep things here in our relationship bed, OK Joel? Or just keep trying to saw in half baby. Anyways, there would be friction in house if Millie Matthews ever caught me sucking you off from under the kitchen table because I wanted extra heavy cream for my morning coffee and OMG, Joel, how are not married???? Haven’t you shared your missile with any other women? Wow, anyways again, ah, ugh, ugh, ugh, Millie will things tough around house, not to mention that she might squeal to my daughter and ruin your wedding plans, so Joel, ooh, ooh, OMG, do we have a deal, Joel? Our quick affair is here? I promise our relationship bed will never go silent. Oh geez, Joel, who invented that move?”

“I like it cleaned up downtown.”


“I like blow jobs in the front foyer when I get home from work.”


“I’ve never had sex on my back deck after dark.”


“And my morning coffees?”

“Promise, new undies coming to a theater near you soon.”

“And the game console set? You’ll connect the cables the way I like my cables connected?”


“And you’re totally safe right now because you’re about to get a full load of my heavy coffee cream?”

“Just fuck me (I mean, no woman is ever actually “totally safe, right?). I mean, promise.”

“And you’re my woman for at least three weeks?”

“Promise and then some. Side piece coming to a theater near you, ah today. My turn, Joel?”

“Go baby, we talk about anything while we’re in our relationship bed.”

“My tits, ah, gravity and all, right?”

“Promise, that’s not an issue. Next?”

“Promise me that you won’t go gay on me? I hear that faggot guy Butch is a smooth talker and I can’t lose another man to a faggot. I mean, I heard he has man boobs and all, but promise me that you want my wet pussy and mouth more than you want it dry! Promise me, Joel.”

“That’s a solid promise Kelly! Besides, Butch is my gay half-brother, so that would be weird. Oops, ooh, la, la, you just got milked baby, ugh!!!”

Hey, how did you think I came upon all these single women who were left single because all the hubby’s hooked up with a twinkle toe gay guy named Butch? LOL, did you really think that I was good or that lucky?

End Joel & Mrs. Kant 01

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Fucking Adorable Really

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Your Mom and Dad didn’t really know better. Their parents before them and theirs before…generations of “decent.” When will it ever end.

The thing of it is, it’s really small. I mean sure it’s average, a good size, adequate if you know how to use it and some…sure more than will admit it…some will tell you the truth, they prefer it. But it’s also really really small. So you get your low expectations, your guilt, your inferiority…you try real hard not to overcompensate or abuse. You try to be decent about it. You try an be a good fella, you and your small penis. Lots of couples fall in love and certainly make a life and a kid with less. Not much less, but sure, less is a possibility. Maybe it’s more like the same amount. Not exactly less. Sure sometimes less is more.

Here is the problem though. Just like that potential partner, you were hoping for more. In fact just like them, you were hoping for a lot more. So to get the more, you get kinky and queer thoughts. All the sudden your cooking with gas. Neither Ankara escort of you had much to begin with, but now not only do you have each other, but you have a few more additions to what…let’s face it…was probably a couple of subtractions. You two minuses, are such a cute couple. Adorable really.

And now you are regularly being reminded of just how darn cute you are. Because you are open for new things and you decided to be honest with each other and frankly the world…you don’t have much to offer, beyond being an adorable embarrassment for those of us who are more than the average…sorry…keeping it real…more than small.

I mean just look at you two…tiny dick, short, scrawny & tiny pussy, flat tits…ass, petite…a lot of thin…a lot of diet plan shaming. Who is going to get fucked by the likes of you two? No motion in the ocean is happening here. You never really been fucked right and you don’t have the capability. But hopes and dreams…you have that going for you. Ankara escort bayan Your existence make the rest of us appreciate what we got to offer…which let’s face it is a hell of a lot in comparison to you average folks. So, in thanks, we share what we got to offer with you.

We do this for you of course. It is our pleasure to put you in your place and allow you to rub that lil’ prick or pussy out. If us showing up helps, then by all means, we abide.

While we may not have notice you, you noticed us when we arrived. You whispered to each other after knowing looks. Drinks ready to spill our way. Little miss minus was ready to try to clean up the newly damped slacks, straining to contain this shlong. On the dance floor lil’ mr priss was going to squeeze by this massive ass, rubbing on it, swinging around and bumping into these huge tits, with hopes that our guns would nock y’all the fuck out.

It could have gone that way, but we are nice, decent…lovely as fuck people. Escort Ankara So instead we are in your bed and his cock is all up in this mega muff fully pounding away, making these thunderous thighs and shelf booty juggle like an earthquake. Tits so huge, needed to rest on your pillows.

FUCK we coming together, again…you lost count.

You two are so darn cute on the floor. Cuddled in inferiority.

We lift each other up. We are so strong. How can we manage to hold hold each other? These guns…that’s how. These thighs. This fucking back side. Huge? Right?

Ridding his massive cock, breast engulfing his head. Arse bouncing in the air. He thrusts and lifts.

Thoroughly fucked, she still possesses the strength to turn the table and pick his large ass into the air and coddle him like a baby. He sucks on her melons as she sucks his cock. And then she lays him down. Straddles him and smothers his face. Both her hands only covering part of his engorged penis. She strikes him as he licks her…and bites. She then straddles and let’s his cock open her up as she rides. Her tits bouncing and then smother him.

Finally we are breathless.

We fat, huge, thick, and we fuck so good. Yeah…you small. Adorable really.

We turn our attention to you finally. You are totally fucked now. Totally.

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One Door Starts the Journey

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Isolation. Alone in a crowd. Never quite fitting in. Carrying corrosive and dysfunctional thoughts since childhood. The passage of time without change. The longest suicide in history?

“Do you ever have thoughts of harming yourself?” At 50, in the midst of a mental breakdown, I found the courage to call for help. I’m here in the psych ward of the local branch of the Veterans Administration.

“No.” It’s a lie. Unending sorrow and mental anguish have taken their toll on me. I have yet to understand how I got here…how my life went so very wrong. This is a low point for me in a very low existence.

“You seem stabile. Let’s set you up with some medication; and make an appointment with one of our counselors.” I nod. Stabile. Stabile in my dysfunction. Great.

One Week Later…

“Call me Tom. That’s quite a history you have revealed to me, Douglas. I can understand your journey thus far. There is a way for you to make the changes you seek…but my professionalism prevents me from disclosing them here. Would you be open to meeting me…somewhere else?”

“Sure. I can talk with you. Name the place. And it’s Doug.”

“Good. Tomorrow night at seven. Here’s the address. It’s a rambling old house with a confusing floor plan, but if you are determined to find it, there is only one door.” I get up, shake his hand, and pocket the slip of paper he gave me. Tomorrow night can’t come soon enough for me. I’ve heard it said that we all have to save ourselves from our troubles; and that no one else is coming to rescue us…but I really feel like Tom can help me.

Part 2 –

He wasn’t kidding. I finally found the house after winding down lots of narrow country roads. Man, it’s big! Some fortress-like stone building in the middle of nowhere. He wasn’t kidding about the door – where the hell is it?

“Seek and you shall find

The door inside your mind.

The one you fear may blind

To what it finally finds.”

Now that’s totally weird! This sign was obviously meant for me to read. Yeah, I get it. He thinks I block my thoughts from my real issues. I agree. Heck, this is kind of fun.

“Hello Doug!” I look up to where I heard the voice coming from. Tom is leaning out of an open window three floors above me.

“Hello!” As I think of what to say next, my eyes take in more than his lightly bearded handsome face. Tom is shirtless. Thick shoulders sit atop muscular arms that were hidden to me back at his office. As he reaches up to pull the window down, his hairy pits make my mouth gape in awe. He smiles. I guess more words are not necessary now.

“Just keep going, and find the grape arbor. Be brave, Doug, we’ll get you there.” He smiles confidently, lowers the window to the sill, turns away from the window, and disappears. His back is broad, thick with strong muscle structure, and the low sill of the window affords me a quick glimpse of some slightly hairy butt cheeks – crack and all! As I resume my quest for the door, I think back to a lifelong yearning for someone to understand me. My hope soars. My feet take me along a cobblestone path that winds through some pretty gorgeous landscaping. Then I see it. Just to my left there is a large and inviting grape arbor. As I turn toward the structure, my sightline allows for a direct view through the tunnel it creates…right to THE DOOR.

“Welcome dear boy.

We shall not be coy,

Nor shall we toy

With your ultimate joy.”

The note is pinned to the massive oak door; and written in the most lovely calligraphy I have ever seen. My heart quickens with anticipation. I am finally opening up to explore the hidden depths of my very being.

“Please enter of your own free will, Douglas. Close the door behind you. The vestibule has a bench, and there are hooks for your clothes. Your undressing is more than a mere empty gesture – it is a removal of your inhibitions, your fears, and your lifelong armor – armor affords no protection. Armor entombs the wearer. Disrobe and join with me in the chamber beyond. The fire will keep us warm. The fire in your soul that yearns to find its freedom will carry you beyond all concerns. Sit in the cushioned chair that you find there. I will join you shortly.” His voice trails off behind the portal. I reach for the door handle and grasp it with slightly trembling fingers. This is what I want. I need this. He can help me. As close as I have been to my mental limits, I just have to believe in Tom. I have to.

“I’m in, Tom.” I don’t know if he can hear me, but the sound Ankara escort of my own voice is comforting me a bit. As I take off my shoes, sox, and pants, the glow of a fireplace in the next room gives me a sense of calm. My sense of logic tells me that this whole thing is really strange. I shake off the thought as the attempt of the negative one within me trying to save its own skin. That gives me the power to remove my shirt, undershirt, and finally my briefs. There is a mirrored wall right in front of me. I give my hair a quick self-conscious touch up; and take note that my body still retains a somewhat youthful appearance, despite my age. As I turn to enter the room beyond, the sound of cameras echoes in my ears. I just shrug it off. Nothing is going to stop me now.

Part 3 –

The chair is large, and very comfortable. Before me is a small table with a tray of snacks, two filled glasses, and one very ornate small bottle. Before I can gather my thoughts, Tom appears out of nowhere, and slowly approaches me. He is as naked as I am, which gives me a sense of acceptance and calm. I stand to greet him, and he closes the distance between us.

“This day is your freedom day, my young friend.” Odd that he refers to me as ‘young’.

“Thank you.”

“You gave up your true self as a very young man. That young man resides deep within you. He has been waiting patiently for his, and for your, release from bondage. Bondage is where you have lived your life until now. Bondage is where you must go in order to release yourself from it once and for all.” His outstretched hand takes mine, and we move toward the fireplace. As wood crackles and burns on the andirons, the fire in my heart rages with every beat. Tom takes the two filled glasses and hands me one. He removes the stopper from the ornate bottle. Two small white pills drop into his large palm. “Take one. It is your ticket to freedom.”

I have smoked weed several times in my life; and been in the company of friends who did stronger stuff. Locked away mentally, I could not allow myself the terror of stripping away my armor with drugs. Without a word, I now reach for one of the pills, pop it into my mouth, and swallow as I drain the beverage down my throat.

“You surprise me, Doug. But it shows us both just how ready you are to make the changes you seek.” With that said, Tom also downs his pill; and drains the glass of its fluid. Once again he takes my hand, and leads me up to and through a wall of bookshelves that part as we approach. The room within is dark. Several candles barely shine enough light for me to see what awaits me.

“Kind of creepy, huh?” He says this while just inches from my face, so I can look into his sparkling grey eyes. I nod. We are the same height. He stretches a bit and moves in even closer, placing a gentle kiss on my forehead. As he does so, I let out an involuntary sigh. It is one of relief, as well as one of capitulation. Tom is my real-life spirit guide now, and I trust him completely. I have started to float within my own body in a way that makes me smile to myself. As I look around inside my mind, I can see doors everywhere. Hundreds, no, thousands of doors of all shapes and colors crowd my inner vision. The sight electrifies me; and it suddenly frightens me to my very core. I lash out at Tom with my fists pounding his rock hard pecs. He grabs at my hands, and helps me to beat his chest until I collapse into a puddle of tears at his feet.

“It’s good, Doug. Go with it. Let go of your fear.” I have no strength to resist him, nor do I want to. He guides my listless body to a central padded table where he helps me ascend onto the cool leather surface. My thoughts race from those of reviewing my sorrowful past to those of the final act to my life that may occur in this very room, as Tom buckles my limbs securely to the edges of the table.

“Tell me what you fear, Doug.” That’s an easy one.

“I have always thought of myself as bound within a cell of my own making.” I feel as though my words have a life of their own, not needing me to analyze or edit them in any way. “Bondage of my body in any way shape or form has always terrified me…and fascinated me in some unexplained way.”

“We fight within ourselves to maintain whatever mindset is dominant within us – even a negative one. You have acquiesced mentally to your self-imposed prison bars, yet fight against those imposed externally. Giving in to those external fears, and conquering them, will give you the courage Ankara escort bayan to finally vanquish your inner fears, as well. You are now securely bound and at my mercy. Tell me what I will do next.” His voice is calm and reassuring. I have a welling up of an answer to his question, but it begins to stick in my throat. I can’t speak. I can’t even breathe!

“Go with it, Doug. You are safe with me. No harm will come to you. You are a brave and wonderful man. I will help you every step of the way. Feel my hand at your chest now. Let it release the tensions you are feeling. Let my hand help breathe air and life into your body.” His hand is warm and feels good on my chest. I take in a deep and freeing breath, as fresh tears stream down my face. “Good. You chose to negate your fears, and you won. Let that set the tone for the rest of your first visit here today. I will guide us together as one, and insure your safe passage into new and rewarding mental freedom. You are beginning the tough task of separating from the emotions of your past, leaving those memories as mere harmless history. You are securely in this moment, a place that is foreign to you, I know. Yet this is the place you must learn to resonate with. I believe in you, Doug. What are your own thoughts?”

“I desperately want to believe in myself as capable of real change, Tom, as much as I truly believe in you as my guide. Will you please kiss me again?” Tom has been sitting in a tall padded chair at my side. My head is facing him. He leans over and kisses my mouth, and I instantly open to him. My tongue begins to seek his, and that permission gives full vent to both of our passions. Tom knows about my latent feelings toward men. He knows of the sequestered fury within my mind and my body as I have struggled to contain my passions; and to fit in with a society that already rejected me completely. His kiss lasts forever.

“I am as uninhibited as you are, Doug. We shared a pill each so that I may be on the same plane of existence as you are, for maximum guidance. Yet I too have my needs. I am not completely selfless in this moment. Do you understand?” I nod. This is what I want. I have always wanted a strong man to take me to his will.

“It is your will alone that is guiding this exploration, Doug, not mine. My pleasure is derived from watching yours be expressed. As you and I bond completely, it is your journey that fuels my own passion. My ride with you will please us both. May I continue?” I nod.

Part 4 –

“It is not a strong man that you need to surrender to, Doug, but to the strength within yourself. As I tend to the physical desires and needs of your beautiful and naked body, succumb to the joyous state of release from any and all inhibiting anguish you have carried.” I have not even tried to move my limbs yet. But the feeling of Tom’s hands and mouth at my exposed crotch finds me pulling furiously at the restraints.

“It’s just you and me, Doug. No one else can see. No one else can judge. We are free to explore our feelings. We are free to lose our inhibitions.” As I relax my legs, there is a tug at my right ankle. Tom is releasing the leg restraint. My left ankle is also freed. In a gesture of self-acceptance and of permission to him, I raise my legs and place my feet on the leather top of the table, giving better access to Tom for the desires that rage within me now.

“Yes. That’s it. Your mind is accepting the release of its pain, as your body is released from its bondage.” I watch as he bends to place his wet tongue firmly at my taint. With a slight yet persistent pressure, Tom is massaging that sensitive part of me into a frenzy. “Feel it all, Doug. Stay with me and ride the waves of pleasure you have long denied yourself.” Is he kidding? There’s no way I could do otherwise! Back to my cockhead with his warm mouth, that sensation is eclipsed by the fingers that have taken over at my taint…pressing ever more firmly, moving ever lower until the longest digit finds my most private zone. Facing the ceiling, I am in a trance, and feel all of my senses in a most pleasant way, forcing me to stay completely open to the room, to Tom, and to myself.

“Oh, Tom. It’s just you and me, Tom. I want to feel it all! Take away what restraints remain within me. Please, Tom. Take me with you.” I want to go as far with Tom as he will allow. I hope he knows he has my permission.

“Then take this moment to release what remains of your fears, as I enter you and we expose all of your secrets…open Escort Ankara all of your inner doors.” I am having a panic attack! I can barely squeak out a muffled cry: “NO! Oh, Tom. Please….NO!” He removes his hands from my body, leaving me cold and alone. This is a feeling that I am, unfortunately, very familiar with. Having come this far, I will not retreat. I thrash my head about to find Tom, but he is nowhere in sight. My legs return to the prone position on the table. I am not pleased with myself. As the minutes pass, I sense a rather sweet odor wafting into the room. Looking about for the source…I see Tom! He has lit an incense burner, and is coming once again to my side.

“This will help calm us, Doug. May I continue?” I smile and nod.

“I’m sorr…” He cuts me off with a kiss, and then plunges a finger knuckle deep into my clenched sphincter. I raise my legs once again to give better access, stifling a cry of surprise, and slight discomfort that I feel.

“No need for more sorrow, Doug. Good job with the load of it that you have carried. Let’s continue to unburden you of that load…and of the load that is boiling within you, as well.” Removing the restraints from my arms, I am now free of worldly bondage. It occurs to me in the most wonderful of ways, that I can accept myself more completely, as well. Tom was right. Casting off imagined worldly boundaries gives me permission to draw down those within my own mind.

“You feel it. I can see it in your eyes. My own pleasure is spiking at your success. Let’s complete today’s session with a mind-expanding orgasm. For you, that is. I will forgo, for now, my own release that we may concentrate fully on, and revel in, yours.”

Tom is gently pistoning my passage, aided by lube joining with his spittle. Once again he bends toward my erection, and as I close my eyes for this final pleasure assault, I hear him whisper into my ear:

“As I deepthroat your beautiful cock, place all thoughts at the head of your penis, Doug. Feel my throat as it squeezes and massages your engorged shaft. Reach up and cradle my head with your hands; reaffirming your acceptance of this joyous moment.” I do as he asks; as it coincides perfectly with what I want to do.

“I will not stop now until your orgasm comes and subsides. Have no inhibitions. Revel in your new freedom, Doug. Let me hear you express the joy you feel through words and sounds.” Holy crap! What a feeling! His throat has me completely engulfed. My pubes can feel his nose rubbing there. No way will I last like this. The door to my passage is filled with many fingers now, stretching and probing there in the most wonderful and sensual way. Expertly sucking me takes me to my edge several times. He hears me moaning; and knows how to prolong my ride. My entire crotch now feels bloated and filled to the maximum. Gurgling sounds tell us both that ejaculation is imminent. He rises briefly from my crotch.

“You ready for your ‘happy ending’?” All smiles from both of us. I just nod, and drop my head to the table. Within seconds, the river of fluid begins to course its way through the tubes of my body. As the base of my cock swells within his throat, Tom sucks and bobs with an even greater frenzy. His fingers surround and squeeze at my prostate, and I lose it completely!

“TOM. Tom TOM!!!!!!” As he continues to suck, and now to swallow, my body goes into involuntary overdrive. What feels like a gallon of cum courses roughly through my penis, ripping past my slit, and cascading into his body, into his belly, into his very soul. As I gasp to catch what breath I can, Tom continues to suck the life out of my prick; giving me the crotch equivalent sensation of the dry heaves. My hips still buck, and I have resumed touching his head, neck and shoulders. When I am totally spent, I collapse onto the table with a thud. Tom lets me slip from his warm throat, leaving me temporarily exposed and alone on the table, but not for long.

“What did I tell you? I said that you would find ‘the door’. It was up to you to go through it, and to deal with what you found there. I am so very proud of you, Douglas. So very proud!” Kissing him now is like the icing on the cake. I know that this is truly a new beginning for me; and that more ‘work’ lies ahead. It is with great expectation that I look forward to my next session with Tom. No longer in bondage to the world, or within myself, restraints will no longer be needed in our sessions together. Yet there are many, many new and exciting explorations ahead to continue on my journey of self renewal. It is a journey that I am looking forward to taking, but perhaps not to complete. This student is totally in love with his teacher. We’ll have to wait and see how that plays out. Thanks for coming along on my journey.

To be continued…

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Squashed again!

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After my last encounter with Tony, I could hardly close my eyes without thinking about him, let alone sleep. But I managed to get through the next few days, eager as always to see him. I semi-panicked when he didn’t turn up at the rugby club for a few days, partly because I wondered if he had regretted our ‘encounter’ but also because the club would soon be open to the public again.

The day before this was due to happen, I went in for my usual squash practice session, delighted to find him in the changing rooms. He was dressed for his gym session and about to leave the room.

As I entered I saw him and said “Hi. Are we OK? I haven’t seen you for a couple of days.”

He explained that work had prevented him from coming into the gym since I last saw him there, but also made it clear that he had no regrets.

He went out of the door, but came back again within seconds and said,

“Oh by the way.”

He then took the back of my head in his incredibly strong hand and pulled my mouth onto his. He kissed me passionately, pushing his tongue down my throat, so deep I though I was going to gag. He caressed my now erect cock through my shorts, whilst kissing and licking my neck.

I had barely recovered when he pulled away, winked at me and said


It was quite a few minutes before I could leave the changing room for the squash court, thanks to the boner Tony had left me with. But eventually I did and had a good hour on court.

I returned to the changing room to find Tony undressing, ready for the shower. We indulged in small talk and then found ourselves, once more, in the shower, lathering our own bodies, for once. Again I struggled to take my eyes off his incredibly muscular body. His cock, although admittedly smaller than mine, was beautiful and within minutes it was standing to attention.

Whilst admiring his body, our eyes met and I said “No regrets?”

He slowly walked towards me and kissed me again. On the mouth and then all around my neck. I was almost breathless.

Now I admit I’m ‘Bi’ and yes I do love the opposite sex, but this guy was making me feel things I’d never felt before.

He knelt before me, taking hold of my cock and guiding it into his mouth. He slowly pumped my cock, in and out of his mouth, pulling Ankara bayan escort the foreskin back and forth as he did so. He then placed his hands between my thighs and seemed to be pushing them apart.

So I moved my feet apart and he immediately started caressing the crack of my arse with the palm of his hand. He then eased on of his fingers inside and I let out a gasp, parting my feet even further. He then eased a second finger inside me, whilst still running his tongue up and down my tool.

Suddenly I stopped him saying “No! You’re gonna make me come and I want this to last. Come up here.”

He stood up and we embraced again. I thrust my tongue into his mouth and fucked his mouth with my tongue.

I pulled away and pushed him against the wall. I dropped to my knees and flicked the end of his cock with my tongue. I looked him in the eyes whilst I pulled his foreskin all the way down and then back. I did this a few times, watching his expression and listening to his groans.

He was in ecstasy and I loved the fact that it was me who was making him feel this way. I continued to suck him and started massaging his balls, an action that was greeted with yet more groaning. He parted his feet and I took the hint, sliding one and then two fingers into his tight little arse.

Eyes closed, Tony continued to groan, pulling my head to his groin, back and forth making me fuck his cock with my mouth. We continued like this for a couple of moments until he froze. He stopped moving completely, holding my head still.

Baffled as to what was going on, I stopped and looked at him, to find he was staring, eyes wide open, at the door. I turned to look and what I saw made me feel utterly sick.

There was a guy, probably mid-twenties to thirty, in dungarees, which seemed to be unzipped around his midriff. Out of the dungarees a long hard cock was protruding, longer than either Tony’s or mine, but not as thick as either.

His hand was wrapped around his cock and he had been pumping away up to the point at which I looked at him. He too, froze.

“Please!” he said, “Don’t panic and please don’t stop. My name is Gary. Your secret is safe with me. Please just let me stand here and watch you.”

I looked at Tony, hoping for Escort bayan Ankara some reassurance. Our secret can’t get out. So many things were spinning around in my mind.

Tony looked at me and smiled and then very slowly started to move my head back and forth. I was still shocked, but I went with it. After a few strokes I was back, enjoying the taste and the feel of his gorgeous cock, almost forgetting Gary was there.

“My God, that looks beautiful.” Gary said.

I could hear his breathing getting heavier.

Tony opened his eyes and said, “Why don’t you come over here so that we can see you too.”

Gary was so keen; he locked the door (why didn’t we think of that!) and almost ran over to the shower to join us, throwing off his dungarees as he did so.

He stood just a couple of feet from Tony, naked, slowly stroking his own cock, whilst watching intently as I continued to suck Tony.

“May I touch?” he said to Tony, as he looked at his strong hairy chest.

“You’d better ask Jim. Anything he’s comfortable with is fine by me.”

Gary looked at me and I nodded. “Help yourself to anything you see.” I said.

He ran his fingers through the hair on Tony’s chest, softly running them over Tony’s nipples. I could see he was loving this. He leaned forward and licked Tony’s nipples. More groaning from Tony. I backed off, giving Tony’s cock a break from my mouth. Gary continued to lick Tony’s nipples and then reached down to grab his cock. Watching this unfold was making me incredibly horny.

Still on my knees I looked up to see Gary’s hard, long cock just a few inches from my face. I took hold and gently started to pull his foreskin back and forth. Gary let out a gasp, looked at me and smiled. He then looked at Tony who moved closer, grabbed the back of his head and plunged his tongue into Gary’s mouth.

They kissed deeply for a couple of minutes. Tony’s back was against the wall and Gary’s hand slowly pumping away at Tony’s cock. Suddenly Gary dropped to his knees in front of Tony, taking his cock deep down his throat.

I took a handful of shower gel and started rubbing it into the crack of Gary’s arse.

Gary moaned deeply, looked over his should at me and said “Please!”

I continued to Bayan escort Ankara run my fingers up and down the crack of his arse and then eased a finger inside him.

Gary cried out “Oh yes, fuck yes!” He started to push back against my finger, continued to suck Tony and then reached behind and started to rub my cock.

I eased a second finger inside him. Gary let go of my cock, thrusting himself back and forth even harder onto my fingers.

I felt I could sense what it was he wanted and I wanted to give it to him. But first, I had other ideas. I knelt down behind him, still finger fucking his tight little arse. I then removed my fingers and thrust my tongue inside him. The taste was exquisite! Gary was in raptures. I stroked his balls whist fucking him with my tongue. When neither of us could take it much more, I took the tip of my cock and ran it up and down the crack of Gary’s arse.

After a couple of minutes, Gary said “Please don’t tease me! I want you inside me!”

With that, I slid the length of my cock deep inside him, holding onto his hips, thrusting my cock inside him as hard and as fast as I could.

My eyes had been closed all the time I was fucking Gary’s arse, but I opened them to see Tony smiling back at me. I could see Gary with Tony’s cock in his mouth and mine inside his arse. This was one of the horniest sights I’d ever seen and it tipped me over the edge. I screamed out as I fucked Gary harder and faster, emptying my cum into his gorgeous, tight little arse.

At the same time Tony had his hands on the back of Gary’s head, fucking his mouth for all he was worth, emptying his cum down Gary’s throat.

I was then amazed to see Gary shooting his cum over the shower floor. His hands were nowhere near his cock, but he was coming just the same. I reached round and helped to finish him off, long beads of cum shooting everywhere.

Gary and I both collapsed on the floor, whilst Tony sunk to his knees, leaned over and gave me the softest kiss. I looked at Gary.

“I only came in looking for the boiler. I’m supposed to be servicing it!” he said.

“Looks like you were the one who were serviced!” said Tony.

Gary left to find the boiler and Tony and I dressed and left. As we were leaving, Gary came up to us and handed us both his business card.

“Just in case you, I mean your boiler, is in need of a service anytime soon.”

Tony and I walked out together, aware that this was going to be the last time, for a long time, that we would have the club to ourselves. Well it was good, or should I say amazing, while it lasted!

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Asking Matthew Pt. 03

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It had been about six weeks, since the last time I saw Matthew. I had gone out on a few dates with men, I had met online. But no one gathered my attention to make me want to move forward. I used a lot of toys and watched a lot of gay and trans porn getting myself off. But I missed the real thing. I missed feeling a real cock in my mouth, let alone wanting one sliding in and out of my ass. I wasn’t going to bother Matthew anymore, because I felt bad that through our sexual experiences, I didn’t want him as a boyfriend. And I didn’t want to use him for sex, or furthering my experiences. I just kept the faith that sooner or later, I’d find a boyfriend.

I was home on a Saturday night, when I received a text message from Matthew; “Hey everyone’s meeting up at the bar, if you want to hang out.”

I wasn’t real interested in going. It was getting late and I had a long day and just wanted to stay home and relax before heading to bed. But I also thought, summer was ending and it’s not often that I get to go out and have a few beers, letting the cares of life disappear for a few hours. I decided I was going to head out and hang out a bit, but wouldn’t make it along night.

I answered Matthew writing; “Yah I’ll cruise by. Let me grab a quick shower and I’ll be there.”

He responded; “Can I shower with you?” With a big smiley face…

I chucked at it as I gathered my clothes and jumped in the shower.

About 40 minutes later I arrived at the bar. Lots of people from the old league were there hanging out, playing pool, shooting darts and the Juke Box was loud and rocking the house. I had a few beers and played a few games of both darts and pool and was having a great time. As much as I didn’t really have the energy to go, once I was there, I was having a great time.

Matthew and I had talked briefly upon my arrival, but mostly kept our distance from each other throughout the night. And that reason alone, was exactly why I didn’t want to date him years ago, because of the uncomfortable feeling(s) we would have had every week when we had the games. Especially if we were keeping our relationship a secret. But I must admit, several times throughout the night I’d catch myself starring at him. Licking my lips, thinking about his cock and wanting more sex from him.

I had just finished a game of darts with a couple of the girls that played on the league, when Matthew walked up to me.

“How have you been?” He asked.

“I’ve been alright Matthew. Just working a lot.” I replied.

“I miss seeing you.” He spoke.

“I miss seeing you too Matthew. But life’s been busy.”

“Wanna play a game?” He asked.

“Sure.” I replied.

“Wanna make it interesting?” He spoke.

“Sure. What do you have in mind?” I asked.

“You win, you get what you want. If I win, I get you alone tonight.” He related.

“Alone tonight?” I inquired. “Could be interesting.” I furthered.

“What would you want?” He asked.

I leaned in a bit closer to him and whispered softly; “Your dick!”

Matthews eyes lit up as he reached into his pocket to pull out some money to put in the dart machine. We started the game and at first, I was trying to win, but as the game moved forward, I started picturing his cock ramming in and out of my mouth. Envisioned him behind me slamming his throbbing dick in and out of my ass. Feeling his cum all over my face. Feeling his touch, his warmth and him satisfying me, the way no one had in a long time. I started “missing” all my shots, until he finally caught up and eventually won.

When we finished and he had one, he was gloating like he just dethroned the King of England, as I sat smiling at him. We both knew we wanted sex and it was just the “game” and the “bet” was just the way for us to break through the red tape.

“We’ll good game Matthew.” I spoke, as I extended my hand out to shake his. Matthew shook my hand and gave me a “man hug” to celebrate his win. As he was pressed up against me, I said; “I’ll be Ankara bayan escort waiting for you at home.”

I turned and started to say my goodbyes to those at the bar and eventually headed out into the night. I got home and was very anxiously awaiting his arrival. I was overly horny, lightly buzzed and I wanted his cock so bad, that I was already hard in my jeans. I didn’t know how far behind he was, but I was hoping he waked out just a few moments after I did.

Within 5 minutes, I saw his car pull up in front of the house. My heart leapt and I was very giddy because he was there. As he reached the front door, I opened it and greeted him. After he walked through the door and I closed it behind him. I pressed him up against the door. Without a word, I leaned in and kissed him. This time there was no holding back. Our tongues met and swirled around in each other’s mouths. My hands rubbing up and down his torso. I was so fucking horny and so ready for cock that I wanted to suck his cock; and have him fuck me until the sun came up.

I knelt down and started literally ripping his belt open and pulling at his button and zipper. I wanted dick so bad and I wanted it now. I got his pants open and yanked them down, returning my hands to his boxers and pulling those down. I put his flaccid cock in my mouth moaning loudly as I felt the warmth of his shaft along my tongue. I swirled my tongue around it and started sliding my head back and forth getting him hard. I hadn’t wanted a dick in my mouth more than I wanted his at that moment. And since this was the only man, I knew I could suck off, he was going to get sucked off hard. I couldn’t suck it enough.

I’ve wanted cock bad over the past few weeks and now to have him (or frankly any cock) in my house… made me overly horny. I sucked back and forth getting him fully erect as his hands came to rest on top of my head. I pulled his cock from my mouth at one point lightly stroking him with my hand, whispering the words; “I’ve missed this cock, Matthew.”

Matthew lightly moaned as he stood over me, letting me suck his dick and give him an erotic blow job right in my doorway. And I was thankful for it. I knew at this point I wanted men, more than women. I only wanted dick and I wanted his more now than I had weeks before. But my biggest concern was the fact that the last two times I had given him a blow job, he came quickly and I wanted this to last. I wanted this to be more than 5 minutes and I wanted him to fuck me hard. Tonight, I need to be penetrated. I need to be rammed like a little bitch and I needed to cum while being fucked.

But I was so horny and so wanting to suck his dick so hard and fast that I was already rock hard in my pants. As I knelt in front of him letting my mouth pleasure him, I started using my left hand in combination with my warm wet mouth to suck him off. While with my right hand, I was trying to get my pants open. When I finally got my button and zipper open, I pulled my cock from inside my pants and underwear and was stroking myself as I slobbered back and forth on his cock.

“Oh Matthew, I need this cock.” Spewed from my mouth, as I knelt starring at his fully erect cock.

I stood up and kissed Matthew passionately. As our bodies pinned up against each other, I managed to place both of our dicks in my hand and was lightly stroking us off. I wanted him hard, I wanted his love, I wanted to get him off, but I wanted to make sure I got what I needed too. As we stood there kissing, the sensation of having his dick, placed up against my dick in my hand was immeasurable. I was so hard and so ready for him, that I wanted him to bend me over right there and slide his dick deep into my ass, but I didn’t want his to blast his load quickly.

“Bedroom!” I moaned through our kiss, as Matthew started to pull his pants and underwear off of the bottom of his legs, so he could walk.

Matthew followed me to my bedroom removing his shirt before he laid down Escort bayan Ankara on the bed as I was getting undressed. I could see the lustful look in his eyes, as he laid there watching me undress. His hard cock sticking straight up, waiting to be played with more. While my cock was sticking straight out, bulging with excitement. I crawled up onto the bed and slid right up and in-between his legs. My lips lightly kissed his inner thighs as I made my way back up toward his hard cock. I sucked on his balls for a few seconds holding his long shaft in my hand looking up at his hard cock pulsing and throbbing, waiting for my mouth to suck him so more. I placed his cock back into my mouth and started sucking him off again. The pleasure and passion was more than I could handle and my body, my spirit and my ass was begging to be fucked.

I pulled Matthew’s cock from my mouth and leaned over him to the right to my night table. I opened the drawer and grabbed the bottle of lube that was resting inside. I returned back to being in-between his legs, squatting on my knees, popping the lube bottle open. I poured a generous amount on my left hand and dropped the bottle as my hand moved towards his cock.

I leaned down a bit as my lubed hand wrapped around his shaft, the cool sensation of the liquid, made him lightly gasp. I started stroking up and down his shaft feeling his hard cock sliding in and out of my palm and between my fingers. I knelt watching myself giving him a hand job as my cock pulsed and shook from the excitement of being alone with a man again.

“I want your dick in me!” I moaned out while my eyes watched his cock sliding throughout my hands.

I leaned down again and sucked on his cock more, while I took my lubed hand and started rubbing up and down my asshole, getting myself slippery wet. I went back and forth from jacking him off to sucking him off and back to jacking him off, while my hand played with my ass. My cock as so hard that it felt like the skin was stretching beyond its capacity.

I climbed up on top of Matthew reaching back to find his cock sticking straight up underneath me. I adjusted my angle and lined the tip of his dick right at my asshole. I pushed down and as lubed up as he was, his hard cock slid right inside of me. I gasped in pleasure, as I felt him enter into me and getting what I had been longing for, for so long.

I slowly rose and fell, getting him further in each time and letting my body adjust to having a dick inside of me again. Matthew pulled at my arms, bringing me face to face with him, kissing me deeply as I began rocking back and forth taking his cock dep in my ass. It was slow and erotic, but it was perfect as he was fulfilling a need as he made love to me.

I was rock hard feeling my dick and balls pressed up against his little belly as I rocked back and forth, while his cock slid in and out of me. We kissed deeply for a long time, as his dick felt enlightening just slowly getting deeper inside of me. I’m glad we were taking this first bit slow. I wanted him to be in me for a long time, not just a few moments. The bed rock and squeaked, as I continued riding him at my pace letting him slide in and out. His cock felt so perfect inside of me. Not too long, not to short, but surely hard enough to make me know a good rock-hard cock was fucking me.

I rose back upright and started riding him, like a woman would ride a man. I bounded up and down as deep and fast as I could just feeling his shaft come almost all the way out, then all the way back in. My cock was flapping up and down, as I bounced on his throbbing cock. Fast for a bit; but the long and slow letting him side all the way in. I was in heaven, his cock felt perfect deep inside of me. I wanted this… Period! There was no doubt. I wanted dick. His dick. Someone’s dick. Any dick. A boyfriends dick. I needed Dick. I wanted dick and now that I was being fucked again. I couldn’t have wanted more.

I rode Mathew Bayan escort Ankara for about 5 minutes just riding his cock until I felt like I was going to explode. The top of my dick occasionally hitting his skin, flapping in the wind, feeling the constant pleasure of being hard, while a cock was deep inside of me. I reached down on occasion and stroked myself, keeping the feeling of wanting to cum constant. And on occasion Matthew would stroke my cock as I bounced up and down on him, stimulating me even more.

“I’m gonna cum!” He cried out as I continued bouncing up and down on him.

The thought of him shooting his load in my ass, got me even more turned on. I could tell by the look on his face he was about to explode. His head was leaning back, his mouth wide open, his breaths gasping but shallow. His hands grabbing onto my thighs harder grasping skin and muscles as I bounced up and down.

“Fucking cum in me baby!” I moaned out as I continued ridding him.

My dick became even harder as my hand wrapped around my shaft, while his stiff, fully elongated cock slid in and out of me. Matthew’s hips started thrusting upwards driving his dick deeper and faster into me.

“Holy fuck!” I cried out as his hips thrusted upwards hard, as I was driving my body downwards onto his throbbing cock, bringing both of us to the brink of cumming.

“I’m cumming. I’m Cumming!” He whimpered out as I felt his dick shaking and pulsating deep inside of me. His gasps and body movements let me know he was cumming deep inside of my ass. While I still rose and fell on his cock.

The thrill and excitement of the movement, drove me to sheer extasy as I started bellowing out; “Matthew I’m cum! I’m going to cum!”

My cock flapping up and down, feeling like it would explode without being touched. I was dying to cum, dying for it to start shooting out everywhere. I was pulsing and throbbing, wanting to release, as he was releasing in me. I grabbed my cock, stroking it fiercely with my hand as he released deep inside of me. I was beyond aroused, beyond satisfied and beyond wanting anything else but a cock in me.

“Holy fuck baby, I’m going to fucking cum!” I cried out as thrust down as hard and deep as I could getting him as deep inside of me as I could get it.

I started riding harder and faster for mere seconds, bucking up and down down taking every inch of his cock as deep as I could.

Before I could even get more words out of my mouth, I started shooting my cum all over his chest. It was flying everywhere, as my cock was flapping and bouncing everywhere, with each thrust up and down. I was moaning out like a female, as his cock rammed in and out of me and my cock was shooting cum.

“Matthew!” I cried out, as I kept squirting cum all over the place.

Matthew reached out and was slowly stroking me as I was getting towards the end of my orgasm, making the sensation even deeper. “Matt. Matt. Matt!” I moaned out, as his cock penetrated me deeply and thoroughly as he continued jacking me off.

“Fuck!” I cried out as I started to slow down my pace, as my leg muscles tensed, became rubbery and had gotten numb from riding him.

Matthew pulled me down face to face with him again and kissed me deeply. I had stopped my up and down momentum, just lying chest to chest with him. Feeling the last bit of cum trickle from my dick, as his full boner was resting deep inside my ass after being pleasured by his cock.

We rested this way for a few minutes. I could feel the lube and his cum sliding out of me as we bonded even further.

I eventually rose off of Matthew barely being able to walk once I got to my feet. We both went to the bathroom and washed up and laid next to one another, naked, spent and relieved from fucking. We talked for a while and had a few smokes before I started to drift off. I had feelings running deep inside of me that I hadn’t felt in years and to be honest I wanted him to spend the night and fuck me more. But as we were talking, I must have drifted off mid-sentence, because the next thing I remember was waking up alone early morning hours to pee and he was gone.

Matthew and I had one more great sexual experience, before I got the shock of a life time. I’ll tell you more about it in the next chapter.

The end. For now.

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The Only Diver at Meadows Ch. 02

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Authors note: This is my 2nd attempt at writing so, any and all feedback is extremely welcome! Thanks for reading! Also every Character in this story is 18 years of age.

For the rest of the bus ride, I sat alone in a heightened state of panic and uncertainty. I was completely aware of my rapid heartbeat, warped thoughts, and general fight or flight feeling. Yet, I was utterly unable to process any of it. What had just happened? Why did Oscar do that? And most alarming for me, why was I still so aroused? My cock was just as hard as it had been thirty mins ago, throbbing through two layers of clothing. It was more than just erect, It was somehow bigger than it had ever been. I thought back to my first ever sexual experience with my now ex-girlfriend. The anxiety had made it difficult to get it up. Yet now, anxiety and fear were leading to the opposite reaction. These questions were interrupted by our arrival at the meet. As I got up, I adjusted myself, leaving the top half of my dick comically sticking out of my speedo, jutting under my sweatshirt. At least this way, it was hidden and not bulging through my pants.

The combination of the cold air, a new environment, and the tight banding of my speedo as we walked through school hallways to the pool were enough to finally calm my member. Now with the familiar smell of chlorine washing over me, whatever panic I had been feeling actually started to fade. Oscar had just been messing with me. There wasn’t anything to it. In fact, he probably didn’t even know what he was touching. I bet it felt like a thigh.

Immediately after these thoughts passed out of my mind, I knew they were bullshit; he had purposely stoked my cock, but I pushed this idea away. Everything is excellent, and it’s all fine. Let’s just focus on swimming. I quickly glanced around my teammates looking for Oscar, but he had already separated to join the other divers. With him out of the picture, I was finally able to shove whatever remaining feelings I had about that bus trip to the back Ankara escort of my mind and focus on the meet.

I ended up with a decent standing by powering through whatever thoughts crossed my mind by simply swimming harder–even setting some personal best’s. I didn’t see Oscar at all for the rest of the meet. In fact, it would be weeks before we interacted again. While I saw him from a distance several times around the pool, the closest I had been to him was in the showers. There’s a weird mood in the locker room after practice, just a bunch of guys talking to each other with varying degrees of dress. Your either someone who takes their suit off, or you’re someone who keeps it on. I had always fallen under the latter. I didn’t feel super comfortable in my own skin, so why expose more of it. Even with the nudity, showering was usually a relaxing break signaling the end of practice. But since that bus trip, I had run into an issue.

If I took a long enough shower, usually at the tail end of my own, Oscar would walk in It was an open layout, just a bunch of shower heads sticking out of the wall in a tiled room, no kind of modesty curtains. Usually full of naked dudes, and nothing about it had ever even remotely got me going. Yet every time Oscar walked in, I could feel my cock begin to swell.

This was in part due to the trauma of our bus ride but also due to Oscar himself. He was showered in a suit the same as me, and his pitch-black speedo was a stark contrast to his pale skin. He was also was built differently from the rest of us. Thinner, angular, more elegant, he almost had a feminine quality to his build. His narrow shoulder tapered down to an even slimmer waist before expanding for a butt I wasn’t ready for. I had never looked down at a man like that before, and the first time I noticed during a backward glance, I almost immediately become wholly engorged. His ass curved out of his waist, thoroughly filling out his suit and spilling through the holes for his leg. After Ankara escort bayan witnessing this for the first time, I had to awkwardly rush out of the showers, running to a bathroom stall hiding my shame in my hands.

Why am I getting hard in a room full of naked men? What is happening to me? Yet only Oscar had this kind of impact on me, so I continued to steal glances at him in the shower, get aroused, and then panic. All while making sure to never put myself in a situation where I actually had to talk to him. On top of this there was one last thing I had started to notice in my constant staring. The front of his speedo looked extremely extremely packed.

At first, I thought it was just his smaller stature combined with the tightness of the fabric and his ample ass. But as my eyes were drawn to his crotch, again and again, I began to suspect he was huge.

There was something in there well beyond just rivaling my own size. The divers wore smaller speedos with no legs, so all of his equipment was stuck in that bulging front pouch. How had no one noticed this before? Why was the talk of the school not on the possible anaconda living in Oscar Campbell’s pants? Once or twice, I thought he caught me staring at him. When I rose to meet his eyes, I found them elsewhere, oblivious to my gaze.

All of this came to a head one week before our last meet. I was swimming laps after practice alone in the pool. It had been a particularly rough day. Some drama with friends was starting to affect my schoolwork, and the added pressure of the upcoming meet was racing through my mind. I touched the wall and raised my head out of the water, pulling off my goggles, and there crouched down right on the edge of the pool was Oscar.

I could faintly hear him saying something, but my mind was focused entirely on the massive bulge just a few inches away from my face. With his legs spread in this position, the fabric was pulled tight across his sex. There was no question now Oscar must Escort Ankara have been part horse. I could see a coke-can-sized slab of meat draped down over his balls and tucked under them.

This is why I had such a hard time gauging his size; it looked like most of its length was curled down past his proportionally sized balls and up into his ass crack. Just then it twitched, a ripple running down its whole length and then out of sight past the curve of his buttocks. I could see precisely how thick his python was, but the tucking made it impossible to determine the length.

“Do you hear me” this time, Oscar’s words got through my ears and into my brain?

“I’m sorry what,” I replied while trying to pull my eyes away from the outline of his massive cock.

“Coach wanted me to tell you to close up. He had to go,” he said, while pointing to the door. I finally averted my eyes from his crotch and looked towards his finger to the south end of the pool where Couch Wilfred was walking through the exit door.

“Oh, ok,” I replied and immediately dove underwater. My mind was full of butterflies; I didn’t know what to do with myself. I kicked off the wall and started another lap, though I felt considerable drag thanks to my own erection. Once I returned to the north end of the pool, I stuck my head out looked around. Oscar was gone, and I was alone.

I pulled myself out of the water and again adjusted my swimsuit to better hide my rigid cock. Thinking of how much room I had to work down there compared to Oscar. I slowly worked my way into the locker room and glanced around, silence. Judging the coast clear, I walked into the shower to see them empty as well. Finally calm, I was unsure of why I was even sneaky in the first place. Then the girthy monster between Oscar’s legs flashed through my mind. Shaking my head, partially hoping it would remove my newest memory, I walked up to a showerhead and turned it on.

Just as I started washing the chlorine out of my hair, I heard movement behind me. Turning, I saw Oscar walk in from the bathroom side and over to the shower head just a space away from mine; turning it on, he shifts towards me and asks, “Hey dude, you ready for the last meet?” Blood rushes to my crotch and face as I open my mouth to try and answer.

To be continued…

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The Lake

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I left Latvia with a few hundred US dollars in my pocket, to hitchhike around Europe. I was nearly twenty, and I thought it should be now or never. Annecy and its lake, in France are special, surrounded gloriously by mountains with views that meander for miles and down town canals. Wrought iron bridges span the canals, romantic bridges tastefully designed, one the ‘Bridge of Love,’ on which I walked, a long-legged teenager for just a month or two more, in short burgundy skirt, who smiled a lot. I was smiling there at the edge of the bridge; it was warm, I was free, and I felt good. I stepped up the few steps to cross over the canal. We were strangers right up to that step, though I had, in truth, noticed you almost immediately on the opposite side of the bridge to me, first for your arms, and laidback style, then because of the admiration in your eyes. You walked over the bridge at almost exactly the same time, from the opposite side, coming towards me, and I moved slightly aside so you would be able to pass by easily. When you glanced the curves in your lips entranced me. It was late spring and your eyes were all the more green among the budding leaves. You held your glance, and your scent held me, lingering, like a coffee does, or a citrus summer, and I had walked by, feeling graceful and erotic in your glance. So in that step you took to glide past me I saw your admiration as we crossed paths, a meeting sealed with a smile on your lips. To my regret, we each kept going. You to I don’t know where, and me to a wine shop to find sweet white wine.

In one of those young summer holiday defining moments I did meet you again at the camp site.

‘We’ve met!’ I told you, outside your large blue family tent, attached to the trailer like a blimp. You smiled in the shade.

‘Yes,’ you replied, ‘though not really a meeting.’

‘Is this a meeting, then?’ I asked, with bravado.

‘Is it?’ you grinned.

Later, I as the evening dusk descended I watched you at the outside shower near the lake in a secluded area near that only had a wooden barrier to the grassy beach. I stood among some trees, unseen, and watched as you pulled your black spandex-like swimsuit shorts outwards a bit so the shower sprayed directly onto your hidden cock, and I watched pick up a plastic bottle from your bag nearby, and squirt it inside your swimsuit, put the bottle down, and then again open the front so the water would spray into it, only this time when you pulled it outwards you pulled it downwards a bit, and I suddenly and clearly saw your tight curled dark pubes, then the beginning of a thick, wet shaft. I gasped, in delight, and felt a squirt of my own, warm, and wet, tingling between my legs. I was mesmerised, and stood there, my eyes glued to that thick bulge in your swimsuit, as the soapy water poured out down your legs.

Then you looked up, and saw me, some ten metres away, and smiled. I made a decision, there and then, and did not move my eyes, staring straight at the front of your black swimsuit shorts. You turned the water off, looking at me,and then I saw it, your cock twitch, move a bit, in your wet swimsuit.

You walked up from the shower to the small area of trees. ‘Your turn,’ you said, grinning.

I stood in my long green cotton skirt and faded blue sleeveless shirt, and giggled: ‘I am just strolling around,’ I said.

‘Ah,’ you said, ‘well, you look very pretty like that.’

I looked at you, but I saw you glancing downwards at my toes, painted cherry red.

‘I painted them this morning, do you like them?’ I said, and wiggled my left foot in the grass..

‘I saw you blush a deep red in the evening twilight.

‘Yes,’ you said quietly, your voice husky, and I felt a second gush of wetness between my legs.

‘I don’t mind you looking,’ I answered, from somewhere, and watched the delicious bulge in your swimsuit grow thicker, and longer, towards your thigh, and I kept my eyes on that glorious sight, while you looked blatantly at my toes.

‘You have sexy toes,’ you sighed, then, ‘I should go, food will be waiting, I hope we meet again.’

I said nothing, slightly disappointed, but feeling a wet warmth between my legs, and walked to my small tent., where I put on thick socks and lay back, remembering to zip up my tent door, and bunched my cotton skirt around my waist, plunging my hand into my panties. ‘Ohhh,’ I said, feeling my wet pussy, downwards though my trimmed pubic hair, between my lips, finding my small clitoris, and playing with it, as I moaned, thinking of the beginning of the thick shaft I saw, how your cock had grown in your black swimsuit as you stared at my red polished toes, and your husky, turned on voice.

There was a slight tap on the tent. I stopped suddenly.

‘Are you in there?’ I heard you ask.

Horrified, I pulled my skirt down quickly, unzipped my ten door and peeked out.

‘I bought you some food, we have too much,’ you said.

‘Oh, thank you,’ I said.

You looked at me, ‘You looked flushed,’ you said, ‘Are you alright’

‘I must have been sleeping.’ I replied, ‘sleeping Ankara escort bag’s a bit warm.’

You looked down. ‘I heard you,’ you murmured, ‘you sounded gorgeous. What were you thinking about?

I felt myself go crimson., and glanced at the shorts you were now wearing. You saw me look and stood up straight, to give me a better view of your big, semi erect bulge stretching out sideways, not fully hard yet.

‘Tell me,’ you whispered.

‘Your cock,’ I said quietly, ‘and the way you looked at my toes in desire.’

‘Yes,’ you breathed in a sigh.

‘You seem very well hung’ I said.

‘Oh,’ you said, ‘you made me wet saying that.’

I closed my eyes a second as I felt another delicious spurt between my legs.

‘Are you wet’ I heard you ask.

‘Yes,’ I whispered.

You breathed, heavily, in a long sigh, and in the darkness I thought I saw a tiny wet patch forming above your thigh, where the tip of your long shaft was clearly located.

‘Will you continue?’ you asked, huskily.

I don’t know,’ I whispered, ‘and you?’

‘Me? you said. ‘I can’t do anything, with all my family around. Do you like men to masturbate thinking of you?’

I could smell the aroma of my wetness now.

Yes, so much,’ I breathed.

‘Do you like to watch?’

‘Oh, yes,’ I breathed.

‘Think of me tonight, I can’t do anything, as I said, with folk around, but think of me masturbating with you on my mind, your beautiful smile, sparkling eyes, sexy toes, and your nipples, that go so hard and show their shape when they go hard. Can you show me?’


‘Yes’ you sighed, huskily.

After hesitating a moment, I lifted my sleeveless shirt in front of you, my breasts bouncing free.

‘God,’ you breathed, in a shiver, ‘You have gorgeous breasts, lovely size, and erotic large nipples.’

I lowered my sleeveless shirt, my desire for you aching.

‘I-I must go,’ you said, ‘I have to eat with the family, and I can’t…do anything after, they’ll hear.’

‘Yes,’ I whispered.

‘Masturbate tonight,’ you said, breathlessly, think about my big cock, hard with desire for you, think of my lips pulling your lovely nipples, think of me kissing, and sucking your toes.’

‘Yes,’ I said, equally breathlessly.

‘Bye,’ you said, and turned, walking away quickly, your cock pushing your shorts out far. You had to be at least eight inches hard, I thought, with a big girth, very big. I zipped the tent shut, and reached in my bag for my wooden dildo, made in Ghana, and African-sized, sliding it in deep, and came straight away, shovering, squirming, body rippling, as I moaned, and moaned, and small yellow lights flickered on the shore opposite on the other side of the lake.

It was late in the morning when I saw you again, coming down to the lake with towel over your shoulder and two badmington racquets as I sat on a small wall facing the clear water, wrapped in my turquoise towel and in my orange bikini, and splashing the water with my foot.

‘Want to play?’ you asked, showing the racquets. ”You can play barefoot, here in the grass,’ you said, gesturing.

‘Sure,’ I said.

The lake water water glittered enticingly in the sunlight as we worked up a sweat hitting the shuttlecock back and forth over a net for the next hour, with the sounds of the insects in the bushes buzzing with summer intensity.

‘Swim?’ you asked.

‘Why not?’ I said. to the lake, and we strolled to the lakeside, and climbed over the small wall.

‘There’s a pier over there,’ I said, pointing behind you.

‘Nah,’ you said, standing knee deep in the lake water: ‘here’s fine.’

‘You stood with your fingers tugging your shorts downwards, and said, “clothes off, come on!’

‘We can’t do that here!’ I laughed, ‘in daylight with so many people around!’

You stood with shorts just below your hips, the v-shaped muscle defined and rim of your tight curly black pubic hair visible, and I looked at the erotic sight openly, as did a few others sitting around, I saw, mostly women, some of a certain age, twenty or thirty years older than me.

You smiled and disappeared into the water, and I climbed over the small wall and into the lake. I caught up with you two minutes later, standing in water midway up your chest.

‘Want a ride?’ you chuckled, and turned around.

I giggled, and grabbed your shoulders as your arms swept the water pushing off, and I rode on your back as you glided slowly in the water, and it was only when I slid down a bit that I realised I was now straddling your bare, muscly buttocks that I could not see but could feel with my thighs. Then I realised you were actually swimming nude, and I imagined your thick cock, and balls in the water, my inner thighs tingling every time you moved your legs as you swam, and your buttocks rubbed against my pussy underwater.

‘I want you’ I whispered in your ear.

‘Yeah,’ you said, and turned towards the shore. As we neared the grassy beach and small wall I started to slide off your buttocks.

‘I Ankara escort bayan really need to piss,’ I said, ‘before we go out.’

‘Stay on me,’ you said, ‘but I….’ I started.

‘Do it on me,’ you said, turning his head to face me. ‘I really want it.’

I was a little shocked at first, but excited, too.

‘Are you sure?’ I said, excitement building up in me.

‘Very,’ you said.

I let my full bladder empty, let my piss flow onto you, under water, over your buttocks and legs. It felt wonderful, and I pushed my pussy against your right buttock as I let my piss flow, my arms wrapped around your neck.

‘Feels so good,’ you murmured, ‘so warm.’

When I had finished you turned around and we kissed, long, deep, tongues intertwined, then me sucking your tongue between my lips.

‘Wow,’ you said.

‘One sec,’ I said, reaching under water to pull my bikini bottoms away from my pussy a bit, in a cleansing movement.

You walked out first, grabbing my towel on the wall, and briefly flashing your thick, gorgeous cock, semi erect, with lovely purple head, offering a view the ladies there would not forget easily, and some of the men, too, even if not gay, I fancied they might masturbate later at such an erotic sight, and you stood on the grass, wrapping my big turquoise towel around you.

‘What about me! I shouted from the water, and climbed out, swinging my legs over the wall. You walked up to me and kissed me, pulled me up standing, then undid the towel, opened it and wrapped it around the both of us. I looked around, and saw the people watching us, couples, in chairs, some women lying in the grass reading, and others sitting further down the wall, where I saw the badmington racquet and your towel. I felt butterflies dancing around my belly and further down, a thrill, as I realised I could feel your bareness against me, as people around us watched. Between my legs. I felt something distinct, velvety. It was hot, very warm, and big, then growing even bigger, and hard. It felt wonderful. Then I felt your hands slip under the towel round my back as I pressed myself to you, felt you roll down my bikini bottom over my hips, felt your hands pushing, pushing the bikini until it dropped down my legs. A shiver of thrill went through me, and I stepped close to you and felt your shaft press against me, pulsating, pressing up between the lips of my vulva, causing a sharp feeling in me so intense I thought it was an orgasm. I looked up, and felt your kiss, realising my forehead had been against your lips, taking in the intenseness of the feeling.

‘Does it feel good?’ I heard you say.

I nodded. ‘And for you?’ I said.

‘Yeah, yeah it does’, you said, your voice gritted.

We kissed again, deeply, towel wound around us.

‘I’m going to…’ you started to moan.

God, how lovely, I thought.

Then I heard you moan, really moan, and I felt a hot flood come all over my belly, and more wetness pump out, then more, your hands holding my back as you shuddered, and I felt an intense feeling, and rubbed against you, hard, fast, my pussy grinding into you for a few seconds, then moaned too, almost crying in intense orgasm, my hands grabbing your buttocks, and then slid my arms up around your back, holding on to not collapse.

I opened my eyes and looked around. Most of the people there had their eyes glued towards us. One woman sitting in a deck chair could not contain herself, and I saw her discreetly sliding her hand slowly up and down between her legs, as she held a book up in front of her, pretending to read. In the shower area passed your shoulder I saw a tall man, looking like a basketball player, his swim shorts pulled down, masturbating his long penis and looking at us.

‘Keep the towel around you,’ I heard you whisper in my ear. ‘I’ll put your bikini bottoms on.’

I giggled, and you unwrapped the towel so that my trimmed pussy could briefly be seen, before you wrapped the towel around me, and I saw with shock the tall man behind the wooden barrier at the shower area suddenly spurt cum.

You were totally nude now, and picked up my bikini bottom, sliding it on, and over your wet cock. Your bulge stretched the fabric out so far that I could see your balls either side of the bikini bottoms. I was getting horny again, and heard one or two sighs around me as the women watching were also, clearly, dizzy with desire.

‘I want your big, thick cock in my mouth,’ I said looking straight at you.

‘Come,’ you said, taking me by the hand, and we walked though the people there to the edge of the campsite. ‘How about the forest there?’ you said.

We walked out of the campsite then through the trees in the sand. I grabbed you and pushed you against a tree trunk. ‘I want your big cock in my mouth, now!’ I said, and kneeled in the soft sand in front of you, tugging my orange bikini off your hips. You were so big, so thick in my mouth, your purple head so smooth, with a lovely shape, I licked the head like ice cream, holding it in my hand, and licking the cum Escort Ankara off still there, holding your long soft shaft in my hand. As I opened my mouth wide and took in your head, your shaft, I felt your rod hardening, and saw also we were not alone. Through the trees I saw one couple watching us, who had been sitting in the grass by the lake before. They stood arm in arm, their hands in each other’s swimsuits, the woman pumping her partner’s cock, her hand hidden, and her partner playing with her pussy in her one piece swimsuit. To my left, I saw a man masturbating behind a tree, a little chubby, with a tiny cock. For some reason his tiny dick excited me, that he dared show it, and that it was so much smaller than the thick cock I was sucking.

You moaned, holding my head. ‘I want to taste you,’ I heard you say.

I stood up. ‘Lie in the sand, there, in the grass,’ you said, and I lay back, my legs wide open.

‘Masturbate for me,’ I said, my fingers lightly between my pussy lips, caressing my small clitoris. You stood over me, legs planted either side of my knees, and started stroking your big hard cock, your gorgeously inflamed thick hard dick, rubbing it up and down the shaft, panting, looking at my pussy, then into my eyes, then my breasts, and at my toes, curled in desire in the sand.

It was getting too much for me: ‘I’m going to cummmmmm,’ I moaned.

‘Cum big!’ you panted, masturbating fast, your cock thick, hard, a foot or two in front of me,’ and I came, big, thrusting my pussy forward in waves and shuddering, then sighing, eyes closed a moment, before opening them again.

You stood there, stroking your cock slowly, waiting for me to get it together again, then you crouched down in front of me, sliding your hands up my thighs, then lying in front of me. I lifted one leg, and slid my toes over your face then around your lips. You opened your mouth and my toes slid in, and I slid them in and out and you licked, kissed sucked, doing the same with my other foot. I felt sprinkles up my leg, and soon you lay forward and I felt your hot breath over my pussy, breathing but not kissing, then I felt the tip of your tongue, flicking, flicking a little more, and then your mouth was over my pussy, licking, my clitoris suddenly between your lips, then in your mouth, coated by your tongue. I writhed in ecstasy, urging you to go faster, harder, as your tongue flicking quickly over my clitoris. And I came again, pulling your hair to my soaking pussy, pushing your head down hard, crying, screaming, moaning, in a series of ‘Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhhhhs!’

I lay there, for I don’t know how long, basking in the afterglow of my orgasm, then watching you as you pissed into the grass a foot or so from my head, and wishing that your were pissing on me.

Then a thought came to me, and I looked around. ‘Look at his small dick,’ I said to you, quietly, pointing at the man behind me, to my left, some thirty metres away, as he rubbed his thin shaft, about three and a half inches long, surely not more. For some reason it excited me that you saw, with your big erection.

‘Look at his big, thick cock,’ I shouted through the trees at the man masturbating, ‘watch his big, beautiful dick as you masturbate,’ I said to him, and I swivelled around to face him, opening my legs wide, my knees up, ‘look at his big dick, and my wet pussy,’ I said, ‘masturbate, masturbate your tiny dick, do it!’

The man through the trees was groaning now. ‘Is my dick really small? He groaned loudly.

‘Yes, very,’ I replied, equally loudly to him, ‘do you like me seeing it?’

‘God, yes.’ he groaned.

We looked in the other direction, at the couple watching us, now both masturbating furiously, their hands still in each other’s pants.

‘Take me. Take me now,’ I said to you. You pulled me up, turned me around, and I put my hands against the tree trunk. ‘Fuck me!’ I said. I felt your thickness slide up into me, heard the other man groan loudly as he masturbated his small dick, and heard also the woman moaning through the trees as her partner rubbed her and she held his cock under his shorts, and he suddenly shuddered, head back.

You were thrusting now, your cock pulsating in me, pumping in a lovely rhythm, deep into my pussy, your middle finger suddenly sliding into my butt, thrusting as you did.

‘We’re going to cum together,’ you panted, thrusting.

‘Yes!’ I gasped.

We fucked, faster, harder, as I moaned at the absolutely beautiful sensation. I had never had such a big, thick cock in me, and the feeling was stunning. The sight was too much for the man with small dick, who suddenly spewed cum from his thin shaft, shaking, as he pumped glob after glob to the ground.

‘Yes, oh yes!’ I moaned, watching him, as I was bent against the tree, my hands wrapped around the trunk.

You were grunting now, in heavy masculinity, thrusting, grunting hard.

‘c-an…you…?’ you panted…’c-can you now?’

‘Wait…..wait….’ I panted back, with each thrust you made.

‘Y-es…y-es…..’ you moaned.

I looked around for the couple and saw the man sitting, wiping his dick with his shirt, as his wife stared, swimsuit pulled aside now, as she masturbated her hairy pussy openly at us. I felt you pulsating as you pushed your cock in deep, again and again, and closed my eyes as a huge tingling erupted all over my body.

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The Wedding Happenings Pt. 01

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Bella Houston was looking around the banquet hall of the Ritz hotel, smiling dutifully. Inside, she was not smiling. The new Mrs. Houston was regretting choosing money over freedom. At only 21, she had let herself fall into the trap of being a bought and paid-for wife. Her husband, Charles Houston the Third, was very wealthy. Unfortunately, he was also quite dull and boring. He was absorbed in his passion, with money being no object, he was delving into Archeology.

His lovemaking, if you could call it that, was similarly dull, he’d grab her ass and her tits, squeezing and twisting them, thinking that was the way to get her motor running then he’d jump aboard, and with no grace, ram in his 5-inch little dick. Her grunts and wrigglings of discomfort got him nicely warmed up, thinking it was her pleasure he was hearing, and in 1 to 2 minutes, he’d stiffen up, and grunt and growl like a fucking wildebeest, and dump his load, one or two squirts and he was done.

She saw Charles’ cousin, John Mason, trying to make inroads with Cassidy Riley, her best friend and her Maid of Honor.


John Mason thought he had a good thing going, as Charles’ best man, he’d been paired with the new bride’s maid of Honor, Cassidy Riley. God, she was a real cock stiffener, 5’8″, 130 pounds, big luscious 36DD chest, super curvy hips, golden blonde hair, and big blue eyes. Her backside was just as hot, he had observed how her rump was nicely rounded and full with a graceful curve, perky and smooth. He imagined himself between the spread of her thighs, grabbing that JLo-style ass as he poised it against her pussy and drove in, his 8 inches rock hard and eager. They’d done all the customary duties, and as the band started up, he swung her onto the dance floor. After the first dance, she’d wandered away, and he’d followed her.

Just outside the hall, he’d cornered her just off the lobby, and pulled her against him. She was not encouraging, but at the same time, she wasn’t trying to push him off her, either. He gently grabbed her head and pulled her lips to his. Pressing firmly, he felt the lips, dry and not warm, his tongue tried to pry open her lips, but she was not letting him. She felt him pressing against her, she could feel the rock-hard erection, and that put the brakes on it.

“No John, NO.”

That broke through, he pulled his head away, and said, “Why not?”

“I’m engaged, I love my fiance very much, and he is the man I’m going to marry.”

“If you love him so much, why isn’t he here?”

“Donald’s in London, working on a very important research project for his company. He couldn’t just pack up and come to the wedding.”

“So, come and spend the night with me, I got room 501, and we’ll have a great time. Hey, you’re not married yet, he’ll never know.”

“I will know, and I am not going to cheapen myself by giving in. You’re nice and all, but see it my way.”

“He’s a man, how do you know he’s not having a hot British lady taking care of his sexual needs until he can return and be the dutiful fiance?”

Her eyes widened slightly, she had indeed been wondering about that. Nothing to be suspicious about, no clues or anything like that. But she wondered, alone in her bed at night, masturbating herself, coaxing the waves of pleasure to wash over her, if her fiance was dipping his wick into some hot Ankara bayan escort bodied London lass.

Putting that out of her mind, she replied, “I trust him, and he trusts me.”

She stepped away from him, and said firmly, “Nothing is going to happen between you and me.”

She headed back to the reception, leaving him with a set of aching blue balls. Damn, he thought she’d been angling for some action, but no dice. Feeling defeated, he headed back to the reception.


At that moment, far, far away…

“Fuck, oh fuck, give me that stiff cock!”

Vivian Moore’s British accent drove him crazy, she’d sucked him up to the max, and she lay back, a happy smile on her face. Donald Curtis was eager, he’d fucked her twice a day in the 3 days he’d been over here on assignment, and this time promised to be just as hot. She was the company’s representative in London, as she had been put at his disposal. She was a full-bodied beauty, 20 years old, strawberry blond hair, big hefty 38D tits, a 38-24-38 body, driving in to her lush, curvaceously full body was so fucking hot.

She’d been eager to put her body at his disposal in every way, she made a move on him the day after he’d arrived in London. A get to know you luncheon had turned into flirtatious banter, she’d made her intentions perfectly clear when she slipped off her shoe, ran her stockinged leg up his leg, and let her foot press gently against his crotch. She was delighted when his cock rose up, and in his hotel suite, they had concluded their luncheon with the best dessert, a hot, wild fucking session. She could see he was wild about her British accent, and vocalized a lot, to drive her lust up to red hot. He knew how to fuck, his pussy licking skills were superb, and his big dick testing the depths of her wet, pink hole was the best she’d ever had. The jet lag had not affected his fucking ability, and they’d fucked twice that day. That set the pattern, and once in the early afternoon, then once again later at night, they were naked and fucking like rabbits in spring.

Donald was thinking about being engaged to his hot fiance, Cassidy Riley, who was at her best friend’s wedding today, but they weren’t married yet. When he left London, he would no longer be seeing Vivian, and he wanted to spread a few more wild oats before he settled down, he wasn’t dead yet! And Cassidy would never know.

Vivian felt his weight settle in between the spread of her thighs, the feel of that rock-hard pole against her. He pushed, slowly, and Vivian let out a long, low-pitched sound of pleasure, as her walls gave way, and she was slowly, deliciously impaled. It felt so wonderful, his 8 inches of rock-hard cock penetrating her fiery pussy and opening her up, her tight walls were being stretched to the max, oh god, Donald really had the right cock for her.

When Donald was halfway in, Vivian growled, “Now, ram it in, bury your cock, go deep Donald Luv!”

She let out a loud squeal as he did so, she felt the deeper inner sanctum part of pussy getting split open, his cock could reach places no other cock had ever gotten to. She grunted as his cock head pressed against her cervix, a flood of pleasure filled her. She brought her legs around his waist, tilting her hips up so he could drive every last bit into her. It felt so good, Escort bayan Ankara her pussy was stuffed to the max, as Donald bottomed out, his cock head nudging harder against her cervix, so deep inside her.

“Ummm, oh god Donald, you feel so good, now just fuck me Luv, fuck me a long time.”

Donald was happy to do so, and he pulled back and sank it in again, bringing more cries of pleasure from Vivian. Her cries and moans of pleasure sounded just like Cassidy when he was fucking her. Shaking off the thought, he brought his total attention back to the here and now, and enjoyed the ride. The heat and the clench of Vivian’s tight young pussy around his cock was superb, his cock was bathed in her hot juices, he could hear the juicy squelch of her pussy as he drove in and out. He rode deep inside her, feasting his eyes on the way her awesome body squirmed beneath him, the bliss playing across her face, and the accented cries and moans of passion she made.

Vivian was in sexual nirvana, every in-thrust made her body vibrate with pleasure, every out-thrust made her pant with longing for his next in-thrust. The way her body was virtually singing with pleasure, she was always ready for him. She hoped that his assignment in London was a long one, so she could get his cock as much as possible. The feel of her body as he rode her, oh god, she wanted it again and again.

He gave her a long, loving, plunging ride, he was like an early afternoon stallion, his cock so deep he was nudging against her cervix, oh fuck, she could feel the tingling, her orgasm was building up, oh fuck, cumming with a hard cock pounding deep inside her was going to make her cum so hard, it felt so all-encompassing, oh yes, the wave was racing at her.

“Yes, oh yes Luv, gonna make me cum, gonna cum so hard, yes, oh god yes, yes YEEESSSS!”

Her voice rose to a shriek, and she could feel her pussy pulsing, squeezing, and releasing on Donald’s cock, her pussy was spasming crazily, and he was still driving into her, and another orgasmic wave raced at her.

“Yes, yes, oh god, cumming again, cum for me Luv, cum in me, explode your balls deep inside me!”

Vivian let out another howl of orgasm, and Don took in the whole scene, Vivian’s naked, curvaceous body spread out for him, her British accent urging him on to flood her, her tight tunnel eagerly milking at him, and he went roaring over. He felt his cock jerk, swelling with orgasmic urgency, and Vivian’s grunts as his cock head forced open the tight bottleneck of her cervix.

Donald growled, “Oh yeah baby, oh god, so good, so fucking good, creaming you deep inside, cumming baby, fuck YEAH!”

He felt the eruption, and his prick let go, he could feel his rock-hard prick, throbbing and pulsing, then the exploding and squirting wildly into Vivian’s welcoming depths, his load splattering straight into her womb. The room was filled with their mingled cries of orgasm, their bodies shaking in shared sexual bliss as he pumped his hot spunk deep inside her.

Donald’s cock pumped out the last dribbles before he slowly pulled out. He looked down at Vivian, her body sweaty, her sexy melons heaving, her eyes stormy with lust, and her radiant smile as he lay down on his side next to her, so he could keep filling his eyes with the sight of her hot, sexy body. Bayan escort Ankara He knew that later today, he’d be fucking her again, the nighttime would be filled with more hot fucking.


At that time, far, far away…

Bella saw Cassidy striding back in to the banquet hall, and a minute or so later, a defeated-looking John. She felt bad for him, being shot down after she’d seen how interested he was in her.

During the reception, Bella had been lucky enough to catch a couple of peeks at his prominent bulge, Mmmmm, he looked like he had a nice big tool. Cassidy no doubt would have loved it, she really should have partaken. Her fiance Donald was in London, why wouldn’t Cassidy have a fling or two while he was away? Be more than enough time after getting married to crush the wildness.

Bella caught her breath, that random ‘crush the wildness’ thought stuck in her head. She realized that her wildness was not even close to being even gently pressed, it was alive and well, and very, very needy.

As the evening progressed, the wildness was more and more demanding. She knew that her hubby would no doubt do his two-minute jump and hump, and be asleep very quickly. She knew that John was in the hotel overnight, and her mind wouldn’t let it go.

She cornered him in a quiet corner of the lobby, and purred, “Did Cassidy shoot you down?”

“Yeah, she’s so stuck on Donald, won’t even let herself have a little fun before she gets the ball and chain.”

“I wonder what she’d think if she knew that her precious Donald is fucking his company’s London rep?”

At John’s incredulous look, she laughed, and said, “Yeah, it’s true. He was boasting about it to Charles over a Zoom connection, and I was able to eavesdrop just outside the study. Yeah, I’m snoopy, but I wanted to hear it, and I overheard all the sexy details. Vivian Moore, 20 years old, strawberry blonde, solid as a brick shithouse body, curvy, big knockers, and lush, curvaceously full body. Donald was talking about how her British accent made him hard as granite, he’s doing her twice a day, he can’t get enough!”

“Damn, too bad Cassidy doesn’t know!”

“Yeah, neither of us can mention it, she’d probably want to shoot the messenger!”

John added, “Me especially after I made that comment about a hot British lady servicing him while he’s in London. She’d be after me with such fury, I’d probably have to run for my life! “

Bella said softly, “And speaking of servicing….” as she moved in closer, her hand went down, and she felt the hard stiffness Mmmmm, she wanted that.

John was startled, but the hand gently groping at her cock, drove him up to his full 8 inches.

Bella purred, “Since Cassidy is too silly and stuck on Donald to partake, how would you like to ride me?”

John said, “But you just got married!”

“Yes, but my husband is lacking in the sexual needs department, and even if he is up for tonight, it’ll be a 2-minute rabbit jump hump and dump. In 5 minutes, he’ll be snoring away, I’ll douche out his meager load, so my tight little pussy will be fresh and clean for that big cock I’m feeling.”

He looked down, seeing the prominent rise of her breasts pressed against him. He wondered how big.

Bella answered it for him, when she purred, “34DD, and all-natural. I love to get my nipples sucked before I get fucked. Either my fingers or your big cock will get to partake, I hope it’s you.”

John knew he could not say no, and he handed her a key card, and said softly, “Room 501 Bella, I’ll be waiting for you baby!”

Her dazzling smile lit up her face, and she cooed, “Looking forward to it John!”

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A Christmas Competition

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I’ve been pretty busy working some of these commission stories, and I’m very grateful for the opportunities! Feel free to contact me through the Literotica site, and please enjoy what is, perhaps, the most challenging commission I’ve had to work on yet!

We stepped out of the car onto the crunchy snow and splintering ice and I loved her. I say that like it was a sudden revelation brought on by Christmastime weather in northern Minnesota, but the truth is I knew I loved her from the days of our childhood when we were in grade school together. Boys are supposed to pull on girls’ hair and be general brats when they like a girl at that age, but I gave her a flower for Valentine’s Day. And while I’m not as sappy as I once was almost 20 years ago, I still loved her as we stood on the frozen gravel driveway and looked up at the cabin lodge together.

“Your parents aren’t up here yet?” I looked back at her and closed the door. I drove, naturally. And then, moving to get our bags, I looked around again, just to make sure. I was under the impression that her parents and family would be here the entire month of December, but apparently nobody had arrived yet. The quarter mile long driveway ended at a large two-door garage on the left and a spacious house on the right, complete with stone and brickwork gardens, capped for winter of course, and a wooden deck on the left side of the house. A large, smiling, Santa head hung in the middle of the railing for the deck, so walking up the stairs you’d make eye contact with the plastic face. Outdoor lights the size of shotgun shells adorned the edges of the house and the deck, just barely starting to glow in the dim light of the early evening. It was a beautiful house, truly. But all I could think about was that I’d get to spend five days in it with Jessica. It was the highlight of every single year.

She stood up out of the car with a mitten between her teeth as she punched out a quick text on her phone. “They are probably out in town. They never tell me anything.”

“So. Place to ourselves! What do you wanna get up to?” I joked with her. We had known each other the majority of each other’s lives and I don’t think that we were capable of taking what the other said seriously, until it was one of those rare friendship-defining moments where everything you say can’t be taken anything but seriously. She yawned loudly. “Oh, I’m sorry,” I said. “Did sitting in the car for six hours exhaust you?”

“Let’s get the bags in and see what we are dealing with. Need to eat eventually.” She responded quickly. Every year she and I shared a room, it was her old childhood bedroom actually. Her parents had updated it certainly, so there were no more dolls or school books. Now there were pictures of her and I with the family, a copy of her Diploma for Marketing at University of Minnesota, and, at least at the moment, an air mattress should be waiting on the floor for me. We spent the next 30 minutes unpacking our things. The house was spacious, but Jessica and I had shared a room since high school sleepover days when we would study together.

As soon as we finished, almost to the second, the front door, two floors down, opened and a loud voice called out “Anybody home?” in the way that they knew someone was definitely home.

Jessica bounded out of the room and looked down the staircase that cut through all three floors of the house, leaning over to shout down. “Kevin and I are up in my room!”

Minutes later we were gathered in the living room on the second floor. There was Jessica and I, Tim and Alex, her two dads, Tim’s brother Ben and Alex’s sister Toni, Jessica’s younger brother Jeff and his college roommate Max. Max was the newest addition to the party and so we spent a lot of time talking to him. Turns out he was still an undecided major but he was leaning towards creative writing, a response that was met with an almost imperceptible beat of an awkward silence. Alex and Toni piped up quickly to talk about a friend from theirs back in the day who went on to become a very successful author, but they wouldn’t divulge their name no matter what we tried to do. The guesses became more and more ridiculous until someone said “Stephen King” and we finally moved on. Everyone was familiar with me, but I did get to share the fun news this year that I was moving to a new position within my company, something that Jessica was actually more excited about than anyone else. I was going to be the lead of the SEO team. Search engine optimization wasn’t that far off from marketing, where Jessica was deeply rooted, working at her family’s granite company. The company they built from the ground up and allowed them to afford this fantastic house.

However, while Jessica and I were explaining what a big deal it was, Max let out a very loud yawn and, apologizing profusely, waved it off.. I took the cue and the conversation petered out. I changed the subject quickly. “So what’s the plan until Christmas?” I asked more loudly, clapping my hands together as if bringing Ankara bayan escort a meeting to order.

Tim and Alex smiled and responded. “Skiing tomorrow, ice skating the day after, figure you’ll be pretty good at that Jeffrey,” Max nudged Jeff when they said this, smirking at him. I wondered if Max knew how good Jessica and Jeff were at skating. “Then Christmas Eve we need to bake, Christmas Day we have our meal, open presents, and then watch movies until we pass out in the den, how’s that sound?” Alex put his hand on Tim’s shoulder and grinned happily, as though he were revealing a grand plan.

“Sounds great to me guys!” Max piped up and said, perhaps a hair too enthusiastically.

That evening was both somehow relaxing and draining at the same time. After a while of chit chat people started to excuse themselves to their rooms. Alex and Tim obviously had one room; it was the master bedroom on the third floor. Jessica and I were facing the sunset on the third floor as well. Max and Jeff were in his bedroom, which was on the second floor beneath his parents, and Ben and Toni each claimed a small guest room on the main floor. Each floor had a bathroom as well, the kitchen and dining room were on the first floor, as well as a nice den. The second floor also contained a large living room with the house’s main television and seating area. It was in that room that we all eventually met back again and Ben and Toni led us all in Pictionary before we retired to our rooms for the evening.

On my way back to Jessica’s room, where she had retreated several minutes earlier (she and I had a years old agreement that she would go first and I would follow after 10 minutes to give her time to get changed) I was stopped by Max, however.

“Hey, Kevin, right? Can I talk to you a minute?” he got up quickly as I left the room and followed me to the stairs.

“Sure, what’s up kid?” I turned around and smiled down at him. He put a hand on his chest and looked at me, with mild offense on his face.

“My name is Max, actually. I’m 19, not 10.” He said this in a bit of an unusual way. He did not sound angry, more like it was just a strict correction and there was no real discussion about it. It was a fact. It was also a fact that I immediately thought he was a dick. I lifted my hands to start to apologize but he shook his hands to dismiss this quite adamantly. “I wanted to talk to you about Jessica. You’ve been her friend for a long time, yes? Can you give me any pointers?”

Time stopped. My stomach fell. I wasn’t sure if I was hearing this. It sounded ridiculous. Someone had intentions on Jessica. My Jessica. My best friend, the woman I loved, the woman I trusted. After staring an unnaturally long time, I finally answered. “Yea, we’ve been friends a long time. But. Uh. That’s a bit unco-“

He cut me off and started talking again. “Her dads mentioned you two had known each other since grade school. If you were interested, I figured you’d have made a move by now – so I’m asking for any tricks you know. All in love is fair, after all, yes?”

“You two just met today. How do you know you could even love her?” I responded, a bit more pathetically than I intended to. He looked at me like I had grown two heads.

“You’re kidding right? Have you seen that body?”

Truth be told, I didn’t think about Jessica in reference to her body very much. It was her soul that I knew and her mind that I loved. “Her body?”

“Yes, Kevin. Her body. She’s a 10 any part of this country. What she is doing without a guy in her bed this time of year is beyond me.” The little shit just wanted to sleep with her! And he said it all so deadpan, as though I were the insane one for not noticing what he pointed out.

“I’m going to just pretend this conversation didn’t happen, alright? That’s what I’ll do for you.” I turned and walked away. I could see as I rounded the stairs that Max was at the bottom, arms outstretched and palms upraised, like the world’s douchiest shrug made flesh.

I opened the door and saw her in her bed, reading by light on her nightstand. She smiled warmly at me and I settled down onto my air mattress for a while, pulling out my own book. I was reading The Witcher books. I figured the show was good, so I should go back and read these books. But I stared at the same page for a disturbingly long amount of time. Why did I never tell Jessica how I felt? I assumed if she was interested she would just tell me. I didn’t want to scare her off with dramatic declarations of love. I thought about this until the oblivion of sleep took me.

I woke up with a jolt, my face on the book, bending a page. It was still dark out the window and the room was pitch black. I looked up onto the bed, expecting to see Jessica asleep, but instead I heard soft moans and saw Max on top of Jessica, her legs wrapped around him, heels digging into his muscular naked ass. She was yelping softly with each thrust they made against each other. He was pumping Escort bayan Ankara fast and her body was shaking. She pulled him down to kiss him and I could hear the wet sounds of his cock in my best friend’s wet pussy. I watched on in shocked horror as the scene unfolded, until finally Max gripped her arms and shoulder tightly and started to cum. I could see it perfectly, his cock was balls deep inside of her perfectly shaven pussy, his balls were tensing and pulsing, releasing cum into her body, filling her perfect body. Their bodies contorted in pleasure and he turned to me and winked as Jessica laid back, panting to catch her breath.

Pain ran through my leg suddenly. I kicked out in my dream and slammed the side of my leg against Jessica’s bed, the iron and wooden frame leaving a definite dent in my shinbone. I winced as Jessica sat up. Her hair was a complete mess, her shirt, although shifted enough to almost reveal one of her breasts, was still definitely on and her panties, also having shifted just enough to show off her lovely ass, were also not discarded by Max. I leaned back as Jessica blinked at me through bleary eyes. It was a nightmare.

“Kev?” She responded, sleepily, blinking at me several times – she obviously was very deeply asleep.

“Go back to sleep Jess. It’s ok. Just a bad dream.” She plopped back down and I looked up at her. I stared at her hand dangling off the side of the mattress and up at her.

I yawned and said softly. “Love you, Jess. Sleep well.” She was already asleep. She didn’t answer. I mumbled softer. “I’ve been in love with you forever.” She didn’t hear that either.

I felt like home again, back on this skill hill. Jessica and I never went skiing together, but I was finally back in my element. I always had trouble going back to sleep after nightmares woke me up. Last night was no exception. I tossed and turned until about five, my usual time for waking up for work, and then decided I’d get up and go read elsewhere in the house. The rest of the family eventually got up, and after breakfast we all went to the nearby ski hill. Growing up, I practically spent every winter on skis in school, and I had been to this hill many times. For a while the family stuck together and would greet each other at the top of every hill, but eventually the family split off. I spent more time on some hills with Jessica’s fathers, while her and her brother and Max spent time on the easier hills. I was a bit uncomfortable with Max and Jessica together, but what kind of douchebaggery could he get up to on a public ski hill in the middle of winter?

Two hours later, I found out. I got tired enough to break off from the harder hills and head back towards the chalet. As I skied back down the western side of the hill, coming around towards the chalet entrance, I saw Jessica and Max getting back onto a chair together. Jeff was nowhere to be seen, and Max put his arm around Jessica and pulled her close to take a selfie together. Apparently, they had shared some quality time. I frowned and moved into the chalet on my ski boots, stomping heel first on the heavy plastic.

I rounded into a lounge area and saw Jeff there. “Hey Jeff, what the hell, I thought you were with Max and Jess today?” I stood in front of him, arms crossed in my bulky jacket. He looked up at me innocently.

“Try again, Kev” he warned. He wasn’t wrong, I came off overly aggressive and made an apologetic gesture. “Max said he wanted to spend some alone time with Jess today,” he had just pried off his rental ski boot. “Got tired of spending time with them anyway.” He was packing up his things for the day, even though it was still two more hours until we were supposed to pile into vans and head back.

“The guy has the hots for your sister, man.” I finally said, frustrated at Jeff’s nonchalance. Why was he not taking this like the serious issue that it was? Jeff looked up at me incredulously for a moment and lifted his hand up, starting to count his fingers off.

“So do you,” he counted one off. “She’s my sister, not my responsibility,” another one. “She’s 7 years older than me,” still another one, “and she can make her own choices.” He put his hand down. “It’s absolutely not my problem. If you want to protect her virtue, you go ahead.” He looked down and continued packing up his things, having peeled off his second heavy boot, setting it down with a loud thump. I stared at him for a long minute as he finished up and finally, I spoke up.

“You’re right Jeff, I”m sorry. I didn’t mean to put that on you.” I reached my hand down to pick up his boots, as a gesture of good intention. “Let me help you out.” He stood up, thanked me, and we went to the rental shop together to return our gear.

Jeff and I spent the afternoon in the chalet together alternating between scrolling on our phone and sharing the funniest videos we could think of, him showing me an app that he stored all his Magic the Gathering cards on, or just people watching. I kept Bayan escort Ankara watching out the windows to see Max and Jessica but I didn’t see them again. Finally I asked him, “You said earlier that I have the hots for Jessica. How did you know?”

His response was simple enough. “Was it a secret? Man, anyone can tell if they’ve been around you for longer than 10 minutes.”

“Do you think she knows?” I asked again, my voice softer now.

“If she has, she’s never told me. Are you in high school? Go ask her yourself.” He shook his head at me.

When we eventually all came back together, people piled into the vans again and we started the drive back to the cabin. It frustrated me that Max and Jessica sat together, talking friendly the entire drive back. But Jeff was right. Jessica was her own person. And I couldn’t just wait around for her to decide that I was the right person to date. I had to actually show her that myself. I had to finally show Jessica that I had feelings for her, for most of our lives.               If Max wanted to compete with me, I would show him that he couldn’t stand a chance.

That night, that’s exactly what I tried to do.

“Hey Jess. You got a minute?” I mumbled quietly as I walked into our shared room. But I had to swallow my words quickly. Max was there. They were standing looking at Jessica’s bookshelf and bulletin board. She was showing him pictures that she had in small frames, pictures of vacations, parties, special friends, even some friends that she and I both had who had passed away. She was walking him through her life, and he looked up when I walked in.

“Hey Kev. Jessica was literally just telling me about some of the vacations you’ve been on in college,” he smiled at me and grabbed a picture of a New Year’s Eve party. I winced a bit. That was a party I was supposed to kiss Jessica at, but she got too drunk and kissed a mutual friend of ours in college, I couldn’t even remember her name now. Abi or Erin or Alicia, something – it started with a vowel. I turned the wince into a smile and walked over.

“Yea, I’ve been her best friend since,” I paused for a moment “oh, longer than you’ve been alive actually.” I’d show him and put him in his place. Jess smiled up at me and nodded in response.

Max interrupted quickly though. “Yea, it sounds like you two are practically brother and sister by this point!” I bit my tongue a bit, I’m sure that I couldn’t hide the derision on my face at that comment.

“Well, I wouldn’t go that far,” I said. Jessica laughed at the same time though, drowning out my minor objection. She moved to hug me and turned her face to Max.

“Well he’s the best brother I could ever have!” she said. She might not even be thinking about how her words cut deep in that moment. How it looked like Max was ‘winning’ this competition by a mile. It looked like the mission I was on when I came into the room was gone, vanishing like smoke in the wind now. My heart fell and I tried to hide my feelings. I’ve been told I wear my feelings on my sleeve, I needed to hide them – quickly. I swallowed it and looked up.

“So I was wondering if you wanted to get some fresh air or something.” She looked like I just asked to borrow money.

“Fresh air? Like we got all day on the ski hill?” Max asked, saying what I was pretty sure Jessica was thinking. I curled my top lip and bit it, screwing up my face for a moment as I thought.

“Yea. But I’m pretty warm after dinner. The oven going this afternoon got it pretty warm. Just for a bit.” I nodded to the door. Jessica smiled and set the frame in her hand down.


“I know, the family can be a bit much,” Jessica said as soon as we stepped outside, the snow crunching under our feet. “And I didn’t know Jeff would be bringing a friend either.”

I turned back to her. She thought I needed to retreat outside from all the socialization? So be it, I’ll go with that.

“It’s just more than what I’m used to these days. I’ve worked at home for a while now, and it’s just been -” I hesitated. “It’s been a while since I’ve seen you and I just miss hanging out with you like we used to back in the college days, you know?”

She smiled and put an arm around me and gave me a half hug. “Well I appreciate you being here. It’s Christmas, after all. We should be with the people we care about.”

“And Max too?” I responded, trying to undermine him just a little. She laughed.

“And Max too,” she got out through the laughs. “He’s ok. He’s just a young kid. Remember when we were that young? All carefree and confident?”

“Yea. Before we became adults and the real world slaps you around.” I sighed. We talked for a while longer about college memories, the past, our jobs. Finally it started to get cold out and I asked.

“Jess, how come you never settled down?” I blurted out, the words became a mist in the cold night air.

Jess was quiet for several long seconds, almost long enough for me to repeat the question or ask if she heard me, then she looked over at me. “No guy ever seemed to measure up to be worth anything longer than just a fling.” It was true; the longest I ever knew her to date someone was about three to four months. I opened my mouth to speak when a voice called from the house. They were calling our names. I chuckled, uneasily.

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