Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 10

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The day after

Sally Czarwitz woke slowly to bright sunshine. She still didn’t feel completely rested. What time is it? she wondered and glanced at the clock where green numbers shone out, “6:55”.

What time had she gotten to bed? She remembered struggling home in the morning, passing her father watching football in the living room and passing out in bed. It must have been close to noon. For that matter what day was it? She looked at the lighted “PM” light. So it was in the afternoon. She couldn’t have slept overnight and all day could she?

She had had a few hours of sleep between collapsing in bed with her friend, Sarah’s, father and waking up to have sex with him and then again before waking in the morning for a shower and sex again. And she’d had sex with Mr Horton and that amazing Greg. What a night!

Her phone beeped to tell her it had a message waiting. It was from Sarah and there was voice-mail too. Sarah wanted to talk about last night. Sarah had invited Sally to a swinger’s party with her parents and that’s where the previous night’s activity had taken place. She said she wanted to discuss what they might do “today”. By that she meant more sex. Both girls were nymphomaniacs — after cock wherever they could find it.

She put off returning the call and went downstairs. It was Sunday and her dad was watching the end of the afternoon NFL game. Her mom greeted her, “well good morning, sleepyhead. You must have been up with Sarah all night.”

Sally had told her parents she was spending the night at Sarah’s and Sarah’s father (actually Sarah’s stepfather) had told them she was spending the night implying it was at their house with Sarah, not saying she was actually spending the night with him after the swingers party. Her parents knew she was sexually active but had no clue how active that was.

“I guess I didn’t get much sleep,” she confessed. “I’m still a bit tired.”

“I’m trying to decide whether to order pizza or cook some burgers. Not going to cook much else. What do you feel like.”

“I don’t know, burgers I guess. What about Dad?”

“As long as he doesn’t miss any of the game he won’t care.”

“I’ll make the burgers if you’ll cut up the tomatoes and onions. Otherwise it’s pizza.”

Sally considered and offered an alternative. “I’ll cook if you cut.” She felt that forming some patties and watching them sit under the broiler for a few minutes was the easier of the choices.

While waiting for the patties to cook she called Sarah.

“Sally, I wondered what was taking you so long.”

“Sorry. I’ve been sleeping.”

“Pretty amazing evening huh? I’m tired myself but I’ve been up all day. Too excited to sleep. You must have spent all night up with my dad. He’s taken with you, you know.”

“I got some sleep last night.”

“Did you get much sex. I had plenty.”

“I noticed. I had my fill. I’m here making dinner with my mom.” That was to let Sarah know that Sally couldn’t discuss much detail.

“That’s nice. Who’d you fuck? Tell me all about it.” Sarah clearly didn’t get the message.

“Well, I’d like to but My mom is here slicing tomatoes and onions.” The tomatoes and onions was just to make it sound reasonable to her mother.

“Yeah, so.”

“That’s right I’m fixing dinner with my mom.” She had to resist yelling the last three words.

“Okay, why do I …,” then she realized what Sally was telling her. “Oh, ‘With your mom’.”

“Right! Maybe some other time. Can I call after dinner to talk about when we can get together?”

“Sure, but I might go to bed early. How about we get together tomorrow. Your place or mine?”

“I guess you can come by in the morning.”

Where to Go? What to Do?

In the morning they swapped tales of Saturday evening. Sally talked about Greg’s great technique and Sarah described Todd’s. Then they laughed and compared the variety of penises on display.

“Didn’t I tell you men were better than boys!” Sarah exclaimed.

“I have to admit it was a revelation,” Sally admitted. She realized that all the boys in her address book had learned most of their sexual techniques from her and what she told them. She hadn’t even realized some of what the men had done was possible. For that matter she wasn’t even sure what they had done so she couldn’t possibly teach it to the boys on her list. She just knew she had really, really enjoyed herself.

Sally had to ask, “Did you do it with Mr. Horton?” Mr. Horton was a teacher at the high school who Sarah had invited to the party.

“We were really tired when I got home.”

“I can imagine that, he gave me a workout.”

“He stayed in my parents’ bed and I woke up in the early morning and snuk into bed with him.” She giggled lightly. “I was naked.”

Sally covered her mouth in delight, “And.”

“I started playing with his cock under the covers.”

“Ir’s a nice big one.”

“Thick, for sure, not so long.”

“That didn’t seem to matter when he did me. So, didn’t he wake up?”

“I think he was awake the whole time. His cock got really hard güvenilir bahis and then he jumped me!”

“Jumped you?”

“Yeah,” Sarah laughed, he grabbed me, turned me over and was on top of me, fingering my cunt like crazy. I was so wet.”

“He didn’t say anything? Just got on top of you?”

Sarah laughed again, “he said something like, ‘I guess it’s time for some of that legendary cheerleader ass.’ I bet he’d been rehearsing that.”

“Yeah, it’s not the sort of thing you’d expect him to say.”

“Well, the next thing I know his cock was inside me and he was pumping away.”

“Wow, no prelude or anything, just right to fucking.”

“He gave me a right good fuck alright!” she laughed. “Afterward we showered together and I really soaped up that big dick and brought him off.”

“He’s a great lay. That thick penis of his feels really nice. It really stimulates a cunt.”

“Yeah it does. I came twice. How was my dad?”

“It was fun. We fucked a couple of times, took a shower, I had three or four orgasms. He seems to like me.”

“That’s an understatement.” Sarah had had sex with her stepfather once but then her mother had cut them off. “I like his long cock.”

“Yeah but those hanging balls are fascinating too.”

Nudity around the house was frequent at Sarah’s home. “They look funny, bouncing back and forth when he walks.”

“I’ll have to pay more attention next time I see them.”

Sarah moved to the point she was most anxious about. “So, let’s go out and get us some more men!”

Sally had had a bad experience with two guys who had picked them up at the beach and was reluctant to go out trolling for strangers. She didn’t want a repeat of that abuse and humiliation. She expressed her concern to Sarah.

“That was just once,” Sarah replied.

“Two guys, not just one. Eight if you count the others at their beach house.”

“Well you enjoyed Saturday night. Those were strangers.”

“I assumed that since your parents were letting you go, there wouldn’t be any bad experiences. They wouldn’t want you to be humiliated. I basically took your parents’ word that they guys at the party could be trusted. Also, since that was a swapping/sharing party I could be pretty certain the guys would be skillful in pleasing women. Otherwise they’d get no action, especially given the ‘no means no’ rule number 1.”

“Easy to say after the fact.”

“I thought of all of that before I agreed to come.”

Sarah knew that Sally had exactly the kind of personality and mind to do exactly that. “So! still just once.”

“Those guys we met at the mall were no prize either. I’d have much rather spent time with one of my ‘boys’ as you call them.”

“What about Jason?”

“Okay, one good: one out of four. Even he wasn’t really much better than my ‘boys’.”

“You brought him to the party.”

“Only because he was older and I could count on him to come despite the age of the women and that he wouldn’t be able to fuck me. Probably the same reason you invited Mr. Horton.”

She had hit the nail on the head. Sarah had run out of arguments. “So, you going to stick with ‘your boys’? Isn’t there some way we can get men?”

“Not sure. You could call Mr. Horton. I bet He’d do you again!”

“I don’t think I want to call him at the school and I’m not sure he’d talk about it while he’s there.”

“Well I have his cell number.”

“You do?”

“Sure, I’m putting him on my list of guys to call when I want sex. You want me to call him for you?”

“Maybe later. I want to go out and get a man today. With you, if I can persuade you.”

The two of them sat, thinking.

Sarah broke the silence, “Maybe I could find the guys, try them out and then let you know.”

“That might work.”

“Don’t think I’d like doing it alone.”

“Maybe I could go with you but stay out of it until you checked the guy out?”

“You think that would work?”


Silence descended again.

This time Sally spoke up, “Maybe there’s some place we can be sure of finding trustworthy guys.”

“Kind of like the party.”

“But without your parents’ approval. Some other way of knowing.”

“Yeah, but where?”

More silence.

Sarah spoke up, “How about the water park?”

“That was great when we were young. It’s all ‘boys’ there.”

“There are some men.”

“Yeah, Dads with their kids.”

“Exactly, dads with their kids. What could be more trustworthy.”

“Dads … , Kids … , implies married.”

“A lot are divorced and it’s their day with the kids. Besides I’m not looking for soul-mates or life partners, just a fling. Married, Divorced, I just want good sex”

“What about the zoo or amusement park?”

“Can’t show off our bodies there.”

“Well …” Sally was thinking that she didn’t have that much of a body to show off.

“Remember how all the older guys would check us out when we went to the water park but we weren’t old enough for them to fuck us?”

“I think most of them were checking you out.” Sarah had a great body and türkçe bahis a cute face. Her boobs had grown to full size and her figure filled out before she was in middle school. Sally’s figure hadn’t changed much since middle school either. It was flat as a board and about as shapely.

“Oh, come on, you have a lot going for you. Just wear one of those bathing suits we bought for the beach.”

Sally hesitated. Sarah pleaded. Finally Sally gave in, “I guess. Even if I don’t get any sex, I’ll enjoy myself.”

Water Park

At the park it was clear that some men were noticing them. Most had a wife or girlfriend along with them. A slightly chubby guy, around 40 was following them at a distance and trying to hide the fact that he was taking pictures of them. Sarah turned to confront him and after a brief chat the two of them went off. Sally thought he was bit creepy but Sarah would “do” anything with a cock.

Sally walked around on her own trying to decide what to do when she noticed one man with three children playing in the children’s area. He watched intently as the boy (around 7), a girl (4 or 5) and a small child, probably a girl, who was still unsure on her feet romped in the fountains and waited for water to pour down from the buckets mounted above the area. There seemed to be no woman with them. She watched for several minutes as the children came over to him, said a few words and returned to their play. He had a strong looking face with a large nose, small mouth and dark eyes with prominent black eyebrows. His black hair was well groomed and his face showed an afternoon stubble. His body was average with a slight paunch and his chest was covered with black curly hair. His arms and legs showed some muscle definition but he clearly didn’t work out regularly.

At one point the youngest toddled over to him and he called the other two. The three of them walked into the men’s room. Clearly no woman was involved “and who could be safer” Sally thought. She sat next to the play area and watched for them to emerge.

As they came out, Sally went into the play area and stood under the bucket as water poured out onto the crowd of youngsters. The youngest of the three children was swept off her feet. Sally had noticed that happened every time the bucket spilled. The girl always seemed happy to have fallen and then washed several feet away from where she had been standing and always had trouble standing up. Sally helped her to her feet and asked, “Are you OK?” Then as Sally had observed every time, she toddled as fast as she could to where her (presumed) brother and sister were talking animatedly with their (again presumed) father.

Sally watched until they had completed their accounts and went back to playing in the fountain. She walked slowly over to the man, “Cute kids.”

“I agree,” the man smiled, keeping his eyes on the children.

Sally sat down next to him, “Come here often?”

He sensed the come-on and glanced at the speaker. He concluded the young, skinny girl was most likely interested in babysitting jobs. “Almost every week. More often if it’s hot and they want. We have annual passes.”

“So they like it here?”

“Sure do. We spend most of the time here.”

“The youngest seems to like getting washed off her feet,” Sally laughed.

“Yes, the first couple of times she came running over crying then I went out with her and she started liking it. I stopped worrying about her getting hurt after the first dozen times.” He made a short, quiet laugh.

Sally laughed in response. She decided to approach the question of the mother. “Their mother’s not here?”

“She died about a year ago.”

A strong sadness permeated the conversation. “Oh, I’m sorry. And Sorry I brought up a sad memory.”

“That’s okay, I’m getting over it.”

“Must be hard taking care of three small children alone.”

“I get a lot of help from their grandparents. They watch while I’m at work and one or another will always take them if I need.”

He was surprised that the girl hung around now that he had made it clear babysitting assignments were not likely forthcoming. “Oh, that’s good!” she exclaimed.

They sat in silence until the next bucket of water washed over the children and they came running over. As the youngest trailed behind, she asked Sally, “Who are you?”

“I’m Sally, who are you?”

“Charlette, I’m two, one week ago,” Satisfied, she turned to her father and attempted to compete with the other two children to describe just how exciting and well planned her latest pratfall was.

He complemented each with a “well done”, or “that must have been fun” and they ran back to the water.

Sally giggled, “Don’t they ever get tired of it?”

“Well the oldest, Jared, usually wants to go on a water slide but I don’t think he’s old enough to go alone and I can’t leave the other two.”

“I could go with him.”

He hesitated and Sally knew he was thinking that he didn’t know if he could trust her. “You could come along with the other two and watch. I’d go on the slide with Jared güvenilir bahis siteleri and you could stay with them.”

He thought briefly. “That might work. I’ll wait and see if Jared asks again.”

She still remained sitting close to him. He didn’t understand why and began feeling a bit nervous at the silent pauses. “So what brings you here?”

“I came with a friend but she went off with some guy so I’m just wandering.”

“Oh, you didn’t come with your parents?”

“Oh, I’m way older than needing my parents.”

“Way older?” he wondered. She hadn’t volunteered her age. “How old are you then?”

“18” she said to his surprise, see!” She proudly fished her drivers license out of her beach bag and showed it to him. “I just graduated.” She had hoped he would ask so she could get this out of the way. Now he would know she was “legal” but she wasn’t sure how to introduce the topic that was uppermost on her mind: “I want you to fuck me.”

“Just graduated. So what are you doing next?”

“I have a scholarship to Stanford and I’m spending the summer relaxing before I have to leave home and hit the books.”

“I see, what are you doing with your time. Or are you spending it all here at the water park?”


She decided that now was her opportunity. How to approach it? “It’s kind of a secret.” she said.

“Oh, a secret?”

“Do you want me to tell you?”

“If you want?”

“You promise not to be upset?”

“Why would I be upset?”

“That would be giving the secret away. Only if you promise first.”

Now she had him curious. Why would he be upset about how she was spending her summer? “Okay, I won’t be upset.”

She plunged ahead with the full revelation. Putting her lips to his ear she whispered, “I’m finding guys to fuck. You want to be one?”

“WHAT!” He exclaimed in surprise more than upset.

“I’m finding guys to fuck. You want to be one?” she repeated in his ear, giving it a quick nibble.

The kids were back with their stories of their latest adventures and he calmed down as he listened to them.

As they finished and before they ran back to the fountains, Sally tried another bold move, “Jared, your dad says you’d like to go on the water slides.”

The boy immediately switched gears, “Yeah dad can I? I can go alone. I’ll be okay.”

“I can go with him,” Sally interjected.

“Yeah, dad, she can go with me, I’ll be fine.”

She looked at the father and smiled sweetly.

The two girls were already in the fountains so his father told Jared, “Okay, after the next bucket drops.”

“Yeaaaaa!” he ran back into the fountains.

“You manipulated that,” Jared’s father said with a smile.

“Oh?” Sally responded sweetly. She wasn’t trying to be manipulative. It just seemed to be coming out of instinct. Being nice to the kids was being nice to the father. She had no idea how it would play out but she had at least made her intentions clear. Now she’d let him make the final play. But she could do everything possible to influence it and speed it up.

She stood in front of him and grabbed his hand. “Come on!” she pulled him up and led him into the target zone for the spilling bucket.

He hadn’t really noticed her before, now he did. “Not that great looking,” he thought, “quite plain.” But, was it her mouth, too big but very sensuous, or her brown eyes with a hint of gold? It wasn’t the figure or the non-existent breasts, except for those huge nipples stretching the fabric of her top. Maybe it was the soft looking pillows between her legs, pointed at by the multi-colored pattern of her tight fitting suit bottoms and showing a slight cameltoe. Most probably it was just the lingering memory of her suggestion or, rather, invitation to fuck. Whatever it was, she was exuding sexuality, and it had been since before Jill died that he’d had sex.

He followed her into the spraying water. His children saw him and came to his side as the bucket emptied. He grabbed Charlette and held her as the water washed over them, falling down with her on his stomach. They all laughed.

Jared was anxious to get to a slide, “Let’s go! Let’s go!” He grabbed Sally’s hand. She held back until his father and sisters could catch up. His father couldn’t help but notice how the dampness allowed her dark aureoles to show through the damp top and her nipples stood out large and hard in the chill of the evaporating water. The splash had pushed her bottoms slightly into her slit and she didn’t bother to pull it out. She smiled at him. His cock began to stiffen.

Jared led Sally up the stairs for “Demon Falls”, the tallest slide in the park, a steep, straight drop to the landing area below. She loosened her bottoms, knowing what would happen as she hit the bottom, feet first at high speed. Jared went first and she followed. As she wanted, the crotch of her bottoms slid away from her genitals so she could flash Jared’s father as he watched. Of course the park employee monitoring the slide at the bottom could see too but she knew this was a prime assignment for the employees because they knew what the slide could do with bikini bottoms and tops. She smiled at the employee as helped her out of the pool, his eyes on her crotch. She adjusted the cloth only after she was out and walking to the exit.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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She woke up in the dark. ??Felt her face. It was wet with tears.??

Then she saw him sitting on the edge of the bed, in the dark, next to her.??

“What …?” she said.??

“Shh…you’re dreaming. Dreaming about me again,” he said.??

She leaned back onto her pillow.??

She could see his eyes in the dark. He reached out and wiped her face gently with his thumb, tracing her tears.??

“Do I always cry?” she said.??

“I don’t think so. I’ve only seen it a handful of times. And you dream about me a lot,” he said.??

She reached out her hand to him. He took it. He was ….different. So was she. There was no fear. No pretense. She just wanted his hand, so she took it. And he gave it gladly.??

“How are you here? Are you dreaming about me at the same time?” she asked in a whisper.??

“Maybe. I know I do sometimes. I don’t know how I’m here. I just know I’m not really. I mean, I am, but I’m not,” he said.??

She closed her eyes and turned onto her side, holding his hand to her cheek against bahis firmaları the pillow.??

“I think I’m here to comfort you. I don’t know. That’s just what I feel,” he said. His hand was on her back.??

Her tears were drying. ??”I’m so glad you are here. For whatever reason,” she said.??

His other hand went to her back.??

“Are you ok? I mean, really?” he said.??

“Yes. I am now,” she said.??

“You know how I feel about you, don’t you?” he whispered. He said her name.??

“I think I do. I’m not totally sure,” she said.??

“Move over,” he said.??

She moved to give him room, and he stretched out on the bed next to her. For the first time in a long time, she didn’t think about fucking him. She didn’t think about anything physical. She didn’t want things. She just felt things. Felt them running through her.??

“Hold me. Will you?” she said.??

“Of course,” he said.??

They were face to face on the bed. She had no idea what she looked like. She didn’t care.??

Neither did he. kaçak iddaa ??His hand stroked the side of her face. ??”I think I’m supposed to tell you how I feel,” he said. ??They were eyes to eyes. Face to face. His hands moved to pull her to him. Her hands moved around his neck. Still, she didn’t want to rip his clothes off. The pull was somewhere else. It was in her heart.??

His mouth grazed hers. He gave her a soft, gentle kiss.??

He said her name.??

“I think you are amazing. And talented. And brave. And honest,” he said.??He touched her face.??

“And beautiful. Inside and out,” he said.??

Her eyes filled with tears again, but they didn’t fall. ??

“Shh. This is supposed to be helping,” he said.??

“It is. It is,” she said.??

“I don’t know what there is to do. Or what we should do. Probably nothing. I just wanted to tell you how I feel. I think you needed to know tonight,” he said.??

She closed her eyes and smiled. She was all right with all of that. ??” I don’t want you to be sad. You kaçak bahis should be happy. All day. Every day. You deserve it,” he said.??

She put her finger to his mouth.??

“Thank you,” she said.??

She was so exhausted.??

“Will you hold me until I go back to sleep? I think I can sleep now,” she said. She could breathe him in with every sleepy breath. It was intoxicating. A spreading relaxation moved through her arms. Through her back. ??”Of course,” he said. He pulled her to him. Her head was at his chest. She could hear his heart beating for the first time. He stroked her hair like she was a child.??

She was so warm in his arms. She realized that she felt amazingly safe. It was one of the best things about him. He always made her feel safe.??

She drifted off to the most relaxing sleep she had felt in months, his hand strong on her back, his other stroking her hair, surrounded by him.??

She whispered his name.??

“Yes,” he answered, saying hers.??

“I am so fucking in love with you,” she said.??

There was a moment of quiet.??

He pulled her back for a second to look in her eyes one more time. ??

“I know,” he said.

He kissed her forehead.??

“Now sleep,” he said.??

The End.

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My Mom Made Me a Whore

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All characters over 18 years of age. This story is in English but uses Hindi/Urdu words. Do not read if you are not familiar with the language. Only bareback sex in my stories. This story has no condoms and all sex is bareback. There is prostitution in this story. If this offends do not read. This story is hard core sex. If it offends do not read. This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real persons is coincidental. Do not read the whole story and then say take lessons in story writing. I will assume you loved the story. This story is dedicated to my over 50 followers and all my readers.

I am Shruti a young girl of 18. I am good looking, clear skin, dark complexion, 36C boobs, 55 kg, 5 ft 5 and attractive. I have a sister, 20 and my father Hemant 55 is the chief executive of a large company. My mother, Priyanka 37 is a senior executive in a large family held company. Both my parents travel extensively on work. In their absence we are cared for by our Nanny Nandini who is 40, good looking and has lots of friends. She brings her friends both male and female to our home when my parents are not there.

At night I very often hear my parents fucking and the sounds of their orgasm. I also hear their discussions on how they entice others in their sexual escapades.

My mother regularly speaks of how her boss Ganesh uses her and also how she interacts with customers to attract business. One such conversation my mom told my dad “Ganesh ne mujhe XY Chemical ke MD se bat karne ke liye kaha. Woh sala MD Raja order dene ke liye tayaar hi nahi tha. Mai phir usko skirt blouse pahenke milne gayi aur phir usse apni chudhai karvayi. Kya mota lund tha uska. Who bilkul deep tak mere ander gaya aur apna nufta mujh me dala. Kya mazaa aaya uske cock ka. Usne mere breast bhi choose aur meri chooth bhi chaati. Uske bad hum dono holiday pe andaman gaye aur phir teen din tak poora mazaa kiya. Itne maze aur chudhai illegal bahis ke baad to woh contract hume mila aur maalik khush hue aur meri promotion ki. Jab unko maloom pada maine chudhai se order jeeta to unhone bhi mera mazaa liya aur promotion bhi di.”

Another time my father Hemant was telling my mom “aaj office ki Anita ke saath bahut mazaa kiya. Woh mere kamre mein aayi. Usne cotton saree pehni thi safed rang ki. Sath me chudian, bichooa, aankhon mein kajal, sindoor. Uska blouse peeche se backless tha. Uski kamar sexy dikh rahi thi. Breast to uske bahut bade hain aur sara waqt unse doodh peene ka man karta hai. Abhi uske breast se doodh aa bhi raha hai kyonki uska bacha hua hai. Kya tasty doodh hai. Usko kuch help honi thi. Toh hum dono phir Kela hotel main gaye. Wahan kamra liya. Anita aur main kamre mein bistar pe let gaye. Uska maine doodh piya, chooth chaati aur uski chooth main zor se lund dala. Usne mera lund choosa. Mera poora nufta pi liya usne. Kya choosti hai. Jab chudhai kar rahi thi to bol rahi thi CHOODO CHUDHAI KARO…ZOR SE… MAIN TUMHARI HOON…KYA MAZAA AAYA USKE SAATH.”

Late at night Priyanka and Hemant would fuck in their room. The door was never closed and I would hear mom say “Hemant chodo mujhe…jaise apni bahen Rani ko chodte the waise chodo…Kya maze se tum Rani aur apni ma ki chudhai karte ho…mazaa aata hai..”

Dad would say “Randi tum kya mast ho…tumhari maa bhi mast randi hai…usko dekh mera lund seedha ho jaata hai…woh bhi to kitne log ko ek saath chodh sakti hai…”

I finally one day got the courage and told Priyanka “Mujhe Randi banna hai…Meri chudhai karao…phir aapke jaise kaam karoongi…”

My mother was very happy and explained sexual hygiene and how to manage men. She told me she would fix for Nandini to get my first fuck. Nandini one evening took me to Hotel Praja – a five star hotel where I would spend the night.

My illegal bahis siteleri initial night was rough. I was in a room with five men. They took turns fucking me…one by one their fat cocks entered my chooth…their were no words of love…They fucked me like a randi…my hymen broke…I screamed…but after some time I was literally with my legs wide open and in pain…but this was what I wanted…and they fucked me, eat my pussy…put their cocks in my mouth and I drank their cum and also had their cum and piss all over me…one of them even took my gaand…I lost count of the cocks and the whole night I was being fucked…after some time they took turns on Nandini also..”

Nandini was saying “chodo mujhe…zor se chodo bhonsdi ke…apne laurde do…chodo…zor se chodo…is sundar ladki Shruti aur mujhe chodo…zor se chodo…”

5 am the next morning and the chudhai stopped. We were all spread out in the room. They gave Nandini a whole lot of money and left.

Nandini let me sleep. When I woke she asked me how was the night. I gave her a hug. She then called my mom who spoke to me and said welcome you are now a randi and I will arrange a job for you.


I joined XZ Company as receptionist. My job was to attend phone calls, receive visitors and make the company a welcoming place while also keeping the bosses happy. The owner told me I would have to travel from time to time and spend time with customers as required. My salary was fixed at rupees twenty thousand per month plus incentives for keeping the visitors and bosses happy. There was no limit to incentives.

I wore a saree to office which was low with a tailored blouse which left very little to the imagination. My boobs were plainly visible through my deep cleavage. My saree was tied low so my navel was clearly visible. I was to look sexy so visitors would see me and then enter the shopping canlı bahis siteleri area or get attracted to the various products.

I had been working for a few weeks when the senior manager told me that we had a important client who needed to be looked after office hours. I was excited.

Evening came I wore a skirt, blouse, heavy padded bra, payals, kajal, red bright lipstick and visited Mr Ram in Hotel Kohimoor. Mr Ram was around 35 and good looking. He asked me to sit, removed my blouse, pulled down my skirt and with his pants down rammed my chooth. His cock was so hard and he mauled my breasts. He fucked me for nearly an hour all the time saying “BEHEN tum meri maa se bhi achi ho…Kya mast randi ho… tumhari chooth to kya mast hai…”

After fucking my chooth he put his laurda in my mouth and I could get the taste of his semen which I loved as he was calling me randi and ramming my mouth.

I loved getting fucked and got paid ten thousand for that night.


My next chudhai was on a outstation trip to Kolkata. I went by train in a coupe and then Mr Biswas took me to a nstar hotel on Russell road. There we took a nice room. His business partner also joined us. Mr Biswas was 45 and his partner Lalit was 35.

Both of them fucked me in all my holes. At times I was fucked in two holes at the same time – my pussy and ass or ass and mouth. I felt nice getting fucked. I had always wanted to be fucked and get chudhai.

They also put their piss on me and I enjoyed it. This went on for nearly a week.

MY GANG BANG – Nandini, Priyanka and Shruti

My mom Priyanka organized a orgy with some customers. We went to their house where there were 10 men and 2 other women.

We were all sexily dressed. The evening started with cheap liquor and non veg food. The men were all in their twenties.

The fucking was intense. I also sucked the pussy of my mom. It was really tasty and I loved the taste of her piss. Nandini’s boobs were beautiful to suck and I loved them.

Another woman Asha eat my pussy while I sucked a cock. Al of us were sucking cocks, getting fucked and eating pussy the whole night.

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Morning Quickie

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I’m feeling horny, but I am already dressed and have to leave to go to work. I stand at the bedroom door. My partner is asleep. She is on her back and has shoved her blankets off in the warm summer air. The curves of her body and breasts are accentuated by the golden morning light. Her legs are apart exposing her pubic hair and vulva. Her labia and the crack of her vagina peek out from her vulva like a poppy’s first signs of flowering, promising the full flowering to come.

It is a Saturday, and her daughter is with her ex today so she can sleep in as much as she wants. She is a night person, and I am a morning person. This is true in all sorts of areas of our life but especially having to do with sex.

A few days ago, I was sound asleep when she came to bed. I was sleeping on my side and was woken from an unremembered dream when she slid in behind me, her warm naked body against my back and legs. She caressed my bum cheeks and outer thigh before she wrapped her hand around my waist and began stroking my inner thigh.

“Are you awake,” she asked.

“You’ve woken me up, I was in a deep sleep,” I mumbled.

“Well, I hope you don’t mind?” she said and wrapped her warm hand around my shaft and slowly stroked it.

I groaned and replied, “No I guess not.”

I turned on my back. She looked into my eyes, smiled and eagerly kissed me. I responded and our tongues entwined. She continued to stroke my cock. The feeling of her hand sliding over the soft skin covering my engorged shaft was exquisite.

She broke from our kiss, sat up, leaned over, and slid the head of my cock into her mouth. I looked down and watched as she drew me inside, her tongue sliding over the soft underside of my cock. She sucked me in deep and then back out bahis firmaları again several times. Her hand was still gripping my shaft adding a second point of stimulation.

“Oh, fuck yes,” I moaned.

“Don’t come yet I have a better use for this,” She said removing my cock while still stroking it with her hand.

“I will try love, but this is pretty amazing.”

“OK, how about this,” she said letting go of me, sitting up and straddling me. She lowered her pussy over my cock and began sliding it over my shaft. She was wet from a combination of her vaginal juices and the cream she used to put her diaphragm in. She was above me her breasts in my face just begging to be sucked. I sucked one nipple and then the other caressing her breasts at the same time.

“Yes, that feels so good baby. I feel it shooting all the way down to my clit.”

She reached down and guided the tip of my cock toward her and lowered herself over it. I slid past the tight opening and into her warm slippery vagina. The feeling was amazing, but I felt my orgasm coming on and that was not good.

I consciously thought about other things. I focused on sucking her tits and caressing her waist with my hands. She was moving her hips and crotch in and out sliding over my cock. On the in stroke, she pushed hard against me grinding her clitoris against the base of my shaft moving in a circular motion.

I looked at her, but she was in her own world, eyes closed, head held high. For one moment she looked at me smiled and was gone again into her pleasure. I tried not to think about my orgasm. I wanted to come in my own time, and she needed to finish first.

She moved faster and faster, then slowed down and rammed me hard into her, driving me down onto the bed. kaçak iddaa She began to contract around my cock her legs gripped me in waves. She was quiet, eyes closed, her spasms subsided, her legs went limp, and she leaned down on top of me hugging me.

“Oh yes love, thank you … did you come?” she asked.

“No not yet,” I said.

I rolled her on her back, her lags spread wide. Her vulva was wet and engorged. Her labia where like the petals of a flower in full bloom. I slid my cock inside again moving at my own pace. Slow at first then building in intensity. The feeling of moving my engorged cock inside a vagina is unique. At its best, it is the feeling of being one with another person, being accepted even inside that person. It is the most intimate one can be with another human being. I leaned down and we kissed.

I couldn’t hold off any longer and, still kissing, I began to orgasm. I pumped my load of cum into her. I felt the sticky warm fluid fill her up engulfing my cock. I pulled back and continued to trust into her a few times, looking and smiling at her.

I pulled out and then fingered her to two more orgasms the way she liked it. Then we curled up and went to sleep.

This morning I know she is too sleepy to enthusiastically fuck but I decide to give it a try. I climb into bed beside her and lightly stroke her arm, her waist and up to her breasts. I give her a little suck on her left nipple, which does it every time. She moans and stirs.

“I will make you fuck me if you do that again,” she whispers.

I suck it again teasing the nipple with my tongue and wetting it with my saliva.

“I am too tired to participate much, but I’m OK for a quickie,” she says.

So I suck her breast again making her nipple kaçak bahis hard and then work my way with licks and kisses down her belly around her belly button and down between her hips and thighs to her vulva. I spread her legs and gently lick both sides of her labia. They engorge with blood, folding out like that poppy to accept my tongue. Her juices flow mixing with my saliva. I find her clitoris and lick it until she quietly groans and thrusts against my tongue and her vulva throbs as she has her orgasm. I love the subtle sweet taste of her juices as she comes.

During this I haven’t removed my clothes. When she has finished coming I sit up, pull down my fly, open my pants and pull them down around my ass to get my cock out. Of course she has not got her diaphragm in so I have to get a condom from the bedside drawer. I fumble to put it on. She still has her eyes closed and appears to be asleep. I spread her legs and slowly slip my cock into her wet vagina.

I lose myself in the pleasure of my cock slipping and thrusting in and out of her. As is the agreement for an early morning fuck, she is not participating much so I can concentrate on my building pleasure as I work up to my orgasm. I push myself up so I can watch my cock slide in and out of her, spreading her labia and plunging into her vagina.

As I come, my eyes glaze over and I relish the feeling as my balls throb, pumping the warm cum along my shaft and out into the condom and her warm wet vagina. I feel the cum engulfing my cock. I continue to push hard up inside of her until I am empty. Her eyes are closed, but she is holding my waist lightly with her hands.

Mostly when we fuck, she wants to be diddled to orgasm a few more times after I come. I try diddling her.

“It’s OK love, that one was enough for now,” she mumbles and goes back to sleep.

I pull the condom off, throw it in the garbage, pull up and fasten my pants, and quietly leave for work.

© William Goodman 2021

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Why I Married Your Father

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Big Tits

Chapter 1

Growing up, I guess I always judged myself on how I was regarded by the guys around me. I learned what they desired and did it to be popular. As the years passed, what started out with makeup and a smile turned into sneaking behind the bleachers for a quickie with my first boyfriend.

When my boyfriend abruptly abandoned, I seduced another. The sex was wonderful, but then he dumped me too. I learned guys leave me, so I never stopped seeking my next boyfriend.

I made out with many guys, whoever I could seduce, and wherever we might get away to do it. Yeah, I was called “slut” and “whore” from other girls. I realized those words represented terms of jealousy. Those virgins didn’t like that I won all the guys.

I must admit that I committed some mistakes, but I learned from them. Senior year of high school, I got pregnant and needed an abortion. Freshman year of college, it happened again. I stated taking the pill to prevent such matters. I wanted sex to be free-flowing, and guys loved me for it.

I started getting frustrated in college. I was supposed to have connected with Mr. Right by now! My friends teased me that I wanted to graduate with “an MRS degree”. Even when I had one boyfriend, I didn’t stop looking for the next one. They frequently overlapped. I got caught cheating a few times, but the guys would have left me anyway!

After graduation, I had to move out of the dorms. I needed a place to live, so I asked around. A friend tipped me off about a sweet deal. Someone needed to move out and violate their lease; I could take over at a discount. I seized the deal. One of my housemates was Hunter. He works downtown at a dinner theatre as a dancer and actor. We quickly came to be good friends. I was entranced by his cat-like grace, and he has a body to die for.

After a few weeks, I gathered up my courage and asked “Would you like to go out to dinner?”

He looked at me. “Like out on a date?”

I smiled playfully back. “Yeah, like on a date!”

He looked at me dubiously. “If we date, you’ll cheat on me like you did with your previous boyfriends. Ultimately, I’ll find out and angrily dump you. And we will be stuck awkwardly living together for the next six months. No offense, but I’ll have to pass on a date. It’s better to remain friends. Friends can have other friends without any issues.”

His answer made sense. He had listened to me when I talked, a rare trait in a guy. He understood who I was, but it increased my desire for him all the more. “What would it take for you to trust me?”

He scoffed. “Given your history, you’d need to be locked in a chastity belt.”

We laughed. I had to admit he had a point and let it pass. However, the seed was planted in my head. As we chatted, my mind couldn’t get past the idea of experiencing my sex locked away and controlled by a boyfriend. How would that transform my psyche?

Later that night, I did a Google search for Chastity belts. I found a plethora of pictures and manufacturers. I came across, a pay site for chastity fetish. I perused the site and saw he was only a two-hour drive away. I was intrigued. I could do this. The same guy also ran a sister site How would it be to model for him? Is it safe? I saw some models posed once and were done. Others came back again or crossed over to the other site. If some models come back, he must be reasonable. I sent the owner a quick email about amateur modeling.

I received a prompt response from Mark, who manages the sites. He was definitely interested and asked about my availability and a picture of my face. I responded, and we started going to texts to speed up communication. I sensed he was a tormented soul. His hormones were truly turned on by regarding women as objects to be locked up. However, his business sense wanted to be very respectful of the models so they would come back. His mind was caught in the middle, tugged back and forth.

Mark was involved with multiple women at the same time; he wasn’t a dating prospect. Mark was just a tool to manipulate for money and a possible route to Hunter. We set up a date about two weeks out. Mark asked for measurements, so he could have the belt properly adjusted ahead of time.

On the day of the shoot, I got up ungodly early to board the train. I dozed until a brilliant sunrise came over the hills, shining into my eyes. I looked around the other passengers. I noticed a family and a few business folks, all totally unaware that I was headed to a fetish photo shoot. Thinking about that provided a secret thrill as I watched the countryside go by.

It was only a brief walk from the train station to his house. It was a nondescript place, just in the middle of some row houses. I rang the bell.

Mark answered, and beamed when he saw I showed up. With a wave of his hand, he called out, “C’mon in!”

I walked in as he slyly tried looking me up and down. Like most guys, Mark probably thought I didn’t notice, but his hormones made him so eager.

Mark visibly forced himself canlı bahis to say “Would you like anything to drink? Water? Tea?” He was trying hard to be polite when what he truly wanted to do was lock my pussy up and take pictures and video of his control. The mental battle in his head was amusing to watch.

Over some decent Earl Gray tea and store-bought biscuits, we set up a safeword, such that I would be unlocked. If I said “safeword”, I would be promptly released. However, I would forfeit all pay for the shoot. Once we were finished with tea, he enthusiastically steered me to the door down into his basement.

I turned the corner with trepidation. Visions of some dank place filled with cobwebs, or a hidden temple to the Dark Lord ran through my head. I was pleasantly surprised. The basement was tidy and brightly lit. The wood paneling made it look homey. One wall had wooden cubbies set up. Each alcove stored a wearable restraint I saw on his website. I noticed various chastity belts, chastity bras, cuffs, and collars.

A nice bed stood against the opposing wall. I recognized its sturdy wooden frame as the one pictured often on his website. On the bed sat one chastity belt, opened and waiting. It was attractive to look at, the gleaming stainless-steel contrasting with the happily pink rubber trim. I noticed that formidable lock, front and center. They keys were not visible. I was nervous, but enthralled.

I nervously shuffled to the bed and picked it up. The belt was heavier than I imagined it would be. I had thought about this belt for weeks. The front shield was broad, but the belt’s curves were clearly deliberately shaped. It would cover my sex. There is no way anything was getting around it. While there was a slot to pee through, that was defended by a formidable second shield. I would be hard pressed to wriggle a Q-tip between my skin and the belt, much less anything that could pleasure me. Despite being keenly aware he retained the keys, I still wanted to try this thing on. But Mark was standing right there, and we only just met.

Mark gestured, “There’s a washroom around the corner.” He seemed to know what I was thinking. Previous models must have felt the same way.

I walked as if in a dream. I took off my skirt and panties and tried to figure out how to put this thing on. Eventually, I wrapped the waist band around myself. The lock was on one end, a metal tab on the other. It was snug, perhaps too tight to close. I sucked in and slid the tab into the lock. I was a bit startled as I hear the “click.” I tugged, but the waistband held firmly. I couldn’t get out. I reached between my legs and pulled the crotch portion up and into place. A large ring pressed into my ass as I tugged. It didn’t seem to fit right, and the tab wouldn’t reach the lock. Did I do something wrong or give the incorrect measurements?

I manually spread my ass cheeks around the ring to have the strap go tighter. Maybe that could gather enough slack to secure the belt. I pulled on the crotch strap more. The ring held the cheeks apart. I felt oddly exposed given I was putting on a chastity belt! I tugged again and realized this would be quite snug. With a final heave, the tab jolted into the lock with a definitive “click”!

I paused a moment, looking down at the belt. I tugged on it, trying to rip it off. The coated metal bands were so snug it was hard to get a proper grip. Needless to say, the belt stayed firmly locked around me; my struggles were futile. It was way too tight to squirm out of. I actually would have been disappointed I could have squirmed out of the locked belt so readily. Well, I was finally helplessly secured into a belt! It’s showtime!

I stepped out of the washroom. Mark grinned ear to ear like a kid in a candy store. He cooed, “Oh lovely!” I strutted this way and that, feigning being a runway model.

I must have done a good job, as Mark’s eyes sparkled. “Oh yes! Keep it up!” The camera came up, and he started the photo shoot.

I had developed an intimate understanding of what poses played to male hormones. I started shifting from one to another. As I moved around, I saw an open doorway to another room. From my vantage point, I saw large shiny steel things, but couldn’t perceive what they were.

After a bit, he started giving directions. “Sit on the bed.” He snapped more pictures. “Sprawl across it.” I played to the camera, varying my expressions from pouting to seductive to needy and everywhere in between. I loved being the center of attention. Mark made me feel special, showering me with “Oh yeah! You look great!” and other compliments.

After a solid hour of modeling, Mark said “Well, I think I have enough pictures and videos for the site. We’re all set! I saw you looking at the other studio, would you like a tour?”

I popped up with a peppy “Sure!” and Mark turned on the lights. I wandered into the room, gazing at the various items he had accumulated.

Most of the diverse contraptions seemed straightforward. A group of shiny chains dangled from the wall bahis siteleri behind varying frames designed to restrain the female body. A yoke leaned against a wall, showing off its neck hole, and two holes for wrists.

One was challenging to figure one; it was just a four-foot square metal plate on the floor with a waist-high pipe going up from the middle. I commented, “It looks like an overgrown stand for a porch umbrella.”

Mark laughed. “It’s the one-bar prison.”

I had visions of a prisoner befuddled if they should go left or right to walk around an isolated post. I laughed back. “One-bar prison?”

Mark smiled “Oh yes. I install a dildo like this one.” He held up a stainless steel item that looked like stacked balls before continuing. A woman wearing high heels straddles the dildo, and when I raise the bar way up, she is truly stuck.” From Mark’s grin, I could tell he deeply enjoyed locking women on it.

I tapped the chastity belt with my fingernails, making the distinctive “ting” of metal. “Well, seems you made sure I can’t be locked in that one.” I added on, “And I’m wearing flats today.”

Mark paused for a moment as he considered. “Well, you do have one hole quite open. I never attempted it that way before. And I have a pair of heels.” Mark took a step to a cubby and pointed out a pair of high-heeled shoes made out of stainless steel. Each ankle strap closed with a luggage lock. “I’ll pay you four hundred dollars if you can get off of it.”

I smiled. That was more than I was earning for the chastity belt photo shoot, and it might be done in minutes! “But what if I can’t escape?”

“You do a larger chastity photo shoot for the rest of the day, and then I’ll pay you the four hundred.”

I needed the money. “You got a deal!”

He handed me the high heels. I sat on a bondage frame, and slid my foot into the rigid stilettos. Instead of tiny buckles, these straps closed with luggage locks. Click by click, each lock made sure they stayed on. I stood and tried walking. I wore heels many times, but walking in these was decidedly different; my ankle couldn’t bend. I wound up awkwardly mincing my way to the one-bar prison. These shoes weren’t made for walking.

I straddled the probe, appreciating how the lube glistened in the light. Mark calmly said “Move as you need to. Completely relax and simply allow it in.”

I felt the cool steel touch my ass and tried to keep myself centered on the stack of balls. I was oddly grateful for the ring keeping my butt cheeks spread. Bit by bit, the erotic invader pressed in. I’ve had boyfriends try anal before; Mark was right, it was easiest for both parties if I just let the ass invader in. Resisting it would only make things worse. I look deep breaths and the first ball popped in. The second ball was larger, but my sphincter accepted that one in too. The third was the largest. I was panting and grateful when it was finally inserted all the way in. I felt pretty stuffed.

Mark stepped in front of me, smiling from behind his camera as he snapped one photo after another. I tried feigning a smile throughout the shoot, despite the discomfort in my ass and feet. After about 15 minutes, Mark called out, “OK. You’re all done! You can head home whenever you want.” He pointedly dropped the keys to my chastity belt on the floor just a few feet in front of me. He artfully displayed an attractive pile of cash on the floor next to it.

I tried stepping forward, but the plug was buried deep up my butt. I tried bending over; could I reach the keys for the belt? With my ass unable to move, bending far enough was impossible. The plug jabbed and poked inside my ass with my attempts. I tried lifting a leg to get off of it like a bicycle, but I just couldn’t raise my butt! The rudely invading pole prevented flexing my knees to jump, and leaping like this seemed like a painfully epic fail in the making.

After a few minutes of squirming, I realized I was truly stuck on the one-bar prison. Mark didn’t interfere, he just walked around, videotaping my frustrated attempts at escape. My movements showcased my helplessness, but I was still just as impaled on this damned butt plug.

A few minutes later, my feet started aching all the more as the straps dug in. Stainless-steel heels are made for security, not comfort. I had to give up. “OK. You win. What’s involved in the larger chastity shoot?”

Mike flashed a smug smile; he knew he would win all along. In the back of my mind, I recognized it too. Mark said, “I’ll be right back.” He went behind me into the chastity room. I discerned the sound of various items being chosen, but couldn’t tell what. Time passed, and Mike hadn’t come back. What was taking him so long? I teetered to spin around the bar, grunting as the plug twisted in my ass. Mike was casually leaning in the door, bearing what seemed to be a cornucopia of cuffs and chains. He’d just been waiting there, enjoying my torment and predicament! He captured my tormented groan on video.

Once he knew he was spotted, Mark called out “Oh! bahis şirketleri You’re still here!” I pouted, both of us knowing I was stuck until he decided to release me. He took his time sauntering over, showcasing his ability to walk freely. Mike set down the pile of cuffs with a cacophony of clanking. He smiled. “You’re not getting out of the one-bar prison until all of these are locked on. We need to keep you very secure.”

Mark picked out two large cuffs. Each of them dangled from a separate chain. They were overly large for wrists or ankles. I had no idea what they were, but figured I would soon find out! Each chain ended in a metal button. He pressed one button into the hip of my belt, and I heard a “click” as it locked in place. He reached around the other side and clicked the other one into place. As the cuffs dangled down, their purpose became clear, they were for my thighs. Mark smiled as he invited me, “Lock yourself in!”

I grunted as I bent over to lock the thigh cuffs. The anal invader strongly guided me to remain very upright! I wrapped the cuffs around my thighs, fastening them as Mark videoed the self-bondage spectacle. I think he even enjoyed the tormented grunt!

Like the rest of the set, the thigh bands fit snugly, but not too tight. I noticed they had D-rings sticking out the front, sides and back, like belt loops. I looked at Mark to inquire about them, but he was already holding out a metal cable. It finished with a loop at each end. An open lock without a key dangled from one loop. Mark said “This is like a belt for your thighs. It should prevent you from spreading your legs you pretty little slut!”

Those words hit home more than he knew. I was truly undertaking this to be forcibly monogamous with Hunter! I threaded the cable through the belt loops locked to my thighs. His measurements allowed absolutely no slack! I had to clench my thighs together to close the cable and lock the padlock. Click by click, I was getting more and more locked. I was prevented from spreading my legs wide open like I had done for so many guys.

The metal high heels were increasingly uncomfortable. The soles had no padding; they were slick steel. My feet were sliding down, pressing the band over into my arch so much! And I knew they would be on until everything else was locked on!

Mark displayed metal cuffs with a matching pink trim. They had the same secure locking mechanism as the thigh bands. “These are for your wrists.” He handed them to me and filmed me fastening them around my own wrists. I was on film as a willing participant in this.

The next cuff was larger. “This is a collar for your neck.” I never knew a collar was needed for chastity, but I was in no place to argue. He enthusiastically presented it to me.

I held up the sturdy metal collar with its matching pink rubber trim. A prodigious ring dangled from the front of it. I held it up and joked, “For a leash?” Mark’s eyes lit up and a smile erupted from his face. Did I just furnish him an idea? If so, was it an enjoyable one? I fastened the collar around my neck with a definitive “click.” I tugged lightly, but once locked, it seemed quite secure. I smiled at the lusty look in Mike’s face.

Mike laid out the final item. The two gleaming metal cups with a bunch of attached chains betrayed that this metal device was to be locked over my boobs. Mike handed it to me. It was heftier than I expected. I figure my entire outfit was nearing ten pounds! I turned it over in my hands; it took a few moments until I discerned how the contraption was designed. This thing was a front closure bra. The band around the back was semi-flexible steel. Two rigid steel shoulders straps rose from the back, became flat chains in the middle, then would meet between the girls at a lock. Each cup had a tab that would fit into the lock. It seemed like the cup size was a size or two too small; the bra would be a snug fit.

There was no sense in delaying the inevitable, and the release of the plug and shoes. I took off my shirt and unfastened my bra. Mike’s eyes seemed laser focused on my boobs as they became visible. I slipped my arms through the shoulder straps and shrugged it on like a short vest. the band around my body. It was quite a struggle to stuff the girls into the cups; they were even more compressed than my exercise bra! I started tugging and tucking things in. It was frustrating how a tug in one spot would shift my boobs in ways I never had to deal with before. Mike seemed to thoroughly enjoy the show, taking a multitude of pictures and video. At long last, I snapped the lock shut to hold it all together! I looked up at him with a sense of triumph.

Mark said “Oh yes. You look magnificent!” He started suggesting some playful poses, which I promptly complied. I lovingly bathed in the compliments Mark lavished on me. I loved that he adored me! When Mark was behind me, he said “Let your arms hang down.” I promptly complied and felt him yank my wrist cuffs toward my waist. I heard a pair of ominous clicks. I lightly tugged with my hands, but they were secured to the waist of my chastity belt. Some reward for following directions! Mark snapped more pictures and video clips of my futile struggles and playful pouts before he called out “All done! Great work!”

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I Didn’t See That Coming

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My lover, Melanie, had checked into her room at the motel. I joined her shortly after. My wife Fee was coming to the motel later in the day, as she and I passed through on our way to our vacation spot. It seemed an ideal time for Melanie and me to enjoy one of our all-too-infrequent times of lovemaking.

We thoroughly enjoyed our romp between the sheets (and on top of them, and on the floor, and…) We particularly enjoyed the large mirror on the wall, which enabled us to see ourselves in various positions and activities. We had from time to time taken videos of our lovemaking, and that was great, but this was seeing ourselves live, which was great. That said, we found ourselves at times wanting to make sure we weren’t simply staging our sexual activity for good viewing, thereby removing the spontaneity that our love-making normally involved. In that, I think we were successful, leading to a joyous time of kissing, licking, sucking and fucking, all within the context of a real love for each other.

I lived with the fact I loved Melanie, yet wanted so much to be deeply loyal to Fee, who had loved me for 30 years, whose family I got on well with, and who fit into my family so very well too. It was a difficult balancing act, one which at times caused me a great deal of struggle as I balanced the two relationships with my sense of needing to live with a level of integrity that I seemed unable to meet.

Melanie and I finished our love-making. After resting, we showered together, and both of us went on our way, Melanie heading back home, and I going to the reception desk to check in and get my key to the room Fee and I would share.

I was surprised to learn that Fee had arrived early, and had already checked in. I also learned that the room we had been given was right next to the room Melanie and I had just been in together. I hoped Fee hadn’t seen anything, heard anything.

I went to the room, and let myself in. Fee was lying back on the bed, completely nude. That was a surprise to me. Usually, if Fee was going to bed, she would be IN bed, not lying on top of it. What was more surprising was that, as I came in, she got up and walked over to me, instead of simply calling out a friendly hello from the bed.

There was a look on her face that I couldn’t make out. It was a look of love, lust even, that I hadn’t seen in a long, long time. She got up and walked to me, wrapped her arms around me, pressed herself against me, gave me a huge hug and a deep kiss. It was so different, but I wasn’t about to complain.

Then, she began to undress me, almost feverishly. This was a totally different Fee now, fully taking the initiative, something she hadn’t done in ages. Usually she was far more reticent, holding me back. Now, she almost tore my clothes off. The undressing done, she turned me and pushed me down on the bed, on my back, my feet hanging over the end.

Then she knelt at the foot of the bed, facing me. Taking my cock in her hand, she lifted it, and sucked it into her mouth, began sucking me, her head bobbing up and down, at the same time playing with my balls. My God, what was going on? This wasn’t the Fee I knew, but I wasn’t about to complain either.

Her full tits hung down. I wanted to reach out and play with them, fondle them, but they were too far away from me for that. I could only wait, and enjoy.

Fee looked at me, a sultry look on her face, as she continued to suck my cock. She was revelling bahis firmaları in this, and I have to say I wasn’t complaining. The fact this was so unlike Fee heightened the experience.

My cock now at full length, she stopped, lifted hers mouth from my cock, and moved up a little up my body. Placing her hands under her tits, she wrapped them around my cock, and begun to tit-fuck me. She looked at me, smiled, and blew me a kiss, as she slid her tits up and down my cock, bringing me to an even stronger erection.

Then she let go, and moved up my body, her tits grazing my stomach and chest as she moved. Her face was now above mine. She looked down, then continued her journey until her left tit hung over my mouth. Stopping, she dropped down, just enough for me to capture it in my now open mouth. Of course I did, and began to suck in earnest. I’ve always loved her big tits, loved their texture and taste, the heft of them in my hand, the way I could mould them, squeeze them, play with them. She loved it when I did that.

For now, I simply sucked, strongly, feeling its full softness in my mouth. She let me do that for a bit, then lifted herself, breaking her tit free of my mouth, and moving over so I could give a repeat performance with her right tit. Dutifully (and with great pleasure), I did.

Together we played back and forth between them, until I reached up, grasped both in my hands, and squeezed them together, burying my face between them. My God, I felt like I could have died right there, and happily.

But Fee wasn’t finished yet. She raised herself up, supported herself on one hand, the other reaching down to grasp my cock. She aimed it at her cunt, and slid down on it, her sheath enveloping me fully. She was as hot and wet as I had ever known her, so unusual, especially given our respective ages. After all, after 30 years of marriage, neither of us was particularly a spring chicken anymore.

Her cunt grasped my cock, and I could feel her internal muscles begin to work, begin to milk me. She rose up, until my cock was just about to slip out of her cunt, then dropped, crashing down, grinding her clit between our pubic bones.

She repeated the motions, up all the way, crash down hard, grind. As she did, her tits took on a life of their own. On the upstroke, they would swing together. Then, as she reversed direction, they would for a moment be suspended in space, then swing wide as she crashed down. As she bottomed out, they swung back together with a slap, bounced. Then their movements would repeat, again and again as she raised and lowered herself. Swing, slap, bounce; swing, slap, bounce.

Hearing the slapping sound, she looked down, to see her tits doing their dance before her eyes. She looked at me, laughed a happy laugh, the sight and sound seeming to give her a new energy, drive her on.

This was so very unlike Fee, and yet something more akin to what we had enjoyed when we first married. I didn’t know what to make of it, but I wasn’t about to voice any complaints. After all, who knew how long this wonderful, sexy Fee would be around?

She continued to ride me, harder and faster. Having just cum with Melanie, I knew I wasn’t ready for a second explosion myself. But maybe I could help Fee reach hers.

I knew from previous engagements with Melanie that she would almost invariably cum if I reached up and tugged on her tits as she rode me. I decided to try the same with kaçak iddaa Fee. She almost never came from my being inside her, but maybe this time?

Having been helping her in her ride, my hands encouraging her through raising and lowering her hips, I now brought them up under her tits, grasped one in each hand and, on her next downward thrust, tugged, fairly hard.

The result was more than I could have hoped for. She went off like a firecracker, crying out in ecstasy, her whole body going into a rocking, rolling orgasm. My God, she was amazing! I released slightly, tugged again, this time pitching my hips up, meeting her cunt with my cock. Again she exploded, her body shaking, her voice crying out.

She collapsed on top of me, then, exhausted. I knew that, had it been me, I would immediately have fallen asleep. I didn’t expect that of Fee.

She snuggled up to me, let me slide out of her, stretched one leg across me as she stroked my chest with her hand, her head nestled in my shoulder.

We rested quietly, as I wondered what in the world had just happened. Or, rather, what had caused it to happen, since I knew well enough what had happened.

I was on the verge of falling asleep myself, when I heard Fee say “Omigawd, Melanie is so hot!”

I was suddenly wide awake! What had she just said? I knew well enough, and was terrified. What did she suspect? Or worse, what did she know? What had she seen? I didn’t dare ask, could only wait. But everything inside me was on extreme high alert. No good could come of this, I was certain.

Fee continued “I was here in the room, when suddenly the light came on in the next room, pouring in through the window.”

“Window?” I thought. “What window?” I was soon to find out, as she pointed to it.

It was the other side of the ‘mirror’ Melanie and I had used, without knowing it was a one-way mirror. Everything that we had done in that room could clearly be seen from this room! Damn it, damn it, damn it!

I didn’t dare say anything, didn’t know what to say. I remained silent.

The Fee said “I watched as you and Melanie came into the room. To say I was surprised would be an understatement. I had often wondered if you and she would be attracted to each other, but you had never given me reason to believe anything like that, much less that anything was happening between you. As I watched you, it became clear that not only were you attracted to each other, but that something very intimate was not only going on, but had been going on for, from what I could see, quite a while. The way you were with each other made that clear.”

She paused, then continued. “I knew I should be hurt, should be extremely angry with you for your duplicity. But for some reason, I was more curious than anything, now that I could see the truth in front of me. So, I waited, and watched.”

“I watched as you held each other, kissed, chatted comfortably, then began to undress each other. I found myself mesmerized, as it was clear there was something very tender, beautiful even, between the two of you.”

Fee paused again, remembering, then “I watched you together, you lying on your back, Melanie going down on you from the side, sucking your cock, playing with your balls, and you reaching out to play with her tits. I watched her red head bob up and down on you. There was a look on both your faces which spoke of real love between you. As I say, I should have been hurt and angry, kaçak bahis but I was actually touched by your love for each other.”

“Then Melanie got up, and rolled over on her back. You were now erect, and ready. You got up, and straddled her chest, facing away from me. You clearly began to fuck her tits, and I suspect her mouth as well, given the way her hands pulled on your arse and the distance your hips moved. I have no doubt you enjoyed that, and I suspect she did as well.”

She chuckled at the memory, then continued. “I saw all that, but what I really saw was something quite new and different for me. I saw that Melanie had a bare pussy. I know some women shave their pussies, but I’ve never seen one like that — and it was beautiful!”

She shook her head, as though to clear cobwebs in her mind. “I knew I should be angry with you, but the crazy thing is, at that moment, I was anything but. What I wanted then and there — and I’ve never before felt anything like this = was to dive between her legs, bury my face in her cunt, and eat her.”

Her voice changed slightly, then “I’ve never had the slightest sense of wanting a lesbian relationship, but right then I wanted nothing more than to lick her cunt, suck her clit, make her scream and cum like mad.”

Again she paused, as through trying to make sense of it all. “Am I awful, or depraved?”

I didn’t know what to say, didn’t want to say anything that would tip the scales against me, so I said “No, I don’t think so. You’re just saying what you honestly felt at that moment.” And then I shut up, and waited.

Fee began again. “That wasn’t the end of it. I saw you get off Melanie, move to the foot of the bed, pull her over there. You threw her legs over your shoulders, and began to fuck her pussy. I was mesmerized, watching you slide in and out, begin to pound her.”

She stopped as another memory came to mind. “As you did, I saw her boobs begin to bounce like mad. I thought ‘Poor thing! Be careful, or you’ll make them fly off!'”

“At that moment, I wanted to be there with you, holding her boobs so they wouldn’t bounce so much. It must be strange, but I actually wanted her to be able to focus on being fucked, instead of having to hang on to her tits.”

“And, to be honest, I wanted not only to hold them (they are lovely!), but to lean over her, take them in my mouth, suck them, and have mine hanging down over her, for her to kiss and suck if she wanted. And I really wanted her to want to do that.”

Again a brief pause. “I wanted to hold her, suck her, watch your cock slide in and out of her cunt as you fucked her. Of course, I wasn’t there, could only watch from here. But that’s what I wanted. I saw that telltale expression on your face that told me you were about to cum. And I saw that same look on Melanie’s face that I feel when you do, that look of utter joy as you cum, your body moving from pounding her pussy to catatonic shock to full collapse.”

I was stunned. There was nothing I could say, and definitely nothing I dared say. Fee now knew everything. I wondered where our relationship would go from here.

She snuggled up to me. “If you want to go visit Melanie from time to time, spend a weekend or a week with her, that’s okay with me. I know you’ll come back.”

I was beyond understanding. Fee was effectively giving Melanie and me the okay to have a relationship of sexual love.

Then she murmured sleepily “And if Melanie wants to come visit us, that’s okay too. She’s welcome in both our beds.”

And with that, she drifted off to sleep.

Where does this all lead? I have no idea. It’s totally beyond me. I can only wait and see.

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Mrs. Matthew and Her Boys

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It was a typical evening. I was in the tub bathing like I did every night right after dinner. While I was soaking, my fingers had begun wandering over my body and eventually settled around my rigid, little penis. When very suddenly, my landlady poked her head into the room. I quickly covered my small erection with both hands, even though I could have easily hidden it with one, and squealed, “Mrs. Matthew!”

She tsk-tsk’d me and then stepped fully into the bathroom. Being towed along beside her was the other young, timid boy, Cameron, who also lived with Mrs. Matthew and me. While my naked body squirmed beneath the crystal-clear water. Mrs. Matthew announced, “Sammy, I’ve made a decision. It’s a waste of water for you to take a bath in that huge tub each night, and then Cameron to fill the tub again each morning. From now on, I’ve decided you two will bath together each night.”

Biting my lip and remaining silent, having been raised by a mother who taught me to respect mature women. I shivered under the water while Mrs. Matthew began undressing Cameron who had been raised in a strict household like mine. He stood by passively and didn’t utter a complaint.

After removing his shirt and pants, Mrs. Matthew took hold of his underpants and began lowering his last article of clothing. When his skinny, pale jumped out, she giggled, “Oh my! You have a little erection, Cameron. Are you excited to bathe with Sammy?” Without waiting for an answer, she turned her attention to me while stepping toward the tub with a naked Sammy at her side. “Move your hands, Sammy, let me see if you’re just as excited to bathe with Cameron.”

Shivering and blushing, I slowly moved my hands away to reveal my equally small and stiff erection.

Mrs. Matthew beamed, “Oh yes, this was a good idea I had.” Helping Cameron step into the same bathwater I was soaking in, I couldn’t help but stare at him. We looked so much alike. We were both small, under 5’5. Neither of us topped the scale at 105 pounds. We both had large eyes, button noses, and full lips. Our penises were both very small and thin and nearly devoid of hair. Even our bottoms were similar in that they were more round than other boys. The only difference between us was that he was a redhead and I was a blonde.

Mrs. Matthew remained in the room to oversee our bath. She instructed us to wash our hair with the floral shampoo she always kept on the edge of the tub. Cameron and I filled our palms with the pink-tinted shampoo and we began scrubbing our hair. Mrs. Matthew gave us step-by-step instructions on how we should be washing our hair. After a very short time, she became frustrated and has me wash Cameron’s hair while he washed mine.

We had to scoot close to each other in that tub. It was uncomfortable at first, but Cameron and I were soon giggling and have a great time washing each other’s hair. Mrs. Matthew was very pleased and went on to have us wash each other’s bodies. After we’d washed each other’s arms, chests, and stomachs with the pink-hued, floral-scented body wash, she had us stand up and face each other. She instructed us to wash each other’s backs at the same time. To do this, we had to stand very, very close to each other. Our bodies were touching, our penises were rubbing against each other. Our hands eventually slid downward until we were washing each other’s bottom. Mrs. Matthew had us slip a finger up inside each other to be sure we were clean. Feeling his thin finger penetrate my wrinkled hole made me shiver and giggle. And the feeling of his tight little hole squeezing my finger made my penis throb and dance.

While still sitting nearby, she had us remain standing and instructed us to wash each other’s penis. Cameron and I were both very horny by that point. Mrs. Matthew knew it and after filling our palms with more body wash, she told us exactly how to wash.

She called out in a soft but firm voice, “Up. Down. Up. Down.” She called those words over and over. When she sensed us getting on the verge of squirting, she slowed our pace but never stopped us from washing. After she’d edged us both to several orgasms, she asked, “Cameron, would you like to kiss Sammy?”

He was looking me in the eye but looked at Mrs. Matthew when he answered, “Yes.”. Cameron then returned his gaze to meet my eyes.

Mrs. Matthew then asked, “Sammy, would you like to kiss Cameron?”

Tearing my eyes away from Cameron, I looked at Mrs. Matthew and chirped, “Yes.”

After I’d turned back to look at Cameron, Mrs. Matthew permitted us to kiss each other. We were standing in the bathtub, naked, wet, with soap suds dripping down our thin bodies. We both leaned forward and tilted our heads to opposite sides until our lips touched. His lips were so soft and smooth. Our tongues slipped from our mouths and danced together as if they were made to do so. Mrs. Matthew spoke in a soft voice and had us hug each other. We stood there embracing each other and kissing in a way only two very horny, gentle, slightly illegal bahis feminine, virginal boys can kiss.

Our bodies were slithering together and our stiff penises were rubbing beside one another. The longer we kissed, the louder it became. Wet-sucking sounds echoed around the bathroom. His hands slid up and down my back and bottom while mine did the same to him.

At the exact wrong moment, Mrs. Matthew told us to stop. We had been so close. Our penises had been sliding and slithering against each other and had gotten dangerously close to squirting. Cameron and I stood there catching our breath, standing just far enough apart that his nose or penis didn’t touch mine.

Mrs. Matthew had us rinse each other off with a large, plastic cup she kept on the side of the tub. She then had us climb out of the tub and watched as we dried each other off with the large, fluffy towels she kept the bathroom stocked with. After we’d hung up our towels, Mrs. Matthew stood and announced it was time for bed.

Cameron and I looked at each other and were confused. It was barely eight o’clock. But neither of us spoke up, we both knew better than to question her about something like that.

We all left the bathroom together. Cameron and I leading the way with Mrs. Matthew right behind us. While she was still fully dressed, Cameron and I were freshly bathed and utterly naked while we walked down the hall. During that short walk, all I could think about was touching myself as soon as I was alone. I couldn’t remember ever being so horny.

After I’d taken a step into my room, Cameron had continued down the hall toward his room. After he’d taken only a few steps, Mrs. Matthew called out to both of us, with a grin on her face, she said, “Boys, it is a waste of water and detergent for me to have to wash two sets of sheets and bedcoverings. From now on, you two will be sleeping together in Sammy’s full-sized bed.”

Cameron and I looked at each other nervously before he joined me in my room. He took very small steps to one side of the bed, while I did the same to the other side of the bed. As the two of us got settled, facing away from each other under the same sheet and blanket, Mrs. Matthew turned on a lamp that sat beside a chair I used while getting dressed. She then turned off the ceiling light, leaving the room in the dull glow of the lamp. She then returned to the chair and sat down.

My skinny, little penis was rigid and I know it was leaking. And I’d be surprised if Cameron wasn’t in the same situation as I was. After laying there in silence for a short time, Mrs. Matthew whispered from across the room, “Boys, scoot closer together.”

The bed shifted when I felt Cameron wiggle a little further away from his edge of the bed. I did as I’d been told too.

Her whisper returned, “A little closer.”

We both scooted just a little bit further from our edges of the bed. She kept prodding us to move until we found ourselves laying on our back with our arms touching beneath the covers. I didn’t dare look down, but I’m sure there were two little bumps where our penis’s were pressing up against the bedcoverings. I’m sure Cameron was just as nervous as I was. What had happened in the bathtub was different. We were laying naked in the same bed and we were both very, very horny.

While laying there side-by-side, our hands somehow became interlaced and we clung to each other for the strength neither of us had alone. His had was soft, callous-free, and sweaty, just like mine.

In the dim light of the room, I stared up at the ceiling while my stomach did somersaults. My little penis was throbbing and desperate for attention. The room was silent except for the sound of our breathing which was quite heavy.

That silence was broken when Mrs. Matthew began to speak in a soft, gentle tone, “Boys, I’m going to ask each of you a few questions and I want honest answers. Can you do that for me?”

Cameron and I both answered at the same time, “Yes.”

She asked, “Sammy when you were kissing Cameron in the bathtub, was that your first real kiss?”

Cameron squeezed my hand gently as I whispered, “Yes.”

She then directed the same question at Cameron. We squeezed each other’s hands when he also answered, “Yes.”

She paused while Cameron and I lay there comforting each other, holding hands. Her voice was soft and gentle when she spoke next, “Boys, you’re both 20 years old. Your birthdays both take place next month. Neither of you had ever been kissed before tonight. I have to assume you’re both virgins. Is that correct?”

We both whimpered while squeezing each other’s hands, “Yes, ma’am.”

She immediately asked from across the darkened room, “Cameron, how often do you masturbate?”

When he didn’t answer right away, I got worried for him. I knew I’d be asked the same question next. I squeezed his hand and rubbed my leg against his to let him know it was okay.

His voice cracked when he said, “Every day.”

She illegal bahis siteleri whispered, “How many times a day?”

His voice shot up to a high pitch when he squeaked, “Two? Three? Sometimes four or five times.”

He was squirming in shame beside me. I felt bad for him. I never admitted I masturbated before, but I did it just as often as he did. I wanted to find a way to make him feel better.

When Mrs. Matthew ask me the same question, “Sammy, how often do you masturbate?”

I quickly answered, “At least twice a day. A few times I did it five times.”

Her soft voice then asked, “Sammy, has anyone ever watched you play with your penis?”

Biting my lip while Cameron squeezed my hand, I whimpered, “No. But my mom did catch me touching myself once.”

She chuckled softly, “What did she do when she saw you doing that?”

My back arched and I squirmed in the bed beside Cameron when I shamefully explained, “She-she told me it was natural. She said everyone did it. She said I didn’t need to be embarrassed. Then she winked at me and left.”

Mrs. Matthew asked, “She didn’t stay and watch?”

I quickly squeaked, “No!”

Cameron and I were laying naked, on our backs, side-by-side in bed. We were squeezing each other’s hands and rubbing our thighs together in an attempt to comfort each other during the game Mrs. Matthew was playing with us.

She then asked, “Cameron, has anyone ever caught you or watched you play with your penis?”

His voice quivered when he answered, “No, Ma’am. Honest.”

She whispered, “I believe you, Sweetheart.” She paused before speaking next, “Orgasms are very special gifts. They should be shared with someone, not selfishly wasted when you’re all alone.” She paused again before asking, “Sammy, is your little penis stiff?”

My voice was high and squeaky when I said, “Yes, Ma’am.”

She then asked, “Cameron, how about you? Is your little penis stiff too?”

He answered just as I had, “Yes, Ma’am.”

She had a lilt in her voice when she said, “I have two, horny, young boys with stiff little penises. I think you two should watch each other play with yourselves at the same time. What do you two think?”

Cameron moaned softly while I squirmed beside him. Neither of us answered her question.

Mrs. Matthew rose out of the chair she had been sitting in. She walked across the room to Cameron’s side of the bed. After pausing to look down at the two of us, she reached out and slowly pulled the blanket and sheet down to the very foot of the bed. Cameron and I were left completely exposed, laying on top of a fitted sheet, naked, side-by-side with very stiff little penises and we were still holding hands!

She turning on the bedside lamp which lit the room a little more, but it was far from being brightly lit. She had Cameron sit up, lean back on his hands, bend his knees, and spread them wide apart. She then had me face him, scoot in close and bend my legs over his. Mrs. Matthew then sat down on the edge of the bed. Cameron looked at me spread wide in front of him and I couldn’t take my eyes off of him either. Both of our penises were glistening in the light and we were both breathing heavily.

Mrs. Matthew gave us a few moments to look at each other before she next spoke, “Boys, I know this is difficult for you. So, on the count of three, I want you both to start playing with yourselves. Do you understand?”

Cameron and I looked into each other’s eyes while answering in unison, “Yes, Ma’am.”

She sat there watching as we both move our right hands close to our penises. She whispered, “One.”

Cameron’s eyes wandered up and down my body while mine wandered up and down his. We were both desperately horny and drawn to each other during this interrogation by our landlady.

She whispered, “Two.”

My hand slid very close to my penis. I almost took it in my hand, but I didn’t quite touch it. Cameron did the same thing and I couldn’t stop staring at his penis throbbing so close to his hand.

Mrs. Matthew voice got very deep when she uttered, “Three.”

My first finger looped around the underside of my penis while my thumb looped over from the top. I didn’t hesitate for a second and began gently stroking the sensitive neck of my penis, just under the squishy pink head. At that same moment, Cameron did the same thing. Using only his index finger and thumb, he isolated his rubbing to the cute little neck of his penis.

Leaning back on our left hands, masturbating with our right hands, Cameron and I were lost in that magical moment. His big, blue eyes wandered up and down my naked and aroused body while my big green eyes wandered over his. The wet sounds of our playing began almost immediately. He and I had been horny since we’d been made to bathe together. I’m sure he was just as close to squirting as I was.

But as I felt my orgasm building inside of me, Mrs. Matthew whispered, “Slow down boys, you don’t want to squirt so soon. Let’s canlı bahis siteleri make this last a little longer.” In an even softer tone, she began pacing our masturbation, “Up. Down. Up. Down.” She was reading our bodies perfectly. When we got too close to orgasm, she slowed our pace way down but never completely stopped. As the danger of squirting passed, she would slowly increase the rate until it happened again.

I’m not sure how long that went on or how many times I’d gotten close to squirting, but I wound up being covered in a thin layer of perspiration with my juices leaking over my finger and thumb while I continued to masturbate at the pace Mrs. Matthew set. Cameron was an equally horny mess. His thin, pale body glistened in the dim light and his finger and thumb were dripping with his excitement. We were both breathing heavily and our little pink nipples were as stiff as our penises. Somehow during that time, our hips had moved closer to each other. So close that our bottoms were touching and our soft pouches of pebbles were nestled together. With every stroke, our hands would bump against each other while we played.

Mrs. Matthew stopped chanting ‘up, down, up, down’ and whispered, “Cameron, doesn’t Sammy’s finger & thumb look slippery?”

He moaned, “Yes.”

She then asked me, “Sammy, don’t Cameron’s finger & thumb look slippery?”

I gasped, “Yes!”

She whispered, “It must be difficult to masturbate with such slippery fingers and thumbs.”

I was about to tell her it wasn’t when she spoke with a sterner tone in her voice, “I have an idea. Why don’t you lick each other’s hands clean?”

We both let go of our penises and looked at how messy our hands were with our juices. Our precum was covering our index fingers and thumbs in a thick layer of our gooey excitement. I looked away from my hand to Cameron’s equally messy hand and then up to his eyes. He was looking right back at me. Simultaneously, we both began to slowly raise our hands toward the other’s mouth.

With Mrs. Matthew sitting beside us, watching and orchestrating our actions, my gooey, index finger entered Cameron’s mouth and his messy index finger slipped past my lips. We sucked on each other’s fingers, tasting each other while our hips ground together.

Cameron and I were sliding our fingers and thumbs into each other’s mouths while squirming and grinding our hips together. We stared into each other’s eyes and only became hornier as our tastebuds tingled with the flavor of young love.

Mrs. Matthew whispered, “Do my sweet boys want to stop playing for the night and get some sleep?”

My fingers slipped from Cameron’s mouth and he moaned, “No, Ma’am.”

With his fingers still sliding across my tongue, I moaned, “No, Ma’am.”

She whispered, “Very well, we’re going to try something new. Sammy, I want you to play with Cameron’s penis. And Cameron, I want you to play with Sammy’s penis. On the count of…”

Neither of us waited for her countdown. We both reached down and took a gentle hold of the other’s little erection. Having someone else’s penis in my hand was a wonderful experience. Being about the same size, it was sort of like playing with myself, except I didn’t feel my hand. I could feel him throbbing under my touch. His penis was so soft and smooth. It took all of a split second to realize I enjoyed playing with his penis more than my own.

Mrs. Matthew carefully set our pace to keep us from squirting. We were both so wildly aroused, we had to remove our hands from each other quite often. Each time, she had us lick our juices from each other’s hands.

At one point that evening, she had Cameron play with my penis for a short time while I did not touch his. The expression on his face was odd, he looked like he was in pain. Mrs. Matthew soon had him stop and it became my turn. With my finger and thumb looped around the neck of his little penis, I began rubbing up and down. I immediately understood why Cameron looked so uncomfortable. With our bodies so close together, it almost seemed like I was rubbing myself. But I didn’t feel anything! It was the strangest thing. I squirmed my hips and still felt nothing. I was desperate for Mrs. Matthew to put an end to it.

She eventually allowed us to go back to playing with each other at the same time. After she’d let us both get dangerously close to squirting dozens of times and we’d licked each other’s hands clean each time, Cameron stared into my eyes and asked, “Mrs. Matthew, may I please kiss Sammy?”

She moaned, “Cameron, I think that’s a wonderful idea.”

Biting my lower lip, I slowly leaned forward while Cameron leaned toward me. Our bodies were touching while his legs were spread around me and my legs were spread around him. We were face-to-face and our little penis were resting beside each other. I wrapped my arms around him and he embraced me at the moment we’d tilted our heads to the opposite side and our lips met. The only kissing experience either of had occurred earlier that evening in the bathtub. But it didn’t matter. We were two gentle boys figuring it out as we went along. Our tongues slid in and out of each other’s mouths. Our lips smacked and the wet sounds of our kissing filled the room.

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Elise Ch. 13: The Vicar

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It was a fine Monday afternoon in September. The summer heat and humidity were over and a cool breeze from the north made for ideal walking. Jacques was not coming home until much later attending a business dinner at the Mandarin, and so Elise decided to have a walkabout in Mongkok. There was a long street parallel to Nathan Road where you could buy almost anything and lots of different street food. Dim Sum figured. She had ensured to tell Lisa that she would also not be back until later so she could enjoy some time with one of her several male friends.

Elise took the Peak Tram at her local stop and stepped out at the terminus in Garden Road. Opposite was the familiar sight of the big Protestant Church. She did not know the name as she was not a churchgoer or even a Christian, but I suppose being in a relaxed mood, memories surfaced and she found herself re-enacting scenes of earlier sexual abuse she thought were long over. Her feet automatically led her across Garden Road and into the grounds of the big church.

One half of the big Church door was open but there appeared to be no-one around, and so she slowly went inside. The peace and beauty of the place increased the feelings that were already troubling her.

Elise walked slowly towards the altar, and at the step and rail she paused and knelt. Soon her tears started to fall, and soon her emotion caused her to sob aloud. Soon Elise felt a soft hand on her head and a male voice said, “Peace be with you my child”. Elise looked up and there was a gweilo in a black cassock probably in his mid thirties looking straight at her, obviously very concerned. “Possibly there is something I can help with,” the vicar continued, “You are welcome to confide in me in my study if you wish.”

The Vicar turned and started to walk slowly out of the sanctuary. Elise got up and entered the sanctuary at the break in the rail and followed the Vicar inside. She followed him into a small study with desk, upright chairs and a small bunk bed across to the left. “We shall be joined by Miss Chiu shortly who is bringing flowers. I always insist on another female being present at these illegal bahis times,” the Vicar continued.

Almost immediately there was a knock on the door. “Come in,” called the Vicar and a trim, pretty Chinese woman around 25 bustled in smiling carrying a large bunch of flowers. “Just put the flowers in that big vase, for now, please, I need to you accompany me listening to this lady who is in distress.”

Miss Chiu pulled up a chair aand took a seat at the end of the desk so that she was neither on the Vicar’s side nor that of Elise. “Now, please tell us what is troubling you so that we may be able to help,” said the Vicar, looking directly at Elise. Elise took a deep breath and then launched into the whole story of her abuse that had led her uncle to rescue her and bring her to Hong Kong. As the story came to a close, Miss Chiu looked directly at the Vicar and said, “Reverend, this matter I think I need to help with. As you know I am a qualified psychologist and this lady needs immediate help. I would like her to rest on the bunk bed over there so that I can talk to her in a relaxed mode.” The Vicar nodded in agreement and Miss Chiu rose and took Elise by the hand, leading her across to the bunk bed, which was a simple affair with no headboard or footboard and probably only used as a simple sofa.

Elise kicked off her mules and laid on the bed whilst Miss Chiu slipped a cushion under her head, then took a stool and sat alongside Elise. She leaned forward and put her hand across Elise’s forehead. “My dear,” she started, “With your permission I wish to hypnotise you for a few seconds. You will fall into a deep sleep, and when you awaken you will retain no memory of your pain, is that OK?” Elise nodded in agreement, and so Miss Chiu continued, “In that case, when I say CLOSE, close your eyes, and when I say OPEN, open them, agreed?” Once again Elise nodded. “CLOSE commanded Miss Chiu”. A few seconds later, “Open.”

Elise sat up rubbing her eyes. She looked around at the two other people in the room and gradually the recollection of where she was and why she was there returned. She smiled gratefully at Miss Chiu illegal bahis siteleri and said, “I feel marvellous, in fact, better than I have for years. However, I feel desperately in need of sex. I love sex but I have never felt an urge as strong as this before. What can I do?”

Miss Chiu turned to the Vicar, “I am afraid I have awoken her sex chakra and it is now fully open whereas before it was partially blocked. We need to help her.”

“What can I do,” said the Vicar, “My department is spiritual.”

“Vicar,” continued Miss Chiu,”All is spiritual. Jesus healed bodies as well as souls. All is energy at different levels controlled by the Mind in this hologram we call the Universe. I shall make a start, but I shall need you to finish,” she continued.

“So what precisely do you need from me?” said the Vicar.

“I need you simply to do what only a man CAN do. That is all. Please prepare yourself.” said Miss Chiu.

With that last plea to the Vicar, Miss Chiu turned her attention to Elise who was starting to finger herself between her legs while emitting small cries. She moved her stool to the foot of the bed, and reached forward, pulling Elise towards her. As she did so, Elise’s’ skirt rode up over her waist, exposing her pink bikini briefs already with a large dark stain down the front.

Miss Chiu pulled Elise very close and positioned Elise’s legs over her shoulders while sliding the panties up and off a leg at a time. She turned briefly towards the Reverend and tossed the panties over to him. Then she turned back to Elise and buried her head between Elise’s legs. Soft moans came from Elise as she was tongue-fucked and her clit sucked until Elise screamed in orgasm and sprayed pussy-juice into Mis Chiu’s welcoming mouth.

Miss Chiu decided it was time to move to the next phase and after rapidly removing her own panties, mounted the bed, straddling Elise’s mouth with her pussy and looking towards the Reverend.

The Reverend, now in possession of Elise’s panties and having taken a deep sniff, there was no going back. His cock was on a mission and ached for release. He rapidly discarded canlı bahis siteleri his cassock and cast his braces off his shoulders, allowing his pants to fall. Kicking of his pants he rapidly pulled his Y-fronts’ underpants out and over his erect dick, thick and with protruding veins, and a massive set of stallion balls now hanging low.

Miss Chiu called out, “We need you now please.” The Reverend needed no more bidding and moved to the base of the bed as Miss Chiu placed her arms around Elise’s legs and pulled them back towards her ears. The Reverend was now presented with a large pussy with engorged flushed lips. Two dark wings encasing a deep pink crevice surrounded and mounted by masses of smooth long black hair. The Reverend’s dick started to leak and throb as he positioned the head against the deep pink crevice. He witheld the urge to fuck Elise hard and fast and instead carefully holding his dick in his right hand and clasping Elise’s right leg with his left hand, he coaxed the head into the hot, wet pink crevice and moved it slowly up and down with a slight pressure until it finally lodged in the passage. Now he allowed his dick to enter slowly with forward and backward movements until he was past the PC muscle and hair on hair.

Elise’s PC muscle started to pulsate and the Reverend retracted slowly almost fully but then driving in full length fast. Elise fell into the rhythm and momentarily gripped his cock on the way in and then again on the way out. This action continued through two orgasms of Elise until the Reverend could hold no longer. His cock throbbed violently and with balls slappimg into Elise’s cunt, he discharged copious amounts of hot, sticky cum towards her cervix. As he slowly withdrew, Miss Chiu leaned forward and took the cock deep into her mouth to clean it before moving down again to lick Elise clean, slurping out the mass of salty cum mixed with the tasty juice from Elise’s cunt. Miss Chiu finally looked up and said, “Dear Reverend, that was a marvellous performance for an amateur. Now I know your astounding qualities, I may need your skills myself whenever I have problems too.”

Elise left the Church dazed. She hardly remembered the trip over to Kowloon on the Star Ferry and the return, but she knew that she had been well fucked and she had been well serviced and furthermore her sex life would never be the same again.

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Tamara In Stockings Ch. 06

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Tamara in Stockings

Chapter Six: An Autumn Affair

Tamara’s sexual liaisons continued throughout the summer of 98 and, as usual, whether directly or indirectly, Jack benefitted from her affairs and conquests. The couple had threesomes with Marta, Annie and Alena. Tamara owned Danita as her sex slave, an arrangement that Danita found every bit as arousing as her mistress. Tamara also visited Olivia and Paul one warm, wet evening in June and left them fucked and satisfied. Olivia wanted a regular date with her alone but Tamara politely declined, she was still enjoying her attachment to Alena and was also too busy toying with Danita.

But nothing lasts forever and, gradually, into early autumn, Tamara’s carnal companions departed one by one. As Tamara expected, her lovely Alena left her teaching job and moved to be with her husband at the northern university at which he was now working. Tamara was sad to see her go, she and Alena were well matched, they had a close connection and the best sex either had ever had with a woman. They both knew that they would stay in touch but not being easily available to each other was a cause of sadness and frustration for them both.

Tamara, bedded Annie three more times after their first sexual encounter and Jack joined in on one occasion. Then, in August, Daniel returned and Annie turned her by now considerably more assertive sexual attention exclusively on her nephew.

Marta called on Tamara and Jack several times throughout June and July. She sucked Jack dry and licked Tamara to countless orgasms. In August, she left her husband and stayed with Tamara and Jack for a fortnight whilst she found somewhere to live. It was a test of stamina for both of them and they were thankful that they could share the load. Marta fucked Tamara silly during the day then, almost as soon as he arrived home from work, dragged Jack up to bed and rode him relentlessly.

They usually ended proceedings each night with Jack lying on his back, Marta lying on top of him facing the ceiling with his cock in her cunt and Tamara going down on Marta’s pussy. Marta’s powerful orgasms erupted in her face as Tamara lapped up her juices mingled with Jack’s come. Relief was mixed with regret when Marta found a new job in London and moved in with a elderly distant cousin.

It was just a week after Marta left that Mark paid his final visit to Tamara. They played out their usual erotic routine one last time because Mark had decided to give up his part time chiropody practice having been asked to work full time in an IT company that he was already involved with. Tamara had taken enormous pleasure from the shaftings that she had received from him over the past eighteen months. She insisted on him taking her stockings as an erotic reminder of their provocative, steamy seductive encounters.

In early September, Tamara helped her very clever bitch get a late place in college on a business management course. Despite her complete domination of Danita, Tamara had a soft spot for her and wanted her to do well. Danita was very bright and capable of greater things than cleaning for her horny mistress. Tamara regretted that she would no longer sit with her legs apart whilst Danita buried her face between her thighs. Nor would she be able to spank Danita for some concocted minor misdemeanour before slipping a finger inside her and bringing her to orgasm, or to bind her hands behind her back and shaft her with her strap on cock.

By late September, Tamara’s sexual partners and playthings had disappeared. Jack felt the loss as well and encouraged her to start new adventures. He also floated the idea that they could take their already incredible sexual relationship to new heights by fucking secretly in public. He drew up a list of possibilities for them to ponder. The list was extensive and served to further stimulate their foreplay when they shared fantasies of where they would like to risk being found out.


In early October Jack had got mobile phones for himself and Tamara. They discovered the benefits of mobile phone sex one night when Jack was working late in the office and Tamara phoned him to partake in mutual masturbation. Jack was alone in the building, even the cleaners had gone, he checked that the coast was clear before wanking to the sound of Tamara’s heavy breathing and eventual orgasm all of thirty miles away.

Just after she had come and still feeling aroused by the new experience, Tamara noticed a text from Alena.

“Tried to call you but engaged. Ring me, need to talk!”

Tamara realised she’d missed several calls from her so she rang straight away. Alena was in a state of high dudgeon. She had only been back living with Jed for four weeks and had discovered that he was up to his old tricks of screwing his students again. Alena was broad minded and hadn’t objected to his affairs with women closer to his age, indeed, she had had dalliances of her own, but she disliked him taking advantage of what she saw as vulnerable young women in their late teens and early twenties.

Tamara bahis firmaları consoled her and invited her to stay with her and Jack at half term but Alena wanted Tamara to herself so they booked a long weekend in a hotel in Staffordshire. They only got out of bed to dress sexily for dinner, after which, they tumbled back into their room together to fuck until the early hours.

On the first evening when they got back to their room Alena fitted a strap on cock under the tight black leather trousers that she was wearing. Tamara’s juices began to seep out of her cunt at the sight of the cock bulging against the leather material. She was in a dress, heels and stockings, they kissed passionately on the sofa in their room. They mauled each other’s bodies, Alena pushing her hand up Tamara’s dress to take possession of her pussy before unbuttoning her fly, pulling out the false cock, forcing Tamara onto her back, spreading her legs apart and fucking her vigorously. Tamara screamed the house down.

On the second evening, Jack was missing Tamara and had to deal with a very hard erection before going to sleep. He sent a text to her asking how the weekend was going.

“Wonderful, her fingers are in my cunt right now, I’m going to come…” came the reply.

Jack’s erection was taken care of in no time at all.


In the couple of weeks leading up to half term and Tamara’s dirty weekend with Alena, she had noticed a good looking new member of staff at school. He was covering for the Head of English, who was on long term sick leave, and had been drafted in from another school in the City until at least the end of term. There had been smiles and eye contact for several weeks. Tamara remarked to one of her colleagues from the English department that he was hot.

“Get in line girlfriend, anyway, you’re already married and so is he.”

“Not actually married but I take your point, no harm in window shopping though.”

Then during break in the staff room one morning Tamara and the new man found themselves making tea in the kitchen area. They both reached for the sugar bowl at the same time and their hands touched.

“Oh, I’m sorry, here, after you.”

“You’re a gentleman, a rare breed in this school.”

“Not always,” he said with a grin.

“You’re covering for Marion aren’t you?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“How are you finding it?”

“Good, the staff here are friendly, although there is someone I’d like to know better.”

“I’m Tamara,” she said offering her hand.

“I’m Evan,” he said, taking it and holding it slightly longer than was necessary.

Tamara was wearing a loose fine knitted top that finished about three inches above the hem of her black skirt which in turn finished three inches above her knee. She wore two inch high square heels, underneath this she wore nearly black stockings and black underwear. Her long heavy necklace fell between and divided her pert breasts. Evan had been watching her for several minutes and he was very attracted to her.

“Good, now we’re no longer strangers we can get to know each other,” said Tamara with a meaningful smile.

“I’d like that very much.”

Their flirting was interrupted by a colleague of Evan’s.

The following afternoon Tamara sat opposite Evan In a staff meeting. She wore a short brown skirt, brown stockings, heels and a yellow top. Sitting in one of the low easy chairs in the staffroom, she found it difficult to hide her stocking tops. The welt was just visible for an inch or so. Evan found it hard to take his eyes off her legs, when he did eventually look at her face she gave him a suggestive half smile, looked down at her legs and looked up again to show that she knew where his attention had been focused.

The meeting finished and Sheryl, the Deputy Head, latched on to Evan and kept him talking. Tamara felt a pang of jealousy but it was the last Friday before half term and her head was full of her plans for Alena. She needed to get away so that she could arrive at the hotel for dinner by 7.30pm. Any plans she had for Evan would have to wait until after half term.

At dinner in the hotel on that first night Tamara told Alena about a new sex interest at school. Alena knew him vaguely and was full of encouragement for Tamara.

“You lucky bitch, he’s definitely worth a crack, keep me in the picture won’t you?”


On the third and final evening of their long weekend, during foreplay, Alena had aroused Tamara to fever pitch with a fantasy about what she could do to Jack. Tamara had loved the idea, she couldn’t wait to try it, her pussy tingled all the way home the next day. Tamara had been home for a couple of hours when Jack returned from work. She had occasionally pressed her fingers into her mound and felt incredibly horny but had managed to avoid using her vibrator. She wore a long tight skirt so that it wouldn’t be as easy for her to push her fingers into her vagina as it would have been in a short skirt.

The skirt was camel coloured and it hugged her arse kaçak iddaa and thighs. It finished at ankle length just above her black low heeled shoes. Underneath she wore black lace top hold up stockings the pattern of which was just showing in relief through her skirt material, if anyone looked closely. Her panties and bra were black lace and she wore a patterned red long sleeved knitted top that also finished just under the curve of her buttocks.

When Jack saw her, her gave her a huge smile and a long hug during which she could feel his cock growing against her abdomen.

“Okay, down boy, I’ve got a very naughty night lined up for you and I really hope you like it because I’m so aroused by a fantasy that Alena has put into my head.”

“Wow, sounds intriguing, come here and let me feel your lovely arse.”

He embraced her again and placed both of his large hands on her buttocks, pulling her hard against his, by now, full erection.

“Whoa, put me down Tarzan and let’s eat first then we’ll get changed and have fun.”

“Role play? You’ve really got me going now.”

“Well, that all depends on who wins the game we’re going to play.”

“What game?”

“Cards, look, we’re going to eat now, then we’ll play whist and whoever wins gets to be in control, right? I’ll explain later, tea’s ready so open a bottle while I serve.”

“What if I win, it won’t be Alena’s fantasy.”

“You won’t”

“Oh, right, we’ll see about that, I’ve hatched some pretty good fantasies of my own while you’ve been away.”

“Come on dummy, eat up then I’ll beat you at cards.”

They enjoyed the wine and their meal as though it was all part of their foreplay. Jack was intrigued and excited, he almost considered deliberately losing the card game but he liked the idea of being in control and couldn’t wait to teach Tamara a lesson.

After they had eaten, she told Jack about her weekend with Alena. He was especially aroused by the image of Alena in high heels and tight leather trousers bulging with a strap on cock. He could picture her, trousers pulled down to her knees, fucking Tamara on her back with her legs wrapped around Alena’s waist. Jack stood up, unable to disguise his own bulge, and cleared away the plates whilst Tamara got out a deck of cards; she dealt them seven cards each.

“You didn’t shuffle,” said a suspicious Jack.

“What’s the matter, Don’t you trust me?”

“Not entirely.”

“I can shuffle and deal again if you like.”

Jack fell for it.

“No, it’s okay, let’s carry on.”

Tamara had rigged the deck and won the first trick. She got to choose trumps and wiped the floor with Jack winning the next trick six to nothing. She’d arranged the cards so that there would be no doubt about the outcome.

“Oh, I see, I’ve really been suckered haven’t I? Your hand was full of aces and pictures and I didn’t have any.”

“I don’t know what you mean. Now pay attention lover boy, I’m going upstairs to slip into something less comfortable and when I’m ready, I’ll call you.”

Tamara left Jack to wonder what his fate would be, his cock started to swell again. She called him when she was ready and he wasted no time climbing the stairs to their bedroom. As he entered the room his jaw dropped at the sight of Tamara dressed as a dominatrix.

She looked stunningly sexy, her bust emerging from a low cut black basque, a tight black leather skirt, elbow length black gloves, very high black stilettos and nearly black stockings with seams. Her suspender straps and clips protruded through the leather skirt which also concealed her already damp black panties.

She stood near the bed with her weight on her left leg and her right leg slightly bent. In her right hand she had a riding crop that she held at an angle across her thighs toward her left knee. Her lips and fingernails were scarlet and she wore long teardrop jet black earrings tipped with amber; Jack was salivating and wondering where her dominatrix ensemble had come from, he knew that he hadn’t seen it before; he would have remembered.

“Don’t look so surprised, I bought all of this at the beginning of the summer holidays. Danita had a look on her face just like you have now. She would finish cleaning and get into a schoolgirl uniform that I bought for her and I would appear dressed like this.”

Jack was in awe of Tamara by now, she approached him slowly and menacingly and held the tip of the riding crop under his chin.

“Danita was a very obedient little slut, just like you’re going to be. You will do whatever I say without hesitation, any disobedience will be punished with this.”

She slapped the crop across her leather clad thighs as she spoke.

“You will only speak when spoken to and you will call me mistress. Understood?”

“Yes mistress,” said an aroused but slightly alarmed Jack.

“Strip naked now and lie face down on the bed.”

“Yes mistress.”

Jack did as he was told, he felt Tamara’s weight on him as she pulled his arms behind his back and bound them tightly with a soft red rope. Then she gagged kaçak bahis him with a red scarf. At least he hadn’t been made to wear a schoolgirl outfit, he thought with some relief. Little did he know that what he would be wearing had been the deviant, delicious highlight of Alena’s fantasy that had so captured Tamara’s imagination and pussy.

Tamara stroked his buttocks with her riding crop and told him to roll over. Then she commanded him to sit up and she ran the crop along the underside of his erect cock from the base until it reached the glans at which point she pinned it against his abdomen. She knew that the riding crop was now pressing against the most sensitive part of his penis so she gave him a look of gloating domination and teased him by masturbating him with the crop until droplets of come started to ooze out of his helpless cock.

Leaving him frustrated and on the edge of an orgasm, what she did next took Jack completely by surprise. He looked spellbound as she took her short black skirt, a black suspender belt, black lacy panties and nearly black stockings from her wardrobe and underwear drawer.

“It’s a shame that none of my tops or heels will fit you.”

A gagged Jack couldn’t have spoken if he’d wanted to. His cock was rigid and jutting out from between his legs, he felt as though he might come spontaneously.

“Oh good, I can see that this is turning you on almost as much as it is me.”

Tamara looked into his slightly panic stricken eyes and gripped his cock whilst straddling him, her tight leather skirt forced up over her stocking tops. She brushed her silky black panty guessed with the tip of Jack’s cock and whispered into his ear.

“Now you’re going to be a good girl and play nicely with your mistress.”

“Hhnnnggg!” was all Jack could manage. His orgasm was screaming to be released from the confines of his balls.

“I’m going to dress you as my slut, then I’m going to tease you and make you do things to me, then, when I’m ready, I’m going to take you and fuck you so that you’re in no doubt about your submission and crushing humiliation.”

She gripped the shaft of his hard cock and stroked it several times whilst looking seductively into his eyes. Jack sat bound and helpless as semen started to rise up his shaft, Tamara was incredibly aroused, “clever Alena,” she thought as she savoured the intense erotic thrill building inside her pussy. With impeccable timing, she released her grip on Jack’s cock just as he was about to come.

It was the most excruciating erotic torture as she brought him to the brink and then left him teetering on the edge of orgasm; she knew exactly what she was doing.

She sauntered sexily over to the clothes she had prepared for Jack. She picked up the panties and with a domineering expression told Jack to stand up. She made him step into the panties and she slowly raised them up over his knees and thighs until they sat on his hips. She folded his erect cock into the lacy front panel of the panties as more of her juices seeped from her pussy. Next she fitted the suspender belt around his waist, straps dangling suggestively, and told him to sit on the dressing table chair. She slowly and deliberately unfurled the stockings up over his legs and clipped them to the four strap suspender belt.

Jack had been taken completely by surprise and didn’t know what to think when he had realised what she was going to make him wear but now he was even more surprised at just how hot and kinky he felt. His nerve ends were tingling with forbidden erotic arousal. Tamara made him stand and step into the short black skirt, she could feel her cunt walls clenching as she slowly pulled the skirt up over his buttocks and hips. There he stood, gagged, hands bound behind his back, looking perverse but so deliciously fuckable in her stockings, underwear and tight skirt.

Tamara drooled at the sight of the skirt fitting snugly over his nicely shaped arse with a mound at the front where his cock couldn’t be contained. She wished she’d got a pair of heels in size eleven; perhaps next time, she thought. She just wanted to put her hand up the skirt and grab his cock, but not yet.

Tamara sensuously slipped off her leather skirt and panties, sat on the chair and opened her legs.

“On your knees bitch and eat my cunt.”

“Oh, that’s a clever girl, suck my clit, Oh yes, lick me, suck me, you’re such a turn on in your tight skirt and stockings.”

Tamara was more aroused than she could ever remember, she tried to stay in control but Jack’s tongue and lips brought her crashing to a loud orgasm that lasted a full forty seconds.

“Oh, you naughty girl, you’ve made me come before I was ready, you’ll have to be punished for that. Go and lie face down on the bed.”

Tamara lifted his skirt, pulled down his panties and gave him three playful strokes across his buttocks with her riding crop.

“Now turn over bitch.”

Jack did as he was told. He lay there, arms bound behind him, gagged and completely powerless. Tamara’s pussy was tingling again as her eyes settled on the bulge at the front of his skirt. Now she was ready to take him, to live out the final part of the fantasy that Alena had whispered in her ear as she had been engulfed by an orgasm the previous night.

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Game If You Are

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Jordy rolled his eyes as I cracked open another beer.

“Dude, slow down. We have all night.” I glanced at him. Mmm. We had all night but we were heading to the pub very shortly. And at the pub, hopefully already halfway to trashed were Rico, and Mikey, and Mo and last, but so far from least-


And it had been… only a week? Jesus. A week since I’d seen Elijah. And I really, really, didn’t think I could face him sober.

“Ah, you guys are lightweights. Gotta get ahead.” I teased. Jordy rolled his eyes.

“For someone who can’t go to the grocery store without me to reach the shelves you sure can put away the booze.” He conceded. I hit him playfully.

“Managed it by myself yesterday.” I crowed in faux pride.

“Is that why we have off-brand everything?” He grunted. Which actually. Yes. That is why we had off brand everything. There was a shortage of disarmingly handsome tall men at Pak n Save yesterday. I told him as much and downed my beer. Ah, fuck it. I had to rip the band aid off at some point.

“Alright.” I stood up and pulled on a jacket. “Let’s go.” Jordy laughed as he looked at my face.

“We’re meeting up with the guys.” He said. “Not going into battle.”

“Potion master…” I ignored him and started riffing. “I’m going into battle, I need your strongest potion…” Lucky Jordy is a huge dork and that completely distracted him.

“You can’t handle my strongest potion!” And we continued that all the way to the pub.


Elijah and I only barely caught each other’s eyes as we ‘sup’ nodded each other. Wooo boy. This was gonna be so damn awkward. We avoided being too near each other, tuning into a different conversation if someone invited us in. The beer was helping though. After a couple he even sat next to me and I didn’t feel the need to jump away immediately. He nudged my knee.

“You good?” He asked. I smiled at him.

“Yeah man. You?”

“Yeah.” He cleared his throat and glanced around the bar.

“So do we talk about it?” He murmured. I burst out laughing. He’s such an idiot.

“No!” I said. “God no! And here?!” I nodded towards our friends and he grinned goofily.

“Aight.” He said. “So, you hired a new barista yet?”

“Na, no ones looking.” I sighed. “We’re paying an insane rate as well. $27 an hour, that’s unheard of but still- no one biting.”

“I’ll keep my ears peeled.” He said.

“You don’t want to come back?”

“And work for you?”

“Guess so?”

“Na, I can’t take you seriously.” He laughed. “Don’t know how anyone does, actually.”

“Ah, my staff haven’t seen me on a Friday night.” I laughed. “That pretty much destroys all credibility.”

“As soon as Dua Lipa comes on you turn into the world’s most flaming homo.”

“Hey!” I thumped him. “You can’t say that!”

“Can, do, and will.” He raised his eyebrows and sat up straight with his arms folded, as though that would intimidate me. I rolled my eyes at him.

“We both know I can take you in a fight.” I said. Elijah looked at me and opened his mouth. I felt myself starting to blush as his eyes slowly drifted down my body and back up to my face.

“Well.” He said eventually. “You got me there.”

Luckily Mo interrupted by looking for a tie breaker in would you rather, and we all got distracted by the merits of carrying a goat around for the rest of your life or sleeping with one in your bed for the rest of your life. Elijah kept his eyes to himself and we barely spoke for the next two hours.

And then he caught me tumbling out of the bathroom.

“Woah, shrimp.” He caught me. “You’ve had too much.” I rolled my eyes and straightened up.

“I’m good.” Elijah didn’t let me go. He held onto my shoulders and raised his eyebrows. He cleared his throat.

“You don’t think you’ve overdone it?” He said slowly. His grip sort of tightened and loosened again as he stared at me. “Because… maybe I should take you home?” I looked into his eyes, to make sure he meant what I thought he meant and I swallowed.


“Or was that a one off?” He said quietly. I shook my head.

“Game if you are.” I said. My voice sounded a lot steadier than it had any right to. Elijah grinned.

“Then let’s get you home, you little inebriate.” I laughed and pinched my cheeks, to make them go red and the whole thing more convincing. He pretended to help me back to the others as I put on quite a convincing stagger. “Right.” He said. “I’m taking Gideon home. Fucker needs to learn to pace himself.”

“Told you so.” Jordy said.

“Fuck off.” I mumbled.


We didn’t say much in the Uber home. What do you say? He cleared his throat and drew a breath from time to time, but he obviously didn’t have the nerve to commit to saying whatever he was thinking.

I was trying really hard not to think. To lower my expectations. To stop stressing out. To stop worrying about what this would mean.

We arrived at mine and I turned the lights and the heater on and opened my mouth to offer him a beer but güvenilir bahis as I turned to him he was looking at me- the exact way he looked at me last time. Last time. Oh god. We were doing this weren’t we? Once is… whatever it is.

Twice is a thing.

Elijah’s eyes were narrowed and steely.

“Gideon.” He said. His voice was low and firm.

“Yes?” I swallowed.

“Strip.” Elijah said. I felt the heat rise up from my stomach and I almost moaned. Actually I think I did moan as I obeyed him and fell out of my clothes. God. He was straight out of a porno.


All of this was.


A week ago we were at his, playing video games because he’d had a party the day before and I crashed for the night. We were shooting the shit about nothing in particular when for whatever reason he was moaning about the lack of action he’d been getting. I was teasing him because, quite honestly, lack of action is far from a problem for me.

“You just need to broaden your horizons.” I said. “Bet you could have blow jobs on tap if you went on Grindr.”

“That’s a bit shitty isn’t it?” He laughed. “I mean, it’s an app for gay men.”

“It’s a hookup app.” I corrected him. “Trust me, ‘straight guy looking for cocksucker’ might work in your favour.”

“Would you suck a straight guy?”

“Dude.” I laughed. “I must have sucked a hundred straight guys.”

“They can’t have been that straight.”

“Getting your dick sucked is getting your dick sucked.” I shrugged.

“Huh.” He glanced at me. “And you don’t care?”

“Why would I care? Sucking dick is sucking dick.”

Elijah sat in silence for a minute before he sighed deeply.

“Well.” He said, and he nudged me. I glanced at him.

“What?” He nodded pointedly at his crotch and I blushed as I realised he was rock solid.

“That’s your fault.” He said. I laughed.

“I’m flattered.” He raised his eyebrows and me and cocked his head to the side.

“So…” My gut suddenly twisted. Uh-oh. What had I talked myself into here? Elijah was looking at me hungrily. He shrugged coyly, looking at his dick again, knowing I knew exactly what he meant. “Sucking dick is sucking dick right?” He said quietly.

“Yeah but that’s YOUR dick.” I said slowly. My body was kinda betraying me though.

“So? No homo, no nothing… You want it, or at least part of you does.” He looked pointedly at my own somewhat noticeable bulge. “I want it too… I mean… it doesn’t matter right?” I bit my lip. Probably a bad idea? But I did want it. We both did. Maybe we could make this work.

“I mean… Ok.” I said slowly. Elijah grinned and sat back triumphantly, spreading his legs and looking at me.

And in spite of my misgivings, god I mean, I was so horny. He was so hard. I slowly slipped off the couch and nestled between his legs. He moaned as he looked at me.

“Yeah.” He whispered. “Take it out.” I reached for his trousers and slowly undid them. His voice was sending me straight to wanting to submit, wanting to make him feel good, wanting to be there at his feet, serving him. I shuffled his pants down and gently released his cock. I moaned as I took it out, and he moaned as I moaned, turned on by how turned on I was. I paused, with my hand on it and looked up at him. I needed him to instruct me. “Sniff it.” He muttered. I closed my eyes and leant in. See, this is why straight guys like gay men sucking them. What girl is really gonna sit there on her knees and truly worship a dick like that? But I just obeyed, because him teasing and making me work for it was so damn hot. I inhaled his scent, pressing my nose to his pubes and just gently brushing his cock with my lips, knowing I didn’t have permission to kiss or taste just yet.

His hand found itself in my hair and he played with it gently, his hand firm on my head.

“Good.” He said. “You can kiss it.” I glanced up at him.

“Thank you.” I mumbled, before closing my eyes again and missing the tip reverently.

“Go on.” He said as I paused, and I took that as an invitation to start really working on him. I gently started to lick his shaft, his balls, switching between long strokes with my tongue and French kissing. He moaned and lay back. “So good.” He mumbled. “Suck it.”

I obliged him, and started to suck properly. He moaned.

“Oh you’re such a cocksucker.” He whined. “Damn whore. Wish I’d known about this earlier. I would have had you on your knees for me years ago.” I moaned in agreement, starting to fuck my throat on him. He was thrusting back with increasing intensity, and slowly his hands wrapped around my head, and he held me still as he fucked my throat. “You like this?” He panted. It wasn’t really a question, which didn’t matter because I did like it. Elijah and I were built for each other. I moaned and wrapped my hands around his calves, so he knew. “Oh god.” He moaned. “Oh Jesus, Gid…” I moaned around him as he tensed up. “Shit dude, sorry, I’m cum…” He grunted as I glanced up at him and our eyes met. I swear time stopped. türkçe bahis He stared at me, with my mouth wrapped around him. His mouth opened a little as we made eye contact and he moaned as he started throbbing and spurting into my mouth. I held his gaze as I swallowed. He bit his lip and his eyes slowly rolled back and closed as he finished pumping into my willing throat. I closed my eyes in supplication as his hand once again rested on my head, just nestling in the curls at the back.


I wasn’t expecting him to tell me to strip, but my cock throbbed because being told what to do by Elijah was so hot. I wasn’t joking earlier, I totally could take him in a fight because I train- but just to look at us you wouldn’t guess it. He’s as tall as I am short- and I am short, I know. He’s brown because he’s from the Islands, and I’m brown because my Mum’s from Mexico but he’s all dark from years tanning in the sun and I could pass for white on the right day. He has that ‘I work in film’ scruffy beard and short hair thing everyone he seems to work with has. I like my hair a little longer, and I try to hold onto what little facial hair I get just to make sure I never slip into looking too femme.

Elijah could not take his eyes off me as I undressed. I half heartedly tried to cover my dick with my hands and he stopped me.

“Don’t hide.” He said. “It’s so hot that you’re hard for me.” I blushed furiously, but I dropped my hands to my sides and he moaned. “Come here.” He motioned for me as he sat down on the couch. “Here.” He guided my hand to his dick. “I’m hard as hell.” He said. I moaned. He was. He was so hard.

“Seems a little unfair that I’m naked when I’m the gay one.” I said, as I felt him up over his jeans. Elijah raised his eyebrows.

“Yeah.” He coughed. “But… dude. You…” He slowly stroked my abs. I glanced at him. We stared at each other. I mean. Yes. My body is a finely curated fucking artwork. It’s entirely over compensating for the fact that I’m 5’6 on my best days. Pre Covid I had a six pack but it’s a slightly more modest four pack right now. And no one has complained about the extra weight on my ass, because boys like that, but I’m well aware of it.

All of that aside, I didn’t expect Elijah to particularly notice my body, because we were both in this pretty purely for the dick sucking, and if anything I thought the fact that I was solidly all man underneath my clothes would be kind of a major turn off.

But Elijah had that glint in his eye. That ‘I am a wolf, little boy, and I’m about to devour you’ look. He didn’t even need words, he just raised his eyebrows and glanced at the ground beneath him and I was kneeling again, looking up at him. He ran his fingers through my curls and clasped my chin.

“You want this?” He said.

“Yes.” I replied quietly. He probed my lips with his thumb and he moaned as I parted them and started to suck on it. He guided my hand back to his dick and I started rubbing it through his jeans.

“You’re my cocksucker now.” He whispered. “Whenever I want it, you stop being my friend and become my slut.” I squeezed his dick and moaned appreciatively. Yes, absolutely yes. I’d had this arrangement before and I’d always loved it- just being a hole for a guy to fulfill his needs.

Elijah withdrew his hands and sat back on the couch. I looked up at him.

“Take it out.” He instructed. I gently fumbled with his trousers and boxers, pulling them down and trying not to run my hands all over his thighs and pubes… I was here to worship him, but not like a lover. Like a cocksucker.

I was leaking, so damn hard, as I looked up at him. He held the base of his dick in his hand and slapped me gently on the face with it.

“You like this?” He whispered.


“You like being my bitch?” His voice was low and growly. I stared at him, my lips parted… for all I knew I was drooling.

“Yes, Eli.”

“Good boy.” He stroked my face and I shivered. Huh. He’d even got the noun right. I’d been called a good girl in this position more times than I cared to count. And I didn’t love it, being girly just isn’t my thing, but I can go with it. “Kiss it.” He held his dick in front of me and I tentatively reached out and placed my lips on it. I looked up at him, and he nodded his permission and I closed my eyes and began to make out with it, kissing up and down his shaft, licking it gently as he offered to me- tasting his sweet pre, mingled with his sweat. “Gideon.” He whispered. “You want to suck on my dick?” I reluctantly pulled away.

“Yeah.” He smirked at me.

“How much do you want it?” Pretty bad. My gut lurched and my face blushed as I realised he was going to make me beg.

“Please.” I mumbled quietly. “I want your cock so bad. Please can I suck it?”

“You’re hot when you beg.” He stroked my face. “Are you always a submissive little slut for dick?” I moaned.

“Not always.” I panted. “Just for good dick.”

“You want my dick, slut? You gonna be my subby little cocksucker?”

“Yes güvenilir bahis siteleri please.” I whimpered. I reached for myself but thought twice. I’d have to jerk off later. This wasn’t about me. Elijah noticed though and he smirked.

“You can touch yourself while you suck me.” He whispered. “That’s hot.” I moaned.

“Can I start sucking then?” Elijah noticed the note of sarcasm in my voice and laughed. He flicked my nipple, which sent me right back into sub space, and he leant back.

“Go on then, cocksucker. You have my permission.”

He didn’t need to tell me twice. I’d been admiring it since I knelt before it. Elijah was large, bigger than me for sure although mine looks bigger because I’m like half the size of him in general. He’s uncut, lucky bastard. I wish I had a foreskin to play with. I love them so damn much. His cock is girthy, with a little hair at the base because he’s straight and has never heard of manscaping, but it’s so hot.

I wrapped my mouth around the tip as I pushed his foreskin back, and savoured the taste. He hadn’t lasted long last time and this time I wanted to enjoy myself properly. I went so slowly- appreciating every inch of his dick as I licked it, tasting it- the difference between the tip, and his foreskin, and the base, and the underside… And his big heavy balls… Oh god. I started jerking myself off gently.

I had teased him for long enough, and I was impatient anyway. I opened my eyes and his were locked on me. He was staring at me so intensely. I started to swallow him, half of him, then a little more, and finally I gagged just a little as my lips pressed against his pubes. He was flushed as he looked at me.

“Good boy.” He whispered. I moaned and closed my eyes again, and bobbed my head up and down, feeling him slide in and out of my throat.

He didn’t let me lead for long, before his hands wrapped in my hair and I felt myself held down. I jerked myself furiously as he used me, I really was just a receptacle for his cum. He moaned and I could feel him getting hot and shaking and I waited eagerly for his load… But he pushed me off and leant back over the couch. I panted and looked up at him, confused. He blinked as he caught my eye.

“Don’t wanna cum yet, give me a minute.”

“We have all night.” I pouted. “Let me finish you and we’ll go for round 2.” Elijah snorted as he ran his fingers through my hair.

“God, you really are a slut Gideon.”

“Sure.” I shrugged. “Can I have your load then?” He laughed.

“I wanna try something.” He said, shuffling around on the couch. To my surprise he discarded his shirt as he rearranged himself. He noticed me checking him out and smirked. “Come here.” He gestured. I wasn’t sure what he meant. Did he want me to…? “Head there.” He directed. “And then I can suck you too.” I blinked. Not the arrangement.

“Can… we… Not?” I suggested. Elijah’s face fell as he looked at me.

“I thought… this worked for you…” His voice was full of dismay. Idiot. I rolled my eyes.

“This works really well.” I said. “I am so down for being your cocksucker. But A) I can’t do you properly if you’re doing me, I need to be fully in the zone to worship you, and B) 69ing sounds hella gay and we said no homo.” Elijah laughed as he looked at me.

“I’m willing to admit that this whole thing is a little gay.” He said. I laughed.

“No way man! It’s just a bro job!” He smiled at me and sat up again, and in spite of myself I rested my head on his thigh. He kept playing with my hair, running his fingers through it and curling it around his fingers. We gazed at each other. “Should I keep going?” I asked eventually. He nodded.

“Real slow. I’m sensitive.” I nodded and closed my eyes, and took him in slowly. He moaned. “Fucking hell.” He moaned. “Imma have to tell the guys about this. Criminal to keep this mouth to myself.” He moaned as I flicked my tongue over the base of his dick. “I am pretty selfish though.” He whispered. “And I might get jealous if I thought you liked anyone else’s cock more than mine.” I rolled my eyes internally. “You’re such a good cocksucker.” He whispered, and I was hard again. Uh, he knew how to turn me on.

As I sucked I felt his hands wander, just touches here and squeezes there. My pecs, my biceps… he was almost caressing me.

“All this.” He whispered. “Hard muscle. But you’re so soft. You’re my little bitch.” I moaned and pulled off for a second.

“Yes Eli, I’m your bitch.” He moaned and pushed me back again, and he started the relentless pounding from before, holding me firmly in place for him- still, my throat wide, on my knees as he used me. He didn’t stop himself this time and gave me a quick warning. Like last time I opened my eyes and as he came we were staring at each other, our eyes filled with lust.

Before he’d finished cumming I found myself pulled up off my knees, and half in his lap. He was pressing his face to mine feverishly and sticking his tongue down my throat. Who am I to turn down a hot kiss like that? We moaned into each other’s mouths with total unbound lust and I held his dick tight as he squeezed out the last of his cum. He lay his head on my shoulder, panting for a second, before turning to me. He pressed his lips to my neck.

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