A Welcome Distraction

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Fair warning – this is a long-haul, and it starts as a bit of a downer. This is a departure from the usual stuff I write, and is much more contemporary and real-life based, with some ~themes~ and shit. I know, I’m very excited too.

Please engage with comments, letting me know what you thought and if you’d like me to spend more time on projects like this (it’s been a while in the making), or if you would prefer more serialised stories like Lira’s Accounts, or just more of my usual stuff (closer to the ten thousand word mark). Every comment is read, and they mean a lot to me!

TW: death; injury; medical references; references to suicide; references to alcoholism

CW: mature; toys; anal; first time; oral; taboo; daddy-kink

It’s kind of a long, depressing story, to be honest, but it starts the same way it continues – with stupid, impulsive decisions.

The first impulsive decision – ground zero, if you will – was when I asked out my secondary-school crush, Phillis. She was gawky, and her name made her the butt of a lot of jokes where she was called ‘Phil’ a lot, but I thought she was perfect. Smart, a sharper wit than most, and by the time we were getting ready to leave school and head out into the world she had grown a thick skin, and was able to bounce most shitty comments harder than they were thrown.

Even now, I think she took a bit of pity on me, as a bit of a no-one whose only skills were music which, when you’re surrounded by farmers and country bumpkins, doesn’t make you much more than a laughing stock.

I took her to the ‘prom’ we had, though, us growing up in rural north England it wasn’t much of a prom, and I lost my virginity to her. Well, we lost ours to each other.

Her bedroom, painted pre-teen pink even though we were both knocking eighteen, was moonlit and romantic, and her bed creaked more than we would have liked. Her parents must have known what was going on, but they left us to it. Another bad decision for the pot, perhaps. It depends on how you look at it.

We didn’t even really know what sex was. It was the early noughties, no seventeen year old would dare buy condoms from the local Tesco because the cashiers all knew everybody’s parents, and so we were just blind to it.

Even so, it was one of the most magical nights of my life. Her jet black hair, soft lips and softer thighs…

A year later, we discovered the meaning of the word contraceptive’ a little late, when Phillis started to swell up. She was kicked out, and we went to live with my parents while I started working for my dad, who ran the local garage, paying my way. We bought a test, and got the proof. She was pregnant.

Phillis picked the name before we knew the sex – Charlie. Charlotte, if a girl, or Charles if a boy. She just liked how it sounded.

There were… complications. Some kind of infection that led to us having to get a cesarean, meaning Charlotte was born a couple of weeks early, in mid-October. Phillis developed sepsis from the delivery, which is basically blood poisoning, or something like that, and…

She didn’t make it.

So, there I was, a single dad at eighteen, living with my parents and trying to learn enough on the job to help my dad with his business, even though I hated it. I hated cars, I hated the kind of people who loved cars; but I loved Charlotte, and I would have done anything for her.

Which is why I made it work.

I balanced the whole lot. Did my duty as a father, and was determined to give Charlotte the best start in life, even without a mother.

When I was able, I moved out and got myself a flat in the city near where my parents were, closer to the garage so I could pick up better hours around Charlotte’s needs – especially when she started school. And my parents were fantastic, always babysitting when I needed it, helping walk me through the little things. My dad taught me to be a provider, and my mum taught me to be a parent.

For a long time, I was learning how to see Charlotte without thinking of Phillis; how my life could include a child, without her. Becoming a parent in my own right, becoming a man. And having Charlotte as the reason for it all.

When she was fifteen, my mum got sick, and passed away. She was in her mid-fifties, but cancer is like that. My dad was having a hard time of it, so I took up more hours at the garage, especially now that Charlotte was at the sort of age when she was starting to pull away.

She’d made friends who ranged from simply delightful to honestly scary, but I tried not to interfere too much. I wanted to trust her, and I wanted her to know she could trust me.

One weekend, when she was getting ready to finish her A-levels and go travelling for the summer before Uni – she wanted to be a mechanic, bless – with some of her friends, her and her friend Alex – Alexandra – announced they were going camping. Nothing big – Alex’s family were going to drive them up to a site they kuşadası escort knew in the Lake District, and would pick them up on Monday. Once I did a quick check to make sure neither of them had school on the following Monday – their weird A-level schedule meant that they didn’t – I gave them the go-ahead.

For a long time, I considered that another impulsive decision, but really it wasn’t. Alex was a good kid, a proper little athlete who was on the scout’s radar for long-distance running, always wearing sports gear that, quite frankly, was a little inappropriate, and kept her strawberry-blonde hair up in a tight bun at all times. She was smart, reliable, and I liked her. I barely thought twice about it, and let my dad know I was going to spend the weekend with him.

When you’re woken up at two in the morning by flashing lights and harsh knocks at the door, it’s never a good sign.

I barely remember what I was told. The sergeant I welcomed into my dad’s house let me know they’d tried my own house first, and that I should sit down. And then they told me there’d been an accident.

There was a lot of rain, and it had caused a small landslide on the roads around the base of Ullswater, and a car had been crushed. Three dead. One survivor. It wasn’t Charlotte.

The next few hours… blur. I remember the police station, and the hospital, and seeing her on a slab. I remember signing things, and being told they would be in touch once I’d had a good rest. There was no evidence of foul play, of course, but they knew my history. One of the people who worked in the station was a parent of one of Charlotte’s friends, and knew that I’d lost my wife and mother. And now my daughter. Probably had me on a suicide watch or something.

I don’t remember planning the funeral, but I remember being the day. Truly abysmal Cumbrian weather, the shitty local churchyard, and a wake in the pub me and my dad frequented – The Bastion, known to the locals as The Bastard.

That’s when I saw her. I assumed she must have been at the service, too, but I hadn’t done much but cry and be apologised to, so aside from the image of Charlotte and Phillis’ graves being side-by-side, the morning had been a blank. Repressive memory, I think they call it. Sounds about right.

‘Alex,’ I muttered, seeing her by the bar, dressed in the same black everyone else was, but set deep into the wheelchair that was, as far as I knew, a necessity – at least for now. Three rolls in a fatal crash that managed to spare you would do that.

I settled on the closest chair, trying not to draw attention to the fact that it would have made more sense for me to sit on a barstool.

She looked at me like I was going to shoot her or something. Wide eyes, total panic.

‘Thank you for coming,’ I said, and ordered my dad something brown and awful. He’d appreciate it, and if his efforts to stay sober had an exception, it was today. ‘Charlotte would have-‘

I stopped as Alex pulled me in for a hug that pushed a wheeze from my lungs. Her arms wrapped around me, and for a while she just held me. I was awkward, and kind of lurched over her casted legs in a way that couldn’t have been comfortable for her, but I did pull away. It was maybe awful to say, but I couldn’t help it. She was the same age, same height – for a moment, as she hugged me, it was like it was Charlotte.

And I started to cry too.

‘I’m so sorry,’ she whispered into my shoulder, and I pulled away. This girl had lost her parents, and she’d taken time out of her mourning to sit in my misery, too.

‘None of that,’ I said, wiping my eyes a little as she did the same. ‘Join us?’

She nodded, and I grabbed my dad’s drink, and we made our way over.

For an hour or so, we just kind of… sat together. I would have thought she would be off with Charlotte’s other friends – who all showed and paid their respects, of course – or even been at the hospital for her physical therapy or something; but instead she was happy to sit with us old farts. I even had quick conversations with a few of the family members from Phillis’ side of the family – not that we were close – who came over. Alex just sat there. Quiet, eyes glittering, not looking for any engagement.

It was my dad, who had finished two more of those scotches by now, who broke the tender quiet.

‘Not right, is it.’

Me and Alex looked to him, surprised by the sudden comment. ‘Dad?’

‘I’ve buried a few friends,’ he said, and I sucked in a breath, preparing myself. ‘But those were joyful affairs. Celebrating a life well-lived. Your mum was gone too soon, and she broke fifty. What did Charlie get, eh?’

I mouth I’m sorry to Alex, but she took no notice, seemingly happy to listen to my dad sputter away.

‘This is misery,’ he said.

‘My parents were buried yesterday,’ Alex said quietly, her voice light. Like she’d forgotten how to talk. Not like the youthful ball of energy I remembered. Between that and her words, my stomach sank for her. I realised I hadn’t bothered to go to her parent’s funeral, but she’d joined us for Charlie’s.

Still, having no idea what to say, I simply took her hand across the table, giving it a squeeze. She gave me a light smile, hopefully understanding that it wasn’t a sign of sympathy, or pity. Just sharing.

‘You’re too young,’ my dad grumbled. ‘Too young not to have a ma’ and pa’ – it’s not right at all.’

‘Charlotte didn’t have a mum,’ I said.

‘Aye, but she had you,’ dad snapped, apparently offended. ‘And she had us – your mum and me. We took care of each other. Family. Who’ve you got, now?’

His eyes, glassy and unwavering, landed on Alex, but she didn’t answer. All she gave was the quietest ‘sorry’, before turning away on her chair. As she did, something got caught, and her chair stopped dead between the table and the corner of the partition next to us. I stood, moving to try and help, but she managed to pull herself free and mumbled another ‘sorry’ as she took herself away.

The pub had cleared a little by then – maybe people agreed, that it was too sad. Too miserable. Not like a proper funeral, when you can at least swap stories about the good times. Charlie didn’t get good times, not really. No driver’s license, no college mishaps, no terrible job interviews. No family of her own. None of it.

And now, Alex was going to have the opposite. A whole life in front of her, plagued by this one event that stole her family, and her best friend, and her legs. As an athlete, that alone would be heartbreaking. Alongside the rest, it must have been hell.

That night, I decided to stay with my dad in his house. We both felt like avoiding seeing Charlie’s empty bedroom in the flat would be the best thing, for now, at least. I would have to face it eventually, but not until I was ready. For almost a week, that was the plan.

Well, that had been the plan, anyway.

Dad was down by half ten, the drink and the stress knocking him straight out. Once he was down, I found myself in the spare room, lying on top of a perfectly-made bed, wearing an unwashed t-shirt and grey jogging bottoms, staring at the ceiling that, once upon a time and two paint-jobs previously, had been above my childhood bed. It stirred a lot of the kind of memories that tended to haunt you at night, and it was honestly kind of irritating.

With a huff, and the resolve that it was going to have to happen at some point anyway, I grabbed the jacket with my keys in, slipped on some of dad’s loafers to complete an awful but practical ensemble, and made sure to lock up the front door behind me – leaving a note for dad on the mini fridge, just in case he was wondering where I went. Not that he would.

The drive home was automatic. Traffic was sparse, and the weather was clear but for a spattering of rain that, by the time I was further into the city, had turned into a heavy sort of rain. As I turned onto our road, then, I was surprised to see an Uber pass me, all shiny corporate-clean amongst the grey and brown. Then, I saw the house. Well, it was a house split into two flats – me and Charlie were on the top floor, and a lovely old couple lived beneath us, too deaf to care about Charlie’s music, and they kept the front garden in a lovely state.

And outside their front window there was what looked like torchlight.

I frowned, and checked the time – past midnight. No way it was a visitor or something, and they’d never be able to fight off a break-in. I was about to pull up and call the police, when I hesitated. Something felt off.

So, instead, I parked a little way up the road, and got out, rain quickly chilling me to the bone as the loafers struggled against the wet concrete pavement.

I approached, trying to see the source of the light that was glinting against their window, when the person knocked on the door, which us and the Wilson’s shared.

‘Hello?’ a voice called out, familiar and small. In fact, they were very small – well shorter than the usual person.

So, I caught up, coming up the pathway with my phone set to call the police if needed, and saw a woman in a wheelchair at our front door, sodden and tired.

‘Alex?’ I asked, incredulous.

She turned, greeting me with that deer-in-headlights look again. ‘Hi,’ she said, lamely.

I shrugged my jacket off, putting it over her shoulders. ‘You shouldn’t be out here – it’s pissing it down.’

‘I…’ she trailed off, and I pulled my keys from the pocket.

‘Let’s get you inside,’ I said, opening the front quickly. I ushered her in, but we were quickly met with the next problem – the staircase up to our flat. ‘How do you want to get up?’

She looked at me, and then to her legs. One of them was looking pretty normal, though it was in one of those compression socks. Her left leg, though, was in a huge cast which I knew wasn’t designed to take weight – hence the chair.

‘You can just call me an Uber,’ she said. ‘This is… I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking.’

‘Alex,’ I said, stopping her. ‘You need to try off and warm up. Can I lift you?’

She nodded, and lifted her arms like a child. I looped her arm around my neck and pulled her up under her knees, being as careful of the cast as I could be. ‘You okay?’

She nodded, her cheeks bright red. ‘Sorry,’ she said again.

I carried her up the stairs, her body light as a feather, though her cast was a bit clunky. More than once she banged the bannister, and I watched her wince and cringe, even though she assured me it didn’t hurt.

Once we were upstairs, I let Alex get the lights for us and I set her down on the sofa. It was nice, actually, having someone there with me when I saw the place for the first time. It made it less… lonely. Even though I knew there was a bedroom missing a person nearby, at least for now I could be distracted by the oddness of the current situation.

I sat across from her, and she avoided my eyes. For a moment, I didn’t know where to start. Should I take her home? Offer her a blanket and call it a night? Dig for a discussion as to why she was on my doorstep at midnight after Charlie’s funeral?

‘Mr. Merrick,’ she began, deciding that the quiet was killing her as much as it was me. ‘I don’t even know if I can explain why… what I’m doing here. It was a bit of a rushed decision. It was stupid.’

‘Its okay,’ I said, hearing the worry in her voice. ‘Do you want a drink? A tea? Warm you up?’

She nodded. ‘Yeah, sure.’

So, I made us tea. All very normal. I even brought through some hobnobs and digestive biscuits, the coffee table between us facetiously ordinary-looking.

‘So,’ I said, and her eyes flicked up to mine mid-sip. ‘Care to explain the visit?’

She nodded. ‘Okay. So, after the, uh, wake, or whatever it was called, I had a session for physical therapy for this.’ She bounced her cast. ‘And then, they called a taxi to drive me home. I don’t have any family, really. My dad’s family are all estranged, living in America. Mum was an only child, grandparents long-since gone.’

I frowned. ‘So, it’s just you.’

She nodded. ‘Just me.’


‘And, I don’t know,’ she mumbled. ‘It seemed like a good idea at the time. Half an hour ago. But, Charlie’s grandad asked me who’ve I’ve got, and the answer is no one. The closest anyone else is to what happened is you, so-‘

‘So you reached out,’ I said. Alex nodded, and I sighed, leaning back, not sure what to say. Not sure what to do.

‘It was crazy, sorry-‘

‘Stop with the ‘sorry’, alright?’ I didn’t mean it to, but it came out as a bit of a snap, and Alex visibly shrank on the sofa. ‘You did nothing wrong. You reached out.’

‘Yeah, and shone a light through your windows. Can’t imagine what you thought I was doing.’

‘Well, aside from perving on the Wilsons, no, I had no idea.’

She laughed at that, which was good, but she still was clearly very tense. Alex didn’t really know me, not really. No more than any girl knew their friend’s dad. This was wrong. All wrong.

‘Look,’ I said, just as she took another sip. ‘You’re welcome to stay the night, but… if you need someone to stay with, I don’t know if this-‘

Even as I was saying it, I watched her heart sink.

This poor girl has nobody, I thought, and I’m just going to turn her away?

‘I didn’t mean to do anything…’ she trailed off, and I sighed again. We were terrible at this.

‘You finished your tea?’

She nodded.

‘How old are you?’ Her eyebrow twitched at this, and I realised what she might think I was asking, so I quickly clarified. ‘I’m wondering if you want something a bit stronger. It’s been… a lot. And if you want to join me at the bottom of a bottle, I won’t stop you.’

She nodded. ‘I’m eighteen, and I would fucking love to.’

So, I grabbed us a couple bottles of something cheap and cheerful, and we drank together.

By one in the morning, we were a slight more chatty.

‘Did Charlie ever tell you,’ she was saying, listing off another one of her many tails of my daughter, ‘that she had her first kiss?’

I laughed. ‘No, she did not!’

Alex’s eyes widened, in joy this time. Like dishing the dirt on someone, it was fun and cheeky. Not as morbid, I guessed. ‘Tom Galbraith, it was.’

‘I met him,’ I said, not happy. ‘Scruffy bugger. Thinks he’s a hot-shot.’

Alex laughed. ‘Sure he does. But, you know, Charlie said he was a good kisser, so.’

‘Unbelievable.’ I put my empty bottle on the table, next to the others. I gave out a sigh, and looked up to Alex, to realise we were both smiling. How unlikely that was, on a day like today. ‘Look at us,’ I said. ‘Smiling like idiots.’

She finished her drink, cringing a little. ‘Seems a bit… I don’t know. Disrespectful. Like, shouldn’t we be weeping in bed, alone, for days?’

‘I’m sure there’ll be enough of that.’

‘Mmm. I’ve been crying pretty much non-stop since… since.’

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A Tale Of Two Jerry’s Ch. 02

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Karen woke up a few hours later. She could still feel the wrinkles in her fingertips from her bath. She looked at the clock. Karen chuckled as she realized how long she had slept. Karen crawled out of bed, struggling to her feet. She had another good chuckle. She couldn’t remember the last time she took a bath and took a nap in the same day. She felt like a kid again.

Karen checked her phone. Neither Jerry had texted her back. “Maybe that’s a good thing”, she said quietly to herself. She liked getting text messages from anyone, but after the day that she had, she thought maybe some quiet time would be a good thing. It was a long day at work. She was stressed out. Karen was trying to convince herself that was the only reason the other Jerry slipped into her mind. It was just a stress release. But no matter what she said to convince herself, it didn’t work for more then five minutes. She knew there was an attraction to him. What she couldn’t understand is why it took her this long it figure it out. All the signs were there all along. The looks. The touches. The extra smiles. They were there for so long. Karen couldn’t remember cumming that hard without actual intercourse before.

There was a part of her that still felt guilty about it. She loved Jerry. Her Jerry. Never before had she thought of someone in a sexual way when she was in a physical relationship. But there was just something about the other Jerry. Maybe it was the way he carried himself. He was a goof ball. He liked to have fun. That’s not to say her Jerry didn’t. But it was a different kind of fun.

Karen reached for her bathrobe and slipped it over her back and pulled it over her naked body. She reached for the ropes and tied it shut. It was still an hour before her Jerry would be home. She wanted to do something nice for her. Maybe it would help ease her guilt about her fantasy?

She began by cooking dinner. Reaching under the oven, she pulled out the skillet. She was going to cook him a nice chicken dinner with some vegetables. She turned on the burners. Karen reached into the freezer and pulled out the chicken. She then reached into the cabinet that was behind her and pulled out a can of corn and a can of green beans. She grabbed a can opener and began to get dinner ready.

As dinner cooked, Karen went into the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror again. She smiled as she saw her cleavage peeking out of her tied bathrobe. She thought of all the possibilities of today. She bit her look, giving herself an erotic look in the mirror. She loosened the straps of her bathrobe and exposed more of her hanging breasts. She winked at her reflection as she smiled. She knew that she was a beautiful woman.

Karen tucked herself back into her bathrobe as she went to check on dinner. She poured two glasses of wine and brought them to the dinning room table. The food was almost ready. Karen looked at the clock. Jerry would just be getting off work in five minutes and he’d be home soon.

She began cleaning off the table. Karen went back to the kitchen and stirred the corn. She took a kernel of corn and tasted it. She stirred again, grinding the butter kuşadası escort into the pan. Karen looked at the chicken and it looked almost ready. She was getting hungry, that is for sure.

Karen finished cleaning the table off and setting it. She took the glasses of wine and placed them by the plates. She cursed herself now for using that candle for the bathroom. It would have been the perfect compliment to this romantic dinner she was cooking for Jerry. After all that was the intent when she bought it months ago.

She continued to get the apartment ready for Jerry’s return from work. It looked fairly clean so she was satisfied with it. She went to the kitchen one last time and turned off the oven. Everything looked ready. Karen placed the chicken on a big plate and left it in the middle of the table. She poured the corn to the side of it.

Karen then went to the stereo and put on some easy listening music to help set the mood for Jerry. She wanted tonight to be perfect. Karen looked nervously at the clock. “Jerry should be home soon”, she thought to herself. That brought a smile to her face. She could also feel herself getting slightly wet at the thought.

Karen sat down on the couch as she sniffed the chicken from across the room. It smelled so good. She knew that she was going to be having a good night. She heard a key in the door and it opened slowly.

“That smells incredible”, Jerry said as he came through the front door. Karen stood up and straightened out her bathrobe.

“Thanks. I figured you said you were having a rough day at work so I thought I’d surprise you with a home cooked meal”, Karen said as she crossed to him and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek.

“That’s nice of you. Thank you, baby”, Jerry responded as he kissed her cheek back. “Let’s have some dinner”, he said as they walked to the table. “You went all out tonight. It’s not our anniversary, is it? “, he asked.

“Do I need a reason to make you dinner like an anniversary or a birthday?” She asked. She could feel her cheeks redden as she thought about the real reason she had prepared this meal for him.

“Of course not. You don’t need a reason. Thank you very much”, Jerry said as he raised his glass. Karen raised her glass as they sat down.

“Here’s to a good night”, she responded as they touched glasses. Both of them sat down and began to eat. They exchanged small talk as they ate.

A half an hour later, dinner was finished. Karen started to clean the table. Jerry stood up and wiped his mouth with his napkin. “Here. Let me get that for you”, Jerry said as he reached for the plate the chicken was on.

“No, it’s okay. I’ll get it”, Karen said as she walked into the kitchen and began running water to wash the plates. Jerry came in holding the two dishes they ate off and the wine glasses too. “Thanks”, Karen said. She put the glasses and dishes in the sink with the other plate.

“Dinner was great. Thank you, Karen”, Jerry called out from the other room.

“You are very welcome. I am glad that you liked it”, Karen responded. She smiled as a thought entered her mind. She loosened the straps of her bathrobe and let her breasts hang free. She stepped out into the living room with her hands on her hips. She watched as Jerry’s eyes popped out.

“What are you doing?”, he asked innocently.

“What’s a matter? You don’t like what you see?” Karen asked. She was moving towards him with a grin in her eyes.

“Of course I do. But the neighbors might see. The blinds are wide open”, he said nervously. She leaned in to kiss him but he backed away.

“They aren’t going to see. Relax, Jerry”, she smiled as she leaned into kiss him again. This time, he didn’t pull away. He returned a soft gentle kiss, but she was trying to make it a little deeper. Karen shrugged and the entire bathrobe fell off her body. She stood in front of Jerry, naked. He took a deep breath as he stared at her nude body. He looked towards the window again. She reached out her left hand and began stroking between his legs. He felt so hard. Karen smiled.

“What has gotten into you tonight, Karen?”

“I don’t know. But I know what I would like to get into me”, she chuckled. Jerry was never good at talking dirty, even suggestively or as a joke. She could see the frustration in his eyes. She kissed him again as she reached for the zipper of his work pants.

“Not here, Karen. Let’s go into the bedroom. Please?” Jerry asked as he whimpered softly.

“Sex doesn’t need to just occur in the bedroom, Jerry. Look at the couch? Doesn’t it look comfortable? Maybe you would like to sit down there and I can straddle you. Doesn’t that sound like fun to you?” she said in her softest, most seductive voice. Karen laughed on the inside as she watched Jerry’s face turn beet red. Karen smiled as she took his hand and placed it on her full round breast. Reluctantly he rubbed her nipple, as he continued to look out the window making sure no one was watching them. “Would you just relax for once, Jerry? No one is looking”, she said.

“I’m sorry, Karen. I am just not comfortable out here. You know? Doing this?”

“What? Jerry? What are you not comfortable with? Spending time with your girlfriend? Being intimate with her? What makes you so uncomfortable?” she said, almost angry at his reaction.

“That’s not it at all. You know I love being intimate with you. If you want, next time we will think about it doing it out here. Right now, I just want to go lay down, in there. With you.” He said.

Reluctantly, Karen took in his hand and led him down the hallway to the bedroom. Even though they were the only ones in the apartment, Jerry closed the door behind them. He leaned in and kissed her passionately. His hands reached for her naked breasts and massaged them. It sent electricity through her body. Karen broke the kiss and reached for his shirt and pulled it over his head. She pushed his jeans down his legs and pulled them off. Karen had to chuckle at his predictability. He stood in front of her wearing tightie whities. She grinned as she saw his hard cock pushing against the fabric of his underwear.

Jerry bent forward and kissed her large breasts, sucking her nipples in his mouth. Karen moaned as she felt his hot breath on her skin. She reached for his underwear and pushed them down. Jerry stepped out of them. She stroked his cock as he waited for him to lie down.

“What are you waiting for?” he asked.

“I was hoping for something a little different. I want to ride you, Jerry”, she grinned. Jerry raised an eye brow for a moment then lay down on the bed. Karen climbed on top of him, stroking his cock once again as it pushed against her wet opening. They kissed deeply as he reached between their bodies and slipped himself inside her.

Karen’s eyes rolled into the back of her head. It felt so good to have him inside her. His eyes fixated on her bouncing breasts as she moved up and down on top of him. The room was filled with the sounds of moans and the bed hitting the wall. Karen reached down and ran her fingers over his hairless chest. It made him shiver.

“Oh God, Karen. This feels so good”, Jerry moaned. His hands held her hips as she bounced up on his lap.

Karen felt good too as she took him inside her. Her hand grasped at her own breast, feeling the electricity between their bodies. She could tell by the look in Jerry’s eyes that he was getting ready to cum. Her body began to move faster on top of his. She pinched her nipple against her chest. Jerry’s eyes were glued to her hands on her breasts. He moaned loudly as he came inside her.

Karen felt him cum shoot inside her and it felt good. She began to cum too, feeling his warm cum inside her turned her on. Karen started to moan as she felt her body tense up. She exploded as she leaned down and let her breasts rub against his bare chest kissing him deeply.

Karen rolled off Jerry and lay down next to him. They both struggled to catch their breath after their love-making.

“That was definitely unexpected”, Jerry said as he wrapped his arms around his girlfriend.

“I hope it was a pleasant surprise though”, Karen laughed.

“Of course it was”, he responded. Jerry closed his eyes for a few moments and then jumped out of bed. He pulled on his pajama bottoms and started to walk out of the room.

“Where are you going?” she asked.

“I am going to clean the living room. And clean the dishes. I will be back in a few minutes”, he responded. She went to protest but he was all ready out of the room. Karen rolled over and closed her eyes. She began to drift asleep.

“Karen?.. Karen? Wake up?” a male voice called out to her. Karen, still in a haze, struggled to open her eyes. She saw someone standing near the bed. Karen sat up as her eyes focused a little bit more. It was Jerry.

“What? What are you doing here, Jerry?” she asked, startled as she pulled up the sheet over her naked body.

“I had to see you”, he responded stepping forward.

“My boyfriend is in the other room. I don’t think this is a good idea?” she started to say. But she could feel him pulling the sheet off her body. Her eyes glanced down at his crotch. She reached for him. Jerry crawled onto the bed and kissed her. She could feel his hands on her breasts. “This is so wrong. I can’t stop myself” she said in between lurid kisses.

And suddenly, she woke up alone in bed. It was a dream. The other Jerry was not there. Part of her was disappointed. But she knew it was all for the best.

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A Walk in the Mountains

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He paused to catch his breath, wipe the sweat from his forehead once again and to watch her shapely lowers legs stride out in front of him. With each step he saw the tensing of her calf muscles describing a perfect definition. She walked confidently and quickly, matching his pace up the mountain path with ease. He took comfort from the fact that she was younger than him and not carrying the same sort of weight in her pack.

The sun had steadily taken hold through the day and by mid-afternoon it was strong and hot. The breeze had subsided to an occasional gust and temperatures were rising. They were now half way into the corrie and for the first time today he allowed himself an indulgent moment of reflection.

4 years it had taken him to get her here. 4 years! How had he missed the signs? He normally prided himself on his perception and intuition in relationships but he’d misread this one from the start. Sure, both of them had been in other relationships when they’d first started working together but neither was strong and flirtation was immediate. She was gorgeous and maybe this had been his downfall. Why would she look twice at someone like him? All his male colleagues fancied her and she was the favourite topic of male conversation both inside and outside of the staffroom. If only she knew what a stir she could cause on a daily basis with her choice of dresses, skirts and tops.

2 years ago she made a real effort to sit next to him at a Christmas do and he’d still missed it. He’d chatted with her all evening, shared meaningful looks, comments and confidences and he’d been single at the time! He should have made a move then but didn’t because he failed to spot her interest in him, which was as plain to him now as the looming mountains around them.

6 weeks ago he’d kissed her on a staff trip. It had taken a fair bit of alcohol and some sickly colleagues to leave them alone but as soon as the lights were out and they were close enough together the unavoidable attraction took hold. In fact he’d done more than kiss her but the amateurish and rushed groping had simply shown him how badly he wanted her. How badly he needed her.

“What’s up? Too old to keep up?” 10 metres ahead she had stopped, realising she was alone she had turned to laugh at him. Her soft smile made him ache inside and her pert round breasts pushed hard against her tight fitting base layer, accentuated by her rucksack straps. He strode forward to plant a firm kiss on her gentle lips. Moments like this were still rare and slightly awkward. They had been able to spend so little quality time together recently and had communicated more via the internet than face to face. Even here there had been excitement but he had been determined to take her somewhere private, special and theirs.

With their mutual love of the outdoors the location had been an easy decision for him. The Scottish Highlands were his other passion and love. Ever since his first visit he had returned regularly, often to share their beauty with someone who could wonder with him. Few did but she had been awed from the moment they’d arrived and he loved her for that too. He could chunter on about this environment for hours and she would listen intently. Now they were experiencing it together and the outside world was falling behind them with each step into the hills.

The track petered out at some concrete construction built to divert the burn for hydro-electric power. From here they crossed the stream and followed a much less distinct path higher into the corrie. They had seen no one since leaving the road 3 hours ago and there was little prospect of meeting anyone now. The path led only to the lochan in the corrie or as a route of retreat from the ridge high above. Once again, he let her walk in front. It gave a really nice view of her round arse in her tight, three-quarter length walking trousers. So far he’d only imagined what it would feel like to grab it.

A pair of enormous dragon flies chased each other up and down the path in front of them the victor eventually settling on some heather by the edge of a peat hag. Immediately she unslung her sack and removed an impressive digital SLR. Without disturbing the green insect she took half a dozen shots before it returned to its aerial patrol. They didn’t speak about it. They simply exchanged smiles and another kiss before moving forward once more.

They continued to climb northwards, deeper into the corrie, with the walls rising higher around them. The sun continued to pour down its kuşadası escort heat and the world continued to retreat from this place, leaving the walkers with each other. The only noise now came from the burn to their left which descended from the lochan in an energetic fashion. It chattered and gushed as it washed the granite boulders on its way down the mountain and more photographs were taken.

Eventually, the path levelled off and joined the source of the burn at the lochan. Here there was a small patch of level grass, cropped close by the deer and a short stretch of sandy shoreline. They immediately off-loaded their packs and stretched. They took in the view, the peace and the possibilities. Within 10 minutes he had pitched the tent and produced a bottle of champagne from his rucksack.

“You carried that thing all the way up here?”

“It’s a special place and deserves a special toast,” he beamed. “Don’t touch it yet, there’s something else it needs.”

With that, he disappeared back down the path by which they had come, but quickly left it and started rummaging around by the side of the burn. She had no idea what he was up to but decided to sit down on a convenient rock and await developments. Overhead a pair of ravens swept off the ridge, whirling and swooping together. With several calls of ‘Pruuuk, pruuuk,’ they spiralled on a thermal, dancing together in an aerial display of perfect symmetry. They were still wheeling over the lochan when he returned and disappeared into the tent only to re-emerge almost immediately with 2 plastic champagne flutes.

“I hope you’ve moved the kitchen sink out of the way, we’ve got to sleep in there later.”

He laughed and presented her with a flute of champagne complete with blaeberries. He’d spotted them ripening by the burn on the way up and checked a few to see if they were ready. They gave the champagne a wonderful colour and fruity flavour and he was really quite pleased with the idea. She gratefully accepted and both flutes were drained quickly after the long walk in. A second went the same way and the world withdrew still further.

“Right! I need a wash. I smell after carrying that bottle all the way up here.” Back into the tent and out this time with a bottle of shower gel he strode down the shore. Again, she watched with interest as he surprised her once more, this time by stripping naked and wading into the lochan. He knew it was going to be freezing but he still yelped with cold and stopped short of going all the way in first time. He resorted to soaping himself down to try and keep warm in the icy water.

“You know, you stink as well! Obviously in a very sexy way, but you smell nonetheless!”

It was a challenge she had to accept and so without thinking too much about it she also walked to the shore but stopped short of full naked. The bra and pants stayed on as she slipped into the water.

“Come on, we can both smell of Johnson’s Baby Wash.” He eagerly took the opportunity to soap her down too, putting his hands all over her body which was almost paralysed by the cold. She washed her own hair but as she did so he undid her bra and slowly washed her breasts. Her nipples were already hard and sensitive and his gentle touch was almost too much with the cold water. They hugged each other and bobbed below the surface to wash away the soap. He took her hand and led her through the water to a large rock just a few metres away which sat proud of the sandy bay. He manoeuvred her round to face him and kissed her passionately for the first time since they’d left home. She was still reeling from the kiss when he lifted her from the water straight onto the warm rock.

“Wait there.” Once again he slipped away, this time swimming through the water the short distance to the shore to retrieve a fleece blanket from the tent. He returned, wading through the water to lay it over the rock behind her. Without saying a word he eased her gently back onto the blanket to bask in the late afternoon sun. Already the shivering was subsiding and when he removed her knickers she just lay there, now fully naked as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Earlier that day they had been at home, in the city, surrounded by people, noise and the world. Now she was lying naked on rock in the wilderness in her own private Eden.

He was still waste deep in the water and she heard it lap against the rock as he moved closer and lifted her legs onto his broad shoulders. From her position she could see the sky with a few clouds drifting aimlessly across it and just the top of the ridge, high above the corrie. Somewhere, far off, she occasionally heard the raven’s call but her concentration was on his gently kisses on the inside of both her thighs. His hands stroked the tops of her legs, up to her hips as his kisses climbed ever closer to her expectant pussy.

At first he simply nuzzled her gently with his nose, applying a small amount of pressure, teasing her. However, he knew he couldn’t hold out for long and her quiet moans suggested he wasn’t the only one. Slowly, but deliberately, he licked the outside a few times before probing deeper with his tongue and parting her lips to flick his tongue over her clitoris. This was all it took for her to start pushing back and trying to grind herself into his face. He took her hips more firmly in his hands to control her better and tease her more intensely. His tongue moved faster, both inside and out, working her pussy until she could stand it no longer. He could sense the tension in her body so he let her push harder into his face, working his tongue over her clit until she came noisily and with total release.

The squeal and the shudder surprised him. He was used to girls who were more reserved in their ecstasy but he had to admit this excited him. He needed to get out of the chilling water so he climbed up on to the rock next to her and got her to sit astride him, with her legs wrapped around his back. With his wet thighs he was able to pull her onto his hard shaft easily and she gasped with the force of the first penetration, even being as wet as she was after his earlier attentions. With his hands firmly clasped on her luscious arse he slid her back and forth slowly. Her backside really was as juicy as it had appeared when he’d admired it on the walk in and he couldn’t resist giving it the occasional slap. To his ever increasing excitement this elicited even more squeals of pleasure and it was clear he would be able to bring her to orgasm once more.

As the moisture decreased on his thighs he increasingly held her closer to him and ground his pubic bone into her mound instead. Directly in front of him her perfect breasts bobbed tantalisingly. They weren’t huge but they were ample and full; beautifully rounded and tear drop shaped with pert nipples, facing slightly upward, begging to be kissed. He did so. Sucking each one into his mouth as he continued to grind and feel the tension build within her once more. He took her right breast in his left hand and began to massage it round and round whilst his stronger right hand slapped and spanked her left buttock until it was pink and flushed. As best she could from her position she forced herself down onto his rigid prick and once more came with a shudder and a cry. This was more than she had ever expected and more than she had thought herself capable of. She was moving into uncharted territory and she was loving every second.

“Come on. I want you somewhere a little more comfortable.” She smiled and followed him as he slid off the rock and waded back towards the shore carrying the blanket. The water was numbingly cold and he figured they needed some warmth now. The inside of the tent had been heated by the sun and he quickly made a soft bed out of the fleece and sleeping bags. He pulled her in beside him and eased her gently backwards. The tent material cast an unusual colour on her fair skin, now bright pink from the icy touch of the lochan. He took a moment to drink in the view. Her eyes looked up at him smiling. What was it about her that made him ache so much it hurt? He desperately wanted her but couldn’t satisfy the longing desire simply by admiring her beauty.

Aware that he was staring at her she blushed but eased herself onto her side and reached out to tentatively take hold of his cock. This was something she had never done before but all sorts of confidences were awakening in her in this place. They had shared a joke about snake charming in an email and he was glad of a soft warm touch after the cold of the water. He smiled encouragement to her and softly stroked her breasts as she explored her new toy.

She was fascinated by the fact that his cock was so much bigger than she had been used to. Her experience was not vast but, for the first time she was interested in touching it. She knew how to stroke it and his encouragements gave her more confidence to grip it firmly and stroke it back and forth with her small hands. He was enjoying playing with her tits, cupping them in his hands as she lay there wanking his cock and occasionally tweaking a nipple and squeezing.

He carefully slid his hand down her belly and slipped a finger between her legs. She was still moist and he easily slipped inside her wet pussy, making her squirm and gasp. She didn’t stop working his shaft so he began to finger fuck her pussy. Moving between her clitoris and then up inside her wet pussy he learnt just where she most needed pressure and quickly got to work with 2 fingers. She continued to hold his cock but as her excitement grew she found it harder to keep the rhythm, concentrating instead on her own orgasm which came as a series of waves as she screwed herself into his fingers.

He rolled her over onto her front and began to massage her buttock cheeks. She stretched out and rested her head on her arms. She opened her legs inviting in to move between and it was an invitation he couldn’t resist. Manoeuvring himself between her legs he easily slid in from behind and began to slowly pump her pussy. She was now so wet he could slide right out and up between her buttocks. He didn’t push this but the threat made the air in the tent tingle and each time she slid back into her pussy she would gasp. This was now really intense and in this, her favourite position, she reached down with her right hand to play with her own clitoris as he fucked her from behind.

She was getting close again, he could tell from the ever increasing squeels of pleasure. She could scream here with complete abandon but before she reached her climax this time he lifted her up onto all fours and banged her harder, slapping her arse as he did so. She yelped but knew this would work for her just as well. She carried on with her own fingers as his right hand slipped beneath her and slapped into her swinging tits as he rocked her back and forth. The shagging became more and more physical as she worked her own pussy and slammed her arse back into him, his balls slapping her each time. He was alternately slapping her backside and less aggressively her tits as he pumped harder and harder. The orgasm came with a wild scream and she collapsed on the sleeping bags beneath him.

He had barely been able to hold back himself through this last episode and the chance to move gave him the breather he needed to regain his control. This time he lay back himself and motioned for her to climb on top. For him, this was the best way to enjoy her. He could marvel at her beauty, kissing her face and stroking her soft blonde hair. He could watch and play with her breasts as they bounced and moved in front of him and he could slap and grab her luscious round arse. At this stage he had no idea how much she would love to ride him in this position, bouncing around enthusiastically on his stiff pole and grinding her mound into him.

To begin with they just kissed and recovered from their previous exertions. He stroked her hair out of her flushed face and they shared a long meaningful smile. Outside the burn babbled and the breeze blew but nothing disturbed their world as they immersed themselves in each other once more. He took hold of her round right breast in both hands and kissed it gently, working his tongue around the outside of her nipple. She responded by sliding forward and back a little harder on his cock and so he went to work on both tits, more than a handful each, he squeezed and massaged each in turn, sucking and teasing the nipples between his teeth. As her tempo increased he held each one more firmly and helped her to rock back and forth.

Her whimpers of pleasure were a huge turn on and he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold on long in this position with her in full view on top of him. It was such a wonderful sight, her luscious tits bouncing in front of his eyes as she rode him harder and wilder. He slapped her arse and she became wilder still. He had to reach up and clutch her shoulders to keep in on top of his shaft as she fucked him without a care in the world. Only the ravens were there to hear her screams as she came loudly and explosively. He continued to thrust now grabbing her arse tighter and pulling her down onto him until he too had come with an enormous shudder and loud groans. They collapsed side by side, panting and breathless.

The sun had now dipped below the ridge and the corrie had fallen suddenly into shadow. They came out of the tent and stood in the evening light to survey their perfect world. The water flowed and the breeze dropped. Nothing was going to disturb the tranquillity of their first night together. It was time to eat and cuddle beneath the mountains. Tomorrow was a million miles away.

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A Vacation To Remember

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Female Ejaculation

Danielle had just graduated from college with a degree in education. She was 23, a virgin, and had decided to take a vacation in the Bahamas before she started her new career. One day when she was out driving around, seeing the countryside, smoke started pouring from under the hood of her rental car. Immediately, she jumped out of the car and ran across the road. Not looking, in her panic, she ran right in front of an oncoming car. The driver swerved to miss her and she dove into the ditch. She was almost afraid to look when she heard the tires screeching and the engine die. A man ran over and started apologizing for nearly running her over and asking if she was all right. Danielle started to cry, mostly in relief that neither of them seemed to be hurt. The tall, blonde, muscular man pulled her into his arms and stroked her hair, telling her everything was going to be okay. When Danielle finally calmed down she pulled away from him; a complete stranger, with his hands on her!

Looking over his shoulder she saw that her car had stopped smoking. After quick introductions, Mitch cautiously opened the hood of the car and then told Danielle that her radiator hose was blown. He didn’t live far and offered to take her to his place to call a tow truck. There really was no other option so Danielle climbed in the front seat of Mitch’s Porsche. Porsches had always been her favorite car and this was the first time she’d ever ridden in one. Delicately, she ran her fingers over the leather seats and across the dash. Mitch couldn’t help but notice her long fingers and small wrists. And the fact that there were no rings on any of those delicious fingers didn’t escape his attention either.

They arrived at Mitch’s house in less than five minutes and Danielle was a little disappointed that she couldn’t just sit in the car for a while longer, but she didn’t want to sound like a fool so she got out and followed him inside. Three phone calls later, Mitch told Danielle that there had been a huge accident involving twenty cars and all the tow trucks in town were working on that, so they didn’t expect to be able to get to her until morning. Danielle had been driving all day and her hotel was on the other side of the island. She didn’t feel right about asking Mitch to drive her all that way so when he offered to let her stay with him for the night she thought about it very hard. To give her a minute to think, Mitch went to get them some drinks. When he returned with a bottle of wine and two glasses he led her out to the balcony.

“You can have my bed. I’ll sleep on the couch,” he smiled.

“All right, thank you, Mitch. I really appreciate it,” she smiled back.

The view from the balcony was breath taking. The house sat right on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean. The sun was just setting on the horizon in deep red and orange hues. Waves crashed against the rocks below in a soothing and hypnotic rhythm. When Mitch handed her a glass of wine she notice for the first time just how deep blue his eyes were. She stared at them, mesmerized for a minute, until the call of a bird broke her trance. Embarrassed, she turned away to watch the sunset. She became lost in her thoughts and she felt Mitch standing behind her. His arms wrapped around her waist and his lips brushed against her ear. So softly, he kissed her skin. His hands slowly kuşadası escort moved up the front of her blouse to the top button. Lightly he kissed her neck. The button unhooked. She felt his warm breathe on her cheek. Another button released. He nibbled gently on her shoulder. A third button popped.

“Danielle, did you hear me?” Mitch asked rather loudly.

Shocked, she snapped back to reality. A deep blush engulfed her and she apologized for being lost in her thoughts.

“It’s okay. I do that out here a lot too,” he smiled. “It’s getting late and I want to jump in the shower before I hit the sofa. Follow me and I’ll show you the bedroom.”

Danielle followed him, chastising herself for fantasizing. She’d been doing that a lot lately, especially when she saw a handsome man. Mitch was definitely handsome, by anyone’s standards. And he was very sweet and she imagined he would be a gentle lover. She just knew he was the kind of man she wanted to make love to her for the first time. She’d given up on the idea of waiting until marriage and had decided she was missing out on a major life experience and actually had hoped that she might meet someone here while she was on vacation. She was very horny after her balcony fantasy and watching the muscles ripple under Mitch’s tight black tank top as he walked was not helping!

He showed her the bedroom and the bathroom, which was just down the hall. Then he grabbed some clean clothes and excused himself to take his shower.

“Good night, Danielle. Oh, I’m expecting a very important call. If it’s not too much trouble, could you answer the phone if it rings?” He asked.

“Sure, no problem. Good night, Mitch.” She closed the door and slumped to the floor against it. Soon she heard the water running and she tried to imagine what Mitch must look like as he lathered himself with soap. In the distance, she heard a ring. It must be the phone, and the water was still running, so she stepped out into the hallway to listen for a direction to turn. But the ringing stopped. She either missed it or imagined it. In her current state of mind, most likely it was imaginary.

Glancing down the hallway she noticed the bathroom door was ajar. Slowly, quietly she tip-toed down the hall to stand outside the door. Peeking in she could see Mitch’s outline through the shower curtain. Broad shoulders, slim hips. She began to replay the balcony fantasy in her mind, her eyes closed, and unconsciously her fingers rubbed and pinched her nipples until they were rock hard. Her hand moved inside her shorts, and began rubbing the dark green satin thong until it was soaking wet. She found her clit, swollen and throbbing, and rubbed it in slow tight circles. Her breathing became ragged and she was about to cum when her eyes flutter open. Mitch had stepped out of the shower and was standing there watching her! He hadn’t picked up his towel yet and was dripping wet. His cock was hard and he just had an inquisitive smile on his face.

“OHHH!” she gasped and totally embarrassed turned to run back to her room but slipped on the wet floor. Mitch hurried to her and pulled her up. As she faced him, his cock pressed against her stomach. Their faces moved closer. Tenderly his lips caressed her eyelids. Then he kissed her cheeks. Finally his mouth found her lips and they kissed. His tongue slid between her lips, probing tentatively. The passion built and Danielle became unaware of his nakedness. Her arms moved to slide around his waist and when she felt his wet skin she realized what she was doing and pulled away. But Mitch held her tight knowing she didn’t really want to run. His lips moved from her mouth to her neck and he stepped forward so that Danielle’s back was against the wall. Mitch nuzzled her neck and started telling her how beautiful she was and how much he wanted her. She wanted him too.

Her hand reached down to feel his hard cock while the other unbuttoned the top button of her shorts. Mitch unbuttoned her blouse and pushed it off her shoulders. As it fell he marveled at her perky breasts and taut nipples. He kissed down her chest and enclosed one nipple in his lips as his fingers glided across the other. Gently, he sucked then bit her nipple and then moved to the other. Danielle moaned softly and moved her hands to the back of his head, pulling him closer. She’d gone this far before, but it had never felt this good. This was like she had always dreamed, a sexy man about to make love to her, the noise of waves still slightly discernible in the background. It was incredible! His tongue flicked and played across her skin, leaving burning trails as he moved downward. He knelt before her, dropping kisses across her firm tummy. She heard a soft growl just before he flicked his tongue over her belly button ring. His hands eased her shorts down over her ass and his mouth came to rest over the waistband of her thong. His hot breathe teased her pussy lips and his chin began to rub up and down over her engorged clit. Sucking the thong into his mouth, he pulled it down and off her legs. Her hands met his head as he moved back up and gently kissed the tiny bit of hair she left when shaving that morning. Her back arched as she pulled him against her wet slit.

“Mmmmmmm,” she whimpered. Thinking she could stop at any time because she really shouldn’t be doing this, she let him slowly lick each of her soft pink lips. Watching him, she was amazed at how differently his tongue felt from her own fingers. That fantastic tongue, probing in and out, darting around her clit and into her wetness. He licked her, nibbled softly, and finally slid a finger into her tight pussy. He felt resistance and looked up at her a little surprised. Her head was back and her mind was racing. She needed to stop now, but she didn’t want to. Their eyes met and she guided his face to her wet pussy again letting him lick and take her clit in his mouth. He slowly tugged it and rotated its throbbing tip for what seemed like an eternity. She felt herself losing all control of reality. She quivered and nearly collapsed as her orgasm washed over her.

When she finally regained a bit of composure she reached out and grabbed his shoulders, pulling him up. Then she knelt in front of him kissing his chest as her tongue moved down his body. She hadn’t done this before, but she knew she wanted to please him as he had her. She thought about what she’d seen in movies and the books she’d read at night before she fell asleep. Softly she kissed down across his tight abs copying the swirling in the navel that she loved so much when he did it. His cock was standing erect and she couldn’t help but look at it. Her hands gently wrapped around it and she just held it for a minute, admiring. Her fingers slid up and down as she watched how the skin moved over the hard member. A bead of precum had formed on the tip and she kissed it away, licking her lips to taste it. Her fingers moved down to touch his balls, lifting them and exploring their weight and softness. Her tongue slid down the side of the shaft to the base. In an invitation, he arched his back, pushing his cock toward her. Slowly she began to stroke him. Softly and very lightly she kissed his balls, then licked them. Finally, she took one into her mouth and sucked on it as she heard a moan escape him.

His cock throbbed, bobbed up and down, and he asked her to take it in her mouth. Her hand moved back up to the tip and her thumb traced circles over it. Mitch sensed her hesitation so he wrapped his fingers in her hair and pulled her head back gently, placing his cock against her lips. She opened her lips slightly and licked him. She smiled a little and then took him inch by inch into her mouth, engulfing him. He began to move his hips back and forth. She sucked gently at first but as she felt his desire build, sucked harder and stroked her lips up and down him. She felt his balls begin to tighten in her hands. As much as he enjoyed her mouth, he did not want to cum this way so he pushed her away slightly. Coaxing her up, he slid a hand under her ass and picked her up.

He carried her to his bed which overlooks the cliffs. The waves were pounding against the rocks in an echo to her heartbeat. He placed her gently on the bed and lay beside her. Her arms encircled his neck and she stared into his eyes as he softly stroked her hair and cheek. One of her legs lay flat on the bed, the other was bent up with her foot resting flat. Mitch moved closer to her, staring into her eyes, asking the question he knew must be going through her mind. “Are you sure?” She pulled him down to her and kissed him passionately in answer. His hand guided his cock to her wet lips. He rested it for a minute just outside her pussy then slowly began to enter her. Her breathing stopped, or at least became shallow, and her legs opened to invite him inside her. Danielle’s hand moved down to feel the hard cock as it slid into her. In one swift move he entered her deeply. She winced but soon her expression changed to one of bliss as he slowly moved inside her. Their kisses deepened, tongues battling, probing. She raised her hips to meet his thrusts. His hand moved over her clit, flicking it as his cock went deeper. She felt as if she were in a trance, floating on a cloud. Her toes were even tingling as Mitch’s juices began to flow into his shaft. Danielle clutched him to her and yelled out in ecstasy as her spasm started.

Her pussy walls contracted, gripping him, squeezing the seed from him. He exploded deep inside her, spilling more and more into her tight pussy with each thrust. Then he held her, their bodies one, sweaty, glistening, spent. Mitch stayed inside her still enjoying the feel of her wet and warm pussy and they kissed lingeringly. Finally he lay on his back and she rolled over a bit, cuddling, and they drifted off to sleep. But only for a short time, after which they woke and explored each other even more.

The next morning as the birds chirped in the trees and the waves tickled the rocks Danielle said good-bye to her lover. And as the tow truck pulled away from his house, she knew she would never forget her first time.

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A Little “O”

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The first time that I experienced an orgasm with my husband, it started off as a normal date and should have resulted in a normal good night, however this time it was enjoyably different.

We had gone to a baseball game for our date. I wore my typical mini skirt with a form fitting t-shirt, sneakers and light blue nylon bikini panties.

It was a beautiful summer evening and we sat in the bleachers simply because it was the least expensive. During the course of the game we consumed a few more beers than we normally would particularly since I was only 19 at the time. The additional alcohol in my system resulted in me being a little more uninhibited than I normally would have been in a public setting. I was having such a good time that I wasn’t particularly careful about how my legs were positioned during the final innings. I could tell by the looks from the people sitting below me that my light blue panties were being seen quite regularly. At least they were part of our team’s colors.

I would constantly point my knees towards my husband on the bench style seats and move my legs apart as I talked and joked with him, allowing him to get regular looks up my skirt as well. I was quite naïve about how this sort of behavior can affect a young man. I was feeling so care free that when out team won, I stood up on the bench and did a happy dance giving everyone in the vicinity a nice view of my legs and those sitting lower down easily saw up my skirt.

It just kuşadası escort didn’t matter to me. I was having so much fun.

We walked back to the car holding hands and on the way home I sat as close as the seats would allow with my hand on my husband’s leg. My husband had an old Ford at the time with bench seats, so we could get pretty close.

When we pulled up outside my house, the lights inside were out, so I felt safe sitting in the car for a while. We started to kiss and hug each other, which soon turned to some roaming hands on each other’s clothing. As we pressed our bodies together, my husband reached around my back and pulled my mini above my panties. Normally at this stage in our dating, I would have reacted negatively to his forwardness. I loved flashing my panties at him, but had never had him take the initiative to expose them. The combination of the alcohol and my rising passion (or shall we call it horniness), resulted in my acceptance of his initiative. I pressed my light blue nylon panties into his summer weight khaki’s and immediately felt his erection through his pants. I directed my body so my groin was pressing directly on it. Feeling this pliable but firm ridge pressed against my opening lips with just a thin layer of nylon between was pure ecstasy for me. We quickly got into a rhythm of pushing and rubbing ourselves on each other.

I didn’t have much experience with a male’s excitability, but could tell by my husband’s quick breaths that something was going on. I could feel his erection pulsing through my nylon panties as I found myself approaching the edge. It seems that the alcohol had made me more sensitive as opposed to less. I had never experienced anything near to an orgasm with another person and found myself embarrassed that I was getting so excited. It seems that my embarrassment was only above my shoulders as those parts of me below my waist continued to press against my husband and grind against his delectable cloth covered railing.

As we continued kissing more and more passionately and rubbing ourselves in an attempt to ignite our sexual fires, my husband again moved his hands down my back and grabbed my bottom with both hands squeezing…hard. It seems that this was the last bit of kindling required to light our blaze as we both tensed and simultaneously convulsed in orgasmic pleasure. I buried my face into his shoulder to muffle my moans so they sounded like little squeaks as the air escaped from my closed lips. I did not want to have him know that I was having an orgasm. I guess I hadn’t completely broken away from my strict religious upbringing. Showing my panties off was an act of rebellion, whereas having an orgasm while grinding against a male’s erection was inappropriate and disgraceful. God, it felt so good. My husband let out a loud exhale along with a groan of pure sexual release as his body shook. Feeling him convulse against my panties was beyond anything that I could imagine at the time. I pressed myself as tightly against him as I could and continued to let out my little squeaks of forbidden enjoyment.

When it was over and I slid back to my side of the car, I noticed the huge wet spot on my husband’s pants. My mind literally went, “Oh my God. He wet himself” I told you that I had very little experience.

I offered to let him come inside so he could clean up and as we walked to the door of my house I noticed that the lights were back on. It seems that two of my sisters had come home while we were lighting fires and then dousing them in the car. My husband untucked his shirt so the tails covered his expanding wet spot and walked quickly into the bathroom. When he came out my sisters were sitting with me and talking. I was quite impressed on how well he did acting as if nothing had happened.

Soon after he left to go home and I headed up to bed. Neither one of us had talked about what happened and never mentioned it for quite a while after. It seemed that we were both embarrassed to admit our sexual excitement as well as our inability to control it. I was awake for a long time that night replaying what had happened and feeling the contradictory emotions of shame and exhilaration. I really wanted to know what it looked like when he got excited and more importantly when he came, but my mind continuously scolded me for having such lowly desires.

I now had another and more challenging step to take in my sexual awakening. I needed to allow myself to be comfortable with who I was and the feelings that I was having.

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A Creative Challenge Ch. 15

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“Sam, Tracey. Tracey, Sam.”

Tracey shook my outstretched hand a little tentatively, as if she wasn’t sure what I might do with it next. She was holding herself stiffly, obviously a little nervous, and in an almost inaudible voice she said hello to me and then turned to look at Amy, seemingly for reassurance.

“I’ve told Tracey all about you, Sam, so you’d better be on your best behaviour.”

“In that case I’ll try not to fart while she’s here.”

“See? That’s what I have to put up with. I did try to warn you what he was like, Tracey, but you wouldn’t listen.”

Amy had a knack for putting people at ease with her light humour, and she brought a little smile to Tracey’s face, which helped to relax the tension of her posture.

“Show her some of your drawings, Sam, I’ll get some coffee before we start”. Amy busied herself with the espresso machine at the back of the studio, leaving me to introduce Tracey to the sort of modelling we wanted her to do for us. As I pulled some of the recent drawings from the plan chest and laid them out on the floor in front of her I saw her eyes widen and her mouth dropped open. She had clearly never seen any artworks like them. I deliberately said nothing, waiting for her unprompted response, but Amy as usual felt obliged to fill the silence.

“Good, aren’t they? How do you take it?”

“Mmm… black no sugar, ta. They’re… amazing.”

“That sounds tactfully non-committal”, I said, “but it’s OK. You don’t have to like them. Not everyone does.”

“No”, said Tracey quickly, “I do like them. I’m just a bit surprised at how …explicit they are…” Her words tailed off, and I could sense her unease.

“And…?” I prompted.

“I’m not sure I could… do that, for instance.” She pointed to a drawing of Amy lying down with her back arching up, half her hand buried in her pussy.

“We don’t expect you to do exactly that,” I said. “and you won’t need to do anything you’re not comfortable with.”

Amy jumped in to help. “That’s not the sort of thing we asked you here to do. Those are all about me being an exhibitionist, about the connection between me and whoever is looking at the image. They are very demanding, they insist that you are involved in what I am doing. See, in most of these, I am looking straight at you.”

“I think that’s what makes them so confronting,” said Tracey.

“It is,” said Amy. “But if you and I are both in the picture, then it’s what’s going on between us that becomes important, so it won’t be like these at all. Mind you, we still want them to be erotic.”

“OK. What do you want me to do,” said Tracey, taking a deep breath.

“Just sit down here and drink your coffee,” I said, indicating the dais. “I’ll let you two know when I’m ready.”

Amy and I had talked about how we would gradually introduce Tracey to what we wanted from her. It was important görükle escort that she got involved in the process, but we didn’t want to scare her off by rushing her. I took my time selecting some nice paper, pinning it onto my easel board, and sharpening some pencils, while Amy took over.

While Tracey drank her coffee, I casually kept my eye on her. She was wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt with low-slung jeans, and although she was not quite as tall and a little heavier in the chest than Amy, she had a dancer’s long waist and long legs and was obviously fit and supple. Tracey was watching Amy, looking at her very much like I would, enjoying her relaxed grace and beautiful proportions. It was not hard to conclude that she was as attracted to Amy as I was. She didn’t seem to be all that aware of me and what I was doing, which was exactly what I was hoping for.

Amy stood in front of her and untied her hair, letting it fall down over her shoulders. Calmly and deliberately, she tossed her hair out of her eyes, then lifted her T-shirt and peeled it up and over her head. This made sure that she had the undivided attention of the new girl who was motionless, absorbed in watching her friend undress. Amy untied the drawstring in her track pants, pulled them out from her body to loosen them and then dropped them to the floor. Naked, she stepped out of them, and took two short steps forward so that she was standing right in front of Tracey, her silky smooth pussy almost level with Tracey’s wide eyes. Tracey looked up at Amy’s face as she bent slightly at the waist, put her hands on Tracey’s shoulders and kneeled up onto the dais, one knee on each side of Tracey’s lap. Shuffling forward, she wrapped her arms round Tracey’s head and pulled it towards her to rest it on her breast. Tracey put her coffee down and wrapped her arms around Amy’s waist in a hug, and she closed her eyes.

“Ready?” I said quietly.

“Ready,” said Amy. “Hold it just like this, Tracey. Ten minutes enough, Sam?”

“Should be plenty,” I said, drawing quickly.

It was a new and different experience for me drawing the relationship between two figures rather than just trying to capture the essence of one. I realized immediately that I didn’t have the freedom to exaggerate and distort any part of one of them without affecting the proportions of the other one wherever the two intersected, so I went for a simpler treatment, where the actual proportions of the figures were more accurately but coarsely rendered. It was then a couple of details of the two hugging bodies, one naked, one clothed, that became the focal points of the whole image. Amy’s head was turned away from me and shielded from view by her hair, but most of Tracey’s face was visible to me, pressed against Amy’s slightly squashed right tit and framed by the soft spikes of her short blonde hair. I tried to capture her facial bursa sınırsız escort bayan expression because it was obvious Tracey was happy to be just where she was, with Amy’s nipple pressed against the corner of her mouth. She had a gentle half-smile on her face, like some martyred saint blissfully floating to heaven in some baroque Italian ceiling fresco. The other main detail I emphasised was the strong S-shaped curve formed by Amy’s lower back sweeping down and around her gorgeous buttocks as she sat on Tracey’s lap.

“You OK, Tracey?” I asked when we had about two minutes of the pose to go.

“Oh yes,” she said with conviction. “I’m just fine.”

There was an oddly incongruous feel to the picture, because it was an intimate embrace, yet one of the figures was fully clothed while the other was fully naked. I was very pleased with the result I managed to achieve, and finished it quickly, within the ten minutes we agreed.

Amy slowly unwound her arms and stretched backwards, but she was still seated with her legs apart on Tracey’s lap. She took Tracey’s face in both her hands, bent down and kissed her on the lips. Tracey was as surprised as I was by this move, but it did not take her more than a second or two to respond, and happily kissed her back. I took the drawing down and pinned it on the wall, and put a new blank sheet on the easel in its place.

I knew Amy was in control of what she was doing, so I didn’t interrupt her, as the two young women gently tasted each other for the first time. Their faces parted, both of them smiling at the other.

“Yum,” said Amy. “Wanna get naked?”

“OK,” said Tracey.

Amy stood up, pulling her friend up onto her feet. They stood close, almost touching. Amy lifted the bottom of Tracey’s shirt and pulled it up and over her head. As she had been asked, Tracey wasn’t wearing any underwear, and after she dropped the shirt Amy stroked her hands slowly down over Tracey’s breasts and down her belly to the waistband of her jeans. She undid the button and the zip and pushed them down Tracey’s thighs as far as she could reach without bending down, then taking hold of both of Tracey’s arms just above the elbow, pushed her gently back and down so that she was sitting again on the dais. Reaching down, she pulled Tracey’s feet up and slid the jeans all the way off, leaving the now naked Tracey leaning back on her elbows with her bottom on the edge of the dais, legs straight out in front of her.

Tracey’s pubic hair was light mousy brown, like the hair on her head would probably have been without the blonde streaks, and it was thick and bushy. Amy reached down and picked up a small tuft of the curls, pulling it up between her fingers. Out straight, the hair was between two and three inches long. Amy looked Tracey in the eye, and raised one eyebrow.

“I bursa otele gelen escort bayan know,” said Tracey, screwing her face up. “They’ve got to go, haven’t they?”

“You bet they’ve gotta go. Girl, yer a real shaggy bitch.” Amy had put on a broad southern drawl. “We gotta give y’all a goddam haircut.”

“I think Sam’s ready to do some more drawing,” said Tracey momentarily looking over to where I was standing, hoping I would rescue her. “The grooming can wait, can’t it?”

Amy looked at me quizzically. I was keen to see Amy shave her friend’s pussy, but I thought it would be better if Tracey was more comfortable with us and more used to being naked in front of me before she let us do that, so I mimed some drawing movements at Amy, and she got the message.

“Yes, it can wait. What would you like us to do, Sam?”

I set them down together with Tracey leaning against the wall, Amy leaning back against her, sitting between Tracey’s thighs. Amy’s knees were bent and open, and Tracey had one arm draped over Amy’s shoulder with her hand holding and gently stroking one of Amy’s tits. It was a very casual but intimate pose, and they looked like two people who had just finished making love. Neither of them was looking at me, but it was still a very erotically charged scene, partly because I could see how much Tracey was enjoying this close embrace with my lovely Amy. They were very comfortable, so I made this a long pose and did two versions of it, working a lot of good detail into both of them, before letting the girls take a break.

For the last pose, I threw a couple of quilts over the little platform with some pillows and made them both lie down, face to face, with their legs intertwined, Amy’s arms enveloped round Tracey’s, like two lovers asleep. This looked wonderful, but was less successful for me, because Tracey’s hands were trapped between the two bodies and one of them was in just the right place to stroke Amy’s pussy, which of course she did. Amy tried to keep still, but being expected to play dead when someone is stroking your clitoris is a big ask. The session ended with the two of them giggling and squirming so much I gave up trying to draw.

Amy was keen to get the shaving kit out, but for me, this had been a fairly short but intense session. I definitely wanted to draw Amy shaving Tracey’s pussy, but I needed to be fresh for it. We agreed that’s how we would start the next session, and Tracey put her clothes on again ready to go.

“It wasn’t so bad, was it?” I asked her as I gave her $50 for the session, even though it had been a bit less than the normal two hours.

“No, it wasn’t,” she replied, “I wasn’t really keen to do this, but Amy is a very difficult person to say ‘no’ to, and it was better than I expected. I thought I would be more nervous and embarrassed than I was.”

“That’s funny, I once said the same thing.”

“What, about being nervous and embarrassed?”

“About it being hard to say ‘no’ to Amy.”

Amy jumped into the conversation at this. “Sam, do you want me to move out of here and go live with Tracey?”


“There, it wasn’t hard to say at all. I don’t know where you two get such strange ideas.”

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A Different Party Ch. 06

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Everybody was shocked to hear the word BUKKAKE. Seema was supposed to be decent kind of a lady, but again – fantasies are fantasies. The theory of Yin and Yan was proving itself once more. Sunita all colored up hearing the request from Seema.

I would not say that nothing had happened yet in our party. The kisses and teasing had happened but no direct exposure of organs of either gender had yet taken place. Bukkake meant exposure of the male gender was to happen at least. God only knew how much of herself Sunita would be able to hide once the guys went on a rampage.

The million dollar question at the moment was – whether we as a group were open to this idea?

Time was essence, literally. If bukkake was to happen, things would have to start fast. It was, almost, about time for all of us to go back home.

Guys seemed to be ready, sort of. Guys would need a little coaxing but they would end up on the stage sooner or later. The ladies present were more colored up hearing the request. Seems it was a common fantasy with a few of them. 3-4 of them looked ignorant as well, did they know what the term bukkake meant?

The biggest question at the moment was – If bukkake happened, would it be right ethically? On hindsight, who cared?

Everybody was waiting for someone to take lead. Seema saw the hesitation but she was in mood to take a ‘no’ for an answer.

Seema: “So do all here know what a bukkake is?”

Sunita (spontaneously added): “As if”

A remark she would love and dread too, later.

Seema: “What do you mean by that remarks of yours?”

Sunita: “i mean…I mean. I did not mean it negatively for anyone. I meant everyone will surely know such a lovely term.”

Seema was sharp, razor sharp.

Seema: “You use the word ‘lovely’ here. Do you love this idea so much?”

Sunita realized what she had done. She just stood there biting her lower lips. One could feel her eyes glowing with ferocity like never before. Her eyes were totally checking out all present in the group, especially the males and their members too. Lolz.

Seema: “We all await your answer and would also like to know if you have any limits when it comes to bukkake.”

Sunita was quite visibly pressing her thighs together and it did fuel a thousand imaginations, both in the mind of Sunita and the guys present.

Sunita: “It has been only a fantasy till now. How would I know my limits?”

Seema: “Let me rephrase it for you , are there any particular likes / dislikes when it comes to imagining a bukkake in which you feature?”

Sunita looked quite dreamy as she tried to remember details relating to her fantasy of a bukkake scene.

Sunita: “I really cannot define my likes and dislikes right now. My mind is too disoriented to recollect my fantasies. Why don’t you or the guys present here ask me the things they plan to do to me? I will answer them and we can get the likes and dislikes in a few minutes.”

The idea of questioning and cross questioning Sunita ignited a renewed passion in the guys.

Seema: “Why is it that you like a bukkake so much?”

Sunita: “The very same reason you like it as well.”

The dialogues being shared had a different crispness.

Seema: “No two individuals are same and so are fantasies. How can you tell why I like it? The idea can be common but the need for that can be quite different.”

Sunita: “Since you had requested me to demonstrate it, why don’t you tell us – why do you like it?”

It was Seema’s turn to blush and squirm as she prepared to answer, forgot to almost mention – the guys and their members too were squirming a lot.

Seema: “The idea that I am the centre of attention and everyone desires me makes me feel quite in control and powerful as well.”

Sunita: “What you said before was true. My https://bursali.org liking is very different than yours. I love being a slut to the group of guys present. I love the idea of being used by all of them. It might possibly bring out the true slut in me.” The guys were stung by the two different versions they just heard.

Ashok: “Quite a difference between what you both desire. One likes it like a queen and the other likes it rough like a slut.”

The word ‘rough’ stressed nicely enough for all to remember. The effect forced Sunita to squirm once more, everybody could see her tighten her hips and thighs in a rhythmic motion.

Seema: “One thing is clear guys – she likes it rough. Are there any more questions?”

Anoop (confidently barged in): “Do you imagine the guys giving it to you or you help them give it to you?”

Sunita (breathing heavily): “Either ways the end result is the same.”

Anoop: “The end result is the same but not the process. If the guys give it to you, they are the ones controlling you. In the second instance, you are more than active yourself as well.”

Comments always had a corny effect on Sunita. She was beyond her own control now and so was her wetness.

Sunita: “I prefer the second one.”

Ashok: “Do you prefer wearing clothes while you are in a bukkake setup or you have some other preferences?”

Ashok knew how she liked it exactly but just wanted her to tell herself. Sunita found herself chocking as she tried to tell how much she liked it. She took a sip of water to divert herself and cool down.

Sunita: “I love undoing as guys spray me wet with their semen.”

A few guys were more than ready to cum hearing her words.

Ashok: “Please describe in detail.”

Sunita (blushing harder than before): “I mean I am in my basics and as the guys spray me with their semen, I undress.”

Ashok: “So you mean to say that you keep on undressing until your skin is covered with cum?”

Everybody was chocking for air as Sunita answered.

Sunita: “Yes. Exactly like that.”

Ashok: “Guys, keep that in mind.”

I was feeling like a devil myself, especially with the questions coming in my mind.

Me: “Do you swallow or prefer it on your body?”

Sunita was shaking with obvious need as the questions happened.

Sunita: “Both”

She kept it simple and short. Boys knew it well that she was desperate for action.

Me: “Nice. You are indeed an example when one defines the word – slut. Any specific preference when it comes to receiving it on your body?”

She found the question to be too much to answer. Her face was totally flushed, her body vibrating and even more desperate than before.

Sunita: “A slut does not have much choice, does she?”

I felt like spraying my cum hard in her hands at that very instant but I too was nervous.

Me (totally short of words): “Some prefer it on face, some prefer it on cleavage and other places too. What about you?”

Sunita (getting more confident and aggressive now): “You will come to know about it when you are about to cum on me”.

I was the one blushing hardest at the moment. I could feel heat being emitted from every pore of my skin.

Me: “Do you rub the semen onto your skin or prefer someone else clean it for you?”

Everybody knew we were heading towards an orgy. The question and answers were guiding it smoothly towards the goal.

Sunita: “As I said before, you will come to know about it very soon. I would very much love to have a help, who asked me to demonstrate the word bukkake, alongside me as I enjoy myself. Her participation will help her understand the feelings and expressions in totality. If she does not want to participate, she can help me clean up and help you guys get hard (again and again). bursa escort kız I think she knows what I mean.”

The silence was stinging everyone in their crotches. It was simply too much to hold anymore.

I am sure every guy wanted to enjoy a full fledged session with this slut but issues like size comparisons etc. stopped them to go all out for her. At least, it was the case for me but not anymore.

Me: “Being the slut that you are, take my monster out and make me cum now.”

Sunita was gasping for air, so were the rest of guys, as her hands trailed towards my crotch (remember I had unzipped my pants and her blouse was the only cover on my penis). I hoped and prayed that I did not cum on her blouse, it was simply getting to much to bear. She was nothing short of devil as she played with me. Her expressions totally conveyed the control she had on me. I did not turn my face to see anyone and their reactions. I just wanted her as she was.

She too was desperate, it seemed, to see what my monster looked like but she was in no hurry and that was killing me. She caught her blouse at the edges and started to move it slowly to the left and then to the right. The effect of the friction made me moan.

Sunita (giggling all the way): “Don’t spoil my blouse. I hope you will understand what effect that satin lining has on me when it touches my skin inside.”

The whole group felt as if it was dreaming – what was happening. I was gasping and chocking to hold myself from cumming.

Seema’s comment was the last thing I wanted “Girls, lets auction this blouse so we can see some real stuff”.

In one smooth action, I removed the blouse covering my penis and threw it towards Seema. I stood there shamelessly, exposing my drooling dick. A few girls got interested seeing my thing and moved in closer towards the stage. I took Sunita’s hand and wrapped it up on my penis. My oozing precum smeared up much of her fingers and palm.

Sunita: “It is a monster indeed, so thick.”

I was trying to breath deep and slow myself down. The more I tried, the more I failed. Her comment did not help me either. The whole fact that she loved my monster made it even harder for me to control. The ladies around and the sparkle in their eyes, seeing my monster, triggered another load of precum. Sunita was indeed a slut. She just smeared all the precum on her palm and started to rub my balls with her other hand. I parted my legs to give her proper access to the whole area and around.

Sunita: “Why are you so excited? Your balls are already so tight and ready to shoot. I have not done anything yet.”

Me: “You too will experience an orgasm like never before when I rip that tight cunt of yours.”

Sunita loved cheap comments and I loved passing them at the right moment. I could sense she wanted me to fondle her crotch as well. I wish I could, was simply too lost in my own build up. I took both her hands in mine and placed them on both sides of my penis.

No comments came as a shock anymore, a lady said “Sit down and let us enjoy the view as well.”

Sunita was visibly shaking and so was I. I could see from the corner of my eyes that Seema was making way towards the stage. She came up and sat near my thigh. Seema placed one hand on my ball as Sunita used both her palms on my penis. She placed the other one on Sunita’s crotch. Sunita was the one gasping now. She felt such sensations down below that she forgot to fondle me anymore, eyes closed she awaited more of it to follow. It indeed was the ultimate thing coming true.

The whole situation along with their expressions made it impossible for me to control anymore. I just wanted to cum a few seconds before Sunita came, the idea was that she gets lost in those salacious thoughts as she explodes. And so it was indeed. bursa anal yapan escort

Seema rubbed my thighs, balls and the base of the shaft and at the same time she was rubbing Sunita’s crotch quite professionally as well.

Me: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. I can’t control anymore, bitches.”

I shot like never before. My spunk had such force that it landed on the end of the stage which was some good 4-5 feet away. Sunita’s came back to realize that I had cum so hard and it excited her even more. Her hands gripped my monster hard and started to stroke me even harder.

Sunita: “Seema, rub me harder darling”.

I had to take support of Sunita’s shoulder to maintain a steady posture, my legs were shaking. The intensity of cum was such. Seema and both her hands were working quite expertly on Sunita’s crotch. Sunita was the one catching my ankles for support, she was about to experience an orgasm herself. Her grip on my ankles was actually hurting and that made it even clearer – how strong her orgasm would be. She was on her fours as Seema worked a few more times and it happened. Sunita gurgled and came, her grip relaxed and she just could not remember anything anymore. She let herself loose and was lying down on the floor, spent and in ecstasy.

The comment brought me back to the real world “My chance”.

It was Anoop who stood next in line.

Me (with an ear to ear smile): “All yours”.

I did not make any attempt to hide my spent monster anymore, another thing happening for the first time. The bigger change was that I went and sat near another lady friend in the group. Sunita’s comment (so thick) had instilled a newer confidence in me and I felt like boasting myself now. My and that lady friend exchanged glances, nothing more besides smiles of the wicked kinds.

Seema helped Anoop free his penis and display it for the group. The ladies were getting more interested as male sex organs were being displayed. The ladies were almost sitting next to the stage. Either they were too interested to see what was being displayed or they were leaving their partners so they could enjoy the bukkake – what the real story was, no one knew yet.

I knew it was about time I made my way towards them and give both the ladies on stage a real treat. I felt odd to discuss the thing with them but again a little coaxing was required to get them on my side.

Sunita: “We only have less than 20 more minutes at hand now before this party ends. So feel free to use me as your personal cum slut.”

The comment helped me coax them further. A few were what you call “watchers” but the rest wanted to participate. Being a guy, I knew what size comparison felt like. so I decided to take it the other way. I convinced them that our party was not yet over. We would meet some time sooner and what transpired today between us will make it even hornier and open when we meet the next time. I had to discuss the issue that their wife would enjoy themselves (sometimes sooner) with another guy maybe who is better hung then them. So why could they not enjoy themselves with a new beauty themselves. It made sense to them and that opened a floodgate (literally) for Sunita and Seema to handle.

4-5 guys had joined up Anoop as he was still being felt and explored.

Sunita: “Now this is going to be some fun.”

Sunita had not even completed her dialogue and she received a big shot of semen on her face and bra. It made her squeal in pleasure. The guys who had shot completed their cumming and made way for others to come up on stage. The guys, however, on their way down made sure to get a feel what their partners felt and the other ladies too. The ladies were trying to act decent but everybody could make out that they wanted a piece of action too.

It was soon a mayhem on stage and below too. Half the ladies were feeling themselves as they watched what was on display for them, making a note of who wants which guy as well. Everybody knew that they will meet sometimes soon.

It was an absolute delight for one and all present.

To be continued…. (If enough people want it and convey so as well.)

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A Box Office Blowout

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James turned his head and sneezed again loudly. Around him, fellow Chemistry students kept typing diligently as the instructor droned on about photons and some experiment involving metal. Sighing quietly, he wiped the moisture quickly off his keyboard, hoping the hour would just finish already.

Really it was the blonde two seats to his left and one forward that had his attention. Her shoulder length hair draped like the softest curtains, topped by a perfect bun with a pencil jabbed in it. Every so often she’d tilt her head so he could revel in her stunning profile.

James didn’t know which was his favorite: her mysterious green eyes, smoothly chiseled cheeks and neck, or the natural pout her lips still held while pursed. He couldn’t see her bust, but she appeared to be a five-and-a-half foot slim freshman. All he did know was that every time he turned back to his notes, the urge to glance lured his gaze right back to her.

“So what did the photoelectric effect tell us about light?” The aged professor scanned the room for an answer. The blonde raised her hand. “Sasha.”

“That light is also a particle?” Sasha’s bare legs slid out from under the desk to the side. Her voluptuous thighs and calves were like porcelain adorned by pink sneakers. Looking carefully, James could see the frill of her white mini-skirt peeking out. A second later, he realized he was ogling and snapped back to his notes.

“Yes, that light also behaves like a particle and has discrete properties. Excellent. That will be it for today, don’t forget your assignments.” The instructor dismissed the classroom as James snapped to attention. Amidst the busy hustle of students leaving, he picked up his laptop and stepped outside.

Like music on cue, Sasha’s voice rang aloud behind him, lamenting.

“I really wish I had a tutor for this class. It’s so hard.”

James turned around slowly to find himself next to Sasha’s conversation with her girlfriend. Her mousy features regarded him curiously as she gripped her Chemistry textbook to her chest. Without hesitation he offered, “I can help, I’ve got an A so far.”

He was already shaming himself mentally. An A? The last test hadn’t been graded and was the hardest by far. He knew his genitals were driving, and all his brain could do was brace itself for the eventual wreck.

“Yeah? Are you sure? You don’t have to, I can pay for a tutor or just find a study group.” Sasha’s naturally bright smile and nervously crossed legs began to stoke his flames. Her thighs were thicker than he expected. Silently he prayed her breasts and ass would follow suit.

“Of course. We can start tonight at the café or library, whichever you prefer.” James quivered a bit, butterflies tickling his insides.

“Ok. Let’s meet at the Union at 6:30 and figure out where we’ll go.” With that she turned to leave, and again James was rewarded. While he faked deciding which way to begin walking, bursa escort he spotted her avocado-sized breasts pressed tightly to her book like soft pillows. The mini-skirt teased him again as she walked away, just barely hiding the cusps of her plump and perky buttocks.

James’ loins raged with fire.


When Sasha greeted him, she was alone. Something about her looked different; she wasn’t nervous and didn’t even pause after approaching him. She wasn’t carrying any books either.

“Do you want to go to a movie?” She asked directly. “The new Batman film is out in the cheap theater, I thought you might want to see it.”

James swallowed once, trying to get his heart back down out of his throat. “Sure, let’s get out of here.” He wondered for a moment whether he subconsciously meant HE wanted out of there. Pushing all worries about studying Chemistry aside, he followed Sasha out and prayed this was somehow leading to seeing her naked.

Not long after, James was standing behind Sasha, her perfect ass just a foot in front of his now hard cock. He could only imagine what it looked like bare since that damn skirt still kept him in the dark. He adjusted his pants again, struggling to keep his obvious erection from giving the whole theatre a show while they waited to buy tickets.

The ticket line shuffled forward. Sasha turned around with a smile pasted across her face.

“Are you ready for this?” Something seemed really off with her demeanor. He froze as her eyes darted up and down, giving him that curious look again.

“Absolutely, I can’t wait. I’ve been wanting to see this movie ever since the previews.” Pulling out his wallet to pay, he stepped toward the teller.

Immediately Sasha placed her hand on his, shaking her head. “I’ll get this one.” She stepped up to the booth operated by a skinny brunette with glasses. “Two for Batman please.”

“Two adults?” The brunette smiled mischievously at Sasha, betraying a look of two well-known friends.

“Yes.” The teller passed Sasha two tickets, and she handed one to James. “That’s Katie. Always good to know someone in the business. Come on.”

James nodded while suddenly realizing she hadn’t paid. Looking at Katie again, he also just realized she was REALLY cute. Her pale features and flat chest actually complimented her slender form. She looked like a runner.

Snatching up his hand, Sasha led him directly to the popcorn and snack bar. The salty sweet smell in the air was satisfying to breathe in.

“Buy an extra large popcorn and two Cokes. I’ll be right back.” She headed off to the bathroom and left him wondering if they really needed that much popcorn. Shrugging slightly, James took out his wallet again to order the snacks.

As the crowd buzzed around him, James saw Katie slip out of the booth and into the women’s bathroom. bursa üniversiteli escort He shook his head. No, they aren’t having sex in a public restroom. He sighed as he pulled himself back to reality.

Sure enough, Sasha and Katie came out a couple minutes later. James’ hands were full with the snacks as they both walked up to him.

“Ready? Let’s go, the show’s about to start!” Sasha exclaimed with fervor. Katie giggled as they each took a Coke and left him holding the popcorn.

James shook himself from bewilderment and pressed on.


Navigating their way through the theatre, James quickly found himself sliding into a seat in the very back row, which was otherwise empty. The room was already dark as previews were starting, but he could guess about half the seats were full.

Looking up, his eyes greeted Katie’s alabaster asscheeks as she slipped carefully in front of him, her hands delicately holding the back edges of her blue skirt. His eyes locked on her perfectly toned and surprisingly round bottom. She paused and turned to Sasha.

“Do you want this side or that side?” Katie whispered to Sasha, pointing daintily at each seat around James.

“I’ll sit here.” Sasha’s incredibly sexy voice chimed in loud contrast.

He only had another moment to stare at Katie’s ass and guess whether she was teasing him on purpose before she sat down beside him. Both girls reached into the popcorn and began snacking right from the large tub in his lap.

By now James was rock hard, his cock trembling for release under his tight jeans. Sexual fantasies rocked his brain and wouldn’t let him speak. Barely shaking his head, he tried to free himself from the delusions. Maybe he could jerk off in the bathroom before the movie started.

“Don’t you want some?” Sasha looked at him in earnest as she munched on the popcorn.

“Oh. Yeah, I just feel a little hot in here, that’s all. There’s quite a few people here.” James smiled back at her a bit weakly, nodding.

“Here. Have some.” She propped the tub more prominently in his lap. When he reached for the popcorn, her hands slid down to his belt.

James locked eyes with Sasha, all notions of innocence gone. No words were spoken as his buckle came loose. Her lusty green eyes told it all, and even Katie didn’t flinch when his pants flew open. Sasha tugged his boxers so his cock stood straight up in the open air, protected only by the popcorn tub from the people directly in front of him. All they had to do was turn around.

His vision blurred as Sasha went down on him, his hands cupping her breasts naturally. When her pouty lips slid over the tip, James gasped sharply. Using his best efforts to focus, he realized Katie was now watching him. By some miracle, no one immediately in front of them karacabey escort had yet noticed the sexual commotion. His senses amplified all the sounds tenfold.

Sasha forced herself down onto his long shaft, taking it all in until she choked. She pulled back for a small breath, and warm saliva drizzled down to his aching balls. Repeating the motion, she lifted her shirt and bra to let his hands squeeze her bare C-cup breasts.

His tension relieved as the theatre grew loud from the movie playing. In his peripheral James could see Katie still munching on popcorn, her other hand now busy under her own skirt. With a kernel in hand she pushed up her glasses and acted as though she was still watching the movie.

Minutes or hours may have passed while Sasha gave him the first and likely best deepthroat blowjob of his life. Part of him was praying no one would see, part of him didn’t care. Sasha switched from deepthroating to licking up and down his slippery dick.

He groped her bosom and pinched the nipples, her smooth flesh filling his grip. Katie leaned over eagerly and pushed Sasha back. It was her turn.

James shivered as her smaller tongue lapped at the head of his cock. Her right hand snuck underneath his boxers and held his scrotum. Her left hand was still stuck inside her pussy. Closing his eyes, he felt her small mouth suck on the tip while she massaged his balls.

He couldn’t take it much longer. Should he warn Katie or just blow his load in her mouth?

Seeing his hands were empty, James reached down under her skirt and satisfyingly squeezed the pale round ass he had been teased with. Her cheeks felt just as soft, firm, perky, and perfect as they looked.

With her eager mouth Katie went halfway down the shaft, sending him to the point of no return. His breath quickened as he pictured this flawless stranger gulping down his heavy load. He hadn’t masturbated in at least a week.

Thinking the better of it, James whispered urgently, “I’m going to cum. I’m going to… cum.”

Katie sat up and grinned wickedly. Her left hand pulled away from her pussy, sticky and white with her feminine fluids. Gripping him hard she began to jerk the tip. “Hold the popcorn,” she told Sasha quietly.

Sasha pulled the tub back and tilted it forward. If not for the overwhelming sensations around him, James would have panicked from being so exposed. All he could do was watch and try to orgasm silently while the loud movie raged on.

Sasha dipped her hand into the popcorn tub. She took out her greasy fingers and slid them underneath Katie’s to cup his scrotum. He felt the opening spasms take hold, and all was bliss.

Katie’s juices still slurped on his cock as she jerked him. Expertly she squeezed hard on his dickhead when he first began to spasm, building up semen. When she released, white gobs pulsed all over the popcorn. James laid his head back against the seat in silent ecstasy.

When he finally came to, James could see both Sasha and Katie eating from the top of the bowl, which was again propped up in his lap. The cumsluts shared a smile and messy kiss right over his lap as he felt his loins begin to harden again.

James had found his moment in heaven.

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The Doe-Eyed Waif

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(This is an entry in the Christmas stories contest. If you enjoy the story, please vote and comment.)

Santa must love me because I’ve never had such a young, nubile present in all my life.

It was the day before Christmas and the sky hung over my house as black as cast iron. A bitter mix of snow and sleet hissed through the leafless trees in my front yard. A foot and a half of snow covered the ground; not much for some parts of the country but here in Olympia, Washington it was quite a shock. Power was out in parts of town, though not at my house, and the schools and many businesses had been closed for several days. Temperatures dipped into the single digits at night. Just getting out of my car and crunching across the snow through the arctic air was enough for me.

I’ve lived alone since my divorce a year ago. Now in my mid-forties, I found myself on this frozen night with only a crackling wood stove and a plate of plum-sauce chicken and fresh-baked garlic bread. I was just about to dish it up when I heard a tapping at the front door.

Who could possibly be here in this god-awful weather?

Walking to the door, I peered through the peephole and clicked on the porch light. The figure was so short I saw only the top of a camouflage hood.

I cracked the door and looked out. “Yes?”

A high, squeaky voice replied, “I…I’m really sorry to bother you, mister….”

In a camo jacket, baggy pants, and battered backpack, the kid looked like a street urchin from a Charles Dickens novel. Large eyes stared back at me, barely visible between a knit cap and threadbare scarf.

I squinted back, trying to get a read. “What do you want? You’re letting all my warm air out.”

“I know, it’s just…well it’s really cold out here….”

“No kidding. Why aren’t you at home?”

A gloved hand tugged the scarf down, revealing luminous hazel eyes, button nose, and cupid mouth. I suddenly realized this was a girl. Those eyes pleaded with me. Almost comically oversized, they seemed to reach out, begging for help yet somehow unwilling to compromise. Lashes from a mascara commercial guarded sparkling copper retinas that pulled me closer.

“I don’t have a home,” she said, voice shaking. “I…I’ve got nowhere to go and it’s f-f-freezing out here. Do you think I could…you know…sleep in your garage or something?”

“The garage? Don’t you have friends? Or a shelter?” I asked. I felt bad for her but I wasn’t thrilled by the idea of letting a total stranger into my house. Maybe she was a decoy and her buddies were going to come in the back any minute, or maybe she’d pull a gun. Couldn’t be too careful these days.

“N-no, I’ve got nobody. My step-dad kicked me out last week. We’re pretty new to town and the shelter’s all full. I’m just….” She didn’t finish, just stood there shivering, her breath coming in sharp, icy puffs as she wobbled from side to side like a drunk.

Aw, crap, she’s going to pass out on my front porch. I glanced at the snow-covered yard. The only tracks were mine coming from my car and her’s from the street. The wind picked up and frosty air whistled past the door.

Against my better judgment I said, “Okay, come in.” I gave her a squint. “And don’t try anything funny.”

“T-thank you,” she replied, stepping inside.

As I closed and locked the door, an unsettling idea hit me.

“How old are you, kid?”

“Turned eighteen t-t-two months ago,” she chattered.

“Don’t bullshit me. You can’t be more than thirteen or fourteen,” I said, scanning her diminutive body. “I don’t want some minor in my house. Looks bad.”

In response she dug into a pocket and pulled out a cheap nylon wallet. With a rip of Velcro she tugged out an ID and handed it to me. She pushed her hood back, unwrapped the scarf from around her neck, and tugged off the knit cap. She gazed up at me hopefully. Her pillowy lips seemed too small and her cheekbones too high to be real. Golden hair spilled over her shoulders, long and fine and shiny. Her skin was pale and I saw a faint dusting of freckles across her cheeks and upturned nose.

I glanced at the license.

“Jessica, huh?” I asked.

She nodded, waiting for my decision. Her hair and eye color matched the license. Height said five foot even. Weight 105 pounds. I think she was fudging a bit, but no doubt this was her. I did the math and sure enough, she was two months past eighteen.

“I-I’ve got nowhere to go,” she said, still shivering. “I really don’t want to be a bother, but if I sleep in this again….”

“You slept outside last night?”

Jessica nodded.

“It was what? Eight degrees?”

“The shelters are all f-full. Only room for families and single moms. I stayed there a few times but last night…no luck.”

I felt sorry for her. The weather was truly wretched. But the fact that she was a girl, and a very pretty one, tipped the scales. Maybe it was sexist but I didn’t feel threatened, which was my top concern about having a stranger in my house. I had no delusions that we’d hook up though; I was twice her escort bursa age, and it would be boorish to put the moves on this poor, stranded kid. I figured I’d do my good deed and that would be the end of it.

I said, “Look, you can stay here tonight. But tomorrow you need to go.”

“I really appreciate it, mister,” she replied. “It’s really awful out there.”

“I’m David,” I said, sticking out my hand. We shook. I gestured to the coat rack. “You can hang your stuff up there.”

She shucked her pack onto the floor and hung her camo jacket on a hook. Wet, snowy boots plopped beside the door and she wriggled out of her soggy pants. Now in a gray hoodie and jeans, she seemed even smaller than before. I looked at her more closely. If I hadn’t seen her ID I would have sworn she was barely out of junior high. The oversize eyes, tiny mouth, and pointy chin reminded me of an anime chick come to life. My cock began to swell.

I saw her glance around the room, pausing at the small potted pine hung with the few decorations left over from my divorce. A single string of lights draped it and a handful of presents from my family and friends huddled at its base. It seemed like a pathetic excuse for a Christmas tree, but compared to what I imagined her life to be like, it suddenly seemed like a royal spread. The scent of the fire, and the tree, and my plum-sauce chicken hit me all at once. I thought I heard her stomach rumbling. Poor kid must be starving.

“You hungry?” I asked.

“I…I’m okay.”

Yeah right, I thought. Aloud I said, “Look, I’ve got some chicken. I probably won’t be able to finish it all.”

“It smells delicious.”

Pointing to a giant fake bearskin rug in front of the roaring fire, I said, “Sit down. Get warm.”

“Thanks mister. I really appreciate it.”

I brought two plates and we ate together, basking in the heat of the wood stove. I glanced at her stunning profile and tried to ignore my swelling dick.

“My step-dad kicked me out,” she explained between mouthfuls. “I’m starting at the community college in two weeks. Got a full scholarship, dorm room, and everything.”

“That’s pretty impressive,” I offered.

We chatted about her plans for a while, and I told of my life as a self-employed electrician. It seemed we were warmed as much by each other’s company as by the stove.

“I haven’t eaten in a day and a half,” she said, devouring the last of the meal. “I was just wandering around. No place to go with the library closed and the shelters all full.”

Wind rattled the trees and sleet sandblasted the windows. The lights flickered.

“Might lose power,” I said, getting up to add more wood to the fire. “I’ve got candles in all the rooms in case it does.”

“Don’t use up your firewood on my account,” she said.

“I’ve got plenty,” I replied, sitting back down.

“Okay, but I’m plenty warm already.”

“Make yourself comfortable,” I replied, trying to sound disinterested.

In response she tugged off the hoodie and jeans and tossed them aside. She wiggled into a cross-legged position, our knees brushing. Tight, sky-blue long underwear hugged her curves like a second skin. The areola of her bra-less breasts made tantalizing mounds in the sheer fabric. The contours of her pussy were just as clearly outlined. I drank in every inch of her, not caring if she knew I was looking. She seemed quite relaxed around me, and certainly aware that I found her attractive. My cock throbbed and I felt a slick of pre-cum soaking my underwear. Still the age difference made me uncomfortable.

“You are really beautiful,” I said sincerely.

“My boobies are too little,” she replied, cupping her small breasts, “The boys make fun of me.”

“You look great, Jessica. Don’t believe anyone who says different.”

“You mean it?” she asked.

“Mm hmm.” I said. “Absolutely.”

She gazed at me like a child looking for guidance, but also as a young woman who knew what she wanted but didn’t know how to get it. Firelight flickered on her sculpted cheekbones and gleamed from her plump, undersized lips. Her hazel eyes stirred like pools of molten bronze.

Without meaning to, I found my fingertips tracing her shoulder. Sliding my fingers through her golden hair and gently over the back of her neck, I pulled her to me. She fell toward me without resistance.

What am I doing? She’s half my age.

A tingle coursed through me. I hadn’t planned it, but her mouth hovered inches away from mine. Her doe eyes drooped nearly closed and her breasts heaved too fast for just sitting beside a fire. I felt her breath on my face.

Unable to resist, I pressed my lips against hers.

Her lips parted eagerly and her tongue snaked out, encircling mine, probing and testing. Pulling her closer I felt the soft warmth of her lips as her tongue explored my mouth. Her fingers stroked my thigh. My cock ached.

As I held her neck with one hand, keeping her lips against mine, my other hand mapped the contours of her petite breasts. Jessica made wonderful moaning sounds into bursa otele gelen escort my mouth. Her tits felt like small mounds tipped with oversized areola. Beneath my caresses her nipples swelled into firm gumdrops. I massaged one breast and then the other, reveling in the sensation of her ripe, young flesh.

“Oh David,” she gasped, but said nothing more as I kissed her with renewed vigor.

Her hand moved up to stroke my bulging crotch. It was my turn to groan.

“That’s nice,” I whispered.

She mumbled back, “Mm hmm,” as she rubbed my crotch, stroking my rock-hard shaft and cupping my balls.

My fingers drifted south, over her flat belly. down to her crotch. Between her wide-spread legs I felt the shape of her womanhood: the hard ledge of her pubic bone, the yielding mounds of her labia, and the space in the middle where her softness offered both mystery and promise.

She caressed me harder and I did the same for her.

Rubbing her crotch made her groan louder. Throwing caution to the wind, I slipped my hand beneath the waistband of her long underwear, under her panties, and over her sparse pubes. My finger caressed her moist slit and she moaned again. I pressed the tip gently into her. Suddenly she tensed up. I thought it might be the beginnings of an orgasm but she pushed me away. Her expression seemed more embarrassed than passionate.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, pulling my hand from her panties.

Jessica glanced away.

I said, “Look, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to….”

“It’s not that.”

“What then?”

Still not meeting my eyes, said, “I’m kind of dirty. You know…down there.”

“Ahhh,” I said, understanding now. “We need to get you cleaned up, then.”


“Oh yeah. I’ve got a rule in this house.”


“No stinky girls.”

She giggled, relaxing again. “It’s been four days since I had a shower. I spend most of my time hanging at the library. It’s warm but you can’t really wash off in the sink.”

I leaned toward her and wrinkled my nose. “You are kind of ripe.”

“You’re mean,” she said, slapping me on the shoulder.

“Shower’s down there,” I said, pointing to the hallway. “You jump in, I’ll bring new towels in a few minutes.”

She scrambled to her feet and proceeded to strip. I couldn’t help gawking as she peeled off the long underwear and tossed it with her other clothes. In only white cotton panties, she stood for a few moments, letting my eyes explore her exquisite body. Flawless pale skin, slender hips, tiny waist, and what couldn’t be more than B-cup breasts. A stunning example of young womanhood.

“Get on in there,” I said, cracking an imaginary whip.

Jessica squealed, rubbed her bottom, and trotted down the hall. Wanting to give her some time alone, I rinsed the dishes and put away the leftover food. The pre-cum felt slick against my aching shaft. I had certainly not anticipated my bland, snowbound evening taking a turn like this. Outside the wind picked up. I heard sleet attacking the metal gutters and bare tree branches clashing against each other. I couldn’t be happier.

After ten minutes I rapped at the bathroom door.

“Come iiiiiin,” she said in a sing-song voice.

I cracked the door and a wall of steam wafted out. Stepping inside, I shut the door behind me and set a few towels on the closed toilet seat. I could see her shadowy form moving behind the shower curtain, steam pouring over the top.

“Geez, hot enough for you?” I asked.

“It feels so nice.”

I peeked around the shower curtain. She stood there in all her young, dripping glory.

Smiling like she held a royal flush in a million-dollar poker hand, she said, “You’re kind of dirty yourself.”

“Now that you mention it….”

I yanked the curtain closed again. Tying to appear calm, I stripped off my clothes. My bobbing erection was sure to give me away. Biting my lip and thinking of disgusting things, I managed to get my cock to wilt to about half size. I stepped into the steam-filled shower.

She moved close to me, her fingers stroking my hairy chest. Her hair lay dark and plastered down her back. Enormous eyes stared up at me with longing and trepidation. Her budding breasts jutted from her narrow ribcage like newly sprouted flowers. Proud, half-dome areolas tipped her up-thrust mounds. In the heat her nipples had retracted, leaving only creases on the puffy mounds.

Steam swirled around us. My cock throbbed, fully erect again. I was past caring if she noticed.

I crushed her against me. Since she was so much shorter than me I had to crouch so our lips could meet. I kissed her with a passion that made my head swim and my knees buckle. My hands cupped her firm buttocks. I moved my thigh between her legs. She rubbed her pussy against me as her kisses grew more passionate. Then I felt her hand grab my cock. Squeezing hard, her tiny hand was barely able to encircle my dick. She began to jack me. It felt so good I had to stop her.

“Am bursa sınırsız escort I doing it wrong?” Jessica asked, gazing up at me with concern.

“You’re doing great, honey,” I said, stroking her wet hair. “If you keep it up you’re going to make me cum.”

“Cum?” she asked. “Is that, like, ejaculate?”

Just hearing her say it almost made me do it.

“That’s right, sweetheart. I just don’t want to…ejaculate yet.”

She stared up at me, a look of confusion on her innocent face.

“It’s bad manners for me to cum before you do,” I explained as I slipped my hand between her legs and gently probed her hole. “Ladies first.”

“You want me to climax?”

Is she really this innocent? “Yes honey, that’s what I want.”

I managed to get the first joint of my finger into her tight, moist hole. She moaned and spread her legs a little wider. When I got in to the second knuckle she started to tense up and rose onto her tip-toes as if trying to escape.

I pulled back a little and asked “What’s wrong?”

“It’s just…I mean, I’ve never…” she said, looking embarrassed. “Just go slow and you’ll see.”

Easing my finger back in, I soon encountered a taut membrane stretching across her warm tunnel. Holy shit, she’s a virgin!


“It’s okay,” I said as I withdrew my finger. “Like I said, we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”

“It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just…well, I’m saving myself. You know…for the right guy?”

“I understand, honey,” I said, even though my cock was practically bursting at the thought of fucking her untouched pussy.

“You do? People make fun of me ’cause I won’t do it.”

“No, I think it’s admirable. Your first time should be special.”

“You’re sweet,” she said, then kissed me again. “I’m glad you’re not trying to force me.”

“I’ve never done that before,” I assured her, “and I never will.”

She paused, gave me a shy smile, and said, “I don’t know if you want to, but you can do me…you know…in the butt.”

“You like it back there?” I asked, unable to hide my astonishment. Convincing most chicks to try anal usually took a lot of work and large amounts of alcohol.

“I can…climax that way. I can’t get pregnant and I keep my virginity too.”

“I like the way you think,” I said, already rubbing her ass in anticipation. “I suppose we should get you all clean first.”

“Okay,” she replied, wiggling her butt in agreement.

Reaching up, I took the hand-held showerhead from the bracket and adjusted the water from a spray to a single pulsating stream. In a stern cop voice I told her, “Up against the wall and spread ’em.”

Giggling, Jessica turned and clutched the sill of the small window just above her head. Steam filled the shower. She bent over at the waist and moved her feet so they were almost a yard apart. I ogled her magnificent ass. Her long hair clung to her back and she peered over a shoulder at me.

I directed the stream down her lower back and then into the crack of her firm, young bottom. Soon it shot directly against her puckered butthole. I moved it closer. Water sprayed everywhere.

“Here we go,” I warned her, then pressed the nozzle directly against her anus.

“Oooh!” she exclaimed as the water disappeared inside her. “Oh wow, I can feel it filling me up….”

I held the showerhead firmly against her and the pulsing stream of water filled her rectum. “Tell me when.”

“Oh…mmmmm…okay, that’s enough.”

I removed the nozzle and her butthole clamped shut.

“Let it go now, honey,” I told her.

“But what if it’s…messy?”

“We’re in the shower. Don’t worry about it.”

“Wellllll, okay,” she said, but nothing happened.

“Just push like you’re pooping.”

She grunted and I saw her anus flexing. Then water began trickling out. Suddenly, like a dam breaking, a torrent of water blasted out.

“Uh!” she cried. “Oooh, yeah….”

Water flooded out, splashing all over the bottom of the tub. Other than a few bits of dark material it was remarkably clear. Not surprising if she hadn’t eaten in a day and a half. After a few seconds the flow stopped.

“Good girl,” I said. “Here we go again.”

I repeated the process a couple of times to make sure she was properly flushed, then set the showerhead back to spray and returned it to its holder. Hot water pelted Jessica from the knees down. Picking up a bottle of liquid body wash, I sat down cross-legged beneath her. I squirted a puddle at the top of her ass crack and then stroked it down between her cheeks with the middle finger of my left hand. Dripping with soap, my finger paused at her hole.

“Have to make sure you’re nice and clean,” I said as I slowly inserted my finger.


After a minute or two of increasingly deep pushes I buried every inch in her rectum. Jessica groaned. In and out I thrust, feeling the hot, slippery inside of her ass.

“Ah, ah…” she said. “Oh yeah. Oh wow, that’s good.”

Her anus began to clench and release, rhythmically squeezing my finger. Her small breasts rose and fell more rapidly. Can she really get off from butt play alone? I’ve heard about women who could but I’ve never met one. I decided I would give her a bit more help. Licking a huge streak of spit onto my right thumb, I began gently stroking her clit.

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A Public Handjob and Anal Creampie

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A Public Handjob and An Anal Creampie

Or, The Art of Handjobs

It has always seemed unfair to me that handjobs are viewed as a sort of second – or perhaps even third – tier sexual act. As if they’re automatically constitutive of a disappointing end to an otherwise pleasant evening, or are all essentially blowjobs that should have been but never were.

I mean, I’m not going to deny that there is a special magic to the sight of an upturned arse with waiting, unfurled lips slick with shimmering arousal. I want to leave you with no doubt that I too am a great fan of oral sex. The sound that a woman’s throat makes as you collide with it is amongst the most erotic that you can experience, and the sensation of a woman’s tongue bathing your cockhead is truly incomparable. Nevertheless, however, I remain a great lover of handjobs.

The key, I have learnt, is the context in which the handjob takes place.

As evidence for the above, I would cite one of my favourite sexual memories of all time. Its a memory to which I have returned time and time again when I have had need of a fantasy sufficient to make an empty bed warmer, and a long night somewhat less boring.

The episode in question took place when I had just turned 19. I was a few months into my first serious relationship, and we were both beginning to realise that we actually had very little in common, save that we were very physically attracted to each other. She was an art student with a penchant for fashion, and I was a straight-laced economics student without a creative bone in his body. Her idea of a good weekend was a couple of parties and a blinding hangover. Mine was a mountain, a tent, and a sleeping bag.

I suspect that, had I thought about it for more than a few minutes, I would have realised that our relationship was doomed to fail for precisely that reason. Now, with the maturity of a few more years under my belt, I like to think that I wouldn’t force myself to pointlessly continue it. Back then, however, I didn’t foresee the inevitable. Of course, we knew that we were struggling, but we simply chose to try to escape our issues by relying on the one thing that we had in common: our mutual attraction to one another. And so we fucked. We fucked like rabbits. We fucked like dogs in heat. We fucked like the horny teenagers that we were.

If we couldn’t choose where to go out to eat, I’d finger her in the kitchen as we cooked ourselves an omelette. If we couldn’t decide what to do for a weekend, she’d suck me off as we watched TV and I’d eat her out on the sofa in her flat share. In fact, after the first three or four months of our relationship to the very end of it, hardly a date went by when some part of me didn’t end up buried in some part of her. We fucked under a bridge in the park. We fucked in a public toilets in a London suburb. We fucked on her kitchen table, and her living room floor. If there was a flat surface and we had access to it, we gave it a damn good shot.

And its not like I was complaining. Physically, she was my ideal partner. Blonde and blue-eyed with a cheeky, full-lipped smile she turned heads no matter where we went. Beneath the fancy clothes and artsy makeup, she also had a body to die for. She was slim without being skinny. Her tits – still blessed with the buoyancy of youth – were untanned, pillowy and perfectly sized for her body. They were topped by gorgeously puffy nipples that she would tug and massage as she masturbated, and complemented by a thick, well-formed arse that would ripple and shake whenever I took her from behind.

All of this was made all the more appealing by a sexual appetite and love of experimentation that bordered on voracious. To be clear, its not that we were kinky, per se (though there was more than one occasion where she found herself tied up and blindfolded). It was more that she rarely required convincing to try something new that I was interested in, and often came up with enthusiastic suggestions of her own. In fact, it wasn’t uncommon for her to show me a görükle escort clip from some porno that she’d watched, and ask me whether we could give a scene or move the old college try.

When we were actually in bed together, she was equally exciting. For a start, she was vocal — not so much a screamer, but definitely a moaner and groaner. Even better, she had a pussy that would overflow with a sweet nectar that clung to her fingers in thick strands whenever I watched her play with herself. She never creamed — her grool was always viscous and clear — but it was always free flowing. Indeed, to me, it felt as if her panties were never dry.

And when it came to my cum, ‘voracious appetite’ is an entirely literal and thoroughly accurate descriptor. She didn’t care where I came, so long as it was either on her, or in her. Whether I wanted to cum in her arse, or glaze it, whether I was going to have her swallow it or lick it off her own chin, she was always willing and even excited to take it. I gave her vaginal creampies, anal creampies, pearl necklaces and facials. I’d fuck her face, and unload down her throat without a second thought. If it was cum, and it was going anywhere near her, she’d love it. I think she probably felt like it was the ultimate sign of my approval of her — the definitive proof that she was still just as sexy to me as ever and that our relationship was therefore still going strong.

That’s probably about as much as you need to know about her and, frankly, anything that I say about myself will probably be a lie, so I won’t bother you with any of that. Suffice it to say that I was happy with life.

But you clicked on this story to read about a handjob, no doubt. So, let us return to the matter which is, as it were, at hand. I was, as I say 19. It was the year that Avenger’s Endgame came out, and the cinemas were packed with Marvel diehards and casual viewers alike. I, however, had already seen the movie with a couple of friends from uni, and my girlfriend was far more interested in artsy films than anything quite so artistically bankrupt. Both those things combined to mean that when my girlfriend chose to go and watch some ‘cinematic experience’ the name of which I cannot for the life of me recall, the theatre that we walked into was relatively unpopulated. It was just us, a group of artsy looking girls with bangs and stylistically baggy clothes occupying the left wing of seats, and a group of older women in spectacles who had come equipped with wine glasses and had inexplicably chosen to occupy the front row.

We found ourselves some seats near the back of the cinema and made ourselves comfortable. Now, I’d been on dates to the cinema before. I know the drill. You wait for the lights to go down, give the movie maybe fifteen minutes of runtime so that you know that the other punters are well and truly engrossed, and then you make your move. Start with the hand on the knee, or around the shoulders. Get close enough for a kiss, and transition into a make out. If you’re lucky, a bit of over the clothes action, and if things are going really well and the movie is either a bit raunchy or very shit, you might find that a hand makes it into your boxers.

Of course, knowing my girlfriend, I already expected that things would go differently. It wouldn’t have been the first time that she rode my fingers to a muffled, panting orgasm in an empty cinema, nor would it have been her first time wanking me to completion in the dark. I could not, however, have predicted just how far sideways she would take my plan that evening.

Things began to go sideways at around about stage three of the aforementioned plan. I had waited for the lights to go down. The movie was about five minutes started, and I made my move. Rather than plumbing for resting my hand on her thigh, I went straight for her arse, wrapping my arm around her waist and pushing her gently forwards so that I could have the room to get a firm grasp on her butt cheeks.

Now, I made that choice for two reasons; firstly, bursa merkez escort I reckoned that if one of the cinema’s other denizens were to turn around, it would be much less suspicious for me to have my hand wrapped around my girl’s waist, than directly up her skirt. Secondly, I knew how much my girlfriend loved to have her arse played with. Ever since the first time that I did it for her — pushed my finger into her tight, hot little arsehole whilst I lapped away at her clit — she’d been mad for anal and I knew that with nothing more than a quick graze of her arse with my finger, I could have her soaking through her panties and ready to let me do whatever I wanted with her.

As my fingers quested through her panties, however, massaging the taught flesh and muscle of her arse cheeks, they didn’t come across the sensation that I was expecting. Instead, I found a ring of cold metal topped by a hard, flat surface with sloping edges. It took me a minute to realise what I was toying with: her favourite, jewel-topped butt plug. I turned to look at her, and found her already looking at me, smiling with her blue eyes wide and innocent. She turned away from me and leant forwards, giving me as much space as I needed to do whatever it was that I had planned.

If I wasn’t as hard as a I’ve ever been before then, I got there immediately.

See, I knew what that butt plug meant. What it symbolised.

That plug was one of her favourite toys that I’d ever gotten for her. Like I said, my girlfriend loved anal. She loved it when I ate her arse. She loved it when I sank my fingers into her butthole whilst she buried her head in my lap and my cock in her throat. She loved it when I pushed my thumb into her whilst I fucked her doggystyle. Most of all, though, she loved it when I butt fucked her. In fact, I think it might have been her favourite thing for us to do in the bedroom. It certainly mad her moan the loudest and squirt the most often.

The one thing that she didn’t like — that annoyed her even — was that she couldn’t do it as easily as she wanted. At least, not if she wanted me to fuck her as rough and as hard as I knew that she preferred it. And that’s why I bought her the plug. It was a long thing with a wider than usual, tapered base, like a thick, jewel topped carrot. What we discovered was that if she wore it for our foreplay session before we got down to business — whilst we 69’d for example — I could fuck her ass slowly for as long as I wanted, or as rough as I wanted for about ten minutes. If she wore it for twenty minutes, I could get half an hour out of her arse before she’d need a break. And if she’d worn it for an hour, I could pound her arsehole for just about as long as she’d had it in. But, I realised, she’d been with me since three in the afternoon. That meant that she’d had her plug in for over four hours. I couldn’t even imagine what she was going to let me do to her that night. How many times I was going to get to cum in her tight, little arse.

It was something that we’d talked about before: one of her kinks that I was more than happy to share in. Of course, we’d gone multiple rounds in a single night many times before. One time, we’d stayed up as late as we could to see how many different places I could cum in a single evening (. We managed five. (A story that I’d be happy to tell some other time). But she’d never been able to go multiple rounds with her arse. She just couldn’t do it, no matter how much lube we used it was just too painful for her to enjoy. Tonight however, I realised, she was determined to pull it off and she had already made the necessary preparations.

My fingers toyed with the plug almost absent-mindedly as I imagined the ploughing that I was going to be giving her in just a few short hours. I began to pull and push it back and forth slowly, dragging it gently a few short centimetres out of her before plunging it back. I heard her slap her hand to her mouth to silence her breathy groans and her hand latch, bursa escort bayan vice-like onto my leg. I wrapped my fourth and fifth fingers around the base of the plug and let my middle and forefingers drift lower. I found what I was looking for instantly. Her slick, welcoming pussy lips unfurled to meet me. I pushed my fingers into her soft folds as I continued my onslaught on her butt with my other two fingers.

I was now double penetrating her, and I could tell from her fidgeting legs and convulsing walls that she was enjoying my ministrations as much as ever. It wasn’t long before I felt her attempts to reciprocate. Her slim hand, however, wasn’t reaching for the gap between my belt and my wait as I had expected. She was going for the belt itself. She was well practiced and, even in her compromised position it wasn’t long before she had my belt undone, and my trousers unzipped. Then, my cock was in the open air, and her soft, warm hand was wrapped tightly around my shaft. She wanked me slowly at first, in time to my own penetration of her arse and pussy. Then, as I sped up, she sped up too and soon she was wanking me at full speed as her juices flowed across my palm and fingers and she whimpered into her other hand.

She managed to pull her head around to mine, her quivering lips inches from my ear.

‘Please…’ she begged me, her voice shaking with pleasure, ‘please don’t stop using my arse.’

I shivered at her words and pushed my cock up against her hand. She took the hint and began to masturbate me faster as she continued talking in my ear.

‘My arsehole needs to be ready for you. I want you to be able to fuck it as hard as you want for as long as you want. I want you to fill it with as much cum as you’ve got.’

Her hand left my shaft for a second and my hips bucked as my cock searched for her warm embrace. I felt her hand slide between her legs, pushing my fingers out of her gushing pussy. For a half-second, I thought that she was taking over fingering her pussy so that I could focus on her arse, and she her clit but I immediately felt her hand return to my cock, now bathed in her own, sticky juices.

‘When you’re close to cumming,’ she whispered, ‘pull the plug out.’

She paused to bite her other hand to silence a moan.

‘I’ll sit on your lap and you can finish in my arse then put the plug back in when you’re done.’

That was enough for me. The image of her upturned arse already overflowing with cum as I fucked another load into her was seconds away from pushing me over the edge. I tugged the plug out of her and, true to her word, she immediately rose from her seat, took a second to position my cock beneath her, and sank. Immediately, I felt the white, hot tug of my orgasm propel itself through my shaft. With what little remained of my conscious mind, I redoubled my attacks on her pussy, now reaching unashamedly between her legs to thrust my fingers into her pussy and grind my palm against her clit. As spurt after spurt of my spunk filled her arse, I felt the familiar tightening and convulsing of her pussy crescendo and her orgasm crash over her. She writhed silently in my lap, her arse’s contractions squeezing the last drops of cum from my sensitive cock.

We sat there for a few moments as we returned to normal. On the screen, a naked, anorexically thin girl was smoking something in a pipe as she was painted by a class of young men. The audience in front of us was either rivetted or asleep. Our own performance had gone unheeded.

My girlfriend rose out of my lap, her arse resealing as she pulled herself off of my fading cock. She bent herself over the seat in front of her and reached back to flip her skirt up and spread her cheeks with her hands, a clear invitation to push her plug back in. I paused for a second, however, to commit the lewd sight to memory:

My girlfriend, her thighs slick with excitement, her pussy lips engorged and her arsehole splattered with cum. In front of her, a 30 foot high, nude model, commanding the attention of twenty-odd oblivious women. A single bead of cum emerging from my girlfriend’s arse and trickling down her leg.

I tucked my cock back into my boxers and fastened my jeans. I lined the plug up with her arse and pushed it slowly forward, sealing my cum inside her for the next few hours.

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