I Won Pt. 02

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I neglected to mention a few things in the first part of this story. First, as I mention before, on my way to South Florida, I stopped in Atlanta and hired an Attorney. His name is Rick, and he has agreed to handle all of my Legal and Financial affairs (any lawsuits against me, obtaining any/all credit card accounts I ask for, payment of all my bills, etc, along with any other work I ask him to perform).

Shortly after I met them, I had had Rick check out Sonya and Doug so I knew a few things that I haven’t mentioned until now. First off, Doug had been a Computer Support Analyst, working for a contractor to the Dade County School District on a large expansion project up until about 4 months ago. Because the project involved a lot of money ($2 billion), it became what is known as a ‘political football’. The Construction Management company’s contract was not renewed because the County wanted to satisfy some of their many critics by having their ‘in-house’ Construction Management Department handle it. He was still looking for work, but hadn’t found anything suitable yet.

Sonya, too, had been out of work for a couple of months because she had been an Animal Handler/Trainer at a now closed, unsuccessful tourist ‘trap’ just off I-95, north of Miami. She hadn’t been getting paid much, but still…

Between the two negative happenings, they had been ‘on the ropes’, which explained why they had sold just about everythng they had. After all, they did want to eat and put gas in their car so they could try to get work.

As I have related before, when they first moved in I was given, and gladly accepted, the opportunity to make love to Sonya after she watched me suck off her husband, Doug.

A few weeks later, while watching them make love, I realized that almost every other time they made love, Sonya seemed to try to encourage Doug to continue after he had cum. When I asked her about it the next evening, she said that she loved the feel of Doug cumming inside her, and she usually had an orgasm from the feeling of his cock slowly getting smaller as it got softer and the head slid past a short area inside of her. While she couldn’t tell us exactly where that space was, and Doug couldn’t find it with his fingers, but, although he tried really hard, it was definitely there. She also told us that sometimes she wished he would get hard again so he could do it all again.

I told them that I had been involved in three-somes a number of times, and explained that we had already done one ‘type’ of that when I had sucked Doug off, then made love to Sonya. They were intrigued with that, and started to try to figure out all the variations that could be done with three people.

When I told them that I had always enjoyed “sloppy seconds”, they immediately wanted to know Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort what that is. So I explained. Sonya’s eyes got big and she and Doug looked at each other and smiled wide. They simultaneously started “Would you”, before they started laughing. Finally, Sonya asked if I would be willing to do that with them. I agreed enthusiastically, saying that I would on one condition. That was that I would be the one to make love to Sonya first so Doug could learn what I really enjoyed by being second.

Since they wanted to start right away, we all stood up to go into the bedroom. Before they could move, though, I stepped in front of Sonya, wrapped my arms around her and started kissing her passionately. Although surprised, she responded within a few seconds, meeting my passion with her own. For the next few minutes (who really can tell in that situation) dueling tongues were all that mattered in my world, and I’m sure in Sonya’s as well. Eventually, we broke apart, ready to start down what was a new and different road for her and Doug.

Once in the bedroom and on the bed, we kissed again. After that, I kissed and ‘lip nibbled’ on her neck, them moved to her nipples, alternating between them until they were ‘standing tall’ and Sonya was beginning to moan softly. I continued kissing and nibbling down her body until I got to her pubic area and crawled between her legs. I kissed and licked the hollow at the top of both widely spread legs until she started trying to move her hips so that her pussy was in front of my mouth, not those hollows. Being a real ‘pushover’, I gave in easily and licked down one very tasty, fleshy lip and back up the other. I knew she was enjoying what I was doing because she kept alternating between gasping and panting.

I moved my mouth over the top of her pussy and sucked on it until I felt the little nub of her click rise up to meet my teasing tongue. Then I slid that tongue down the center of those moist, parting lips until I got to that still closed hole. Moving my tongue side-to-side, I gradually moved back up to the top where I teased her clit a little more.

By this time, things were going from moist to downright wet. Thoroughly enjoying the taste, I continued to slide my tongue up and down that valley between those opening lips, sometimes moving it straight up and down, sometimes side to side. As I did, I again watched her stomach muscles letting me know I was doing the right thing. Sonya was moaning a bit louder when suddenly an orgasm took hold of her and she bucked under my lips as she softly screamed and grabbed my head, pushing it firmly onto her pussy. I noted the spot where my tongue was at that second so I could, hopefully, make use of it a little later.

When my tongue got to the bottom of that chasm, I found that her hole was open, waiting for some internal stimulation. I licked around the inside edge of that hole, which caused Sonya to whimper like she wanted me to do something different, something more direct. So I kissed her pussy one last time before lifting my face back and inserting my center two fingers, pumping gently with them, slowly spreading them a little wider with each in/out movement. When there was sufficient room, I added my index finger and started rotating all three with each stroke. By this time, Sonya was alternating between moaning, panting, and saying she wanted my cock.

I was ready! My cock was as hard as it ever gets, and sticking out to its full length. I slid my body up over hers until my cock hit and rubbed against her waiting pussy. I felt Doug’s fingers push against it, encouraging it to enter Sonya’s ‘love tunnel’, so I raised my hips enough that Doug could push it in. Even though Sonya and I were kissing again, our tongues tangling around each other, Sonya still moaned happily. I started slowly, sliding my cock all the way in, then out until I felt the cool air on the head, then I would reverse.

Sonya wanted it to move in and out faster, so she started moving her hips up and down at a more rapid pace. We matched each other’s movements for a few minutes or maybe hours, who could tell, who really cared. Suddenly, I could feel the pressure building at the base of my organ, and pushed it into her as far as I could and held it there. Sonya knew what was going to happen, and pushed her hips hard up against mine. Doug also quickly figured out what was to shortly happen and reached between my legs and gently grabbed my balls.

That was all it took before my cock ‘let loose’ and began pumping my cum deep inside Sonya. She felt it, and let us all know it by softly screaming and tightening her arms around me. Doug did his part, too, by stroking my balls at just the right time for the ‘second stringers’ to stream into Sonya’s pussy. Again, Sonya screamed softly as she felt me pumping more into her. As my cock started to soften and shrink, she tightened her muscles around it, trying to make it hard again, but it wasn’t going to happen. Just as my cock slid out, Sonya suddenly had another orgasm, screaming happily as her body trembled with delight.

I rolled off of her so Doug could jump ‘into position’ between her legs. Like he did for me, I quickly got up on my knees and turned. As he raised his hips I gently grabbed his cock and guided it into Sonya’s tightly closed hole. As he pushed in, he passionately kissed his wife, and she responded so that their tongues were quickly dueling.

When he started to thrust his cock in and out of her, they ‘broke’ their kiss so she could moan and Doug could groan with pleasure. It really wasn’t but a few minutes before Doug suddenly slammed his cock as deeply into Sonya as he could get, and she pushed her hips up to meet him. Knowing what was coming next, I gently grabbed Doug’s balls and softly stroked the sack they are in.

Sonya and Doug seemed to cum simultaneously, with Doug groaning loudly and the tones of Sonya’s screams going straight up into ‘silent level’. I found it interesting to see that when I looked up at them, they had collapsed together and were kissing again. You could see their love for one another enveloping them.

For the first night since they moved in, I left them asleep on the bed in the spare bedroom, and I went to sleep in my bed. I was so relaxed and tired, I don’t even remember my head reaching the pillow.

The next morning, after complaining about leaving them, they both answered my question of ‘Did you guys enjoy it?’ enthusiastically. Doug told us that it felt like Sonya was wetter than ever, but sticky at the same time. He loved the feeling of moving in and out with my cum providing additional lubrication. Sonya also said she liked it a lot because it somehow magnified Doug’s movements, yet, at the same time, she felt him moving more “clearly” than ever. She also said she loved feeling the different ways Doug and I made love, although she couldn’t describe exactly what she meant or felt. They both felt we should do that again, and more often after that.

Sonya hesitantly said that she felt more fulfilled after making love to two men, one right after the other. When Doug looked surprised, and a little dismayed, she hugged him and kissed him deeply, then explained that she was even more in love with him than ever before. She didn’t know why, but that was how she felt, and asked if I thought it was a contradiction of some sort.

I said that I thought it was normal, and that not all women are the same, not all women are ‘made’ for monogamy, just like most men are not ‘made’ that way. I explained that I had seen many women who enjoyed having multiple partners in one love-making ‘session’, and their husbands encouraged them because they knew and accepted that part of their wife’s personality and ‘make-up’. It was just ‘part of her’. The women that I had known were deeply in love with their husbands, and always went home with them.

On the other side of their relationship, the husbands that I knew all enjoyed watching their wives get pleasure while making love with other men. Most of them very much enjoyed ‘sloppy seconds, or thirds, or even fourths’. Most, if not all, of those couples liked the fact that the wife was multiorgasmic, meaning that she could have many orgasms. They had found that the more men they enjoyed during any given session, the more orgasms they had. And, I added, the husbands usually wanted to be the last one to make love to her.

Stay tuned as I relate how our lives changed next, in part 3.

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I Love Your Milk Ch. 03

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NOTE: Since a lot of people were turned-off by the infantilism and diaper play, I decided to change the second part of the story. Enjoy!


Final exams were OVER! I had practically skipped out of school with the other seniors. A bunch of us had gone to Denny’s over in Kingsland for some brunch, and then over to Matt Kitchens’ house for an impromptu party. It was at the party that I got Lucy Adams’ phone number. She had expressed an interest in hanging out during the summer. I was sure that if I played my cards right, I could at least get some goodbye sex before we both headed off to college.

As I neared my house, I saw a familiar car parked in my spot in the driveway. After parking by the sidewalk, I headed inside and found my mother and someone else in the kitchen. The visitor was a lovely woman in her late 40s with ebony hair. She was my mom’s good friend, Gretchen Bryce-Hughes.

“Hey, mom,” I said. “Hey, Gretchen.”

“Hello, sweetie,” my mother answered.

“Hullo, Lucas,” Gretchen said in that lovely British accent of hers.

“How was school?” Mom asked.

“Great,” I answered. “I feel good about my exams.”

“Your mum was telling me that you graduate next Friday. Congratulations!”


“Well, I’ll leave you two alone. I’m going to go upstairs and play some Play Station.”

“Try not to make too much noise,” my mother cautioned. “Baby Daniel is sleeping.”

“Got it.”

As I reached the second floor of my house, I grabbed at my crotch, trying to rein in the erection I had gotten from seeing Gretchen. I quickly got into my bedroom and yanked down both my pants and underwear. Though my cock throbbed with longing, I dare not masturbate until everyone in the house had gone to sleep.

Gretchen had given birth about five months ago, and, with her new baby came an increase in her bust. The responsibility of raising a child was wearing on her; before having the baby, she was a wine-swilling party animal. Now, she was stuck at home and forced into sobriety in order to be able to breastfeed her son.

A few months ago, my mom had sent me on an errand to bring her some food in order to ease her maternity woes. During that visit, she had intimated that due her son’s unwillingness to breastfeed on a regular basis, she had an overabundance of breast milk. One thing led to another, and I had been asked to help her pump. Soon, pumping led to her allowing me to suckle directly from her breasts. Then, during our next encounter, she’d given me a handjob, a titfuck, and a blowjob.

After that, I hadn’t seen her until today. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, as she was one of my mom’s closest friends. I was fine hiding out in my room until she left.

About an hour later, there was a knock at the door. My mom entered with a terse look on her face. I paused my game and waited for her to speak.

“Listen,” she began. “Gretchen is going to be staying in the downstairs guest room for a bit. She’s having a rough time.”

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“I don’t want to say too much,” Mom sighed. “She and Pete had a fight, and she’s feeling vulnerable right now. All I need for you to do is make her feel welcome. It would also be nice if you could help her out with the baby from time to time.”

“Sure. Anything she needs.”

“Thanks, buddy.” Mom gave me a smile, but still remained in the room. I knew something else was coming.

“Dad just called to let me know that he wants to take me out to Corelli’s for dinner tonight.”

“That new Italian restaurant? I heard that it’s pricey.”

“He just sent me a text. He landed a huge account at work a few months ago, and his commission just came through so…”

I could see where this was going, so I beat her to the punch. “Don’t worry. You crazy kids go out and have fun. I’ll keep Gretchen and the baby company while you’re gone.” I got up and turned off my console and television.

“Thank you!” Mom said in a hushed voice. She gave me a quick hug and darted off to her room to get ready for her date.

About an hour later, my parents were heading out for their date. Mom had made a nice pot roast and some instant mashed potatoes for us while she was gone. Gretchen, baby Daniel and I sat down at the table to eat dinner together. She was thoroughly appreciative of the meal; since she’d had the baby, she had been eating mostly take-out food, so she rarely had a nice home-cooked meal. After that, the two of us went into the den to watch some television.

“That meal was amazing,” Gretchen said, cradling her stomach.

“It sure was,” I agreed.

“I bet you’ll miss your mum’s cooking when you go off to uni, huh?”

“Probably. Still, I know how to cook for myself.”

“I love a man who can cook: probably one of the reasons that I married Peter. When we were dating, he made me lots of fancy meals: steaks, lasagna, and French onion soup.”

“You’re making me hungry again,” I joked.

“We had a bit of a row, you know,” Gretchen said with a grim smile. “I’m sure your mum told you that.”

“Yeah,” I admitted.

Gretchen sighed. “I told him that it would be great if Gaziantep Escort İlanları he could find a local job instead of one that keeps him away for months at a time. He got upset, of course, and told me that his job is fine because it makes us lots of money. But, I’m tired of him never being home and leaving me alone with a baby!”

“Maybe you could hire a nanny?”

“I dunno,” Gretchen said, rubbing her temples. “Maybe, I’m wrong to complain. Peter is a wonderful provider. Still, I don’t want Danny to grow up not seeing his father.”

“There’s still time to work things out.” I didn’t have much to give other than generic, feel-good advice like that.

“Thanks for listening. I’m sorry that you’re stuck home with me. I’m sure you’d rather be out with your friends right now.”

“In about 2 months I’ll be living in a dorm, so I’m enjoying being home as much as I can right now.”

Before Gretchen could respond, Baby Danny’s cries filled the room. Gretchen sighed as she carefully picked up her baby and began walking out of the room.

“I think someone’s ready for bed. Be back in a bit.”

I sat alone in the den, listening as the baby’s cries grew more distant as Gretchen walked over to the guest bedroom. About half an hour passed before she returned, visibly frustrated. She looked like she was about to break something.

“Something wrong?” I asked.

“Yes!” Gretchen said her voice rife with annoyance. “That little monster still won’t nurse. I swear, I’m going to go to my lactation specialist and petrol-bomb her house! He was doing great until today! Grrrrr!”

I could see tears in her eyes, which I hoped would obscure Gretchen’s vision as I moved a couch cushion onto my lap. I felt like such a pervert for getting aroused while Gretchen related to me her breastfeeding woes. Hopefully, she would calm herself so that I could calm myself as well.

“I’ve had it, I swear,” she continued. “I’m going to put Danny on formula; I should have done it a long time ago. My tits are going crazy!”

That was the final straw.

Gretchen’s last sentence seemed to have set my entire body on fire. I got up from the couch, walked over to her, grabbed her body, and kissed her. Her resistance lasted only for a few seconds before she allowed my tongue into her mouth. After that, her tongue met mine, and we became a hot mass of lust. She was mine.

Unashamedly, I grabbed her ass, roughly taking a cheek with each hand. Her hands reciprocated, giving my backside some loving squeezes as we continued to kiss. I broke my face away from her and started kissing her neck.

“Ahhhh, yes. Oh, that feels so good,” she moaned.

Her hand went down to grasp the large tent in the front of my pants. I cried out as she squeezed my erection.

“I want it,” she told me. “Give it to me. Please, don’t make me beg.”

“Let’s go upstairs,” I breathed.

Immediately, the two of us sprinted up the stairs and into my bedroom. After closing and locking the bedroom door, I quickly yanked down my pants and boxers and threw off my shirt. I watched Gretchen hastily removed her pants, and I didn’t’ wait for permission before I pulled down her underwear, baring her hairy womanhood. Eagerly, I placed the flat of my hand against her pussy and began to rub it.

“Oh, yes,” she moaned as she unbuttoned her top. “I like it when you touch me there.”

“Yes,” I moaned. “Oh, you’re so wet.”

At last her shirt was off. I wanted to yank off that bra so badly, but it was a joy to see her reach behind her own back and take it off herself and let those huge udders fall out. Once she was naked, I gently guided her onto the bed with a kiss. Eagerly, she lie down on her back and spread her legs for me. Forsaking any further foreplay, I spread her open and entered her.

“Mmmmmmm!” Gretchen let out a stifled moan.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yes,” she chuckled as her face grew flushed. “I came.”

“Already?” I smiled.

“It’s been so long, I’m sorry.” She covered her face with her hands and started to laugh. I couldn’t help but smile, momentarily forgetting that I was still inside of her.

“It’s okay now,” she said, spreading her arms wide. “Come here, love.”

I bent forward and lie atop her, my heart fluttering as she wrapped me in her arms and kissed me.

“Fuck me, Lucas. Fuck me good. Ohhhh!”

I steadily began to move my hips, rocking back and forth in a steady pace. I continued to kiss the horny older woman beneath me. Our lips touched each other’s face, neck, and ears. I felt such joy as her hot breath pelted my skin, and her fingers sifted through my hair. Meanwhile, my dick throbbed as it continued to probe the damp slit between Gretchen’s legs.

I moved my head downwards and took one of Gretchen’s stiff nipples into my mouth. She clutched my head and wailed as I suckled her. The milk needed little coaxing to enter my mouth.

“Yes! Oh, drink it all. Ohhh, I wish you didn’t have to go to college!”

I lifted my head from her teat. “I bet you’d love for me to move into your place and spend all my time sucking your tits, huh?”

“YES!” Gretchen roared. “That’s what I want. Keep me company while my stupid husband makes that fucking money.”

She grabbed my hand and stared me dead in the eye as she sucked my index finger. The sight was enough to send jolts of arousal running up my spine. I had unleashed a monster.

“I’m still thirsty,” I told her.

“Good.” She grabbed her left breast with both hands, pointed the nipple to her face, and stuck out her tongue. My cock throbbed with joy as I watched Gretchen squeeze her own milk out into her mouth. “Come here and suck this one.”

I readily obeyed. Gretchen moaned as she breastfed me, wrapping her legs around my body as I continued to fuck her. The amazing sex made me lose all notion of time, but it felt like it took me a good 10 minutes to relieve her tits of their milk.

“Ohhhh, I’m so full of your milk,” I moaned.

“Good,” Gretchen purred. “Want me to suck your dick?”


I pulled out of Gretchen’s sopping wet hole and sat on the side of the bed. She rapidly got out of the bed and knelt before me. Eagerly, she took me into her mouth whilst caressing my thighs and testicles.

“Ohhhhh! I’m not gonna last long.”

“It’s all right, Lucas. Cum for me. I want you to cum all over my fucking face.”

I gripped the sheets as I desperately tried to defy her. Gretchen began to pump my cock with her hand while sucking on my nuts. I could feel her breasts still dripping milk onto my toes. A few minutes later, I roared as I shot three loads all over Gretchen’s beautiful, blushing face.

“Oh, yeah,” she moaned as she wiped the cum off with her fingers and licked them.

“Oh, such a good lad.”

“I’ve been wanting to do that for a while,” I panted.

“Sorry that it took so long,” Gretchen said. “Still, I tried my best to be a good wife to my husband.”

“You sure did. He has no idea what he’s missing.”

She got up and started gathering her clothes. “We should get dressed. We don’t know when your parents will be back.

As she stepped back into her panties, I got off of the bed and pressed my body to her back. I reached forward and fondled her tits, eliciting a few moans from her. My half-erect cock was drumming against her ass.

“I want more of you,” I breathed into her ear. “I want your milk.”

“Later, I promise. I don’t want your parents catching us shagging.”

Reluctantly, I put my clothes back on and we headed back downstairs, watching television in silence and in separate seats. Mom and Dad got home around 10 PM. After we all enjoyed some time together, all of us went to bed. As I lay in my bed, I savored the lingering scent of the woman downstairs and the sex we had enjoyed mere hours ago. I wanted so badly to creep into her room and share her bed.

The next day, Gretchen decided to go home after breakfast. Mom and Dad noted her cheery disposition as she told us that she intended to call her husband and make peace with him. As she walked outside with her baby, I tried my best to act casual as I bade them farewell.

The next couple of days, I tried my best to keep my mind off of Gretchen, though, deep down, I couldn’t wait for our next meeting. Thankfully, my graduation commencement during that next week kept me busy. Also, I went to a few post-graduation parties, which landed me a few one-night stands.

My patience was rewarded at last. Early one morning, I got a text message from Gretchen that simply read, “Thirsty?” I replied in the affirmative and told her that I was on my way over. When I had parked inside of her driveway, I leapt out and walked quickly to her front door, already hard as a rock. I rang the doorbell, and, after a few minutes, I was face-to-face with a robed Gretchen Bryce-Hughes. She smiled and allowed me to enter the house before closing the door and locking it.

“You sure got here fast,” she remarked.

“Of course,” I told her. “I’ve been dying to see you again. Please tell me the baby is asleep.”

“Actually, Peter took him to go visit his parents. Follow me; I have a surprise for you.”

I followed her, expecting us to go up to her bedroom, but instead she led me to another room on the ground floor. She opened the door and bade me to enter. Looking inside, I saw that all of the furniture had been pushed against wall, save for a tiny stool. Also, for some reason, the floor was covered with large plastic tarp that was covered with straw. I looked at her with confusion.

“You don’t get it?” she asked. “Maybe this will help.”

She undid the belt of her robe and let it fall to the floor. My eyes went wide at what she had concealed underneath. She was wearing thigh-high stockings, elbow gloves, panties, and a bra, all of them patterned with the colors of a Holstein cow.

“Get on in there,” she told me. “I need a milking.”

I quickly entered, and as soon as she closed the door, I was already getting undressed. She made things better by donning a headband with a pair of cow ears on it. I stood there naked, my cock hard as a telephone pole. She tossed me a straw hat and I sat down on the stool. I watched the older woman drop to her knees and crawl on all fours over to me.

My ears burned as I watched Gretchen squirm and moan in front of me, her face only centimeters from my crotch. I eagerly undid her bra as if I were opening a present. After throwing the bra across the room, I reached beneath the buxom woman and started pinching her stiff nipples. Almost instantly the milk began to course, making my fingers wet as it sprayed onto the ground.

“Too bad I don’t have a bucket,” I remarked.

“There’s no bucket big enough for these tits.”

“It’s okay, I guess. I bet you’ve got enough in here for two buckets.”

“Mmmmm. You know it. Let me milk you now.”

I watched as she took me into her mouth. I bit my lip as she quietly lowed while sucking my cock. It was becoming difficult to focus on milking her as I felt her nostrils blowing hot air into my loins.

“Yessss,” I moaned. “Oh, you’re such a good cow.”

She took my dick out of her mouth and rubbed her cheek against it. “This is what I want, my sweet farmer: to be milked…to feed…and to breed.”

It was that last part of her statement that caused me to grab her face with both hands and give her a long kiss. As we swapped spit, I felt her hand grab my penis and start to stroke it. My hands left her face and returned to her chest, where I gave her teats loving squeezes.

“You’re great on your knees,” I breathed into her ear. “But you’re much better on your back.”

We both rolled backwards onto the floor, where Gretchen pulled down her panties and spread her legs for me. I wasted no time in using my fingers to part the lips of her womanhood and slide my cock inside of her. My heart soared with joy as I vigorously began to pump myself in and out of Gretchen.

“Yesssss,” she said as she wrapped her arms around me and nuzzled my ear.

“Ohhh, that’s right, farmer…use me…get all you can out of this mad horny cow.”

She stuck the tip of her tongue into my ear canal, sending shivers of joy up my spine. I quickly turned my head so that I could meet her tongue with my own. We lewdly dueled with our tongues out in the open air. I stopped and let out a pained whimper. When I stopped my thrusting as well, Gretchen looked at me with concern.

“What’s wrong, love?”

“I’m sorry,” I panted. “I’m not going to last much longer.”

“You poor dear. You getting tired already?”

“Not at all, but I’m definitely going to cum soon.”

If I weren’t so overwhelmed with one baby, I’d definitely let you creampie me.”


“In my defense, it might be the sex talking,” she chuckled. “Come on, where do you want to finish? My face? My mouth?”

“How about…in the back?”

“Not happening.”

“Meh, it was worth a try,” I shrugged. “How about I give you a pearl necklace?”

“Sure, sweetie.”

I swiftly climbed off of her and went back to sitting on the stool. Gretchen got up and knelt before me before plopping her tasty chest right on my lap. Using her hands, she gently sandwiched my prick between her tits and started to move them up and down.

Not only did this make my body feel amazing, but just the sight my cock disappearing within the deep cleavage of Gretchen Bryce-Hughes brought me an unparalleled source of joy. The fact that my mother’s friend was on her knees and pleasuring my cock with the same breasts she used to feed her child was driving me wild. This had been the second titfuck that I had received from her, and it felt just as good as the first time.

My heart was pounding as I tried not to think about the geyser of cum that was building up from within my manhood. I silently grunted as I tried to will my penile muscles to hold out as much as possible. Inevitably, I surrendered to the lust and sprayed my spooge all over Gretchen’s chest.

“Ahhhh!” I cried, as my dick throbbed and dribbled feebly. “Holy fuck!”

Gretchen’s eyes were closed, and she seemed to be in ecstasy. She was moaning and rubbing my cum into her chest like it was massage oil. I said nothing, admiring her as she rode the waves of pleasure moving throughout her body. At last, she opened her eyes, looked at me and smiled. I said nothing, my mind still focused on having more of her.

“Well,” she said, getting to her feet. “I could really use a shower.”

“Yeah, me, too,” I said in agreement.

“Not looking forward to cleaning all this mess, though.”

I looked around the room, which now reeked of straw, milk, sweat, and cum. Even though our roleplay had cast Gretchen as the cow and myself as the farmer, it seemed as though we had both acted like animals.

“I could get dressed and clean this up while you hit the shower,” I offered.

“Nah, it’ll keep for a while,” Gretchen said. “We barely use this room. Come on, let’s go upstairs.”

After I turned around to start towards the door, Gretchen delivered a hard, playful slap to my rump which made my dick twitch with arousal. We got upstairs and entered the master bedroom. Gretchen quickly stripped off the rest of her clothes and the two of us enjoyed a nice sensual shower together. By the time she turned off the water, I felt like I was almost ready for round two, which would surely take place in the comfort of her king-sized bed. We exited the shower, dried our bodies and went into the bedroom.

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I stepped outside of the balcony to have a cigarette at the party; I just needed a quiet moment along with the fresh cold, muggy air. Everyone was having a good time and no one would notice me for the few minutes I was gone.

As soon as I stepped out, I pulled out my cigarettes, popped one into my mouth. I put my hand into my leather jacket to pull out my lighter when I noticed someone already flicking their lighter. I turned to my left and there she was in the dark corner sitting down smoking. I lit the cigarette, and for that moment I heard the butane under pressure hiss out, the crackle of dry tobacco — my senses were attuned to the moment.

I’ve seen her at least a half dozen times at different places because we had mutual friends. A friendly face that was always there but nearly every time we were distracted with something going on. Most of the time it was a friendly smile and hello, there really wasn’t any time to sit down or have anything qualitative or quantitative to talk about. This time, however, Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort it was just us two on the balcony.

First we started talking about the cold weather and then about the party. This wasn’t my party, and it wasn’t her party but she lived at the apartment. There wasn’t any doubt her mind was relaxed by the comforts that alcohol had to offer; there was a momentary silence as she finished her cigarette.

I was studying her face and the way she was sitting. Not a skinny girl, nor a particularly fat girl, but most definitely relaxed and confident, she was almost predatorial in the way she held herself. She was the kind of girl who knew what she wanted and probably got it too.

After lighting another cigarette she shifted her body position and I moved closer. She was wearing a black dress with long sleeves and a low top – how she wasn’t cold I don’t know, maybe it was the alcohol. Again we started another conversation, some how as it always happens with her, it turns to sex. I guess we’re both sexual animals of different breeds.

As we were talking she lifted her left leg, propped it against another chair and hiked up her dress a couple of inches. Of course she didn’t care that the balcony blinds were partly open, then again it was dark outside and hard to see from the inside out. She then told me she wanted to feel me.

My left eye brow popped up, but otherwise I kept a neutral look on my face. She reached out and grabbed my left hand and put it on her pubic mound and brushed it against her crotch. She was wearing white cotton panties that she pulled down just enough to expose her flesh in the weak light. She put my hand down her panties and went to tell me she had shaved earlier today. The cool of my hand must’ve been a contrast to her warm pussy. Just then my right eye brow rose. My middle finger started brushing against her newly moist slit, between her lips as I gently moved it up and down.

My dick was like a turtle in its shell, and my nut sack was shriveled up, probably looking like a dehydrated brain hugging my body. But with all of the sensory stimulation, even the cold air didn’t prevent me from warming up to the growing pleasures. Just then, the balcony door opened.

As quickly and coordinated, I withdrew my hand; she dropped her leg and straightened up. In fact, we did it with such calm grace that the half dozen or so people didn’t notice us until we were in our neutral positions. I smiled, she smiled. I turned around to the person next to me and we started talking about the game everyone was going to play once our smoke break was over.

She got up to walk inside and I continued my small talk with the others on the balcony. She momentarily paused and whispered into my ear, cupping her hand and telling me that she still wanted to feel my cock. I paused for a moment to listen and watched as she disappeared into another room altogether. The guy I was talking to paused along with some other bystanders probed, what kind of balcony conversations we were having. I managed to keep a straight face when I distracted their alcoholic brains. So what about Scatagories…

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Cousin Love Pt. 05 – A Magical Journey

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Crazy adventures with my cousin! Adventures into the magical world with unrealistic sexcapades. If you are not into magical ideas and huge cocks of enormous proportions, this chapter is not for you. Kathy and I will get back to regular incest in future chapters.

Summer 1982

A week had passed since I had had the run in with Kathy and her wizard friend Teressa. I had to have been dreaming. There are no wizards, witches or sorcerers that are real! Had to have been a dream. I went about my daily routine, getting ready for fall sports at the university. I had managed to put on about 25 pounds to my frame. I was looking good!

Finally, on Friday my pager went off. I called Kathy immediately.

Her voice was sweet music to my ears. “Can you get away tonight and spend the night with us?”

I knew my friends were going boating and doing some sandbar camping, so I had an out.

“I can make that happen. What time Should I come over?”

“How does 6 sound? Everyone should be able to be there then.”

That was pushing it a little. “I will be there as close to 6 as I can.”

IT was 4pm and I was still an hour from home. I pushed it getting home and took a quick shower. I grabbed my stuff to go “boating” and told my parents I was leaving. Being 18 made me a technical adult but since I was still at home, I always let my parents know I was going to be gone.

I arrived at Kathy’s at 6:15. The girls were sitting in the living room. They were in robes. Kathy was grinning and Teressa had several small bottles on the table beside her.

“Let’s get this party started!” I undressed and stood there. Neither moved an inch, other than looking at me.

“What is the deal? Did I miss something?” I was perplexed.

Finally, Kathy spoke. “Sit down big guy. Teressa applied some lotion to my pussy area and we are seeing if it will take effect.”

I sat by Teressa and noticed she was sporting some big tits again tonight. The nice thing about her naughty potions were the tits were all natural. Not like the porn chicks with big old silicone bags for titties.

“I think its working T!!” Kathy squealed showing off her tented robe.

“Keep it covered for a little while longer Kath. Let’s keep it a surprise!!”

Teressa looked Gaziantep Escort Reklamları at me. “Your turn, Kenny.”

She produced a bottle and put a couple drops on her hand and started rubbing it on my growing erection. I soon reach my normal length. She applied another drop or 2.

“This is powerful stuff. We have to be careful!”

Soon my erection was a foot long and thicker. I could feel a tingle, but it did not hurt.

Kathy was in obvious lust watching my cock grow.

“How about it Kathy? Bigger?” Teressa teased.

The only thing Kathy could mutter was, “Uh huh!”

Teressa applied 3 more drops and rubbed it in. My cock still growing right before my eyes. I looked like a horse.

Even my balls grew. Teressa pulled out a measuring tape. “I think that is good for tonight. 20 inches long. And thicker than a can of coke.”

Kathy was literally drooling. Teressa turned to Kathy. “Time to open your robe Kath. Let’s see what you have going on.”

Kathy dropped her robe and a 10 inch cock hung where her pubic hair used to be.

“Go ahead Kathy. Grab it. Make it hard.”

Kathy grabbed her new appendage and started to stroke it. It quickly hardened.

Teressa looked at her. “Fuck that is beautiful. I hope you like it!”

Kathy stared at her cock. “I fucking love it. Will it work like a man’s? Will I cum, I mean?”

“You will have the sensation but I doubt any actual semen will come out.”

Kathy looked disappointed but kept stroking her new cock.

My cock was rock hard and sticking out from my body. Kathy fell to her knees and I stuffed my entire cock into her throat. She didn’t even gag. I fucked her throat. She pushed me away and struggled to catch her breath. “Fuck that is big. Almost too big. But I still love it.”

I helped Kathy up and she stood in front of Teressa. Teressa put both of her hands on Kathy’s cock and guided her into her mouth. Teressa did not deep throat her, instead she made slow sensual love to Kathy’s massive erection.

I slid behind Kathy and my fingers found her ass and pussy. I wondered if she would retain her pussy. She did. And it was dripping wet. I guided the head of my new cock into her cunt. Kathy moaned loudly when I pushed the first 6 inches in her. “keep going Kenny. More!”

I pushed more and more into her. She easily took all 20 inches.

“I feel you in my chest. OH MY GOD!! FUCK ME!!”

I fucked Kathy as hard as I could Teressa was still trying to keep up with the rhythm while she was sucking Kathy’s cock.

I yanked my cock from Kathy’s body and let Teressa wok on Kathy’s blowjob. Soon Kathy moaned, “I am cumming. OH GOD.” Teressa was wrong. Kathy could cum. She unloaded a waterfall of cum. She plastered Teressa’s face and tits with a huge load.

“Well, I can see I was wrong about that. Good God that was a lot of cum Kathy. How did it feel?”

Kathy was wild eyed. Almost crazed. “Fucking awesome. I want to do it again! And again. And again!!”

Teressa went off to shower off Kathy’s semen.

Kathy laid on the floor and spread her legs. “Come fuck me, Kenny I need you to fuck me. Please fuck me. PLEASE!!”

I knelt between her thighs. Her big cock on her stomach. I pushed into her several inches at a time. When started pumping I could see her stomach rise each time I entered her. I also noticed her cock was now up between her tits. She was titty fucking herself.

“I think your cock is still growing Kathy.” I said, astonished.

Kathy grabbed it I pulled my enormous cock from her groin. She was almost as big as mine. Probably 18 inches. I pulled her legs over my shoulders and entered her again. Her big cock was now long enough that not only could she titty fuck herself, but she could also suck her own cock. And that was just what she did.

When Teressa came back in she had to have been shocked. I was balls deep in Kathy’s abdomen and Kathy was sucking her own cock. Kathy’s giant tits bouncing with each thrust. Her big cock head in her mouth.

“Oh my God you guys. What have I done? This too much magic!!” Teressa wailed.

Kathy hissed. “Fuck you Teressa. Don’t you even think about changing a thing.”

Teressa was in shock. She watched me impale my cousin. Soon though Teressa was fingering her cunt. It was too much for her. “Lay down Kenny. So you and Kathy are balls to balls.”

When I reach the spot Teressa wanted, she asked Kathy and I to hold our cocks upright.

Kathy pushed hers up and Teressa settled her ass onto the head of Kathy’s massive cock. I pushed mine into her cunt. She was now getting filled with a combined 38 inches of cock. She bounced up and down on our rods.

Kathy and I came at the same time. Filling both of Teressa’s opening with a pint of cum each. Teressa fell off our cocks and fell to the floor panting.

I crawled back into Kathy’s cunt. I fucked her until I needed to cum again. I unloaded into her eager pussy at the same time she jacked herself off onto her own face. I pulled my deflated cock from her pussy. We were both spent.

The magic was wearing off. My cock was returning to normal and Kathy’s was disappearing. Soon, her beautiful normal body was back. It was a relief to see her beautiful body again. Teressa had disappeared. Her potion bottles were labeled and left on the table.

“I am going to lock these up. We do not need them getting out. Besides, maybe one day soon again, I will need a cock!” Kathy laughed.

I looked at Kathy. “Would it bother you if the next time we try this and you get a cock, I want to suck your cock?”

“Would you let me fuck your ass?” Kathy asked right back at me.

“Just between us. I think I can do that.” I agreed.

Kathy smiled. “Thank you for your understanding in this matter. We have delved into things that a large majority of people would never do. If you ever need a break, just let me know.”

I pulled her close and kissed her beautiful mouth. My cock was hardening again. “All I want to do is fuck you every day and make you cum. This is a dream come true for me. None of my other friends are getting laid like I am. I don’t care if you invite anyone else. I just want you. You are prefect. And I think I am falling in love with you. I know it will never be a real relationship. But I will always treat you like you are the love of my life.”

“Ah, Kenny. I love you too. I really do. Now. Please make love to me. We have the rest of the night just to be together.”

After a quick shower, we made real love all night. We fell asleep around 5 am. We were exhausted. My cock was sore, and Kathy’s pussy was stretched and filled with semen.

We had sex numerous times over the next few weeks. We eventually slowed a little, but the daily fucking was over. It was more quality now.

Kathy threw me a big party before I left for school. That is another story in itself.

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Banging Rena

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I’d known Rena for a long time. In fact, she was in high school when I’d first met her on the bus. My college and her school had an arrangement where year 11 and 12 students could take classes in the college curriculum. She was cool and smart, and the conversations were always easy, so we became friends. She eventually married one of my classmates, and eventually that dissolved. So many years had passed before she hinted one day via DM that she was keen to catch up for casual sex.

Was I interested? Of course.

So around she came to my place, and despite our initial confidences, neither of us quite knew how to initiate. After all, we’d been friends for over a decade now, though I hadn’t actually seen her for much of that time.

So, we watched a movie, sitting side-by-side on the couch with a glass of wine and each wondering if and when we’d get to the deed. Honestly, it was all I could think about the whole film, but I didn’t want to come across as uncool, so I stayed my hand. This is probably the problem with a friendship as long as ours: there was already an unspoken barrier that needed crossing, and we weren’t familiar enough to knock that wall down.

In our DM we’d made some jokes about measuring my penis, and the ways in which it could be done to determine my size. One of the ideas thrown so flippantly out there had been that we use a pen and paper, and so after the movie I steered us toward this little game, starting us off with our hands (for reasons I cannot now recall). We were sitting on the floor, legs crossed, all for the world like innocents play-drawing. But I was getting hard with anticipation, feeling my breath shallow as my pace quickened. Reminding Rena of the exchange on DM, I stretched myself into a kneeling position and just went for it, pulling my shorts down far enough until my erection sprung into view.

“Hello!” said Rena, a mixture of uncertainty Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort and delight.

Playing it cool, as though this were an everyday thing, I pressed my hard dick down onto the paper and tried to draw around it.

“I think you’re going to have to help me,” I suggested.

Mawkishly, Rena took the pen from me and traced an outline around my dick. It was all she needed to adjust to the shift in dynamics, and she considered my erection calmly, deciding it was rather attractive. I get this a lot, and can only wonder at how many ugly dicks are out there and what these girls must feel upon seeing them.

With me now exposed, it was quid-pro-quo time.

“Now to see how big your boobs are,” I reminded her, referencing the DM exchange we’d had.

She nodded, remembering, and with a sly smile she slipped her shirt down and released a breast from her bra. Rena has a very slight olive complexion, and her nipple was dark and nubby. She leaned over the paper and taking up the pen, I drew a line around her boob as best I could. We didn’t get the full measure of it, being difficult as it was for her to press it down on the paper, but the hard part was over. We’d found a way to hurdle the divide between friendship and sex.

We relinquished the drawing game and began making out, her hand straying to my exposed cock, running her fingers along my shaft.

I tugged her shirt up over her head, dragging her bra with it. Some laughter as it tangled in her hair. Then my shirt was off and my shorts down.

Rena lifted herself up onto my couch and laid back. She’d told me on DM that she liked it hard and fast straight up, but lying back with her knees pulled up to her shoulders made her pussy pop out, and I couldn’t resist going down first.

Damn, it was good pussy, too. I really wasn’t expecting it. Too many overheard jokes about age and childbirth on the worksites I suppose, and this is where the reverse was true: where my dick was always seen as beautiful by girls, Rena’s pussy was delectable in comparison to what most men are used to in older women.

Her lips were smooth and puffy, no goosebumps or razor-burn despite being shaved bald. I approached it like eating a juicy peach: got as big a mouthful as possible and let my lips slide down over that soft flesh as I brought them together. When I parted her pussy and ran my tongue inside, I was pleasantly surprised by how good she tasted. Fuck me, I thought, may as well be eating her out on that school bus way back when for all the difference there’d be.

She was impatient, however, and wanted the dick.

“To the bed,” she suggested, and despite my proclivity ton just bang her right there on the couch without another moment’s hesitation, we went to the bedroom. Just as well, too: once on the bed, we fucked hard and fast.

It was strange being balls deep inside a friend I’d known for so long. There’d never been any sexual tension between us, nor any inclination to fuck that I was aware of (though Rena has since told me she’d sometimes thought about it over the years). But I was lost to the moment now, given over to the exquisite sensation of having my cock enveloped by a warm pussy, and I pounded that pussy as Rena and I stared into each other’s eyes gasping.

“Cum in me,” she said, and it was enough to send me over the top.

She wrapped her arms around me as I emptied my balls, and when I was spent we lay panting with legs entwined and chuckling at the whole situation.

We got cleaned up and watched some television with glasses of wine refilled, but before long we were at it again, back on the bed, kneeling beside Rena’s head as she sucked me and I fingered her. We were more frantic this time, feverish almost, and the sex became rougher. I took a fistful of her hair and tightened, watching her eyes roll back from delirium and her mouth form a perfect O. I rubbed my cock-head across her lips and drove my fingers to the last knuckle deep inside her pussy. Somehow we ended up on the lounge-room floor. I’d pinned her down, and she was snarling at me to give it to her. Her pussy was so wet my dick just slid from her inner thigh and straight in. I fucked her as hard as I could, our bodies shimmying across the carpet with the effort.

A wine glass broke as Rena flung her hands above her head. Shards of glass flew away from us, the wine soaking the carpet. She began to laugh and made moves to twist around and clean up the glass.

“Fuck it,” I growled, holding her down.

I had a good rhythm going, and her pussy was hot now, like a combustion stove. I was ploughing into her almost feverishly. It seemed to fascinate Rena, and she stared up at me in wonder, my fever catching until she was encouraging me to fuck her harder and faster. I don’t know if it was possible at that point, but I kept the pace up, nonetheless.

I don’t know if Rena came, and I don’t know if she cared. But I jizzed so forcefully it was like my cock was being strangled. I clenched my teeth and shut my eyes, and Rena giggled. When my hips stopped bucking against her thighs, I slowly withdrew my exhausted cock. Her pussy was sticky with juices. We were drenched in sweat, and the heavy smell of the wine soaking the carpet was almost sickening.

I nonchalantly suckled on her nipple as we lay on the floor catching our breaths, and we ruminated aloud on how strange it felt to be naked against one another when we’d never thought it would ever happen. So many years and memories, and this was such a strange tangent to have amongst it all. We did fuck again another day after this, but that first time where the line between friends and lovers blurs is so momentous it marks time and memory in a way that all sex afterwards between us cannot compete.

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Bank Secretary Ch. 03

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Chapter Three—Dr. Doctor

David Doctor, Ph.D. reminded Tessa of James Earl Jones. Big and tall and black, with a very authoritative voice. He was also very kind.

“Dr. Doctor?” Tessa inquired as the large man entered.

“There’s no need to call me Dr., Miss Truman. I’m not a medical doctor, merely a Ph.D. despite the unfortunate surname. Pleased to meet you.” He proffered his hand. He had such a kind, warm smile. Firm, friendly handshake.

“You too.” And Tessa meant that. It had been quite a whirlwind morning, especially for a woman who’d been trying for so long to deny or hide the fact that she was a nymphomaniac. She just couldn’t face it. But this morning it didn’t seem so important to deny or hide her suspicions. It just seemed almost heavenly.

“My degree is in genetics, Miss Truman.”

“So Dr. Williams told me.”

“However, as one of the principles of the FNS Bank, it is also my responsibility to, ah, interview our employees.”

“I understand,” Tessa assured him.

“So, if you would Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort be so kind as to merely touch me. Just for a moment.”

“Certainly.” Tessa placed her hand on Dr. David Doctor’s fine tweed trousers. The immensity of his subsequent erection caused her to gasp, draw her hand back.

“Don’t be frightened, Miss Truman.”

“Tessa,” Tessa whispered. “I’m not.” Just impressed she thought, unzipping Dr. Doctor’s pants for him.

“It might be less painful this first time if you turned around, leaned over the table a bit.”

“Ah, God!” Tessa exclaimed, as Dr. Doctor entered her.

“I’m … sorry …”

“Don’t … be …”

“It’s always been … more of an … embarrassment … to me than …”

When it came, the ejaculation was as big as the Doctor. Tessa noticed Dr. Doctor carried a slightly larger vial.

“Tessa, who didn’t smoke, felt like lighting up a cigarette afterwards. She also felt like thanking him. Instead she asked, “Why is Mary Beth so, um,”

“Bitchy?” Dr. Doctor supplied.


“Well,” Dr. Doctor contemplated how to phrase it, “Larry and Donny are off limits—you must always remember that, all right?”


“They’re genetically unfit for our purposes here at the institute, bank, that is. They have a combined I.Q. of, well, it doesn’t matter, but they are definitely taboo, particularly to you. Also, they are mutes. One of the reasons they’re working here.”

“I understand,” Tessa assured him, although the mute part confused her somewhat.

“And, well Mary Beth was not so very long ago caught sandwiched between Larry and Donny in the storage room. We consider her somewhat contaminated as a result.”

“Oh. I see.”

“Incidentally, we’ll need to attain some background information on your husband or boyfriend. I’m assuming you’re monogamous at this point?”

“Certainly.” And Tess had been, too, for four long years, right up to the point she couldn’t take it any longer and had seduced the 18 year old newspaper boy. She hadn’t even really managed it, since Simon had come bursting through the door shortly after the unfortunate and adorable boy had entered her and moved in and out. Just twice. Even that being enough for the sex-starved Tessa to come.

And then Simon had to come in and nearly ruin the best orgasm she’d had in four years.

It was an embarrassingly painful memory.

What would you like to know?” Tessa inquired, then supplied, “I’m not married but I have been living, faithfully, with one man for four years. He’s positively heterosexual, somewhat staunch and boring, and a junior bank executive.” Tessa was rather surprised she’d blurted out such information. “Anything else you would like to know?”

“That will do nicely,” Dr. Doctor smiled. For some reason Tessa loved that spaced-tooth smile. It was so reassuring.

“You may get dressed now, Miss Truman. Ah, Tessa.”

“Thank you.” And she meant it. She was longing to touch him again. Just one more time.

“I’ll try to visit you later. Possibly this afternoon.” Dr. Doctor said, perhaps guessing her thoughts.

“I’d like that.” Tessa donned her black outfit.

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Hotel TwinPod

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Allergy information: Contains piss and strong body odor. May contain politically incorrect sex.


“We have begun our descend towards Tokyo Narita airport. Please make sure that your hand-luggage is securely stowed, and …” I did not pay attention to the rest of the announcement, I have heard it so often. Instead, my mind returned to the hotel I had booked.

When the Japanese invented the capsule hotel in the Eighties, they became known world-wide as the new extreme thing a crowded country could come up with. Instead of rooms you sleep in capsules approximately one meter wide and high, and just barely long enough to accommodate a person. The capsule provides a comfortable bed, TV and a few other “luxuries”. They have become surprisingly popular among Japanese businessmen who need to spend a night in another city, but foreigners avoid them like the plague, and they never became popular outside Japan.

I have never stayed in a capsule hotel, and never considered it until I heard about TwinPod hotel during my last business trip to Tokyo. TwinPod hotel is different – it is more expensive, and the capsules are supposed to be very comfortable. But the main difference is that you are not alone in the capsule, you share it with a random other guest – a guest of the opposite sex. And you are naked, of course.

When I heard the rumor from my Japanese colleagues, I laughed. But the next day I checked it out on the internet. The concept is simple, you obviously come for the sex, and are matched with a random other guest. The randomness is part of the concept, you should stay away if you do not find it kinky. An athlete may be matched with a couch potato, an 18 year old boy with a crone in her nineties. But since the majority of the customers are ordinary looking people in their thirties or forties, such extreme matches are rare.

Obviously, they have to carefully maintain the gender balance, so while women can just sign up as customers, men are placed on a waiting list from which you are drawn at random and transferred to the approved customer list. They were very honest about the low chance of being drawn, around four percent per year; but on the other hand they practically guarantee a partner whenever an approved customer stay at the hotel. I signed up without much hesitation.

To my surprise I received an email six months later that I had been drawn for the active customer list. And soon after, my employer asked me to go on yet another business trip to Tokyo. I went ahead and booked the TwinPod hotel.

After landing and getting through customs in Tokyo airport, it was getting late, too late to eat at the hotel. I had a quick late dinner in a restaurant in the arrival hall, and took at taxi to the TwinPod, where I checked in.

“Welcome, mister Harris.” The middle-aged woman in the reception greeted me in English with only the faintest hint of a Japanese accent. “I can see that this is your first time here. I would like welcome you and inform you about the practicalities.”

She took me to a small office and told me about the hotel. Most was practical matters regarding showers etc. My fingerprint would open the capsule, and also the doors to the communal showers, the fitness center etc. Most she told me would not have been out of place in an ordinary hotel. But she also informed me about the etiquette. Rape is not an option, so any guest can refuse a partner. However, doing so means being removed from the approved guest list. I was of course supposed to treat my bed-mate kindly and with respect. And since gentlemen are gallant and every woman is a treasure, the woman has the last say regarding which way we lie in the capsule – with the important exception that the man may refuse a 69 position if the woman has her period. Thank God!

After the introduction I was shown to the locker room. “Please place your clothes and other belongings in the locker. The toothbrush and shaver goes in this cylinder, place it here when you are done. When you and your partner use the bathrooms upstairs the tubes will be send to the right bathroom. The shower is to your left. When you have showered, please go through that door, and wait. Your partner will be with you shortly.”

Soon after, I stood naked in a small room next to the showers. After a brief wait I heard a woman sing in the shower in Japanese. Then the door opened and a naked woman entered. She was perhaps a few years younger than me, with long black hair, small breasts and a nice bush. I smiled at her. “Hi, I am Michael, how are you?”.

She blushed, but looked me in the eyes as she answered. “Yukiko. No engliss”.

I looked at her, hesitating. How do you break the ice with a beautiful naked women when you have no common language? Fortunately, she knew what she wanted. She walked over to me, placed her arms around my neck, and began kissing me. She quickly began sticking her tongue into my mouth, while I rubbed her back and her ass. Then she took my hand, and we walked to the elevators.

I Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort called the elevator using the thumbprint reader. A screen lighted up in English and Japanese: “Welcome Yukiko and Michael. Your pod is number 17-27 on the 17th floor”. The ride to the 17th floor was long enough for a bit more kissing and fondling. When we reached the pod, she clearly wanted me to go in first, so I climbed in head first. The pod was one meter wide and one meter high, but at least three meters long. The bottom was a nice smooth bed, the sides were soft and with TV screens on each side. The ceiling was a mirror. I climbed in and laid on my back. Yukiko kissed my toes as she slowly climbed in, then my knees and my balls. She licked my dick briefly, before going further in. Then she kissed my belly, my chest and finally my mouth. Soon she was lying on top of me, we were kissing and fondling, and then my dick naturally found its way into her pussy. We fucked intensely, and I could feel the wetness as she came, squirting a bit.

She stayed for a while on top of me, while my dick got softer inside her. Eventually, we moved to our sides, and kissed again. After maybe half an hour of touching, my cock was hard again. This time I went on top, and we fucked long and hard before first she came, and then me. Then we fell asleep in each others arms.

During the night, I dreamt that I was having sex on a stage in front of a large audience. Just before I came I woke up, and realized that Yokiko was riding me. We came, and she fell asleep on top of me. I looked at the clock, it was 3:30. I decided to let her stay on top of me for a while, it was nice lying under a sleeping woman. I must have fallen asleep again quickly. Next morning, she was still sleeping soundly on top of me. I felt horny, and tried to fuck her carefully without waking her up. I failed, of course; she woke up long before she came.

We soon left the pod, and walked to the bathroom. As promised, our toothbrushes arrived through their tube system shortly after we had entered the bathroom. We brushed our teeth, peed, finally took a shower together. Then we took the elevator down to the ground floor, where we dressed in the same small cabin. We then walked out into the morning, not expecting to see each other again.

After a day of reasonably successful business meetings I returned to the hotel at dinner time. “Welcome back, Mr. Harris. Would you like to eat at the hotel restaurant?”

I answered affirmatively.

“Then please go to the changing room, I believe we already have a partner for you.”

I removed my clothes in the locker room, and walked into the waiting room. A tall, black woman was waiting for me. She was very tall and slim, perhaps only a few centimeters shorter than me. Her breasts were small but perfectly shaped, and her skin was very dark, almost completely black. Two beauties in a row, I certainly could not complain.

“Hi, I am Sarah.”

“Hi Sarah. I am Michael. Nice meeting you, you are surely beautiful.”

“Thank you. You are not bad yourself. Where are you from?”

I told her, and asked her if she lived here, it turned out her mother was American and her father from Tanzania, she lived in Washington.

I took her arm, and we went to the elevators. The restaurant was at the top floor.

“Two for dinner?” The waiter (very decently dressed) led us down a well-lighted curved corridor with tinted glass doors to the right. One of the doors was open, and revealed a booth with two comfortable benches and a glass table. She gave us the menus and closed the glass door. I looked at Sarah, and could not help looking at her crotch through the glass table. She saw where I was looking, smiled, and spread her legs. I did the same for her. A few minutes later, the waiter came back and took our orders.

While we waited for the dinner, we both enjoyed the view. We had a fabulous view over the Tokyo skyline by night through the large window, and an even better view of each others naked bodies. The glass door to the corridor acted as a one-way mirror, we could occasionally see people in walking back and forth, both employees (dressed) and other customers (naked).

We took our time eating a romantic, naked dinner. Then we went to the shower rooms and showered together. By then, we were both quite horny, and while working out naked in their fitness center might otherwise have been tempting, we decided to go early to bed.

“Have you ever eaten black pussy before?”

“No. But it sounds delicious.”

“Then climb in with your legs first!”

I did as she told me. Then she began climbing in head first. She made a point of letting her breasts slide over my face, then her belly, until she came to rest on top of me with her pussy on my face. I could feel her lips around my cock as I began licking her pussy. She was very horny, and soon her juices were flowing over my face.

I came first, and could feel her swallow my cum. Then she came, covering my face with even more juices. I continued eating her out, and she clearly enjoyed it. After perhaps half an hour, I had to stop.

“Mmm, that was good. Very good. Are you comfortable, Mike?”

“Oh yes. I have a wonderful pussy pressed onto my face. I could spend the night like this!”

“Good. You will.”

It was still too early to sleep, so we rested like this for another hour or two. Occasionally, one of us would start licking the other, usually ending with an orgasm. Eventually, Sarah began squirming a bit.

“Mike. I am afraid I need to use the bathroom.”

“Just open the door and go. Unless you feel like peeing in my mouth, of course.”

“Can I?”


She pressed her pussy against my mouth, and began peeing. At first it did not taste too bad, but very quickly the taste became almost overwhelming. I gagged, but manage to swallow almost all of it.

“I have never pissed in a mouth before. Did you like the taste?” she asked.

“Not really. That was more vile than I expected. But sexy, too.”

I began licking her, until she came again and the taste of her pussy juices replaced the taste of pee.

At some point we must have fallen asleep. My second night with a woman on top of me, and I enjoyed it at least as much as the first night. This time I slept through the entire night, but woke up in the morning when Sarah gave me a blowjob.

“That was a great way to sleep, my dear Sarah. But now I really need to pee.”

“I guess I will try drinking it.” She placed her mouth on my dick. I let go, but tried to slow down the flow so she could keep up. When I had finished she began peeing in my mouth. It tasted even worse than the night before, but somehow I managed to swallow it.

We got up and showered together. Then we dressed, and left the hotel. I burped, it tasted of pee and I felt slightly sick. But also exhilarated that I had done something this depraved.

After another day of meetings, I returned to the hotel. I stripped and waited perhaps ten minutes for a partner to arrive. When the door finally opened, the woman who opened it was fully dressed.

“Excuse me, sir, but would you mind giving a hand?”

I followed her into the other locker room. A second woman was waiting, a short japanese-looking young woman in an electric wheelchair. She smiled at me. “Hi, my name is Yuko. This is Tracy, she is my helper. Since we’ll be together tonight, I thought it would be nice if you could undress me. Would you mind?”

I told her I would be delighted. She sent Tracy out for the hotel’s manual wheelchair, as it can be used in the shower without being damaged. Then I carried her into the other chair, and Tracy left with the electric one. Only then did I think about the strange situation – I had been standing naked, discussing wheelchairs with two fully dressed women without any of us feeling conscious about the situation. This hotel does strange things to people.

I undressed Yuko, and tied straps around her wrists, so her arms would not drop into the wheels. She was completely paralyzed, except that she could move the fingers on her left hand slightly, just enough to control her normal chair. But now I was rolling her into the elevator, and up into the restaurant.

When we reached our table, I helped her into her bench, and collapsed the wheelchair. I took my seat opposite her, and we began chatting. Soon, I asked her how she had become paralyzed.

“I guess now I should claim that I broke my neck during some exciting bondage session. But no, nothing that exotic happened. Ten years ago, I had a kind of tumor in the brain stem, they had to remove it but that was impossible without severely damaging the motor nerves.”

“That was unfortunate.”

“It could have been a lot worse.” She smiled at me, “if I had broken my neck I would also have lost all feeling in my body. My tactile nerves are undamaged, so I can feel anything that happens to my body. Like sex, for example. So I come here occasionally, and enjoy it greatly.”

“Yeah, this place is fucking fantastic!”

We were interrupted by our waiter, who arrived with the food. I cut Yuko’s food for her, and tried to feed her while sitting on the other side of the table. That was not practical, so I moved to her side, and sat beside her.

“Why don’t you put me on your lap. That is more fun.”

I managed to get her up on my lap, with her legs dangling on either side of mine. She began sliding forward, to prevent that I ‘unfortunately’ had to place my hand in her crotch, and hold tight. (The words “grab ’em by the pussy” came to my mind, it bothered me slightly that I could not remember who had said it.) So with my left hand I fondled her pussy, and with the right hand I held the fork, giving us both something to eat. Between each bite, I would but down the fork and grope her breasts. Eating this way was slow, but we both enjoyed the dinner tremendously.

After dessert, I got her back in the wheelchair with some difficulty. She laughed at my clumsiness. We showered together – or rather, first I showered, then I rolled her into the shower and washed her all over, very thoroughly. In particular her pussy obviously needed a very good wash after being groped for hours.

It was surprisingly easy to carry her into the pod, and I climbed in beside her.

“And now for tonight’s main event. I am afraid you will have to do all the hard work.” We had already had several hours foreplay, so after only minimal kissing I spread her legs, moved in between them, and began fucking her. It was a strange way to fuck; her face a great smile, she would moan as I fucked her, but her body was completely still as if it was not responding to my movements at all. Suddenly she came, I could feel the contractions in her pussy, that sent me over the edge and I filled her up.

I laid down beside her, and we slept heavily all night.

Next morning, I returned to my position between her legs, and fucked her again. In spite of the strangeness of the situation, it felt great. This time she came slightly after me, but what an orgasm! Obviously the nerves to her pussy were undamaged.

We showered again, and I helped her back into her clothes. Her electric wheelchair was parked in the lobby; by now I had tried moving her around so often that I felt like a professional as I moved her into it. Tracy arrived half an hour later, and we went our separate ways.

My Japanese hosts had invited me out for dinner, so I returned rather late to the hotel. They greeted me in the reception, and told me a partner was already waiting for me. I showered quickly, and went meeting my new partner.

A huge, fat woman was sitting in the room as I came out from the shower. I would not have expected that a person that size could get up unassisted, but she rose to greet me without problems. Her thighs were as broad as my chest, her sagging breasts the size of my head!

“Hi! Mary. Nice to meet you!” She hugged me, and I pressed my body against her large, soft body. We kissed eagerly, then I stepped one step back and looked at her.

“Wow! You are big.” I smiled at her.

She looked quite upset. “Big? How dare you insinuate that I am big. I am not big!” Then she grinned. “I am positively HUGE! Six feet three, four hundred and twenty pound.”

“Wow. What is that in kilo?”

“Enough to crush you if I get on top. So we better not do that. Do you like oral sex?” She did not really wait for my answer before continuing, “Would you like to spend the night on top of me, in the 69 position?”

“Sure. You know the woman decides the position. But since you ask: yes, I would really love to do it like that.”

“Do you know what this is?” She held up a weird plastic ring with hooks on one side, and two straps attached. I had seen something similar watching porn on the internet, so I told her it was a gag to hold the mouth open.

“Exactly, my dear. It will prevent me from biting your cock in my sleep. When we are done fucking, I put this in my mouth and we go to sleep with your cock in my mouth.”

“Are you sure you really want to do that?”

She looked at me. “Please. I’ve wanted to try this ever since I read a story about something like this on the net. I want to have your dick in my mouth all night.”

“Okay,” I said, “but you should know that I had a lot of beer for dinner. I normally don’t need to pee during the night, but I’ll probably need to go to the bathroom, unless you want me to pee in your mouth.”

“That is exactly what I want. Come, let us find our pod.”

We took the elevator to the twelfth floor, and went to the bathroom together. Mary raised the toilet seat, and peed standing – I guess she was so big her pee would miss the bowl if she sat. She asked me not to pee, but to drink a lot of water instead.

Mary climbed into the pod head first, and turned onto her back. Then I climbed in feet first, it was not easy but I managed. I got into position on top of her, with my cock at her face. She took it into her mouth and began sucking. Her cunt was large, and very hairy, with hair going slightly down her legs as well. I began licking it, it tasted faintly of pee, but soon the taste changed as she became very wet. I came long before her, but she just continued licking my now flaccid cock. Finally she came, squirting onto my face. I then began licking the hair around her pussy, taking it into my mouth. She giggled.

“What are you doing?”

“Licking your pussy hair. There is a lot of it.”

“Yuck. You really like doing that?”

“It is wonderful”. I shut up and continued licking. Soon, all her pussy hair was wet, and she was moaning again. I returned my attention to her clit, and she came a second time.

“I guess it is time to sleep. I am tired now. I will put in the gag, and then you put your cock in my mouth and go sleep on top of me.”

“Are you sure I am not too heavy?”

She laughed. “I may not look like it, but I exercise regularly. You need strong muscles to carry my weight. Your puny weight will not bother me.”

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Tony was relaxed; Lee Ann’s living room, comfortable and just enough modern to be edgy. He had a whiskey in one hand and a breast in the other. LeeAnn was laying with her head in his lap, with her eyes closed. He was stroking the side of her heavy fullness, a connection between the two of them; as she slowly decompressed from her high tension work as a drug rep.

The stress of the second, unanticipated business trip in a week and a half, had dark circles under her eyes. Two, back to back trips to the West Coast, and the frantic customer calls that had to be managed as business connections took strong hits from competitors.

There was always an unsettled period at the end of the year, when last minute adjustments had to be made. This year seemed worse than usual.

Tony was picking up on extra tension from LeeAnn, and she had told him about a bold move by her boss. The paunchy, drunk with his own importance manager, had tried a grope, and inappropriate questions.

Between yawns, she told Tony that Marvin couldn’t take his eyes off her collar, and he was acting creepy. “I suppose someone told him what the collar stands for, he’s definitely way out of bounds the things he said and alluded to.”

“I don’t allow that Annie,” Tony went hard eyed. “Boss, or not, he will respect you. When do you have to go back to Seattle?” He took a sip of the whiskey and let the fiery liquid run down his throat. “I ‘m your protection, I take the job seriously. No one touches you without your permission.”

“Two weeks. There’s a new company coming on line and I have to be there for the startup.” LeeAnn yawned again. “Marvin is going also.” She reached for his hand, needing close contact.

“The minute you have the dates, let me know; I’m flying with you.” Tony didn’t say please, nor did he ask her permission. The collar gave him permission; that was a solid between them.

LeeAnn did open one sleepy eye to look at him, as he moved his hand from her breast and gently rubbed from her forehead down, to close the eye again. “I don’t have to like Marvin, but he is my boss. He’s due to retire in a year; and it can’t get here quick enough. He’s a poor manager.” She sighed hard.

Tony let his hand linger on the front of the collar. His fingers tracing around the outside circle that was as warm as her body temperature. “Are you sorry it’s on?” He asked with unusual indecision.

“Heavens no, I’ve gotten many, many complements on it. Two different ladies have asked me what jewelry store you bought it from. I told them I’d ask you.”

Tony smiled, “Annie, that’s a custom piece of jewelry made strictly for you. The cost alone will keep them from inquiring further. Just tell them, I wouldn’t tell you; because I’m not.” His decision was final, LeeAnn could tell by the inflection in his voice, but he smiled at her.

“I had an idea that it might be expensive, it’s exquisite workmanship. Are you sure you should have spent so much money on me?” She smiled at his nick name for her. Annie, it changed her.

“Positive,” Tony said with another decisive statement. “It’s a custom crafted piece for a custom crafted lady.” And his fingers lightly traced the outside circle of the collar, dipping lower with each half circle completed. To Tony, the collar was just as good or better than a ring. It represented a pact.

LeeAnn sighed in contentment. “You’re the only reason I can stand those West Coast trips. Coming home straightens out all the hard patches and kinks I have to keep together. Thank you for the compliment, I treasure it.” She smoothly reached up to pat his hand. “Tony, I have to sleep. I’m worn down. I almost feel drugged, I’m so tired.”

“Alright, turn out the light and let’s get you to sleep,” he helped her to sit up.

“You’re going to sleep here?” she asked with amazement. Previously, Tony wouldn’t stay at her place, he made all kinds of excuses. Now that Marvin was acting unprofessional, that changed the equation.

“Tomorrow, while you are at work, I’m going to do a security assessment here. If you are getting gut feelings about Marvin, then that is worth listening and paying attention to. Far too many people dismiss those ‘something’s wrong’ feeling to their own detriment.” Tony was acting casual, but LeeAnn’s furrowed brow and Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort the tightening of her lips, indicated perhaps she hadn’t told the whole truth about the incident with Marvin. Chances were, Marvin was a bigger threat than she, or Tony realized.

Tony always looked for the non- verbal clues that accompanied announcements such as LeeAnn just made. Sub-consciously, people always knew and understood more than they could or would verbalize.

Spooned together in the bed, Tony ran through a check list in his mind, as LeeAnn slept.

The first problem to solve; LeeAnn had no idea of the sex appeal she wore like a cloak around herself. Confidence and good self-esteem, as sexy worn by a woman, as it benefited a man. That competence, attracted those lacking in such skills, hoping to ride on her coat tails. Thus, the inappropriate and unjustified response from her boss; as the man realized LeeAnn was much better at his job, than he was.

Tony, the feral and half tamed man, was content to pull guard duty while his woman refreshed herself with necessary sleep. Basic security for the safety of LeeAnn’s life. She wore his collar, her problem’s, were his problems. He had no need for BDSM, changing the premise of his original thinking; he was simply a lover that protected his woman.

All during the night, Tony listened to the noise, traffic, and people that congested her apartment complex. The crush of humanity packed together in a sardine can building, the main reason he had resisted staying the night at her place. To Tony, crowds of people spelled danger with a capital D.

He also, didn’t ‘do’ a mass of people willingly; with happy results. Too many skirmishes, too many wars and too many near misses with insanely driven, religious zealots; littered the pages of his past life. He was a loner, accepting few people into his closely guarded, personal space.

She had chosen him, the off-chance encounter in a small bar; and he didn’t understand his motives in allowing her the freedom to approach him. When she spoke to him, her words were truthful, and he could feel, they were. Not many, and especially a women, braved his attitude.

“I’ve seen you here before, and I’d like to get to know you,” she had said, as she sat down at his table. Meeting his eyes with open honesty. The rest was history.

Those, that Tony was responsible for; either accepted his will and authority, or they left his influence. He and LeeAnn had battled in some minor skirmishes, until she learned to submit to what he needed to control. In Tony’s life, nothing was left to random chance. Nothing, or nobody, except Annie. She was an exception to his every rule. His dominance not unpleasant, but life was by his strict rules, and at times they chafed.

LeeAnn was aware that Tony hadn’t slept. Several times during the night, she had awakened, to feel the hard length of him behind her; a possessive arm thrown over her waist. There it was again. That oddly comforting knowledge; he provided to her safety.

He was a man; going about his business of being a man, and it was deeply thrilling and dangerously stimulating, to be let into the tight circle of his life.

The first time she had seen him, he walked by her and two girl-friends, as he went to the back booth in the small, quiet bar. Every nerve she had, had stood at attention and snapped out a salute to his dark and forbidding appearance. Her body and her mind, let her know….he was the one they wanted. She was hopelessly attracted to him, determined to know the formidable man. It hadn’t been easy, and in the end, she had gone with the honest and open approach.

He had looked her over like a meat inspector, raised an eyebrow, and growled, “sit down.” She already had. Her weak knees refusing to hold her up as she completed her bold move.

Interest coiled and recoiled in the pit of her stomach, the buzz of sexual energy stronger, the closer she got to him. The chemistry was right, the promise of shattering sex there in the way his lips curved in inquiry, and she was intoxicated with imagining what it would be like to be with him.

To Tony, the woman was scattering pheromone’s right and left, unconscious of her power and ability to attract any man that contained red blood. They had talked, and he left the bar with her name and number. “I’ll call you,” he had looked at her with cold eyes. LeeAnn astonished at her own bravery.

It had been three weeks before he called her. He had done his required investigation. Her habits, background, anything pertinent in her life before she had encountered him.; was minutely inspected. When he had finally made the call and they got acquainted, he was delighted to find her appetites matched his, to an astonishing degree. A woman worth investing time to be with. Tony had smiled his hard edged grin, the one supposed to denote satisfaction, that looked like a feral delight.

Tony was aware she wasn’t asleep, but for whatever reason; she was thinking on a problem. He would require her to share that situtation, individuals often held the key and solutions to their own problems; they simply didn’t realize it. Or were too untrained to follow their own instincts.

Introduced to the lifestyle of the dark and dangerous man, gave LeeAnn a freedom she didn’t understand she needed. Nothing about her job, social contacts, or leisure time changed beyond Tony joining her. Because he protected her, she took the classes he required. In his sphere, living life, carried many requirements.

Of all the training, he insisted on, it was the session with the trained in Tantric sex, Doctor; that had changed LeeAnn profoundly. The discipline and controlled movements of Yoga, carried over into the art of lovemaking.

It was a beginning embarrassment, as the woman watched closely as she and Tony made love in a fantastic setting. A garden of earthly delights, that elevated the experience with the sounds of running water, air with increased ions, and soft music that enhanced the experience.

LeeAnn learned that two of the greatest sexual arousal points are the mind and the skin. Give the mind freedom, and it will bring satisfaction to you both. Touch the skin, and the body will respond.

The Yoga that Tony obsessively practiced, had meaning to him beyond the choreography of the sex they shared. He used the strict discipline to keep PTSD symptoms under control. Many people were grateful, he had himself under control, never wanted him to lose it.

The only request he made of her, was that she wear the collar. It wouldn’t have been a deal breaker for either one of them, but the flare of raw lust, she could see ignite in his eyes whenever he touched the gold circlet, was enough for her to grant his wish.

Her collar held a power over Tony she didn’t understand, and perhaps someday he would tell her. Now, today in the faint light of morning, he took control.

His fingers traveled the length of her arm, light touches from the point of her shoulder, through the end of her longest finger. Three times, he trailed his touch, starting the nerves to dance and catch fire.

With his face, he pushed her arm forward to kiss the soft flesh at the side of her breast. Dipping his tongue into the body warm skin that cupped underneath; as breast met chest wall. It made Tony tremble. She had opened her arms to him, allowing him the freedom to touch anywhere, and he worshipped that gift; freely given and accepted in the same spirit.

He couldn’t explain what made the collar so important, only that he was driven to touch it every time they made love. That her nipple got in the way of his slow dance of kisses towards the collar, was simply a fact of female anatomy.

Tony kissed the begging prominence, and caused LeeAnn to stir against the deep coiled feelings from inside. Unconsciously, she arched her breasts toward him, offering herself to his touch.

“I missed you so much,” her husky promises were music to Tony. Judged by him as truthful words, by the inflection in her voice. As with her invitation to touch, her words allowing him, freedom to her mind.

“Let me turn over Tony. My arms are empty and I need to feel you.”

“No,” and he gathered her arms and stretched them above her head. The nipple he had kissed, was so close he only had to open his lips and tug lightly.

“Ohh,” soft sounds from her, made his dark eyes glitter. A man pleasuring his woman, liked to hear her encouragement. LeeAnn was very good at telling him, what she liked.

“Be still,” he commanded, “I’m touching you,” the mind game they played began in earnest.

LeeAnn was breathing hard, and he had just begun. She was so responsive, and he smiled as his tongue traced the under swell of her breast. “Ohhh” she absorbed the feeling. Affirming that she enjoyed.

LeeAnn closed her eyes and let the touches vibrate on her skin. She never knew where he might touch next, and having her eyes closed, heightened the experience.

Oh God, this time his tongue went past her ear and up into her hairline. She shivered.

“Be still,” the quiet command came as a puff of breath against her cheek. He bit her earlobe firmly and she writhed a little.

“Be still,” he warned again, his voice a little stronger. Teaching her obedience to his commands.

“I’m trying,” she whispered, as he trailed his fingers down the center length of her body and down the soft closed entrance to her warmth. His hand stopped, firmly pressing against where she wanted his exploring fingers to go. Her hips flexed up, seeking attention, as he increased the pressure, holding her still.

“I’m warning you,” that smooth and silky bass voice rumbled, and she could feel his chest next to her rib cage as he slowly breathed in and out. Tony had control of himself, and she didn’t.

She didn’t move, but her Kegel muscles were jumping in place, contracting like they anticipated an orgasm. Tony pressed down with more force.

Slowly, he started rocking pressure around the mound his hand was covering, and LeeAnn felt her heat go a notch higher. Tony flexed his fingers and rocked his hand, never touching delicate flesh, until he had nearly brought her to a climax. She was throbbing, and the deep moan slipped between her teeth.

“Silence,” he demanded, plunging his finger to rub the sensitive clit and in three strokes, LeeAnn went over the edge for the first time. Her legs pounding her heels in an up and down motion on the bed.

“Don’t stop,” she begged, “where is that heat coming from,” her feet twitched and Tony rubbed harder.

LeeAnn brought her legs up and pressed the soles of her feet on the mattress, thrusting her hips against the pressure of his hand and the rocking motion that threatened to erupt her once again.

“Oh, Ohhh,” her breathy cry told of frantic need to have the pressures and coiling emotion eased.

She couldn’t see Tony smile, but he was. This time, thumb and forefinger pinched her clit in a firm twist and pulled slightly. Again, and again the small movement was repeated and LeeAnn ricocheted with orgasm after orgasm. “Oh God, I’m dying,” she panted and Tony moved like a cat and opened her legs further to allow the size of him to hover, waiting for the pelvis thrust she would use to try and reach him.

When her thrust came, he answered with his own and buried himself in her, in one swift stroke.

“Ohhhh, Tony,” her cry shuddered with the force he used to drive himself deeper, and he powerfully thrust forward again.

LeeAnn flipped her head from side to side as she spasmed with the force of his body, driving hers toward another orgasm. This time she had to scream, she had no control.

LeeAnn thought she shattered apart, she couldn’t get enough air and she blacked out; while her body continued to twitch, and shake with the aftershocks. The final mind numbing orgasm, LeeAnn experienced, gave Tony permission to blast his seed with volcanic pressure. Wave after wave of man lava, spewing forth. A mature male in sexual prime; with a woman his equal.

She was so still, he thought he might have hurt her; then there was a deep intake of air and a ragged moan that freed the writhing emotion fading from her body.

“Give me my hands,” her demand had him smiling again, and he refused.

“Ladies that want something, should learn to say please,” he taunted.

In swift retribution, LeeAnn reached up and kissed under his jaw, in front of his eye, in the corner of his mouth, then the quick thrust of tongue in his ear. Tony shouted, and let her have her hands. She smiled.

Their bodies still sandwiched together, roughness on satin, scars on delicate flesh, lips hungry for the taste and feel of the other.

LeeAnn purred deep in her throat, no other expression fit the occasion.

“Annie?” Tony called her his pet name. “It’s your turn.”

Annie smiled with a self-satisfied smile, as feral as Tony ever wore.

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Houseboat Log Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: Cruising with Ellie and a Friend

Thanks for the nice comments, I appreciate them very much. Enjoy this next log entry and let me know what you liked.


The next morning, I woke early as was my pattern, rose, showered and shaved, made some hot coffee, my own mix of vanilla roast and regular ground, and gently slid back into bed with Ellie (see part 2). I spooned with Ellie, my hard cock gently caressing her backside. Still lightly sleeping, her skin was soft and warm and still smelled delightful despite our acrobatics the night before. I love the feel of a woman in the morning. I began to lightly kiss her neck and shoulders, my hand caressing her thigh and leg. I was thinking to myself, how lucky I was to meet and bed such a delightful woman. The day ahead promised to be fun and very sensual.

I could sense Ellie waking form a light dream, as she moaned softly. I continued to lightly stroke her awake, reaching my long arms around to caress her pussy lightly, running the tips of my fingers over her labia and her soft downy landing strip. She jerked as she became aware that she was in a strange bed and being caressed until she remembered our tryst the night before. She half turned to look me in the eyes and greeted me with a kiss.

“I want to freshen up, Paul, brush my teeth and tinkle.” I didn’t say a word, but turned her to me, captured her nipple in my mouth and sucked and kissed it forcefully. I moved downward and began licking her pussy. She groaned and said, “I might pee on you, Paul, please let me up!”

“No way, Baby, I want to taste you now, I want the feel of you now the way you are, all warm and soft and natural.” I pulled her legs apart and opened her labia with my fingers, sticking my tongue in deeply and swabbing the insides of her pussy with my big tongue. She tasted real, a slight piss taste that disappeared as her natural juices flowed to me. My cock was so hard I was undulating on the sheets. I pulled up slightly, looked her in the eyes, and thrust two fingers into her hot cauldron, trapping her G spot between my fingers and my thumb up against her clit, I rubbed and massaged her. She immediately started to buck hard, her stomach muscles pushing out, her butt elevating, and her groans turning into words.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, fuck me you beautiful man, take me, make me cum, please do it!” she wailed. I continued my massage of her insides, even letting my smallest finger lay across her asshole, stroking slowly, just touching. I slithered my tongue in circles around her clit, teasing her, as she bucked Gaziantep Oral Escort to my face hard against my mouth and nose. I sucked her protruding clit into my mouth. It was like a tiny cock, long and hard. I tickled it rapidly with the tip of my tongue and hung on for dear life.

Ellie started to curse, begging me to enter her, as she peaked and came violently in my face, squirting her nectar over me, grunting loudly with her release. I only then realized she had my hair in a tight grip in one hand while her other dug deeply into my arm, her nails cutting little marks in my skin.

I wanted to fuck her hard now, waiting to give a woman pleasure built my desires to a level that all I wanted to do was fuck her long and hard. I quickly climbed up her body and shoved my cock into her hot wet canal, forcing it into her, my hands pinning her hands above her. I kissed her roughly, my tongue driving to hers, sucking her tongue into my mouth. My eyes penetrated hers just as my cock drove into her over and over, with slow withdrawal after each thrust. I knew she could feel my soul to the depths of hers as I controlled the pace. She gave herself to me completely, as I took her. She whimpered and groaned in reaction to each thrust, letting me know she had surrendered and was enjoying being thoroughly fucked into submission. Her orgasm built ahead of mine, and he shook and tightened around my shaft. I let go of her hands and cupped an ass cheek in each and pulled her even tighter as I plunged my hard cock into her over and over. I released jet after jet of cum into her as we peaked. She and I both screamed out our pleasure as we rode the wave of orgasm together.

I released her and slipped out, trailing my cum over her thighs. She was lightly sobbing, coming down for a high. I waited until her breathing slowed, then patted her on the ass and said, “OK, Ellie, go freshen up then!!!” She laughed and sprinted for the bathroom.

I got out of bed and poured us both a cup of java, and returned just as she hopped back into bed, with that freshly fucked look on her face. She looked at me with a big smile and said, “That was the best wake u I’ve ever experienced.”

I said, “We could do this every day, if it doesn’t kill us both at our age,” Then again, what a way to go!

“You do like the taste of a woman, don’t you, Paul!”

“Yes, I do, it turns me on, as does controlling your orgasms.” She knew my fetish, my weakness, was the taste of a woman.

We made plans to cruise after we dressed in our bathing suits and I mentioned I enjoyed stopping at marinas along the coast, exploring the different cities/towns that dot the coast all the way down to the Keys. I told her that today we would head out for a few hours and then cruise back, as I wanted to test the Wet n Wild out again, and enjoy a day on the water with my new found woman. Ellie wasn’t prepared for a long trip, but we were both excited as we cast off the ropes and bumpers and headed out into the Bay. Cruising speed was 5 knots at best, but the water was calm and the sun shining, so we chatted and lounged as the boat cut through the waters.

I showed Ellie how to man the wheel and went below decks and fixed a large plate of scribbled eggs, cheese and ham added in. With orange juice, preserves, toast, and coffee, I climbed the ladder to the bridge with a tray of food. We chowed down in the fresh morning air, enjoying being on the water, hearing the birds call, and watching the boat traffic.

I admired this woman; she was a classic beauty, with the brains to match. She made me feel good about being with her. Her genuine nature was refreshing; we immediately fell into a friendship that matched our lust for each other. It is rare you find a woman that you are attracted to whose personality matches your own. We traded jokes, experiences, desires, travel wishes, favorite foods and wines, favorite ball teams and music.

As we sailed on, a silence developed, as we both grew relaxed and didn’t feel the need to talk at some point. I enjoy the silence, listening to the sounds of the boat slapping through the water. Houseboats rarely cut through the water silently, ha, ha. Ellie napped lightly as I maneuvered the houseboat through the Bay. We were both sated by the food and the energetic sexual effort over the last ten hours.

We cruised in a big circle, turning to the east just as the sun was setting in the west. We kissed and held onto each other as we watched the tiny orange circle drop off the horizon filling the sky with beautiful color schemes. I turned on the running lights and set the autopilot for home port and returned to Ellie’s arms. I threw a lounge chair cushion on the deck, untied her bikini bottom, and lowered her to all fours headed toward the sunset. She had the hottest little ass, perfectly rounded on those long slim legs, with the cutest gash underneath to put my cock into. I dropped my suit and got in behind her, wet my cock, and slowly fed it into her as the sun dropped. I slowly fucked her slapping her ass off and on to enhance the experience for both of us. My big hard piece rubbed into her g spot and up until it hit her cervix, I rested it and rubbed it along her until withdrawing slowly, then feeding it back in to repeat the process. She started to buck back into me forcing it deeper and deeper, moaning softly with each thrust into her.

I licked my finger and touched her bum, inserting the tip into her ass. I played with it as I fucked her, matching my finger thrusts with my cock lunges. She was starting to scream at me again, I love a woman crying for more!! As she drew near to orgasm, I pushed my finger in deeper into her chute, impaling her. She sunk to the deck, her face now in the cushion, submitting to my marauding cock and finger. I continued and pushed forward, mashing down into her. I whispered into her ear that I was going to have her ass soon, after I captured her soul. She came hard with that knowledge, pushing over the edge of orgasm and wailing her intense delights. This was a romantic wail, the sun setting, the air whistling by, the darkness enveloping us slowly. I emptied my cock first into her pussy, then withdrew and spewed on her back and ass crack, the warm rivers of cum dripping down her torso. She shuddered and curled up in a fetal ball and I wrapped my self around her warming her from the suddenly cool breeze.

I ran down the ladder, grabbed a light blanket from the closet and brought it back on deck and wrapped her up for the return voyage, tying up at the marina a few hours later. I showered with her, washed her all over, played with her, and loved her kissing her deeply, until we were thoroughly clean. I drove her back to her condo and we parted with a kiss, a telling kiss with emotions lingering on the taste and feel of our lips. I told her I would call her in a few days, and we could make plans to be together again. She smiled and said, “I would like that, Paul, I don’t want this to be a casual tryst.” I assured her it was never a thought for me.

“You are my fantasy and my reality, Ellie,” I said, staring deeply into her soulful eyes. “You have a standing reservation on the Wet n Wild as long as I am the captain.”

I drove back to the boat, smiling, knowing my life had finally taken a turn for the better. Before I turned in, I opened my ship’s log and wrote up my notes about Ellie. She was on my mind the next morning. I was missing her early morning taste. Ellie’s scent was still in the master stateroom as I stripped the sheets and washed them and the towels. I hated to purge that scent as it was a great reminder of Ellie’s charms.

In the next houseboat log entry of the Wet n Wild, Ellie surprises me, telling her roommate about us, and I inadvertently develop a reputation for romantic sea adventures among their social circle.

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Neighbor Girl

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My fascination with her started with one glance, one small smile. I had seen her around before, but never really noticed her. One day it changed.

I had gone to the corner store for some snacks before the game that night, and she was visiting her dad, who lived downstairs in my building. As I got home, she was sitting outside on his front step, listening to her music player. I glanced up as I turned down the driveway, and she looked up enough to see me coming. She tilted her head ever so slightly, and smiled. It was adorable, and endearing, and I smiled back and walked on. After that, whenever she was around, I tried my best to sneak glances.

I couldn’t get her out of my head. She wasn’t my usual fare; but there was something about her that drew me in. She had a slight, girlish build: long, coltish legs that seemed mismatched to an ass that screamed out to be manhandled and a chest that was still filling out. She had that girl next door quality, with her t-shirt and jeans, relaxed attitude, and that smile: it had a way of disarming you, and yet it wasn’t the most perfect smile. Maybe it was just the way it fit her personality, her smile seemed to hide in plain sight, just like her.

A few weeks went by, and I knew I had to do something to clear my head. I figured she couldn’t be interested back, so maybe if I just had a talk with her, I could convince myself that this was just fantasy. I let it slide until one day she was back out on the steps.

“Hi,” I took the first step.

“Hi,” she answered, her voice timid and quiet.

I walked past with two bags of groceries, then pulled up my courage, and threw caution to the wind. I turned around, and walked back over to her steps.

“I’ve seen you over here before. My name is Brian.”

“I’m Tarah; I come over here to see my dad. Him and my mom are divorced, so,” she trailed off.

“So you live at your mom’s?”

“Only until I finish college, then I am moving away from this town!” She laughed, nervous and shy. I was caught up in rapid fire thoughts: she’s in college? Never would have guessed that. She hasn’t blown me off yet. Maybe she likes me too? How do I find out? Where do I go from here?

What came out of my mouth happened by pure instinct alone, because my brain was long gone by this point. “Wanna grab a coffee? It’s gotta beat sitting alone on the front step.”

There’s that smile again. “Sure, that would be great.”

“Let me just put these groceries away in my place, and I’ll be back down in a minute.”

“OK, I’ll be here.”

I ran those groceries up, tossed them on the table, and slowed down only when I got close to the last corner before she could see me. Trying hard to play it cool, I popped around the corner, and she gathered up her stuff. As we walked down the street, we made the awkward first steps in any conversation where you are trying to get to know someone. No, I live alone, I’m single. So sorry to hear you aren’t close to your dad. Yeah, it is nice, a great location for apartments. It’s great to see the weather finally starting to turn toward a nice fall. Wow, nursing! That’s a good paying job, and it’s gotta be pretty fulfilling, too. Nice choice for your studies. Me? I’m just a manager of a men’s clothing store at the mall. It pays the bills, right?

We Gaziantep Anal Escort sat down with our coffees at the shop, and things just built from there. No, she loved her dad, but hated how he hurt her mom. She only came to see him because he was alone now, and she hated that more than the hurt he caused the whole family. She had a younger brother and sister, but they stayed with her mom. She sat on the step because he would sit in front of the TV and ignore her after the first few minutes of conversation. I could kinda relate, my parents did the same thing, and they would fixate on only what they wanted, and not get that I just needed to live my life. She totally understood, and that’s why she wanted to get out of there so bad. She couldn’t focus at home, she tried to keep the family somewhat together by visiting her dad; she just needed to move on, and until she could, she had decided to just stretch to cover it all herself.

The conversation lapsed as we both sipped slowly on our coffees. So similar, yet so different. There was something tangible there, and I could feel it. I knew I had to see her again, and I tried to think of a way to. I hit on the idea by complete luck.

“So why not bring your homework over to your dad’s? It’s not like he would bother you once you started working on it. Then you could focus and get it done, and help get your grades back up.”

“I would, but it’s a lot to carry over from my mom’s, and I don’t have a car. And I hate taking the bus, just thinking of all the germs, ugh…”

“Well, and don’t take this the wrong way, but if you’d like, I could pick you up on my way home on Fridays. You normally stay the whole weekend, right? Then you could bring your books, work on your studies, and get school done and move on with your life.”

“I could never impose like that, I’ll be ok.”

“No, I insist. I’d appreciate the company. How about this? You can pay me back by taking breaks from your work to sit and have coffee and chat with me. I get so bored upstairs by myself, and it would be nice just to have a friend to chat with.”

“Really?” she wavered. I knew I had her.

“Yeah, come on. I promise I’m not that bad once you get to know me.”

And so we agreed to start our weekend coffee club, just the two of us, with a simple handshake over some coffees. We grabbed two more cups to go, and started walking back home. The sun had started to set, and the day was cooling off, but things were just heating up between us. As we approached the apartment building, I asked if she’d like to join me for dinner, unless her and her old man had plans. She didn’t even stop in to ask him. With that smile, she answered, “And leave this conversation when it’s just getting started? I don’t think so!”

We walked up to my place, with me apologizing profusely for not cleaning before having company. She replied that her dad was back to his bachelor ways, so she was used to it. We walked into the kitchen, and I started picking up the groceries from earlier, stuffing them into the little cabinets in my tiny kitchenette. I told her to have a seat, and started pulling out things for dinner. I cooked us two little steaks and some mixed veggies. She slid around the kitchenette, tidying things up, setting out plates and utensils, and giving the table a homey feel. A few times as we both moved around we brushed up against each other, or out right bumped into each other, and you could feel the electricity passing back and forth. The conversation stayed light, and we joked about professors at her school, and people in the neighborhood. As we sat down to eat, she looked at me from across the table, and there was something in her eyes, some glint that I couldn’t recognize. We talked about things in common, and things we disliked, and things that drove us crazy, and we laughed so hard that it made us cry. It was one of the best meals I have ever had.

As we finished up, she got up and took the dishes to the sink, where she started washing them. I told her to stop, to not worry about them as I would get them later. She insisted, so I got up to stop her; after all, she was a guest. I slipped behind her and grabbed her hands out of the sink, then realized the position we were now in. She stopped, her breathing slow and baited; she was waiting for my move. I sensed this, but wasn’t sure if we were on the same page. I figured I had nothing to lose, so I took the next step.

“You don’t need to do these, I’ll take care of them later.”

“So then what do we do now?”

I pulled a towel off the stove, and dried her hands. Sparks were flying, and we both knew something had to happen. I leaned next to her ear, and said softly: “I know that right now, I want to kiss you.”

She spun around in my arms, and glanced up at me; she was still that shy girl, but I knew now that glint in her eye was desire, and it was growing. She tilted her head up, and we kissed softly. It was passion and emotion and raw energy, and it wasn’t going to be satisfied with one soft kiss. As we broke apart, I opened my eyes to see something changed in her; and she turned away quickly.

“What’s wrong? What did I do?”

“Nothing, it’s not you.”

“Then what is it?” I pulled her back around, staring into those blue pools framed by her dirty blonde streaks of hair that fell into her eyes.

“I don’t know, I just can’t remember feeling like this before. It scares me; you scare me. Not like that, not in a bad way, but…”

“But what? Tell me.”

“But, it’s like I want to let go, of the hurt and the hard times, and just enjoy this moment, which has been so perfect, like a dream! But if I do, when it’s over, all of this will come rushing back, and that will hurt worse then not letting go. It’s like I can see life without the pain, but I don’t want to visit it and have to come back to reality. Does that make sense?”

“Yeah, I get it, but at the same time, you can’t deny you feel something too. What does that mean then?”

She paused, looking at my eyes, and it felt like she was searching my soul for answers. Her hand reached up to pull me closer, and we kissed once more, this time with more fervor. She pulled away, and said, “Maybe it means it’s time for me to let go.”

I pulled her into my arms, and leaned her back against the countertop, and we kissed longer, and as we did, the energy in the room became palpable, and we started the caresses and touches that would take us down the road to full on groping. Our mouths still mashed together, I spun her away from the counter and towards the living room. We walked down the hall, but she stopped as we got next to my darkened bedroom doorway, and she turned us into there. She pulled my shirt up, and as I slid it over my head, she bounced onto my bed, and turned to beckon me with one finger. I climbed on next to her, and as we kissed she leaned me on to my back and ran her fingers across my chest, toying with the hairs on my chest. I grabbed at her plump ass with one hand, and squeezed it firmly. She giggled in my arms, and pulled back until she was kneeling next to me. I lifted her t-shirt, and she pulled it up over her head. I sat up, and undid her bra, then quickly began to play with my new find. She had such delicate nipples, and they tensed up at the slightest touch. I played my fingertips across them, and she shivered. I pulled her close, kissing her as I pulled her back on top of me. The feeling of her breasts rubbing against my chest was exhilarating, and as our tongues found their way together, I traced my fingers across her back and sides. I felt her left hand push in between us, and she rubbed my growing bulge through my cargo pants. She pushed up, and sat back again, this time her fingers pulling at my pants and tugging them open. I reached down and shoved them off, and them moaned as her soft fingers now pulled at my hard cock. Her slender fingers stroked up and down, making the muscles of my groin jump in her hand.

After a few minutes of stoking my excitement to new levels, I pulled her hands away from my dick and back to my chest. I rolled her over and quickly she shed her jeans and panties. I licked her lips, teasing her sides with my touch to help return some of that excitement building in me. My fingers moved from her waist to the soft patch of skin and tufts of hair at that most delicate junction of her body, and I could feel her dewy essence on her lips. I stroked circles around that sweet pussy, and felt how plush and engorged she was. Knowing she was primed for more, I slid down her body, and began using my tongue as fast as my fingers in working her into a frothy frenzy. She came twice in rapid succession, and she pulled my head up as she struggled to catch her breath. I grinned at her, and slid my body up between her legs, feeling her wetness coating my stomach and then my prick.

“Having fun yet?” I asked her.

“Oh, just give me more!”

I rocked my hips, coating myself in her juices as I split her outer lips open with my cock. I pushed into her, and she opened up, taking me like a hot knife into butter. Her soft canal, so steamy and wet, felt like heaven, and I gently and persistently pushed in until I had filled her up with all of me. Her moans and sighs of approval ensured she was ready. I began to slowly start that sultry dance all first time lovers make, gradually learning each other’s moves, building a trust in the rhythm of the passion and emotion, of the raw sexual energy that passes from one to the other as they unite for the common goal of release; release from themselves, from this world and its cares. Heavy kisses and frantic motions brought us to the edge quickly, and just before we jumped, I pulled out and coated our stomachs with my contribution to our lovemaking. As she came down from her ecstatic high, I fell next to her, and began to caress her face. This delicate angel had chosen me to share this exquisite experience, and I would do everything in my power to repay her for this gift.

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