Training Teacher Ch. 02

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Training Teacher Ch. 02: New Reality Revelations

RECAP: I highly recommend you read the beginning of this series, Training Teacher: The Seduction, to learn how Hannah became the submissive pet of one of her students’ parent. Part 2 begins the next morning when she wakes up… still at her new Mistress’ home… lying across the foot of the bed.

Dedication: This story is dedicated to the adorable, sweet, sexy real-life pet Julie.

Credit: A special thanks go to Steve B for his suggestions and Estragon for his copy edit. Also a 2019 February rewrite was done to make this classic story even hotter, nastier and yet, believe it or not, more romantic by Tex Beethoven.

I woke up in the morning from an amazingly surreal dream. A dream so vividly real I felt it could have really happened. A dream that awakened in me a side I didn’t know existed. A dream where my greatest pain in the ass parent, a pretentious, indomitable woman I truly loathed, had seduced me and turned me into her personal lesbian submissive slave. It seemed so real I could almost taste her pussy on my lips.

I opened my eyes.

I sat up.

I wasn’t in my own bed.

I was at the foot of Constance’s bed, the parent that just yesterday had been my biggest problem.

In one startling moment of clarity, I came to the unmistakable realization that it hadn’t been a dream, but was an undeniable and harsh disturbing reality.

The events of the previous evening came flooding back to me. My new Mistress’ aggressive seduction, her powerful orders, my need to obey, and the earth-shattering orgasms that followed. I closed my eyes and replayed last night in my head. Yes, she had seduced me and yes, she was incredibly aggressive and domineering, but I had submitted to her willingly. I wasn’t forced at any time. I could have said no. But although I’d been frequently nervous and even fearful, each time I was faced with the choice of obeying her or refusing to go along, I hadn’t wanted to deny her anything, and the overwhelming feeling of freedom when I allowed Constance to make my decisions for me was unexpectedly liberating. The pressure, the stress, the loneliness of being a single mother, even the frustration of being blamed for Constance’s son’s misbehaviour in my class at school, they’d all vanished when I brainlessly followed the orders of the powerful Constance, my Mistress.

Part of me was mortified as I realized my current predicament, while another part of me was excited as I nervously waited for my Mistress to wake up. I desperately attempted to suppress the burning desire flaming in my loins as I tried to figure out how I was going to: one- deal with Constance; two- get home and dressed for work; three- get to work and explain why my SUV was still at school; and four- most importantly, resist the growing temptation to submit to Constance again.

As I lay back down and pretended to be asleep, my inner turmoil feeling like a cresting wave crashing onto the beach, I felt the bed move. I lay still like a statue. Anticipation resonated through my pores.

I was startled when I felt the bed shake briefly as behind me, someone seemed to be climbing in. I was freaking out, realizing someone must have walked into the bedroom and seen me in all my degrading servitude. I slyly attempted to peek back and see who had joined us: who had discovered my sexual debauchery? Sadly, I was right; someone was in bed with us, although like myself, she… it must be a woman… was on top of the covers. Unfortunately, all I could see from my awkward position was black heels and a woman’s ankle in black pantyhose.

My nervous curiosity didn’t last long. I heard the polite voice of Maeko Chung, Constance’s Japanese born, Chinese raised, maid and the mother of Bao, my best grade four student greeting with great respect: “Good morning, my Mistress.”

I felt some more shuffling on the bed and heard Constance groggily respond, “Good morning, Maeko.” A lengthy silence followed before I began hearing soft moans and realized what Maeko was doing. I was shocked at the thought of the sweet, shy woman, doing what she was apparently doing. Yet my pussy was betraying me again, getting tingly while I quietly listened, like an auditory voyeur, to the lesbian scene going on right behind me like I wasn’t here.


I briefly reminisced about the first time I’d been a silent witness to a sexual performance. It was the summer after I graduated high school, and I was on a girls-only camping trip. I was sharing a tent with Sierra, one of my three closest friends. We’d partied pretty hard with a bunch of college boys and I, quite drunk and worried I might do something I’d regret, called it a night. An hour later I was woken up by a male voice. “What about your friend?”

“Don’t worry about Hannah, she’s passed out. An earthquake wouldn’t wake her. Now let me take a look at what you have for me.”

Still half görükle escort asleep, I didn’t immediately realize what was happening a foot away. But what was happening was made abundantly clear when the guy mumbled, “That’s it baby, suck my cock.”

The loud slurping sound confirmed Sierra’s exhibitionistic extracurricular activity. A couple minutes later I felt a leg bump mine, some shuffling into Sierra’s sleeping bag, followed soon after by Sierra’s unmistakable high-pitched voice. “Yes, harder, fuck me harder. Fuck me like a slut.”

I listened stunned, not remotely able to believe that Sierra, the vigilant feminist of our close-knit group, was calling herself a slut and having some summer fling. It had been her idea to make it a girls-only trip, so the irony was obvious.

Still drunk myself, I fuzzily began to realize I was touching myself. As the fucking continued inches away from me, Sierra’s and my shoulders were almost touching, I got wetter and wetter as I continued frigging myself, really getting into it while trying not to move the outside of my sleeping bag or make any noise.

The guy taking Sierra’s calling herself a slut as an invitation to treat her like one, began to verbally assault my good friend. “That’s it, you fucking slut, take my big dick. Beg for me to fuck your tight cunt.”

I cringed at the word ‘cunt’. Sierra, being the extreme feminist that she was, despised the derogatory term and ripped apart anyone, boy and girl alike, who had the audacity to use it in her presence. I waited for Sierra’s predictable lambasting and feminist rant, but instead heard her say the word I never, in a million years, thought would ever be uttered by her lips, particularly in the way she used it. “Yes, fuck my cunt. Pound me. Fill my cunt with that big, hard cock of yours.”

I let out a little gasp of shock from hearing her use the forbidden ‘C’ word. My hand, having a mind of its own, began rubbing my clit even faster and with more pressure. The verbal degradation of one of my best friends should have angered me, but instead it only increased my desire to come.

I listened to the naughty act of sin with the fascination of a perverted boy watching his first porn. Each time the guy called Sierra a cunt, slut or whore, I put more pressure on my own cunt, imagining I was the slut whose cunt he was ravishing.

As Sierra screamed, “Yes, yes, yes, I’m coming,” I simultaneously had the most intense orgasm of my young life so far. I muffled my pleasure, terrified of being caught in such an intimate act; terrified that they might catch on that I had masturbated to their fucking. Suddenly mortified by my actions, I quickly moved my hand away from my liberated vagina and tried to make sense of what had just happened: both their actions and my own.


I was brought back to my present reality when I heard Constance scream, “Yes Maeko, get Mommy off, yes, yes, yesssssss.”

Another silence lingered as I nervously waited for the inevitable.

“Maeko, excellent as always.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“Maeko, could you please awaken my guest with your special wakeup call?”

“As you wish, Mistress.”

I held my breath, excited trepidation overwhelming me. I felt hands pull the thin blanket off me. Warm hands spread my legs apart. I felt Maeko move between my legs. “Good morning, Ms. Hawkins.”

I opened my eyes, feigning surprise, but my very wet pussy gave away any pretence of innocence. “Good morning, Mrs. Chung.”

“Ahhh, my pet is awake. How are you this morning?”

“Goooood,” I moaned, Maeko’s tongue making contact just as I began to answer.

“Goooood,” Constance replicated mockingly, her condescending tone returning. Maeko licked my pussy with quick sharp licks, the teasing sensation driving me nuts. I wanted to shove her head into my cunt, to use her tongue as a small cock to fuck me.

Constance, recognizing my deliriously horny state from my sounds said, “She’s fucking amazing, isn’t she? I don’t know how she does it, but those teasing slaps she does with her tongue are one of a kind. Are you close to orgasm, my pet? You have my permission.”

Finding it hard to concentrate on Constance’s words or my own, I gasped through my heavy breathing, “So… close… Mistress.”

“Just tell the slut what you want. She always obeys completely. Like yourself, she was born to please.”

Desperate to come, I, so out of character, ordered, “Finger me, Maeko. Fuck my cunt.”

Obeying in record speed, she slipped not one, but two of her thin fingers inside my oasis of juice. As her fingers slid in and out of my pussy, Maeko sucked my clit deeply enough between her lips that she could simultaneously lick it. The dual pleasure was too much, and I bellowed loud enough to wake the dead, “Oh my fucking God, fuck me, fuck me, yesssssssss!”

My body quaked bursa escort bayan and quaked, a seemingly never-ending flow of convulsions. Maeko quit fingering me and let go of my clit, but she continued pleasing me gently by licking the juice from my pussy lips. My pussy lips, tender from the unaccustomed and excessive attention of the past twelve hours, began to feel numb. I pushed Maeko away. “No more.”

It was like I’d slapped her in the face. “I’m sorry if I didn’t please you, Ms. Hawkins.”

“Oh my God, that’s not true, Maeko. You pleased me completely. So well in fact, that my vagina is a bit tender now.”

“It’s called a cunt, my pet. Little children have vaginas,” Mistress Constance corrected me.

“Sorry, Mistress. My cunt is sore from all the attention. It was relatively neglected for quite some time, so all this sudden attention is a bit overwhelming.”

“Well, your cunt being neglected won’t be a concern anymore,” Mistress guaranteed. She got off the bed and grabbed a robe. “Maeko will escort you to the guest shower.”

“Thank you,” I replied. Constance breezed past my words as she disappeared into her private washroom.

Maeko handed me a robe and I silently followed her to another bathroom. She offered, with a subservient smile, “If there is anything you need Ms. Hawkins, please ask.”

My face still flushed, I responded, “Thank you, I think I should be ok.”

Maeko walked away in her ridiculously revealing maid’s uniform and I went into the washroom and turned on the shower. As the hot water washed away my sin, I realized I still had no solution to my problems. I bounced around different scenarios, but none seemed to get me back to normality. As I lathered my body, I thought back to how just yesterday afternoon I’d spent twenty minutes with Mrs. Chung, discussing her daughter Bao’s unbelievable academic success. There wasn’t even the slightest inkling of what was going to happen that evening. I was eternally grateful that I wouldn’t have another interview with either her or Constance this school year. I finished my shower and grabbed the robe, just as there was a knock on the door.

I opened the door and Maeko handed me my bra and a blue dress. The dress was very cute and, thankfully, school-appropriate. I began to close the door, but Mrs. Chung stopped me. “I’ve been instructed to help you with the dress and stockings, Ms. Hawkins.”

“Oh,” I responded, slightly dazed.

I put on my bra and my dress and stood shyly, which was odd after what she’d just done for me and done so well, while she zipped my dress up for me. Once that was done, she politely asked me to sit on a dressing stool that was in the corner and proceeded to slowly drape the thigh high stockings up my legs, gently pressing into them as she went. The dark mocha colour really gave my legs a sexy look to them, and my pussy began to tingle again as I felt Maeko’s gentle hands massaging the silk up my legs. Her talented tongue so close to my cunt had me almost salivating as I mentally relived the pleasure she’d recently given me. Once both stockings were on, Maeko stood up, “Is there anything else I can do for you Ms. Hawkins?”

“My panties?”

Maeko’s face flushed, “Mistress doesn’t permit any of her pets to wear underwear.” She briefly flashed me her own hairless pussy to illustrate the ban.

“Oh,” I replied, slightly stunned by this newest piece of information and her casual nudity.

She went to the door. “Follow me to the kitchen.”

I reached for her hand, dying to know the answer, “How did you become Constance’s, um, her…”

Maeko grasped my hand willingly and smiled genuinely at me as she finished my question for me. “How did I become Mistress’ full-service maid?”

“Yes, please tell me,” I exclaimed, thankful she understood my blabbering question and dying to know how Constance had seduced her.

She told me her story, not once making eye contact with me. Her tone wasn’t one of shame, but rather contemplation as she remembered.


“I applied for the job as her maid two years ago. Mistress recognized me from some school function and the fact we had children in the same grade. She explained that she was a very demanding employer and expected perfection and total obedience from her help. I explained I was born in Japan but grew up in China, where I lived in a home with a very domineering father and a mother with very high expectations. This seemed to please her, and I was hired.

“For two months there was nothing obviously unique about the job except I only saw the Master occasionally. In retrospect, there were many subtle things, but nothing that gave me any reason to guess what would eventually be expected of me. For example, she often touched me gently whenever she spoke to me, she often complimented me on my appearance, and she continually made alterations to my work outfit. What began as a typically modest maid’s uniform slowly changed into something bursa escort far more provocative, as you can see. The skirt got shorter and the blouse a little tighter and cut much lower. One day she informed me she now expected me always to wear three-inch pumps. Although these were inconvenient for my job, I, of course, obeyed.

“Then two weeks ago I found a gift bag for me. In it were a dozen pairs of silk thigh high stockings with a note explaining she expected me to dress in classy stockings instead of no-name pantyhose. And since they were part of my uniform, I needn’t buy them, but just to ask her when I needed replacements. I had never worn stockings before, nor did I even know such undergarments existed. It was clear she enjoyed demonstrating her power and our differing social status. But once I put them on, I was surprised by how sexual I felt and how good the silk felt on my legs. And once I began wearing them home, my husband loved them and couldn’t keep his hands off of me!

“Then the pivotal moment occurred. I arrived at work at my usual time of 6:30 and found a note on the kitchen table instructing me to please come upstairs the moment I arrived. I obeyed, and walked in on Mistress naked with a woman between her legs. I was stunned. I had never seen two women together. While still being serviced, Mistress ordered me to her bedside and once I reached her, she explained that she was offering me a major change in my duties and that she wished me to become a full-service maid. I replied that I was unclear of her meaning. Mistress made it crystal clear as she ordered me to get on the bed and replace the girl who was currently servicing her. I stood still, mystified by the request. She repeated her order, her tone domineering and clearly daring me to disobey.

“Without a word, I moved onto the bed and a very pretty woman, who I would later learn was the Mayor’s wife, moved away from between Mistress’ legs. I positioned myself between them and awaited further instructions. Mistress explained that while most people liked to wake up with an alarm and coffee, she preferred to be awakened by having her cunt licked. She further explained that if I were to stay on as her maid, her full-service maid, this would be one of my regular duties. She added that the full-service maid position came with many perks including a substantial raise, a personal vehicle, and a clothing allowance. I would like to say I resisted, that I was forced into this role, but I, like you I am guessing, obeyed of my own free will. Oh sure, she was dominant and very intimidating, but I accepted the role all on my own, and I’m very glad that I did.

“As if I were signing a contract, I bowed to her Geisha style from my kneeling position, then with my head down asked her formally, ‘Mistress, your full-service maid requests your permission to lick your cunt.’ She laughed, told me I was precious, then assumed a serious demeanor and replied as formally as I had asked, ‘Permission granted.’

“So I leaned down and licked her cunt. I had no idea what I was doing, having never done it before, nor had I ever had it done to me either, my husband considering it something only sluts would do. I licked and nibbled until she began moaning and telling me not to stop. Once she orgasmed on my face, I felt a strange tingle flow throughout my body. I felt a genuine thrill at having pleased her in such a way. I also felt a very pleasant feeling of power in being able to bring someone such joy.

“Mistress, once she’d recovered from her orgasm, asked if I accepted my new terms. I bowed to her again, now in acceptance, and then watched as a triumphant smile spread across her face. She went on to tell me that it was time to receive my first bonus. She instructed the other woman to please me. I began to object, explaining I was married and had never had that done to me before. I was first scolded for questioning her, and then comforted when she paused in mid-scold and asked me caringly to confirm my amazing statement that I had never, ever, been pleasured by a tongue, not even my husband’s. She explained she too was married and that Pamela Washington, the Mayor’s wife, was obviously married. She went on to explain that no man can please a woman like another woman, and it was time for me to learn the forbidden fruit of lesbian lust. Mistress instructed the stranger to show me how good sex with a woman could be. The pretty woman aggressively flipped me onto my back and gave me pleasure I didn’t know was possible. I came in less than two minutes. That night I went online and began reading articles on how to please a woman. Over the next week I also watched online videos. I was determined to become excellent at this pleasant task, just like I strive to be excellent in everything else I do.”


“Wow,” was all I could muster. I hid the fact that her story of submission had made me horny yet again.

Oblivious to my horniness and awe, she suggested, “We’d better go. Mistress will be wondering. Patience is not one of her strong points.” For the first time in ten minutes, she allowed our eyes to meet. She let a smile break her usual mask of impeccable courtesy.

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Quiet Nights In

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It started with the exchange of pictures. You a breast or breasts or a full shot in underwear. He, usually his erect penis, once with cum dripping out of it.

That one provided you with a good night’s masturbation material. Imagining yourself there as he pumped his cock into your eager and willing mouth, cumming down the back of your throat and over your face. You leave the cum dripping down your face onto your breasts as you lean across and lick the last remaining drops scooping them out of the top his urethra with your tongue.

On another occasion he’d asked for you to send him a photo at 3pm in the afternoon of you thinking about him. Again, this request had provided fertile masturbation material as you planned the photo. His favourite set of panties pulled to the side a wet finger tracing your intimate lips, perhaps pulling them apart partly revealing the pink glistening enticing flesh underneath.

The picture turned out better than you could have hoped for as by the time you came to take the photo you had been thinking about it pretty much non-stop all day, so the panties had a very obvious wet patch which could easily be seen on the picture.

He showed his appreciation for the photo by immediately texting back with an obvious swelling in his trousers and that you had made his boring meeting much more tolerable!

That night when he came in he didn’t even let you turn round from where you were chopping the vegetables for that’s night dinner, but just lifted your skirt, pulled aside those same sodden panties and entered you, bending you over the kitchen counter. The movements were fast and furious. Urgent. He grunts and thrusts as he cums. Whispers how hot you are and how much he loves you.

After dinner you snuggle on the sofa watching a film. Him sat up, you with your legs across his lap, lying back on the arm of the sofa. He pulls off your panties and then with his right hand starts rubbing your pussy with his thumb, occasionally pressing at the opening but never quite entering, just teasing.

In the other he holds your panties, sniffs and then sucks at the wet material a mixture of yours and his cum. The sight of this makes you noticeably wetter. He pushes his thumb inside you. You can’t help but gasp a little. He then leans across and presents the dirty panties to you.

You tentatively lick the wet patch. He smiles, you lick a bit more fervently. In one move he pushes the your dirty panties into your mouth and repositions himself so his head is between your legs. He moves his thumb to your arsehole as he tongues the inside of your sopping hole. You lie back to enjoy this, all the while sucking the cum out of your panties.

It’s not long until you’re on the edge. He senses this and quickly thrusts his cock into your inviting flooded hole. You both cum in a couple of minutes. You spend the rest of the evening with him idly teasing you, wiping up his own cum with his fingers and occasionally presenting them for you to lick and suck.

A few days later after he has already left for work, you get up and notice a package has been left for you. In it are a new pair of panties, a blindfold a pair of cuffs and a small vibrator.

A note with the package requests you to put these items on at 4:30pm and be ready kneeling by the end of the bed, with your legs open. The vibrator is to be put on the lowest setting.

The rest of the day goes very slowly. Everything feels like it’s just a precursor for this afternoon’s entertainment. At 3pm you get in the shower, ensuring everywhere that should be hair free is. For some reason this meant rubbing your pussy quite a lot. It’s a long shower.

Although you masturbated you didn’t come. The lust for later is intense. By 4:25pm the make up is on, the items from the package laid out on the bed. First the panties go on. Black wet-look, silky feeling with just a couple of straps criss-crossing the bum. The vibrator fits in a pocket in the panties right on the clit. Even at a low setting the vibrator feels quite powerful. Before you have the blindfold in place the vibrator is eliciting a warm moist reaction from you.

Finally, the cuffs are locked in place behind your back. No going back now. All you can hear is the low hum of the vibrator. With the blindfold on, there is nothing to distract you from the constant vibration and the orgasm beginning to well up deep from within.

A few minutes later the orgasm blossoms and bursts. You cum hard but there is no relief, the vibrator keeps on doing its thing. There’s no way for you to avoid it. The excruciating pleasure continues. It’s not long until another orgasm rips through you.

When you feel you are almost at your third, you hear the key in the front door. That sends you over the edge.

As you are recovering, you hear his footsteps. He seems to be taking his time. You can sense him in the room, the vibrator is still on. The hum now seems deafening to you. Your body is shaking.

You suddenly feel his hand on your breast. He presses it into you, then pulls at it görükle escort as if trying pulling it off your body. He repeats this with both breasts. After a couple of moments, you feel the other hand brush across your panties just the other side of the material to where your aching pussy is. It’s too much the fourth orgasm is upon you. You shudder with the force of the orgasm.

Before you can recover you hear a zip and a rustle of cloth then something pressing against your lips. You open your mouth/

“Just kiss it” he says.

You begin kissing all over the head and down the shaft.

“Lick it” he says.

You begin tonguing the shaft, tip and balls.

“Suck it” he says.

You put the end of his cock in your mouth and gently suck.

“Harder” he says.

You suck harder. You feel the cock grow and grow in your mouth.

“Take it all in” he says.

You begin to try to take the whole length. You can feel his pubes against your nose. You feel him gently yet firmly push the back of your head towards him. The cock makes you gag. He lets go a little, you withdraw down the shaft slightly.

“I didn’t say stop” he says.

You begin sliding the cock back down your throat. Again, his hand reaches for the back of your head. This time he pushes you until you are choking slightly then releases, then pulls again until you are gagging. He spends several minutes playing with the space between you gagging and not gagging. This and the vibrator are helping the fifth orgasm build.

Soon he has abandoned all delicate gagging and is now simply holding your head still with both hands, kind of gripping your hair and ears, and is pumping his cock in and out of your mouth in slow long rhythmic motions. The tip almost coming free from your mouth on the out stroke and feeling like it is in your stomach on the in stroke. It is all you can do to stop yourself from actually puking.

Although his tempo gradually increases the length of motion does not waver. As his speed increases, so your orgasm builds. At the moment of your orgasm his cock is rammed as far down your throat as he possibly can. Your teeth are up against his abdomen, his balls pressed under your chin, his salty liquid pouring into your stomach.

You both sleep soundly that night.

You are little disappointed when there is no message or package waiting for you the next morning. When you pick up your soaking wet panties from the previous night, the memories start flooding back to you and you can feel yourself getting wet again.

Feeling naughty, you slip the blindfold back on, put the dirty panties in your mouth and get on your knees in the same place as last night. You then finger yourself to an almighty orgasm.

You then send him a picture of you with the panties in your mouth and wet fingers at your pussy. He sends you back a short video of him pounding away at his cock with his fist, exploding over the toilet cubicle from which he was masturbating. The sex that night is passionate and satisfying.

A week or so later, there is another package and set of instructions when you wake up. This time it is the same blindfold and handcuffs but a different set of panties (blue ones this time) and an anal vibrator.

You are wet before you even start to read the instructions. You read them with one hand absent mindedly stroking your clit and lips. This time you are to kneel with your head to the ground arse in the air.

Much like before the whole day feels like you are building towards 4:30pm. It’s hard to concentrate on anything else. Your mind keeps returning to what happened last time and what might happen today.

At 4:30pm, your head is touching the bedroom carpet, your arse is high in the air. Your panties are already becoming visibly wet from the work of the vibrator and the sense of anticipation. This time the vibrator doesn’t make you cum. Instead it is just constantly teasing, the orgasm always just out of reach.

You hear him come in. The anticipation rushes through you. One step nearer to orgasm. You feel hands pull at your panties being pulled down slightly. Just so your pussy and arse are showing. This makes you feel even more exposed and vulnerable. The orgasm edges nearer. He slaps your arse. Each cheek, one, two. Pause. Repeat. The noise is loud. Your arse stings.

You feel his tongue on your pussy, his nose pushing the vibrator further into your arse. After a moment he withdraws and quickly deals another two blows, quickly followed by two mores. It really stings and you think about telling him to stop but you don’t. You know how wet you are.

Suddenly you feel a quick slap on your pussy. It almost takes your breath away. Two more follow in quick succession and then the tongue is back, licking and caressing the recently slapped, delicate flesh.

Almost without warning his cock is pushing against your pussy. Entering you hard and fast. He holds you hips tightly and pounds into your pussy. Instinctively you raise your head. He immediately bursa escort bayan and forcibly puts your head back to the floor then carries on pounding. You orgasm against him hard and fast.

He stops for a moment, his cock deep inside you, one hand holding your head on the floor, the other gripping a hip. After a moment he pulls out. Pulls out the vibrator and replaces it with his massive cock. You gasp aloud when he enters you and with every subsequent thrust. He takes his time enjoying your little tight hole gripping his cock, which feels so much bigger when squeezed into this hole.

You slowly relax as his rhythm increases. He is holding you by your handcuffed hands, forcing you down to the floor. You so wish you had a hand free to help yourself to another orgasm. But this is his time now.

He works his way up until he is pounding you harder than he was when he was in your pussy. Your arse is on fire but you welcome the burn. Your tits are squashed into the ground, rubbing back and forth which each stroke. Eventually he comes, thrusting deep inside, pulling the handcuffed hands back and lifting your head off the floor.

He soon withdraws and places you back kneeling with your head down. Panties still down around your knees but now there is cum dripping out of your arsehole over your pussy and trickling down your legs. You hear the sound of a polaroid camera. The thought of the photo of you in this compromised position gets your juices flowing freely again.

He pulls your head up by the hair. You feel his cock being shoved in your mouth. You accept it eagerly. Sucking and licking. The thought of where his cock had just been makes you incredibly wet. Soon he is rock hard again.

This time he lies down and makes you ride him. Arms still cuffed behind your back. Tits exposed and thrust forward to receive intermittent slaps of encouragement, which make you ride him harder.

He can see you are about to cum and he tells you to wait until he is ready. You slow your pace and build it back up before having to stop yourself again. Luckily by third time he is ready to cum too. You come together. He squeezes you and kisses you passionately and urgently.

Another week or so goes by before another package is left. Again, just the sight of the box is enough to get you started. This time, along with the blindfold is a dog choke chain and a leash.

The instructions are to be kneeling, legs apart, facing the front door at 5pm. The chain should be around your neck and the leash should be held in the open palm of your left hand.

Once again the day builds slowly up to the appointed time. The urge to masturbate has been strong but you have resisted. By 5pm as you get on your knees, blindfolded with the chain around your neck and the leash in your left hand your pussy feels swollen and wet.

You don’t have to wait long until you hear the key in the door. The moment of anticipation before you can confirm it is indeed him is so frighteningly exciting, that it alone could almost make you cum.

As he takes the leash, he whispers how beautiful you look.

The gentle tug at your neck indicates for you to stand. He turns you around to face the wall. He is standing behind you. You can feel his still clothed, hard cock rubbing into your back. He brings his hands up to your breasts. Squeezing them. Pinching the nipples, making you gasp.

One hand continues this, the other slips further down your body and strokes your freshly waxed pussy, tracing the smooth skin. With that hand he then reaches into his pocket and pulls something out. You feel the cold chain against your body momentarily before you feel the clamp close over your erect nipple.

The first rush of pain is strong but it quickly gives way and translates to an increased wetness. The second clamp is attached with a similar reaction to the first. You can feel the chain dangling between your breasts and down your body.

A third clamp is then attached to your swollen clit. This clamp almost takes your breath away but still your pussy steadily continues to flow. He pulls you close again. This time you can feel his hard cock, still clothed in your hands. The feel of that hard cock increases your desire. You love his reaction to your predicament.

You instinctively begin to squeeze and rub. He allows this momentarily. You feel a tug on the leash, your leash, the chain tightening a little around your neck. You follow the pull across the room and then up the stairs. With each step you can feel the chain connecting the clamps bounce off your body and with that bounce the gentle yet excruciating tug on your nipples and clit.

Once in, what you assume to be the bedroom he gently pushes you to the floor. The pull on the leash indicates for you to lean forward on all fours. The chain hanging down from your body. The weight of the chain adding to the torment in your nipples and clit.

He is behind you now. He spanks your arse three times on each cheek before slipping two fingers into your pussy and bursa escort begins finger fucking you. He tightens the grip on the leash, shortening it, tightening it. You can feel the choker pull across your throat, exerting pressure, not enough to restrict breathing but enough to know that if it tightens further it will start to impact.

You are lost in a haze of pain and pleasure. He stops fingering momentarily. Gives your arse another three strikes on each cheek, making your body jump with each blow, increasing the swaying of the chain and the tugging on your nipples and clit.

He then inserts his fat thumb inside your pussy, stroking lips with the rest of his hand, squeezing and pulling your pussy. After just a minute, he withdraws his thumb only for it to re-enter your body, this time in your arsehole with two fingers slipping easily into your swollen, wet pussy. All three digits move in synchronisation, in and out, over and over.

You hear the sound of a vibrator being turned on. You then feel it, not against your body but against the chain, sending vibrations through to your nipples and clit. You feel your orgasm start to build but before you can climax, the hand withdraws, and the vibrator is removed.

You are left slightly breathless on all fours, the chain hanging from your nipples and clit swaying slightly, your pussy and arsehole feeling nicely abused. Your juices are flowing freely.

Something is pressed against your lips. It’s his fingers. You greedily suck at them, drinking in your own sweet nectar. The thumb is then presented, which you suck at too, the slightly bitter taste increasing your flow.

You then hear him undressing. His aching cock is presented to you. You open your mouth wide. It’s just enough to fit his head past your teeth. He makes no effort to move, so you start rocking back and forth so your mouth goes up and down his shaft, making the chain sway and increasing the pain and your pleasure.

After a few minutes he withdraws his cock, walks around you, kneels down and enters your pussy. He fucks you hard, the chain swaying back and forth with his movement. He then shortens the leash tighter than before. You can feel the chain starting to constrict your breathing slightly, it feels like blood is rushing to your head.

Soon he starts cumming. The volume is huge. Even before he has stopped spurting, the cum is being forced out of your pussy and down your legs.

Once he is done, he removes the clamp from your clit. The blood rushes back in, your relief is tangible.

“Now,” he says, “you get to remove one clamp every orgasm I have. The quicker you can make me cum the quicker you can remove them.”

The clamps are really starting to become more pain than pleasure now. You think for a moment about how to get him hard and going again. You sit up, reach down to your pussy and start fingering yourself, stopping every now and then to lick his cum from your fingers.

After a couple of minutes, his hand joins yours, fingering you and feeding you cum. A few minutes more and you can feel his hard cock pushing against your lips. You open your mouth and take him in, licking and sucking.

With your wet fingers, you reach behind him, find his arsehole and slip one then another finger into his arse. You hear him groan.

“Fuck my face.” you say.

“Beg me” he says.

“Please, I beg you, fuck my face” you say.

He needs no second invitation. He grabs your head much like the night a few weeks ago, ramming his whole length down your throat, back and forth, in and out.

Luckily for you it doesn’t take long before he is cumming down your throat. You gag, finding it hard to swallow with his cock so far down your throat, bringing some back up into your mouth.

He withdraws his cock, then is on his knees in front of you, kissing you deeply, licking his cum from your mouth. With one hand he undoes the clamp from your right breast and then drops his head kissing it gently, tenderly. This just reminds you how much the other nipple is now hurting.

How to get him hard and cumming again? You think.

You drop your head to the ground, which also provides some relief to your clamped nipple and say to him;

“Spank me, I beg of you”

Again he needs to second invitation, he starts spanking your arse, smack, smack, smack!

Occasionally a blow catches a bit of your pussy. Although this hurts a bit more it seems to turn you on more than the smacks to your arse. After a few minutes you ask him if he is hard yet. Luckily he is.

“Fuck my arse hard and fast, my love, I beg you, fuck my arse without mercy” you say.

He immediately starts to position his penis near your hole. You reach back, slip your middle finger in then out of your arsehole. You then add another finger, in and out. You then reach back and taking hold of his rock hard cock, guide it into your arsehole. He begins fucking you hard straight away, pounding you like a jackhammer, pulling your leash again, choking you.

You start fingering your clit. Before long you cum, your body shivering, gooseflesh rises and falls your arsehole tightens squeezing the cock inside you. He then pulls out and cums all over your back, and arse. He starts to rub it in with one hand and removes the remaining clamp with the other.

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Old Memories and New Experiences

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Chapter 4

The past two weeks had been grueling. Seamus was getting regular head and his wife Cleo was doing a damn fine job at stopping just short of him cumming. He would then have to watch as she got herself off with a 7″ dildo. She seemed to enjoy the torture too much. About a week into this ordeal, Cleo had sucked and licked until his cock was a nice shade of reddish, purple. It was throbbing and aching and his balls hurt. He had listened and not touched himself, but was about to explode. As his wife got out her dildo and began to tease the entrance to her wet love tunnel, he began to moan. At first it was in pain then it began to be in pleasure. The slurping of her wet cunt taking the dildo was turning him on even more as he leid there helpless and in need. As Cleo watched his hard cock get harder she began to fuck herself harder. She was burying the dildo deep in her pussy then toying with her g-spot. She began to pant and her pussy was creaming as she experienced something new. Mid-orgasm her pussy exploded, squirting liquid nearly across the room. She was surprised as she had never squirted this hard before and as she looked over, Seamus’ face showed relief as she looked down at what used to be her husband’s cock and now could only be explained as volcanic. He spewed with cum as some strands shot straight in the air almost 12 inches from his 6 inch dick. Other strings of cum were just oozing out like a lava path going down to his abdomen. What he was not ready for was what happened next. Cleo who was not görükle escort overly fond of cum, sauntered over and began to lick him clean. Next thing he knew it was two hours later and he had passed out.

Cleo said “glad you finally rejoined the living, I thought you were a goner after that orgasm.” She continued with a twinkle in her eye, “I have some special plans for you for tomorrow night!”

His response was, “Oh yeah what’s up?”

“Well we are going to see a friend, so no more orgasms until tomorrow and make sure you are ready for some fun” was the response.

The next day they got into their car and Cleo said she would drive, she made Seamus put on a blindfold and began driving. When the car stopped he knew they had been driving for about 30 minutes, he had lost all sense of direction though. Cleo came to the passenger side of the car and told him to come with her but leave the blindfold on. He was put on the bed with one set of instructions, “take all of your clothes off but leave the blindfold on.”

He laid there nude with a semi-hardon for what felt like forever. Finally, he felt the bed move, a form crawled up to his feet, then his waist. They stopped there and gave his cock a little lick. It instantly sprang to life and he felt welt lips form around his cock. He was sure this was his wife, as it felt like her blow job. The next thing he felt was the bed to his right move like someone was on it. The someone moved closer to him and mounted his face and before covering bursa escort bayan his ears he heard a simple command “EAT!” Seamus did not recognise this voice or the taste of the pussy. But he happily began eating the pussy. He felt what he was still sure to be his wife change positions and slide her pussy down his amply hard cock. He then felt as though the two women were kissing. He was going wild as this was his fantasy threesome. His wife masterfully slid up and down his hard cock then sat all the way down and grinded. He felt her orgasm begin to build and he felt a surge of liquid puddle around the base of his cock. He knew she had just cum, not like the day before but he could tell she had let out some fluid. The pussy on his face began to hump his mouth and at one point he had his tongue in the vagina and his nose was rubbing her taint. He felt the muscles clench and felt a hand working the clit above his chin.

At this point the two women switched places and once his wife was sitting on his face he knew it was Cleo. He would recognise her scent and taste anywhere. She rocked forward so that his tongue was on her clit and his nose was rubbing her pussy hole and piss hole. The pussy that was on his face was now riding his cock and he was about to blow. His wife yelled “don’t you fucking cum yet!” He held back and breathed into her cunt to stop the orgasm. He felt the cunt on his cock start to tighten and heard a moan then his wife squirted in his face. He loved the smell and taste bursa escort of it. He had always wanted to have Cytherea squirt in his face but saw that a s an improbability. Now he knew what it would have felt like and he was hooked. Both women got off of him and told him he could take the blindfold off. As he sat up he took the blindfold off and could not believe his eyes. His wife and his high school crush were in bed with him, they had started to make out.

Annette was a beautiful thing, she was Italian and only about 5’2″ tall. She had nice breast, a beautiful pussy and was in killer shape. Both women were moms but you could not tell. The two were currently intertwined and kissing like they had been doing so for years, but this was at best a new thing. The two women took the position of scissoring and began to rub their hungry cunts against each other and Seamus just watched as he stroked his cock. Annette looked over and saw him stroking his cock and readjusted so that he could enter her twat. As he did so, Cleo pussy lips wrapped around his shaft as he fucked Annette. They stayed like this until the two ladies began to cum. When he felt Annette orgasm this time he could not hold back, he shot a load deep into Annette’s pussy and then shoved in further. As his cum began to trickle out of Annette’s pussy, Cleo began to lap it up. Annette responded with moans and Seamus responded with a hard cock. He got behind his wife and stuck his hard cock into her pussy. He fucked her until she made Annette cum then as he was cumming into her pussy, she began to cum around his cock.

The three laid down in the sweat and cum covered sheets. He had a girl on each arm and a limp, sore but happy dick. His wife simply whispered into his ear, “thank you!” They all fell asleep for the evening.

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Kissed By The Rain Ch. 01

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Author Notes: Yes, I know…..still got other fics that are currently in process on this site, but this new tale seemed to take on a whole life of its own. So, I decided to post the first chapter. Thanks to each and every one of you, who take the time to at least check it out!. Funny thing is, I originally planned for it to be a follow-up to Under His Spell (was going to be a past life flashback to show that Takoda and Lynn had spent a previous life together), but then the characters just took over and decided they wanted a story all of their own. Sounds crazy, I know, but that is EXACTLY just the way it went down.

Hope you enjoy! Xxx

* * * * * * * * * *

The wolf ran swiftly through the forest, trees becoming a blur as he sped right past them. Large in size, he was impressively built, chest narrow yet powerful and commanding attention. His fur was a mixture of gray and white, with bits of black, while the underpart and legs were a yellow-white. His muzzle dripped with blood, still fresh and warm from his recent kill. Yet instead of his usual prey, the one he’d just taken down was of the human species. Like a dog he ran on his toes, lengthening his legs so he could travel even quicker.

He knew the land well, as he’d grown up in the forest since the age of a pup, and the scent he was catching just didn’t fit in. Invaders were on his trail, and he could tell by their smell they were like the one he’d just killed. Simply put, they were people who just didn’t belong on the land. In his heart he knew they were hunting him, and dashing at top speed, he sought to evade them.

Twigs snapped beneath his feet, paws padding over forest debris as he ran quicker. A loud boom echoed through the forest, letting him know they were closing in. Suddenly the scent of sulfur hung thick in the air, both threatening and oppressive all at the same time. His nostrils flared wildly, not knowing the scent yet understanding that it was somehow connected to death. And it was then that he knew he couldn’t head straight back to his people, as tracing a path to the camp would surely lead to the tribe’s destruction.

Veering away from his usual path, the wolf cut through a mossy thicket, then jumped over a fallen log. Yet the wolf was more than certain that they wouldn’t be easily thrown off, and as if to confirm, another loud burst of sound went off. This time it was close enough to sting his ears, and the impact of sound was nearly deafening.

Also overbearing was the scent of one of the invaders, yet no sooner did his nostrils capture the stink, did a soft whoosh of air pass right by his head. To his wolf ears it sounded like a pop, most unnatural and completely off-putting. But he had no time to process what was happening, as a hot, burning sensation suddenly spread along his right ear.

He couldn’t see the patch of fur which had been singed right off, but he could feel the scorching sensation from whatever had hit him. Rather than fear he was energized, and ready to battle whatever had caused it. Adrenaline kicked in and he now slowed his pace, as whatever sought him out was now right up on him. Letting his bladder loose he marked the ground, releasing his scent so his tribal brothers knew where he had been.

He was just finishing up when a figure stepped into sight, clearly a wasichu from the looks of his pale face. Holding a rifle he pointed it right at the wolf, finger pressing the trigger as he lined up the shot. Golden-yellow eyes narrowing at the hunter, the wolf uttered a low-throated growl, then rushed forward and sprung up.

In the span of a second, an arrow whizzed through the air, sinking into the man’s neck with brazen speed. The hunter had no time to process his final moments, as a tomahawk sailed through the air, striking him dead right on the spot. The timber wolf watched as the man fell to his knees, then onto his side in a motionless heap.

Whoops of victory could suddenly be heard, and the wolf spotted a fellow warrior emerge from thick brush. Known to the tribe as Hawk, he stood at medium-height, with two long braids which reached mid-back. A second tribal brother came forth as well, revealing himself from behind a fallen tree. Known as Runs With Courage, he had bow in hand, and regarded the wolf with a disapproving look. Then, through the power of his mind alone, he began speaking to the wolf telepathically.

‘Why did you shift?’ Runs With Courage asked. ‘Shifting is done to overcome enemies we couldn’t normally fight off in our human forms.’

‘I shifted to protect our land,’ the wolf thought back. ‘The invaders were getting too close, they would have found us.’

‘We protect our lands in human form.’ Hawk’s face set in a stern expression.

‘But I couldn’t have possibly picked up their scent in my human form, and you know that.’

‘Shifting is done to fight against the Hestovatohkeo’o. In our wolf forms, we can rip that demon apart.’

‘The invaders are a much bigger threat to our people. We can’t just görükle escort sit back and let them find us, we must go after them.’

‘You should have alerted us.’ Hawk heavily frowned. ‘We go out as a pack, Dancing Wolf, not all alone.’

Standing erect with tail held high, the wolf stared him down. A quiet confidence took over his entire demeanor as he sent a message telepathically back.

‘My spirit called me out beyond the camp, so I went. Somebody needed to survey it, and that was me.’

‘We could have gone with you, Dancing Wolf. We have to back you up.’

‘And you did,’ the wolf thought back. ‘You took down the wasichu that trespassed onto our land.’

‘There were two others, a full mile back.’ It was Runs With Courage who sent the thought through now. ‘One had his throat ripped out, and the other we took down with an arrow.’

The wolf’s muzzle was still soaked with blood, so it was no secret that he was the one who’d ripped out the throat. It was news to the wolf, however, that his pack brothers had taken care of the other wasichu.

‘We did what was needed to protect our people,’ the wolf relayed. Go back to the camp now, you both did your part.’

The two Hunkpapa Lakota warriors exchanged an uncertain look, then following the command of their alpha, started off. Once they were out of sight the wolf began to change form, shifting from fur into smooth skin. The narrow, powerful chest transformed into broad shoulders and a hard, hairless chest. His body had a mind of its own now and he gasped, trying his best to catch his breath as incredibly pain rocketed right through his form.

The lower half was next to shift, no longer resembling that of a wolf, yet only a man. Narrow waist, lean hips, and long, muscular legs were now on display, along with his manhood, which hung long and proud between his thighs. Silky hair grew from his scalp, trailing down over his shoulders and breastbone, until it hit that point just below his breastbone. Jet black and glossy, it was bound in leather ties, which allowed his locks to beautifully drape over his broad, muscled chest.

Now fully in his human form, Dancing Wolf stretched out his tall, lean body, neck muscles cracking as he adjusted his neck. Perspiring from the stressful ordeal his body had just endured, he pushed out a breath that was hot and heavy. As the last few bones fully shifted into place he let out a grunt, long and low and undeniably masculine. Noticing that a breechcloth had been left by his tribal brothers, he positioned the animal skin against his crotch, then tied it in place. There were also a pair of moccasins left behind for him as well, and after slipping his feet into them, found himself grateful to have some covering on his otherwise naked form.

Eyes shifting to the dead wasichu on the ground, he immediately went over to take possession of the rifle. While he may not have know it was a Remington Rolling Block Rifle, he was able to discern it was a powerful weapon. With guns so hard to come by for Native tribes, it was definitely a valuable find, and would come in handy during hunting or battling their enemies for resources. The gun had a strap attached to it, and slinging it over his shoulder, he allowed the weapon to rest comfortably against his back. Pleased at the way things had gone, Dancing Wolf gazed up at the branches which framed the sky. Speaking a prayer to his Creator in his Lakota language, he gave thanks that he was still alive, and had been able to stop the invaders from ravaging the camp.

But then suddenly, cutting through the peaceful stillness of the forest, he heard a tiny little squeak, not too unlike a mouse in its high-pitched range. Ears perking at the sound he strained to hear more, but the only noise now was wind rustling through the trees.

Not a problem, he thought to himself, because his gaze was pointed right towards the direction where the sound had come. In his wolf form he could hear from as far as six miles away. But in human form, his hearing ability was decreased to three. Still plenty of range, and that was how he knew which direction the sound had come from. Focusing very intently on a huge, fallen tree trunk, the Lakota warrior stepped slowly towards it, ears still keenly attuned to pick up even the slightest bit of sound. Covered with thick underbrush and patches of moss, the fallen tree was cleverly hidden. It was also positioned at an angle, which provided the perfect cover for one who wished to hide.

Taking his time at approaching it, the shifter could now pick up the sound of very heavy breathing. Whomever was hiding tried very hard to muffle it, but he heard it all the same, along with a heartbeat which thumped out in fear. Now standing right next to the well-disguised fallen tree, the Lakota man eyed it curiously. Tilting his head to the side and furrowing his brows, he wondered why in hell he hadn’t picked up this hider’s scent. Even now, as he was right up on them he found it a struggle, bursa escort bayan as the only fragrance he discerned was that of a rabbit.

But a rabbit wouldn’t breathe in the way that this human did, all hot and heavy and filled with fear. The heartbeat was also different, not belonging to that of the smaller prey he was using to hunting, but of a full-grown human being.

Enough of this guessing game, he thought to himself, and lowering himself into a squat, grabbed hold of the fallen trunk before lifting it up. Like a toy in his hands he tossed it aside, where it violently collided with an upright tree. The sound and vibration caused the birds perched above to break out in flight, screeching in terror as they quickly fled off.

No longer hidden by the rotting tree trunk, a fully exposed young black woman shrieked out in terror, back flat against the leaves which carpeted the ground. Gazing up in pure horror her eyes widened to a comical size, primal scream piercing the eardrums of this man who had rooted her out. Regarding her with intense focus, he took note of her skin, which was a rich brown color that reminded him of freshly turned earth. But it was hard to take inventory of anything else, as the sound she continued to make was the most high-pitched and unbearable caterwaul he had ever heard.

Desperate to make it stop he reached out for the woman, but this only intensified her fear. Now struggling to scramble away she quickly flipped over, then clawed at the ground as she pathetically scooted forward. The way she crawled was crab-like, so feeble and useless that he almost took pity on her. But then he remembered that she’d seen him shift, and knowing full well that he couldn’t just let her take off, clutched her waist with a forceful grip.

Lifting her up was effortless, both hands surrounding the soft curve of her feminine waist. Vice-like and exuding power, his arms now effortlessly cradled her, and by this time her screams had become rasping breaths. Along with trembling in his grasp she was also hyperventilating, as the shock was far too much for her system to fully take on. The terror she exuded was keenly felt by the Lakota warrior, and knowing full well she was totally helpless, he softened his gaze as he carried her off.

Like a doll in the arms of a giant she gazed up at him, big brown eyes wide with fear and total uncertainty. It was now that he had the chance to really check her out, and fixing his gaze on her hair, noticed how thick and unusually textured it was. Worn in two long plaits that nearly reached her waist, the woman had locks he couldn’t help but stare at. Completely different from his own, he wondered what it would feel like beneath his fingers. Then suddenly he took note of the scent wafting up from her body, and he finally realized why he hadn’t immediately known that she was in hiding.

This woman reeks of rabbit grease, he curiously thought, and that was when he came to understand that her entire body had been slathered in it. But why, the Lakota man thought as he gazed down at her with a puzzled expression. Staring back up at him she gave him no answer, only shook uncontrollably in his arms as a visible pulse in her neck violently quivered.

It was a full three miles to get back to his people’s camp, but since he was a shifter the journey wouldn’t be hard. At normal human speed it would have taken a good hour, but with his supernatural strength and extreme endurance, he would easily make it within ten minutes. Running would be even quicker but she was already frightened enough, so walking was clearly the better choice.

Knowing the forest like the back of his hand, the Hunkpapa Lakota warrior used his internal GPS. Keenly aware of just where to step, his bare feet avoided the knobby roots which were underfoot, as well as wickedly sharp brambles and thorns. The woman had grown quiet now and that was good, but her body was stiff and tight, a little clammy too, which did concern him.

Wind flowed through the trees as they journeyed along, both melodic and mysterious as it played a celestial tune.

* * * *

Eyes gazing up at this wolf-man who held her, the young black woman couldn’t help but check out his features, noting the reddish-brown tint of his skin. Contrasting beautifully with his jet black hair, it had a hue she couldn’t help but admire. Then her gaze returned to his locks, and it was then that she studied the way it was bound in some kind of material, which made a criss-cross pattern against his hair. Made

from buffalo rawhide, the traditional hair ties held the strands of his hair in two long ponytails that went down past his breastbone.

Where she came from, men didn’t wear their hair like that — all long and silky and adorned with these unusual ties. The hair of this wolf man who held her had waves in it, and she couldn’t help wondering what he did to keep it looking so good. High-boned and remarkably handsome, the warrior’s face wore a serious bursa escort expression, yet there was also a gentleness beneath it all. Although she was quite slim from a lack of proper nourishment, the woman began to wonder how he could carry her so effortlessly for as long as he had. With no clue as to how long it would take to reach their destination, she deeply pondered what his plans were.

If he had wanted to kill her he would have already done it, but who was to say he hadn’t planned something else that was almost as bad? Having escaped from a plantation deep in the heart of Texas, she was terrified of being sent back. But what if this man would do just that, and was only treating her gently so that she wouldn’t fight back?

As if I would have a chance, anyhow. Her heart beat quickly. The man is both wolf and human. He changed forms right in front of my eyes!

Muscles tensing at the mere memory, she began to pray he wouldn’t shift form again. And then suddenly a thought came into her head, and stomach rolling in dread, she began to wonder if he would eat her. No sooner was the thought released did the man react, shifting his tapered eyes to her face with a pained expression. Brows furrowing and lips going tight, he stared so intently into her eyes, that she was certain he was feeling disgust.

It almost seemed he was insulted from the way he was looking at her, as a how could you type of look suddenly took over the features of his gorgeous face. Had he somehow read her thoughts, been able to discern what it was that she was thinking?

No that was just ridiculous, he couldn’t possibly have intruded my thoughts…..

But was it impossible? As he had, after all, already changed from wolf to man in a matter of minutes. He’d also picked up the fallen tree she’d been hidden under, then thrown it aside as if it were nothing more than a feather light twig. Swallowing dryly at the thought, she realized that not many things were impossible with this Native warrior, as he’d already shown that he was definitely of a different kind. No longer staring at her face, he focused straight ahead now, and that made it easier to dismiss the possibility that he could clearly hear her thoughts.

The forest seemed endless as they continued along, and mind shifting to her harrowing escape from the plantation, she recalled how completely terrifying it had all been. Choosing only to travel at night, she’d had close encounters with all sorts of wild animals and biting insects. More than once she had almost been poisoned by a snake, and while crossing a river during her way through Nebraska, she’d nearly gone under and drowned.

The physical stress hadn’t stopped there, as the bread and dried meat she’d brought along didn’t last long at all, so she’d resorted to roots and leaves, which were terribly bitter in flavor. Thanks to the knowledge she’d garnered from her grandparents, she knew which ones were safe to ingest.

Along the way she had looked for the lit up lanterns, which told her it was a safe place to shelter for the day. A dark one meant it was too dangerous to stop, and on those particular days, she had continued along, well beyond the point of exhaustion. Worst of all the adversities, however, had been the bloodhounds who sought to sniff her out. Led by the trackers who were under control of her master, they’d relentlessly pursued her trail. The only thing which had kept them at bay, was a mason jar of rabbit grease that she’d slathered on. From head to toe she’d covered herself, even working it into her hair so that the hounds missed her scent. It had worked like a charm alright, but after many months of traveling with sparse opportunities to properly bathe, she knew that she had to totally stink.

Suddenly feeling incredibly self-conscious and ashamed, she dryly swallowed, then stiffened in his arms. Yet as far as she could tell, he didn’t take note of her scent. Not only was his face completely calm, but he still carried her as a groom would hold his bride.

Gazing up at the great forest trees, she saw that the branches were interlaced, which sifted the sunlight onto their forms in a delicate kind of pattern. Intensely curious as to their destination, the woman wondered what kind of plans he did have for her, as his ways were not just of a man, but a wild wolf as well. Heart palpating she dryly swallowed, then began to wonder if she shouldn’t plan an escape. She just hoped deep down in her heart he couldn’t hear her thoughts, because if he could that would leave her wide open.

* * * *

As they entered the camp all members of the tribe stared hard, focusing intently on the black woman who was held in Dancing Wolf’s arms. Brows rose in surprise and double takes were given, then whispering voices which were accompanied by pointing fingers. Not liking the attention she was getting, the runaway slave lowered her gaze, then nervously bit her lip as she came to wonder what would happen next. A crowd was gathering around them, keeping step as they reached out to touch her soiled clothing, which consisted of a plain linen blouse and long, simple skirt of matching material. Tattered, torn, and badly stained from her burdensome journey, the escaped slave woman wondered why they found it so fascinating to touch.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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He slammed the front door shut and charged through the hallway to the back of the small house where his sub would be working in the office. Since she was given the opportunity to work from home that day, he was kind enough to let her sleep in, but left a note with simple instructions.

“Good morning pet,

I will be coming home at some unknown time today, at which I expect you to be in the sheer tank top, a tight thong, and high heels. Your leather collar must be on at all times, and same for your ankle and leather cuffs. You do not need to greet me when I get home, rather, continue with your work…but your pussy must be wet at all times. Be prepared for anything

yours truly,


She heard him plowing through the hallway, and thought something was terribly wrong. When she swiveled around on her desk chair, it wasn’t long before he came in, grabbed a thick handful of her hair, and pulled her roughly out of her chair hard enough so that she lost balance. She stumbled and waved her hands frantically to catch her balance, but was caught by the wall, her head pressed roughly against the white grains. He yanked her thong up hard, giving her a nice camel toe against her slit, and spanked her pale ass cheek hard. She didn’t know what to say, the movements were so sudden, but she spread her legs obediently.

With one hand still grasping her hair, keeping her at full attention, he slid his free hand between her legs and up against her pink lips. He pressed the material from her skimp undies deeper inside, pressing for moisture. Though her panties were wet, she was not as wet as he’d hoped. He released a faint growl under his breath and by her hair, pulled her away from the ground and pushed her straight down. She didn’t have time to lock her legs so she could stand, and she fell to her hands and knees. For a moment, he pulled her back up so her arms dangled at her sides, and grizzled into her ear, “you’re going to crawl to the bedroom briskly, but with good posture.” He bit her neck, enough to make her struggle a little away from him, then pushed her back to all fours.

She started crawling very quickly towards the door, much faster than he desired. He quickly caught up, and grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her back hind-side. “What did I just say? Maybe I need a short lead on you to keep you where I want you…we need to practice…but I don’t have time for that today. görükle escort Go, slut. Do it right.”

He shoved her forward, and she crawled a little more slowly, dramatizing the movement of her hips for his pleasure. He watched her cheeks push up and down with each movement, her large breasts swaying ever so slightly out from underneath her with each step. On the way out, he grabbed the bullwhip hanging on the back of the door. He liked to keep an implement or 2 in each room in case he should ever need it at short notice. To keep her focused, he let the tapered end slither down her back and over her lovely hump. Her back arched, pushing her ass out more towards him. He smiled for the first time that day.

When she reached the bedroom, he grabbed the chain lead hanging from the wall among other crops and accessories. He hooked his finger into the D ring on the front of her collar and pulled her up. She was allowed to fully stand for only a second before he pulled her back towards the bed in such a way she fell head first toward the covers. As much as he wanted her to take proper form, offer her ass and what she had, he wanted to just take it from her.

He gained a new grip on her hair, exposing her thick black collar. He pushed her head down and to the side so he could hook the chain to it. He could have her wait there while he sought more toys, but he didn’t want to give her the slightest moment to think about what was happening. Quickly, he slipped the chain under her body, between her breasts and between her legs, and pulled so that her face would stay pressed to the covers. While pulling the chain with one hand, he shoved her ass forward to gain better access. Both her holes were glistening, she was now soaked. “Looks like someone’s all wet from being pulled around like a little pet, isn’t she?”

Her cheeks blushed red. She always got embarrassed, and yet even more turned on whenever he pointed out how much she loved the dirty ways he sometimes treated her.

Condom in pocket, and the double-ended snap hooks in another, he was prepared. Her ass stayed in the air as he let go to grab a hook and pull her arms together. Luckily she was obedient, as he didn’t have time to deal with her occasional struggling. He clipped her leather cuffs together behind her back with one hand while pulling the chain lead further down, stepping on it so he could use both hands to bursa escort bayan prepare himself.

He gave her 20 firm spanks on the ass, turning each one a slight shade of pink. He wanted to continue, but knew he was strapped for time. She laid on the bed helpless, though without struggle.

“what a good willing fucktoy she’s being today…we’ll see how willing she is very soon…” he thought to himself.

He angled her ass up higher, and with practiced aim, he pulled the thong to the side and thrust his thick pulsing cock into her slippery tight pussy.

“MMHMMM” she groaned in pain, not quite ready for his thick head. Her little body tensed against his will and she tried to pull off him. He ignored her body and used both his hands to pull her pelvis back toward him. Her body twisted slightly, her arms falling off to one side. He let himself sit inside for a moment, only to feel the pulsing and fighting her inner pussy walls were attempting. He reached under and gave the chain a little pull, the fluffy covers swallowing her face so she could just barely breathe, and see nothing. When he felt her juices flowing, he pulled out, enough to lube herself with her own juices, and then thrust back in.

He fucked her tight pussy harder as it loosened for him. Her body fell a little more limp, though he kept the chain taught to keep her attention, and her ass in the air the way he wanted it. His legs slapped against hers roughly, he could feel her cervix, his head banging it consistently. She moaned from a mixture of pain and pleasure while he used her body simply for his pleasure. He fucked harder, fucking her to cum…not to please..not to be pleased…but for the simple purpose of release.

Though she was doing little work, her body was sweating, worked by his cock. He thrust harder, pulled her body continuously into his, slamming her, their fluids echoing smacks through the house, but he could not finish as quickly as he thought.

He was almost set off. 5 minutes left before work, he was not about to blue ball himself.

He pulled out, and shoved his fingers into her now loosely spread cunt. He scooped up a couple fingers-full of natural lubricant and forced it inside her ass. He repeated this twice, ignoring her fearful gasps and whimpers. She attempted to kneel away, but he grabbed the clip holding her cuffed hands and pulled her, sliding her back towards bursa escort him. Finally he started forcing his pussy-lubed cock into her tight anal entrance. She tensed and struggled, but he only pulled on her leash and smacked her ass a few more times to distract her enough to relax…and she did. Her little anus sucked his throbbing cock right up in a matter of moments. He released a semi-evil laugh of triumph while grabbing her hair, raising it slightly so he could hear her better. “That’s right, you’re just a little fuck-toy today. You have no say, little slut.”

He stroked his cock with her ass slowly at first…he wanted to feel every anal muscle squeezing around his cock. He shoved 2 fingers back into her drizzling pussy, and she let out a deep moan. He smiled and began fucking her harder now, using her ass to jerk off his cock. He thrust deep, pulled her ass into him so she could not restrain, and released his juicy fingers so he could tangle his hand in her hair once again. She groaned, screamed, whimpered.He was close. So close. “If you don’t quiet down, you’ll be gagged for the rest of the day!” He thrust harder, her ass seemingly getting tighter around his cock, her little body helpless beneath him while he took her, took every bit he wanted of her…she had no say, no will here. She was a fuck-toy…

…A fuck-toy he defiled. He pulled out, releasing her chains and main to control himself. He tossed the lubed protector aside, and his cock spat across her ass, up her lower back as her hips fell to the bed.

When the painting of her skin, and deep moaning of the beast had stopped, he reached down to gently pet her tender lips. He could barely feel the heat of her body, for her lips were engulfed and layered by her thick juices. Nonetheless, she felt it and twitched violently, kicking her foot up to her inner thigh to protect her loins. He chuckled to himself lightly. He was impressed how stimulated she now was. In previous encounters it always took a bit of clitoral attention. *I broke her* he laughed inside.

He checked his watch. 15 minutes…not too bad. He clicked her wrists free, her arms falling to her sides, and then tossed her chain back up over her back so that it still was wrapped around her, He straightened and redressed himself. Her right buttock received a gentle kiss before he headed for the door. Before leaving, he turned around to admire his sub.

She was free, yet her body lay there limp, briefly but strongly used, tender holes sore, and her skin, glazed, was claimed by his scent across her back. He knew the next time he walked through the door, she’d probably throw herself at him. He couldn’t wait to come back for more.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Click. WHAM. “Damn.”

“I have got to stop playing Quake with you, you know…”

You giggle from across the room.

“And I’ve definitely got to stop betting you before I do.”

You nod and keep giggling.

“So what’s the bet this time? Spending a weekend with an anal plug inside? Picking up a guy at a gay bar? Washing your car?” I list a few of your past forfeits.

You stand and walk toward me, still giggling as you sit down on my lap, legs straddling my waist. Your eyes glimmer as you smile into mine. “Hush, silly…”

“Oh, no, it’s the car again…”

You laugh and almost whisper “Hushhh..” before your lips press to mine, and I am silent. You kiss me with a slow intensity, lips pressing for an endless moment before I feel them part, the tip of your tongue sliding into my mouth, to explore. I meet your tongue with my own, and yours presses back, assertive. Finally, you break the kiss and smile into my eyes again. “Go to the bedroom, take off all your clothes, and lie on the bed.”

I do so, keeping the room dark, as you’ve said nothing of lights. In the darkness, I hear you enter, walk toward the bed. Your hands görükle escort press to my shoulders, encouraging me to turn over, and I lie on my stomach, wondering if this is something we’ve done before; then your hands take each of my wrists, pulling them behind my back. Click, and cool smooth metal clasps around them. “Roll over…”

I turn, arms awkward beneath me until I get them situated, pressing into my lower back.

The bed sways softly as you climb onto it. “Relax…relax…” I can almost see your smile, in my mind’s eye and through the faint light that leaks in, revealing only the barest hint of your outline. I see one leg move, and feel you settle down, your hips straddling my chest.

I can feel the arch of your thighs move as I breathe, warm skin on mine, a faintly greater heat at the key of the arch, hint of moisture there. Your hands slide back, trailing from my thighs over yours, resting on my shoulders, moving through my hair as your hips start to move, rocking, grinding slowly atop me.

I almost know you can see my smile, even as I imagine the sight of what I can only feel.

Your hands press to the bursa escort bayan mattress above my head, and I feel your thighs lift, sliding gently over my chest, upward, not stopping until I feel the heat of your sex above my mouth. I lick upward, only to feel you pull upward, out of reach. “Uh-uh…ask for it…”

I almost moan, the whisper, surprised at how ragged my voice is. “I want to taste you.”

You giggle and slide a fingertip into my mouth for a second..I suck at it until you pull it away. “Like that?”

I almost laugh, shakily. “Not quite…”

I can feel you almost, almost close enough to stroke with my tongue. “Then what do you want to taste?”

I whisper. “Your sex…”

“My sex?”


“That’s not what I call it…”

“What should I call it?”


I lie there for a moment, thinking, wanting you. I wet my lips. “I want to taste your cunt.”

“Good boy…”

Your thighs slide apart, lowering your hips to my welcoming mouth, my tongue greeting you with a slow caress, feeling the soft folds of your labia, greedily sliding deeper, teasing.

I bursa escort hear your low mmm as your hips move, guiding my tongue deeper within you, feeling the soft well of your entrance, my tonguetip probing inside as long as you leave it above me, your hips moving slowly.

Your hips move, downward a little, until the upper swell of your labia rests above my mouth, pressing against it. “Lick my clit…” You almost growl.

I comply, eagerly, lovingly stroking with my tongue, pressing with my lips, my tongue finds the firm nub of your clit, grinds back at it as your hips press it toward my face, lift it a bit, press down once more. I meet your rhythm, loving the way you move, the wet heat of you.

My face rubs upward, caressing what my tongue can’t reach. I hear your breathing grow ragged, scattered, low groans coming from your throat. The muscles of your thighs tremble as you come, crying out in the darkness, my tongue lashing, circling wildly, loving every moment, the taste of you washing across my mouth.

Slowly you still, body shuddering softly above mine as your hips slide down, resting finally just above my navel. Your lips press to mine, kissing me deeply, tasting, tangling slowly.

I can’t help but smile…”That was surely the least difficult payment I’ve made on our bets…”

You giggle again. “You thought that was the payment? No no no…let me tell you about it, though…”


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The Unusual Professor

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Damn, this is so hot!

Teresa sat on the couch, stunned at what she was seeing. On the screen before her she could see her room mate, Jenni, across the knee of a early forties woman. Both were naked, with the older lady spanking the younger Asian girl in a steady pace, alternating between both full cheeks. What was even more interesting is that instead of Jenni trying to escape, she seemed to be moving her ass higher towards the blow. She was also noticeably wet.

The older lady may have some appearance of age, but she looked for all the world like a professor, with nice, open face and small tits. She was slim, more from working out, Teresa assumed, than from anything else. Her body looked toned, and a great overall tan indicated that she bathed quite regularly, and in the nude, for she had no tan line. But at the moment, she was enjoying the firm, ripe ass of Jenni bouncing to her blows, with a look of glee in her eyes betraying the aura of an angry woman.

“That’s it you whore!! Only a true bitch in heat would take this spanking and love it! That’s what you are, a dirty, well spanked whore!” barked the woman.

Teresa sat stunned, as she saw her room mate moan all the louder to the insults, all the while the woman spanked her. It was obvious that the woman spanking the Asian girl was enjoying herself, her nipples stiff and her cheeks flushed. The assault continued, as the moans of Jenni turned louder and louder with each spank.

Man, I’m soaked! thought Teresa, as she saw the video, still stunned at what the package turned out to be. It was a closely guarded secret that Teresa, also an Asian woman of Japanese decent, that she wanted to be spanked and treated like a slut. She had confessed to Jenni one drunken night about her desire, but she had never indicated that she would be interested in another woman being her top, mainly because she had not yet grown accustomed to the idea that she has of late been turned on more and more by women.. And now here was her room mate, enjoying it!

Quickly pausing the video, she looked at the package to see any clue to the sender. It’s only return address was a post office address, but with no name. Judging by the home setting but quality lighting, this might be a high class home video. Oh fuck it, I need to cum!

Shrugging out of her jeans and plain T-shirt, Teresa sat back down on the couch and decided to tease herself before continuing. Trailing her fingers over her breast, she enjoyed the feeling görükle escort of her wet pussy and cool air. She could imagine herself, over the knee of the woman, begging to be a whore. She could feel her ass tingling as she felt the blows, and wondered what it would be like, smelling another woman’s heat and wanting to lick her in gratitude.

Resuming the video, Jenni was still being beaten, but now the blows were more spaced out, much to Jenni’s chagrin. It seems that the cute girl was close to orgasm, and it was evident, as her breath was more hoarse, and the knee of the older woman was drenched.

“Oh, look at what the little slut has done to herself! She’s gone and wet her Mummy’s leg like a naughty girl! Such a slutty whore you are!” Exclaimed the woman, to which Jenni hung her head down in shame.

Teresa moaned out loud and teased her nipples, as the older woman continued to spank her charge, but now at a slower and more measured pace, much to the frustration of Jenni. I seems as though Jenni was close to orgasm! How someone can come from a spanking alone thrilled Teresa, and she quickly placed two fingers onto her pussy lips, teasing them as she watched the scene unfold.

“Oh no, dirty sluts like you don’t get to come so easily! Did you think of Mummy’s needs when she asked you to suck her pussy like a good girl? No, you complained and made it so it was a big chore! So instead of you licking my pussy, you get a spanked ass! No, no more for you, go into the corner!” barked the woman.

Jenni got up, a bit unsteadily, and bowed to her mistress as she walked over to the corner. It seems she had been there a lot, as she immediately opened her legs and spread her arms above her head. Her spanked ass was a delightful sight to Teresa, who was awed at just how slutty her room mate could be. Her hand was moving of it’s own violation, a blur of speed as she watched her roommate, who she had known for a year, spread herself, as if she was waiting for some one to take her, use her.

“You!” the older woman replied, seeming directing the camera “I want you over here, to please your mistress!”

“Yes, Mistress” a southern drawl replied, before yet another woman stepped into the scene. She did not seem as old as her mistress, but rather seemed to be only less older. She was a perfection of a mature blonde lady, with her hair flowing all the say to her ass as she walked to her mistress. She, unlike Jenni, didn’t seem to bursa escort bayan mind her being naked, which also boasted amble breast for sucking, and a trimmed pussy, very noticeable for being wet. Her as had the unmistakable colour of a ass recently spanked.

She was also wearing a collar, with a leash attached. When she arrived to her mistress, she immediately went down onto her knees and presented her leash to the mistress, who took it firmly. For a while the looked at each other’s bodies, the blonde woman looking at her mistress with warm eyes, while the older mistress looked on with lust. Then the mistress seemed to collect her self and addressed the slave.

“I have a treat for you, my dear. You have performed your duties well, and I always reward my most loyal servants.” the mistress said, before she turned around and opened her ass cheeks. ” Lick my ass, slave, and enjoy yourself for it”

“Oh, thank you, Mistress!” the blonde enthused, much to the curiosity of Teresa. What kind of woman, she asked, would enjoy licking another’s ass?

Her question was answered with the response of the blonde. She leaned forward and placed one gentle, soft kiss on the pink rosebud, to which her mistress sighed. Taking this as her cue, she then proceeded to lick in long, sure lines, never seeming to touch the woman’s soaked pussy. Her mistress obliged to help with her pleasure, by holding her ass cheeks wide and lewdly, all while the blonde licked and slurped at the ass, seeming to treat it as a most precious gift. Teresa then noticed one hand of the blonde stroking her ass cheeks, while the other played with her nipples.

“Oh yes, just like that! I can see your feeling your beaten ass, you slut! I remember so well this morning, how you asked me to spank you, at the kitchen table! You never wear clothes anymore, and you were so cute and horny! I should know, you were so wet just from when you woke up! Most probably dreaming of countless women, all of different races, treating you like the down and dirty slut you are! Oh yes, I can see how you closed your eyes as you were spanked over the table, asking for more while you played with your nipples! Pinch them!” the mistress barked, to which the blonde pinched hard, and moaned the louder.

Teresa moaned loudly. Never before had she seen such natural display’s of submission and arousal. Her hands had been making a wet mess with her pussy, she was so wet! Then she felt the first trickle bursa escort touch her asshole, and she shuddered. This is how sluts should feel, wet and naughty and desperate and feeling fuckable. A piece of quivering flesh, something animal, bestial. One hand on her pussy, she let the other hand hold her buttocks open, letting the juices pool around her asshole. One finger tracing her rosebud, she felt naughty. Then with a sudden urge, she pushed her finger, and was surprised how quick it went in, and how nice it made her feel. While gearing up for a second finger (oh, she wanted to have a cock shoved in!) her attention was brought to the cries of pleasure of the screen.

The older woman had stopped cussing and cursing, instead her mouth was open and her eyes tightly closed. The noise of the blonde mouth working her asshole was loud and sloppy, as she raked her nails down her beaten ass, growling and moaning like a dog. The mistress then tensed, and howled in pleasure as her ass started to shake. Her orgasm was powerful, and she lost all control of herself, shaking herself around and arching her back, which pushed her further onto the tongue that was buried into her ass.

Teresa lost control. Roughly shoving three fingers into her wet pussy, the biggest amount she has ever, she cries out as her body goes into over-drive. Briefly she wonders how her orgasm could not have melted her body, she forgets all about the video, all about what the world is, who she was, all that was important ceased to exist as her pussy, her cunt, her honey-pot was all that was important, it was essential to keep rubbing, to keep shoving, to keep pinching her nipples harder and rougher until there was no end, over and over and over..!!

Finally, after the last shuddering breath is sighed, and Teresa is panting with the afterglow of a powerful orgasm. The people in the video seem to be experiencing the same type of exertion, while the older mistress slunk down into the chair, the same one to which she held Jenni captive over her knee. It was a beautiful sight, a thoroughly satisfied woman. The blond seemed anxious to cum herself, having not had her release, but she had discontinued with her abuse of her ass.

The woman than seemed to look directly at the camera, clear that she was about to say something.

“Hello Teresa, my name is Professor Madison White, and I have a particular offer for you to think about. If you’re interested , keep this tape on. If you are not, I hope that you understand that you must not allow this tape to any authority at the given time. But one way or another, your friend Jenni will be coming home to you, and you must have a answer to my proposal. I will give you two minutes time to decide.”

To Be Continued…

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Courtney: The Golf Cart Girl Ch. 01

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Courtney Connors was one of those girls everyone called hot. Red hot.

Courtney had been every guy’s dream girl in high school back in the late 80s, but I got to know her at the Stone Harbor Golf Club where I worked as a cart attendant and she as a cart girl.

For those who aren’t golfers, the cart girl is a sort of waitress on wheels. She drives a golf cart stocked with beverages, snacks and so forth around the golf course. These women are generally young and good looking, quick with a quip and a smile because it led to tips.

At this New Jersey club it meant a hundred bucks a day if the weather was good and play way high. .Like most experienced cart girls (there must be a manual somewhere) Courtney always had a big smile, wore tight white shorts and a club golf shirt. Prim and proper to one degree, oozing sexiness to another.

Courtney had little time for me, choosing to cavort with sports studs, but whenever she needed some help around the club I would pitch in, if only to get a close look at the 18-year-old blonde cheerleader.

“Hey Rob, can you help me with this box?” asked the 5-4, blue-eyed girl.

Boy can I help with your box, I thought, but merely replied “sure”.

I loaded the box into her cart, staring at her shapely tanned legs as she slipped in to the driver’s seat an drove away.

God she was hot.

On the infrequent occasions we got a chance to talk — usually when she was stocking the cart — Courtney mentioned she had received a partial scholarship to Villanova, but unless finances improved she might start college at a local community college.

I joked she could go to Rowan University with me…maybe even share a dorm room, causing her to laugh out loud and mutter “In your dreams.”

She was out of my league, so I was thrilled just to infrequently talk and of course soak in her good looks whenever I could.

Midway through the summer Courtney was talking about Philadelphia and I mentioned college, and she informed me that she definitely would be attending school on the Main Line. She told of her parents finally agreeing to a school loan, and she said her earnings over the summer would make up the difference needed to attend the prestigious school.

I didn’t think about it at first, but one night after giving her a hard-pounding fuck in my masterbatory bed I somehow got to wondering how she had gone from someone with little chance of getting the money for the college of her choice to a slam dunk entry. The partial scholarship and the small student loan didn’t add up to the large amount required to attend, but I guess the tips were good when you were a beautiful female batting your eyelashes and wiggling your behind at men all day.

The events of late July enlightened my thinking.

It was a hot, sticky Jersey Shore day, complete with a 4 p.m. thundershower which sent most of the members scurrying to shelters on the course or into the clubhouse. Courtney drove into the cart barn then headed toward the restaurant with her cash box, and I remember thinking that maybe she was skimming money off the top to add to her tips. Nah.

The rain was torrential at times, and the barn got hotter and stickier my the minute, so when it began to let up I decided to head out to my car for a new shirt. Rather than walk around to the lot, which involved heading around a long pathway then behind the maintenance shed, I sort of trekked up a sandy mound and through some evergreens and to my car.

Opening the trunk, I pulled out a new club shirt then glanced around the lot. Seeing nobody, I slipped off my wet shirt. Just then I heard a car approaching, and realizing I could get into some trouble for changing in the lot I quickly grabbed my new shirt, shut the trunk, then scampered up the closest hill into the trees before being spotted.

Out of breath, I paused at the top of the hill in the evergreens and tidied up my shirt before heading back to the cart barn. Something, however, told me to see who was driving into the lot, and I glanced out of my secluded location only to eye the black Mercedes of Mr. Gamble, a local realtor. Nothing surprising there, although I did wonder why he was driving in to the back lot normally reserved for employees.

What startled me more was that Courtney was in the passenger seat. Pretty, sexy, untouchable Courtney.

My inquisitive mind got the best of me, and I sat out of sight as the twosome parked in the rear of the lot, well away from spying eyes but not mine. The two talked for a couple minutes, and I noticed Courtney laughing at one of Mr. Gamble’s corny jokes. At least that’s what I surmised, because he was known around the club for two things, his lousy tips and his bad jokes.

I knew I needed to get back to my job, but I couldn’t get myself to leave. I had to know what was up. It wasn’t long before I knew.

Mr. Gamble began looking around and I noticed him sort of adjusting his midsection, shuffling in the driver’s seat. It all happened so fast that nothing dawned on me until seconds later when Courtney, miss prim and proper Courtney, miss I don’t have time for mere görükle escort mortals Courtney lowered her head into Mr. Gamble’s lap.

It struck me like a ton of bricks. Courtney Connors was sucking cock. Mr. Gamble’s to be precise.

Now from my vantage point I couldn’t be sure. I mean, I didn’t see his cock and to be honest I could only see the top of her head. But that head was bobbing up and down on something in his large lap. It didn’t take a map for me to get the picture.

I attempted to slip a little in the shadows to get a better look, but it was impossible to do without moving into a location where I might be observed by the lovemaking twosome. So I resigned myself to see what I could from my secure spot. I remember thinking that it was odd that this middle aged, married man with a paunch was able to attract this blonde beauty, but those thoughts were quickly dispelled as I was drawn to the naughty couple.

Never before had I been a voyeur, but I have to tell you, even not seeing everything it was the hottest thing I had ever seen. Hotter than when I stumbled across my dad’s porno collection. The actors into raw sex, but the vision of Courtney going down on Mr. G. was way more exciting to my eyes.

Mr. Gamble’s head was well back against the headrest, and I could tell his body was rocking up and down. The top of the blonde mane of my favorite cart girl slipped in and out of view, first slowly, then a little faster, then speeding up as the two rocked together. Suddenly Mr. Gamble stopped mid-bounce, and his hands encircled Courtney’s head.

Uh huh, he was cumming. He had to be cumming. And from the way he was holding the girl’s head, he was cumming in the mouth of the girl with the light red lipstick.

They held that pose for several seconds, and I noticed his hands moving off her now slowly bobbing again head. She stayed down there for about a minute, barely moving, as the man laid back in luxury. Soon Courtney pushed up and moved back to her side of the car, saying something to the man before reaching into her purse to grab her lipstick.

My hard-on nearly exploded, not from watching the blow job, but from watching Courtney reapply her lipstick.

I slid back, slithering out of my hiding spot, and ran back to the cart barn. It wasn’t easy, because my cock was rock hard all the way, but I pushed it down into my underwear to be decent. Luckily, nobody complained about my absence and I quickly began drying and moving carts and clubs out of the shack in anticipation of the return of the members.

Several went back out to the course, and in my devotion to work I nearly missed Courtney’s reappearance. When I spied her she was already in her cart, attempting to drive out but slowed by several carts blocking her way. I had trouble looking at her, knowing what she had just done minutes before, but first got one, then another, cart out of the way.

“Thanks, Jon,” said the girl.

“No problem, Courtney. Any time! We’re here to help, you know, that’s the cart attendant’s credo,” I stammered, awed at how the girl could be so composed just minutes after sucking the cock of a club member twice her age.

Courtney looked at me as if I was from Pluto, but smiled.

“Uh, Courtney, I don’t want to get too personal, but, uh, your lipstick is a little smeared.”

I couldn’t believe the words came out of my mouth. The girl looked at me in shock.

“Got ya,” I said with a laugh. “You are just always looking perfect, I was kidding you.”

Relieved, she laughingly called me a jerk, shook her head then sped out onto the course.

From that day forward I did all I could to observe the young girl. I’d look at the tee sheets to see if Mr. Gamble was scheduled to play, but on the couple of occasions he was there didn’t seem to be any hanky panky going on with Courtney. I just couldn’t figure it out.

Courtney was the nightly featured attraction as I whacked off to the vision of her sucking off Mr. Gamble. Sometimes, right before cumming, I’d have her look up and motion me over to blow the two of us. As they say, the mind is a terrible thing to waste…so I used it to imagine ways of using the young girl as my sex toy.

It was difficult working with her daily, because I knew of her parking lot dalliances. I was jealous of Mr. Gamble, wondering what she could possibly see in that older guy when eager guys like me worshiped her every wiggle.

Yet the reality was she had no time for me, and apparently had time for Mr. Gamble. I had nearly resigned myself to my chance observation of the two lovers being a one-shot deal, but something in the back of my head said time was on my side and I would catch some more voyeuristic action.

Turns out I was sort of right. Let me explain.

It was a warm Tuesday evening, just after 8. I was the only attendant remaining, with my sole responsibility to clean the carts as they came in and orderly drive them into the cart barn. Once taken care of I’d lock up and be on my way. There were about five or six groups left on the course.

Courtney had been hanging bursa escort bayan around the women’s locker room and parking lot. It was as if she finished work, left for the day, but got to her car and realized she had forgotten something. I’d see her walk back to the clubhouse a couple times, heading into the employee’s entrance. Later I saw her go out toward the parking lot, only to come back in. Once I saw her standing near the club, looking out at the golf course.

It was confusing to me, because it appeared she was looking for someone, but I knew Mr. Gamble wasn’t on the premises so it wasn’t as if those two might be hooking up (and I might get to watch!). Still, it was odd.

Douglas Mack’s group was coming up 18 and I looked to see if possibly Mr. Gamble had evaded me to play with his business partner. Nope. It was just the businessman and three men I didn’t know. Guests of the man, most likely.

They completed their round and drove up. I cleaned their clubs and Mr. Mack tipped me a $10 bill. “It’s a good day, Jonathan, the boys here donated to my favorite charity….me!” said the man, nodding at his playing partners. The men headed inside while I racked their clubs and then took care of the cart. I had a funny feeling, a guess really, that Courtney had not left. I took a quick walk toward the back parking lot where I stumbled upon Courtney sitting in the front seat of her car, her radio playing softly. Hers was the only car in the lot except mine, but they were well apart. Unlike the prior week, this time she was much closer to my vantage point.

I was intrgued, but knew I had to get back to the job to avoid suspicion. I knew she was up to something, but what?

Quickly taking care of the next two foursomes who finished their round, I again scampered back to my vantage point. Courtney remained in her car, listening to music. Slipping back toward the clubhouse I waved at several members as they left the club, then watched a father and son practicing on the putting green.

That’s when it dawned on me. Courtney was waiting for Mr. Gamble in “their” favorite spot! Of course, the parking lot was relatively safe from the prying eyes of members, a good place for the two lovebirds to meet late in the day. Mr. Gamble wouldn’t worry about his wife driving up, the club was nearly deserted, in other words, perfect!

Courtney, I surmised, was merely early, waiting for her older lover. I got an instant hard-on imagining what I soon might see. Would she blow him? Or could it be possible she’d fuck the geezer?

I was a whirlwind cleaning up the barn, so much so that I passed on attempting to get tips when one of the groups came in, busying myself with parking the carts.

The cart barn had a seldom used back door, but I used it that night to sped my trek toward my hiding place among the evergreens. At first I thought I was wrong, because only Courtney was in the secluded locale. I nearly started back to the job when I stopped mid-step upon hearing an approaching automobile.

Bingo. It was a black Mercedes.

Upon further inspection, it wasn’t Mr. Gamble. No, it was Mr. Mack, and be pulled alongside Courtney’s red Civic. Courtney smiled, waved, and exited her car only to enter the luxurious leather passenger side seat. What the heck was going on here?

They must be discussing a gift or something for her lover. Why not? Mr. Mack was Mr. Gamble’s closest friend and co-manager of the real estate office. At least that’s what I was thinking until Mr. Mack reached down and unbuckled his belt and slipped his wiener out of his pants.

Courtney moved closer to the man and slid her hand onto his dick while planting a kiss onto his lips. The two made out for a couple minutes, with Courtney slipping her talented hand up and down his cock. I knew this because from his car was no more than 20 feet from my viewing area.

They broke their embrace and talked for a minute … to softly for me to hear, but all the while sweet Courtney was stroking the man’s good-sized dick. Mr. Mack said something and the girl of my dreams smiled, looking down at his manhood.

The scene was priceless. Courtney licked her 18-year-old talented lips, smiled at the man, then dropped her head into his lap.

Geez, what was wrong with me? Where was my camera?

Note to file, don’t forget it next time!

I reached into my pants and slipped out my cock, stroking it at the same speed Courtney was working Mr. Mack’s meat. Unlike Mr. Gamble, whose head was well back into the headrest, Mr. Mack was still, content to let the girl work her mouth magic while observing each and every movement of her pretty face on his cock.

She ran her tongue around the tip of his cock, then swabbed it all over with hot wet tongue action. She kissed the side of his dick, then moved her head and kissed the hard spike some more. She looked up at the man, continuing to stroke with her hand, and I could swear she asked him if she could suck his cock.

He nodded, and she lowered her head once more, this time rubbing the dick against her lily white face. First she held bursa escort the dick against her skin and then she stroked it against her soft cheeks, kissing the base of his cock whenever she got all the way down against the junction of dick and balls.

Then she lifted her head and looked at the dick as the man pulled down his pants and underwear to give her complete access. She ovaled her mouth and slowly inserted the cock between her lips. Inch by inch she sucked it into her wet, willing orifice. This time the man’s head fell back in the luxurious pleasure of her talented teenaged mouth.

I couldn’t believe how talented the young girl was at giving head, not that I had much experience at receiving such attention. Fact is, I was still a virgin, having only gotten a hand job from a girl. But I had seen several erotic films and while I knew they might not depict “real” girls I knew Courtney was every bit as sensual.

Courtney took one, two, three and four inches into her mouth, stopping to savor the cock before moving into a tantalizingly slow upstroke. She then repeated the act, maintaining her slow speed as the man moaned his admiration.

My mind marveled at the experienced mouth of the girl. She was stroking the base of Mr. Mack’s slab while moving her mouth in tandem. It wasn’t long before she began moving a little more quickly, bringing the man closer and closer toward release.

The girl deliberately wormed the flesh in and out of her mouth as the man began quickly lifting his midsection off the plush leather seats. Mr. Mack put his hand on Courtney’s head and guided the speed for several strokes. Then he moved his other hand on top of the girl’s, stroking along with her.

Suddenly he pulled the cock out of her mouth, but the two continued stroking. Unbelievably he began shooting his sticky sperm all over the cheeks of the girl of my dreams. First one spurt, then two, three and four shots of man juice made its way to Courtney’s innocent face.

It was so erotic watching the cum shooting all over her face. Watching a blow job was amazing, but observing the man jerking his cock and exploding his sauce on her face brought the cum spurting out of my own cock.

Mr. Mack rubbed his dick over Courtney’s face, spreading the sticky residue of his orgasm like a painter would a wall. Even after his orgasm subsided he rocked in his seat. Courtney continued her affair with the man’s dick, sucking it back into her mouth. I watched scooped some of his come into her mouth, then looked at the man while deliberately swallowing the cum.

She cleaned his cock then sat back as the man pulled up his underwear and pants, buckling his belt. All the while he was stroking her cum-stained cheek, rubbing the sauce into her creamy face like moisturizing lotion.

The two talked a bit, then Courtney made her exit and returned to the Civic. With a wave she backed out and drove out of the lot.

I couldn’t believe she was seeing both men, guys who work together at that. It was hot to think about, but I surely didn’t understand what was going on. A week later I was startled to the nth degree when Mr. Gamble and Mr. Mack were playing a match with two local building contractors.

The heavyset man was named Norville, the other, slimmer guy John. It wouldn’t have been important until later that day, however. I spent the day wondering if either of the real estate guys would be visiting Courtney that day.

As luck would have it I was at the equipment barn when the foursome finished their round, but I did note Mr. Gamble and Mr. Mack in deep discussion with Courtney near the rear of the clubhouse later that evening. She was shaking her head “no” but the two were insistent. I figured her jig was up, that one of the men found out about the other and were in the midst of a confrontation.

Wow wrong I was, because soon all three were laughing. Go figure. The men went back into the clubhouse while Courtney drove her cart to the barn.

“Can you do me a big favor, Jon? Can you take care of my cart? I have to get to an appointment,” cooed the girl.

“Sure, Courtney, I’ll handle it. Got a big date?”

“Nah, just have to take care of some things,” said the girl.

“That’s great, Courtney!”

The girl kissed me on the cheek before whirling away and rushing down the path toward the back lot.

I knew she said she was leaving, but I had to be sure. I grabbed my camera and slipped out to my favorite voyeur spot and saw the girl slip into her car. She didn’t start it, though, preferring to apply some makeup.

Soon an SUV drove into the lot and pulled in next to Courtney. I couldn’t believe my eyes: the two guys from the real estate guys foursome were inside, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Courtney was a whore.

This time the guys and Courtney got into the back seat, the girl in between the two horny men. My view was nowhere near as good as my earlier spying sessions, but there was no doubt at her task. The men wiggled out of their pants, and Courtney took turns satisfying their sexual needs. It didn’t take the girl long to complete her task, and I was a bit disappointed in that she didn’t take as much time or make as much effort with the two guys. Each left with a smile on their face, as did Courtney. I didn’t see any money exchange hands, so I figured my whore thoughts might have been incorrect, but who knows?

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Those Autofellatio Blues Ch. 01

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When I was in high school I wasn’t exactly a chick magnet. It wasn’t all my fault, mind you. I went through puberty much later than the other boys, but when I did, my body went overboard. In an 18-month period I grew a full foot, and I was tormented by horrible growing pains that woke me up screaming every other week.

The physical pain was bad enough, but the emotional pain was worse. I outgrew my clothes so fast that my parents put off the inevitable shopping trips as long as they could, meaning I went to school in jeans three inches too short. I had funny, dorky clothes, and a funny, dorky body inside them. I grew so fast that I couldn’t control my own body, I was always tripping over my feet and hitting my head on low-hanging lights. I shot up to six-foot-five and I weighed like 150 pounds. My nickname, of course, was “Stork”. I hated, hated, hated that name.

My parents told me not to worry. My mom and dad are both tall, and not bird-skinny like I was. “You’ll fill out, don’t worry,” Dad told me. “I was the same way you were, and I gained 40 pounds in a year. Eat your Wheaties and you’ll be fine.”

Sure. While everyone else was making out in the back seats of cars, I had trouble even getting into the back seat of a car. My Friday and Saturday nights were consistently dateless. What girl, I thought, would ever find a big skinny gork like me attractive?

My sudden growth spurt did have one positive result. My penis, which before had been a normal little wiggler, grew to a truly remarkable size. When I stood naked in front of the mirror all you saw was dick. My arms and legs just looked like scaffolding around my enormous wang. I might have been proud at being the most well-endowed boy in school, but no way. I’d walk down the hall and some of the boys would call after me, “Hee-HAW! Hee-HAW!” The girls would ask why they made donkey noises at me and I was too shy to tell them.

Masturbation was, of course, a big part of my life. Discovering that I could, with only my hand and some privacy, make myself feel THAT GOOD was like learning I had some kind of super power, like X-ray vision. I spent a lot of time holed up in my bedroom, a copy of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue opened in front of my, grabbing my shlong in two lubricated hands and pumping away like a madman. I waited for the day when I could have a girl touch me, and have a girl let me touch her. But when I was 18 those days seemed far in the future.

One day in gym class we started a module where we did gymnastics. I dreaded it. I could barely walk, let alone vault over a horse or swing myself on the horizontal bar. Before class we had to stretch out for ten minutes, touching our toes, flexing our quadriceps. One odd result of my agonizing growth spurt was the remarkable flexibility in my limbs. We had to do this one stretch, you lie on your back, throw your legs over your head in a pike position, and try to touch your toes behind your head.

No one could do it except me. I’m sure I looked ridiculous, my spindly legs like folded pipe cleaners pointed back over my head. Two beefy boys next to me couldn’t even get their feet over their heads.

I overheard the one guy say, “Dude, I saw this porno movie, this chick would do this and eat her own pussy. She’d grab her ankles and go to fuckin’ town, man.”

The other boy said, “I heard this one guy, he has like a foot-long dick, and he could do this and suck his own cock.”

“Shit, I could do that I’d…”

“Never leave the house!” They both started laughing.

I didn’t laugh. I was frozen in place. Was it possible? Could I do that? Should I even be thinking about it? The mere idea of sucking my own penis should have filled me with disgust.

But it didn’t. I got the biggest, hardest erection of my life. I had a hell of a time disguising it from the class, and showering afterwards took some guile and lots of cold water to keep the other boys from thinking I’d switched over to the other side. I counted the minutes until the final bell, and then after the bus dropped me off at my stop I ran home. I had to find out-was it possible?

I locked my bedroom door. I stripped and lay on my bed, my throbbing cock wobbling before me like a hockey stick. I lay on my back, threw my legs back, and…

And my mouth was still two or three inches away. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get my penis any closer to my mouth. The problem was that, as my head strained forward to suck my cock into my mouth, my hips slipped from underneath me. Every inch I moved forward, I slid an inch back.

I tried for almost an hour until, exhausted, I fell back on the bed. I smacked my head off my bed’s wooden headboard, and I sat up swearing. It hurt like hell, I’d hit the long beam running across the top of the frame. There was a gap between that beam and the rest of the headboard of about six inches.

An idea came to me. I lay down again, swung my legs back, and tucked my feet into that gap. I moved my head forward, and used the purchase my feet found against the headboard to görükle escort pull my hips up to my lips. I flexed my calves and hamstrings. My huge cock came closer, closer, closer…

My cockhead brushed my cheek. I’d done it! My penis was in my face, I could suck it with ease. And now I faced the next question. Should I be doing this? Would sucking my own cock make me a homosexual? Was this just, well, something I shouldn’t do even if I could?

I gripped my cock in my hand and lifted it up to my lips. Well, maybe I would give it a try, just to see if it sickened me or not.

I opened my lips. I felt the hard, spongy helmet slip into my mouth. My tongue was in the way, and I moved it to the side. Moving it made it slide over my hot pink cone, and it felt so good I moaned. Oh, boy. It felt good. I moved my head back, keeping a tight seal around my penis, and my slippery lips grazed the sensitive ridge under my tip.

I couldn’t believe how good it felt. I moved my head up and down my shaft, taking about four inches of my cock into my mouth, sucking frantically all the while. “Mmm! Mmmmmm!” I moaned as I fellated myself. I swirled my tongue over my glans and I started to shiver from the absolute ecstasy I gave myself. I learned what felt good and what felt great, and in no time I was on the brink of coming.

Normally when I masturbated I took my time, drawing out the pleasure as long as possible. Not now. Now I wanted to come, right away. My saliva ran down my cock, and I could tell from the syrupy liquid leaking from my tip that pre-come was oozing out, making me wonder about whether or not I should come in my mouth. I always heard that girls hated guys coming in their mouths, that it was gross, and I didn’t know what I should do.

In the end it wasn’t a question. There was no way I could bear to pull my wet, sucking mouth away from my cock. I was jerking myself off and fingering my ass as I slobbered all over my dick, and when I started to come it was so intense that I clamped my lips tight around my cockhead and sucked for all I was worth.

“Umph, uhh, uhhh!” I groaned around my huge tool as I came. I exploded, the salty, bleachy semen filling my mouth. The taste was unpleasant but the sensation so exquisite that it was a small price to pay. I swallowed my hot gluey semen in hungry mouthfuls, and when I stopped coming I was disappointed. I wanted more.

I disengaged, letting my slick, sticky cock fall from my lips, pulling my feet free from the headboard. “Oh, wow.” I said. A whole new world opened before me. Hell, even the most popular jocks in school probably didn’t get regular blowjobs. But, thanks to my limber limbs and horse cock, I could get all the oral loving I wanted.

I’m a bit ashamed to say that, over the next few months, I spent quite a bit of time with my feet jammed in my headboard. I started to develop a kind of routine. I would wake up around 6, put my feet in the wooden stirrups, and suck myself off. Then, after coming home after a long, horny day at school, I’d suck myself off again. After dinner I would suck myself off, and then, after I turned off the lights for bed, I’d suck myself off. I learned how to tie myself into knows with my lips and tongue, learned to love the taste and thick consistency of my semen.

I just couldn’t wait to get home so I could feel my wet tongue glide over the silky smooth head of my penis. No Bangkok prostitute was more skilled or knowledgeable about giving head than yours truly. I, of course, received instant feedback with every lick, nipple and slurp. Jerking off the old way, with my hands, seemed like kiddie stuff. Oh sure, it was nice and all, but the feeling of my hot, thick come boiling into my mouth as I sucked myself off was infinitely sweeter.

Every so often I worried about what this was doing to me. I didn’t think I was gay. I didn’t have a sudden hankering to, say, suck off the basketball team, and I still got a woodie when Bridget Landau wore a miniskirt in Math class. So I decided that the ability to suck my own cock was a blessing, not a curse. And I was gonna keep doing it.

I kept looking for ways to refine and deepen the enjoyment of my oral activities. I’d always enjoyed fingering my ass (another pleasure that had me questioning my sexuality), but it was hard sometimes to reach down far enough to wedge a finger inside. So I went to Home Depot, bought a 24-inch dowel rod, sawed it in half, and went to work on it with a file and sandpaper of various coarseness. I turned that wooden rod into a thin, rounded dildo as smooth as glass. It was a labor of love, and it repaid my hard work the first time I greased it with Vaseline and inserted it in my rectum. I fucked myself and sucked myself and I had an orgasm that probably registered on the Richter scale. My excited prostate pumped out so much semen that I couldn’t swallow it fast enough, and I had to let my spurting cock splatter all over my face. I got some in my eye, and it stung like hell.

So life was good. I had excellent grades, I was going bursa escort bayan to college in the fall, and,I gained nearly 20 pounds during my senior year. I wasn’t so clumsy, and it actually looked like I might be able to get a date to the prom with this girl I met in my physics class. All the pain of my adolescence was finally mitigated with some happiness.

One Saturday morning I woke to hear the garage door clattering shut. It was 9AM, and I guessed my parents were going to breakfast before doing some shopping, as they often did on the weekends. I was alone, and the heavy weight I felt between my legs had me reaching under the bed for the Vaseline and my dildo. I got my legs into position, lubed up my ass, and went to work. Since I was alone, there was no need to lock my bedroom door.

I drove my cock deep into my mouth, sucking and licking the fat mushroom that capped my cock, while I slowly slid the dildo in and out of my dilated anus. I hadn’t had the chance to suck myself off the day before and I knew this first orgasm of the day would be a big one. I pulled my cock out of my mouth and teased the tip with my now-expert tongue, driving myself crazy as only I knew how. I paused to smear more lube on the wooden probe, and then I set about finishing the job. I greedily sucked my cock, making loud slurping noises that turned me on even more, pumping my shaft with one hand, pranging my ass with the other.

“Oh, uh, oh!” I moaned with my mouth full of my meat. I came and it was one of those huge orgasms, there was no way I could swallow it all. I pulled my mouth away and I shot hot sticky ropes of come all over my face and hair. My orgasm went on and on, and when it finally finished I needed a second to catch my breath. I left the dildo in my ass and let my still-erect cock rest against my cheek.

And it was at that awkward moment that my mother opened my bedroom door.

* * * * *

At the hospital I had to do some explaining.

“What happened?” my panicked father asked when he got to the emergency room.

“Uh, um, she, well, she just collapsed.” I said. “I didn’t even know she was home, I thought you and her went out this morning.”

He shook his head. “I went out to get my car inspected. But that doesn’t matter. Was she conscious? Did she have a stroke or a heart attack?”

“No, I mean, I don’t know. I don’t think so. She just fainted, and I called the ambulance.”

That wasn’t quite true. She hadn’t “just” fainted. She’d also screamed, a scream I knew I would hear in a thousand future nightmares. THEN she’d fainted, fainted dead away, and after five fruitless minutes trying to bring her around I called the ambulance. After I hung up the phone I realized the dildo was sticking out of my ass like a wooden tail. I yanked it out and tossed it in the trash.

It was like the world was coming to an end. I watched the paramedics load my insensate mother onto a stretcher, and I didn’t know if she would live or die. I’d just killed my own mother, all for the need to satisfy my perverse sexual needs.

My father and I sat there, waiting for the doctor to give us a report. I was conflicted. On one hand, I loved my kind, doting mother, and if she died I would be devastated. On the other, we all have to go SOMETIME, and if I had to endure the pain of losing my mother sooner or later, now might be an opportune time. Because, if she did recover, I was in shit so deep it would bury even my six-five frame.

A nurse appeared. “Mr. Newton?” She escorted us to a small, curtained off room. “The doctor will be here in a second.”

And a second later the curtain was pulled away and an Indian man with a confident smile appeared. “Mr. Newton? I’m Dr. Prakash.” He shook my father’s hand. “You’re wife is fine. We found no evidence of a stroke, and her EKG was perfectly normal. We did a CAT scan and found no signs of a brain tumor. She’s conscious and responsive.”

“What happened?” Dad asked.

The doctor shrugged. “We don’t know. She may have stood up to quickly, or her blood sugar may have been low. She didn’t hit her head on anything, she has no bumps or bruises, and she doesn’t show signs of concussion. We’ll want her to come back every week for a month so we can run some tests. But when we asked her what happened, she says she doesn’t know. She remembers walking to your son’s room, and that’s when she passed out. She doesn’t remember anything after that.”

“Wait,” I interjected, “She doesn’t remember coming into my room?”

Dr. Prakash shook his head. “No. You said that she did open the door and stood there before she collapsed, yes?”

“Uh, yeah. She opened the door, it woke me up, and then she just, fell.”

He shook his head. “She doesn’t remember opening the door.”

I tried not to jump for joy. She didn’t remember! Thank you, post-traumatic syndrome! It looked like I would get out of this with my mother alive and me out of the soup. Thank you, God!

“Can we see her?” my dad asked.

“In a minute. We’re drawing some bursa escort blood. We’ll get you when she’s ready.”

A few minutes later we were ushered into a small room, and my mom was lying on a bed, looking wan but not too bad. “You scared the hell out of me,” my dad said as they hugged.

“How are you?” I squeaked.

“Fine, fine,” she said in a soft voice. “A bit tired, but fine.”

The nurse said, “We’re going to keep you here another hour or so, and then we’ll let you go.”

“Can I have something to drink?” Mom asked.

The nurse said, “Sure, water, tea, juice?”

“Can I have ginger ale?”

“I don’t think we have any here…”

My dad said, “There’s a vending machine in the lobby. I’ll get you some.”

“Thanks, honey,” Mom said. Dad left, and the nurse left, and I was alone with my mother.

I smiled down at her. “I’m glad you’re OK.”

I did not anticipate the speed, or the strength, of the hand that shot out and grabbed me by the throat. “You’re GLAD! You actually have the capacity to feel GLAD about anything after what you made me go through this morning!”

“I thought you didn’t remember!” I croaked.

“Didn’t remember! Didn’t remember seeing you lying on your bed like that, twisted into that horrible position, doing what you did to yourself, and with that…thing sticking out of you! Oh, I remember! But how exactly do I explain that to the doctor? Would you prefer I tell everyone WHY I collapsed in a dead faint?”

“No!” I struggled for breath.

“What, exactly, gave you the idea to DO that? Did you want to drive me over the edge? Can you IMAGINE what it’s like to see…to see…what I saw?!”

“No!” The room was starting to spin.

“I mean, that CONTRAPTION you were using on yourself, did you make that in shop class? Is that what they’re teaching you, how to build things you might find in some bondage dungeon?”

“Mom!” Everything was going black.

“Are your PROUD that you can do that to yourself, are you so starved for affection that you have to lock yourself in you room and debase yourself in that way?! Is this my fault? Am I a bad parent. Is this a cry for help?” She somehow managed to increase the pressure on my throat. “Well, let me tell you something. This is NOT my fault, I am NOT a bad parent, and believe you me, when we get home and I arrange your punishment, you’re gonna be crying for help!”

She released me, and five seconds later Dad appeared with a can of Canada Dry. He was so attentive to Mom that he didn’t notice me gasping in the corner. Mom drank her ginger ale, she and my father held hands and talked, and an hour later the doctor told us we could all go home. The three of us, one big happy family, piled in the car and went home.

Well, my dad was happy, anyway.

* * * * *

Mom didn’t mention the “incident” for a whole week. It was torture. I knew I would eventually face the terrible music, and the waiting was killing me. As you might expect, during this time I didn’t give myself head. I didn’t jack off at all. I don’t think I even had an erection the whole week, not even when Bridget Landau wore her plaid miniskirt with her knee-high boots. My libido was gone, gone, gone.

The next Saturday morning I was again awakened by the sound of the garage door closing. I heard footsteps, and I sat up in bed. The door opened and Mom loomed in the doorway like a drill sergeant.

“Thank heaven for small miracles,” she growled. “You aren’t abusing yourself. I should feel flattered.”


She waved a hand. “Take a shower and get dressed.”

“We’re going somewhere?”

She turned her back on me and marched away. I didn’t question her. I got my ass in the shower and got dressed. I found her downstairs waiting for me.

“Let’s go,” she said. I wanted to ask where we were going, but I didn’t want to ask her anything. I didn’t want to even look at Mom. I was terrified.

Mom drove in silence, and I didn’t recognize where we were going. It was fifteen minutes before Mom said, “Do you remember Mrs. Johnson?”

Mrs. Johnson… “Um, yeah, didn’t we see her at the funeral home last year?”

Mom nodded. “Her husband passed away.”

A few quiet minutes passed before Mom said, “I used to work with her. We were good friends.” Another silent minute. “I still see her, every so often.”

I didn’t follow. Was that where we were going? Mrs. Johnson’s husband had been about 20 years her senior, he’d died of a heart attack. I remembered Mrs. Johnson as a very nice woman, able to laugh when telling stories about her husband but still obviously broken-hearted at his passing. An attractive woman in her early fifties, she reminded me of Marion Ross, the woman who played Richie’s mom on “Happy Days”. The same dark red hair, the same pretty, wholesome, kind face.

Mom steered the car into the driveway of a well-tended split-level house. “Come along,” Mom said.

I obeyed, but I said, “Um, why are we here?”

“For your punishment.”

I didn’t get it then, and I didn’t get it when the door opened and there was Mrs. Johnson smiling pleasantly. She hugged my mother and said, “Laura! You don’t look any worse for wear after your little episode!” Then she looked up at me. “My goodness, this can’t be little Danny! It can’t be!”

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Decisions Ch. 06

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Chapter 6: Adding Pam to the Group and Resulting Orgy

Much to my surprise Emily had adopted and even refined my philosophy about love and extending it to the people we care about. With that as prelude she’d told me to go to work and tell Pam that I loved her. Pam had been a potential girlfriend, but we’d fallen into the role of ‘fuck buddies’ instead and hadn’t moved too far beyond that until Emily showed up in my life and I fell in love with her. Not that I couldn’t fall in love with Pam too, just that my attention was diverted for a while.

Thus, Monday on the way to work I picked up a small bouquet of flowers for Pam. She was already at her desk when I arrived. I walked up and put my hand gently on her shoulder and held the flowers out for her. She whipped her head around, her blond locks flying through the air as she tried to focus on the flowers and me at the same time. She looked almost puzzled.

I said softly so no one else in the office would hear, “I’ve missed you.”

She sighed and looked doe eyes at me; “David … I’ve missed you too. And … and … and … I just don’t know what to think.”

“Maybe this will help,” I said. I reached and took her hand, brought it to my mouth and kissed her palm and then closed her fingers around the kiss. I looked her in the eye and said, “Pam, I love you.”

There was a long period of silence, as she looked at me in utter disbelief. Tears formed in the corners of her eyes. Suddenly, she stood and hugged me then ran down the hall to the ladies room trying to stifle a sob. This was not quite the reaction I had expected.

I went and found a small vase and put some water in it for the flowers, and left them on Pam’s desk. I was into my e-mail when Pam appeared at my door. She’d apparently regained her composure. “What about Emily?” she asked in a soft questioning tone.

“Pam, come and sit,” I gestured to the chair beside my desk. “We need to talk.”

As Pam said, I began, “Emily and I just spent about two weeks together and we’re very happy together.” Pam was taken back. The paradigm I was presenting her with clearly didn’t work on her internal computer.

“But you just told me you loved me,” Pam said.

“Yes, and I do. I also love Emily. And, I’ve met two very special women in Kansas City that I also adore.” I paused and could see Pam was very confused.

I went on, “Pam, I’m not messing with you. All I’m doing is showing you that there is another way besides ‘exclusivity’ in deep relationships. I am committed to each of them but that doesn’t mean we own each other nor does it mean one of us is subservient to the others or that we control each other. Also, there’s no jealousy; quite the opposite in fact, strong mutual support, love and our mutual desire to participate in each other’s joy.”

“I like Emily,” Pam said softly as someone walked by the door. “She’s all right with this? And these other friends?”

“Yes,” I explained, “they all have the same feelings I do. And we love each other. Emily is very fond of you, by the way, and would like to get to know you better.”

“Oh wow,” Pam said. “I’ve got to think about this.” She rose suddenly. “I’ll be back,” she said and walked away. I noted that she at least wasn’t mad any longer — confused perhaps, but not mad.

I turned back to my computer rather than pursue her. I’d best let her think about what we’d just said to each other. I was pleased that she was in a better mood than two weeks earlier.

I had several meetings and was running around the office worrying about staff on the two Kansas City jobs. Russ and I talked for about half an hour too. As we were parting I invited him to join Emily and me for dinner and ‘whatever’ after work. He looked pleased and said he would. I left a message on Emily’s cell phone.

Unsolicited, Pam delivered a turkey wrap and diet coke to me about lunchtime. She gave me a big smile as she did. I rose and kissed her on her cheek; I think I made her afternoon. She pranced away clearly in happy frame of mind.

About three o’clock she came back into my office, this time sitting in my extra chair. “I have a question,” she stated. I nodded and she went on, “Do Emily and the three women know about each other? That wasn’t clear to me. Also, are all these relationships physical?”

“Pam, they are all physical relationships as well as emotional relationships. We care about each other. And yes, we not only know about each other we make love together — with each other.”

Pam had a sharp intake of breath. There was a silence then she got görükle escort up from my chair again and moved slowly to the door. She turned and said, “Back to my ‘think time.'” She went back to her desk and appeared to immerse herself in a pile of old invoices.

Half an hour later she was back at my door; “I have another question. Are you the only guy?”

“No. It’s a polyamorous relationship,” I said. I didn’t volunteer any further information. She turned and went back to her desk.

I called Russ and asked him if I could divulge to Pam that he was part of our polyamorous relationship. He asked the predictable question about how discrete he thought she’d be with the information. I told him I believed she would keep things quiet and may even join us. I knew Russ had always had the hots for Pam so this clenched the deal.

Pam came back a few minutes later. “What’s a polyamorous relationship?”

I started, “Well, one writer called it ethical non-monogamy. Basically it consists of long-term, multiple, but stable relationships instead of the norm. The premise is that love isn’t limited or a ‘zero sum game,’ instead ‘Love is infinite,’ and the more you give the more you get. There are lots of versions, but to me it is very much among independent and equal people. In this case, right now, there are two males and three geographically dispersed females. I could introduce you to some of them in the next week or so, plus you already know three of us.”

“I do?” she asked.

“Yes. Emily, Russ and me.” Pam’s eyebrows shot up at the mention of Russ’ name. She got a little smile on her lips.

I added, “I tell you this in confidence; it’s expected that you’ll be discrete with this information regardless of what you decide.”

“Oh, I will; I will. I promise I’ll never mention this.” Pam nodded to confirm her commitment and returned to her desk. I watched briefly and she actually was doing work at an amazing pace. I think her brain was in high gear and McKennitt was getting the spillover benefits.

Pam came in about fifteen minutes later and asked, “How would I start? I mean I really like you — even love you. I guess you know that. Russ I really like. But, … I mean … with the others? How …?”

I said, “Why don’t you join Russ, Emily and me for dinner tonight. No pressure and you can leave when you want or if you feel uncomfortable. I don’t even know exactly what we’re doing but we’re meeting at Emily’s a little after six.”

Pam said, “Oh geez, that’s fast.” She turned and walked away without indicating whether she was coming or not.

A little after five I looked out and saw Pam packing up her things for the evening. She didn’t look at me but I could almost see the wheels turning in her head. I stuffed the last of what I’d need in Kansas City in my brief case as I prepared to leave too.

As I came out of my office, Pam was standing there. She said, “Can I ride with you?” She smiled sweetly.

“Of course, sweet lady,” I said as I took her arm and we walked to the elevators.


We met Russ on the ground floor. Introductions weren’t needed and he knew from Pam’s presence that she’d opted in to the strange relationship matrix we were building. He gave her a big hug and kiss on her cheek. They both blushed.

Emily was already at her apartment when we got there. She was pleased to see the three of us and showed it by giving first Russ and then me metal melting kisses. She then turned to Pam and held her arms open in a welcoming gesture. Pam hesitated and then moved in and the two women kissed; at first it was just a friendly peck but it rapidly expanded to a passionate tongue-involved kiss between the two of them.

As they parted, Pam said, “Oh wow! I’ve never kissed a woman before. That … that was great!” She and Emily smiled at each other.

I pulled Pam to me and told her I’ve been waiting to kiss her passionately all day long and I was disappointed when we didn’t visit the stationery closet. Pam came and we duplicated the hot kisses already dispensed. After a couple of minutes, Russ tapped me on the shoulder. He then embraced Pam with an equally hot kiss.

Emily and I went into her small kitchen and I got wine for each of us. I could see that she had picked up some Chinese takeout on the way home.

Pam came into the kitchen followed by Russ. She was panting. She said, “I haven’t done anything yet and I’m about ready to climax and I’m panting. What’s that tell you?” We all laughed.

Dinner was relaxed and very informal. We laughed bursa escort bayan a lot over some things at work and Emily amused us with some ‘advertising gone bad’ stories. After dinner Russ suggested we walk down the street to get ice cream. Pam looked relieved that no one was going to jump her bones right then.

The ice cream trip took about a half hour. On the way back, I walked with Pam. I asked her, “Are you all right? Any problems? Change your mind? Postpone things?”

“No,” she said. “I really like all three of you — you especially. The idea of group sex is sort of boggling my mind right now but I have to confess I’ve read a lot of stories online about this kind of stuff and it really turns me on thinking about it. I’m ready.”

I hugged her and then kissed her. Russ and Emily walked by and smiled at us.

Emily dimmed the lights back at her place and I stood in front of Pam and romanced her mouth then her face and ears, then her neck and arms. Russ and Emily were tending to each other only a few feet from us in the small living room. We watched as he removed Emily’s blouse and bra, baring her large breasts and then helped her shed her skirt and slip.

I helped Pam pull her top over her head and then, as we kissed, removed her frilly bra. I opened the zipper on Pam’s slacks and she wiggled them down her legs and stepped out of them. She checked Emily and Russ as Russ shed the last of his clothing, his large penis mostly erect and swaying in the wind as Emily reached for it and pulled it to her mouth.

I was the last one nude but only seconds behind Pam. Russ had sat on the sofa as Emily delivered him a blistering blowjob. I maneuvered Pam beside him and pulled her legs apart so I could bury my head in her pussy. As I did I watched Russ pull Pam to him and kiss her again, one hand starting to massage her pert breasts.

In spite of her evident nervousness, Pam was the first to cum. I knew her spots and took full advantage of what I’d learned about her over the months we’d played around at the office. She was almost mute until a minute before she came, then she’d started to mouth instructions to me, “Oh David, move your tongue … now put your finger inside … that’s it … left … up … oh shit, right there. Oh Shit! OH FUCK, I’M CUMING!”

I allowed Pam to collapse into Russ’ waiting arms. I rose back on my knees and watched as he kissed and hugged her, one hand around her pinching her nearest breast. She was panting between his kisses. She finally said, “THAT was amazing. I’ve cum before — lots. But the intensity of that was near a record. I think I’m nervous and I’m also sexed up. Watching you give Russ of blowjob while I’m getting my cunt licked is definitely ‘hot’.”

Emily said, “Switch around.” She moved onto the couch in front of Russ and I sat on the sofa next to her. Pam immediately inhaled my rod, deep throating my rock hard cock. I groaned several times partly in warning of too fast a pace. Pam slowed down adding more saliva and slobber to her ministrations.

Emily and I kissed passionately, letting our tongues sample each other’s mouths. She told me, “I can taste Pam on you. She tastes good. Before the night’s out I’m going to get some of that first hand.” I was stroking Emily’s breasts. I told her I loved her with all my heart. I really did feel my heart wide open to love — giving to Emily, to Pam, to Grace, to Kim, and, yes to Russ.

Emily arched and came with a long, low-pitched moan that left no doubt a pleasure wave had taken over her body. I kissed her hard and then bit on one of her nips to heighten her arousal. I heard a vocal, “OH FUCK” beside me.

I pulled Pam up, putting her next to Emily. Russ and I, almost by agreement, thrust into the women at the same time. There were moans of penetration pleasure all around – My God, what an erotic sight. Both women were holding their bent legs partly in the air, affording us maximum availability to fuck them as well as a side-by-side sight picture that was unforgettable.

At one point, I looked at Russ and said, “Switch for a couple of minutes.” Pam’s eyes got big as we traded places. Russ put his purple monster against Pam’s moist opening and thrust into her cunt. I buried myself in Emily; we both purred. We varied the pace and the angle, the women showed each other different ways to pull our rods deep inside them then Russ and I switched again.

I jammed myself into Pam, surprising her, and then went through a series of very long strokes. I could feel my balls rumbling. I told Pam and bursa escort she locked her legs behind me and pulled me into her. Emily leaned over and kissed her passionately with lots of tongue action. I sped up, pounding into Pam’s cunt. We came together, Pam’s orgasm cresting even higher thanks to Emily’s care and kisses.

As the bliss passed over us I pulled Pam to me and kissed her. We looked at the couple next to us as Russ told Emily he’d be there in less than a minute. Pam whispered to me, “Let me go to her,” so I let her recline on the sofa next to Emily again. This time, Pam embraced Emily and administered the kisses, the fondling and pinching of her breasts and giving her loving hugs. Emily came in an explosion that must have rocked the building if not the city. “OOOOOOOOOH,” echoed from her mouth as she wailed through the ecstasy. Russ nearly echoed her wail two octaves lower.

We all collapsed next to each other on the sofa, a happy mix of arms and legs, tits and cocks, and leaking body fluids. I actually thought we were through until Emily started to shift around, moving ultimately between Pam’s legs. I moved next to Pam on the sofa.

“Are you sure?” Pam asked her.

“Oh, never more sure of anything in my life,” Emily told her as her tongue extended and she started to lick Pam’s pussy and suck my dripping cum from her hole.

Pam came almost immediately. “OH FUCK that feels good,” Pam exclaimed as she threw herself back into my body where I grabbed a breast. I ran my other hand down to her clit and rapidly massaged it as she rode through her orgasm. From her actions I knew I was driving her to a higher cum that just the cunnilingus Emily was giving.

Emily kept up the tongue action on Pam until Pam came again, although this time without the high intensity.

I then heard Pam ask Emily, “Can I return the favor?” Emily nodded and moved to recline between Russ and me on the sofa. Two minutes later Emily shouted out her orgasm in a wail of bliss.

Pam rose from Emily, her face and chin covered in Russ’ cum and Emily’s girl juice. “I never knew women tasted so good. And Russ you’re definitely in my diet now. I’m shocked that I’m bisexual — at least with you, Emily.” The gals smiled warmly at each other and touched fingers in a sexy way.

We rested, sipped some more wine and talked. We were idly stroking each other’s sexual organs and bodies. Whatever happened to be in reach was fair game.

Both Russ and I stirred again. Emily pulled me up and announced that she wanted some time with her lover and pulled me to the bedroom. I heard Russ tell Pam that he was glad the two of them could be alone because he wanted to get to know her better.

Emily and I made love and I was surprised how hard I eventually came in her body and how much semen I deposited in her tunnel. We lay there stroking one another after the climax listening to Pam and Russ’ orgasm in the next room.

A few minutes later Pam came in and after a brief conversation the two women went into a sixty-nine position sucking the cum from each other. Both announced they loved the taste of the love mixtures they each had and the receptacles they had found for the fluid.

Russ and I both had to go home and pack for our early morning flight to Kansas City. We called for two taxicabs since we were going to different parts of the City. With great reluctance we got dressed and prepared to leave. Pam had decided to stay the rest of the night with Emily — sharing the same bed and maybe some further touching.

I heard Emily ask Pam to stay with her for the week. The two women hugged and I confess my cock stirred again watching as their naked breasts rubbed against each other. I was going to have some fantastic phone sex with them during the week, well, unless Grace and Kim weren’t busy.

I knew Emily wouldn’t be in Kansas City that week but would the following week. She made Russ and me promise to carry her love and caring to Grace and Kim. We both speculated that we would need Pam out there for a few days the following week to help with some of the admin and graphics work on the project. Now, THAT would be a fantastic week.

We all had a lot to look forward to and I was so glad everything had worked out as harmoniously as it had. After all was said and done, I never had to decide between one woman and another. I had them all. In one sense it was ego gratifying to be loved by four women but I didn’t think of it that way. Instead I felt I was lucky to have four women that accepted my love for what it was. Things felt well balanced and I could tell that what we’d started would last a long time.

Russ and I kissed Pam and Emily goodnight and told them we loved them. We left the two naked women to their passions. We all felt good about the world.

The end of this part of the story.

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