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As always, thanks to drbob80 for his fine editing job. Also thanks to my brother, leftyloo for all of his support. This story has quite a bit of buildup before we get to the good part. Please be patient, this is not a quick one. Happy reading.


I have an older sister named Sunny. She was the light of my parent’s life when she was born, hence the hippie name. Sunny and I were never close; I wanted to be, but she didn’t. She’s almost exactly ten years older than I am and there was no way that she would acknowledge her annoying baby brother, let alone hang out with him. It didn’t stop me from trying, though. I simply adored my big sister. I’d try and stay close to her when she was hanging out with her friends at the pool, all in their tiny bikinis, until she’d catch me and chase me away. I did that as often as I could until, when I was about eight, I had an unpleasant surprise and a change of heart.

She and her friends were lying out by the pool. I had sneaked in behind her; I had chosen a spot close to her where I had hidden before and had never been caught. Figuring I was safe, I watched and listened to her, hanging on every word. I heard her tell one of the bikini clad beauties that she was horrified that her mom had gotten pregnant when she was ten. To make things worse, she’d had a boy! The tone of her voice told me everything I needed to know. Even at eight years old, I could hear and feel her hatred.

I knew she thought I was annoying, but until that moment, I didn’t realize that she truly hated me. I was devastated. I started scooting away from her until I figured she couldn’t see me. Getting up and slinking through the gate, I turned to look at her one last time. Her head was turned toward me and her flat and expressionless eyes met mine. I didn’t know what that meant other than I needed to avoid her.

Still, I hoped that we could be friends. I didn’t spend as much time mooning after her, but I did sneak peeks at her occasionally, though I was a lot more careful. Sunny moved out after high school and went to college, so I rarely saw her anymore.

Several years later I came home after a half day of school. My last class had been a gym class and I just went home without taking a shower. Mom’s car was not in the driveway so there was no-one at home. I started peeling sweaty clothes off at the door and by the time I got to the bathroom upstairs, I was completely naked. As I reached the bathroom door, it clicked in my brain that the door was closed but I didn’t react to that knowledge. I turned the knob and opened the door and there was Sunny in all of her naked glory. It was stunning and she was glorious. Her foot was up on the stool and she was bent over drying her legs, hair dripping and skin glistening with droplets of water. I stood there, my mouth soundlessly flapping like a fish out of water.

Sunny’s head slowly turned, as if in movie slow motion, before she shrieked. She glanced down at my rapidly rising dick and slowly brought her saucer shaped eyes to mine.

“Seeley!” Her embarrassment had found words. “You fucking pervert! What are you doing? Why are you staring at you naked sister?” Her eyes found their way down to my pulsing cock. “And why do you have a hard-on?”

She stood up and put her hands on her hips, glaring at me. All I could think was ‘God she’s beautiful,’ as I stood there, still speechless. I couldn’t even explain myself.

Her eyes narrowed. “Get your ass out of here. If you ever come near me again, I’m gonna tell Mom that you skipped school to peep on me and you took pictures. Then you’ll get sent to military school or worse, a mental institution for PERVERTS!”

I found my voice, “I didn’t do any of that! It was a mistake! I didn’t know you were home.”

She sneered, “Do you think she’ll believe that? Are you willing to take that chance?”

I didn’t say anything, I just hung my head.

“I didn’t think so. Get the fuck out of here and close the door.” I backed out of the room, trying to figure out what just happened. My determination to stay out of her way was reinforced on that day.

For the ensuing time that I still lived at home, the only times Sunny and I were in the same room was when I couldn’t avoid it. I was polite to her, but that was the extent of our interaction. Sunny wasn’t much better. When it was unavoidable and I had to be around her, I avoided direct contact with her and escaped as soon as possible, much to the dismay of our mother.

When Sunny was home, I stayed in my room. The time I spent separated from Sunny while at home proved to be beneficial. I quickly grew tired of computer games and at first, out of boredom; I started reading my school books. My grades improved and soon my simple reading of school books turned into meaningful studying. I didn’t become Valedictorian or Salutatorian, but I did finish high school in the top five percent of my class.

Sunny showed up to my high school graduation party, gaziantep ateşli escort though I didn’t understand why. I was having a pretty good time with my friends when Sunny suddenly and unexpectedly graced us with her presence. She found me with her eyes and smiled at me. My mood immediately darkened and I withdrew from the party. I went to my room, closed the door and sat on the bed. After about ten minutes there was a light knock on the door.

I sighed, knowing my mom would be looking for me, “Yeah, mom?”

The door opened and I didn’t look up. After a minute, I didn’t hear anything so I looked up. It was Sunny. “What the fuck do you want?”

To her credit, Sunny looked startled. “Seeley, why did you leave your party? Mom sent me to find you.”

I started laughing, and replied, with not a just little sarcasm, “Really? Mom sent you to find me? I find that hard to believe. She knows how you and I feel about each other. So, I ask again, ‘What the fuck do you want?'”

I sat there staring at her. She blushed and stared down at her feet. “I know I haven’t treated you very well…”

I just snorted, “That’s the understatement of the millennium.”

She sighed, “Ok, I’ve treated you like shit and I want you to know that I feel very badly about that. I wanted to try and make it up to you.”

I hadn’t noticed but she had her hands behind her back. She brought them out and had a small box in them. She held it out to me and I didn’t move.

Her eyes filled with tears. “I know how well you’ve done in school and I want you to know that I am so proud of you.”

I never flinched, just staring at her. She nodded, stepped forward and set the box on my desk. She sighed, “I understand, I’ll leave and let you go back to your party.”

She turned and walked out. Even as angry as I was I couldn’t help it; I glanced at her ass, her perfect, swaying, apple bottom. My anger notwithstanding, I responded as I had since that day in the bathroom, my dick twitched and began to fill with blood. I put my face in my hands and sat there for minute. As I calmed, I didn’t know what to think, Sunny was acting so differently. I got up, picked up the gift and tossed it in the bottom desk drawer and slammed it shut. I went back to the party and Sunny was gone. I got right back into the swing of the party and completely forgot the gift.


After I graduated from high school, I went to college, partied a little and studied a lot. My grades were good enough that I got into a special program which allowed me to go an extra year and get my MBA and CPA. I got a great job in Chicago and married my college sweetheart. We found an apartment downtown and we had what started out to be a blissful life.

Life actually did start out blissfully. We did everything together; we went to baseball games and football games and hung out on Rush Street. We had regular date nights that always culminated in either tender, loving or hot, aching sex. At some point and I’m not sure when, our careers started to get in the way. I would cancel a date, then two and so on. She started doing the same thing. After a while, things just got stale. I don’t think it was anything we did intentionally, it just happened. Not only was it stale, it was becoming uncomfortable. I started staying late at work to avoid the prolonged periods of silence. Apparently, she did the same. I soon noticed that Julie was coming home very late, often after I had gone to bed. The first time I noticed, she had unintentionally woken me up as she went into the shower. I didn’t give it much thought, but something about that shower that began wriggling around in the back of my mind, something that I couldn’t quite grasp, but something I knew just wasn’t right.

A few nights later she was home on time, but she didn’t take a shower. Then, about a week after that she was even later than she had been the first night I noticed. I hadn’t been sleeping very well and I woke up when she came in our room. Once again, she stripped and went into the shower. I rolled over and after thinking about it, the wriggling thought in the back of my mind crystalized. I concluded that she must be cheating and wasn’t doing much to hide it. As I lay there I realized that the last ten years of marriage had not amounted to much. We had a nice lifestyle, but in reality, we had no life together. We barely spoke and I was a little surprised to recall that we had not had sex in nearly a year. It was no wonder she was looking elsewhere.

I sighed and got out of bed. I got dressed and pulled out a suitcase. I was dragging my clothes out and stuffing them in the suitcase when Julie came out.

She stopped and asked, “What are you doing?”

I turned around and smiled at her. “I’m leaving. You’re having an affair and not bothering to hide it very well.”

She started to protest, but I put my hand up. I continued smiling, bakımlı gaziantep escort “Come on Julie. I know I haven’t paid much attention to you and you’re looking for more out of life than a platonic roommate. We can split amicably and you can get on with your life.”

She stood there a minute with her mouth hanging open and then it slowly turned into a sheepish grin. “I’m sorry. I know it’s cliché, I didn’t mean for this to happen, but it just kinda did.”

“Don’t worry about it,” I said, “I’m just glad we didn’t have kids.”

She walked over and hugged me, “Me too. Look, you don’t need to leave here in the middle of the night. Just stay here and take your time to find someplace to live. Let’s just do that; unless you want me to move out.”

“I appreciate that, and no, you don’t need to move out.” I laughed, “You picked most of this stuff out anyway.”

She giggled, “True.”

“I’ll sleep on the couch.” I said.

“No, you won’t.” she protested, “We can share a bed.” She chuckled, “I trust you.”

I raised an eyebrow, “What about your boyfriend?”

“It’ll do him good to worry.” She laughed.

I shrugged, “Ok.”

I put my pajamas back on and climbed into bed. She rolled over and kissed me on the cheek.

“What was that for?” I smiled.

“Just for being a good guy.” She smiled.

“Uh, Okay.” I answered.


I looked around for a couple of days and found a decent place. I moved out over the weekend. Julie insisted that I take my recliner. I bought a TV, a dresser and a bed and had them delivered. I got some dishes and cookware and settled in. Julie and I had hired lawyers and gave them strict instructions that this was to be an amicable divorce. I actually fired my first guy when he went overboard, hired a PI and tried to dig up shit on Julie, in an attempt to get me more favorable terms. I know he was doing his job, but it pissed me off. I was more than clear with the second one and he followed my instructions to the letter.

I thought I was okay with the whole thing until I received the final papers. I was divorced. For whatever reason; the reality of the situation hit me harder than I had expected. I suddenly felt like a failure. I needed to get away for a little while.

I called my mom and asked if I could crash for a while. “Well, baby, I don’t have a problem with it, but your dad and I are going on vacation. You can still stay here and house-sit, though.”

“Cool, where are you going?” I smiled, happy they were getting away.

She giggled, “Dad’s taking me to Jamaica. Maybe I’ll go topless.”

“Moooommmm!!” I cried.

She laughed and laughed. “What, baby?”

“TMI, Mom, TMI!” I whined.

“Would you grow up?” She was still giggling.

“I guess.” I grumbled.

“Good,” she said. “When will you get here?”

“Over the weekend.” I answered.

“Oh, Ok,” she said, “we’ll be gone by then, we’re leaving Friday afternoon. Do you still have your key?”

“Yes ma’am, I do.” I said.

“Good.” She said and then she hesitated. “How are you doing, baby?”

I knew exactly what she was talking about. “I’m not sure, Mom.” I sighed. “I feel like I failed…like I let you and Dad down,”

“You did no such thing, baby.” She said softly, “Sometimes things don’t work out, you and Julie didn’t work out. You’ve got to get your shit together.”

“Mom!” I exclaimed. She never cussed.

“Calm down,” she said. “You need to come home and clear your mind. Zone out, spend some time in the pool and then get yourself right. I mean it young man!”

That made me smile and I repeated, “Yes ma’am.”

I could hear the smile in her voice, “Good, I’ll talk to you when we get back. Maybe, I’ll show you some bathing suit pictures.”

“Mooooommmm!!” I could still hear her laughing when she hung up.


I made arrangements to take some time off. I got the mail held and made certain that all of my friends knew where I was going. I left Chicago early in the morning and got to their house in the early afternoon on Saturday. I let myself in the front door and found both garage door remotes on the breakfast bar. I found it a little odd that they left both of them, but I shrugged it off. I went out into the garage and found another weird thing. Both of my parent’s cars were gone. I stood there wondering about it and then decided that my dad probably took one of the cars in for maintenance, it just made sense; they could get the work done without any inconvenience. Mystery solved, I pulled my car into the center of the garage.

I went into the house and up to my old room. I had to laugh; it looked like I had just returned to the house after school. It was spotless of course, but had not changed in any way. It was a time capsule of my high school years, posters and all. I guess I hadn’t been up here escort gaziantep since Julie and I had gotten married. The only thing that was different was that mom had completely cleaned out all of my old clothes from the closet and dresser. She had put their winter clothes in some of the drawers and in part of the closet. I put my clothes away in the available space, stripped and climbed into my trunks.

Back downstairs, I started rooting around in the fridge; I knew mom would have left it well stocked for the week. I chuckled, it was typical Mom, not only was it well stocked, there was enough for an army. I pulled out the makings of a ham and Swiss on rye and piled it deep. I was going to indulge for a couple of days before going back to watching my weight. Dad even had my favorite beer, though there were as many wine coolers in there as there were beers and I found that a little weird. Oh well. This might have been the best vacation I’ve ever had, even before it started.

Before I went out to the pool I looked to see what Mom had left in the freezer. There were a couple of T-bones, some tilapia, baby back ribs and my favorite, a swordfish steak. I pulled the swordfish out to thaw. I looked and Mom had teriyaki and garlic powder to fix it how she knew I liked it and fresh veggies to grill. I smiled and silently thanked Mom for her forethought.

I took a beer and my sandwich out and sat in a chaise lounge by the pool. The sun was warm, the beer cold and the sandwich hit the spot. I found myself relaxing for the first time since the divorce was final. I got up and found where Dad had put the floating lounger in the pool house. I got the lounger and the leaf skimmer out and dragged them out to the pool. I opened the pool cover and then skimmed the few leaves that had escaped. I tested the pH and found it to be perfect. I shook my head and laughed; as if I had expected Dad to leave it anything but perfect.

Suddenly, I found that I was really looking forward to lounging in the pool. I went back into the storage unit and found Dad’s floating beer cooler. I took it into the kitchen, filled it with ice and beer and took it back out to the pool. I climbed into the lounger, grabbed a beer and settled in. Damn, this felt great! I felt myself relaxing even further as my worries faded away. Remembering after my second beer that I had not applied any sunscreen, I slipped out of the lounger and made my way to the side of the pool. As I climbed out I remembered that Mom always kept some in a cabinet in the storage unit. After pulling open a couple of drawers I found a new tube of sunscreen with a note in Mom’s handwriting.

I read the note and it cracked me up, “I knew you would forget!”

Before climbing back into the pool, I used the time for a bathroom break and to put the swordfish into the teriyaki to marinate. Once back, I settled into the lounger with a fresh beer. I spent the rest of the afternoon in some variation of the first couple of hours. I actually fell asleep for a little while. When I woke up, I slipped into the pool to swim. After several laps, I pulled everything out of the pool, put it all away and covered the pool again. I took a shower and pulled on a pair of athletic shorts.

I’d had enough beer and pulled a diet soda out of the fridge and threw myself into a lounge chair on the patio. I watched what I could of the sunset until I was a little chilled. I piled the charcoal in, started the grill and then went in to put on a shirt. When I came back out I was carrying the swordfish and the veggies. I spent about a half hour tending to the food on the grill. I set the table on the patio and thoroughly enjoyed what I had cooked for dinner. I cleaned up and settled into the lounger with what was to be my last beer of the day. I actually never put the bottle to my lips. After settling in and gazing at the remains of the sunset, I fell asleep. I woke up chilled sometime in the middle of the night and stumbled upstairs and into my bed.


I woke up the next morning feeling mostly refreshed. After going to the rest room, the first thing I did was open the cover on the pool and swim ten laps. It woke me up and completed the feeling of being refreshed. I grabbed a bottle of orange juice and my e-reader with the intention of spending several hours reading. I was deep into a mystery when I felt a shadow pass over me.

When I looked up, I was stunned to see Sunny standing there. She had was wearing purple crop top and bright white short shorts. I just looked at her. “Seeley? What are you doing here?” she smiled and asked pleasantly.

Her sudden appearance and pleasant greeting kind of unnerved me. I was at a loss for anything to say. “I, umm, uhh…”

She got a big grin on her face before breaking into laughter, sounding truly amused. “Come on Seeley, the question wasn’t that hard, was it?”

Her grin and laughter was infectious. I laughed along with her. “No, it wasn’t, but the last person I expected to see was you and it took me completely by surprise.” I was surprised. I wasn’t sure what she was doing here. “I called Mom after I got the divorce papers and she told me to come home and lay around the pool. She said they wouldn’t be here, so I figured I would have the house to myself.” I paused and looked at her for a few moments. “So, what are you doing here?”

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Surreptitious Love Ch. 72

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Big Tits

Chapter 72 — Massaging Linh

In the end, Tina didn’t have enough time to meet again after our glorious sex-doll role-play last week. I believed anyway that one didn’t need to milk a great idea to death, at least not immediately. As much as I loved Tina’s idea to pretend to be a sex doll, we could always do another role-play along similar lines a few months hence, when she was back in town. But the thought of meeting Tina in a kimono with no underwear was enthralling, to say the least.

Similarly, Nguyet, Vu, and I had been planning a threesome for two months now, but we couldn’t agree to when or where. But just as with Tina, that threesome wasn’t something that couldn’t be postponed for a few weeks or months. Knowing that the two of them were really into each other, I just told them to explore their relationship in the meantime. Perhaps one day, Nguyet would even lose her interest in getting fucked into oblivion. Or obliteration. If Vu banging her three times turned out not to be enough, we could still meet the following month.

As the Vietnamese government had encouraged universities to offer online courses or even assign term papers in January to stretch the pre-Tet travel over six weeks instead of days, some of my former students were already back in town, among them Linh, the brilliant, yet slightly handicapped young woman, who I had bumped into in Da Nang once a-year-and-a-half ago. I had taken her to my bed-and-breakfast guesthouse, even though women weren’t allowed there, but her mobility problem — which was the result of a stroke she had suffered when she was six — had mollified the proprietor. As soon as the lady was gone, however, Linh had undressed and slipped under my bedcovers, at 11 in the morning.

Linh was super sharp and was studying Medicine in Hanoi. She was in her third year now and thriving. This time, she asked me to visit her at her house, as she couldn’t walk far nor ride a motorcycle. They had a nice garden, she told me, and her mother wanted to meet me anyway. Purportedly, Linh’s mother loved baking, so I was in for a treat.

I knew roughly where the family lived: easy to get to in a small, quiet street in the town center. When I arrived, I was surprised though how tall the house was. But, yes, next to the house was a small garden with a picnic table and a bunch of chairs. Linh was sitting under a parasol, and as I was walking towards her, her beautiful mother came out of the house, carrying a tray with tea and something that looked like tarts or scones. We nodded and smiled at each other, before she disappeared inside the house again.

Linh was wearing a pink T-shirt with a cat printed on the front. I was still surprised how often Vietnamese adults wore children’s clothes, but then, on the other hand, it was also cute and charming. As it wasn’t very warm, Linh was wearing a pair of black jeans, which accentuated her womanly figure nicely. She poured me some tea and asked me to sit down and try the scones; her mother had to finish something inside.

The little pies had fruit in them and smelled delicious. So we ate and talked about her experiences at university, before Linh’s mother came back to join us. She smiled at me and then looked lovingly back at her daughter, who was sitting across from me. Linh hadn’t changed much since we had seen each other the last time. She was still wearing her rectangular glasses which framed her sparkling eyes beautifully. She was also still sporting her page-boy haircut, probably because it was rather carefree.

“My mother speaks some English, too,” Linh encouraged me to talk to her mom, who worked for the city’s registry office.

With her help, we had settled a dispute about one of my Filipino colleague’s son’s Western name. But that topic wasn’t interesting enough to bring back up again. But I couldn’t talk to Linh about our brief adventure in Da Nang, as her mother was sitting next to us, and so I kept talking to Linh about her college studies. I did wonder in my mind, though, if our afternoon today wasn’t going to turn sensual at some point. Would Linh and I later be able to go to her room for an hour?

As this question wasn’t one we could settle openly, at least not immediately, I promised myself to be patient and asked about the house:

“Three floors! Very few families have such a tall house …” I said admiringly.

“Well, that’s because if my disability,” Pamela enlightened me. “We had to add a bigger bathroom but, as you can see, there’s no room here, so we had to build up.”

As I probably looked a little puzzled, as Linh couldn’t walk steps easily, she kept explaining: “I need a bath and a massage every day to keep my blood circulating. So we converted the bathroom on the first flor into a massage room, while my parents’ bedroom moved one floor up.”

I nodded. The massage-thing was news to me, but it made sense. As far as I understood, Linh’s circulation was hampered by the fact that she wasn’t able to walk far or ride a bike. bayan escort Sure, warm baths and massages could aid here. To keep her left hand in good shape, Linh was always squeezing a small rubber ball, which she took wherever she went and which looked like the corona virus. I will never forget how she asked me in an email, before the first day of class with me, if squeezing that ball would ‘disturb’ me. Back then, I didn’t imagine that one day she would squeeze my balls.

Anyway, as ‘massage’ was a semi-sensual topic, I decided to milk it a bit:

“Who gives you the massages?”

Linh pointed at her mother with her chin, who blushed and then looked at me.

“Do you have some sort of training?” I was curious.

I felt the need to finally speak to her; I didn’t doubt her skills, though.

She shook her head: “No, but you learn from experience. It’s mainly to keep the blood in Linh’s body flowing. You can’t do much wrong, can you?” she asked rhetorically.

I just shrugged my shoulders: “I don’t know. But I guess you’re right. And you’ve been doing it for so many years now …” I added, implying that she was probably pretty good at it by now.

Massages given to men in Southeast Asia often included the penis and ended with the proverbial ‘happy-ending’. Of course, I asked myself quietly if Linh’s mother included her daughter’s pussy in her art. On the other hand, there were also massage parlors in our town that excluded men completely and others that excluded penis and butt. There, however, massages tended to be more thorough, since they trained their girls properly. But, for me, a massage needed to include all body parts, especially since one’s center was very sensitive. But, alas, I didn’t feel like I could ask Linh or her mother how they handled that.

Linh’s mother was exceptionally pleasant and beautiful. Had she proposed to give me a massage I wouldn’t have hesitated a bit. As that seemed impossible, however, we all grabbed another fruit scone and Pamela kept talking about the vicissitudes of life in the country’s capitol, while her mother was watching her and me, like she was at a tennis match. The highlight of Linh’s stories was that she had achieved the status of an official translator, as her English was excellent, which surely would open more doors to her in the future.

Of course, while I was listening to her I reminisced about our lovely little adventure in Da Nang two summers ago. First, I had bumped into the whole family in a café; they wanted to attend a matinee, but only had three tickets for four people, so Linh had volunteered to spend an hour-and-a-half with me, instead. At 11 in the morning, we had found each other naked under the bed covers, where we chatted innocently for a while, before she had pulled me on top of her. Linh was of course, self-conscious of her disability—she limped with her left leg—and so hadn’t expected me to hit on her, so she took matters in her own hands by just undressing. After a brief break that day—during which the landlady had popped her head in—we had done it a second time.

The longer I was looking at the two ladies here, the more my longing for a massage and my lust for more grew. I didn’t actually know if Linh would be up for a sensual hour in her chambers, and I couldn’t imagine that her mother would take part, particularly since the younger daughter of the family was my student as well. Maybe she was fantasizing about it, but she definitely wasn’t going to suggest it.

“Where’s your sister?” I asked Linh now.

“At our grandparents’. She’ll sleep there, actually,” Linh added, perhaps with a thought in mind.

So, perhaps the coast would be clear this afternoon. I surmised that Linh was thinking in that direction as well, especially now that she also mentioned that her dad was working afternoon shift and wasn’t going to be back till 10pm. Why did she bring that up?! To let me know that we were going to have sex again, or was my visit today really only about fruit tarts and meeting her mother? Perhaps her mother was in the mood for some sensual love-play as well? The way she was looking at me from time to time almost suggested it. Not wanton or lustful, but interested. Very much so. But, of course, I couldn’t be certain. Well, even if she was thinking about it, suggesting it was a completely different story.

I kept thinking how to exploit the massage topic some more, without being too nosey or divulging too much of my desire. Was Linh naked when her mother gave her massages? Probably. Had her mother touched or massaged her snatch already? Maybe a few times ‘by chance’. Or did she even do it on a regular basis? Seemed unlikely. Was the mother naked as well when she gave her daughter massages? What did the two of them talk about during the massages? Linh’s sex-life? As far as I knew, she was quite experienced for her age. Did her mother know what happened in Da Nang between her and me? And did her dad massage her, too, bayan escort gaziantep when the mother was busy? Was she then naked, too? And what about him?! Well, perhaps not.

I regretted not being able to ask such questions at the moment, but I could ask some — or all of them — later, when I would be alone with Linh. But could Linh tell her mother this afternoon that she wanted to be alone with me? Or would her mother even leave the house, perhaps under some pretext?

“Would you like another cupcake?” the mother was asking now, just as I had been looking at her daughter for at least two minutes.

I declined, as I didn’t want to be too full. I still didn’t know how the afternoon was going to develop, but now I saw — while Linh was combing her hair with her spread fingers — that she had coaster-sized sweat stains under her armpits. Taken slightly aback by that little reality-check, I distracted myself by praising the tartlets. Her mother blushed and thanked me for my kind words, bevor she poured me some more tea.

As Linh’s sweat stains had brought me back down to earth with jolt, I decided to ogle her mother now, who had longer and wavier hair than her daughter. Her features—cheekbones, breasts hips—were also more finely chiseled. She was wearing a green-and-orange tailored blouse, together with tailored black pants, which amplified the balanced, slim yet also curvy topography of her body. Unlike most Vietnamese women, she hadn’t buttoned her blouse all the way up; the skin below her collarbones looked wonderfully soft and smooth, like that of a much younger woman. Her face was flawless, while her mouth was perhaps the most beautiful I had ever seen. She had slim lips, of which the upper one swung cheekily up towards her nose, which gave her face a decidedly youthful appearance.

“What’s your name, actually?” I asked her finally.

She blushed for some reason and bashfully breathed: “Yen,” which was pronounced ‘Y-yen’.

After a brief break, during which she must have noticed how carefully I was admiring her, Yen got up and began to clear the table. Her daughter sat up and assisted. I lit a cigarette, as we were sitting outside; and Linh’s father smoked, too, as I remembered. Linh procured an ashtray from under the table right away, before she got up and went inside, perhaps to go to the restroom. Her mother waited until she had disappeared and then whispered, crimsoning:

“Mister Ben, do you want to massage Linh this afternoon? I gotta go now, and I won’t be back till 6.”

Yen had underscored her plan with massage movements in front of her body and was now waiting for an answer. I asked myself again briefly if she actually knew that her daughter and I had already rolled around in bed together.

By saying “I don’t know if Linh would want that …” I tried to buy time.

Now, Linh was stepping out of the house again and Yen asked her right away. Linh seemed genuinely surprised but nodded keenly, and so I couldn’t decline anymore, even if I had wanted to. Reiterating her consent, Linh nodded at both of us, and I asked, perhaps a little too eager:

“Well, right now?”

“You finish your cigarette first!” Linh reminded me and added: “I need to take a shower first. My mom will help me. Just come up to the bathroom when you’re done.”

Hiding my excitement, I only nodded nonchalantly. The two of them disappeared inside the house and went upstairs from the sound of their voices. When I was done smoking, I didn’t know what to do and just lit another one. I imagined appearing in the door upstairs before they were done, which made me cringe. I loved the possibilities, however, that had suddenly appeared but regretted that Yen was leaving. Should I ask her to stay? Well, perhaps she had to work or something else she couldn’t postpone. My suggestion could also ruin the whole arrangement, I realized, or she might be embarrassed. No, I wouldn’t gain anything from trying to get her to stay. She was a respected woman in our community who was allowing her daughter to have sex with her former English teacher, but that would be it.

As I was puffing away, I thought about the monumental proposal that Linh’s mother had just made, but couldn’t find anything obscene or illogical in it. I wasn’t sure if I could massage Linh well, but it seemed like that wouldn’t matter much, as it was only the prelude to other sensual tasks, which I could perform, I was certain. I remembered how lasciviously Linh had lolled in her armchair ten minutes ago and decided that she must be sufficiently horny.

Her mother stepped out of the house, already wearing her motorcycle helmet. She was putting on long gloves, as it was fashionable among women of her generation. Those long gloves reminded me of ‘stockings for the arms’ that some women wore a hundred years ago. I thought they were hot. Yen nodded at me after I had just put out my second cigarette and pointed upstairs, which I took gaziantep escort as the signal to move my ass. When I reached the first floor, I saw that the door was ajar and heard how Yen started her motorcycle in the courtyard.

I stepped inside the bathroom, and Linh turned off the water. Then she asked me to assist her in drying herself, especially ‘down below’ since she had trouble balancing herself: she couldn’t bend over or stand on just one leg (which reminded me of Tina’s sex-doll ruse again). As hard as it was, I tried not to turn this into a sexual play right away, and so I didn’t praise her well-developed body yet but remained neutral.

While she was limping over to the frosted-glass window, I finally had a moment to look around the room: to the left was a triangular bathtub, partially embedded in the floor, which had one step in front, while to the right was the shower cabin. In the middle of the room was a professional massage table, with a grey gym mat next to it on the floor.

“We need to adjust the table first. You’re so much taller than my mom,” Pamela insisted.

So I kneeled down and loosened the screws on the legs.

“We’ll do it together,” Linh said and came closer, holding a dry, fresh towel in front of her.

Then she bent down naked next to me. She had an impish grin on her face, as if to say: ‘No, it’s about the massage. And not what you think.’

After we had adjusted the table, I went to pee, while she was lying down on the massage table. She adjusted the fresh towel on her lower back and butt and then pointed at a large grey plastic bottle on the window sill, which probably contained the massage oil.

“Don’t you want to take off your clothes?” she asked. “Otherwise, you might get oil on it …”

She was right, of course, but I didn’t know if I should remove my underpants as well. Well, getting naked or sex hadn’t been mentioned yet, and so I kept them on.

Yes, Linh was the most womanly among all my playmates here in our town. On her side, I could see one of her breast squeezed out, which didn’t seem to bother her. Absentmindedly, I kept looking at her light skin, her harmonious features, and round butt, while I poured oil in my hands to warm it up a bit.

“Where do you want me to start? Your shoulders?” I asked.

Linh only nodded and turned her head away from me, like she wanted to take a nap. As she didn’t seem to want to talk, I just I spread some oil on her skin, before I pushed and pulled gently, then squeezed and pressed. From her shoulders, I went up to her neck and then down her arms. I didn’t know what she liked best but, knowing her, I was sure she would tell me if there was something wrong. I listened carefully to her breathing and decided that everything was fine.

“Am I doing it right?” I still asked after another two minutes.

She murmured contentedly, and I took some more oil to massage her forearms which she had put on the massage bed, next to her body. As one first special treat, I massaged her hands like I was infatuated with them. Linh seemed to love every minute of it and was heaving already, which was pretty much the only noise we could hear in the silence of the afternoon. When I was back up from her hands and forearms, I began to take care of her back, above the towel.

“Do you want to close the door and turn the key?” she asked suddenly.

I looked at the door briefly, which was about six or eight inches open, if at all, but from where we were it looked more like three or four.

“I don’t think so. There’s no one in the house …” I only said, probably because I was secretly hoping her mother would return and join us.

In Asia and Oceania, where I had lived before, I had often experienced women getting up again during love-play to check if the door was really locked. Unlike all the others, however, Linh didn’t seemed to be fazed by the open door. Thus encouraged, I was tempted to lose my underpants right away but then decided to still keep them on for a little longer. Instead, I pushed her towel down towards her legs and massaged her lower back. I stroked and kneaded her superb flesh, pressing my thumbs into her muscles. I didn’t spare her womanly hips either.

“I like what you’re doing,” she remarked.

I was relieved, of course, even though I hadn’t gotten any negative feedback from her during the last 20 minutes.

“Well, I’m working on a very beautiful body,” I replied jovially, in a somewhat avuncular fashion.

As she didn’t say anything, I continued:

“Was that spontaneous, or did the two of you plan the whole thing out this morning?”

“Oh, no. Completely out of the blue. My mother asked you without talking to me first. I only learned that you are the one massaging me today when I stepped back out of the house. I suspect that she only left the house under a pretext, so that we can be alone. Oh, by the way, she knows what happened in Da Nang,” Linh laughed now.

Oops. Jesus!

“How come?” I got curious. “Did you tell her?”

Now, the afternoon was taking an interesting turn and gaining momentum.

“Yes, and no. She smelled it, so to speak. There’s was also a button open on the back of my dress. And then she saw the cum shining in my hair,” Linh giggled.

“She smelled that you had had sex?” I asked somewhat naively.

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Stud and Sister

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All characters are at least 18 years old.



I sat on the bench outside my apartment and waited for Adam to show up. It was the last week in August and we were driving up to the family cabin in the mountains in Washington, where our parents would meet us the next day. Adam was one year older than me. We hadn’t seen each other in over eight months, as he went to college in another state. I was starting first year of college in the beginning of September, and Adam second year. I couldn’t wait to see him again; eight months was the longest we’d ever gone without seeing each other. Suddenly a car pulled up in front of me.

Adam stepped out of the car and grinned. I dropped my bags and ran into his arms, hugging him tight into me. “Hey sis”, he laughed. I squeezed him tighter and he laughed again. As I was hugging him I noticed how much bulkier and broader he had gotten since I saw him last. He clearly hadn’t stopped working out. I could feel his muscular body pressed into mine. I noticed Adam giving me a funny look and I pulled away quickly.

“How are you?” I gushed. He looked like he had gotten taller as well. He stood at well over six foot, broad and ripped. His sandy hair fell into his tan face, just above sky blue eyes.

“Oh I’m great. All the better for seeing you again.” His eyes crinkled. He reached down and lifted my bags. “Come on, we better go if we want to get there before dark.” I nodded and followed him to the car…


I could hardly keep me eyes off Sarah as I drove. She had really filled out since I had seen her last, and the tiny denim shorts and tank top she wore highlighted this. Her cleavage strained against the white material, and I looked like she wasn’t wearing a bra. ‘Eyes on the road, Adam’, I told myself. We chatted and caught up during the seven hour car journey. When we arrived at the holiday home it was pitch dark outside. We were glad to be finally out of the car and I stretched to relieve my aching muscles. I saw Sarah surreptitiously glance where my top rode up over my taut stomach.

I unlocked the door and Sarah plopped immediately gaziantep escort down on the couch and switched the TV on. “I guess I’ll just bring the bags in my myself then”, I muttered sarcastically. Sarah grinned. I brought the bags in and left them in our respective rooms. I set a fire for the next day, but didn’t light it as it was so late. After all that I was hot and sweaty. “I’m going to take a shower before bed”, I told Sarah. She nodded, still flicking around on the TV. Her legs were spread out in a lazy pose. I couldn’t help but think about what was in between them.

I went in and had my shower. There was no hot water, but that was fine. I jerked off to relieve some of the tension. Before I could finish the shower turned off and the lights flickered out. From the sitting room Sarah screamed. “Aw shit”, I mumbled. Ever since we were kids Sarah had a terrible fear of the darkness. I quickly wrapped a towel around my waist without drying off and felt my way out into the during room, following the screams. “Shh, it’s okay. It’s okay. I’m hear.” I immediately went to the fireplace and fumbled around for the matches. When I found them I quickly lit the fire that I had set earlier, and some of the candles around the mantelpiece. Sarah, illuminated on the couch, was still sobbing. I shuffled over to her.


Adam pulled me into his arms and pressed my head into his warm chest. He was still dripping wet from the shower. He combed his fingers through my hair and rubbed a soothing hand up and down my back. He rested his chin on my head and whispered soothing words to me. Although I was still shivering from fright, I was quite enjoying his hard, wet body pressed up against me, even though I knew how wrong it was. He pulled back a bit to look at me. Light from the fire danced in his eyes and I was struck by his masculine beauty he was. Before I could stop myself I leaned forward and pressed my lips into his. “Sarah”, he exclaimed, surprised.

“Please”, I said simply, putting all the longing I had into that single word. This time he didn’t pull back when I kissed him, even though adıyaman escort he didn’t respond. My lips explored his tentatively, unsure of themselves. Finally Adam responded, moving his lips against mine, spreading them so his tongue could enter my mouth. I gasped when he lifted me by the hips into his lap. I could feel him under me, rock hard. My hands moved over his ripped body. Eventually I slid out of his lap onto the floor before him and my hands moved to the towel that hung low on his waist. “Sis”, he warned, his voice low. I pulled the towel off him, undeterred, and his huge, stiff cock sprang out to greet me.

Seeing him, I hesitated, but only for a second. I tentatively took the base of his shaft into one hand and I kissed the tip of his head. He shuddered. I began to lick around the head, coating it with saliva. I hoped that what I was doing was right; I had never given a blowjob before. I opened my mouth and took Adam’s cock head in. My jaw stretched as wide as possible just to accommodate it. Adam groaned then, and placed his hands through my hair on either side of my head. I began to bob my head up and down on the top part of my brother’s cock. Just thinking about what was happening was making me wetter and wetter.

I tried to push my head down more on his cock but I kept gagging. Less than half of Adam’s cock was in my mouth but I couldn’t take any more in. Adam stood up and suddenly my top was coming off. He sat back down and I was in his lap again. I gasped and his mouth was on my breasts, exploring, biting and sucking. Then we were on the floor, my back on the thick fur rug. My shorts were off then, and Adam was spreading my legs. “Oh God Sarah, I know this is so wrong…” Adam pulled my panties off, and what he saw made his eyes go wide. “You’re so fucking beautiful.”

His words made me shiver, but not as much as when he moved his mouth into my crotch. His lips parted mine and his tongue prodded into my wet slit. I gasped again and ran my fingers through his soft hair. Adam’s mouth moved everywhere, taking me to highs I’d never experienced akkent escort before. His tongue flicked against my clit as he fed two fingers into me. I didn’t last long. A few seconds later I was crying out as a wave of passion overtook me.


Sarah came in my face. I pulled back to look at her. Her beautiful shaved pussy was glistening wet. She was so tight, so hot. She looked into my eyes and spread her legs. “Are you sure?” I asked, my voice rough. She nodded, her face filled with anticipation. I knelt in front of her and lined and lined up before thinking of something. “Are you still a virgin?” She hesitated before nodding sheepishly. I took a second to think about this before taking a deep breath and pushing into her with one thrust. She cried out and I scolded myself; I’d have to be more gentle with her. I gave her a minute to get used to my cock in get before I leaned down, resting my weight on my arms on either side of her head. I kissed her tenderly. And then, on the fur rug in front of a roaring fire in our family cabin, I took my little sister’s virginity.

I rested my forehead against hers as I moved my hips against her. Her face was scrunched up and I knew that she was in pain. I stilled. “Are you okay? Do you want me to stop?”

“No”, she cried. “Don’t stop.” I moved in her again and kissed away the pain on her face. I knew how wrong this was but I didn’t give a shit. She was so tight. Her walls were hugging my cock as I pounded into her. She was panting underneath me, her hands gripping my biceps. I kept pumping my cock as I moved my mouth down along her throat. My balls were slapping against her ass and I began to speed up. Sarah’s gasping continued. She cried out my name and shuddered as she orgasmed again. Her pussy convulsed and contracted around my cock. I didn’t stop pumping into her, however. I sped up again, knowing that I was close. I pulled out of her a second before I came. I shot squirt after squirt of hot cum onto her. Some landed on her fits but most pooled around her stomach, filling her belly button.

We stayed like this for a minute. Suddenly the lights came back on and the TV clicked on. The electricity was back. I could her the shower running again in the bathroom. I stood up, pulled Sarah up to her feet and kissed her again. “You should probably come and finish my shower with me”, I mumbled in her ear. She nodded and I took her hand, leading her into the bathroom.

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Summer Sabbatical

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Notes [Last revised August 22, 2018]: 0 This is our submission for the Summer Lovin’ contest 2018, so please consider voting.
0 The legal age characters and story are re-imaginings from the authors’ correspondence with a couple of readers.
0 Thanks to Skye4Life and DrBiSensual for editing this.
0 This is a long detailed story with a slow buildup.
© Copyright 2018 by MindsMirror. All rights reserved.
~ Tim ~

“You think he’ll go for that?” Dad’s deep voice asked and my ears perked up as I continued down the hall certain he was talking about me.

“You sure we can’t delay the trip?” Mom asked.

“We need to travel there in person and get guarantees that deliveries happen before August or we’re done,” he replied emphatically.

“Why did the vendor wait so long to tell us they couldn’t fill the order?” she asked.

“I’m just glad they let us cancel. They better make good on refunding our twenty percent down payment or we might go under anyway.”

“Yeah, this could hardly have come at a worse time,” she worried.

The Saturday morning sun streamed through the kitchen window as I turned the corner and their conversation halted abruptly when they noticed my presence. It was the first I’d heard about any trip and I didn’t understand why the timing was bad. They were seated at the granite counter peninsula which separated the kitchen from the eating area. Here was where they were concocting their plan while not knowing I’d been within earshot. It was a bit early for me to be up on a weekend, but I needed to study.

“So, do I get to tag along?” I asked.

“Good morning, Tim. Your Mom and I were just discussing that. We know finals are next week, so we’re trying to make arrangements for you while we’re gone,” Dad said.

“I am a grown man, so I can take care of myself, you know?” I offered hotly, not liking where this appeared to be heading one little bit.

“We know that, big guy,” Dad said trying to assuage my premature provocation.

Mom cheerily chimed in trying to apply the brightest possible glam, “We were thinking you’d like visiting your Aunt Ava. She’s all alone in that beach house retreat right on the ocean.”

I thought about that for a second and said, “I guess that’d be cool, unless she’s going to have a bunch of rules.”

“I promise, we’re not providing her any,” Dad said reassuringly.

Mom agreed, “Yeah, it’s her house but I think she’ll understand a young man needs some freedom.” She sipped from her coffee and continued, “We simply want to have someone around to check up on you every once in a while.”

“Right,” Dad joined. “It’ll settle our minds if we know you’ll occasionally get a decent meal and someone to tell us that you are alright.”

“Yeah, I figured,” I replied. “So, if I didn’t have finals, I could’ve come along?” I asked as I poured my own cup of coffee.

“You’d be bored within days, plus we’re funding our entire trip with plastic,” Dad told me.

I knew their business had been running lean lately, but I guess I hadn’t realized how dire it’d gotten. I put milk in my coffee and on my cereal. Without fully thinking it through, I had a sudden urge to ask, Why doesn’t she come here? I’d just put the carton back and closed the fridge when I started to form the words, “How come – ” and then nearly bit my tongue before screwing up this opportunity to go to the beach. “I mean – um – how long are you guys going to be gone?”

“At least three or four weeks, we’ve got a number of places lined up and we’re still trying to get some others scheduled,” Dad explained. “If we manage to line those up, it could stretch the trip out; it all depends upon how things go and how successful we are.”

“So, I’d be at Ava’s at least a month?” I asked as I sat and began eating my breakfast.

Mom answered, “Well, I’ve just spoken to her. She’s taking one of her summer sabbaticals and won’t be teaching. She offered to let you stay there until your courses start back for fall semester.”

Ava had an odd sense of humor that mirrored mine and her phrasing made me wonder if my summer vacation should be considered a summer sabbatical, too. She’d twisted the term to her use because in addition to teaching elementary school sixth grade, she was a part time English instructor at the community college. I sat there thinking as I ate and the thought of being at the beach for the entire summer kind of sealed the deal for me. I’d been considering maybe getting a summer job, but all of a sudden potential adult supervision didn’t seem so bad. It was actually sounding like this would work out even better.

“Okay, I take my last final Tuesday night, so I’ll leave early Wednesday. That’ll give me plenty of time to get there in the daylight. When do you guys leave?”

“Day after tomorrow,” Mom replied and quickly added, “Ava offered to come get you if you agreed.”

“That’s alright, I can drive – oh – now I get it – you don’t escort gaziantep want me throwing any parties while you’re gone.”

“No, that’s not it,” Dad said sincerely.

“Yeah, you think I’ll invite my vast group of friends,” I said with exasperation.

“We know both of your friends and your ex-girlfriend,” Dad told me.

“Exactly my point, I wouldn’t even know who to invite,” I huffed. “Besides, driving to Ava’s would be my first opportunity to drive more than an hour or so,” I argued.

“He’s right Don, he needs the experience driving there. He’s been commuting the whole year without incident.”

“I know you’re right, April, we’re guilty of sheltering him. At least she’ll be waiting there on him.”

These types of conversations happened a lot, especially when they didn’t know I was listening. They frequently occurred despite me being right in the room with them. Exclusion from their discussion of me often resulted in me drifting into my own thoughts. I’m sure all of their concern was because they loved me but there was a hidden reason. I’m not supposed to know that Mom couldn’t have any more kids, but you can’t unhear some conversations. Me being an only child probably amplified their protective nature and might even have been behind my calm character. Their suspicion that I might throw a party was probably rooted in the fact that I never really went crazy like you hear about some college kids. Maybe they thought coddling me would foster a backlash, but really, they gave me enough freedom and I tended to stay out of most trouble.

Suddenly, this introspection had the whole situation making perfect sense. This wasn’t going to be the first time I’d gone to visit my relatives while my parents traveled, but it was the first time since I’d started taking college courses as a senior. I was almost finished with my third semester at State and was looking forward to taking this summer off. I was regretting having continued straight into the summer session right after graduating from high school. The thing I was thinking now, as they continued talking about me as if I wasn’t in the room, was that there’d been other relatives to care for me in the past.

My Dad’s three older sisters all lived nearby, were married with multiple children each and had been frequent emergency day-care. The last of their kids had moved out several years ago. I had numerous opportunities to experience the singular focus that a young teen might have in each of their strictly ruled homes. Dad’s parents had passed a few years back. Mom’s father had passed, and her mother was in a retirement community in Florida, so she wasn’t really an option.

Aunt Ava was Mom’s only sibling and she was by far the closest to my age of any of our relatives they might have chosen. Despite her occupation as a teacher, she would probably offer the least restrictive oversight. The fact that she was my favorite aunt didn’t hurt in the least.

The great part about her teaching was that it often meant she’d be free in the summer. When she didn’t teach during summer break, she’d spent some time at our house or we’d made a few family trips to see her at the beach. I hadn’t seen her for a couple of years, but now I might drive to visit her by myself. I was just starting to think of all the things I might do now that I would be there on my own.

“Earth to Tim,” Mom said, pulling me back from my daydreaming.

“Sorry, I was just thinking about the beach,” I said. “What did you two decide; am I sufficiently responsible to drive the full eight hours alone?” It was a little sarcastic, but I wanted to convey the fact that their nearly nineteen-year-old son didn’t need to be babied.

“You really were zoned out,” Dad said and laughed. “We were talking about giving you money for the trip.”

“Oh, sorry. Um – Yes please?” I said holding out my open palm with a big smile.

“Do you think three hundred will be enough?” Mom asked exchanging a look with Dad.

“Yeah, and I have some money from tutoring and birthdays,” I told them. It was probably around three thousand by now, but I didn’t say that out loud nor did I mention how much had come from Ava. Dad put two hundreds and some twenties in my hand. It looked like he’d given me a little more, but I didn’t count it.

“Okay, we’ll pay to get your oil changed in your truck before we leave Monday,” he said.

“Thanks, but you can do that when I get back, since I just had it done,” I said.

“See, he is responsible,” she said and grinned widely.

Dad mussed my hair and said, “Yeah, I guess he is at that.”

~ Tim ~

The Monday morning of their departure came more quickly than I could have realized. My weekend had disappeared with study for my tests. We saw one another at meals and not much else before it was time for them to go. At the cab, they both hugged me tightly and gave me final instructions for locking up the house araban escort before I went to Aunt Ava’s. I wished them a safe trip and watched the car drive away a few hours before their flight. I felt bad about not getting to see them off at the airport, but I had a test today and with all the security, I’d just have been their driver.

Back inside the house, I quickly ate breakfast and headed out for my first final of the week, Calculus III. I breezed through it, returned home and began studying for history. It wasn’t my best or favorite subject, but so far, I had a decent B grade. The last final would be Chemistry II and I wouldn’t need to study for it at all. I’d already turned in my last essay paper in English III, which was the final for that class. Around dinnertime was when I started missing them. I guess that was at least partially selfish, because I wasn’t a very good cook. Mom and Dad liked cooking, so I didn’t do much more then help mix a salad or slice vegetables for them.

I made a batch of macaroni and cheese to go with some microwaved leftovers. Sitting at the table, I began day dreaming about the beach again. Of course, it started with Ava’s cooking. She was probably as good a cook as Mom and I secretly thought she was better. I still wouldn’t be able to go to bars yet, but she might let me have a beer or some wine. The dry overcooked mac and cheese was pretty horrible and just sat on my plate. I picked at the meatloaf and broccoli, which I like fresh, but reheated is kind of disgusting. Last time I’d seen Ava, she’d made some biscuits that just melted in my mouth.

In fact, every time that I’d seen her either here or at her place, she’d gone out of her way to make some special dish for me. These weren’t just desert items that most kids would like, but things she knew I liked. I was probably about five when she made clam chowder for me at her Mom’s home. That memory turned into other seafood dishes she’d prepared over the years. She was from a different generation than my Mom. They were literally born in different decades, and it showed in their cooking. Mom was still from the generation where vegetables were cooked until soft. Ava would make them exciting and crunchy by just cooking them enough.

After dumping the remnants of my dinner into the garbage disposal, I thought about the possibility of meeting girls at the beach. Maybe I would meet someone else vacationing from college. Ava had a few neighbors with cute girls around my age, at least they’d been girls the last time I’d seen them. Most of them had been teenagers that were a couple years ahead of me, so they hadn’t given me much notice. Things had changed a little since then, though. I’d gotten taller and been working out in the garage with weights, plus I had a mustache. It wasn’t causing the women on campus to gravitate toward me, but I thought it might at least give me some additional notice.

Swimming at the beach every day would be great, and I couldn’t help thinking how tanned and cut I’d end up being with nearly three months at the beach. The ideas kept bubbling to the surface as I imagined all of the different ways I might enjoy my time. Besides being at the beach, Ava had a pool and a pool table. I wasn’t sure why she kept the pool table after Jon died, but she’d gone to the effort of moving it into her mom’s garage, so maybe it reminded her of him. I’d been allowed to play on it a few times and she was fastidious about keeping it clean and clear. As I thought about it, I guessed it was possible she played, and I’d just never seen her. She was fit and youthful for an aunt, so I could easily imagine her leaning over to shoot.

It was a certainty that she loved her new pool; she’d shown us pictures of it a couple of years back when she was visiting. It was long enough to do laps in and that was probably part of how she stayed in shape. Somehow thinking about all the ways Ava and I might interact, I was suddenly envisioning her dirty blond hair from the back. It was darker from what I remembered and as she turned to me I realized it was from being wet. The yellow bathing suit she had on left very little to the imagination. The wet bikini top’s triangles were nearly transparent, and the strings were so thin that it hardly looked like anything covered her firm breasts. I felt myself becoming erect and worried aloud, “What if I can’t control that when she’s around?” Staring out the back window as I finished washing my dish, a tinge of anxiety crept into me about this trip.

~ Ava ~

Sitting beneath the shade sails on my back deck, I looked out over the water as another year of teaching was in the rear-view mirror of my mind. It carried a kind of melancholy because the kids I taught were all advancing to middle school. The thrill of watching someone learn something new was always what’d motivated me to teach, while the loss of watching them go often impelled me to quit. In a sense, arap escort my seven years of teaching had given me enough loss for a lifetime.

The mental battle over quitting was due to the loss of my husband, Jon, a little over nine years ago. It’d been devastating although we barely had a life together. I was two years into college and everything stopped. During my mourning, April invited me to come stay with them. That was when I really got to see how eight-year-old Timmy’s brain worked. When I finally went back to school, it was his gift for learning that made me want to follow in my mom’s footsteps and become a teacher. If I’d have known how similar the loss of kids graduating would feel, I might have chosen a different career.

Watching them go on to learn more and live their lives is a joyous event, but it also takes them away. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t miss all of them. I’d be an awful liar if I said I missed the ones that have no intent to learn and seem hellbent on disrupting the ones that do. However, there really are just a few of those in grade six. Most of the ones that are causing trouble just want attention or aren’t picking up the information as fast or already picked it up and should be in a higher grade or advanced class.

There wasn’t much segregation by students’ abilities in elementary school, at least when I started teaching. Now though they were beginning to test kids earlier and break them into groups. That’s good in many ways, but also causes various kinds of friction. Most teachers want to teach the advanced kids, not just because they are smarter, but they believe the behavior problems are less frequent. Parents all want their child to be in the advanced class, so they will get into good schools. I’m of the mind that you teach people from where they are in any situation. That requires small enough groups that you have time for each individual and most public schools don’t have that kind of funding. I usually get the mixed group of kids and I like to think I do pretty well preparing them for middle school.

Occasionally, the really good kids would come back to see me from middle school, high school and just this year I’d even had some in the English courses I taught at the community college. When they did, the delight was indescribable. There hadn’t been any returning visitors this year but there had been several last year when Tim graduated high school. It almost made up for my not getting to see my sister’s boy walk across the stage. He had a place in my heart.

April is several years older than me, but had married a younger man, Don. They both had striking blond hair and blue eyes. Tim had started out with blond hair, but it’d gradually turned light brown by the time he was five. They came down for a beach vacation the year I graduated high school and brought Tim with them.

That’s actually when I met Jon, he was Don’s lunkhead of a best friend. I probably wouldn’t have dated him if we hadn’t of met while we all played cards at my Mom’s house. I’m pretty sure it was a setup, April was always on the lookout for me. Don had invited Jon, who had been stationed nearby, over to visit several times while they were down those few weeks in late May and early June.

Jon was older than me but about the same age as Don. When I first met him, I didn’t think he was my type. If I’d met him away from April and Don, I would never have given him the time of day. He was strong and manly, but I’d thought I wanted a more thoughtful boyfriend. She attempted to convince me to go out with him over my better judgment several times during their stay.

I didn’t actually go on a first date with him until they’d returned home. A few days later April called me to check if I’d gone out with him yet. Coincidentally, I had just gotten back from a very nice dinner and an interesting movie. I’m sure I chatted with her for an hour about how it’d gone. He’d been to see the movie we watched before but thought I’d like it. I’d have called it a chick flick, but he didn’t see it that way. He was full of surprises and that’s what brought us together. I moved into his small off base apartment while I attended college and we lived together for a while until he convinced me to marry him. We had the whole family there for a beautiful ceremony on the beach, just before the towers came down. A month later he was shipped off to war. He came home for periods of time, but kept getting called back up for another deployment.

I’ve definitely missed having a man around the place, but just never seemed to meet anyone that measured up to my expectations. Now, Tim was going to be here any moment and my heart hadn’t slowed much since he’d called me from the beach shop. He couldn’t wait to buy a new swim suit and a boogie board. He said he was looking forward to seeing me and down deep I knew I could really use his company.

~ Tim ~

Early Wednesday morning at near daybreak, I set out for the beach. It was kind of thrilling for the first hour, but as the miles counted up on my odometer, I could understand why Dad was worried about me driving this distance. When I was a little more than three quarters of the way there, I took a break to get gas, a bite to eat for lunch and coffee to keep me awake.

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Summer Fun

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I had been visiting a friend and had planned on staying all afternoon but his parents came back and got into a big row with him so I beat a hasty retreat. The weather was glorious so I decided to walk the mile or so back to our house. Dad and mum were away for the weekend leaving my sister Karen in the house. She was in her bedroom doing her homework when I had left earlier on: I had seen her looking out of the upstairs window. I turned into our driveway and walked round the back of the house toward the family room. I caught a glimpse of something white behind the partly drawn curtains. “Hmm, what’s going on here?” I wondered and sneaked up to peer into the side of the room.

My sister was sitting on the sofa facing the TV set and was dressed in her favourite oversized T-shirt that showed off her tanned legs. The T-shirt had rode up and I could see nearly all her legs . I could feel my cock starting to throb in my shorts: seeing my sister’s body without her knowing it was making me horny. She had nicely shaped 34″ breasts (I know this because I’m always looking at them when she sunbathes), dark curly hair that reaches her shoulders and a firm rounded ass which always turned me on. I always had a little peek at her body when she was out in the sun thinking what it must look like naked. One time she noticed me looking at her bikini bottoms and the way the material had started to pull around her cunt defining the sex inside.

“What are you looking at, perv?” she had snapped and turned over onto her front. Now I could see the T shirt had risen to reveal a brilliant white pair of panties that contrasted with the rest of her tanned skin. She stretched out her arms and pulled off the T shirt.

“Wow, what a gorgeous pair of breasts,” I thought – full, firm, and suntanned with the pinkish brown aureole small and neat around her rubbery nipples. She slumped back onto the plush sofa. She had obviously sneaked into my room and found one of my adult movies and brought it down to view, thinking I would be away all afternoon.

My eyes fell to her torso and followed the beautiful firm flat stomach I had admired so much in her bikini. She idly pulled on a brown nipple and it began to thicken and grow, standing erect from the breast.

Being a voyeur had turned my cock into an iron rod: it had never felt so hard gaziantep escort bayan as this.

She clearly was about to play with herself in earnest and it would only be a matter of time before she would be stroking herself. “Time to confront sis,” I thought, and marched around the corner and into the room. “What are you up to then, Karen?” I said.

She leapt into the air and tried to cover herself up. “You bastard,” she shouted, “you were spying on me!”

“I wonder what mum and dad will say if I tell them what you were doing.” She looked worried. “Hey, don’t worry I get turned on by porno films too, you know. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, Karen,” I said in a matter of fact way.

“You won’t tell mum then?”

I ignored her question. “Mind if I join you, sis? After all, it is my movie you are watching!” I sat in the chair opposite her before she could object and began to watch the film. She kept her hands across her breasts but this allowed me a good look at her cunt: it sure looked full and plump under her panties. I made several jokey comments about the size of the actor’s cock. She laughed nervously and slowly began to relax.

We carried on watching and after a while I noticed that her face had a dreamy look to it and she had begun stroking her nipples, forgetting I was there. I pretended to look at the film but couldn’t tear my eyes away from her body. “I think I’m going to have to join you,” I said casually.

“Whatever,” she said her eyes glued to the screen. I lifted my hips and slid down my shorts: my cock sprang free and slapped against my stomach. I noticed that the purple head was exposed and straining. She glanced over at the sound and sucked in her breath. “Jeez what is that? It’s huge!” she exclaimed. Her eyes were riveted on my cock and I decided to give her a bit of a show pretending to ignore her. I lifted it up to its full height and slowly pulled the foreskin down so the large purple head was fully exposed. I dipped my finger in the pre-cum that was oozing from the eye and rubbed round the head to lubricate it. I slid the skin slowly up and down letting her see my cock throb each time. She continued to stare and bit her lower lip watching my fist skimming up and down my cock.

“Come on sis, let’s see yours then,” I said. Fixing her anal yapan gaziantep escort eyes on my cock she slid down her own shorts to the ankles. It was my turn to gasp: she had a thick mass of curly brown hair atop a prominent bulge which lifted away from her hips and seemed to shout out “look at my sex!”. Her sex lips were a darker colour from her body and protruded slightly between her bush and were already shiny with her excitement.

I began to pull on my aching cock all the time looking at Karen’s expression. I stood up and moved directly into her line of sight. Her eyes fell onto my hand as I slid my foreskin up and down my stiff cock. She stared at my cock all the time moving her fingers round and round at the peak of her cunt.

“Rub it for me,” she muttered her eyes forming slits.

“Do you like to see my cock, then, sis?” I asked.

“Yeah, it looks real hard to me,” she muttered. She was using her first and second fingers in a slow rhythmic circling motion around the top of her pussy. Every now and then, she lifted up her first finger into the air and allowed her middle finger to rapidly vibrate her clit which brought a deep throated grunt of enjoyment from her. I felt so horny watching my sister masturbate in front of me. It was now or never: “You can touch it if you want.” She looked alarmed but then relaxed slightly.

“Come over here then,” Karen said. I stood and walked towards her pushing down my penis so it projected horizontally from my stomach. I sat next to her.

I could smell the musky scent of her vagina where she had been stimulating herself.

“It’s so big.” she said. “I don’t think I should be doing this.”

“Go ahead Karen, it’s fine – we are brother and sister after all.” I prayed she wouldn’t panic now. Her small warm hand stretched out and gripped the base of my cock and slid tentatively up to the tip before sliding gently down. “That’s it, Karen”, I muttered through clenched teeth. “Nice and easy”. I stared at her mound. The reflection of the screen highlighted the shininess of her lips which had become puffy with the action of her stroking fingers. Her thighs began to hang loosely apart. I didn’t feel in control of events anymore. Her face was flushed and she was concentrating entirely antep escort on my cock as she softly masturbated me while I stared at her hairy pussy only inches from my face.

“God, I want some of this,” she said staring at my cock. Our eyes met. I stood and her warm hand slid off my slippery cock. Her tanned slim thighs began to widen still further her eyes were glued to my cock. “You must want it so bad,” she said softly as I saw a bead of pre-cum juice form on my engorged knob end and slowly hang down from the tip. I pushed my cock down and pointed it towards her cunt. Her vaginal lips were red and puffy now and had opened in anticipation. They formed an oval oozing entrance that drew me to her like a fly entering a spider’s web.

“Do you want some of this, sis?” I said lifting my stiff cock up and down in front of her.

“Yes,” she whispered.

“How bad do you want it?” I said through clenched teeth my hand skimming slowly up and down my cock.

“Come on, put it in me,” Karen begged, rubbing her cunt rapidly with her fingers. My cock approached her open thighs. As my purple head neared her soft open lips, I could feel the heat of her cunt flooding out of her body. I positioned the head at the entrance to her hole and looking at her tensed expectant face. I slowly slid the length of my aching cock into the sucking heat of my sister’s vagina. So hot and tight like a warm wet glove. Karen let out a long drawn out sigh and her small hands reached round my back and pulled my buttocks forward. I sunk the full length of my cock into her hole until our pubic hairs were meshing together, sticky with our juices. I pulled out slowly and could feel the sucking friction of her passage around my prick before pushing into her again and again and again.

“Oooh, yeees this is…ooh…” Karen was gone and I couldn’t hold myself anymore and set up a hard rapid thrusting action only wanting to release my sperm into her. We were nearly there, her hips were jerking forward to meet me as we slapped wetly across the sofa straining every muscle for that fantastic release.

“Hello…is anyone home!”

My God, it’s mom – what’s she doing back? I couldn’t hold myself back. Karen’s eyes were bulging wide in orgasm her hips still pumping in rhythm as I pulled my shiny cock out from her with a loud sucking plop, I could see her vaginal muscles were contracting with the force of her orgasm trying to grip the cock that had left it. My cock was also convulsed with its climax: the hard purple dome erupted and jets of sperm shot out of the palpitating, straining end splattering and soaking my sister’s hard sweating belly.

The front door began to open….

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Naughty Landlady

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I was fresh out of college and working in a new city. I needed a room near the train station that I could afford and I found one. I was renting out one bedroom in the home of a divorced woman whose children had recently moved out. The price was right and I paid a deposit and signed for 3 months.

I didn’t have any furniture and I had only about a week’s worth of clothes plus one decent suit I could interview in. Breakfast and laundry were included in the rent and I could use the kitchen.

As I lay down in bed on the first night in my new “home”, I fell asleep thinking of my parents and my sister who was still in high school. I was grown up now and living my own life.

I woke at 6:00 to the sound of my bedroom door opening. I was shocked to see my landlady in her bathrobe carrying a cup of something that looked very much like coffee.

“Good morning!” she said, cheerily.

“Mmhh. Morning,” I managed. I didn’t have to be at the station for an hour and a half and I had been counting on more rack time.

“I have a cup of coffee for you…You do drink coffee, don’t you?” she asked.

“Yeah, I guess…I mean, sure,” I said. I became uncomfortably aware of my morning wood tenting up the sheet covering me. I tried to turn over on my side to hide it. My landlady had clearly already noticed, however, judging from a sly twinkle in her eye.

“Hmm. I think this would seem a good time to tell you about one important house rule I have that is quite firm…” she seemed pleased with herself for some reason as she said this. She leaned forward to set the coffee on my night stand. As she did, her robe fell open a little exposing the side and nipple of one very large breast.

“I do the laundry around here and I cannot abide any masturbating. I just don’t allow it.” She looked me in the eyes as she said this, not bothering to cover her breast.

“Now, I know exactly how boys- men, sorry- your bayan escort age are. I am not totally unreasonable. I am not saying you cannot have some relief. In fact, as you will see, I encourage it.” She looked directly at the impression my morning erection made on the sheet.

“Besides, without some relief, you would simply stain my sheets with nocturnal emissions…” Without any warning, she lifted the sheet and there to my embarrassment was my penis protruding from my pyjama fly, engorged and rather full-looking.

By instinct, I reached down and tryed to stuff myself back into my pyjama pants. It was useless so I covered myself with my hands.

“Now, now… there’s no need for this embarrassment. Here’s what I am proposing. I bring you a nice cup of coffee to drink every morning and… you give me a little something to drink as well.” She looked me in the eye and licked her lips. I had no doubt at that point that she was going to go down on me.

I was right. She kissed me on the tip of my penis and took me into her warm mouth, the back of her head bobbing slightly and she sucked me. I was very tense at first then, consciously, I made the decision to relax and enjoy what was happening. Pretty soon, I felt my self about to come and remembered what my landlady had said about giving her a drink. I came in her mouth and she drank me dry. She nursed the senstive tip of my penis for several seconds after I had come to get every drop. She sat up and took a sip of the coffee and said “Thank you!” She got up and reminded me where the towels were kept. I said thanks and waited til she had closed the door before standing up.

My first day at work was a blur. I thought all day about my morning blow job and the prospect that every morning was to begin as this one had. When I got back “home”, the landlady was making herself some dinner. She invited me to join her and I did. She escort bayan had wine and poured me a glass. I looked at her dark brown hair and big warm eyes. She was smiling and looked very pretty. And her breasts were enormous. The nipples pressed hard against her bra and sweater, making themselves easily visible. We ate and talked and drank for an hour and then she cleaned up the kitchen while we chatted some more. When it was time to go upstairs she followed me up the stairs and as I entered my room she reminded me of the rule.

“No masturbating, OK? If you get hard or excited tonight, and you think you can’t make it til morning, just come find me. My door is open and you can just wake me. Deal?”

“Ah, OK.” I said. “Sure!”

I was dizzy from the wine. Nothing like this had ever, ever happened in the town I had grown up in.

I fell alseep and was out cold til 2 am. Then my full bladder woke me. I was stiff and had to pee through my erection, which is never a fast process. After peeing, I was still hard as I lay down. I began thinking of the morning and grew harder and began to stroke the head of my penis. “I can’t!” I told myself and stopped. But the hardon wouldn’t calm down. I was tossing and turning and I knew that I had to cum to be able to sleep again. I thought about waking my landlady. Shit, what if I walk in there and she screams? I wondered. Nah, I thought. She is very cool.

I tiptoed into the hall and down to her room. As promised, the door was open. My landlady was snoring, very lightly on her back. I took off my pyjama pants and rubbed her shoulder.

“Hey…Hi” I said stupidly. My landlady woke.

“That didn’t take long,” she said, pulling me on top of her. She slept nude and she took my penis and slipped me into her. She seemed half asleep as I began to move in her. She opened her legs wider and began to grunt as I thrust in her. I came bayan escort gaziantep quickly and she kissed me on the forehead and I went back to bed. I fell alseep in a heap and slept til dawn.

The morning came and with it another cup of coffee. My dick had rejeuvenated itself in the night and was ready for another fellating. My landlady kissed the tip of my penis before drawing it all the way in and sucking with her warm wet lips. I came again in her mouth and she suckled every drop out of me. Then she kissed me on the forehead and left me to my cup of coffee. I was starting to like my new “home”.

I didn’t wake every night, but whenever I did and couldn’t get back to sleep, I would tiptoe to my landlady’s room and fuck her. She was always welcoming and, even more delightful, she was usually wet. One night, though, after we had drunk 2 bottles of wine with dinner, I woke with a very stubborn erection. I padded down the hall and found her sleeping on her stomach, naked. I shook her shoulder but she didn’t budge. I climbed on top of her naked body and rubbed my erection against the crack of her bottom. She didn’t stir. I desperately wanted to fuck her and needed her to roll over, but she was out and wouldn’t move. Finally, I was completely desperate and found the petroleum jelly she kept on her nightstand. I parted her ass cheeks and lubed up her asshole. I coated my dick with jelly and slid it in. My landlady grunted as I probed her hole with my dick. She woke up as I pushed it all the way in.

“Mmm. Yeah…” she muttered. “Fuck me back there…”

I didn’t need any more invitation. I started thrusting and came almost immediately in her ass. I lay there, spent, with my dick in her ass for about 5 minutes. Then, without warning, she rolled over on her side and my dick slipped out, brown and limp. I padded back to my room and passed out.

The next morning, with the pleasant odor of coffee coming from the bedside table, I felt my still-slimy penis being warmly sucked. These days, years later, I am not sure my dick would answer the roll call after fucking her up the ass the night before. But at age 22, you better believe I was up for it. I came in her mouth again and sat up for my morning coffee. Life was sweet.

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Not My Type, But Things Happen

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Sandy just isn’t the type of woman that I usually chase. I like heavy women the heavier the better. Sandy is thin as a rail, flat chested, has no butt at all, and to top it all off is ugly as sin. I’m not good looking by any means, no one has ever confused me with Tom Hanks. Sandy’s face is just awful! She has a huge Roman nose, Small beady eyes that are set to far apart, she has almost no upper lip and her lower lip is huge, her teeth point in all directions except down, in short her face looks as if it were made up of spare parts.

She must cut her own salt and pepper hair using a mirror and dull scissors. The first time I saw her, at work, I thought she was a guy and paid no attention to her. I had to go to her desk for some information one day, she is an accountant and I’m in public relations. It was the first time I spoke to her. She had a pleasant enough voice and she checked what I needed to know quickly enough. I hadn’t given her any more thought since then.

Several weeks later, on a Friday, Carol, Sandy’s supervisor came to my office. “Rick would you help one of my people after work?”

“Sure, I said, what do you need?”

“One of the girls bought a gas grill for her back yard and needs someone to help her put it together. She didn’t realize that it came unassembled and they delivered it during her lunch hour and is upset.”

I laughed and said, “no problem I’ve done that before. Who is it?”

“Sandy in accounting,” Carol said.

“Ok I said I’ll call her and make arrangements.”

“Thank you, Carol said she is all in a tizzy about it.”

I looked up her extension in the company phone listing and called her. She told me where she lived, I was impressed it was a very nice neighborhood, I told her I would be there at 5:30 because I had to get my tools. She said that would be fine and that she had no tools her ex-husband had all of them.

“I hope you I’m not messing up a date for you.” Sandy said.

“no I had no plans for tonight.”

“That’s good she said I won’t feel guilty then.” Sandy said.

I thought to myself if she was married I hoped they had no children or that they took after the father!

I arrived at her house just before 5:30. I had changed into jeans and a T-shirt and brought all the tools that I thought I would need. It was a huge house at least four bedrooms on a large lot I was impressed.

I rang her doorbell, Sandy opened it with a Martini in her hand. “Thank you for helping she said I’m no good at all with mechanical things.”

“No problem I said.”

“The thing is on the patio in the back.” She said and showed me the way through the house to the back. There was a large patio and a nice sized in ground pool.

She pointed to the box and said “there it is! Would you like a drink? I make a killer martini!”

“Not just yet I said I don’t drink when I work with tools, I just don’t think it’s a good idea.”

She thought for a couple of seconds and then shook her head in agreement. “If you would like after you get that thing together I’ll cook escort gaziantep bayan us a couple of nice steaks!”

“That would be great I said.”

She sat down and asked if it was OK if she watched. “I like to watch people do mechanical things, I’m so bad with tools!” She giggled and I suspected that she was working on her second or third martini.

It was a very nice grill all stainless steel with two side burners and a rotisserie with an infrared burner. It took me an hour to get it together and working. Sandy was working on another martini by then. I heated the grill up and told her that we had to have it hot to burn off all the packing oils. “We can use it in a couple of minutes every thing seems to be working fine.” I said.

“I’ll get the steaks and a martini for you.” Sandy said.

I said. “I could live with out the martini I said I have to drive home. A cola would be nice.”

Sandy looked puzzled but said. “Ok a cola and a couple of porterhouse steaks, I like mine rare!”

“So do I.” I replied.

“I’ll be right back.” She said and disappeared.

I checked the grill for gas leaks and to be sure all the nuts and bolts were tight. Everything was fine I wondered what was taking her so long.

She finally returned in a very small bikini with my cola and the steaks and, of course yet another martini. “I was warm she said and so I changed.” She handed me the cola and the steaks.

“It is warm tonight.” I said. “We can take a swim after dinner.” She said.. Since it was late spring here in upstate N.Y. 70 is warm. I cooked the steaks and brought them into the kitchen. Sandy had some potato salad on the kitchen table along with place settings.

There was a picture on the wall of Sandy at what was obviously her wedding she was very pregnant, at least seven months. The groom didn’t look thrilled and I recognized him as a wealthy business owner. That explained the huge house. She saw me looking at her picture.

“I loved the son of a bitch but after three children he left me for a big titted bimbo.” She said almost spilling her martini. “I never complained about all his girl friends, I know I’m not great looking but his new wife is a third his age! I hope he’s happy because he’s paying through his nose!”

She was wound up now, all the booze was having it’s effect. “The kids are all married and don’t even call me, I was the best piece of ass he ever had, he just uses people.”

“Some people are like that.” I said.

“lets have dinner.” She said changing the subject.

We talked about the office and the unusually warm weather for late May. Then she told me all about her children and showed me their pictures, they did look a lot like their father. She also told me that the only reason she worked was because she had been bored at home. Her ex paid her a lot of money every month so she didn’t need the money.

It was dark before we finished dinner.

I wondered if she bought her clothes in the children’s department because gaziantep escort cim cif bayan she was thin as a rail and had almost no tits they, weren’t even an A-cup . She was only 4’10” so I suspect that she could wear children’s clothes. I could see through the top of her bikini and her nipples were hard.

“Lets go swimming!” She said almost knocking her chair over when she stood up. “Oops! I need another drink!” She said and poured herself another from the picture on the kitchen counter.

I said. “I don’t have any swimming trunks.”

“No problem!” She said. “We’ll skinny dip!” She took her top off and then pulled the bottom off as well. She had a hairy pussy and naked she looked like she had just gotten out of a world war II concentration camp. I doubt she weighed 90 pounds. I have dated women who’s ass weighed more than Sandy did.

“Strip, she said, it’s only fair I’m naked so you have to be too!” She took another gulp of her drink.

I decided that I would play along, what the hell, any woman is better than none. I stripped and Sandy giggled and said. “I don’t want to swim I want to fuck and suck! I haven’t had any sex in ten years!”

“You’ve been divorced for ten years?” I asked? “Twenty years!” Sandy said. “I’m 58 years old and ten years ago I was fucking the neighbors son but he went to college” She grinned and said. “I gave him his first blow job and was the first fuck he had! I’m proud of that! I taught him to eat cunt too!”

Sandy lead me to her family room there was a huge sofa and a big screen TV. “Lets put a porno on to get in the mood.” She said.

I had never heard a porno movie on a home theater system before it was quite impressive. Sandy was fingering her pussy and playing with her tiny nipples. She reached into a drawer of the end table and took out a dildo and started to fuck herself with it.

I took the dildo from her and said. “Let me help you with that.” Her pussy was already quite wet. I turned on the dildos vibrator and slipped it in her cunt and licked her clit as I stroked the dildo in and out slowly.

“Oh! Shit! That feels great! Don’t stop!”

I sucked hard on her clit as I licked it! Sandy came hard!

“Holly fuck!” She shouted. “You know what you are doing! Keep it up!”

I laughed and sucked even harder on her clit and stroked the dildo faster, and reached up and pinched her right nipple. She came so hard that she kicked my back with the heals of her feet and screamed like a wild woman! It took her over a minute to stop shaking.

“That was great!” She said.

“I may not be cute I said but I can eat pussy as well as anyone!”

“You can say that again!” Sandy said breathlessly.

I said. “I don’t have any condoms do you?”

She smiled and said. “A drawer full of them!” She opened the drawer to her end table and took out a box of ribbed condoms. “I bought them yesterday just before I bought the grill just in case the guy that delivered it was horny. But two women cinsel bilgiler delivered it. They have some sort of delay cream in them so you won’t cum to fast.” Sandy said pointing to the notice on the box.

“Cool.” I said. I opened the box and put a condom on.

Sandy said. “Lay on the floor I’ll get on top I love that.” I got on the floor and she straddled me and slid me cock in her soaking wet cunt. She started to bounce up and down like a porno star. I reached up and twisted both of her tiny hard nipples.

“Yes! That feels great!” Sandy screamed. She fingered her clit with one hand and fingered her ass hole with the other. Sandy came a couple of times in the first few seconds. I was moving my hips in sync with her movements. Sandy was screaming and coming every few seconds. Suddenly she stopped and fell forward. I panicked at first but realized that she had just passed out from to much drinking.

I finished fucking her until I came. Then I picked her up and brought her upstairs and found her bedroom and put her in bed.

I took a shower and got in bed with her and went to sleep.

The next morning she woke up at about 6. She shook me awake and said. “Did we have fun last night?”

I laughed and said. “Yes we did and you are on hell of a piece of ass.”

She frowned and asked if she had passed out. “

Yes you did I think you may have had way to much to drink.”

She looked pale and said. “I’m going to be sick.” She ran to the bathroom and was very ill for a while.

When she had showered and brushed her teeth she cam back to the bed. “Sorry about that but I was horny and nervous last night it’s been ten years since I had sex with anything other than my toys.”

“Well you haven’t forgotten anything you were great.”

“The last thing I remember was you sucking on my clit and I came it’s all a blur after that. How did we get here? I don’t remember coming up stairs.”

“I carried you up and found your room.”

Sandy smiled and pulled the cover off of me and grabbed my cock and started to suck it. She licked around the head and gently squeezed my balls. I was fingering her pussy while she was sucking on my cock. Then she deep throated my cock and sucked hard until I came. She swallowed every last drop.

“Wow!” I said. “You haven’t forgotten a thing!

She was moaning and said. “Finger my ass I love anal!”

I reached over and slipped a finger in her ass and she came almost as soon as I had stroked her ass a couple of times. My cock was hard again.

Sandy said. “Fuck my ass please!”

I said. “The condoms are still down stairs.”

“Shit!” She said then she smiled and opened the drawer of her night table and took out another dildo and another box of pre-lubed ribbed condoms. “I had forgotten about them.”

I put a condom on and Sandy put the dildo in her cunt and turned it on.

She bent over and said. “Fuck my ass please!” She was stroking the dildo already. I slowly pushed my cock in her ass. It went in easily.

“Oh Fuck Yes!” Sandy said. “faster! Please!”

I stroked as fast and as hard as I could. We both came at the same time. I pulled my limp cock out of her ass.

“Thank you I needed that!” Sandy said.

“So did I” I replied.

“Not a bad fuck for an ugly old broad!” Sandy said.

I looked at her and said. “You sure know what you want and you are a great piece of ass!” I said with a grin.

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My Son’s Girl

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I’ve done something appalling, something that I have tried to stop doing but can’t. No matter how severely I berate myself with a vow never to repeat my actions in moments of remorse, I can’t resist such an overwhelming power. It’s not lust; lust is such a puny word when I compare it to the wash of sheer, irresistible craving that I feel.

Ha! Lust, desire, wanting? Pathetic words, meaningless words that convey absolutely nothing of the intensity and depth of whatever this emotion is that I’m gripped by.

I’m a pathetic man, a weak man. Like I said, I’ve done something utterly deplorable and when I’m found out… as I’m sure to be; it beggars my imagination to know how things will turn out.

I suppose you want to know… you want to know what I’ve done that has led me to ride this emotional roller coaster. Because that’s exactly what it is, a huge sway of emotion from one end of the spectrum to the other. One minute I’m in the depths of despair, almost broken by the guilt and I swear not to repeat my mistake, and the next I’m sailing on a wave of euphoria. I make all kinds of deals with God if He’d only lead me from this temptation… but of course, when that temptation is staring me full on in the face… when Adriana is wriggling her lithe, sensuous body inches away from me as she taunts me with her slightly slanted, exotic, Eastern European eyes… How can I resist?

The problem isn’t Adriana per se; it’s the connection (no pun intended) between us that’s the issue. I’m in my forties; I’ve been a widower for seven years. Adriana is nineteen; no problem there you probably think, but the thing is Adriana is my son’s girlfriend.

Fucking your son’s girlfriend isn’t the best moral choice anyone can make. Fucking your son’s girlfriend is bound to end in carnage. Fucking your son’s girlfriend is probably one of the lowest things a man can do. I know this, I know all of this and more on a logical, clear thinking level, but if you could see the look on the beautiful girl’s face as I slide my cock into her; if you could hear her moan; if you could just see her, hear her…smell her.


OK, what got me into this predicament? Porn that’s what, good old simple pornography.

I first discovered porn in the late seventies. I found my old man’s stash of videos and sat mesmerised, my eyes – and cock – bulging as I stared at what became my old favourites. The antics of a (young) Ron Jeremy, Seka, Vanessa Del Rio and of course the legendary John Holmes, sent a thrill of hugely illicit pleasure through my body. The residue of that feeling, the taboo, forbidden nature of what I was watching and doing has stayed with me throughout the intervening years. When my wife passed away I went through a long period of celibacy, but as the shock of her loss …dwindled, I found masturbating while watching some of my old favourites best alleviated the newly blossoming sexual urges I experienced.

I built up a minor collection of DVD’s over a period of months and years. I had one or two girlfriends and visited the occasional professional lady, but I kept going back to the simplicity of my porn stash. It was one of my masturbatory soirees that led to my son’s girlfriend Adriana, catching me mid-wank.

I was having a day off. My son had gone to work and I thought that I had the house to myself. I was all set. The video was playing and I had a whole day stretching ahead with no one to disturb my time. Perfect.

I was sat in my armchair watching one of the old Color Climax flicks from the seventies. My cock was huge in my fist and I was close to shooting my load. I was just in the process of using the fantastic technological innovation of jumping between selected frames – thank God for DVD, in the old days of video it was a huge problem over how to time the favourite bit of the film with your ejaculation (yeah, you know what I’m talking about guys) – just as I was about to come I had a weird feeling as though I was being watched. Now, if you’ve got your cock in your fist and you’re watching porn, you’re very sensitive to any subtle atmospheric changes in the environment. I had that strange feeling and I looked up and to my left, towards the living room door, and with a huge jolt of disbelief I saw Adriana watching me.

There was nothing I could do. I’d been caught bang to rights. The hideous soundtrack played on as I stared at Adriana as she stared back at me. My cock was huge in my fist, but my orgasm had been rudely interrupted.

Half a dozen scenarios played through my mind all at once.

It wasn’t real, I was imagining this …I hadn’t just been caught pulling my cock by my son’s girlfriend.

She wouldn’t say a word. We could have a cup of tea and talk. I’d explain, I needed sex, everyone masturbated, and I missed my wife…

Adriana would soon turn and run from the room in horror. She’d tell my son what she’d seen…

…Oh God, the humiliation… What could I do?

I probably ran through every possibility of what could happen escort antep with the sole exception of what actually did.

Adriana is a stunning girl. She is, to my mind at least, easily identifiable as typically Eastern European to look at. There’s just an indefinable ‘something’ about women from the former Soviet Satellite states. I don’t know what it is, but I can just tell by looking.

Adriana is a tall, slim girl with an exquisite figure. She’s very, very pretty and has long legs topped by a beautifully sculpted arse. She wore the current style of clothes so typical of today’s Modern Miss. Hipster jeans that complimented her beautifully and showed off her taut, flat tummy. Her lower back was decorated with the ubiquitous, tribal tattoo that all the girls are showing off to the maximum these days. She never openly flaunted her body, but Adriana seemed to know how to display it to the fullest advantage, and her small, round breasts always appeared tight and firm, neatly covered by some type of clinging tshirt.

Adriana looked at me through those exotic, Asiatic eyes of hers for a time as she surveyed me from the doorway. She smiled the most sly, mischievous, blatantly wicked smile I’ve ever seen decorate a woman’s face and I just sat there with my cock slowly wilting in my hand, too stunned to move. Adriana moved towards me in that sinuous way that some women have of walking. I’ve always loved the way the girls walk, it’s a kind of hypnotic swaying of the hips that holds my attention and perfectly focuses my mind.

I couldn’t make sense of what was happening. Why was she smiling like that? Why was she coming into the room rather than running away in hysterics?

As she approached, Adriana pulled the large, man’s tshirt she was wearing over her head. I briefly recognised it as one of my son’s, but soon forgot about the garment when I saw Adriana’s body naked for the first time. Oh my God, she was stunning. I’m sure my mouth just hung open in slack jawed amazement. My brain still hadn’t caught up with events and I continued to sit as still as a statue as though Adriana had cast some kind of magic spell over me. Which in a way she had, I was definitely hypnotised by the junction of Adriana’s thighs. Her plump vulva looked positively edible and the thin strip of precisely razored pubic hair made my previously wilted cock twitch with renewed interest.

‘You’re a bad man,’ Adriana whispered quietly. The shock of her accented statement sent an arterial burst of excitement through me as I began to recover my senses.

‘How long…?’ I croaked. ‘…I cleared my throat and continued, ‘How long have you been watching?’

‘Long enough,’ Adriana said and fixed me with those disconcerting eyes. ‘I watched you… like this.’ She made the universal jerking off gesture with her fist and rolled her eyes. ‘To see that… it makes me sexy.’

I had always found Adriana’s voice, accent and the fragmented delivery of her spoken English to be very sexy, but since she was my son’s girlfriend the thought had never developed much more that the realisation. Now she was naked in front of me and was admitting quite clearly that watching me wank turned her on. Also, the signals were as clear as she could make them about what she wanted; by the way she flagrantly exposed herself to me when she pulled off the tshirt she’d been wearing.

‘Feel me,’ Adriana urged and made her meaning plain by moving her feet wider apart and offering her sex to me.

Fucking hell,’ I whispered almost to myself when I felt the slippery skin between Adriana’s firm thighs. Her labia were positively gooey with the syrup that was dribbling from her body. I fingered the loose folds of Adriana’s labia for a few moments and then smeared a little of her juice over the stiff tip of her clitoris. As soon as my finger touched her button, Adriana gasped. She muttered something in Polish and took hold of my wrist. She virtually forced my fingers into her opening and I took the hint and fingered her firmly.

My cock was erect in seconds, something Adriana noticed immediately. She moved very quickly and straddled me while I sat in the chair, her knees either side of my hips. With no further foreplay she simply took hold of my shaft and pushed the head of my cock against her opening. She manoeuvred her hips slowly until I was on target and then just sank down onto my cock. I was balls deep in an instant and found myself with Adriana’s tightly clenching cunt around my cock and her lovely breasts inches from my face.

I did the only thing I could do. With no thought whatsoever about the morality of what I was doing, of how deplorable it was to stick my cock into the delectable body of my son’s girlfriend, I gripped the firm cheeks of Adriana’s buttocks and began to lift and lower her up and down my shaft. Adriana got into the rhythm and was soon slamming her body up and down on my cock with vigorous abandon. She was panting and sighing, her face buried in my neck escort araban and I could smell the faded scent of her perfume as she muttered phrases of desire and lust in Polish.

As we grew more and more excited our fucking became frantic. We kissed hungrily as though desperate to devour each other. Adriana’s tongue was wriggling wildly in my mouth as she moaned and groaned with the intensity of her pleasure. On occasion she would offer her tits to me for my attention by cupping the little beauties in her palms and almost stuffing her flesh into my mouth.

I was getting close to the point of no return and could feel my semen threaten. I had a brief thought about the consequences of coming inside the girl, but there was no way I was going to pull her off my cock. I was too far gone to care and threw caution to the wind in a huge moment of insanity.

‘Adriana… I’m… …Fuck.’ I could only mutter briefly as my spunk surged from me.

She became a wildcat when she realised I was coming. She was using her fingers to manipulate her clit as we’d been fucking and I think my climax triggered hers. Adriana grunted hugely and bent her head into my shoulder. I felt her shudder and then felt the sting of her teeth as she bit into my shoulder.

The pain meant nothing as I gripped Adriana’s buttocks and held her on my spurting cock. I knew I’d be gushing a lot of spunk into the girl as I’m quite a heavy cummer, and I’d been interrupted earlier on when I was scant seconds from my climax.

The build up of my excitement from my earlier wanking session combined with the heated fuck with Adriana meant that I was extraordinarily aroused and it felt as though I would never stop coming. My climax was intense in spite of the brevity of our coupling and I think it was the same for my nubile lover.

Adriana slumped against my chest as her own orgasm petered out. She kissed me lazily and then purred as she basked in the pleasure of her release.

‘What have we done?’ she asked quietly as she lay against me. My cock shrivelled and plopped wetly from her body as though it too was questioning our morality. ‘I was just so excited to see you…’ Adriana began her explanation as though trying to make sense of what had just happened, As though by voicing her actions she could better understand the feelings and emotions that had led her to sit on my lap and fuck me.

I was immediately troubled by her words. Was she feeling guilty? Would she confess to my son? I had no idea what the girl was thinking; I didn’t really know her that well.

‘I want to do it again,’ Adriana’s words startled me.

‘What?’ I asked in disbelief.

‘To fuck… I want to fuck again. …Now!’

Adriana climbed out of my lap and stood looking down at me. She turned and walked out of the room. I watched her gorgeous bottom as she wiggled away from me and I admit that the sight of that peach of a derriere made me horny in an instant. All thought and feeling of guilt vanished into the ether and I hastily followed Adriana upstairs.

I found her on my bed, legs wide and with her fingers busy at her cum filled sex.

‘Come here,’ she giggled and crooked her finger at me.

A few seconds later I had Adriana’s exquisitely wriggling tongue busy on my cock. She was a demon as she slurped and slobbered over my cock. She spoke constantly in Polish as she murmured endearments and kissed the tip tenderly from time to time and sucked on me like a well practiced whore.

‘I love to taste your cock,’ Adriana said in one of her English moments. ‘Thick cock, I love it.’ She returned to the task in hand and I noticed her cheeks were smeared with the juice from my cock. I looked upwards to thank my lucky stars, I couldn’t believe my luck; I had a nineteen year old beauty sucking on me. I tried to commit it all to memory, every detail of her superbly lithe, athletic body. How her pretty face was distorted by the evil intrusion of my thick cock as she devoured my length gamely.

I was on the verge of filling Adriana’s mouth with my second load when she must have realised and let my big dick slip from between her lips.

‘You lick my cunt, please?’ Adriana rolled onto her back and exposed her slippery, pink opening to me.

I returned the compliment by tonguing at Adriana’s hard clit and pushing my fingers deep into her cum soaked core. I fingered her vigorously in the way she seemed to favour, She might have given me the impression she was a sensitive female under normal circumstances, but Adriana was a woman who like her sex rough, or at least she did that morning.

I fucked the young beauty again very soon after she’d climaxed intensely on my face. The rolling wave of her orgasm seemed to last for an age as one climax was followed quickly by another, and then another.

We began in the missionary position and found that she loved to kiss with abandon while she fucked. I was soon pounding at her slender body as Adriana gaziantep arap escort bayan hooked her legs over my shoulders. The angle of my thrusting and the ferocity of my fucking had the girl grunting and squealing as she tried to force more of my cock into her body. I had never experienced such a savage fucking before in my life, Adriana was writhing beneath me and clawing wildly at the bed as we rutted and rolled together.

The second time I poured my seed into Adriana’s welcoming body I had her on all fours and was fucking her like an animal. I had been holding her twisting, frantically bucking hips tightly when I felt myself go and was crouched low over Adriana’s long, slim, delicately contoured back as my seed spurted into her again. I held her around her waist with one hand so that she didn’t writhe away from my spitting cock and with the other hand I mauled at her tight tits roughly.

Adriana lay back on the bed when we finally collapsed into the ruin of the rumpled and stained sheets. I looked at her as she lay completely unashamedly with her legs wide apart and my goo trickling along the crack of her arse.

‘We will fuck more, yes?’ Adriana questioned in her broken English, and I nodded my head eagerly. I’d be more than happy to fuck such a delectable creature again, whenever she wanted, I was hooked.

Of course that was the first day. Now, weeks later I’m having awful regrets. Adriana has become a drug to me, I’m addicted and I can’t give her up. We’ve taken some huge risks, reckless chances that were only seconds away from us being discovered and of course this has only heightened my desire for the girl.

We had one weekend to ourselves, totally free from any possibility of my son catching us when he went to Prague on a stag weekend with his mates. Adriana spent the two nights with me in my bed and it was just incredible. Her appetite for sex is voracious and she gave me the sublime pleasure of wearing lingerie for me. She had taken time with her make up and looked fantastic. I couldn’t believe my eyes when she posed for me in her finery and of course I ravished her completely.

Adriana showed a propensity for more kinky sex when she insisted she tied me to the bed. I was willing, very willing and was extremely excited by the fact that Adriana was wearing the complete ensemble of basque, stockings and wickedly spiked heels when she bound me to the headboard. She then teased me without mercy for what seemed like hours by using first her fingers and then a thick rubber cock to wank with.

She tormented me by slowly licking the length of my shaft and getting me all excited before leaving me high and dry. She would then use the thick, obscene looking dildo to bring herself to a loud, squelching climax.

The sights and sounds of that evening will stay with me forever. Adriana’s body was amazing in that lingerie, and the way her pretty features contorted when she came… Well, I was close to spurting my goo over my chest and belly I was so aroused and she’d hardly touched me.

When Adriana finally squatted over my prostrate form she teased me even more by holding the tip of my cock just inside her opening. She teased her clit for a few heavenly moments and then lowered her tight cunt onto my supremely excited penis. The sensation of her molten cunt sent me into orbit. The heat from inside her was incredible as her gooey, yet still tightly clenching body closed around my cock shaft. I felt my cock head push deep into Adriana’s belly and I swear I felt her cervix butt against me. I sighed like a dying man and just let my spunk splurge thick and hot into her.

‘That’s it, baby,’ Adriana whispered as I exploded into her, ‘give me your cum, I love it, I can feel it spitting.’

Then she fell forward on top of me and kissed me as she came as well. I could feel Adriana tightening and loosening around my cock shaft, and I could only return her kiss eagerly as she sighed and moaned into my open mouth as we kissed.

As soon as Adriana had untied me I pushed her onto the bed. I was still big and hard and I wanted more of my European slut.

‘Fucking hell,’ I only whispered when I saw the tops of Adriana’s dark stockings smeared and spattered with the cum that had dribbled out of her.

She looked so beautiful and so debauched lying there; long legs wide open as she offered her hot, pink sex to me again.

‘You want more to fuck?’ she asked with her awkward grammar. ‘Use me,’ she continued in a whisper, ‘use my bad little cunt, and fuck me, please.’

I fell between her stained thighs and fucked into her again. Damn, this girl made me insatiable, I couldn’t get enough of her and it seemed she couldn’t get enough of me. I ploughed into Adriana like a pile driver, but the harder I fucked her the more she demanded from me. She looked up at me with fire and a challenge in her eyes, her teeth were clenched and the cords on her neck stood out with her frantic efforts to climax again.

Finally, after using what I assumed to are Polish obscenities, Adriana’s whole body stiffened and she grunted massively as her orgasm broke. Of course the sounds of Adriana coming caused me to spurt inside her again. Of course by now I was spent, my spunk could only dribble from my cock and I rolled off my young lover panting and shiny with the sweat of my exertion.

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My Girlfriend Made Me Do It

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Big Dicks

Mark was looking over on his girlfriend Lisa sitting next to him in the car. It had been a terribly long drive and Lisa had slept most of the way. They had met in class economy class in the fall and they hooked up almost straight away and had been together all through the school year. With college taking a break for the summer they were both going to go home for the summer and they decided it would be a good time to meet each other’s families. After nearly 7 hours of driving Mark was dead tired but they were soon at Lisa’s parents’ home and he knew he would need to make a good first impression.

Mark had found Lisa interesting at the start. At first she had seemed a bit shy and in bigger groups she could sometimes be but when he first saw her with some of her friends he could tell that she was a smart, strong and independent young women and he knew he had to have her. He managed to charm her and over their months together she had opened up a new world of sexual experiences to him. They had both been 19 at the time both having taken a year off from school before heading to college and even if he had been with a few girls before meeting Lisa she seemed to have learned so much more than him. Not that he minded it as he was reaping the benefits now.

– Remember that my mother’s name is Amy and my father’s name is Peter. You will need to call them Mr. and Mrs. Adams until they tell you to use their first names. I know you can be bad with names but you can’t forget this time.

– I will do my best Lisa.

– You better. If you do there might be some reward for you later.

– Oh, this sounds interesting. What reward?

– I have some plans that i think you will like. It will have to be a secret for now.

Mark knew there wasn’t any way for him to make her talk when she had her naughty secrets, at least not while they were in the car. He hadn’t been sure if they would be able to make love while visiting her parents but now he could only think about what naughty things Lisa had planned for them.

With the help of the GPS and directions from Lisa he easily found the right way. When they pulled up on the driveway it only took a few seconds before Peter and Amy was there to help them get their things out of the car. Mark did good and called them Mr. and Mrs. but they only laughed at him and said he should call them by their first names.

It was already getting dark outside and the parents had planned a welcome home barbeque for their daughter so they scattered off to prepare while Mark was lead around the house by Lisa. It was a huge house with two floors and the last room Lisa showed was her own bedroom. They shared a long kiss in there and Mark asked if that was his reward.

– Your reward will be much more special than that, and then she laughed her sexy laugh as she knew the wait and not knowing was killing him. Now we need to hurry down and see if my parents need help with the food.

Lisa’s parents refused the help and almost tossed them out on the big porch in the backyard. It was still warm even if the sun was about to set and Amy came out with a drink for her daughter and a cold beer for Mark. He didn’t have the heart to say that he had a hard time drinking beer so he dutifully accepted it knowing it would take him a long time to be able to finish it.

Soon Peter came out with the meat and Lisa was talking to him about just about everything as they waited for the grill to get warmed up. Soon two other people showed up in the back yard and Lisa ran out on the grass to give the woman a big hug. It was a couple about the same age as Lisa’s parents in their mid-40s. Mark figured it was the neighbors that Lisa had told him about. She was Gwen and he was Alexander. He felt good about himself for remembering their names too, he was on a roll today. Lisa had said that Gwen was beautiful and as he looked at them hugging he couldn’t help but agree.

As the evening moved along Mark tried to not speak to much. The atmosphere was light and fun and some of the older people were drinking a lot but Mark was scared of getting drunk the first night and make a fool of himself. Peter and Alex on the other hand went all out and full throttle. The food was excellent and even if most of the talk was circled around Lisa there was also the obligatory questioning of the boyfriend too.

As it got late Alex and Peter reached their limits and both of them were half asleep on the table. Amy and Gwen decided it would be best to say good night and Mark was longing to lay down and sleep. Even if he hadn’t been drinking much the long day of driving had taken its toll on him. Lisa had other plans though and said they would help take Alex home and then Mark could see Lisa’s second home as she called it.

Mark and Lisa sat down on the sofa in the living room waiting for Gwen to come back from putting her husband in bed.

– So what do you think about Gwen? She is beautiful, right?

– Hmm i guess so, Mark said not sure if he should tell his girlfriend how beautiful someone else was.

– I could tell you thought she was stunning. And here gaziantep ateşli escort bayan comes the first part of my surprise secret. I told you i had been with girls before, Gwen was my first.

– Gwen?

– Yes. And i want us to share her.

– Share her? What do you mean Lisa?

Lisa rubbed her boyfriend between his legs and she could feel his hard cock pressing through the pants. Clearly he had an idea of what she meant.

– Tonight she is going to suck your cock, just as a preview. Tomorrow we will have her do all kind of things for us.

– But she is married.

– All the best ones are.

Mark didn’t know what to say. He had done some crazy things with Lisa but it had never involved anyone else. Still the idea of having the beautiful Gwen suck his cock had him rock hard. Lisa was still rubbing her hand over his pants and he felt like he was about to burst. It didn’t get easier as he heard Gwen come back.

– Would you guys want anything to drink?

– No, thank you Gwen. I think you know why we are here.

– N-no, Gwen said as her face turned all red, we agreed we wouldn’t do that anymore Lisa.

– I want you to use the name you are supposed to use when we are alone Gwen.

– Yes, Mistress Lisa.

– That is better. Now go down on all four and crawl over here.

Mark couldn’t believe it. Mistress Lisa? Gwen was now crawling towards them over the soft rug that covered the floor. He felt his girlfriend unbutton his pants and she pulled his big cock out and started to very slowly stroke it.

– Do you see how big he is Gwen? He got that hard thinking about you. Would you like to please him Gwen?

The older women looked at him with a troubled expression and then nodded carefully.

– Take your top and bra off. Show him how great your 42 year old boobs look like.

– Yes, Mistress Lisa.

With only a brief hesitation the older women on her knees in front of the two teenagers started to pull her top off and then unclasped her bra and let it slip off her body. Mark had to agree with Lisa. Gwen had a beautiful set of breasts.

– Now to earn the right to suck on my boyfriend’s big cock you need to do something for me first. Take off my sock and suck on my toes. I remember you used to do that so well.

Mark couldn’t believe the control that Lisa had over Gwen. He watched as Gwen pulled the sock off and then obediently and submissively started to first lick the toes and then suck on them. Mark couldn’t take his eyes off it. When Lisa whispered in his ear “you see how badly she wants to suck your cock? She is willing to humiliate herself this much for just a taste” it took all his effort not to shoot his load right there. After a few minutes of Gwen eagerly sucking on Lisas toes she pulled her foot from Gwen’s mouth and helped Mark stand up with his cock pointing at the 42 year old women standing on her knees in front of him with her eyes glued on the huge erection.

– Now this will be another test Gwen. If you suck his cock really good and swallows his load me and him are going to come back tomorrow while your husband is away and he will fuck your pussy. Have you ever had a cock that big in your pussy Gwen?

Gwen shook her head still looking desperately at the hard cock in front of her.

– You may suck his cock Gwen. Make me proud.

Gwen grabbed the hard cock eagerly with her hands and then took the head in her mouth sucking on it. Mark was used to blowjobs but Lisa usually took her time expertly teasing him but this was something different. This woman was cock hungry and so worked up that she wanted the whole thing right away and wouldn’t stop until she had a mouth full of cum. Gwen kept bobbing her head taking more and more of the big cock in her mouth. Mark felt that it wouldn’t take long like this. Luckily Lisa saved him as she grabbed the older woman’s hair and yanked her off Marks cock.

– Calm down woman. I have taught you better than this. Now calm down and lick his balls. You will have to forgive her Mark she must have forgot her training while I have been at college. She never sucks on her husband’s little penis.

Mark didn’t really mind. It was late and he was tired and Gwen had sucked him good. He loved getting his balls licked and sucked on though and he couldn’t help but moan as they were so sensitive right now full of fresh cum. When he looked down he saw his big cock resting against Gwen’s face as she was pleasing his large balls.

– How do you like your surprise reward Mark?

– It is hard to complain at a time like this. It is a bit much to take in though.

– Yes that is true. I will fill you in tomorrow when we both fuck her. Now get that big hard cock back in her mouth and cum. My mother must be starting to worry about us.

Mark had gotten a bit more confident of the whole situation now. He grabbed his cock and pushed it into Gwen’s mouth. If his girlfriend was going to let him fuck her neighbor and old lover then he was going to make the most of it. bakımlı escort gaziantep Gwen accepted him into her mouth and Mark put a hand on her head and started to set the pace fucking her mouth the same way he often did with Lisa. Gwen struggled and could only take a few inches in her mouth clearly not used to such a big cock but Mark didn’t let that stop him and kept going until he felt the orgasm hit him and he filled the wanting mouth with his warm cum. He pulled from his mouth and he could see her swallow everything and then he put his cock back to her mouth for her to clean it.

– I knew you would love it Mark. Now we better hurry back and say good night to my mother and go to bed. You should do the same Gwen. We got a big day tomorrow.

Mark and Lisa hurried out leaving the half-naked 42 year old wife on the floor.


Mark woke up the next morning by a light knock on the door. He and Lisa had fallen asleep in a close embrace but now the bed was empty. The door opened and Lisa’s mother Amy peeked in asking if he was awake and saying that breakfast is ready if he wants some. He quickly got dressed and went downstairs where his girlfriend Lisa was sitting with her parents Amy and Peter. It wasn’t a breakfast that any college student would normally eat but one fit for a king.

– Since it is Lisa’s and yours first day back from college i thought i should spoiled you a bit, Amy said smiling, and from what Lisa says you will need a solid breakfast cause you two will have a big day with Gwen today.

Mark didn’t know what to say to that and he felt his face blushing lightly and tried to just focus on eating breakfast. Hopefully Amy and Peter would take it as him blushing at the idea of being spoiled.

– We got a lot of catching up to do with Gwen. Don’t worry mom you will get yours too. Mark will be here for two more weeks so there will be plenty of time for us all to spend some time together.

After breakfast Mark was starting to get excited thinking about last night and what was to come today. He wanted to fuck Lisa but she told him to save it for the housewife next door. He agreed with that but that didn’t stop him from being super horny. When they finally went over to Gwen’s and Alex house Lisa brought a small bag with her of what she called goodies and Mark was curious to know what it might be. They knocked on the door and Gwen came to open fast wearing a sexy outfit that didn’t seem proper on someone over 40 even if she carried it very well.

– Morning Mistress Lisa, Mark.

They all went inside the house and into the kitchen where Gwen had pitcher of ice cold lemonade.

– Did you enjoy sucking on my boyfriend’s cock last night Gwen?

Gwen looked at Mark and blushed and then nodded her head.

– I can’t hear you Gwen. Did you like sucking my boyfriend’s cock?

– Yes, Mistress.

– What about tasting his sweet cum? You been thinking about doing that all morning i bet.

– It tasted wonderful.

Mark saw Gwen look down on the bulge in his shorts.

– If you behave well you might get another taste today. Now i need you to hurry up in your bedroom and remove all your clothes and stand on all fours on you and your husband’s bed.

– Yes, Mistress Lisa.

– Panties and bra too. Is that understood?

– Yes Mistress.

Gwen looked down at the floor as Lisa told her about the bra and panties as if she had missed that instruction before and gotten into trouble. That is at least how it played out in Marks head. Gwen hurried out of the kitchen leaving the two teenagers alone.

– You excited to fuck my neighbor?

– Are you sure it is okay to do this? What about her husband?

– Yeah, he doesn’t know anything. But you can help do them a big favor. They never had any kids and i was thinking she would love to get some young potent sperm in her pussy.

– You want me to take her without a condom?

– She would love that and if you end up giving her and her husband a baby that would be great. You are going to love to feel her pussy around your big cock, I have trained her for this moment.

– Two days ago i could never have imagined something like this but you always end up surprising me and making me do things i never thought i would do. Now we better get to it before you make me cum in my pants.

Lisa picked up her small bag and reached for Marks hand leading him out of the kitchen and up the stairs and into Gwen’s and her husband’s bedroom. A very explicit view faced them. Gwen had followed the given instructions and was standing on all fours on the bed completely naked. She had a fit body and her ass poked out nicely in this position. Gwen turned to them but Lisa quickly told her to stay still and she obediently got back in position. Lisa led Mark up to the bed and fell down to her knees.

– I am going to suck your cock and get it ready for her pussy.

Lisa unbuttoned the shorts and pulled both them and the boxers down and helped her boyfriend step gaziantep bayan escort out of them. Marks cock was already hard as a rock and she figured he must be dying for release as it had been hard all morning already. She took hold of it with her hand and started to give it soft kisses.

– He is so hard for you Gwen. I think extra much because i told him he was going to fuck your pussy without any rubber and shoot his big load deep in your married pussy.

Gwen made some strange sounds which were hard to determine if they were positive about fucked bareback or if they were the only protest she dared to give.

– Maybe Mark will give you that baby you and your husband been dreaming about.

Lisa’s kisses had reached down to Marks balls and she made sure to make them nice and wet and then moved her hands up to suck on the glistening cock head while her hands gently caressed the balls.

– Are you ready to fill her pussy now Mark?

– Oh yes I am.

Lisa gave her favorite cock one last kiss and then helped Mark up on the bed behind Gwen. She took a hold of the hard cock and rubbed it against the submissive neighbor’s pussy.

– Wow Gwen you are so wet. Have you ever been this wet for me? I think you might have a crush on Marks cock. You are going to need to give her a good hard fucking Mark. Show her what your young, big cock can do.

Having Marks cock rub against Gwen’s drenched pussy made it slick and Lisa helped it find the opening and it slid in effortlessly. Lisa released him and without thinking Mark went balls deep into Gwen making them both moan loudly. He couldn’t believe how tight she was around his hard member.

– She is tight, Lisa, almost as tight as you are.

– Of course she is. I trained her. Have you been doing your exercises while I have been away Gwen? I know it must have been difficult for you without me around. At least your pussy is good and shaved. Did you do that for me?

Gwen couldn’t answer. She was overtaken with shame. Shame that she had shaved her pussy in anticipation of her Mistress that wasn’t even half as old as herself was about to come home from college. Not only that but now she had that same Mistress boyfriend was fucking her pussy hard reaching places inside of her that her husband’s penis could never reach.

Mark was pounding Gwen’s tight pussy grinding out all the excitement that he had been building up since last night. He loved how wet she was and how easy he could move inside of her even if the pussy hugged his cock so tightly. He held on to her hips and drove his cock deep into her pussy over and over.

Gwen couldn’t believe how good it felt. Her pussy was stretched like never before. Fucked like never before. Her pussy was on fire and she loved it. That is when her orgasm hit. She screamed and tugged at the covers of her marital bed as the young boy fucked her. When she had fallen in love with the girl next door she knew her life would never be the same. She had learned to submit and to please. Learned to trust her Mistress. She sometimes felt bad and she had at times tried to make it stop but she knew that when she gave herself to Lisa that would always lead to her being the most happy.

He felt the older woman orgasm on his cock squeezing it tightly bringing him closer to his own ejaculation. He thought about what his girlfriend had said about Gwen and Alex longing for a baby and he was going to give his all to help them.

– I am just about ready to give her the baby.

– You heard that Gwen? You are about to get your first load of real baby making seed in you. Arent you grateful?

– Yes Mistress Lisa. Please give me a baby!

– You heard her Mark. She is ready for your hot cum.

Mark pounded away at the tight pussy making Gwen moan loudly. He felt Lisa’s hands lightly take his balls and massage them bringing on his big release as he came filling the willing pussy with shot after shot of warm potent cream. Pounding her with hard thrusts bringing out more and more cum until his balls were dry and he collapsed on the bed. Quickly he felt Lisa getting her mouth on his cock licking it.

– This tastes fantastic. The taste of a lovely pussy on my favorite cock. I have a feeling it is not the last time i will clean some sluts cum from your cock Mark.

– Is that what Gwen is? Your little slut?

– Yes, she is. Our little slut now even. Isnt that right Gwen?

Gwen just whimpered in response which didn’t go well over with Lisa that slapped Gwen hard right over her ass.

– Yes, Mistress Lisa.

– Yes what?

– Yes, I am your slut Mistress Lisa.

– And don’t you forget it, Slut.

Lisa jumped of the bed and started to quickly undress. Normally it was one of Marks favorite things to watch but now he was in recovery mode and didn’t have time to enjoy it. Lisa got up to Gwen’s face and lay down under her shoving her pussy in Gwen’s face.

– Now do what you loved to do last summer Gwen. Eat my pussy.

Gwen didn’t waste any time. She had been longing for the young girls pussy for month. She inhaled and she could tell it smelled the same as before. She licked it and it tasted just as good too, if not better. She stuck her tongue out and licked it eagerly. She wanted to make the young girl cum. It probably made her a slut but she didn’t care. She loved pleasing Lisa and maybe if she did a good job she would be allowed to take another load of cum in her pussy from Lisa’s teenage boyfriend.

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My New Employee Ch. 02

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After I awoke in the morning with Kelly still on top of me, I just lay there enjoying the feeling. Kelly sure was an incredible beauty.

I started to think about what it would be like to be with her every day. But then I remembered, she was married and only mine for this weekend. That was a fantasy killer. Even still, it would be wonderful to be able the hold her, kiss her and make love to her every day.

My hands were on her back and gently rubbing her soft skin. So smooth and warm. It was fantastic to pretend she was mine.

A few minutes of rubbing and Kelly started to wake. I loved watching her slowly come back to life. Her hand came up and rubbed her eyes. Then she seemed to realize where she was and lifted her head to look at me. “Morning. How long you been awake,” she asked?

“Just long enough to enjoy the view.”

“What view? The top of my head?”

“Much better than what I would have seen in my bed.”

Kelly leaned her head to me and kissed me. “Thank you!” She lay her head back down for a few seconds. “Are you up for a shower?”

“Well, I’m not up… ” I flexed my hips upward on the word up, “… yet but I could be.”

Kelly lifted her head to look at me and said, “You’re bad.” Then she kissed me.

“It isn’t all my fault you know.”

“So whose fault is it?”

“Yours of course. Well yours and Darrel’s. If it hadn’t been for you, I would have been safely tucked into my bed.”

“Are you complaining?”

“Not a complaint, just an observation.”

Kelly laughed then sat up. She pushed the comforter back and climbed off me. As she hit the floor, she bent over a bit and I looked at the lower half of her body. She reached between her legs, hooked her fingers into the leg openings of her panties and pulled on the material to straighten the panty between her legs. Her stockings were still mostly up on her legs but they were wrinkled and dishevelled. “Look, you still haven’t completely unwrapped your present yet.”

“Give me time. You shouldn’t rush me you know.”

“If you don’t come now, I’ll do it for you.”

“We can’t have that.” I swung my legs off the side of the bed and onto the floor. Kelly turned and headed to the bathroom. She went to the tub and leaned over to turn on and adjust the water temperature. What a sight. Her long legs topped off with perfect ass. The T bar panties stretched tight along her ass and over her pussy.

My cock was responding to the beautiful sight. I walked up behind her and put my cock head between her legs. With my hands were on her hips, I started to hump her. “Stop that or we’ll never get into the shower.”

“Stop what? Are you feeling something?” I joked.

Kelly’s hand came back and quickly swatted my hip. I did not move away. She stood and pulled the shower curtain closed as she turned on the shower.

She turned to me and said, “Now it’s time to finish the unwrapping.” I dropped to my knees. Her pussy was just about head level. I could smell the combination of our sexes. It was intoxicating. My hands were on her hips and I slowly pushed the waist band of her panties down. The top of her landing strip came into view. I leaned forward and kissed her stomach and my tongue then brushed the curly hairs. Lower the panties went. My tongue went lower as well.

Soon the top of her slit was under my tongue. I pushed my tongue into the slit and touched the side of her clit. Kelly grabbed my head and held me there. Her legs opened a little and she leaned back a bit. I was able to suck her clit between my lips. Kelly reacted by groaning and pulling my head deeper into her pussy. My hands moved her panties to the floor. As I brought my hands up, I rubbed her legs. When I got to the top of her stockings, I moved one hand between her legs. Kelly moved one foot sideways and my fingers found her wet pussy. Quickly I moved the tips of my fingers between her hot lips and my middle finger hit its mark. I pushed it up and inside of her. I held her clit in my lips and used my tongue to flick the tip of the little bud.

Kelly started to hump my face. A groan came from her throat. She was ready to explode again. I had never been with a woman who could cum so fast.

As the orgasm washed over her, her knees buckled a little. With my free hand, I reached around her and pulled her in close to steady her. Kelly’s body was quaking and shaking again.

After a few seconds, I felt Kelly straighten her legs and stand on her own. I released her and looked up. “Oh Richard, you’re incredible. I’ve never cum so many times in my life.”

“Thank you. I don’t think I’ve ever had the opportunity to make someone come so much.”

“Well I could never tell. You feel like an expert to me.”

I pulled my hand out from between her legs and moved to the top of her stocking. My other hand went to the outside and together, they started to peel the stocking down. It was a little stuck as it had been on her leg for so long. It yielded though and I was able to move the stocking escort bayan adıyaman down to her foot. Kelly stepped out of her panties and I removed the stocking. “Here, I’ll take that,” she said. I handed it up to her. I then repeated the actions on the other leg.

As Kelly took the stocking, I picked up her panties. They were soaked. “You better put those in the sink. Oh! Better yet, give them to me and I’ll take them into the shower. I’ll quickly wash them there.” With that, Kelly turned, pulled back the curtain, I handed her the lingerie and she disappeared into the shower. I went to the toilet and started to pee. “Are you coming? A girl can get lonely in here.”

“I’ll be right in. I have to pee. Unless you want me to do it in there!”

“No, it’s alright. You can do it out there.”

When I finished, I climbed into the shower. Just as I did, Kelly was wringing out her panties and then she flipped them over the curtain rod to join the stockings.

She turned to me and asked, “So what do you think now that you’ve finally unwrapped your present?”

“I couldn’t be happier. You are absolutely stunning. Your body is fantastic.”

She stepped over and put her arms around my neck. Her boobs were flattened against my chest. “Thank you Richard. I’m so glad we’ve had this time together. You are an incredible lover.” Kelly then kissed me.

My cock quickly responded and started to grow. I could feel her nipples harden against my chest. The tip of my cock scrapped up along her thighs as it grew. Kelly opened her legs and trapped my cock. I forced one hand between us and found her tit. It felt even better wet. Kelly started to move her hips so her thighs were stroking my cock. A few seconds later, she opened her legs and my cock rose so the shaft lay along her pussy. She closed her legs again trapping me against her.

I moved my other hand down to her bum. I found that crease line at the junction of her legs and butt cheeks and started to move my finger tips along the crease. I love this crease as it always leads to a woman’s most sensitive parts.

Leaning to the side a bit but I found the back of her pussy. She was hot and her outer lips were soft and puffy. I moved back out a little and my fingers found her anus. After running my fingers around the tight opening, I pushed in a bit. Kelly went stiff but did not complain. My finger tip was being lubed by the water flow. I pulled it out and pushed in again. This time, I felt her bum relax just a bit and let my finger go in a little deeper. I was in up to the first joint. Out kisses became deeper. I pulled out my finger and went back in again. This time, I was in up to the knuckle.

“Oh Richard, I’ve never had this before. It feels different but nice.” We continued to kiss as I slowly moved my finger out and then in again. Each time I went in, I went a little deeper. Soon I had my whole finger in her ass.

This being her first time, I moved slowly so she could relax. I also pulled back on my cock so it would rub her pussy lips. I figured if she thought about her pussy, she wouldn’t think about her ass. I was right and I felt her ass muscles relax completely. I could not reach any further without falling over so I just tried to make her cum again.

It wasn’t long before I was rewarded with her shaking and quaking. Her orgasm was powerful and I had to hold her tight to keep her from falling. Kelly sure could cum quickly. I liked that. I liked the feeling of bring pleasure to my lover.

As she started to calm down, I slowly turned us in the tub so Kelly was at the end away from the shower. We kissed and hugged. The warm water on my back felt great.

When she had recovered, I broke the kiss and gently turned her so she was facing the end wall. With one arm around her waist, I place my other hand between her shoulders and gently pushed forward. Her hands came up and she put them on the wall. Kelly was bent at about a 45 degree angle from the waist up.

My hand went to my cock and I aimed the tip for her bum. It landed between her soft firm cheeks. I slowly started to lower the tip enjoying the incredible sensation of her soft skin.

I felt her tense as the tip neared her butt hole. With the stimulation I had given it, I could understand. But I had a lower target in mind and kept sliding down.

As I rounded her cheeks, I pushed forward and my tip found the back part of her outer lips. They were still hot and soft. Pushing forward slowly, the lips yielded. The opening to her hidden treasure offered very little resistance as I slowly entered her. I could feel the muscle band yield to my pressure. The big head entered her and the muscles tightened around the shaft. I held still and just savored the sensation of being inside.

I brought my hands up and cupped each breast. Her nipples were between my fingers and I closed my fingers trapping the hard little buds. Kneading her breasts with my hands, I was able to pull on the escort baya nakkent nipples as I played with the firm flesh.

Again, this was too much for Kelly as I felt her start to cum.

This time I didn’t want to be left out so I pushed into her pussy deeper. I know I touched her G spot as Kelly let out an, “Oh My God” as I pushed in.

It took maybe four or five thrusts before I was in all the way. Her nipples were still trapped between my fingers and I pulled on them as I worked her breasts. The first wave of her orgasm washed over her body.

Quickly I started to pump her pussy. I wanted to be there with her and feel her pussy quiver around my cock as I came.

A few more thrusts and Kelly was completely in her orgasm. I felt her knees weaken. She pushed against the wall to steady herself against me. I was pumping into her as fast as I could.

Her orgasm started to subside before I came. It was maybe 15 more seconds before I felt my balls signalling they were ready. At this point, I didn’t care.. I pushed in hard and held still as my juice shot out and penetrated deep into her. This caused Kelly to have another orgasm. The feeling of my cum shooting deep inside of her brought it on. We both stood there and rested as the incredible sensations relaxed.

Kelly straightened up and started to turn to me. I pulled my softening cock out of her. Facing me now, she put her arms around my neck again and we kissed. It was a slow leisurely kiss, so satisfying and enjoyable.

After a few seconds, I felt her shiver. “Wow! Let me under the water will ya? It’s cold at this end.” Still hugging, we turned so she was under the water.

Kelly let go of my neck. She stepped backward, leaned her head back and the water cascaded over her head. It was erotic watching the water stream through her hair and over her face.

I picked up a bar of soap and reached forward. The bar in one hand and the other empty. Starting at the front of her shoulders, I rubbed the bar around and made a little foam. The water spray was working against me. But what the heck. I switched the bar to the other hand and rubbed the foam into her skin. Kelly lifted her head and smiled at me. “That feels so good.”

With encouragement like that, I continued. Her breasts were next. I paid particular attention to her nipples. Luckily, by lifting her head, the water spray was now mainly in her back and the foam lasted longer. Her stomach was next, then her lower abdomen.

As I got to her landing strip, my hand was now upside-down with my finger pointed to our feet. I moved the bar of soap to the strip and lathered it up. My free hand took over and I worked the whole area much more than was needed to make it clean. Mind you, I didn’t receive any complaints.

Slowly I moved my hand lower. Kelly opened her legs and let my hand slowly slide over her sex. She was still soft and puff and hot. My fingers easily entered her lips and I washed and manipulated her. It was easy to tell when she was clean but I didn’t stop. One finger at a time entered her and then withdrew. I had never had this much enjoyment in a shower before.

“You know Richard, if you don’t stop soon, I just might cum again.”\

“And your point is?” We laughed. “Ok, if you insist. Turn and give me your back.” Pulling my hand out, she turned.

Starting on her shoulders I worked my way down making sure I worked her breasts from behind as I went. Her buns also received special attention. Somehow, my fingers found her bum hole again and just as I started to work my way in, she said, “You like my bum don’t you.”

“Such a beautiful bum. I think it needs some special attention.”

“Well that would be a first for me. No one has every shown an interest if it like you have before.”

“What a shame. Well maybe I will have to introduce you to the pleasures it can give you.”

“Pleasures? From my bum?”

“Yupp. If you learn to trust me and relax, it can be fun for the both of us.”

“Really! Well I do trust you. I will have to learn the relax part I guess.”

“Well you did earlier. I don’t think you realized it though.”

“I did? No! I didn’t realize.”

“Ok, turn to me and give me your leg.” Kelly turned. She put on hand on the curtain rod and the other on the wall. She lifted her leg and held it at about my hip. Quickly I soaped up both hands, turned slightly and starting at her toes, I rubbed both sides of her leg at the same time. Higher and higher I went. Past her knee, up her thighs right to her bum cheek with one hand and her pussy with the other. My fingers found her softness again and started to stroke her.

“Stop that! I might want to cum again.”

“Spoil sport! Just as I was having fun.”

Kelly put her leg down. “Besides, I can’t stand here all day with my leg up. It hurts after a while.” She stood there for a bit then her other leg came up. “Hurry now.” I quickly soaped up and repeated the leg washing motions.

“Ok! escort gaziantep anal yapan bayan My turn,” Kelly said. “Turn around for me.” I turned. Kelly started at my shoulders and soaped and massaged her way down my back. It felt incredible. Her hand just slid over my skin. The water worked like a lubricant and the soap made the water a super lubricant. My skin felt unbelievable as she slid her hands over me. It was like I was on drugs or something as every movement she made was amplified because of the water and soap. I was getting hard even though I had just cum.

Lower and lower she went. Getting to my bum, her hand went between the cheeks and started to work around my hole. Then she took her hands away and I felt the bar of soap being pushed between my cheeks. After a few quick strokes, the bar was removed and her hand returned.

This time, with the soap as a lubricant, she was able to push her fingers into me a little. Like Kelly, this was a first for me. I had done anal with my ex but she had never played with me. Hell, we had never had a shower together. In all the years we were together, we had never done anything like this. I was so turned on.

Kelly pulled her finger out of me. She pushed on my back indicating she wanted me to move a bit. As I stepped forward, I heard what sounded like Kelly sliding down to the tub floor. It was only a second or two before I felt her hands on my legs. Quickly she soaped down my legs washing the backs, sides and front as she went.

When she was finished, I felt a hand on my hip pulling me. I understood she wanted me to turn and I did. Kelly was on her knees, the shower was now spraying my lower half and washing over her head. My cock was right at her face level. She leaned forward and the tip disappeared into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the tip and started to flick the underside.

I groaned at the pleasure she was giving me. I looked down and for a quick second, Kelly looked up at me. Our eyes met. There was a look of pure eroticism in her eyes. It made me hotter just seeing her.

She let my cock slip out of her mouth. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. Kelly stood and looking me in the eye, she stepped forward. Her breasts pushed into my chest, my cock touched her water softened landing strip and out lips met. At that moment, I wanted her so badly.

Before I knew it, Kelly stepped back. She took the soap and started on my shoulders. Across my chest she worked then down to my breasts. She played with my nipples. Leaning back, the water spray washed the soap off me. She then leaned over and sucked one of my nipples into her mouth. Her tongue flicked the end. Again, this was a new thing for me. I guess I am one of the lucky ones as I felt a little jolt head down my body and into my cock. I have since learned that not all men feel this when their nipples are stimulated. I am happy to say it felt great.

Kelly stood up and resumed the soaping. She did my upper stomach then my lower stomach. My hips were next. With her hand upside-down, she ran her fingers, through my pubic hair. I could not believe how erotic and sensual this whole experience was. Standing there, I was anticipating her hands on my cock. If her hand felt this great on the rest of my body, what would it feel like on the most sensitive part of my anatomy?

The moment of truth was here. She took the bar of soap and made a big lather in her hands. She put the soap down and looked me in the eyes. Without breaking eye contact, she stepped a little toward me. Both of her hands made contact with my cock at the same time. With one hand in front of the other, she slid them down my shaft. Her eyes never broke contact with mine.

I could never have believed that the feelings could be this intense. I had rubbed my cock in the shower before, but her hands were the softest, most erotic I had ever felt. Slowly she stroked my hard cock. I then felt her hand cup my balls and she started to roll them around my sack. With the stimulation she was giving me, I was feeling the start of my orgasm deep inside.

Kelly leaned over, closed her eyes and our lips met. Her nipples pushed into me. Her hands were working their magic.

Suddenly, she stopped everything. I opened my eyes just in time to see her drop to her knees. She was looking up at me the whole time. The shower spray washed over me. With her hand still on my cock, she aimed it for her mouth. Moving forward, my cock was half way in on the first gulp. Her eyes closed as the water was all over her face. Her lips closed and she started a rhythmic bobbing of her head. Her lips were stroking my cock. I put my hands on her cheeks and started to pull her face onto my cock. Kelly’s tongue was swirling around and around making my desire greater. Her other hand never left my balls.

Never had I felt anything like this. It was erotic heaven.

Suddenly I was aware of her hand on my bum. Kelly had let go of my cock. Her fingers moved between my cheeks and found my butt hole. Slowly but steadily, she pushed one finger into me. For some reason, my cock felt like it was getting harder the further she penetrated.

I was so close to cumming. This was almost too much for me. My head tilted back and my eyes closed. I was experiencing excitement in two places at once. I was feeling things getting ready to explode.

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