Hotbeds Ch. 08

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Introduction: The next chapter in the sexual adventures of a prep school teacher in the 1950s and 1960s, taking on from the ending of Chapter 7.


I had better give a name to my history colleague, since she now becomes a major participant in my story. I will call her Clio, after the Muse of History, partly because, unlike many prep school teachers then, including me, she had a degree in the subject, and a first class one at that.

In appearance she was plump, and everything about her was short – stature, hair (light mouse, curly), nose, upper lip, skirts. She was not short, however, in energy, wit, ability and rude words. At the same time, she made no secret of her age, 29, and virginity. This was, I guessed, intended to defend her against unwanted sexual attentions – all sexual attention according to our retired art colleague, with whom I had had powerfully moving sex and who had painted us as Theseus and Ariadne. (This woman features in Chapter 6).

Clio was aware of, and sympathetic about, my past entanglements, and, despite her lack of experience, pretty shrewd. She knew about, but not the extent of, the devastation wrought by my affair with Carmen, and there was a significant conversation following Clio’s taking our tennis players to the girls’ school at which worked the games mistress who had made use of me a week earlier. (This games mistress features in Chapter 7).

The morning after Clio’s trip to that school, she said at breakfast. ‘Someone was disappointed not to see you yesterday. She was obviously expecting a return match.’

‘Well,’ I said, ‘The first one was rather disappointing, for one of the players.’

‘Not a classic game, then. I’m not surprised. Not been so good since our dear art colleague left, has it, Theseus?’

‘No, it hasn’t. And now you mention it, I wish I could see Ariadne’s lovely bottom.’

‘Oh,’ she said, ‘That stays hidden. Though, you never know, one day it might be revealed, if you’re patient.’

‘Nothing else to be nowadays,’ I said bitterly.

‘I think we had better have one of our walks later,’ she said.

We were in the habit of walking round the lake, when both free, to discuss problems, personal or professional.

After supper, in the summer evening daylight, we began our slow wandering, and I confided my sadness about Carmen and the feelings I had had for her, finishing with, ‘I know there was no future in it, even if she’d stayed, because I’m not sure I could have kept on with just the sex, even though that was wonderful.’

‘You’re going to have to tell me about that, you know, because it’s time I knew.’

‘You mean,’ I said, ‘You want me to tell you exactly what we did?’

‘Yes, and what you did with our dear artist, too. You needn’t be embarrassed. I know all the words.’

‘But it might be private, like Ariadne’s bottom,’ I suggested.

‘Well, only half of that was private, if you remember. For all you know the other half may be really ugly.’

‘Oh, I think it’s pretty symmetrical,’ I said, taking a look down her back.

We strolled on a little, till she said, ‘Have you got the keys to the boat-house?’

‘Yes,’ I said, ‘Do you fancy a naked swim, like our lovely artist?’

‘Not just now. I’ve got a proposal. Ariadne will show you her behind if you will describe what you do with women. I do need to know, even if I’m not going to do it.’

‘Are you quite sure? I don’t want you to regret it afterwards. That would spoil our friendship. Which is more important than me ogling your bum.’

‘Remember it’s Ariadne’s bum. Tell me what seeing it would do for you.’

‘Solace,’ I told her.

‘You really mean that, don’t you? How can I deny you solace, or, in this case, sol-arse.’

‘You do know the words.’ And I unlocked the boat-house, last used with Bianca.

We went in and I locked us in. Clio walked a little way forward and turned her back. ‘Brace yourself,’ she said, ‘This may come as a shock,’ and she lifted her short pleated skirt and took hold of the waist-band of her knickers. ‘Just the boring old white cotton ones. Down they go,’ and she pushed them down to mid-thigh.

How do I describe a lovely bottom? I’ve done my best earlier on. This one was special because the cleavage began, well above the coccyx, quite wide apart, as if the buttocks intended to separate. Then the cheeks closed together a while, before spreading again. The gap at the bottom of the bottom allowed a glimpse of the vulva and some pussy-fur.

After a silence, she said, ‘Are you looking? Or is it too hideous to contemplate?’

‘It’s beautiful,’ I muttered, overcome, and my tone prompted her to pull up the pants, drop the skirt and turn round, so that she saw the tears in my eyes.

‘Well! I didn’t expect my old sit-upon to have that effect. My poor young friend, what a state you’re in.’

She moved to and embraced me round the waist, which put her head on my chest. ‘Wrong way,’ she went on, ‘And pulled my head down onto her bosom.’ It was bursa escort an awkward posture but I enjoyed it. Her breasts were warm through the bra and comforting.

‘Thank you,’ I said, as we stepped apart. ‘Theseus was a damn fool.’

We left the place and resumed walking in silence, till she said, ‘Before I hold you to your part of the agreement, I should tell you something about my younger life.’

She led the way to one of the rickety benches from which one could enjoy the view of the mansion across the lake. We sat down, and, facing front, she told me that when she had just taken the exams at the end of her university career she had been courted by an older higher-degree student. He was an attractive, clever man, confident and versed in the ways of the world. She was an innocent from a modest background, quite strictly brought up.

She fell deeply in love and he seemed to reciprocate. They spent a good deal of the summer together, thanks to her being welcomed into his opulent home by his charming mother. The relationship deepened in the autumn term, when she began her post-graduate teacher training. But then a serious snag arose.

Their love-making had included mutual masturbation, and at this point in the story she remarked, ‘So, if you want to be technical about virginity I don’t qualify. Not if you count fingers up the cunt which must have done in the hymen.’

‘You really do know the words,’ I said, ‘Even the rudest ones.’

‘I like them,’ she said, ‘I like to say them aloud for certain occasions.’

The narrative continued. He began to ask her for full intercourse and she wanted so much to agree, but her upbringing and a smidgen of caution made her refuse. Had he offered marriage she would probably have consented.

The liaison became vexed. He said that if she really loved him, she would, and she felt that if he really loved her he would not press her until he could commit himself fully. She became anxious and depressed and nearly failed her course.

Then, in the vacation following she received a letter at home. He was going to marry someone else, who was carrying his child.

She concluded, ‘The bastard had been fucking another girl while trying to get me to fuck. So he’d been unfaithful, and I had to wonder what would have happened if we’d done it and I’d got pregnant. Would he have married me? Would I have wanted to marry him for that reason? The imponderables drove me mad. And I had so much loved him, and thought him so fine, and he was just after one thing, like the women’s magazines warned.’

‘Could you have done it with contraception?’ I asked.

‘No,’ she said, ‘You weren’t supposed to do it even with that. That was for married women only. But there was another problem. The bastard had given me these amazing orgasms. Yes, I knew that word, too. I’d been reading it all up, getting ready for marriage.’

‘And you wanted more of them.’

‘I certainly did, and I soon found out how to have them all by myself.’

‘So you distrusted men but you wanted orgasms.’

‘Oh yes, I wanted Zeus to fuck me as a swan, or to be Europa and fucked by him as a bull. Those paintings were wonderful and terrible. You wouldn’t believe how I went at it after I’d seen the Theseus and Ariadne.’

‘Ah, yes,’ I said, ‘My bottom always has that effect on women.’

‘It wasn’t your bottom I wanted.’

‘It wasn’t just Ariadne’s bottom I wanted, either,’ I said.

‘I know you’ve always wanted to fuck me,’ she sighed. ‘But I couldn’t let myself. I can’t let myself. But you can help me. If you tell me in detail about how you fucked with those women, I can think about it when I’m doing myself.’

‘All right. Shall I start now?’

‘Not yet. We’ll walk on round a bit, into the trees,’ she said, getting up.

Once among the trees, hidden from view, we sat down, leaning back to back. ‘I can’t let you look. Now tell me. Please.’

‘The last time I was in that boat-house it was with Bianca. You know we were fucking. It’s difficult to use the rude words to a woman. She wanted it almost all the time. In the boat-house was the second time that day.’

‘Lucky old Bianca,’ Clio said. ‘I know just how she felt.’

‘If I can’t look, you could tell me what you’re doing,’ I suggested.

‘We’ll see. You go on about Bianca. What was her bottom like? What about her cunt?’

‘It was a nice bottom – not as nice as yours, but nice. Remember how pale she was. Her labia were pale pink, but when I got to her clitoris they darkened. She didn’t want any build-up. She was a knickers-down-straight-in girl.’

‘I’ve got my hand in my knickers, getting my clitoris going. Go on.’

‘She leant her hands on the wall and presented her bum,’ I went on.

‘Could you see her cunt? What was it like?’

‘The lips were dark red and hanging down. I could see the slit of the vulva.’

‘Was it wet. Tell me it was good and wet. Like mine is now.’

‘It was,’ I continued. ‘She didn’t make a lot of love-juice. She didn’t wait long enough bursa escort bayan to make more.’

She was breathing harder. ‘What about you? Were you hard? Could you do it a second time? How often can you do it in a day?’

‘I was hard all right. We did it three times that day, and I could probably do more if the stimulus was enough. I could with you, I bet,’ I told her.

‘Oh, I like the idea of that. Wait a minute while I wriggle a bit. I need to get a couple of fingers up there. That’s it. Now tell me.’

‘I moved up to get my penis lodged in the cunt-opening.’ I was going to give her all the rude words to help her along. ‘I was hard, like now, when I’m thinking about you feeling up hour cunt.’

‘You like thinking about me doing this. I’m doing it harder now. Keep going!’

‘She wanted it in her cunt, but she needed to touch her clitoris to start. She did that for herself.’

‘Were you in her cunt yet?’

‘Not quite. She liked to get her orgasm going with the clitoris, and then my cock sliding home did the trick.’

There was a pause and harder breathing. ‘The idea of it. I can imagine it, especially now I’ve been in that boat-house. I’m imagining it’s me in there with you and you’re just into my cunt and I’m starting to come. I do love ‘come’ for orgasm. I can come in a minute, if you go on. Did you go up her?’

‘Yes,’ I said, ‘I glided in all the way and she came, like she always did.’

‘What about you? Don’t tell me yet. Wait a minute. Yes, I’m ready. Just a bit more. On the brink. Tell me!’

‘When she came I came, I spurted right up inside. I could feel her cervix.’

‘It’s like I can feel you spurting inside me. It’s lovely. Oh, it’s lovely. Best come for ages. Did the sperm spill out? Was that the finish?’

‘All over in less than five minutes,’ I said, ‘Like just happened with you. I think you’re a quick comer, like her.’

I felt here relax against my back. ‘Are you still hard? I want to feel. It’s so long since I felt a penis, and just the one.’

‘Of course I’m still hard,’ I said. ‘You came all right but I didn’t.’

She pushed away from me, stood up and looked down at me. ‘I’d love to make you come. I’ve never seen a cock come. He always had me do it to him in his pants.’

I stood up. ‘I’d love you to make me come. But not here. You were all right. You could pull out of your knickers quick enough, but it would be riskier for me.’

‘Shall we go back in the boat-house?’ she asked.

That’s what we did. Once locked in, she said, ‘I showed you mine, now you can show me yours.’

I lowered my trousers and pants, and she said, ‘It’s still hard, then. I’ve never seen one like that. Shall I toss it off?’

‘Stand on my right,’ I instructed. ‘Now turn towards me and reach with your right hand. That’s right. Take hold. Further up, just behind the shield. That’s it. Not too tight. Now up and down. Yes, that’s right.’

She began to tremble against me. ‘This is so exciting, actually seeing it.’

‘It’s wonderful that you’re doing this. It’s your hand that’s going to make me come. That’ll make it even better.’

‘You’ve seen it, so you might as well feel it, too, if you like.’

I reached behind her, lifted the skirt and thrust my hand down the back of the knickers. The feel of those charming cheeks brought a surge of feeling, almost tipping me over. But I wanted to savour them and ran my fingers up and down the cleavage.

‘Get your fingers down underneath,’ she said, panting. ‘Yes, yes. Now up into my cunt. I love to say it. My cunt. Up into my cunt. That’s it! I’m coming again. Come now! Yes, I can feel it coming, getting harder. There it is!’

My ejaculate splattered forth in decreasing spurts, and her bottom gripped my hand as she came. Without letting go of my cock she threw her left arm round my waist and said, ‘So much of it! I never knew there was so much. Oh, I’m so wet. And we came together.’

We were both trembling a little from the intensity of the orgasms, and, for the first time we kissed. It was a long, slow, tender kiss as the feeling drained. Then she studied my penis, still between her fingers and stripped it gently. More sperm oozed forth and she caught it on her finger and raised it to her nose, then put her tongue tip into it.

‘Interesting,’ she said. ‘First time for that, too.’

‘Thank you,’ I said, ‘I was so needing that, and you did it beautifully. I hope you’ll do it again. Will you do it again?’

‘I certainly will. It’s thrilling. And I hope you’ll make me come, too.’

We told each other next morning how well we had slept.

The summer term passed all too quickly, with frequent evening walks, pauses on benches, accounts of sex from me and masturbations from her. There were visits to the boat-house, too, of course, and her periods were no great hindrance to our mutual satisfaction. All the time I was sure that, sooner or later, my cock would be in that sweet, slippery vagina instead of my fingers. Surely her immense curiosity would eventually be escort bursa too great? Her need to know all would carry the day at last.

As the end of term approached she became edgy, a little distracted on our walks, though ready enough to masturbate when I gave detailed accounts of my intercourse with Tony and Gwen. Two cunts at once really got her going. I thought perhaps she was anxious about her plans for the vacation, and eventually asked her if that were the case as we left the boat-house late one evening.

She seemed more relaxed, maybe because of the powerful climax she had just had with my fingers in her vagina. ‘I don’t have any plans at all this year,’ she said. ‘I had thought of going to a friend in Wales. She has a rather primitive cottage near Llangollen. But, actually, I’ve been having other ideas. Involving you.’ She broke off.

‘Involving me?’

‘Yes. I wondered about staying, so we might be together. Specially. I’m thinking of the year before last, when Theseus and Ariadne got together in paint.’

This was rather oblique. Did she mean she wanted to replicate my time with the artist, so to speak, to the point of full intercourse? Or was she both thinking of it and fearing it, anxious about promising what, in the event, she could not deliver?

‘But Theseus and Ariadne didn’t get together, did they? She wanted to, but he didn’t.’

‘That’s what I mean,’ she said, ‘Would Theseus actually want her this time?’

‘Well, I don’t know about him, but I most certainly would,’ I assured her.

‘Suppose she couldn’t go through with it, though? She asked.

‘Does she want to go through with it?’

‘Oh yes. When she thinks of it she comes quickly.’

‘Why don’t we just see what happens. We can go swimming for a start.’

‘Naked? Yes. That would be first step. You haven’t seen her tits yet.’

‘That is so,’ I said, ‘Nor her pussy, and I’ve got plans for that.’

‘You really want to, even if we go on like now and no further?’

As we were amongst trees and it was nearly dark I took her in my arms and gave her a long, affectionate kiss.

So we had the place virtually to ourselves, and very soon we were in the boat-house and stripping off. And she had no qualms about that. She faced towards me, looking into my face, and took off her shirt. ‘I hope you’ll like them,’ she said, unlatching and slipping off her bra. They were above average size, and as they came free they naturally flopped a little but seemed almost to bounce at their lowest. They hung, touching but pointing outwards. The nipples were small, beige, hardening in the cooler air.

‘Absolutely beautiful,’ I said. ‘Comments inadequate. I could only appreciate them properly with lips and hands.’

‘Not just now,’ she said, ‘We’re here to swim, remember.’

She took of her skirt and stood in her knickers. ‘You’ve been into these, these very ones, but now they’ve got to come off. There just may be a surprise. Here we go!’

She pushed them to her ankles, bent to take them over her feet and stood up. Her stomach was a little rounded, which I liked a lot, and her mons-hair was mid-brown, slightly curly. The surprise was that it formed a crescent. It spread sideways, thinning out as it went, up the join between stomach and thighs.

‘I thought about shaving it,’ she said, ruffling it with her fingers, but decided you would have to stand it as it is.

‘It’s charming,’ I said, ‘I’m so glad you didn’t spoil it. I want to rub my face in it.’

‘No promises, remember,’ she said. ‘I’m turning round now and you’ve seen that.’

‘But I want so see it again, and again. And again.’

In reply she walked to the edge of the platform and dived into the lake.

She was a strong swimmer and we pursued each other about for a good while. The sight of her bottom, Naiad-like, in the water filled me with tenderness, and resolve. The tenderness and resolve grew stronger yet when we stood, dripping, in the boat-house again. She was truly hour-glass shaped, bosom and bottom rounded and separated by a narrow waist. Her nipples stood out like organ-stops and her little swathe of maidenhair clung to her mount and thighs.

‘I see you find me attractive,’ she said, ‘Would you like me to toss you off?’

‘I have a better idea,’ I said. ‘Let us have something to eat and adjourn to my room.’

‘And there?’

‘We would follow our inclinations.’

She began to dry herself. ‘I know what your inclination is. You want to fuck me.’

‘No,’ I said, ‘I want us to fuck, and beyond that to be happy together.’

She held still. ‘I want us to fuck, too, but I don’t know whether we can.’

‘Shall we find out? You have nothing to fear. There would be nothing you did not truly want, and maybe things you found you did want.’

‘All right,’ and she resumed towelling, vigorously. ‘We’ll raid the kitchens and have a picnic on the lawn. ‘Can you hold on till later? I shall be wet all the time, thinking of it.’

In due time, then, we arrived, fed and watered, in my room and stood looking at each other, she a little apprehensive.

‘There’s no hurry,’ I said. ‘One thing at a time. First I’m going to strip. Then I’m going to undress you, because the sight of you coming into view is so delightful.’

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