Hot Wonderful Night for Us

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Sweetie I fantasize about you, Daily, Nightly, Hourly, I think of all the things. I’d like to do to you. Long, passionate kisses. Erotic caresses. Undressing you, placing soft kisses upon you. Seeing you stand before me, nude, Charming.

Touching you all over, using my hands, my fingers, my nails, my lips, my tongue, even my teeth to gently nip at you. I start with your lips, then I kiss your face, butterfly kisses, soft and light, as I work my way down your wondrous body. Neck, collarbone, chest, nipples, belly, pelvic area, avoiding your privates completely!.

I continue to kiss and lick and suck and caress my way down to your feet, and back up again. This time, when I near your groin, you are throbbing, dripping in anticipation just thinking of what I’ll touch you with. My hands? Fingers? Maybe my lips and tongue? Nails and teeth?

You shudder as you feel my heated breath upon you. I slowly, seductively, reach for you. I wrap my fingers around your length at the base, squeeze gently and then slide my hand up to the head. I cover the head and squeeze it, rub it as it drips onto my hand, massaging the juice into the skin.

You moan, pleasure beginning to control you. My tongue laps at your sac, licking it. My lips kiss it…Suddenly it’s in my mouth as I suck it. You grow in my hand, dripping more. I release the sac and allow my tongue to begin it’s exploration of you.

The length, width, taste. Everything is mine to take – and give you immense pleasure in that taking!.

I lick the shaft where it meets the sac, I suck it.

I inch up ever so slowly, licking, sucking, kissing. Using my tongue to massage you…Finally I reach the head.

I lick the precum, and kiss the head gently.

You moan, your fingers twisting into my hair as your hands reach my head. Finally, I open my mouth and guide you in.

Once the head is all the way in, I close my mouth, sealing you within.

I suck on you, squeezing tighter, and slowly begin to massage your length within my mouth. Hot, wet, my tongue wraps and twists around you, rubbing you, tasting you.

Then it lays flat and you feel the head bump against the back of my throat.

I hold you there, swallow you, squeezing you with my mouth and throat.

I release you and slide you back out, just to the head. You will not be completely released, until you have completely released your seed within me.

I feel you throb, pulse, jump in my mouth. I moan onto you, still sliding you in and out as slowly as possible.

Pulling at you, teasing you into orgasm. Your moans grow louder, as your pleasure goes deeper, forcing your blood to go racing towards your one point of release!.

Your breath quickens, becomes shallow. Your heart races, pushing your pleasure and your blood faster!.

Your hands grip my head, fingers tight within my hair…you roar as you feel the building orgasm erupt from your sac, through your shaft and deeply into my mouth!

I swallow you as that first explosion goes right down my throat it taste good in my mouth, though i have never tasted it before but seems to enjoy yours.

The second splash bursa escort coats my throat in cream that I eagerly swallow.

A third and fourth explosion follow in quick succession. I swallow quickly, not wasting a precious drop. I feel you begin to relax, the pulses dripping more into me.

I continue to suck and swallow until I am sure there is nothing left. Still, I swallow again. Finally, I release you. I lean back, look up at you, see you looking at me…we smile…i guess am sounding nasty here Well (My fantasy has just begun!).

I’m on my knees before you, smiling like a Cheshire cat. I’ve just had the yummiest snack! You are still smiling at me, the throbs of your pleasure filled orgasm still pulsing through your veins. Slower, but fast enough that your heart still races…

Taking my hands, you help me to stand and lead me to the bed. Knowing I would have by now swallowed everything, even your taste, you kiss me. There is not even the slightest hint of you in my kiss. Only me. My scent, my taste, my essence.

You deepen the kiss, reaching into me, searching for the pleasure I gave you, seeking more. I return your kiss, just as deep, just as powerful. I reach into you. Drawing that pleasure that only moments before raced through your veins.

I find it, I urge it to jump to life again…Loving our kiss, you wrap your arms around me, holding onto me, not wanting to let go of what brings you such pleasure. Knowing you are pleased fills me, I now have more pleasure to give you.

But you must be patient. The treasure you seek is the pleasure I give. Each time I please you it fills me with such joy, I am able to pleasure you yet again, and again. Search my lips, my tongue, my mouth, surely I have pleasure for you there. Drink of my kisses and be filled with pleasure.

Let my hands touch and caress you, let my nails slip across you, feel my touch and let it trace your body in pleasure. My nakedness arouses you. My full breasts, my hardened nipples, my soft skin…Touch me!

Allow your fingers to dance across my skin as they absorb, and double, the pleasure they send coursing through my veins. As I moan in pleasure, taste of me.

You Press your lips to my neck, seek out that spot that sends desire racing through me. As my pleasure increases, there is a new scent in the room…mine. The scent of my heated sex, wet and aching with desire! I sense your arousal go deeper as you smell it.

Suddenly, you are like an animal. Feral. Wild. You lay me on the bed forcefully. Seeking more pleasure you take your hands and mouth on an exploration of my body.

You find my nipples, where you nip, lick and suck with your mouth and pinch, pull and tweak with your fingers. I’m moaning, heat from between my legs now radiates from within me, warming me, heating my entire body. I feel pulses of pleasure shoot from my nipples to my womanhood, it grows hotter and wetter. My hands are in your hair.

You reach for them and place them on my sides, holding them there. Unable to touch you, I whimper. You continue your exploration, stopping only briefly to release my hands, giving me such a look as I know bursa escort bayan not to move them.

Your hands and mouth continue down my belly, my hips, my pelvic area. I am moaning, my body squirms in anticipation of you, of what you will do. You pass my shaven triangle, moaning in appreciation. You love it shaved.

You ignore it. Your exploration continues down one leg and up the other. You turn me over. Now on my stomach, you begin your exploration anew. The backs of my knees are licked, sending me into a writhing mass of sensual explosions! My ass is explored with hands, fingers, mouth and tongue.

I cannot contain my moans, nor can I keep still. Your journey continues up my sides and back. My very sensitive back. Turning me over yet again, you return to my nipples with your mouth while your hands explore what they passed up on the first trip.

I spread my legs, you spread my lips. Moaning, begging you for more, I feel myself moisten more. You gently bite at my nipples, then head down to taste what I have to offer.

My juices are flowing freely, I have already mounted that wave of pure pleasure, heading for the cliff.

All that awaits is my dive from that cliff into the abyss of ultimate pleasure…and you know exactly how to take me there! Licking softly at my well hidden clit, you coerce it out of hiding just enough for you to attack it with such a passion, it becomes a throbbing, hardened bulb in seconds! Writhing on the bed.

I’m calling your name, begging you for more! You continue your assault…and let your fingers explore me internally. As first one, then another slides into my well soaked tunnel of pleasure, I am on that cliff.

A few strokes from your fingers, more licks and sucks from your mouth and tongue, even a nip or two from your teeth…YES!

I jump off the cliff that the wave of pure pleasure took me to and I dive into the abyss of ultimate pleasure as my orgasm grabs me, shakes me from the inside out and leaves me weak, shivering as wave after wave of aftershocks flow through me.

As you lap up my juices, tasting my essence, you smile…Well sedated, I can barely move. You lay next to me, tracing your fingers across my skin, inducing more aftershocks. You kiss my neck, my breasts, my skin.

I moan and writhe. Smiling you stop and let me rest. The next pleasure will be all yours, and while you can’t wait, you are patient enough to allow me to gather my strength.

I’ll need it for what’s to come! (My fantasy is nearly done! Some time later, well rested, sated, and eager for more, I finally move. Turning towards you, I see you lying there with your eyes closed. I gently kiss your cheek. You smile. Turning towards me, we kiss. Softly soon becomes deeply and passionately. Our hands touch each other and caress each other.

As we end our kiss, we smile at each other. I work my way down your body, kissing and caressing, heading towards your manhood. As I work my way closer, you begin to grow, pulse and throb. As I reach it, I can see the precum form and begin to drip. I lick it off. I lick up and down your length. I lick your sac, sucking it.

Licking escort bursa back up again I slowly take the head into my mouth. Closing my lips and sucking your length into my mouth, I feel you throb again. As the head reaches down into the back of my throat, I swallow, squeezing you, making you moan. I slowly release you, sliding off to the head. As I reach the head, I repeat my actions. Short minutes later, your breathing is fast and heavy.

I stop. I get up and straddle you, slowly dropping my hot, wet slit to meet your head. As they touch, you pulse against me.

I rub you along my clit, my opening and back again. I moan in pleasure. Tortuously slow, I slide you into me, easing down onto you. I slide up and down so slowly, grinding on you when I’m down, rotating my hips when I’m up.

You groan, loving the feel. Too soon, maybe 10 minutes later, you reach up, grabbing me. As you manipulate me so I’m laying down with you atop me, you slide in and pump me hard. Soon I’m moaning as an orgasm reaches out to grab me.

I’m breathing fast, heavy, moaning, writhing. The orgasm has me in it’s clutches, it’s shaking me, sending shocks and pulses throughout my entire body. I can’t stop moaning! As that orgasm begins to release it’s grip, you pull out and turn me onto my knees. You enter me from behind, I feel another orgasm reach it’s fingers out to stroke me.

Pumping into me, you grab my hair, wrapping your fingers deeply into it, pulling gently. Your sac is kissing my clit with each stroke of your sex into mine…the fingers of that orgasm caress me. Suddenly, you slap my ass! The hand of that orgasm grabs me and begins it’s pleasure-filled torture! As you pump into me, an occasional slap, an occasional tug on my hair, my orgasm grabs me with both hands, shaking me furiously! My moans are louder, deeper.

I’m soaked! I’m so hot, so wet, you slide so smoothly within me.

I’m begging you, please, more! Within minutes, I’ve reached that cliff and dove into the abyss of ultimate pleasure – I’m drowning in it! I need more! You pull out, lay me down and lap at my juices, now flowing freely from my love tunnel. Turning your body, you get on me and you feed me, I taste my juices on you as I suck you into me. You moan in pleasure. Short minutes go by.Getting up, you move to face me again.

You lift my legs and sit on your knees in front of me as you slip in again and begin pumping me. I’m moaning, loving it. You rub my clit with your thumb as you pump me harder, faster. I feel another orgasm grabbing onto me. I feel you grow, stretching me, throbbing, pulsing.I cry out your name as the orgasm takes control of me, sending me into a writhing mass of moans…at that same moment, you explode deep within me, shouting out your pleasure, filling me! You join me in that abyss, pushing me deeper.

My walls convulse around you, you throb within me. We milk each other, draining each other.You let my legs down and lay atop me, still deep within me. We kiss, soft and deep. Our hands touching, caressing each other. Sated, relaxed, we unplug, cuddle next to each other and drift to sleep.Done…for now.

We have all night…this is just the beginning! I love you! i hope you re ready for this on that first night in the hotel room i hope someday soon my fantasy will soon this weekend be a very welcome reality!I love you

Your Beautiful Wife…

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