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Subject: Mexico ‘Tweets’ (GaboKing (4) These are semi fictional tales of connections with some of the hottestMexicans I have ever met. All are online meet ups and chats with guys I found On ‘Twitter’. Some are pure fiction and some are based off true events. All these hot men are gay and ooze male sensuality. As some tales are only fiction. I would not assume they would ever hook up with me. But to those I had had the ‘pleasure’. Kisses Papi’s. I hope you enjoy it…. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mexico ‘Tweets’ (GaboKing (4) ……. Gabo and I walked back up the street and to my hotel. I saw a few people checking us out. I smiled as I was proud to have this smoldering man at my side. He was the hottest guy in Mexico. At least I thought so. Gabo reached back and grabbed at my ass as we entered the hotel. I smiled as he squeezed my butt cheek. Then we got into the elevator and went upstairs to my room. I looked at the hunk with lust as we rode up. “Fuck I would jump him here in this elevator” I said to myself “We’re it not for the woman with us” Yes there was a woman on the elevator with us. She looked at is oddly. Obviously getting where my mind was in my look. She turned to try and ingnore me. Then we got off on our floor and she continued on. I heard a huff as the door close. “Old cow” I said “Let’s get to my room and fuck our brains out” I lead him to my room, slammed the door shut behund us. Then attacked him. Grabbing hum and pulling his mouth to mine. My hand grabbed atbhis arms, shoulders and his body. Pulling his awesome body against me. I could feel his heat as he made out with me. It was BluTV awesome. Then my hand reached between us and found his big bulge. I grabbed at it and gently squeezed it. He sighed softly in my mouth as I grabbed at his covered dick. It pushed back at my hand as it responded to it. “Wow. Feels so fucking big” I said I then kissed him once more. Then I kissed at his face and then neck. My hand was still groping at his covered dick. “Such a gorgeous man” I huffed “Soo hot. Feels soo good too” I then kissed his chest before looking back at his handsome face. Then I smiledat him bbefore dropping down to my knees before Gabo. I was now staring right at his meaty bulge. It looked beautiful. Those speeds had a nice pouchful of cock. Full and delicious looking. I licked at my lips as I stared at it some more. It was perfection to gaze upon. “Wow!” I said again Then my hand moved over his delicious bulge some more. Just feeling it caressing it lovingly. Then I licked at my lips once before pushing my hand face into it. I quickly inhaled his crotch. The smell of the ocean was on him. Salty in aroma. And it was salty as I pushed my face to his crotch line and his legs. I licked there, causing him to coo softly “Hmm. Yess baby” he said. “Lick it. Kiss my dick like that” “Mm hmm” I hummed back I did kiss his crotch. Every inch of it. Kissed every inch of his big package that was tightly confined in his speedos. I then began to chew on the fleshy colomn through them. Feeling his dick as it pushed back at my face. I was soo hungry for his dick now. I knew I had to release it. To feast upog his glorious dick. So I reached for the waistband of his speedos. Even Netflix as I was still missing and munching on his dick through them “Fuck. Feels soo big” I stated as I pulled them down And then I did pull the speedos down. His big dick fell out at me. It was a nice size too. And not completely hard yet. Semi erect he was as big as me fully so. I stared at the gorgeous cock as I finished pulling down his speedos. Then I grabbed at his meaty cock. Grasping it greedily with my hand. Wrapping my fingers around the thing. It was hot and felt good. I then opened my mouth and sucked up his wonderful dick “Ughnn. Yess. There it is” he said “There it is. Go and suck me baby” “Ughnn” I was so hungry for his dick now. I was literally feasting on his cock. Turnung my head to try and swallow down more of his hard dick. I was more hungry for dick than I think I had ever been. And the slurping and hungry eating sounds only confirmed my hunger for his dick. ” Ohh God this is such a great cock” I gasped out as I came off it “Big and delicious” I could hear Gabo groaning above me. His hand touching my head as he felt my mouth eating up his dick. I felt his hand as it ran through my hair. A nice caress though it and he moaned. “That’s soo good baby” he moaned “Ughhn. Ohh soo good” I then moved off his cock again and kissed at the hard tip of it. There was a slight salted taste to the tip. But it was delicious. His taste now made me all the hungrier. I then moved back down and onto his dick. Swallowing him up once more. Gabo again moaned from the sensations of my mouth and tongue. “Yesss baby. Suck that cock” he huffed “Take it into your awesome mouth” “Ughnn fuckk!” Prime Video Ücretsiz İzle I then started to really blow on his big yummy dick. Sliding uo and down his shaft like it was that last dick I would ever have. Greedy, hungry I was as I slobbered over his beautiful dick. But it wasn’t for much longer though. I needed this not Mexican in my ass. So I pulled up and off his dick once more. Then I looked up at the gorgeous Latin. “Fuck me Gabo” I said “I need this big dick in my ass” So I got uo and then dropped my shorts now. Then I climbed up in my bed. Crawled up there on all fours for the hot stud, and offered up my needy ass. Reaching back and spreading my hole for him. Giving him a grand view of my hole. Then shaking it at him “Come on stud” I crowed “Get up here and give it to me” “Throw that big Latin dick into my ass” “Go for it” I slapped my cheek to a nice sting. But I knew my ass loosened and puckered at him when I did that. Then I moaned again for him to take me. “Do it baby” I said again “Gimme that bug fucking cock” Then hunk emailed as he gazed at my hole. At my pucker winking at him. He then came up behind me and spit in his hand. He then pressed his fingers to my hole. Sliding them over my needing pucker now. It felt nice and also tickled. But I wanted entry, so I pushed back at his hand. Moaning as I tried tomurge him to fuck me. “Just do it baby” I cooed again. Gabo then pushed a digit into my hole. I groaned from the lovely penetration as it felt very good. “Hmmmff fuckk yess Gabo” I cooed “Now fuck me with that finger” So he did. Gabo stated to push his finger in and out of me. Sliding down nivpce and slow. Then pulling back again. “That’s it. That’s it stud” I huffed again “Get that hole ready for your big dick” “Mmmm fuckk yess!”……… ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Heading East on Interstate 20 from Dallas, TX can be painful in the evening. The bright sun burned through my rearview mirrors all the way around town. I was glad to finally be headed east, back to the East Coast where I belonged. The sun was now below the horizon, and I had my headlights on. It was totally amazing how little traffic there was tonight. I am glad that I chose to leave a bad relationship in the middle of the week.

As I cruised along, I thought I saw someone standing in the road. Paying full attention to my headlights, and slowing some, I peered into the darkness. Yes, there is a woman standing at the edge of the road, a medium sized suitcase beside her. My first thought was to speed up, not wanting anything to do with another female. As my senses returned to a more normal state, I slowed my Chevy van down to a crawl and eased off the road next to her.

I asked her why she was out on the road in the dark, especially a busy high speed Interstate.

“I’m leaving this God-forsaken state, and heading back East, where I feel more at home. I waited until my husband got home from work, and handed him the divorce papers, then climbed into my friend’s car. This was as far as she could bring me.”

“I see. I’m headed back east as well. I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but I’m not a Texan, nor am I a cowboy. I don’t belong here either. You’re welcome to ride with me as far as you want. I’m starting out in North Carolina, and working my way North, until I find what I want. Then I’m settling down, and enjoying the rest of my life the way I want to.”

“North Carolina is where I was headed. I would appreciate the ride, and the chance to talk to someone friendly. My ex-husband thought I was a part of his exercise equipment, always punching me and beating me up. I’ve had enough of that kind of life. Being free sounds good to me too. Are you sure you don’t mind?”

“As I opened the side door of the van and put her suitcase in, I replied, “Don’t mind a bit. Don’t even want any gas money from you. To be rightfully honest, I almost passed right by, as soon as I saw that you were a woman.”

She climbed into the passenger seat, and asked, “Why were you going to pass by and not stop? What made you change your mind?”

“I just didn’t think it was right for a woman to be alone out here at night. I saw the suitcase and guessed you were headed east, at least for a ways. I wasn’t going to stop because I just left a bad relationship, and my first thought was to steer clear of anything female.”

She sat; still and quiet, until I had pulled the van back out onto the road and was well on the way down the road. At first, she appeared nervous, digging in her purse, as if to use those actions as a distraction from some supposed predicament. After almost frantically digging in the bag, she pulled out a cell phone, and punched in some numbers. “Martha; this is Abby– are you where you can talk freely? Good, I got a ride with a nice older gentleman that is going all the way to the coast. — Yes, I’m safe. He seems to be quite the gentleman. — What’s that? Be careful of what? Is he going to put me in the hospital like Ralph did so many times? He has nothing to gain by it, and I have nothing to lose. — Yeah, I know there are weirdos out here, but I’m starting over, remember? I don’t have anything to lose right now. — Yes I’ll call you during the day when we can talk. If Ralph asks, you dropped me at the bus station, and I wouldn’t tell you where I was going. I told him if I ever left him, I was going to my sister’s in Tacoma. She left there a few years ago, but he doesn’t know that. OK I’ll call tomorrow during the day. Bye.”

As she put the phone back into her purse, she relaxed considerably. She slowly and methodically began to straighten out her purse, organizing every pocket, putting things into what seemed to her to be a logical storage place. Satisfied with this chore, she placed the purse on the floor between the seats, and sighed a deep breath of relief.

“So, Abby, what convinced you that I was safe and a gentleman?”

“How did you know my name? Ralph didn’t send you out here did he?” she said and sat up stiffly.

“No – I never heard of this Ralph until you were talking to Martha just now. I know your name because you started the conversation saying Martha, this is Abby. So I instantly knew that you were Abby and you have a friend that you trust and who cares a lot for you, named Martha.”

Abby leaned back into the seat and breathed a deep sigh. “You scared the ever lovin’ bejeebers out of me. Ralph has had his friends follow me everywhere I go, and if he didn’t want me there, they would drag me back to him. I couldn’t take a piss without asking his permission first.”

“Well, you don’t have to ask my permission to do anything, and by the way, I really appreciate what you told Martha about me. I never met the guy, but I can see that he made two serious mistakes. One he failed to treat the most beautiful woman I ever laid eyes on properly, ankara escort bayan and two he let her slip through his fingers. The jerk should have bent heaven and earth to keep you satisfied and happy. That is certainly not the way I treat ladies.”

“Do you really think I’m beautiful?”

“You are the kind of exquisitely beautiful woman that I normally dream of just getting a chance to see walking down the street. Add to that, a very pretty face, and a sweet personality and you are the most beautiful woman ever created. There won’t be another ever created either. Now, granted, there might have been another that was as beautiful, but not more beautiful.”

“Thanks; it’s been a long time since somebody said something nice about me.”

Abby smiled, and if the truth were known, she was most likely sporting a blush. All I could see in the inky darkness was the outline of her face and figure silhouetted against the slight moonlight. Even as a silhouette, she was pretty to look upon. Not the skinny, teeny wanna-be of too many women, but about five feet five inches, and around a hundred and thirty pounds, I was guessing in my mind. A perfect Venusian body, set off by a smooth jaw line, perfectly shaped nose, and the most perfectly shaped breasts that I have ever seen Abby was more than just beautiful. To me, she was stunning.

The further we got from Dallas, the less traffic there was. There were also fewer places to stop for drinks, or rest, which was something I really needed. As the miles ticked by, I got more and more drowsy, having to make a conscious effort to keep my eyes open and my brain alert. I glanced over at Abby. She had turned slightly in the seat, and had her head against the window, dozing. She was mumbling something inaudible, sounding as if she was trying to whisper some untold secret. As my attention went back to the road, I saw a blessed sight. My headlights were lighting up a highway sign announcing a rest area just one mile ahead.

I slowed down and entered the exit lane for the rest area. I opted to park at the end of the parking area, out of the way of other traffic, since I couldn’t park in a regular parking place with a long wheelbase van and a sixteen-foot trailer. As I shut the motor off, Abby raised her head and asked what was wrong.

“Nothing’s wrong. I was starting to get droopy eyed, so I decided to pull over and rest for a while. I don’t like to take chances, especially when I have passengers. We do have one little problem, and only you have the answer. My van has only one bed. That chair reclines a little, but not very much. You are welcome to sleep there, or you can lay down on the bed with me. I’m not getting undressed, and I assure you, I only touch a woman when and where she wants to be touched. I intend no hanky-panky. I just got a little more exhausted today than I realized, and I need to get a little sleep before I drive much further, and the next rest area is in Louisiana. Almost three hours away.”

“You’re right. This isn’t a real comfortable bed. I doubt that I’ll get much rest here. I’ll take you up on the offer of sharing the bed, if it’s large enough for two to be comfortable.”

“Oh yes. It’s almost as wide as a regular double bed, just a little short. It’s actually quite comfortable, not too firm. And you’re welcome to use my shoulder as a pillow if you want.”

“That sounds heavenly. I haven’t curled up and put my head on someone’s shoulder in what seems like years. Are you sure I’m not a bother?”

“You’re no bother at all. Actually, even while you were napping, I was enjoying not being alone. Somehow, just your presence makes me feel good. You have a way of calming people with your presence.”

As we made our way toward the back of the van, I locked doors and shut the curtains, explaining that I wasn’t trying to lock her in, but wanting to lock unwanted nocturnal visitors out. I pulled the front of the back seat up then out, making the backrest drop, turning it into a compact, but otherwise comfortable bed. I offered to climb in first, so that she wouldn’t feel trapped by me. She thanked me, and kicked off her shoes. She sat down on the pile of suitcases, and slowly peeled off her panty-hose, almost appearing to tantalize me. She tossed them over on her shoes, and proclaimed her disgust of them and their tightness. As she turned her torso to toss the hose, I noticed that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Her pubic hair was thick and long, and sparkled in the moonlight.

I lay back on the only small pillow, and she slid in next to me, placing her head on my shoulder. Her face was turned down slightly, with her forehead right in line with my lips. Yielding to intense temptation, I gently kissed her forehead and told her goodnight. She looked into my eyes and said goodnight to me. Was I dreaming, or was it wishful thinking? Did she have a slight amorous smile on her face? I became acutely aware of something warm and firm against the side of my rib cage, that wasn’t my wishful thinking. Her nipples eryaman escort were becoming erect, and very warm, feeling like they were about to burn a hole in my shirt.

Abby raised her leg, and placed it over mine. As she did, she placed her hand in the middle of my chest. After a few minutes, I noticed that she was gently rubbing my chest in small circles. I glanced down, trying to be as still as possible, and saw a warm, sultry smile on her face. I reached over and brushed her hair back from the side of her face and began gently rubbing her cheek. She let out a low soft moan, and took my hand from her cheek, and placed it on her breast.

“She looked up into my eyes and said, “You promised no funny stuff, but I love the feel of a man’s chest hair, and I am excited to the max. Don’t worry about where I don’t want to be touched, I want you to touch me everywhere. Just don’t be rough or violent. I’ve had too much of that already.”

I shifted slightly, so that I could get closer to her face. I whispered to her that I too hated violence, and that women were to be adored, not beaten. As I finished, I slowly placed my lips on hers, and got the surprise of my life. She pulled me into her, and kissed me like I have never been kissed. She opened her mouth fully, and held me tightly in my arms.

As we parted lips, she said with a husky tone in her voice, “I saw you watching me slide off my panty-hose. I hoped that you were starting to get interested, so I deliberately turned with my legs spread so that you would see that I wasn’t wearing any panties. I don’t have a bra on either. Exposing myself was the last straw. I started burning for some sex, and now I can’t control it. I haven’t had any sex, except for my personal toy, in almost six months. I want you to make love to me.”

“I don’t make love TO women. I make love with them. I try to get so involved in satisfying them, that I ignore my own orgasm, until it hits. It’s so much more satisfying that way. If we ever make love, it’s important to me that you fully orgasm. Only then am I fully satisfied. Afterwards, I like to hold a woman close, and cuddle with her, helping her to come down. Women reach orgasm more slowly than men, and take longer to come back down. Most men miss out on a lot of pleasure by not cuddling and holding afterward. To me, that’s half of the fun.”

Abby started sliding her skirt up past her waist, and said, “You’re every woman’s dream. I’ve not had many lovers, and none have ever been really concerned with whether I made it or not. They only cared that I was horny and wanted it. When they got done, it was over, period.”

“To me, that reduces a woman to a live masturbation device, like saying come here woman, I need to get my rocks off, and need your tube. No, that’s not making love at all. Making love is about sharing yourselves with each other, and caring enough about your partner to make sure you do everything you can to please and satisfy them.”

Abby surprised me by grabbing the front of my trousers and tugging the zipper down. She unzipped them so fast, I almost thought she tore them open. Her hand went diving into my pants, and she let out a giggle.

“What? What’s so funny?”

“I’ve seen men’s sexy underwear in the stores, but I never saw it on someone. This is neat, how it makes you feel so big and full. Tomorrow, I want you to model them for me in the daylight so I can see them on you.”

“I’d love that.” I hissed, getting very short on breath, and very anxious to sample this brunette beauty’s wares.

I eased down to the end of the bed, and slid my hands under her hips, staring into what had to be the most beautiful set of love lips ever created. Swollen full and dark, they were begging for attention, and that’s what I planned on giving them. All of my attention.

“What are you doing?” she asked, as she raised up on her elbows.

“I’m going to kiss your love lips and run my tongue all over them. Then I’m going to gently nibble on your love button and massage it with my tongue, until I feel you orgasm. Then, I’m going to kiss my way up your sweet belly, across your chest and bury my shaft into your waiting love canal.”

I buried my face against her love lips and started licking the outer lips slowly at first, then faster and a little more firmly. As she pulsed and bucked gently up and down, I licked and nibbled even more fervently.

“Ohh that feels sooo good, I’ve never had anyone do that before. You do it so good. You’re making me feel like a queen, no better, I don’t know, it’s so good, don’t stop.”

I gently parted and massaged her hips as I sped up my tongue-lashing. As soon as I felt her hips tighten a little, and her love button stiffen, I raised up just long enough to say, “Baby, put your hands on the back of my head, and guide me into you. Steer me to where it feels the best, and share an orgasm with me.”

As she placed her hands on my head, she said,” Do you want me to orgasm?”

“Yes, I intend to etlik escort give you a couple of orgasms this way, before we join together. It’s important to me to feel you completely satisfied.” I went back to ministering my affections on her voluptuous love nest, reveling in the feel of her full bush of pubic hair on my face.

Abby started tensing, then pushed her hips up into the air, tight against my face and let out a low moan. “Again, please!” She sputtered, and relaxed her hips. I let my tongue slide down some to the edge of her opening, and sampled the sweet wetness that was starting to curl out from her inner depths.

I went back to her love lips, licking and nibbling like there was no end in sight. She immediately pushed up to meet me, guiding my face directly to her love button. I slid my lips up and down the length of that nice, firm little button, savoring how it felt against my tongue and lips. She let out a louder moan, and bucked up hard enough to almost throw me off the bed.

“Sorry; I’ve never orgasmed so hard. You are making me feel so good, I don’t know how to describe it.”

“Don’t be sorry. I wanted to share the pleasure with you. I enjoy giving a woman orgasms like that. It’s a good start to some great sex. No worry just lay back and enjoy the ride, so to speak. I guarantee you I enjoyed the ride.”

With that, I ran my fingers through her pubic hair and told her how much I liked it, long and natural. I then kissed her pubic hair, and kissed my way up her belly, kissing her through her clothes. When I got to her nipples, I noticed that they were standing stiff, almost like toy soldiers, standing at attention hidden in her blouse. As I kissed one, then the other, she whispered for me to nibble on them, please.

I willingly obliged, leaving a large wet circle over each one. As I slid further up, Abby grabbed my shaft and guided it into her love canal.

I mashed my lips against Abby’s with a burning that neither of us could quench. As my cock slid into an eager and waiting pussy, I realized that it was so tight that I had to push rather firmly to slide all of the way in. I had lived with three other women before I finally tried to settle down and got married. None were this tight or this warm and silky smooth.

Abby pulled me tightly against her and wrapped her arms around my back. Her long auburn hair was spread out over the pillow, just fractions of an inch from my nose. I inhaled and enjoyed what smelled like fresh summer flowers. I kissed her neck, reveling in the aroma of her perfume. It smelled like something I had smelled once in a very expensive jewelry and notion shop. The aroma had the effect of heightening my arousal, driving me to a peak of pleasure that I couldn’t remember ever feeling.

She ran her hands down my back just barely being able to reach the top of my hips. She caressed them and cooed softly in my ear about how good she was feeling. I started pumping my cock in and out of her hot pussy, her hips meet my every thrust. Abby was smiling a sultry smile, and now squeezing my hips. Each squeeze heightened my lust for her orgasm, and heightened my desire to feel both of us explode. Quickly, I reached the point of no return. My cock was stiffening, and she was now bucking harder and harder. I yelled out that I couldn’t wait any longer, and she begged me to come inside her waiting body. We had the most fantastic orgasm that I had ever felt.

I collapsed on top of Abby, and then slid over next to her. I pulled her up across me, and asked her to put one of her legs on either side of my right leg. She asked why as she slid into position. I told her that I wanted to feel her soft breasts on my chest and her pubic hair on my leg.

“What if our lovemaking leaks out?”

“I wash. I sort of hope it does. That would be the perfect sign of how much fun we just had.”

Abby raised up on one arm and asked me to help her pull her blouse up. As it slid up past her breasts, I was met face to face with the prettiest dark brown nipples that I’d ever seen. They were fully three inches across, and each had a pert hard tit sticking up in the middle. She unbuttoned my shirt and pushed it open. As she lay back down, she wiggled slightly, bouncing her titties on my chest. Their dance caused my cock to raise its purple head and stand up tall. She turned slightly and held my cock in her hand. She rubbed it gently, and told me that it was the first uncircumcised cock that she had ever seen.

“It hasn’t always been that way. I wanted to see what an uncircumcised cock looked like, so I researched it on the web, and found several sites that had ways to make the foreskin grow back. It took over a year, but it was better than surgery. Now, I have a much more sensitive cock. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“I think it’s cute. And the tip is so soft and moist. It almost feels like satin, it’s so smooth. Funny, I didn’t notice before, or notice anything different when it was inside of me.”

“When it’s fully hard, the skin slides back. Try it, if you want. It doesn’t hurt. Actually, it feels good, especially when someone else does it. Just grip the top sort of tightly, and slide it back to under the tip. That’s it. See, now it’s ready for serious business.”

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A Wet Walk in the Forest

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Summer. Hot and heavy, like the air was thick with moisture and tension. There was a smell of burnt leaves in the forest.

Nina was walking barefoot along the cool footpath, her sandals swinging in her left hand. She had black hair, shiny and long, hanging down her back and floating across her face. Ray thought she was beautiful. He walked next to her, stealing occasional glances at her staggeringly elegant cheek bones and dark, soft eyes. He had a cheeky, shy smile on his face and she thought he was impossibly cute. She had to stop walking and kiss his smile, running her hands through his sandy blonde hair. He had hazel eyes, wide and open. They stood still, gazing at each other for a few moments.

The trees were tall and green, their branches touching at the top, forming a canopy, like a jungle. There were purple flowers dotted among the blades of grass. Ray knelt down and gently plucked a few of the flowers, holding them in his hand, a tiny bouquet. He looked up and smiled at Nina, handing them to her. She blushed and laughed, and bent to kiss him.

It was quiet in the forest. They were alone. Her white shirt was sticking to her back with sweat.

“I’ve got to take this off,” she said, undoing the buttons, with a seductive smile at Ray. He felt an energy burning within him, in the base of his abdomen. He reached out to gently pull the blouse from her shoulders. She blushed and the energy grew as he saw the red patches blossom on her cheeks. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Her breasts beşiktaş escort bayan were more perfect than he’d ever seen. They were not too small and not too round, and impossibly soft. He reached out and caressed one of them in his hands. The roughness of his fingers made her shiver. Her nipples were a deep, beautiful pink, like heavy rose petals. He bent to kiss them, tasting the rich metallic scent.

Before he knew it, she’d pulled his shirt off his shoulders and was rubbing his biceps with her dainty, shapely hands. She felt the bulge of muscles and veins under the warm skin. She felt a twitch between her legs, a contraction, an awakening. He felt a stiffness, a heaviness, a growing tension.

They walked along, topless, a little further, off the main footpath and through the soft grass.

“You know my thighs are getting a little hot too,” Nina said, biting her bottom lip in a teasing fashion. Ray felt the bulge in his shorts harden and stiffen almost uncontrollably. He wondered if she had noticed. Of course she had, she was unzipping her tiny denim shorts. No bra, no knickers either. She wasn’t waxed and he was thrilled. All the other women he’d slept with had been shaved and smooth. This would be an adventure. Her thighs were long and muscular and tanned. She skipped a couple of paces ahead of him and he saw how perfect, how pert her buttocks were.

“I think I’m gonna have to take my shorts off,” he said and she laughed, running back to help him. He was amazed at her beşiktaş escort hunger, her boldness. She was wild and powerful. She pulled his shorts down, running her hands down his legs like she’d done with his biceps. She smiled when she saw the bulge of his cock. She pulled away his pants and his cock sprang free, bouncing slightly. She was on her knees, looking up at him with her wild, beautiful eyes and puffy lips.

There was no one around, and even if there had been, he wouldn’t have cared. He had her, finally, to himself. And she had him, finally, to play with and to pleasure her. She took his cock in her lips and poked her tongue against the end of it. He shuddered at the shocking brilliance of it. His cock felt heavy and energized, as though it were ready to burst at any moment. He let out a groan and reached down to touch her hair.

“Oh, Nina,” he whispered as she ran her tongue up the length of his cock, feeling the veins and heat. She started to suck, taking the cock in her mouth, and moving her lips up and down, up and down. The pleasure grew and rose, his cock throbbing with heat. He felt her hands on his balls, cupping them and rolling them in her fingers. It was too much, he pulled out and knelt down to kiss her. He had to save himself.

She opened her legs and lent against a tree, knees spread apart. He got down on his elbows to take a good look at her dripping pussy. He reached out his rough, warm fingers and touched her folds. He skimmed over the clit and she took a sharp breath. He pushed a finger inside her, relishing the warmth and smoothness. She felt electric, full of tension, full of moisture. He massaged her clit and she began to moan. The pleasure was intense, burning pleasure shooting up her spine. He pressed the clit, like a button and she felt her vagina twitch and throb. He sat back on his knees and pumped his cock for a few seconds.

She lay on her back and he knelt over her. His cock was painfully full. He pressed against her pussy and slid inside her. It was perfect, joyous even. He started to growl and moan, like a wild animal. His pelvis jammed in and out like a rock star and the feeling of her tight lips gripping his cock was incredible. She felt an intense pleasure every time he slid out and in, out and in. He put his fingers on her clit and rubbed it. With each rub and grind she moaned and wailed. She could feel her orgasm building, feel her juices slipping out, feel her pussy tightening and squeezing Ray’s cock. She started to pant, in time with his pulsing. It was perfect, she was climbing, her pussy was sizzling. Her clit throbbed and she squirmed as he rubbed it. She felt her pussy close around his cock and she came loudly and gushingly. He laughed as he pulled his cock out and it was soaking wet. She was out of breath.

“Keep going, I want you to cum in me,” she said, panting. He slid inside and he didn’t need much. With a few quick thrusts he could feel his orgasm flooding him. He groaned as he felt his balls tighten and his cock release its milky seed.

“Oh,” he said, pulling out. Her pussy was still pulsing, after-shocks.

They stood up and walked on naked, their clothes under their arms.

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A Warm Cabin

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Big Tits

As Jenny and I returned to he cabin, it was falling into darkness, the rays of the sun glistened through the tree’s like streaks of fire. We had both enjoyed the hike through the forest although the temperature was now starting to drop. Jenny looked so cute rugged up in her jacket and tight pants, her face red from the cold. I walked over to the fire place, striking a match and placing it in the kindling.

“I’m jumping in the shower to freshen up” commented Jenny as she walked towards the bathroom, looking back at me smiling as her jacket was removed exposing her perfectly shaped ass before she disappeared into the bathroom leaving the door ajar. I rubbed my hands over the fire attempting to allow them to thaw out a little before doing anything else. As the cabin warmed up I also removed my jacket and went into the kitchen to boil the kettle. As I pulled out the cups from the pantry, I looked into the bathroom and there was Jenny through the mist of steam slowly washing her body. The water flowing over her soft skin as her hands caressed her body leaving trails of soapy bubbles that flowed across her incredible curves. I stumbled around attempting to make hot drinks as turned off the shower and looked straight at me smiling.

She dried her body and put on a robe before walking out of the bathroom running a brush through her hair. She sat on the lounge chair in front of the fire. I finished making the drinks and sat next to her handing her the nice warm cup.

“Thank You” Jenny said in a soft voice as she took the cup from my hand, I noticed that her cleavage was ajar exposing part of her breast.

I sat down next to her watching the fire. Jenny snuggled into me as she sipped from her cup.

“it’s beautiful, don’t you think” she said with a warm soothing voice.

“Yes” I replied “I love watching the fire dance”

“it’s almost hypnotic” she continued as she placed her finished cup on the table.

I opened my arm up allowing her to put her head onto my chest, feeling the warmth of her body penetrate me. I kissed her softly on the top of her head and held her close to me. As we sat there I felt her hand circling across my stomach. starting off small then growing slightly, her hand brushed across my crotch lightly waking up my cock to her touch. She must have noticed it growing in my pants as she giggled lightly commenting

“well what’s this then?”

She dropped her hand firmly onto my cock, squeezing it, I throbbed it in her hand as it started to become even harder.

I started running my hand lightly over her back as she ran her hand up and down the shaft of my cock, I felt her pulling down my zip and unbutton my pants allowing a relief of pressure that had built up due to the erection that she arose. She gripped my cock through my underwear and continued to stroke it up and down. I closed my eyes and slid my hand down her back clasping my hand around her tight ass, clenching it and releasing it as her hand worked my shaft.

I leaned over a little allowing me to slip my hand around kurtköy escort further allowing my fingers to pull up her robe and find their way to the soft wet flesh of her vagina. Slowly I ran my fingers across her labia, occasionally teasing her clit, feeling her pussy lips become more and more saturated with her juices.

Jenny tilted her hips slightly allowing me to gain greater access to play with her sweet smelling slit. I took the opportunity and slid a finger inside of her, she moaned lightly as her pussy engulfed it, the soft virginal walls squeezing around my finger as I slowly work it in and out.

No sooner did I push my finger deep inside of her, Jenny took the opportunity to release my rigid cock from my pants, I felt her hand circling the head of it, coating it in my pre-cum before her hand slipped down to the bottom of my shaft. Her hand squeezing the base like a pulse as her tongue began lapping up the clear juice that coated the tip. Her soft warm tongue darted across the rigid cap of my cock. The tip of it occasionally pushing into the eye of it, sending thrills through my balls. I throbbed my cock against the squeeze of her hand, I could feel the head growing more and more as her tongue played. Her hand slid back up my shaft stopping as the base of the head, I felt her breath falling upon it as the warmth of her mouth enveloped it, with her lips wrapping around the thickness of my raging cock she started to suck it inside, allowing it slip deeper and deeper into her warm soft mouth. Her tongue actively licking all around, feeling the swirls of saliva embracing the length of my cock. Her hand and mouth began to work my shaft up and down, her saliva allowing a smooth flow as she squeezed her hand around the girth of my cock. I began rocking my hips allowing me to push a little more of my cock inside of her mouth as she lay there sucking on it joyfully. I moaned in extacy as she engorged my cock in her mouth. She must have felt as though I might loose control and fire a big load of my hot sticky cum into her mouth so she slowly stopped sucking my cock and lifted her head. She squeezed my finger from her quim and turned around laying across the lounge, She dropped one foot onto the ground and lifted the other one to sit on top of the backrest, allowing a perfect view of her glistening slit. The soft folds of her saturated labia reflected the light emanating from the fire, it looked almost as if her pussy was dancing in the fire.

I pulled upon her robe, exposing her breasts and her slender flat stomach. Leaned over and without hesitation took one of her nipples into my mouth. My tongue rotating around her sweet bud as it became more and more erect. The tip of my tongue flicking over it quickly as I sucked her tit deep into my mouth, filling it completely. I placed my forearm between Jenny’s legs. She started grinding her pelvis against my arm as I consumed her breast in my mouth. I sucked hard on her tit as pulled my head away, eventually the grip of my suction let go as her breast tuzla escort fell back to her chest. I moved slowly down her body, biting her ribs lightly, running my tongue across her stomach, kissing it erratically, my tongue delving into her belly button, before making my way down further, across her freshly shaved pubic mound, down further until my tongue lightly lapped over her clitorus. I lay out my tongue flat across her pussy, the tip flicking her lips lightly as I slowly started the enjoyment that feasting on pussy gives.

I push my hands underneath her ass, tilting her pussy so then I may enjoy my meal with greater ease. My lips kiss her pussy, sucking her lips into my mouth, running my tongue between them allowing me to taste the sweet nectar. My mouth encompasses her clit, sucking on it, my tongue flicking it quickly, then slowly, then nibbling on it with my teeth. Feeling Jenny rotating her hips, trying to push more and more of her pussy into my mouth. I accommodate her by willingly releasing her clit from my salivating mouth and pushing my tongue deep inside of her dripping wet snatch. I feel her hands clasping my hair and pulling on it as I ravishingly fuck her pussy with my tongue. I continually lavish her slit with my tongue, her juices filling my mouth over and over again, my face being coated with her sweet honey nectar. I feel her legs wrapping around my head as her body shudders with the joy of orgasm, which sends me wild, my tongue takes on a mind of it’s own and starts lapping up all of her cum that gushed from her pussy. As she subsides I look up at her smiling, my face coated in her pussy cream, she pulls me up, I pull my pants down as our tongues wrap around each other, she moans as she tastes her own juices from my mouth and feels the tip of my cock pressing up against her pussy lips.

Placing my hand on her hip, I feel her arching up to try and persuade my cock into her open and willing cunt. I hold back, teasing her with my thick throbbing member. With enough teasing she wraps her legs around my back just as the tip of my cock has parted her slit and thrusts her hips into me, allowing the full length of my cock to be injected into her open and wanting cunny. I grind my cock deep inside of her, feeling her body squirming and shuddering as her cum coats my cock and balls. I start fucking her hard, withdrawing my cock till only the tip is still inside of her then thrusting back into her deeply and quickly, our skin slapping against each other as we fuck harder and faster. I pull my cock out of her, it stands there glistening and throbbing as she leaps onto it with her mouth sucking all of her cunt juices from it. Once she feels like it is clean enough she turns around and bends over, exposing her sweet plump round ass and her open slit. I move up behind her, slapping her pussy with my cock before slipping it back inside of her love tube. With a solid grip on her ass cheeks and hips, I start fucking her with gusto, pulling her back hard onto my cock over and over again. Her pussy throbbing tuzla escort as I feel Jenny cumming all over my cock, in the middle of her orgasm I reach up and grab hold of her hair, using it as if they were reins for a horse, pull her back hard onto my raging cock. Again and again she feel the full length of my cock thrust inside of her, my balls freely slapping her clit every time the full length of my cock filled her. It wasn’t long before she let off another orgasmic spasm, I pulled out my cock and watched her quim spasm and squirt juices as she continued to cum. I then sat on the lounge, seeing what she was going to do next.

Jenny looked up at me smiling with the glow and satisfaction that multiple orgasms give. She knelt there, and slowly lowered her head over my throbbing cock, her hair brushed against it before I felt the warmth of her mouth embracing my throbbing cock. She loved the taste of her own juices and paid great attention to try and suck every single drop of her own sticky cream from my rod which had caused her to explode. I thought that she was going to suck me until I shot my hot sticky cum into her mouth but it seemed that she had no interest in that, her mouth and tongue just caressed every single inch of my cock, sucking it, licking it, she was completely engrossed in getting every last drop of her cum from my cock. Once she was satisfied with her work, she stood on the edge of the lounge chair, her pussy was still open and extremely wet, she started to squat down grabbing hold of my cock and feeding it back inside of her. I closed my eyes and just allowed her to do as she wished.

I felt the wetness of her pussy lips as they wrapped around the tip of my cock, her hand still firmly wrapped around the shaft. She rotated the tip of it through her pussy before she descended upon it allow it to fill up her quim. I felt Jenny clench the muscles in her pussy squeezing hard against my rock hard cock. She kept the tension as she lowered herself until my entire cock was deep inside of her. She started moving up and down the length of my shaft. I felt the muscles of her pussy squeezing as she lowered herself down and pulsing as the entire length of my rigid cock was throbbing deep inside of her, then she relaxed off as she lifted herself back up again. The slow rhythmic movements of her hips started to drive me wild. I could feel the surge of my cum starting to build up in my balls, I tensed my cock holding it off as she rode my shaft, the look of tension in my face as I tried to hold off the release of my big thick sticky load brought a smile to her face.

I opened my eyes and looked deep into hers as I grabbed hold of her tightly and forced her down hard onto my cock as I thrust my hips up inside of her as I released the full charge of my cum deep into her oh so willing cunt. She ground her hips as my cock pulsed inside of her, I could feel her cumming as more and more of my cum splashed inside of her. The pulsing subsided, Jenny squeezed her pussy one last time bringing on another small orgasm through her body before lifting herself up and squeezing all of the juices inside of her out. As I watched as all the sticky dripping mess fell from her pussy before she stepped down and knelt in front of me, then she slowly and carefully spent the time cleaning my cock with her tongue.

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A Trek Into …

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A Natural Wonder of Passion

Southern California has more than two-thirds of California’s thirty million plus occupants, and Los Angeles is its largest metropolitan area. Los Angeles is a large sprawling urban area. L.A. is next to the beach, the mountains, the desert — and any style of living is possible. Entertainment is unlimited with the city’s offerings of everything that could be asked for and its attractions range from huge recreational urban neighborhood parks to Theme Parks, museums, universities and the zoo. L.A. has everything — cathedrals, the first freeway system, Angel’s Slide and of course freeway and street shootings mixed with the occasional city riots and sports events.

Many have found the entrance, but few people know much beyond that. The entrance is that area a little over 20 miles from downtown, in the Angeles National Park, that provides pristine wilderness. Most who find it are just out for a drive and seldom venture more than two miles from where they park. It’s that two miles that is covered with graffiti where paint and scratchings mark everything. It seems a pastime of many to cover rocks with their own name, their boy or girl friend’s name, their gang’s markings, or just frivolity. It is this area that is smeared with the detritus from places of fast food and vomit to society’s used condoms, discarded panties and their matching bra’s.

But, if you venture further, an easy day’s walk… well, it’s more like an easy day’s hike because you find yourself at chores like wading the river, climbing the mountain and boulder-hopping. But, back about five miles from the nearest parking spot is where it starts. Wild animals like deer and mountain goat, rattlesnake, coyote, skunk, rabbit, possum, and raccoon are abundant. And fresh running water in the springtime — lots of it fills the river. After a storm it’s not unusual to find white water of the river filling the gorge, running with speed and force enough to rip out trees and lift twenty foot boulders. During or after a storm is not the time to visit. A storm twenty miles distant can fill the canyon in moments.

There are at least three ways to get there. Down from the Angeles Crest highway, if you can find a place to park, up over the mountain or up the river wading because it cuts through shear rock walls that line its edge. My first time back I had taken the easy route. It was up the cascades of the East Fork of the San Gabriel tuzla escort River. I wasn’t sure what I’d find, but was fascinated by the beauty. I’d taken off on my own… a very foolish thing to do in retrospect. I was back perhaps eight miles and had only recently left the river, removed my wet athletic shoes, tied them together and draped them over my backpack. As I came over a small rise I spotted a wide, plush green meadow still cool from the spring storms. The grass was the deepest green and knee deep. A creek of ice-cold snowmelt ran through it, and in the center was the clearest, deepest pool of fresh water. In distant history the pool was somehow hollowed out of the sun warmed rock.

I was mesmerized at its beauty and wanted nothing more than to enter it nude and submerge myself in its freshness. I wanted to drink of its sweet water and sun myself on the surrounding rock. There was no one around for miles and the serenity was a balm to me.

I was thinking of this because its fond rememberance had popped into my head when I first saw you lying on the bed. The sheets were folded back and their color accented your body. In the center was that shadowed, pink heaven I’d been longing for and never tasted. And like that pristine wilderness area, your breasts rose to lofty heights above it and were crowned with beauty like the year-round mountain top snow. The very peaks were breathtaking in their cherry grandness. A valley ran from the cleft of your neck, down between your breasts and meandered across your tummy before plunging into that shadowed area that formed my pool.

I wanted, once again, to feel and taste majesty. I wanted to drink from your pool and sun myself in the light reflecting from your body. I want to lie upon your warmth. The spread of your tummy from thigh to thigh and mountain to valley was like the beauty and flatness of my meadow and at its center was my pool. It was my refreshment from the day’s hike, and a place to rest and experience… slowly. Its sweet fruit beckoned me and I knew the sweetness that would be there as I unclothed and prepared to immerse myself.

But, like that first time on the mountain, I wanted to savor the moment and drink in the view. I wanted the anticipation to build and shout its demand to my body. I wanted that languorous feeling that I remembered as my cock, too, experienced the water that day. It’s excitement as I doffed my jeans and tuzla rus escort first entered that warmed water, to feel it surrounded and petted by the gently flowing water. I studied your beauty.

Like the tall pine around that pool, reaching to the heavens, I noticed your arms stretched out to me and I wanted to dive headfirst into your pool and spend my day there. Slowly I trudged across the floor, much like through that deep green meadow, to reach you. I climbed to the foot of the bed upon my knees and slowly crawled forward to you. It reminded me of the way I’d climbed those cascades.

I leaned over you, my cock erect and suspended above your hips as my mouth opened to taste you. My tongue licked your breasts and the taste was as sweet and creamy to my tongue as the first summer’s ice cream cone on a hot day… that sweet creamy melting chocolate. I trekked those mountains and circled them before climbing to the peak and tasting that winter’s snowcap. And, like the milkshake topped with whipped cream and a cherry, I tasted your fruit and my palate was crazy with lust.

I climbed over those mountains and up through the pass to your wet, inviting lips and we kissed. Your tongue was alive like a wild mountain goat as it jumps in excitement from rock to rock, and your breath was as sweet as the campground’s first meal at end of day… your mouth the warming bonfire that keeps me through the night.

I felt your touch, much as the warmth while sunning alongside that pool. Your fingers and hand closing and protecting me from the day’s trials, while my lips descended to your neck and I again tasted the cream of your skin. Your legs came up and enclosed me, while your hand began its own long journey and invited me along. I remembered standing next to that oasis in the meadow, stark naked and aroused by the kiss of nature. My arousal pointing into the wind much the way my cock now pointed toward your oasis.

You moved your head and felt my lips at work as I began trailing small kisses and licks across and under your chin, pausing where your chin might rest while sleeping upright in a chair. I heard you moan softer than the wind through those lofty pines. Like the wild cougar searching for dinner, I felt your hips moving and your hand stroking me as you guided me to my night’s rest. As if slipping into my sleeping bag without unzipping, I felt your pussy sheathing me and providing tuzla sarışın escort all of the warmth I needed. And as I might reach and zip that bag from inside, I reached and stroked you.

The hard-on I feel each morning is nothing as the hard-on that I now felt as you surrounded me. You explored my wood as I sought to explore you. My urgency caused my hand to move from your clit and both of my hands were around your hips, straining and pulling you up to me hard as I stroked. Like a small L.A. earthquake, I felt you climax and then you were trembling again. Our passions broke loose like an earth slide after that quake and I rushed headlong down that slope and into you.

Our passion cooled momentarily just as a circling eagle might regain its breath, before curving over into a steep, screaming dive, and we began again. I wanted you, and I wanted to satisfy you entirely, and so when you climaxed again, I hesitantly pulled out and you gasped. It wasn’t for long as I again crawled backwards up that pass until I was at its center and I closed my mouth on your lips. My exploration began as it had underwater in that pool. My tongue delved into you as my fingers did long ago in that pool. I was searching for something delicate and evasive… hidden from common scrutiny, but precious to those that found it.

My tongue located it and begins its excavation. My lips surrounded to protect it from other marauders and now my hands too, joined the search. I tasted the wildness of you and the sweet taste of your excitement on my tongue and lips. The finest herbs are bitter and foul in the presence of such exquisite flavor. I breathed your scent on the air, and swirled your taste in my mouth like the finest of wine was tasted, but you were more flavorful and intoxicating.

Cum with me I urged. Join me in my journey and my quest to merge with you. Give me of your attention and your favors. Thrust with me and feel my penetration. Flood me with your very essence. Let me taste the divine release. Such proud lips contain a succulent morsel of you that is now firm between my lips and under assault by my tongue. Let me hum my pleasure and breathe my passion. Can you feel me playing my trumpet on your clit? My symphony of love?

Your sweetness filled me and yet your body told me you wanted more. May I lie a moment and provide a seat for you? A saddle perhaps and a saddle horn to straddle? May I fill you and pleasure you? May I furnish you an inner massage that might serve to stimulate? Ah yes! You please me and your weight rests lightly upon my loins. Your body is making me drunk with passion. I am lost in intoxication and care not to wake tomorrow. I am lost in my forest of wonder and seek no exit. I have you.

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A Naughty Housewife Ch. 06

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After writing this and doing the final polish I found something that seemed similar but I didn’t want to waste the work so I am publishing…everything here has a basis in reality but embellished for more drama…


My friend, Christine dropped by and asked me to attend a fundraiser for their church’s charity association. Allan said “At £300 a ticket I don’t want to attend”.

Christine was insistent.

She said “it will be extremely elegant, almost like attending an Awards ceremony. All the women would be in beautiful dresses with their hair done”.

I loved the idea, so I asked Allan, “Would you mind if I went? I know it’s a lot but would like the chance.”

Allan said, “If you really want to then of course you can, and have fun.”

Christine said “Let’s see your wardrobe and see if you need to buy a new gown.” Off we went and I got out my red dress and Christine said, “That is it, shows a lot but conceals sexily.” So on the day, we went to the salon and I got my hair done.

Allan dropped me off saying, “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do”.

It was a beautiful banquet hall. A friend had had her wedding there three years ago. The men who were outside smoking, happily showed me to the hall. Once inside, I saw a giant screen TV and a huge sofa set. The men said those were for the night’s contest winner. Contest, I wondered. I hoped I would win.

I found Christine and asked her about the contest. She said, “The men will vote ataşehir escort for the best looking woman.” She told me, “You have a good chance because you look really sexy in your red dress.”

After the meal it was time for the women to show off, I paraded around the dance floor with the other women thinking that I stood no chance of winning with all the young blondes around. All those up for the contest were letting the men get a good look at us. We walked and danced. I smiled and flirted. I wanted to win. I’m just so competitive.

The votes were counted and the DJ announced that I had won. Christine led me to the front of the hall. The DJ said, “The TV and sofa are for your use.” My joy turned to shock as Christine began to undress me in front of everyone. As I protested my red dress dropped to the floor. Christine cut my bra and panties off and threw them into the crowd. I stood there before everyone, nude with only my stockings, red high heels and diamond earrings. Christine whispered “Relax. This is why everyone is here. Remember this is a fundraiser and don’t embarrass us.”

Everyone had their cell phones out taking pictures of my naked body. I was led to the sofa and made to lie down. I tried to get up but was held down by the women. The men began to crowd around me. With smiles on their faces and they began to undress.

With my heart racing, I sank down into the sofa as the first group of men spread my legs open. They were licking and ataşehir escort bayan sucking at my pussy and clit and my boobs and I got very worked up and ready for a good fucking. I couldn’t believe my clit could take this much sucking and nibbling. I felt my pussy getting soaked with their saliva. And I could see the men eating me on the big TV I could also see the men’s fingers playing in my pussy and arse.

There was one man at the event that had resisted moving up ’til this point and it was now that he decided to participate. He walked up and told the other men, “Move out of my way and I will show you what a decent cock can do.” I thought they were somehow cowed by him but He stripped down to reveal his huge thick cock. I tried to look away, but instead looked at the huge TV screen. I watched as the first hard cock of the night ripped into my body.

My cunt had never been stretched that wide nor had it ever felt so full. The guy rammed me hard for at least fifteen minutes. He tried different positions, he turned me for doggy, he picked me up and then he fucked my arse too. He finally came and walked off. I had come leaking from my arse. The other men began to take turns fucking me. I was their toy. Everyone took pictures (and videos).

There were pictures of men pounding my pussy, of the men picking me up and turning me around for anal, of the women also taking turns with me, sucking my pussy and nipples.

There were also pictures of the wine bottles being placed into my pussy and of the catering staff cleaning the come off my tired body. One or two of the staff played with my nipples and hairy pussy as they cleaned me.

My pussy and arse were so tender. My body ached. I didn’t get to keep the TV and sofa. They were there only so that everyone could see the action I would only take home the warm cum in my cunt.

Everyone else got a DVD copy of my night as the winning contestant.

They let me rest a little before calling Allan to pick me up. On the drive home Allan asked me, “Did you have a good time?” I smiled and said, “It was the best night for long time. I want to go again next month.”

The next day After I had told Allan everything and we had had a lot of fun Christine dropped in.

“I do hope we are still friends Jean, it was a bit of a mean trick to play on you.”

“We’re fine Christine, I enjoyed myself a lot but I can’t believe that your church condoned the happening. How do they and the congregation reconcile this with their beliefs?”

“It was decided at the Parochial Church Council that we needed much more money this year and we would stretch the boundaries a little but in actuality it went further than we had expected and may of the men were confessing their sins right now.”

I asked, “Please get me a copy of the dvd of the night for Allan to watch as he wishes now he had been there.”

Christine asked Allan “what did you think when Jean told you? By the looks of your cock it didn’t upset you too much.”

“I loved the whole idea and was glad Jean was able to enjoy it.” Maybe the church ladies would like a CFNM evening to balance things out.” Christine agreed to ask the council.

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bursa escort Chronological bursa escort bursa escort bayan Directory Listing for //gay/college/perks-of-a-college-jock/ SizeDateFilename 15KSep 3 21:55perks-of-a-college-jock-2 9KAug 31 22:04perks-of-a-college-jock-1 Copyright ©1996,2013 Nifty Archive Alliance. All Rights Reserved.

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Subject: Swim Team Shower (High School, Athletic, oral anal, m/m) This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts of boys and men discovering their sexuality. It contains graphic scenes of sex between consenting underage boy and adult males… If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it. Author’s Note: This story is the property of the author. It can be downloaded for personal reading pleasure or sending to a friend, but if you wish to re-post them at your own site, please contact the author for permission. Copyright 2016 Wolf, All rights reserved. You may contact me at hoo if you like. All flames will be ignored. Swim Team Shower By Wolf When I was a youngster my family lived in Chicago, Illinois. Wanting to learn to swim, I joined a gym. There was only one other guy from my school that was my age. He became my best friend and his named is Joshua. He was also of German descent, and he was a dirty blonde with blue eyes, and almost golden skin. He had been winning competitively for a few years so he was pretty fit and slim, but he was a bit shorter than me at the time. He was s curious type of guy, always willing to explore and try new things. One time he confessed to me that he had fooled around with his older brother. The brother was two years older than him and had taught him about sex. I have dark hair and light brown eyes, tan skin, and a slim bursa escort build suitable for swimming, only I had been circumcised. My build hadn’t changed that much since I was only 12-years- old, but back then I was skinny. Being rather shy Josh had been my idol for a couple of years. That was why I was hesitant to experiment sexually at first. Having been a competitive swimmer he had developed a habit of shaving his body hair off. A practice conducted by elite swimmers thinking that it reduces drag in the water. (Who knows, it is an unproven theory.) He was also one of those guys that had not been circumcised. A fact I had noticed seeing him changing from street clothes into his ‘Speedo’ completive swim trunks. While we were practicing we would exchange tips we wanted to try and horse around pulling down each other’s Speedos and laugh at each other getting boners. We would change clothes and shower next to each other. There were 10 other guys in the program, ages 12 to 16. We would catch glimpses of them, but never discussed them in the shower room. We would go home to discuss other boy’s penises and pubic hair and such. A week prior to our last practice before our first meet, we were in the locker room taking off or trunks to shower. The other boys were leaving already and of course Josh and I had boners after seeing other guys naked. We sort of gave each other a look and Josh motioned for me to follow him to the shower bursa escort bayan located at the end of the wall. After the last of the boys left, I joined Josh under his shower, and he turned on the water. I was very nervous watching him take off his Speedos. I’ll never forget how turned on I was seeing his dick pointing straight out and curving upwards, smooth and wet from the water. His penis was average sized, maybe 3.5 or 4 inches, and the foreskin extended at least a half inch beyond the head of his cock. My own penis was about the same length, but it was cut. He told me to take off my Speedos, and when I did he said, “WOW!” His exclamation embarrassed me and I erupted in nervous laughter. He admitted that he was horny seeing me naked and asked if he could touch my dick. I told him that it would be okay, and he knelt in front of me as we stood under the spray of water. I didn’t know what he was going to do, until he used two fingers and a thumb to jack me off. Eventually he started licking the head and sucking on it softly. This wasn’t my first time having a boy suck my dick, but this was my best friend, and it felt great. He licked my penis and balls for a while, and I got him to stand while I knelt before him and sucked his cock. I couldn’t resist running my tongue under the foreskin and circling the knob. The headcheese tasted bitter but I relished tasting it. I continued jacking him off, but he stopped escort bursa me short of making him cum. He suggested that we try fucking each other. The notion of fucking kind ‘a scared me. I reluctantly agreed and lay down on the concrete floor of the shower. He used soap as a lubricant on his prick and used a finger to lubricate my asshole. It took a few tries to insert the head of his cock into my asshole, and it hurt. It was all I could do to keep from begging him to take it out. He started pumping his cock into my ass in a rhythmic motion. With every thrust of his hips I let out a grunt. He asked how it felt, and I told him that it felt weird. He continued fucking my ass until he squirted his load in my ass. Then he asked me to fuck him. Just like he did, I used the soap to lubricate my penis and his asshole. After he assumed the prostrate position on the floor I mounted him. Like him I struggled to get the head of my cock into his asshole, but he didn’t like it. He begged me to take it out. We ended up returning to sucking each other’s cock. I spurted a little cum into his mouth, and he had a dry orgasm in my mouth. We took at least another ten minutes exploring each other’s bodies with our hands. We eventually achieved hard-ons again. As much as we would have liked to continue our games, but we had been in the shower long enough for our skin to wrinkle up like a prune, so we agreed to return to the locker room and get dressed. That was the beginning of a lifelong relationship with each other. If you enjoyed the story and have a story you want me to write about your introduction to the world of male sexuality, please send your outline to hoo

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Subject: The Making of Daniel The Making of Daniel Chapter 47 The normal restrictions apply…..18+ and of course naked……Enjoy! Cocks, cum, balls, fucking, sucking, more cum, piss, and more fucking . . . it was nonstop. My ass was so full of cum, it wasn’t just dripping cum . . . cum was flowing out, along with torrents of piss they were shooting up my well fucked asshole. Dave’s friends were using my ass to dump loads of their sperm and piss into . . . two, three, some . . . four times each, and I was loving every second. But as the night wore on, the guys started to leave, and soon it was just David fucking me in the sling, without another guy around. He was pushing the sling, but slowing, as his semi hard cock stroked my stretched out ass. “Dude, I don’t think I can cum again,” he said, as he laid on top of me, with his cock, balls-tight, against my ass. I had to agree; my ass was numb; I couldn’t cum again if I tried, after shooting at least 7 loads all over my chest, and into various mouths throughout the night. And, to say the least, I needed a shower and to clean myself out. “Cool; help me out of this, and let’s go to bed,” I said, as Dave got off me, and offered me a hand up out of the sling. But when I tried to stand up, my legs just turned to jello, and I fell face first against David’s chest. “Daniel, buddy, are you all right?” he said, with genuine concern. “Um . . . I think so. But I am not sure I can stand up.” With that, he grabbed me under my legs, and behind my back, and scooped me up in his arms, and proceeded to carry me upstairs. I put my arm around him, as he huffed up the two sets of stairs to my bedroom. But he didn’t stop; he turned again and started up to the third floor, and I looked at him questioningly. But I didn’t say anything as he climbed the last set of stairs to his bedroom. The shower felt great, and Dave was being so gentle with the sponge, as he slowly washed down every part of my cum and piss soaked body. And just before he was done, he bent me over, and slowly inserted a long metal tube up my ass, and turned on the luke warm water. Soon, my ass was filled, and was getting cleaned out as well, which felt so good. Dave dried every bit of my body, as I leaned against the wall outside the shower . He was so tender, as he lifted up my cock, and dried my low hanging balls, one by one. And when I was completely dry, he once again picked me up and gently laid me in his bed, and came around behind me, and laid down. And just as I was falling asleep, he put his arms around me, and pulled me close. ‘ I love you, Daniel” he said softly, into my ear, and I fell sound asleep, spooning with my older brother. “Daniel . . . are you okay?” Was I dreaming? No, no, was that my mother? “Daniel, Daniel, wake up!” “Yea, Mom, what’s up?” I asked, as I slightly opened my eyes, and was immediately hit with bright sun light. “Are you okay?” she asked, with serious concern. “Yea, Mom, why?” I said,closing my eyes, due to the light “Why aren’t you in school?” she asked. OH FUCK! And last night came flooding back into my mind. “Yea . . . I was um . . . I didn’t feel good last night, so I forgot to set the alarm.” I opened my eyes again, and she was standing right over me, with a look of grave concern on her face. “Yea, don’t worry, Mom, I’m feeling much better today. Would you make me some breakfast, please?” I said, realizing I was starving. “Sure honey,” she said, as she walked out of the room, confident that her little boy was not sick. But as I heard her walk down the stairs, I felt Dave’s arm pull me tighter against him. And as he began to softly kiss the back of my neck, I slowly began to wake, and that’s when it dawned on me what my mother was looking at while we were talking. The feeling of Dave’s hard cock, subconsciously moving in and out of my ass, fucking me slowly, crept into my consciousness. Then I felt his hand, which was wrapped tightly around my piss-hard cock, and jerking it slowly pretty much to the pace of his ass pushing his cock deep bursa escort into my fuck hole. That’s when I realized that that we were completely exposed, not a blanket nor sheet was covering our naked, fucking bodies . . . and Mom saw the whole thing! Oh my god! As I tried to get up, Dave pulled me back into his tight grip. I guess he was really awake, and wanted a morning fuck! “David, Mom just saw you fucking me!” I said, as his hips began pumping my ass faster. “Oh yea, fucking you . . . yea, fucking you,” was all he kept mumbling as his ass kept a steady pace of his cock sliding in an out of my ass. “Dave, did you hear what I said?” “Who care’s about Mom? I’m fucking you right now!” he said, as he quickly rolled my body over so I was on my stomach, face down in the pillow. And as he pushed himself up, so that his cock and balls were tightly lodged in my ass, he began to fuck me hard. And I mean hard!!! With his hands on the top of my ass, his hips were like a jackhammer, rocking us, along with the bed, back and forth. Noise was coming from everywhere; the bedsprings were squealing, as the headboard was being slammed against the wall. I was screaming with pleasure, and David was grunting loudly as his cock was pounding my ass. When he was finally ready to dump his load of spunk deep inside me, he howled like a fuck dog, until his cock was dry, and his balls were empty, and he eventually collapsed on my back. I could feel his cock dripping the last of his load in my ass, as he pulled me up on my knees and grabbed my aching cock. It only took a few strokes, and I was soon shooting a huge load of hot, white cum all over his sheets. I walked down to the kitchen after taking a shower, to find Dad and Dave sitting at the table while Mom was at the stove cooking all of us breakfast. I could barely look her in the eyes, as I went by, knowing what she just saw us doing. I looked over at Dave . . . he was just sitting at the table, naked, reading the sports section of the paper, paying no mind to what happened. “I cleaned up the guy’s room for you two,” my Father said, as he looked at me with a little smirk, and winked. “Looks like Daniel really enjoyed his birthday present.” “What did we get him honey?” my mother asked, as she turned around, still completely dressed in jeans and a ‘T-shirt’ My Dad got a big smile on his face as he got up . . . his cock was huge, and darting out a bit as his balls swung in stride with his step. It was obvious that his mind had begun to imagine the fun he would have with her in the sling. He walked up behind my mother, and pulled her tight to him. Then he grabbed her T-shirt and pulled it over her head, exposing her firm round tits, that his hands began caressing, causing her nipples to tighten and protrude. “You’ll see in good time, honey!” he said, as he kissed her neck and then backed away from her. As he walked back to the table, his cock was completely hard with a very noticeable glob of pre-cum bubbling from it’s head. “Um . . . Daniel?” my mother began . . . Oh fuck, here it comes, I thought, and my mind went crazy, trying to think how I would explain what she saw up in David’s room. “Are you going to do a half day at school today, or just skip the whole day?” That was a month ago, and shestill hasn’t said a word about that day. But who cares about that anymore; I was off on an adventure, and I could hardly wait. It’s President’s Day weekend, and I’m heading up to see Todd at his college. He had called a couple of weeks ago, and said how much he actually missed me, and invited me to come visit. Fuck yea! Dave was invited too, but he’s been seeing more of Sven lately, and I think they are getting very close. So he opted to stay home, or at Sven’s, where he is spending most of his time. The highway wasn’t that crowded, and the day was bright and clear. The roads were dry, but there was a nice layer of snow on the hillsides, as I sped by them heading north. With the music blaring in my 4 Runner, I just cruised along, happily checking bursa escort bayan out my fellow drivers as I passed them by, stroking my exposed cock without them even knowing. Eventually, though, I noticed that I was playing leap frog with this trucker. I would pass him, then he would speed up and pass me, but a lot slower, kind of checking me out each time he would pass. Then he would slow down, and make me pass him again. From what I could see, he was cute, in a trucker kind of way. His hair was short, and he had a slight unshaven look. As he looked down at me, I could see his dark sexy eyes watching me play with my cock. Well, never let it be said that I don’t like an audience! So, with my free hand, I pulled my pants down more, showing him all my junk, as I pulled and tugged it hard. He was staying pretty even with me now, watching my every move, as I began to stroke my cock into a hard piece of cum spewing meat. Wanting this to last, he watched intently as I tugged on my balls, which, thanks to my ball stretcher, were now more pliable and easily manipulated around my cock. But my balls were quickly filling with cum, and they wanted release bad. So I grabbed my cock, and began stroking it hard, pulling and tugging on all 10-1/2 inches of my man meat, until my cock shot high into the air, with large spurts of my ball juice. Soon, globs of cum were covering my cock, balls, shirt, pants, and some even splattered on the windshield, all the while my trucker was blowing his horn, as he watched my cock erupting all over me. As I parked the car in front of Todd’s dorm, I pulled my pants up, and assessed the mess I’d made. There were still a few stains on my shirt, but it was my pants that were still wet with cum streaks. Oh well! I grabbed my backpack out of the back seat and made my way up to his room. He’s on the third floor, and, without an elevator, I hoofed it up the whole way. As I opened the door to his floor, it seemed pretty deserted. But it was only 2:30, on Thursday, so the guys were probably in classes right now. But to my delight, about halfway to his room, a guy opened his door, and strutted across the hall, completely naked, and pushes his way through the adjacent dorm room door. Way cool! When I finally made it to Todd’s room, there was a note taped to the door for me. “Little Dude, I’m at my last class which gets out at 4. Door’s open, roommate is gone for the weekend. Make yourself at home. T. PS: SO excited you’re here!!!!! Cool! I tossed my bag on a bed, and checked things out. The room is basic: two twin beds, two desks, and a double dresser with 4 drawers on each side, and with closets on each end. The one window looked out over the campus, where I could see the trees blanketed with snow, and walking paths to each dorm and classroom building. ‘Make myself at home,’ Well, okay I will. Shirt, shoes, pants . . . Yup! In a pile on the floor; now I’m at home. I grabbed a book out of my backpack, plopped down on the bed naked, to relax until 4. “Oh yea, oh fuck yea!” I heard myself saying in my deam, as my cock was being sucked off by a hot guy whose mouth was better than a hoover. “Oh yea, I’m so fucking close . . . suck that cock deep!” I was saying to this guy as I was shoving his head so far into my crotch, I couldn’t believe he was not choking on my cock. And then it happened . . . I blew my load hard into this guy’s mouth, as I pumped my ass harder into his face, draining my balls dry. But as my cock was spewing it’s load in my dream, I knew it was happening for real, which is quite weird, as I haven’t had a wet dream in years. When you cum two or three times a day, it just doesn’t happen that often. But when I opened my eyes, and saw a dark head of hair bobbing up and down on my cock, I realized why I just blew a load in my sleep. Realizing I was awake, this guy looked up at me. His mouth and face were dripping cum, as he began to eat the remnants of my recent orgasm. “You must be Daniel,” he said, with a mouth full of my cum. “I’m escort bursa Jon, your brother’s roommate. Heard a lot about you!” “A yea . . . um . . . I thought you were gone for the weekend?” I said, a little taken back, but not really. I had to admit this guy was fucking hot! As he moved up off my still swollen cock, I could see that his body matched his face in the ‘hot level’ as he stood above me. He had to be 6′ 2″ or more; his body was slim, and very tight, which was obvious from the skin tight shirt he was wearing. His jeans were low rise, and baggy, with a nice sized tent standing out in front. I got up and walked right up to him and kissed his still cum covered lips, our tongues darting into each other’s mouth instantly, as my hand moved down to his tenting jeans. His cock was hard, and, from outside his jeans, felt quite large; too large for me to wait any longer. So I dropped to my knees and quickly pulled his jeans away from his hard standing cock. I wasn’t disappointed! His cock was long and fat, with two egg sized, hairless balls dangling below. He was sporting a nice patch of pubic hair, short, and manscaped neatly above his cock. One swallow, and I had him completely in my mouth, as he moaned uncontrollably. It was a perfect fit, as the head of his cock was lodged deep down my throat. Eventually, he pulled back, and began to pump his cock in and out of my mouth, fucking my face slowly, letting my lips feel every inch, crevice, and vein of his beautiful rock hard cock. But now I was aching for his cock up my ass. “You wanta fuck me dude? I like it really hard,” I said, looking up at him with his cock hanging out of my mouth. I certainly didn’t have to ask him twice. He grabbed me under both arms and literately lifted me off my feet and threw me on his bed. There I was, naked on my back, my legs hanging in the air, as I watched him get naked. His chest was chiseled, and had a small silver nipple ring hanging from his left nipple. Hot! As he crawled in between my legs, I took both his nipples into my fingers and began to caress them. He loved that, as they grew hard instantly. His cock was sticking out in front of him, as he worked his way up to my face. Our lips met, and we kissed deeply, as his arms grabbed the back of my legs and pushed them up. Soon, I felt the hardness of his cock dry humping my ass. Little did he know, I was always lubed and ready for a fuck. So when I moved my hand down to his hard cock, and shoved it deep into my moist asshole, a feeling of pure shock and pleasure was evident as his kiss literally stopped, and then got so much more intense, as his cock was easily sliding up my wet, warm fuck-hole. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he fucked me. His motion was slow at first; but, soon enough, he began to pound my ass hard, causing his cock to sink deeper and deeper into me. “Oh fuck yea, fuck me, Stud!” I screamed as his hips were banging against my ass so hard and fast, that the slapping of our skin sounded like someone was spanking me hard with a paddle. Hard, fast, and steady, Jon fucked me good. His cock liked assholes, and he evidently knew just how to fuck them, as he held on tight to my waist. He pulled and pushed me along with the motion of his hips, fucking me for a long time, until I could feel his cock swell deep inside my bowels. That’s when he let loose, and began pounding the crap out of me. He began fucking me so hard, and pushed me so hard, we fell off the bed. But he didn’t miss a beat, while his cock flew in and out of my ass, as his orgasm was building deep in loins. His balls were slapping my ass hard, as well, and then he abruptly stopped. I looked up at his face, and I could see the pain and pleasure on it, as his cock spewed its load of sperm deep into my ass. He didn’t move . . . he wasn’t even breathing, as his body pushed hard against me, as if he was trying to shoot his wad into my stomach. “OH FUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK!” he screamed, as his body fell on top of me. And when I wrapped my arms around him, just as my legs were wrapped around his waist, I saw my brother looking over at us, with a great grin on his face, and a hard cock in his hand. “Jon, I see you’ve met my brother.” Hope you got off good….Let me know, love to hear the messy aol

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Big Dicks

Subject: Gymnastics Practice: Chapter One Gymnastics Practice; Chapter One I’m Billy. I’m 27 years old, 5 feet six inches tall, 150 pounds, Blue eyes and blond hair. Smooth muscled body and nice bubble butt. I’m a gymnast . When I was eighteen, I had a strong chance of making the USA Olympics team. I worked out six days a week building my strength and honing my event skills. Being a college student and working part time, I had to make special arrangements for access to the gym. My coach gave me a key so I could get in after hours. One night I rushed to the gym after work. I opened my gym bag and discovered my gym clothes weren’t there. I had left them in the laundry. I didn’t have time to go home to get them. I needed to use my time practicing. So, since I was there all alone, no one would see me if I worked out naked. My favorite event is floor exercise. Least favorite is still rings. For me, rings is pure torture. I like and do well on pommel horse, high bar and parallel bars, but floor exercise is my passion. it is like flying when I do my tumbling passes. So that night I did my tumbling passes in the nude. It was amazing. The freedom I felt flying through the air with the breeze against my bare skin was exhilarating. From that night on, I worked out naked. This particular night, I was working on my floor routine. It was really a good routine with some difficult tumbling moves and my own twist on some common acrobatics. I had just completed my final tumbling pass and stuck the landing when I found myself face-to-face with my coach. My first thought was “Oh shit, I’m in trouble now for working out naked”. But no sooner had I competed the thought than I was aware that he was naked too. This had barely had time to register on my brain when he reached out and took me in his arms. I was in a state of shock. I didn’t know what to do. He gently kissed me on my lips. I relaxed a little. Coach was 36 yo, about 5’9″ tall. He had dark brown hair, piercing blue eyes and a smooth, muscular body with well developed biceps, pecs, thighs and a great muscular butt. I had always found him attractive, but he was the coach. Now he was holding me in his arms and kissing me. I melted into his arms. My arms went around him and held him close. I parted my lips and allowed his tongue to tease mine. I sucked on his tongue and my tongue followed his into his mouth where he sucked on mine. His left hand was on my naked ass pulling me tightly against his groin. I was getting hard. I ground my hips into his groin. My hard cock was leaking precum. Coach took a step forward which threw me off balance. He was still holding me tightly as he laid me back onto the gym mat. I lay on my back and he was on top of me. His blue eyes were looking into my blue eyes. He smiled and leaned down and kissed me again. I returned his kisses, sucking his tongue into my mouth. This was a dream come true. His kisses and the touch of his naked body on mine had really turned me on. My hard cock was throbbing between us and leaking like an open faucet. Coach broke the kiss and moved his body lower on mine. He kissed my neck. He moved lower and kissed and sucked my left and then right nipple. He kissed his way down my abdomen, tickled my navel with his tongue and moved lower. My hard cock was leaking in anticipation. His lips reached the head of my cock. He kissed it. It throbbed and leaked more precum. He licked up the puddle of precum I had created on my stomach. His tongue tickled my dickhead and his lips closed around it. He bathed the head with his tongue, poking his tongue in my piss slit. He slowly lowered his head as he took the length of my hard cock in to his mouth. His tongue swirled around the shaft as it pushed toward his open throat. He reversed his motion and slowly slid his mouth back up the hard shaft. He continued repeating this movement. I was on the edge of cumming. He must have sensed this as he moved his head up, releasing my cock, bursa escort and was again face to face with me. He kissed me again and I reciprocated. Now he sat up on his knees between my legs. He caught the back of my knees in his hands and raised them bringing my asshole into his view. My weight was on my shoulders and I was looking between my spread knees into his beautiful blue eyes again. He smiled at me and lowered his face to between my butt cheeks. He licked my puckered hole. My initial instinct was to tighten up which it did. But, as his tongue massaged my rosebud, it began to relax. As it relaxed, his tongue pushed inside. His warm tongue was bathing the entrance to my ass. It felt great and I wanted more, more than his hot tongue could provide. I wiggled my ass letting him know I wanted more. He looked at me and smiled again. He lowered my knees and lined up his hard cock with my eager, hungry hole. Our bodies had been so close together since this began, I had not seen his cock. I did not know what he had for me, but whatever it was, I wanted it. All of it. And I wanted it now. He gently pushed forward and his hard cock entered my ass. It was a little painful, but I still wanted it. I took a deep breath and he pushed a little further as I exhaled. Again I took a deep breath and he pushed further in. Once more I breathed deeply and he pushed all the way in. I could feel his wiry bush of pubes pressing against my butt cheeks. His hard cock filled my ass and felt good. I squeezed my sphincter muscle around his cock and it throbbed inside me in response. Coach leaned down between my knees and kissed me again. Then he began to slowly work his cock in and out of my ass. He would pull back until just the head was inside me, and then slowly push forward until he was buried to the hilt. I would rotate my hips so I could fell his manhood hitting every part of my insides, especially my prostate. When his cock glided across my prostate, my cock would pour out precum which fell onto my stomach. I was creating quite a puddle again. Gradually, his in and out motions increased in speed. We were still looking into each others eyes as he plowed my eager ass. His breathing became faster. Finally, he rammed his hard cock into my ass hard and held it there as I felt his cock emptying his cumload into me. He pushed at my ass again and again filling my hungry hole with his warm cum. I wanted more of him. I wanted him to fall completely into my ass and fill me with himself and stay there. That’s how good it felt. But, eventually his orgasm faded and he relaxed on top of me. He was still breathing heavily as he lay on top of me. His cock was still in side me, but it was getting soft. I didn’t want to lose it, but it finally popped free of my ass. I could feel cum leaking out of my ass, running between my butt cheeks onto the gymnastics mat. I would need to clean that up, but later. Coach seemed to have caught his breath. He raised up on his elbows and gave me a quick peck on my lips. He hopped off me, reached down and offered me a hand to help me up. I wanted to continue lying there lost in the emotion and pleasure I was feeling, but this was Coach. I gave him my hand and he pulled me to my feet. He gave me another quick kiss, slapped me on my butt and said “Hit the showers, kid.” I was disappointed that what had been so enjoyable was over. I wanted it to go on and on and never stop. But I obeyed Coach and headed for the locker room. I could tell he was following me but he went into his office on the way. I picked up a towel and went into the showers. The shower room was a fairly large, tiled room with shower heads spaced about every three feet on all the walls. The gymnastics team or PE classes would shower in mass. Everybody could see everybody else. We all knew who had what and how big their dick was. Yes, there were some guys whom I found very attractive, but I never fooled around in the showers with any bursa escort bayan of them. I never saw anyone else fooling around either. I turned on the shower and felt the warm spray wash over me. It felt good to wash away the sweat of my workout, both gymnastic workout and Coach workout. I soaped my body starting at my shoulders and working my way down. After washing my legs and feet, I returned to my groin area to give it special attention. There was still some cum leaking from my ass. I reached back and washed it away, rubbing my fingers across my rosebud hole. Suddenly, there were arms around me. It startled me and I looked over my shoulder to find it was Coach. He was still naked. I guess he needed a shower too after our workout. He turned me to face him. He had both of his hands on my butt cheeks and pulled me tightly against him. He kissed me deeply. It was a passionate kiss and I kissed back. He pulled at my butt and ground his groin into mine. I was getting hard agin. The warm water spray felt good on my backside and splashed across Coach too. Coach removed his hands from my ass and placed them on my shoulders. Looking into my eyes, he forced me down onto my knees. I was staring at his erect cock. This was the first time I had actually seen it. It was nice! About 9 inches and thick, circumcised. His bush was dark brown and covered the area around the base of the beautiful cock and his balls. His balls were large, like goose eggs in a bag that hung loosely between his legs. No wonder I had enjoyed our previous encounter. Coach broke my staring at his manhood by placing his hand on the back of my head and pulling my face into his groin. He smelled of sex. He had not yet showered and his manhood was still ripe with my ass and his cum. There was cum on his ballsack. My tongue reached out and licked it. It tasted good. I licked again. I tried to suck one of his balls into my mouth but it was too big, so I licked it all over, making it clean. Then I did the same to the other ball. Coach’s cock was rising over my nose. I licked my way up his harding cock to the head. It was round and purple-red like a large plum. I licked around it. I licked his pee hole and tried to push my tongue into it. It throbbed at the touch of my tongue. I opened my lips and slipped the cockhead between them. I swirled my tongue around the large bulbous knob. Again it throbbed. Coach’s hand was on the back of my head and pushed my head down onto his manhood. It was large, but I wanted it. The head touched the back of my mouth and Coach continued to push. I relaxed my jaw and the cocked entered my throat. He pushed until his wiry pubic bush was pressed into my nose and lips. I swallowed to massage the hard cock in my throat. Coach pulled his hips back and his cockhead slipped out of my throat. He pulled back until only the large bulbous cockhead was in my mouth and then he pushed forward again. I didn’t need any encouragement. I knew how this worked. I opened my throat and took the cockhead all the way. As soon as it bottomed out, I reversed and pulled back until only the cockhead was in my mouth. My head was moving and Coach’s hips were moving. We had this cocksucking maneuver down. Coach’s large balls were slapping against my chin and the hairy sack was tickling my neck. I placed my hands on Coach’s smooth, muscled butt cheeks. While he was pulling the back of my head into his groin, I was pulling his butt cheeks to bring his groin into my face. Coach was grunting as he slammed his cock into my throat. I could feel it swell. Suddenly, he crammed it all the way in and held my face tightly against him. His cock pumped a load of hot cum into my throat. I swallowed even though it was already on its way to my stomach. Again, his cock unloaded another volley of cum. My tongue was massaging his cock shaft and I could feel with my tongue each time a load of cum was discharged into my hungry throat. After a few escort bursa more weaker loads, Coach relaxed his hold on my head. I still hung onto his butt to ensure I didn’t miss a drop of his cum. I could feel his cock begin to soften and I allowed to slip out of my throat. I sucked it dry of any residual cum before I let it leave my mouth. When his cock dropped out from between my lips, I looked up at Coach. His head was rolled back. I raised myself up from my knees until I faced him. This time, I initiated the kiss and he returned it. He held me tightly against his smooth, muscular body and I held him tightly against mine. The shower water was beginning to turn cold. We rinsed off quickly and went into the locker room to dry off. Coach grabbed my towel and dried my body. When he was finished, I dried him. “You didn’t cum.” said Coach. “No. It’s okay.” I said. “It’s not okay.” said Coach. “Let me take care of you”. Coach led me over to a locker bench. His hands on my shoulders guided me to sit on the bench. He turned my body so it was lying stretched out, parallel to the bench. Then he straddled the bench and scooted up between my legs. He leaned down and took the head of my soft dick between his lips. His touch was like a shock of electricity on my dick. It immediately began to rouse. He licked my dick head, tickling my piss hole with his tongue. My dick began to extend, getting stiffer under his ministrations. When my circumcised dick had reached it’s full six inch length and average girth, Coach’s mouth slowly slid down on my dick until his lips were against the smooth shaven base of my dick. Coach’s tongue massaged the underside of my dick as his mouth moved up and down the hard shaft. I placed my hands on the back of his head, but did’t apply any force. He knew what he was doing and how to do it. It didn’t take long for his efforts to have the desired result. My horny dick swelled in his mouth and spurted a load of cum toward his throat. He swallowed my cum and continued his up and down motions, rubbing his tongue on my cock shaft. Another burst of cum shot out of my hard dick, then another, and another. My body shuddered at the intensity of my orgasm. Coach held on to my hips as my hips reacted to the explosion of cum from my balls out through my dick into his waiting mouth. I really wanted Coach’s hard cock to fill my ass again, but I had already drained two cum loads from his heavy balls. I didn’t want to wear him out. As my orgasm faded, Coach continued to suck my softening dick, draining any residual cum. When I finally relaxed from the orgasm, Coach lifted his head, letting my soft dick fall on my thigh. He looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. I had never experienced such a fantastic feeling. Sure, I had been fucked a few times, and had some blow jobs, but this was the ultimate. Coach moved forward and kissed me softly. I opened my mouth to invite his tongue inside, but he didn’t want to start another round of sex, so he left it at a soft, short, lip kiss. Coach sat up on the bench, grabbed my wrists and pulled me up to a sitting position. “We need to get dressed.” he said. “I’ve got to lock up.” We both got off the bench. I went to my locker. Coach went to his office. When I was dressed, I went by his office to say goodnight. He was dressed and ready to leave. We walked across the gym to the exit door together. “Am I in trouble for working out naked?'” I asked. “No.” said Coach. “I’ve been watching you work out naked for weeks. I’ve enjoyed the show. It just took me awhile to work up the courage to approach you.” “I’m glad you did.” I said. ” Can we do this again?” “I think we are going to do this again, a lot.” said Coach. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder as we walked out the door together. ************************************************************* My relationship with Coach didn’t stop there. I will continue to share our adventures in future episodes. Consider supporting Nifty with a financial contribution. You are enjoying and getting off on reading our stories, or you wouldn’t be here. Pay a little for your entertainment. It takes time and server rental to provide this website. Thanks.

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