Night At Jack’s

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Night At Jack’s

It’s not often I treat myself to something I want. Much less things I need. Though being a creature of habit is simple and easy, spicing things up is a nice turn as well. But rather than going to a pub, even a slap up meal, I really wanted a haircut. I’d been hearing of a place by exclusive appointment only, run by a handsome man known as Jack. Since he bans phones on coming in, no one’s gotten a decent picture of him and descriptions don’t do justice.

Despite never meeting, I built a picture of him in my mind. I pictured him as a tall, well dressed fellow, strong body and big hands. Being a barber, I figure he had a fine head of hair and beard. Just making the picture made my stomach turn, and toes curl. God… I should stop getting turned on by mysterious men.

I didn’t remember signing up but I apparently had for March of next year. So imagine my surprise when I received a call from Jack himself.


“Is this Sellic Raener?”

“Yes. Who’s this?”

“This is Jack from Royalty Barber. I had a cancellation and decided to do a holiday special for one lucky patron. Your name came up.”

“You never do holiday specials. Not from what I’ve heard.”

“It’s part of business. You do unexpected things. So would you prefer morning, noon, or evening?”

As I thought on it, I felt chills sneak up on me. “What about after hours?”

There was a pause before I was greeted by a rich, warm laugh. “I usually don’t. But for you, I’ll make an exception.”

I had the urge to squirm and did so suddenly. That’s when I realized I had gotten rock solid. “I appreciate it. Nights are very free for me.”

Another warm laugh from him and I went flush once more. “Come by taxi at 8:30 tomorrow. I’ll have everything set up.”

“Do I need to bring anything special?”

“Nothing necessarily. But dress comfortably. And be ready for anything.”

“Alright then.”

“See you soon Sellic.”

Hanging up that call, I felt dazed walking in from my balcony. Sliding the door shut, my sweatpants were a tent of cloth and I cursed under my breath. My body was reacting as if I invited someone over for passionate fucking or someone had invited me to be used for cock worship. Why does a man I’ve never met make me feel so crazy?


I underestimated how long the cab ride was. Right as I went to call, a car pulled up for me and insisted I hurry. You wouldn’t think a haircut or shave would take an hour ride. With anticipation running through me, I had to fight back goosebumps and an already excited cock. As we pulled up, the driver told me to knock twice, pause, then twice more. Giving a nod, I nearly leapt out and paced to the door. Knocking as instructed, the door opened and a man was visible but veiled with dark shadow.

Gesturing me inside, I walked in and was swept into an even more sensitive mood.

Hearing the door close then lock, I started to look around where I was. The space was cozy, a vintage chair, large mirror and work station, older barbershop fodder like a working twirl pole, signage, and other nuance. I felt hands on my shoulders, unsettling me a bit as I turned abruptly to face him. Staring at him, the picture came true in some ways.

While he was tall, he was lean yet overly tone. His hair was a lush brown, stubble over a five o’clock shadow with some greys. Something I didn’t think of were his eyes… And they pulled me in as soon as we’d locked sights.

“Didn’t mean to startle you. Just trying to take your jacket.”

“You do that with everyone?”

“Only if they don’t first.”

Turning my back to him, he comfortably and easily slipped my jacket off. His hands running over my shirt made me shake a bit. Looking back at him, he’d hung it up and moved close to me again. Shockingly, he took my hand between his and led me to the chair. I knew I was likely blushing as I sat down and he went to the sink to wash his hands.

“How long you been cutting hair?” I asked, trying to ease my nervousness.

“Since I was maybe thirteen. Just something almanbahis that I found enjoyable.” He answered so matter of factly while drying his hands.

“What about your shop?”

He turned, leaning back to the sink a bit. “It’s a different kind. I come to a temporary set up or rent out a space and cut by appointment. The name Royalty is just that. I’ve cut the hair of a lot of people, including movie stars, artists, musicians, monarchy from other countries, and every so often, porn actors.”

I cracked smile, thinking of him cutting a male porn star’s hair. “Quite the clientele. Why make time for someone like me?”

Jack smiled back at me, pouring a drink for himself and me. “I’ve seen you outside of some places I’d been with a client for the past month or so. I figure I keep an eye out if I saw you again. Sure enough, I got a picture of you in an email from someone who’d noticed you around like I had.”

Taking the drink from him, I sipped slightly as he stared. “Lucky me.”

He moved closer, making me lean back in the chair. His hand gently held under my chin. “I think that’s my line.”

His hand on my face made my senses whirl, so much that the drink in my hand fell. He placed his on the work table, turning my head carefully side to side, other hand seemingly tracing my jaw. My guess was he was trying to figure out where to start. Tilting my head around, he gently ran his fingers through my hair, and smiled a bit. As his hands left my face, I saw the ring on his left pinkie but my eyes soon found his cock, hard and pressed in his dress pants.

His eyes followed mine, not losing his smile.

“Something wrong?”

“Just something I noticed.”

“Nighttime does that to me. Kind of weird if you ask me.”

“Not necessarily. Or else we’d all have day sex instead.”

A laugh spilled from him, a genuine, full laugh. “That’s very true.”

Jack had walked over, washing his hands a second time, then went to a small box I’d seen on the way in. Opening the small door, he pulled out a towel, and came back to where I’d been sat. He cranked the chair, leaning me back a bit, and started to press along my face carefully. I found it a bit different, seeing as warm towels are for after the haircut and shave. Needing an answer, he responded by saying it relaxes the face and opens pores for an easier shave.

Placing the towel in a nearby bin, I caught him preparing a straight razor. I’d never been given a shave with one. So this would hopefully not end in me getting cut. Drifting into that thought, I came back to see him staring at me, stirring the fresh shaving cream. I felt myself tensing, nipples and cock starting to stiffen as he kept looking me in the eye as he started to dab the cream onto my cheeks, neck, and jaw. Watching him sharpen his blade, back turned, I saw him and admired how he was graceful yet seductive in just how he did his work.

Though as he faced front again, his cock was still hard, blade sharp, I felt myself swallow a lump of nervous energy.

“Never had a straight shave?”

“Not exactly. I figure you’re good if you do that.”

“I only do it upon request. But again, figure I made this visit the best one. Maybe I’ll see you again that way.”

Feeling myself fall flush, Jack started to lightly drag his razor along the grain of my beard. I went still as a board, though my heart wanted to do laps inside my chest. I tried to not bite my lip, thinking it would alert him of my excitement. I only did so when he walked to clean his razor from the shaving cream. I even moaned quietly to myself.

Once my cheeks has been done, Jack tilted my head upward, dragging his blade down my throat. Trying to hold my breath, he took the time to start talking again.

“I’ve never seen someone so nervous about getting a haircut and shave. I try to not put up an intimidating look but… you’re shaking. I can honestly say I’m flattered that you feel so strongly. Especially with how much I’ve run into you.”

As he talked, I felt relaxed, even a bit sleepy. Leaving to clean his blade again, I stared again, hypnotized by him. He’d put the blade down, brought a clean, dry towel almanbahis giriş and pat my face gently to clean me off. Again, my eyes went where they shouldn’t have and I thought I’d seen a damp spot where his cock pressed. Lifting away from the temptation, Jack had caught me looking this time, wearing a light flush on his face and another smile.

“Enjoying the view?” He asked teasingly.

“Hopefully that’s not a problem.” I answered sheepishly. “I… think you have a decent size and I was imagining what that would be like.”

Fixing the chair, I was sat up to face the mirror with Jack behind me. He gently fiddled with my hair, leaning down to whisper in my ear.

“How would you like your hair?”

“In your palm.” I blurted.

From my ear, I felt a grin spread on his face. “While I’d like that, I want you to pick how you’d like me to cut your hair.”

I giggled, which was the only was to describe it. He played so coy while being in work mode. “Short and a bit neater. Fit to my face.”

“Sounds perfect. I’ll make sure you look striking.” He responded while still combing through gently.

Before I saw him stand, I felt his lips touch my neck. My fingers curled around the chair arms, my head tilting away to open my neck to him. They were so soft… Driving me wild as he sucked and licked. Short as it was, I knew I was hot, bothered, and hungry for him. Wrapping my suckled neck with a cloth, he draped the sheet over me, a bit more ruffled due to the throbbing hard on I tried to hide. Right as he went to cut, I tilted my head back slow, looking up at him longingly.

“Is that okay?” He asked as if he knew what I wanted.

“Yes…” I nearly begged.

Sure enough, he did. Like a movie scene, he leaned down to kiss me, hand lingering at my chest and collarbone with the other hanging loosely by his side. Jack’s kiss was igniting as it set a fire already being stoked. Our lips were each others… and I ached for so much more. When I thought he’d leave, I groaned and he came for more of me. After a while, he had to take a breath and stand straight, both of us looking flushed in the mirror.


We didn’t talk after and Jack finally started clipping my locks. Every so often, he’d compliment the color of my hair, the small movements, and even reached to kiss my hand from under the sheet. I kept having to adjust my own cock underneath, hoping the energy could leave through tapping my feet. A good time later, he was dusting off the extra hair and I had a final look at myself. I thought he’d cut all the beard off of me and I’d only noticed now he didn’t. I looked a lot better than when I came in. But I wanted more before I left out.

Pulling the sheet from over me, Jack paused, seeing something he professionally ignored. Being so hard, I had precum soaking through my pants and I felt a chill as I saw him lick his lips with me watching.

Instinctively, I started letting my mouth run. “Do you accept tips?”

Nodding, a neutral look came over him. “Depends on what it might be.”

A third time, I let my eyes fall to his bulge, the spot wet like mine. Hearing him mutter, I moved toward him, kneeling to kiss his wet pants and hot swollen cock. Lips carefully gnawed over the shape and length, licking the patch by his tip while looking up for his approval. He kept me eyes, undoing his shirt and rubbing his chest.

“May I suck you off Sir?” I asked politely.

His lip curved, showing another smile. “Of course you can sweetheart.”

I unbuckled him as he took his shirt off, the skin of him glistening from the strings of precum. Kissing and licking, I let it coat my lips before taking him into my mouth. I was desperate to suck him down quickly but fought back to enjoy the mysterious guy I’d fantasized about for the past months. He got harder as I sucked, more so as I massaged his balls.

Just as I felt him ready to cum, Jack took my neck in his hand, forcing me to my feet and moving toward a smaller couch. Without many words, he pulled to let my cock hang out with his, all while keeping my almanbahis yeni giriş lips occupied with his. Once I felt my hardness out and free, he gave a hard push as I was now sat down again. Like I had, he knelt down and started teasing me with his tongue. My hips adjusted, giving me something to focus on and not cumming so soon as he’d started.

Stopping a moment, he told me to take off my shirt and start softly pinching my nipples. I somewhat frantically did as told, interrupted by Jack moving to lick at my hard nips. Resuming as he was, I played with my chest as he sucked slow and deep on my shaft. I wanted to release, as stimulating my sensitive buds were making me want to cum faster. But I tried to be a good boy, listening to what he told me and enjoying being pleased.

Close as I was, his mouth left me, hand finding the scruff of my neck, pulling my to his lips that were tasting me. My hands stood where they were, pinching and rubbing, as I felt my cock pressed to his and a hand wrap around both. Then tugging, skin tingling against his, cum spurting to coat us. I moaned into his mouth, making him stroke us faster, before he mimicked me. The moans and breaths slowed, both of us aching to finish.

I started to thrust, making Jack’s hand squeeze the back of my neck and bite at my bottom lip. The shock is that he didn’t stop me, but joined with a bit of thrusting. I was edging… Wanting to let him have my nectar and giving me his as well. Moving from my neck and into my freshly cut hair, I felt a hard pull, ordering to give more. Not long after, I felt myself cumming and I began begging.

“Fuck. Please let me cum Jack. I can’t hold anymore…”

“Just promise me.”

“Jesus fuck. I’ll say whatever you want.”

Through our shaking and panting, I heard him whisper. “You’ll come back.”

Nodding, I screamed out. “Yes! Yes I’ll come back! Oh fuck please….”

“You may.” I finally heard him say.

Those words rattled in my head, my body busting and leaving Jack covered in my cum. Before I realized, I was pushed into the couch, Jack’s cum covering my cock, trailing up my stomach and chest, some of it on my throat, and leaving a nice bit on my chin and lips. While we caught our breaths, I licked his bit of cum from my lip, grinning like a naughty whore as he looked. His fingers rubbed along his coated tip, and they found themselves in my mouth.

Sucking coyly, he talked.

“In truth… I brought you here because we’ve met once before. We didn’t really keep in touch. So I thought to find you in some way. When I called you, I didn’t think I could get rid of my hard on. Call me a sad kind of guy… But I wanted a lot more than just meeting for this.”

Looking back, I tilted my head, as if to ask what he meant.

“I asked you to come back. By that, I want to actually keep you this time. I can’t give you the world. But I know I could take you out sometimes, make you laugh, make you glow after fucking, and spend a lot of time together. The simple things.”

Letting his fingers go, I found a voice to speak. “Do I have to count on you fucking other clients?”

Shaking his head, he kissed my hand. “You’re the first and last I’d do that to. Because no one is like you Sellic… No one. Don’t think I’d track you down otherwise.”

I shook my head a bit, taking in what had happened. On my back and ass, cock satisfied and covered in a hot man’s cum, said hot man proposing to be partners and not sometimes fuck buddies. Wiggling a bit, I inched my ass toward him, and he bit his lip at knowing what I wanted next. But he refused me.

“That’ll be our next date. The real one.”

“But now I want you…”

“You’re worth savoring. Let me do that.”

Unable to hide a smile, I agreed. “I will. So long as I can do the same with you.”

“Of course you can.”

Despite all our fun, it was a genuinely good time. Cleaning me off with warm towels, me cleaning Jack with my tongue, asking to have a bit of his cum on me for later, and lots of heavy kisses. Dressed and cleaned up, I paid him cash and left a piece of paper with my number. Escorting me to my cab, he kissed my cheek and headed in. Not long into the ride, I got a text from him, undressed and jerking a little for me.

I didn’t expect this outcome… But I enjoyed it nonetheless. And I was eager for the rest of our relationship to blossom.

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It’s Time for a Family Swap Ch. 02

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This is a fictional story based on my fantasies about two families. All the characters are fictional and strictly above 18. I prefer stories with a plot that get us involved in the story and then leads to sex rather than stories with just wild sex. My stories are bit lengthy and usually have everything like gay sex, lesbianism, threesomes, groupsex and mainly incest. If they do not suit you please give these a pass. Enjoy the story.

So far we have seen how Rahul and Akram reveal to each other about their feelings towards each other’s mom. And then how they end up finding out about their parents secret and end up watching them in a groupsex.


As we sat there in the car in complete silence, my mind was running all over the place with crazy things I saw that day. It was trying to process everything from wife swapping to lesbian sex to gay sex. After thinking about it for quite some time, I finally spoke..

Me: “Woaah.. That was some crazy shit we saw today.”

Akram: “Yes dude.. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined, I would see something like this. I am still unable to process the whole thing.”

Me: “Yes bro. It was pretty wild in there. Much beyond what I had imagined. All these days, I was under in the impression our parents were innocent, fun loving people but after today, I think they are probably the wildest, craziest people I have known. Imagine if they are like this in their 40’s, I cannot even imagine all the crazy stuff they might have done when they were younger.”

Akram: “Yes bro. I am still unable to believe everything I saw out there. They were so careful that we never even suspicious about them.”

Me: “Yes dude.. That we have to give it to them. We definitely have to learn so much from them. Being so careful, restraint and most important of all, sex. That was some wild sex I saw today. No porn video could beat what we saw today.”

Akram: “You are right bro. Today we saw our dream girls in action and that’s the best porn one can ever see. I just so wish I was in my dad’s place. Fucking your mom, while playing with her big boobs.”

Me: “Yes. Even I wish I was in your dad’s place. I would love to fuck your mom’s pussy but at the same time, for the first time I was attracted to my mom’s big boobs. I felt like caressing them and kneading them and sucking them. I might have sucked them when I was an infant but I couldn’t take my eyes off of them today. Today I understood, why you are so crazy about them. And the way she sucked Akbar uncle’s cock, I just wish it was my cock instead of his.”

Akram: “ummm.. Me too bro. For the first time I have sexual feelings towards my mom. The way your dad was fucking my mom’s pink pussy, I wish I could lick that and fuck it and suck her boobs and bite her pink nipples.”

Me: “Me too dude.. All these days, I would just fantasize about your mom but today, I can’t stop thinking about my mom too. I just don’t want to think. I actually want to fuck both my mom and your mom. Just like our dads are doing it. Its good thing we are still virgins because I want one of these two women to be the first woman I have sex with. Even better if it is both of them together.”

Akram: “What! You actually want to have sex with your mom and my mom? Fantasizing is one thing but doing it in real life? Don’t you think it is wrong? Would they even have sex with us in the first place?”

Me: “ummm.. I don’t know dude. It feels wrong but at the same time I am very much attracted to my mom. I can’t stop thinking about her or your mom. I will go mad and crazy if I can’t do anything about it, even after seeing their wild side and everything that happened today.”

Akram: “ummm.. I guess even if I get a chance, I wouldn’t give a second thought about fucking my mom and your mom.”

Me: “ummm.. Remember all the incest porn and erotica we came across? We never really showed any interest in it but I am pretty sure I read somewhere, saying that it is pretty common to have sex within the families.”

Akram: “ummm.. I guess so. Let’s find out more about it. In the meantime we have to be very careful just like our parents were and not do anything stupid.”

Me: “Yes dude. That’s right. We got to be very careful and let’s see what we can do.”

Akram: “Yes. Anyways, what do you think is the craziest thing we saw today? For me, it was our dads sucking each other’s cock.”

Me: “Yes dude. That was the craziest stuff. I still can’t believe they are into such stuff. Especially with two lovely ladies right in front of them.”

Akram: “Yes dude. I wonder how they got into it. I was always reluctant to even watch gay videos but today seeing our dad’s sucking almanbahis each other’s cocks is something I can’t wrap my head around.”

Me: “ummm.. Maybe if we get lucky, we will find out about all of this one day.”

With that we drove back home and as it was late, we tried to sleep but we couldn’t. We started exploring about incest. We ended up watching a lot of incest porn and reading a lot of incest erotica. Every time I was reading a story, I could only see my mom’s image in front of my eyes. With that my lust for her was only increasing more and more.

We hardly slept all night and fell asleep for just a couple of hours in the morning. As our parents were going to come home only next day morning and with Sona still at Akram’s place, we continued our research on incest even on Sunday. After a lot of reading and stuff, we were so full of lust for our moms that we finally decided that we would do something to seduce our moms and have sex with them. And we would also swap our moms just like our dads swapped their wives and have group sex.

Our only problem was we dint know how to go about it. We thought about a lot of different plans and ideas but nothing seemed like it would work. We were getting restless and irritated. We were coming up with so many weird and crazy ideas that it felt like, we have already gone mad. So we decided to stop thinking about it and get some sleep. It is at that moment something stuck me and I blurted out..

Me: “Why don’t we take our dads help?”

Akram: “What!! What are you talking? You have really gone nuts. Why would, of all the people in the world, our dads help us to have sex with our moms? If anything they will probably kill us if they get to know.”

Me: “ummm.. Hear me out Akram. I have an idea and maybe we will be able to convince them but for that we will have to do something crazy.”

Akram: “ummm.. And what is that?”

Me: “I will only tell if you won’t get angry at me.”

Akram: “alright. I won’t. Tell me.”

Me: “We will have to become gay and suck our dads’ cocks.”

Akram: “What!! You have really gone crazy. You want us to suck our dads’ cocks? That’s some crazy shit I have heard. You need some sleep.”

Me: “No Akram. I am being serious. I definitely wouldn’t mind sucking a few cocks in order to have sex with our moms. I think that’s the best bet we have. If our dads help, it would be easier to convince our moms and we wouldn’t even have to be scared about them finding out. Think about it Akram. I think this will work.”

Akram: “ummm.. I don’t know man. Sucking a cock itself sounds weird. And I can’t even imagine me doing it.”

Me: “Don’t think so much about it. You always wanted to get your cock sucked by my mom right? What if even she feels the same way? And we always talked about the way we would eat each other’s mom’s pussy. Sucking a cock is not very different from eating a pussy. If we do it a few times with our eyes closed, I am sure we will get used to it.”

Akram: “ummm.. You are good at convincing me. You are sure this will work right? I don’t want to end up sucking cocks for nothing in return.”

Me: “Don’t worry bro. It will work. We will see to it.”

Akram: “Alright. So how do we start? What’s the plan?”

Me: “ummm.. we will start right now. With our cocks.”

Akram: “What! You want to us suck each other’s cock?”

Me: “Yes bro. We will have to learn before we go on to next step. I will start first.”

With that, for the first time in our life I placed my hand on Akram’s dick. I could feel it was not completely erect. I pulled down his shorts and underwear. There it was right in front of my eyes. I have seen it before but never so closely. I took it into my hands and started playing with it. The touch of another person, for the first time in his life got it erected.

In order to get his cock into its full erect state, I started talking dirty about our moms and how we would bang them. Within no time, it was in its prime. It was definitely thicker than mine but not as long as mine. As he was circumcised, his cock’s head was popping out of the skin and was pink in color. I slow licked on the head. It felt weird but he got a vibration in his body.

I slowly took the whole cock into my mouth and started sucking it. I was using all the experience I gained from watching porn. After sucking it nicely for few minutes he shouted he was gonna cum. I was not ready to taste his cum yet, so I removed his cock from my mouth and he cummed on my hand. I went and washed my hands and mouth and came back.

Akram: “Wow. That felt so good dude. Now I understand why guys go crazy for a blowjob. Handjob is almanbahis giriş nothing compared to it.”

Me: “ummm.. good. And I dint mind sucking your cock. In fact to be honest, I enjoyed sucking it. At first it felt weird but as I started it, I was enjoying it more and more.”

Akram: “What! Really? Or are you just saying so that I would suck your cock?”

Me: “No bro. Why would I lie? I really enjoyed it. And you can suck my cock only if you want to. There is no compulsion dude.”

Akram: “ummm.. It’s ok. I want to do it for my best friend and for our moms. Hope this will help us in getting to fuck our moms.”

With that he pulled my shorts and stroked my cock a bit. He dint have to do dirty talking as my cock was in its prime already. He then took it in his mouth and sucked it. He wasn’t as good as me but I liked the feeling of getting a blowjob. After a good few minutes, I shouted I was gonna cum and ran in to the bathroom to release my cum. I washed my dick and came out. He washed his mouth too.

Akram: “To be honest, even I liked it. It was nothing like I imagined. People make such a big deal about gay sex but sucking a dick is something I don’t mind doing again.”

Me: “See. I told you. At least this was one good thing for us today. Hope someday this will help us in getting into our moms pussies.”

Giving a blowjob to ourselves relieved us and helped us in getting good sleep. Next day, our parents returned. I couldn’t see them in the same way as before. Every time I saw my mom, I could only see her naked body and big tits. And every time I saw my dad, I could only see him sucking Akbar uncle’s cock. I was trying to not think about it as the only thing on my mind was how we could get our dads involved in our plan and help us.

After thinking for a long time, I finally came up with an elaborate plan and explained it to Akram. At first he was skeptic but he got ready to implement it. As a part of our plan, we convinced our moms to take our sisters and go on a ladies fun trip for the weekend. They liked the idea and decided to go on Friday evening and come back on Monday morning.

As planned all the women had left on Friday evening. I was waiting for my dad to return from work. I was getting tensed as we were finally going to put our plan in action. Both, I and Akram were well prepared for the different scenarios that could arise. As we were going through our plan my dad came home.

My dad freshened up and walked in to the hall to watch TV. I went and sat with him. After watching TV for a while, I asked him if he wanted to have a drink to which he replied yes. After I turned 18, I would have drinks with my dad occasionally. After having a couple of glasses of scotch and making sure that my dad was a little tipsy, I started working on my plan..

Me: “Dad, Can I talk to you about something?”

Dad: “Of course beta (son). What is it?”

Me: “Only if you won’t get angry dad.”

Dad: “I won’t beta. What is it?”

Me: “There is something wrong with me dad. I don’t know how or why? I don’t know who I can share it with.”

Dad: “What’s wrong beta. What happened?”

Me: “Other day, I and Akram were watching some porn and one thing led to another and in the heat of the moment we ended up sucking each other’s cock. Since that day, I have been feeling weird. My brain is not working in the way it should. I am getting all kinds of crazy thoughts, that if I am gay, if I am interested in guys and not girls etc. It’s not that I am not interested in girls. I like girls but these weird thoughts are killing me. I am not able to focus on anything.”

Dad: “ummm.. Its ok son. There is nothing to be worried about. At your age people start exploring sexual things and as a part of it you do many things. That doesn’t mean you should be scared of exploring. It’s all part of life. Just because you suck someone’s cock doesn’t mean you are gay. Maybe you are bisexual. And also there is nothing wrong in being gay if you like only guys.”

Me: “ummm.. I don’t know dad. It feels weird. I have enjoyed sucking Akram’s cock but at the same time I feel guilty that I did it. I don’t know how to let my emotions out. Can I ask you something?”

Dad: “Yes son.”

Me: “Have you ever sucked anyone’s cock dad?”

He was shocked at this question. He paused for a few minutes as he dint know how to answer it. I was hoping he would come clean and let his secret out.

Dad: “ummm.. You are my son and I won’t lie to you especially when you are going through this tough phase. So yes. I did suck cock. When I was probably your age, even I was exploring sexual stuff. So just like you and Akram, I and Akbar almanbahis yeni giriş uncle ended up sucking each other’s cocks. That is one of the reasons we are such close friends now.”

Me: “Wow!! That’s crazy. I could have never guessed that. Thanks for sharing it dad. Now I feel a little better and confident. Do you guys still do it now? Even after getting married and all?”

Dad: “ummm.. Yes. We do it now and then. To be honest, I enjoy sucking cocks.”

Me: “oh wow! Me too dad. I really enjoyed sucking Akram’s cock other day. I also enjoyed getting my cock sucked but I liked sucking better. I think I have gone after you.”

Dad: “haha. Maybe son. You do have quite a few features of mine.”

Me: “Thanks dad. Can I ask you something?”

Dad: “Of course beta.”

Me: “Talking about all this cock sucking got me pretty horny. I would really love to suck your cock dad. I want to learn the art from the professional. Please dad.”

Dad: “What!! How is that possible?”

Me: “Please dad. Just once dad. Please. I beg you. All this crazy stuff has been making me go crazy. This will help me get relaxed and understand that it is ok. Please dad.”

He paused for some time, lost in his thoughts. I was praying that he should say yes. I dint want my plan to fail. As I was eagerly waiting for his answer..

Dad: “ummm.. Ok but just for this one time.”

Me: “Ok. Love you dad. You are the best in the world.”

With that, I stood him up and pulled down his shorts and underwear. After seeing my dad’s cock from a distance in the farm house, it was now right in front of my eyes. I also pulled down my shorts and underwear just to tempt him with my cock. As I touched his cock and took it into my hands, it started stiffening up. As I was stroking it, it was completely erect in no time. It was not as long as mine but was of good size.

As I was stroking my dad’s cock, even my cock stiffened up completely and he was surprised at the size of my cock. After playing with his cock for some time, I took it into my mouth and started sucking it gradually increasing and decreasing speed. I used all my experience in giving him, one of his best blowjobs. After sucking for some time, without a warning he cummed in my mouth. For the first time, I ended up swallowing cum. It tasted weird.

I went and washed my mouth and came back. As I was walking back, I could see his eyes were on my cock. I was happy my plan was working. I came close to him and displayed my cock even more indicating that it needs help too. He was ready to grab it. He took it into his hands and admired it for a bit before taking into his mouth and sucking. He was giving an amazing blowjob and I was really enjoying it. I could clearly see the difference between his experience and Akram’s lack of experience.

After a good few minutes, I shouted I was cumming but he continued sucking until my last drop came out and he swallowed all of it. Then he licked my dick clean. I really enjoyed it and wished we could do it more often.

Dad: “Wow. You did really last much longer than I expected. That’s good. You will make your partner happy.”

Me: “Thanks dad. It was the best blowjob I had. You were really amazing. And your cock was amazing too. I would love to do it more often dad. Please.”

Dad: “ummm.. Dint I say only once? But you got a nice long cock. And you also need some training in sucking the cock department. So let’s see. Although, I would want you to do something else for me. If you are ok with it, we can do it again.”

Me: “What is it Dad?”

Dad: “I want you to fuck me in my asshole. I want to feel that long cock of yours in me.”

I was shocked to hear this. I was not prepared for this. But I was up for exploring and experiencing it.

Me: “ummm.. yes dad. I would love to. But I have never done that before. So you will have to teach me.”

Dad: “Don’t worry about it. It’s not very different from fucking a girl in pussy. You will learn quickly.”

With that, my dad took my cock in his hands and started stroking and sucking it again. Within few minutes my cock was stiff again. He turned his back towards me and got into doggy position. I got into position over him and with one push, I pushed my cock into his asshole. It was a little hard to get in but once it went in, I started stroking slowly and kept on increasing the speed.

After few minutes I ended up cumming in his asshole. I lied down on the bed next to him. I was happy that first part of my plan was a success. Now I was thinking about what was happening at Akram’s place and if he was successful. As my father was falling asleep..

Dad: “That was amazing son. I had a good time today.”

Me: “Thanks dad. Me too. I hope I will have many more good days like these with you.”

With that both of us fell asleep. I only woke up next day morning with Akram’s call.

To be continued..

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Dickinson’s World Pt. 01

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Dickinson was a very affectionate father — he liked to hold his kid on his knee. But Johnny was 19 — he claimed he was too old to sit on his dad’s lap. Nonsense! He’d taught the boy a lesson — a few times draped over his father’s lap, getting a bare-ass spanking, and he was only too happy to sit on his old man’s lap when he was told to.

Of course, Johnny wasn’t really Dickinson’s son — he was actually the offspring of Mrs. Dickinson’s previous marriage to a film star (which was where he got his drop-dead gorgeous looks). Dickinson had had a hard time breaking him in, but the kid finally learned that things weren’t going to be the way they had been in the past, when he could twist his doting mother around his little finger. Once he learned that his new father was a firm believer in using good, hard spankings to keep bad boys in line, he started trying a little harder to follow the rules.

That process had taken nearly a year (a very delightful year, from Dickinson’s point of view) — from the time Johnny was just 181/2 to the present. From the beginning, Dickinson had established an end of day ritual around the kid. Every night when Johnny went to bed, Dickinson followed him up to his room to read him a bedtime story.

The first night he did this, though, the kid was outraged — he tried to kick the older man out of his bedroom — even got a little rough in his language.

Seconds later, young Johnny found himself pinned to his bed, being rapidly and systematically stripped naked by his surprisingly strong stepfather. Johnny did his best to get away, but no matter how hard he fought, the old man didn’t even seem to notice — he just kept ripping the kid’s clothes off — shirt, pants, shoes, socks. In moments the kid was lying there in nothing but a pair of sexy little cotton briefs he had bought for himself the last time his mother let him go clothes shopping alone.

He thrashed around, still trying to get himself out of this embarrassing position. After a few minutes, however, it finally dawned on him that while he wasn’t making any progress at all toward getting off the bed, he was putting on an excellent show for his stepfather, who was obviously enjoying all the smooth young flesh Johnny was showing off. The briefs were pretty thin and did nothing to hide the way his cock and balls were bouncing around. He couldn’t even cover himself up — his stepfather had his hands pinned to the bed.

Just then the older man let go of him, but only so he could grab the briefs and jerk them down and off. Embarrassed by the baring of his cock and balls, the kid quickly flipped over onto his belly.

Dickinson immediately sat on the bed and dragged the kid over his lap, positioning Johnny’s gorgeous young ass for punishment.

Now the boy found himself draped naked across his stepfather’s knee. He started by cursing and struggling, but soon learned that there was nothing he could do about it — whether he liked it or not, this man was going to do whatever he wanted with his ass.

And that first spanking was a serious one. By the time it was over, the kid was crying and begging, promising to be good. And for the next hour, he was. He did everything he was told — he sat on his stepfather’s lap, stark naked, sniffling and squirming on his sore buttocks, while his bedtime story was read.

From that time on, Johnny found himself being pulled onto his stepfather’s lap quite often — anywhere and anytime the old man felt like it, in fact — sometimes in front of guests. Dickinson always positioned the kid so his well-rounded bottom straddled his stepdaddy’s big cock. Even when it wasn’t hard, Johnny could feel it clearly, rubbing against his asscrack, pressing deeply through whatever clothing they were wearing.

Nobody ever seemed to find it peculiar — in fact, people often commented on what an almanbahis affectionate relationship they had. And once the kid began to notice that after a session on his stepfather’s lap, he very seldom got a spanking (even when he had one coming), he realized that there were worse things in life than being dry-humped by your stepfather. In fact, every once in a while he would initiate a lap-sitting session. This was always a sure sign that he had done something wrong that Dickinson hadn’t learned about yet. Still, it always worked. One spanking deferred.

Johnny had a friend Tony Erikson who was, if anything, even more of a brat than Johnny. Several months after Dickinson’s training process began, Pete Erikson (Tony’s father) stopped by one day to ask Dickinson how he did it. Everybody had noticed how Johnny had gone from a selfish spoiled brat to a well-behaved 19-year-old.

Dickinson was happy to oblige. He described his first night with his stepson and how he’d first shown him that he was in control (by stripping him naked). Pete’s eyes got wider and wider as he realized what Dickinson was saying. He kept having flashes of his own son Tony spread naked on his bed — of watching the kid’s arrogance drain away once he realized he was completely in his father’s power.

Dickinson then told him about the punishment he applied — that night and ever since — for disobedience. A bare-ass, over-the-knee spanking. And it had to be a spanking or nothing — no threatening to spank. Anytime the kid did the least thing wrong — spank him. No threat, no appeal, no mercy. Let him know that, no matter what, the spanking will come if he disobeys — he can’t get out of it.

And make it hurt. Don’t stop til he cries, and then don’t stop til you’re ready. Begging and pleading should be completely disregarded during a spanking.

Then when it’s over, show affection. Let him know you still love him. Either stand him up or take him in your lap and hug him — hold him for a good long while, so he gets the message. A naked kid with a sore ass needs to be pumped full of reassurance that he’s still his Daddy’s boy.

At the end of the lecture, Pete made some lame excuse and went rushing out of the house. Dickinson chuckled. He’d never seen the usually phlegmatic Pete so excited. There’d be one sore ass in the Erikson household that night.

When Pete came charging into his own yard, he could hear the sounds of a bunch of boys having a good time in the pool at the rear of the property. He marched through the house and out the back door onto the pool deck. Tony and a few of his friends, including Johnny, were splashing around in the oversized jams that passed for bathing suits among the teenage boys this year. There were several bottles of beer, both empty and full, lying around.

“Tony, get over here. Now!” He yelled at his son.

The kid pretended not to hear him, even though he was only a few yards away.

“OK, then, we’ll take care of this right here in front of your friends, if that’s what you want.”

Tony’s radar was not operating — he had no clue that anything special was going on. A couple of the other boys had taken in the look on Pete’s face and the tone in his voice and were looking distinctly nervous.

By the time Tony noticed that the party was getting quiet, Pete was on top of him.

The older man grabbed his son, swung him around and jerked his jams down to his ankles, leaving him bare ass in front of his friends. It was obvious that the kid didn’t wear his jams for laying out — his body was uniformly tanned except for a Speedo-sized white area that included his crotch and about half his ass.

Pete caught his breath at the sight — his son’s ass was as gorgeous as he’d thought. Full and round, generous but firm, Tony’s ass was smooth and white as a baby’s bottom. The natural arch of his back made his cheeks jut way out from his slim waist — for a moment Pete thought almanbahis yeni giriş the kid was doing it on purpose.

But Pete was not about to be sidetracked — within moments, he was seated on a straight-backed chair, with Tony draped helplessly over his knee. After a brief lecture announcing that there would be no more beer-drinking until he was 21, Pete began spanking his son. The other boys watched nervously as their ring-leader’s ass slowly turned pink at the hands of his father.

After a few minutes of defiance, Tony began yelling and begging for mercy. In less than 5 minutes, he was crying serious tears and swearing to be good. The other kids couldn’t believe it. Tony had always been the toughest one of the lot, lording it over the rest of them since they were little. Now, after just a little spanking, he looked like a little kid himself, crying and bouncing that pretty ass of his around, trying to avoid his Daddy’s hand.

It was a little scary. Most of them knew that their own fathers would never do such a thing, but still… They wondered what it felt like. Judging by Tony’s performance, it must hurt a lot. They were just praying that Tony’s Dad wasn’t planning to spank the rest of them, too.

After a while, though, a second reaction set in. The sight of Pete’s hand making contact with Tony’s big ass cheeks over and over and of Tony bouncing that ass of his around got more and more of them thinking about sex (a topic that’s never far from the mind of a 19-year-old, in any case). The rhythm of the swats, combined with the yelping even made it sound like sex — or at least, the way sex sounded in the cheap porno movies they’d seen.

By the time the spanking was over, more than one of them was beginning to wonder what Tony’s ass would feel like — especially as pink as it was after all those swats. He looked really hot, all naked and helpless, crying like a baby, with that round ass of his still spread over his Daddy’s knee.

Then his dad stood him up, and everybody could see that Tony’s cock had gotten more than a little hard. The other boys were shocked — his cock was arching out right in front of all of them, as well as his father — he must really be embarrassed. But it also made sense. It made the rest of them wonder what it felt like to have a man’s hand on your bare ass.

Then Pete stood up and took Tony in his arms, hugging him tight against his body and telling him that the only reason he was punishing him was because he loved him and wanted him to be good.

This shocked them almost more than the spanking. It was embarrassing, but at the same time most of them would have given anything to be in Tony’s shoes at that moment. Their minds were blown as they watched the naked Tony cling, sobbing, to his father, as his father ran his hands up and down the kid’s naked back and ass, patting him and comforting him after his ordeal. At the same time, they were acutely aware of the fact that Tony’s hard cock was now pressed tight against his father’s body.

Finally, as Tony’s sobs began to die down, Pete pulled back from the embrace. He laughed and told Tony to go jump in the pool — it’d feel good to cool off his hot butt a little. As Tony ran over to the pool and jumped in, he tried, unsuccessfully, to conceal the bouncing of his now-rigid cock from all the interested parties.

Pete, especially, enjoyed it — as he had enjoyed the feel of his son’s hot young flesh pressing into his own after the spanking. Tony’s cock had been pressed against his upper thigh, and he could feel every inch of it as it gradually hardened during the hug. Toward the end, Tony was (probably unconsciously) actually grinding it against him as he pressed closer.

Curious to see what the boys would get up to now, Pete went into the house, leaving them alone. He quickly made his way to his den on the second floor, from which he had a clear view of the pool area. (He also kept a pair of almanbahis giriş binoculars there.)

Once they were alone, the other boys immediately jumped into the pool and started horsing around with the still-naked Tony. Mostly, they just kept diving to get a good look at his hard cock and his red cheeks. But then the bolder ones started feeling his ass up, commenting on how hot it was, and did it hurt a lot?

Tony didn’t really mind too much. He wasn’t particularly shy about his body, and in his present confused state, he welcomed the attention and the sympathy. His ass was definitely too sore to try putting his suit back on. The coolness of the water and the comfort of the strokes on his ass slowly soothed him. Gradually the tears dried up and he started joking around with them as he had always done.

Well, not quite as always. Without anyone really saying anything about it, he was no longer the boss. In fact, he was (for the moment at least) the bottom man in the pecking order. Even though he was no longer crying, he was still the “baby brother” that they were all falling all over themselves to take care of.

A few minutes later, Pete was amused to see they had Tony draped over an inflatable rubber raft, while they splashed water on his ass to cool it.

While the others were splashing, Johnny ducked under, got a mouthful of water and surfaced just behind Tony, squirting the water directly onto his ass. This idea went over big and soon they were all taking turns diving and squirting mouthfuls of water over Tony’s ass. It felt so good that before long, Tony had his legs hanging down over the sides of the raft, the better to open up his ass to the cool water. The tight little dot of his asshole was now fully exposed. The other boys were not slow to pick up on this new target of opportunity, and from that point on, the object of the game was to try to hit Tony’s asshole.

This new sensation was obviously a pleasant one — Tony not only didn’t object, he arched his back, lifting his ass even higher in the air and opening up his asshole as fully as possible to their efforts. Every direct hit elicited a moan from the overheated kid. From above, Pete could see his son’s hips starting to pump steadily, rubbing his hard cock against the rubber raft.

The other boys noticed it, too, and they competed with one another to be the one to bring him over the top. They got closer and closer to his asshole before spitting out the water, trying to bring more force into the stream. They pulled him down to the very end of the raft so they could get even closer to his asshole.

Johnny was the first to take it further, squirting the water directly against Tony’s asshole, closer and closer until his lips were actually touching it. He slowly ran his tongue over it, again and again, until one of the other boys pushed him away and started doing the same thing.

After a few minutes of this it was obvious to Pete that Tony was going over the top. He started pounding his ass up and down against the raft, moaning continuously. The other boys watched closely, their hands busy with their own cocks and assholes underwater (all of which was perfectly visible to Pete, as he looked down from above). Finally the out-of-control Tony started cumming against the raft, his bouncing ass flashing glimpses of his tight little hole to an appreciative audience.

When Tony finally collapsed against the raft, his ass sticking up in the air, his asshole kept making little O’s at the other boys as it slowly wound down from the excitement.

As Pete watched, the other boys slowly moved in toward the raft, stroking several very hard teenage cocks. Pete managed to head them off at the pass, after a quick dash downstairs and out onto the patio, calling Tony in to dinner. The other boys quickly regained their sanity and left without carrying Tony’s education any further.

However, that night Pete started Tony on a course of obedience training — to teach him to be a dutiful son. He found him reluctant but teachable. After a couple of weeks of strict enforcement of the rules, accompanied by frequent spankings, Tony began to obey his father without delay or question.

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Quiet Please

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or Pushing the Librarian’s Buttons It was just the local library. Every Thursday evening I would stop in there when it was open till 8 pm. I wasn’t a member; I didn’t need to be as long as I didn’t want to take any books out. The staff were friendly enough and didn’t mind you bending the rules and bringing in coffee to drink, I often bought a couple of extra ones for them as well. So after work each Thursday evening I would pick up my coffee and walk into the library just after 6 pm. I’d browse the shelves for fifteen minutes or so and pick up a book to read for the next hundred minutes or so. If I enjoyed the book I would put it back on the shelves in some out of the way corner so hopefully, it would be there the following week.The entire west side, a recent extension, of the library was windows, opposite was a couple of shops, and if a book didn’t grab me I would watch the people come and go. It had become almost a ritual for me and gave me time to think on the past weeks ups and downs or just to lose myself in the well worn musty pages for an hour or two. My housemates were curious why I was always late on a Thursday (my phone would also be turned off, of course) but I made the excuse that I didn’t want to be late on Fridays so I put in a couple of extra hours to make sure I got off early for the weekend. This was my little secret haven, my own little piece of Nirvana.I’d broken up with my girlfriend the previous month; she had actually accused me of “fucking about” and “always seeing your slut on Thursdays”. I had tried to explain that the only woman I saw on Thursdays was Jane Austen; it didn’t go down too well, I guess I should have gone for a more popular modern author. Truth be told it was a lie; I’ve never read any of Austen’s books.Back to the present and I had just sat on one of the old second hand and threadbare couches that occupied the northern corner of the library and placed my warm coffee on the small table beside me. I had found an old battered version of a Zane Grey cowboy novel, “Riders of the Purple Sage”. I vaguely remembered sitting on my fathers’ knee as he read them to me (my father had all of Zane’s stories) and I was lost in my own thoughts thinking about sitting on his lap watching the flames dwindle down to ashes in the grate.“Excuse me!”I was shaken from my reverie and looked up to see a small woman staring down at me. She was dressed in a long heavy skirt and a baggy black woollen jumper. Looking up to her face, I saw a pair of dark brown eyes behind thick black rimmed glasses, her red hair pulled back tight behind her head. Her face was devoid of any make-up and her mouth seemed to be in a permanent scowl. It struck me that with very little effort she could be quite attractive but seemed to make a point of making herself look ‘dowdy’. I judged her to be in her mid to late twenties.“…err… sorry can I help you?” I asked.“Library rules state that you are not allowed to bring beverages inside!”“Oh… the staff” I nodded towards the reception, “has always turned a bit of a blind eye to it before… I’m very careful.”She seemed to redden slightly and turned to look across at the main desk, my eyes followed hers to see one of her colleagues shaking her head at her and raising his Mocha to his lips. “Well,” she said turning back to me,”please refrain istanbul travesti from it in future.” She quickly turned on her heels and strode away. I watched her hips roll beneath the less than complimentary skirt and finished the last of my coffee.By closing time I had forgotten about the new librarian and headed into the far corner of the library, a very dusty reference section, to stash the book I was halfway through. This part of the library was in the old section of the building, a school once upon a time with tall arched leaded windows that were in a serious need of cleaning. I much preferred this area without the reference computers and the cloying smell of new paint from the bright new extension. On previous visits I had spent almost my entire time in here just reading the cracked spines of the forgotten tomes; not a single soul venturing near and only realising it was closing time when the staff flashed the lighting.I was just emerging from one aisle into the next when I heard the cough. Turning I saw the new librarian glaring at me. How she was able to put so much disdain into a single cough I was unable to fathom and from the look on her face, I realised that she wanted to question me about what I was doing all the way back here. I smiled politely and headed out towards the bright more frequented areas.  …….The next week when I arrived I failed to notice the absence of the new librarian and after dropping of the coffees at the main counter I retrieved my book and found my usual spot on the couch available. I finished the book with at least half an hour to spare and returned it to its’ correct spot in the shelves and then headed into the rear to peruse the less populated areas of the shelves.After a while, the lights flashed above the shelves and I replaced the book on Victorian poetry I had been idly flicking through and headed out of the stacks. Once again as I moved from one aisle to the next I felt the hairs on the back of my neck rise and turned to find the new librarian staring at me. If looks could kill I reckon I would be strapped to a chair with my gonads wired up to the mains. I made a mental note to look up whether or not gonads were essential to your well-being the next week. I smiled politely as before and made my way to the exit……..This seemed to be the general format over the following weeks. I made a bit of a game out of it, trying to exit the older stacks without being seen by my imagined nemesis but almost every time she managed to cast her cold stare upon me. The first time I got away without feeling the red hot nails being driven through the rear of my skull I stopped by the main counter and had a chat with the head librarian. The ‘Ice Queen’, his words not mine, was on holiday for a fortnight; back to Transylvania, he suggested. I laughed appropriately but felt slightly bad for it because I had actually grown fond of her in a strange sort of way. I scratched my head wondering about the Freudian reasoning of my mind. The next week I headed home for a fortnight to see my Ma and by the time I caught up with work it had almost been a month since I had last visited the library. …….I entered the library with a full complement of coffees and chatted for a full half hour with the staff on the desk before heading for the stacks. I had travesti istanbul no inkling as to what I wanted to read, my tastes are fairly eclectic ranging from thrillers to horror to comedy; pretty much all across the board. Gradually I worked deeper and deeper into the rows of shelves. I was very near the back of the library when I entered one of the last aisles. The books on the shelves were a haphazard of subjects. The only common link between them being their age and the rarity of them being lifted from their places.I gently, almost reverently traced the spines whispering the titles to myself. In amongst Dickens and Wordsworth, I noted a large proportion of erotica, here was Nabokov’s Lolita, The Adventures of Lady Harpur and My Secret Life by Walter. I pulled the last from the shelf and settled myself against the grilled radiator at the end of the aisle. I noticed one of the Library’s bookmarks sticking out from the pages of the book; it welcomed all new visitors to the recent opening of the extension funded by lottery money. Obviously not such an unbeaten path I thought to myself.I opened the book and began to read. The hero, the eponymous Walter, had taken hold of a clumsy maid and was berating her before pushing her down onto the kitchen table to administer as he put it “correction for her own good”. I was slowly reading the detailed description as I felt my own ‘ardour’, as he put it, rise. I pushed my right hand inside my trousers and adjusted my slowly swelling member. I cannot, in all honesty, say that all I meant to do was to make myself more comfortable but the outcome was I began to slowly squeeze my hardening erection.I placed the book beside me and closed my eyes losing myself in my own fantasy. I was imagining my ex-girlfriend and was wondering if she would have been into a little spanking, she had always enjoyed being blindfolded. I was squeezing myself hard within my trousers constructing a scenario within my head when I felt, rather than heard somebody near. I opened my eyes and there standing at the end of the aisle was the ‘new’ librarian. I froze as I looked into her eyes with my hand down my trousers; my cheeks instantly reddened.She just stood there looking at me over the frames of her glasses. Her eyes travelled down my body to the crotch of my trousers and then across to the book beside me open on the shelf. A smile flickered across her normally austere mouth as her eyes travelled back to my crotch. I’m not sure why but I gave my cock a further squeeze as she stared at the straining material of my trousers. The smile returned to her lips so I slowly lowered my left hand to my belt and unbuckled it; I watched as her tongue flicked out to slide along her top lip. She was holding a bunch of books to her chest and hesitantly took a couple of steps into the aisle. I lowered my zip as I saw her bite lightly on her own tongue and shifted my trousers down a little. My hand was still holding my cock within my boxer shorts, as small dark patch of pre-cum staining them just below the waist band.The lights flickered to tell us that it was only ten minutes till closing time; neither of us paid it any heed. She walked slowly forward till she was about four feet from me, her eyes briefly flicking up to mine and then back down to my crotch. I rested my ass istanbul travestileri against the shelf behind me and pulled my boxers down. My erection sprang up, freed of restraint, into the cool air of the library. I studied her face, her brown eyes locked on my stiff cock; her tongue darting out to lick her lips as I slowly pulled downwards pulling my foreskin back to reveal the angry looking, slickened head.She absentmindedly put the books she had been carrying on a half empty shelf leaving her hands free. Her left hand moved up to her chest and squeezed her breast through her clothing. Her right hand lingered against her hip, nervously tapping against the top of her thigh. I began slowly to move my hand up and down my length watching her as she squeezed her breast harder each time the foreskin rolled back; her other hand slowly gathering the material of her skirt lifting the hem gradually higher. I reached down with my other hand to cup my balls slowly picking up my pace as she leant against one of the racks as her fingernails found the bare skin of her thigh. Her flesh was a creamy white, almost unhealthily so, but her thigh seemed to be plump and delicious in my eyes; I swallowed hard as she slipped her hand beneath the fold of material and in-between her legs.She gasped as I imagine her fingers found the hem of her panties. I was starting to wank myself harder now as I listened to her breathing become a series of shallow gasps. She quickly pulled up her heavy woollen sweater revealing a lacy white bra; roughly pushing the bra up to expose her large left breast with an equally large and erect nipple atop of it. She pinched and twisted her nipple roughly as I felt my balls tighten and began to pump my cock harder and faster towards my impending ejaculation.Her eyes locked onto my pumping cock, her hand shifting deeper beneath her skirt and she grunted as I imagined her sliding her fingers into her tight wet cunt. The image was enough to send me over the edge and I felt my cock twitch hard within my fist. My seed shot out fast and hard from my shaft. The first and the furthest wad landed on her exposed belly, quickly followed by the second landing on her skirt and then on her right exposed knee before the final spasms landed on the floor between us. I breathed heavily through my nose biting on my bottom lip as she broke eye contact with my crotch and quickly reached out with her left hand to grab the nearest shelf and muffled a groan of pleasure behind her tightly clenched lips. Her eyelids shut tightly as she leant forward from the hips as her hand moved rapidly beneath her skirts; tremors racked her entire body as her own orgasm ripped through her frame.After a few moments, her breathing settling, she opened her eyes and looked straight at my softening cock as a drop of semen fell from the tip to land in my boxers. She pulled her fingers from between her legs; she noted the splash of my seed upon her knee and gathered it on her fingers. Letting her skirt drop she rubbed the semen between her thumb and forefinger before tentatively putting it to her mouth and tasting it.Her eyes locked on mine as she straightened her clothing and once she was satisfied that all was as it should be, she lifted her left hand and tapped her wristwatch pointedly. She quickly turned on her heel, grabbed the pile of books she had been carrying, and strode out of the aisle towards the front of the library.I stood there, boxers around my knees, hand holding my sticky flaccid cock and simply whispered to myself, “…fuck…..” The End

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Karly’s Getaway Part 1: Fun With My little Vibe

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A three-hour flight delay, a seven hour direct flight, and then the longest baggage claim line I’ve ever seen, but I’m here – London – for the start of a month-long Christmas celebration. I still can’t believe Michael gifted this trip to me. It helps that he’s the boss, and if he says I can take a month off to travel Europe, who am I to argue? As an added treat, I’m booked in a luxury travesti istanbul hotel for my two days in London and when we meet up again at the end of the month, to spend Christmas and ring in the New Year together, it’ll be a week of luxury living. I can’t wait! But, I’m here now. At the Brown’s Hotel, no less. That man has amazing taste and a great bank account. “Karly, istanbul travestileri I want you to have fun on this trip. Take in the sights. Explore the cities. Meet the people. And when you see someone that turns you on and sets your body on fire, take them home with you.” How could I have ever gotten this lucky? “The Kipling Suite, ma’am?” The clean British accent brings istanbul travesti me back to the here and now, and I’m stunned. He booked me in the one room he knew I’d love. Named for Rudyard Kipling who wrote the Jungle Book – a writer just as I dreamed of becoming. I’m in heaven. “Oh, and a package was delivered for you, Ms. Smith.” I can’t tell from the packaging what it is, but I have no doubt who it’s from. The brown wrapper reveals nothing. I nod and smile at the older man at the desk and follow the bellman up to my room. Thankfully, he doesn’t make conversation. I want to lay down on a soft bed, naked, and relax. The flight was brutal.

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The Frenulum Technique

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I stumbled upon it while reading pornography on a sex stories site. It was called Solotouch. A site for masturbators to meet masturbators, comprising mainly of men I hasten to add. But it didn’t stop me looking, and for a straight guy that may seem strange.The one thing I have been known to do is masturbate. I have always done it, and in truth, the thought that I am going to work myself up into a state where I actually have an orgasm excites me. It has been known to excite girlfriends and wives too. One particular ex-girlfriend couldn’t get enough of it, and we would spend more time masturbating and watching each other come, than actually fucking. I guess, she was just like me underneath her skin.I created an account for this solo website. I’m not sure why I did it. Well, I am a little sure – shall we call it inquisitive. Very inquisitive, that is. I soon started to look around the site and came across a number of cocks that looked quite nice. I know, a straight guy saying that cocks look nice – unbelievable – but they did, though I have to admit, most of them looked like mine, circumcised and with a nice bulbous head. I looked at some of them and started to wonder. The usual things sprang to mind. How did they masturbate? What did they use? And then the more unusual things started to enter my head. What did someone else’s cock feel like? What would giving a blow job feel like?Within a week of being on the site, I found myself wanting to find a masturbation buddy. I envisaged a drink down the pub, a short walk to his house or flat, strip off and masturbate until we were both satisfied, a post-coital chat and a drive home. Maybe even meet a second time if we both wanted it. At the time of thinking all this through I never once considered what my wife would think of it all. Whether I should tell her or not? Or whether she would want a divorce? I suspected the latter.Everyone on the site shared photos, stories and masturbation techniques and so I had to join in with the fun. I posted up a few pictures of which I am quite proud. I even felt like standing out a little from the crowd, and so, one evening, I pinched my wife’s stockings and suspenders and took a few selfies of myself istanbul travesti wearing them. I have to admit, I looked fucking horny, and in one of the images, I think I would have given myself one had the opportunity arose. I also posted a few masturbation techniques that I have accumulated over time. It wasn’t the normal run of the mill stuff: no Fleshlight, no lube, no soap or shower gel. This was pure erotic masturbation and one that allows you to edge yourself to orgasm.I use it in bed, late at night, when the wife’s snoring beside me. It takes a while and it’s best done with an image in mind that you play over and over, and right now I had a lot of images to play with in my head.Anyway, I posted the technique onto the website and I had a few interested men wanting to know what it was all about and how to do it, despite my instructions being quite clear. I ended up writing a story about it in clear, precise detail describing each and every nuance of the technique.They all loved it. One, in particular, wanted me to show it to him. I would ordinarily have declined if he hadn’t been eighteen years old. He had posted a picture of himself up on the website and all he wanted was a masturbation buddy, someone to wank with. He looked extremely innocent with a slim and smooth body and shoulder-length hair. From behind, I would have labelled him as a female in a ‘spot the bloke’s bum’ competition. But it was his cock that caught my eye. I couldn’t stop gazing at it–strong firm and upright with a lovely circumcised head, just like mine.And he was eighteen. Forty-two years younger than me.We spent a while chatting through the site. We sent numerous emails. He kept telling me that there were no boys or young men his age that he could approach and that he really wanted to do it with someone, in the same room. I asked him about women and he replied that they didn’t interest him in the same way. He insisted they would laugh at his cock. Well, I wasn’t laughing at it at all. Secretly I wanted to hold it for him. Slide my hand up and down it. Watch it shoot its creamy liquid into the air, inches from my face. I imagined how a woman would behave with his cock in front istanbul travestileri of them. I imagined all sorts.We arranged to meet.Meeting took a while, as we had to pick a weekend that Barry’s parents were away. He told me that I could travel down in the late afternoon and back home in the evening. As luck would have it he didn’t live all that far away, seventy miles at most, and in a region that my wife and I used to go walking, so a deception plan was not really needed as the wife’s new job made it difficult for her to join me. I had planned on doing a walk in the countryside on the Saturday morning and afternoon and told the wife that I would be in the hills with some friends.And so it was, that I arranged to meet Barry Townsend.I told my wife a true lie: I did go walking in the morning and had a lovely pint and pie for lunch and towards the early afternoon I headed off to the Plume of Feathers to meet Barry. We would have gone walking together but he had to help out at his local at short notice until the afternoon shift arrived.I headed for the bar and ordered a pint. I recognised Barry immediately. His young features gave him away instantly, but he didn’t recognise me. We had arranged to use a name for him.When I called him Bluey, he smiled at me. We chatted briefly while he served other punters at the bar and it was with some relief that I felt we got on, more as mates having a drink than anything else. The reason I was there paled into insignificance.When his shift came to an end we headed out of the pub, still chatting and having a laugh. It was easy walking into his house. After all, curtains only seem to twitch when there are two people of the opposite sex about to embark on something illicit.It wasn’t until I got inside that I started to have second thoughts. The jitters caught up with me and I found myself becoming anxious and nervous. I don’t know why, because Barry was chatty and upbeat all the time. He noticed my predicament and asked whether I wanted to go through with it as he handed me the coffee. I took a sip and nodded my approval. Then I sealed my fate with a resounding, “Yes.”We headed off to his bedroom. It was small, with a single travesti istanbul bed crammed into the corner underneath the window and a small sofa against the other wall. We looked at each other and it was then that I realised I still had my coat on. I made the first move by removing it, followed by my jumper, and shirt. Barry followed suit.My shoes and socks were the next to get evicted from my body and finally, I dropped my trousers to the floor. I piled my clothes to one side of the sofa and Barry piled his by the side of his bed. We looked at each other; one final move to make and we would be naked. I looked at Barry’s groin. His cock was already flexing underneath his boxers, shaking uncontrollably as he moved from side to side. My own cock strained against my silky lycra shorts that confined its growth to a single line across my body.I saw Barry smile as he looked at me and I returned it. This moment was truly exciting for me and I guess Barry felt the same. I actually wanted to take his boxers down for him but that was not the name of this game, so we lowered our pants together allowing our cocks to spring free.Barry sat back on his bed with his back against the wall, and I sat on the sofa facing him. We both gathered our cocks in our hands and started stroking them. It was normal masturbation to begin with and strange as it seemed, we chatted about how much Barry had wanted to do this very thing, in this very room, for such a long time.He kept telling me how nice my cock was and I was quick to repay the compliment. I watched Barry as his palm came across his cockhead while fisting its length with his other hand. I copied him; rubbing my pre-cum onto the head and making it slip and slide. Barry actually gathered up some pre-cum onto his finger and while watching me, sucked it into his mouth before sighing and telling me how much he loved doing that.I knew exactly how he felt because over the four weeks leading up to our meeting I had done exactly the same, even taking the whole of my sperm into my own mouth at one time. I was actually surprised as to how it felt and tasted.I slowly raised my legs, placing them onto the sofa and I told Barry to follow me. I pulled my balls downward causing my cock to spring upright and become tight in its own skin. I placed my balls between my thighs and closed them together; trapping them. With my balls squashed and nowhere to go and with my cock fully erect and aching, I licked my finger.

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Corona Virus And Chill

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Day 1Alright, so because of the quarantine I’m not able to see my therapist. He told me that until it was over, I should start a daily journal to record my thoughts in. Even gave me a book for it and everything, so let’s give this a shot.Feeling pretty good overall today, considering current events, that is. I’m still employed, for now, definitely thankful for that. A lot of people have gotten laid off and I’ve still got to make rent. Pretty stressed that I’ll lose my job too in the coming weeks depending on how long this quarantine lasts. I am pretty low on the totem pole after all.I’ve never been much of a shut-in, either. I’m usually out all weekend at bars or clubs or sometimes house parties. Drinking with friends and flirting with cute girls, trying to have as much fun as I can while I’m young, y’know? Don’t know how I’m going to handle having to stay home all the time.Stay tuned! Day 2Still employed! Thank god too, six more people got laid off today. In other news, I’ve been talking with my roommate, Melanie a lot more recently. I only moved into this apartment a month ago and because of our work schedules, I don’t see her that often. She seems nice enough, not really sure what she does for work but apparently she’s able to do it from home. Lucky her.I’ve noticed that she’s a bit messy though. She tends to leave a lot of half-empty glasses around. She’s been living here a lot longer than me though, I’m not really comfortable confronting her about anything just yet.  Day 3Work was a little rough today. With everyone laid off, our stupid manager didn’t take into account that we still have a quota to make. He’s extended us all to ten-hour shifts, no istanbul travesti overtime. It’s shitty but I know some people have it worse, so I’m doing my best to stay positive.Been going pretty well with the roommate too. Hadn’t noticed before but she’s actually really cute. Long brown hair, almost a whole head shorter than me, really nice green eyes too. Since she’s been working from home, I’ve mostly just seen her in pyjamas and sweatpants. Comfy clothes like that. If she still looks this cute in those, she must be a real mankiller all dolled up. Wish she wouldn’t leave so many dirty dishes in the sink though. Day 4Still trying to stay upbeat! Work has been exhausting this week but at least I’m still employed. I did the math and between the increased hours and the fact that I can’t go out and do anything that costs money, I should have a pretty nice chunk of change saved after quarantine ends (whenever that’ll be). Maybe even enough for a better car. Hopefully, one that doesn’t stall at every other stoplight.Melanie is starting to get on my nerves a bit. She never does dishes, just lets them build up in the sink and assumes I’ll do them! I’m still not super comfortable with the idea of confronting her, this was her home first after all, but I wanted to at least talk with her about this before it became a problem between us.I knocked on her door, ready to chat but… well, she was wearing this top. One of those off-shoulder ones. It was a little big on her though, and it exposed I think a little more cleavage than she intended. I figured out right then that she had at least D-cups, perky too. It must have been a bit chilly in her room travesti istanbul judging by the two little indentations at chest level. Because of how baggy it was it reached to like mid-thigh too. I couldn’t tell if she was wearing shorts or just nothing. I became aware and a little ashamed that I was kind of ogling at her body. When she asked what I wanted to talk about I panicked, stammered out an excuse and ran to my room.Maybe I’ll try talking to her tomorrow. Day 5 (Morning)I wanted to quickly jot this down before I left for work. When I walked past Melanie’s room today I heard some really weird noises. I thought at first I had woken her up as I was walking around the apartment. When I put my ear to her door it almost sounded like moaning. Looks like someone knows how to start the day off well.I did feel a little pervy for listening in though. Day 5 (Evening)Hurt my shoulder at work today. Nothing too serious thankfully, just pulled it trying to lift something too heavy. Right when I was cleaning up at the end of my shift, too. Thankfully it’s Friday, I can spend most of the weekend taking care of it and I should be fine next week.I was in a lot of pain when I got home, so I asked Melanie if she wouldn’t mind doing the dishes. She said she’d get to them when she was finished with her work. Still not clear what she actually does, it looked like she was editing something on her computer.Hopefully, this weekend I’ll get some time online with the guys. With these longer shifts, I haven’t even picked up my controller all week. Day 6 (Morning)Saturday! Finally some downtime. Longer work shifts, house chores that I’m still not used to since istanbul travestileri moving in, dishes obviously. Takes me nearly an hour to get to work every day too. I’ve had next to no time to myself all week! Spent most of the morning online, solid three hours of gaming. Haven’t done a run that long since high school.Also realized I hadn’t jerked off pretty much at all since quarantine hit. Took care of that first thing after waking up. Ended up thinking about my roommate a bit during, and felt a little ashamed after. I’ve been finding myself more and more attracted to her recently. Not sure if it’s because I’m at home more and have no exposure to anyone else or if I’m just actually getting a chance to really see her now.I’m not gonna lie, I did check out her ass briefly while she was getting something from under the sink the other day. I felt kinda rude checking her out like that but god damn! She has some really nice curves. Day 6 (Evening)My shoulder was killing me after sitting in the same position for so long when I was gaming (not to mention hammering on my shaft). When I went to get some ice I saw that the dishes still hadn’t been done! There were even more since yesterday! To hell with who lived here first, I was fed up! I calmed myself down and tried to talk with her about it.Apparently her work took longer to finish than she thought and she passed out right after. I asked why she hadn’t done them in the morning instead and said she was still really tired. It’s like talking to a wall. A wall that refuses to do dishes! Day 7Shoulder feels fine. I figured it would be after icing it most of yesterday. Should be A-okay for work tomorrow. Melanie hasn’t left her room at all today, no problem with me. I wouldn’t mind getting to know her a bit more, us living together and all, but it just seems like she has no idea how to live on her own! She’s started leaving her clothes strewn about the apartment now too.

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Talk Dirty to Me (Such a Good Girl)

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Alone again, and horny as always. I should probably stop watching so much porn. It’s my downfall though. I enjoy watching hot, wet pussies being played with and fucked. Something about seeing tender, pink folds glistening with sweet juices being penetrated makes me hard as a rock.I click off the porn and open my email. My cock twitches as I see a message from you. I see there is an attachment. I click on For Your Eyes Only, silently praying it’s another story or picture from you. I read your words impatiently:My Darling,I know how hard it is for you to be away from home and all alone, especially since you are halfway across the world and in a completely different time zone. I was going to send you another story, but I know how much you need to see and hear the action in order to cum really hard. I know how much you love it when I talk dirty to you. So, I decided to videotape a session of me pleasuring myself for you. Be sure to watch this video only if you have time to really enjoy it. And be sure to have a towel handy!Love,Your little slutMy cock twitches again. I need you so much. But a perverse part of me wants to wait to watch the video, deny myself the pleasure I know it will bring. I toy with the idea of waiting until morning, but the chance to see you touching yourself makes me almost giddy. My cock has decided for me, as it pokes out of the boxers I am wearing, begging to be stroked.I grab the towel you were so sweet to remind me to have on hand, such a thoughtful slut! Then I grab the lube and the pair of istanbul travesti your panties that you sent to me. I inhale their scent, a delightful mix of your perfume and your pussy, and my cock starts to ache. I debate, one last time, whether to defer enjoying this gift that you have given me. My shaft starts to throb, and I know that I can’t wait.So, I get comfortable in the chair next to the bed and turn my laptop so it’s facing me. I plug in my earbuds so I can enjoy the sound of your voice in my ear. That soft, sweet, seductive way that you moan when you talk dirty to me is so fucking hot! I can delay no longer; I press play.“Lay back and watch me, but don’t touch your cock yet. I want you to just enjoy the sights and sounds for a bit first, until you just can’t help but stroke your thick, hard shaft,” your voice purrs.I click pause. I don’t know why. Maybe I am just a masochistic fuck. Or maybe the thought of drawing this out longer is too tempting to resist. I check to see how long the video is. An hour? Well, of course it is! You’ve already made sure to prolong my pleasure. You’ve thought of everything; you always do. You’re such an amazing little slut. Such a good girl!I click play again. “See all these toys on the bed next to me? For the next hour, I will be teasing and torturing my body with these implements of pleasure. Each device meant to cause me pleasure or pain, sometimes both. I know how much you like to see me clamped, filled, and begging.”I watch, keeping my hands away from my dick travesti istanbul as instructed. You slip a finger in your mouth and suck on it seductively, knowing how that simple act makes me even harder. I listen while you moan, and long to feel that sweet tongue on my shaft. You could make me cum just with this alone. But you won’t. You understand my intense need to be teased first.You take your wet finger and make slow little circles on your nipples. I know that if you were here, I would have them in my mouth by now. Sucking on them to make them stiff for me. You begin to flick them now, then graduate to pinching, twisting, and pulling. You cry out while you make them ready for the clamps that I bought you for Valentine’s Day.“Imagine that these are your hands, pulling on my nipples and imprisoning them in these hard, metal clover clamps. Fuck! These are so much tighter than my other clamps! But I know your cock is throbbing, watching the tips of my nipples turn reddish-purple from their intense incarceration,” you moan in my ear.You pull on the clamps, and I can’t help but wish it was me there with you, pulling them for you and causing you to cry out with pleasure. I watch you moan and writhe a bit and realize you are cumming. Fuck! You are so fucking hot! I had thought you would be prolonging your own pleasure while denying mine. Then I remember that your slutty little cunt cums so easily when your nipples are stimulated like this. If I was there, I would likely spank you for cumming so fast. istanbul travestileri But right now, all I can do is watch and yearn.“I didn’t mean to cum, Sir,” you say submissively, but we both know you are in charge here. I chuckle a little when you zoom in on your face and you flash that sassy, wicked smile at me. It’s almost like being with you and it feels amazing and hurts my soul a bit at the same time. It is delicious agony seeing you like this, wishing you were next to me. I almost press pause again, but then I can’t resist keeping the video rolling as you pick up your vibrating butt plug.“I guess I will have to insert this into my ass as punishment for cumming so quickly. Shall I turn it on the highest setting?” you ask, teasing me.“God, yes! Turn it up all the way, you little slut!” I shout at the vision of you on my laptop. “I want to start stroking my cock now.”It’s like you could hear me, but it’s more likely just that you know me so well, because you say, “Don’t touch that cock yet! You know you want this to last longer baby. Just relax and enjoy the show!”I grin. God, you are so fucking amazing! You’ve taken the time to do this for me, so the least I can do is play along as you’ve directed. I shift in my chair, hoping to relieve the pressure building in my balls. I keep my hands firmly placed on the armrests of the chair, take a deep breath, and try not to drool as I watch you grab the giant dildo from the toys on the bed.“I know you like to see my pussy filled up,” you say as you lube up the realistic looking cock. “This one is so big! Watch closely as I slide it into me slowly, opening my tight little pussy for your viewing pleasure. I know you want to start stroking baby but keep those hands away for just a little longer. I promise it will be worth the wait!”

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Linda Joins the Police Force

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Linda, for reasons known only to herself, had decided on a drastic change in her career path and decided to join the police force.

She had passed the initial stages and was about to finish her time at Hendon, after which all the successful cadets would get their warrant and become constables.

She had passed out top of her year and was getting ready for the award ceremony, to which her family and those of the other graduating cadets had been invited.

However, during her time at Hendon she had managed to make herself unpopular with a particular group of girls who, although having passed the course themselves, were jealous of Linda’s achievement as top cadet and accused her of flirting with the instructors to achieve it. (As if!)

It was the day of the parade and Linda was in the ladies washroom just putting finishing touches to her make up, when the six girls who made up the group entered and one of them stood with her back against the door to stop anyone else entering.

“I suppose you think you look gorgeous,” said the ringleader “well we’ll soon see about that. You know you’re in trouble if you go on parade in a mess.”

With that Linda was grabbed by two of the girls by her arms, dragged to the sink and her head forced down. The ringleader, whose name was June, turned on the cold tap full force and Linda’s head was pushed underneath, soaking her hair and neck,

June squirted a generous amount of hand wash into her palm and proceeded to “wash” Linda’s hair with it.

At the same time, Linda felt her skirt lifted and her panties being pulled out. “Where’s that shaving cream we brought?” said a voice that Linda did not recognise and with her head still under the running tap she felt her panties being filled with shaving foam.

Then her bottom was given a hefty smack sending the foam up between her legs and out of the sides of her underwear.

She was heaved up and her jacket ripped open pulling all of the buttons off. Then, by using their fingers to partially block the nozzle of the tap, a spray of water was directed on to her chest.

She had made the mistake of putting on a black set of underwear and soon her bra was clearly visible under her soaked, white, blouse. Lipstick was smudged over her face and just to finish things off two girls got hold of the hem of her skirt and managed to rip the seam at the back almost up to her waist.


Within a minute Linda had been reduced to a complete mess and with no hope of being able to tidy herself up enough to look smart on parade which was due in five minutes.

It had all happened so quickly that she had not really had time to protest or struggle.

Just then came a thumping on the door “Come on, you lot are due on parade NOW!” and giggling, the six girls ran out leaving a shocked Linda looking at herself in the mirror.

Linda staggered out of the washroom and there stood their sergeant instructor.

“What on earth has happened to you?” he asked, but before she could reply he said “Well you can’t miss the ceremony, you will have to go out as you are. Quick, run.”

So Linda hurried up out to the parade ground aware of the spectacle she was making. At every step her panties were visible through her ripped skirt and shaving cream was dropping out onto the ground as she ran.

As her jacket flapped in the breeze her still soaked blouse clung to her chest and her skimpy bra, easily visible, just about covered what it was supposed to. She felt totally humiliated in front of hundreds of people!

Two months later, Linda was operational. The debacle of her passing out parade had meant that although she was top of her group, the powers that be had taken a dim view of the affair despite her explanation (although she had not named names).

As a consequence she had been transferred from the Met (where she wanted to be) to one of the home counties forces, which included large amounts of rural area within it’s jurisdiction.

Nothing much happened there at her station apart from minor felony and traffic offences. She was thoroughly bored.

Then one night her sergeant called her in to his office.

“OK, WPC ————, we are going out to —- Farm. There have been reports of suspicious activity there in one of the outbuildings, which the owner thinks may be a rave in the making. Normally I would take another male officer as well but you are all that is available, come on.”

After about a 30 minute drive they arrived at the farm and the farmer’s wife (the farmer was out ) directed them to the barn in question. It was across some fields and took about ten minutes to get to on foot.

Sure enough, when they got there they could see what appeared to be torchlights on inside the barn and there were a couple of motor bikes parked outside with their lights switched off.

Outside were a couple of what looked like large tanks and it was behind these that Linda and the sergeant hid as they tried to make out what was going on.

“No use calling for back up” whispered the sergeant travesti istanbul “there isn’t any. It’s just you and me so stick close and do what I do.”

Standing up, the sergeant ran at the barn door closely followed by Linda. There were three people inside, all young males. Two stood stock still and froze at the sight of the burly law officer bearing down on them.

The third however bolted for the door. Linda made a desperate lunge towards him but missed. As the man went through the door he threw a package he was holding and there was a splash as it presumably went into one of the tanks outside.

Meanwhile the other two had still not moved.

“Oh it’s you two” said the sergeant. I might have known you would be involved. Now this isn’t a rave is it? What ‘s going on?”

The two remaining lads were obviously cowed by the sergeant and bowed their heads but said nothing.

“What was in that parcel that your mate just disposed of, eh?” he asked but again was met with silence.

“Right _________, we need that parcel and pronto before it gets damaged by whatever is in that tank. You will have to go and retrieve it.” and turning to the two lads said “Right you two, outside.”

Linda followed them out and looking at the sergeant said “Which tank was it sarge?” “How do I know, ” came the reply “you will have to look in both!”

Seeing some rungs up the side of the nearest tank Linda went to climb up it.

“Not in your uniform!” said the sergeant “you’ll ruin it. Take it off!”

“But sarge!” said Linda looking at the two lads (who seemed to have become interested in the proceedings for some reason) “in front of these two?!”

“Don’t worry about them,” he said “I am sure that they have seen girls undressed before. Now hurry up!”

Reluctantly Linda took off her jacket folded it and laid it neatly on the ground, next she undid her trousers and stepped out of them. She turned towards the nearest tank again.

“And the shirt.” said the sergeant “We don’t have any more of those at the station.”

So Linda was reduced to just her underwear (a white, skimpy bra and a matching pair of very flimsy knickers). She could see that the two lads and the sergeant were appreciative of her figure and fancy lingerie, she even gave them a little smile as she turned and started climbing up the side of the tank.

She reached the top and looked in “Sarge, it’s full of oil,” she said “do I have to?”

“We can’t allow any contamination of that packet,” he replied “get in there!”

So Linda lifted her legs over the side, sat on the edge of the tank and slid off into it with a loud splosh, disappearing from view.

Inside the tank was commercial fuel oil and it was about 4 feet deep. Any packet would have sunk down so Linda closed her eyes and mouth and put her head under so as to feel about for the package.

She could feel the cold thick oil clinging to her body as she groped about in the tank. After a few minutes, during which time she found nothing, she put her head over the side and told the sergeant that there was nothing in it.

“OK try the other one, then.” he said and so Linda climbed out.

Her oil covered bottom seemed to transfix the three men and as she stepped off the ladder and turned towards the other tank, the three of them were silent and did not move a muscle but just stared at this erotic apparition.:

Linda was completely covered in glistening, black oil which was dripping off of various parts of her body. Her hair was plastered to her head and only the whites of her eyes and her teeth when she gave them a nervous little smile, showed as a contrast.

“Get on with it_________!” said the sergeant and Linda walked (half skidded) to the next tank.

Repeating the same process she disappeared but this time they heard a shriek.

“Sarge, it’s full of muck!” Linda cried out.

“It’s probably only slurry for spreading.” said the sergeant with a big grin on his face (and a huge erection in his trousers) and despite the situation he turned and grinned at the two lads who, he noticed, were similarly prominent.

“I take it you boys don’t want to try run away just yet,” he whispered ” not until after she’s climbed out, anyway.”

They shook their heads vigorously. “She’s the best looking WPC we’ve had at the station for years.” he added. ” This should be worth seeing.” and at that moment policeman and villains shared a common male bond.

Linda is only 5feet 4 inches and the slurry came to just below her boobs and as she was still trying to pluck up the courage to immerse herself in the foul smelling stuff to feel about for the parcel, her sergeant shouted again

So she grasped her nose with one hand, closed her eyes and bending over, began to feel around on the bottom of the tank

But not only was the slurry foul smelling, it was slippery and as she moved around her feet suddenly went out from under her and she went completely under the surface.

“Do you think she’ll find it sergeant?” asked one of the boys. istanbul travestileri “Nope,” said the sergeant ” ’cause I’ve got it!” and he brought his right arm out from behind him.

“Your mate throws like a girl, it missed the tanks and landed in that big puddle over there, but I won’t tell if you don’t.” and he grinned and tapped the side of his nose.

“Now, I know you two and your parents, so after she comes out you can scarper. If there’s anything further I need to do after I have seen what’s in here, I know where you live!”

Linda, meanwhile, was groping around blindly in the thick, evil smelling mixture of various faeces, urea and other muck trying to find the package which she thought must be in there.

As she had not found it in the oil tank it had to be in the slurry tank, so she surfaced and submerged herself again two or three times.

Eventually a black, smelly, dripping apparition which had once been Linda’s well coiffeured head peered over the side of the tank. “Sorry sarge, I can’t find it.”

“Yes, I have just picked it up down here,” said the sergeant “I guess he couldn’t throw straight. You can come out now.”

Linda cursed under her breath wondering how much longer the sergeant would have let her carry on searching before he told her.

She heaved herself out over the edge of the tank of the revolting mixture and started to descend the ladder.

What she was not aware of but was very obvious to the men on the ground, was that the thickness of the mixture has obviously pulled her panties off at some time when she was either wallowing around or clambering out and they were treated to a view of her naked lower half descending towards them.

And what a sight she made, completely covered in s*** and oil from head to foot, a fetishist’s dream!

When Linda reached ground level she was slightly puzzled as to why the sarge and the two young men were gathered so close to the bottom of the ladder.

“Sorry _______ ” said the sarge “but we only just found this a minute or so ago, didn’t we boys?”

The two young men nodded in agreement but Linda could not help noticing that their eyes seemed to be fixed on her groin and it was only when she too looked down that she discovered the absence of underwear.

“Sarge!” she screamed and both her hands went down to cover the relevant area.

“OK you two scarper.” said the sergeant to the two youths and reluctantly they got on their bikes and roared off.

“I can’t wait to get back to the station, sarge,” she said “let’s hurry.”

“You aren’t getting into my patrol car like that!” came the reply “But I have an idea.”

He got out his mobile phone and wandering off for a few yards, talked urgently into it.

He turned back to Linda “I know Geoff at the auxiliary fire station,” he said “he’s going to drive the wagon over and give you a hose down. I said we would meet him at the top end of this field. There is access to the main road by a gate. He said he would drop you back at the station after to save you walking back to the car.”

And the two of them set off.

After a few anxious minutes (for Linda), waiting by the gate, the small auxiliary fire engine drove up.

However to Linda’s surprise it seemed that there was a full complement of the auxiliary team on board and not just one man.

They all disembarked from the engine and started to unwind the hoses.

“We thought we had better all come so as we can use all the hoses.” said Geoff to Linda ” Eric (the sergeant) said that you were in an awful mess.”

All the same Linda did feel uneasy being near naked with about half a dozen men standing round her ready to soak her with their hoses (!) and in the full glare of the vehicles spotlights.

She just hoped that there were no other vehicles likely to use this road at this time of night.

“OK let’s go” said Geoff and she was hit with not one, not two but three streams of freezing water at the same time.

The force of the water nearly knocked her over and maybe, because it had already been weakened by the oil and slurry and was fairly insubstantial anyway, her bra was soon ripped off leaving her entirely naked.

When no trace of the muck was left Geoff opened the door of the cabin on the engine and said “OK, in you get, my dear.”

As she tried to pull herself up to the door several pairs of hands pushed and squeezed her bottom to “help her up” The other firefighters all clambered in as well and it was a very tight squeeze inside with Linda finding herself pressed up against several of the men.

Meanwhile the sergeant followed on in his squad car.

“Why don’t we just go back to the fire station first?” said Geoff “We can find you some blankets there to get warm in, it’s on our way.” and Linda, although she felt uneasy about the way things were going, could not argue with that as it was true that the fire station was indeed much nearer than the police station.

When they arrived she was lifted out and carried into the rest room istanbul travesti (“To stop your feet getting cold my dear.”).

There she was laid on the bunk and over the next hour was made to inspect all the “hoses” in the station at VERY close quarters! Then afterwards the sarge got out his 9 inch truncheon and demonstrated the many ways it could be used!

The next evening when she reported in for duty at the police station she went into the sergeant’s room and plonked down an envelope on his desk. “I want a transfer,” she said “anywhere away from here,”

The sergeant looked at her and said “I am sorry to hear that my dear, just as you were getting to know our fellow emergency workers locals so well!” and he grinned.

“I will have a look to see what is going, for you and let you know.”

The next day as Linda was reporting for duty, the sergeant caught her by the arm and said “All that is available at the moment is a posting with the dog handling unit. Would you be interested?”

Linda had liked dogs since her first puppy at home when she was a toddler so nodded “Yes, please sarge,” she said “I would love that!”

Two days later she was called into the sergeant’s office. “Well I think you are going to be in luck.” he said “There are no female dog handlers in this force and bearing in mind quotas and things, I think you may be shoehorned in.”

” You will have to go before the board first and they will probably want you to go to the unit in order to look you over (his eyes glazed over a bit at the memory of looking Linda over a few nights earlier) and see how you get on with the animals,”

“I think it’s a formality. I have filled them in with what you have done here since you have been with us. (and here he could not suppress a slight grin) Good luck.”

So Linda found herself, the next day, reporting at the county HQ for an interview.

Everything seemed to go ok except for one slight moment when the panel chairman said “Your sergeant has included a full and VERY detailed account of your contribution towards the successful interception and recovery of a shipment of E tablets on a farm a few weeks ago, together with an account of your attempts to build good relationships with the other emergency services.”

She was sure that he and the rest of the panel momentarily had a smirk on their faces as he said that and Linda wondered just HOW detailed that report was!

“He was very impressed by you.” added the chairman (and this time she could plainly see that he was grinning) “o doubt your new colleagues and we on the panel, will be able to witness similar dedication in your new role.”

” We also have the report from your initial course at Hendon. Top of the class, but marred by your unfortunate turnout at the parade where I gather you.. er… made quite a show!” and again he gave her a big grin and Linda blushed..

At the end of the interview the chairman added ” Before your appointment can be ratified, we would like you to meet the team on site and we thought that as you would be the first female member of that team, we would like to come along to see for ourselves how you get on.”

” So we will see you at the dog training school tomorrow.”

Next morning came and Linda presented herself at 9.00 sharp. The interview panel were already there and she was introduced to the inspector who was in charge of the school.

“We have a dog for you” he said and indicated a German Shepherd being held on a leash by another handler.

“His name is Rufus and this morning is going to involve you and him in some basic aptitude and control tests, preparatory to us making you an offer”

” I thought it only fair for you to have a bit of time with him in order that he could get to know your voice and you get to know him a bit. So we will begin the tests in the parade ring in about an hour, OK?”

So later, Linda and Rufus stood in the middle of the parade ring, She was stroking the back of his head and talking to him quietly.

Around the circular arena were various ladders, beams and obstacles.

“OK” said the inspector “this test is all about you maintaining concentration levels and communicating with Rufus. He has been trained only to do what he is told to do, nothing more, nothing less, so you will have to keep up a running set of instructions to him or else he will not move.”

” Now, in the field, both of you will have distractions so my officers here will do their utmost to distract you and him during this exercise. Any questions?”

Linda wanted to know how they would try to distract her but she did not dare ask in case that showed she was not prepared for anything.

“Right the exercise lasts ten minutes and the aim is for you to get Rufus right the way round the ring, collecting and bringing to you all the soft toys you can see lodged on the apparatus on his way round, there are five of them. Ready?” Linda nodded. “OK, go!” he said.

She started giving her verbal instructions to Rufus when suddenly, WHAM she was hit in the face with a custard pie. Someone had crept up behind her and let her have it.

Then before she really had time to catch her breath another one was shoved into her face. She turned to see what was happening but the inspector called out “Your dog has stopped!”

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One day at work we were all talking about our wife”s istanbul travesti special skills. I told them about my wifes unique ability to be throat fucked and take a cock deep in her throat.

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As we sat there Jim started telling us about his life and that he had not had sex in over a travesti istanbul year. That is when he told my wife that he knew about her special skill and begged for her to help him out. She looked over at me and so I told her that I would be fine with whatever she decided and the decision was totally up to her. I guess the drinks and his story got to her because she agreed to do it for him. She asked him to follow her to the guest bed room. When they arrived she removed her top exploding her bralesss little 32b titties. She told him that it would help him out and told him that he needed to squeeze her small breasts while he was throat fucking her.

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