First Chance Taken

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I click off my computer and straight away dial your number. When you answer, there’s some uncertainty in your voice.

“You’re wet for me already, aren’t you Tana?”
You have to admit that yes, you are.

“It’s alright to be wet for another woman.”

You give a tiny, cute little giggle.

“Tell me what you have on right now. Probably a gown and panties?”


My voice is very low, soothing. It’s so strange to hear this tone from female vocal chords. Exciting, scary. I whisper, “Are they the cotton kind that soaks up the wetness and stays damp all day or the nylon kind that gets all slippery and shiny?”

“The cotton kind,” you answer, your voice also a bare whisper, still unsure of this new situation.

“Touch the fabric and tell me how wet it is.”

Your panties are beginning to soak through. Something so new and taboo…

“Take them off, sweetheart,” I tell you. “Pull them off and then lie back on your bed. Get comfortable for me. Open your knees very wide.”

You do as you are told, knowing that I expect nothing less.

“Now close your eyes, Tana. Concentrate on only my voice. Shut out all other thoughts except what I tell you.”

Very quietly, you whisper, “Okay.”

“Feel me there in the room with you. I’m lying down on the bed between your legs. You can feel the bed sink down, you can feel my breath on your inner thigh. I’m examining your pussy.

I hear an intake of breath. You can feel me… knowing that I’m staring at your most intimate place.

“You are open just for me, aren’t you, Tana?” “I see your lips swelling up,” I tell you. The blood is causing them to be so soft and puffy. I see you getting wet, little drops of clear glistening fluid forming. I see your little clit growing into a hard pebble, peeking out from its hood.

“No you feel my fingers brush lightly over your downy hair, tickling it, caressing your. I drag my fingertips over the outside of the lips, across your thighs, down to the swell of your ass. Not invading you, but soothing you.

Your merter escort breath is a little quicker now, I hear you sigh. “No touching, Tana. Your pussy is my plaything tonight. My toy. You can’t play with someone’s toy without asking permission first, can you?”

“No,” you murmur.

“Do not touch.” Said more sternly this time.

“Yes, Ma’am,” that slips out without you being consciously away of saying it.

Now you feel my thumbs, pushing down between your puffy lips. I spread you open so I can see all of you. I spread you wide, spreading the inner lips too. Spreading them so wide that it is almost painful. It stings just a little bit… more pleasure than pain.

I use one hand to hold you open and with my longer middle finger, I push into that so hot, so wet tight opening. I ease it all the way in, feeling the folds of muscle and flesh inside your pussy. I hear you moan again.

Slowly, I begin to fuck you with this finger, sliding it all the way out and back in.

“My, how wet you are!” I tell you, my voice warming your ear. “Such a good girl.” To reward you, I add a second finger, pushing them into you slowly, twisting my wrist and turning them inside you. Stirring up your juices… I can hear the sounds of the moisture… the squishing sound of your excitement.

Your sighs tell me that you really like this. You really like the feeling of a woman’s fingers inside your pussy.

Then suddenly you gasp as you feel a warm flick over your clit. I flatten out my tongue and lick up over the whole area, tasting you for the first time. How sweet you are! I feel a flood of new moisture.

Now I make my tongue very hard and put it against one side of your clit. Not directly on it – like most men believe – but we know that can sometimes be too intense. I think the right side is probably your most sensitive spot and I concentrate there, stroking up and down.

But then over the phone line, I hear you moaning loudly, too loudly for just listening to me.

“You’re touching yourself, zeytinburnu escort aren’t you Tana?” I scold you, already knowing the truth.

You stay silent and that is as good as a confession.

I stop everything, even pulling my fingers out of you.

“Oh, Tana, what will I do with you?” I feel you bowing your head in shame, knowing that you’ve been a bad girl.

I stand up and my eyes search the room until I find a discarded silk tie – one of your husband’s. I pick it up and surprise you by climbing on top of you, straddling you so are hips are pressed together. I am naked too and you can feel the trimmed hair of my pussy tickling your lower belly.

I take your hands, putting your wrists together, binding them only tight enough so that you can’t pull them apart. Then I push them up over your head. When I lean forward, my breasts brush right over your face. You wonder what it would taste like to suck the small hard nipples, hardly noticing that I’ve secured your hands to the headboard. I sit back to admire my work and although you struggle to pull free, your struggles only tighten your bonds.

“No!” you protest. “That’s not fair!”

“Be quiet, Tana.” I lean over again to whisper in your ear, sucking the earlobe lightly between my lips. Then I climb back off the bed.

You turn to watch me rifling through my bag. You can’t see what I pull out but you see me putting on something, it almost looks like a thong from behind. This makes you very curious.

When I turn around I see something almost like fear in your eyes. The size of the strap on is big, thick as your wrist and at least ten inches long. I move to climb up on the end of the bed between your open thighs.

“I’m going to fuck you, Tana. I’m going to make you scream and make you know what it feels like to be fucked by a woman.”

Though your eyes are still wide with surprise, I see them gleaming with lust. I know you want this.

I lean forward and rub the cool rubber head up and down your slit güneşli escort to get it wet all over. You certainly are very wet. When it is too, I place the head of it right at the opening and press forward again.

You moan loudly as it begins to invade you, your arms straining at the tie that holds you still. Using small strokes at first, I pull out and push back in, working the huge cock into you a little at a time, inch by inch. When it finally slides in all the way to the rubber balls, I start to slam it into you roughly.

I take your legs in my hands and lift them, opening you more and letting me have deeper access to your pussy. Harder and harder I fuck you, making you squirm, almost as if to get away, but it feels so good. You want to reach out to me but your bound hands are unable.

The sounds you make and the quickness of your breath tell me you are close to orgasm. I drop your legs now and lean over you, my face close to yours.

“Are you ready to cum now, Tana?” I asked you through my own gritted teeth. You have no idea how wet doing this has made me.

“Oh yes! Yes please!” you answer, pleading.

“You have to ask me nicer than that!” I growl, suddenly reaching behind the base of your neck and grabbing a fistful of your hair. I tug your chin up so that I can nibble on your neck while my artificial cock still slams into you.

“Ohhhhh!!” now you scream. “Please, please!”

I go back up on my knees now and reach one hand down between us, finding your clit. I start to stroke it with my thumb.

You writhe, hardly able to hold back yet afraid to let go until I tell you it’s okay.

I wait only a few seconds, enjoying the look of near-torture on your face, then I whisper, “Now. Cum now, Tana! Give it to me!”

Even though the dildo is not part of me, I can feel the contractions of your pussy on it – squeezing it, milking it. I love the way you are crying out, the way your hips are bucking from side to side.

As the spasms dwindle, I smile and speak very softly. “Good girl, Tana. Very good.”

It’s hard for you to catch your breath. I pull out of you, remover the strap-on and crawl up beside you, taking a moment to untie your arms. Then I put my arms around you, pulling your head down to my chest.

“You’re so good,” I sigh into your ear, stroking your hair softly. “I can’t wait till you do me.”

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First Time with Vice Principal

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*All characters in this story are above the age of 18 years old.*


Daughter from “mother” series of stories is called into vice principal’s office for the first time.

I sat in the waiting area of the principal’s office, after I have been called to report one afternoon. I had no idea what I had done, but you don’t get called here unless something was wrong. I tried to think of everything that I have done that could explain why I was called here, but I kept drawing a blank. The vice principal, Amanda Whitney, then emerged from her office and beckoned me inside. I walked in and took a seat that she silently pointed to, before she shut the door behind us. She then walked around her desk and took her seat, before sitting silently while she stared at me for an unknown reason. I was getting more and more nervous by the minute, but still had no idea why I had been called here.

Ms. Whitney was a tall blonde haired woman of about in her middle thirties. She was always dressed professionally in form fitted pants suits. She was known to be a stickler for the rules and regulations and was generally known to be the real head of the school. She had been a track and swimming athlete in high school and college, and had obviously kept up with her olds habits as she still had an amazing body. As nervous as I was, I couldn’t help admire her beauty. Her body was obviously firm and athletic, with amazing breasts and a firm ass. Her hair was always drawn up in a formal bun or other way to keep it out of her face. Her piercing blue eyes seemed to look right through me and I couldn’t help the slight dampening of my own pussy as I sat before her.

My own sexual awakening to my enjoyment of older women had started with former couch Stephanie one late night after school was out. I had dabbled since then, but I was in no way confident enough to make the first move. My friend’s mother Racquel had been the first woman to come on to me after coach Stephanie. I had stopped by to visit her daughter, but since she wasn’t home yet her mother had invited me to wait inside. Her slow seduction of me had ended up with two hours of the most amazing lesbian sex I had yet engaged in. This had resulted in numerous other encounters and my frequent visits in the five or six months since then. I had even spent the night with in her bed, once her daughter had gone to sleep. I began to get it into my head that Ms. Whitney had somehow come to find out about coach Stephanie’s and my sexual encounter all those months ago, and had brought me here to confront and expel me from school.

I made it a point to remain quiet, as my mind raced in a thousand different directions, but always seemed to return to me being in trouble. I made a decision to not mention a word about coach Stephanie and to vehemently deny anything in regards to our time together. I still thought of her warmly and refused to do or say anything that might put her career in jeopardy. I felt my face harden as Ms. Whitney suddenly leaned forward and placed her elbows on her desk. She then placed her chin on her clasped hands, using them like a pedestal to hold up her head as she continued to stare silently at me. She finally tilted her head to the side and asked calmly, “Do you know why you have been called here, young lady?”

I bristled at her calling me by that name. That was something that my mother called me when I was in trouble and the fact that Ms. Whitney deemed to call me that set me back and güngören escort made me very defensive. I answered calmly but coldly, “No, Ms. Whitney.”

She then replied, “Well, I have had several conversations with a friend of mine. And it seems that you have been engaged in some very inappropriate behavior in the past six months. Does that help to jog your memory?”

I again steeled my resolve to admit to nothing in regards to coach Stephanie. Ms. Whitney seemed to be fishing and I was certainly not biting. I shook my head and decided to play innocent, as I answered “I’m sorry, ma’am. But I have no idea what you are referring to. I haven’t had any problems at school and my grades are as high as they have ever been. I’m afraid I have no idea what you are referring to.”

She smiled and nodded her head as if she was confirming something that she had already known. I was already planning my next denials, when Ms. Whitney smiled and asked “I hear you have become quite close to Ms. Racquel Sanchez. We have been very close since childhood and she confided in me recently about your rather perverse relationship. Do you have anything to say to me now?”

I actually felt like smacking the bitch. I gritted my teeth and hissed out, “I am eighteen years old and whatever I do outside of this fucking school with another consenting adult is none of your or anyone else’s god damn business.”

I was practically shaking with rage as she continued to stare at me. So far her only reaction to my statement was a quirk of her eyebrow. She then began to smirk at me as she said, “That’s good to hear, because I think it’s time to broaden your horizons. You can’t honestly tell me that Racquel’s innocent MILF personality is enough for someone as sexy as you, can you?”

My mouth fell open at her statement, as I stared at her. How the fuck had this turned from her earlier statement of my supposed “perverse relationship” with an older woman to Ms. Whitney now seeming to come onto me. I blinked several times and refused to fall into some kind of trap, as I simply asked “What?”

Ms. Whitney then leaned back in her chair and unbuttoned her suit jacket, allowing her to relax a bit more, and letting her full breasts to clearly bulge behind her white blouse. She smirked at me as she watched my eyes drop to her breasts. She let me sit there for a few minutes before saying, “Well, as I said Racquel and I grew up together and even now we have no secrets. So I know all about your numerous trysts. does your mother know that her daughter enjoys licking older women’s pussies?”

I stuttered out, “I…My mom knows I am a lesbian.”

Ms. Whitney’s smirk intensified and she slowly trailed a finger across her bulging breasts, as she asked “But does she know you have a preference for older women? I don’t think she does. But we can keep that between us, if you’re amenable, that is.”

I blinked again and shook my head to try to clear my mind, as I asked “What do you mean, ma’am?”

She held my gaze as she answered, “I would like you to show me what a good little pussy licker you really are. I like the idea of having you paged to my office and having you service my wet pussy at any time during the school day. After school, you may do as you like and continue to fuck Racquel to you heart’s desire, but during school your young little body belongs to me. We both know that principal Hartmen has one foot out the door to retirement bağcılar escort and that I am the one who really runs things in this school. I could be a very good friend to have, don’t you agree.”

Yep, my pussy felt like it had just caught fire. I was definitely turned on by all of this. I had never expected to be subtly blackmailed into having sex with my beautiful and sexy female vice principal. I had to force myself not to agree to everything that she had said, even though I felt my panties being soaked through from my leaking pussy. I wanted to draw this out and hear more. Besides, being forcibly taken by a beautiful older woman was one of my most recurring masturbation fantasies. She was right about Ms. Sanchez, she definitely played the role of innocent MILF perfectly. But Racquel could never be anywhere near a forceful and domineering as I fantasized about. I finally asked in fake innocence, “I’m not sure what you would expect me to do, Ms. Whitney.”

She smiled wider at me as she stated, “Well, it’s quite simple really. I text you to come here whenever I want. You come into my office by the side door and close the door behind you. You then climb under my desk and service my wet and needy pussy like a good girl should. Racquel says you are an excellent pussy licker and clit sucker, so that should not be an issue for you. Once I cum, I’ll let you go back to class. Of course, you will be required to keep my pussy juices on your face for the rest of the day. I’d want everyone, and especially Racquel, to know where that cute little face and tongue of yours have been. Don’t worry, there will be no ramifications from teachers, coaches, of staff members here. Even if they were to suspect something, I will handle everything. I’ll even furnish you with tardy slips so you won’t get into trouble with your teachers. All you have to do is act natural and that’s it. What do you say?”

I again had to stop myself from jumping up and down and doing a fist pump in the air. I kept an innocent and slightly nervous face, as I asked “Do I have a choice, ma’am?”

Ms. Whitney smirked again as she answered, “Why of course you do. You can choose to enjoy my sweet pussy whenever I call you here. That may even happen several times a day. This will help you by getting you more practice in the proper servicing of a wet pussy. You will also benefit from a glowing recommendation from your school’s vice principal, soon to be principal, towards the college of your choice. Or you can refuse and leave my office right now. I won’t give you a second chance here. So think hard, young lady.”

I pretended to think hard and even look like I was not interested. I turned and looked at the door, like I was considering leaving. I then turned back to her and softly replied, “I’ll do it, ma’am.”

Ms. Whitney smirked and leaned forward, as she asked “You will do what exactly?”

I huffed dramatically, as I answered “I will service your pussy whenever you call me in here.”

Ms. Whitney smiled at me as she once again leaned back in her chair, as she said “That’s a good girl. Now I have an appointment with the school board in twenty minutes, so why don’t you get down where you belong and show me that you really mean what you say.”

I sighed, as I stood up and walked around her desk. I then dropped to my knees, as she pointed under the desk. I crawled under the desk, so turned on that I could hardly believe that esenler escort this was actually happening. I intended to enjoy every second of this. I then placed my face between her legs, as she guided my hands to pull her pants and panties down. Accomplishing that, she then pulled my head directly into her pussy, as she moved her chair towards me. I was now trapped under her desk with my face smashed into her wet pussy. I could not hold myself back any longer. I shoved my face between her wet folds and slid my tongue deep into her wet pussy.

I felt her juices wet my face, as I moaned softly. My hands gripped her thighs as I pulled myself closer to her. I felt her fingers gripping my hair as she pulled and held me to her pussy. She moaned out, “Oh, you good little cunt licker. I’m going to make good use of that tongue. Eat my wet pussy you little tease. I knew you wanted this. I could tell you were just acting all innocent. I bet your young pussy is as wet as mine, isn’t it? Mmm…that’s it. Lick deep inside me. Oh, yes.”

She was right, my pussy was dripping wet. I just hoped that I could have some fun with Ms. Sanchez later on today, as Ms. Whitney had said nothing of making me cum. I was in cunt licking heaven. I had longed to be treated like a little slut for pussy by an older woman. Now that is was actually happening, all I could think about was pleasing her. I flicked the tip of my tongue up and down, as I shoved my tongue in and out of her pussy. I smiled thinking that both of my favorite sexual encounters involved older women from my high school. I briefly wondered if this was the first time that Ms. Whitney had a little pussy licker service her desires at school, or was I the first? I cast that thought out and decided that it didn’t matter, as I concentrated on her soft moans and sighs of pleasure.

She was pulling my face deeper into her pussy lips, as she bucked her hips into my face. I felt my face glisten with her juices, as I continued to service her pussy. She was really getting into this and her moans were growing louder. I absentmindedly wondered if anyone would check on her to make sure everything was alright. I smiled thinking of how hot it would be to lick her pussy silently under her desk, while she had a meeting in her office. Everyone else would be oblivious to what was really going on. I wondered if she could keep herself together as I brought her to orgasm.

My inner musings were brought to an abrupt end as she suddenly pulled my hair roughly and moaned loudly, as her pussy released a flood of her juices over my tongue, into my open mouth, and covering my face. She was a real gusher. I felt her juices dripping from my chin as I continued to lick deeply into her pussy. She let go of my hair and leaned back with a very satisfied sigh of relief. She then moaned out, “Racquel was right about you. You are a natural pussy pleaser. I am definitely going to make good use of you.”

She then stood up and pulled up her panties and pants. She made herself presentable and then handed me my tardy slip as she said “You may go now. I’ll text you when I want another round.”

I dipped my head and crawled out from under the desk, as I said “Yes, ma’am.”

I then left through the side door and went back to class. No one said a thing to me about my face smelling like pussy, not teachers or students. I smirked as I wondered how many of them actually knew what pussy smelled like. I savored the taste of her juices for the rest of the day, and even refused to get a drink so as not to lose the taste. Racquel was unfortunately out of town, so I had to take some me time in my room before mom came home. I always wondered if mom ever suspected anything or if she ever noticed my face smelled of pussy. But she never said anything so…

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Fantasy Weekend

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Female Ejaculation

Here is a fantasy that I have of my newest and most desirable internet love, Jessica. This is written for her but we agreed that the Literotica public should enjoy it as well. It is written purely for our entertainment, if others like it, then it is even better.

You are able to “escape” your husband and life for a weekend and come to visit me. The fantasy begins after dinner, a movie, and a night at the dance club.

The tension has been thick between us throughout the entire night. We have teased and played with one another quite innocently since you got off the plan but for the most part we have been acting like two friends getting reaccquanted after many years apart.

I can not wait to give into my desires any longer. I push you against the door, rubbing my hands up your rib cage to your bra covered breasts, and my mouth nuzzles against your soft neck. You smell so deliciously fantastic, a subtle hint of rum and seduction. As our lips clash, I relish in the softness of your lips and the sweetness of your breath. The soft velvet of your tongue caressed mine, bringing me to moan.

Our two bodies stumbled into the apartment and you kicked the door shut. Without hesitation or remorse, we begin our feverish assault on one another. Your tank top got pushed up and I pulled your bra down. I looked at your breasts: tiny, sweet, and inviting. Your nipples puckered at the sudden rush of night air and they silently begged me to be sucked.

My breath quickened and my pulse race as I saw the effect I was having on you. I love looking at you. I like touching you. Your breasts, despite your protests are perfect, soft, and their roundness became putty in my hands. I could not keep myself from pulling a nipple deep into my mouth and sucking on it while I caressed the other one with my thumb. When you start making little moaning noises, I knew I was touching you right. Your other nipple was just as sweet and I wanted more of you.

We moved towards my couch and I helped you out of your top. I undid your lacey bra, and laid you back towards the cushions. My hands ran over your shoulders, tracing downwards to your collarbone, where I cupped your breasts.

Your fingers moved to unfasten your jeans and kağıthane escort together we pushed them down and away from your. Your long, slender legs moved slowly on the couch where they spread very invitingly to me. Your nipples rose against your creamy skin and I wanted to lick every inch of you. I lifted your long, brown hair off your neck and kissed you again while my hands made themselves familiar with your body.

Fingers slid down your flat tummy to your panties. They slid under them, lightly caressing you before I slipped a finger inside of you. God, Jessica, you are so warm and wet. I ground your clit with my thumb over your panties and your hips reacted, arching off the couch. Your moans vibrated against my lips.

I leaned back and took my shirt off, then my bra. You sat up and cupped my breasts, licking my nipples, making me call your name. Your lips are so warm and perfect. You pinched my nipples while your lips moved down neck and teeth nibbled on my neck. You gave me goose bumps and a shiver traveled down my spine.

Desperately and filled with want, I started kissing down your stomach and pulling your panties off as I moved. You smelled fresh and sweet, as you laid back and reopened your thighs. My pussy clenched and my vision became consumed by your beauty and pure unadulterated arousal. I parted the lips of your pussy with my thumbs and ran my tongue from your rosebud to your clit before I flicked it with my tongue.

Your hips bucked once as I sucked on your clit before I nibbled on it with my teeth. You cried out my name, burying your hands in my hair, pushing my face down, grinding it into your pussy. Your body trembled when I pulled away and I stood to take off my jeans.

I smiled at you and you raised a finger a me, ordering me to return to you. I knelt between your beautiful thighs again and leaned down to kiss you. You wrapped your arms around my neck to bring our bodies together. The feel of your breasts pressing against mine was so completely wonderful that I nearly came in that moment.

Reaching down, I slipped one finger then another one inside of you. The feel of you closing around me was exciting. In and out, my fingers became levent escort slippery while I continued to worship your nipples. My impatient lips found their way to your neck and returned to making love to your mouth. My pussy rode your thigh with the same rhythm as my fingers until my juice began to run onto your soft flesh. You arched your back, throwing your head back, and you cried out as your pussy started to squeeze my fingers.

I pulled them out and replaced them with my tongue. I sucked, licked, drank, and savored you. When I thrust two fingers back inside of you, my mouth moved to your clit. In and out I went. Once. Twice. You fell apart, crying out both panting and breathless all at once.

Nails sought to embed themselves into my shoulders as you continued to grind against my mouth and fingers.

It continued until my brunette beauty laid back against the cushions in a boneless sprawl. I took my fingertips and brushed them over your breasts and stomach. God, I loved the way your skin quivered at my touch.

Your lips met mine and opened, allowing my tongue to sweep in. However, what started out as a gentle dueling of tongues turned into a devouring of one another. Your arms came around me and I felt your hands become fists in my hair, holding my head still all while your mouth left mine and tool nips of my neck as you continued to press and rub your body against me.

My body tingled with anticipation. My skin flickered with intensity. My body pained because of want. Your mouth locked onto mine, as my hands wrapped into your hair now and I pulled us up from the couch and to the bedroom.

We fought for control as we fell onto the bed in a tangled mess of arms, legs, and lips.

“My turn.” you teased as you captured my wrists. I laughed as they pressed hard into the mattress below me.

I wedged your knee between mine as you parted my thighs, settling between them as you kissed your way down to my breasts. You released my wrists so that your hands could caress and outline the shape of my breasts. I admired the hungry and fascinated look on your face, dreamed of what you might do to them and my nipples grew tight, begging for your attention.

Your şişli escort moist, warm mouth closed over one of my nipples, sucking deep and strong. My hand pressed you closer and my hips arched up as the pleasure of it caused my womb to contract. I could not control the way my head thrashed from side to side as you sucked on my other nipple. When you slipped a finger inside of me, I almost died.

You lifted your head from my breast and looked into my eyes. Full of wonder and delight, were your eyes, as you stroked my inner walls.

A kiss on my lips filled me with warmth as you moved down my body. I felt alive and awake, spreading my knees wide. Stretching my arms above me, I welcomed you between my legs. There was pure joy on your face as you began to explore me. I felt two fingers inside of me, teasing me briefly before they were pulled out. You kept teasing me until I became slippery and wet. Fingertips rubbed back and forth over my clit. I felt your nose bury itself into my close-cropped thatch of hair and inhaled before your tongue tasted me, like a kitten laps up a bowl of cream. I moaned as the strokes of your tongue became firmer and more confident.

You licked and sucked every fold and crease of me. My pussy was being treated like a Georgia peach after the first April shower. God, I want to grind your face into my pussy hard, Jessica. I want to flip you on your back and fuck you with my tongue. I want to explode.

That’s when you lift your head, smiling at me, with your adorable dimples. Your lips glistening covered in my juice. Your hands moved up my body and closed around my breasts before your head lowered again and caught my clit with your teeth. It was a long, good suck before you left it for my nipples. Your teeth and lips massaged my breasts as my hips came off the bed.

When your tongue returned to my pussy, I grabbed the back of your head and held it still as I rocked my pussy against your face and my world began to shatter with the wild cry of your name escaping your lips.

I floated back to reality feeling your tongue still inside of me, savoring every drop of my juice. The aftershocks rippled through and I pulled you up by your hair until our lips met. I tasted myself on your lips, kissing you hard and feverishly as we drifted to sleep in each others arms.

It was at this time that I had to stop and finish pleasuring myself. I want to celebrate the fantastic lover that Jessica is and I look forward to getting home from work and chatting with her whenever I can!

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Exploring The Undercurrents

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Author’s Note: I figure I will never be able to write as well as Colleen Thomas or Babylez, (I HIGHLY recommend them) but I think women in the lesbian genre are pretty awesome, so I wanted to try to write a piece. If you’re looking for a whole lot of in-your-face sex, you probably won’t want to read this. Hopefully someone in Literotica Land will get some enjoyment out of this little ditty, but if not, sorry.


Diane Armstrong entered the locker room at the student Rec Complex and rounded the corner to reach her locker. She was surprised to find a young blonde whom she hadn’t seen before nearly naked at an adjacent locker. She gave her a half smile and perfunctory greeting, set her Head racquet down on the bench and started to spin the dial on her lock.

“Excuse me, but aren’t you Dr. Armstrong?”

Diane turned to the young woman a little surprised and said, “Yes I am. Have we met?”

“Well in a way. I am taking your ‘Intro To Psych’ class.”

Being the first day of class, it was easy to understand why Diane couldn’t place the young girl’s face. That and the fact that although Georgetown University had a reputation for small classes, her Intro class was so popular with the students that she filled the largest hall in the Intercultural Center with 150 students.

She was caught off guard when the young blonde approached her with outstretched hand, dressed only in small cotton panties.

“I’m Julie Summers. I’m a freshman from Kentucky. I really enjoyed your class this morning and look forward to the rest of the semester.”

Diane shook the young teen’s hand surprised by the firm grip. “Thank you Julie. It’s nice to meet you.”

Diane had gone through an early marriage right after she finished her undergrad degree at Pfeiffer University, a tiny college in North Carolina. That is when she discovered that sports took the place of an unsatisfactory marriage and sex life, which added muscle to her lanky 5’10” frame. When she reached 175 pounds of solid mass, and achieved her Master’s headed for her PhD, her husband decided he was interested in a more malleable woman, who worked harder on her femininity. In other words, one he could control and one who would live her life through him, and would sit around and worship him during every waking moment. After two years, the divorce produced more of a sense of relief than one of loss, and they parted fairly amicably.

Something about the short blond struck a chord with Diane. Suddenly she was instantly drawn back to her freshman year in High School when her cousin had spent the summer with her family. Rachel was the same age as Diane, but there was no real family resemblance. Diane was tall and dark, and Rachel was a petite gymnast, who was all of 5′ and 102 pounds. Diane judged Julie to be around 5’2″ but packed a little more muscle at perhaps 110 pounds.

Rachel and Diane had shared a bed for the Summer, and what started out as a thigh or calf occasionally touching, graduated to light kisses, then more probing deep kisses, and towards the end of the Summer, each satisfying the other orally.

Diane looked at the broad eager smile and sparkling blue eyes of the little blonde still shaking her hand and was instantly brought back to those nights of quiet passion as she and Rachel tried to hide their activities from her parents.

As Diane’s eyes moved lower, they came to rest on the young teen’s small but firm breasts. They were perfectly shaped, about the size of two ripe oranges, with small pink nipples poking out prominently. She had been going to the gym daily for the past ten years and although she admired a nice female body, none had made her heart race since Rachel… until now. The feelings were unusual for her and uncomfortable, so she quickly broke the handshake and turned back to unload her gym bag.

Diane removed her shirt and hung it in her locker just as her cell phone went off. As she reached for it, Julie stopped and stared, mesmerized by the taut forearms and thick biceps of the young professor. Though not a map of striated veins, and ripped muscle of a bodybuilder, Julie could was in awe of the broad shoulders, rock hard abs and full pecs encased in a light green bra. Diane didn’t go in for weights, but strove for 100 pushups, 200 sit ups and an hour of swimming in the morning, to go with her constant tennis matches, which were her first love. She took part in a “ladder” at the Rec Center, where anyone could challenge anyone above them, and being the woman’s champion, she had an endless number of challenges. Although it wasn’t a coed ladder, she was constantly taking on male challengers eager to defeat her, but no one to date had come close.

Opening her cell phone she discovered it was Susan, her opponent for the morning.

“Hi Susan. What’s up?”

“Oh Bummer….Well take care of him. I’ll just go for a swim and we can play next Saturday.”

Julie couldn’t help but continue to stare as Diane held the phone to her ear, making her large bicep clearly noticeable.

“Okay. beyoğlu escort Talk to you later. Bye.”

Diane snapped her phone closed and tossed it back in her gym bag, clearly frustrated.


Julie watched as Diane slid the skirt over her thighs and calves and her eyes grew even wider. She had never seen a more beautiful or well developed woman, and her eyes traveled over the flaring bronzed thighs, down to gently bulging calves.

“Um, did your opponent stand you up?”

Diane gave a wry laugh. “Yeah, I guess she did at that. Her four year old son has been vomiting and has a 102 degree fever.’

“You really look like you wanted to get in some tennis. I have my things in my locker, so I would be glad to fill in if you would like to play a match.”

Diane once again surveyed the young teen’s body. It was clearly evident she was in incredible shape, but Diane didn’t see how she could develop much power in her strokes with her short stature. She had been looking forward to a workout though, so she agreed to a match.

Julie’s tennis attire consisted of a pair of light blue shorts with a matching sports bra. The shorts came to just below her navel and for some reason Diane was fascinated by the belly button ring with 3 small glistening emeralds arranged in a line.

Diane dressed in a more conventional once pieced white outfit with skirt and a scoop necked front and back top.

They exited the locker room and entered the courts, surrounded by a quarter mile track. Being Saturday, most of the courts were full, but they moved to court 6 which Diane had previously reserved.

They spent twenty minutes warming up and hitting balls back and forth, then it was decided that Julie would serve first.

The first serve surprised Diane by going wide to her forehand and had to be at least 115 MPH. Diane barely got a racket on it, and it was 15 Love. Julie changed up with the second serve sending a slow slice with wicked spin into her body. Diane was getting frustrated after sending it into the net to go down 30 Love.

Diane sent a vicious return on the next serve which caught the side line for a winner and she thought she was back on track at 30-15. Julie then sent another rocket down the center and Diane couldn’t touch it, bringing it to 40-15. Diane stared in amazement at her young opponent, wondering where the power was coming from.

She vowed to herself to bare down and the next point was a war of wills which lasted for a good minute and a half, with both fit athletes covering and using every inch of the court. Tiring of the lengthy rally, Diane decided to put her away and lined up one of Julie’s lobs for an overhead smash. The ball went long by a mere inches, and Julie was up, 1-0.

After the changeover, Diane powered an equally wicked serve, but with lightening quickness, Julie was able to reach it and make a return. Diane was able to rush the net and put it away with a volley, but on the next point, Julie sent a fierce backhand down the line for an outright winner. The game progressed and Julie tied the scored at deuce, making the woman’s champion work for every point she got. After another lengthy rally, Diane finally got the advantage, then put everything she had into the next serve, which Julie fortunately put into the net.

The grueling match continued and the score reached 6-6 and Diane had the first serve of the tie breaker. After an incredible effort, she was able to hold serve and go up 1-0. Her lead did not last long as Julie handily won the next two points on her serve. Diane was able to tie it up on her serve, but on her second serve, Julie won the point, giving her a mini-break and a 3-2 lead, with the serve back to the young blonde. She easily held serve, making it 5-2. Diane was able to hold and bring it to 5-4, but now Julie held the set in her hands with the next two serves. Once again Julie caught the corner with another blast for an ace, brining it to 6-4. She took a little extra time before delivering the next serve with a huge amount of spin, causing Diane to send it into the net, giving Julie the first set.

Diane was in shock. She had not lost a set in her three years at the University, yet she was thoroughly handled by the petite blonde teen.

Feeling that her reputation was at stake Diane once again took to the court and began serving for the second set. She held serve and surprised even herself when she broke Julie to go up 2-0. Both held their serves for the rest of the set, but Diane’s early break allowed her to win the set 6-4.

The third and deciding set was equal to the first set in its intensity with neither warrior giving an inch. Once again they found themselves in a tie-breaker, but this time, Diane was able to secure a mini-break, and finally win the set and the match at 13-11. In all of her days of tennis, no one, man or woman had come close to pushing her the way that Julie had, and her fondness and admiration only grew as cihangir escort a result of it.

Julie charged the net as her last shot flew wide, but never lost her beautiful smile or energetic bounce.

“That was incredible Doc. You can really play! Since I hate to lose, you have to give me a chance to get even.”

“Maybe some other time. I’ve had enough tennis for the day.”

“Oh I wasn’t thinking of tennis. How about a race? One lap around the track. Are you on?”

Diane, never one to back away from any competition, agreed. They set their racquets along the wall, and headed to the start of the track. Diane watched as Julie squatted down into a three point runner’s stance and she had to admire the view of Julie’s upraised buttocks. Diane moved up beside her and got in a similar stance.

Julie looked over and said “One two three go…agreed?”

“Fine with me.”

At the word ‘Go’ Julie was off like a tiny rocket. Diane figured that her long stride would allow her to easily defeat her young foe, but Julie was powerfully pumping her arms and legs and pulling away, so that at 100 feet, she was at least three body lengths ahead of her and continue to extend her lead. Diane pumped her arms faster in the home stretch and gave it all she had, but Julie was able to cross the finish line at least 30 feet in front of her and greet her with a happy dance as she crossed the line.

Diane gave her weak high five, accepting her defeat, then was surprised when Julie suggested a third and deciding competition to decide the day’s champion.

Diane laughed and said, “You’ve got to be kidding. Arm wrestling?”

“I’m not kidding. What’s the matter?….Chicken?”

Diane smiled and shook her head at the crazy teen as they both moved to lie down on some mats used for pole vaulters to land on. They lay facing each other and locked hands, with Diane’s large fingers nearly making Julie’s small hand disappear.

Julie tried to cheat with a quick “Go” and attempted to take Diane’s hand down when she was unprepared to start, but her effort barely moved Diane’s strong arm. Diane merely held Julie’s hand perpendicular for about 45 seconds as she almost felt sorry for the little competitor, straining with all her might, turning her face beat red. At about a minute, Diane felt it was time to end it, so she exerted half an effort and calmly put Julie’s hand to the mat.

Julie pounded the mat and blurted out, “Shit, shit shit. I thought I had you there for a minute.”

Diane laughed and said, “Yeah you really had me worried for awhile.”

“Actually I knew I didn’t stand a chance but I just had to try.”

“Why is that?”

“Well… The truth is, I have always been fascinated and maybe a bit obsessed by muscles and I just had to find out how strong you are. My girlfriend in high school threw the shot and discus and was incredibly strong too, but I think you would kick her butt without any problem.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence. What do you say we hit the showers, and I can give you a ride back to your dorm if you want.”

“That would be great. Do you want to meet for tennis again tomorrow?”

Something told Diane she needed to put the breaks on this relationship, but she agreed to play again tomorrow as they headed toward the locker room.

Diane slowly stripped and put a towel around her torso. Julie shucked off her sweaty clothes and merely draped the towel around her neck as she led the way into the showers. Diane was amazed by how at ease Julie was with her nudity. She seemed to have no idea of how provocative she was as her perfectly rounded hips swayed seductively with each step she took.

Julie calmly hung her towel on a hook, started the shower and began lathering up her hair. Diane watched the small fit body as she went from her hair, to lathering her buttocks, then soaped up her breast and blond pubic hairs. Once again she felt her heartbeat increase as she watched the soapy suds glistening on the blonde’s young alluring body.

Julie suddenly turned and made eye contact with Diane, causing Diane to quickly turn to the wall but she knew she had been caught in the act of admiring the young beauty.

Diane could feel Julie’s eyes on her as she almost shyly lathered her own hair and body. She quickly rinsed and grabbed her towel to return to the locker and dress before the blond teen could tempt her once again. No matter how she tried to frame or deny it, she found herself very attracted to Julie, and the thought was unsettling.

She dressed as fast as she could, and when Julie returned, in all her naked glory, Diane quickly removed herself to go blow dry her hair at one of the dryers on the wall. Julie soon joined her, still topless in just her pair of panties, so Diane quickly excused herself and told her she would wait for her in the lobby.

The trip back to Julie’s dorm was rather quiet and although Julie could sense that something was up and Diane was deep okmeydanı escort in thought, she was able to remain upbeat as she said goodnight and entered the dorm.

“See ya tomorrow Doc.”

“Yeah, see you then Julie.”

As she watched the cute blond nearly skip into her dorm, she pounded the steering wheel with her fist and began to drive home. The whole way home she was berating herself for what was happening with Julie, and it didn’t stop after she entered her condo. She angrily threw her gym bag on the couch and tossed her keys on the coffee table then she grabbed two handfuls of her hair and pulled as she let out a groan of frustration.

She paced back and forth in her living room as she punched a fist into the palm of her other hand. Fifteen minutes passed and the tension only grew. Finally she reached a decision that something had to be done and picked up the receiver and dialed the phone number that Julie had scribbled on a scrap piece of paper. Julie’s cute unmistakable voice answered on the third ring.

“Hi Julie. It’s Diane.”

“Yes, I had a great time today too. I’m afraid that I have some bad news about tomorrow though. I fell and twisted my ankle when I got home this evening.”

“Yes, I’m fine other than that, but it’s swollen and turning blue, so I think it’s a bad sprain and I won’t be able to make it tomorrow.”

“Yes. I’m taking care of it and have ice on it now.”

“Thanks Julie. You enjoy the rest of your weekend too, and I will see you in class on Monday.”

“Right…bye,” and she slowly replaced the receiver, not feeling a bit better than before she had made the call.

Sleep came slowly to Diane and she woke up twice during the night and no matter what she did the following day, she couldn’t get the picture of Julie’s provocative young body out of her mind. That, combined with the war she was having with her feelings, and the fact that she had feared confrontation and told Julie an outright lie, were turning her into a total wreck.

Sunday night didn’t turn out any better as Diane once again tossed and turned. She was never so grateful to drag herself out of bed Monday morning and head off to her swim before class started.

The swim went fine, but class with Julie sitting in the first row was a far greater challenge. Diane was able to lecture and avoid eye contact with the young beauty, but as the others exited the great hall, Julie hung around and approached her.

“Hi Dr. Armstrong…. I thought it would be best to address you like that unless we are alone.”

Diane gave her a weak smile while busily organizing her notes, and said, “I thank you for that. It is probably wise.”

“I was wondering Dr. Armstrong if perhaps you would like to have dinner with me tonight.”

“No!…Um, I mean, sorry but I can’t. I’m busy this evening.”

“Oh. Well…OK. Maybe we can plan another tennis match on Saturday then?”

“Gee Julie. That would be nice, but I’m afraid my weekend is already pretty well booked.”

It was the first time that Diane had seen Julie look almost crestfallen and it hurt like Hell.

“Okay Dr. Armstrong.”

She watched as Julie gathered her books, then headed towards the door, where she stopped and said, “I’m glad to see your ankle healed so quickly. Take care,” and she was gone.

“Shit.” Up to that point, Diane had completely forgotten that her ankle was supposed to be in dire straights.

She shoved her materials into her briefcase and slammed it closed as she wondered how she could be totally screwing up her own life, and quite possibly the life of a young woman who seemed to care about her very much.

Diane dragged around her office for the rest of the day, slept fitfully and didn’t even bother going swimming the rest of the week. On Friday, when she got to the reception area to check her departmental mail, she had a shock. There amongst the other standard University mail was a withdrawal slip with Julie Summers name on top. Diane felt like someone had given her a blow to the stomach, knocking the wind out of her.

In a haze, she moved to her office, just reading over and over the name; Julie Summers…Withdrawal.

Diane managed to teach her Cognitive Development and Abnormal Psych classes to finish the day, then returned to her office to once again stare at the withdrawal slip. She reached for the phone and picked it up three times before she finally dialed the number and heard Julie answer.

When Diane introduced herself as ‘Doc’ and got a weak “Oh hi” in return, the pain cut through her like a knife.

“Julie, if you aren’t busy I was wondering if you could meet me at the Tombs for dinner.”

Diane wasn’t prepared for the hurt and venom she received in response.

“If this is out of a guilt trip for turning me down the other night, I don’t need or want your charity Dr. Armstrong.”

“Julie that isn’t it at all. We need to talk, and I would also really like to see you.”

“Well, I guess I can make it. I’ll meet you there in a half hour.”

“Fine. See you then.”

Both arrived right on time and met outside and headed down the stairs to the popular underground campus restaurant.

They were shown to a table and both ordered iced tea then the waiter disappeared to give them time to look over the menus.

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Filpina Discovers Her Bisexuality

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When I had graduated high school, I moved two hours north to the city where I would go to a local university I got accepted into. I was originally from a small town so I was excited when I moved out on my own into the big city.

But I was no noob to the wild lifestyles of youngins in the city. I was a sex fiend. A maniac, if you must. If you had a hard dick, I would fuck you. Just like that. I was the neighborhood smut and proud of it. I didn’t see anything wrong with safely pursuing my high sex drive.

When I got to the university, I met my roommate, a Vietnamese chick who went by the name of Trina. We were both 19 years old and from different small cities. Luckily for me, she was fun to hang out with and next thing you know, we’re best friends. We hung out every night, hit up all the parties and studied together. We even worked at a local retail store together in the evenings. She became my best friend.

One night we went out to Greek row for a string a parties going on since finals were taksim escort over for the quarter. Being the wild ones (we always hooked up with guys after or during our parties), we jumped house party to house party, taking shots, playing rounds of beer pong and taking hits of blunts and joints. By the time the night was coming to an end, neither of us found a guy to fuck that night, surprisingly. So in our drunken and high stupor, we walked, or more like stumbled, our way back to our dorm room.

We giggled at ourselves and pushed the door open, spilling ourselves onto the living room couch. I was so high and drunk, the room was spinning.

“I can’t believe I didn’t get any dick tonight” complained Trina.

“I know! What the fuck is up with that? I am so horny still..” I replied

“Oh my gosh! Me too!…. I know what will help!!” said Trina, walking into her room.

Moments later she appeared back, just wearing a bra and her short shorts. She had a etiler escort movie in her hand. She popped in the DVD and “Muffia Wars” started playing. I was hypnotized by the young girls on the screen in 69 position eating each other cunts.

We watched in silence as the movie went on. A few minutes into it, I cuddle up against Trina, feeling the effects of all the drinks and drugs in my system. I felt her moving. Her hand was in her shorts!

I couldn’t believe what was happening and was going to leave but I was too incredibly turned on. The wet pussies on the TV combined with my masturbating roommate raised my horny meter through the roof.

I kissed her, asking her if it was okay. She said yes and kissed me back – her tongue breaking into my mouth. I moved my hand up to her bra and pushed my hand through, catching her hard nipple in between my fingers. I rolled her tit, now turning rock hard as she rubbed her pussy faster. She was moaning in my mouth now.

I beşiktaş escort moved my mouth lower to breast and took that hard nipple in my mouth. I flicked it fast and sucked on it, nibbling once in a while. Trina now started moaning louder with lust. Finally, I couldn’t stand it either. I moved down to her pussy, smelling the aroma of what I’d be eating everyday til the end of college. I pulled her shorts off.

“Are you ready for me to eat your pussy?”

“Oh yeah, please, eat my pussy Jezebelle. Lick my cunt, bitch.”

I didn’t wait another second and dove right into the best pussy I ever have ate. I was so horny, and so was she. Her pussy was overflowing. I sucked on her labia and finally licked softly over her clit. She moaned and pinched her tits. I kept eating and finally stuck a finger into her tight pussy. She screamed in pleasure. I was fucking her hard and fast now and knew she was gonna cum soon.

“Are you gonna cum you little slut? You like how I fuck the pussy, huh?!” I yelled at her

“Ohhh yeaaaaaahhh fuck me, fuck! I’m your little slut, eat my cunt” Trina yelled – then she wrapped her legs around my head and came all over my face. I lapped up what I could with my tongue and ate her tired pussy til we both knocked out on the couch.

To be continued…

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Escape to Paradise

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About six months ago I got my Associate’s Degree in criminal justice, hoping some day to hook up as a paralegal with a district attorney’s office. When the opportunity came up to work toward a Bachelor’s Degree, I decided to take a few more courses to see if I was serious enough about the subject matter to move on to even bigger and better things. I signed up for six credits at Colorado University, which meant four two-hour nights at school (leaving only Wednesdays free for me during the week). The course I enjoyed the most involved a history of serial killers. I had read most of Ann Rule’s books, so I knew a little bit about the subject, but Professor William Beacham had a knack of making each case history unique and interesting.

There were 12 of us in the class, eight men and four women. All of us, except for one woman, were in our early twenties. Kim appeared to be 36 or 37, but she was the one who provided a lot of inspiration for the class. She was really cute with dark-red hair that was cut short and tons of freckles. Her smile and her laughter were infectious. She had taken very good care of herself, as evidenced by her trim figure. She was smart as a whip and, more often than not, led the class discussions. I think the thing I liked about her the most was her sharp wit. She could make the whole class laugh with her humor. Professor Beacham made her his little “pet,” but it was obvious there was nothing more than a teacher-student relationship between them.

During a classroom break, I was sitting at a table by myself, hoping a cup of coffee would get my through the rest of the evening. Kim came into the break room and got a cup of chocolate from the vending machine. Looking around the room she noticed I was by myself. She politely asked if she could join me. I smiled and said, “Please do. Talking will stop me from going to sleep.”

She sat across from me. We introduced each other. Damn, she was cute as button. I had never been really good friends with anyone older than 30, but I liked her almost instantly. It wasn’t a sexual liking, by any means. I noticed her wedding ring, so I assumed she was straight anyway. Kim was just about the easiest person to talk to that I had ever met. And I liked the way she looked into my eyes when she spoke. She was an attentive listener as well.

“So what do you do for a living,” she asked.

“I work at a day-care center for children. I’m the assistant manager. Eventually, though, I’d like to get into something that is criminal justice related. You?”

“Strictly a housewife. Husband, children. The whole bit. I am only taking this course because I am interested in learning how to be a serial killer.”

I nearly choked on my coffee.

She laughed, and I knew she was kidding. “Of course,” she continued, “not too many serial killers have stayed out of jail. I want to be the first one to never get caught.”

“A noble idea, Kim,” I said, pan-faced. “Have you already started on your little adventure?”

“Not yet. I’m really just sizing up potential victims. It has to be done in such a way, you know, that the first few look like accidents, so the police don’t get suspicious.”

“Have you decided on a modus operandi yet?

“Yup. All my victims will be female, young ones, between 20 and 25.”

God, I hope she was kidding. I tried to hide a gulp. “I see. That makes a lot of sense to me. The police will start looking for a male perpetrator. They would never suspect a woman.”

“Exactly, BethAnne. Would you like to be my partner?”

This time my gulp was far too obvious. “You mean your partner on a killing spree?” I asked, my voice almost in a whisper for fear of being overheard. “Well, I guess that would be more to my liking than being your first victim.”

Kim laughed out loud. “You would make a delightful partner. But you don’t look like a very willing victim.”

“I would think most victims are not very willing.”

“Oh,” she said with a smile as pretty as the morning, “all of my victims will be willing, at least until the coup de gras.”

I looked at my watch. Almost 8:30. Time to get back to class. “Can I get back to you later with my final answer?” trying to hold back a smirk.

“You mean on whether you want to be my partner or a victim?”

Despite the subject matter, I was somehow drawn to Kim, and I couldn’t explain to myself why. “Oh, I’ve already decided that I want to be your first victim. I just need to tell you when.”

Kim laughed once more and, in the process of laughing, nonchalantly put her hand over mine. Her touch, seemingly meaningless, sent a bolt of electricity through me. “I’ll go easy on you. It will be a learning experience.”

We got up and left the break-room together. It was summertime. The weather had been close to 90 degrees all day. I was wearing a pair of old dungarees and a shirt, from Joe’s Crab Shack, that had a peace sign on the back and a front that read “Lovers eat crabs.” On the other hand, Kim was wearing a pink and white flowered sundress with straps escort bayan kağıthane and a V neck that showed off a lot of her freckles. We were 14 years apart in age, we were dressed quite differently, but there was something about her that attracted me instantly. Part of me wanted something more; the other part of me, the realistic side, said she was married and was probably too straight to mess with.

After class, on the way to car, I felt someone close behind me. I turned my head. It was Kim. “Stalking me?” I asked with the cutest smile I could muster.

She giggled like a school girl and moved at a bit faster pace so she could catch up with me. “Yup. And now I’ve got you!” She jokingly grabbed my arm. “What a delightful first victim!”

“If I have to go at such a young age, would it be okay with you if I at least had a few drinks to help ease the pain?”

Kim smiled. “Is that an invitation to go out for a drink?”

“There’s a place right up the street that serves a mean Irish Coffee.”



“Meet you there in five minutes!”

As I opened my car door and threw the books in the back seat, my heart was strangely pounding. It was late and I was tired, put the thought of talking more with pretty Kim had given me a second wind. We arrived at Killigan’s simultaneously.

The first decision we had to make was for a table or a booth. Kim chimed in right away. “Booth. It’s a lot more quiet.”

The room was not real crowded. The music seemed softer than normal, and there was not of annoying chatter. As soon as we sat down, we order Irish Coffees.

“Do you plan on meeting all of your victims over drinks?” I asked.

“Only those who claim they need to be in a mellow mood before I let them have it.”

“Good idea. And it’s probably better that you vary your m.o. from time to time. If you get seen in public with too many of your victims, that is certain to raise the veil of suspicion.”

“Exactly. You seem to know a lot about methods. Maybe you should be the serial killer.”

“And you my first victim?”

“All’s fair in love and war, BethAnne.”

“Beth,” I said. “Only my mother calls me ‘BethAnne.’ All my friends call me ‘Beth.’”

“Okay, ‘Beth’ it is. Can we be serious for a second?” she asked.

“Of course.”

“Thanks. I really needed this time to chat with someone. My hubbie’s been away on an extended business trip and my two daughters are away at college. I was getting sort of lonely at home with no one to talk to.”

“Your daughters are in college?” I asked incredulously. “Were you a child bride or something?”

Kim laughed. “My first marriage was at seventeen. Guess you could call it a child bride. We had children the first two years. Then things went downhill. I got a divorce when I was only 20. Try getting a date as a 20 year-old with two kids hanging around. I was 26 when I met my current hubbie. He was great with children and his sexual appetite was unbelievable. So we got married two years later. And here I am.”

“Are you happily married?”

There was a pregnant pause as she pondered her answer. “For the most part, yes. Of course, what was happening five or six times a week while we were dating, and for the first few years of marriage, only happens once or twice or month now.”

“That’s probably about par for the course. You’ve been married 11 years?”

She nodded. “I like your math skills!”

I sensed there might be a course to be chartered here, and Kim was beginning to turn me on more and more. I decided to go for the kill. “Can I ask you a personal question?”

“No problem, sweetie.”

“Is it still good for you, though?”

Her answer came without hesitation. “Not nearly as good as it was five years ago.”

She was still fairly young. And quite attractive. “Have you thought about… ah…”

“Looking outside of marriage?” she interrupted.


“Oh, the thought has crossed my mind. But I guess I am a little scared. Anyways, Beth, I didn’t mean to monopolize the conversation. What about you? You are really cute. I bet you have them lined up at the door.”

For just a heartbeat, I thought about telling Kim I was a lesbian, but I decided to give the subject some time to build. “Well, I’m single. But I really don’t date. I dated a lot when I was going to school, but it got pretty stale.”

“Damn, girl, you are young and pretty. You’ve got a beautiful figure and a sweet personality. You should be getting it on every night. What do you do for excitement?”

It was time to let a little more of the cat out of the bag. “I’ve got a roommate. Heather. We usually find something to keep us occupied.”

Kim looked at me for what seemed like an eternity. I could almost see her mind buzzing. The suspense was killing me. I wished she would ask THE question, so we could move on. Finally, she got up the nerve. “Beth, are you… are you and Heather… ah…”

I smiled. It was finally time. Before she could muster escort bayan beyoğlu the right words, I said, boldly and freely, “Yes, Kim, we are lesbians.” The word “lesbians” tripped so lightly off of my tongue it surprised me. “Does that bother you, Kim?”

“Not at all. In fact…” Her words trailed off into space.

What was she about to tell me? I had to know. So I pressed, “Yes?”

She looked deeply into my eyes, melting me on the spot. “I guess I have always been a bit curious about girls.”

My heart started racing. I was becoming more and more attracted to Kim, and now she had opened the door, however slightly. The good side of me told me to drop the subject and move on; the devil inside me told me that this little cutie, 14 years my senior, was ripe for the pouncing. Of course, I pounced.

“Curious enough to do anything about it?” I asked, nonchalantly taking a sip of the Irish Coffee through a straw while I kept my eyes glued to hers.

“Only once. A year ago. A girl about your age. But it never went beyond a little petting. I think we were too scared.”

“So you like robbing the cradle, huh?”

She laughed. “If I have an attraction for women, and I guess I do or I wouldn’t be telling you this, it is for girls about your age.” Wow! Who was coming on to whom here? “But,” she continued, “with most girls your age the attraction usually isn’t reciprocal.”

It was time to go for all the marbles, to throw it all on the line, here and now. “Kim, may I be really honest with you?”

“Of course.”

“I am very attracted to you.”

“Honesty is the best policy, Beth. And, if I may say so, the attraction is mutual.”

Well. Not quite a done deal. But the cards were on the table. I had just been dealt a royal flush. “Do you think we should do something about this mutual attraction?” I asked, as my face flushed a thousand shades of red.

“What about Heather?”

“What she doesn’t know, can’t hurt her. What about your hubbie?”

“He won’t be back until Tuesday. He’s in Seattle on a business trip. The house is empty.”

I smiled. “Is than an invitation?”

“We better go there before I change my mind,” she replied.

I put my hand over hers and held it there. Our eyes were locked on each other’s. “If you change your mind I’ll become the serial killer.”

Kim laughed. “I live at 3024 Constitution. First house on the left after Riverland Drive.”

“Keep the light on!” I said as we both arose from the table. I thought my heart was about to pound right out of chest.

I was feeling a little high from the Irish Coffee, but the feeling of euphoria that was sweeping all over me at this moment was unbelievable. I had no idea what might transpire at Kim’s house, maybe nothing, but I could feel that familiar feeling of anticipation in my loins. The sweet tingle between my legs was all too obvious. I was nervous as all get-out, but I was really looking forward to my latest adventure.

Kim’s house was gorgeous, tastefully decorated (mostly in light pastels), and thankfully air-conditioned. She made me feel at home almost immediately. She was friendly without acting awkwardly. I mean, here we were, knowing why the both of us were here, but she had a way of easing any discomfort and nervousness.

“Would you like a drink?” she asked.

I was still a bit light-heated from the drink at Killigans. “Just some ice water,” I replied.

I sat down on the sofa and awaited Kim’s return with the water. She placed it on a coaster in front me, leaning far enough over in the process to give a me quick peak down her bodice. She was wearing a white bra. There wasn’t a lot of cleavage, but I did notice that the very top of her breasts were freckled, just like her chest. I wondered if she had caught me looking. When she sat down next to me, her face was beet red.

“I’m very nervous,” she admitted.

“Don’t be. I won’t bite you.”

She laughed. “Then why are you here. I was hoping to get bitten!”

I sipped on the water as the ice tingled in the glass. Thoughtfully, she had put a lemon in the water to give it a little flavor.

“I never bite on the first date,” I said.

“Well, what do you do on the first date?” she asked.

I put my drink on the coaster and turned toward Kim. “This…” I replied, putting a hand behind her neck and drawing her toward me. The kiss seemed perfectly natural. Tentative at first, we shared each other’s lips for a few moments. I wasn’t wearing lipstick; Kim’s lips were glazed with something that made them soft and pliable. As the kiss lingered, the passion began to build. She leaned in closer to me in what had now become a full embrace. Her breasts felt very nice against mine. I put my arm around her and lightly scratched her back. She ran her hand through the back of my hair.

Kim was the first to use her tongue. Just a soft lick at my lips, testing the waters I guess. When I moaned and opened my mouth in silent invitation, Kim wasted no time in driving her tongue, velvet-soft and saliva-filled, into me. I let her explore for while, then drove her tongue out with mine as we wrestled for territory. My tongue searched everywhere it could inside her mouth. The kiss seemed to go on forever. And I never wanted it end. The both of us were breathing more raggedly with each passing moment. I had the feeling we both were going to enjoy the rest of this evening.

When we finally decided to come up for air, Kim could hardly catch her breath. “You are a little hottie,” she said between inhales and exhales.

“You are not so bad yourself. I like the way you kiss.”

She smiled that beautiful smile once more. I was so drawn to her it was unbelievable. “I’m so glad we met.”

“You have a way of making me feel very comfortable in what could have been an awkward situation,” I said. I really meant it. Maybe it was her maturity. Maybe it just came natural to her.

“I never want you to feel uncomfortable, Beth. I want you always to feel at home with me. I promise never to be pushy.”

We were still hugging. She nestled her head in the crook of my neck and I gently brushed my fingers over her left cheek. She cooed softly. Her diamond earring glistened brightly from the light next to the sofa. Every time she took a breath her breasts pressed more tightly against my chest. Her hand came to rest lightly on my thigh.

I leaned down and kissed the side of her neck. She moaned. I kissed and licked for several moments, every once in a while stealing my way up to ear. She moaned even more loudly at each touch of my lips to her ear. I made a mental note that I had found a really hot spot that called for further exploration. As I kissed her, Kim’s left hand flowed through my hair. She was really messing up what I had carefully brushed into place earlier in the evening, but I didn’t care. I played sweet music on her neck with my lips and tongue, goaded on by the sounds coming from deep inside her throat.

Almost nonchalantly, I let my right hand come to rest lightly over Kim’s left breast, over the bodice of the sundress. It felt so natural for my hand to be there. From somewhere in the house I heard chimes ring from a clock. I counted ten of them. My roommate would wonder why I did not come home directly from class, as I usually did, but it was not entirely unusual for me to have a drink or two afterward. Having spent a little time at Killigans with Kim, it would only be a little white lie…

Purposely, I did not move the hand that still rested over the fullness of a breast that I soon hoped to become well acquainted with. Kim knew my hand was there, knew I would soon be caressing her, but I wanted her to want it more before I proceeded any further. It was, however, time to begin an all-out attack on her ear. If she was as sensitive there as I was, I would have her literally eating out of my hands (or other places!) in seconds.

At first, I merely brushed her hair to the side, to give me unfettered access, and planted a few soft kisses over her ear. “Mmmmm,” she cooed. “I love that, Beth!”

Simultaneously, I drove my tongue into Kim’s ear and, for the first time, gently squeezed the fullness of her breast. She immediately moaned and shifted her whole body more into me, easing her left leg over both of my legs and forcing her skirt fairly high up her thighs in the process. I gave her ear a tongue bath, literally. Every once in a while I drove the tip of my tongue into it, making her cry out in pleasure. I toyed with her ear with relentless abandon for the better part of five minutes. Her cries of delight reverberated throughout the room.

Using only the side of my thumb, I brought Kim’s nipple into full erection beneath the bodice and bra. Suddenly, I felt her left hand move away from my hair directly over my right breast. She squeezed it gently. “Oh, baby…” I whispered into her ear, followed by a gentle flow of warm breath that seemed to intensify the moment a thousand fold. She quickly pressed her hand really hard over my tit and moaned from deep inside her throat.

Having brought her nipple to hardness, it was time to move on. Without breaking away from her ear, I moved my hand to Kim’s thigh, just below the hemline of the skirt. She was wearing stockings or pantyhose, making her legs feel ultra-smooth. I used gentle pressure on her thigh as a hint to pull her over me. She took the hint and before I knew it, her body was directly over mine with my left leg just inside her dress. The movement brought my tongue away from her ear, but now afforded her total access to my neck and ear.

Kim returned the favor. She was all over me, doing everything I had done to her and more. I used the building heat to grab her ass, over the sundress, with both of my hands. I squeezed each globe tightly every time I felt her tongue delve into my ear. Feeling brave, I pulled the back of the skirt up until I had easy access to her pantyhose-covered derriere. I played with her buns to my heart’s content as Kim laved my neck and ear with sweet, wet licks and kisses.

She finally stopped the kissing long enough to ask, breathlessly, “Would you like to go my bedroom, honey?”

I liked being called “honey.” I smiled. “Only if you let me have my way with you.”

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Druidess Crashes Rites of Spring

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My tattered dress hung from my shoulders across my breasts and down my dirt-stained thighs. I thought of my failed marriage to a man who couldn’t give but only knew his own needs. I thought of the children I gave birth to and how they probably wondered what happened to mama that she would disappear leaving them not even a letter to remember her by. I had been off my lithium for two weeks now. Long enough to feel the strange tides of raging emotions coursing through my mind and body leaving me lost in a torrent of confusion and despair.

By the darkening bank of the Menai Strait, separating Anglesey from the mainland, I found bliss in a bottle of whiskey, pouring out my sorrows to a blind beggar. His body was misshapen, grotesque. With hollow eyes, he stared out at me from the depths of his pain. My bottle being empty, as well as my soul, he offered me a shot of his elixir, promising it will wipe away the sorrows of yesterday and days before without end. I sipped and sunk into the depths of my mind into a swirling vortex into which I sunk deeper and deeper until only numbness remained.

When I awoke, a fire burned brightly, its smoke twisting into the star-filled sky like an angry serpent. Men, painted blue, danced around the fire, chanting in a language from beyond the veil separating civilization from the ancient Druids. The island of Anglesey in northwestern Wales had been the last refuge of the Druids. These rituals were from even farther back, before the Druids into a time of magic and mystery.

Standing like a specter, the wicker man stood ready for the torch. Unknown to me, I was to be sacrificed to the Goddess. My white lily tattoo substituted for a proper hymen inspection giving a false sign of me as a virgin. The lights of a jet plane blinked overhead as I was prepared for the ceremony. I lay on a cushion of pine branches in my white skirt with my bare breasts.

Two maidens, the attendants, painted my face and breasts with dark red ochre as I lay drugged awaiting my fate. The maidens helped me up and I stumbled toward the wicker man, in a daze. The maidens pushed me through an opening in the man and I found myself enclosed. The drugs began to wear off and I realized, with shock, where I was and what was about to happen. I had been traveling from London on vacation when I had been abducted in the forest of the ancient island. I had read of the rituals and knew what fate awaited me.

The two maidens lit torches and set fire to the wicker man. The flames leaped around me, angry tongues of fire ready to consume me. Suddenly I heard a cracking sound behind me. A tall slender woman was tearing the wicker man apart, plunging into the flames, seemingly immune to burning. She grabbed me, the sacrifice, around the waist rolling me over and over through the grass, snuffing out the flames.

The participants in this macabre ritual had long since vanished, in fear of this dark angel of the night, who had been known to steal the souls of villagers. The sacrificial victim, who was me, said “Thank God!! My name’s Helen. You don’t know how glad I am to see you!”

The strange rescuer repeated my name stumbling over it with her tongue “Helun.” Then she pulled me, known to her as “Helun,” down into the grass caressing me shaking body and covering me with kisses. My body that of Helen, shook with fear and pleasure until the dark stranger locked lips with me and blew champagne bubbles, whose origins were as mysterious as this dark lady, to fizz in my lungs. The sooty air from the burning man was purged by her breath scented like the air after a thunderstorm.

My memory slipped into the dark warm depths and I recited my name, Helen, to keep from forgetting it. I felt my heart throb in unison with the strangers like synchronized drums in this purgative courtship being sewn to the dark stranger’s mind like a seamless quilt.

Awakening from a deep sleep, I was in a dark catacomb lying naked on a cold wet slab of rock. I smelled the dank air sweetened by the smell of burning sage. Flames from torches protruding from the wall illuminated the tall statuesque female form staring down at me. She wore şişli escort a charcoal black evening gown, the gossamer clinging to her body in a symphony of soft curves. Her long flowing black hair hung down to her waist and her predatory eyes gazed at me glowing with an insatiable hunger. My body trembled in fear as she caressed the length of my torso, my breasts, and my sex. I thought of the lost years and the deep throbbing pain in the core of my being. I felt a strange peace settle over me, as though I was finally letting go of all the wounded years with him.

As she leaned down parting her ruby lips I knew I was to become one with her. My heartfelt fragile, like a tiny sparrow, while she leaned over me gently kissing me on the lips. She loosened her dress letting if fall as though she could read my thoughts.

Suddenly a vision of a brilliant red flower bursting into bloom flashed before my eyes. I felt as though I was afloat in a warm salty ocean of my own tears. I was a child again, reborn into a world beyond fear or death. Apocalyptic visions unfolded in my mind. I was floating in a dark sea of silence. The earth shimmered before me, a green and blue island of life in the pelagic ocean of stars. As I gazed on my natal world I saw darkness fall upon the seas. Cities glowed like spider webs in sunlight, glittering across the vast continents. With frightening suddenness, sparks flashed across the dark orb. The planet erupted in showers of fire, engulfing the whole sphere. The orb turned hideous red, signifying the end of the family of man and my own dear children, Claire and David.

Screams tore through my throat as my mistress lay down next to me on the slab. The warmth of her body coaxed me to relax. She pressed me to her breast, the scent of her warm fragrant breath filling my lungs as she kissed me. She whispered, “Don’t fear child. No harm will come to us.”

I held my head wailing as she caressed my bare breasts, licking my nipples. I threw my arms about flailing them and she wrapped her arms around me rocking me gently, her hips pressed against my pelvis. I yelled, “But what about my children?!!”

She grasped my face and stared into my eyes with an intense gaze that obliterated any resistance and I quieted. She spoke with an unyielding tone as I listened, my heart ablaze with terror. Her voice was soft but determined as she spoke the words which would wipe clean my life, birthing me into a new world. She said, “All those people you remember are simply phantoms from a former life. They will soon be dead.”

In terror, I began to rise from the cold slab, but her grip was insistent. She placed her index finger on the folds of my sex, on my clit. I felt a flood of heat fill my body with the deepest craving. I began to squirm with the most overwhelming pleasure as she stroked my clit with her index finger with the delicateness of butterfly wings flapping. My thighs pressed together, compressing her hand against my sex as I writhed. She whispered, “Now you will know the power I can give you. Once you have tasted of it, you will never deny me anything.”

I felt the throbbing of my sex grow in strength. My body surged with delicious pleasure until my orchid simmered with sweet tingling. Rapidly I felt a craving take over my conscious mind. It was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. I was consumed with a lust for her. Her body was luscious in the flickering torchlight. Her long dark hair cascaded across the slab. She offered herself to me.

She knelt bestride me offering her treasure to me in our sultry sacrament. I licked her fire feeling my fears fuel my hunger, fanning the flames of my desire. My fear for my life was transformed into a carnal desire which I could no longer resist. Making love to her was such a beautifully instinctual experience that my resistance to her gentle persuasion vanished. In its place was a feeling of tranquility. Even lithium never brought me such peace as I knew in her arms. No drug could replace the ecstasy of body and mind I felt with her touch. I was hers.

I pulled back gazing at her enraptured face. She looked saintly, so as the çapa escort image of the Madonna at church. She laid next to me her head tilted back, her lips parted as her eyes glazed in trance-like ecstasy. She looked up at me running her fingers feather soft through my curls. She gazed up at me wistfully her eyes glowing with such deep affection for me, I felt overwhelmed by love for her.

I felt an electric shock of awareness as the tremors of orgasm subsided. A cataclysmic shock quaked through my body as I realized my children and husband’s life would be extinguished. My heart pounded in my chest as I realized there was a way to save them. With a trembling voice, I asked, “What must I do to save my loved one’s mistress?”

Her eyes glowed like coals as she looked into my soul. She said, “We will talk about these things in due time. There is still sufficient time left before the apocalypse.”

I felt animal fear grip me in the pit of my stomach. I begged her and she stroked me reassuringly. “Don’t fear my child. I will tell you soon enough. Now is not the time to discuss this. You have come back to the fold. First, we must restore your memory. Long ago you began your life as one of us. When you remember who you really are then you will realize that you don’t belong with your mortal family. This life you were born into is not your true place. You have always been part of the coven.”

I convulsed into tears. She gripped my face in her long slender fingers and pierced me with her gaze. The light faded and I was immersed in darkness. I floated in this sea of darkness feeling coldness creep across my body. Then a brilliant flash illuminated the darkness. The radiant light bathed me in warmth. Memories took shape in my mind. At first fleeting and hazy they slowly became vivid. Like a puzzle being pieced together fragments of memory interlocked until a complete picture emerged with brilliant clarity. I visualized the story of my former life as the ancient identity took form deep in my soul. I felt the fusing of my current life with my past life as the events unfolded before me.

We lay in a patch of moist earth surrounded by the Welsh moorland. Unlike the ancient forests, the colorful time comes at summer’s end in Wales. Then, the moors are nothing like the bleak and windswept ones of literature. When the heather bursts into flower at summer’s end, the moors blaze in a carpet of purple for as far as the eye can see. We breathed in each other’s fragrance among the heather, gorse, and coarse grasses. Her estrogen scent gave me a contact high.

She could see my thoughts. She said, “You trembled under my roaming hands. My fingers traced your curves sending you into a deep trance. Your tender stars of passion swelled, bathed by my touches.”

My words tumbled in reply, “I could feel your love for me like a quilt against the cold. No frost could bite me within the embrace of your arms.”

My dark mistress took the lead in our dance of words. “Your breath against my cheek was a misty essence of the feminine. I lifted your skirt to taste your naked divinity. My lips followed the pilgrim path of your solar plexus into your garden of delight. “

She continued eliciting notes in my song of awakening. “The twinkle in your eyes was like the morning star whose sea-green glow wrapped around my heart. Birds sang in the grapy twilight until stars winked on in the ethereal heavens as the sky became our blanket of stars. We awaited the sunrise with our bodies entwined like grapevines under the Pegasus constellation. I kissed you. Your Milky Way smile blossomed star clusters.”

Realization crystallized in my mind that my moor lover was my very captor who stood above me. She was an ancient Sorceress. My beloved had returned at last to claim me. Her name was revealed. Medea. I was stunned. But the next sequence of memories took me over the edge.

Moonlight sifted through the pines making ghostly shadows in the night forest. The sound of chanting floated down from the monastery on the hilltop. I stood in my tattered nightgown considering where I was to sleep this night. Following the stream, mecidiyeköy escort as it danced and shimmed across egg-shaped rocks I found its source. The oval pool reflected the moonlight in rippled circle patterns as the night breeze blew cold and damp.

I heard a rustling in the bushes and felt cold fear course down my spine. But it was only the restless wind. I lay down to take my rest but couldn’t sleep. My mind wandered back to distant memories which faded into blurred images the further I traveled back in time. I remembered my first girlfriend. The village elders considered it an unnatural love. What made my crime against nature worse was their fear that I practiced the occult.

My parents thought I was insane and for a while, I lived in the sanatorium. Since then I had suppressed my attraction to women and lived the life of the proper wife, with a husband and children. Why oh why on this fateful night did I break my vow of abstinence and make love to the Gypsy woman? I could not fathom why I had surrendered to my animal hunger and forfeited my marriage and children and perhaps my life itself.

I gazed up at the monastery on the hill and the heavenly music filled my heart with longing. If only I could turn back the hands of time. If only I could be snuggling against my husband’s chest in the warmth of my bed, my quilt wrapped around me and his warm kisses covering my body. Thinking these things was too painful. My mind was shocked into paralysis. I knew the door to that world was shut forever.

Then in the darkness of the forest, I saw a line of torches moving like ants toward my wooded sanctuary. I leaped up and ran like a stallion dashing through the forest. I tripped and fell and heard the sound of baying hounds approaching. Looking up I saw my woman, my love, her skin glowing in the haunted night as she looked down at me. She grasped my hand and led me to a small opening in a hillside. She led through the opening into a dark maze of catacombs. She held me and kissed me lightly on the cheek. She whispered softly in my ear, “Welcome home child.”

As I woke from the trance, I felt her release me from her hypnotic gaze. Once again I lay on the slab with Medea’s warm body pressed against me. All the reference markers with which I had navigated through the sea of life had disappeared. The security of being a wife, a mother, and being part of a familiar human world was gone forever.

As Medea gazed into my eyes with deep compassion I felt something come apart within me. I was now part of her world but still loved my family more than life itself. I asked her, “What happened to me?”

Medea said, “You eventually went back to your husband. Your emotional ties to him were stronger than your bond with us. The villagers out of superstition and ignorance murdered you and him. Your soul transmigrated into this body.”

Her words seared into me like a hot iron on my skin. I caught fleeting glimpses in my mind’s eye of being surrounded by angry people in a clearing. Flames leaped all about me as I writhed in agony. “Don’t go there, child! Not now!” I tore my mind away from those memories and back to the present. Medea could read my thoughts. We had an intimate psychic connection. She was to be my midnight bride in our marriage of souls.

However, I felt the deep rumbling of fear for my family welling in my breasts once more. I grasped her hips and pulled her against me pressing my pelvis into the softness of her thigh. I looked pleadingly into her eyes. As I stroked her dark mane of velvety hair, I asked, “How can my family be saved?”

My mother of pearl was slick with my female essence. As she stroked my pubic curls, she revealed to me that she had a vision in which mankind was redeemed. There would be no apocalypse. The Goddess had mercifully saved humans from themselves. Through divine intervention, she had awakened humankind to their impending doom. The holocaust was miraculously averted.

I found myself drawn to Medea like a magnet. My dark mistress guided me through the labyrinth. I asked her where she was taking me. She said, “You have only known me but we are many. Though a multitude, we are one being. You must be initiated into the coven. You will know the ecstasy of union with the colony.” We began descending stairs into a cavern. As we descended I felt her hand grasping mine, pulling me onward toward my destiny.

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Emma and Becky Training Ch. 01

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Big Dicks

This is my first try at posting, please be kind although some constructive criticism would be helpful. If I get good feedback I will continue the story. I hope you all enjoy!


Emma has always been dominant. To an outsider she looked innocent, due to her long blonde hair and big blue eyes. She knew she was attractive and definitely used it to her advantage.

She had been with Becky for almost two months now and That was two months of constant passion, every night after getting home they eat dinner, clean up, open a bottle of cheap wine, and hold and tease each other until the soaps had ended. At which point they moved to the bedroom.

Today Emma had decided to take control.

She had some toys from her last relationship that she hadn’t been able to use since.

She left work early, to get everything ready and in place. She placed the handcuffs and, a blindfold hidden under a pillow, then tied two ropes to the foot of the bed and hid them underneath the duvet.

She was getting wet just thinking of what she was planning to do, despite having all her toys out she resisted the urge to start playing with herself.

She found her corset and matching pantyhose, and left them in the Washing basket in the bathroom with a fresh towel on top.

She got dressed in a blue mini skirt exposing her long tanned legs and, a white shirt which she left open but the button just below her large breasts. The went to the kitchen to start to prepare dinner.

Becky arrived home on time, and Emma greeted her at the door, “Hey sexy!”

Becky kissed Emma “Hey beautiful, what’s for dinner? It smells great!” She asked.

“Meatballs tagliatelle, with sour cream cheese sauce and sweet chili’s and peppers.” Said Emma as she run her hand up Emma’s back.

“Go, get changed, and have a shower.. Before I rip them off, and burn the food!”

“mmm.. sound’s great, ok won’t be long” Becky replied as she walked to the bathroom stripping off her clothes seductively, and turning to check if Emma was watching.

Emma bit her lip as she watched Becky go to the shower, watching her cute butt with the rose tattoo move as she walked. She took a deep breath, then went back to the kitchen to finish and serve the meal.

Becky showered excitedly.

She’d been thinking about fatih escort comming home to Emma all day, and showering was only making her more horny.

She got out after a quick wash, and dried herself off with the towel that was left hanging up. then pulled her silk robe on and fastened it around her waist.

Becky entered the kitchen, her smooth legs still shining from the shower.

“How was your day?” Emma asked while serving the dinner.

“Boring, all meetings and guys staring at me,” Becky replied as she sat at the table “Same as usual, how about you?”

“Good, just been catching up on paper work,” Emma replied, “..and thinking about you all day” she said with a grin, and glanced at Becky’s chest which was glistening from the water running down her short red hair.

“Really… like what?” Becky asked as she played with her robe adjusting it to show a little more cleavage.

“You will find out later.” Emma said pointed

Becky smiled at this “can’t wait.”

They stopped talking and eat in silence, mostly exchanging glances at each other.

After they both finished Emma stood up and said,

“I will wash up, you go open the wine.”

“You sure.. you cooked, and it was soo good.”

“Yeah, I’m sure. now get that sexy butt on that sofa!”

Becky couldn’t help smiling as she walked into the living room and pulled up her robe showing off her ass again. Then sat on the sofa, opened the bottle of wine, and switched the tv on.

When Emma had finished, she made her way to the livingroom. She jumped onto the sofa and slid over to Becky.

“Have I missed anything?” Emma asked while she put a hand on her thigh and squeezed.

“No, just the adverts.” Becky replied catching Emma’s hand, pulling it to her mouth and kissing it gently, then placed it back on her leg. They stared for a moment, then kissed each other.

It’s was 9pm when there shows had finished, “Time for bed” Becky said as she got up. She kissed Emma then removed her robe, then led to the bedroom by her hand.

Emma glanced at the bathroom as they walked past and let a slight smile flash on her face, she pulled Becky back and pinned her to the wall and kissed her. they rolled down the wall kissing passionately until they got to the bedroom.

Becky istanbul escort pushed Emma into the bedroom, Emma landed on the bed and before she could sit up Becky was on her.

She spreads Emma’s leg’s and began lapping at her wet pink pussy. She was so wet Becky slid two fingers into her pussy, and started thrust fast going in and slow comming out, every now and then spreading her fingers a little

Emma bit her lip and moaned “yeah baby, faster, just like that.”

Becky sped up going as fast she could, then slowed down to fit a third finger in, and used her other hand to rub her breasts, and it wasn’t long before Emma was in a screaming orgasm.

After Emma caught her breath, she took control she pushed Becky to the bed and straddled on top of her, this was normal for them, Emma moved in to kiss Becky. But stopped just short grabbing her arms and raising them above her head. She pinned them there as she made contact with the kiss.

She slowly moved a hand away from Becky’s then pulled out the handcuffs making sure they were threaded through the headboard before snapping them on her wrists. Becky struggled for a moment, then smiled broadly as Emma slid off of her, she started to kiss down her body, then stopped and tied her feet to the ropes, forcing her legs open leaving her pussy exposed.

“Be right back, I’ve got to get changed.” Emma said as she left the room.

Becky laid there feeling more horny by the second thinking of what Emma had planned, then she heard the shower switch on, and the sound of Emma stepping in, she couldn’t help imagine her covered in soapy bubbles, and slowly touching herself. As she imagined this, she forgot about the cuffs and tried to move her hands to touch herself. She moaned as she felt the steel cuffs on her wrists, stopping her from even reaching her head.

An hour later, Emma returned to the room, in a tight corset and black pantyhose, Becky looked annoyed “You came back then.” she said pouting.

“Yes, my little plaything,” Emma replied as she leaned over Becky to pull out the blindfold she left earlier.

“Now listen carefully.. I will not be letting you out tonight.. You will be in this blindfold until tomorrow.. You will do anything I tell you.. And you will not come unless I give you permission, do you understand?” taksim escort She said factually.

Becky hesitated, she had never seen Emma acting like this, although she had heard some things she used to do with her ex, and she often fantasized about them, but they never talked about it.

Becky felt a pinch on her nipple, and re-focused on Emma.

“Understand!?” Becky felt her pussy get wet at the question.

“yes!” she said quickly.

Emma slipped the blindfold on, and Becky’s senses went into overload. All she could think about is how hot and wet her pussy was.

she heard Emma moving and pulling a box from underneath the bed.

Emma found the vibrator that she had been looking for. She got onto the bed and turned the vibrator on, it only had an on or off switch, but it was more powerful than her other ones she owned. She placed it an inch away from her pussy on the mattress.

Becky moaned and squirmed trying to get closer to it.

Emma giggled as she watched and groped Becky’s boob’s and played with her nipples which by this point was rock hard, then Emma took the vibrator and placed it on Becky’s clit, she held it there for 20 seconds before Becky asked “Can I come?”

Emma stopped and placed it back on the bed still vibrating “no, you have to please me first.”

Becky groaned and caught her breath.

Emma giggled again and got up, slid her panties to one side and straddled over Becky’s face, “Eat my pussy!”

Becky recognized the sweet smell of Emma and without hesitation started to lick and suck on her pussy, even with the blindfold and lack of movement, she knew how Emma liked it and was doing her best to please her.

Emma started to play with her breasts and rub her clit. Emma gasped and placed the vibrator to touch Becky’s clit again.

Becky was so close to coming that she could Barely focus on finishing Emma, but the moment she stopped the vibrator went away. So Becky continued to Lick and felt Emma’s come gush onto her face.

Becky was almost out of control, “Please.. Can I come!?”

Emma got off of Becky and gave her a deep kiss, As she removed the vibrator and said, “No.” firmly, then ordered Becky “Keep your mouth open.”

she went back to her box and pulled out a ball gag, she wiped the gag on Becky’s pussy covering it in her juices before fitting it into her mouth.

Emma leaned over and said calmly “thank you, you are such a good girl, I may even let you come tomorrow, if I think you deserve it. for now get some sleep. We have a long weekend ahead of us.”

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Educating Emma Ch. 03

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“Come along girl,” Annabelle heard her new governess, a certain Miss Muriel Gray, order as the older woman’s fingertip coaxed the young woman’s panting body back into position over Muriel’s lap on the sofa.

The young lady couldn’t resist a sigh as the finger slid down under the swell of her pubic mound. Given she was already naked at her governesses behest, there really was little question of resistance. In fact compliance was certainly the order of the day:

“Oooh — oooh.”

Then another spank landed on the young woman’s bare backside, but not too hard this time, despite the loud report. The girl moaned.

“There’s a good girl.”

Three quick spanks followed in swift succession. The pert young miss swivelled her bum-cheeks seeking in a vain attempt to swerve away to protect herself. The older woman’s hands edged her back again.

Then Miss Muriel’s palm stung her protégée once more. The spoilt, young girl squirmed and gasped. She snatched forward and away from the blow, but landed on the wicked fingers playing around her nubile sex.

And then, she pulled away from the intrusion, so that her already tender bum thrust itself backwards and collided with the next spank, jolting her forward again from pleasure to pain and back again in quick succession.

“Oooh — ooh — M-miss Muriel — I…”

“Hush. That’s a good girl.”

Again our young heroine wriggled back from the toying digits. They were so insistent and so hard to escape and yet the tattered remains of her modesty required Annabelle to show some degree of restraint. There was little hope of that though, for, once more, Miss Muriel decided that delicious bottom was quite obviously pleading for another spank. And this was duly delivered.

“Ooow! Ooh!”

Slowly over the past six months the girl had learned lessons which her mama would never have taught her. The kneeling to say her prayers had been replaced by kneeling to lick out her governess’s crotch, while Muriel platted the eighteen year old’s hair. The brushing her teeth in the morning had been facilitated by nipple clamps that served as a convenient toothbrush holder while she rinsed her mouth.

Annabelle had previous become very proficient in the flower arranging and country dancing advocated by the elderly governess who had made way for the more modern techniques of Miss Gray. And Annabelle was now assuredly becoming similarly adept at arranging her limbs over her new governess’s desk and spreading them well, so that Muriel could slowly sodomise her with a banana from the fruit bowl or, better still, one of the ebony dildos that she had brought back from a trip to Morocco.

And Annabelle now danced so well when bent across Miss Gray’s desk and caned neatly across the backs of both thighs just above the level that her less than modest skirt would cover. Her dancing through the night as Miss Gray rode her face was second to none.

As for Annabelle’s papa: well, although he had only an inkling of the full curriculum, he was most eager to share his knowledge of his child’s instruction.

The recommendations from France, Italy and Spain had determined his initial choice given they were accompanied by the most interesting pictures of Miss Muriel’s previous charges. And further interesting almost incestual imagery had followed over the subsequent six months. So, he had become rather more aware that Miss Muriel’s classes included all sorts of the more interesting aspects of deportment.

And the training had been most successful mecidiyeköy escort over the summer as exemplified today. Annabelle had clearly begun to realise that if she squirmed back away from the fingers, then her young bum couldn’t help but thrust itself out, all ripe and ready for the descending palm. And it was so unfair: the more she stuck it out, the harder her poor dear sit-upon got spanked.

The thing was not to stick it out. If Belle resisted the urge to slide backwards away from the naughty governess’s fingers — well, she still got spanked, but not so hard. True she would be spanked enough to make her wriggle; to squirm a bit and to make her even more squirmy, but, slowly, our star pupil caught on to that too.

Muriel’s hand slapped her charge again: not too hard. The girl wriggled: not too much. The hand hovered: not too eagerly. And the bottom stopped squirming without too much delay. All in all, the sequence was quite balletic.

And yet with the next slap, the next less than virtuous spank, our trainee ballerina found that despite her attempts at horizontal over the knee entrechat, she was wriggling rather a lot!

“You don’t seem to be able to hold still, girl,” Muriel commented in a dry tone. “I have a mind to write to my dear friend Emma and her mama to tell them how my latest little house slut misbehaves all the time.”

“You wouldn’t!”

“I most certainly would. And I will send them the photographs of that rather large cucumber in your delightfully tight behind the other night.”

“How shaming!”

“Not quite as shaming as you devouring the cucumber sandwiches with your family at luncheon today, without telling them of the recent excursion of the gourd.”

“I couldn’t.”

“Never mind. I told your papa afterwards.”

“Oh miss!”

“He seemed strangely pleased and asked the maid to bring him the remains of the sandwiches with his afternoon tea.”

“Oh my!”

“Yes, oh yes: oh your filthy, deviant papa indeed.”

“That’s hardly my fault, Miss Muriel.”

“Whose fault would it be then?”

“It could be yours, Miss,” the girl replied hesitantly and instantly blushed at the less than veiled accusation.

“And whose responsibility are you?”

“Yours, Miss Muriel”

“And so it’s more my right than my fault isn’t it?”

“If you like, Miss Muriel”

“I do like and what does my little lap-cunt like?”

“She likes the way you explain things so much better than she can.”

“Would that also be so much better than mama or papa could do?”

“Oh, yes miss,” the girl squirmed happily feeling Miss Muriel’s fingers pressing and probing, pushing daringly against the young girl’s surprisingly intact hymen.

“Even so, pet.”

“Even so what, Miss Muriel?”

“Even so, I do think something a little more severe than spanking might be called for,’ Muriel warned her. “Arch yourself up and wait for me. And don’t forget to expose yourself properly, girl.”

Miss Annabelle Archet pressed her eighteen year old belly down and pushed her youthful bottom back, spreading her legs as she knelt on the sofa in the drawing room, blushing to think how she was showing absolutely everything.

Hearing Miss Muriel walk across the room, to her little locked cabinet that had been an ominous presence in the house since Miss Gray had first arrived from the continent, Annabelle bit her lip, but she didn’t look up. She didn’t need to. She knew that, sitting in there, was Muriel’s collection aksaray escort of belts, canes, floggers and tawses, all of which had been put to good use on the younger daughter of the Archet family.

And Miss Gray was bound to select the new belt. She was always a one for novelty. Annabelle knew it was her governess’s favourite toy for corrective purposes now: an unadorned black strip of thin, supple Italian leather, all the way from Firenze.

Annabelle winced again. She could see Muriel in her mind’s eye holding the buckle in her palm and wrapping the leather twice about her hand. She could sense the way Muriel would flick her wrist with a practised motion.

And she winced again as she heard the belt crack satisfyingly in the thin air and let out an apprehensive moan. Then Annabelle swallowed, knowing that her indiscretion would return Muriel’s attention to her youthful form.

Annabelle quivered at the thought of Miss Gray looking back at her pupil waiting uncertainly and displayed so obscenely. She flushed to think of Muriel seeing her legs spread with her pussy and arsehole both revealed so rudely. Then she closed her eyes trying to ward off Muriel’s attentions.

Annabelle knew that as she screwed her eyes tight closed, Muriel’s eyes were drinking in her nubile young curves and the lush expanse of tender flesh offered up to Muriel’s mercy.

There was no longer any pubic hair to hide Annabelle’s modesty. Muriel had had that waxed away when first she had discovered how unkempt and hirsute her new charge was at the first undressing she had subjected Annabelle to.

And Belle also knew that Muriel would hear each of her shallow, panting breaths and could see, between the splay of her teenaged thighs, the rise and fall of her pertly dangling breasts.

“How many, then, Belle?”

‘How many?’ Annabelle queried meekly, once Muriel returned to resume her position at the girl’s side.

“How many shall I ask your mama in to help you count, pet?”

“Oh no, Miss: please I’d die of shame.”

“Then how many shall I ask your twenty one year old sister to share with you? I could spank you both together then – since you are quite as naughty as each other and don’t seem to be able to keep your tongues out of each other’s pussies these days… or your tight little bottom holes either as I recall from the photographs I took of you both last week.”

“How can you be so cruel?”

“With the greatest of ease as far as you are concerned, Belle.”

“You are so horrid to me?”

“And you love it, pet.”

“I do, it’s true.”

‘Well, in the absence of a sensible response from my agreeably submissive spoilt slut, I think the answer is enough to elicit something approaching contrition,’ Muriel almost giggled as she answered her own question. Annabelle nodded compliantly and looked up towards her governess.

“Now, arch your backside, slut.”

Obediently, Annabelle lifted herself up, her motion contrasted nicely by the way she looked down modestly at the sofa arm all the time. She was actually thinking how Muriel was at that very moment drawing back her arm and preparing to strike, so had good reason to be both demure and concessional.

Simultaneously, Muriel and Annabelle considered just how the whippy leather would land with a sharp report on the fullest curve of Miss Archet’s bottom-cheeks.

“And let’s try to see just how much we can disturb your dear papa next door.”

“Oh no, miss!”

“Oh yes, pet. Now cry nişantaşı escort out if you dare, my sweet little spoiled bitch.”

Annabelle trembled to think her father would hear her mewls as the tip of the belt licked into the split crevice of her private areas. Muriel trembled to think that Mr Archet, working next door would lick his dry lips and unbutton himself as he heard his daughter’s tormented cries.

And both knew that an anguished wail would tear from the girl’s throat, as Archet started to flaunt his raddled cock, pausing over tea in the next room. At that thought Annabelle began to raise her hand to protect her soon-to-be abused buttocks.

‘Hold still!’ Miss Gray snapped and, at the sound of Muriel’s displeasure, Annabelle’s hand shot back to its proper place, clinging to the sofa as to a safe harbour in a storm.

And then it began again. Muriel tanned Annabelle Archet’s arse cheeks methodically and clinically. She laid down each thin red stripe a little higher up the girl’s flanks right up to the point where the girl’s buttocks tapered into the small of her back.

Then, Muriel returned her whippy tool (with an inevitable vengeance) to the mid-point of the child’s derriere. She loved the squeals as the lashes descended on the teenager’s quivering arse cheeks.

Muriel wasn’t spiteful though. She was careful to avoid the girl’s plump, out-thrust shaven sex; but she compensated for that well enough. In fact, she made sure each blow landed with some precision and effect on the hapless girl’s upper thigh. Muriel actually allowed a greater length to mark the young girl’s skin, curling around and onto the front of her nubile legs.

Each lash elicited a barking cry from the disciplined child. A few tears were certain. And the eventual outcome was inevitable: buckling at the knees, Annabelle’s young hips snatched back and forth as her well-toasted bum got another half-dozen swishes of the governess’s belt for good measure.

And next door, on hearing the final outraged squeal of his cherished daughter, Mr Archet came, spurting feverishly all over his trousers.

And then there was to be more coming: the lighter touches of womanly fingers came to find their way back to the apex of Annabelle’s youthful vagina. These were teasing, toying touches. They were clever and caressing fondles. Muriel knew, from her days on the continent, just how to deploy a delicate, sensual connection. It was one that contrasted completely to both the spanking and the belting and one that would serve her young pupil in very, very good stead.

While Mr Archet pressed his ear to a cup against the wall, his semen stained trousers around his knees Miss Muriel ensured that satisfaction was achieved. As her papa tried vainly to coax another erection, Belle gave her thanks to her governess with the most delightful keening wail.

Yes, despite the last of her sobs from the punishment and the shock of the sight of the belt hanging over a nearby chair in case Miss Muriel needed it again momentarily, little Annabelle Archet shuddered (just as her papa had done so recently) through the peak of her next orgasm.

And it was all at the instigation of the beloved and trusted Miss Muriel Gray; the very Miss Muriel who could be heard at that very moment pushing her own knee-length skirt up. It was only a short matter of time before she was pulling her young charge down, between Miss Gray’s eagerly spread thighs.

There was, after all, still half an hour of the lesson; and, therefore, there was considerable opportunity for Annabelle to refine her elocution with certain tongue twisting exercises in the slick depths of her governess’s cunt. So, how could anyone not forgive a little impatience on Miss Muriel’s part as she ordered once again: “Come along, girl…”

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Doris’ Itch Ch. 04

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This chapter was meant to be the final chapter in Doris’ fantasy, but the trip to the store became ‘involved’ and so took up the whole chapter. I hope the description has done justice to her fantasy and that you enjoy it.

Well the rest of the week was a turmoil of emotion for me as I pondered what had happened that night with Andy walking into our home and finding Toby riding me hard, doggie style in our lounge, and my world seemingly imploded in on itself. Only later to explode outwards in a couple of unbelievable orgasms after Andy entered my room and by some amazing twist of fate we had ended up making love, mother and son, incest. Would I now be burned in hell as our preacher promised every Sunday that God took care of sinners? How would this act affect our family?

At breakfast the following morning I wasn’t sure how I would be able to face Mike; or Andy for that matter. Fortunately Mike was just finishing breakfast as I entered the kitchen and he only had a couple of minutes to explain how much he had enjoyed his evening at the gun club, how friendly and helpful everyone was, and that he had been invited back the next week. Mike grabbed his last piece of toast and started out of the kitchen, but turned as he reached the door.

“Mum, I would love to join the gun club, is that OK?” He asked tentatively.

“Mike if you enjoy it as much as you have just described then I would love you to join it as well, now get off to college,” I pledged, my mind in a spin.

No sooner had Mike left through one door did Andy float into the kitchen through the other. He face was all dreamy & his eyes were glazed. I wasn’t sure if he was still half asleep or he was just retaining that ‘Just fucked’ look from last night.

“Here, eat your breakfast,” I instructed, “or you will be late.”

“How did Mike get on at the gun club last night?” he asked with a slight smile.

I paused as I poured myself some more coffee.

“He enjoyed himself…..” I replied, my voice trailing off.

“Is that all he said?” asked Andy sounding disappointed.

I considered my answer carefully as it would give expectants that would be hard to change. What did I want? Did I want to risk my marriage by continuing to screw around with Andy, or Toby, or both? ……. But I wasn’t getting the love I needed; correction the sex I needed from my husband. I knew in my heart and in my brain that what had happened over the past two weeks, and especially last night, was so wrong, but it was just so compulsive……. Did I want to continue getting my pleasure or did I want to get human pleasure and satisfaction from my two new young lovers? One of whom was my son?

I gazed at my coffee, lost in thought.

“Mum?” Andy asked behind me.

No; fingers, a vibrator, and porn would not satisfy me when I could have the real thing on my own terms and conditions. I could stop it whenever I needed to ………… who was I fooling?

“No,” I finally replied, “He said he loved it and wanted to join.”

“What, ……….. What did you say to that?” Andy asked his heart in his mouth.

I thought some more, I didn’t dare face Andy. This was my last chance to stop my continued journey into the fires of hell.

“Mum? Andy asked again.

‘To hell with it,’ I thought.

Not wanting to face him, I replied “I told him that was Ok and that I would love him to join.”

Andy’s chair scraped backwards on the floor and seconds later he kissed me quickly on the cheek.

“Cool,” was all he said as he headed for the door.

I quickly turned to finally face him, “Andy, remember our conversation last night, yes?”

“Sure mum, it’s cool.” Said the voice of youth as he left our home, for the first time as a man.


Saturday night I cooked a nice meal and sent Andy & Mike out with money for the evening so Ian and I could have a quiet evening together. I showered and wore some nice clothes that revealed my new sexy lingerie that I had bought to save my marriage. If I could entice Ian to make love to me, and then teach him some of my new found skills then I would not continue with Andy & Toby in future.

It is too upsetting to describe the effort I went to that night to seduce my own husband, but it was all for nothing. Even a slow strip failed to gain any attention as Ian turned on his side and went to sleep even before I had got down to my sexy throng. I shut myself in the ensuite and cried into a thick towel to bury my sobs and tears.

On Sunday morning I claimed to be ill and stayed in bed as the boys trooped off the church loyally with Ian. While they were out I threw away the lingerie, I knew I was now in a sex less marriage. I wasn’t even sure if Ian still loved me.

Thankfully Monday morning eventually arrived and Ian headed off to the airport and the kids out as well. I rang in sick to work, I needed time to think. Grabbing a coffee I headed down into my den. I tried doing some sewing as I tried to work bursa eve gelen escort out where my life was going. Thinking of Ian left me cold, but thinking of Andy sent a pulse surging through my pussy. God, then an image of Toby flashed through my mind and my nipples tingled as I thought about his fascination and love for my breasts. Lastly I pictured young Mike, and I knew I didn’t want to risk hurting him. How complicated life had become!

Sitting there in my high backed leather swivel chair I couldn’t focus on my sewing. Instinctively my hand reached between my thighs to rub the itch that was developing between my legs, distracting me from any sensible thought.

Images of sitting astride Toby’s cock as he played with my breasts filled my mind. And then I saw Andy step into the picture to take my head into his tender hands as he fed his hard upright cock into my warm wet mouth. This was just too much, I lost all common sense and ripped my sweat pants & panties off completely as I spread my legs wide and breathed in the aroma of my already excited sex. God the aroma of excited pussy filled the room as I flicked on the computer and quickly loaded up my favourite folder of young stud pictures. The screen filled with a slide show of young muscular hunks fucking into housewives in all stages of undress. Quickly I pulled up my t-shirt and bra to release my breasts from captivity and then settled back to bring myself off.

The images of the hunks on the screen and my thoughts of sucking Andy’s hard young cock soon had me desperate for an orgasm. Three fingers of one hand were soon ploughing in and out of my pussy; and my other hand was tugging at my erect nipples in the same rough actions as my inexperienced horny studs would treat me. God, I was so desperate for release of all this pent up frustration and desire; and it had to be here and now. My pussy clamped down on my invading fingers and waves of pleasure emanated from my tortured nipples as I bathed in self abuse and determination to relieve the itch burning between my legs. “Oh God, I need to come,” I cried out in my den as I pumped my fingers deep into my demanding pussy.

It didn’t take long before my body took over and dissolved all of my energy into a cocktail of heat that radiated from my nipples and pussy as I exploded into an all consuming orgasm that had my hips humping on the leather chair.

“Yes Toby, Fuck me, Fuck me,” I screamed at the images on the screen and imagined his cock exploded in my pussy. My mouth was a wide open ‘O’ as I imagined I was sucking down hard on Andy’s cock as it exploded in my mouth, and I continued to mesh my huge tits together as I tugged and swayed on my nipples.

“Oh God, Yes,…… Yes, ……. Yes,” I screamed as this tremendous orgasm continued to rip my whole body apart. Juices were flowing over my fingers onto the leather making it so wet I was struggling to stop myself sliding off the chair on a slick of pussy juice.

My head was bobbing backwards and forwards as I sucked on Andy’s spurting cock, it all seemed and felt so real.

Letting go of my nipples I reached into the desk drawer and pulled out my trusty vibrator and wiped its tip across my wet pussy lips before turning it on. The reassuring buzz of satisfaction to lonely housewives filled the room as I lowered it onto my clit.

As soon as it touched my horny erect bud, I was sent into deep space as my pussy just tripped the light fantastic. My hips arched in the chair and I screamed out loud as my glowing orgasm reignited into a super nova of intense pleasure. My fingers continued to hammer my swollen pussy as I pressed the hard tip against my clit.

“Oh fuck yes….” I screamed to myself.

I woke later feeling totally drained, my ass stuck to the leather with dried cum juices and the room filled with the scent of sated pussy. Oh God was I sore, it felt like a train had driven into my pussy by mistake. I had masturbated my own lights out and passed out in my trustee chair. The vibrator hummed gently on the carpet and the screen still scrolled with hunks continuing to fuck hungry housewives.

I felt so fucked, but so alive. If a delivery man had knocked on the door I would have fucked him to death, there and then on the doorstep. I literally needed someone to fuck me there and then, I was so desperate for both love and someone to hold me.

Well that wasn’t going to happen sat in my den, so I closed down the computer, put away my battery powered friend and headed upstairs to the shower. Within half an hour I was refreshed, spruced up and on my way to the mall. I didn’t really know what I was going to do with myself now my hormones had had time to settle down and I had recovered some of my commonsense. Now I was more like my Sunday school teacher self than the sex crazed slut of an hour ago, but I still had an itch between my thighs that was impossible to ignore. I needed something but didn’t know what.

I sat in the food court bursa escort of the mall sipping a latte and nibbling on a bagel as my eyes roved looking for talent. Who was I fooling …… A Monday morning in a mall is not the best time to see young hunks strutting their stuff; more a case of male retirees looking for cheap breakfast deals. What was I expecting and what was I going to do to satisfy the itch? Was I going to pick up some stranger and be unfaithful to my family by having a quick knee trembler somewhere? I certainly wouldn’t risk taking a stranger home. Commonsense struggled to overcome my rampaging hormones. ‘When in doubt, shop,’ I thought.

I finished my latte & bagel and headed for the lingerie store.

Our local store is an enticement to fantasy and titillation, with some very beautiful garments that don’t leave too much for the imagination. I wandered in and was greeted by the sole sales lady, a thin shapely woman in her late 20’s with long brown hair, and a fine figure.

“Good morning madam,” she greeted me, “and welcome to our store. I am Helen and if you would like any assistance with absolutely anything please don’t be shy to ask. I am here to help you in whatever way you need today.”

‘I need a good fucking,” I thought, ‘bet you can’t help with that,’ I smiled back, but replied “Thank you Helen,” as I headed into the maze of racks and delights that abounded around the store. I wanted something very special that would keep my young lovers hard all evening, and this was the place to get it.

I mooched around for half an hour looking at the mass of choice, some of which was limited by the sizes available to wrap my 42DD breasts. There are too many thin stick women around these days that have no shape or assets to highlight with lingerie; maybe that is why the market caters to them as they need to promote their bodies more than us women with a good figure & curves.

Eventually I settled on 3 or 4 combinations and headed to the changing rooms at the side of the store, where I quickly stripped off behind the curtain that didn’t stretch right across the full width of the cubicle.

First of all I tried on a baby doll nightie in white, very 70’s, but still it looked sexy. The fine mesh rubbed over my nipples, quickly bringing them to an erect sensitive state. I looked down to where the fluffy hem hung at crotch level as I looked at myself in the full length mirror. I must admit I thought I looked good for a woman of my age that could still turn on two young men, one of whom was my son. The only disadvantage was that the fluffy hem was at crotch level and I didn’t want my young lovers catching their wet tongues on it when they licked me out down there. No, it won’t be good having them spitting out fluff by mistake. As I was about to take it off I caught a glimpse of the assistant, Helen, stood looking at me through the gap in the curtain while she pretended to tidy up the adjacent rack of panties.

“Do you like what you see Helen?” I asked.

“Yes Madam,” She responded, “Very nice.”

I felt wicked, “And what about the lingerie?” I asked teasingly.

Helen immediately blushed, embarrassed at my joke.

“It looks good on you as well,” she responded blatantly, making me blush this time.

‘God does this woman fancy me?’ I thought, ‘or does she have a faster sense of humour and response than me?’

“Thank you Helen,” I replied trying not to splutter, “I’ll try the next outfit on.”

I whipped off the baby doll and tried on a satin teddy in smooth satin, thoroughly enjoying the cool smooth sensation as the material enveloped my skin. As I turned to view myself in the mirror I saw Helen had stepped up to the curtain.

“Very fetching Madam,” she complimented me, “it highlights the fullness and curves of your breasts and entices with the way your nipples show through the satin.”

I was taken aback by the boldness of her comments.

“Why thank you Helen,” I said, “but please call me Doris.”

Helen stepped further forward and half opened the curtain. She looked into the mirror to look at me and commented “The way your nice hips and lovely legs are highlighted by the cut of the material shows your lovely body to its best.”

I was really taken aback by her sales pitch, but my heart swelled that she thought I looked good after the rejection by Ian at the weekend when I had stood in front of him in my lingerie then.

Helen grew bolder in her sales pitch, “The way the gusset fits neatly between your firm shapely thighs emphasises the curve of your mons underneath.

My eyes snapped first to the mirror to look at my reflection to check out her description, yes she was right; before my eyes lifted to look at this very forthright sales assistant. She looked very professional, …. and very beautiful, I noticed as I caught a scent of her perfume. ‘Very seductive,’ I thought. ‘Damn, why did I think that?’

“Anyone would fancy you in that outfit …….. görükle escort Doris,” she complimented again.

“Well, thank you Helen,” I replied, my chest swelling with pride, and my nipples hardened some more as the satin rubbed over them.

“I think I will try on the basque now,” I commented, a little embarrassment creeping into my voice, as I thought ‘Why didn’t she say any man, rather than anyone?’.

Helen stepped out of the changing room as I peeled of the teddy, but remained by the curtain openly admiring my naked body as it came into view.

“Madam, sorry, Doris, you will look very beautiful in the basque. It will show you off to perfection. It will make anyone instantly desire you,” she pitched.

I blushed as I took the garment off its hanger and started to wrap it around my naked body. It was hard to line up the hooks & eyes behind my back and Helen stepped back into the changing room.

“Here let me help you as it is not always easy the first time,” she offered.

I felt her warm soft hands brush against my back as she gripped the two sides of the basque and pulled them together.

“Err, thank you Helen,” I replied, feeling out of sorts with her proximity to my nearly naked body.

“The basque will highlight the beauty of your stunning figure Doris,” she complimented as she trussed me up in the tight fitting garment. As she secured the fastenings from the middle upwards I could feel the garment slowly start to lift and confine my 42DD breasts. I looked into the mirror to see Helen looking over my shoulder, admiring the way my breasts were lifting in the reflection, as my cleavage started to tighten and firm up in the confining garment.

“See how it is lifting and starting to showcase your breasts?”

“Err, yes,” I croaked.

After she secured the final fastener, I admired the stunning view of my breasts, all propped up and squeezed tightly together to show a vast amount of cleavage.

Suddenly I felt Helen’s hands under my arms pit as she spoken softly by my ear, “Here let me ensure that it is adjusted correctly. Without waiting for me to reply she ran her hands along the cups of the basque gently squeezing the firmness of my encased breasts which swelled upwards slightly.

“Does that feel better Doris?” she cooed softly against my ear.

“Err, yes thank,” I spluttered, not sure where this was heading. Was this exceptional service or was she chatting & feeling me up?

“That takes care of the top part, now lets finish off the outfit with some stockings and panties,” she guided.

I bent down to pick up the stockings I had already selected, and as I did so my ass brushed against Helen’s crotch.

“Sorry, I’ll move out of your way so you can put them on,” she offered.

She stood by the curtain as I sat on the bench seat to roll the white stockings up my suntanned legs. As I lifted one foot to slide on the first stocking I felt my pussy lips part with the movement of my thighs and I realised that I was damp again; I also realised that Helen was staring straight at my exposed pussy. I was shocked as I looked at her face and saw that she wasn’t diverting her eyes. ‘Oh God, where is this heading,’ I thought. I clipped the suspenders to the lacy band around the stocking tops and then I pulled on a pair of satin panties. The cool satin material brushed softly against my mound as I stood to ease the elastic onto my hips at the back.

I turned away from Helen to look at myself in the mirror, I was very proud of what I saw. My two young lovers would probably shoot their loads very quickly when they caught sight of me dressed like this. Next moment I realised that Helen had slid in behind me. Before I knew it I felt her hands on my satin ass cheeks, but before I could recover from the shock she purred, “This outfit suits your stunning figure and beauty Doris.”

I was still in shock at what was happening.

“Do you like the feel of the cool satin against your skin?” She continued to purr in my ear as her hands started to slide up and outwards onto my hips.

I couldn’t answer.

Slowly her extended fingers met at the front.

“Does this feel nice wrapped around your pussy? She softly asked as her finger slid down to the top of my mound before easing apart to rest on the inside of my thigh, narrowly missing contact with my pussy. Now Helen was standing tight against me and I could feel the heat from her body.

‘What is happening to me?’ I wondered as my pussy seemed to start to glow and my nipples seemed to harden inside the cups of the basque. I stood stock still, completely dumbfounded, seemingly detached from the events around me.

“Does the satin feel cool against your warm pussy Doris?” She blatantly asked, and even more blatantly I felt her fingers slid together until she lightly cupped my mound through the satin.

“Does this give you a strange warm feeling Doris?” she inquired as she lightly squeezed my mound in her hand.

I involuntarily shivered as new and unusual feelings surged through me. I surprised myself by answering “Yes”. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I couldn’t believe I wasn’t doing anything to stop it. I have never ‘fancied’ a woman before, but the scent and actions of this young beautiful woman had anesthetised my reactions.

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