A Threesome Proposed

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This is the third part of the continuing story of Amanda and Jason’s relationship. For an understanding of how they arrived at this point please read “A Weekend Seduction” and “Three-month Anniversary”.


Dianne and I sat at either ends of the sofa, each sipping a large glass of chilled Chardonnay, talking and laughing over the events of the day. We’d just returned from a long, but fun, afternoon at the Galleria, one of Houston’s upscale malls, where we’d each tried on numerous outfits in a search of that “just right” sexy, but classy, look. Ultimately our search had yielded lots of purchases for us both, including some very sexy lingerie that we hoped to put to good use with our partners soon.

My name’s Amanda and I’ve known Dianne for nearly twelve years, more or less since I started teaching math at the high school where Dianne already worked, teaching English. I’m thirty-eight, with a mane of shoulder-length blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes and a tall, athletic figure which, I’m glad to say, is still able to turns heads on a regular basis. I’ve been divorced for nearly two years and, like most women, initially had zero interest in becoming involved with another guy. However, about six months ago, I hooked up with Jason, a twenty-six year old colleague, while attending a conference together in Austin. We’ve been dating ever since and, despite the twelve year age gap, I’ve found myself seriously falling for him, not least because of his talent and stamina in the bedroom. Each and every time Jason fucks me, and he does that often, I have multiple toe-curling orgasms before he feeds me his six inch cock and pounds me mercilessly until I cum one more time.

Dianne’s a very attractive forty-two year old with a tall, lithe figure and stylishly cut, short black hair that ensures she instantly catches the attention of any male that looks at her for more than a split second. She’s married to Bob, a Pastor at one one of our local churches, and her two teenage kids attend the school at which we both teach. She is also Jason’s boss, being the Head of English, the department in which Jason teaches his English and Politics classes.

Jason and I have worked hard to keep our blossoming relationship secret from the staff and students at the school and Dianne was one of the few people that I’d let into the secret. Not only are she and I best friends that share almost everything that goes on in our lives but not so long ago we’d also been lovers. Our relationship started just as my marriage was falling apart and she and I were soon meeting on a regular basis to explore the delights of lesbian sex. We had only stopped sharing a bed eight months later when Bob, Dianne’s husband, started to remark on just how much time she and I were spending together.

It wasn’t much of a surprise then that Dianne started to question me about Jason and our relationship.

“So how are you and Jason these days? Still fucking like rabbits at every opportunity?”

“Oh my God, Dianne! The man is positively insatiable! Although I’m not complaining!” I answered with a laugh. “Thursday night, he had me three times before he was ready to call it a night and go to sleep. I was so sure that everyone at school would notice the difficulty I was having walking yesterday.”

“I wish some of his energy would rub off on Bob. It seems like forever since I’ve had a good fucking from him,” she said rather wistfully. “I’ve tried everything to entice him but nothing seems to be working. He always seems more interested in whatever project he’s working on on his computer than in seeing to my needs.”

“I’m so sorry Dianne. I know just how difficult it is when you’re locked in a relationship that doesn’t provide regular sex.”

I had eskort görükle experienced exactly this situation when my relationship with Steve, my ex-husband, was beginning to crumble. Somehow we had drifted apart and at one point hadn’t had sex together for four months. I was making good use of my vibrator collection but it still wasn’t the same as having a hard cock in my pussy on a regular basis. The lack of regular sex from Steve was one of the things that made it so easy for Dianne and I to sleep together at the time.

Dianne looked at me lasciviously. “I don’t suppose you’d be willing to share Jason? Can you imagine the three of us together in one bed! It would be so erotic!”

I was astonished at her suggestion. “Are you seriously suggesting that we have a threesome?”

“Why not?” she replied nonchalantly. “You know that it is every guy’s fantasy to fuck two women at once. And you and I are always hot when we are together! It would be amazing!”

Laughing a little, I said “I do have to admit that the thought of it is rather hot! And I have been wondering over the past few weeks how I might reveal my bi side to Jason. I feel like we have reached a stage in our relationship where I have to let him know about that side of me.”

“So just ask him, Amanda! How would he feel about an opportunity to fuck us both together? I really doubt that he will say no!”

“Well I know that he finds you hot. Every now and then he’ll mention how good you looked at school that day! I’ve teased him about it and he’s admitted that if he wasn’t seeing me you’d be next on his list. Let me think about it for a bit.”

I spent the next few days thinking about how I might raise the idea of a threesome with Jason. Eventually I decided that the best time to bring it up would be when we were snuggling in bed together, enjoying the warmth that great sex delivers. So I’d cook him a nice meal, allow him to fuck my brains out and then pose the idea of the threesome to him.

I texted Dianne with my plan and almost immediately received an enthusiastic response from her.

“Oh my God, I’m so excited Amanda! I can’t wait to hear how he responds! Oh, and I also want to hear what you guys did before having the conversation! Call me Sunday as soon as you can!”

Saturday night arrived quickly and after enjoying a delicious plate of seared scallops, Jason and I were sitting at the table finishing dessert. I had made lemon cheesecake and I could see by the way that he was devouring it that he had no complaints.

“This cheesecake is delicious, babe. You are just as talented in the kitchen as you are in the bedroom!”

I blushed. “Thank you, Jason. I love cooking for you. Not as much as I love being yours in the bedroom, but I do love it.”

Jason laughed. “Your not only mine in the bedroom, Amanda. As I’m about to show you!”

Jason stood up and looked at me with desire. “You really do look incredibly gorgeous tonight. I’ve been hard ever since I got here!”

I smiled, seeing the large bulge that was tenting his pants. “Why don’t you get out of those clothes,” I said, in what I hope was my sexiest voice.

Jason needed no second bidding, and immediately began shedding his clothes. I watched intently as he pulled off his shirt and pants, leaving him standing in a pair of red cotton briefs. His body is muscled and fit and I never fail to be turned on when I see him naked and ready to fuck me. This evening was no exception and I stared hungrily at his cock which was straining to be released from his briefs.

“C’m here,” I said as I dropped to my knees in front of him.

Quickly, I hooked my thumbs in his briefs and pulled them down, allowing his large member to spring upwards towards the ceiling. I kestel escort stared at it for a moment, watching it twitch and move as if it had a mind of its own. With one hand I cupped his balls and with the other I grasped the base of his cock and slowly ran my tongue around its tip. Jason gasped as my tongue swirled over the large purple head.

“Fuck, Amanda. I love when you do that to me.”

I looked up at him, smiling, as I slowly pumped his shaft for a few seconds. Then, wasting no time, I fed the head of his cock between my lips and slowly took the whole of him into my mouth. I could feel the head of his cock at the back of my throat when my lips arrived at the base of his shaft and I held him there for a few seconds, eliciting a low groan of pleasure from him. He moaned again as I slid him out of my mouth, applying just the right amount of friction with my lips. Still holding his rock hard cock I began moving my lips up and down his rod at a fast pace, rhythmically working his shaft and head with both my mouth and hand.

A few minutes later his breathing became deeper and more ragged indicating that it was time for me to slow the pace a little. I backed off, caressing his balls gently with my fingertips while drawing my tongue along the length of his shaft until I reached his heavy balls. I focused on those for a few moments, licking and sucking at them while I stroked his shaft with my hand.

“Amanda…fuck” he moaned softly.

Returning his shaft to my mouth, I began to bob up and down on him, using short, fast strokes interspersed with moments of taking him deep into my mouth. His moans became louder and his hands were in my hair, urging my head to take him deeper each time my lips slid over and down his solid shaft.

“Oh fuck, that feels so good baby,” Jason gasped as he began to fuck my mouth with his cock.

His strong hands held my head in place as he began to thrust himself between my lips and deep into my mouth. There was nothing I could do but keep my lips tight around him and hold on to his thighs as he worked his member in and out of my mouth. Even when I gagged, he didn’t let up, continuing to fuck my face with a passionate energy.

“Oh fuck…fuck, I’m cumming,” he roared as I felt the first jets of cum against the back of my throat. “Amanda, oh my god…,” he continued, grunting, and emptying himself into my mouth.

I held my mouth in place, swallowing each string of warm cum as it shot into my mouth. He tasted salty and delicious – I’ve always loved a man cumming in my mouth ever since I gave my first blowjob at age 16 and Jason was no exception. Slowly he withdrew himself from my mouth and I lovingly licked the head of his cock to clean him up.

“My God, Amanda! Where did you learn how to suck cock like that!”

I looked up at him, smiling. “Apparently, it just comes naturally, Jason. Now let’s go to bed – I really need to be fucked right now.”

Once in the bedroom we kissed and stroked each other while laying on the bed. It didn’t take long for Jason to recover and I was soon stroking a very hard cock again while he tugged and pulled at my nipples.

“I want to fuck you from behind.” Jason groaned as I continued to pleasure him with my hand.”

I quickly scrambled into position and waited for his cock. He stood up, pulling my knees back to the edge of the bed and rubbing the head of his cock up and down my slick pussy before grasping my hips and thrusting himself deep inside me. I moaned softly as he began to fuck me slowly and deliberately, each stroke of his cock going deep, and lighting my body on fire. I knew from past experience that he would take his time, matching the speed of his strokes with my growing excitement and bursa sınırsız escort pleasure.

“Oh God Jason…feels so good! Fuck me, fuck me!” I panted, as he continued to pound me.

As his thrusts became harder and deeper he leaned forward and collected my hair, pulling my head back and ensuring that he had total control of my body. Almost simultaneously his large hand landed on my ass with a loud crack.

“That’s how you like it, isn’t it Amanda?”

“Ungh, Ungh, Ungh…oh my God, yes!!” I moaned.

Jason’s breathing was deep and he grunted hard each time he plunged his cock inside me. My hands grasped at the sheets as he fucked me and I knew that neither of was going to last much longer.

I howled as the orgasm hit me.

“Oh fuck, fuck…yesssssssssssssss!!” I screamed, waves of pleasure rolling through my body.

My pussy clamped hard on Jason’s shaft, tipping him over the edge also.

“Fuck, I’m cumming too, Amanda!” He groaned, as his cum began spurting into my pussy. He grunted again and again as his balls emptied him into me.

Collapsing over my back and panting breathlessly, Jason held me in place, his cock still buried inside me. Eventually, he withdrew his now softening cock from my pussy and lay back on the bed. I snuggled myself against him, head on his chest and one leg thrown over his. We were at peace, basking in the warm afterglow of fantastic sex. My fingers idly stroked his chest.

“That was amazing, babe. I love when you lose control and fuck me like that!”

“You looked so hot with your ass in the air! Waiting for me…I just couldn’t hold back,” was Jason’s reply.

I smiled and snuggled deeper against him. It was now or never!

“Sweetheart…you know that I love you? I couldn’t have imagined six months ago that I’d fall in love with you. You were meant to be a weekend fling to satiate my horniness!”

He smiled. “I know…but here we are and I love you too”

“Then there is something that you need to know about me.”

Jason rolled onto his side to look at me, sensing that I had something serious to share with him.

“I…erm…what we just did… I love being yours…of you having me, fucking me. I hope that’s obvious? The thing is though…erm…I also enjoy being with women.”

He looked at me with a sense of disbelief and astonishment.

“Amanda…what…what are you telling me? Do you want us to break up so that you can be with a woman?”

“Jason…no, no, that’s not it at all! I’m telling you because I love you and this is something that you need to know and understand about me.”

He was quiet for a few minutes before hitting me with a barrage of questions. Slowly but surely, he coaxed out of me that I’d had a few relationships with women while at college and that my last relationship was two years ago just as my marriage was ending. I knew exactly what his next question was likely to be.

“Do I know her, Amanda? Where did you meet her?”

“I can’t lie to you, Jason…It was with Dianne…Dianne Harrington. We’ve been friends for ages and, well…well it just happened!”

I could see shock register on Jason’s face.

“You had a relationship with Dianne…that Diane?” he said, incredulity infusing his voice. “No…no…Dianne’s married…”

“She and Bob were going through a rough patch. My relationship with Steve was breaking down. We both needed someone right then and it just seemed natural that each of us turned to the other.”

Jason became quiet again, clearly attempting to process the idea that his girlfriend had once had a relationship with his boss. Before he could get too far contemplating this fact I threw out another idea that I knew would cause him even more consternation.

“Jason…I’m telling you this because I want you to think about you, Dianne and I all being together at once. I know…it sounds crazy…but I love you and…and there’s a part of me that still loves Dianne. Just think about it…please?”

To be continued…

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A Night in Old Havana

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Danny, short for Daniela stepped out of the rear seat of her Cadillac that pulled in to the entry court of the old Townsend house. She was dressed in a modern interpretation of a 1920’s flapper dress. Several cars were unloading with people rushing to enter the party. Danny was attending what the invitation said was a night in Old Havana.

It was a charity event sponsored by a rum distiller and a Cuban cigar company. Many things changed when President Margaret Patterson finally signed the legislation eliminating the final embargo of Cuba and all relations were normalized. The event organizers rented the old house in the Bayou Oaks area of the city for their event. Bayou Oaks was full of stately homes built in the 1920s for the area’s oil and gas barons. Ray Townsend, founder of Fleet Oil built the house in the 1930s but the descendants moved out. Since then it was being used as a location for parties. It sat on a large lot on an empty street.

Danny moved to the reception area and surrendered her ticket and was handed a satchel of poker chips of varying denominations. She would use them for tips and to purchase things not included. Danny was supposed to be with her significant other David Porter but he was called away on a business trip so she was flying solo. She walked through the reception hall on her way to the pool area when a waiter passed with a tray of daiquiris. She picked a glass off the tray when it was offered to her. These were not the icy slushies’ from college but real daiquiris straight and in a proper cocktail glass. She downed the drink in almost one swallow and handed the glass back to the waiter and took another drink from his tray.

Out in the patio/pool area she smelled the cigar smoke as both the women and men were tasting the company’s products. There were several large tables scattered around the pool and she found a table occupied by a couple. She sat down across from them and exchanged greetings. A waiter came by and enquired if she wanted another drink. “Strawberry daiquiris with aged rum.” The waiter left and was back with in ten minutes with her drink. It was in a tall glass with ice. It tasted good going down. In the background there was a band playing Afro-Cuban music with several couples dancing adding to the atmosphere of the party.

A young woman approached and put the humidor she was carrying on the table. She displayed the contents inviting those at the table to take a cigar. She explained the kinds of cigars she had. She noted that the cigars that were long and fat would draw slowly and would display the flavor of the tobacco. As the woman suggested Danny picked a long thick cigar the woman handed her a cutter and she nipped the end off. Danny held the cigar in her lips while the woman held a torch against the end and after a few puffs the cigar was lit. Danny reached in to her pouch and handed the woman a five-dollar chip. There was a flash as a photographer snapped a photo of her just as she was taking a puff on her cigar. She struck several poses and allowed the photographer to take several pictures. She got the woman’s business card so she could get prints.

A tall man walked by but she recognized his rear having seen it unclothed several times. “George are you looking for someone?” said Danny taking another drag of her cigar.

The man turned and leaned down and kissed Danny’s cheek “I am looking for you darling. David said that you would be here.”

“And where is Beverly?” asked Danny

“Possible in bed with David as they were both sent to that meeting in New York,” said George.

“So your saying that our significant others are banging each other on the same business trip,” said Danny.

George signaled another woman with a humidor and selected the same cigar that Danny was smoking. After getting it started he took a large drag and released a large cloud of smoke.

Danny and David were in a committed relationship going on three years. George and Beverly were also in a committed relationship. The two couples had shared several vacations together. David and Beverly worked in the same advertising agency, eskort bursa which is how the couples met. Danny was a bank Sr. vice president and George ran a media production shop.

A waiter came by with a tray of daiquiris and George took one and Danny pointed at the glass that was in front of her. She also took another drag from the cigar. Another waiter returned with the new Strawberry daiquiri. With the glass in her hand Danny rose and George followed they walked around the pool sipping their drinks and smoking their cigars. The band continued to play and then came to the end of a set. A man came to the microphone and identified himself as the Vice President of sales for the rum company. He welcomed folks and explained about the poker chips and mentioned the silent auction for boxes of cigars cases of rum and a painting from a Cuban American artist.

George took Danny’s hand as they toured the auction tent. She wrote several bids not expecting to win. They went into the sponsor tent and Danny took about five sample cigars for David and for her.

Danny disposed of the cigar and they both continued to walk around the party. They ran into some friends and stopped and talked but then moved on. Danny grabbed another daiquiri and sipped it slowly. Waiters were distributing different finger foods and they sampled those.

“So it is your opinion that David and Beverly are making love in New York, What do you think that we should do about that?” asked Danny who was lighting another cigar.

“You and I are smart we can figure something out?” replied George.

In the background someone was saying that the auction was closing. Danny got up and went to the auction tent and scribbled several new bids and dropped them in the box. She returned to the table after stopping by the ladies room. She was sitting down as they began announcing the winners. “For a winning bid of $200.00 Daniela Masters wins two boxes of El Presidente Cigars.

George and Danny erupted in joy. The MC finished announcing the winners and told everyone that they could pay and pick up their prizes as they left.

“So whose house are we going to end up in yours or mine,” said Danny.

“No one’s house, I have reservations at the Twin Oak Lodge,” said George as he showed her the key card.

“So you thought I was going to be that easy,” said Danny.

“I never thought you would be easy, darling. I just thought that you would not want to go home alone,” said George.

She rose from the table and walked back to the sponsor tent; with the remaining poker chips she purchased another box of the cigars she won. She found George and kissed him and whispered to come. George rose and grabbed her arm and walked back to the entrance. Danny whipped out a credit card and paid her bid and received her prize.

They walked out and found Danny’s Cadillac. The driver held the door for them and George assisted Danny in to the car. He handed the driver a slip of paper with directions to the Twin Oaks Lodge. The woman started driving and merged into traffic.

Danny moved her hand up and down George’s leg and finally came to rest on his crotch and was happy to find it almost at attention. “I did not see your Mercedes, how were you going to get home if you and I did not hook up?”

“I would have taken a cab” replied George.

“Did you know that I was going to accept your invitation?” asked Danny.

“I had a good idea,” said George.

“Why do I feel that sometime during the night David and Beverly are going to burst in and find us?”

“Don’t worry about it we will be fine,” said George.

“Do I need to offer you a loan for some project while we are enjoying a mutual orgasm. So we can deduct the expense off our taxes as a business expense?” said Danny.

George burst out laughing, and leaned over and kissed her. Danny’s tongue explored George’s mouth, while her hand explored his crotch. Danny slipped a breath mint in her mouth and continued to massage George’s legs. The car slowed down as it entered the Twin Oaks compound and glided to a stop out side of a bursa yabancı escort cabin. George opened the door and assisted Danny out of the car. She went around to the driver and gave her instructions about when she needed to be picked up.

Danny followed George up the steps and waited for him to open the door. When they got in the room she embraced George and allowed him to kiss her. Danny’s hands unbuckled his belt. She pulled it out of the loops and tossed it on a chair. She was about to work on his pants when he stepped back.

“A few ground rules Danny, We are here to have a little fun; so no talk of comparing this person to that person. I think you will agree that we love our partners,” said George.

“It will be difficult because you have something that compares well with someone who is not here,” replied Danny.

George embraced Danny and fumbled until he found the zipper and pulled it down allowing her to let the dress drop to the floor and step out of it. She bent down to unbuckle her shoes. George kept looking at her Silhouette; he never realized how well developed her ass was. Danny stood in flesh colored satin bra and panties.

“Are you going to gawk or help me out of these.”

“Ms. Masters I can look at you forever dressed in that,” said George.

George embraced her again and released the bra straps and let it fall to the floor joining her dress. George moved her to the bed and with her ass in the air he pulled her panties down to her knees. He admired the nude pussy thinking that she must have had a wax job recently. George stood and took his coat off followed by his shirt. He unhitched his pants, after taking his shoes off. He was finally naked with just his socks on.

Danny sat on the edge of the bed with George’s tool at her mouth. She gently massaged his cock with her fingers. She traced the outlines of his veins and kissed the crown. When his cock entered her mouth he momentarily lost his balance and almost fell over. He let her fuck his cock with her mouth. After a few minutes he pulled out and bent down and kissed her. Danny kept her hands busy massaging his very hard tool.

“Having second thought George?” asked Danny

“We’ve done this before so I am not having second thoughts,” replied George

“But David and Beverly were in the room watching when we were in the Florida Keys,” said Danny.

“No as I remember they were banging each other senseless, while we were doing the same,” said George as he watched Danny get on all fours with her ass in the air.

He got behind her leaned over and kissed her neck. “That feels nice” said Danny.

“Are you being submissive Ms. Masters?”

“I am the alpha at the office, but every now and then I prefer being a submissive,” said Danny.

George continued to kiss her neck, but his hands began to massage her ample breasts, until he got to the nipples. He pinched and pinched hard. The pain was a surprise and George noticed the breath that Danny took and the small tear forming in her eyes.

“George, all I wanted was a good …”

“I will tell you this once you are not good enough to use that word. I will tell you when you can ask for that. Do you understand?” demanded George.

Danny was silent and waited for what comes next. George massaged Danny’s flanks. “I never realized how well developed your ass is Danny? Your cheeks are so round and perfect, and perfectly spank able,” said George.

“No, No don’t you dare,” said Danny

“Who did I say was in-charge, Ms. Masters.”

George raised his hand and brought it down on the left cheek with a sharp snap. It was followed by three more. “Good you are not crying out, that is what I want.”

George maneuvered his cock to the entrance of Danny’s nude pussy. He pushed in and then pulled out. He leaned down and kissed her neck again and finally inserted his tool in to her wet pussy.

“You can say it, tell me what you want?” said George.

“Fuck me George please fuck me,” said Danny.

George withdrew his cock and maneuvered Danny bursa merkez escort on her back. “Yes I will fuck you but we will do it normally.”

George leaned down and kissed her. He brought his cock to her pussy and gently inserted until he was fully lodged. He then moved his cock in and out. He felt her vagina grip his cock. His hand massaged her pleasure center and be felt an orgasm move through her.

Danny reached up and brought their lips together and they engaged in a long kiss. Danny encouraged him to cum by moving her pussy up and down his cock. George strained and felt his cum filling her. Both relaxed as the pleasure came over and waned.

“Quite a Jeckle and Hyde performance George?”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Yes I did, I loved it when you squeezed my boobs.

“I saw the tears from my torture, I know that you didn’t know how to react. You’ve always been the controlling factor.”

“I want to …”

“Remember you are not good enough to use that word, only when I tell you,” said George in a commanding tone.

George lay on his back and allowed Danny to take his flaccid tool in her mouth. Her hand massaged his balls. It responded to her becoming hard. She straddled him and guided his cock into her pussy.

“You say I can’t use the word but I sure as hell can do it,” said Danny as she move up and down his glistening pole.

She took his hands and placed them on her breasts. He began to pinch her nipples again and again. Finally Danny brought their lips together in another long kiss. George took over and rammed his cock into her pussy until he felt her go stiff. With one last push he felt his cum flood her. Danny collapsed into George’s arms and they both fell asleep.

George awakened feeling his morning wood. He moved over and kissed Danny until she came around. Her hand moved to his crotch and felt his hard cock. She kissed him and slid down and continued to massage his tool. She thought about kissing his erection but decided that he needed a little torture, before she relieved his pain.

“When you have them by cock their hearts and mind will follow. Wasn’t that someone said?” said George.

“Close “When you have them by the balls,” is the exact quote,” replied Danny who was still manipulating Georges cock.

“What will it take for you to give me a blow job?”

“Take me from behind and I will let you come in my mouth,” said Danny

Danny got up and put her ass in the air. She felt George come from behind and he positioned his cock at entrance to her pussy and thrust forward. His hands gently massaged her breasts. When he thrust forward she moved back. There was a Thwack when they came together. George pushed her down on the bed and moved to her head. Danny took his cock in her mouth. He started to fuck her mouth. She used her tongue to encourage him to climax. George jerked and flooded her mouth with a load of warm salty cum.

Danny kissed George and let him taste his cum. His hands moved down and massaged her flanks. They stayed in the kiss for what felt like forever. They finally parted and settled back on the bed. Danny checked the clock and saw that it was 6:00 am. George rose and moved to the bathroom. Danny heard the toilet flush followed by the shower. He stepped out wrapped in a towel and announced that Danny could clean up. She decided to dress and bathe at home.

“This was fun George, I hope you had a good time?”

“I would say it was a success.”

George started to put on his clothes. Danny opened her purse and pulled her phone and found the number to her house manager.

“Clair, … Yes we’re ready to be picked up… Great see you in a few minutes.”

She ended the call and asked George if he wanted a ride.

“No my car is here, I think that I am sober enough to drive.”

Danny again moved to George and embraced him and kissed him.

“So should we schedule this next quarter?” asked Danny.

“No this was a one time event. Remember it as a good time, no commitments.”

A few minutes later there was a knock at the door. Danny opened the door and found Clair standing at the entrance. “Are we going to drop off Mr. George.”

“No he has already left,” said Danny as she gathered up her things and walked out to the car. She waited for Clair to open the door. She settled into the back seat and waited for Clair to drive her home.

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A Roadside Encounter

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


You’re driving in the rain from a farm after attending a wedding, when a tyre bursts and your car slews into a ditch. Clearly stuck, you check your phone and are dismayed to see that there’s no signal. You know that nobody from the wedding will be driving that way and you start getting worried. It’s starting to get dark and although it’s late summer, it’s beginning to get cold so you decide to walk to the nearest farm. You get your gum-boots out of your boot, put them on and start walking to a light you can see in the distance.

You’re about halfway to the light when you see headlights approaching you from behind and you desperately flag the vehicle down. I get out of the pick-up and ask what had happened, as I had seen your car down the road. After you explain your predicament, I offer to take you back up the road to pull it out of the ditch for you. By this time, it’s raining heavily.

When you get into my car, I give you a towel to dry yourself and in the light, I notice how sexy you are and I glance at your breasts which are quite visible under the wet, summer dress you’re wearing. I feel myself stiffening and hope that it’s not obvious to you. After drying yourself as best you can, I offer you a beer which you gladly accept. Upon pulling the car out of the ditch, I notice that two tyres are deflated and it is pointless to try and drive it like that. I change the spare tyre and put the other one on my loadbed. I offer to drive you home and organise to get the tyre repaired in the morning, the whole time stealing glances at your very sexy legs.

We drive a few more kilometers in the hard, driving rain until we get to a causeway which already has water pouring over the top of it. Although I know that I can easily drive over it, I tell you that I think it’s unsafe to do so! I hesitantly offer you a spare bedroom on my farm which is just a kilometer or so behind us. I tell you that you can use the phone there if there is anybody that you have to call. Although you’re a bit nervous, you have no choice but to accept, Besides, you find me quite attractive and easy to talk to.

Upon arrival at the farm, eskort bayan gorukle amidst the barking of dogs, I usher you through the front door into a vast hallway. After removing our boots, I show you into the lounge and I light a prepared fire in the grate. I invite you to make yourself comfortable and go to the kitchen where I make coffee which I lace with Brandy. When I get back to the lounge, you’re standing in front of the fire and I can see your gorgeous form silhouetted through your still damp dress. You’re standing with your legs slightly apart and I can see the shape of your pussy through the back of your dress. I hurriedly put the coffee down and quickly sit down lest you see the effect you’ve had on me.

We sit and chat easily as we drink our coffee and I can see that you’re still quite cold as I notice your prominent nipples poking at your bodice so I tell you that I’ll get you some dry clothes and you can go and have a hot shower. I fetch a button-down flannel shirt of mine and a pair of tracksuit pants which I’m sure won’t be too big for you and bring them to you as you move towards the bathroom. I explain the intricacies of the antiquated plumbing and also mention that the door doesn’t close properly. While you ready yourself to shower, I retreat to the lounge and pour myself another drink while I wait for you to finish. From where I’m sitting, I can see that the door to the bathroom has opened slightly and that I can see the shower cubicle through the mirror above the basin. With my breath catching in my throat, I move a bit closer until I can see you in the mirror. You’re standing, presenting your back to me while you soap yourself all over, working up a nice thick lather. I put a hand over my now throbbing cock and furtively rub myself through my jeans. I keep on watching you until the thought of being caught persuades me to go back to my seat.

When you eventually emerge from the shower, looking fresh and radiant in my clothes, I pour you a glass of wine and we sit in front of the fire on a three-seater couch I have dragged closer. Our conversation is smooth and without pause as we mudanya escort chat about ourselves and our lives. You tell me that you’re divorced and that it’s been a few years since it happened. The drinks have emboldened me and I gradually steer the topic towards sex. You, embarrassed, tell me that it’s been a long time since you’d been with a man and this just makes me even more determined to make love to you. Because I’m rather shy, I don’t make a move on you even though we’re sitting barely a foot away from each other. After a few more drinks, we’re both getting tired and decide to go to our separate bedrooms. As we approach your room, where I’ve already lit a fire, you thank me for my hospitality and standing on tiptoe give me a kiss on the cheek. My hand snakes around your back and I give you a hug. I’m sure you can feel my cock pressing into you. Both unsure, we pull apart and go our separate ways.

While I’m lying naked in bed, touching myself, I can hear a very faint muffled moan come from your room. Thinking that you’re having a bad dream, I wrap a towel around my waist and walk towards your room, where the door is open. There is a bedside light that is on and illuminating the bed with you in it. Absolutely amazed, I see that you’re lying on your back with your legs apart and your knees raised with one hand making the blanket move above your crotch and the other inside the flannel shirt, at your breast.

Almost paralyzed by fear and desire, I mistakenly let the towel drop where it briefly snags on my upright penis before it hits the floor. It is this sound that you hear and gasping, you open your eyes to see me standing naked in front of you. I try to stutter an apology but I can see you looking directly at my rapidly softening cock with your mouth slightly open as the tip of your tongue slides quickly along your bottom lip. With that, I can feel myself start to get hard again and I throw caution to the wind and ask if you want company.

You’re very embarrassed but as way of reply, you pull the covers back and I climb into bed next to you. Immediately, our arms are around bursa evi olan escort each other and we’re kissing like teenagers, our hands discovering each others bodies. I feel your hand between my legs and your soft grip around my shaft engulfs me in pleasure. I slide my hand under your shirt and cup one of your breasts, the nipple hard against my palm. My other hand moves down your belly towards your pussy and I am amazed by how wet and swollen you are as my finger slips so easily between your lips. I can feel your flesh tugging at my finger as I slide it deeper into you and I can feel your grip tighten on my cock as you moan into my mouth. Without further preamble, I position myself above you and move my head down until my mouth finds a nipple which I suck and gently bite for a while. I can feel your hand at the back of my head, pushing me closer to you as I bite a little harder on your pointed breast. You start telling me that you want me inside you and I move up again with my hard-as-rock cock at your ready pussy. I ease just the very tip into you as your fingernails dig into my back.

I’m worried about cumming too soon so I quickly withdraw and move my head down your body once again. As I get closer to you, I can smell your fresh, musky nectar and I eagerly thrust my tongue between your slick lips. As I lick your hard, little clit, I’ve also got two knotted fingers sliding in and out of your now very sodden pussy. You start moaning louder as your hand moves to where my mouth is and you rub yourself faster and faster. When I can sense that you’re on the brink of cumming, I abandon my administrations and quickly slide up your body, aided by the sheen of sweat between us and without help, my cock finds it’s way as it slo-o-o-owly slides into you as far as it can. With that, your moans get louder still and I can feel you pushing your hips up to meet my thrusts. As I think I’m going to disappoint you by cumming too soon, I feel the waves of your own orgasm starting. I release myself from my caution and thrust harder and faster into you, your nails digging harder into my back and shoulders. As I feel the first pulsing spurt leaving my body, you are in full voice, enjoying your own ecstasy as we culminate our union, together. With the exertion and the alcohol I’ve enjoyed, I roll onto my back, breathing heavily and have only got enough time to take you in my arms before I fall into a deep, sated sleep.

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A Real-Life Choose Your Path!

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Do you remember the choose your own path stories you used to read when you were a kid?

I do, and I loved them. Still do, as a matter of fact.

So here’s the deal. I am going to be the main character in your very own erotic Choose Your Path story.

You’re welcome.

Here’s how it works. After introducing myself I’ll describe a scenario that is currently going on in my life. You can vote by either posting your choice in the comment section below or by PMing me. I’ll wait a few days, tally the vote, and go with whatever the majority says I should do. This is scary as hell for me, but I need some adventure in my life and a girl should be willing to scare herself every now and then, right?

By the way, all of this came from a conversation with my best friend late one night last week. Alcohol may have been a factor!

First, let me introduce myself, the main character of your very own tale.

I’m five-two, alllmoossttt five-three, and weigh one hundred my tits are exactly between a B physically I take after my mom, but as far as temperment, I’m my dad all the way. My hair falls to my shoulder blades, when its not crammed into my scully, and right now I’m happier with my bangs than I’ve ever been. You might not care, but that’s quite an achievement for me. I don’t really have a ‘style’ when it comes to what I wear. Some days, it’s definitely skater-punk. Friday I wore a Catholic school girl outfit complete with pigtails just cause I felt like dressing slutty. Other days, I go prep, or scene, or whatever the hell I feel like, but typically, it’s my favorite pair of Chucks, faded blue jeans and a tee from whatever band I’m diggin at the moment. During the spring and summer I usually switch to skirts and sandals b/c getting a cool breeze on the thighs is where it’s at when you’re sweating.

I like music, all kinds and all the time, but then, who doesn’t? I play roleplaying games. Get that mental image I just conjured out of your head…I don’t look like her. Or her. Ok, forget I mentioned it.

I read, a lot. When I say a lot I mean like a book a week. No, I haven’t read Twilight. Vampires should be like the ones from 28 Days of Night or Dusk Till Dawn, don’t you think? Where do I sign up to drink Tequila off of Salma Hayck’s leg? I also like to skate[board] and go sneaking around in old, abandoned buildings in the wee hours of the night.

I will kick bursa eskort your ass at Halo.

My most precious possession is not my mp3 player, or my Chucks, but my fake ID. I love it. It brings me more joy and happiness than Santa Claus & Halloween and any boy ever. It gives me a tiny little window into the world of the over-21 crowd. Here’s a little insight to my family” My fake ID was a gift to me from my aunt on my sixteenth birthday, with the blessing of my dad. That’s how we roll in my house.

I guess since this is a porn site I have to give up the goods as far as my ‘history’. Like the girl from Juno, I think the term ‘Sexual Active’ is retarded and inaccurate. It didn’t just come on one day like a switch. I’m not a virgin, but I can count the guys I’ve been with on one hand and have fingers to spare. I watched a porn flick when I was a kid and was bored to death. I watched another not too long ago and again found it boring and kinda freaky. I’d rather watch golf, which says a lot, and I never, ever, want to see a guy in real life who has a shaved nutsack. That’s gross.

I do like balls though, not in the ‘gee, I wonder what that would taste like in my mouth’ but in the ‘when they are in my hand you are going to do whatever the hell I say’ kinda way. I think balls are God’s way of leveling the playing field, so to speak.

I like giving head, too. I didn’t think I would, and the porn flick did nothing to improve my opinion of the act, but now that I’ve done it a couple of times I’m really starting to dig it. Sex is great too, but I quickly discovered that most guys my age are just to damn quick to come. Seriously, does that improve with age or something? My internal dialogue while giving head went exactly like this”

1st time” this has got to be the worst decision I’ve ever made in my life. Worse than then time I OH MY GOD WHAT DID HE JUST DO IN MY MOUTH!!!

2nd time” Meh.

3rd time” I wonder what’s on Cartoon Network?

4th time” Ya know, this ain’t so bad.

5th time” C’mere bitch, yer mine.

When giving head, I like to be on my knees. Kinda degrading I know, but then the entire act can be somewhat degrading, so I figure why not just go with it, right?

Here’s a neat fact. Last summer I got a concussion while skateboarding (where your helmet, kiddies!). Now, about once every two weeks or so, I get these migraines that make bursa otele gelen escort my brain melt and leak out through my ears. Seriously, it hurts so bad sometimes I puke. That’s not the neat part. The neat part is that now, apparently (I’m self-diagnosed, so I’m guessing), I ‘suffer’ from a mild form of PSAS (persistent sexual arousal syndrome). I know some girls say that it has ruined their life, but not me, at least not yet. Don’t get me wrong, when you are trying to take a test or watch a movie it can get annoying, but once you figure it out you can control it a little better, it’s not so bad. For those of you not in the know, PSAS causes a chick to have orgasms that she can’t control. So if the chair I am sitting in starts to vibrate (even a little bit) I’ll start to get aroused and have an O, or if someone tickles me, or sometimes even if my underwear starts to rub me down there I’ll have one. Riding a bike is impossible so I had to sell mine, which really, really sucked. Unless I take care of it, I’m pretty much wet all the time, which means that I keep the pantyliner and feminine wipes industry in business.

‘Taking care of it’ means masturbating, a lot. Every morning, sometimes during school, especially before a test or something were I really need to concentrate, and right before I go to sleep. I’ve gotten really good at getting myself off in a hurry…less than a minute usually. What’s really weird is when I’m with a guy, it takes me just as long to come as it did before. I don’t know why I’m that way, or if there are some drugs I can take or something to stop it, but right now it’s not a big enough deal for me to worry about.

I currently am a junior at a Public Institute of Education named after some dude from the civil war, or PIE for short. My PIE is pretty typical of all the PIEs scattered throughout the country, which means that it is a wretched hive of scum and villainy (those who name the quote get an extra Vote!). Here is where I introduce the next two characters in your Choose Your Path. One of these two guys I will attempt to have sex with, and you are going to pick.

Let’s introduce guy number one. Let’s call him Dillon. He looks kinda like a young Mark Walberg. Dillon is a senior here at PIE, he is funny, popular, handsome, in that angry jock kinda way that makes most of the chicks hot for him but I seem to be completely nilüfer escort oblivious to. For this reason more than any other, I think, Dillon has decided that he must mate with me no matter what the cost. I know it would just be trophy sex for him, but I’m a big girl and know how to play that game. Dillon has the IQ of a termite, unfortunately, and I’m thinking he has the lovin’ skills of one too, but a girlfriend of mine tells me he’s got a really big dick. For some reason she seems to think that this makes him better at sex, but I would guess that it probably just means I’d get impaled by a really large dong and be sore after. Remember, I’m only five-two.

Then there’s guy number two. We’ll call him Mr.Z. As the name implies, Mr.Z is quite a bit older than me. Mr.Z is an employee here at PIE. I’ll leave his job description blank, but I’m sure you have the imagination to fill in the relevant details. Mr. Z is a very sharp cookie. Well, sort of. Ok, he is smart, but I think, like most men, his penis has launched a surprise override attack on his better judgment because he has decided that he wants to give it a go with me. At least I think he does. There is some flirting going on, very subtle and indirect, not sleazy or creepy at all. He is very good at picking up on my moods and getting a laugh out of me even when I don’t want too. Mr.Z is definitely good looking, if you like older guys, that is. Not that he’s old, I’m not talking about a geezer here or anything. He’s in his late thirties, and he’s single, which is important. I won’t do a married man.

So that’s about it. Do you want me to go after Dillon and his Super Dong and killer smile? Or should I pursue Mr. Z with his sharp wit and experience? I’ll let you decide.

Cast your vote in the comment section below, or if you want you can PM me your vote. Please note your gender with a little m/f at the end. I’ll explain why later, but if you want your vote to count you’d better do it.

After a few days I’ll tally the vote and announce the outcome on the forum. After that, I’ll go with the decision you guys make. As the story progresses I’ll post additional chapters of the story, filling you in on what has happened so far. When another fork in the road appears, I’ll give you another choice, and so on.

If you have any questions at all, PM me, and I’ll answer them for you.

Oh, one last thing before I go. I’m not a lesbian, but I gave a girl her very first orgasm not too long ago. Here’s the tricky part” I didn’t touch her, and I was on the other side of the room when it happened. If you can figure out how I did it, I’ll give you all the juicy details in the next chapter! Good Luck!


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A Proposition, and a Story

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I lie next to you in bed, you’re just back from the festival. One of those small ones?—?nice vibes, good drugs.

“I was propositioned” you say.

Sounds interesting. You’re shy, quiet. I’m curious.


“By a couple.”

I wait.

“I was outside having a joint. She was stoking my beard, lots of people were.”

“It’s a great beard!”

“Thanks. She gave it stroke and he joked about asking consent. Consent is sexy she said as I passed her the joint. We went back inside and I headed to the bar. About 10 minutes later I saw them again. She with long red hair, his head shaved. Both tall, good looking, young. She came over and stoking my beard asked ‘Is this ok?’ ‘Of course’ I said, smiling. The music was loud and she had to put her lips next to my ear to say would you like to join us back in my tent?”

“Wow” I say “they must have had a big tent!” You smile. “What did you do?”

“I panicked”

“I bet you did!” You’re shy, quite but I also know you’re curious. “That’s a shame” I add.

“I said something about having a son, she shrugged and with a stroke of my beard turned away. At the bar I ordered another buckfast and watched them leave with another couple. He had a great beard.”

You are lying on your back, topless, the night breeze giving a slight chill to the air. I trace my finger over your left nipple and through the hair on your chest. “That’s a shame” I say with a smile. “What might have happened?” You turn to look at me.


“Would you like to join us back in my tent?” She said.

“Sure” you replied “both of you?”

“Sure, if eskort bayan bursa that’s OK?”

It’s midsummer and it’s already getting light as you go outside. It’s quieter out here, although the bass of the reggae carries across the site. She reaches for your hand and kisses you chastely on the lips.

“Come on” she says and pulls you both across the field towards the campsite by the river. She did have a big tent. A white bell tent that could have accommodated six.

“Beer?” he says opening the cool box.

You stand awkwardly at the entrance. “I’ve never…” you start to say.

“Whatever” she says” do you consent?” and without waiting for an answer links her arms around your neck, looks you in the eye and then her lips find yours beneath your beard.


As we’re lying in bed my hand moves slowly down your chest, over your stomach, I feel your erection twitch as I gently rub it through you shorts. “Enjoying the story?”


Your hands move tentatively to her bare shoulders, feeling her warm skin, over her back and down. Her tongue touches yours as you pull her tight, feel her breasts against your chest, feel your cock against her belly as your finger traces the outline of her knickers through her dress. She sighs as she runs her fingers through your beard. Your hands slip under her dress, feeling her cool skin.

Her hands are under your t-shirt, and as she pulls her lips from yours she pulls you t-shirt over you head, as you reach to unbuckle your belt she drops her dress to the floor. She lies on the pile of sleeping bags, her nipples hard, the slight bulge altıparmak escort of her belly above her boypant knickers. She smiles at the look on your face and raises her hands above her head.

“Come here” she grins.

You kneel between her legs, lips on her nipples and she arches her back, rubbing her pussy against your leg. Your teeth grazing her nipple, her hand explores your shoulders, your back, reaching your boxers she pulls them off you ass, caught on your erection she deftly frees them and you kick them off. She pulls you down onto her belly, pushing her pussy against your chest, your fingers move to her nipples as you tongue runs down.


My hand is inside your shorts, gently playing with your erection, now my shirt is off, my hardening nipple against you arm.


Your tongue runs down over her belly and she lifts herself up as your fingers reach into the elastic of her pants, sliding them down over her thighs. You run your tongue over her lips, already wet with a musky taste, and as your tongue flicks over her clitoris you slip your finger inside her. She pushes up against you as you slip another finger inside, her warmth and wetness on her thighs mingling with yours as you lick her. Her hands reach to the back of you head pushing you into her. Your fingers trace the edge of her pussy and, as she lifts herself up, slips lower rubbing her moisture around her asshole. She sighs as you finger slips in, your thumb into her pussy and as she cums you taste her.

“mmmmm I always come easily when I’m stoned” she grins.

Your beard bursa türbanlı escort is wet with her juice, which you wipe on her thighs,

“Come here” and she begins kissing you, licking your beard “God I taste good”. Your cock is hard against her swollen lips. She pulls a condom from somewhere and slips it on and guides the head of your cock into her pussy.

“Slowly” she says “at first”.

You slip the head of your cock into her pussy. It feel strange?—?you haven’t fucked with a condom for years. You haven’t fucked anyone but me for 15 years. You hesitate, then slip deeper, pulling out and slowly in. Pushing her knees apart with your legs. Opening her. You start to fuck her, feeling her hips push against yours, your balls against her ass. She reaches up, one hand in your beard, one seeking our you nipple, tweeking, pulling, pinching.

“That’s it” she smiles, closing her eyes.


I’m rubbing your cock and feel you hand seeking out the gap between my thighs, “Not yet” I whisper.


You let out a moan as you relax. “Not yet” you think. You move her hand from your nipple. Up in into your beard, to you mouth, and bite her nail as you suck her finger.

“Again” she moans as she arches into you and then you sense his presence next to you. You stop. Unsure. You feel yourself soften.

She opens her eyes and smiles. “It’s ok, we’ve never either. Do you consent?”


“Consent is sexy” she says and you feel her squeeze you inside her and realise you’re hard again.

He is lying next to her, on his side. She turns to kiss him, he runs his fingers through her hair. You slowly start to fuck her again. She moans and you see the bulge growing in his pants.


I pull down your shorts “I’ll let you think about what happens next” I say as a feel your cock start to twitch. I bite your nipple as I feel your cum spurt over your belly.

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A Perfect Morning

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He hoped he would invite me again, I was in my office bored and getting nothing done. This was how most weekends began, on Thursday I would watch my phone anticipating the text I was always afraid wouldn’t come. He almost never messaged me during the week, but on Thursdays he would send a short message. It was almost 3pm and I was nervous this was the weekend that I wouldn’t get a message. I was sure he had other women after him, how could he not. He was perfect on paper, perfect in person. Even though this had been going on for months I knew almost nothing about his life outside the weekends.

I was just about to give up hope, spinning in my desk chair, about to place my phone back in my desk drawer when the soft chirp pulled me back to the present.

“Busy tomorrow? Want to dance”

I had to resist sending a message back immediately. I didn’t want him to know quite how desperate I was. He didn’t have to know, for example, how many outings I had declined in anticipation of a weekend with him. For a few months now I had been keeping the weekends reserved for him. I had some friends at work but I saw them during the week, and no party was worth missing out on his hands on me, in me.

I sighed and was again glad my arousal was more hidden than most mens’, and that I had my own office. I had worn pants today and it made it oh so easy for a hand to drift between my legs, for a nail to run the length of the seam between my legs. My hand was drifting to the button of my slacks when the reminder of the message chimed. I snapped back into the real world. My own office or not this was not the place.

I took a deep breath and unlocked my phone.

“Dancing sounds fun, see you at 8?”


He spun me around on the dance floor before pulling me in close to him. My ass pulled tight against his crotch. One of his hands spanning my lower stomach, the other resting gently at my neck. I let the music flow through me, the deep base inspiring the movement of my hips against his, with his. His hands began to hold me more tightly. The hand on my belly drifting lower, and lower still. The hand resting at my neck holding tighter, just threatening to begin to choke me. I couldn’t hold in the quiet moan that slipped through my lips, I was thankful that the music was loud enough to cover it, though I’m sure my expression gave me away. I was unable to keep my eyes open as his hand drifted lower, and lower still before slipping gently into the slit of my skirt. I expected him to stop there but his hand began a slow steady climb between my legs. I was frozen, unable to continue my dance while anticipation and fear buzzed through my body. It was electric when his fingers first reached me where the most heat had gathered. I could feel my own slickness as his fingers slipped between my lips.

“No panties?” his words were quiet against my ear, but I could hear him clearly. I shook my head slowly unable to speak as he stroked me gently with just one finger.

“That’s so sexy, I wish I could fuck you right here.” He punctuated his words by rubbing his hardness against my ass. I felt myself grow wetter still at the thought- at the same time my stomach clenched with fear. The place was not well lit, and there were many people, none of whom were paying attention to us but the idea of sex- here! It was too dangerous, too risky. And because of that one of the hottest things I could imagine.

“You like that idea don’t you? Perhaps later, for now I just want to dance.” The finger slipped inside of me for a moment and my knees buckled. I felt him laugh, quietly, again, against my ear. But then the finger slipped out from under my skirt. I was bereft until I felt him paint my wetness against my lips and it was without thought that my tongue slipped out to lick them clean, then to suck his fingers clean.

I let my head rest back against him as I began to dance again. The music was slower now and I could enjoy the feeling of him firm against me, sturdy and exciting. He turned me again so I was facing him. I looked up into his face for a moment but his expression was unreadable. I tucked my head into his shoulder and swayed with him. It was only a moment that I got away with this calmer, sweeter dance. Almost immediately his hands found my waist again and he rocked his knee between my legs. The friction of our dance parted my skirt again, and the feeling of the rough denim of his pants against my bare skin was intoxicating. I could feel myself begin to rock myself against his thigh, almost humping his leg like a dog. I forced myself to still my movements but he reciprocated by pulling me firmer to him.

“Its okay darling, take your pleasure where you can” His whisper coincided with another change in the music and he ground his leg into my mound. My head fell back in pleasure. I was on fire. I imagined that there would be a wet spot on his pants if I moved. I could feel myself dripping and a light sheen of sweat beginning on the bridge of my nose and down my back. escort bayan

He held my hips and ground into me along with the music. It was all I could do to stay standing.

It was like he could tell when I was about to spill over and cum- just from the constant friction against the most delicate parts of me. Just when the beat would drop and I was teetering at the top of the cliff he would change direction, change the rhythm just enough to knock me back from the edge. The fourth time he did it I growled in the back of my throat and he laughed, only to turn me again. With my back firmly to his front he nudged me toward the bar. Using me as a shield for what I could feel was an impressive erection. It was my only reassurance he was somewhere near as turned on and uncomfortable as I was.


We reached the bar and instead of finding me a place to sit like usual he just leaned me against the counter, still holding me tightly against him. He ordered two waters, one without ice and handed me one with a quiet murmur that I would need to be hydrated “for later”. I hoped my intensifying blush could be disguised as a flush from the heat and exercise.

The water was beginning to cool me down, and I began to think that maybe I could make it through the evening without embarrassing myself too badly when I felt one of his hands beginning to drift again. The bar was at my chest and there was a small overhand so his hands were free to roam underneath. I knew what was coming but I couldn’t help choking on my water when his hand cupped my pussy through the thin cloth of my skirt. His hand held me tightly for a moment and I swallowed my water. The constant firm pressure was almost comforting until he began to wiggle his middle finger until it was nestled between my lips with cloth of my skirt. I knew there was no way that there wasn’t going to be a wet mark when he was done.

He spoke calmly to the bartender while he stroked me gently. The extra friction from the cloth was intoxicating, and almost too intense against my clit. But even still I couldn’t help but begin to rock my hips along with his rhythm. Again he knew exactly when to pause to keep me on the edge.

I was again burning with need. I had no idea what he was talking about, all I could think of was his finger slipping inside of me, of his cock slipping inside me, or his tongue dipping inside me, of his cock trying to slide down my throat. I imagined all the positions he would, could fuck me, and how the different angles would feel as he slipped inside of me.

I was in the middle of an especially delicious scenario of modified missionary in front of a mirror when the conversation stopped. I drifted slowly back to the present and realized my mouth was open and eyes closed. My hips had paused mid thrust and when my eyes opened they met the bartender’s. His eyes were dilated and filled with lust and I could only imagine the faces and sounds I had been making. Picturing as I had been watching his cock enter me slowly, dripping with my wetness, stretching me open- my eyes began to drift shut again the grip of the fantasy still strong.

“I think that’s enough water.” He laughed as he took the cup from my hand. His other hand left my mound as he steered me back toward the dance floor and the breath of cold wind and the slow un-sticking of the cloth from my pussy told me the skirt was soaked.


I hoped we would keep walking out the door to his car and then home to his bed, but no luck. He directed me to another room of the club, a bit quieter, a bit darker- but there weren’t near as many people. I was nervous but he first gently spun me again, as he was apt to begin a dance and pulled me tight to him. Nestling his face in my hair the dance began almost tame.

The music was again slow and he swayed gently with me. His hand carded through my hair and down my back, before resting on my ass. Gently at first then grabbing a handful. His other hand left my waist and tangled itself in my hair.

“I can’t wait to see this ass in front of me as I fuck you. I love how it bounces when you push back on me. I’m going to spank you until your skin is burning because I love the way you clench around me when I do. I love the way I can hear you get wetter with each spank until I feel it dripping down my thighs.”

I struggled to stay standing and wished I could look into his eyes as he growled the words into my ear. His firm grip on my hair only accentuated his words and reassured me that he wanted me as much as I wanted him.

But then his hands gentled and he continued to dance.

We danced quietly for a while and I laughed as we spun through the other couples and individuals dancing. He was playful now, commenting on those who were struggling to keep the easy rhythm, and on those who were clearly looking for a partner, or trying to impress a new one.

I was getting used to this more playful version of our evening, so used to it that I was completely unprepared bursa merkez escort when he cornered me beside a huge open fireplace filled with unlit candles and twinkling lights and pushed me up against the wall.

“I want to feel you cum right now.” I laughed at first, not truly parsing his words, but before I could catch up his fingers were sliding inside me again, hiking my skirt up oblivious of who could be watching. He moved his fingers firmly and steadily- not too fast. I was teetering on the edge in moments, he knew me too well. My thighs were trembling, but something was keeping me from tumbling over the edge. I looked over his shoulder and couldn’t help feeling that the other dancers would know the moment I began to cum.

His free hand came up to tap me firmly on the cheek- not quite a slap but definitely not a caress. His fingers didn’t miss a beat between my legs.

“Look at me not them.” His hand came to rest around my neck just firm enough that little sparkles began to sparkle at the edges of my vision. “Now cum for me.”

For a moment nothing happened. Then my muscles clenched around him. I was grateful for the hand inside me, for the hand around my neck because they were the only things holding me up as came harder than I had in weeks. The sparkles grew and covered my full field of vision and every muscle in my body spasmed- hard. I was breathless and shaking and small aftershocks tightened me around his fingers, which only served to drive my orgasm on. It felt like minutes before I could support my own weight. I could feel the wetness dripping down my thighs, and I was sure down his wrist as well. This thought was confirmed when he gently pulled his fingers from inside of me resulting in another small aftershock, and licked his fingers then down his forearm.

“You always taste so amazing. But I can’t wait to be inside you for real.” He pulled my arm but it was a moment before I could walk steadily.

I trailed after him slowly, dreamily. With each step I felt the squish between my legs where I was still tingling and swollen.

I’m not sure if I imagined the sly looks a few of the men sent his way or if they had seen what happened. Perhaps it was the dreamy look on my face that was revealing our activities.


We got into his car and the quiet was a relief. I listened to the ringing in my ears as he started the car and pulled onto the street. I knew the ride wasn’t short and closed my eyes.

He opened the car windows and moon roof and the smells of the spring air filled the car with the rushing air. I could tell when we turned onto the long country road that lead to his home. The air was darker and I could smell the blooming wisteria and honeysuckle. It was cool, but soon I knew it would be warm enough to sleep outside- or fuck outside. In fact it might be warm enough for that already.


The car stopped and the stillness was intoxicating- I could feel how tired I was.

I hadn’t moved when he came around to open my car door.

“I know you aren’t asleep” his voice was quiet, and not as fevered as in the club

“I’m just comfy” my voice sounded sleepy even to my own ears, I wasn’t ready for sleep, but I was ready to be surrounded by warm blankets and his body.

I was still deciding if it was worth getting out of the car when I was swished through the air, and hanging over his shoulder.

“Hey!” It was decidedly the least romantic way to carry someone.

“You weren’t moving and I still have to unlock the house.” His logic was sound, and his ass flexing with each step was a satisfactory view. I reached down to grab a handful and was rewarded with a sharp slap to my ass. Definitely worth it.


I was dumped rather unceremoniously on the bed. I crawled to the middle to take off my shoes, then skirt and top. I sprawled naked, finally in my domain. Blankets and pillows were mounded around me. My only influence on his dark, masculine bedroom. I watched as he undressed more slowly. His muscles flexing deliciously in the low light. I loved his back, and could just make out the soft red lines my nails must have left on his back in the club.

He turned back to face me after he had removed his pants and his cock was pointing straight up, and all sleepiness left me.

“Can I help you with that?”

“Oh with this?” His voice was slow and he wrapped a hand around himself, even in his large hand it was intimidating. My pussy clenched in anticipation of it pushing almost too deeply inside of me. I couldn’t wait.

“Mmhmm” I reached out my hand and crawled to the edge of the bed and slid off. I wrapped him in my hands, he was so warm and hard and- alive. I was surprised at his girth every time. Gently I licked the tip, then the sides. I kissed the base then back to the top. His skin was smooth and smelled like clean sweat and his soap.

I felt drunk as I slowly licked the tip, salty already with precum. I sucked gürsu escort it into my mouth, holding the shaft tightly in my hands.

Now was my turn to tease.

When he would begin to thrust toward my mouth I pulled away, just enough to tease. When he was still I began to work my way down again. Stopping and pulling back whenever he would push or thrust into me. I relish every moan, every growl and smile around his cock each time he relaxes and lets me play.

In moments my hands and his cock are soaked with my spit and his precum. I push him back onto the bed. I crawl over him and I straddle his right thigh. My favorite position to deep throat. I pull my hair into a knot at the top of my head and smile as I watch his cock twitch at the sight. He knows what’s coming, and I am good at my art.

I lean over his cock one hand braced against the bed the other circling the base of his cock. I paint my lips with his tip before letting it slowly push between my lips. I pull back just when the tip is in my mouth but don’t let it slip from my lips. I increase the pressure, sucking harder, until his hand reaches to push my head away. I repeat the action a few times more before slowly letting the rest of him push through my lips.

I have to readjust a few times before my lips meet my hand. I adjust again and his cock pushes into my throat. I gag around it but let it happen. My reflexes calm and my lips reach his pubic bone.

He moans and his hand grabs my tied up hair, careful not to hold me down or push, but I feel him trembling. I swallow before slowly making my way back up. I swallow again and lick my lips. I look up to meet his eyes and he looks stunned, just like he always does.

I begin my journey again, then again. I take a break to lick the sweat as it begins to trickle down his stomach. Then I wrap both my hands around him. Gently, slowly then faster I rub him, hands circling opposite of each other, sucking at the top of his cock. It is only moments before he is thrusting up into my mouth, a hand in my hair and a litany of curses flowing from his lips.

He warns me he is going to cum and I redouble my efforts until I feel him twitching in my mouth and the strong salty bitter streams pouring into my mouth. I swallow around him and continue to suck until he pulls me into his arms. I tuck myself into his shoulder and relish the sound of his racing heart.


“You’re too good at that you know that?” I lean up to give him a kiss, thankful he accepts kisses after I blow him. He kisses me deeply and laughs, shaking out his arms.

He flips me under him and kisses my neck, then down to my shoulder leaving little stinging bites along the way. I wiggle beneath him, and he holds me tighter. He reaches my belly button and licks inside, nibbling the jewel that hangs there, before continuing on. Licking the dips of my hips, nibbling my inner thighs before spreading them and sitting up on his knees pulling my body with him. I am resting on my shoulders, helpless as he licks me deeply, tongue stabbing immediately into me. It’s all I can do to not cum right then. But I resist, not wanting this to end. He drinks from me like he hasn’t had water in weeks, seeking every corner his tongue and lips can reach. He pulls back for a moment only to swirl his tongue around my clit. Back and forth he goes not letting me gather myself enough to cum.

I’m panting and squirming, but his grip on my thighs is strong and I imagine the marks that will be there tomorrow, but the pleasure is too great for me to worry.

He lets my legs slide from his shoulders and lies me flat on the bed, I am devastated with loss but then his fingers are in me again stroking firmly against my g spot and I am shaking and on the edge again immediately. The feeling is almost too intense to feel good but there I am on the brink of orgasm yet again.

He leans over me and kisses me and the warmth of his body is just what I need to let go, to know he isn’t watching my face as I go over the cliff. My back arches and I know I am screaming as the pleasure floods my body. I am barely aware that his fingers have left me only to be replaced by his cock. The burn of him stretching my body only intensifies my orgasm and I thrash under him.

I still panting when he begins to thrust more steadily into me. I am still shaking and clenching around him as he thrusts harder. The impact of him hitting my cervix would usually hurt in this position. My legs are draped over his elbows, and his hands are under my shoulders pulling me closer to him with each thrust, but in the aftershocks of my orgasm the position only serves to add to my pleasure.

I sink my nails into his shoulders as I attempt to process the pleasure of him moving within me, hitting all the most sensitive spots inside me, and his pubic bone grinding against my clit with each thrust, the hair ticking my lips and again I am coming hard around him.

My second orgasm sets him off and I feel the warmth of him being squeezed out of me with each thrust.

When he stops he is still hard inside me. He flips onto his back pulling me with him, and I grind down on him milking the tail end of my orgasm as he watches and softens inside me. I flop down on his chest close my eyes.

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A Night With Friends

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I heard the familiar voice of my best friend come to me over the phone lines, and I smiled as I addressed her.

“Hey, what’s going on?”

“Oh hi, Jess, not much, just sitting around.”

“Oh yeah? You doing anything tonight?”


“Do you wanna do something tonight?”

“Bitch, what do you think?”

We both laughed.

“Meeting that guy, you know, I’ve showed you his pic. He’s in town.”

Bri’Anda’s voice went from her normal, I’m-just-sitting-here-and-really-hating-it voice, to one that sounded very interested in what I was saying.

“Really? The guy, with the big…”

She giggled and didn’t finish her sentence. I laughed again.

“Yeah, Theron.”

“Where’re you meeting him at?”

“Where do you think?”


“Yeah, hell, I figured I talked about it so much that it was only right if he actually saw the place.”

“What time you meeting him?”


“Nobody’ll be there by then.”

“I know but that’ll give us a chance to see each other in person before Mike starts the music and no one can hear.”

“Can I get ready at your house?”

“Yeah, sure, come on over.”

“Okay, be there shortly. Bye.”


I laughed again as I hung up the phone, she sounded so excited, and I bet she was jumping around the house, finding her keys and purse. I also knew that even though it was only eight, she’d be here in fifteen minutes. I sat back down on the couch, lit a cigarette, and waited.

I was right she was there in fifteen minutes flat. She burst through the door, making my golden retriever run to her, and become just as excited as she was. I shook my head, I expected her to do just that. Bri’Anda was a highly excited person, always moving, jumping, and flaying about. She could never sit still in the many years that I had known her, and she was always ready to get up and go somewhere, as long as she didn’t have to sit in the house. I laughed before I began to talk to her.

“Bitch, sit down! Relax, damn it’s only eight!”

“Why I gotta be your bitch, I thought you were always my bitch.”

She winked as I stared her down.

“You know that ain’t right. You want something to drink?”

“I know, but I thought that I could at least try. Yeah, what you got? Any coffee? I’m nervous, and it always calms my nervous.”

She knew I had coffee; I always have it freshly made. I got up and got her cup, doctoring it up just how she liked it. I came back and handed her the cup. She smiled, sighed, and took a sip, trying to get herself to calm down. She looked at me again, and smiled.

“So, tell me more about this guy.”

I looked at her annoyed. I hated talking about people, and I wished she’d just wait to meet him. Then she could ask the onslaught of questions I was about to be hit with.

“His name is Theron and he’s from Texas.”

“Well, I knew that! Tell me more!”

“Like what?”

“How old is he?”

“In his 40’s.”

She smiled broadly, and bounced in her seat.

“Oh yes! Some one who knows what he’s fuckin’ doing!”

I laughed at her. Bri is a year younger than me, 24, and through our years of knowing each other, I knew she’d love the fact that Theron was older. She’d always had a thing for older men, but then again, so do I.

“What else?”

Her voice was getting louder in her excitement, and I pressed my fingers to my lips to make her quiet down.

“Like what? Why don’t you just wait, you’ll see him in a couple of hours.”

“I know but I want to be prepared. What does he look like? Ever seen a picture of him, that wasn’t his cock?”

“Yeah, a long time ago, but I lost it.”


“He’s tall, well built, brown hair, brown eyes. I stared at his pic for like twenty minutes.”

“Did it make you wet?”

“Of course, the guy is gorgeous.”

“Well your description sucks.”

“Maybe so, but you’ll see him soon!”

“C’mon tell me more!”

“His lips are thin; his eyebrows are shaped real well, and give his eyes a kind of stern look. He has a set jaw line, and goddamn it, he’s just fuckin’ gorgeous, you’ll see him!”

“Okay fine! Wanna get ready?”

“It’s only eight-thirty.”


I shook my head, and got up, holding my hand out to her and helping her off the chair. We went into my bedroom, and began to rummage through my closet. Bri had brought a big duffle bag with her own clothes in it, but we both knew she’d wear something of mine and not even look at the clothes she’d brought. I settled on one of my favorite outfits, a black soft leather tank top with a purple dragon setting in the middle of the chest and a soft leather black mini to go with it, along with my thigh spiked heeled boots. Bri, just a little more conservative than I, choose a bright red tee-shirt with the words, “Bad Girl” written in silver across the chest, a mini jean skirt, and a pair of silver lace up sandals. We laid the clothes on the bed and went into the bathroom.

I turned on the shower, and stepped in, porno a couple of seconds later Bri followed. When we went out, we always showered together to save time. No, we did not do anything with each other, Bri and I have never had sex, though, I’ve dreamed and hoped that one day it would happen, and I know she’s done the same. Bri has this thing about us being friends, she’s told me that, though, she’s spent many times fucking herself to the thought of me licking her pussy, and she’d never really do it, because it might screw up our long friendship. I respect Bri, and so I’ve never pushed the issue.

We stepped out of the shower, dried ourselves off, and stood before the mirror. Bri stands seven inches taller than me, and so she had no problems seeing over my head. As I looked in the mirror, trying to figure out just what I was going to do to my hair, I felt and saw Bri’s hand move over my shoulder and grab my breast, which only heightened the feelings I was having from seeing her wet and naked.

“Look at these! I wish I had boobs like you.”

She always compared my breasts to hers, mine were bigger but not by much, me being in a D cup and her in a C. I smacked at her hand and laughed.

“Stop it. C’mon!”

She didn’t stop, but placed her other hand on my other tit, and began to knead them, smiling and giggling as she did so. I decided the best thing to do was ignore her, I ignored her a lot, since if I didn’t I’d probably pounce on her. But, I couldn’t really ignore it either, I could see her in the mirror, and I could see her big green eyes growing dark with desire. She still smiled, her full lips softly curving up, both cheeks dimpled. Her long brown hair lay in clumps around her, not brushed yet, and her olive colored skin lying against my fair skin, I had to do something. I turned quickly, and grabbed her tits, squeezing them roughly and smiling up at her.

“Do you like it? Hmmm? Do you?”

She laughed and pushed me away.

“Yeah, I do.”

“Shut-up, C’mon lets go get dressed.”

With our clothes back on, we re-enter the bathroom. Bri grabbed a brush and began to brush out my hair that had already begun to dry. She gently sent the comb through my shoulder length red hair, before grabbing the hair dry. After my hair was finished she did her own. All she ever does to it is brush it out and put a clip in it. I looked at her.

“You should wear it down for once.”

“It’s too long.”

“But it’s so pretty.”

Her hair reaches her butt, and is thick with natural waves.

“I know, but it’s too hot. I’m getting it cut next week.”

I nodded, I always hate when she cut her hair, but she and I both cut our hair for good intentions, letting our hair grow long over the winter and then cutting it short to donate the hair to children with cancer. We finished getting ready, and by the time we’re done we had twenty minutes to get up there, just enough time.

We hopped in my car, and were on our way. As we veered onto the highway Bri looked at me.

“You gonna fuck him?”

“Hell yeah! You gonna help me?”

She giggled.

“I think I might.”

“You will. You know that’s why you came.”

I winked at her and she laughed loudly.

“Yeah okay, I know.”

As mentioned Bri and I have never had sex, but that doesn’t stop us from having sex with other people together.

We pulled up into the parking lot. Joshua’s sits inside a hotel, and I knew Theron had a room there, and I hoped that he was already downstairs in the club. We walked in, not having to pay the cover, we know the doorman, and he always lets us in free. I had told Theron that he should sit in the chairs that over look the dance floor, and as Bri and I turned our heads that way, we saw a male figure sitting there. His front was turned away from us, and though there were only a handful of other people in the bar at the moment, we both hoped that it was him. We walked up, and I tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around slowly, and looked at me.



“Hi, I’m Jessi.”

I winked and smiled at him, my smile growing larger as his lips formed their own. I pointed to Bri.

“Hope you don’t mind, I brought a friend, this is Bri’Anda.”

I watched happily as his eyes lit up. I had spoken of Bri to him, he knew all of mine and her adventures together, and he was happy to see her. She stuck out her hand, and he shook it, moving his eyes back and forth from me to Bri.

“Bri, this is Theron.”

She gave a nod of her head, and let go of his hand. She smiled, and I could see a slight blush on her cheeks. She looked at me.

“Ummmm…well…okay, I’m going to go get us some drinks.”

She patted me on the shoulder and walked down the stairs to the bar. I watched after her, I’ve always felt protective over her, and I watch her constantly to make sure no one is messing with her. She was fine, so I sat down.

“Is it okay that I brought my friend?”

Theron looked a little flustered. I hadn’t told him that Bri was coming.

“Oh no, I think that it’s just fine.”

“Okay, great. It was a spur of the moment thing. I thought that since I’d talked so much about her that you should meet her.”

“I’m pleased to have.”

He gave me a wink this time, and I giggled. Bri came back from the bar, and left again, as is her custom when we first get to Joshua’s. She was seeking out Mike, the DJ, to make sure that he played good songs tonight, since me and her were there. He’d play only the songs we liked all night. She came back and sat on the other side of Theron. This too was something Bri and I did all the time, we’d sandwich the guy that was with us so that we could torment him, and soon we began.

Whenever Bri wanted to speak to me, or I to her, we would lean forward, me hooking my boots on to the bottom of the barstool, and she to hers. She would press herself against the back of Theron, while I pressed against the front, my tits fallen in his face, and my ass stuck in the air. Theron smiled as we did this, and would turn his head from me to Bri. After we had a few drinks in us, my hand started to find his inner thigh when I had to bend to hear Bri, and that hand would move slightly up as I spoke to her, and I would moved my body so that my ample breasts shook in the face of our male friend. Theron at first said nothing about it, but after awhile he laughed, and shook his head.

“Okay ladies, I see what you’re doing!”

Bri looked at him and bent down to his ear. I couldn’t hear her but I could read her lips.

“And do you like it, Theron?”

He turned facing her completely.

“Very much.”

She looked at me, and we smiled at each other. We didn’t play our game for a while after that, the music started, and Bri drug me to the dance floor. Theron stayed seated and watched as Bri and I danced with each other, moving in time, rubbing our bodies against one another’s, and looking up at Theron every now and again. The next song came and Bri kept me on the dance floor, coming up behind me, grinding her hips on my ass, and moving her hands to my hips. I looked up at her and smiled as she bent down to kiss me, nothing unusual there we kiss all the time. We both looked up at Theron, who smiled and sipped his beer. Bri’s hand moved down, and though she never went over as much as I would have liked her to, she played with my inner thigh. The song ended and we went back to our seats. Theron smiled as we neared him.


We both said thank you at the same time. Bri sat in my seat and I sat down on her lap. We took long drinks of our beverages and looked back at Theron. I moved my head to Bri’s shoulder and whispered.

“Should we keep teasing, Bri? Or should we give him more?”

She laughed and whispered back. “I’m your bitch remember. You decide.”

Theron smiled at us.

“What you ladies whispering about?”

I smiled back.
“Just how we’d both like to suck your cock right now.”

Bri laughed.


“Yep. Do you have a room here?”


“May we go to it?”

“If you’d like.”

I hopped down from Bri, and we held hands as we led the way into the lobby of the hotel. Theron took over the lead and got us into the room. We stood in the center of it. I smiled at Bri, and then looked straight at Theron as I addressed her.

“Bri’Anda! Since you’ve told me that you are my bitch, I want my bitch to get on her knees and begin to suck Theron’s cock!”

She didn’t protest Bri usually did what was told of her. She got down on her knees, and crawled to Theron, making both him and I smile as we watched her move across the floor. She came up on her knees, and deftly freed his cock, looking up at him the entire time. I made myself comfortable on the chair, and watched Bri go to work. She took his cock in her hands and licked it slowly, coaxing it to a full erection before taking the head of it into her mouth. She moaned loudly, as she wrapped her hands around the rest of his cock, and began to stroke and suck him. Theron’s hand came down into her hair, and he pulled the clip away, making her long tresses fall around her. He grabbed a handful of it and pulled her lips from him. He rubbed her face against his cock using her hair to do so. I smiled, but saw the distress in Bri’s eyes. She wasn’t use to this.

I slipped from my chair and came to her, kissing her cheek and neck as Theron moved his cock around her lips.

“Relax Baby, take his cock. Feel it, feels nice doesn’t it?”

She nodded her head. “Yeah, it’s okay.”

I looked up at Theron and smiled at him, but never told him to take it easier on her. I grabbed his cock in my hand, and stroked it, causing an approving sound from him.

“Suck it Bri. Suck Theron’s big cock!”

She took it into her mouth, smiling again, and began to suck him as I stroked the shaft.

“Are you relaxed now?”

She nodded.

“Good, I’m going to let him do whatever he wants to you, so you need to be a good girl, okay?”

She looked a little frightened but nodded her head again.

“Okay, he won’t hurt you, I promise. Will you Theron?”


“See, he’s just going to make you feel real good.”

She moaned, and I pressed my other hand against Theron’s, making her mouth slip further onto his cock.

“That’s a good Baby, now I’m handing it back over to Theron, Bri.”

She moaned, and I moved back in the chair. Theron shrugged his shoulders at me, but I waved my hand to dismiss whatever thought he had. Bri’Anda’s hands had gone back to his cock, and I could see that she was much more relaxed now. She sucked him for a long time before pulling his cock out and looking up at him.

“Your cock is so big! I was scared for a minute sorry.”

“No need to be scared Darlin'”

I smiled and nodded my head at the way Theron spoke to her, but soon his features changed, and a stern look came in his eye.

“But I’ll tell you what. Just sucking my cock isn’t good enough. You gotta be a real slut.”

Bri’Anda laughed and looked at me, before turning her attention back to Theron. Her voice changed, dropping down a few octaves. “Don’t worry Darlin’ I am a big slut.”

I laughed, and she winked at me.

Theron grabbed his cock from Bri, and slapped it across her face. She moaned and looked up at him.

“Again! C’mon do it again, I love that!”

He slapped her again with his cock, making a louder moan come from her. He let go and grabbed both sides of her head, shoving his cock into her mouth and down her throat. She gagged on it, and her hand flew to her throat. He pumped into her, hard and fast, and soon she stopped choking. He let her go, and took his cock from her mouth.

“My God! That’s a big fuckin’ cock! And it felt damn good down my throat!”

“Is your pussy wet Bri?”

Bri smiled up at Theron as he asked the question.

“Of course it is.”

He looked over at me.

“Jessi, I want you to come and check.”

Bri tried to protest, but it only got her cock-slapped again.

“We don’t do that Theron, I’ve told you that.”

He looked angrily at me, and moved towards me. He pulled me out of the chair and dropped me down by Bri.

“I told you to fucking check now do it!”

I looked at Bri, and shrugged my shoulders. I sent my hand up the skirt she wore, and rubbed her pussy lightly with my finger, which caused her to moan. I pulled my finger back out and held it up.

“Yes, she’s wet.”

“Good. C’mon ride my cock!”

She got up and went to the bed, straddling Theron’s legs. She grabbed him, and sent him into her pussy, moaning loudly as he filled her. He looked at me.

“Make yourself useful.”

I smiled, and came onto the bed, happy to be a part of the action. As Bri began to grind her hips back and forth on his cock, I bent down and began to suck and lick at his nipples, causing a moan from him. Bri’s moans chimed in, and she looked down at me.

“God, Jess, you gotta feel this cock! I don’t think my pussy has ever been this fuckin’ full before!”

I smiled at her and went back to what I was doing. Bri was getting hotter by the minute, her soft moans had turned into loud screams as she rode Theron’s cock, her grinding had turned to bouncing, and I decided that I was tired of not being able to touch her. I shot my hand down to her cunt, and began to rub her clit, causing louder moans. Her eyes shut for a minute and then she looked down at me.

“I’m gonna cum! Do you hear that Theron? I’m going to fuckin’ cum all over your fat cock!”

I was happy to hear that instead of her telling me to move. I continued, rubbing faster and harder as she began to scream.

“Fuck me! Fuck me Theron! Use that fucking cock! C’mon, make me cum!”

I watched as Theron began to thrust his hips hard into her and smiled as I heard his voice.

“You cum all over this fucking cock bitch!”

Bri’Anda screamed so loud that I winced. Her hand came down to my fingers, and she began to help me move around her clit as she came. Her body almost collapsed when she began to come down from orgasm, but Theron placed his hand on her chest to hold her up. I moved and lay beside Theron, bringing my hand down on my pussy, as he turned Bri over onto her back. She smiled at me, and her eyes rolled back as Theron began to pound his cock deep into her pussy. She looked up at him.

“Just like that Sir, fuck that pussy! Fuck it hard! God, your cock is fucking amazing!”

She looked back over at me, and I smiled and winked at her.

“Is it good Bri?”

She laughed.

“Oh god, it’s wonderful! It’s so fucking big!”

I nodded my head, and she came closer, kissing me. I moaned into her mouth, her lips had always felt so good on mine. She broke the kiss and looked at me. “I really liked your hand on my pussy.”

“Good, now pay attention!”

She looked back at Theron, who was looking down at the both of us. I smiled at him.

“C’mon Theron fuck her pussy! Make her cum again!”

He thrust a couple of more times into her, but then pulled out, making both of us look at him in puzzlement. He sat back on his heels, and began to stroke his cock.

“I want her ass.”

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The Call of Spring

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Charlie Watson was thirty three years old and lived in the small town of Carlton, Wisconsin, working at the manufacturing plant and plowing snow through the winter months. He lived with his elderly father in the same neighborhood as Susan, and her teenage daughter, Jodie. For years he’d been friends with Jodie’s older brother, Ted, who’d moved to another state to find work last year, and as Susan occasionally required a man’s assistance around the house for odds and ends, it was through circumstance and familiarity that he’d taken up the role.

A few weeks ago Susan had asked him to stop by and check the furnace thermostat, it had been sticking. While he was there he’d used the bathroom. Susan was at work, and the place was so quiet he’d assumed Jodie was either gone or asleep. He’d left the bathroom door open, not giving it any thought, and as he gave his large penis a quick shake as he finished relieving his bladder, he noticed Jodie standing just out in the hall, her eyes fixed downward on what he was just getting ready to coil back into his trousers. Had he clocked the look of lustful admiration in her blue eyes?

He could tell she was embarrassed that he’d caught her gawking, and laughed it off silently to himself. Jodie was a nice girl, but could be hard to read. She never really gave anyone too much. Which is to say, she left you guessing.

Auh well, he thought… teenage girls. She’d probably never seen such a fat, wrinkled honker like he had on any of the boys her own age. Some were showers, others, growers. He was both. Not that it had ever really helped him along much with the ladies anyhow. Some preferred a large penis, others not so much. He’d had a few girlfriends and lovers over the years, especially back in his twenties when he’d often attend heavy metal concerts with friends, and frequented an underground club in Madison that featured obscure metal and punk bands. But those days were behind him, and he’d settled comfortably into a bachelor’s lifestyle, all the more so since moving back into his childhood home to provide companionship to his father after cancer took his mother about five years back.

He’d left briefly, running out to the hardware store for a new thermostat. He returned, and about a half an hour later the task at hand was finished. As he was getting ready to leave he went to say bye to Jodie as he always did if she were around while he’d been there at her mother’s request. But when he walked down to the end of the hallway he noticed her bedroom door was open instead of closed as it normally was.

When he leaned into the doorway to tell her he was leaving he saw she was sitting in a chair at her desk watching anal sex porn on a large computer monitor affixed to the wall. It was the first time he’d seen the inside of her room. The wafting smell of incense came to him as he took in its walls, covered with gig flyers and posters of metal bands he’d not heard of, along with some of the old classics he had. Judas Priest, eh? At least the girl had decent taste in tunes, he thought. None of that lame modern top forty crap, hip hop or pussy boy band stuff.

Acting as though nothing were out of the ordinary Jodie turned her head over her shoulder, acknowledging his presence.

“You taking off now, Chuck?”

He had a sneaking suspicion she’d arranged for him to find her like this, and it left him tongue-tied for a moment. Deciding to play it cool and not give her the satisfaction of knowing she’d successfully knocked him off balance, he leaned against the doorframe a moment, watching the porn she had on. A man with a very large penis, much like his own, was fucking a young woman in the ass. Despite his donger being as big around as her arm, or perhaps because of it, she appeared to be enjoying the wanton violation quite intensely.

“Watching dirty movies, eh? Your boyfriend know you like that stuff?” As the words came out he realized he hadn’t seen that kid she’d been dating around here in a while. Come to think of it, he’d rarely seen any of Jodie’s friends. Like her mother, she tended to keep to herself for the most part.

Jodie grinned at him, shrugging her shoulders to his question.

“That’s pretty hot, huh?” she remarked, referencing the anal porn.

Teenage girls, Charlie thought to himself again.

“Well I better get heading out. I’m gonna go gas up and grab a bite at Jack’s. Your mother invited me over for dinner tomorrow, so I guess I’ll see you then.”

“Wait… don’t go. I want to show you something first, okay?”

Charlie paused in the doorway, thinking the girl was going to show him another porn clip. Instead, she muted the volume, got up from the chair, walked to the end of her bed, undid her jeans and pulled them and her underwear down, then bent at the waist, resting her hands on the mattress. She was presenting him her bare little ass.

“I want you to do that to me,” she told him, nodding her head towards the computer monitor. Despite putting up a front he could tell she was nervous. He’d seen that her small hands trembled when she’d porno unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans.

Jodie hadn’t done much of anything since graduating from high school last spring. She generally was a quiet, non-descript, plane sort of girl, no different really than the many you’d see while at the Megamart. Never wore makeup. Built like her mother, only smaller, with decent hip curve and a cute little butt that filled out the seat of her jeans quite nicely for a skinny girl, blue eyes, and no tits to speak of. She wore her straight, dirty blonde hair long, parted in the middle. He’d never seen the girl in anything but a t-shirt and faded jeans. If you didn’t know she’d turned eighteen last summer and saw her walking down the street she’d pass for being years younger than she was. He’d never picked up on any degree of sexual vibe from her, and before now had never once thought of her in a provocative way.

Again he found himself tongue-tied. What the hell was a man supposed to say in a situation like this? Not that her offer wasn’t perversely tempting. As he tried to find the right words to tell her she was barking up the wrong tree he couldn’t stop himself from imagining how soft and tight her little tush would be, her tiny O-ring stretched out around his big dick as he cornholed her, cornholed little Jodie… that is, Teddy’s little sister, Susan’s little girl. Christ on a crutch, he murmured to himself.

“Jodie,” he started slowly, stroking his bushy beard, “I think that maybe you’re just a bit confused right now. You’ve been watching too much of that,” he said, alluding to the garish anal porn still playing silently on the monitor, “and it’s put ideas into your pretty little head that ought not be there.”

She smiled, shaking her head from side to side. “No, I’m not confused, ya silly. I know exactly what I’m doing and what I want. There’s Vaseline in the bathroom closet, why don’t you get it…” she paused a moment, choosing her words, “…then get over here and buttfuck me with that big cock of yours.”

Just hearing Jodie’s soft, girlish voice use the vulgar expression “buttfuck” within her directive to him made his erection spring further to life than it already had even though he had no intention of giving in to it, giving in to her, giving in to her highly fuckable little ass. His wheels were sure spinning.

“Even if I wanted to, and if I did that to you, girl, do you realize how much it would hurt? No, you don’t.”

“It’s alright, I know it will hurt some before it gets better… and it does get a lot better.” She jiggled her bare fanny at him, underscoring her request. “Come on, Charlie, I’m super horny. Don’t worry, I’ve already done it that way a few times with my boyfriend and I really like it, like it even more than the regular way. But he’s not built down there like you are, and that’s why I want you to do it to me.”

Charlie knew this wasn’t a good idea. If for any reason anyone were to find out he’d sodomized the girl they’d call him a pervert, a monster, and insist he’d forced himself upon her. It would mean town folk bearing torches and pitchforks coming to hang him from a tree, the whole nine yards, he thought humorously. Yet there was a grim truth to it. He continued to resist the growing temptation of her request. If only she’d come to her senses and bring her jeans back up to prevent that tender, bare little behind of hers from beckoning to him like a Siren to stuff his big dick into its crack. He couldn’t think straight under the strain yet kept trying to dissuade her.

“You remember that gal I was seeing, Jennifer. Well she’s bigger and taller than you, fuller all around, right? She wanted it that way too, and even she really struggled with it. She had to abandon the idea, she just couldn’t make it fit. Hurt too much. I wouldn’t want to put you in that kind of pain, Jodie. It wouldn’t be right.”

He was lying to her. Jennifer actually had loved taking him in her ass, asking for it on a regular basis. But he was hoping to scare the little girl off, give her an example she could envision that might make her think twice about biting off more than she could chew.

“I’m up for the challenge. And besides, I’d guess you haven’t had any in quite some time, think of it as a belated Christmas present,” she said to him as she stood back up and quickly whisked by him out her bedroom door and into the bathroom, bare ass still popped out over her pulled down jeans. She returned with the jar of yellow lubricant.

“Here, hold this.” He took the small jar in his hand as she turned and rubbed her bare fanny up to the bulge under his jeans. Before he could stop himself his free hand reached down and squeezed her little ass. His big hand nearly spanned both cheeks as he groped her soft, smooth flesh.

“Come on, Charlie, please… you know you want to.” He couldn’t believe this shy, unassuming girl had such dirty thoughts and agendas in her head.

She lead him to where she’d stood by the bed, and after reaching behind, smearing some of the thick jelly into herself, turned and presented her cute little behind to him again as she had at first. He removed his stocking cap and old, faded out denim jacket, revealing his thick, heavily tattooed arms, and tossed them on her chair. He stood directly behind her looking down. Her bare little backside was his for the taking. A part of him had to fight the urge to ram it all into her on the spot.

She’d been right, he hadn’t seen any action since the last time he’d taken Jennifer out to the old motel for a good romp, and that had been nearly three months ago. Her ex-husband had showed up in town out of the blue, hoping to reunite and rebuild what they’d once had. Jenn had agreed, and so that, as they say, was that.

He stared down at Jodie’s bare little ass, working his erection up to its fullest as he teased her crack with it. His was a thick, meaty penis, the type that sometimes remained not quite fully erect even when in sexual use. Now, however, Jodie’s bare fanny had made him hard as a rock, its pink head ballooned, the veins in his shaft protruding angrily, his testicles brimming. It occurred to him he couldn’t quite remember exactly when he’d jerked off last. Had to be a few weeks back.

If Jodie wanted it, he was going to give it to her in spades and really bust her little hinder wide open. If the girl couldn’t walk tomorrow, well, then so be it. It would be her lesson to learn. She could tell her mother she got her period early this month, or had eaten something that hadn’t set right with her, or whatever, and lie around in bed all day regretting having asked for something she’d been unable to handle.

He gripped his big penis at its base, pushing down and back, which enlarged it even more, and forced the head into her butt crack, feeling the vice-grip of her anus slowly stretching open to envelope it entirely. Then he stopped, half expecting the intense pressure she was surely feeling would make her call it off right there and then.

She didn’t, though. Her hands clenched fistfuls of the bedding and her thighs quivered. She swallowed hard and took a few deep breaths. Finding that she enjoyed the sensation, she began slowly bucking her hips back to him, eventually working nearly half of his big dick into her tight bottom. Their motions were awkward for the first few minutes, and she was so tight that he slipped out of her hole a few times before he’d realign and wedge back in, giving her a few mid-range thrusts that her body reflexively encouraged.

After a bit longer they found synchronized rhythm and their motions intensified in unison. Jodie panted and grunted in pleasure as he buttfucked her with deep, slow thrusts. She was amazed how it felt so much better doing it with Charlie than it had with her boyfriend… why, they hadn’t even been at it very long, she considered, yet she was already getting so much more out of it.

Good lord, he thought, she hadn’t been lying to coerce him into doing it with her, the girl absolutely loves it. No wonder she’d wanted him to do it to her given how she’d watched him in the bathroom and saw how large his penis was.

“Alright, Jodie, you do it, pump it. I want you to take it all the way in and all the way out each time, nice and slow like.”

She eagerly showed off her skills for him, and repeatedly pulled her little butt forward until only the tip of the head remained in her anus, then slowly pumped his big dick back in until her cheeks were flush to his pubic mound. He fondled and gently squeezed her rump as she did.

He still had reservations and wanted an update from her before really drilling into her.

“You okay, sweetheart… you like that big dick in your ass?… it doesn’t hurt?

She was in her own zone, overwhelmed with pleasure and she shook her head no.

“No, Charlie, it feels sooo good, I love it. Please don’t stop.”

Deciding to test her limits he rammed himself all the way into her hard, then again, then again even harder.

She yelped and let out a deep breath, turning back to him, her smile fueled with lust. She nodded yes to him.

“Yes, like that, Charlie. Really let me have it… ’cause I’m pretty certain I’m gonna come if you do.”

To her delight he held nothing back. Holding her by the hips, he entwining her white cotton undies around a few of the fingers on either hand, pulling them taut around her trembling thighs and buttfucked the girl vigorously, producing moist little pops and squishes as he plunged in and out.

A few minutes later Jodie orgasmed, crying out in ecstasy, panting husky little breaths. He realized he wasn’t going to be able to last much longer being stuffed into her tight fanny before going off like gangbusters. She sensed he was getting close and asked him not to come inside of her, then dismounted him, turned and sat on the bed before him. She grasped his big greasy cock staring her in the face and began guiding to her mouth. Charlie saw that it was covered in thick, white smears of mucus produced from their motion, the lube and her orgasm.

“Honey, you don’t have to go about it like that for me,” he said to her, knowing she was likely just mimicking how she’d seen it done in porn. “Get that cute little tushy of yours back up here and lemmie finish,” he instructed her, realizing he was gonna go off with such force that his mess would end up covering her and the comforter on the bed if she didn’t get it into either her butt or her mouth soon.

“No, I’ve always wanted to try it this way,” she told him, which was the truth. Something about the thrill of wanting something so unusually depraved excited her on some level.

After giving it a quick scan to make sure no poo was on it, she tentatively licked it, savored the taste of herself, then allowed her lust to take over, slowly rubbing her lips along its greasy thickness as her little hand pumped it. She ran her tongue up the underside of the shaft before taking him into her mouth, sucking the tip of the cock head into the back of her throat. As he watched her he realized he’d never before noticed how pretty she really was, as she sort of hid behind her long hair. He gently brushed her hair back behind her ear as she enjoyed her creamy, dirty treat, smiling up at him with her eyes.

Knowing he was about to peak, he jerked himself off with Jodie’s lips still wrapped around the head. He orgasmed so powerfully it ached, nearly causing his legs to buckle and give out from under him as Jodie sucked him off, swallowing each voluminous spurt of his pent up semen as it spewed into her mouth. As he recovered she was smiling up at him, obviously quite pleased with herself.

“Mmm, that was fan-tastic. Told you I could handle it, of ye of little faith.” She laid down on her bed with her back to him in the fetal position with her hands between her thighs, reveling in the experience. “I’ve never come just from fucking, the regular way or in the butt. That was just incredible, Charlie.” She moved into a prone position so she could face him, propping herself up with her elbows, her jeans still pulled down just below her rump. He sat down on the edge of the bed next to her, caressing her adorable, up-turned bare ass, then bent down and kissed each cheek as she giggled.

The house was dead silent. He didn’t really know what to say, this peculiar turn of events had been surreal and he still couldn’t believe that what just happened did. “We can’t, auh… your mother can never find out about this, Jodie.”

She gave him a sarcastic roll of her eyes. “Yeah, I’m glad you told me that ’cause the first thing I was gonna do is run right out and tell her all about it.” She said, teasing him. Chuck felt embarrassed, realizing it had been a rather idiotic thing to say to her, all things considered.

His spent cock was still hanging out of his boxers, and she went back at it with her tongue, mesmerized by it. He still felt vital and at-the-ready, and she sensed it.

“Want to do it to me again?” she asked. This time he required no further convincing. One has to be prepared to just say “yes” to the universe under certain situations when it presented a rare ‘now or never’ opportunity. He mounted her, straddling the backs of her thighs, letting his flaccid penis lie lengthwise on her little butt crack. After she wiggled and teased it she reached back and spread her cheeks, and he was hard again. He sodomized her a second time, lasting much longer than he had the first round. She orgasmed blissfully as he pumped her tight passage full of his hot sperm.


The next day Charlie arrived for dinner late in the afternoon. “Hey Charlie! Come on in. Thanks again for fixing the furnace.” He noted that Happy Hour had apparently started early for Susan that Saturday, as she was already tipsy. She offered him a drink. “The usual?” He affirmed and she poured him a whiskey.

They were sitting at the kitchen table talking about work when Jodie strolled into the kitchen wearing only an old white v-neck t-shirt, no bra, and a pair of green and blue panties that were snug tight up her backside. His mind flashed on how tight she’d felt, pounding in and out her, loving his big dick fucking her little butt. Good thing that whiskey bottle was more than half full, it could be a long, tension filled night.

“Jodie, go put some clothes on. We’ve got company over,” Susan spoke up. “And did you fill out that application for the Megamart casher’s position yet? I realize you’d rather not, but you have got to start looking for some work, girl. Even a part-time job. God knows we could use some extra money around here. Plus it would get you out of the house, do you some good.”

It was the sort of typical parental advice no teenage girl wants to hear on a Saturday evening when she’s trying to flirt with her older, gentleman backdoor lover.

“It’s only Chuck, mom. He’s seen me in my underwear before. I mean, my swim suit covers less, and that’s at a public beach. And besides, it’s not like Charles is gonna try to have his way with me or something,” she laughed, opening the refrigerator door. She stood bent over, unfastening a bottle of apple juice from the plastic six pack ringer, making damn sure she was giving him a good eyeful.

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This is the flipside to my His story. They can be read alone or together or in any order. Enjoy X

Sun streams in through the open shutters, jolting me awake. I had been fucking her for hours and we had both fallen asleep spent from our exertions. She is still dozing and I shift on to my side to look at her. Her long brunette hair cascades down laying on her beautiful tits. She has great tits – 32G or H something like that – big and full. Some of my cum has dried over them leaving a white residue. I feel my cock twitch and marvel at how this little slut can drive me crazy still after all this time and at my age. She loves being fucked and the truth is I love fucking her.

I lean over and fondle one of her tits. Squeezing and flicking gently. She lets out a low moan. Slowly she opens her eyes and turns her head to look at me. Her big beautiful eyes steal immediately down to my cock and she smiles. “Come here” I say. She is smiling at me softly and turns her body inching slightly closer to me. I feel my cock stiffen and I lean in and kiss her hard. I want her again, inexplicably.

I feel her hand on my cock, she expertly massages me and I enjoy this moment of tenderness. I have already decided she is going to suffer the rest of the evening but I’ll allow her this moment to wake up. I grab her rolling her onto her back, pinning her, kissing her harder now. My cock is aching to be inside her tight cunt again. Which is ridiculous, but how it always is with us.

I start pushing slowly inside of her, I feel her body tense around me, and I moan with the sensation of the tight walls of her cunt enveloping me, and her wetness as I glide in. “You can’t get enough can you, you little slut.” She is moaning her eyes closed as she takes my manhood deep within her, thrusting her hips up. I am taking deep strokes, nearly pulling out then ploughing back into her right porno to the hilt.

“Neither can you – harder” she demands.

And now I think she really does deserve to be treated like the slut she is, slamming down hard into her. She grabs my shoulders digging her nails in and let’s put a cry of pleasure. I am pounding hard now, and I can feel I will not last too long going at this pace, I want to cum deep inside her, I feel lost in her pussy, the energy I feel coming from her – her raw desire.

“You’re such a fucking whore”, I spit out at her, most women would recoil at this (many have before) but not her, it drives her wild and she wraps her legs around me, driving into me so I am even deeper inside her. I grab her tit hard then find my self closing my hand around her throat, the pace of my fucking unrelenting. Her pussy juice is leaking down onto my balls, coating them. My face is close to hers and I know I am squeezing a little too tight, but this act sends waves of pleasure through me and she digs her nails into me harder and I drill into her wildly. I release my grip, she takes in some air and then I clamp my hand down over her mouth. I am sweating and it drips onto her face and the back of my hand.

“You love being fucked hard don’t you whore” She bucks up toward me hearing these words her body flailing, her face a mix of agony and ecstasy and I know she is well on her way to an orgasm. But I’m not interested in her pleasure. She came 5 times this afternoon – and now I need a different release. I pull away and out of her hungry pussy, grabbing her and demanding she turn over.

She appears exasperated but does as she is told, moving to her knees. I slap her arse hard and push her down onto her belly, straddling her. She is moaning like the cheap whore she is, and even shakes her perfect round ass at me, desperate for me to plunge my cock into her again. she will not get ehat she wants.

I spit onto my fingers and roughly push 2 of them inside her ass. I feel her tense immediately and she quietly pleads “no baby” this time shaking her head.

I smile broadly, knowing I will take what is mine. I lean forward over her from behind, pinning her with my weight. “You know you want it, slut” I hiss into her ear, and I feel her flinch a little and her face flushes and she moans, in spite of herself. I raise myself up a little and use my leg to spread hers and begin to push my hard cock into her very tight asshole.

I know why she said no, I know this will hurt her. My cock is big, and wide and right now so hard I feel like I could explode. I want to cum inside her ass, and I want her to feel it and remember it for days.

I push in hard, there is little lube other than the small amount of spit and her pussy juices covering my cock. It is a little difficult at first and she is whimpering into the pillow, but I rip past her bud and plunge deep inside her. The feeling is all consuming the tightness, the smell of her, and my power over her, I roar loudly. The sound matched only by her scream and that makes my cock twitch and pulse and I feel some pre cum release and I start to fuck her with everything I have.

I grab her hair and tug hard pulling her head back. “I’m going to cum in your ass.”

She is moaning wildly, every thrust resulting in her crying out.

She seems to revel in these encounters, somehow taking pleasure from these violent episodes. I often wonder how far I could really go, and this thought sends electricity through me. Only with her have I ever felt my true self, and it is intoxicating and dangerous.

I release her hair and instead grab her arms pulling them up and together allowing me to really fuck her as hard as I can. Her ass is contracting hard around my cock, she releases an animal like sound and begs me to cum. I have lost control, and am pounding her hard, I couldn’t hold back even if I wanted to. I release a huge load of cum smashing down hard against her, followed by a second and maybe 3 or 4 more explosions. I am completely consumed with my orgasm, howling and grunting emptying myself in her. I collapse forward on top of her breathing heavily.

I am still inside her, she is breathing heavily like me. I am often in awe of this strange creature. She seems to have limitless love and energy for me. She allows me to live my fantasies and never judges me. I don’t fully understand her need to be dominated and her desire for pain, just as I don’t understand why I achieve such a blissful state when I can inflict it on her. I kiss her shoulder gently and pull out of her ass, rolling onto my back my hand resting on her ass. She lets out a cry as I do.

Not every time is like this of course, I stare at the ceiling breathing hard – enjoying the glow of my orgasm remembering the first time I took her ass, how that become one of the greatest fucks of my life – but it wasn’t the pounding I had imagined – and the reality is my love for her took over……

I hear her move and I turn to look at her. She is beautiful, even more so covered in sweat and dishevelled. She has hardly changed over all these years. I smile at her and notice her hand is already on her pussy – she is insatiable.

“How’s your ass” I joke.

You tell me!” She replies back and I laugh at this and she does too breaking the tension that was hanging in the air.

She moves toward me and places her head on my chest, as I wrap my arm around her, stroking her hair and skin gently. “You are beautiful, my darling” I whisper, surprising myself. She kisses my chest and pulls in tighter to me wrapping her leg over mine, thrusting her pussy into me. I can feel heat radiate from her and she lets out a low growl.

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Under the Influence

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My lover and I are both half-naked in bed. I am wearing a g-string, he is only clad in his boxers. We are both slightly tipsy, and the wine has loosened my inhibitions. We have had a good day, and I am anticipating a very good night. Earlier that evening, we had had a few hits of marijuana with a friend, something I hadn’t done in years, and I was feeling very horny.

“You know, I’ve never been stoned with a boyfriend” I hint, nuzzling my cheek against his chest, appreciating the feeling of soft skin on soft skin.

“Really? Why not?” my lover asks while he rubs my neck.

“Well, in college, my boyfriend didn’t smoke, and then I stopped smoking after graduation. But marijuana always made me horny, and I always wanted to know what it would feel like to do it stoned.”

“That’s too bad.”

“Of course…” I decide to stop beating around the bush and just go for what I want. “We’re both here, and…” I turn, and start planting small kisses on his neck.

“Is that what you want?” he asks as he slides his hand down my back and slides a finger into my very wet pussy. He chuckles at how wet I am already. “Well then, come over here and suck my dick.”

I look and his cock is already completely erect, a glorious 8 inches, poking out of his boxers. I smile up at him, then move to engulf his penis in my mouth.

“That’s right, grab it with your hand. Focus your sucking on the top part where it’s most sensitive” he directs. I do exactly what he tells me to do. He moans.

I bob my head up and down on his cock, feeling it grow even harder in my mouth. I can taste the faint afterthought of my love juices from a fuck earlier that day.

“Move your butt up here so I can touch you” he says, and I comply. He takes a hand and immediately slides two fingers into my pussy. I moan around his cock. He softly rubs his thumb over my clit, and I shudder.

“Put another finger in me. I want to feel full” I beg. I let go of the base of his cock to steady myself on the bed.

He sticks a third finger into my pussy. It feels porno so tight, so full, and he has a difficult time moving all three fingers. He takes that finger out of my pussy, and quickly pushes it in my ass. I am not expecting it, and the alcohol has dulled my reflexes, so his finger slides right in with no resistance. I am surprised by the intrusion and my mouth slides down farther on his cock. His pubic hairs tickle my nose, and as I moan, the head of his cock is massaged by the vibrations in the back of my throat.

I keep his cock deep in my mouth, moving my tongue around to tease it, while my lover continues his finger assault on my pussy and asshole. I am in heaven. He keeps slamming his fingers into me until he feels my pussy start to contract around his fingers. Quickly, he motions for me to turn around and mount him. He slams his cock into my wet pussy and fucks me. I orgasm quickly, and my body goes limp.

He allows me to rest for a moment, then he starts moving my body on top of his, fucking upwards. I am dripping wet with love juice, I can feel it trickle down my leg. I feel paralyzed, unable to move. I am at his mercy. His strong arms hold me tight, pushing my pussy onto his hard cock which he thrusts upwards deep inside of me.

He manipulates my body to fuck his cock until I begin to regain my senses. Then I start moving again to my own speed.

“Who is in control here?” he asks.

“You” I answer.

“That’s right” he replies. Then he takes my arms and holds them behind my back in one of his hands. I relax and allow him to use my body as he will.

With his other hand, my lover reaches around and sticks a finger into my pussy alongside his cock. He sticks this lubed up finger into my ass. He wets another finger and slides that one up my ass. He starts to match the rhythm of his cock in my pussy with his finger in my ass. I moan, defenseless. “You know that this means” he whispers.

I nod consent and whisper “Please, slide it in slowly, I want to feel you make love to my ass first.” With that, he pulls my body upwards, off his cock, releasing my hands. I wrap my arms around his neck and brace myself. My lover keeps his two fingers in my ass to guide his cock, then removes them quickly and aims inward.

He does as I asked and slowly eases his cock into my ass. My ass is well lubed by his fingers and my ample juices, and his cock is still wet from fucking my pussy. He slides past the sphincter, then slows down and has me sit up so I can control the speed that he fills up my ass.

I sit upright and push down slowly, savoring every inch as it slides into my ass steadily, until he is completely inside of me. We have not had anal sex for months, so my ass is unused to the invasion, and it stings slightly, but I welcome the pain. I love letting him violate my body.

Completely inside of me, my lover again takes control. His hands grab my ass cheeks and start to move my body. He moves me slowly at first, then picks up the pace. Each time, he thrusts his cock all the way inside of me so that my clit comes into contact with his belly. I can feel an orgasm well up.

“Touch yourself” he urges.

I shake my head. “I want to come just from you fucking my ass, I love what you are doing to my body.”

By now I have loosened up around his cock, and he fucks me without any pain. I just feel full, complete somehow, and I allow him to move me over his cock. “I’m going to cum!” I wrap my arms around him, changing positions so that my clit is in better contact with his body. He increases his speed and fucks me with abandon, feeling my ass contract around his cock, and he doesn’t stop until the spasms stop.

I don’t feel as exhausted after an anal orgasm, so I immediately start kissing his mouth and moving my ass up and down on his cock to show him that I don’t want him to stop. “I want you to come in my ass now.”


“Yes. I love how it feels when you fuck my ass.” I start talking dirty to him, which reinvigorates him, and he starts moving me up and down again. “I don’t want you to stop fucking me until you cum and fill up my ass.”

I don’t usually talk dirty to my lover, usually I just tell him how much I love him and how much he owns me. Hearing me talk about how much I love having him fuck my ass sets him off, and he starts fucking my ass with abandon. His hands are around my waist, and he slams my ass down on his cock, over and over again, only for his pleasure. This rough fucking turns me on too, and before long, I am screaming out, begging him to cum with me, crying because my orgasm is so intense.

He takes no notice. This is his show now, and he does not slow down for my orgasm or post-orgasmic state. He is just using my body. My breathing is ragged and my body has collapsed on his completely, all of my weight is on his chest, and still he pumps me up and down on his cock, almost masturbating with my body. My ass remains well lubed and he moves easily in it.

“Tell me how it feels to fuck my ass like that.”

He grunts, still fucking me at break-neck pace. “It feels so tight around my cock, and smooth, and dry, even though I can drive my cock in your ass easily. There’s so much friction.”

He takes a deep breath and keeps on fucking. “And it’s all mine. This ass is mine.” My lover has always loved it that he is the only one who has ever taken my ass.

Upon declaring his ownership of my ass, he starts slamming me down with incredible force. I see the veins in his neck bulge. He roars as he shoots a huge load into my ass. He continues to slam me down on his ass until his orgasm ends, then his arms fall to his sides, and we both relax our bodies completely.

We both doze off for a moment, then I feel his hands trying to push my body off of his. “No” I moan. I don’t want him to leave my ass.

I hear him chuckle, and I raise up my head to kiss him. He kisses my mouth passionately, rolling his hips around so that I can feel his cock move deeper into my ass again. I can feel his cum leaking out of my ass around his cock as his cock softens and shrinks.

“I love you so much” I sigh, kissing him again. With that, I raise myself off of him, and go to the bathroom to clean up.

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