She’s Still Hot Ch. 03

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Big Dick

“Housewarming this weekend. Clothing required” read the text.

Tammy knew the property adjoining her new lover’s house had been sold, but she still didn’t know who had bought it. Evidently they were new to the island and its “clothing optional” policy. “Crap!” she thought. She had been going to the island with him for a couple of months, and never packed anything except traveling clothes. They enjoyed a very uninhibited sex life there, and clothes never entered her mind. Now, she had to make a decision about a freaking dress!

The morning had been stressful enough. Her business partner and ex-husband was being an asshole about an important deal, and she hadn’t had sex in a month. She really needed a weekend of debauchery, uncomplicated by a housewarming with a bunch of uptight strangers. Now, she had to choose what to wear!

“Private party to follow. We need to shop” came next. Just as she was digesting this info, Tammy’s lover stepped into her office. Dressed in his tailored suit, he looked good enough to eat. This thought crossed her mind as she stood to welcome him. Their kiss belied any semblance of a professional relationship.

Breathlessly, Tammy said, “I’m so horny, I could fuck you right here! Wanna try the desk?”

He laughed softly and replied, “As inviting as that sounds, we need to wait. I promise you’ll get your fill of decadence this weekend. We need to get you properly attired for the housewarming first.”

“But what about the ‘private party’?”

“It’s just that-private. We’re invited, along with some of the new homeowners and neighbors. Anyway, you won’t need clothes then,” he told her as he ushered her to the door.

Her interest piqued, Tammy allowed herself to be driven to a ritzy dress shop in the next city, and was amazed at the selection of “come-fuck-me” clothes on display there. They were greeted by a tall, stunning redhead who shook her hand politely on being introduced.

“Hi. I’m Sylvie. Welcome to my humble shop. I see you are every bit as lovely as he has told me,” she said. Turning to him, she melted into his arms and planted a very sensuous kiss on his willing lips. Pulling away, she said, “You sure can pick them. She’s a fucking doll!”

“That’s generally the idea,” he said, sliding a hand around Tammy’s waist. “What we need is a dress for an island housewarming. Sadly, it should be presentable, just hinting at sexy. Think you can help us?”

“Honey, I can cover that body in a blanket, but her curves are still going to show. Let me see what I’ve got that may work.”

Taking Tammy by the hand, she said over her shoulder, “Do you mind locking the door and turning on the ‘Closed’ sign? We’ll be back here,” Sylvie said, as she led Tammy around the store. Here and there, she pulled a dress off a rack and held it up to Tammy’s body.

For the first time, Tammy really noticed how good Sylvie looked. About five feet-six, her red hair fell almost to her very womanly hips. She wore a mint-colored sheath dress that did nothing to hide her voluptuous body. Tammy had noticed her nipples showing beneath the curve-hugging fabric, and wondered if she wore a bra. She had also noticed the sheer stockings that were a perfect match for the color of the dress. “Garter belt or pantyhose?” thought Tammy, as she watched Sylvie stop at a rack and pick two selections. “Fuck, you’re depraved!” she thought. Sylvie found another dress and led Tammy to the fitting area.

The section of the store more resembled a plush living room than a store fitting room. Tammy’s lover took a seat and got comfortable as Sylvie began undressing Tammy. She seemed to take extra time here and there, and Tammy got the distinct impression that she was being felt up by a pro.

“You are extremely beautiful,” said Sylvie, sliding Tammy’s blouse off her shoulders, then unfastening her skirt. Standing there in just her bra and panties, Tammy suddenly felt extremely sexy. Her nipples pushed at the fabric of her sheer bra, and she looked forward to Sylvie’s nimble fingers extracting her tits from it. The thought had no more than entered her mind than Sylvie eased behind her and, pressing her body into Tammy’s back and hips, deftly unfastened the hooks of her bra. Sliding her hands underneath the fabric, she palmed Tammy’s breasts, cupping them and massaging them with a feathery, yet demanding touch.

“Damn, you’re good at this,” sighed Tammy heavily as Sylvie rolled her nipples gently. “I can hardly wait until you take my panties off.”

“Whatever the customer desires,” whispered Sylvie, as she turned Tammy around and cupped her face. The kiss she delivered shook Tammy to her core, and she knew that no matter what, she was going to enjoy sex with this goddess. Sylvie then knelt, and hooking the elastic of Tammy’s tiny panties, eased them over her hips and down her legs, helping her step out of them. She picked up the wisp of fabric and tossed it to Tammy’s lover, who deftly caught them, holding them as if they were hatay escort a valuable treasure. “Honey, you smell wonderful. Let’s get this fitting over and have some fun!” said Sylvie, standing and resuming the role of businesswoman.

All three of the dresses were strapless, so getting them on and off was simple. With each trial, Sylvie managed to hold Tammy’s breast together, slide her hand down her ass, or touch her sensuously. Tammy’s stomach was in knots, and when they finally decided on one of the dresses, she launched herself at Sylvie, wrapping her tightly with her arms, and saying breathlessly, “OK, Sylvie darling. It’s my turn!” Finding the zipper of Sylvie’s dress, Tammy slid it down her back to her hips. Easing it off the creamy, soft shoulders, they let it pool at Sylvie’s feet. Stepping out of the pile of fabric, Sylvie struck a pose that held Tammy and her lover breathless. Her d-cup breasts were held up by the half-bra of a bustier, thus allowing her nipples to protrude sexily.

Greedily looking down Sylvie’s body, Tammy was delighted to see that she wore a tiny g-string outside a lace garter belt, which held up her hose. The entire outfit matched the color of the dress perfectly, and magnified the perfection of the body before them. Awestruck, Tammy finally said, “You are absolutely the most desirable woman I have ever seen. I want to kiss you so badly, but I’m afraid of where it will lead.”

“Get out of that dress, and I’ll show you!” said Sylvie, removing her g-string and exhibiting her well-coiffed landing strip. Turning to Tammy’s lover, she said, “I took your advice, Dear, and I love it!”

Tammy had wasted no time shimmying out of the curve-hugging dress and had hung it back on its rack. Sylvie took her hand and led her to a loveseat, sitting beside her and motioned for Tammy’s lover to come over. “We’re going to get each other revved up. Since you’re the only one with clothes on, why don’t you perform a little strip tease for us? Obviously we can’t throw our panties to you, but I assure you, the effort will be worthwhile. Take your time.”

He began undressing slowly, watching the two vixens closely. They embraced and when their lips met, there was no formality, no hesitation; nothing but animal hunger. Hands groped breasts, fingers found nipples and crevices, tongues slithered in and out of wet lips as if there was a time limit on pleasure. By the time he had gotten to his belt, they were paying him no attention. Sylvie finally looked at him and said, “Enough of ‘slow’. Help me get these legs on my shoulders, then plug my pussy with that sausage you carry around.”

They slid Tammy around so that she was lying on the daybed, her legs up in the air, Sylvie bent over the arm of the daybed, pulling Tammy’s hips to her hungry lips.

Starting by plunging her tongue as deep into Tammy’s sodden cunt as she could, Sylvie attacked the delectable pussy lips relentlessly. Pulling them with her lips, mashing Tammy’s clit, licking to her asshole and back, she soon had her conquest moaning and holding her head in place.

“C-u-u-u-m-m-m-i-i-i-n-n-n-g-g-g,” groaned Tammy, as the long anticipated release approached. Bucking her pussy against Sylvie’s face, she screamed until she ran out of breath, yet continued to ride the incredible wave of ecstasy. Lying back to catch her breath, she felt Sylvie move as her cunt was filled with his cock in one stroke. It was Sylvie’s turn to moan as he stroked her deeply. Matching his rhythm, she soon returned to Tammy’s drenched cunt and resumed her oral assault. Tammy’s juices had run down to her asshole, and Sylvie followed them hungrily. She tickled the pulsing orifice, her nose pressing against Tammy’s clit. The combination was driving Tammy wild, and she actually held Sylvie’s head still, not wanting to cum again so soon.

“Make love to my pussy, Baby,” she murmured, feeling each thrust as her lover pummeled Sylvie’s pussy. She held Sylvie’s face in place and allowed her tongue to contact her sensitive pussy with each forward stroke. This was more erotic on her sensitive pussy, and she soon looked between her legs at her lover. He was staring at her, mouthing her name, and fucking Sylvie silly.

Tammy felt herself coming again. This one was going to be fucking great. She let Sylvie nibble her clit, enjoying the different feelings being telegraphed into her nerve center as Sylvie approached her climax. Their lover had sped up and was really pounding Sylvie’s pussy as he climbed the mountain of his orgasm. When Sylvie came, she clamped down Tammy’s clit, driving her over the edge again. They both heard him growl as he unleashed jet after jet of hot, sticky jism into Sylvie’s hungry cunt.

He continued to stroke, fucking the redhead with abandon. Finally, Tammy could take no more and lifted Sylvie’s head, pulling her up to lick her face. This pulled her off his dick, and she collapsed on the arm of the daybed. He backed up and looked at his ığdır escort conquests, smiling like the alpha male he was.

“OK, Fucker. You win!” said Tammy breathlessly. “This bitch knows how to eat pussy as well as you. Did you teach her?”

“Oh, I started her on her journey of depravity, but I must say, when she got her bearings, she really excelled my highest expectations,” he replied, helping Sylvie to her feet and hugging her. Tammy moved behind them and added her body to the group. She delighted in the feel of Sylvie’s ass pushing into her torso, the heat radiating like the sun.

“Fuck, I think I could do that again,” she said, kissing Sylvie’s neck and shoulders. Her hands had found the sides of Sylvie’s tits mashing against his chest and began kneading them slowly.

Sylvie groaned, saying, “If we continue this, we’ll have to move to my house. I need room to explore both of you, and help you descend into my world.”

He looked at both of them and said, “As inviting as that is, we have to get to a housewarming.”

“You’d rather go to a housewarming than an orgy at my house?” asked Sylvie, dropping to her knees and suckling his cock.

Reluctantly pulling her up to his face, he explained gently, “Well, the housewarming is just the beginning. There’s a private party afterwards. I expect Tammy’s sexy new dress will be wet and stained with plenty of body fluids. Tell you what-let us take a rain check. We will get together, and I’ll bring reinforcements, just in case you two overwhelm me!”

Faking a pout, Sylvie agreed, and made them commit for one month later. An hour afterwards, they were on their way to the island, Tammy wearing her new sundress, and marveling at the sensuous way it hugged her breasts, allowing the nipples to stand out proudly. When she had put it on for the ride, the hem barely reached midthigh, and now she had slid it up to expose her pussy.

Looking at her leaning back, letting the sun shine on her face and her bald cunt, he felt himself beginning to get hard. He unzipped his pants and took his cock out, stroking it gently until it was erect. Tammy rolled her head in his direction, and, opening her eyes, said seductively, “I’ll take care of that when we get to the house.”

She put a hand on her pussy, massaging it slowly, and rubbing her nipple with her other. She soon had a finger in her slick cunt and reached over to rub his cockhead with it. As they approached the gate, neither moved to cover their nakedness. Fortunately, the attendant waved them through, and by the time they pulled into the garage, both were highly aroused. They fell into each others’ arms in the elevator, and when the doors opened, Tammy dashed to the bed, stripping off the beautiful dress and stretching out on her stomach.

“Get naked and bring me that sausage, Stud!”

He quickly stripped, and approached the bed. Using just her lips, she sucked his plum-sized head into her mouth. Sliding both hands around his hips, she pulled him to her and, using just her lips and tongue proceeded to suck her way down his cock, sliding her tongue under, then along the sides of his shaft. The pressure she put into her tongue bath was more than he could stand, and by the time her nose touched his pelvic area, she could feel the vein under his cock begin to spasm. She moaned and tried to say, “Cum for me.”

He responded instantly, spurting rope after rope of his jism deep into her throat, fucking her face sensuously. She continued to suck until he was completely dry, and massaged his cock with her tongue as she pulled it out of her hungry mouth.

“Remember – no matter what happens at the private party tomorrow, I still love your cock, and I’ll prove it as often as you want me to.”

Pulling her up, he kissed her and slid his tongue into her mouth, raking the sides and collecting the cum she hadn’t swallowed. When their lips parted, a long string connected them.

“That’s the sexiest thing in the world. I can’t wait to let you have your way with those poor innocents tomorrow. They don’t know what they’re in for!”

They were asleep almost instantly.

Tammy awoke once more to the delicious sensation of her lover slowly licking her from her clit to her asshole and back. She spread her legs to their widest and mumbled, “Deeper! Deeper!” He responded by pushing his tongue as deep as he could up her cunt and holding it there.

She began to writhe, and suddenly, he pulled away. “What the fuck?” she screamed.

“Darling, you need a touchup shave, and I don’t want you to come until the party. Let me just keep you on the edge,” he said, padding to the bathroom and returning with his shaving utensils. As he prepared and shaved her, she asked several questions about the party. “Yes, there would be other couples there, no there wouldn’t be any sex, yes the new owners were someone she knew.”

Then she got down to the “after party,” on which he refused to comment. “You’ll ısparta escort just have to trust me,” was all he would tell her.

Still somewhat in the dark, Tammy envisioned all sorts of scenarios to take place when the real party started. “How do we know who’s invited?” she asked.

“Every one of the special invited guests will be wearing a pair of nipples clamps. Here are yours and I’ll put mine on a little later,” he answered, handing her a gold chain with an adjustable diamond clamp on each end. “Need any help?”

“Please. I’ve never worn any before.”

“Let’s shower first and then we’ll get ready.”

As the warm water cascaded over them, their passions rose again. Fondling his dick and balls as she washed them, Tammy said seductively, “Sure you don’t want a quickie?”

“More than you know, but, I want you to be absolutely on fire when we get started,” he said, massaging her ass and slipping a finger in just to tease.

“Oh, fuck, I hope someone wants to fuck me in the ass. I haven’t had it back there in a month.”

“I can almost guarantee it, my Dear. Just be patient.”

At the appointed hour, they walked leisurely to the house next door, and were delighted to see Steve and Juana, as well as Susan on the front veranda. Laani, a woman who looked amazingly like her, and a very well-built, tanned young man were welcoming guests.

Laani hugged Tammy and her lover and thanked them for coming. She then introduced the woman standing next to her as her Mother, Meka, and the young man as her boyfriend, Ki.

Leaning in to Tammy’s ear she whispered, “His name has 17 letters and nine syllables. His dick is just as long!”

Entering the house, they were swept away on a decorating theme that literally felt like an island. Flowers, a waterfall, sheer curtains wafting in the breeze-all contributed to the ambience of the décor. Guests were enjoying a variety of exotic food and drink, as they took leisurely strolls throughout the house and onto the spacious rear deck, which fronted the ocean.

Leaning over the rail, Tammy asked here lover if they would be allowed to utilize the beach sans clothes.

“Absolutely, Darling. I own five miles of this beach, and like the houses, there are no clothing rules. In fact, I’m negotiating with the city for an additional two miles to be utilized by the paying public as a clothing optional beach, with half the income going to the town, and half applied to the cost. With your organizational skills, I might be able to finagle a job for you if you’re interested,” he replied, stroking her ass through the wispy dress.

“You keep that up and we’ll have to break in this deck!” she laughed, kissing him deeply.

A tall, voluptuous blonde in a curve-hugging strapless dress, cleared her throat, and said, “I hate to interrupt, but all the guests are asked to come inside. By the way, I’m Constance. I’m Susan’s – um- partner. I see you’re both invited to the ‘after party.'”

Tammy instinctively felt her nipples, as Constance gave her a sly smile. “Wish I could be a fly on the wall,” she said, giving them a saucy wink and returning to the house.

As they entered the living room, Laani and her mother stepped onto a raised platform, dressed in short grass skirts and barely there bikini tops. Meka’s full tits threatened to spill out the sides of the straining flimsy fabric, and their skirts were short enough that the audience on the floor were treated to occasional glimpses of upper thighs.

Meka, in a slightly accented voice, told them, “This dance has been performed by our people for centuries. It invokes the blessings of the Supreme Being for health, happiness, and prosperity. No new home is utilized until this ceremony is performed. We hope you enjoy the show. Afterwards, we hope you will enjoy the food we have prepared and are safe on your way home. Thank you for sharing this day with Laani and I.”

The music wafted throughout the house and Laani and Meka each swayed their hips, telling a story with their hands. Ki performed a running narrative to keep the audience aware of the legends and the significance of the two beautiful dancers’ movements.

When they had finished, the group moved onto the deck for a modified luau. Servers from the restaurant attended to every guest’s needs. Laani and Meka circulated among the friends, accepting gifts and well-wishes. Finally, couples started leaving, and Tammy began to pay attention to those wearing nipples clamps. She and her lover, of course, Steve, Juana, Ki, and Susan. A little disappointed, Tammy noticed that Constance was absent from the remaining group.

They assembled in the spacious living area and Meka welcomed them as special friends who had been invited to complete the ritual of the housewarming. This part was a fertility ceremony to ensure the procreation of the species. Assuming her role as director of activities, she began with a beautiful song, delivered in a native tongue, and punctuated by suggestive body movements and deep emotion. A beautiful flask was passed around and each participant sipped the nectar. Tammy immediately felt her loins heat up and noticed that Juana was beginning to squirm in her seat. She also noticed Ki sliding his hand down the front of his shorts.

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Hayley Under Claire’s Control

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Hayley finds out that she is under Claire’s control

It seems that I have another case where I can tell the “rest of a story.” I have recently relayed to my readers the continued stories of Chris’ Photo shoot and her adventures in Strip Poker, as the reluctant and shy young wife found aroused out of her control and used by several people without her husband’s knowledge.

Now I have some entirely new information about a different shy wife, fropm a different part of the country, named Hayley.

Hayley had a number of adventures arranged by her husband, Steven, with each one leading her farther and farther into erotic sex. After getting a taste of wild sex from her husband’s fantasies, Hayley found herself being used by others who took advantage of her when she was sexually aroused.

This is the story of what happened next after the story Steven published on alt sex stories titles “Sex for Sale.”

As a way to supplement her husband’s salary, Hayley had tried things like selling Tupperware, Mary Kay, and a few other work from home jobs, but none of them worked out. Through a coincidental contact with someone she met through Tupperware, she got into a business that she would probably never have considered before her husband began to widen her sexual horizons. She got into the multi-level marketing “downline” of her friend from Tupperware, hosting Tupperware like parties, but instead of selling kitchen products, she sold sexy clothing, sex toys, and related items.

She would arrange for one of her girl friends to host a party where she would her products to show 8 or 10 ladies and take orders for them at the party. With only women, the parties were relatively tame, but once in a while there were some off color comments about some of the products, and occasionally she would demonstrate a new product. It had become a great source of income for Hayley and as she got over her shyness about these sex aids and toys, she could see her income rising fast. But the audience was always women, and there were never any men present…

All that changed when Claire, once her closest friend until a falling out over a boyfriend several years ago, had agreed to host one of Hayley’s “sex for sale” parties at her house.

When Hayley arrived, Claire had a surprise for her. Claire was going out with her girlfriends for a girls night out, and Hayley’s customers for the evening were the husbands of the women that Hayley had thought were going to be her customers

Hayley overcame the initial shock and managed to get comfortable selling to the men, even demonstrating the items for them.

She got a little too comfortable and eventually the guys got her so hot that she let them convince her to demonstrate even the most intimate items like vibrators and she wound up completely nude, so turned on that she agreed at the end to suck off each of the customers in return for them buying the rest of her inventory. Because of the unusual situation, Hayley had charged premium prices and required the men to buy her entire inventory before agreeing to demonstrated her products. As she was getting dressed after the party, her host invited her to come to the same house the following Friday night, and thinking nothing about it, she said yes. She did not realize until it was over that the whole party had been recorded on video.

That gives you a summary of the story as told by Steven in “Sex for Sale.” It ended with the end of the party at Claire’s house.

Here is the interesting continuation of the story.

By Wednesday Hayley had almost forgotten last week’s wild party.

Then the phone rang, It was Lou, Claire’s husband. Lou told Hayley not to forget that she was to be at the Friday night poker party. It was Lou’s turn to host. Hayley explained that she wasn’t planning to go and that she had only promised she would be there in the heat of the moment last Saturday night.

Lou explained that Hayley had no choice but to come and do as she was told or the videos showing Hayley naked and begging the group of men to let her suck them off would be posted on the internet. After protesting for a while, Hayley realized that she had no choice and reluctantly agreed to go to the party. Lou told her to be there at 5:00 on Friday. When Hayley asked why so early, Lou explained that Hayley was to help Claire clean the house and prepare the snacks for the poker party.

He also told her to bring all of her sex toys and to wear a short skirt and blouse and no underwear. Hayley protested again, but reluctantly agreed when Lou reminded her of the video tapes. Lou’s last request did not make sense to Hayley and when she asked why she should bring all the paperwork about her sex toys for sale business,

Lou just said, “Do it or else.”

Hayley was very nervous when she rang the doorbell of Claire and Lou’s house at 5:00 on Friday with her case of “toys” and the folder with all her records from the business. She was a little chilly dressed as she was on the September afternoon.

Claire giresun escort opened the door and stood there for a minute looking Hayley up and down as she stood on the front porch shivering slightly from the combination of the cool air and the anticipation of what might be coming.

“Let me take these.” Claire said as she reached for the sample case and folder, but made no move to invite Hayley inside.

“Lets see if you dressed properly.” Claire said sternly as she first told Hayley to lift her skirt and then to open her blouse to show that she had no underwear.

Even though Hayley was facing away from the street so that no one beside Claire could possibly see, she was both embarrassed and turned on as she complied with Claire’s demands.

“Good.” said Claire, “Now hand me your blouse.”

“What?” Hayley said, “Here on your front porch? No Way!”

“OK Hayley, have it your way, you will be the newest internet porn star in no time. When word gets around about the video Lou will be posting on his web site, people will forget all about Paris Hilton.” Claire said smiling.

Hayley protested but realized that she had no choice when Claire told her. “Hayley dear, you will do exactly as I say, or all of the video footage taken last Saturday will be on the internet tonight and we will email the link to all of your friends and relatives… do you understand?”

Hayley nodded and looked down at her feet as she unbuttoned the blouse and took it off, handing it to Claire. “Can I come inside now?” She pleaded.

“Not yet,” Claire grinned. “Give me the skirt.”

“Oh my God.” Hayley thought as she realized that she had no choice and reluctantly stepped out of the skirt and handed it to Claire.

“Can I go inside now? Please!” Hayley begged as she stood there naked.

After what seemed like a very long time, Claire stepped back and let Hayley come through the door, closing it behind her, grinning broadly.

“Can I have my clothes back?” Hayley asked timidly, feeling like a child in the presence of an adult.

“All in good time” Claire responded coolly, “We have to check out the things you brought first, then you have a lot of work to do to get ready for the party and Lou’s friends.”

Claire led the naked Hayley into the kitchen and ordered her to clean up the counters while Claire went through the items in Hayley’s sample case and the folder..

After a few minutes Claire called Hayley over to the kitchen table where she had the items from the case spread out.

“It looks like you have been making very good money from this business. How much would you say you have made?”

Hayley was surprised at the question and answered. “It varies, but usually $400-$500 in a good evening.”

Claire continued reading the papers in her hand. “It looks like one of these sessions was a lot more than $500. It looks like almost $2000. Which one was that?”

Hayley responded timidly. “Last week, with the men.”

“So you are going to do a lot more like that where the income is so much higher.”

“No, I don’t think I will be doing any more like that.”

“I think you misunderstood me Hayley” Claire stated firmly. “That was not a question, it was a statement. You will be doing a lot more with all male customers,” Claire smiled as she handed Hayley a small stack of papers and a $1 bill”

“What do you mean?” Hayley asked, puzzled. “What is this?”

“Sign at each place I have marked to complete the sale of your business to me for the grand sum of $1.” Claire said with a huge grin.

“I don’t understand.” Hayley said confused. “Why would I want to sell my business to you, especially for $1?”

“For the same reason that you took off your clothes in front of my house and the same reason that you will do everything I tell you to do from now on. To prevent your career as an internet porn star from being launched.”

Hayley trembled as the realization of the extent of her predicament began to sink in. She was surprised that the feeling of terror was mixed with one of sexual arousal as she was reminded that she was virtually helpless to stop Claire from making her do anything she wanted her to do.

After a long silence Hayley asked “But you said I would be doing a lot more of the parties with men. How can that be if I sell my business to you?”

“I am glad that you are starting to think about how this is going to work. The business will be mine and I will make most of the money. You will be working for me, below minimum wage”

Hayley could not understand it all and asked, “What do you mean?”

“You will accompany me to my parties and you will demonstrate each of the products for and with our, I mean my, customers. Don’t worry, I will pay you $5 an hour to start and if you do a good job, a raise to $7.50 is possible. Not a bad deal I would say, You do all the work for $5 an hour and I make $2000 or more each night. I like that.”

“How would I explain gümüşhane escort this to Steven?” Hayley asked, physically trembling from both fear and the unwanted sexual arousal that was building inside her at the thought of being so helpless and under Claire’s control.

“No problem, You just tell him that with the economy, sales are way down and you are not making much at each party. That will also give you an excuse to be at more parties, trying to make up for the drop in sales.”

Hayley begged Claire not to do this to her and asked her why she was being so cruel. Claire seemed to ignore the question at first and said

“As I recall from the video, this was one of your favorites.” as she put the restraining belt around Hayley’s hips.”

“Do we have to do this?” Hayley asked pleadingly, fighting the growing arousal deep inside her.

“We do if I want to.” Claire said, “and I want to.” as she finished fastening the belt around Hayley’s waist and then used the velcro straps to fasten Hayley’s arms tightly to her sides.

“How does that feel?” Claire asked and Hayley could only look away as she began to feel the same warmth between her legs that she had felt when the men had put her in the same predicament. This bothered Hayley as she did not expect to be turned on at all in the presence of only a woman.

“Surprise, surprise.” Claire said as she slid a finger into Hayley’s moist pussy. “You are getting wet! It looks like this turns you on. Is that right?”

Again Hayley did not answer, only turning her head away as she struggled to keep Claire from seeing her reaction to the situation and the finger inside her.

After moving her finger in and out several times and then fondling Hayley’s clitoris which now stood quite erect, Claire turned her attention to Hayley’s nipples which were also betraying her state of arousal as they stood out hard and firm from her breasts.

“Yes, I would say that this turns you on quite a bit” Claire continued as she rolled Hayley’s nipples between her fingers. “Doesn’t it?”

Hayley could only stifle a moan as she tried in vain to stand still under the electric touch of Claire’s skilled fingers.

Now, in response to your question…I might as well let you in on what is happening here, and what is going to happen to you.” Claire said as she took a vibrator from the pile on the table turned it on and began to rub it against Hayley’s pussy

“W w what do you mean?” Hayley stammered trying to hide her reaction to the vibrator as Claire began to slip it inside her.

“Well Hayley dear, i have been waiting for this moment for a long time. Do you remember in high school when you got Danny Thornton to take you to the Junior Prom and then dumped him for your precious Steven? I was planning to go to the prom with Danny and I had it all worked out until you flirted and teased him behind the gym. You got him so hot that he promised to take you to the Prom for just a look at your breasts and you said “later” the later that never came. You dumped him without even giving a glimpse or a feel of your precious body.. I followed you and I saw it all, and when Danny came to me the next day to break up with me so he could take you to the prom, I vowed that one day I would get even, and this is that day… or at least the beginning of a lot of those days.”

“What do you mean?” Hayley whimpered and shuddered as Claire began to work the vibrator’s full length in and out of her now thoroughly wet pussy.

“What I mean is that you really messed me up by stealing Danny, now I am going to get even by making sure that you get fucked hard and often by anyone I choose. The whole party Saturday night was a setup from the beginning. All of the videos taken of you naked with those cocks in your mouth are actually already on our web site, we just haven’t made the link available to anyone except a small group of people. As long as you follow my orders to the T, the link will remain private, but as soon as you fail to follow my orders, it will be broadcast far and wide, including all of your friends and relatives.”

“Here is the good news for you.” Claire continued, “I know that if I make the videos public, even though I will enjoy destroying your reputation forever, I will lose my control over you, so I want to keep the links secret as much as you do… just for different reasons. Do you understand?”

Hayley was not able to answer. She was struggling to keep Claire from seeing how much she was turned on by being a helpless victim of anything Claire wanted to do, and the effect of the vibrator was bringing her close to orgasm.

Claire seemed to realize the situation as she said “It looks like the same sexual energy that gave you so much power over me in the competition for Danny is giving me even more over you. I have scheduled “my” first all men party tonight, so I need for you to sign off the papers for the sale of your business to me so we can start to get ready. Let’s make sure that hakkari escort you are in a pliable mood.”

With that Claire slid the vibrator deep inside Hayley and turned it to the next speed. Hayley began to gyrate and moan as she approached orgasm. Claire then turned the vibrator to its lowest setting and pulled it almost all the way out of Hayley’s now very wet pussy.

“Oooh,” Hayley moaned as she tried to slide back onto the love stick. “That felt soo good. Please put it back in and turn it up… please.”

“As soon as you sign these papers to make the sale of your business to me for $1 official.” she said triumphantly.

“Y..yes, OK anything you say, just hurry” Hayley stammered breathlessly as she squeezed her thighs together to try to hold onto the good feelings.

Claire handed Hayley a pen and opened the bill of sale for Hayley to sign.

Then said, “oops,” as she took the pen back. “I almost forgot that we need a witness to the signing of the documents.”

She picked up her phone and made a call as Hayley squirmed trying to get the vibrator deeper inside her. “This will take just a few minutes, and then I promise you a nice big orgasm.” she told Hayley.

Hayley could only say, “please hurry.”

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door and Hayley started to look for her clothes.

“That must be the witness for our agreement.” Claire said as she turned the vibrator up a notch and Hayley began to tremble. “Answer the door.” Claire told Hayley

“N n no”. Hayley stammered as she fought the feelings brought on by the now more active vibrator. “I don’t have any clothes on.”

“Now Hayley,” Claire said firmly. “Remember that you do what I tell you to. Besides, I promised you a nice big orgasm once we finish the sale of your business to me. But ok, for now I you can put that on.” Claire pointed to a short kimono. “I think that Japanese Happy Coat will cover you nicely.”

Hayley put the short silk robe coat on. It was very short and she checked to see that it did, but just barely, cover her pussy and cheeks behind. She tied the belt to hold the sides of the garment closed and noticed how the silk rubbing against her already firm nipples made them stand out even more.

Hayley was conflicted, not wanting to go to the door barely covered, but wanting the relief of the orgasm that Claire had promised, she finally realized that there was no point in resisting, and slowly turned to walk to the door.

She hid behind the door as best she could as she opened it and recognized Danny, the boy that Hayley had stolen from Claire in High School and then dumped. It had been a whim for Hayley who had never liked the nerdy Danny, but stole him from Claire just to prove that she could. She remembered that the only interesting thing about Danny had been the fact that he had a very large cock. Hayley only teased Danny, fondling it through his pants a few times after making him hard by teasing him, and once actually taking it out of his pants in a movie theater and acting like she was going to suck him off, but left him hot, bothered, and begging for relief after teasing him mercilessly.

Claire told Danny to come in and Hayley hid behind the door until Claire told her to close it. With the door closed, she was unable to hide from Danny and he grinned ear to ear as he leered at her crossing her arms across her chest to cover her nipples that made huge bumps in the thin fabric.

“Put your hands at your sides and let Danny have a look at how turned on you are.” Claire told Hayley harshly.

As Hayley felt a blush rise on her cheeks as she dropped her hands to her sides in submission.

Danny whistled and said, “Look at those nipples! Damn Claire, I did not believe you when you said you would have Hayley here…wow!!. But I don’t think you are going to be able to make good on the rest of your promise though.”

Hayley did not want to think about what the rest of the promise was, but she could not keep certain ideas out of her head that both terrified her and turned her on even more.

“First you have to do your job, Danny.” Claire said, “and be the witness as I do Hayley a big favor and buy her little business that it seems that is too much for her to handle any more.”

Hayley I think that you should thank Danny for going to the trouble of coming over here to witness the sale so it will be official and binding, don’t you?” Claire said with a gloating tone.

Haley said nothing, just staring at her feet.

“Danny I want you to come over here by me.” Claire continued. Danny walked briskly to a spot that Claire pointed to

“OK, let me get this adjusted, and we can start” Claire said as Hayley saw her placing a video camera on a short tripod that held the camera about waist high right next to Danny. Claire picked up a remote and turned on the large screen television across the room where Hayley saw a close up of Danny. Actually a close up of Danny from just above his knees to just above his belt.

“Right here Hayley.” Claire said, pointing to a spot in front of Danny.near her.”Hayley keep your hands at your side so Danny can get a nice closeup look at your nipples. Danny why don’t you untie the belt on Hayley’s Kimono.” With that Hayley folded her arms across her stomach, covering the belt.

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Shauna’s Heaven

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Shauna pauses outside the conference door and takes a deep breath. She has been preparing for this for several months now. She looks down to see that her skirt is just the right height. She is wearing a red miniskirt with a pale pink blouse. Both leave little to the imagination. Her black clad silky legs and red high heels completed the very sensuous outfit. But it was evening and she was not expected to be at the office. She left work several hours ago. So they could not fault her for her attire. It was the evening after all and she had planned on going out, or so she told them when they called. That sounded like a perfect excuse to show up at this board meeting dressed as she was.

Clasping the files she was holding closer to her chest, she could feel the wetness gathering between her thighs, as thoughts of the upcoming events that she hoped would transpire, formed in her mind. On the other side of this door were three very handsome, very eligible gentlemen who had no idea that they were being setup this evening. All the planning was slowly coming together.

She thought of John, fair-haired and equally fair skinned. He was the living equal to the Greek myth of Adonis. His heart was pure gold and his manners, impeccable. The company could not have chosen a better public relations executive then John. She thought about the times she had teased him and the look on his face when his desire became evident in his suit pants. But he always moved away just when she thought he would take his wanting a bit further. She was not sure it was because of her position in the company, or his shyness around women.

Then there was Mike, quite the opposite of John in many ways. He was the clique of tall, dark and handsome. He had deep brown, almost black eyes, and bedroom eyes as they say. His dark Italian skin and a body that showed his passion for weight lifting, was her undoing. But unlike John, he was always on the prowl. She was never sure just how much of the teasing was in fun and how much was serious. But she knew she would find out one day. He was the company’s attorney and despite his easygoing manner he was lethal in the courtroom.

The last board member was James. He was the handsomest of the three as far as she was concerned. He was older then her but not by much and he sent out such an aura of sensuality that just being around him caused her heart to race and her thighs to glisten. He was graying at the temples that gave him a distinguished looked to his already handsome face. His hands were his most erotic features. He had large hands, strong hands. You can tell that this was not a man to sit behind a desk all day. The thought of those hands running over her body had taken Shauna to the edge of a climax and over in her fantasies. She was hoping this was the night all her fantasies would come true.

He was the main brain in this company. He knew every detail of the operation and all the workings of the machinery. Together the three of them made a hell of a team. Shauna’s abilities erzincan escort to work on all three of their levels gave her the best position within the company. She knew everything there was to know about the workings, the legal standings and the public relations that there was to know. She was invaluable to all three of them and her salary and bonuses proved just how much they relied on her. There was not a dealing that went down, not a product that was discussed that was not brought to her attention. They had originally called her position Administrative Secretary, but they have since renamed her job to Executive Manager.

She clasped the files tighter, grabbed the doorknob and after swinging the door open and hearing it make a resounding bang against the back wall she walked into the room. Knowing that all eyes were immediately on her.

She surveyed the gentlemen in front of her. Mike as usual was drooling and could not keep his eyes off her legs and boobs. John was shifting in his seat, and Shauna was sure it was because of his instant arousal. James had a look of pure lust that he was trying unsuccessfully to hide. She walked to the table and asked them all to come to the end where it would be easier to show them all the latest updates so that they can all look at them at the same time.

Mike practically ran to the head of the table where she was standing, John took a few seconds after standing to adjust his pants. Shauna was looking at the papers but kept one eye on him and smiled when she noticed his condition. James was the last to arise, as he slowly got out of his chair and flashed her a huge smile as he came closer.

She gathered them around the papers and started to speak. She showed them the results of the latest survey. Her voice was a melody to their ears but they had no idea what she was saying. They were all too aware of her breasts rubbing and caressing their arms and hands as she explained the files. What made it even worst was the fact that they knew just what she was wearing under that shirt. For that matter what she was not wearing would have been a better evaluation. James had the hardest time concentrating. Just when he controlled his thoughts she would rub her butt gently across his crotch in a manner that left him hard as a rock. She had to be aware of his state of arousal, but gave no sign or indication that she was anything but business.

They could not believe the sight of her when she walked in the door. That mini skirt should be illegal. They should ban see through blouses also for that matter. No sooner did she walk through the door than all three of them got erections. They had desired her for a long time, but other then a few smiles and some quick glances she never seemed interested. Now with the way she was looking all they could think of was putting her on the conference table and making her the main course in a very pleasurable sexual meal.

John kept swallowing to try and moisten his dry throat from the erzurum escort heavy breathing he was trying so hard to control. Mike was gazing non stop at the places her breast touched his arm and every time she moved he would raise his arm slightly to caress her breast as they moved over his arm. James was another story altogether. He was not able to control his erection and after a few minutes didn’t bother to try and pull back when she leaned against it. But instead push a little forward as she did. Shauna was getting wetter by the second. This was working out just as she had planned. They had no idea what she was talking about.

This meeting was now under way. She was going to get her wish. Her wildest fantasies were about to come true. Until that moment she was not sure about their desires and their wants, but by their reactions to her outfit and her movements, though subtle, things were going just as planned.

She knew now that they wanted and desired her as much as she did them. James was the first to make a move. He slid his hand slowly up her thigh as she moved back to him and then back to the table. She closed her eyes briefly. His touch was so light she was not sure she felt it. When he received no reaction from her he got bolder. He slid his hand to the inside of her thigh and closer to her crotch. As he got higher on her thigh he realized she had thigh high stockings and garters on.

Now his cock was harder then before. He slowly slid his hand higher. He figured she would either keep going or she would turn and slap him. Either way he had to find out if she wore underwear under that outfit. He slid his hand boldly up to her pussy and almost groaned aloud when he found not only that she did not have on underwear, but also that her pussy was shaved. He felt her smooth as silk lips and the moisture that was slowly soaking her lips and thighs. She only paused a second in her explaining as she felt James’ exploring fingers. She wasn’t sure the others had noticed his hands under her skirt with him standing behind her.

As she leaned over to point out another fact in a file she heard John’s quick intake of breath and she knew he was aware of James’ finger exploration. She did not have to guess at Mike’s thoughts as she felt him reach out with his fingers and take her nipple between them and pinch them tightly, to which she could no longer hold back a soft moan. John reached out and took her whole right breast into his hand and started caressing it. James got bolder as he saw the others starting to caress Shauna’s body and he slowly slid a finger into her.

Feeling the wet moist heat penetrating his finger as he slide it all the way in. He moaned slightly as he wiggled his finger inside her soaked pussy. Mike got up and pushed on Shauna’s back to lay her upper body on the table. He pulled her skirt up around her hips as James’ finger continued his exploration. Mike leaned over her pussy and took a deep breath. Sighing at the wonderful smell eskişehir escort she was giving off. John and Mike pulled on her hips until they were off the table and her exposed butt and pussy were draped over the end of the table. Reaching down Mike slowly searched her lips for her clit. Mike started to rub it quickly, smiling as he heard her moan louder now.

James started sliding his finger in and out slowly. Adding first one then two more fingers to her dripping pussy. John stood there not sure what to do. He then leaned over Shauna started to caress and rub her tight butt. He bent to lick her skin as her moans of pleasure increased. Mike rubbing her clit in faster and faster circles as James slammed in and out of her pussy with three fingers. Her juices were dripping down onto Mike’s hand as he brought her closer and closer to a climax. John spread her butt cheeks and exposed her tight butt hole. He reached under her and wet his hands with her juices and slowly circled her butt hole with his finger. As her hips started to move with James and Mike’s hands she moaned louder.

They knew she was close to a climax and all three of them increased they speed to bring her over the edge. James’ fingers flew in and out of her and he added a fourth finger to her pussy, spreading the lips tight against his hand as he continued to fill her with his fingers.

Mike rub faster and much harder, the juices from her pussy dripping onto her clit and his hand making the area slick for his movements. John slid his finger around her butt hole and then slowly slid it into her tight hole as she neared a climax. Shauna had never felt so pleasured. Here were three very handsome men bringing her to orgasm. She was soaked before she even came into the room and now she knew that she was making a puddle of juices on the floor with the help of these three wonderful pleasers. She was climbing closer to an orgasm as they continued rubbing and filling her.

As she neared her orgasm her hips started bucking like crazy. She started to scream as she went over the edge. Bucking her hips and screaming as an orgasm shook her entire being. James, Mike and John continued to fill, caress and rub her until her orgasm started to subside and she lay on the table panting, trying to regain her breath. James slowly removed his fingers as he caressed her pussy lips. Mike removed his hand from her clit to rub her tight butt. John slowly pulled his finger from her butt hole and rubbed her other butt cheek as she slowly calmed down.

Mike reached up and slowly turned Shauna over. John went to the other side of the long table and helped Mike move her until she was lying on the table between the three of them. Mike and James were standing to her left and John standing on her right. Not a word was said as they slowly undid the buttons on her blouse. James went to the end of the table and slide off her heels and skirt. She lay there with only her bra, garter and stockings on.

The three men just stood there and gazed at her. They have all wanted to see what she was like under all those business outfits. The fact that she walked in here dressed to kill to begin with was a shock. But now she lay here before them in just her erotic lingerie. They all had a raging hard on but they knew that their desires would soon be satisfied.

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The End of It All

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In my line of work but, certainly in most aspects–if not all–of life, trust is the most important thing to have. I haven’t met many people that have betrayed my trust because most people, when they meet me for the first time, know immediately that would be an unwise choice. So you can imagine my shock and disdain when those closest to me betrayed my trust in one felled swoop. It wasn’t just anybody, either. It, unfortunately, happened with my girls. This will not be an easy tale to tell. I am still deeply wounded and I can assure you that they are, too.

It all started with a phone call I got last week from Michelle, the now acting D.A. that I passed the torch to after I resigned. I had made a deal with her and the Seattle Police Department as she had taken on one of my former cases. Terry Hoskins was a huge political voice fraught with scandal not only in Seattle but in D.C. as well. When I took him to trial, he was accused of money laundering and embezzlement of which we had solid evidence but, as is so often the case with political playboys, he was found innocent. He ended up back through the court system donning the same untouchable and arrogant demeanor he had when I tried to bust him many years ago. It would seem they were trying to peg him, once and for all, for his crimes but they needed more dirt. During my time as the D.A., I was the major player in political law and taking down crooks within the government kind of became my winning hand. So I gladly took on the role as advisor to Michelle as she tried to take this piece of shit down. Unfortunately, I knew that was going to take my time away from The House and, of course, Daniel…but he used to work for me so he more than understood why this would be a bit of passion project. Terry got away from me once. I was going to make sure he wasn’t going to do it again.

Friday morning, I knew I was going to be between the courthouse and the police station talking to the judge, Michelle, the captain of the police force, etc. all day long so I had left a note on the podium in the parlour before I left. It read:

My dearest girls,

I’m going to be gone all day. I will return tomorrow afternoon. Please take care of the house and yourselves.



I would have been back by that night but I didn’t want to be bothered. I knew this case would be very wearing and tiresome so I thought to give myself a few extra hours to sleep in and have some solitude before attending to business on Saturday. Turns out, those few extra hours turned much less restful than I had imagined.


“Alright, what do we got?” I said as I sat down at the conference table with Michelle and Peter Danville, the Chief of Police.

“Lisa, honestly…I don’t know how he’s gotten away with any of this.” Michelle said, exasperated. “I mean, you’d think he’d gotten away with murder. The evidence is outstanding but it’s all swept under the rug! What are we gonna do here?”

“Calm down, Michelle.” I said. “We already know he has people paying others off to cover this shit up and keep quiet about it. All we need is someone to talk and it’s curtains.”

“Well, ladies,” Peter said, “Today is your lucky day. Apparently, John Monroe wants to come forward.”

“Wait,” I said, with hushed excitement and surprise, “John Monroe? You mean…Terry’s right hand man? Why does he want to talk all of a sudden?”

“Apparently, Hoskins tried to rip him off for some deal they made about an upcoming election. Hoskins told him to talk to some private investors that would provide lobbyists and Monroe backed down ‘cos he didn’t think it was right…some shit like that. Anyway, he’s pissed off and wants to help us take him down. Giving us his full support.”

Michelle looked like she had seen a ghost. “Oh my god,” she said. “That’s our ticket in!! How soon can we bring him in for questioning?”

“Gotta play this one safe for now, Michelle,” Peter said. “If he’s willing to talk, we have to operate on his terms. Let him come to us. This isn’t time sensitive…all we know is that it’s going on and we can finally nail this son of a bitch for rigging our city. You both need to be quiet. If Monroe reaches out to me or to either of you, that’s when we have the meeting. He might still be fragile or second-guessing things. Let him make the move. Do you understand?”

Michelle and I both nodded in agreement. “Okay, we’re done here,” Peter said, exhausted. “You girls go home and get some rest. I want to meet with you both here at 7 AM sharp to talk about this further. We need to have a solid game plan in case Monroe comes through. I don’t really know how this is gonna play out but we need to have every move in place…got me?” Peter looked at us, concerned.

“Yeah, understood,” I said, “But how long do we let Monroe stay quiet? It could be weeks or months…weeks or months that that fucking asshole is still doing what he does. This isn’t okay, Peter. Michelle, I’m surprised at you, too. Come on, you guys…what are we doing here?!” çorum escort I was clearly frustrated and wasn’t trying to hide it at this point.

“Lisa,” Peter said. “I know this means a lot to you. Monroe is fragile. He could switch at any minute. We need to play this one safe.”

Michelle piped up. “Lis, look. I am so grateful that you came on to advise but Peter’s right. We have to move slow. We’ll get him…trust me.”

Trust. Trust I have. I looked at both of them dead in the eyes. “No disrespect to either of you…but please do not fuck this up.”

They both smiled their consent. I had faith that this would, eventually, go well; however, a 7 AM meeting meant that I had little time to sleep. I thanked them for their time, got in my car and went right to The House. I took the usual back way and went up my private staircase to the back door of my room at the top.

When I had settled in, I heard some music playing downstairs which put a smile on my face. My girls work so hard that, whenever we’re done for the night, I always encourage them to relax any way they see fit. Have a couple of drinks, put on some music, talk…whatever they want. It warmed my heart that they were taking advantage of a quiet night but I was supposed to be sleeping and couldn’t…I was just too riled up. So there I lay in my bed, staring at the ceiling and thinking about the day ahead of me.


“Who wants another Jäger bomb?!” Beth said as she immediately poured three.

“Oh god, I don’t think I can!” said Elise. She was a lightweight but decided to cut loose as there were no clients on Saturday which was rare for them. They had worked very hard all week and decided to have a party all for themselves.

“Oh come on, Elise. Grow a pair.” Marisa was definitely three sheets to the wind at this point. She took the cup from Beth. “Cheers, bitch.” she said as she downed the whole thing.

“Ha ha! Atta girl!” said Beth. “Elise…c’mon…” she said, half in the bag herself. “Do it!”

“You guys…I don’t…I don’t drink like…like you do,” Elise stammered.

“Well you are tonight, sweetheart!” Beth said, shoving the cup toward Elise’s face.

“God, okay…fine. Shh…shit…guys.” Elise took a deep breath and took the shot. She barely choked it down and both Beth and Marisa cheered.

“Ayyyy, atta girl! WOO!” said Beth. “Elise, you need to lighten the fuck up. Life…life is too fucking short. You need to…you just need to fuckin’…loosen UP!”

“Hey, I’ve done stuff. Has Mother ever fucked you? That’s…that’s something that I have done. Huh? That’s something.”

Beth and Marisa both stopped dancing around and looked at Elise. “What?” Marisa said. “Kathryn fucked you?”

Elise’s face dropped. “Well…I mean…I guess I…made love to her, but…”

“Wait, wait, wait…” Beth interjected. “Have you seen Kathryn’s face?”

“Well, no…she…I was blindfolded but…”

“Holy shit. Hol-ly SHIT. Marisa!” Beth said. “Is she home?! Is she sleeping?”

“I don’t know,” Marisa said. “She shouldn’t be. We should go see her bedroom!”

Elise piped up. “NO! You guys! What if she’s in there?!”

Beth replied, “Elise, if she was in her bedroom, the door would be locked, stupid.”

“Hey! I’m not stupid…I just know that she’d be really mad if we went in there,” said Elise, defending herself.

Marisa got brave. “Guys. Let’s go up to Kathryn’s room. I wanna see all the shit that’s in there anyway and MAYBE we can see a picture of her! I don’t know why but I’m dying to see what that bitch really looks like.”

“Ugh,” said Beth, “Me too! Let’s go!! Elise…come ON.”

Elise reluctantly followed Beth and Marisa up the stairs and to the right where Kathryn’s room was. Beth, being the bravest one, put her hand on the handle and it gave way immediately. They were more than confident that she wasn’t in her room. The note she left earlier proved that. When the girls opened the door, they were met with a body in the bed. A woman with the same hair as Kathryn, the same height as Kathryn…they were all instantly afraid. They had walked in when Kathryn was, in fact, in her bed…sleeping…with her face exposed…and her eyes…those haunting dark brown eyes they had gotten to know so well…opened and focused on all three of them with a darkness they had never known before.


I was nestled in bed trying my hardest to fall asleep, coaxing myself into a bit of meditation…focusing on the warmth of my blanket, the softness of my pillow, the sound of my breath. I had the best intentions but nothing was working. I rolled over on my back and just thought to stop fighting it. Sleep would come when it would come. There was a strange noise that was coming outside my door, however. It sounded like a herd of cattle was coming up the stairs. I figured it must have been the girls and paid no mind…until I heard my door open. I didn’t want to think the worst and then remembered that I came in the back denizli escort door and failed to lock the front. But they wouldn’t do that to me, would they? Why would they? It was when I heard hushed giggling that I opened my eyes and saw Beth and Marisa staring right at me with Elise lurking in the background. Beth said, “Oh SHIT!” and they tried to run but I sat up and said, “Girls…” They all stopped, slowly turned around and, with their heads down, lined up in front of me.

To this day, I can’t accurately describe how I felt at that moment. I couldn’t breathe, I doubt my heart was beating…I just sat at the edge of my bed, staring at the ground. I didn’t even want to look at them. When it comes down to it, they saw my face…honestly, that alone is not that big of a deal. It is the principle of the thing. It was the one thing I have ever asked of them. Clearly, it wasn’t enough. I was hurt, I was pissed, I felt violated…I was shattered. It felt like years of silence passed within seconds. Finally, I spoke up.

“Well…was it worth it?” I looked at each of them. Their eyes were fixated on the ground. Maybe it was just me about to go completely psychotic but I found that ironically funny. “Oh…so NOW you don’t want to look at me?!” I slammed my hand against my headboard which made a loud crack. The three of them jolted and looked at me. Elise was already crying. Beth and Marisa looked like they were about to. “I…have asked you for so precious little. I have given you new lives, a fresh start, a place to live…a roof over your head, food to eat, a fucking education for fuck’s sake and this is how you repay me? ANSWER ME!!” I screamed. I was in a rage now. All the memories of the past came flooding to me at once and I was losing it.

Marisa said, “Mother, please,” in a hushed voice as emotion ran over her. “Please forgive us.”

“No,” I said, shaking my head…my fists balled up so tight they were going numb. “No, this…is unforgivable. You three now have two options. Two options and that is it. There is no bargaining, no agreements, no fucking discussions. You a) pack all of your shit and you leave tonight with nothing I have promised you or b) you atone…and you leave with what you’ve earned. Those are your choices.”

“Mother…” squeaked Elise.

“Kathryn,” I interrupted. “You will address me as Kathryn.”

Elise started to cry harder. “K-Kathryn…do we have to go?”

“I’m afraid you three made a choice…and you left me with none. So yes…you have to go.

What do you choose?”

Beth took a step forward. “Kathryn, we didn’t…know…what we were doing…”

“Oh, bullshit, Beth! You didn’t know that coming in my room was off limits? After four FUCKING years, you didn’t know what you were doing? I, honestly, ought to throw you all out of here right now and, trust me, I am this fucking close. Make your choice or I make it for you.”

“We stay,” Beth said, bravely. “We stay and we pay for what we did to you.”

I stood up and looked her dead in the eyes. “Get the fuck out of my room,” I hissed at her with my teeth tightly clenched. The three of them turned and followed suit and quietly shut my door behind them.

I collapsed onto my bed staring into the middle distance, not even completely sure of what just happened. Suddenly, I was hyperventilating and my eyes flooded with tears. I started to cry uncontrollably. I tried to breathe but I couldn’t take in air . There was no room for anything in me. The thought of what just happened, what I did, what I said…this relentless sadness and pain was all I could feel. The world around me fell away and all I was left with was this black pit of emptiness. Clutching at my heart, I continued to weep until, mercifully, I blacked out and woke up with the sun.

When I came to, I could barely open my eyes because they were so swollen from tears. I had a pounding headache as well. I sat up and the blistering headache I had started to throb as blood started to move around my body. I must not have moved in my sleep all night. I looked at my clock and it was 6:48. There was no way I was going to be able to meet with Michelle and Capt. Danville so I shot her a quick text, loosely apologizing for having to bail. She got it right away and responded with a “no sweat, feel better!” Feel better. Not even if I tried.

I have never been one to subscribe to depression. Obviously, I know it’s very real and obviously, I know it’s a severe affliction but I just never subscribed to “feeling depressed.” Oh, but I did at that moment. The hollowness…this unbreakable sadness…for the first time in a long time…hell, if ever…I felt vulnerable and weak. I felt like I wasn’t in my own body, even. I felt like I was just floating with no direction and that scared the hell out of me. To think, in mere hours, my entire life fell apart and that was all it took. Just one misstep of trust…and the woman I had worked so hard to create shattered like fine china into a million pieces diyarbakır escort that could never be put back together again. I looked at myself in the mirror. My face was swollen, red, puffy…I didn’t even look like myself. Moreover, I didn’t want to look at myself. A monster was staring back at me.

I didn’t bother brushing my hair or anything before making my way downstairs. I was a shell of myself and, as I have always been known to do, wanted to make sure my appearance reflected how I felt…ugly. I made my way into the parlour and sat down on the settee. I looked around at this palace I had built and what it meant…all the work that had gone into it. Then, all the memories of the past flooded my mind. The parties, the deep conversations, the laughs, and the tears. All the growth that I have personally experienced and all the growth I shared with the girls…the girls. The thought of their once happy faces were now wiped away with sharp remembrance of their faces early this morning. They were terrified. I did that to them. My eyes welled with tears yet again.

I got up off the settee and shuffled into the kitchen. I opened up a cabinet that contained our liquor stash for parties and I grabbed an unopened bottle of whiskey. I opened up another pantry and grabbed a glass and shuffled back up to my room. If I was going to feel like trash, I was going to really dive into the dumpster where I felt I belonged.

When I got up to my room, I sat the bottle and the glass down on the dresser, sat down at the edge of my bed and stared at it. It was a stupid idea…for Christ’s sake, it wasn’t even 8:00 in the morning. I knew it wasn’t going to take away the pain but I needed to feel something other than this for a while, if only for a while. I got up and cracked the bottle, poured half a glass and chugged it down. Well…if I was gonna do this, I was gonna do it right. I locked my bedroom door (this time), put on some music and poured another glass. I raised the glass in the air as if making a toast to the universe. “Well…to the death of it all,” I said and took another gulp of whiskey.

I don’t know when I decided to go back to bed or pass out or whatever happened but I woke up at 5:00 with a half empty glass on the nightstand next to me. I don’t know if I was still drunk, hungover, or a combination of both but, whatever it was, it didn’t feel good. I finished the glass and got up to check my phone. There were a bunch of text messages from Daniel wondering where I was and if I was alright. I texted back “Meet me at The House. Lots to say.”

About an hour later, I was still in my shorts and tank top that I had fallen asleep in on Friday night and was roughly five sheets to the wind. There was a knock on the back door and I stumbled out of my vanity chair to answer it. It was Daniel looking very worried.

“Heyyyyyyyyy, there he is!” I slurred.

“Jesus, Lisa! I can smell you from here! How much have you had to drink?!…and why??”

“Oh, pfsh…I’ve only had like…like half a bottle.” I was trying to focus on him but there were two of him at that point. I…may have overdone it a little.

“Yeah, half too much. What is going on?”

“First of all,” I said, “you mind your own godddamn business. If I want to drink another whole bottle of whiskey, that is MY business. And you…don’t get to say anything because you…because you don’t.”

Daniel sighed. I can’t blame him. Dealing with any drunk person when you’re sober is crappy enough. Dealing with a drunk, highly emotional Domme is easily five times worse. “Lisa, sit down. What happened?”

“Well, I’ll tell you what happened,” I stammered. “My life…is officially over. Say goodbye to this house, say goodbye to stupid Kathryn, and you can say goodbye to those fucksticks I hired ‘cos it’s all over. The whole fucking thing…is over.”

“Lisa, what in the world are you talking about?” he said, his voice full of genuine concern.

I leaned in as if to tell him a secret. “I mean this. My dream is done. It died…and those…those fuckers killed it,” I said pointing toward my bedroom door with tears starting to form for the hundredth time.

“Lisa, I can’t understand you. I need you to tell me exactly what happened.”

“Okay, fine. Fine, I’ll tell you. Last night, I couldn’t sleep and those…those jerks…came into my room ‘cos they thought I was sleeping…well, I was sleeping…but I couldn’t sleep and they came into my room and they saw me.”

Daniel’s mouth opened a little wider as he realized what happened.

“Yep…they saw me. They saw…this.” and I pointed to my face. “‘Cos they couldn’t let me have just one thing for myself. Nope, they just take, take, take. Everyone…just takes from me, Danny. They take and they take…” I started to weep again. “They take everything from me and I have nothing left to give, Danny! Nothing!”

Daniel took the glass from me and held me tight as I wept into him.

“Why? Why did they do this to me?” I said, my voice muffled in his chest.

“I don’t know, baby,” he whispered. “But I am so sorry.” He paused for a minute as I began to settle down a bit. “What are you going to do?”

I sat up and wiped the tears from my face. “It’s over. I can’t come back from this. It’s done. The girls are done. I’m letting them go.”

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Hard Time at Fenton Turrets

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This is a work of fiction and all characters were aged at least 18 years at the time when the events described did not happen.


Picture the two of us on cushions on the timber floor of the sports pavilion. Our naked bodies are entwined and our hair in disarray. My lips are at Fran’s left breast and my juice slicked hand is caressing her lovebud. Her tongue is flicking my right nipple and driving me wild while her delicate fingers are pressing just inside my tight pussy and the side of her hand is driving hard at my clitty. The building is echoing to our wild cries and moans of ecstasy as we abandon all thought of restraint and just enjoy each other’s desperate young bodies.

“Stop that right now.”

We jump apart and our hands leap to try to cover ourselves as we look up at Matron and Miss Feldspar. They both look as though they have a bad smell under their noses which may be caused by the heavy scent of hot girl. We are made to dress as they watch us and then Matron commands me to come with her leaving Fran alone with Miss Feldspar.

I am burning with the injustice of how we have been trapped. Obviously someone saw us creep into the pav and they could have come straight in and blown us out for being out of bounds but they deliberately gave us time to get started on..on well what we were doing.

Matron marched me in silence to The Head’s room and made me face the oak panelled wall in the corridor outside his door with my hands on my head. As I was standing there at attention with my face burning in a deep scarlet blush at the humiliation Matron, moving like lightning, pushed her hands up my skirt, grabbed my hips and pulled my knickers down so that they fell around my ankles.

“Now you stand there like that until I come to fetch you. If I hear that you have moved your arms you will be in even deeper trouble than you are already.”

And then I was alone with my mind in a whirl. What was happening to Fran? What was going to happen to me? How long would Matron leave me here?

Of course girls and teachers kept passing by and one group of girls was the horrible Shirley Quick and her gang who were going to enjoy my plight to the full.

“What’s little perfect Julie been doing? If they’ve taken your pants down it must be a caning.”

“The Head will put you over his knee and he likes to grope you down there. When he did it to Georgie you could see the bruises on her pussy.”

And so it went on and all I could do was to stare silently at the wall wishing they would go away which, eventually, they did. I was getting more and more anxious and I really thought that I would be caned on my poor bum. Fenton Turrets is known to have a “robust” approach to discipline and our parents would not send us to the school unless they agreed with that policy so the school could really do whatever they wanted to us. After a while the dinner bell sounded and the whole school had to walk past me on the way to dinner which they did with the predictable sniggers and rude remarks. Still Matron had not come for me and my arms were aching; I risked moving them off my head just long enough to wave them about a little to ease the pain. It seemed that I would not be getting any dinner today so I would be going to bed hungry.

Eventually dinner ended and the school again passed me as they came out then Matron came back.

“You may go to your dorm Julie, you will have no contact with Fran until further notice. Do not think that you have been punished for your shocking conduct. You will learn your fate in due course from your housemaster.”

So she was leaving me to Lecherous Leckie. Our housemaster had a reputation among the girls for the way that he mentally undressed you every time that he looked at you. He taught history and when we did a lesson on slavery he showed us pictures of undressed slaves in chains while their buyers groped their boobs. He asked how we would feel in that situation and it was pretty obvious what was in his mind. He was a really big friend of The Head so Mr Leckie could do whatever he liked and The Head would support him. I was becoming more afraid by the minute which, of course, was just what they wanted. I had to talk to someone so I told my friend Annie all about everything as we lay in the dark in the dorm with our beds side by side.

Annie was sympathetic but she did nothing to allay my fears.

“Leckie will do you. He does it to all the seniors if he gets a chance.”

I think I really knew this but hearing Annie say it made it somehow more real. I was a virgin and had always imagined my first time would be with a hunk of a boy and not with a 50 year old schoolmaster. I could not have been more miserable and the fear of what was going to happen just kept getting worse.

Nothing happened all the next day but I had a terrible shock when we filed into Assembly the morning after that. Fran was standing at the side of the platform and we all knew what that meant because we had seen düzce escort it before. A girl only stood there if she was going to be whacked in front of the whole school. Poor Fran kept her head down all through Assembly then right at the end Matron told her to move to the front of the platform and Matron addressed the school.

“Francesca Myers has disgraced her uniform and the entire school by engaging in a sickening unnatural act with another girl. She will now pay the penalty for her crimes in front of the peers whom she has let down in every way.”

I watched as if hypnotised as Matron and Feldspar each grabbed Fran by the upper arm and turned her around to face the table on the platform then Feldspar unzipped Fran’s skirt and removed it to reveal white cotton pants which Feldspar pulled down and off as poor Fran lifted her feet one at a time to assist in her own denuding. With her bare bum on show to 200 girls Fran was made to bed over the table and Matron stood in front of her gripping her wrists to make sure she stayed flat on the table with her boobs being crushed between her body and the wood of the table.

Fran was standing with her legs squeezed together but a girl is deliberately designed so that when she is bent right over her pussylips show between her thighs. The assembled girls were silent as they watched the horrible spectacle but they must all have been wondering who the other girl was with whom Fran had been caught. I could not understand what game the teachers were playing; was I going to be thrashed in tomorrow’s Assembly or was this some devious plan to split up Fran and myself? The school did not like “Close relationships” between girls so if Fran saw that I was not caned she would think that I had betrayed her and blamed her for what had happened. Fran must be really hating me.

Feldspar pinned Fran’s blouse high up her naked back so that it did not cover the target area then she picked up the senior cane. Miss Feldspar is the gym mistress and we had all seen her throw the discus; her right arm was as strong as any man.

The first THWAK echoed off the back wall and was joined by Fran’s scream. Her legs shot up in the air and flailed about and when her feet were back on the floor the second stroke landed. I looked at the silent girls around me and saw their mouths open in horror as we all imagined what it must feel like to be in Fran’s place. I had reason to be more frightened than most.

The screams and whacks continued and Fran was breathing in huge sobs between assaults from the cane. When it ended she was limp over the table with her legs apart showing everything to the school and four vivid red lines across each buttock looking as if they had been drawn in lipstick. Matron helped her unsteadily to her feet and she was made to stand at the front of the stage. Fran’s hairclip had come out and her hair was straggling over one eye and sticking to her wet, tearstained face. You could see the shiny tears running down her scarlet cheeks and her nose was running. Of course her hankie was in her skirt pocket but that was on the floor.

Her blouse was still pinned up at the back so the teachers sitting on the platform, including the men, had a close up view of her bare bum. The blouse at the front did come down far enough to hide her pubic fuzz so she was forced to stand there displaying her most intimate curls to everyone. The school were told to file out and we all had to walk past the stage so everyone could look up at poor Fran’s pussylips. I did not dare to look up at her.

And still there was no word of what would happen to me. I went into Assembly the next day expecting to be summoned up onto the stage but it did not happen. They kept me on tenterhooks until our History lesson on Friday morning when Leckie said in front of the whole class that he wanted to see me in his flat on Saturday afternoon. I overheard a whispered conversation between the two girls sitting behind me. One of them said, “Poor cow,” and the other replied, “Just be glad it’s not you.”

Of course I spent the intervening time torturing myself with visions of all the things which Leckie might do to me. It was more or less certain that he would screw me and I hated the fact that there was not a thing which I could do about it. I had spent all my teenage years in boarding school apart from school hols so I had no real experience of boys but I knew that sex could be painful especially the first time when the precious hymen is torn apart. Sometimes I told myself that the stories of Leckie might just be made up and he would only give me lines or a lecture but other times my imagination ran total riot.

The dorm block is across the yard from the main school buildings and the housemaster’s flat is on the top floor. Walking to the flat and knocking on his door was the most miserable time in my entire life. He let me in wearing a big greasy grin like a little boy at a sweetshop window and kept me standing in his edirne escort small sitting room as he made a little speech about how I needed to be taken down a peg and made to see what happens to naughty girls. As he was talking he moved towards me and began to pull off my red cardigan.

“I think we’ll just slip this off for now.”

I stood there numb and speechless and then he was standing in front of me and he began to unbutton my blouse. I was horrified but what could I do?

Of course he had soon exposed my little white bra and he eased the blouse off my shoulders and dropped it over the arm of a chair. I was getting hotter and hotter and wondering how far he would go; I soon found out.

He walked around me and I felt him unzipping my grey skirt and then pulling it down to rest around my ankles. While he was behind me he unhooked my bra and it joined my blouse and cardi on the chair. I put my hands over my boobs and stood there sort of hunched forward.

“Take off your shoes and socks Julie.”

I hesitated realising that obeying his order would mean uncovering my boobs but, having let him virtually strip me, I was at a big disadvantage so I glumly obeyed all the time feeling his eyes boring into my boobs. While I hopped about taking off my shoes and socks I had moved across the room away from him leaving my skirt in the middle of the room. He came towards me and I backed away now wearing only my thin pink cotton briefs which I knew showed the shape of my cleft very clearly.

“Please Sir, I think I should keep my pants on.”

He stopped and grinned.

“I don’t think those are regulation school knickers are they Miss Julie?”

I stammered that senior girls did not have to wear regulation pants and he said that he was aware of that privilege but girls who were being punished for indecent behaviour did not have any privileges.

“I will ask Matron to remove all your knickers from your locker and issue you with seven pairs of bottle green regulation gym pants just like the juniors.”

This was horrible as I knew that everyone would see my stupid humiliating knickers when I changed for gym and when I undressed for bed in the dorm. I began to plead with Leckie but he firmly told me that if I made a fuss he would ask Matron to confiscate all my bras as a junior girl does not wear a bra.

“It’s not as if you really need a bra do you.”

Did he know how embarrassed I was about my little A cups? For most of my career at The Turrets I had endured jeers of “Tiny Tits” and I was not far from tears.

As we had been talking he had been advancing towards me and I had been backing away so we had made a little circuit of the small room.

“Are you going to shed your illegal underwear Julie?”

I vigorously shook my head. I could not bear the thought of Leckie leering at my pussy and to my surprise he stopped chasing me around the room and began to write on a sheet of paper on his desk while I stood and watched him. When he was finished he sealed the paper into an envelope and handed it to me.

“Take this letter to The Head’s study right now.”

I took the letter and moved to the chair where my clothes were. I put the letter on the chair and reached for my bra but Leckie shot across the room and snatched the garment.

“Did I say you could get dressed? The door is there. You have a letter to deliver.”

I looked at him in horror but he was clearly not open to discussion so I picked up the letter and opened the door to the corridor. I looked both ways then, with one arm over my boobs, I ran for the stairs. At this time of day the dorm house was empty then I was in the open air with the hard tarmac under my bare feet. There were small groups of girls milling about in the yard or sitting on the benches around the edges and they stopped and stared at the almost naked Julie dashing for the door to the main school. My ears were full of their shrieks and shouts as I ran into the school and slowed my pace as I did not want to be in more trouble for running indoors. The passageway was cold underfoot and I had to walk past two teachers who grinned at my plight as they guessed that I was being punished. I might as well have been naked as my knickers were sticking to my skin and I am certain the outline of every detail was clearly displayed.

At last I reached The Head’s door and I knocked. One of Shirley’s gang was lounging against a wall thoroughly enjoying my discomfort. The Head’s voice called for me to come in and I went in closing the door behind me. I held out the letter still doing my best to cover my bare boobs.

“Mr Leckie said to give you this Sir.”

The Head stood up from his desk and met me in the middle of the room then he returned to sit down behind the desk as he opened the envelope and read.

“So you refused to take your pants down when Mr Leckie told you to? Is that true?”

“W well, yes Sir. I didn’t want to.”

He elazığ escort asked me if I had seen what happened to Fran and of course I whispered that I had.

“Francesca did as she was told and took her punishment. If we had to cane you Julie and you did not co operate we would have to undress you completely in Assembly and make you stand on the stage like that while you waited for the cane. Would you like that girl?”

“No Sir.”

“And a girl who was difficult and awkward would not only receive eight strokes.”

I hung my head and he asked me if I thought perhaps I should do as I was told.

I whispered “Yes” and he made me say it louder then he told me to hand him my knickers.

Quite apart from the fact that The Head was about to see that part of me which no-one, certainly not a randy old man, was ever supposed to see the act of taking one’s pants down and being watched is just about the most bitterly humiliating thing any girl can have to do. I felt a bit sick as I took them off and handed them to him with one hand between my legs. As soon as he took my knickers from me I clamped that arm across my boobs. I hated the way that he was smiling as his eyes enjoyed the sight of the helpless girl in front of him then he turned to a cupboard behind his desk.

“You had better take this to Mr Leckie. I think he is going to need it.

The Head handed me the senior cane. It was quite heavy and made of very dark wood which was a bit knobbly and very flexible so the end wobbled as he held the crooked end. I was barely able to speak as I left the room aware that I was giving him a clear view of my bare bum.

So now I had to get back to Leckie by crossing the yard totally naked and everyone could see me holding the cane so they knew exactly what was about to happen to me. Most people just stood and stared as I went past but a few shouted not very nice remarks after me.

Back in Leckie’s flat he took the cane from me and put it down on his desk then he put his arm around me and steered me into his bedroom. He was speaking quietly but I did not really take in what he was saying. He sat on the bed and pulled me down so that I was sitting on his lap and he began to stroke my face then his hand strayed down to my boobs which he stroked very gently. His other hand rested on my flat tummy and then dropped through my pubic triangle and began to press me right between my legs. He was telling me that I had been a very bad girl to do what I did with Fran and that I should be caned very severely.

“Do you want to be caned Julie?”

I whispered, “No Sir.” My voice was unsteady due to what his hand was doing between my legs. My legs had come wide apart now of their own accord.

Leckie was saying that he could possibly offer me another choice if I wanted to take that choice. Of course it was obvious what the choice was and I said that I would do it if it meant not having to be caned.

He lay back on the bed and pulled me down with him so that we were side by side with his hand still working between my legs and beginning to make me moisten. Now his face came down to mine and his tongue pushed into my mouth as he was pressing my head back into the pillow.

Leckie must have used his free hand to unzip himself and push his trousers down because when he rolled on top of me I felt his hot member against my opening and he felt me go tense as I prepared to be violated. He made some sounds which I guess he thought were soothing and the hard rod began to ease inside me as I made little moaning sounds. My virgin hole was tight around the invader which felt very thick and as hard as an iron bar. I was sure that he was too big for me and that he would rip me wide apart then he suddenly made a very ugly sounding shout (sort of UUGH) and I screamed as I felt a sharp pain deep inside me and the body on top of me jerked as he rammed through my membrane. His head was bouncing up and down just above my face and he was ramming in and out of me with his body bouncing up and down on me and almost crushing the breath out of me.

I felt dangerously hot and my legs were all over the place but I found that my body was responding to him. My brain must have been full of endorphins and I was feeling much more charged up than I had been with Fran. He kept riding me but he was gentler now and he was telling me how well I was doing. My legs came right up so my bare feet were behind Leckie’s back and I did not want him to stop; I was sure that he was a much better lover than some inexperienced boy.

Eventually we were both sated and he rolled off me leaving me laying there covered in his saliva with his sticky cum all over my pussyfurr and warm blood trickling down the inside of my thighs. My head was feeling all floaty and I was dimly aware that my lover was starting to clean up my face with his handkerchief and he was telling me how good I had been.

We laid there on his bed for some time as I recovered and then I have a dim memory of being led to the bathroom to clean myself up with him standing in the doorway. Then we went into the sitting room and he watched me get dressed. Of course The Head still had my pants so I could not put them on. While we had been in the bathroom Leckie had given me a “morning after” pill.

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IT Will Be

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It was Friday afternoon when I drove to Eric and Rosina’s house. They’d asked me to fix their pc that had some problems as I was known for being a technical guy. However I really wasn’t I just had some attributes some didn’t have or were too lazy to use. Being inquisitive, willing to try and search that’s not that hard is it? The visit was not planned, just come by when you’ve got time. I just hope that someone’s home then.

Rosina was my cousin, her father and my father were brothers. They were very close when they grew up and even now there close. This meant that Rosina and her and my sister grew up reasonably close. Eric was her boyfriend for about six months now, he was a nice chap although he could be quite intrusive.

I parked the car on the driveway as there was space on the driveway. Eric’s car wasn’t standing there so probably in the garage or he was on nightshift. Eric sure loved his new car so he wasn’t amused when I said that its just shaped tin with the function to get to point B. I walked to the door and opened it, there was no need to ring the bell as the battery was dead. I did knock on the door of the living room before I entered but was in vain. The room was empty, too empty it seemed although I could place it. I walked to the table that only seated a picture of Eric and Rosina smiling and hugging. Eric was a small guy with short straw blond hair. He was he nevertheless was a muscleman, spending by my opinion too much time in the gym. Well everybody needs a hobby. You also couldn’t say that Eric had a dark skin but next to Rosina he was.

Rosina was milky pale skinned and in contrast to Eric tall. Where she stood five feet ten Eric stood only five feet five. She was slender but athletic as she too went to the gym though not as much as Eric. Where Eric had hair like straw Rosina had hair the colour of paprika. Long dark red hair that waved as it came down her shoulder and back.

I concluded that they weren’t home and simply forgot to lock the door. I chuckled as I walked to staircase. I fix their stuff and leave, they’ll look up strange when It works again. I froze when I walked into the hallway, as heard moaning noises coming from the master bedroom. So that’s why the door isn’t locked and nobody’s downstairs. I silently walked closer to the door that was ajar. I stood still again and listen more closely, something wasn’t right. Then it hit me when I heard the voices that spoke. The accent was off and the voices too I waited a bit longer. Then my suspicion was confirmed as the porn scene was over and the program changed. I smiled, watching porn and leaving the door open is not that smart. I opened the door with care and the oiled hinges made no noise.

I was shocked when I looked into the room. Rosina was laying on her back covered with only a nightgown. bitlis escort A nightgown that she wasn’t wearing but it laid on top covering what lays underneath. A blindfolded was wrapped around her head tucking her long red hair . Her arms were handcuffed to balusters of the bed and her legs were tied to the baluster, which made her look like a sea star.
The sound that I could have made was masked by the porn and she didn’t react to me standing in the doorway.

I could feel the blood pumping in the veins of my temple and my penis. I could think straight so walked away from the spectacle that Rosina was and went to the toilet. I sat down and looked at my rock hard dick, mindlessly did I began to stroke it. Faster and faster with the memory of Rosina in my mind and in no time did the volcano erupt. While blasting white streams against the wall came eureka.

Once after a couple drinks did Eric boast about their sex toys. With all the details like location, how often and what. We all knew that Eric liked to exaggerate so we took it with a grain of salt. I cleared up the mess and walked to the cupboard in Eric’s study. On the top shelf of the further empty cupboard stood two jars, one contained lubricant and one contained massage oil beside it lay a single handcuff with the key inside it’s lock. The jar of lubricant was still unopened with its pristine seal covering it’s lid. The massage oil was opened but was almost full, it smelled fresh.

With the jar of oil in my hands and the keys in my pocket did I go to the kitchen to warm up the oil. On my way there I locked the front door and left the key in the door so no one could enter. When the oil and my hands were finally warm, did I walk back to a dream. Again I looked at her whilst standing in the doorway and thought perhaps she was sleeping. One way to find out I thought so I changed the porn with the romantic fifties music she liked.

“Ah, back again.” Said Rosina when the sound of porn stopped.

I froze and looked at her, she was looking at me. Well her face was pointed in my direction but her eyes were still covered. I didn’t answer but put on the music. In a manner of knowing someone was trustworthy I needed to do something. I didn’t want her to scream when a silent person began to touch her.

I knew she liked to be touched between her big toe and the long toe so I caressed her toes and feet. I presumed that Eric was one of the few who knew this. No reply came from Rosina so I walked to the warm oil that I put on the bedside table. On the way I hung the keys on a nail, at the table I rubbed some oil on my hands. The strong jasmine smell was pleasant and made me more confident. I moved upward to her hands and began to massage her left hand and arm.

I moved over to her other bolu escort arm and looked at her face, she was smiling. I always loved her smile, the smile that made everybody around her happy. Shame her almost certainly twinkling eyes were covered by a black strand. When I massaged down her arms I went close to her covered breast but not to close. From the close vicinity of her breast I went to her shoulders and neck. I did it slowly and carefully as not to inflict panic when my hands touched her neck. After the neck I began to lightly stroke the uncovered part of her face.

Rosina began purring like a cat when I began to stroke her face. I knew Rosina absolutely loved cats and Eric hated them, I always thought that strange but well. Rosina was known to mimic cat behaviour like rubbing her face and meowing even from a young age. Although only with those she was close with.

I finished her shoulder, neck and face but she was handcuffed so there was no change of turning her around for a back massage. I now again massaged her feet and moved up her leg but stopped above the knees.

I knew the point of no return was now coming, it was time to remove the night gown. My hands began to tremble as my hand moved closer to the thin fabric. Two fingers pinched it and slowly I uncovered the body of a goddess. I looked at her pussy, she still had her public hair although it was trimmed. What really caught my eyes where her breast, her full breast were standing proudly up. Her breast were like a reverse mountain. With pale white slopes and a dark top. I really felt like a pervert as my oily hands moved from her shoulders to her magnificent breasts. I cupped them and stroke them, then I began to make circles around her breast. Moving closer and closer to her nipple till my hand was only caressing the dark spot in the middle of her pale tits.

“Mmmm.” I was startled by the sudden load moan that came from Rosina.

I let go of her breasts and moved down to her lower belly. I began stroking and fidgeting around her trimmed hair. More moaning sound filled the room as I moved to her inner thighs. Building more and more tension as I moved closer and closer to her clit and opening. I felt myself beaming as my right finger entered her and my left finger began to massage her clit.

“Oh yeah” Came from the heavy breathing Rosina.

After a while I began to lick her neck while continuing to stimulate her clit. Continuing to lick down till her breast. First liking around her nipple, then carefully and short biting her nipple. From that nipple I went down, the touch of my tongue on her belly made her laugh. Down more and more licking the red haired meadow before the river. Finally reaching the fountain of youth, I began eating her pussy. It tasted better than burdur escort any I ever came across. After a while she began to shudder and shake till she screamed out of with pleasure and a jet of her juices sprayed on my face.

“Great, great that was.” Rosina said panting.
I looked at her as she pressed her lips forward to signal a kiss, still intoxicated by hormones came I close. As our lips connected it turned into a long French kiss.

“Could you unlock me now please” she finally said.

In panic I looked around me, I’ve got no keys. Half the relief came when I saw the keys dangling in front of the painting where I left them. I knew the moment of truth must have come. It seemed to close now. I first untied her legs and then moved to her arms. When I unlocked her right arm I knew I had to say something.

“I hope you don’t mind” Was the only thing that came from my mouth as I unlocked her right arm and she removed her blindfold with her left.

She rose to her knees and looked at me with her twinkling blues eyes. On her knees she walked closer to me as I stood there frozen solid at the edge of the bed. Then she jumped up and began to kiss me. I was even more surprised when stopped and threw me on the bed. Then she jumped on top of me with her tits bouncing and continued to kiss me. Her hips began to brush against my rock hard dick. Then she stopped gestured to me to remove my shirt, while she moved down and removed my trousers. My dick jumped free, full of blood and covered in pre-cum. Our eyes made contact before she took my dick in her mouth and began to suck on it.

When the feeling hit me I lay down in disbelieve with the sloppy sounds. Rosina stopped and slithered on top of my like a snake to give me a kiss. After the kiss we rolled over to reverse the position. She smiled as she spread her legs and I guided my rod to enter her wet pussy. I began to pump slowly in and out for optimal pleasure. Then I quickened a bit just to slow down afterward.

We rolled over again with Rosina on top again. She began to ride me and I got to see her boobs bouncing with every movement of her hips. Her pace began to quickened and her arms began to entangle around me.

“Au” I said as she bit me and she began to tremble as her orgasm came about.

I looked her in the eyes and she looked at me with her guilty but naughty look. I was back on top and this time didn’t take it slow, furiously I pumped.
I was about to come as our eyes locked and our gazes remained there as I emptied my seed into her. Never I’ve felt so good as jets of sperm filled her.

Exhausted we laid there on the bed.

“It’s out with Eric, he said it when I was tied up. I was about to end it anyway he was just a bit quicker. Oh and he planned on returning tomorrow to release me” Rosina said finally.

“So you knew it was me “I replied meekly.

“I’ve had my suspicion, you always liked touching people.” she said.

“And you always like to be touched.”

“Well only by you that is”

And I thought will IT be, yes IT will be.

– Venotic

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Unexpected Reunion Ch. 01

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Twenty years had passed, a life time of accomplishments behind me, and I was still nervous as I drove up to valet parking of the Park Hyatt Washington. Twenty-year Class Reunion; I had avoided the tenth, but I had found myself wondering about my friends and classmates as the twentieth had approached. Why I wanted to see anyone again I wasn’t sure. I hadn’t been the class reject, and I wasn’t returning as the conquering underdog who’d done good. I hadn’t been the head of the class, and I wasn’t returning to prove I still had it all. No, I was just one of the forgotten middle-grounders. I’d been no one special, or memorable, or accomplished in school. I’d just been another guy, struggling with his identity and trying to figure out what he wanted out of life.

Ok, so I had also been a closet case; nothing new there either. I’d lived in denial ’til after college and a failed marriage. Julie had been a good wife, and we’d had two beautiful children together, but we just weren’t meant to be a couple. Even after the divorce we remained friends. At least neither of us had cheated on the other. We’d simply known that it wasn’t working. She’d always noticed my attraction to men, even though I’d tried to ignore it, and when we finally ended it, she’d pointed me in that direction. No judgments, no screaming, and no fears of what I would do to the kids; honestly, Julie was still my best friend. We’d both cried when we ended it, but we were miserable and it turned out for the best. I started and new life, and Julie remarried a few years later, but I still shared custody of the kids. Hell, I even liked Jim; he was a great guy with a “starter marriage” behind him as well.

Julie pushed me to come to the reunion. She thought it would be good for me to have some closure. She and Jim worried about me a lot, far more than I deserved. They wanted me to be happy and show the kids that “being gay” did not equate to being lonely and miserable. Hah, what a joke. I’d tried a few times; I’d only bottomed, but I’d even had a boyfriend for almost a year. Gay bars were too much of a fucking meat market; online hook-ups were scary. Were all gay men looking for hung, built, sex-crazed guys in their early to mid-twenties? That wasn’t me. Not that I didn’t like to look at and fantasize about the hot images on the internet, but that’s all I ever did.

I pulled out my suitcase and hanging bag, gave my keys to the attendant, and checked in. The woman at reservations was kind enough to tell me where the sign-in for the Madison High School reunion was. I had a porter deliver my things to the room, tipping him in advance, while I wandered down to the meeting room area. A frustrated blond “soccer mom” was directing the final touches and looked like she really needed to be anywhere but here. I was early.

She saw me as I watched. “Hello, you here for the reunion?” She smoothed down the front her slacks and extended her hand. “I’m Meredith Bartoni, but I was Meredith Coleman back in school.”

I smiled. Meredith had been the head of student council, a cheerleader, and though she was the target of every guy in the senior class she never seemed to be a bitch. In fact, she’d been nice to everyone. Extending my hand, I accepted the greeting. “Zack Johnson.”

Her brows furrowed, and I could tell she was trying to place me. I hadn’t been on any of the school teams. The only thing I’d done was martial arts club; it was the only sport I’d kept up with. “Why does your name ring a bell? I get the idea you were in one of the odd clubs?”

I was impressed. “Head of the Martial Arts club, senior year.”

She smiled. “Thanks. I’ve tried to memorize the names of anyone who did anything at the school, but with a seven-hundred person graduating class it is just impossible.”

I looked around. “Looks like you have your hands full.”

She rolled her eyes and groaned. “Just like high school, actually. I get on a committee and by the time something has to be finished, most of the girls have ‘conflicts’ and I’m left holding the bag.”

Grinning, I laughed. “Well, once I get out of my office clothes, could I help?”

The relief on her face was palpable. “Oh, would you?”

“I’d be happy to; I’ll be back down in fifteen.”

She gave me a quick hug, and I could feel the tension in her back. She was really stressed. “Thank you so much.”

“See you in a few.”

I got up to my room and changed. My bags had been delivered and I changed quickly. I stopped and looked in the mirror before I went back down. My hair had thinned and my waistline was about six inches larger than it had been at eighteen. Not that I was a porker; I was still under two hundred and I honestly had great legs and ass. I still did martial arts, kung fu and tai chi specifically. Our particular school was known for having men in the upper levels that were “beer kegs” or barrels. Something about the core body work developed bodies into a solid, columnar build. I didn’t jiggle much, though I did have a soft cushion I could lose. I’d never get below a 34 or 35-inch waist again; I had just too much solid muscle in the middle bayburt escort to do get smaller than that. At five-foot-eleven, I wasn’t bad, but no one would be asking me to model. My face was, for better or for worse, “sweet”. I’d always had a kind of cherubim face; Julie called it adorable. I called it “no man’s land” because I never seemed to be able to “land a man” with it.

I appeased my ego by reminding myself I had most of my hair, I had no health problems, I had two great kids and some really world-class friends; knowing that I could probably break most of my class mates in two if they pissed me off was also a great equalizer. I wasn’t the prettiest, I wasn’t the best built, and I certainly wasn’t the most successful, but I could stand up with any of them and honestly say I had done pretty well. I wondered if I could honestly stand up and tell them I was gay.

Meredith smiled as I came back into the reception area. She had been talking with a taller man, maybe six-two, with graying blond hair and a lean, almost overly drawn physique. His face looked as if he’d had a lot of hard years, but his eyes were laughing. I think it was his eyes that caused me to pause. They were an odd sort of blue-green that almost leapt out at you like when people with blue eyes wear green tinted contacts. Meredith snapped me back to reality was she said my name. “Zack, do you remember Joshua Winters?”

I was stunned into speechlessness. Josh had been ‘the jock’ of school. He lettered in track, was tall, blond, built like a Greek god, and had everyone falling over him. I think what I remembered most about him was the distant, almost distracted look he always seemed to have. It was as if he wasn’t quite paying attention to what was going on around him. He certainly didn’t have that look now; his eyes seemed to capture everything. He also wasn’t a Greek god; he must have lost thirty or forty pounds since school. He didn’t look bad; he looked very fit and vibrant if a bit worn. It was just such a dramatic change.

He extended his hand. “Hey, Zack. I don’t think we knew each other in school.”

“No, we didn’t have the same circle of friends.” I wanted to say “no, I wasn’t a cool jock like you”, but I thought that’d be rude.

“Yeah, clicks suck, but when you’re in your teens you don’t know any better.” Ok, that was a good comeback.

Meredith smiled. “Josh is my closest and oldest friend, Zack, so don’t give him a lot of grief.” There was the sound of something being knocked over and she shuddered. “Could you two handle the name tags while I find out what the hell just happened?”

Josh nodded. “You go, Mere, we’ll take care of it.”

I rolled my eyes as she dashed off to take care of another emergency. “Didn’t anyone come to help?”

Josh grunted. “Damn Prima Dona bitches who started this whole thing are too busy trying to look seventeen again to get their manicures dirty.” He walked to the reception table and slid around to the chairs. “Might as well grab a seat, Zack. If I know Mere, she’ll have us slaving for her for the whole weekend.”

I grinned. “The ‘Demon Soccer Mom’ strikes again?”

Chuckling, Josh found his name badge and struck his name off the list. “Something like that.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Josh and I spent the evening handing out nametags, checking off name lists, and talking to dozens of people we didn’t know and had no real interest in getting to know. Fortunately, we found common interests to talk about together and we caught each other up on life after High School. I told him about marriage, martial arts, kids and divorce. He told me about sports, surviving cancer and making life changes. I had to admit, Josh was not only cool but someone to be admired. He had his shit together in spades.

Mere plopped down in the other chair behind the reception table and let out a sigh of relief. It was after midnight and we’d finally shut off the straggling flow of arriving former classmates by closing the doors to the meeting hall. “Thank God.”

I chuckled. “You handled it like a pro. I can’t believe they had so many issues you had to clean up behind.”

Mere groaned. “Oh, you don’t know the half of it. Why the hell weren’t you on the committee?”

I smirked. “Because I was a nobody in school, and didn’t attend the 10th anniversary, so the recreation crew didn’t think to see if I’d help.”

Mere snorted; it was a sound that seemed to come naturally, but was totally out of place with the nearly perfect if frazzled woman sitting near us. “You weren’t an available piece of meat is more likely.”

Josh chuckled. “I’m glad I just moved back. No one knew I was here but you.”

“And I plan to keep it that way, Mr. Winters; all those grabby bitches will do is make your life miserable. Hell, a few of them may even try to ‘make you straight’.” She chuckled but Josh looked a bit uncomfortable. It took her a moment to realize I wasn’t ‘in the know’ and she blushed. “Oh, shit. I’m sorry Josh.”

He shrugged. “Not like I wasn’t planning on coming out anyway.”

I was clueless bilecik escort for a few moments, and then I blinked. “You’re gay?”

“Yeah, ‘Mr. Top Jock’ is a fag.” He sounded bitter. I knew how he felt.

I shrugged. “Cool.”

That had both of them nonplussed. “Cool?” Mere was shocked. “I out my best friend like an idiot, and all you can say is cool?”

“What do you want me to say, Meredith? That’s great Josh; let’s hit some bars together?” I grinned. “Not exactly my style.”

Mere grinned. “So, what is ‘your style’?”

Ok, that had me sweating. This conversation was going places I really didn’t want to go. “It’s the: you can live your life any way you want as long as you don’t drag me along, style.” Ok, that was safe; I thought.

Josh held up his hand. “Ok kids, time out.” He looked at Mere and pointed to the far side of the table. “You, over there. No more pressing for personal matters.” Then he looked at me and pointed in the opposite direction. “You, take a break ’til you can play nice with the other kids.”

I laughed. “Actually, unless Mere needs some help with the final clean up, I’m heading to bed.”

Mere smiled. “Thanks for your help, Zack. I’m sorry I got bitchy; it’s been a long night.”

“Need me in the morning?”

She shook her head. “No, those lazy bitches can take their shifts, or I’ll take one of my son’s cleats and kick them so hard they’ll think it’s implanted.”

We all laughed and I put out my hand to Josh. “It was a pleasure to meet you again.”

He took my hand and smiled. “Like-wise.”

Meredith hugged me before I left. “Don’t forget to give me your contact info, Zack. After all this, maybe we can get together.”

I really liked Mere. “I’d like that.” I left feeling like I probably had a couple new friends in the making.

* * * * * * * * * *

I really didn’t get much time with Josh or Meredith again during the reunion. We smiled at one another when we could; knowing smiles that no one else understood. People remarking on how they’d changed, how they looked, or another of a million insincere compliments had waylaid them both. Everyone reacted to Josh’s change as I had; he really was a different person from the boy in school. I caught up with a few of my high school friends; we had nothing in common, but I was glad to see them again.

I got to see just how bitter and spiteful old classmates could be at the banquet dinner. They did the whole “tell us about yourself” speech thing between each serving. Meredith was nearly a lead speaker, but being in the early middle of the alphabet, I’d had to give my introduction half way between her and Zack. I chickened out and didn’t “come out” to my classmates. Why bother, there were only a few I really decided I wanted to get to know again and I could tell them in private. That was ’til Josh had his turn.

He stood up, smiling at the hellos and nods that people gave him, and just let it out. “Hi everyone, I’m Josh Winters. I’ve lived in about three states since high school, working as Business Analyst, and I’ve just returned to DC. I haven’t been married and I don’t have anyone in my life at present. I do a lot of racing, both cycling and triathlons, and I’m gay.”

That last statement went over like a lead balloon. The ripple effect was horrifying. Between the gasps, the disbelief and the disgust, he might as well have said he was an ax-murderer. Then I heard a few people mumble he probably had AIDS. I’d learned from Josh that he’d had leukemia in his mid-20s, but had fought it and it was in remission. The assumption that a gay man automatically was an AIDS victim set my teeth on edge. I watched the spark in his eyes vanish as he sat back down and the people next to him seemed to shy away.

I got mad; no, I got furious. I’d been scared of the exact same reaction. Josh had had the guts to be honest and open and he’d been rewarded with bigoted, paranoia. I stood up, balling my fists. “I’d like to add,” everyone looked stunned as I practically yelled it out, “that I’m Gay too and you idiots who are mumbling that Josh is an AIDS victim are mindless bigots. I think you people should shut up and take care of your own issues before demeaning someone else.”

I was still standing when another of our classmates, Cynthia Stroud, stood up and echoed my words. Two others also stood, all stating clearly that they were gay and everyone else would just have to deal with it. I’m sure there were others, but that had been enough. I saw Josh looking at me across the room and I swear I could feel his eyes. The gratitude there almost made my knees weak. I think it was the end of my adrenaline rush that caused it actually, because I nearly collapsed into my seat, shaking a little, after we got a fairly large round of applause from the majority of the people in the room.

Meredith caught up with me at the end of the dinner. She had a large, Italian man with her who looked like the stereotype for an Italian cook. He was barrel-chested with a big gut, and was all smiles. She gave me an enthusiastic hug. “Thank you bingöl escort so much.”

I was stunned. “For what?”

“For standing up for Josh. He’d been agonizing over his decision for weeks. You made him realize he wasn’t alone.” She stepped back and put her hand on the man’s chest. “This is my husband, Frank.”

He put out a beefy hand. “Any guy who can stand up for what he believes like that is someone I can respect, poof or not.” His accent was definitely something from the New York area. Somehow, being called a poof by the guy wasn’t insulting at all.

I shook his hand. “Thanks, that’s one of the best compliments I’ve ever had.”

“You have to come over for dinner, Zack. Of all the people here, you’re definitely one I want to keep up with.” Meredith was a doll, and I agreed completely.

I’d made it out the door, deciding to avoid the whole “social dance” thing, and went for the elevators. I think I was still feeling a little sick from my outburst at dinner. Josh caught me before the doors opened. “Hey, Zack.”

Why was I sweating? I turned around. “Yeah?”

He put out his hand. “Thanks. No one has ever done something like that for me before.”

I took it; worried my palms were sweating, and smiled. “I’d say my pleasure, but it wasn’t any fun. I just couldn’t let anyone be treated like that.”

He didn’t let go, and I felt odd warmth running down my arm. It was unnerving. “Can we get together some time? I really don’t know anyone around here other than Mere.”

I smiled. “Sure, Mere’s got my address and phone number.”

He returned the smile, and I could see the handsome jock still there behind the leaner, older man. He had a great smile. “I’ll call you then.”

“Great. I’ll look forward to it.” Thinking for a moment, I reached into my pocket and pulled out a card. “Here, that’s got my work number and email.”

He took it and stepped back. “Thanks again, Zack.”

I smirked and joked to try to relieve the tension I was feeling. “If you really feel obligated, you can buy me dinner.”

His grin suddenly made me wonder if he’d taken it the wrong way. “You can count on it.”

The doors opened and I left him there, grinning. The thought of having dinner with Josh Winters was suddenly a very frightening prospect.

* * * * * * * * * *

Meredith called me about two weeks later and, as promised, invited me to dinner. She and Frank lived in Georgetown, in an older section on P Street. Nice houses, quiet neighborhood, and classic. Frank greeted me at the door. “Hey, Zack, glad you could make it.”

I grinned. “Someone mentioned beef on the grill; I couldn’t pass it up.”

He laughed and thumbed inside. “Just head straight back and keep to the left; through the kitchen and out to the patio. Mere’s already out there.”

I looked about as I walked back. “Where are the kids?”

“Pool party and sleepovers. We have an evening free.” He smiled happily at the thought.

I chuckled. “Then I won’t stay late,” I teased as I wiggled my eyebrows.

“Get into the back yard you perv.” He was laughing as he pushed me out the door. “Beer or soda?”


“Yeah, got it. Be out in a minute.” The door closed and I followed the sound of laughter to the back yard.

Mere was laughing and shaking her head as I came onto the patio. With her were a woman I didn’t know, who looked very satisfied about something, and Josh, who looked embarrassed. Mere saw me and came over to give me a hug. “Zack, I’m so glad you could come.”

I smiled and kissed her on the cheek. “You know us gay men; offer hot beef and we come running from miles around.” That started Mere’s giggles again and the other woman began to laugh. Josh got even redder.

“Thanks, Zack.” The sarcasm in his tone made me grin.

“What’d I do?” I tried to look innocent but I think it came off as clueless.

Mere smirked. “Oh, nothing Josh won’t recover from. Becka was just commenting on how most gay men are just about sex and the lesbians have it right.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Oh? All emotional drama and no nookie? No thanks.”

That sent Mere into a complete spasm of giggles as she sat down. Becka did not look amused but Josh grinned. “Damn, wish I’d thought of that.”

“You never were good on the uptake, Josh.” Meredith couldn’t stop smiling.

I grinned. Josh was wearing a pair of comfortable jeans and a T-back. He looked great. Closing on forty and having struggled through cancer did not make him a candidate for being on the cover of GQ, but to any normal human he was as fit as any athlete. He was so much more cut that I was. Though I was shorter, I had a lot more muscle and probably out weighed him. The fact I had a touch more body fat than I’d liked contributed to that too. Still, he didn’t seem to mind the fact that I was shorter, had thinning hair and didn’t have a gym honed body. If I hadn’t known any better, I’d have thought he was checking me out.

Dinner was delicious, filled with laughter and good spirits. I even grudgingly admitted that I liked Becka by the end of the evening. By nine, I knew it was time to head out; Frank was looking like he wanted some time to take advantage of a house devoid of kids. I had to admit: I didn’t blame him. Josh said his goodbyes as well and left right behind me. I wasn’t sure, but I think he’d been flirting with me most of the evening.

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Sharing My Girlfriend

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My girlfriend stands at 5’6” and is a very attractive young blonde. At the age of 20, her whole body is in perfect proportion, soft skin, a sweet ass, gorgeous breasts, and one of those innocent faces that you just want to cum all over. Of course, she isn’t that innocent, I was her first and only lover in bed, until recent that is….

Susie often thinks that she’s not attractive looking and fails to notice guys staring at her. I kept telling her this all the time, so finally I told her to wear a short little skirt for a change and a low cut top to show off her delicate soft tanned skin. At first she just laughed at me, but when I persisted, she agreed to dress up that weekend. I knew that she’d finally notice guys staring at her now.

She wouldn’t let me go shopping with her, and that Saturday night she got all dressed up and came out of her room to ask me how she looked. Well she looked very hot, she had on a black top that only covered her breasts and nothing more. Next was a short skirt that didn’t cling to her, but rested on her ass cheeks, creating a teasing site, one that would want to make you shoot your hand straight up her skirt!

“Damn Susan, you’re looking amazing!!!” was all I could say, although my mind was doing overtime!!

“Thanks, but I feel a little slutty like this” she replied.

I quickly held her and gave her a deep kiss, while my hands went from her neck to her back and further on till they reached her skirt. My hands cupped both her ass cheeks as I ventured under her short skirt, Susie was wearing one of her usual little thongs and immediately I had a raging hard-on!

Knowing how I felt, and feeling my hardness against her, she smiled at me and dropped to her knees. Immediately my cock was out and throbbing in front of her face. Susie licked the tip of my cock and slowly took the head into her mouth, swirling her tongue around and around. I pulled her long blonde hair away from her face while keeping a grip on it to lever bursa escort her on my hard cock. With one hand she grabbed the length of my cock and squeezed its hardness before she began to pull my member. With her other hand, she reached into my jeans and began massaging my balls in her hand.

My head was spinning as I looked down at my girlfriend’s head bobbing up and down as she slowly began sucking me off. I caught a reflection of us in her mirror and saw her little skirt resting on her ass, her long blonde hair in my grip at her neck, and her blonde head bobbing up and down. Susie was a true expert cocksucker and soon I could feel my balls trembling. A huge orgasm hit me as I filled her hot little mouth full of sperm. Her lips remained tight around my shaft as she sucked and swallowed every last bit of spunk out of me.

With that done, Susie stood up and smiled at me and said; “Now I feel like a right little slut!” To which we both burst out laughing. Just looking at her cocksucking lips on her innocent face made me stir again.

Susie then put on her black high heels, and we made our way down to the local bar, with my hand firmly on her ass cheek as passers by stopped and stared. Finally she was noticing and I could feel that it was getting her turned on. We had arranged to meet up with my best friend Dave and we had our usual drinking session as we do every Saturday night. The three of us had our own little booth to ourselves by the wall. We talked and joked all night long, enjoying the drink, the chat and the atmosphere.

After a few drinks, I explained to Dave about Susie and how she was dressed up that night. Susie was a little embarrassed but the drink was getting to her and she didn’t seem to care after a while. I even lifted up her skirt to show Dave her sexy thong.

After closing up, all three of us went back to our place, and while Dave and Susie sat in the lounge, I went into the kitchen to fix up more çanakkale escort drinks. On my return, I laughed to myself as I found Susie standing in front of Dave with her ass in his face, asking him if she really was that good looking. Dave could only sit and stare at her.

I put the drinks on the table and stood at Susie’s side. I began kissing her on her neck and nibbling at her ears, as I know this makes her horny, and her nipples all stiff. At the same time I cupped one breast in one hand and cupped one ass cheek with my other hand. By doing this I was offering Dave a ripe view of Susie’s ass.

Soon Dave was standing on the other side of Susie, we were both cupping an ass cheek each and a breast each. At the same time we were kissing and nibbling at her neck. I could sense Susie’s excitement, and I brought my breast hand slowly down across her smooth stomach and continued down to her thigh. Then I moved my hand back up so it was now under her skirt. I felt the silkiness of her black thongs and gradually began to rub her lips. I began slipping my fingers in to wet them before I started to rub her clit. Dave had the same idea and soon he was fingering her while I was rubbing her clit.

So there was Susie, standing in the living room, with a guy either side of her, feeling her up. She couldn’t believe this was happening, she looked to her left and gave me a big long kiss, then she looked to the right and gave Dave a big long kiss too. I could feel her excitement building up and finally her whole body shook as she reached her first orgasm of the night. Her knees shook but myself and Dave supported her in our firm grip.

At this stage me and Dave were rock hard and we were both prodding into Susie’s side. We quickly stripped her, then stripped ourselves. I sat down on the couch and brought Susie sitting down on top of me. Facing away from me, she quickly got the idea and she started sucking on Dave’s cock. Dave çankırı escort grabbed her by the head and starting forcing his way into her mouth, while I sat back with her perched on my cock bouncing her up and down, watching her suck my best friend’s cock.

All of a sudden, Dave pulled out his glistening cock, and suggested we change positions. Dave sat on the couch, only this time, Susie sat on Dave while facing him. She raised her ass in the air and brought herself down on Dave’s cock. Susie started riding his cock, Dave was sucking on her nipples, leaving me with no alternative, but to fuck my girlfriend up the ass.

My cock was pretty lubricated from her pussy and I lowered self down and rested my knees on the edge of the couch, with Susie’s ass in front of me now. I rubbed the tip of my cock between her sweet little ass cheeks, and finally put it to her asshole. She moaned hard and as I watch her enjoying my best friends cock, I felt a little jealous. I shoved my cock as far up as I could at first, I know it hurts, but she deserves it. Then I put one hand on the small of her back and pushed down, the other grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back. This forced her ass upwards to meet my thrusts, and pushed her breasts into Dave’s face.

All the time she was leaning onto the top of the couch for support as she serviced two cocks at the same time. I don’t know what time we stopped at that night, but we went on and on for ages in every position we could think of.

As was expected, the next morning was a bit tense, and while Dave was downstairs in the kitchen, I spread Susie face down on the bed and screwed her up the ass again. Dave must have heard us as he had a big grin on his face when we came down.

Dave said his farewells and thanked both of us for the night, especially Susie. Susie told Dave that he should come over more often, to which we all laughed. Before Dave could leave, Susie gave him a great big kiss at the front door, next thing I know, Dave’s cock was out and Susie’s was sucking hard on it. Dave let out a wail as he pulled his cock out and shot his load all over Susie’s face. Dave quickly left, leaving me with my cum drenched girlfriend, whom I quickly took to the shower for some more fun. But that’s another story.

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Share and Share Alike

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It was a Friday evening and you were very excited; after a long week at work we had finally reached the weekend, coupled with the fact we had our friends Jenny and Josh over for an evening meal. You went to university with Jenny and had kept in close contact. I adored Jenny and got along very well with her husband Josh.

We had prepared the meal and had a glass of wine before getting ready; I sat and watched you parade around the bedroom naked whilst you choose a sexy dress to wear. Before I could watch you select an equally sexy bra and panties combo, the doorbell rang.

I told you to come down when you were ready and I eagerly answered the door to our guests. Jenny stepped over the doorstep and her smile hit my eyes; her slender body covered by a tight black dress that barely covered her legs. The dress cut in from her shoulders in a V shape, down to her tight cleavage. We hugged and I invited the couple in.

Before long, you had joined us and made a stunning entrance making sure to give both Jenny and Josh an extended hug. I poured the wine and we sat down for the meal.

After dinner, we all sat in the lounge catching up and reminiscing about the old days at uni; we had soon drunk several bottles of wine and the conversation had turned predictably saucy. You sat next to Jenny and whispered something into her ear; Jenny giggled and you both looked at myself and Josh with seductive eyes.

You left the room and re-entered a few moments later with a pad of paper, a carrier bag and four pens; before instructing each of us to split the paper into smaller pieces and write a dare on each one. Each dare had to be placed into the carrier and then the fun and games could begin.

Jenny was very excited and explained to Josh and I that there was only one rule: ‘Anything goes’.

I smiled and began to write my dares on to the pieces of paper; folding them up and wondering if I had over stepped the mark. We would soon find out…

Once all the dares were in the bag, we all sat on the floor; you were on my left, Jenny on my right with Josh opposite me. You told me to pick first, I opened the paper and read the dare aloud.

‘Kiss, with tongues, the person on your right…’

I smiled; knowing that you had written this dare, and decided to turn my attention to Jenny, who had already moved towards me. I gripped my hands onto her waist letting them slide down onto her hips and round to the bottom of her back. Jenny pushed against me, placing her hands on my chest and we instantly began making out. Our tongues entwined and our breaths became heavier as we sunk into a hot and lengthy kiss.

I heard the carrier bag rustle as you moved the game onwards; Jenny and I parted and sat back down for the next round. You picked out a piece of paper and smiled before reading it aloud.

‘Stand up and select someone to strip you completely naked…’

You bounced to your feet and pulled Josh with you; before making him stand behind you. His hand ran up and down your body before he slipped your tight dress onto the floor; you leant you head back and Josh let his lips meet yours whilst running his hands over your breasts. Jenny and I watch as you move your petite body against his; the dress is now around your ankles and you stand against Josh wearing only a matching red bra and thong.

The passion suddenly rose as Josh turned you around, lifting you into his arms and unclipping the bra; releasing your firm breasts into ardahan escort his view and the reach of his tongue that gently licked over your erect nipples. Finally, Josh put you down and kissed down your naked back before lifting your cute red thong over your ass and down your legs, pushing his nose into your ass and kissing your bare pussy. You give Josh a final kiss and sit back down in the circle.

Josh picks his dare and again reads it aloud.

‘Simulate your favourite sexual position with the person on your left…’

I smile knowing I had written this one; hoping to carry it out with Jenny whilst you watched but following your last dare with Josh, I was now eager to see this ‘show’. I invited Josh to take up his dare; which he was happy to do.

Josh leant over and began to kiss you again, running his hands up and down your naked body; even as low as your trimmed pubic region. I see you pull him in, reaching down, unzipping his jeans and pulling out his erect penis. You run your hand up and down his length before moving together and allowing your bodies fall to the floor; Josh on top, and your legs wrapped around him. As you make out, Josh holds your hips and begins to thrust against you, letting his cock rub your clit as you fill the room with cute little groans.

Josh suddenly lifts his body so that he is at a right angle to you and places your legs around his waist; his hands cup your petite breasts and he begins to thrust harder against you, simulating hard sex; his cock running down from your belly button down to your clit as he thrusts. Jenny leans against me and tells me how she loves it when Josh fucks her like this; I just couldn’t believe the game had become so explicit so early.

You and Josh soon rejoin the group and Jenny picks out her first dare.

‘Receive oral sex from the person opposite you…’

Josh and I give a sigh of relief that it was Jenny to pick this out and we soon push you and Jenny into the dare. You pull Jenny over to the sofa and lift her tiny black dress up to her hips, revealing her panty-less, neatly shaven pussy. You look back at Josh and laugh at how Jenny had sat through dinner without panties, before eagerly placing your tongue onto her clit.

I’d watch you give oral pleasure to a girl in the past and this brought back the memories as Jenny began to relax into the pleasure of her first girl on girl experience. You licked down from her clit and over her pussy before going back up to her sensitive clit.

Josh pulled you off before Jenny was able to climax, knowing this would add to the intensity of later dares. I picked out my second dare, noticed your handwriting again and read it aloud.

‘Strip naked and have the person on your left play the rest of the game sat on your lap…’

I instantly stripped naked revealing my solid cock to the rest of the room before sitting down and pulling Jenny (from my left) onto my lap, her short dress rode up her slender legs and my bare cock clearly came to a rest against her bare pussy. Jenny turned and smiled at me and in clear view, began to rub my cock against her lower half.

As I watched you pick your next dare, I run my hands over Jenny’s body, slowly pulling her dress down to reveal her small but beautiful breasts. You read out your dare.

‘Go into the next room with anyone of your choice and have loud, noisy sex with them…’

You instantly jumped to your feet artvin escort and pulled Josh with you. As you headed for the door leading into the dining room, you rubbed your hand over Josh’s cock that was still hard from the sex simulation. You stood in the doorway kissing Josh and slowly taking his clothes off before dragging him out of view.

Jenny sat on my lap and continued to stroke my cock, now and again letting it slip against her clit; we listened out for you and Josh. After a few minutes we began to her your moans as Josh began to fuck you. I could tell Jenny was becoming aroused and she started to move her hips, letting my cock rub her clit. I could hear Josh’s hips slapping against you and had images of the position you were using to make love.

Suddenly, Josh laid you in the doorway on your back; your head and breasts visible. Josh soon penetrated you and we could see how hard he was thrusting into you. The whole thing had become too much for Jenny as she lifted her hips and let my cock enter her wet pussy. Jenny and I began making love slowly and waited to see what happened next.

Josh didn’t finish with you but pulled you back into the lounge eager for more dares; picking out his next one. Little did you realise that I was still deep inside Jenny, eager for more.

‘Receive oral from the person of your choice…’

Josh walked over to Jenny, who was still on my lap (and cock) and pulled her head towards his stiff shaft. Jenny obliged and began to lick at his swollen end, using her tongue to lubricate him. Jenny then took his cock in her hand and pulled it forward, swallowing as much as she could. I held Jenny on my lap and began to kiss her neck and shoulders; as she began to move her hips on my cock.

You had moved over to the three of us and knelt next to us watching Jenny suck on her man’s cock. I grasped your hand and pulled it under Jenny’s dress and onto my shaft, which was still deep in her pussy. You took no time to realise and begin to kiss me hard whilst rubbing Jenny’s clit with your hand.

I suddenly pulled Jenny away, but we fall back onto the floor; Jenny’s skirt rode up and our secret fucking was revealed to Josh, just as my cock slipped out of her tight pussy. Jenny laughed, turned and mounted me; taking my cock back into her bare pussy, before she continued to ride me.

Over Jenny’s shoulder, I could see that you and Josh were now making out, letting your naked bodies rub together, and your hands exploring the most private of areas. I turned my attention back to Jenny and began to thrust my cock into her, letting her kiss me and sharing hot breath with her.

Within minutes, Jenny had reached hot climax on my cock, making sure to let out a loud orgasm before coming to rest on my chest as we turned to watch our your turn…

You were already in Josh’s arms, kissing him hard with your tongue against his; finally he entered your pussy and began fucking you in the middle of the room. You ride him hard, letting his cock slip from tip to balls with every thrust as Josh licks your nipples and grasps your ass with his hands.

Josh suddenly puts you down and sits on the couch, pulling you down so that you sit on his lap; making sure to push his cock back into your pussy. As Josh fucks you, Jenny kneels at your feet and begins to lick your clit. I position behind Jenny and enter her from behind.

As I watch you climax on Josh’s cock, I see him thrust aydın escort harder, pulling your hips down onto him. Suddenly you raise your hips and throw your head back onto Josh’s shoulder; his cock slips out and shoots cum over Jenny’s face, before your pussy slips back onto his cock letting him fill you with the remaining cum. I pull Jenny’s head back by her hair and give her a few more hard thrusts, before I suddenly shoot cum into her pussy as it throbs around my cock in a second orgasm.

We all collapse onto the sofa and take time to catch a breath. After a few minutes I decide to head for the toilet and get some tissue. As I leave the room I see you kissing Josh as Jenny lay next to you looking more than content.

I grab some tissue and use the toilet before cleaning myself; as a pair of hands grasps my limp cock. I turn to see Jenny’s slim body edging closer to me, her big eyes staring seductively into mine.

‘Josh and Sue are asleep in each other’s arms… Looks like we better make the most of it’ Jenny explained.

I instantly pulled Jenny into my arms, holding her firm ass as we began to kiss with tongues. I went to shut the door but Jenny seemed happy to risk an audience, grasping on my now hard cock and kissing me as hard as she could. I pulled at her ass cheeks and used a finger to run between her soaked pussy and tight bum hole.

As our kisses turned to dirtier French kisses, I felt Jenny push her hips backwards and I let a finger slip into her asshole. I turned her body sideways and then slipped my other hand over her clit and into her wet pussy.

Suddenly Jenny pulled away and bent over in front of me, showing her tight ass and wet pussy; demanding me to screw her. I grabbed her hips and ran my cock against her clit, over her pussy and finally pushed in. Her soaked pussy swallowed my length as Jenny pushed back against me before I pulled out to find my cock covered in the spunk I had left there minutes ago.

I now ran my freshly lubed cock over her ass testing the water before pushing my swollen end into her tight asshole. Jenny let out a loud scream as I pushed past her tight muscle into her ass before finally moving her hips and making more enjoyable noises. I was soon thrusting my entire length into her ass and using a free hand to rub her clit.

As much as I enjoyed having dirty sex with Jenny, I knew it would be more fun letting you and Josh watch; so I pull out of Jenny and dragged her back into the Longue. We were greeted by the sight of you and Josh fucking on the floor; he was on top, hips slapping yours and hands holding your cute breasts as you screamed for more.

Jenny pulled me over to the sofa and got down onto her knees so that she had her back to the room; I squatted down behind her and left my hard cock hanging for her to pick which hole to fuck. To my surprise, Jenny roughly pushed my end into her still tight ass hole. I could see her looking over her shoulder at you two as we began to fuck again; thrusting my hard cock entirely into her ass.

I could hear you and Josh’s fucking become harder and louder as I too, pushed harder and deeper into Jenny. The tight sensation of Jenny’s ass around my bare cock tipped me to the edge and I pulled out of her and began to shoot cum all over her ass and into her gaping asshole.

I collapsed onto the sofa as Josh lifts your hips off the floor, entering you deeper as I see you throw your head back, grasping his hips before exploding into a noisy orgasm. Josh thrusts into you as you shudder around him; finally he removes his huge cock from your soaked pussy and lets his spunk shot all over your tummy, chest and breasts.

We end the evening as casually as it started and I take you to bed, where we have more hot sex…

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Plunged into Darkness

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Sandy moved back to the corner of the elevator as the two young black men stepped through the open doors. Her pulse quickened and her mind raced. She hated judging people she didn’t know but they were both dressed like thugs, with baggy, sagging jeans and tight tank tops. They were both loud and boisterous, two traits the quiet midwestern born mother of three abhorred. The hairs on the back of Sandy’s neck stood at attention while she kept her head down and pressed her back against the cold mirrored back wall.

The elevator doors closed and the heavyset brunette closed her pretty brown eyes for a moment, doing her best to relax as she struggled with her irrational fears. Sandy hated two things more than anything: confined spaces and elevators. Her breathing was deep and steady and her big, natural f cup breasts heaved.

“We got to get to the club quick before this Molly kicks in yo,” the taller, darker man said. He wasn’t a bad looking guy despite his tattoos and hardened smile. He had long dreadlocks framing a pleasant face with intelligent eyes and a strong muscular body. His thick arms were well defined and adorned with a myriad of monochromatic prison type tattoos. A thick gold chain was draped around his strong neck and his ebony flesh seemed to glisten from a fine sheen of sweat.

“No shit, my boy said this is some good shit Bro. Somebody’s getting fucked tonight,” the shorter man replied with a somewhat menacing smile. He was less attractive than his friend but he was far from ugly. His round head was shaved smooth and he had a surprising warmth in his smile. He was nearly 6 inches shorter than the man with dreadlocks but he looked stronger with broad, square shoulders and huge tattoo covered arms. Unlike the man with dreadlocks the shorter man had a few colorful tattoos on his milk chocolate colored flesh and Sandy discretely admired the intricacy of his body art. She wasn’t generally a fan of tattoos but she could appreciate well done artwork.

Sandy felt her cheeks warm and she chewed nervously on her bottom lip as the two men spoke openly about sex. She inhaled deeply. Her hands started to shake and she focused her attention on the two well-built men in front of her to quell her rising fears.

The elevator shuddered and Sandy squeaked like a frightened mouse. Her pulse quickened and her eyes narrowed, zooming in on a particularly vivid tattoo on the left shoulder of the shorter bald man’s back. It depicted a nearly naked woman with big bare breasts and generous curves. The woman was build almost like Sandy but with a more rounded butt and a narrower waist.

The elevator lurched to a halt and they were plunged into darkness making Sandy screech in terror. The only thing worse than a small elevator car was a small dark one and she whimpered like a frightened puppy as the pale emergency light glowed to life.

The room was spinning and tears formed in the corner of the terrified woman’s eyes. Her fear of small spaces had been born when she was eight and she and her mother had been forced to huddle in a small storm cellar as a tornado destroyed their Illinois farm house. No one in her family had lost their life but their house had been leveled and all of their possessions had been summarily destroyed.

She squeezed her fists and tried to relax. Her eyes adjusted to the dim lighting of the stalled elevator car and she pressed her body tight against the wall. The mirror felt cool through the thin silk of her blouse and she focused on the sounds in the small space. The mechanical creaks and ticks of elevator freaked her out and she then directed her attention to the smells in the car. The faint scent of the two men was oddly appealing and she breathed deep drawing it into her lungs. It wasn’t cologne but their natural aroma. It was light but musky and it had a profound effect on the cute married balıkesir escort woman’s needy body. It had been nearly a month since Sandy and her husband had been intimate. When she and Mack were first married they’d been like rabbits. Even then Sandy’s libido had surpasses her husband’s but he’d done enough to sate her often ravenous appetite. She’d always been a very sexual person. She had developed young and had her first boyfriend at 13. He’d been an older boy, in high school, and he’d taken her virginity before she was out of middle school. From then on she had loved sex but after three kids and with both Sandy and Mack working they were usually too tired during the week and too busy on weekends.

Sandy heard the emergency phone ring and watched the taller man pick it up. He spoke clearly and nodded slowly as he listened.

“Mother fucker,” he said angrily. “God damn power’s out all over town. No clue what’s up but we could be here all god damn night.”

“Man fuck dis shit, someone needs to get my big black dick yo,” the tall man said loudly. “How ’bout you sugar, you want some dick?”

Sandy’s cheeks flushed and she giggled nervously. “I think I’m good thanks,” she replied softly.

“Why not?” He teased as he rubbed his crotch. “You don’t like black guys?”

“It’s not that, no,” she answered honestly. “I’m married for one thing.” She felt uncomfortable with the topic of conversation but she was grateful for the distraction because it took her mind off of her claustrophobia.

“You ever gone black Baby,” he said moving slightly closer as his friend stood silently beside them, also rubbing his crotch.

“No,” Sandy replied. She had grown up in a small town with very few black people.

“Ever thought about it?” He asked in a deep smooth voice. He had an almost hypnotic cadence and a soothing tone.

“If course,” she replied. She had been attracted to several black boys before she’d met her husband and she’d even gone on a date with one black boy in college though she’d never told any of her friends back home or her husband about that. Mack was a bit of a racist and most of her friends in Illinois would have judged her poorly if they’d known.

“So why ain’t you ever tried it Baby?” He asked moving even closer to her. Her heart was racing and she felt self-conscious that they could hear it but she was glad for the distraction none the less.

“I guess I’ve never had the opportunity,” Sandy lied. She caught a whiff of his heady scent and she felt a familiar tingling between her thick meaty thighs. She had on two separate occasions had extramarital flings while traveling for business but she’d never done anything so close to home.

“Opportunity is knocking,” he said with a chuckle. He placed his hand over hers and guided it to his crotch.

Sandy gasped and instinctively squeezed his hard cock. It felt huge in her small hand and the wheels in her head started to spin. Butterflies battled in her belly and her hand moved slowly up and down his clothed dick.

The taller man turned Sandy slightly and the shorter man stepped behind her, sandwiching the pretty brunette between them.

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” Sandy said weakly. Her words were hollow and lacked conviction especially since she still had the taller man’s cock in her hand. “I don’t even know your names.”

“I’m Trevor,” the tall man said quickly, “and he is Jonny.”

“Oh, I’m Sandy,” Sandy said playfully. Her voice shook with tremolo as Jonny reached down and lifted the hem of her semi tight skirt over her full hips. She’d never been a skinny girl but she had been much thinner before having kids. She wasn’t fat and she had a nice hourglass shape but her hips and thighs were bigger than she liked.

Trevor bent lower and brushed his lips across bartın escort hers. His tongue slithered across her lips and she sighed softly as his hand slipped inside her small silky thong.

Jonny slid his hands under Sandy’s blouse and deftly unhooked her big underwire bra before teasing and pinching her sensitive nipples. Trevor pushed Sandy’s panties down and she moved her legs apart giving him unfettered access to her needy sex. The pads of his fingers rubbed gently over her clit and her breathing deepened.

Sandy’s hips undulated sensuously and a soft moan rose from her chest. Her legs trembled and her chest heaved as Johnny squeezed her big tits and hard nipples. Trevor’s gentle touch was juxtaposed with Jonny’s roughness and the combination was amazing. Sandy had never had a three way before but it was one of her secret fantasies. The idea of being the center of attention in a lurid sexual interlude was incredibly arousing to the one time theater major and she felt a flood of wetness between her legs.

She unfastened Trevor’s belt and his baggy jeans fell to the ground. Her hands shook with ravenous desire as she freed his cock and squeezed it tight. The rich fragrance of her arousal filled the small space and she cried out when her body convulsed from a strong quick climax.

“How do you want to do this?” Trevor asked politely as he stepped out of his pants and boxers.

“Wha, what do you mean?” She asked nervously. Her body was trembling with excitement and her knees felt weak and unsteady. The curvy MILF was more excited than she’d ever been. She knew well the excitement of infidelity but that coupled with the fact that she was with two well built young black men made it exponentially better.

“Who do you want to fuck you first?” Trevor asked before kissing her. His insistent tongue dipped inside her warm mouth and entwined with hers and she raked her nails down his back with one hand as she stroked his big dick with the other. His cock was the biggest she’d ever seen and she was anxious to feel it inside of her.

“You first,” Sandy purred. “But I want to taste you both too.” She dropped to her hands and knees and gazed up at Jonny’s powerful body as he dropped his jeans to the floor. His cock sprung free and she sighed deeply. It was slightly shorter than Trevor’s but equally thick and thickness was what she loved. She’d been with several well hung men in her lifetime and while she had told plenty of men that size didn’t matter, the truth was that nothing beat a fat cock stretching her tight pussy. The combination of pleasure and pain was pure euphoria.

Trevor knelt behind her and sank 7 of his 9 inches into her frothy hole. She winced when he touched bottom and grunted from each powerful thrust. Jonny lowered his strong naked body in front of Sandy and she eagerly sucked his fat dick into her hungry mouth. The salty sweet flavor of his sweaty precum soaked cock filled her mouth and she shuddered when he grabbed hold of her head and started jogging his hips fore and aft.

“Suck that dick,” Jonny barked in a deep menacing voice. His hips thrust violently and his big balls slapped rhythmically against Sandy’s chin as Trevor gripped her wide hips.

Sandy rocked between them. Urgent moans poured from her cock filled mouth and she felt the knot in her belly tighten with each stroke. She came hard and her juices soaked Trevor’s thrusting dick as Jonny fucked her mouth hard and fast.

They switched places and Jonny fucked her like a jackhammer. His taut body slammed against her fat, juicy ass and he grunted like an angry boar as he rammed hard and deep. A third climax washed over the pretty brunette and she slumped forward in a sweat soaked exhausted heap.

Jonny settled between Sandy’s legs and then pressed his big cock into her batman escort quivering hole. His thrusts were wild and erratic and his breathing labored.

“Here it comes,” he announced proudly. He grunted and moaned loudly and Sandy felt his seed splash deep inside her. She felt a pit form in her stomach when he came. She was on the pill and had been since her youngest had been born but she had missed a day and hoped that she was safe.

Jonny pulled his dripping cock from her gaping cunt and Sandy rolled onto her back. Her hair was wet with sweat and matted against her forehead and her body was soaked. Trevor moved into place and eased his dick into her cum filled pussy. He fucked her with smooth sensuous motions and she whimpered like an excited puppy as another orgasm lapped at her tired body.

“Don’t stop,” Sandy pleaded as she gazed into his dark pretty eyes. Her nails dug into his ebony hips and she guided his pace as her hips bucked wildly against his.

Trevor fucked Sandy until her climax ebbed and then he buried his cock deep inside her. He was silent when he came but she felt his hot seed soak her creamy depths and she hooked her strong legs behind his gorgeous ass, holding him deep inside of her until he went soft in her grasp.

Several hours later Sandy sat between the two young muscular black men with Trevor’s spent dick in her mouth. She’d been fucked a half dozen times between them and she was too sore for more. They had both filled her mouth and pussy with loads of cum and she was certain that she was a disheveled mess but sucking his dick, even soft, took her mind off of the tiny elevator car.

The harsh florescent lights hummed to life and the elevator lurched downward.

“Fuck,” Sandy exclaimed as she leapt to her feet and searched for her clothes. She grabbed her sheer white blouse and quickly buttoned it as the two men pulled on their jeans and shirts. She straightened her skirt and slipped her shoes on while she located her bra and stuffed it into her purse moments before they reached the ground floor.

They all grinned in unison and Jonny showed Sandy her tiny thong before stuffing it into his pocked. Sandy’s cheeks flushed and she squeezed her thighs together, relishing the soreness between them.

Steven, the head of maintenance, grinned knowingly when the doors opened and he saw the state of the three people inside. They looked like they hadn’t slept with red tired eyes and while the two men looked somewhat composed the woman was a mess.

“You made it through the night,” he teased as they stepped out and onto terra firma. Sandy’s hair was a disheveled and her blouse was buttoned unevenly. Her dark nipples were clearly visible without a bra to hide them and her eye makeup had left streaks down her rosy red cheeks.

“Is everything fixed?” Sandy asked through deep steady breaths as she grabbed her phone and sent a quick text message letting Mack know she was okay. There had been no service in the elevator and she was sure he was worried sick.

“The trains aren’t running so you’re stuck in the city and from what I heard there aren’t any hotel rooms available anywhere,” Steve said apologetically. “Also the cell towers have been overwhelmed and you’ll have a hard time making or receiving calls. Though I think texts are working but slow.”

“You can stay with us Baby,” Jonny offered with a wide smile. “Trevor lives ten blocks down. Your husband won’t mind will he?”

“He’ll shit a brick,” Sandy replied sounding like a trucker, “but what choice do I have.”

“I’m getting a little hard just thinking about getting you naked again,” Jonny said crassly. He cupped his package and Sandy shuddered.

“I need food, a drink and a nap,” she replied with a playful grin. “And my pussy may be out of order for weeks after what just happened.”

“That’s okay,” Trevor said cupping her surprisingly firm tits, “we’ve got lube. We can take turns fucking your tits and ass. After we eat.”

She’d never been fucked in the ass by anyone as big and thick as either of them but she was game for anything and without power what else was there to do but fuck.

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