Young Girl’s Dream – Part 2

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Young Girl’s Dream – Part 2
Young Girl’s Dream – Part 2

Mr. W. heard the key in the door and glanced at his watch confirming that his daughters were home by 3:30 a.m. just 30 minutes after the double feature at the local theater had finished. He lay still in his bed listening to them as they entered the living room and turned on the lights.

“What are you doing here Rachel, “Ashley burst out loudly seeing her girlfriend lying on the couch partly covered by a blanket wearing Ashley’s bathrobe. “You were supposed to meet us at the movies. What happened to you?”

“I…. my mom dropped me off here to ride with you to the movies, but you guys had already left and she drove off without waiting for me to find that out.” Rachel’s mind was still cloudy from the hot chocolate spiked with Kailua as she sat upright and moaned immediately feeling as if her head was about to explode. She licked her lips to and the salty taste of Mr. W’s cum wafted across her tongue.

“OMG, it was pouring down rain. Whatever did you do?” Frolic looked inquiringly at the girl. “Dad wasn’t here; he took us to town for the movies.”

Rachel nodded slowly. “Your Dad showed up, but I was soaking wet and cold sitting under the overhang. I told him what had happened. He got a towel and dried me off some and made hot chocolate for me while I took a hot shower.” Looking down at the bathrobe hanging loosely, she clutched it closed, covering her naked body.

“Oh, his hot chocolate is so yummy,” Ashley, said, “He’s made it for Frolic and I before. We start acting really silly like little school girls at the fair, but we seem to fall asleep soon after drinking it.” An evil smirk crossed Mr. W’s lips listening to Ashley telling of his ‘yummy’ hot chocolate. “I don’t know what his special ingredients are but you sleep like a baby.”

“Is it salt or something perhaps? I licked my lips and they are like, salty or something,” Rachel responded.

“Wow, that’s funny, both Frolic and I have said the same thing after we have some,” Ashley and Frolic nodded together, “but he won’t say what the ingredients are. ‘Magic Potion’ he always tells us. Let’s call your mom and see if you can stay over tonight. Maybe we can talk Daddy into playing games tonight and have more of his special hot chocolate.”

Rachel’s mother agreed to allow her to stay the night but the day seemed to go by slowly. The girls were giddy with excitement after dinner as they cleaned the living room and got all the board games out. Mr. W. sat in his easy chair watching TV as the girls played Chutes and Ladders, Monopoly and other games.

“Ok girls, it’s getting late, I’d better get ready for bed. Long day tomorrow,” Mr. W said, getting up and going into the bathroom. Undressing and putting on a robe, he saw in the mirror that the three girls were stripping off their clothing and putting on their baby doll pajamas. Grinning and watching, their young bodies were revealed completely by the sheer material of their gowns.

“Daddy, will you make us hot chocolate?” Frolic shouted loudly to him in the bathroom. “We are going to play Twister.” Mr. W’s lecherous mind flashed as he thought of seeing their delicious tender bodies contorting on the mat. Pulling the robe around himself, he prepared four huge mugs of his ‘Special’ hot chocolate filling them to the brim.

“Here you are girls. Enjoy!” Mr. W said leaning over the table placing the frothy mix before them. He subtly smiled, as Rachel and Ashley’s eyebrows rose when his robe gaped open exposing a brief flash of his semi-hard cock. Straightening up slowly, knowing that the two girls had seen his cock, he made a mock gesture of pulling his robe closed before he started back to his chair.

“Daddy, wait, will you help us. We need you to be the Spinner for the game. You spin the thingy and call out the color we have to touch?” Frolic implored him demonstrating her sweet little girl charms and jostling her breasts back and forth, as she asked. Her nipples were taunt against the top of the baby dolls as she knelt close to him. Ashley and Rachel, following her lead, came and kaçak iddaa knelt next to Frolic. The three pair of sparkling eyes together seemed to beg him to help.

“No, I need…” Mr. W started to reply, when Frolic threw her arms around his waist, pressing her head against his crotch holding him. He kept shaking his head empathically no, until the other two girls wrapped their arms around each of his legs and hugged themselves against him tightly. Finally, he pulled his easy chair over facing the couch. They all giggled seeing the smile on his face and realized he was teasing them.

The spinning began; calling out “Right Foot – Red, Left Hand – Green, Right Hand – Yellow, Left Foot – Blue,” as the girls contorted themselves trying to follow the instructions. Ashley, being the shortest, and was having the most difficulty getting positioned without falling down, while Frolic and Rachel battled pushing and shoving each other for position. Several spins passed and they continued to try to position their hands and feet on the called colors without touching the mat with their knees or falling down.

The first game ended as Rachel, placed her hand on Blue amidst the other two girls limbs. She began wobbling, lost her balance and collapsed on top of them. All he could see was a mass of giggling girls, cheeky buttocks and bouncy boobs lying on the floor. They scrambled back to the couch and thirstily gulped the hot chocolate down. Holding their mugs up, showing they were empty, like any good host and father, he retired to the kitchen again, and prepared more hot chocolate. He listened to them talking with no inhibition on what they said. Something had sparked a titty pinching game, as they rocked back and forth on the couch, pinching each other’s breasts and howling louder and louder. He knew that the first batch of chocolate had made them quite inebriated as they began drinking the second batch with gusto.

The second game proceeded at a much slower pace than the first. Frolic watched her Dad closely and saw that he was only pretending to spin, and was intentionally calling out combinations that would be almost impossible for the girls to complete without falling down, or as she discovered, positioned them such a way that he had a ‘birds-eye’ view of their assets. She giggled when all three girls were bent over, their shapely buttocks facing him and their chests all exposed, and he was staring and his hand was under his robe stroking his cock. She felt a tantalizing sensation deep in her crotch with him watching the three of them together like this.

Mr. W began ‘suggesting’ that if someone’s leg was in the way, if it was kissed, that person might move. He said elbows between the legs or against a breast might also yield an advantage. The girls were all giddy and obviously had become turned on, even if at their young age, they did not quite understand what the feelings were. Playfully, more games were played with each experimenting with advanced touching. The final game ended when Frolic licked Rachel’s pussy thru her panties as Rachel launched herself between Ashley’s spread legs with her face tight against her crotch.

“Can we play one of your ‘Games’ now Daddy,” Ashley asked.

“My ‘Games’, whatever do you mean Ashley?” Mr. W replied. Watching incredulously as Ashley got up, went to his bedroom and quickly returned with a box that, surely enough, had ‘Games’ clearly marked on the outside of it. The contents were blindfolds, dildo’s of every type and description, leather flogs and whips and even a few sets of handcuffs.

“This one Daddy,” Ashley giggled handing the items to each girl. Grabbing a long double-dildo, she swung it around in a mock sword fight. Laughing all three began battling with the dildo’s poking at each other with them. “Please, can we play ‘Pirate’ with you? We can walk the plank or become your matey and pillage the villages for wenches.”

“Ha ha, Ashley,” Mr. W chuckled, “You girls are the finest pirate booty I’ve ever laid eyes on. You should not have been in my bounty girl; I may have to keelhaul you.” canlı bahis Grabbing one of the dildos, he began attacking the three girls. They were stumbling, laughing hysterically, and falling down onto the couch as he stabbed at their torsos.

“Daddy, um, these are really funny looking swords,” Frolic spoke as she was examining closely the double-dildo in her hand. As she spoke, the other girls also started looking at them and nodded in agreement. “Is that what they are?”

“No, not really, they are for Big Girls. I should put this all away now. You are not old enough to play with my toys and my game.” Mr. W began putting the items back into the box thinking he had gone far enough; any further and he could wind up in jail if it were every found out.

“We arr ‘Big Girls’ and old ‘nough to know what we want to play,” the three spoke loudly in slurred words as the toll of the chocolate and Kailua caught up with them. “You teach us to play, right?” Looking around at each other, all nodded together ‘Yes’.

“Teach you?” Mr. W stammered out, “How can I teach you? You can barely do the things you know much less learn something like my games. My games require you to follow explicit instructions without talking back or asking questions. I don’t think you can do that.” He smirked knowing that their drunken state would insure they would play regardless of what he said.

“We follow instructions, you tell us what, and we will do it!” again, they all three nodded and sat, trying to pay attention, even if the room seemed to be spinning to them.

“Well….alright. You sure about this?” Mr. W paused and again they nodded ‘Yes’.

“OK, in my games, everyone wins and gets a prize, there are no losers.” Reaching into the box pulling out blindfolds, he handed each one and instructed them to put them on, making sure they could not see thru or around them. Mr. W’s heart raced watching them put the blindfolds on, seeing their little breasts raising with their arms as they tied the blindfolds around their heads.

“I’ve never played with three girls before, so it may take longer for each of you for the game. You will all get my instructions, first one at a time, and later, all simultaneously. First, I’ve got to check your blindfolds to make sure no one cheats and peeks.” Mr. W rises up from the chair, removing his robe. Completely naked now in front of them, his cock was ragingly hard as he stepped forward toward the couch. His hands reached out, brushed their hair back from their faces, and checked the blindfolds letting his fingertips caress their cheeks, lips and necks. At the first touch, they seemed to pull away, and he commanded them to remain still, no matter what was touched, and continued from girl to girl until all had been checked and touched.

“Good, now, I want each of you to touch your own breasts. Caress them, squeeze them, play with your nipples and make them hard. Do as I say now.” Amazingly, they complied and began touching themselves as he stood there clutching his cock in his hand stroking it lightly enjoying the sight.

Kneeling down in front of his daughter Ashley, he touched her knees with his hands and parted her legs wide. Offering no resistance, as they parted, her panties came into view and he saw they were damp. Using a finger, he traced the dampness on them, and she shivered some and spread her legs even wider. Leaning forward he kissed her crotch. Moving to his daughter’s friend Rachel, he repeated his actions. As he went to his daughter Frolic, he was surprised when her legs spread and he looked at her panties, that there was a large split in them and her labia were puffing out from between the folds of the panties and glistened with moisture.

Are you enjoying the game or should I quit now?” The three girls fought verbally to be heard saying ‘Yes’ they were enjoying and ‘NO’ do not quit. His cock bounced up and down on it’s own hearing their responses.

“Excellent, most excellent girls….you are doing well. I see by the wetness of your privates, that you are probably anticipating more playing the game. Take your pajamas bahis siteleri off, tops and bottoms, and sit naked in a circle here on the floor in front of me.” There was a frenzy of movement as each rapidly girls removed their panties and tops and clamored to the floor awaiting his next instruction. Mr. W’s eyes moved from girl to girl and saw them smiling while wetting their lips with the tips of their tongues.

“The ladies I usually play this game with are my Sluts. Do you want to be one of my Sluts as well girls? My sluts all play with themselves and the other sluts present. If you wish to be one of my sluts, you must reach out and play with whomever is next to you, breasts and pussies.” Shyly, their hands reached out, feeling their way along their neighbor’s body, and began sensually caressing each other amidst soft moans of pleasure at each other’s touch.

Watching for a few minutes, Mr. W reached out and pushed Ashley onto her back, then gently pushed Rachel’s head down between Ashley’s legs as he whispered into her ear to lick. As he watched Rachel munching on Ashley, he guided Frolic’s face to Rachel’s breasts and told her to suck them as well. Moving around behind Frolic, Mr. W lifted her ass up, spread her cheeks and started licking her pussy as well.

The noise of their moans filled the air. Several times, Mr. W repositioned the girls, trading who was licking and sucking each, until he was satisfied that all three were quite turned on judging by the honey dew leaking out of their pussies.

Stopping, Mr. W made each girl lean back against the couch next to each other, shoulder to shoulder, cross-legged displaying their wet pussies to him. He gently started stroking each of them with his fingers, tracing the outlines of their pussies, thumbing their little clittys’ with his thumb and pressing a finger inside of them. They all wiggled against his hand attempting to press his finger deeper into their boxes.

“Are you ready now for the prize girls?” Mr. W asked. “If you are, take your blindfolds off now.” He was naked, kneeling before them, his cock dangling in front of them.

“This is my pacifier for my sluts. You all must caress, lick and suck on it to satisfy the games requirements and get the prize,” he lustfully announced to them in anticipation. His daughter Frolic was in the middle and quickly sat up and promptly his cock disappeared into her lips, as the other two sat and reached for his balls, pulling them and sucking them into their tiny mouths. Mr. W’s head was thrown back feeling the soft lips on his cock. “Frolic, share with the others too.”

Soon the mass of three girls’ heads, licking and taking turns sucking his cock into their mouths was all he could see. His hands were clutching whatever breasts he could reach tightly, pinching nipples and boobs.

“OMG, hold on girls; Open your mouths,” he pushed their heads back, and started jerking his cock vigorously and moments later his thick white creamy spunk shot out all over their faces. They continued to sit still until he could no longer shoot more. Without being told, each girl immediately began kissing and licking alternatively his cock and each other’s faces, cleaning the remnants of his cum until all was gone.

Mr. W laid back on the floor, cock still semi-stiff and poking in the air. The three girls came up, laid their heads in his lap, and continued kissing his cock gently until they all fell asleep.

The morning came and he was awakening with a warm mouth on his cock. He opened his eyes to find his Daughter Ashley peering at him going up and down, until his cock tip was touching the back of her throat. The other two girls watching her go down on him. Reaching out he placed his hand on Ashley’s head and guided her deeper and deeper until he began shuddering and released a load of cum in her mouth. When he finally stopped cumming in her mouth, Ashley lifted up her head, opening her mouth showing him his own cum still in her mouth. She leant over and kissed her sister and Rachel, releasing his hot cum into both their mouths, and they all swallowed it down.

“Will you not say good morning to your new ‘Sluts’ Daddy?” Ashley asked in her little girlish voice. “We all liked playing your ‘Game’. Next time, maybe we will invite more of our friends over to play as well.”

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