Working for an A With My Sexy T.A.

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Blair lay on her bed, ruminating over her current dilemma. The matter wasn’t one of an emotional, social or even work nature. Rather, Blair was facing a sexual dilemma that had been leaving her restless and frustrated for the past two months. As she lay on her bed, Blair’s thoughts drifted to the face of her dilemma, Wyatt, the scrumptious T.A. for her Philosophy course. Thoughts of him in his dark grey frames and tight denim jeans had been causing Blair to entertain numerous sexual fantasies, all incredibly dirty, with Wyatt and her being the main stars.

In a room full of girls all vying for his attention, Blair knew she probably didn’t stand a chance of acting on her fantasies with her sexy T.A. Whereas most of the girls in her class were toned and slender, Blair was curvy, with full breasts and a nicely rounded ass. While not toned, Blair was proud of her shapely figure, although she doubted Wyatt would give her a second glance.

Letting her body go limp on the bed, Blair turned her daydreams to her latest encounter with Wyatt, when she discovered that Wyatt didn’t seem to have a problem with her curvaceous frame. After her Philosophy lecture yesterday, Blair had sought out Wyatt in his office, partly to get help with a problem that was troubling her, and mainly to ogle him. Knocking on his door tentatively, she felt her stomach flutter as he prompted her to come in.

“What can I help you with?” Wyatt asked, and gave Blair one of his smiles that made her feel dizzy. Was it just her imagination, or did his gaze linger over her cleavage before moving down the rest of her body and coming back to rest on her face? Lost in thought, Blair realized she had yet to respond to his question, and jerked her clouded brain back to the present.

“I was having some difficulty with a problem from lecture today and was wondering if you could explain it to me,” she managed to push past a throat suddenly gone beşiktaş escort dry.

“Sure, why don’t you have a seat and we can take a look.” Wyatt patted the seat next to his and moved a pile of papers off of his cluttered desk.

Blair sat down next to him, mentally noting he smelled of soap and something tangy she couldn’t put her finger on. She felt his hand brush her arm as he reached across her to grab a pen and consider the problem in front of him.

“What part of the problem are you having trouble with?” he pondered as his gaze met hers directly and held.

Blair had a hard time putting a coherent sentence together and she could feel her face getting hot. “I’m sorry, what did you ask me?” she sputtered, feeling her face burn.

“Blair, are you okay?” he asked, leaning over and scanning her face.

With her concentration shot and her panties becoming wetter by the second, Blair knew she had two options. She could either pack up her stuff and hurry, embarrassed from his office, or take charge and grab hold of what it was she really wanted.

Without giving herself the chance to think twice, Blair pulled Wyatt closer and fused her mouth to his. Hooking her arms behind his neck, she lost herself in the kiss, giving an inward sigh as she felt Wyatt return it with the same fervor. She darted her tongue out and was thrilled when she felt Wyatt’s tangle with hers. Standing from her chair, Blair straddled Wyatt and slowly sank her mouth back on his. She could feel his hands running up her legs to her ass, cupping it roughly and pulling her closer to his lanky frame.

Blair looked down and realized her tits were level with Wyatt’s face. Frantically she grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head, desperate to feel his hot mouth on her flesh. Wyatt seemed content to tease her though, and merely rested his face between her bust. She beşyol escort shuddered as his tongue licked the ribbon of flesh there and then blew on it lightly. Taking matters into her own hands, Blair reached her hand behind and unhooked her bra, pushing the straps down her arms and throwing it to the ground.

She held her breath as Wyatt took one hard nipple between his thumb and forefinger and sucked the other into his mouth. Blair gasped, and peeled his shirt over his head, needing to feel skin against skin. Looking down, she caught a brief glimpse of a dark strip of hair covering a lean stomach. Blair trailed a string of kisses down his neck as he continued his assault on her nipples.

Without warning Wyatt lifted his head and dumped Blair in the chair next to his. He then pushed papers and books from his desk to clear a space. Catching the hint, Blair moved to the desk, half laying on it as Wyatt shucked his pants and returned his attention to her. He hooked his fingers in the side of her leggings and slowly pulled them down her legs, revealing a swatch of hot pink lace. Urgent to feel his mouth on her wet pussy, Blair scooted to the edge of the desk and leaned back on her arms. Wyatt took advantage of her position by spreading apart her pussy lips with his finger to reveal her clit. Blair sucked in a breath as she felt his finger drag across her sensitive flesh.

Spreading her legs further apart, Wyatt replaced his finger with his mouth, eliciting a moan from Blair. He sucked the tender nub into his mouth, and could feel Blair’s body shake. Knowing she was close, Wyatt slid two of his fingers into her damp pussy and groaned when he felt her muscles contract around them. Sliding his fingers in and out, Wyatt swirled his tongue around Blair’s clit, relentless in his foray. Blair could feel herself on the brink of an orgasm, and tugged urgently on Wyatt’s arm, desperate beykent escort to climax around his hard cock.

“Please. I need you inside of me,” she whimpered. Wyatt raised his head from her dripping pussy and pulled his boxers down. Blair appreciatively eyed his erect cock, involuntarily thrusting her pelvis forward. Wyatt placed his hands on the backs of her knees to move her closer to the edge of the desk. Stepping between her legs, he ducked his head and captured Blair’s mouth with his, letting her taste herself on his lips. She wound her legs around his hips, pulling him closer, frenzied now to have his rigid cock deep inside. Wanting to make her orgasm as intense as possible, Wyatt let only the head slip inside Blair’s juicy opening, and then dragged it back out. Desperate for release, Blair left marks on his back as he continued to torment her.

Abruptly Blair pulled away from Wyatt and gave him a sexy smile. She walked him backwards until his knees hit the back of the chair and then pushed him down onto it. Feeling the heat of his cock at her dripping entrance, she plunged down until his full length was inside of her. “Oh god yes!” she sobbed and began to bounce up and down. Wyatt closed his eyes as he felt her slick heat cling to his cock like a second skin. Shifting her body slightly, Blair felt the head of his cock graze her clit, and began to spasm as her orgasm took over. She could feel the her juices leaving a trail down her leg as her body shook from the pleasure.

Burning for release, Wyatt grabbed Blair’s ass and plunged himself deep into her slippery pussy, holding Blair in place as he ground his pelvis into her. Blair buried her face in his neck as she felt another orgasm building. “Harder, harder,” she whispered in Wyatt’s ear, and could tell from his clenched jaw that he was on the brink of orgasm himself. Giving one last forceful thrust, Wyatt emptied his cum deep inside of Blair’s clenching pussy, and pulled her mouth down to his to capture her scream.

Blair slumped over Wyatt on the chair, exhausted from her powerful climax. She kissed him softly on the mouth and then, leaning over, whispered in his ear, “Would now be a good time to talk about my grade?”

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