Well… Ch. 11

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Yes, you are right, I have been very busy lately and also I have been waiting for a little feed back on my last story but to no avail!! I suppose I have been boring you. However if that is the case let me know and I will try to do something about it, if you don’t tell me, I can’t put it right!!

Mary was totally worn out. A communal orgasm, Steve looking like a cat who had stolen the cream and the rest of us coming down gently from a terrific high.

‘Steve, do you think you can do anything for Ann and Tanya yet?’ was Ann’s last utterance as we lingered by the fire and Steve’s grin was enough to tell us all would be OK as the two eager ladies in question played with his massive cock and balls.

James, Brian and I were all a little worn by the size of our ejaculations over Mary and settled back to watch with her as the other girls started to get Steve hard and ready again.

They moved him back to the armchair he had started in and Ann straddled the arms and thrust her crutch to Steve’s mouth as Tanya started to lick and caress his genitals.

Steve’s size almost proved to be a problem for Tanya who, despite being used to Brian’s prodigious proportions, was struggling to get all of his cock down her throat. Struggling was the word but here was a girl who did not give up and in not too long a time she had relaxed, obviously, every muscle in her body so Steve could fuck her mouth like a professional whilst keeping up oral ministrations on Ann that were driving her out of her mind.

Ann’s juices were running copiously down her thighs and as she strained to get better contact with Steve’s tongue she was squeezing her tits and fingering her clit like there was no tomorrow.

Brian got up first and positioned himself behind Steve’s chair

so that he had the benefit of seeing Ann pleasuring herself as Steve sucked and tongued her for all he was worth. Did she ignore him? Not a chance! His prick had risen quickly to its normal large proportions and of course Ann wanted some of that as soon as possible. She leaned forward and almost bit his cock off him so intense were the feelings Steve was generating within her. Brian’s dick disappeared down her throat so quickly even he was surprised but not for long as two old friends settled down to a rhythm that had become long established.

James beylikdüzü ucuz escort was the next to give into temptation but I was the one who was taken aback! He gently took my erection and led me across the room to place me directly into Tanya’s exposed cunt! I was flabbergasted. So much so that I nearly lost my raging hard on, until Tanya’s educated pussy started to milk me and encourage me to fill her as much as possible.

‘Surely James hasn’t ‘turned the corner’ I thought as I gave Tanya the stuffing she deserved, and sure enough he didn’t disappoint. Grabbing hold of my wife and spreading her thighs wide and plunging into her with a vengeance.

The air was thick with sexual tension and while I was moaning as my prick was devoured by Tanya’s magnificent cunt I could hear Ann exhorting Steve to ‘lick me harder,’ as she gasped over the size of Brian’s penis, who was telling her to ‘suck me deeper, woman’ as she worked the two well endowed men.

James was well into his stride with my wife by now and they were oblivious to what else was going on. She was in seventh heaven as he plunged his cock in and out of her hungry pussy and she met him stoke for stroke encouraging him with ‘ fuck me deeper you bastard, go for it, go for it…’

Steve by now was obviously a little tired of licking Ann and wanted to do more, so pushing Tanya and me aside with one leg he slid her down and impaled her on his huge prick. Brian was most taken aback and followed round so as soon as Steve was inside Ann he could line himself up and using the juices from her throbbing pussy slid gently into her vulnerable arse. Did she object? Not at all. The rhythm commenced as quickly as it had been disturbed and Tanya and I were left entirely on our own.

That’s when it hit me! What the hell was I doing?

Tanya sensed a slackening of my thrusting and gently pushed me away whispering ‘What’s the matter George?’

‘Tanya I don’t know if I can explain but here I am making love to a beautiful women with my friend doing the same to my wife and a black man and another friend doing exactly the same to another wife!!! Am I going mad? I didn’t do this sort of thing a few weeks ago!’

‘No you didn’t’ said Tanya ‘but is life better now you do? Your wife is happy, you are happy and beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort all the other people around you are happy, so what is the problem?’

Have you got an answer to that? because I didn’t and so I rolled closer to my wonderful companion and lingering between her magnificent breasts I murmured, ‘ you are right of course Tanya, will you get me hard again?’ and of course she did, devouring my cock and suckling gently it took her no time at all to bring me back to full hardness.

‘Fuck my tits, George’ she whispered so I straddled her and slid my erection between them sliding backwards and forwards slowly so that every time I got to the top Tanya could lick me.

I looked around at all the action as I was doing this and was pleased to hear so many happy sounds, squeals of joy, moans of lust and whimpers of pure delight, all going to prove that Tanya was right.

Brian and Steve by now had changed places and Ann was loving being fucked, throwing he head back and thrusting out her chest so that Brian underneath her could play with her erect nipples at every opportunity. Steve was reaching around her and ministering to her clit, which was driving her absolutely wild.

Mary by now was astride James and riding him like a demon, throwing herself down on his cock and grinding her crutch into him so that he was having a problem controlling his orgasm.

I couldn’t hold on any longer either and as James spent himself in Mary I asked Tanya ‘Where?’ ‘On my face’ was the reply and as she released me from the prison of her tits I held my prick and after a couple of slow strokes covered her face in a deluge of cum.

She sucked the last drops from me and then running her fingers over her face collected as much of my tribute from her face as possible and eagerly swallowed it.

The noises from our trio were now getting very loud with Ann issuing all sorts of requests to Brian and Steve. ‘Harder you bastards’ ‘Fuck me ‘ fuck me’ ‘Fuck my brains out’ and to their credit they both responded admirably, ploughing into her beautiful body with gusto.

‘I want you to come on my tits’ Ann groaned eventually and after several more thrusts Brian and Steve withdrew and, with Mary and Tanya helping them, sprayed what seemed like beyoğlu escort pints of cum all over her. A white river began to flow all over her chest and as the girls milked the boys pricks to get every little bit of cum from them Ann was contently rubbing it all into her stomach, tits and crutch with a dreamy look on her face that said how much she had enjoyed it.

A rest was called for but Tanya had still not had the pleasure of Steve’s monster cock so none of us were surprised when she suggested to him a refreshing shower would be a good idea.

Steve was definitely up for this and Tanya took him gently by his now flaccid prick and led him to the bathroom.

The rest of us lazed near the fire for a while until curiosity got the better of us and we all trooped off to see what they were up to.

Tanya was stood behind Steve rubbing her hands up and down his chest and teasing his growing dick every now and again by brushing her hand against it. Her nipples were digging into his back as she ground her considerable tits against him and in no time at all Steve was fully erect and keen to get into Tanya.

There was no preamble, he just turned round, pushed Tanya over at the waist so she nearly touched her toes and then thrust his enormous black cock straight into her pussy.

She moaned with delight as she felt him hit bottom and they soon matched each others movements, Steve thrusting forwards and Tanya thrusting back so his huge prick went in as deep as possible.

The water cascading over them both made the whole scene extraordinarily erotic. His black body glistening in direct contrast to her white flesh and as his hands wandered over her, squeezing and pinching her nipples and tits both Ann and Mary were moaning quietly and fingering their moist cunts gently.

Brian, James and I were also stroking our rapidly hardening pricks as the two in the shower built to a climax and as Ann and Mary knelt before all three of us with their mouths open Steve gave a roar of pure lust that sent us all over the edge. He fucked Tanya like a man possessed and then froze as he shot his cum into her and all three of us shot long streams of um over the girls. Some in their mouths, some in their hair or all over their faces.

We didn’t want it to stop but it did and we all sunk to the floor utterly drained.

A few minutes later saw us all in the shower together, squashed in and lathering each other as we all laughed and joked about what had been a remarkable evening.

‘Would anybody like me to bring along my black girlfriend sometime?’ said Steve during a lull in the banter.

‘Yes please’ went up the cry from the rest of us.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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