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I had just come home from studying in Europe for a year and my friends were throwing me a welcome home party. I didn’t know how welcome I was going to be made.

Walking up to the complex of apartments where most of my friends lived I had a sense of loneliness. I had broken up with my girlfriend of six months in Prague when I came home and now I wondered if all my friends had finally got it over with and hooked up whilst I was gone. Turning the corner I saw about ten people hanging out around the pool area and bar b que. Mickey was the first to see me and he shouted, “the guest of honor has finally arrived.” Everybody turned to me and I noticed that most of the girls were already in bikinis and glistening with lotion. Do my rounds with everyone took about fifteen minutes before I could get my bag down and grab a beer. Most people just said the usual “Glad your back” or “Good to see you” but Michele noticed one thing that my loose shirt couldn’t hide.

“You’re skinny!!!”

When I had left I was pretty chunky but during my time abroad I spent a lot of time backpacking and working out. Combined with a healthier diet I lost about seventy-five pounds and toned up a lot of my muscles.

“Yeah. I decided to leave some of myself in Prague”, I joked before taking a swig of my beer. “Who’s place am I crashing at? I want to ditch my bag.”

“You’re staying at my place Caleb.” purred a voice behind me. Turning around I saw that Jane, a girl I used to have a huge crush on had snuck up on me and was wearing a top that barely covered her large Cs and a wrap that only covered one shapely, long leg.

Giving ankara escort her a hug, I told her to lead the way so I could get changed for the party. Taking my hand she started to walk towards the place I remembered her sharing with her boyfriend Brian.

“Brian at work?”

“Him and I broke up about three months ago. Asshole was cheating on me with two other girls… and a guy.”

I decided not to continue the subject. Putting my bags in her spare room I changed into a tank top and shorts and headed back to the pool.

Several hours later, buzzed and horny I noticed that most of my friends had indeed hooked up while I was gone except for three of girls.

Jane, who was putting me up, is about six feet tall, honey brown hair to her shoulders, with great legs and tits. Amy who is Jamie’s opposite is barely five feet tall, short blond hair, large A cups and a bunch of piercings; naturally they are best friends. And Samantha average in all ways but brains; about five-five, slim, nice Cs.

All three of these girls were talking together. I could tell by the look on their flushed faces were planning something. Probably a girls night out.

By midnight the party was winding down so I decided to go to bed after taking a quick shower to sober up a bit. Everyone had listened to my tales of Europe and the story of my breakup with attention but for some reason my cup was never empty.

Towel around my waist and fog out of head I noticed that all the lights were out in the house except for my room.

Opening the door I saw a site that I will never forget.

On escort ankara my bed were Sam, Jane, and Amy.

Amy had her head buried in Sams pussy and was apparently doing a great job from the low moans escaping her mouth. Amys hands were rubbing her perfect breasts and trailing down to cradle Amys head now and again. Jane was on the bed using a dildo on Amy as she lapped up the juices.

I instantly grew hard as Jane stopped what she was going and crawled on all fours ending up on her knees in front of me. “Lets get rid of this towel shall we?” Ripping off my towel she looked intently at my now hard cock. “Mmm, I never would of guessed Caleb.” Taking my hard, seven inch and thick as her wrist cock in her mouth.

Pressure building almost instantly from her sucking gave way as she teased me licking up and down the shaft before grabbing my ass to force me down her throat as she took me all the way down to the balls. Sucking and licking she crawled back towards the bed leading me by the cock with her mouth.

Standing up she shoved me next to the other girls who had stopped what they were doing to join her lick my shaft and balls.

Pressure builds as three girls fight to lap up any pre cum. Sam suddenly puts her mouth over the head of my dick and moans. The feel of her teeth light around my head pushes me over the edge. I cum in her mouth harder than I have ever before. Surprised she lets my cock go and cum goes all over her face and tits. Amy and Jane laughed as they licked her clean.

Soon it was Jane who had her head buried in Sams lap. Ass in the air showing off ankara escort bayan her shaved snatch.

Amy grabs my head and guides it to her pussy. If there is one thing I love to do is lick pussy. I notice that her hood is pierced and I take it in my teeth and tug lightly and am rewarded with a moan. Wet lips meet mine as I go down on Amy. Licking and sucking I taste as much as hear her cumming. Combined with Sams moans all this does is make me hard again.

As I sit up I notice that Sams nice round ass is in the air as her and Jane have entered a sixty-nine. Dick hard I get behind her and slide into he soaking pussy.

“That’s right, fuck her while I lick her.”

Never one the disappoint I work my way deeper into Sams pussy feeling her walls tighten around my rock hard dick.

Thrusting I feel her tighten to a point were I can’t even move. She collapse in a heap and I pull out. Amy starts to lick me clean of Sams juices as Jane gets on all fours looks me in the eye and tells me to, “Fuck my tight ass”

Amy grabs the forgotten dildo and slides it into Janes snatch as I work my way into her ass. Jane bit her lip as she has both her holes filled with pleasure. I feel my self about to cum again so I pull out of Jamie as she cums for the third time in a row.

I put Amy on my lap and trafficking her cowgirl as I am shoved down onto the bed and my face is mounted by Jane and my left hand is put to work on Sam.

Enveloped by warm, wet, tight pussy I last only a few minutes before I get ready to cum for the second time.

“I cumming”, I cried out and I soon felt three sets of lips on my organ again hands pumping my shaft as I cum. The three girls collapse in a pile on and around me cleaning each other.

“So, is it good to be home?”, Sam whispered in my ear.

“There’s no place like it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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