Warmer by the Lake Ch. 03

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Author’s note:

More of this silly summer romp. I hope you enjoy. There will be one more chapter.

Comments welcome. Constructive criticism welcome even more.


“About time. I’ve been knocking for five minutes.”

Sarah pushed her way inside my apartment, shooting me a stern look before plopping on the couch.

She looked around at the bare walls of my tiny one-bedroom. I felt vaguely ashamed. It was all I could afford after being nearly wiped out when the guy I assaulted sued.

She said, “Pretty Spartan in here. Needs a woman’s touch. Still, no piles of pizza boxes, no underwear hanging from lampshades. Nice to see a guy who’s housebroken for a change.”

“Sarah,” I said, squinty-eyed, “it’s two in the morning. How’d you even know where I live?”

“Oh, I have resources. Serves you right for not answering my texts. Or voicemail. And ignoring Pri. Got any idea how she feels with you ghosting her? I had to come here to get away from all the wailing.”

I sat in a chair opposite her. “I’m sorry about that. I didn’t mean to disappear.”

“So then what the fuck, Dan? At the camp you were all ‘won’t it be fun to find out’ with Prisha. Then you get back to town and ignore us for almost two weeks? You got to fuck the three of us and now you’re moving on to other conquests?”

“God, Sarah. You know I’m not like that.”

“I thought I did. You seemed like a good guy. Then you vanish. For an old guy that’s pretty immature.”

As always, Sarah got right to the point. And she was right. When I returned from the fun and freedom of being at the camp with the girls, all my doubts returned. What was I doing fooling around with girls in their twenties? Even if Prisha wanted to be with me, even though we seemed great together, what future could we have?

I intended to sit down with Pri and explain as soon as we returned to the city, but my new job and other things got in the way. The longer I was silent, the harder it was to reach out to her.

When I told this to Sarah, she gave me a sour look. She said, “Like I said before, no one’s asking to marry you. You like her, right?”

I didn’t want to answer. Lovely Prisha, lanky and awkward. Generous to a fault. Gifted with warm dusky skin, gleaming hair and wide dark eyes from her East Indian heritage. Shy, but could be brave when it mattered. I loved everything about her and hated myself for it.

Sarah read my face. “Yeah. It’s a lot more than ‘like,’ isn’t it, Quixote? Pri is even more taken with you as you fucking know. She practically throws herself at you—and you know how hard that is for her—then you start navel-gazing? I’ve watched you two. You laugh, you talk. You’re great together. You’re seriously going to ghost her because it might not be forever?”

Sarah stood and thumbed a message into her phone. “Well, you don’t get away that easy. Either cut her loose properly or give it a try.”

She strode to the apartment door and pulled it open. Prisha stood there, clutching her hands. My heart leaped seeing her again, and then sank seeing her miserable expression. She wore a wrinkled sundress, hair disheveled, and looked like she hadn’t slept.

Sarah pulled Prisha inside and pushed us together. “Work it out, you two. Fight, fuck, get drunk, watch a sappy movie… whatever it takes.” She sat, watching us impatiently.

Prisha flicked her sad eyes to me before studying the floor.

I said, “So… know any sappy movies?”


Prisha and I sat side-by-side, awkward as sweethearts at a school prom.

She eyed Sarah. “Isn’t this is the part where you leave?”

“Oh, no,” Sarah said. “You two could fuck up a free lunch. I’m going to chaperone until I’m sure you’ve worked it out.”

Prisha sighed and then turned to me. “Daniel, I’m sorry for whatever I did wrong.”

I winced and took her hands. “Pri, you didn’t do anything! It’s my fault. I’m sorry for ignoring you. For hurting you.”

I repeated what I told Sarah about our age difference and added, “I’m also convicted criminal and a widower. You’re wonderful, beautiful. You deserve someone better. Someone your own age.”

Prisha tightened her lips. “I am not a child, you know.”

“Of course not, but…”

“I can make my own choices. You are not responsible for me. I know all those things about you. We have already spoken about them. None of it bothers me. Why should it bother you?” Her eyes searched mine. “Why can we not just… try it?”


Sarah sighed. “Guys, can we speed this up? I have to be at work in five hours. Dan, Prisha’s right—she’s all grown up. It’s her choice. Respect it. I get you’re trying to be noble and all, but wasn’t Don Quixote about him chasing outdated ideas of chivalry?”

“Sarah, how is it you know so much about that story? Did you do a book report on it in school?”

“It was in English 101. Prisha helped.”

“I wrote the whole thing!” said Prisha.

“Well, I checked the book out from the library,” said Sarah. “Anyway, stop avcılar elit escort being noble, Dan. It’s not helping. I have a better idea.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Pri will promise to ditch you the instant she’s had enough of your wrinkly old dick or finds someone better.”

I exhaled loudly and sat back. “Wow… what a deal. So then I get to ditch her if I find someone better?”

Sarah snorted. “You couldn’t find anyone better if you were a billionaire with a platinum penis. No. You only get to ditch her with my express permission. In writing. Notarized.” She leaned forward. “I’ve never seen two people more in love, or lust or whatever the hell it is, and so clueless. Dan… you want Pri? Be selfish. Go for it. She really can take care of herself. Pri… don’t listen to his bullshit. He’s already yours. He’s just too stubborn to admit it.”

Sarah sat back, looking exasperated.

Prisha turned to me. “Is that true? Are you mine?”

“Pri, I’ve been taken with you since that first weekend. Even though you seemed like a giggly schoolgirl. Then the next time I saw how strong you are, how capable, loving… I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you.” I sighed. “I don’t know why you’re so set on me, but okay, I give up. I won’t push you away again. But promise me… when you find someone better or get tired of me, don’t hold on. Just go.”

Prisha beamed and hugged me hard. “That might take a few years,” she whispered. We embraced and kissed. She felt so good in my arms. I had missed the scent and feel of her.

Prisha separated and said, “Are you going back to the camp this weekend?”

“Yeah. Someone is lending me their chainsaw mill to cut logs into planks. I’ll need to borrow my friend’s powerboat again to get it out there.”

“Sounds dangerous,” grinned Sarah. “We’ll come help.” Then she noticed Prisha giving her a look. “Oh, uh, actually I have stuff to do this weekend. Prisha can help you.”

“Would… would that be okay, Daniel?” said Prisha.

I frowned and said “Well, I dunno. It will be lots of hard work. Lifting heavy logs, sawing. My friend Dave is coming to help. And with all the building material we’re taking, there won’t be room in the boat for a third person.”

Prisha looked crestfallen.

I caught Sarah’s eye. She was shaking her head at me with a half-smile.

“I’m kidding, Prisha,” I laughed. “Of course you can come. It would just be us though. Dave isn’t coming. Is that okay?

Prisha’s smile and shining eyes said it all. A weekend alone together. I couldn’t wait.

Sarah cleared her throat. “Now Quixote, one last thing. You haven’t apologized yet. For ignoring Prisha. For making our girl cry.”

I took Pri’s hand and faced her. “Pri, I’m sorry I…”

“Not that way, you dink,” said Sarah. “Didn’t Quixote say something about actions speaking louder than words?”

“Operibus credite et non verbis,” said Prisha. “Believe in deeds, not words.”

Sarah and I stared. Prisha shrugged. “What? I told you I wrote the book report. Is it wrong to learn some Latin?”

We laughed. I said to Sarah, “Actions, huh? So, dinner and a movie? A dozen roses?”

Sarah snorted. “So weak. After being such a monumental asshole, you should start by apologizing on your knees. Don’t you think so, Pri?”

Prisha said, “That is not necessary…” but, smiling, I slid to the floor in front of her and looked up into her eyes.

“Prisha, please forgive me for…”

Sarah interrupted again. “Deeds not words, right, Quixote? Apologize like she apologizes to me. Remember our first time at the camp?” She smiled wickedly.

Prisha gasped when she realized what Sarah meant, defensively tugging the hem of her dress over her knees. “Sarah, that is absolutely not required!”

Sarah stood and switched off the lights. The open curtains painted a wedge of streetlight across the ceiling. Sarah sat beside Prisha and said, “Look at our man kneeling there, ready to apologize. Don’t you think he owes you? Look at that face. See how much he wants to please you?”

Prisha’s eyes darted from Sarah to mine. Despite all the three of us had done, she was still shy. I locked eyes with her and tentatively slid my hands under her dress until my thumbs touched her panties. Sarah continued to stroke Prisha’s hair and whisper dirty things in her ear. I smoothed Prisha’s thighs and teased her covered pussy until she slumped lower in the seat, looking hungrily from me to where my hands vanished under her dress.

When I started sliding down her underwear, Prisha lifted her hips without protest. She gazed down at me, breasts rising and falling with excitement.

When I ran a thumb up through her pussy, she was soaked. I teased around her clit, carefully avoiding direct contact until Prisha was squirming trying to force me closer. I leaned close and lapped playfully, drawing from her a husky moan.

I worked her with fingers, tongue and lips as skillfully as I knew how, taking my time, teasing, avcılar escort exploring, experimenting to see what she liked most. Sarah had said guys could never do it as well as girls, but as Prisha moaned, stroked my head as I happily worked away, she seemed to be enjoying it.

When I glanced up, Sarah was massaging Prisha’s breasts and whispering to her. Prisha watched me, eyes lidded, panting.

She was as responsive as ever. I was never sure if Prisha responded to what I was doing or the fact it was me doing it. Both, maybe. I played with her until with two fingers deep inside while sucking gently on her clit she came. I heard a small squeak and felt her tense. She pushed my face into her as she pulsed around my fingers.

Sarah held her friend as the orgasm washed through her. Prisha tried to stay quiet but failed, crying out, gasping, moaning. It was lovely to watch.

When she calmed down, Prisha looked down with a weak smile.

“Oh, Daniel,” she breathed, “apology accepted.”

The three of us wound up in bed together that night. Sarah had the sense to give Prisha and me time alone first. When I undressed Prisha, she stood smiling, letting me admire her beauty before putting her arms around my neck.

“Fuck me, Daniel. Please. Use me. Do anything. I’m yours. I’m always yours.”

Coming from anyone else, such words would sound over the top, ridiculous. But I knew Prisha was trying to be bold, trying to articulate how she felt—her hunger, her need to be loved and to make me happy. She meant every word and trusted I wouldn’t abuse her trust.

That night we were gentler, more loving. We embraced with me buried inside her, barely moving, looking into each other’s eyes. I hoped I wasn’t falling in love with her. We couldn’t have a future—it could only be a short little fling. Perhaps that was all Prisha needed.

Need soon overtook us and Prisha was passionate as always. She clung and moaned, urging me into her, pushing back at me. I didn’t last long. When I finally filled her with cum, we separated to catch our breath and Sarah crawled into bed, naked. She grinned at me before sliding down to lap at Prisha’s freshly fucked pussy. Sarah worked away dutifully until Prisha had a thrashing orgasm, covering her mouth trying to stay quiet.

After that beautiful display, I was ready to go again. Sarah pushed me onto my back and straddled me. Prisha surprised me when she reached to caress her friend’s boobs as Sarah fucked me. Sarah was relentless—driving my dick into her, sliding and grinding against me, hands braced on my chest, eyes alive with lust. Prisha moved behind Sarah to steady her swaying tits with both hands. I loved the contrast of Prisha’s slender dark fingers grasping Sarah’s pale breasts.

It took a while before Sarah gasped and froze, her head falling between her arms as she came. Prisha kept hold of one of Sarah’s boobs while she stroked her back with the other. I hadn’t come, so I waited a few moments for Sarah’s senses to return before rolling her onto her back.

“Uuhhh God!” Sarah exclaimed when I slid back inside her. She locked her legs around my waist to give me deeper access. I pummel her lush body into the mattress as Sarah panted and moaned against my ear.

Prisha lay beside us, watching intensely. She surprised me a second time that night when she reached between my legs and racked her nails lightly down my scrotum and then gripped my balls. Had Sarah been giving her suggestions? I came hard, blasting Sarah with everything I had left.

The room was muggy and smelled of sex. Exhausted, we fell asleep in a tangle of bodies and sheets.


“Oh, I much prefer the canoe,” said Prisha as she helped me pull the metal motor boat further up onto shore. “It is exhilarating to go so fast, but motorboats are so noisy and smelly.”

I agreed, but we needed the boat to get the gear and building materials to the campsite.

It was late on Saturday morning, and the day was going to be hot. We had left town early in my battered pickup truck, motorboat in tow, for the two-hour drive to the public campground and its boat launch.

Prisha’s excitement was endearing. “This will be the first time together alone at your camp,” she said as we drove. “No Julia, no Sarah. Will you survive with only one girl to shag?”

I loved her slight English accent and odd wording. I reached for her hand. “As long as it’s you, Pri. How could I need anyone else?” Prisha beamed and cuddled against me.

“How is Julia, anyway?” I said.

“She thinks I’m bonkers coming with you alone. She is certain you will beat me to death and leave me in a shallow grave. Sarah tells her she needs to get laid more often so she will calm down.”

Prisha helped me lug everything from the boat to the supply shelter, including the parts for the chainsaw mill, our new toy. I was glad to see no animals had gotten into the tent. It would seem huge inside with just Prisha and me.

We struggled to assemble the chainsaw avcılar eve gelen escort mill. It wasn’t obvious, even with the instructions and after watching countless online videos. I had never used one before, but I had never built a cabin before either. Together, Prisha and I figured it out and soon were ready to cut the first plank from a log. She looked gorgeous in her cut off denim shorts that highlighted her round, firm bum. Her tank top hugged her breasts. It was a bad outfit for doing construction, but at least she wore the steel toe work boots we had picked out for her on Friday night.

The first cut was a disaster as I struggled to keep the chainsaw steady through the log. Later cuts were much better. The planks would form the floor of the cabin, and later more would form the roof.

When the first log was finished, we stacked the heavy planks to dry. It was hard work, but Prisha seemed so happy. It was always a chore trying to convince my friends to come help build the cabin. Prisha was eager.

After lifting the last plank into place, we were drenched with sweat. My shirt was plastered to my skin, so I pulled it off. The sun felt wonderful. A slight breeze cooled my skin.

“It’s not fair that girls cannot do that,” said Prisha.

“Why can’t you? There’s no one around. It’s even legal now, you know.”

She laughed. “I do not think you could concentrate if I took off my top. You might saw off an arm.”

“Want to find out?”

Prisha bit her lip and looked around guiltily as if there was anyone who could see her. She turned her back to me, pulled off her shirt and bra and turned, arms crossed over her breasts. I gave her an encouraging look, and she lowered her arms. She had lovely breasts—just the right size with the delicious dark areolas. I had to tear my eyes away.

“Right,” I said, “let’s get back to work. Let’s start one more log before lunch. I think we’ve got the hang of it now.”

Working with Prisha wearing only cut-offs and work boots was a distraction. At first, she was self-conscious, glancing at me as we worked, her arm involuntarily jerking to cover her breasts before she caught herself. Soon she just smiled and stuck her chest out when she saw me admiring her. Then she became engrossed in the work, securing the saw guide on the log, measuring, checking, and forgot her exposed breasts.

Sweat glistened on her dusky body as we struggled with the contraption. A thin stream had formed between her breasts, running down her tummy. With her long legs and toned bum packed into her shorts, hair tied up to expose her graceful neck, the incongruous work boots and work gloves, she looked like July’s feature in some garage pinup calendar.

We were half-way through the second log when we decided to stop to eat. I was hungry for more than food. Prisha was too busy brushing sawdust and bits of bark off her boobs and tummy to notice me moving behind her.

She squawked when I embraced her from behind. I brushed off more of the sawdust as Prisha turned her head, smiling. I kissed her and began massaging her breasts and nibbling the back of her neck.

“Daniel! It’s lunch time. We can’t… do this… now.”

Prisha’s words became more fractured as I caressed her. I popped the button on her shorts and reached inside. Prisha gasped and moaned, reaching back to caress my neck as I stroked her folds.

When she was wet enough, I released her and quickly slid her shorts and underwear to her ankles. Prisha yelped in surprise when I bent her forward. She grabbed the log to keep her balance. Her damp pussy lips peaked from between her thighs. I freed my hard dick from my pants and started working into her warm body.

Prisha didn’t say anything. She moaned and arched her back to give me better access while steadying herself against the log. I held her hips, lost in the sensations and the erotic sight of Prisha bent before me, admiring the contours of her back, narrow waist, and round bum as I plunged into her.

It had been two days since we had last been together but I controlled my excitement and fucked her for a long while. Prisha sighed and gasped as she let me take her, pressing back into me, one hand between her legs playing with her clit. When I finally came, Prisha reached back to hold me close against her ass as I unloaded inside her.

We stayed in that position, gasping and dripping sweat in the summer heat. The surrounding trees rustled from a welcome breeze.

“Is this how it will be this weekend?” she said, panting. “Three hours of work and then making love?”

I grinned. “I hope so.”

We cleaned up and ate naked while looking over the lake. Later we used the rope hanging from Sarah’s swinging tree and splashed in the water to cool off.


By early evening, we were exhausted, especially Prisha. She tried to do too much and rest too little, trying to impress me.

We agreed that I would supply the food for the weekend, but Prisha had a cooler of her own and had over prepared again. It was stuffed with more than we could eat in a week, much of it homemade Indian dishes.

She insisted I try some of everything. It was all delicious, and Prisha smiled happily when I told her so. I liked Indian food, but wasn’t familiar with the British-Indian varieties Prisha had brought. She had to explain some of them.

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