Waiting for daddy got real exciting

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Double Penetration

I was feeling risky one day so I posted on Craigslist looking for a hook-up. I posted: 22 year old 225lbs male with a smooth hole to be dominated by daddy. “I’m into dressing up in girl cloths and being dominated. I also take requests on what to wear if you have a preference. ill be waiting daddy ;)” within 30 minutes I got 2 replies. One sounded too good to be true. It read “daddy here, 39y/o white male 200lbs pretty solid, 7 inch cut cock for your pleasure. I’ll treat you like a proper bitch in heat. I want you to be wearing black lace thigh highs. A black mini skirt (panties optional), and a white or black skin tight shirt. I’ll be parked at the back of wal mart parking lot in Orangeville at 9:30pm. Don’t be late, daddy doesn’t like waiting”. I was super excited. I replied with “yes daddy, I will be there”.

so over the next hour I got dressed in everything he wanted (I actually had everything he wanted). I put on black silk panties and black elbow length silk gloves as well. I drove to the parking lot around 9:15 and waited for “daddy” to arrive While listening to music. While waiting I rubbed my dick through my soft silk panties. Wal mart was closed at this so very little cars were around. a few cars drove by but none were daddy. 9:45 rolled around and still no daddy. at this point I was so horney, but I still waited. 10:15 rolled around and still nothing. So I decided I’ll head home and masterbate or something. I tried to turn my car on and was suprise do to find it was dead. I panicked at this point because I was all dressed up like a girl in a dark parking lot. I couldn’t call anyone to come help because I was too embarrassed. I thought about walking home but it was getting cold. So I got back in my car and tried to think of another solution. about 5 minutes after getting back into my car a truck pulled up behind me. I thought daddy? But to my surprise it was a tow truck. the driver got out of his truck and headed for my car. I was super embarrassed and didn’t know what to do. He knocked on my window. I had get out of my car because my widows didn’t work. As I stepped out he realized what I was wearing and I could feel his eyes wonder all over me. When I stood straight up and looked at him pendik escort he realized I was a guy. He laughed and said he wasn’t expecting that. I said “my car died on me, can u give mine a boost?” He said “sure but first I want to know why your out here dressed like that.” Too embarrassed to male up an excuse I told him the truth. After telling him he laughed and said “how do you know I’m not daddy?” I told him I would have no way of knowing. he smiled, looked up and down me again and said “I’m not the daddy the daddy your looking for… But I can be”. My heart stopped for a second out of shock of what he just said. I instantly got horny again.

He told me to come sit in his truck and get warm and we can talk for a bit. So I did, I climbed into his truck which had a lot of space and we talked about every day kinda thinks for a few minutes. Then he started asking more sexual questions like what’s my fav position. after a few more minutes he must have been really horny too because he unzipped his plants and pulled out his cock. It was very nice, 8 inch long and like 3 inch around, completely shaven and cut. he started stroking it slowly and asked if I liked what I saw. I said “of course, can I touch it?” He said “you can do much more than touch it.” I smiled, scooted closer, leaned in and wrapped my hands around his shaft and began stroking his masterpiece. I stroke his cock for a few minutes and I see some pre cum on the tip of his cock. I couldn’t help myself and I leaned in and licked the head of his cock making sure to get it all. he let out a slight moan of pleasure. I continue to I stroke for a few more seconds before sliding the head of his cock in my mouth while swerlling my tongue around the head of his cock then proceeded to slide some more of his cock into my mouth. i for about 5 inches in and couldn’t take anymore. So I started to go to town of his cock, bobbing my head up and down. I could taste his pre cum every time it came out. After a few minutes I felt his hand on the back of my head. It was just there resting. Almost immediately after feeling his mind there I felt him grab a handful of my hair and force my head all the way down on his cock. I felt my lips press against the skin of his pelvis escort pendik and I knew at this point he was balls deep in my throat because I felt every inch force it was in my throat. With the same handful of hair he forcefully pulled my heads up and down on his 8 inch cock making me gag, he continued this punishment for several minutes. I gasped for air after he pulled my head up.

After several minutes of him force fucking my throat his pushed my head back so I was sitting up. He looked at me and told me he was going to fuck me until I begged him for his cum. He pushed my upper body toward the passenger door and proper me up on my knees. He threw my mini skirt up and proceeded to pull down my panties revealing my smooth ass to him. I heard him lick his finger and I felt it press against my boy pussy. After teasing me for a few seconds he slid his finger inside me. He worked the inside of my boy pussy for a minute then introduced another finger. While fingering my hole he asked me “is this what you wanted bitch?” I moan and say yes. he then slapped my ass a few times turning my cheeks red. Then he stopped and got out of the truck. I was wondering what he was doing. He walked around the truck while taking off his pants, opened the passenger door, told me to move over. He climbed in and reached into the glove compartment and pulled out a bottle of lube. He sneered some on his cock and told me “get onto if you want this inside you, slut!” I immediately climb onto his lap wrap my hands around his neck and could feel his cock inches away from my hole. his one hand on my ass and the other on his cock he searches for my boy pussy, rubbing it on my hole with every pass. He find my hole and presses his head against it. When I feel him press against my hole I start to lower myself until I feel the head of his cock pop inside my hole. It was painful but pleasureful so I froze. When I froze he took both hands and put them around my waist and started to push me down onto him. When it got too hard for him to push he would stop and pull out a little then continue to push until he was balls deep inside my boy pussy. It felt like he was inside my chest that’s how deep he was. Once he was fully inside me he started to make pendik escort bayan me bounce on his lap, not very high or fast but enough to feel him moving around inside me. Keeping on hand on my waist he moved his other hand to the back of my head. He grabbed a handful of hair and pulled my head toward him and kissed me. He continued to kiss me on and off periodically. after a few minutes his pace quickened and he began fucking me faster with very long strokes. He would almost pull all the way out of my hole and then slam balls deep again. He continued to fuck me senseless for about an hour. Over the hour he would slow down and speed up at times. Until he was close to cumming. He pulled my hair forcing my head to the side and told me right in my ear “beg for my cum bitch! BEG FOR IT!” I screamed “please daddy, cum inside your bitch. I want to feel full of you cum. I NEED IT…. Impregnate me with your seed daddy!”. He called me a good bitch and then grabbed my waist again with both hands and moaned hard. He pushed his cock as far as it would go inside me and I could feel his cum flooding my bowels. there were what felt like 10 jets of his cum shot inside me. we sat there and looked at each other with his cock still buried inside me. He smiled and said “good bitch”. I smiled and said “thank you”. he grabbed my ass with both hands and slowly slid me up off his cock. His cum was pouring out of me. I tried to put my panties back on quickly to keep as much of his cum as possible inside me. As he sat there looking at me. He said we’re not done here. I was surprised and thought he meant a second round. But he looked down at his cock that was covered in my pussy juice and his cum mixed together. He told me to clean up the mess. So I leaned over and licked up every last drop of cum off his cock. After I was finished cleaning off his dick I gave the head of his cock a little kiss.

He jumped out of the truck and put his pants back on. I jumped out as well and we boosted my car. While boosting my car we talked. He asked me if I enjoyed myself and I replied with “oh my god yes!” He said “good. I work nights most nights, in case you were ever getting lonely. By the way here’s my number”. After giving me his number he hopped back in his truck and he drove off. I was super happy and felt so slutty but that’s a great feeling. Needless to say we’re still hooking up today.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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