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Adriana Chechik

Author’s note: Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. This is about starting Valentine’s Day all alone, but very happy endings for all. Thanks for reading, and comments are appreciated!


The walk up the ramp leading into the store, the little crack in the concrete next to the cart rack, is where it always hits me: I’m a grown man, who drives ten minutes further than I have to when I shop for groceries, just because of two pretty cashiers. Two pretty cashiers who smile and sometimes talk to me when I shop there.

Sometimes I convince myself that I’m not COMPLETELY pathetic; This grocery store is close to work, and it was an after-work trip where I first got to know the cashiers. But when it’s a Saturday or Sunday, or one of the days I work from home, what’s my excuse then?

It was February 7th, my Mother’s birthday, and I was in the store, buying my groceries for the week, but also some flowers for her. For whatever reason, this store had flowers to match any expensive florist, but for a much better price. I hated the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day though, because flower prices always went up. Nonetheless, they were still cheaper at my store than a florist.

To be fair, I’m discreet, and I don’t act like a smitten puppy dog around them. But there I was anyway. I had even somewhat figured out the work schedule of one of them, and I would usually time my shopping trips when I was reasonably sure she would be there.

Jodi, object of desire number one, was very pretty, a tallish woman somewhere in her forties with that color hair where you can never say for sure whether it’s red or brown. She had exotic deep-set eyes, some kind of smoky blue color, but they were so deep set, you never felt like you really got a good look at them. She was somewhat distant and mysterious, and at times moody and unpredictable. She also had a look about her, partly the combination of her eyes and a deliciously pouty set of lips, where she looked as if she was angry at something, even when she wasn’t. Still though, some days, she would be all smiles and remember me and we might exchange a pleasantry or two, other times she rang me up and gave me the silent treatment. Over the years, I had nicknamed her ‘Moody Jodi.’ Nonetheless, Jodi was extremely sexy. She had this air about her, where a man couldn’t look at her without wondering what was going on inside those polyester pants that she had to wear for her job.

This was one of her nice days, apparently. “Those are really pretty,” she said. “Who’s the lucky girl?” It was a somewhat slow moment in time, so object of desire number two, Justine, another cashier, maybe 20 years old, was acting as Jodi’s bag boy. Or is it bag girl? She agreed with the flowers being very nice, as she bagged up the groceries.

Although my silly secret crush was equally distributed between Jodi and Justine, circumstances usually pushed me to Jodi’s line. Not that I didn’t want Justine’s line, but as a very pretty and petite blonde who could pass for much younger, there were always bag-boys, sometimes two, even three of them, flocking to her lane and vying for her attention. More than a few times, I had seen Jodi shooing the bag boys away to actually do their job at other cash register lines. I gathered that Jodi was moody with her coworkers too, although there was just something motherly about her too. Well, motherly and also ‘hot-mom’ like about her. She held an authority over those bag boys, although I’m certain at least a few of them, like me, probably had secret crushes and other feelings pertaining to her too. Justine too seemed to look up to Jodi, but not knowing them personally, I had no idea whether they socialized or not.

“Thanks! It’s my Mom’s birthday today, so I got her these flowers. This store has the best flowers!”

Jodi nodded to agree, then gave me a look, one raised eyebrow. This time, it was with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes, one of the first times I had an excuse to really look her straight in the eyes. “So, not getting her a card, eh?” she said, as if I were the biggest and dumbest person on the planet. She added a little shake of the head as if to say, ‘tsk, tsk, tsk.’

“Oh damn. Thanks for reminding me! Let me pay for this now, then come back in line again. Can I leave my cart here?”

“Sure. I’ll keep an eye on it for you,” Justine piped up.

“Maybe,” Jodi said with perfect comedic timing. I paid, left my cart behind the register, and hurried over to the cards section. This particular store sold Hallmark cards, a great perk. I had a former girlfriend who would get mad at me if the cards weren’t Hallmark cards, because it meant that I had just gotten them at a grocery store. This store allowed me to be stealthy.

I gave it quite a bit of thought, and found the perfect card. It was humorous, but also sweet, the final line was about how much I loved her. In a moment of brilliance (I wish it happened more!) I decided to go back to the floral section, and I picked up a small floral arrangement in a cute coffee mug. Nothing extravagant, but avcılar grup yapan escort it was cute. I went back to Jodi’s line, even though there were two people ahead of me, and the express lane was open. When I finally got to paying, Justine happened to be busy, so I only talked to Jodi. There were other customers behind me as well, so we couldn’t chat much, but she brazenly turned the card over to read the front, then opened it and read the inside too. “That’s sweet. Nice job.” she smiled. I caught myself really gazing into her eyes. Twice in one day, getting to really look into her eyes. A good day. She handed me the receipt.

“Oh, by the way. These are for you.” I said, and handed the flowers back to her, along with the receipt, just in case her boss wondered if she paid for them. She blushed and smiled, but the line was such that we couldn’t talk.

“I can’t, I’m sorry.”

But I had expected that, and had planned ahead; I had started walking away even before she finished her reply. “That’s too bad, ’cause I’m leavin’!” I so desperately wanted to look back, but I decided I needed to make my grand exit. Knowing Jodi had her moody side, I hoped she wouldn’t toss them out.

***** *********

A couple days later, I ran out of milk, so I popped into the store. I ended up in Jodi’s line yet again. She greeted me warmly, more warmly than she ever had before. “Thanks for the flowers. They really made my day. Except I had to answer a lot of questions!” she smiled. “And much appreciated. Nobody buys me flowers,” she lamented.

Just then, Justine walked over. “Tell HIM,” she paused and emphasized the ‘him’, that although nobody gets me flowers either, that I am not talking to him,” she said, crossing her arms and looking at me sternly.

“What? Why?” I asked. I would have asked more about how in the world these two women possibly didn’t have someone buying them flowers, but now I was more worried about Justine not wanting to talk to me.

“So…” she paused for dramatic effect. “So I don’t get flowers? After all I’ve done for him? After watching his grocery cart?” she said, looking and talking specifically to Jodi and not to me, in mock anger. “Tell him that I see how it is,” and she walked away. Jodi and I looked at one another and laughed.

I went to my car, put the milk away, and went back into the store, but through the far door. I bought a similar set of flowers, but these were pink. I went through Justine’s line, paid for them with cash, and I said, “These are for you. You were busy last time, you know.”

She smiled a huge smile. She leaned forward and called out to Jodi, who was at the register immediately next to her, behind me, and said, “Jodi. Tell HIM, thanks,” and she beamed a huge smile. God, the freckles on her nose were cute.

****** *********

The following week was very busy, and I had to work late almost every night. I went to the store a couple times for nothing in particular, but both times came away empty handed. Or empty-Jodied and Justined. Next week, February 13th to be exact, I really needed groceries again. Thankfully as I walked in, I saw that both Jodi and Justine were working. I got all my groceries, but added two small, but expensive boxes of chocolates to my cart. This time, Justine wasn’t working, so I went through Jodi’s line.

“So…” In turn, another pause for dramatic effect. “So apparently, you like Justine more than me? Is that it?” I looked at her with a puzzled look. “Pink flowers for her, and all I got were those crappy yellow ones. Yellow?” she said, although it was obvious that she was kidding around. It was funny, the little competition they were having.

“No, no, no, the pink ones were on sale! Clearance! You think I’d get her pink flowers intentionally?” I was joking too, but I knew she knew it too. I had been a cashier myself in my past, perhaps that was the source of my secret cashier fantasies, but I also I knew from that past, that cashiers naturally end up knowing exactly what everything in the store costs. “But listen, these are for you, and one for that other girl, ok?” I was pretending I didn’t know exactly what her name was. “You promise you’ll give it to her, right?” I joked.

“Oh, I’ll give it to her, all right!” she responded. “But yes, I’ll give them to her tomorrow. We’re both working. On Valentine’s Day. How romantic,” she said, rolling her eyes. Again this time, the store was busy and Jodi’s line was long, so further chatting wasn’t possible.

****** *********

The next day, I was back. It was Valentine’s Day I had a plan, and all I needed was a little bit of courage and good luck. I went in hoping they would both be working as Jodi had said, and thankfully they were. I went to the deli area, and bought a couple nice platters of finger food, plus a bowl with carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower, and some crackers and fancy cheese. I went to the liquor aisle, and bought two bottles of wine, one read and one blush. Then I picked up two separate bouquets of red avcılar masöz escort roses, then went to the aisle where they sell things like goodie bags and little toys for birthday parties. I bought two goodie bags and a bunch of silly toys, although I knew I would be keeping the mini slinkies for myself. Finally, I bought two huge boxes of chocolates, then across from them, a pack of invitation cards. I took my chances with store security by opening them and writing in them before I had actually paid for them. I wrote in both cards, “You are cordially invited to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your favorite customer, Jack.” and I filled in my address, and wrote on the envelopes ‘Jodi’ and ‘Justine’, but dotted both letters ‘i’ in their name with a heart.

I went through Jodi’s line again. It was actually a little busy, but Justine managed to come over for a second to bag the groceries. “Oh my gosh. Having a party without us?” she asked.

“As a matter of fact, there IS a party,” I emphasized the ‘is’. I handed them their invitations. However, there are rules. You won’t get these chocolates, the flowers, OR the goodie bags, unless you come.” I’ll be there all evening, waiting.

On the drive home, I decided to take a detour. There was a naughty store not too far away, but it presented itself as fancy and upscale, away from the sketchy part of town where the regular adult bookstores were. I bought two red silk teddie outfits, which included the teddie and a matching set of panties. Not overly sexy, but still quite sexy. Long, down to the knee, silky, with see through panties, and to my eye, comfortable enough to also be worn on a sleepy morning as well, it wasn’t so outrageously sexy that it needed to be hidden away. I decided to buy a couple crotchless panties too, just wishful thinking. They were almost the same color, but lacy instead of silky. Very sparse lace. I could only imagine my dream coming true.

****** *********

I waited anxiously. Would they show up? I really had no idea. I set up the champagne and glasses on the back porch, where there was a view of the woods behind my house. I cleaned and tidied up, washed my sheets, again, laughing at myself for the wishful thinking. I wore myself out. I realized I hadn’t put my phone number on the invitation, or even asked when they would come over. Or even if they would come over. So even if they wanted to call me and say ‘thanks but no thanks’, I had forgotten to give them a way to do that. I decided to just laugh at myself, watch TV, and hope for the best.

I had a vague idea based on my shopping trips that Jodi always got off at 6:00 P.M., and that Justine’s schedule was slightly more unpredictable. I kept trying to keep calm, but looking at my watch about every ten seconds. Six O’clock came and went. Seven. Eight. Nine.

At ten, I was just about giving up. I rationalized to myself that maybe if I wait until ten minutes after ten, then they’ll show up. After all, it’s about a ten-minute drive from the store, in traffic, maybe they just got off and will be here in ten minutes. At ten-thirty, still keeping an eye on the door, I had rationalized to myself, ‘well maybe they went home to change, I’ll wait up a bit more.’

I dozed off. I wouldn’t have expected to sleep, being so nervous and hopeful, but between thinking my little plot had fallen flat, and just being tired, gradually my eyes got droopier and droopier.

****** *********

The doorbell woke me up. It was almost midnight. In my groggy state, I walked toward the door, before being completely awake.

They were both at the door, still in their work uniforms. “We’re just here for the flowers, chocolates, and goodie bags.” Justine said.

“Not coming in?” I asked.

“Nope. Flowers. Chocolates. Goodie bags. Hand ’em over, mister!” Jodi said, this time in her moody demeanor. Damn, I thought to myself. But at least they were laughing it off, and didn’t think I was the pervert I looked like, who would buy negligees and wine and hope to have sex with two women. Oh. Wait.

“Hang on,” I said, trying to hide my disappointment. I came back with the goodie bags, the chocolates, and the roses. I had to make two trips, and handed the precarious stack of items to each of them.

“Ok, thanks! Bye-eeee!” Justine said, and they both turned around and walked toward their car. I left the door open and watched them walk down the walkway. They got around halfway down the path toward the street, when they looked at each other and burst out laughing. They walked back toward me quickly and still laughing. “You should have seen how sad you looked when we said we were just here for the flowers and chocolates,” Jodi said. Her demeanor was back to being her playful one.

“Yeah we thought you were going to cry!”

“I WAS going to cry. Come on in!” I said, thankful that they had come back. Although my thankfulness quickly turned to panic, as they led the way after putting the flowers, chocolates, and goodie bags down and walked through the kitchen. avcılar otele gelen escort The nighties! I had meant to put them away, but they, each with the crotchless panties lying on top of them, were stacked side by side on the kitchen counter in plain sight. “Just through here, let’s go to the back porch, it’s really nice out!” I said, trying to hurry them through.

“Where’s the champagne?” Jodi said, looking around the kitchen.

“Back porch,” I practically shouted. “To your right, then out the sliding glass doors.” I was trying not to be too obvious in shooing them. But I was shooing them toward the back porch.

Earlier, I had made a nice presentation out of the back porch. The food was laid out on the little table in front of the swinging chair, and the two bottles of wine were on ice (well, it’s cold water now).

They both sat on the swinging chair. There was a tiny bit of room where I could have squeezed myself in between them, but I decided not to be too pushy. I poured the champagne into three glasses, and we clinked our glasses and did a cheer, “Happy Valentine’s Day!”, “To St. Valentines”, and “To champagne”. We all laughed, but I still had to somehow get the nightgowns off the kitchen counter.

“Be right back, I’m gonna refill the ice”, I said, taking the bucket with me. I knew I was going to have to be deft, because the position of the back porch also had a view of the kitchen. After I got the ice, I put the bucket it on the counter next to the nightgowns. I discreetly opened the drawer under that part of the counter, and as I picked up the ice, I pushed the two nightgowns down into the drawer using the bottom of the bucket. I thought to myself how great and smart I was for that.

I went back outside, to top up the ice. “Wow, this is strong!” Justine said, as she drank her second goblet, quite quickly.

“Don’t worry, I’ll give you rides home. I actually won’t drink more than about one, I’ll be fine to drive”

“Nice try mister. Jodi is always warning me about guys like you. I don’t know what I’d do without her to protect me! She’s like my mom, friend, and guardian angel, all in one!”

“I’ll keep an eye on him for you, don’t worry.” But Jodi was drinking her second goblet also. I continued sipping on mine, wondering how the evening would go.

As much as I was fantasizing about all sorts of sexual possibilities that I knew were unlikely, we proceeded into a very nice long chat. We all learned about one another. Justine was a very hard-working Junior in College with a perfect 4.0 GPA in biology, with a slightly absent mother. And Jodi had quit college before graduating to marry a wealthy older man who provided her a pampered life of luxury. Luxury, until he met another younger woman, left Jodi, and screwed her over financially. Now, she worked at the grocery store to make ends meet, and lived a modest life, no kids. I found out that she and Justine really were very close, and Jodi really was like a mother and best friend to her. And that Justine wasn’t alone, several of the cashiers and bag-boys looked up to her at work. We chatted nicely for about an hour. During that time, all three of us at one point or another went to the restroom. I couldn’t say for sure, but as I watched Jodi walk through the kitchen, I saw her gazing intently at where the nighties had been.

Jodi loosened up a lot, and it turned out she was really funny when she wanted to be. Justine was so studious and seemingly innocent that this evening was possibly the first time she had really gotten drunk. After the fourth goblet, she and Jodi were starting to get giggly. I was still sipping on my first.

****** *********

Finally, Jodi looked me square in the eye, and instantly switched to her matter of fact demeanor. “So…” Again, these women loved their dramatic pauses. “So Jack.” Wow, two dramatic pauses, this was going to be big! “Do you want to tell Justine and I about the lingerie and see-through lacy panties that were on the kitchen counter earlier?” Damn. It turned out they had seen them. I suppose things were going well enough though, that maybe things would be O.K.

“Oh. Umm,” I was momentarily at a loss for words. Then out of nowhere, I saved the day. “They’re mine. I like to look good for myself on Valentine’s Day,” I joked. Justine burst out laughing.

I could tell Jodi wanted to laugh, but she kept her stern demeanor. “There were two of them. I saw.” Jodi looked at me with her penetrating and intimidating glare.

I truly had no idea if she was joking. Maybe she was a “mean drunk”, or maybe she was kidding? I had no idea, but at this point I had to make a decision. What do I do? My only hope was that I thought I detected a little playfulness in her tone of voice. And Justine was laughing. I decided to take a stab at the direct approach.

“Well, you’re right. I got matching nighties for both of you. Follow me.” I got up and walked to the kitchen, boldly, as if I knew they would follow. They looked at one another, then decided to follow. I opened the drawer and took them out, handing one to each of them. “These were supposed to be the real contents of your goodie bags. So.” I paused. Finally, some justice in this world. A chance at saying ‘so’ with a dramatic pause after it (it’s the little things in life that give us happiness.) “So go in there, and put them on.” I pointed at the door to one of the spare bedrooms.

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