Virgin’s Seduction

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Author’s Note: All persons in this work of fiction are at least 18 years old.


On Saturday morning, Amanda Corwin looked through the peephole in the front door and saw the person who had just rung the doorbell was her older brother’s best friend, Mike. Her brother wasn’t home but she opened the door to his friend anyhow. Ever since she was a little girl, she had been attracted to Mike but he never seemed to take any notice of her, except to acknowledge her existence as the sister of a friend. The attraction to him was so strong she had turned down other boys who were interested in her, which was why Amanda still remained a virgin. However, she had celebrated her eighteenth birthday three weeks earlier and, since reaching that magical age, she considered herself free to let her needs as a woman be known, especially to the studmuffin at the front door.

“Hi, Mike. C’mon in,” she greeted the visitor.

“Hi, Mandy. Is Noah here?”

“Not right now, but he should be back any minute. Why don’t you come in and wait?”

That was a lie. Amanda knew her brother wouldn’t be home until late that evening and that her parents were out of town for the weekend. More often than not, Mike came by on Saturday morning so he and Noah could hang out and she believed this would be her best chance to get to know him better. Her dark brown hair was down, framing her pretty face and she was barefoot and wearing hot pants and a t-shirt with no bra. If Mike continued to be indifferent to her after that day, she didn’t know what else she could do, short of giving up on her goal.

He was not, at least not completely. When he looked at her, the thought flashed through his mind: “Man, what a nice pair of tits,” but he immediately felt guilty at such a disgraceful thought. Although he was only four years older, he still thought of her as being a little girl.

Amanda led her prey to the sofa in the family room, rather to the front room where guests usually waited. The former was closer to her bedroom which, as part of her plan, she had gotten ready for him by pulling down the top sheet on her bed. Everything else was in the same state of preparation for her to lose her cherry that day and she really wanted Mike to be the one to take it.

“Would you like a Pepsi,” she asked.

“Yes, thanks. It’s pretty hot today.” When Mandy turned to go to the kitchen, Mike had another disgraceful thought about the girl alone in the house with him. “Speaking of hot,” the thought flashed through his mind. “Mandy really has a hot rear end.”

He was right about that. The hot pants were tight and emphasized her curves, especially since she wasn’t wearing any panties. The thin material molded itself to her so well the cleft of her ass was visible. Amanda had tucked her t-shirt in earlier so her nipples would stand out but, by the time she returned to the sofa, she had pulled it loose. She was not much good at being coy and doubted Mike would notice any subtle hints she might give him anyhow. After she gave him the can of soda; he popped open the top and took a long drink of the cold, sweet beverage. Amanda waited until he had removed it from his mouth and moved in closer.

“How do you like these, Mike?” she asked, raising the t-shirt and showing off her beautiful breasts.

Mike stared at the lovely mounds with the small pink nipples at their peaks and was too tongue-tied to say anything coherent. “Very pretty,” he was finally able to mutter.

Amanda moved in closer. “Is looking all you’re going to do? Just say you think they’re very pretty?” She reached out, took the soda can from his hand and set it on the coffee table. antalya escort With his hands free, she took hold of them and raised both of them to her breasts. “Do they feel good too?” she asked.

“Wonderful. Mandy, are you sure you know what you’re doing? What if your brother walks in now?”

“I’m sure. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I lied about Noah; he’s not coming back until late this afternoon. Now, are you going to come into my bedroom or do I have to drag you there?”

Still feeling guilty and apprehensive but not wanting to be dragged anywhere, Mike got to his feet. Amanda took his hand and led him to her lair where she closed the door behind them, sat down and patted the bed beside her in an obvious invitation. “C’mon, Mike. Don’t be shy. I won’t bite you unless that’s what you want me to do. She pulled her t-shirt all the way off and cupped her breasts in her hands to offer them to him.

Although he still felt as if he were doing something wrong, stronger feelings of sexual desire were pushing them out of the way. Mike had come to realize that, besides being the younger sister of his best friend, Mandy was also a beautiful and desirable woman and that she was offering herself to him. That she might be a virgin did not occur to him and probably wouldn’t have mattered anyhow. He reached out and gently held one of her breasts and Amanda held his hand in place and pulled a pillow under her head while she lay on her back.

He knelt beside her and, while holding a breast in either hand, leaned over to start licking her nipples, as he knew some girls like. Amanda was one of those girls, and she murmured happily about the sensations his tongue was giving her. Although she still possessed her maidenhead, Amanda was no stranger to sexual pleasure, having several times masturbated with her fingers on her clit while fondling her breasts. However, what Mike was doing felt infinitely better than what she had done for herself.

She was familiar with the scent of her lubricating juices and the sensation of having them trickling from her pussy too and that was starting to happen. Mike noticed the heady aroma also and he raised his head from her breasts. What he saw was wetness spreading over the crotch of her hot pants and he could tell Mandy was ready to fuck. Her breasts were delightful to his hands and his tongue but what he was doing with them was no more than foreplay and it was time for the main event.

Amanda felt a twinge of disappointment when Mike removed his mouth from her breasts but that quickly passed when he inserted fingers in the waistband of her skimpy shorts. To aid in the removal, she raised her ass from the bed and he pulled her only garment down her legs and off around her feet. She kept her knees together for the final divestment but knew enough to spread her legs so Mike could start doing what she wanted more than anything.

As she waited for him to prepare himself, Amanda was surprised to feel the coolness of her wet pussy when it was exposed to the currents of air in the room. That was a new experience but she knew it wouldn’t be the best new thing she would do that day. She saw Mike take out his wallet and remove something, followed by replacing the wallet and quickly stripping off all his clothing. When he climbed back onto the bed, he knelt between her legs and she saw him do something with the big cock that was aimed at her. Once he took his hands away, she saw he had put a condom into place and was glad he believed in taking precautions because she hadn’t thought about them.

Mike moved in closer and still wanted to give Amanda a chance kemer escort to change her mind if she chose. “Are you sure you want to do this,” he asked.

“More than anything. And I’ve wanted it for a long time.”

Satisfied, he moved still closer, holding his cock to guide it. “Spread your lips,” he directed her.

She realized he must mean those in her pussy so Amanda reached between her thighs to hold the lips out of the way. She wanted to ask him to be gentle, since it was her first time but she was afraid Mike might change his mind if he knew just how lacking in experience she was. As she watched, he leaned forward with his weight supported on one hand and, still holding his cock with the other one, rubbed the head in her wetness.

“You’re nice and wet,” he told her. “This is gonna be a lot of fun for both of us.”

Thrusting forward, Mike wedged the head of his cock between her fingers and through her hymen. There was a brief burst of pain at the initial insertion but it disappeared within seconds and a feeling of peace and affection seemed to flow over her body. With another push, more of his hard cock burrowed into her pussy and this further penetration produced nothing but pleasure.

“You’re sure tight,” Mike said, followed by thrusting his cock in more deeply.

Although she hadn’t asked, he was being gentle and taking it slowly. He might have realized her lack of experience because of her youth and tightness. Except for the slight pain when her hymen had been torn, Amanda had felt no pain or even any discomfort at having her pussy stuffed the way Mike was stuffing it. With the next thrust, she reflexively wrapped her legs around his hips, closed her eyes in bliss and nestled her head into the pillow.

He knew he had a fair sized cock and Mandy was tight so Mike was hesitant to drive the entire shaft into her pussy and stopped with about three quarters of the length embedded. He no longer needed to guide his cock so he leaned all the way forward, supporting his weight on his elbows and slid his forearms under her shoulders. There was enough room for her to move freely under him.

Mandy opened her eyes, saw the man above her and reached up to encircle his neck with her arms so they could share a long kiss. After their lips separated, he slowly pulled his cock back, paused and started to drive it back into her. When she felt the very welcome visitor surging into her, Amanda flexed her legs and pulled herself toward him, moaning from the most exquisite pleasure she had ever felt. Partly because of the growing affection she felt toward him, her hands started stroking the sides and back of the man above her.

Mike sighed happily from the pleasure he was receiving and from realizing the sweet, pretty girl under him was also enjoying herself. He had always been fond of her, in a big brotherly way but that had changed forever when he fondled her breasts. He now considered Mandy to be a beautiful woman and he was even contemplating a possible future with her, and liking the thought.

Since meeting him almost a decade before, Amanda had never thought of Mike as a big brother or anything else than a possible boyfriend and maybe more. As he slowly plunged his cock in and out of her and she fucked back to meet him, she was thinking of him as her mate sometime in the near future. Her first act of genuine sexual intercourse was already among the greatest experiences of her life and she knew it was going to get better in the next few minutes.

Every combined stroke of Mike and Mandy was driving his cock more deeply into her pussy and sending greater waves konyaaltı escort of joy through her body. So far, her movements under him had been reflexive but, as her climax mounted inside her, she started other involuntary responses. Amanda was still fucking back to meet Mike’s long, slow strokes into her pussy and her hips were starting to move under him, thrusting her legs out and back past his thighs. She was also expressing herself verbally by moaning in bliss, a sound matched by Mike’s happy sighs and grunts as he thrust his cock in and out of her wet pussy.

Those times when Amanda had masturbated, she had felt her climax building while she fingered her clit but those sensations were only a pale shadow of what she was feeling with Mike. To her, it felt like a huge river rushing downhill only to be delayed by a dam, one which was too flimsy to hold back for long the rush of the cataract. As her lover’s cock plowed in and out of her, she could feel the dam about to give away.

“You are so wonderful, Mike. You’re about to make me come,” she whispered into his ear.

“Me too. I’m almost ready to come too.” Even as he spoke, Mike started to drive his cock faster into Mandy’s pussy and her reactions matched his speed.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” she whimpered in the same tempo as that of the big cock being plunged into her pussy. “Oh god!” she cried out as the dam within her broke into many pieces and her climax began, filling her with joy.

Her arms clutched him snugly and her legs clamped more tightly onto Mike’s body but Amanda’s hips continued their motion, jerking him around on top of her. He didn’t stop or even slow down but kept pounding his cock into her for Mike knew his own climax was imminent. With a few more hard, deep strokes, it welled up inside him and he grunted happily as he came, spurting the first gob of cum into his condom. He didn’t stop then either, but kept on driving his cock into Amanda’s pussy until he ejaculated twice more, each more satisfying than the one before.

Simultaneously with the last gush of Mike’s semen blasting into his condom, Amanda’s orgasm overwhelmed her. She uttered a loud but incoherent cry of ecstasy; her back arched and all her muscles spasmed. After coming from the big cock in her pussy, the most fantastic experience of her life, she completely relaxed into the mattress. Mike collapsed on top of her while they both caught their breaths.

After their fabulous climaxes, Mike and Amanda lay in a happy, satisfied pile. “That was wonderful,” she whispered to him.

“It was wonderful for me too,” he replied in the same hushed tone.

There was nobody else in the house and nobody would be back for at least six hours so there was no need to whisper but it seemed to fit the intimacy of the moment.

They lay together, wrapped up in each other’s arms until Mike’s cock softened enough that it slipped out of her pussy. He cautiously moved off Mandy until he was lying beside her and sharing the pillow. That was when he saw the hymeneal blood on her thighs and the sheet.

“I didn’t know this was going to be your first time,” said the surprised young man, feeling guilt once again at deflowering a young girl.

“That’s okay. It had to happen sometime and I’m really glad my first time was with you. It was wonderful and you were wonderful.”

“What will your parents say? And your brother when they find out?”

“They won’t find out. I’ll soak and wash the sheet later and nobody will ever find out. Just relax and enjoy knowing you were my first and you were great.

Her first time had been far better than she could have hoped for and Amanda knew she had more than enough time to conceal the evidence of her losing her cherry. She was so confident of this her hand was starting to reach down to fondle Mike’s cock and feel it turn hard again. The former virgin hoped her second time would be even half as good as the first.

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