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The first package was innocent enough when it arrived. She was a little surprised to see a courier at her door when she answered the doorbell at the early hour of 9 am. Since her first class wasn’t until eleven she had actually just woken up. The courier collected her signature and then handed over an oblong box. When she opened it she saw a miniature rose bush with a dozen yellow roses inside with a note. As she prepped the roses and checked them she opened the note. She was amazed to see it was handwritten.

“Alexis, I just wanted to make sure to let you know how much I have enjoyed your friendship and the ‘chats’ we have had over the last several months. I know cut flowers aren’t your favorite gift, but no woman should be without roses on Valentine’s Day. There are more surprises as well. Expect a package for every month we have known each other. I look forward to tonight. XOXO”

She smiled as she read the note and knew they had to have come from James. They had met a few months ago and had really hit it off immediately. Neither was looking for a truly committed relationship, but their friendship had grown to include some definite benefits. It turned out they had some amazing chemistry and willingness to explore that had led to some very great encounters. Their first encounter had happened after they had met at a Starbucks to just catch up and chat. The mild flirting that had been there in their texts and IMs had escalated and they had ended up getting a hotel room nearby because his place was on the other side of town and her roommates were home. After they were both spent he quipped that they should get together for chats more often and it had since become a code word for when one of them wanted to get together for some naked fun.

The unexpected gift definitely brightened her day and had her looking forward to their dinner date later that evening. She wondered briefly what other surprises James had in store, but had to hurry and get ready for class. Class was rather interesting for a change and by the time she headed for home she had forgotten the imminent arrival of more surprises. When she got back to her apartment she caught a glimpse of the flowers which caused her to smile and think ahead to how she could repay the gesture later that evening.

She fixed herself a light lunch and was just finishing when the doorbell rang and she was again greeted with the sight of a courier. She signed for the package and received another box from the courier. She watched him turn away and was caught by a weird feeling of déjà vu. Attributing it to the fact that he was from the same company that had delivered her flowers she shook it off and turned her attention to the oblong box she had just received.

She opened it to find a note on top of a beautiful black cocktail dress. She opened the note quickly and scanned it. She was greeted by the same handwriting as the note with the roses.

“I hope you don’t mind. I took the liberty of picking out something for you to wear to dinner tonight. I am pretty sure I got the sizes right, but if it isn’t quite correct on the back there is a seamstress who can alter it this afternoon on the back of this card. XOXO”

She pulled it out quickly to find that it was just her size and even more underneath rested a lovely pair of shoes that perfectly matched the dress. As she tried it on she found it to be nicely cut to hug her curves but not be too tight across her ample breasts. Alexis had a classic hourglass figure that could rightly be called voluptuous. She had a 36 DD chest with curves at the waist and hip. It was a nice look for her with just a hint of cleavage showing at the base of the top panel, straps on her shoulders that helped support her chest, but still showed her arms; and it lay nicely on her hips with the hem ending just at her knees. It hinted at what was underneath, but didn’t put it all on display like most of the dresses young women her age were wearing. Sensual was the word that came to mind. She hung the dress up to allow the wrinkles to begin to release and went to get her homework done.

It was hard to concentrate on her homework thinking about how great she would look later that evening in that stunning dress. She caught herself glancing back at the dress more than once wanting to once again feel it hugging her curves just right. When she was halfway done she again heard the doorbell ring. Once more she saw the familiar brown uniform of the courier company and was handed another package. Again she felt a sense of familiarity, but before she could say anything he was already headed back down her sidewalk.

She went back to her desk and opened the package. Inside she found the expected note and one of the most gorgeous garter sets she had ever seen. It was a completely matched set of black silk thigh-high stockings with a single seam running along the back of the leg and lace trim, a blue silk garter with black lace, a blue thong and matching shelf bra with the same black lace trim as was on the stockings, garter, and thong. The blue was so dark it was navy and she know it would look fabulous against the very light tan she had just started getting in anticipation of Spring ateşli gaziantep escort Break. She also knew how aroused she was going to get wearing that under her modest dress. The exposed nipples poking out over the top of the bra were sure to faintly visible under the dress and the sensual feel of the silk undergarments were sure to have her more than ready for the after-dinner plans. She opened the note to find just one simple line.

“I know how much you like garters and silk so I just had to get this for you to wear tonight. XOXO”

Getting back to her homework was more difficult than ever, but she forced herself to focus enough to get it finished. As she closed her book she glanced at the clock and saw she had a couple hours before James would be there to pick her up for dinner. She decided she would have time for a nice bath rather than the quick shower she originally had planned on taking. As she began filling the tub the doorbell rang again. Suddenly remembering the note from the flowers she did a quick count in her head. It was now February and she had met James in November so this should be her fourth and final surprise. Wondering how he could top the gifts she already had received she could hardly hold back her anticipation. She opened the door and was again greeted by the courier. She got a good look at him this time and just knew she had seen him earlier in the day.

“I’m sorry. It must just be that I have gotten so many deliveries today, but you guys are starting to look like the same guy.”

The courier chuckled, “We get that a lot. The uniform makes us all look alike unless you are used to getting a lot of deliveries from us.” He grinned broadly and tipped his hat before turning and heading back down the sidewalk.

Shaking her head in amusement she opened the small box on her way to the bathroom and almost dropped it in surprise. Inside the box were a wireless butterfly bullet vibe and a petite teardrop anal plug. The plug was only about an inch and a half in diameter at its widest and a couple of inches long. It was nicely flared at the base so would be secure once inserted but also would not really impede movement if worn while walking. She set it on her bed next to the garter and opened the note to see the now familiar handwriting.

“I thought I might add a little spice to dinner tonight. It would please me greatly if you would wear these along with everything else tonight. I will see you soon. XOXO”

The thought of wearing these with the lingerie under that dress sent a shiver of arousal through her core. To all external appearances she would be a relatively modest young woman out for a nice dinner, but underneath a sexually charged erotic temptress. She peered a little more closely and realized the remote control for the vibe wasn’t in the box. She looked around quickly thinking she must have tipped it out by accident. As it became evident it wasn’t anywhere around the bed she came to the realization that James must have it. The thought of wearing the bullet suddenly soared to new heights of quasi-exhibitionism. Now instead of it just being her secret of when she was stimulating herself she would be completely at the mercy of her date, not knowing when or where she would suddenly feel that delightful buzzing against her labia and clitoris. Another spike of arousal ran from her clitoris to the base of her spine.

As these delightful thoughts ran through her head she realized with a start she had left the water running in the bathtub and her soak may have to be cut a little short. She stripped quickly and couldn’t help but notice the slight dampness in her underwear and her erect nipples.

“I guess I am more excited about tonight than I thought,” she grinned to herself. As she lowered herself into the steaming water she let her thoughts wander as she relaxed from the soothing heat. She imagined all the wonderful things James could have in store for her after dinner. She knew it would be something wonderful from the previous sessions they had and the build-up he was creating with these gifts. The erotic show being run in her mind did nothing to lessen her arousal. As she washed and prepared to shave her legs she knew she would have to take matters into her own hands soon. She quickly lathered her legs and shaved them imagining the feel of the silk sliding up the baby-smooth skin. Next she gently lathered her pubic area and with short delicate strokes removed the hair from her vulva leaving only a small heart on her mons. As she gently pulled on her labia to smooth and stretch the skin little jolts of pleasure shot through her. As soon as she put the razor on its shelf and dipped back into the water she knew she couldn’t hold back any longer.

She lay back in the water with her knees up and out to the side as she ran her hands down her body quickly reaching her thrumming sex. With one hand she pinched and tweaked her clitoris teasing back the hood to get full access to the nub underneath. Her other hand moved to her labia running fingers briskly up and down her slit stimulating the inner and outer lips at the same time. As she plunged ateşli gaziantep escort bayan two fingers into her vagina, thrusting them in and out, she began to run the fingers of her other hand across her clitoris creating a gentle rubbing sensation. She increased the pressure on her clit as she inserted a third finger into her vagina. Thrusting rapidly now, she could feel her orgasm approaching. Knowing she was getting close she moved from rubbing her clitoris to squeezing it between two fingers and pulling and kneading against the hood. This stimulation proved to be the last piece needed to bring her orgasm to fruition. As the first wave of sensation washed over her, her back arched as she thrust her hips forward against the hands that were still buried in her crotch. Pushing forward, her breasts and nipples rose out of the water and the cool air hitting her engorged areola pushed her orgasm ever higher. She felt her vagina pulse against her fingers as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her. They eventually subsided as she relaxed into the tub. Remaining there for a few moments of bliss she fully relaxed and let all the tension slip from her muscles.

Soon she realized she had to begin preparing for the evening. She got out, dried off and wrapped a towel around her hair to keep it up while she applied her make-up. She kept her make-up simple, going for the natural “is she wearing makeup” look with the addition of some eye shadow and liner that she knew would perfectly accentuate the lingerie. She did her hair and lightly applied her favorite perfume to the nape of her neck, a dab on each wrist and just a hint in her cleavage.

She moved into the bedroom to finish getting ready. First she slid on the silk stockings fully enjoying the feel of the fabric as it slid up her perfectly smooth legs. Normally she would have put on the garter next but she needed to put the butterfly vibe on to make sure it stayed snug against her vulva. She slid the straps up her legs and arranged them comfortably around her hips. Once it was in place she pulled on the garter and carefully clipped each of the straps to the tops of the stockings. She decided to put on the bra next attaching the clasps behind her back and settling her breasts into the curves along the front. Shelf bras didn’t offer much in the way of support, but damn it looked hot with that slight bit of fabric and lace just cupping the bottoms of her full breasts and accentuating the roundness as it rose past the sides to loop over her shoulders. She took a moment to admire the look in her full-length mirror. The dark lace and deep blue in contrast to the lightly tanned skin, the pencil thin lines of the stockings along the backs of her legs, and the beautiful little butterfly perched just below her garter nestled against her sex just made her feel so hot and sensual. She knew it was time for the final pieces before the dress.

She took the plug out of the box and looked at it contemplatively. It was petite, but she knew it would feel much bigger when she started inserting it. She went to her bedside nightstand and got out her bottle of lubricant. She applied some lube to the tip and watched as it gently dribbled down the sides in two small rivers. She took two fingers and ran them around the tip and sides of the bulb to ensure it was thoroughly coated. Deciding to make sure it was as comfortable as possible she dribbled a little more lubricant on her fingers, squatted down next to the bed and gently ran her fingers around the rosebud of her anus. She gently inserted the tip of one finger and spread the lube around the inside of the puckered opening. The feeling as always was a bit odd at first but as the sphincter relaxed to accommodate the invader she noticed that familiar slightly full feeling. She slowly worked her finger in a little deeper massaging the sphincter in a circular motion to relax and stretch it in preparation for the plug. She took the plug and remaining in a near kneeling position placed the tip at the entrance. She pushed slowly and evenly feeling the muscles tense slightly and then relax as she allowed them to become accustomed to this larger invader. As she neared the bottom of the teardrop resistance got a little stronger so she gently backed it out slightly and pushed again. She repeated this a few times as a slight shiver of pleasure moved through her loins. The sphincter relaxed a little more and she gasped slightly at the sudden change in sensation as the plug slid the rest of the way in and the sphincter contracted around the narrow neck at the base. There was no pain, just a nice sensation of being full. She stood up and took a tentative couple of steps. As she had suspected the base was small enough that it didn’t impede her movements at all, but she knew that as she sat or rode in the car it would provide additional stimulation as she shifted or bounced.

She slid the panties on over her stockings and garter, gently moving it into position over her new toys. It fitted perfectly over them and helped snug them into place ensuring they would not be moved out of position inadvertently. She slid the dress ateşli escort gaziantep over her head and zipped it up snugging it to her curves. She ran her hands across her stomach and sides smoothing it into place. Finally, he slid into the new shoes; a nice pair of modest 4-inch heels that were just high enough to put a little shape into her calves but not so high to make walking difficult. She observed herself in the mirror once more turning to get the full view. Standing before her was a beautiful young woman in a gorgeous dress that hugged her curves and gave no hint of the treasures hidden beneath except perhaps for the two small bumps where her nipples even now pushed slightly against the fabric.

Just as she was finishing her once-over in the mirror there was a knock on the door. She moved to the door and was greeted by the sight of James in a suit. She smiled to see him dressed up as he was usually dressed casually for their other meets. For his part James was struck temporarily dumb at the vision before him. His eyes traced her face and hair then moved down to take in the dress and how it fitted perfectly accentuating her curves just right. Seeing his gaze locked onto her body she gave a gentle twirl so he could see the whole package. He smiled at the slight roundness of her butt and the way the dress hugged the curve to sweep back into her legs eventually trailing down to the hem and ending at her knees and the transition to the silk stockings. He admired the razor-straight line of the seam that split her calves in perfect symmetry and whistled softly as she completed her twirl.

“Damn girl, you are going to give this old man a heart attack!”

She laughed at this as it was a standing joke between them. James was old enough to be her father, but was still in his mid-forties. Nowhere near an old man and actually quite fit for having an office job without a lot of activity he was slightly taller than average with a ready smile and playful eyes. It was sometimes surprising to her how well a college-age girl could get along so well with a middle-aged man, but for them the friendship was nearly effortless. And the sex…wow, she couldn’t think about that now or she would be in danger of getting aroused again.

“Oh don’t be silly, you know you are much more likely to have a heart-attack from the after dinner activities. Now let’s go eat, I’m famished,” she laughed.

The ride to the restaurant was pretty uneventful except for the fact there were no events. She kept expecting a jolt of activity from the vibe the entire ride, but she was kept in quiet anticipation. Thinking James must be teasing her knowing how much she would be anticipating the vibrations she kept silent and waited for him to make the first move. They were headed to a nice Indian restaurant in town so the drive was not too long and gave them a chance to chat and catch up from the events of the weekend. They had reservations so were seated immediately when they arrived and had a chance to observe some of the other couples dining out for the romantic holiday. Opting for a more intimate dining experience they decided to order several different entrees and share them seated next to rather than across from each other. They opted for a Tandoori Platter and Paneer Tika for appetizers and a nice bottle of wine to share.

Once more she expected to feel the steady vibrations of the butterfly but was still left in a state of anticipation. The appetizers came, the wine was poured and they toasted to friendship and shared company. James was keeping the conversation light knowing Alexis had to be getting worked up wondering when the fun would start. It would start soon enough and when she least expected it.

Soon their dinner of Murgh Vindaloo, Gosht Korma, Naulakha Pulou and Peshawri Naan was soon served and they began dining in interest. Enjoying each other’s company and sharing bites of the different dishes and flavors distracted Alexis enough she almost forgot she was wearing the vibe under her dress. The reminder came suddenly and without warning as they were finishing the last of the chicken. Just after taking a sip of wine the vibrator came to life causing her to gasp in surprise. She rocked back in reflex and was also reminded of the bulb in her anus. The double shock of sudden pleasure again caused a slight gasp to escape her lips. James for his part smiled slightly and feigned ignorance.

“How about some Kheer and mango ice cream for dessert. I feel I could use just a little more, you?”

“Oh yes, a little more would be wonderful.”

As she said this the vibrations against her clit increased and she wondered how long she could last with the stimulation against her labia and clitoris. Knowing the control was out of her hands added to the arousal. Not knowing when it would stop, if it would increase or decrease, or just continue indefinitely until she came in the middle of the restaurant had her nearly dripping. As the desserts arrived the vibrations stopped just as suddenly as they had begun. “Not a moment too soon,” she thought. She had been getting close to orgasm and not having control of the remote she knew the vibrations could have just continued causing her to have multiple orgasms right there and she wasn’t sure she would have been able to keep quiet when they started. As it was she could feel the flush of her skin and knew her cheeks had to be slightly rouged from her arousal. Luckily the restaurant was mood lit for the holiday and James would be the only one to really see. She dug into the ice cream hoping it would cool her down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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