Unicorn Surprise Ch. 02

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Carol slipped back into the tub. It made for close quarters with both of them. With legs and pussy smoothly shaved, Kirsten began to lather Carol with body wash. No sponges needed, Kirsten’s hands were sliding nicely all over Carol’s soapy body, making little circles, paths, and trails all over. She didn’t linger in any one spot too long, which was almost to Carol’s dismay. Carol was beginning to long for the soap to be gone, and for a tongue to replace the hands that were now focused on her breasts. She had never done anything like this before. There had been experiences with other women, but the male partners were always involved. She knew Tony had arranged this, and that it was okay with him, but it still felt a little strange. Strange and good… but still strange.

Time seemed to stand still and move quickly all at once. The next thing she knew, Carol was out of the tub, and Kirsten was drying her off with a towel. “Carol,” she said, “go lie down on the bed, face down. It’s time for your massage.”

Without a word, Carol moved to the bed. Kirsten had prepared it with a thick bath sheet on top so there would be no oil or lotion stains on the linens. Her mind was racing — wondering how the next step would be. Everything had been so sensual . . . but she was ready for Tony to be included in this soirée. At that moment, Kirsten came in, set her caddy on the nightstand, and went back into the bathroom. This time, she returned with the small computer and positioned it on the opposite night stand. That’s when Carol knew. Tony was already a part of this. That computer was equipped with a built in webcam. Tony had been a part this while time! Carol imagined him on the other side of the connection, no doubt stroking himself as he watched. That thought was enough to put her over the edge. Every inhibition dissipated, and she could feel every nerve ending ataköy escort gloriously alive, as Kirsten — still naked — straddled her and began to trickle oil on her back.

Kirsten began to softly knead the oil into Carol’s skin. She ran her hands the length of the spine, stopping briefly at the small of her back and lingering for just a moment, before moving back up, moving outward from the center to the outer shoulders, arms, hands, then to her sides, tickling gently, moving back downward until she came back to the center and began to firmly work the cheeks of her ass. Carol felt more oil being dripped on her — it was warm, it was slick, and Kirsten’s touch was different and exciting. Kirsten began to go lower, gently spreading Carol’s thighs, rubbing, a dichotomy of firm and soft, teasing, her fingers reaching in and tracing the lips of Carol’s pussy.

Carol inhaled sharply at the touch, but as soon as it was there, it was gone, and Kirsten’s hands moved down further, working the leg & calf muscles, working down to her feet. She spent a great deal of time there, working every inch of Carol’s feet before twisting slightly in indication for Carol to turn over. Carol rolled onto her back, feeling positively crazy at the mix of feelings and sensation. The massage alone was incredible, relaxing and energizing, sensual with the knowledge that this was going to lead to her first real encounter with another woman. Exciting knowing her lover was watching every move, leaning close as if he could feel every touch as he watched the screen. She closed her eyes as Kirsten’s hands again slid between her legs, and imagined Tony stroking his hard cock, slow at times, quicker and firmer at other times, as this fantasy they had shared together played out before his eyes — and all over her body.

Kirsten traced all around the ataköy eve gelen escort outside of Carol’s pussy, never parting the lips, the touch light and feathery. With firmer movements, she moved higher, and with exacting movement rubbed the pubis, then continued upward, the intensity just right, until she brushed fingers across nipples. The touch was like sweet fire, and a low moan escaped Carol’s lips. She was acutely aware of so many separate sensations — the hands moving all over her, the weight of Kirsten straddling her, and the feeling of Kirsten’s bare pussy pressed against her own. It all melted together in mounting desire to touch, to be touched, to abandon all reason and just get lost in the sensation.

Carol lay with eyes closed, when suddenly the hands were replaced by the warmth of a tongue. Kirsten’s mouth closed over the taut nipples, her tongue making quick circles, then latching on and sucking, alternating back and forth between licks and sucks, from one breast to the other, nearly bring Carol to orgasm with just her tongue on her nipples.

Carol moved her hands, and for the first time, reach out to touch Kirsten. She laced her fingers through her hair, not wanting the tongue to ever stop their magic. “I’m getting wet from the taste of you,” Kirsten whispered. She took Carol’s hands and placed them on her own breasts. All shyness gone, Carol flicked her fingers across the nipples while turning her face to the webcam — she and Tony had fantasized about this very thing. Her hands trailed down Kirsten’s body, slick now from both oil and perspiration. Her hands found Kirsten’s swollen clit, and began to finger back and forth. This time it was Kirsten who moaned as Carol explored her wetness. Without letting too much time pass, Kirsten took Carol’s hands and put them back at her side. ataköy grup yapan escort “This is about you. My instructions were to get you ready. I take my job very seriously. By the time Tony joins us, he will just have to look at you to make you cum.”

With that, Kirsten slowly slid down the length of Carol’s body, positioning herself between her legs. Very slowly, very deliberately, she took her fingers and spread the lips of Carol’s pussy. “You are soaked,” she purred, “It is my job to clean you up.” Kirsten’s tongue darted quickly, softly across Carol’s clit, causing Carol to squirm. “Is that to much for you?” She changed her rhythm, exploring the lips of her pussy from the outside in, taking gentle nibbles, working her way closer and closer to the core of her wetness. It was not a low moan that escaped from Carol when she found it, and plunged her tongue into the warm, silky softness.

Kirsten left no inch of Carol unexplored, bringing her just to the second before orgasm, then backing of until the waves subsided. Carol squirmed, moaned, cried out. Kirsten’s breath was hot and ragged. Her movements became more fevered and intense. When she could take it no more, she rolled off of Carol. “I’m sorry,” she breathed. “I need a bit of a cool down.”

They lay side by side for a few minutes, not talking, the only sound their excited, sensual breathing. Carol rolled onto her side, and began slowly circling Kirsten’s nipples, first with her fingers, then with her tongue. She moved over to straddle her, wanting to again feel the smooth wet pussy against her own, but as she moved, Kirsten grabbed the cheeks of her ass and pulled her forward, ’till her pussy was once again at Kirsten’s mouth. This time, she teased her clit, back and forth, in and out, sucking and biting. Carol moved in rhythm, dancing a sexy dance on Kirsten’s tongue. This time, she didn’t stop just before orgasm. She let it build to climax, drinking in Carol’s wetness again, until Carol could take it no more, and they collapsed in a heap of arms and legs on top of the bed.

After a few minutes to catch their breath, Kirsten looked at the clock and said, “We have just enough time for a quick shower.”

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