Unbelievable! Ch. 05

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The wedding day shoot went well. Eve was pleased with the images she captured and more than pleased with my assistance. During a lull in the evening’s events we sat in a quiet lounge sifting through some of the images of the day.

‘Paul, see what you make of these two young bridesmaids.’ Eve said handing me her camera.

The two girls were slim and very pretty and looked damn sexy in the slinky pink, dresses they wore. Made of fine silk with a revealing neckline, the thin spaghetti straps were consistently slipping from their shoulders, exhibiting more flesh than decorum demanded at a wedding. The pair had been drawing attention, mine included, all afternoon with their appearance and because the dresses were so flimsy, it made the wearing of a bra impossible. In consequence we were treated to protruding nipples too; and boy, did these two tarts have nipples?

‘Whoa … what’s going on here then?’ I was viewing a series of shots where the two bridesmaids were taking it in turn to kiss one another on the cheek, then the lips and finally a full embrace, with Eve capturing flashes of tongue shooting between lips!

‘Randy pair of young bitches, aren’t they? Better make sure those don’t end up on the client’s disks.’ Eve said grinning.

‘Too true, I’ll be paying these two a little extra attention tonight. I wonder if they’ll ask me to take some more during the evening.’

‘Good luck if they do. They were a stuck-up pair of young bitches. But when I suggested they go a step further and fondle each other, they declined, but accepted my card. So they might turn up at the studio for a more private shoot

‘Wow, who’d be a wedding photographer?’ I asked flipping through the images once more.

‘Just think, Paul, if you were your other self, Paula, they might ask you to make up a threesome!’ I nodded my head slowly, fantasising about a cross-dressing photographer and two pretty lesbians.

‘Christ, Eve, what a scenario! It’s given me a hard-on!’

‘Good, I hope it lasts for you. Now, listen to me. I’m going to leave for home shortly and let you finish the evening’s work, I’m sure you’re more than capable and who knows, the bridesmaids of Lesbos might ring the changes for you. I won’t be around tomorrow, I’m off to see a friend, but you can start compiling the disks and flash-drives from today’s work if you want.’

‘Sure, I don’t think there will be much call for me after I’ve snapped the evening guests. Will you take the Mini?’

‘Yes, you’ll have to get a cab – on the company naturally.’

As Eve was gathering her equipment together, the hotel’s under-manageress, whose name tag identified her as Julie, stopped to ask us if we’d like some tea. Eve declined explaining she was just going, but I accepted the offer gratefully and when the attractive Julie came back with the tea, I noted the tray was laid for two people.

‘Do you mind if I join you, Paul?’ Julie asked setting down the tray; I also bore a name tag.

‘A pleasure, please do.’ I found myself politely half rising from my seat. Where had that chivalry come from? Julie poured the tea before settling herself into an armchair beside me. She expelled a long, deep sigh.

‘Ah, that’s better. It’s nice to take the weight of your feet. I’ve done twelve hours already and not finished yet.’

‘You have my sympathies. It must be hard work?’

‘Can’t deny that, these weddings are a pain in the neck, sometimes, And, I’ve got another one tomorrow with even more guests!’

Julie slipped off her high-heels and stretched out her legs, her skirt rising mid-thigh in the process. She tried tugging the hem down without any positive effect, or concern for how much thigh she was showing. But the rasping of the black hosiery was magic to my ears.

With a side-long glance I tried to ascertain whether Julie wore stockings, but not spotting a tell-tale top or suspender, I assumed she was wearing tights. She lifted one foot and began to massage it.

‘Would you like me to do that for you?’ I enquired gallantly, more in hope than anything. But I was pleasantly surprised when Julie swung her legs around and rested her feet on my lap.

‘You’re a gentleman, Paul.’ Julie murmured.

I gently massaged and manipulated Julie’s feet and toes. Julie didn’t seem at all bothered by the fact thigh her skirt had ridden even higher, but it bothered my todger, which was stiffening rapidly – something Julie became aware of as she wriggled her feet in my lap.

‘Good heavens, Paul, do you provide other kinds of services beside photography? Because if you do I rather think I’d like to see a sample.’ She brushed her feet brazenly over my erection for a few seconds more before removing them and putting her shoes back on. Her next words took me by surprise. ‘I’m off at eleven, how about you come to my room here in the hotel. I always stay over when my shifts are too close to make it home and back early the next morning. I’m in twenty-eight tonight; I’ll leave the door unlocked.’

With Betturkey that enigmatic invitation Julie drank her tea and departed, leaving me with my hard on and the expectation of it being in action later. I finished my drink and went to the function room with my camera, looking for the two young bridesmaids … plus Steph and Clare from yesterday, of course!

They were on the dance floor being groped by a couple of older male guests – I wondered if one of them was Brian the bridegroom’s father who they were planning to seduce. I took a few frames and moved on. When I’d got all the pictures I wanted, I retired to the lounge for a much deserved beer.

Julie, the manageress, came through a couple of times blowing kisses, winking suggestively and telling me not to drink too much as we had a long night ahead. I couldn’t wait.

Just before eleven o’clock Julie walked past and whispered to me that she was going to her room, but to give her a few minutes to freshen-up before I made my move. However, I was delayed by the arrival of the two bridesmaids that Eve and I had labelled lesbians. They were in the company of the groom’s mother, herself a very elegant and a damned sexy looking mature woman. They all acknowledged my presence but sat at another table with low divans surrounding it.

The two girls were holding hands I noted, occasionally reaching out to stroke the older woman’s thigh in a gesture of comfort and support and I got the impression that she was upset about something, which was why the bridesmaids were offering their support.

But the gestures of comfort suddenly turned erotic, as their young hands began inching beneath the hem of the mother’s dress. The woman’s legs parted a little and her skirt rose a few inches; high enough for me to ascertain that she was wearing stockings! I whistled silently in surprise, as the older woman seemed to relax and accept the girl’s attentions, which in turn allowed me to see more of her thighs and stocking-tops.

It was a titillating tableau and the fact that the youngsters had no qualms about performing a seduction of an older woman in public made it even stimulating. Did the grooms’ mother have a fondness for young girls, I wondered, and was this just a prelude to something more involved? It was difficult to tell. I wanted to stay and watch the outcome, but Julie and my erection were waiting for me. So, as discreetly as I could, I picked up my camera case and left them to it.

I knocked on the door of room 28 and pushed it open wide enough for me to enter. By the glow of the bedside lights I could see that Julie was already in bed … snoring softly. I went across to where she lay and put a hand on her shoulder, there was no reaction; Julie was sound asleep, and naked by the look of it! I sighed and left her closing the door behind me. She was obviously exhausted, but there would be other occasions, I was certain.

Disappointed as I was, my thoughts quickly returned to the sapphic scene that had been unfolding in the lounge, so I made my way back there. But the lounge was empty. It looked like they’d had gone elsewhere to carry on with their seductive charms.

However, my arrival on the dance-floor was greeted enthusiastically by Steph and Clare who insisted I dance with them both. I learned that their proposed seduction of the bridegroom’s father was a no-hoper after he’d collapsed in a drunken heap and been taken home, which might account for his wife receiving such intimate comfort from the bridesmaids.

‘So, Clare, what are you going to do now that your victim is incapable?’ I wanted to know. Clare was rubbing her breasts against me in an attempt to focus my attention … it worked, especially when I sensed a hand groping the front of my chinos.

‘Well, that all depends on you how disposed you are for the rest of the night. My husband is as pissed as a newt so he’ll be no good for sex, but you on the other hand, my young free and single Paul, you on the other hand, could be the answer to our prayers once more.’ Clare squeezed my cock which reacted lightning fast and swelled. She turned to Steph. ‘Fucking hell, Steph, he’s already got a hard-on for us!’

I spent the remainder of the evening in their company, drinking – in moderation – and dancing. I kept a lookout for the groom’s mother and the two bridesmaids, but they were nowhere to be seen, leaving me to wonder where they were and what they were doing.

After the last waltz had played Steph gave me the key-card to her room, telling me to go up and they’d be along as soon as they’d seen the guests leave. The waiting time would also give me time to take a shower, for it had been a long day and I was feeling rather grubby. Making my way upstairs I was surprised to come across the groom’s mother sitting alone on a divan in the corridor. She’d been crying.

‘Hello again,’ I said. ‘I was in the lounge when you came in with the two young girls and couldn’t help noticing that you seemed upset about something. Now, I find you here Betturkey Giriş all alone and still upset. Is there anything I can do? Can I be of help?’ She looked up at me.

‘Yes, I remember, you’re with the lady photographer, aren’t you?’ She replied with a smile. Although her eye make-up was smudged a little and her eyes were red from crying, it didn’t detract from her beauty and elegance. I sat down beside her. ‘Thank you for asking but it’s been a very emotional day for me, what with the wedding and my drunken husband being taken home. Suddenly, it became too much to bear and the tears flowed once more.’

‘I understand,’ I said. ‘But what happened to the girls who were looking after you downstairs, have they left you here on your own?’ I saw an opportunity to discover more about what was going on between the three of them.

‘Oh, that pair. At first I thought they were genuinely concerned for me. But as you may have spotted it quickly turned into a lesbian seduction.’ Her forthright confession came as a shock. ‘They were kind and understanding and my resistance was melting; I was well on the way to falling for their charms. I was on the verge of coming upstairs with them when one of the guests said something derogatory about us as he passed, and the moment was lost.’ I listened, enthralled by her frankness. ‘Then, I decided I’d take a couple of sleeping pills and go to bed. But I’ve just discovered the key-card for the room is in my husband’s pocket.’

I saw an opportunity to ingratiate myself with her. ‘That’s not a problem. If you want, I’ll pop down to reception and get a duplicate for you.’

‘Would you? You’re too kind. I don’t think I could face anyone looking like this.’ I got to my feet.

‘What is your name and room number?’

‘James, Vivian James, my husband is Max. We’re in room 36; it’s one of three reserved for the wedding party.’

‘OK, if you wait here I’ll do it now.’

‘Thank you so much, Paul.’ I looked surprised she knew my name and then remembered I still had on my name badge. It took a while to sort out a replacement card, but eventually I persuaded the receptionist to bring the card to Vivian herself and all was settled.

When the receptionist had left us I opened the door to her room and gave her the card. ‘Well, I hope you get a good night’s sleep, Vivian.’

‘Can I offer you a drink, Paul? That’s if you’re not dashing off home. There are bottles of the stuff Max brought with him.’

I thought about her offer, wondering how long Steph and Clare were going to be because I still needed that shower. Vivian stood poised by the several bottles of spirits, waiting for an answer.

‘OK, why not, a vodka and tonic, please.’ I said.

‘I think I’ll join you. I’ve had surprisingly little alcohol today, unlike Max! What an embarrassment he was! After that incident I certainly don’t intend sleeping in the same bed as him tonight or possibly ever again!’ I smiled and took my vodka. ‘Sit down, if you can find somewhere amongst all these clothes and presents.’

I chose the bed and moved a flowery patterned robe aside to make space. Underneath the robe were a black satin bra and matching panties; they felt nice to my touch as pushed them to one side. Vivian apologised for not doing it herself but I shrugged off the incident.

‘It might be best if you didn’t take sleeping pills with alcohol, Vivian. You never know how the combination might affect you.’ I advised.

‘You’re quite right; I’ll give them a miss and rely on the vodka to put me out. Actually, I’m feeling a lot better now, thanks to you, Paul.’

Vivian sat down next to me, her presence sparking off my lust in no uncertain terms. Our hips and thighs touched, but Vivian didn’t attempt to put distance between us and so we remained like that; I got the impression she was coming on to me, and I was enjoying it.

‘It’s true what they say about weddings, isn’t it? About the abundance of pheromones and testosterone being present making people do things they wouldn’t do normally. Like those two girls who wanted me to play with them. They were very plausible, not to say attractive, and I’ve often wondered what being with another woman would be like, and a part of me is still wishing I’d acceded to their charms and found that out.’

‘I really don’t know how to answer that, Viv. Do you mind if I call you Viv?’

‘I don’t mind at all. Do you mind if I ask how old you are, Paul?’ I told her my age. ‘So young, and so very good-looking, I’m surprised you didn’t click with a girl down there tonight amongst all the pheromones.’

‘Well I was here on business, taking photographs, so that had to come first. But actually, I made a date to meet up with the hotel manageress, Julie, but when I went to her room, I found her fast asleep and left.’

‘Oh, you poor boy, but isn’t she a bit older than you? Or are you the kind of young man who prefers a more mature lady, cougars I believe they’re called.’ This woman really was perceptive, as well as being candid.

‘Yes, I believe I think they are and, if the truth were known, my preference does lie with the mature woman or cougar.’ My God, what was I saying? I was practically laying myself open to Vivian, practically inviting her to make a move on me. Then I thought about the other two other gorgeous matures waiting for me two doors down that I didn’t want to disappoint. Steph and Clare were going to drain me of all my strength; it was going to be a marathon. So what was I doing with Vivian?

Vivian laid a hand on my thigh. ‘Tell me, Paul, do you find me an attractive cougar, a desirable mature?’ She began squeezing her fingers; my cock reacted in the only way it knew, by swelling! ‘The lady photographer is a very nice looking lady; do you fancy her, Paul?’

I didn’t know what to say for fear of incriminating myself. But Viv was calculating, perceptive and my silence was all she needed for affirmation of my affair with Eve.

‘You do fancy her, don’t you?’ There was a pause. ‘In fact you are already screwing her, aren’t you?’ Viv announced with some glee. I kept my silence. As far as Eve was concerned, she was totally off limits conversation-wise.

Vivian was quiet for a few seconds; possibly weighing up her chances of getting me to stay. I eventually found my tongue and my confidence.

‘Viv, you are an extremely attractive lady. Most elegant, most chic and stylish, and yes I would love the chance to get to know you but, but … I find myself with a hell of a dilemma.’

Did I tell her about Steph and Clare and our plans for the rest of the night? Or say that, as much as I’d love to stay, I had to go but what about meeting up another day?’ Viv’s hand resumed stroking my thigh. Then a brainwave hit me.

‘Listen, Viv, I have a suggestion.’ Taking a deep breath I explained. ‘Stephanie has kindly allowed me to use her room to keep my cameras in, for safety. I was just on my way there earlier when I came across you in the corridor. Why don’t you give me chance to dump this case and explain to Stephanie that you’re feeling a bit low after the day’s events and looking for a chat? I’m sure she’d love the chance for a heart to heart, a tet-ta-tet sort of thing. You could bring along some of this champagne as a peace offering.’ Viv thought about it for a while.

‘Do you think she’d mind, after all we haven’t really seen eye to eye over this wedding.’

‘I’m sure Steph would love the opportunity to get to know you better. Let me find her and explain the situation. Say about thirty-minutes?’ I raced downstairs, found Steph and Clare, and told them of my arrangement with Viv. To my surprise the pair relished the prospect of having a third female presence at our orgiastic shindig!


I stood under the hot reviving needles of water feeling them refresh my body. My mind was also being refreshed in the form of Vivian and her visit due shortly. Would the three women be conciliatory with one another? That would be the first hurdle to cross? Anything that happened subsequently well, bring it on! My ego knew no bounds and its awareness drove my libido!

I heard Steph and Clare come in as I was drying off and went out to greet them, wearing only a towel wrapped around my waist. The two women’s

eyes lit up when they saw my half naked torso.

‘Well, just look at this, Clare.’ Steph said running her hands over my chest.

‘I’d rather look at this …,’ Clare answered whipping away the towel that covered my modesty. She grasped my cock. ‘…and feel it!’ She cooed stroking it slowly. ‘After today I’m just about ready for a bit of this!’

‘I don’t know about a bit, how about lots?’ Steph chipped in. ‘Lots of lovely fucking naughty with this gorgeous young man!’ They advanced with lust twinkling in their eyes and pushed me onto the bed, groping and kissing and sucking like crazy. Half-heartedly I tried to fend them off.

‘Just hold on a minute you two; remember Vivian will going to be knocking at that door shortly and I’m not dressed yet. Come on, let me up.’ As if on cue, there was a quiet tap on the door. I broke free and made for the bathroom with my towel, leaving Steph and Clare to straighten their clothes and hair.

‘Paul,’ Steph hissed. ‘Don’t put your clothes on. Just wear the towel. With luck we’ll have some fun with Vivian. Wait for me to call you.’ She pushed me toward the bathroom and went to welcome Vivian. As I closed the door I heard voices.

‘Hi, Vivian, come on in and join the party. Hey look, Clare, Viv’s brought some champagne.’

Viv was ushered in by Steph who took the bottles of drink and found three flutes. The cork was eased out of one bottle with a loud bang and Steph poured three glasses. The only space in the room to sit was on the bed, so the three women made themselves as comfortable as possible.

From the bathroom I listened to the conversation taking place. Vivian opened up by apologising for being so off-handed with Clare who replied, it was all in the past and from now on they’d be friends. She moved on to her husband’s disgraceful behaviour in getting drunk, and then they chatted about the wedding before Vivian introduced Paul’s name.

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