Two Sisters and the Monte Vista Ch. 02

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After gaining my sexual composer, so is to say, I put a hand on each of their warm, soft bodies, and slowly positioned them into my irresistibly naughty thought. I had Cindy lie on her back, and Jo Ellen on top of her facing each other, with Cindy’s legs on top of Jo Ellen’s thighs. Jo Ellen then crawled into a low, doggie style position. With Cindy’s legs on top of hers, they naturally rose back towards her head, so her knees were near her chest area.

Now, there was nothing but a deviant little playground in front of me, all pussies and asses for me to lick, suck and tease to my heart’s content. While these two beauties’s kissed and tongued one another, I lowered myself at the beds edge, and caressed their asses with both of my hands. I started licking Jo Ellen from clit to asshole with one long wet sliding of my tongue. She began to moan and rock her ass back and forth as I sucked on her mouth-watering pussy, penetrating my tongue in her opening. Sucking her phenomenal labia into my mouth, I could hear her moan even more.

As I was doing this, I slipped my hand onto Cindy’s pussy, and gently rubbed her clit. Cindy was incredibly wet as I sank two fingers up her pussy, my God she was tight. Before I dropped down to suck on Cindy’s pussy, I tickled Jo Ellen’s asshole with my tongue. It was so sexy the way she quivered, and the high pitched moaning increased. I was so bad, but I had to, I wiggled my tongue into her ass, and darted it back and forth slowly, while sliding my fingers in her pussy.

I heard her gasp, “Oh God!”, as she pushed her ass back onto my face. Her ass and pussy tasted so delightful, I could have ate her ass for hours.

I dropped down to suck on Cindy’s tight little pussy, leaving my fingers working Jo Ellen’s dripping pussy. I put my lips on Cindy’s clit and sucked it onto my mouth, and tickled it with my tongue, all the while sliding my fingers in an out of her. Keeping them equally worked up, I began darting my tongue in her sexy little ass. Cindy let out a sultry moan, muffled by her sister’s luscious mouth on hers.

Their asses were swaying side to side and up and down in a rhythmic motion, what a symphony of oral sex. Cindy’s ass got me completely aroused. I slipped my finger in her ass, and my tongue deep in her cunt. Her hip swaying sped up her ass. She moaned with pleasure, when I slipped another finger in each sexy, beautiful orifice. With two fingers in her ass, and two in her pussy, I continued to tickle her clit with my tongue until I felt her start to quiver in ecstasy.

Leaving my hands in her, I moved back to Jo Ellen’s pussy and sucked on her clit softly.

Cindy gasped”Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” The she squealed a passionate tone.

I knew she was cumming, I quickly dropped back down I really wanted to taste her cum! Her pussy sprayed a sweet shower of orgasm that soaked my hands, aksaray escort splashed off my face, down my throat! I moved my fingers faster and deeper, she came even more!

Her screams of lust were still muffled by Jo Ellen’s tongue and lips! It was unbelievable; I loved the way she trembled erratically as she enjoyed the orgasm! As her hips slowed, and she cooed into silence, I stood up and leaned around round Jo Ellen and planted my lips on Cindy.

“My my Cindy, I had no idea you were so… fluid.” I said with a playful grin.

I maneuvered myself around them and settled on my knees, slipping my cock between both of their wet, soft lips. Jo Ellen’s lips on top of my cock and, Cindy’s lips underneath it, it was paradise. Both of them started sucking, licking on my cock was unreal; I could barely keep my eyes open. Cindy kept going from balls to my shaft, and back to my cock head, tickling with her tongue the whole time. Jo Ellen just kept sliding my cock down her throat. This blissful cock sucking seemed to go on forever, but in reality, it was probably more like 10 or 15 minutes.

After all that had happened so far, it wasn’t long before I felt that crippling sensation deep in my cock. It was when I felt the head of my cock, smothered between both of these sensational mouths, sucking, and tonguing each other around it, I lost it!

“Oh Christ, I can’t stop it!” I shouted softly. Bracing myself on Jo Ellen’s shoulders, my cock exploded cum all over their beautiful faces.

The cum screamed out of me, splashing off Jo Ellen’s lips and tongue, cascading down her chin to Cindy’s open mouth. I think I could have given Peter North a run for his money that night. My God, where was it all coming from I thought to myself. I could barely stay on my knees, what a wonderful mess I was creating on these two gorgeous women.

Jo Ellen grabbed my cock and jerked my cock and balls empty, lapping up all that was left. As she let go of my cock, I fell back onto my ass, and gazed upon the incredible site I had created on them. Their faces were covered from the cheeks down to their chins. The cum was in and out of their sexy mouths. They started licking my cream off of each other faces with pleasure. I felt close to blacking out from being so light headed, it was bliss! My cock was empty, or so I thought, but they quickly scurried up to it and began shoving it into their dripping mouths until it was back to rock hardness once again.

Jo Ellen climbed on top of me and slid my cock inside her dream like pussy and leaned forward, dangling those wondrous tits in my face to fondle. She had such an erotic rhythm to her hips as they milked my cock. Her face had a glow of extreme pleasure as she breathed in and out seductively. I could feel Cindy massaging my balls; this made my hips join in the sweet rhythm that Jo Ellen’s anal yapan escort hips started. After a few moments, Cindy had crawled up, and settled her hot little pussy on my face. I happily sucked and tongued pussy and ass for her. I could feel Jo Ellen sit back on my cock, and with glimpses and feel, I could tell Cindy was sucking on her tits.

Cindy’s asshole was so tight and tasty; I had to stick my cock in her ass, before this night was over. Jo Ellen’s pussy became dripping wet, and tightened around my cock. She was so close to climaxing; her heavy breathing increased and released a heavy breath of desire! Her body seized up as she collapsed onto Cindy’s shoulder, and her hands dropped to my chest to support her as she began to cum! I couldn’t even hear her breath anymore.

I wrapped my arms around her hips, and thrust my cock deep and hard inside her over and over. She began screaming in a sweet high pitched tone every time I buried my cock in her. She fell silent, and I could feel her shaking on top of me. Her sweet, warm juice had soaked my balls. She slowing rocked her hips back and forth, looked me in the eyes and grinned”ooh, hell yeah, that was good!”

As she rolled off of me, my cock slipped out of her still, amazingly rock solid. Cindy crawled right down, over the top of me sliding her tongue all the way down my body, grabbing my cock and pushing it straight up. She maneuvered herself until she was squatting above it, and she wiggled it into her pussy, as she rested her sexy ass on my hips in a reverse cowgirl position. She sighed in sweet ecstasy letting her head fall back. I watched her ass as my cock came in and out of her sweet pussy as she raised and lowered herself on it. My God it was a steamy, vivid sight; I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

Jo Ellen, purring like a kitten, kissed my chest and neck seductively, as she caressed me around my pubic area. I put my arm around her and found her dripping pussy. Her tantalizing pussy was still so warm and wet. I gently began massaging her there, kind of an erotic icing on the cake. My other hand was feeling Cindy’s soft skin from her hips up her side and back, I could feel her goose bumps. She began to thrust her hips in a determined fashion of an orgasmic build up. I was feeling the same sensation building up in my inside me too!

A sat up and moved my hands around Cindy and cupped her perky tits ever so softly, and then rolled us both onto our sides. Putting my hand on her inner thigh, I raised her leg up little higher. I slid my cock out, and put my throbbing, slippery cock head against her ripe little sex button.

She looked over shoulder with a pouty look, “Yes, please, I want to feel it!”

Jo Ellen had moved around us to see what was in store for her sister. As she settled, just off the bed onto her knees, she reached atakent escort over and helped guide my cock in her sister’s ass. I penetrated her ass with the bulbous head of my cock; she gave a short deep breath inward.

She turned her head and looked me in the eyes, moving he arm up and around the back of my neck. I leaned down and kissed her, slipping my tongue in her mouth, and slowly slide the rest of my cock completely in her ass. Her hand clinched my hair as she felt my cock impale her tiny tight ass.

I wanted us both to get used to this feeling quickly, so I thrust my cock balls deep in her ass, and paused a moment.

“Oh fuckn’ fuck yeah!” she whimpered, as her hips started to gyrate in small circles. I didn’t think I was going to be able to hang for very long, especially when I could feel Jo Ellen’s hand fondling my balls and cock shaft.

It felt like a dream, my cock buried in Cindy’s ass, with her sister fondling my balls at the same time. I would have never thought, I was going to be be pissed if I woke up and this was a figment of my perverted imagination. This was a true moment of ecstasy!

After several minutes of sizzling backdoor sex, Cindy’s circular ass rotations sped up, her sexual moans sped up “Oh, fuck!” she gasped!

Jo Ellen encouraged her on while continued to fondle my balls, “Does that feel good Cindy?” she teased with a smile.

“Oh, yes, oh yes!” she purred looking at Jo Ellen. All of the sudden, Cindy’s ass muscles tightened around my cock, this was it! Feeling it tighten, I drove my cock home, drilling her ass deeper and harder, I could feel my cream building up just inside my cock! Cindy screamed in pleasure, as her pussy exploded in a liquid fountain of tantalizing honey! Her pussy juice drenched her sister’s hand, as well as my balls. She began to quiver uncontrollably, enjoying this moment of orgasmic euphoria, she could barley breath!

It felt so damn good as her ass vibrated my cock deep inside her, I couldn’t hold it any longer.

“Oh, fuck Yeah!” I shouted, pulling my cock out of her tight sexy ass!

Jo Ellen was right there to grab my cock and jerk it off onto her sister’s pussy. But there was just too much built up, I projected a huge stream of cum all the way up Cindy lying on her side, splashing off of her chin! She looked down, to follow the trail of cum on her stomach back to my cock, to see it explode two more times. Jo Ellen never let up on the incredible jerking motion; she jerked my cream all over her sister. As my cock shivered in excitement and throbbed into silence, Jo Ellen and Cindy rubbed my cum around Cindy’s hot little tummy, both grinning and giggling like two naughty little school girls finger painting.

Jo Ellen, when finished playing with my naughty mess, climbed back on the bed with us. We were all happily exhausted, so I lit up another joint, smoked, smiled, and chatted about the evening. They were a little embarrassed about the way they acted, saying the booze and weed got to them. I told them to relax…losing inhibitions is what makes the world go round! Of course I had to ask when we could do this again…they just smiled and laughed.

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