Twisted Fairy Tale – Cinderella

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Cinderella was a beautiful young woman. You couldn’t always tell, her hair often in a messy bun, her face and clothes dirty from cleaning and cooking all day. She once lived a happy life with her father in his estate, but that all changed when he remarried.

Her step mother was a cruel woman and Cinderella knew she only married her father for his money. But he couldn’t see it, blinded by loneliness and lust. It wasn’t long into their marriage that he fell ill and died. She suspected poison, but had no prove and could do nothing to prevent his new wife from inheriting everything.

As cruel as she was, it was nothing compared to her two sons. Her two, older step brothers. They were merciless. While her father was alive, they were only mean to her verbally. But that all changed when her father died, not long after her 18th birthday.

Cinderella was cleaning the sitting room when her eldest sibling came stomping down the steps. Like his brother, he was a mama’s boy and apparently had no desire to leave his mother’s house. He came into the room she was cleaning in and laughed. “Look at you, getting your clothes all dusty. That just won’t do.”

The boots were loud on the wooden floors and she turned to face him, worried what he would do. She was taken off guard when he tore her apron. She let out a cry as he kept ripping away her clothes, trying to push him away. All the noise brought the rest of the family down stairs.

By the time his mother and brother came down, Cinderella stood in the sitting room naked, still clutching the feather duster. The eldest, Bruce took a step back and smiled. “There, now you won’t get any more clothes dirty. My mother spends her hard earned money to clothe you, you should be more respectful.”

Cinderella’s horrified gaze shifted to her step mother, Miranda, wondering what she would say. Her stomach turned when all she did was laugh. “Bruce, go wash your hands. Can’t be dirty for our trip later.” She walked past her son, looking Cinderella over. “Get back to work.”

Bruce’s younger brother, Jack, stood next to his brother. “She should always walk around like this.” Cinderella looked at the two. They looked so similar they could be twins. Tall, broad, and a soft around the middle. They weren’t knight material, but if they wanted something from her, she wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

“You heard our mother, back to work girl.” Bruce waved his hand at her and smiled. She knew that she had to do what she was told, the punishment always worse than the task itself. Her arms fell from her small breasts and turned back to her dusting. The brothers watched, both staring as her tight little ass.

A loud squeak left her lips when Bruce walked up behind her and gripped her breasts from behind. She could feel something hard pressing against her ass through his pants. “Now that dear xslot giriş Daddy is gone and you’re all grown up, your role in this house will be changing.”

Miranda strode back into the room, looking at what was going on. “Bruce, leave her be, we must go. We need to go get you two suits for the ball. The princess is being married off soon and one of you two idiots will woo her at the party.”

When her boys left the room she walked over to the naked Cinderella. “Be sure to throw away those torn up rags you call clothes. I won’t be buying you more. Maybe you’ll learn to be less careless with what I provide.” She walked outside after her boys, her large dress barely fitting through the door.

While outside, throwing out the garbage from the house, she was approached by a small, old woman. “Child, why are you outside with no clothes.” She covered her small chest with an arm and looked at the woman. In a moment of weakness, she spilled the entire story, telling this stranger about her problems and the hatred her family showed her.

“Oh you poor child, this just won’t do.” She took off her over coat and wrapped Cinderella in it. “Keep this and maybe your life will improve soon. Wear it when you can.” The old woman frowned deeply, but unable to do more for now, left the estate grounds and disappeared around a corner.

When the family returned, Cinderella was cleaning Jack’s room. Having hidden the coat once inside, she was naked still. She was bent over, tucking the sheets under the bed, when Jack walked in. She had heard his boots, but knew if she didn’t finish, she would be punished.

She was tucking in the last of the sheet when one of his hands came down on her exposed ass. She cried out, gripping the bed. One of his hand pressed on her back, keeping her against the bed, bent over. She wondered for a moment why she was being punished, but when she felt his fingers slide between her thighs, she knew it wasn’t punishment he was after.

Cinderella’s grip on the sheets undid some of her hard work. She knew the rest of the family would do nothing to help, so she remained silent as his hand started to rub her pussy. She felt his rough fingers prodding her like an animal, not caring if she enjoyed what he was doing.

Long ago she had refused to cry in front of them, and kept that up now even as he pushed a finger into her. Her hands clung to the bed as he roughly fingered her pussy, playing with her like his own toy.

She felt him pull his fingers out and slap her ass again. He undid his pants and she dared a look back. His cock was large and she feared what was to come next. Jack was lining himself up when Miranda walked in. She was wearing a new dress, her graying black hair done up for the party.

“Boy, stop playing and get dressed. The Ball is in an hour and you aren’t in your xslot new suit yet.” She shook her head and walked out of the room. Jack growled and slapped Cinderella’s ass again. “Tonight, you’ll be raw by the time I’m done with you.” He pushed her out of his room and started to change clothes for the party.

While the family was gone, Cinderella sat in her room crying. She had the old woman’s coat wrapped around her tight. While clutching to its soft fabric she prayed for rescue from her hell. She sat there for hours, repeating it over and over, hugging the coat to her like a life raft.

She was still in bed when the three returned from the Ball. She could tell they were angry by the way they slammed the front door. “Where the hell is she? No dinner for her loving family?” She was sure they had food at the Ball, but any excuse to be angry with her and the brothers would take it.

Cinderella heard all three storm up stairs. Miranda’s voice was the first she heard outside her door. “That stuck up bitch rejecting both of my perfect boys. Leaving them upset and frustrated. What will they do now?”

The door to Cinderella’s room burst open and both brothers walked in. Bruce ripped the coat away from her. “Where did you get this? A thief now?” He grabbed her and pulled her off the bed, her ass hitting the floor. “I guess we’ll have to teach you a few lessons tonight.”

She watched in horror as both the men in front of her began to strip. Naked on the floor, she refused to look up at the two large men standing over her, both of them already hard. She knew tonight would make the rest of their stay here look like happy memories.

Bruce grabbed her by the hair and had already put the tip of his cock into her mouth when they heard a pounding on the front door. Knowing mother would make them get it anyway, Bruce pushed Jack toward the hallway.

Jack huffed in anger at having to put his pants back on and walked down stairs. Bruce turned his attention back to Cinderella and pushed his cock down her throat, a loud moan leaving his lips. He was to focused on the feeling of have his cock in a woman’s mouth to notice something very important.

Cinderella heard more than one set of boots coming up the stairs, meaning Jack wasn’t alone. She felt the grip on her hair suddenly slack and when she looked up, there was a bloody sword sticking out of his chest. The now dead Bruce was pulled away from her and she doubled over, taking a deep breath, spitting onto the floor.

When she looked up, she saw soldiers from the castle. They moved back from the door and in walked the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. She heard a couple men head upstairs followed by the sounds of a struggle but she couldn’t seem to care about that right now.

The beautiful woman, clearly someone important, walked over to her and knelt down. She placed a beautiful cloak over Cinderella’s shoulders and smiled at her. “Hello Cinderella. I am Princess Natalia. I was told by my oracle that I would find my future bride in this house.” She gently stood Cinderella up and looked into her eyes.

The two young women left the house with the a small squad of armored men. As they headed for the castle, fire engulfed the house, burning away Cinderella’s nightmares. She followed the princess into a carriage as the other men all mounted horses.

The long ride to the castle was full of small talk and comforting, the beautiful young princess holding her and gently playing with her soft golden hair. Cinderella could feel herself calming down and her body relaxed against her rescuer. When they reached the castle, she followed the princess inside, ignoring the looks they got from the various guards.

They went directly into a large bedroom and she looked at the princess unsure what was to happen now. She watched carefully as the coat was slid from her shoulders, leaving her naked once against. Her stance was a little awkward as she watched the princess remove her own clothes. Cinderella found herself turned on as her body came into view. Her large breasts had a little sag, a small triangle of black hair between her legs.

Natalia took Cinderella’s hand and moved them onto the large bed. They snuggled up close to each other and the princess pulled the covers over their bodies. Despite never having thought of being with a woman, she felt her body responding well to having a naked woman pressed against her.

Cinderella turned to face the princess, her small breasts pressed against Natalia’s large ones. Their soft lips met in a gentle kiss, Cinderella seeking comfort in the arms of someone that seemed to actually care about her. She could feel Natalia’s hand slide down her back and grip her ass, their kiss deepening.

Her touch wasn’t as confident as the princess’s, but she wanted to explore the person that she was to marry. Her small hands cupped one of the large breasts pressed against her. Something about her soft curves and long black hair set her body on fire. Even the princess’s tongue in her mouth was perfect.

She felt Natalia’s hand slide down her stomach, soft long fingers slipping between her wet lips. Her moans filled Natalia’s mouth, arching into her chest as soft fingers explored her pussy. The delicate fingers slipped inside her, the kiss breaking as Cinderella’s body arched in pleasure.

A knot of fire started to grow inside Cinderella’s belly, the skilled fingers inside her hitting all the right spots. The fingers inside her curved into her g-spot, a thumb pressing into her clit. So much happening at once caused the knot to explode inside her, a powerful orgasm ripping through Cinderella’s body.

This was her first real orgasm and it left her feeling dizzy and tired. She nuzzled against Natalia and smiled against her neck. “Sleep well Cinderella.” She pulled her future bride close and closed her eyes, falling asleep in each other’s arms.

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