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There were two things my father told me growing up. “Never look a gift horse in the mouth, and Age is only a state of mind.”

I had just turned forty. And though I really didn’t feel like I was “older” or slowing down in anyway, there were the telltale signs of middle age setting in. I certainly didn’t have the firm tight stomach I’d had in my early twenty’s, but I wasn’t exactly sporting a beer-gut like most men my age seemed to be doing either. There were a few streaks of gray coursing through my hair as well now, but my daughter said I looked “sexy”. And that was somewhat of a lift to my ego, especially as I had fairly recently gone through a divorce as well.

I’d managed to find a comfortable little place to live in; it certainly wasn’t extravagant, not with my wages, but it wasn’t all that bad either. And it was a clean quiet little neighborhood to boot. There was a divorcee who lived on one side of me, perhaps a few years older than I was, but not much, and she was always warm and friendly towards me. We soon established a friendly relationship together, which resulted in an occasional invitation for dinner, and as payment for her hospitality, I did odd jobs for her when she needed things done. My neighbor’s name was Jill, and she had her own hands full, as it was too, with two teenage daughters, who were also twins named Stacy and Tracy.

I’d also managed to establish a nice friendship with the neighbor who lived on the other side of me and also divorced, his name was Pete. Pete had a daughter himself; a young woman named Andrea who spent most of her time paling around with Stacy and Tracy and was nearly inseparable.

And so it was, all of us living alone, unattached, divorced, and with teenage daughters, we all had an awful lot in common. Though I certainly didn’t see my own daughter as frequently as I liked since she lived a considerable distance away with her mother, she did come to visit as often as she could, and had quickly been included in the everyday ongoing activities and adventures of the other three girls.

Although I had only moved in a couple of month’s ago, I had quickly begun to notice what appeared to be an ongoing relationship between my two neighbors, so the likelihood of pursuing anything myself with Jill was basically out of the question. The last thing I wanted to do was become involved in another very difficult situation so soon after my divorce. I wasn’t big on dating either, and didn’t do the bar scene. So as it was, I had pretty much established a self-pleasured relationship, and was content to let it go at that for a period of time anyway.

There was one thing I didn’t have that my neighbors did. Someone to help me do some light house cleaning. I was great in the yard, and around the house, but when it came to doing things inside, I was a bit of a slob. Jill had teased me about this a couple of times when she had come over for a visit. My place never was very neat or tidy the way hers was, but of course, she did have two teenage daughters to lend her a hand doing it too! And of course Pete had the same kind of help with Andrea. At Jill’s suggestion, I did speak with Tracy and Stacy about paying them (what I could afford) to come in and clean for me once a week. Nothing heavy duty of course, I’d still do my own laundry and such, but helping me out around the house. To my surprise, they both seemed quite eager to help me out with that, and I gave Jill a bottle of wine that she and I as well as Pete drank down to celebrate with.

Watching Jill and Pete teasing and flirting with one another that evening after we’d drunk all the wine, reminded me just how lonely I really was. If the two of them hadn’t been at my house, I would have left the two of them alone a long time ago. Eventually they did leave together, and it mattered not to me whose house it was they went to. I soon after went to bed, and though it was still early for a Friday night, I had a long ‘yard’ day ahead of me tomorrow, plus the girls were coming over to help me clean.

I had nearly gotten to sleep when the sounds of laughter filled my ears waking me back up. The noise was coming from Jill’s place, and by the sounds of it, the girls were out in the backyard doing something. One of my bedroom windows faced her back yard, so without turning on the light, I went over to the window with the intent of yelling out to them to tone it down. What I saw stopped me cold.

Stacy and Tracy were of course identical twins. Maybe their mother could tell them a part, but I couldn’t. And I briefly wondered if they were identical in every minute detail. Each of the girls had long dark brown hair that was identically styled and fell well below their shoulders. Brown eyes, with full pouty lips gave each of the girls a mature womanliness that far exceeded their young years; not to mention full well rounded breasts that threatened to bust out, (pardon the pun) of every single piece of clothing they owned. They were tall too, easily standing 5’9″ or so, though there was some argument between them over Stacy being the younger, was taller than her sister by half and inch. You couldn’t güvenilir bahis tell it by me either way. Andrea on the other hand, though shorter as well as a year or so older than the twins, had a much younger look even than they did. She had short-cropped coal black hair, and piercing blue eyes to match. They looked like a trio of Salt and Peppershakers as they jumped up and down on the giant trampoline in their backyard. The twins were already a deep golden brown from tanning day in and day out, as opposed to Andrea’s almost alabaster white colored skin. With her dark hair, she was a contrast in and of herself, but standing next to either one of the twins, it was even more remarkable. I had jokingly called them an Oreo cookie when I’d first seen them together.

And it was seeing them now that nearly froze me in place as well. Watching them bouncing and jumping up and down was interesting enough. But the fact they were all just wearing short little nightgowns was an added attraction. Initially, I felt a little self-conscious about standing there in the dark spying on them. But hell, they were certainly old enough, and there was nothing wrong with enjoying a little displayed beauty now was there? Really?

I was surprised to see the twins weren’t wearing identical nightgowns, they tended to wear matching clothing during the day most of the times, but I think that was primarily for show more than anything else. They enjoyed showing off their ‘twin-ness’. As it was Stacy (or perhaps Tracy) was jumping up and down on the trampoline at the moment while the other two girls waited their turns and watched. She was wearing a pale pink ‘Teddy’ that was fairly sheer looking, even from my window, easily enough to see the dark colored ‘dots’, which even at this distance, I knew had to be her nipples. But more importantly, as she continued the bounce, jumping higher and higher with each successful jump, her top was reaching the verge of lifting up off the top of her breasts all together. And it was again with some modem of decency that I considered turning away and going back to bed.

Stacy or Tracy, soon got off the tramp however, and I watched Andrea climb on, and I knew I wasn’t going anywhere. She glanced around once…quickly, and simply removed the top of her black near satiny colored night-ware, and began jumping in much the same manner, as had one of the twins. Watching Andrea jumping, bare, her near-white breasts bouncing up and down as she did was something I couldn’t quite tear my eyes away from. Her own very dark, very large areolas were one more thing that made an interesting stark contrast against her pale-pink, near white skin coloring. And watching her young breasts as she skyrocketed up into the air, hitting the apex, and watching each one of them seemingly float up off her chest was strangely arousing anyway. And so I stood there, continuing to watch, and without realizing it really, began sporting a very aroused erection a few moments later.

The girls were of course still laughing and giggling, and though I could not with a great deal of clarity hear what it was that they were saying, picked out a few words that did suggest they were also commenting on Andrea’s wildly rotating floating boobs. It seemed to have become a game for them, as moments later when Andrea finally stopped bouncing, Stacy or Tracy, but whoever was wearing the blue silk Pajama suit, also removed her top and began the game all over again. With much larger breasts than Andrea’s, though she certainly had nothing to complain about in that department, one of the twins, and I decided it must be Tracy for some reason, began her turn at jumping, and now flipping over in the air. And I was interested in watching, if for no other reason than to see if Stacy took another turn, and might then reveal if their “twin-ness” also included in exquisite detail, matching breasts as well.

I never got a chance to actually find out though, as Jill had returned home and moments later appeared at the back door, chastising the girls for making too much noise, and even pointed over towards my place. I backed away, far away from the bedroom window, though I doubted highly anyone could have seen me, or realized I had indeed been standing there. Still, it unnerved me a little bit that it might be considered I had been standing there watching the girls, and I quickly retired back to my bed. But I was more wide-awake now than ever and still aching with need from a very aroused, very stiff near painful erection.

I was human after all, and it had been quite a while since I had even been with a woman. And so with lusty thoughts of three pairs of beautiful young boobs bouncing in the air, I relieved myself pleasurably so, and drifted off to a most enjoyable sleep afterwards.

I vaguely remember hearing someone knocking at the door downstairs, but as I was in the space of still being half-asleep and half-awake, I chose to remain in the latter. I had also grown up in a small town, and so wasn’t in the habit of locking my doors either. If I happened to think about it, I did. But if I forgot to do it, I didn’t worry about it. türkçe bahis And so it was in the next minute, I heard as well as felt the twins come in and jump on the bed trying to rouse me from sleep. Though I was now awake, I feigned sleeping as the giddiness of the twins became almost intoxicating. Hearing them laughing and quietly teasing one another back and forth, I was content to go along with the game until one of them suddenly attempted to pull down the covers in order to pull me out of bed. Only then did I remember I had gone to bed (afterwards) totally naked. And worse, I had no idea what the sheets might actually look like either!

“Ok. Ok!” I relented. “Let me get up then…without your help,” I added.

Obviously the girls knew I had nothing on. “You get five minutes!” I think it was Tracy that warned me, “And then naked or not, we starting cleaning your room!”

They scurried out of my bedroom, and I took very seriously their threat, quickly grabbing a clean pair of underwear from the dresser drawer, as well as a pair of shorts to work outside in the yard in. Normally I would shower and shave, so after a quick trip to the bathroom, I headed downstairs to make some coffee, after which I would head outside to work. Later, much later, I’d get that shower and shave in.

As I worked outside, the twins busied themselves working and cleaning inside. I finished a couple of hours later, and headed back inside the house in order to take my shower. Covered with dirt grime and sweat, I was in desperate need of doing just that. Although Tracy…perhaps Stacy as they were once again wearing identical clothing, was finishing up in the kitchen as I passed, turned smiling and waved at me as I headed up the stairs, though said nothing to me. I had no clue where her sister was, but figured she was most likely off cleaning somewhere else anyway. I started the shower, made sure it was nice and hot and began scrubbing myself up. I’d just finished shampooing my hair and was standing beneath the spray rinsing when I felt a soft pair of hands suddenly reach around behind me grabbing my cock.

“What the?” I almost screamed out loud.

“Hi,” One of the twins said sweetly, innocently, as though being in the shower with me was the most natural thing in the world to be doing.

“Stacy!” I exclaimed, she smiled but said nothing.

“Tracy?” I questioned this time, again she merely stood smiling.

“Whoever, whichever one you are, what the hell do you think your doing?”

“Cleaning,” she said simply, soaping my cock.

I still had soap in my hair, and it was now running down into my face stinging my eyes. I leaned back to rinse it out, and she took that moment to drop down onto her knees in the bathtub and expertly began sucking my cock. The moment her lips engulfed me, I nearly fell down in the tub slipping in a half-assed effort to pull away from her, but she held me inside her mouth with a vise-like grip suctioning me, her hands likewise wrapping around me and digging into the backside of my ass.

“Damn! Her mouth felt good, and it had been so long!” I found myself thinking, trying to reason, and trying to justify her being here. But it was wrong. Way wrong.

“Your sister,” it was a weak excuse I know, but with my cock sliding in and out of her mouth, one hand cupping my balls, another massaging my ass, it was about all I could come up with.

She quit sucking and licking me long enough to respond to me. “She’ll be with us in a minute,” she stated, a giggle in her tone even as she continued kneeling and sucking my shaft.

“That’s not what I meant!” I stated somewhat more forcefully, but there wasn’t any action on my part to back up the implied indignation. I continued to stand there, knees growing weaker by the moment, cock growing stiffer.

“Hi!” The other twin said, now joining us and stepping into the suddenly crowded shower.

Seeing the ‘girls’ up close and personal like this was admittedly a treat. And one that was becoming harder and harder to try and ignore. And that being in more ways than one. I decided that it had to be Tracy that was sucking me. For no other reason than at least to give a semi-permanent name to one of them anyway. Her tongue, her sucking, her fondling of my balls had wrestled away the last vestiges of protest that I had remaining. And now standing there eyeing Stacy’s beautiful perky young breasts was the straw that broke the camels back. I reached out, and immediately cupped each one of them in my hands and began running my thumbs over her hard erect little nipples. Though I had gotten a brief glimpse of her breasts, one of the twin’s breasts anyway, I only now truly and fully appreciated how beautiful they were. Each was about the size of a nice firm grapefruit, and as I stood toying with her nipples and sliding my hand over the soft smooth skin, I once again began to wonder if I would be able to notice any subtle differences between the two girls. As though she’d read my mind, and maybe since they were twins who did seem to know what the other one was thinking somehow, maybe she had in fact. Suddenly Tracy güvenilir bahis siteleri stood up and pointed to a tiny little dot, hardly a freckle even on her left breast.

“That’s how you’ll know how to tell us apart,” she said. “She doesn’t have one here.”

Stacy had by now knelt down, taking over for her sister. They were definitely “twins” in that department too. Her tonguing of me felt nearly identical to the one I had been enjoying from her sister, and I half wondered where…who…they had gotten their experience from.

Looking at her tits I studied them briefly, and she was right. Except for that tiniest of marks, I could not tell the difference in either size or shape of their breasts, perhaps seeing them standing side by side might help. As good as things were feeling, I somehow managed to convince Stacy to stand up next to her sister. I put the two of them side by side under the spray of the shower then, stepped back and began to examine them seriously. As hard as I tried however, except for that one tiny little dot, there was absolutely no difference between the two young women that I could find. I even asked them to twirl around for me, which was like watching someone in a mirror as they both turned in unison in opposite directions at exactly the same time.

“It is a little crowded in here,” I stated then, “Lets move into the bedroom!”

“We can’t!’ Words spoken exactly together instantaneously. Stacy, perhaps really Tracy, turned smiling and laughed at her sister. “That happens a lot!” She said, and then continued just as quickly. “Mom will start to wonder why we aren’t done yet!”

“Yes. And she might come over looking for us!” The other twin added.

Hearing that, brought me out of my lustful fugue, and as stiff as my cock was, it softened slightly.

“You go and head mom off just in case,” one of the girls said. “We can’t be that mean and leave him hanging like this!” As though for emphasis, she once again reached down grasping my cock, and it was immediately back to its full hardness. As one of the girls stepped out, hurriedly dried off and redressed, the other was once again down on her knees taking up where ‘they’ had left off.

I decided this time it was Stacy as her sweet tongue once again began to dance and play on the surface of my prick.

“Tonight?” She said, somewhat difficult to understand as she’d spoken the question with a mouth full of my dick so that it had sounded like she’d said “Doughnut”.

“What’d you say?” I questioned her, wishing almost immediately that I hadn’t as she then removed her mouth from around my prick, though thankfully not her hand and continued to keep stroking me at least.

“Tonight. After everyone’s gone to sleep. We’ll sneak over and slip into bed with you.”

“Ah Stacy,” I said, taking a stab in the dark here, though she didn’t respond one way or the other. “I’m not sure that’s a smart move. We really shouldn’t be,” and then she went back to sucking, and jacking my cock off in a wonderfully smooth, extremely pleasurable way.

“Ah fuck. What the hell, why not?” I said to myself. “It had been a long time. A very, very long time!”

I felt the sperm bubbling up inside my balls, and thought at least to give her a warning of my impending orgasm. Telling her that I was close, and about to cum, she simply murmured her agreement with that, lips still wrapped around me, still sucking, if not more hungrily so. Taking that as her ascension to “allow” myself, I felt the first hard-felt ejaculation explode from the tip of my cock, filling her mouth. This of course, quickly followed by a second, third, and forth ejaculate, and I was wondering if I would gag her, as I knew I had filled her mouth with a fairly large load of my cream. A small portion of it seemed to drool from the corner of her mouth, and she did swallow a “little” of it I guessed, but it was now obvious to me, she had not swallowed all of it. And I wondered briefly if she was now going to spit it out or what. She laughed, almost choked, threw her head back so she could talk without swallowing and gurgled nearly when she spoke.

“Promised sis I’d save her some!”

I watched her dress then, quickly. And she raced down stairs to go meet up with her sister to go do god knows what with my cum. Only then I began to wonder what kind of a Pandora’s Box I had opened here, and regretted briefly to having agreed to allow the two of them to come join me in bed tonight.

As I began drying myself off, only then did I realize that I still didn’t know which girl was which. Neither one of them had said “who” it was that had the freckle, only that that was the only difference between them. I had to laugh to myself, they’d still managed to keep me in the dark as to their true identities and I could only imagine the ‘games’ these two might come up with later. I did feel a little guilty about it though, and wondered if I’d have difficulty in facing Jill later. Walking away from a little taste of heaven wasn’t something I was quite prepared to give up however. Perhaps afterwards, I could convince the girls that it had been “fun” and all that, but for practical, obvious reasons, it would have to be a one-time thing. Having considered that, and satisfied with my justification and reasoning, I began looking forward towards the evening.

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