Truth or Treat

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Asa Akira

© 2000-2001 JW Omnimedia. All Rights Reserved.

Andrea Donovan was not too thrilled with her husband Seth at the moment. He had accepted the invitation to Jared Devlin’s Halloween party without even asking her. Part of the reason was probably because he knew that she didn’t like Jared all that much and that if he’d asked first she would have said no, or at least argued about it for a while. In fact, it seemed that they were doing a little too much arguing and too little lovemaking. Both in their early thirties and in their eighth year of marriage, their lives had settled down into a bit of a routine. It wasn’t that Andrea didn’t find her husband attractive. She thought Seth was just as sexy as when they’d met. He wasn’t overly tall, about five foot ten, but he kept in shape by hitting the gym three mornings before work and playing softball in the spring. He still had all of his thick brown hair, although he did bitch about occasionally finding a gray one. And when he turned those steel gray eyes on her Andrea Donovan still felt a tingle all the way down to her toes. It was just that things chill a little over eight years of marriage.

With all that in mind, Andrea took special care in selecting her costume for the party. She figured that with the right costume she could encourage her husband to leave early and to make love to her the way she longed for it. Once or twice a week just wasn’t enough for Andrea. She’d always had a strong sex drive and what they said about women hitting their sexual peek later must be true, she thought, because she could swear she’d only gotten hornier as she’d gotten older. So after hitting all the shops at the mall Andrea finally found the perfect costume on the Internet. She just had to hope it fit because by the time it arrived there wouldn’t be time to return it.

Seth Donovan knew his wife was up to something. She’d insisted that they keep their Halloween costumes a secret from each other. It made him feel like a kid going trick or treating again, only this time he knew he’d be getting something much better than a Baby Ruth or Good n Plenty. Knowing his wife the way he did Seth pictured something that would make his cock ache. He knew that Andrea and he hadn’t been making love often enough to suit her lately and he was sorry about that. Hey, he wanted it more too, but it seemed like he worked from dawn til dusk and a lot of the time he just wasn’t in the mood. He knew this Saturday after the party would be his big chance to make all that up to Andrea. For his part, Seth decided to go as a pirate, so he found a shirt with billowy sleeves and wore black pants, which he tucked into the high boots he usually wore when he rode his motorcycle. A bandana on his head and a patch over his eye completed the outfit. He even managed to borrow a sword from a guy a work, with the promise he wouldn’t let anything happen to it. All that was left was to practice his “Arrggg” in the mirror.

When Andrea came into the kitchen, Seth almost dropped the bottle of rum he was holding. He thought maybe the eye patch was doing something funny to his eyes because that couldn’t be his wife standing there. Andrea was dressed like a genie from a bottle, wearing billowy, diaphanous white harem pants that showed she was wearing very tiny white lace panties, and an almost-as-see-through white halter with billowed sleeves. Seth didn’t think Andrea was wearing a bra and when she moved, if the light struck right, he could see her pale nipples through the halter-top. Her long, blond hair was pulled back into a ponytail and her make-up was perfect. Her spiked heels made her as tall as Seth was.

“Well,” Andrea asked when Seth didn’t say anything, then did a little spin. She could tell, however, from the look on his face exactly what he thought. It also occurred to her that another part of Seth’s body would be telling her too if his pants weren’t so baggy.

Seth still couldn’t speak. Fortunately he wasn’t one of those guys who freaked out if his wife tried to look sexy around other men. For all he cared, every other guy at that party could eat his heart out, because Andrea would be going home with him. And every other guy would certainly be eating his heart out. The halter cut off right below his wife’s breasts, which were a still firm 36C, with long, pale nipples. Her stomach was as flat was when she was sixteen, and although her thighs were not quite as firm as when she was a teenager, Andrea had great legs. She was the type of woman that other women hated because she kept her figure with a minimum of effort, just eating right and having a job that kept her active. Seth knew his wife had a great body, especially when he checked out the bodies on some of his friends’ wives, he was just surprised she would go out in something like that. Andrea wasn’t exactly conservative, she could dress as sexily as the next woman, but she wasn’t a show-off either. She rarely even wore a bikini, thinking her hips were bigger than they were. But this outfit was, well…

“I, I’m bahis firmaları not… You look incredible. I’m just surprised…” Seth managed to get out.

Andrea pressed up against her husband and lightly brushed his lips with hers. “I was feeling kind of playful when I picked this out and I thought you might like it.” She cupped his crotch in her hand and felt Seth’s seven and a half inches standing at full attention. That made her pussy tingle and she momentarily thought of taking him right there, but then thought it would be better if she made him wait.

“Hmm, baby,” Seth whispered as his wife massaged him through his pants. He put the bottle on the counter and wrapped his arms around his wife. He reached for her ass and the materiel that barely covered it felt thin as a sheet of as tissue paper. Andrea’s panties barely covered her ass and Seth kneaded her cheeks, knowing how much she loved that. He also nibbled her neck, something else that made Andrea crazy. “You know, that outfit doesn’t leave much to the imagination,” he whispered.

“Does that bother you, honey?” Andrea asked, enjoying the attention Seth gave her. “Think some guys might be checking me out?”

Seth’s hand brushed her breast. “I don’t think they could help it. I couldn’t.”

“That doesn’t bother you, does it?” Andrea asked playfully.

“I think I kind of like it. As long as I know who’s bed you’ll end up in.”

“You don’t need to worry about that, honey,” Andrea said. When Seth tried to kiss her, she turned her head. “Uh-un, we need to leave soon and you can’t mess up my make-up…yet.”

Actually, the costume was much more sheer that it appeared to be in the picture she saw on the web. But it arrived too late for her to send it back, so Andrea knew she had to make do. It wasn’t cheap, so she wasn’t going to trash it. She played it off all kittenish to her husband, but Andrea was pretty self conscious about wearing the barely-there outfit in public. She did try on a strapless bra beneath the top, but it just didn’t look right. Likewise, only the tiny lace panties looked right under the bottoms. Andrea told herself she just had to suck it up and enjoy herself. And truth be told, the idea of the other husbands and boyfriends checking her out did turn Andrea on just a little.

By the time Andrea and Seth got there the party was jumping. It was mostly couples, with a few single guys there, probably twenty-five to thirty people in all, which was a lot for the small house. By the time they got there Andrea was even more nervous than she’d thought she would be and she headed right for the party ball, filling a large plastic cup of beer for herself. As she stood there waiting for Seth to catch up with her, Andrea caught a couple guys checking her out, which made her more uncomfortable and she down the first beer and got herself another. The fact that it was chilly outside hadn’t helped and the short dash from the car to the house had left Andrea’s nipples standing through the thin fabric of her halter. When her husband reached her, Andrea was going for her third beer.

“Hey, you okay?” Seth asked, seeing the look on his wife’s face.

“Yes, I’m fine, really.” Andrea reassured him.

Seth gave his wife a hug and a kiss just as their host arrived, pushing through the crowd. Jared Devlin seemed oblivious to the fact that Andrea didn’t like him. He kissed her cheek and gave her a hug, a little too long of a hug, Andrea thought. Jared was dressed like a Scottish Highlander, yards of tartan fabric wrapped around his hulking frame. Jared wasn’t a bad looking guy. His dark hair had started to thin and he had the large frame of a man who’d been an athlete, probably a football player, when he was younger and was slowly going out of shape. But Andrea did have to admit, even with his large, hairy chest exposed, Jared didn’t look half bad. Jared’s eyes just ate her up and Andrea suddenly wished she were in an overcoat.

Even when she was fully dressed, even if his wife were right there, Jared always had a way of making Andrea feel uncomfortable. And Seth had been friends with Jared for so long he seemed oblivious to the whole thing. On more than one occasion she’d narrowly avoided Jared copping a feel. She would have said something, but Andrea didn’t want to turn Seth against one of his oldest friends. A lot of Seth’s old friends were like that, not people Andrea would have hung out with, bit then she knew that her longtime friends bored Seth to tears. Fortunately they’d worked out a nice compromise over the years.

“Wow, nice outfit, Andi,” Jared whistled. “If we had a contest, I know who’d get my vote.”

Dick, Andrea thought. She hated being called Andi, but she’d given up telling Jared that years ago. “Thank you, Jared,” she replied, a little icily.

“You have to promise me a dance later,” Jared said, leering, and Andrea could tell he could see her nipples through the top. It took an effort to not cover up.

Before Andrea could say no, Seth jumped in. “Of course kaçak iddaa she will. What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t let you dance with my sexy wife?”

Andrea took the bottle of run from Seth and told him that she’d take it into the kitchen and mix them some rum and cokes. It was as good an excuse as any to get away and she knew the extra alcohol would come in handy. She already felt a little heady from the beers she’d knocked back. In the kitchen, Andrea ran into Jared’s wife, Maria.

Maria Devlin was not a tall woman, and seemed even shorter since she was barefoot and Andrea was in heels. Maria was going for a cavewoman look, which she’d accomplished by stretching a flimsy, jagged cut piece of cloth across herself. Maria had a nice body and Andrea thought she looked great. Maria had dark Italian features and had just a little tummy of baby fat. Her jet black hair fell almost to her waist and her plump breasts threatened to burst out of the costume she wore. Maria’s breasts were at least a cup size larger than Andrea’s and it didn’t look like Jared’s wife was wearing a bra either. Maria was a few years younger than Andrea and had the sort of striking features that turn heads. They usually turned Seth’s head, although the poor fool thought he was being subtle and Andrea was just a little jealous of that.

“Hi, Andi,” Maria said when she saw Andrea.

“Hi Maria,” Andrea replied. They engaged in girl talk while they both made drinks. Andrea mixed hers a little heavy and the first sip actually made her flinch a little. But that was alright. Andrea liked tying one on every once in a while and she knew she was safe doing it as long as her husband was around.

The party was so loud Seth thought the neighbors might call the cops. But then, he and his friends had always thrown wild parties. He was glad to see that Andrea was unwinding, although he could tell she was becoming quite drunk and he knew he’d have to keep an eye on her. He didn’t trust some of the rat bastard guys there not to cop a feel, although he figured as long as they kept it to that he couldn’t complain too much. Andrea looked hot, even hotter than he’d first thought. Every guy in the house was checking her out that only made Seth want his wife more. He was going to go over to her when someone grabbed him by the arm and spun Seth around.

“Hey, stranger, we’re you going to avoid me all night?” Maria asked, smiling.

“I wasn’t avoiding you at all.” Seth laughed, trying to keep his eyes above Maria’s neck. Her black eyes glinted at him.

“I hope not, you know I always look forward to seeing you. What are you waiting for, ask me to dance.” Instead of waiting for him to ask, Maria just grabbed Seth by the hand.

The Devlin’s house wasn’t too big, so the area left to dance was pretty small. The dining room table had been pushed to one side, and several couples were already dancing, although dancing might not have been the word for it. It was more of a rhythmic grinding. Some of the couples were going pretty far too, as Seth saw some hands slipping to places they shouldn’t have been. Maria held him close and Seth could feel her grinding all those sexy curves against him. He was a little tipsy himself and started to get into it, grinding right back at her. With sudden embarrassment, Seth realized he was getting aroused and hoped that Maria couldn’t feel it. He didn’t want his best friend’s wife to know she was giving him a hard-on.

While Seth was dancing with Maria he glanced over and saw Andrea up dancing with another of his friends, Jeff. Jeff was known as a womanizer, but Seth was still surprised he would be that blatant. Jeff’s girlfriend was at the party somewhere and Jeff knew that Seth was there, but Jeff’s hands were all over Andrea. He’d put his hands on Andrea’s ass and she’d move them up, although not until she’d let them stay for a few minutes. Seth knew his wife had to be plastered if she was letting that go on. Much as he hated to leave Maria, Seth knew he should go over and cut in, but then he saw Jared next to his wife and Jeff. Jared stepped between Jeff and Andrea and put an arm around Seth’s wife, guiding her over to her husband. Seth could see his wife was having a little trouble walking.

“I think Andi here’s had a bit too much,” Jared chuckled.

Seth could see that and although it wasn’t very late he knew he should take her home, especially if he wanted to get laid. In another hour or so she’d be out for the night. But he was having a great time and didn’t want to leave quite yet.

Maria must have seen the conflict in Seth’s face because she suggested, “Why don’t you let her lay down on our bed for an hour or so and sober up?”

“What do you think, Andi? Could you use a little nap?” Jared asked the woman he was supporting.

Andrea giggled and said, “Maybe.” She had no idea how she’d gotten so drunk, but she had. The alcohol sent a warm feeling through her whole body and was making her more than a little horny. What she really wanted kaçak bahis was for Seth to take her home and make love to her, but he didn’t seem ready to leave.

“Let me help you get her upstairs, looks like she might not make it on her own.” Seth said.

Jared clapped his friend on the back and said, “Nah, you stay and have fun, I can handle Andi.”

Andrea had the vague feeling of being lifted off her feet as Jared carried her up the stairs. She wasn’t sure, but it felt like his hands kept slipping over her breasts. But the way she was feeling she didn’t mind so much. A door was swung open and she was laid down on a bed. He was saying something, but Andrea couldn’t quite make it out. Even upstairs she could still feel the bass of the music thumping through her. Andrea heard Jared say something like, “It slipped,” or something like that and she was dimly aware of a cool breeze making her nipples stiffen. Jared was murmuring something else, but Andrea wasn’t really paying attention. The pressure on her nipples felt very nice. It felt like something, or someone, was pinching them, but that didn’t make any sense because she’d left Seth downstairs. Next Andrea felt something pressing, and then squeezing her pussy and a little moan slipped from her lips. She pressed back against the pressure, but then there was a louder noise and the sensation was gone. Andrea heard the door close and she was in darkness. In another two or three minutes she was passed out.

Andrea rolled over and her eyes opened. It was dark, but she could make out enough to tell she wasn’t in her bedroom. She felt kind of stiff as she sat up and tried to figure out where she was. It came back in bits and pieces, the party, being nervous and drinking too much. She could only just remember coming upstairs. She couldn’t hear the music anymore so she knew it must have been late. She still felt kind of funny and knew she was still kind of drunk, although not like she had been. And then she noticed that the halter of her costume was pushed up, exposing her breasts. Andrea panicked for a second. How did that happen? Did Seth come up and she didn’t remember it? Or had someone else been in there? It was possible that moving around in her sleep the halter had ridden up, but it had tight elastic at the bottom and it wasn’t very likely, but to make herself feel better that’s what Andrea told herself happened. Since the alcohol hadn’t completely worn off Andrea was still feeling a little horny. She figured she’d go downstairs, find her husband, and whisk him off to bed.

The last stragglers had gone home about forty-five minutes ago, leaving Seth to help Jared and Maria to clean up. They didn’t get very far, though, and were soon sitting in the living room, bullshitting. Jared and Maria were on the couch while Seth was on the floor in front of them. The party had been great, Seth couldn’t remember that last time he’d had so much fun. And dancing with Maria had been one of the highlights. He didn’t get to go out and cut loose nearly as much as he would have liked.

Seth had to keep careful attention to keep from staring at Maria. The way she sat on the couch he could see right up her costume and there were no panties to block his view of her pretty little pink cunt. Almost all the hair was shaved off, leaving just a little tuft above it. Seth couldn’t believe she was sitting like that, but he didn’t say anything. He just stole a glance every chance he could. His cock throbbed in his pants.

There was a noise and Seth saw his wife coming down the stairs. She was still a little wobbly, but she looked much better than when Jared had taken her upstairs. Seth had almost forgotten than Andrea was up there. He figured she’d probably want to go home now. And the way he was feeling he couldn’t wait to get her alone.

“Hey Andi, come on and join us,” Maria said when she spotted the blond.

Seth took Andrea’s hand helped her sit on the floor beside him. “What are you guys up to?” She asked.

“Nothing, just chit-chat,” Seth said, giving his wife a kiss. The kiss turned into more than a peck until Jared said, “Hey you guys, go upstairs if you’re going to do that.” Both the Donovans were tempted to take him up on that.

“Did I miss all the fun?” Andrea asked.

“There’s no reason four can’t party.” Jared said.

“What time is it?” Andrea asked.

“Three-thirty, I think. Does that matter?” Maria said.

“No, guess not. Hey, I feel great, just had a nap,” Andrea said.

“Okay then, what are we going to do?” Jared asked.

“We could play Strip Poker, but I think with what Andi and I are wearing it would be a short game. I know I’m not that good a poker player,” Maria laughed.

“Hey, the eye patch counts!” Seth added.

“No, I have too little to lose,” Andrea said.

“Besides, what are we, back in high school?” Jared said.

“Well, while you guys figure it out I am going to get something else to drink.”

It only took a couple minutes for Andrea to mix herself a drink from what was left in the run bottle and return to the living room. When she did, Jared announced, “We’re going to play Truth or Treat. It’s actually Truth or Dare, but this is a Halloween party.”

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