Tropical Family BBQ part1

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I have to say; I’m a pretty lucky bloke.

My parents are very well off, to the point where my brother and I both have our own houses on the central family estate.

I had only turned eighteen a couple of months ago, and my brother just turned twenty-two.

My parents had married exceptionally early, considering this, Mom is still only thirty-nine and dad only forty.

Mom was of Scandinavian descent had long flame-red hair whereas dad had brunette hair and was only the tiniest bit shorter than her.

This left my brother and me with rusty, dirty blonde hair, and a stocky average looking build.


Sometimes living in the tropics just suuuuuucks, for example.

One Friday afternoon I was feeling the heat so much that I decided to come home early instead of heading off into town to get pissed with my mates, like usual.

It had been an unusually tropical mid summer’s day at the building site, and I just couldn’t be fucked dealing with all the shouting over the club music for the next couple of hours.

As I pulled up into the driveway, I could hear laughter coming from inside the main house, so I decided to go in and see what all the fuss was all about.

Walking into the entertainment room, I saw Mom, dad, and my older brother Steve, as well as my dad’s other mate Travis, sitting around on the couches, a couple of beers deep already.

I grabbed a beer and plonked myself down on the couch next to Steve.

This looked a lot tamer than the crowd in town tonight, thank god.

Dad gave me an appraising look as I settled down on the couch before whispering into moms ear; all she did was smirk.

We sat around for at least another hour or so, drinking just enough to beat the heat on account of the broken air conditioner.

Mom got up and excused herself; she said she was getting about ready for bed. Fifteen minutes later, dad stood up again and looked around at us before turning the music down.

“Now you guys know why your here” he began, then his eyes slid over to me, “well, most of you anyway. So anyway, everybody finish your drinks, and prepare for the main event.”

By this time, I was starting to get a little confused.

So I looked around and noticed that Steve and Travis

Had stood up already and were chugging hard and fast before rubbing their hands together in anticipation, big smiles appearing on there faces.

I figured something good must be coming soon, So I had better do the same.

“Don’t worry bro?” said Steve, grinning at me, as I chugged my beer, “your gonna love this.”

Dad turned up the music again to about house party volume and walked over to the big Oaken double doors at the front entrance and opened them wide.

In the gloom, I could only just make out a shadowy figure standing in the centre of the doorway, but as my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I started to make out the sexy hourglass curves lining the body beneath her loose, flowing, dressing gown.

I was instantly drawn toward her hips, curving round in all the right places but still big enough to get a good wobble going when twerking.

Attached to them were two hard, toned thighs that she could only have achieved by doing ‘leg day’ at least twice a week.

Above her hips was a sculpted thin waist leading into two massive, but still perky, all-natural tits that I guessed were about 34-36 DD.

By this point, I was fully erect, how could I not be with this fantastic apparition, and that’s when the gorgeous figure stepped out into the light only to give me the biggest shock of my life.

The face attached to this luscious body was that of my very own Mother!

I stood frozen in place as Mom disrobed, leaving her wearing nothing but a tight black lace thong pulled high above both hips and an almost transparent, sexy, black, lace, bra.

She steadily made her way into the middle of the room; her body, glistening with sweat in the tropical air.

“Okay, Justin, I’m sure you have a few questions,” my dad addressed me.

Mom stood in the middle of the room, staring mutely at the wall.

She was in an almost meditative state and didn’t even acknowledge my presence.

“Wh-whats going on here?” I probed, my eyes sliding from my Mother’s lustful form to my fathers face as I finally broke free of the spell her sensuous kocaeli escort shape had over me.

That was when I realised how wrong the thoughts travelling through my head actually we’re. ‘No! not my own mother, anyone but her!’ I thought.

“I suppose if you want to put a name on it, you could call this your initiation” dad began, “your older brother went through a similar experience when he turned eighteen as well. Although tonight is going to be slightly different, your Mother is hoping for a very unique outcome.”

At that point, a frightened expression quickly flickered across moms face as she turned, and locked eyes with me, a sad smile on her lips.

‘okay, that was odd’ i thought.

Looking around, I noticed Steve had just taken his shirt off when he yelled: “Hell yeah, mom, are you ready to get fucked senseless?”

I was doubly shocked by the fact that neither dad nor Travis did anything but laugh at this outburst.

“Okay, Justin, we’re just going to go ahead and start. Feel free to join in whenever you feel the urge” dad let me know then walked into the middle of the room, unhooked moms bra and started to kiss her passionately.

The site of moms bra sliding off to reveal her cute pink areola and nipples only strengthened my erection, despite how wrong the thought of watching my parents fuck actually was.

Then, Steve made his way in as well and getting down on two knees, he slid moms thong off and started to slowly lap at her juicy cunt.

This was soooooo bad.

My brother was actually kneeling down, just two meters away and eating out my Mom’s moist Gash, right there in front of me.

‘I have to get out of here’ i thought.

Unfortunately, I was stuck on the couch and too frightened to move for fear of showing my cock sticking up in carnal lust.

I was distracted from the sight before my eyes by Travis lifting a large king-sized mattress off one wall and dropped it on the ground next to where Dad and Steve were doing all kinds of illegal acts to my Mother.

By this time, all three of them were utterly naked, panting, and dripping with sweat.

As they laid Mom back onto the mattress, Travis had just started to take his shirt off when I heard the first moans slip out of moms throat.

“Mmmmmmff…ohhhh…yeah…eat mommies cunthole… yes…yesh!…Oh Yeah!… Yeah!, YEAH!” She spluttered as she jerked her head back off dads schlong. Her tongue began lolling about drooling as her body stiffened out and vibrated with small orgasmic seizures.

‘Oh God, I just saw my own mother cum’ I thought as I looked down in horror, only to notice that I had unconsciously put my hand down my pants and was slowly massaging my throbbing member.

It wasn’t fair, she was just so hot, though. I had never really noticed before, but seeing this had put her in a whole new light for me. GodDamn! What a sex machine!

I wanted her so bad, even though I knew it was wrong, that just made her sooooo much more fuckable!

“Justin honey, why don’t you come and join us?” Mom purred, rolling up on to her elbow and batting her eyelashes at me.

She had splayed her legs wide open, giving me a full view of her sweaty, gaping wide cunt, Her flame-red bush neatly trimmed back into a long sexy landing strip.

“Yeah come on, bro,” echoed Steve, ” my first time with mom was the best I’ve ever had.”

I was still flabbergasted, but quickly getting over it.

“Okay, everyone, stand back” dad spoke up, “the first time is always one on one.”

With that, Dad, Travis and Steve sat back down to jerk off.

Hesitantly I made my way forward, almost breaking into a run towards moms sweaty, dripping, enticing body.

I knelt down on my hands and knees at the edge of the mattress, and I felt incredibly awkward as I began crawling forward.

The aroma emanating from my Mother as I got closer was almost mouthwatering.

“M-Mom” I breathed out as she reached out her hands to slowly undo my shirt buttons.

“Yes?” she whispered, blowing into my ear in a deep sultry tone, before lowering her mouth to diddle at my nipples with the very tip of her tongue.

I nearly came right then and there, but Mom stopped licking first, before ripping my pants open and tearing off the remainder of my clothes.

“Alright, Justin,” my Mother whispered seductively into my other ear, “I want you to make deep passionate love to Mommy, and I mean it too! fuck Mommie like there’s kocaeli escort bayan not another woman on the planet.”

With this, I threw myself atop of my Mother, all the dark carnal lust, and taboo desires I had taking over me as I stuck my tongue in moms mouth, and then I guided my member into her gushing slit.

This set me up to grind at her cunt relentlessly, as I began to passionately ‘make love’ to my Mother.

The sweat poured out of me and merged with moms as our naturally lubricated bodies slid hard, against one another.

“I love you, mom” I quickly whispered before plunging my tongue back inside her mouth as I continued to ‘make love’ to My Mother more aggressively than ever before.

There was a slight rock, and then Mom rolled our sweaty forms over leaving her on top and riding me cowgirl double speed.

“that’s right Justin!… fuck your Mommy!… fuck your Mommy!… Fuck! Me!” Mom shrieked as I gripped her beautifully sculpted hip bones.

She rode me hard, as I gave her just a bit more penetration depth and driving force than she was able to achieve on her own.

Then she slowed down and bent over to ‘make love’ with me again, grinding and rolling her hips deep into mine as our mouths and tongues intertwined, mixing our saliva together. We bound ourselves together in love and pleasure, and then I started to hear faint moans and feel small vibrations begin all over her body.

At this point, Mom threw her head back again and began arching her back and thrashing around in ceaseless violent spasms.

Her eyes rolled back, and her mouth started foaming as she began her orgasmic tirade, thrashing all around the place.

“Oh!Yesh!… Thatsh! Right!… Fucsh! Mommies! Cunthole!…Fuck! My! Gash… FUCK ME!… FUCK ME!… FUCK ME!… FUCK ME!… AAAARRRRRRRGGGGHHHH!”

With that, I finished and lay there unable to move, having just creampied deep inside Mom’s cunt harder than I’ve ever cum before in my life.

After a while, I had the energy to move again, but I still couldn’t do anything.

Mom had cum so hard that she had passed out riding my schlong and was still lying on top of me unconsciously.

“This is the fun part” spoke up Travis, as the others lifted moms unconscious form off me.

‘Oh! My! God!’ i thought, ‘Nooooooo! I just Fucked! My Mom!… Wait no!… Worse than that!… I just ‘Made Love’ to my very own Mother!’

With this realisation, I quickly rolled off the mattress, stood up, and began to hyperventilate.

Steve came up behind me and thumped me on the back a couple of times.

“Its okay Justin, it’ll all be alright. bet you didn’t even realise that Mom was such a sex bomb, Huh?”

“N-N-Nooooooo!” I spluttered out, as I looked up at him, “I just Fucked! Mom!”

“Yeah you did” he encouraged, thumping me on the back again.

Dad and Travis were running chains in from the pillars at the four corners of the room. The manacles at the end of them almost met each other in the middle.

Mom was placed in the middle of the mattress again on all fours, still unconscious. The manacles were then clamped to her wrists and ankles.

As she began to come to, Mom looked around to see her bindings.

“Ohhhhhh!” She slurred, “it’s starting.” and with that, she began to laugh quite hysterically.

‘What the fuck!’ I thought, ‘now this is some weird shit.’

Travis went in and pulled himself in under My Mother and then she gently lowered herself onto him.

As they started to fuck slowly, Steve also moved in again and placed his rod in Mom’s anus. With one push, he was inside, and I was watching my Mother get double penetrated.

“Ahh! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, Oh yeah! That’s right! That’s it! That-MMMMMF.” and then Mom was cut short by dads Johnsen being shoved back in Mom’s mouth.

I looked down, only to see that I was hard as a rock again. ‘I’ve done it once already, haven’t I? no point in not enjoying a good thing,’ I thought, ‘so fuck it.’

With that, I joined the rest of the party on the big king mattress in the centre.

As soon as I got there, Mom grabbed my schlong and pulled me forward, then began immediately working my cock.

‘This is sooooooo wrong’ I thought as the fucking got progressively harder and faster.

We paused for a minute as Dad climbed under Mom and Travis made his pecker known with Moms ass.

Mom started sucking on my rod and jacking off steve while this was izmit escort happening so I couldn’t complain, I was in a state of bliss.

“Mmmmmmmfff- ahhh! hey Jayson, honey, can you come down here to my -AAAAAAHHHHHHH!- level for a sec?”

“Sure mom” I answered squatting down.

She immediately grabbed my head and started making out with me, not that I minded at this point.

I was entirely into the, whatever this was what was happening.

“Mmf- I Fucking Love You Mom,” I let out, “you want me to fuck you again, Don’t You?”

She nodded vigorously as I started passionately kissing her again.

That was a signal, so we started shifting again.

I Climbed in underneath Mom and began frenching her again as she lowered her moist cunt onto my throbbing hard cock.

Dad kneeled down behind Mom and started pumping her arsehole relentlessly as she bounced up and down on me to his rhythm.

“Fuck!… Oh, Fuck!… Yeah! That’s right!… Fuck your Mother!… Fuck your Mother!… Fuck your Mother!… Arrgh! I love it!… I know you love to fuck me!… Fuck me hard!… Fuck me hard!… Hard!… Harder!…HARDER!…FUCK ME, SENSELESS!”

With this, Mom’s eye’s rolled back in her head, and she started foaming at the mouth again, drool flying everywhere.

She bucked insanely, any ordinary person would think it was some kind of massive epileptic seizure, but everyone just kept going, and I was stuck on the bottom, face to face with my senseless, orgasmic Mother.

“MMMWWWWWWAAAAUUUUGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!” she let out another howl and then began pleading…

“MOAR!… Gimmie MOAR!… FUCK my CUNT!… FUCK IT!… Fuck it HARD!… Cocksh!… Gimmie COCKSH!… put them all in me… Fill My CUNT!!!!!!!!”

All the while, she rode me like a cowboy on a bucking horse. I had already cum again and had since hardened for another round. Mom was turning out to be a god of sex, her hourglass curves, undulating, atop me, perfectly balanced. Her massive DD’s swaying with the odd rhythm of it all.

“Well, you heard the lady,” said Dad as he removed his Schlong from Mom’s ass and gave it a quick once over with a wet wipe. He then slid it in on top of mine in Mother’s cunthole and began to thrust.

“Yesh!… YESH!…MOAR!… Gimmie MOAR!”

Steve disappeared off into the house for a minute before reappearing with three giant black dildoes.

“these will help,” he said squatting down next to Mom’s cunt.

“Yesh!… THOSHE!… Put THOSHE! in my CUNT!”

I could feel the shaft as it was worked into the remaining space in Mom’s glistening Gash.

It took about two minutes to work the member fully in and then Mom went off again…

“Yesh!… Fuck me like a WHORE!… Fuck my CUNT!… Stretch my CUNT!… Pulverise ME!… Split me in TWO!… Fuck my ASS!… STRETCH IT OUT!… MOAR!… MOAR!… Gimmie MOAR!”

At that Travis climbed ontop and stuck his Rod in Mom’s ass and then steve did the same in front of him.

At this point, Mom was Pentagonally penetrated, and I was having a hard time believing it.

“Yesh!… Yesh!… Fuck my HOLSH!… FIST ME!… EAT ME!…”

‘Wait, what was that last thing she said’ I Thought as My very own Mother lurched about on my rod, getting gangbanged harder than I had ever seen in any porno on the internet, ever!

“Did I hear something about Fisting?” came an inquiry from steve.

“I think you heard correctly” came Dad’s voice, “come on everyone finish up quickly, then get out of there.”

It wasn’t hard for me at all.

‘Mom, Oh, Mom’ I thought, ‘your so fucking HOT! Mom, fuck me, Fuck Me, FUCK! ME!’

…And I came inside Mom again… ‘SO HOT!’

the others helped pull me out, and then we followed Dad into the man cave, leaving Mom manacled up and Moaning.

He poured us all a drink of honey bourbon liqueur from one of his special bottles, aged and everything and then his face became very grave.

“Okay, Justin… How did you like fucking my wife?” he asked, locking eyes with me.

‘Scary’ I thought, ‘I didn’t even think of this when we really got down to it.’

“Mom…” I began, “Is the sexiest fuckin MILF! I have ever laid my eyes or had the pleasure to fuck. and I would go with her a hundred thousand more times if I could.”

Dad held my gaze steady for ten seconds before bursting out laughing.

“That’s good to hear boy, that’s good to hear… Now we need a couple more drinks in us before we go out for the second part. That’s gonna get real rough.”


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