Tracy Loves a Trio

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Last week, Tracy called and asked me to come over and see her, and bring a friend, preferably Steve. I smiled about that. He is a tall, handsome stud, with a big cock, and all of my lady friends enjoy getting it inside their pussies, or even their asses. Some of them enjoy taking it into their mouths too, and I knew Tracy was one of them, although his cock is really too big for her to properly suck off. She likes to take as much as she can into her mouth and lick it while she strokes his shaft with her lips and her hand, until he cums. One of her greatest joys in life is getting a mouthful of semen from Steve or me or some other guy, and relishing the taste and texture before swallowing it.

Her preference for oral sex isn’t limited to sucking cocks. Tracy loves having her pussy eaten, maybe even more than any other woman I know, and that is saying a lot. That’s another of the reasons why she wants Steve to accompany me, and the main reason why she wants me. We both love burying our faces in a woman’s wet, fragrant crotch and staying there until she cums and we feast on her juices. Especially, we enjoy it when the pussy is as delectable as Tracy’s.

At the agreed upon time, we arrived at Tracy’s apartment and rang her doorbell. With her chain lock in place, she peeked out and, when she recognized us, closed the door, followed by opening it wide to let us in. She was very glad to see Steve and me and let us know by sharing long kisses with me and them him, her tongue avidly fondling mine and his in turn. With the greetings accomplished, we removed our shoes and socks while Tracy locked the door again, with both the chain and the snap lock. She was already barefoot and, with the security taken care of, she took a hand of either of us to lead the way into her bedroom.

Tracy stood beside the bed, took off her glasses and set them on her nightstand so Steve and I could team up to undress her. She has light brown hair, and is rather short, slightly over five feet tall, making her more than a foot shorter than Steve and ten inches shorter than me. We peeled off her blouse, followed by unhooking and removing her bra, which sometimes causes her to be a bit self-conscious. Tracy’s right breast is slightly larger than her left. All the men I know, if they notice it at all, consider this to be of no consequence, because both of her breasts are truly delightful, but she thinks of the difference as a flaw. Tracy also thinks of herself as being fat or overweight. A Hollywood big shot or a trainer in a gym or a high fashion designer might agree with her but, aesthetically, no straight man or lesbian that I have ever associated with would have ever found any fault with her body.

We didn’t stop at her blouse and bra, of course. I unbuckled the belt of Tracy’s blue jeans and unbuttoned and unzipped the fly so we could team up again to pull them down to the floor, holding them there while she stepped out of them. We also both took one side of her panties, which were already becoming wet from anticipating what would be happening, and pulled them down and off the same way, displaying her very huggable or pattable round ass. As I always do, I smiled at the dolphin tattooed on her right thigh. I always think of it as being Flipper as he smiles at his friends and emerges from the water, a heart balanced on his snout. Just as naked as Flipper, and smiling much more lewdly, Tracy bounced onto her bed and piled some pillows under her back and head. She lay there, a lascivious grin on her face, waiting for us to get undressed and join her.

Tracy is much too lovable and sexy a woman for us to make her wait very long. Steve stripped off his shirt and knelt between her legs, which she spread and raised. He ducked under them, so they would rest on his shoulders while his mouth and her pussy were pleasuring each other. Steve’s long arms wrapped themselves around Tracy’s thighs and he lowered his face so he could begin doing what he loves so much to do, and she loves so much to have done to her.

I quickly stripped off all my clothing and knelt beside Tracy, with my erect cock pointing at her, ready to be taken it in her hand and licked. She turned her face in my direction, wrapped the fingers of one hand around the shaft, and leaned forward to start putting her tongue back to work. Just as eager as she was for that to happen, I swung my leg over so I was straddling her face, allowing Tracy to start licking anywhere she wanted. She placed her hands on the cheeks of my ass so she would be able to move me around and get her tongue where she wanted it, without needing to say anything and interrupt the much more pleasurable things her mouth would be doing.

Starting right in front of my anus, Tracy’s tongue licked my crotch, applying a considerable amount of pressure as she did so. I had anticipated this so, before coming over, I took a careful shower and washed the whole area where her mouth would be tantalizing me. The tip of her educated tongue goosed the area under my prostate gland, sending bolts of erotic pleasure through the whole area, and bahis firmaları making my cock quiver in anticipation. With her hands on my ass, Tracy steered my body around so she could do what she enjoyed the most, and what she knew would give me the greatest thrill.

After licking my crotch, she started around my scrotum until she reached the place where my shaft was protruding. She didn’t want to start tonguing me there just yet, so she reversed direction and licked around until she had reached the other side of the base of my cock. It was fully erect and, as Tracy’s mouth continued its tour of my private parts, it bumped against her cheek and nose. After reaching my cock the second time, she started licking upward on the underside of my scrotum. One by one, she held my testicles delicately between her lips and caressed them with the tip of her tongue. Tracy loves using her mouth to sexually please an appreciative man, such as me, and she loves to take a long time doing it. She would suck me off eventually, but she wanted to take her time about it and let both of us enjoy all aspects of what we were doing.

She and Steve were definitely enjoying what his mouth and her pussy were doing for each other. When I glanced back over my shoulder, I could see his tongue caressing one of her inner lips, while Tracy’s pussy squirmed under his face. It would be my turn to do the same for her later, and I turned back to concentrate on what her skillful mouth was doing for my balls and cock.

Her tongue was through fondling the former and was slowly meandering up the underside of the latter, preceded by her nose. When she reached the slit, she had a request for me. “George, will you get on your hands and knees so you can fuck my face? It’ll be a lot more fun for both of us that way.”

I agreed with her, so I moved into the position she wanted, with my cock resting against Tracy’s pursed lips. She held it delicately in her fingers, and started moving her tongue over the head in concentric circles, until she moved her face toward me to begin enveloping the shaft. I slowly stroked forward until I met her, and Tracy’s lips were pressed against my pubic hair. When she started to withdraw her mouth again, I also backed off, until just the head was once again held between her lips. She took it out of her mouth, gently held the shaft and smiled at me.

“Yeah, George, like that.” Tracy returned my cock to her mouth and began slowly stroking her face forward, applying pressure with her lips, while I, equally slowly, plunged it back into the warm, wet pleasure chamber where it was wanted, and where it wanted to be.

As she had suggested, I continued fucking Tracy in the mouth. One of the advantages of having an ordinary sized cock such as mine is that women can suck me off the way she was doing. If it were too long or too thick, she would be uncomfortable using the combined stroke. I was also glad that Tracy was willing to trust me. She knew I would let her set the pace, and be in charge, at least until I was ready to cum.

She was having a lot of fun sucking my cock, but I was by no means the only one giving Tracy a lot of fun that day. I could feel the bed moving behind me, and I knew it was from her writhing in pleasure from what Steve’s tongue was doing for her pussy. Fervently, I hoped that he would refrain from bringing her to a climax until I had done so and filled Tracy’s mouth with semen. I remember quite well having my cock bitten by a woman while she was in the throes of cumming, and I didn’t want it to ever happen again. He knows about that, but Tracy’s pussy is extremely delectable, and she loves so much to have it eaten while she sucks off another guy that an accident could happen.

I was also having a lot of fun, too much to worry about such misadventures. My hands were splayed out near the head of the bed, and my knees were under Tracy’s shoulders, while her hands still held the cheeks of my ass. She moved her face up to meet me and suck my cock as I slowly plunged it all the way in and out of her mouth. Her lips were just tight enough to provide perfect resistance to our mutual strokes, and on the other side of those lips was a warm, wet chamber of pleasure that was one of the best places my cock has ever been. The sensations were made even better by the way her skillful tongue laved my shaft as she and I moved forward and back to meet one another. I was having a wonderful time, and I knew Tracy and Steve were too.

It got even better for all of us. She tightened her lips and started stroking my cock faster between them. I matched her speed, and I could feel my climax, which had been slowly building, begin to approach more rapidly. I looked down at Tracy’s face below me and I could see that, although she couldn’t smile with her mouth, her eyes were crinkled at the corners as she looked back at me. She increased her speed again and, once again, I matched it.

I could feel my cock starting to throb from the incredible pleasure it was receiving. Tracy was able to feel it too, and she would know that I was kaçak iddaa getting close to cumming. She sucked even faster, and I stayed in the same position above her, wanting to let her finish sucking me off as she preferred to do. Tracy’s preference was to use shorter strokes and keep her tongue positioned to catch my semen when I squirted it into her mouth. There was no need to tell her I was cumming, because she already knew it, but I did so anyhow. That was the only thing any of us had said for quite a while. Two of the mouths on the bed were too pleasurably occupied to indulge in any idle chit-chat, and I’m not very talkative anyhow.

Without even slowing down the strokes of her mouth, Tracy nodded her head to let me know she was aware. She continued sucking until she felt my cock jerking inside her mouth and, seconds later, I ejaculated. Apparently, the first gob of cum landed where she wanted it, because she removed my cock and I could see her mouth working, savoring its taste and texture, before she swallowed it. Tracy immediately took my cock back inside her mouth again and resumed sucking until I had pumped two more bursts of semen where she wanted it. Once again, she took my cock out of her mouth, and I could see her relishing the flavor and everything else about it before swallowing. The third time my cock went back into the warm wetness, Tracy sucked it for almost a minute before giving up on having me feed her any more of my cum.

She didn’t give up on getting any more, though, because she knew there was a lot of it still inside my shaft. Holding it with her thumb at the base, right in front of my scrotum with her fingers on the opposite side, she started slowly moving her hand toward her mouth, squeezing my cum onto her tongue. When Tracy was through squeezing out everything I had, she swirled it around inside her mouth, the same as she had the rest of the treat I had given her. After swallowing the last of the semen, Tracy licked the head and entire shaft a final time, not wanting to waste even a tiny droplet.

She was satisfied that she had gotten it all, and let go of my cock. When I moved away to the side of the bed, Steve looked up, saw me and knew I had cum and removed my cock from Tracy’s mouth. He buried his face back in her crotch and resumed eating her pussy.

“Yes! Yes! Right there!” Tracy urged him. “Yes! Suck my clit.”

I saw Steve move his head slightly, and press his face even more snugly against her pussy. As I taught him, when he eats a pussy and it’s time for the woman to cum, he sucks her clit as far into his mouth as he can, and presses his face tightly against her pussy. That way, his lips form a seal and he can suck on her clit while his tongue caresses the swollen sides and top of the delightful little morsel. Her movements, which would have been quite erratic by that time, become really wild when her engorged love button is sucked inside of a mouth and that person’s tongue is working it over.

This was especially so with Tracy, who truly loves having her pussy eaten. While telling him what she wanted, she was fucking up into Steve’s face, her ass bouncing up and down on the bed. Abruptly, she cried out joyously: “Oh, God, I’m cumming!” Knowing what was about to happen, I got out of her way, moving to the far corner.

Tracy clamped her thighs around Steve’s ears, and started swinging her legs from side to side. Her bouncing up and down on the bed became even more strenuous, and her hands went to the back of his head. She pressed her pussy against his mouth, so tightly that she seemed to be trying to wrap it around his face. Steve knew what to do. He kept his arms wrapped around Tracy’s legs, and he kept his mouth clamped firmly over her clit, and he continued sucking and licking while enjoying the wild ride. I’ve taken that ride myself, and it’s vastly better than anything any amusement park has to offer.

Although Steve is nearly twice her size, Tracy’s gyrations flung him around like an old pillow. Her gyrations swung his body from one side of the bed to the other, and I was glad I was near the head, far enough away to avoid collisions. For as long as she was cumming, Tracy continued pleading with her willing prisoner to suck her clit, as if she was giving him a choice in the matter. When she climaxed, her back arched, her muscles clenched, and she rammed her pussy against Steve’s face for an ultimate time.

After her orgasm, which was as wild and energetic as Tracy’s climaxes usually are, her arms flopped out to her sides and her legs released the head of the man who had just brought it about. While her legs remained draped over his shoulders, Steve greedily licked all the fresh nectar off her thighs, her belly, and any other place else it had spattered. I couldn’t tell at the time, but later I learned he had followed my advice and refrained from sucking the nectar, delicious though it would be, out of the pink hole that had produced it. He expected to fuck after the lady was through catching her breath, and those juices would be needed for lubrication. Sometimes, kaçak bahis we must make sacrifices, and that was one of those times. When he moved away, she was lying on her back, her eyes closed and a happy smile on her face.

He didn’t go far. Steve slid over to the side of the bed, took a condom from his pocket and, after removing his pants and shorts, unwrapped it and rolled it onto his cock. When he got back between Tracy’s legs, her eyes were open, and her smile grew wider and happier when she saw the huge erection that he was about to plunge into her pussy. Tracy reached down and spread her lips, ready to be taken to Paradise, maybe a couple of times.

Being also very much in favor of the idea, Steve placed one hand beside Tracy to support his weight and used the other one to guide his cock. With the tip pressing against the hole she was holding open for him, he rubbed it against the wetness, wanting to spread the lubrication, and thrust forward. Tracy let out a great sigh of pleasure from feeling the thick head squeeze between her lips and wedge into the pink hole that wanted it so much. Steve murmured happily too, when he felt her talented muscles already starting to massage his cock, and drove another two inches if it into her.

“Oh, my God!” she exclaimed. “Oh, my God, that feels good! I want all that horse cock in my pussy.”

He was equally in favor of that idea, so Steve let go of his cock, which was in deeply enough that it no longer needed to be guided, and placed his hands on either side of Tracy. She continued holding her lips open, and a series of short, firm strokes drove the entire shaft into her pussy. Lying back, nestling her head into her pillow, she held her arms up, inviting Steve to join her.

It was an offer he could not refuse, nor would he have wanted to. Leaning forward, he curled his arms under Tracy’s shoulders and rested almost all the weight of his upper body on his forearms and elbows. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him to her, so they could share a long kiss, while intense pleasure throbbed out from where his cock was cramming her pussy so full. Her internal muscles massaged the length of his cock, sending waves of bliss through his body. They lay like that for a minute, before he slowly drew back for the first stroke.

With only the head of his cock remaining inside Tracy, he paused, and began plunging his shaft back into her. She felt it surging into her pussy and spread her thighs even wider, allowing another fraction of an inch of the long, thick cylinder to enter her pussy, eliciting sighs of pleasure from both of them. Steve drew back again. This time, when his cock was plowing back into her, Tracy hooked her knees around his thighs and pulled herself forward to meet him until their bodies came wetly together, evoking another blissful duet and spattering her juices.

Over and over, Steve drew back and thrust forward, with Tracy meeting him halfway. With every plunge of his cock into her pussy, the movements of her body started becoming more erratic. Other women have told me that he is hung so big that when they are fucking with Steve, he massages all the sweet spots in their pussies with every stroke. He was doing the same thing for Tracy and, as she fucked back to meet him, her body rocked from side to side and her hands slid back and forth on his sides. Besides her movements, she was whimpering in rhythm with the thrusts of his big cock into her.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” she voiced her intense pleasure. Suddenly, “Oh, God!” she cried out joyfully. “I’m cumming!”

Tracy’s arms clung even more strongly to Steve’s shoulder, and her legs clamped onto his hips. She held so tightly that, as he drew back for another long, deep stroke of his cock, she rode up with him and, when he thrust back, he squashed her body into the bed, eliciting another gasp, as his cock drove even more deeply into her pussy. She continued rocking from side to side under him, and kept her body plastered tightly against his for dozens of hard, deep strokes, until she howled ecstatically and incoherently, ramming her pussy against him even harder as she climaxed.

After her orgasm, Tracy completely relaxed under Steve, her legs loosely wrapped around him and her arms sprawled at her sides. As before, a huge smile creased her face, and her eyes were blissfully closed. Steve knew she had immensely enjoyed her climax, but he wasn’t even close to his yet, so he kept slowly plunging his cock in and out of Tracy’s pussy. After a minute, she realized he was not going to stop fucking her, and opened her eyes, her face split by an even smile. Less than a minute later, Tracy was thrusting back to meet him, making it even better for both of them, and she was moaning blissfully from what his cock was doing for her. .

What it was doing was stretching her pussy open even more than it had before her first orgasm, and sending bolts of joy rocketing out from every one of her sweet spots as the long, thick shaft massaged them going in and coming out. In a few minutes, the exquisite pleasure had Tracy writhing on the bed and almost sobbing from the exquisite pleasure. It was having the same kind of effect on Steve; he was sighing and breathing hard, and I could tell he was also getting closer to cumming.

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