Tipsey Wife, Happy Life

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I pulled my car into the driveway, and put it in park. As I pulled the key from the ignition I let out a long sigh, finally the weekend had arrived. I walked passed my wife’s car in the driveway, and smiled to myself as I approached our front door. Friday’s had become my favorite night of the week, every Friday for the last three months my wife takes the train into work, so that after she is able to go out for drinks with a few of her girlfriends from work.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife, and the life we’ve built together, but after a long week at work, it’s been nice for each of us to have some time to decompress. My wife is the extroverted type, she always wants to be around people, which is why working at a marketing firm is the perfect job for her. After a week full of meetings, and analyzing focus group data a night out with the girls is just what the doctor ordered to recharge her batteries.

Me, I’m a little more introverted. I’ve worked as a wholesale insurance salesman for the last five years. I enjoy the work, and the relationships I’ve built with my clients, but being in contact with people constantly for a full week burns me out, and I like to have a little alone time to recharge. Needless to say the new Friday night routine was working wonders for both of us.

Jenny and I met in college. We had both signed up to volunteer during a campus service day, and we ended up in the same group doing spring cleanup at the town’s park. I fell for her immediately, just like every other male on campus, and quite a few females as well I assume.

Jenny was the most beloved girl on campus, she had long, wavy blonde hair that flowed just past her shoulders. Her bright blue eyes seemed to constantly be sparkling, and she had the whitest, widest smile that I have ever seen, with adorable dimples when she smiled. Her body was to die for, her breasts were plump, and perky C-cups topped with puffy pink nipples that I adore. Her ass is tight, and athletic, with the perfect amount of roundness.

Besides her stunning physical features Jenny had an amazing personality, she had a great sense of humor, and loved to laugh, and she was smart as a whip. I’m talking smart, and a hard worker, through our four years in school she pulled a 3.9 GPA.

I’m Bryan, thankfully Jenny didn’t listen to her friends, she spent four years in school ignoring their constant chorus of, “What are you doing with him?!?” Honestly I don’t really blame them, Jenny was a knockout, I was very average. I’m six feet tall, my hair started to thin out in high school, so by the time Jenny met me I was shaved bald. I have brown eyes, Jenny always told me they made me look sweet and sensitive. I like to keep in shape, I have some muscle definition, but I am by no means ripped. My cock is a pretty decent seven inches long, it isn’t mammoth, but it’s kept Jenny pretty satisfied over the past nine years.

After meeting that freshman weekend I was able to make her laugh enough for her to give me a chance, and go on a date with me, and we’ve been together ever since. We got married a week after graduation in a small ceremony, and bought our first house three years ago. We’re now both in our late twenties, and recently we’ve decided it’s time for us to start trying for our first child.

I placed a bowl of food on the floor for our corgi Buster, and popped open a beer for myself as I began my evening of alone time. I consumed the burger and fries I brought home for dinner, and flipped on the hockey game. In my world it could not get any better, a beautiful spring day that ends in an evening to myself, eating fast food and watching playoff hockey. Somewhere along the line I must have dozed off, because I was awoken by keys in the door, and giggling,

“Hey honey bunny! I’m home!”

Honey bunny? I had to laugh to myself, neither of us are big drinkers, but I had to admit one of my favorite parts of these cocktail nights was my buzzed wife. She wasn’t Escort Sincan drunk, or out of control by any means, but when she’s buzzed she’s quite silly, and normally pretty horny.

My happiness was tampered a bit when I saw Jenny’s friend Tori walk through the front door. Tori had been Jenny’s friend since high school, and she was one of the loudest voices that tried to convince her she could do a lot better than me. As much as I disliked her she was undeniably attractive. Her black hair flowed to her shoulders, and her almond shaped eyes were piercingly black. Her skin was brown, and flawless, she was naturally blessed with huge D-cup breasts, and a very toned ass. She was a bit of a fitness freak, and her body was exceptionally sculpted, and toned.

Unfortunately canceling out all of this was the fact that she was a spoiled brat. Her mother was a doctor, and her father was the CEO of a cyber-security firm. After college she married a very well to do lawyer in his forties. While he had provided her with a very comfortable lifestyle he had a small problem with infidelity, he couldn’t stop cheating. The two had divorced two months ago, but she was still living comfortably after Jenny had gotten her a job as a focus group leader, in addition to the healthy allowance from her parents.

“Hey sweetie, how’s it going Tori?”

“Oh you know Bry, just single, and ready to mingle.”

Jenny put her hand on my arm, “Tor invited me to go shopping tomorrow morning, so I invited her to stay in our guest room tonight to save the hassle of meeting up, I hope that’s ok?”

I couldn’t help smiling as I looked at her, nine years later and Jenny could still melt me with a smile, and a pleading look in her eyes, “Sure, Tori is always welcome in our house, as long as she’s willing to pay the two hundred dollar boarding fee that is.”

Tori gave me a sideways smile, and shot back, “You know Bry I was going to show my gratitude by sleeping in my birthday suite, but now I feel less obligated to do so.”

Jenny plopped down on the arm of the couch and wrapped her arms around my neck, “Don’t worry honey, I’ll still let you see me in my birthday suite.”

I had to smile at Jenny, she was always so sweet, and proper in public, but behind closed doors she was very much the flirt, and when she was buzzed, she was even more flirty and horny. I stayed downstairs for the next hour, as we all caught up on what was going on in each others lives. I then decided to take my leave, and allow the ladies to engage in the “girl talk” they loved so much.

At this point in our marriage Tori had stopped badmouthing me to Jenny, and trying to convince her to find someone better. Even though she’d come around to me, there was still a bit of awkwardness, and tension between Tori and myself, it had gotten better over the years, but we weren’t exactly close.

I had been reading upstairs for about an hour when I heard Jenny starting to ascend up the stairs. I placed my book on the nightstand, and ripped my shirt off. Though her buzz had likely worn off, weekends seemed to make both of us perpetually horny. My gorgeous wife slipped in the door, as she approached the bed she shed her blouse, followed by her skirt. She laid down on the bed next to me, she reached over, running her finger nails up my stomach to my chest, she circled my right nipple, “I know you’re not her biggest fan, but spending time with Tor always makes me realize how lucky I am to have what we have.”

I cracked a half smile, “I’ve been telling you for years you’re the luckiest woman in the world to get to be married to me, good to know Tori agrees with me.”

Jenny gave my nipple a playful squeeze, “Well she didn’t exactly say that, she did say that I’m lucky to be in a loving marriage, it’s been a tough time for her since the divorce.”

“I know Jen, maybe we should set her up, Chad’s a nice guy, and he mentioned today when we were at lunch Eryaman Escort that he’s ready to jump back into the dating pool after that breakup a month or so ago.”

Jenny rested her head on my chest, “That’s true, Chad is nice enough, but before she goes on a date I think she needs to rebuild her confidence, really she just needs to get laid.”

“I’m sure Chad will be willing to sleep with her, we haven’t always gotten along, but I can’t deny how sexy she is Jen.”

Jenny pushed herself up and kissed my neck, she moved her mouth close to my ear, I could feel her hot breath against my skin, “Well she doesn’t really feel like waiting, so we came up with a little plan I think you’ll like.”

She pushed herself away from me, and let out a loud whistle. On cue Tori walked into our bedroom, in her birthday suite as she had eluded to earlier. I felt the blood rush from my head to my cock, Her huge brown breasts were topped with large, dark brown nipples. Her crotch was adorned with thick black pubic hair, “Sorry I haven’t shaved Bry, haven’t had a man to shave for in a while, I hope you don’t mind.”

“Don’t worry Tor, I know my man, he loves a hairy pussy. That’s why I keep mine trimmed, but not shaved.”

My cock was quickly hardening, but there was still enough blood in my brain to make sure I understood the situation, “You’re sure this what you want Jen?”

“You know I’ve always wanted to experiment with another woman Bry, and I figured this was the perfect opportunity, if you’re ok with it of course.”

“Jen he hasn’t taken his eyes off of my tits since I walked in, and based on the tent he’s pitching I think he’s more than ok with it.”

I opened my mouth to respond, but decided it was best to keep my mouth shut, and just count my lucky stars that this was happening to me. I slid to the middle of the bed, and Jenny ripped the blanket off. Jenny knelt on one side of me, and Tori crawled up the bed and knelt on my right side. I propped my head up, and watched as the two women leaned forward, their lips met. They kissed passively at first, but the passion picked up as they both got more comfortable. Tori reached back to unhook Jen’s bra, they both straightened up, as their breasts mashed together while they kissed. Their lips parted, they each had wicked smiles on their faces, each reached a hand out, they pulled my boxers down, allowing my rock hard member to spring free.

“You were right Jen, that’s the perfect size to get me back in the game.”

Tori leaned forward, her thick lips engulfed my cock, she swirled her tongue around my rod as she swallowed my whole length. It was no secret that she had taken many lovers through her college years, and it was no surprise to me that her oral skills were off the charts. Jen crawled up to me, out lips met in a passionate kiss, our tongues wrestled for control, I reached under her to tweak her nipples, while her friends sent electric waves of pleasure throughout my body with her mouth.

Tori released my cock from her mouth, and it dropped to my stomach with a thud, “I’ve got him all ready for you Jen, let me see you ride this cock.”

Jenny removed her mouth from mine, she stood over me, flinging her panties to the side she lowered herself onto my length. I let out a moan as I slid into her tight pussy. Tori laid on top of me, presenting me with her hairy pussy, as Jenny began to bounce Tori took advantage of her position, and began to swirl her tongue around my wife’s tight asshole. This elicited shrieks of pleasure from Jenny.

While my wife’s tight pussy had me on cloud nine I leaned my face forward, driving my tongue into Tori’s hairy pussy. She had a different taste from Jenny, but it was equally as addicting. I worked my tongue deeper into her, tasting her juices, I was able to alternate between wriggling my tongue inside of her, and sucking on her large pussy lips.

I felt Jenny’s pussy clamp around my cock, “OHH Keçiören Escort FUCK!” It almost sent me over the edge as her orgasm ripped through her, but I was able to keep myself from shooting my load.

Jenny stood up, “Bry, come fuck me while I lay on my back, I’ve got to get a taste of Troi’s pussy.”

I was all too happy to oblige, I slipped my cock into my wife, easing myself all of the way into her dripping pussy, I then started slamming my length in, and out of her at a steady pace. Tori lowered herself onto my wife’s face. It was an incredible feeling having all of my senses stimulated at once. My wife’s pussy felt amazing as I slammed in and out of it. I could still taste Tori’s tang on my tongue. The whole room was filled with the scent of sex, an animistic and carnal scent, my wife let out piercing shrieks of pleasure, while Tori’s moans were long, and low. Seeing my wife’s tongue digging into Tori’s hairy hole, was one of the hottest image I’ve ever seen.

Tori’s huge breasts jiggled as she reached forward and rubbed Jenny’s clit in quick, tight circles. This sent Jenny over the edge, her pussy clenched around my cock, and she pushed herself against my body. I was unable to hold back any longer, I unleashed rope, after rope of cum into Jenny’s pussy. I slid out of her and sat on the chair across from our bed, Tori had now leaned down into a 69 position. She was cleaning my wife’s pussy from above, and sucking on her clit.

She looked up at me, her eyes smouldering with lust, “You better not be thinking you’re done stud, Jen’s tongue is amazing, but I’m gonna need some cock.”

She sat herself up so she was again riding my wife’s face, she wagged her finger, and I eagerly approached. Standing next to her she sucked my half-hard member into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around my head, she would continue to swirl while bobbing her head. My cock was quickly getting a second wind. She moaned loudly, and increased her suction as Jenny’s tongue sent her over the edge. She used even more skill as she moved her head from side to side while she bobbed up and down.

She slowly pulled her head up my length, releasing my cock, a strand of saliva clung to her lower lip as she spoke, “I knew you wouldn’t stay soft for long, now get behind me and fuck my pussy like there’s no tomorrow!”

Who was I to say no? Tori bent herself over the foot of the bed, giving me a great view of her ass, as I aligned myself behind her. Greedy for her third orgasm Jenny positioned her pussy in front of Tori’s face, Tori was all to happy to bury her tongue inside my wife. I slid my length into Tori’s dripping pussy. I slowly withdrew my length, and slid it back in. I continued to build up speed, Tori was clearly cock hungry, she was bucking herself back to meet my thrusts.

She removed herself from Jen’s pussy to scream, “Harder stud, fuck my tight, hairy pussy!”

With that I picked up the pace until I was at max speed, I decided to get a little bolder, reaching forward I slid a finger into Tori’s asshole, she began to buck back harder, and I wriggled my finger emphatically as I pounded her pussy.

“Ohh Fuck! Here I go again!”

Jenny’s body was bucking as her third orgasm ripped through her. With her mouth off of Jenny’s pussy Tori was able to thrust herself into me further, and with more force. She gripped the sheets tightly, and I felt her pussy clench around my cock, “Fuck Yes Bry! Fill Me With Your Cum!”

I slammed in and out of her three more times, before burying myself in her clenched pussy. I began to deposit my load into her, it was smaller than the load I had filled Jenny with, but as I pulled myself out of her it still began to dribble out of her. Jenny quickly swooped in, and began to devour her friend’s pussy, consuming our mixed fluids. Tori clenched the sheets again, as a mini orgasm tingled through her.

We all laid on the bed, sweaty, and trying to catch our breath. The smell of sex lingered in the room. All three of us had a satisfied glow, both women curled up next to me, as we drifted off to sleep I had two thoughts in my head, ‘That was fucking amazing and I can’t wait for next Friday!’

Should I do a second chapter?

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