Three’s Company

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It was the middle of the summer and I was at one of my best mates’ parties; we were all back from University and Dave (my mate) had the house all to himself as his parents were away for the summer. I believe it was the hottest day of the year that the party fell on so for most of the day the 70 or so guests were milling around the back garden, smoking pot and getting pissed and generally having a good time. Faith No More was blasting out of the stereo and up at Dave’s secluded house there were no neighbours nearby to bitch and moan about the combination of pissed students, pot and noise.

I myself was having a blast, checking out the women-folk with my mates and loving the fact that I was once again single after bringing an end recently to a disastrous year long relationship. The heat was driving me crazy and I knew that I needed to get laid, desperately; I had woken up that morning with a raging hard on that had barely disappeared throughout the entire day. Plus the fact that some of the ladies were walking round with next to nothing on; their hot bodies glistening in the sunlight, which was just driving me wild.

At around 8pm I found myself sat in the front room of Dave’s house talking to two of my female friends who I’d been through school and college with; we were sharing a joint and reminiscing about the stuff we’d done together. I was sat there thinking how much I wanted to fuck them both and nursing a major erection in my seat. I rarely thought about my close friends in such ways but today was different; I was high, I was happy and I was horny. Both of them were hot; Katie was a little on the chubby side; she had a beautiful face with deep brown eyes and full red lips. Her huge tits stood firm, jutting out in her figure hugging t-shirt. Her belly was a little on the chubby side but that was more than ok with me.

My other friend Helen was a petite red-headed girl with a very pretty face; blue eyes and a cute little upturned nose. She had the most amazing red-hair, thick and curly it fell down past her ass if she pulled it straight. She had a hot, tight little body with pert little breasts and a firm ass.

I was leading the conversation down a sexual path, trying to see how far I could get with either of them. I began by asking how their love life was going and getting a very positive response of no attachments on either party. They asked me how long I’d been single for, I told them just for a few weeks after which they voiced their disapproval of Leanne, my previous girlfriend, and I have to say I couldn’t particularly argue with them on any of the points they made.

‘So you out for a bit of rebound sex then Adam?’ Helen asked as she passed me the joint; I moved over and placed myself in between the two of them on the sofa so it was easier to make my moves.

‘Hell yes, I’ve been constantly horny all day.’ I replied, which received a giggle from both girls.

‘I know what you mean’ Katie replied, ‘the heat drives me crazy. It’s been months since I last had sex; I need someone to remind me what it feels like.’ The last statement hung in the air, the atmosphere thickening with ankara escort sexual tension as we finished the joint off between us.

‘How about you Helen?’ I broke the silence by meaning to ask her about when the last time she’d had sex was; but it was somewhat misinterpreted.

‘Oh I’m game if you are.’ She replied as she placed a hand on my lap and stroking my thigh mere inches away from where my cock stood firmly to attention, begging for release. Upon noticing Helen’s hand on my right thigh, Katie placed hers on my left.

‘Let’s go find somewhere a little more private,’ I suggested as I took my two friends by the hand and led them upstairs towards Dave’s parent’s room. I closed the door behind me and turned to face Helen and Katie; the atmosphere was thick and humid already as we stood in a triangle and eyed each other up hungrily.

We stood there for a moment, savouring the lust that was building up, growing deeply aroused without any form of physical contact. A split second later we began to tear our clothes off, ripping them from our bodies and tossing them away; moments later we all stood naked, I took just a split second to eye both girls up, Helen with her petite breasts stood firmly, her big nipples stood proudly on her chest and a neatly trimmed triangle of red pubic hair; Katie, her huge tits sagging slightly without the support of the bra but nonetheless an attractive sight; her pubic region a mass of thick, black pubic hair, a sight that made me fantasize about going down and eating her hot, musky pussy, her bush coating my face with her juice.

It was with this thought that we simultaneously moved together, my throbbing cock sandwiched between my two friend’s stomachs; we let our hands wander, our mouths came together and our tongues danced and wrestled with one another. My hands found an ass each and I pulled the two girls tightly around me; already the heat was giving all our bodies a film of perspiration; I felt a hand on my ass and I felt Helen’s hand run across my chest. Their breasts crushed up against me, I bowed my head and began to suck and nibble at each nipple, kneading Katie’s full, fleshy ass with one hand whilst caressing Helen’s with my other.

We began to move in the direction of the bed; kissing and caressing as we moved, my cock loving the friction between the two stomachs. Katie flopped onto the huge double bed first, her legs hanging over the edge; I could resist no more, I dropped to my knees and ripped her legs apart before moving my head forwards to the source of the heady aroma.

As I lapped my tongue out and tasted her tangy juice for the first time it was all I could do to stop myself from cumming there and then. Her lips parted as my tongue entered her and explored her; tasting her and loving the feel of her against my tongue, she bucked her hips and thrashed with delight as my tongue lapped at her swollen clit. Her legs wrapped tightly around my head and my whole world existed of her wet, hairy pussy. I heard distant wails of pleasure as I continued my oral assault of her love tunnel. I opened my eyes momentarily and looked up to see escort ankara Helen squat over Katie’s face and lower her own wet mound onto Katie’s face to allow her to taste her love.

I continued to tongue fuck Katie until I felt her body tense up in anticipation of her orgasm; with that I added four of my fingers to the party; focusing my tongue lashings on her clit I began to pound her hole with my digits, feeling her pussy grip and suck at them, willing them deeper inside herself. Moments later her body began to violently shake as she climaxed; her pussy squirting forth her juice which coated my willing face as I rubbed myself into her hairy mound; absolutely loving every millisecond of this experience. I looked up to see Helen also reaching her first climax as she rode Katie’s face, pinching her own nipples and squeezing them hard as she rubbed her exploding vagina over on her friend’s face.

Without pause for thought I leapt from my kneeling position and jumped onto the bed; locking with Helen in a passionate kiss, allowing her to taste Katie; we rolled around the bed, her hand sliding up and down my shaft as we kissed and my fingers fiddling with her clitty. Katie soon recovered from her orgasm and joined us as we kissed, rubbed and wanked each other off for a while, exchanging fluids and all three dripping with sweat. Both Katie and Helen eventually broke the kiss and refocused their oral skills on my aching cock. As I lay back on the bed and gripped the headrest with my hands I felt tongues sliding and dancing up and down my shaft as hands stroked my balls and chest.

After a couple of minutes Helen began to readjust her body, presenting her open, pink pussy before my face and begging me to give her a good tongue lashing. I happily obliged, gripping her tight little ass firmly and rubbing my face into her wet love; her tight, puckered asshole winking at me as I ate her pussy. My finger soon found it’s way to her glory hole and I began to gently circle it as I pleasured her pussy orally.

The room was filled with cries of lust and passion and I fleetingly remembered I’d forgotten to lock the door; I didn’t care though, the whole world could come and watch for me… Join in if they felt like it.

I’d managed to fit my finger half way into her tight asshole when Helen came, her pussy spurting her hot, sticky love fluid which coated my chin and dribbled down onto the bed sheets; her ass puckering up tighter than a snare drum and threatening to suck my finger into oblivion; never to be returned. The oral assault continuing on my slippery shaft I felt the stirrings of my own orgasm deep inside my stomach. Not wanting to cum just yet I told the ladies to stop the pleasure momentarily as I debated with myself which one of these two lovelies to slip my length to first.

I opted for Katie; who had made my choice easier by presenting herself to me doggy style as she began to eat Helen’s pussy on the bed. With a bit of quick manoeuvring I positioned my glistening cock head at her entrance. Her whole body stiffened as I eased my way inside her, loving the way her walls seemed to kiss my ankara escort bayan shaft as I slid deep, deep inside. Her body rocked with orgasmic pleasure as she came before I even started thrusting; lubricating me yet more, as if I needed it anyway. I reached around and began to fiddle with her swollen clitoris as I began to gently rock with her, thrusting my length in and out of her slowly and purposefully; it seemed she never stopped coming as she moaned and wailed in between kissing Helen’s pink lips. Loving the vibrations Helen was receiving on her clit from Katie’s moans it wasn’t long before she too was a quivering mass of orgasm; her own fingers deftly working at her clit to keep her going.

As I fucked Katie with a passion, my cock plunging in and out of her depths, Helen decided that she wanted some cock in her too. Pulling my cock from Katie’s well fucked, weeping, seeping pussy I jumped onto Helen; our mouths meeting and tongues mashing together as I wasted no time, sliding my cock deep into her tight little pussy. I began to fuck her with a fury, slamming my cock hard and deep inside of her, looking deep into her eyes with every thrust. I noticed out of the corner of my eyes Katie lazily fingering her clit as she watched me and Helen fucking; our bodies dripping sweat and other assorted fluid; the room smelling of raw, unadulterated sex. I realised that Helen was the best person I would ever fuck, the way she moaned, the way she felt; the way it added so much more to my own pleasure as I reached behind her head and grabbed handfuls of her thick curls; pulling her in close to me as I filled her. I looked deep into her soul as she came and came again, moaning my name and begging me to fuck her harder and faster.

After what seemed like an eternity of pleasure I felt my balls begin to tighten and a familiar stirring deep down inside of me. I withdrew myself from Helen, much to my own displeasure; I would have continued forever if I didn’t need to shoot a full load there and then. Katie and Helen both quickly manoeuvred themselves in front of me, willing me to shoot my load.

Helen was greedily sucking at my member when it finally hit; the orgasm to end all orgasms, I nearly blacked out with the force with which I came; spewing forth my thick salty seed which was hungrily lapped at by my two lovers, tongue’s wrestling as they fought to swallow. I aimed at Katie’s huge, fleshy globes, glistening with sweat as wave after wave shot forwards and coated the two ladies.

After an eternity of ejaculation I fell forwards, suddenly drained of all energy; we huddled close, basking in the afterglow of our little session and fell into a deep sleep.

I awoke to find it was morning and found myself alone in the bed. It was what I expected to be fair, but I couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed that neither had said goodbye; especially Helen, I found myself thinking that I could go for another round with her anytime ever. Realising how badly I needed to use the toilet I jumped from bed and ran to the en-suite bathroom, still naked. Upon opening it I found a pleasant surprise; Helen was showering in the tub, she looked to the door as I entered the room.

‘Hey you,’ she smiled sweetly at me.

‘Hey’ I replied back, savouring her soft curves and once again feeling stirrings of lust.

‘Wanna join me?’


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