Three of a Kind

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Bree knelt on the hard floor, hands clasped on her lap with her head bowed and wondered how she’d ended up here. It seemed such a good idea at the time and now she doubted at the wisdom in it. Eyes still downcast, she studied the feet planted in front of her.

She could see his shoes clearly; the black leather ones he loved to wear with his suits. Grey, cuffed pants swept their tops, seam immaculate. Next to his shoes, though, were another set of shoes; sandals that covered a pair of well tanned feet and led up to a pair of muscular calves. Although she was curious about the owner of those other shoes, she was also nervous and didn’t dare lift her eyes to answer her curiosity.

When Greg, her fiancé, suggested the weekend getaway, she jumped eagerly at the chance. Bree always loved the Rocky Mountains and didn’t get to visit them not nearly as much as she’d like. However, Greg wanted the weekend to be extra special. He had a surprise.

They travelled up to the Rockies to a cabin he’d rented just outside of Jasper. A remote little place situated for the beauty of the view. When they got there, Greg revealed his surprise at dinner that night.

They’d been playing with bondage and discipline for a while now, but that’s all it was. Play. After their lovemaking in the past few weeks, they’d both toyed with the idea of adding a new dimension to it. Ideas were tossed back and forth, but they hadn’t settled on one. Now, here in the cabin, was the other dimension; another man.

When Greg first proposed the idea to her at the cabin, she was shocked and ready to say no right there but something about it pulled at her. As her fiancé spun out his idea, she found herself more and more attracted to it. She wanted to say no. What would happen after? Would Greg ever be satisfied with normal sex again? Or would they be doomed to greater and greater depths of kink?

The idea, Greg explained, was a weekend to explore this new dimension. Greg had a friend who saw her at the office and expressed interest. No, the friend, Troy, didn’t work at the office, he was a friend of someone who did. During the weekend, Troy would be around for play with them. During the weekend, Bree would be the submissive partner and Greg could hand her to Troy to have him play with her as he watched or participated as he wished.

She nearly walked out then and there. Part of her rebelled at being Greg’s plaything and handed out to another man at his whim. As she was about to make her protests, she was amazed to find herself wet and excited by the idea.

They went to bed that night and had hot sex, each turned on by Greg’s idea. After, she relaxed beside Greg, who was gently snoring, and tried to still her brain from wondering what the encounter would be like. She trembled at the idea, nervousness and excitement warring within her for supremacy.

Greg woke her just before dawn the next morning. He told her to go shower quickly and went into the living room. Half asleep, but quivering with excitement, she did as he asked. After the shower, she Ankara Escort wrapped a towel around herself and was about to get dressed. Greg opened the bathroom door and, without a word, removed the towel in one swift move. As he’d done in times past, he brushed her hair until it lay in an auburn wave down to the middle of her back. He then kissed her gently and led her, naked, out to the living room.

In the living room he placed her in the kneeling position. It was a position familiar to her as they used it during their play. Obedient, she knelt and listened to his footsteps move away from her.

It seemed like forever before Greg returned with Troy. She sat in the dawn light streaming in through the windows and listened to the blood pound in her ears. A thousand questions assailed her mind but she knew she wouldn’t be allowed to ask them all. She fought to keep still in the chill air, arousal and the cold conspiring to make her shiver. Finally Greg and Troy entered the room and stood before her.

“See?” Greg asked. “Beautiful, right?”

“Very much so,” said a gorgeous baritone. Bree heard an accent, but couldn’t place it right away.

“Would you like to see more?”

“In time, amore.” Italian. That was it. “Let me see.”

Bree heard the footsteps wander to her back and felt fingers caress her hair. Unconsciously she moved her head into the touch and heard him chuckle.

“She is very sensitive,” the stranger said. “Stand,” he commanded.

Bree got to her feet, her legs tingling a bit from kneeling for so long. She kept her hands clasped in front of her and her head lowered. The stranger, Troy she reminded herself, cupped one of her breasts gently and ran his thumb lightly over her nipple. She bit her lip on a moan as her nipple hardened instantly. He continued to caress the nipple, gauging her reaction. Suddenly he pinched the nipple hard and tugged it lightly. The moan that she’d held back so well escaped as pain shot through her. She felt herself get wet immediately in response to the stranger’s harsh touch.

Her breathing came faster as he lifted his chin to look into her face. He studied her for a moment, taking in her sea green eyes. His gaze drifted down to her mouth. A mouth made for kissing, Greg told her once. Made for sucking cock, she joked in response.

Troy kissed her softly, letting his lips feel her for a moment then darting his tongue out and tasting her gently. In response, she opened her mouth slightly and found herself suddenly assaulted as his tongue probed deep within her mouth. She had no time or ability to respond, so insistent was his questing. When he pulled back abruptly, she felt the loss of him keenly and leaned forward in her need. Her stomach tightened with her excitement as both he and Greg chuckled at her response.

“You want to watch, amore?” Troy asked.

“Yes,” Greg breathed.

Bree supposed she should have been shocked when they kissed, but she wasn’t. She knew Greg was bisexual; she just hadn’t experienced that side of him. The Çankaya Escort kiss was deep and far more sensual than the one Troy bestowed on her. She found herself getting wetter from the display in front of her. When he was done, Troy looked back to Bree and put his hand on the back of her neck.

“Come then,” he said, “let us play.”

With gentle pressure, Troy guided Bree back down to her knees. She could see the formidable bulge in the front of his pants and was taken aback for a moment. When he unzipped his pants his penis sprang up. He was far bigger than Greg. Greg, though, was thicker of the two. Bree wasn’t sure she’d be able to handle him.

Without moving his hand from the back of her neck, Troy guided her towards his cock and she knew what he wanted. What she wanted to do. She wanted that big, thick cock in her mouth and wanted to taste him. Eagerly she leaned forward and licked the head. She then ran her tongue under the rim of the head and down the shaft. She felt his hand tighten slightly on her neck as she moved down to his balls.

She was aware of Greg moaning, but wasn’t paying attention to him. She moved her mouth down to the soft balls, and first mouthed one then the other. Troy squeezed the back of her neck encouragingly. She was just making her way back up the shaft when she felt Troy pull her head back and push his throbbing penis in her mouth. Bree was surprised, but she eagerly began to suck. When she tried to pull her head back, Troy kept up the pressure, forcing her to take more and more of him in her mouth. She almost began gagging when he let up and pulled himself out of her.

All of a sudden, Troy helped her up to her feet. He stripped off his clothes revealing a well-toned body. His tanned skin rippled like silk across hard pecs as Bree reached out to run a tentative hand down the six-pack on his stomach. She turned to look at Greg who was on the couch and already naked himself. She found herself comparing the two men. Although Troy was more heavily muscled, Greg was lean, like a greyhound. Troy was a dusty blond with blue eyes while Greg contrasted him with dark hair and eyes. Two different men and Bree found herself very attracted to both.

Greg saw her look and came over to her, his body betraying his excitement at watching her with this man. He kissed her lips, tasting Troy on her. Then he leaned past her and kissed Troy. Their sensual kiss left Bree breathless. As she watched, her breathing came faster. God it turned her on to watch them.

Suddenly she felt a hand, Greg’s she thought, reach between her legs and begin to stroke between her legs softly. Greg had positioned himself behind her and reached around to massage her clit more fully. His hard cock pressed into her buttocks enticingly. Troy lowered his head to her breasts and began to suck on the nipples. As he teased one with his tongue and gentle nips, he pinched and played with the other. The sensation was almost too much. Then he lowered his hand and inserted two fingers into her wet, swollen pussy. Etlik Escort Bree spread her legs in response and leaned back against Greg.

Greg moaned in her ear and cupped a breast with his free hand as Troy knelt down in front of her. No, Bree thought, it will be too much. She gave a half-hearted effort to free herself from Greg’s grip, but he was firm. She wasn’t going anywhere.

With Greg still massaging her clit, Troy began to use that amazing tongue on her pussy. She moaned again, louder, as he pushed his tongue inside her. Faster and faster his tongue went as she felt the orgasm build. His fingers rubbed lightly on her anus, teasing it. She tried to move so he would thrust them into her, but he moved with her and continued his teasing. Just as she was about to orgasm, both men pulled back and left her on the brink of orgasm for a long time. She whimpered in silent plea for them to end her glorious agony. Neither man paid attention to her desires, though.

Just as she thought she could stand it no more, Troy leaned in once again and plunged his tongue deep into her just as he inserted one finger into her anus. Feeling both holes filled at once was too much and she came violently as Greg massaged her clit harder and faster.

Troy pulled Bree down to her knees and Greg followed behind her. Greg inserted his finger into her anus as Troy began massaging her clit. She felt herself relax and enjoy the sensation as Greg leaned past her shoulder to kiss Troy again. She saw her juices on Troy’s face and wondered if Greg liked the taste of her on him.

Then Troy laid down and pulled Bree on top of himself. As she impaled herself on his member, she gasped at the size of him. He then pulled her to him so she was lying on top of him. She moaned louder as she felt Greg tease her anus with the head of his penis. She rocked back, hoping he would get the idea and slide inside of her. She gasped as he poured lube generously on her hole, the coolness of it contrasting with the hot blood pounding through her body. He began to push his penis deeper in her slowly, too slowly. She wanted to scream at him to plunge it inside of her. When he was inside, she heard him groan with pleasure.

Feeling the two men fill different holes was overwhelming to Bree. She moaned louder, pleading with them to fuck her. They obliged with gentle rocking at first. As their needs became more and more, they plunged into her more deeply. She orgasmed again, feeling her juices spill down Troy’s member. Suddenly Troy threw back his head and gave a shout of pleasure as Bree felt his cum fill her. A moment later, Greg let loose his own cry and filled her as well.

Both men remained still for a moment and then released her from their grasp. Shaking and satiated, she lay beside Troy as Greg sat to her other side.

“Well, honey?” Greg asked, hopeful.

“It was wonderful,” she purred. “He isn’t a friend of an office mate, is he?”

Greg looked sheepish. “No,” he admitted, “he’s not. We haven’t done anything, just talked.”

Bree looked at her fiancé with a gleam in her eye. “Well, don’t you think it’s time for you and he to get better acquainted?”

Troy chuckled as Greg gasped. Bree noticed with satisfaction that his spent member was already trying to revive at the thought.

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