Three in Two on One

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Relaxing at the Mbassy Suites Hotel lobby bar, Megan and Tegan eye each guest up and down as they pass through the foyer. The waiter interrupts their predatory musings as he asks if they would like another drink. “As its still happy hour the next drink is free too” he is saying while puffing out his chest.

Megan winks at Tegan, looks at her watch the whispers to Tegan “10.15pm and still happy hour, our lucky night.” Tegan looks up at his blue eyes and after reading then placing a finger seductively on his nametag purrs

“Thanks, Rand, what are those drinks called again”?

“Cumulative Orgasms” Rand replies in a hoarse shaky voice while his eyes flick down to her chest. Having already had three “cumulative orgasms” – an enticing concoction of Vodka, Kahlua, Baileys and Amaretto blended with ice – the girls were buzzing along quite nicely and readily agreed to a fourth orgasm.

“I hope those studs cum with it” Tegan suggests indicating two tall broad-shouldered young men at the concierge desk, both of whom are ogling a trim and fiery looking redhead making her way to the elevator.

Unconsciously both girls evaluate the redhead as she swivels her hips on her way to the lift, and are relieved to see the lift doors close on her. “Mmm” giggles Megan as she returns her gaze to the departing waiter and mentally strips him, “isn’t it amazing how our tastes in men are so alike”.

“You think so sis?” replies Tegan with a broad grin. “Just cause we are five minutes apart in our ages doesn’t mean our tastes should be different ya know” she laughs. “Besides I know you like a good fuck just like I do” continues Tegan as the waiter returns with their drinks.

“Another Orgasm for madam” the waiter boldly states with a raised eyebrow as he places the drinks on the table and drops a drink coaster on the floor in front of Tegan. Stooping down to retrieve the coaster he quickly glances up Tegan’s short skirt and gets an eyeful of lushes’ lips. His gaze only leaves the top of her long slender legs when he hears her say,

“You can close your mouth now waiter”. Embarrassed he quickly stands and flees for the bar with a flushed red face.

“You’re such a tease, Tegan,” Megan laughs as she admires the tush on the fleeing waiter while sipping on the frigid ‘cumulative orgasm’.

“Did you forget your panties again dear?” she asks behind sparkling eyes.

“Forget? No way! I planned it… I bet we get another free drink next time around too” Tegan laughs back “and I bet he conveniently drops something else in front of me again!”

Crossing her legs and looking over to the bar Megan has to agree and says, “No bet there sis, I’m travelling commando style tonight too!”

“Oh, you sexy thing, you” Tegan grins back “god I’m horny though”. “I almost started to moan while he was looking up my skirt” she states “If he wasn’t staff, I would have dragged him up to our room and raped him all night long!” Tegan muses aloud “I need a man bad”.

“We” corrects Megan.

A soft silky voice intrudes on their conversation saying, “Perhaps we can be of some assistance, then”.

Startled both girls look over their shoulders to find the two young men from the concierge desk standing behind them. “Though if we agree it wouldn’t be rape, would it now?” the redhead continues with a devilish grin across his face.

Both girls look at one another and then burst out laughing in unison. “Excuse me” manages Tegan after a minute “and do we know you?”

“Sorry,” says the broad-shouldered one “I’m Mike and this is Steve”… “And you two gorgeous galls are?” he asks.

“Tegan and Megan,” they both say in unison.

“Want to join us in an ‘orgasm’ then?” continues Megan coyly.

Mike’s face lights up and he starts to blush.

“Sure, we would love to join you for a ‘cocktail’,” Steve says as he takes the remaining single seat “pity we missed happy hour though.”

“Yes,” both girls laugh softly.

“What’s the joke?” asks Mike as he looks around the room for another single chair. As Megan explains the antics and the attention of the waiter, Tegan pats the seat next to her and invites the still blushing Mike to sit down.

Mike shyly squeezes into the offered position on the narrow two-seater chair, acutely aware of the leg contact with Tegan as he slides in. Tegan smiles softly at him and places a warm hand on his thigh while she says “Mm this is nice and cosy.”

Mike just turns a brighter shade of red and looks around for some form of salvation.

Almost on cue Rand turns up, ogles the two women, and after a quick glance at the men, asks if another round of drinks is required.

The girl’s enjoyment at his attention is obvious as Megan crosses her legs exposing even more skin to the ogling waiter and Tegan smiles back sweetly saying “But of course dear, make it the same again with two more for our friends”.

After a long slow stare while his eyes boldly wander up and down Megan’s legs and flicker across for another look at izmir escort bayan Tegan’s ample tits the waiter departs. “Well, there is no question what he wants” states Steve with a chuckle.

His comment is greeted with a fresh round of cheerful laughter from all. “Oh, and what might that be?” Megan asks in a husky voice with a twinkle in her eye.

“Us, I think sis” Tegan laughs back “us for sure!”

Seeing the uncertain look cross Mike’s eyes Megan adds with a devilish smile “and I think these boys do too.”

Tegan hears the sharp intake of breath from Mike as she runs her hand lightly up his thigh and across the growing bulge in his crotch. “Why I do declare Megan, I think your right once again,” Tegan says in a sexy southern drawl accent. Before Mike can say or do anything Tegan takes his hand in hers and rests it high up on her bare thigh before returning her hand to his upper thigh.

“Well, I see they have the right idea” comments Megan pointedly at Steve. Steve drags his gaze from Tegan’s luscious legs and Mike’s handwork to look up into Megan’s sparkling eyes set above a soft enticing mouth.

“Let’s go up to our suite where we can get more comfortable” offers Megan.

Steve readily agrees but as he stands Mike says in an embarrassed voice “uh… umm I have a little problem here at the moment guys”

Tegan grins and says mischievously “Oh I wouldn’t call it a ‘little’ problem, it seems to be growing too”.

Just then the waiter turns up with the drinks and looks at Tegan in the eye while asking “Would you like me to take the drinks to your rooms for a more personal service, madam?”

“That’s a mighty fine idea, Rand, thank you”. Tegan stands and joins the others while Mike once again blushes.

Making a show with his wallet Mike tries to cover his problem and says “You guys go on while I fix up the bill”. Tegan laughs, hands Mike her room key and flashes her best sexy smile.

“Don’t worry about a tip though Mike, I think Rand here is going to give us a tip – and more” Megan adds in a lewd voice. “Isn’t that right Rand?”

Rand just smiles and leads the way towards the elevator with Tegan, Megan, and Steve follow in his wake while Mike studiously studies his wallet. After counting out some money for the bill and placing it on the table, Mike waits a minute as he ‘deflates’ and then heads off to join the others.

Arriving at room 1277, Mike lets himself in and discovers the others have wasted no time in getting acquainted and the floor is littered with clothing – mostly men’s – as it seems the girls really did have very little on. Mike looks over to the bed where Tegan is on all fours grinning at him while Rand is stooped over behind her with his face between her legs.

“Come and let me see if your tackle is as long as it felt” invites Tegan.

Needing no further urging Mike shucks off his clothes as he notices that Steve and Megan, who are on the floor, have adopted a traditional 69 approach with Megan on top and Steve prone on his back.

“That’s what I want” comments Tegan as she follows his gaze “A big juicy dick in my mouth”.

“Megan, you tart,” Tegan laughs as she licks at Steve’s purple headed knob. “You’ve already got one guy working on your pussy”.

“…and it’s such a beautiful pussy too” chimes in Rand.

By this time Mike has freed his own dick from his restraining underpants and presents it to Tegan for close scrutiny. After looking it up and down Tegan leans forward, opens her mouth wide and using her tongue as a hook takes all of Mike’s still limp dick in her mouth. With his dick resting in a warm wet cavern and with Tegan’s tongue snaking out and tickling his ball bag, Mike starts to grow. He looks down to see Megan looking up at him with a soft smile on her face.

“Just leave it in there and let it grow down the back of her throat, it’s her favourite trick” advises Megan before starting to bob up and down furiously on Steve’s rigid purple knob.

Mike groans in pleasure as he follows this advice and Tegan continues to tease his balls with her tongue while his dick turns from a floppy stalk into a long rigid pole. At the same time, he notices Tegan’s hips moving back and forward rhythmically as she chases Rand’s tongue which is furiously lapping around her wet juicy peach.

Tegan lifts her head slightly and reaches out with first one hand and then the other to circle Mike’s waist and support her bent over form while still sucking dick at the same time. She moves her legs slightly and arches her back in an attempt to expose more of her now aching pussy to Rand.

Rand’s own cock is standing rigid and drooling as he strokes the shaft slowly with one hand while his other is delving into the soft wet silky purse before his eyes. Mike runs his fingers through Tegan’s long blonde hair resisting the almost violent urge he feels to push her head up and down as he face fucks her. Instead, he makes a fist of her hair but moans softly as Tegan hums on his balls and then escort izmir slides her mouth sensuously over his long fat shaft.

Coming back for air, Tegan tongue goes to work as she licks and swirls the clear fluid emanating from his piss slit around and over his circumcised fireman’s hat. Mike closes his eyes in lust and pleasure as his dick is worked over by an expert.

Steve’s knob is also getting an excellent workout and he stops worshipping at Megan’s steamy-wet pussy to suggest that she straddles him and cums on him. Megan readily agrees and positions herself over Steve’s waiting knob.

She grasps his knob in her hand and rubs the tip through her slippery pussy lips and pushes her clitoris against his length. Urging Rand to stop playing with himself and eating pussy when he could be fucking it with his cock.

Rand needs no other encouragement and in one lightning quick motion he stands erect, steps forward and plunges his cock deep into Tegan’s wet sloppy cunt, banging his balls against her pubic mound as hits the stops. With a mouth full of dick, Tegan can neither cry out in pain or pleasure at the unexpected abruptness of the assault on her tender peach.

Megan smiles at this and also abruptly drops herself fully onto Steve’s rigid knob, and with a loud “Oh” engulfs the entire shaft with her firm juicy pussy. Steve lets out a groan of sheer pleasure at this and reaches up to take Megan’s gorgeous tits in his hands.

Seeing Mike clutching a fist full of Tegan’s hair but not doing much with it, Megan directs him to hold it tight and masturbate his dick with her face. “She won’t let up or stop to give you instructions until after you’ve blown down her throat,” Megan advises.

“She likes it a little rough you know…” Any further words of advice from Megan are silenced as she groans in pleasure when Steve starts to suck vigorously on one of her nipples.

Rand has got into his stride now and while firmly clenching Tegan’s cute ass in both hands, drives his cock in and out of her like there is no tomorrow. Each of Rand’s forward thrusts pushes Tegan onto Mike’s dick and Mike, in turn, shoves back, thus pushing Tegan onto Rand’s cock in a concertina shuttle effect. The only sounds from Tegan are the slurping sounds as she sucks dick and her squishy little pussy farts as Rand pumps away.

Megan is more than making up for Tegan’s silence though as whimpers of pleasure turn to shouts of joy while her nipples are teased and nibbled on. Megan lifts herself clear of Steve’s rigid knob and reaches under to take it in hand a slowly rub it through her pussy lips to tickle her clit. Likewise, Steve reaches in and thrusts two of his fingers into her slippery cleft and then wipes their fuck juice onto one of Megan’s tits.

Megan follows suit and finger paints her other breast with her sticky-wet fingers as Steve’s mouth closes over her hand and nipple. Megan now starts to rock up and down ever so slowly, first burying the knob deep within and then raising up so that the tip almost pops out from her lips.

At the top of each upward move Steve lifts his hips in a desperate attempt to keep his shaft in Megan’s warm tight hole, and at the bottom of the downward move pushes her breasts down to hold her on a little longer.

As Megan slowly increases the tempo of this long eight-inch fuck Steve turns his attention to licking and sucking the sweet pussy juice from Megan’s tits, her moans of pleasure indicating their mutual success in exciting each other.

On the bed, Mike now has a firm hold of Tegan’s head and is happily fucking her face while Rand is methodically taking care of the other end. Suddenly Mike stops rocking Tegan’s head and, holding her hard against his crotch, lets out a low animal growl of passion. His hips buck once more and he sends his load of hot white cum shooting down Tegan’s throat.

Tegan only mumbles, swallows and wiggles her hips before sending a hand down to her cock filled pussy and forcing two fingers into her already tightly stretched twat. As Rand now groans in delight at this added pressure on his cock and Mike’s death grip on her head eases, Tegan slides her mouth almost off Mike’s still pulsing dick and starts to lick and kiss the remnants from his swollen head.

Mike yells obscenities in pure joy as Tegan’s tongue firmly massages his now super sensitive post-orgasm fireman’s hat at the end of his. After slurping and milking the remaining drops, Tegan again swallows his dick to the hilt while concentrating on the cock still firmly clenched in her pussy.

Rand squeezes her butt hard and feels Tegan’s cunt muscles start to ripple around his cock. With his own volley of dirty words, he starts to furiously pump and grind.

Megan looks over at her sister with a cock still stuffed in at either end of her body and groans in delight as Steve stretches her nipple away from her tit with a vacuum-like sucking motion. The tempo of her fucking has also increased to almost match the speed with which Rand is lustily banging izmir escort into Tegan with. Mike’s eyes are now focused on Megan as she fucks Steve with vigour and sits up straight taking her tits away from Steve’s searching mouth.

Seeing Mike’s gaze focus on her ample tits Megan rocks back on Steve’s knob, arches her back to jut her tits out and starts to play with them herself while riding the rigid cock planted within her. Steve’s hands quickly join Megan’s at pinching and squeezing and at this point Mike realises he has not even touched Tegan’s tits let alone squeezed and pinched.

He quickly reaches forward to find to very firm round tits waiting for attention. No sooner does he touch them and he can feel the nipples grow and harden. Tegan’s murmuring and the warmth of the contact in his hands cause Mike’s dick to again stiffen and grow down Tegan’s throat.

With two hard cocks filling her and soft warm hands fondling her tits Tegan finally succumbs to lust and her orgasm explodes over Rand’s still pumping cock. Rand feels the waves of lust ripple through and around his cock and joins Tegan in an explosive orgasm as he hears Megan scream out “fuck, fuck – Fuck!” as she too climaxes and gushes cum all over Steve’s rampaging knob.

Rand withdraws and falls on to the bed beside Tegan exhausted after his sexual efforts and a very long tiring day at the hotel bar. Megan quickly hops off Steve’s straining member and does another u-turn to start licking then sucking and finally swallowing Steve’s knob. Mike has once again got a hard-on and this time Tegan hops off the bed and kneels before Mike.

Megan straddles Steve’s head with her legs giving him a close look at her sopping wet cunt while diving up and down on his knob with a wide-open mouth. Steve starts to groan as Megan rolls the tip of him around in her mouth and after circling the base of his knob with one hand starts to slowly slide her hand up the shaft forcing the pre-cum out and into her waiting mouth.

Not to be outdone Tegan is also using her hands to great effect and she scratches at the base of Mike’s dick. She cups his balls in one hand and bobs her head up and down. Steve can stand it no longer and he leans forward to lick at the juice dripping from Megan’s pussy lips as she ‘huffs’ on his knob while masturbating his shaft.

Hearing Steve suck in his breath and seeing his hips tense at the moment before cumming, Megan tightly squeezes the base of Steve’s straining shaft and holds his orgasm in for a half second longer.

With her mouth positioned over his knob, Megan releases the shaft and is immediately assaulted with a jet of cum splashing against the back of her throat. She gulps greedily at the white goo as it spurts repeatedly from his knob into her waiting mouth.

Steve’s cry of surprise and pleasure at her little trick spurs Tegan on as she attempts to have Mike cum in her mouth twice during the one blow job. Tegan bobs furiously at Mike’s dick while running her hands up his thighs across his tight buttocks and around to the base of his shaft.

As Steve relaxes in post-coital bliss Megan stands and offers Mike one of her tits to suck on. Mike first sniffs at the musky sex smell clinging to her before greedily latching on and nipping the nipple with his teeth. While Tegan is still working on his dick Mike’s fingers seek out and find Megan’s wet silky slit where he deftly slides first two then three fingers in before pulling her closer to him.

Megan moans and moves closer to his side while holding her tit out for Mike to suck on. Mike is in heaven with a tit in his mouth, a wet cunt on his hand and a girl sucking on his dick. Moments later he stiffens, shudders and then sighs loudly as he again shoots his wad into Tegan’s expert mouth.

Withdrawing his fingers from Megan’s still wet twat Mike licks them clean as Tegan’s licks the last drops of cum from his rapidly shrinking dick. Megan gives him a long tongue chasing kiss as Tegan finishes up and says “I just love taking a limp dick in my mouth and turning it into a stiff cock, Thank you, Mike”.

Steve stirs from the floor and reminds Mike of there early morning Breakfast Conference and the need for a good night’s sleep, “We can’t afford to fall asleep at this one you know.” Sighing again Mike agrees and reluctantly retrieves his clothes and quickly dresses. “Will you be in the lobby bar again tomorrow night girls?” asks Steve.

“Only if we are not here with you guys” replies Tegan with a sparkling smile. Both men smile and exchange happy grins as they kiss the two girls’ goodnight and leave for their own room.

Megan heads for the bathroom and, as an afterthought, leaves the door open to look across at Rand who has one eye on her. Aware that Rand is watching, Megan first squats on the toilet then moves over to the bidet to wash up ensuring that Rand can see her every move.

Tegan yawns and says “well I am going to get to bed too, you can share the other bed with Rand, Megan. I’m exhausted after all that cock work,” she adds.

Megan comes out of the bathroom and sits on the bed with Rand and they both watch through the open bathroom door as Tegan casually relieves herself, wipes and then has a quick cold refreshing shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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