Three Chicken Burritos

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Big Tits

There was obviously a party going on inside Apartment 212. I could hear the occasional voice cry out to someone else inside, a bottle dropped to the floor but did not break, and the techno bass was shaking the door so much that I thought the minute knocker was going to start flapping up and down. I had rung the doorbell twice, knowing it was a futile gesture. I hammered the door with the side of my fist, which brought some acknowledging grunts and confusing shouts from inside.

The door was yanked open, and I nearly dropped the bag of three chicken burritos. It wasn’t the smell of cigarette and marijuana smoke or the overwhelming power of the bass that almost knocked me over. It was the sight before me that had stunned me.

Standing there, with one hand on her hip and the other on the doorframe was a woman wearing a navel ring. And nothing else. Even her pubic hair was absent. She cocked her blond head at me, like a dog that is wondering what its master is doing as he dances around the kitchen. Her body was smooth and tanned, and her breasts reminded me of Hershey’s kisses. She gave me a euphoric smile and quickly moved forward to throw her arms around me.

“It’s the Paco’s delivery guy!” She said as she embraced me. I stood mute and powerless. I figured she was high – stoned out of her pretty head and not a care in the world.

“Did someone order from Paco’s?” She asked, turning back to face the apartment. Inside, I could see more of the party. Several people were kissing as they sat around the living room. One man appeared to be getting a blowjob.

“Yeah, yeah.” A man stood up from the huge make-out session and moved deeper into the living room where he disappeared from sight. The naked girl led me into the apartment, her arm around my neck.

“What’cha got, Mister Delivery Man?” She asked.

“Th-three chicken burritos,” I said. I had a beautiful naked woman so close to me that I could feel her hip bone against my stomach, she gave me a line from nearly any porno script, and all I could say was “Three chicken burritos.” I made a mental note to kick my own ass later that evening.

“Yeah, right here.” The man came around the corner of the living room. He was wearing a plain white T-shirt. And a leather cock ring. It, and his shiny bald head, made him look like he was in gladiator school. He swayed with drunken legs as he fished for money in his worn wallet. He handed me thirty dollars, took the bag, and walked away, stopping only to grab a bottle of red wine from the kitchen counter. He turned a corner and shut himself in the bathroom.

“C’mon in,” Naked Girl said, nudging me further into the apartment. I noticed that most of these people were beautiful looking. They all seemed to be models, body builders, dancers, actors, artists, or the tag-alongs that come with those professions.

“Hey, who’s this?” I looked to my right. Another tanned and blond woman with a body like a Nordic hourglass stepped up to me from the living room. Unlike Naked Girl, she wore black stretch pants and a matching shirt that stopped just below her nipples. She wiped at her bottom lip, and I thought the man in the corner was just pulling up his zipper.

“It’s the Paco’s guy!” Naked Girl said, and gave my ass a squeeze. I nearly yelped.

“Oh! Someone ordered Paco’s?” Hourglass Girl asked. She started looking around. I gently reached out and tapped her tricep before she could speak.

“I got it. The money. Some guy…Some guy in a cock ring gave me more than enough. I think he’s pretty fucked up.”

“Oh!” Hourglass Girl laughed. It was a wild laugh that turned into a chuckling snicker. “Okay. Yeah, he probably is really fucked up right now. He said something about wanting to take a bath.”

“He’s in the bathroom right now.” I pointed to the door, sounding like I had often visited this apartment.

“Hey!” Naked Girl suddenly shouted, izmir escort bayan almost making me jump out of my shoes. I was so absorbed in Hourglass Girl’s beauty that I had forgotten about the naked woman still clutching at my waist. “Let’s all take a bath!”

“Hey, yeah! That’d be fun!” Hourglass Girl’s eyes took on a wild glow. She obviously loved the idea. “You wanna take a bath?”

Despite the loud house music playing from the living room, I suddenly found myself in dead silence. I looked back and forth at them. They could’ve been sisters. They were both stunning women, one was already naked, and the other was asking me if I wanted to take a bath with them.

“I…Uh…” I wasn’t sure this was really happening.

“Oh, you probably have to go back to work, don’t you?” Hourglass Girl asked. All of the noise of the party came crashing back into my ears. I blinked a few times and my voice finally worked again.

“Uh…yeah. I’d love to stay though. It’s just that…I can’t afford to lose this job.”

“Come back later!” Hourglass Girl suggested.

“Yeah, come back later!” Naked Girl shouted.

“Okay!” I happily yelled, still not sure if this was really happening or if I was dreaming it while my car rolled across an intersection after being plowed by a truck. “Yeah, I’d love to. You really don’t mind?” I asked Hourglass Girl.

“No! When do you get off?”

I was tempted to say “Whenever I can,” but I held it back.

“Just a couple hours.”

“Oh yeah.” Hourglass Girl nodded. “We’ll be here.” She laughed again, but this time it was almost a foreboding, devilish laugh.

“Okay, thanks! I’ll be here!”

“See you later, Paco’s Guy.” Naked Girl whispered and then stuck her tongue in my ear. My spine instantly straightened and blood rushed to my crotch.

The two of them were holding hands and headed back into the living room as I walked out and shut the door behind me. I was about halfway to Paco’s when I realized that we never exchanged names.

I looked for every possible excuse to leave work early, but found none. It was a Saturday night, and we were swamped with orders. By the time the last were delivered, we still had an hour and a half’s worth of clean-up to finish. I finally pulled back into Hourglass Girl’s apartment complex around three in the morning.

I headed back up to number 212, with a bottle of rice wine and a glass in one hand and a bag of leftover fish tacos in the other. I still smelled like a Mexican restaurant. I hoped they wouldn’t notice, but if my dulled senses could, theirs would probably be flooded with the smell of fried meat.

I rang the doorbell and realized that it was incredibly loud. I then figured out that the doorbell wasn’t loud; the party was quiet. It had probably ended or moved to another location. I cursed my luck, and the sound of bare feet coming toward the door made me think I had awakened someone within. I considered a mad dash down the stairs and back to my car. My leg was in the process of moving when the door opened.

“Oh, Hi! Glad you could make it.” It was Hourglass Girl. She was now wearing a black velvet bra and matching panties. Her long hair was pulled back into a relaxed bun and she smiled and beckoned me inside. The party had definitely taken a downturn. There were only two couples left in the living room. One was still making out, the other was fast asleep. The dance music had been replaced by acid jazz.

“What did you bring?” She asked as she led me down the short hallway and around the corner past the bathroom.

“Some rice wine…and some food.”

“Great.” She smiled, and I realized that she had led us back to the main bedroom. Two couples were sitting on the floor, watching two male body builders and a woman have sex on a queen size bed. For the second time in one day, I stood silent in Apartment 212.

The short-haired woman on escort izmir the bed was writhing under the guidance of a white vibrator being slowly pumped in and out of her trimmed pussy. The man doing so would lick at her navel and smile with a sadist’s glee as he teased her. The other thick man sucked at the woman’s nipples while she held onto the headboard and groaned.

“Hey, don’t mess up my sheets,” Hourglass Girl requested. We sat down among the other couples on the floor, one of whom was groping at each other, and the other merely sat entranced. Entranced, I poured Hourglass Girl a glass of wine and handed it to her. She took it without hesitation or comment. She motioned for me to sit down with her, and we drank while these two men had their way with the woman on the bed.

She smiled and twisted on Hourglass Girl’s sheets. The man nearest her head stood up and opened his pressed pants. She wasted no time in fishing his prick out of his briefs and taking it into her mouth. The other man tongued at her clit now, moving the vibrator a bit faster, and watching his friend being sucked off by this beauty with a pierced nipple. The quiet couple in front of us leaned over to watch her slurp and suck at this man. She would pause only to gasp in delight at the sensations of the vibrator inside her. The other couple had forgotten the show altogether and were now rolling around the floor in a passionate embrace.

The woman on the bed had freed the man’s balls from his underwear. She licked and sucked on them like Charm’s Blow-pops and vigorously pumped the shaft of his red cock.

“That’s fuckin’ hot,” Hourglass Girl said as she scratched at my thigh and pointed out the woman’s technique.

“I can’t argue with you there,” I said, and downed another glass of wine.

“Hey, Paco’s Man.” There was a whisper in my ear from behind me. I turned my head to see Naked Girl, still naked, kneeling behind me. Her breath smelled of marijuana smoke and something fruity. She slid her hands around my collar bone and gave me a squeeze.

“Hi,” I said, doing my best to remain calm as my heart pounded against her hands on my chest.

She pulled me down to the floor by my shoulders. I made no effort to resist, and she repaid my ease by straddling my face. For the third time in one evening, I was rendered speechless. Naked Girl’s bald pussy was within a tongue’s reach, and her hands were aggressively rubbing up and down my chest and stomach. She was tugging up my shirt and digging into my jeans. Hourglass Girl (at least I thought it was her) took my wine glass from my hand. I reached up to grab Naked Girl’s solid behind and ran my tongue along her seam. The whole Penthouse Forum nature of the situation didn’t come to mind until hours later.

She let out a happy sigh. I could taste sweat and baby powder and something sugary. She might’ve just climbed off someone’s lubricated cock for all I knew, but I didn’t care. She was swaying above me, her head tilted back and my tongue inside her. I had to fight the urge to start licking at her like a man dying of thirst. I gently played with her clit. It swelled up and the slightest touch would make her giggle. I felt her juices oozing onto my nose. Her warm hands fumbled with my jeans at first, but soon got them open. They were yanked down to my thighs and a warm mouth soon enveloped my bulging cock.

I would’ve cum right there, had it not been for a sudden bit of confusion. I opened my eyes to see that Naked Girl was still kneeling above me, her hands sliding all over her gorgeous body. Someone else had their mouth on me. I cast a glance down my body to see Hourglass Girl pumping and sucking my cock like she meant business. I felt the pressure building up inside me and knew I couldn’t hold back any longer. I unleashed an orgasm into Hourglass Girl’s mouth that had been building since I first saw Naked Girl at the door. She moaned izmir escort and laughed with her mouth full, but never stopped sucking me as I unloaded down her throat over and over again. Naked Girl was trembling. Her hands slapped down onto my chest and her ass wiggled into my face as she came. Her moan turned into a loud shout as she collapsed down onto me, her hot breath tickling my abdomen.

My head was spinning, and I was barely aware of a new sensation on my cock. I was being massaged, perhaps, or maybe just stroked with latex gloves.

“Oooh.” I heard Naked Girl cooing above me. “Is he gonna fuck me?”

A condom was being rolled onto me. Naked Girl slid off my body and stretched out on her stomach. Hourglass Girl had rolled a ribbed condom onto my still hard prick and I didn’t need any more encouragement. I rolled over atop Naked Girl’s back and slid my cock into her. She gave a small gasp, bit her lip, and groaned. She pushed into the floor with her hands, rocking her body back and forth to each of my thrusts.

Hourglass Girl came back into view, now without her panties. She sat in front of Naked Girl, who happily started licking at her friend’s well-trimmed puss. Her eyes were closed in a trance as she held Naked Girl by the hair. Her C-cups wobbled with each of my thrusts into Naked Girl.

“Fuck her in the ass,” someone said. I then remembered that we were in a room full of people. As I looked around, my mind somehow taken off the act of having sex with two women at once, I realized that I was in the middle of an orgy.

The two men on the bed had switched positions. The woman with them was being hammered doggy style and face-fucked on the other end. The couple that was rolling around on the floor was now in the middle of a hot screwing. Her legs were splayed out in the air as his fat cock slapped in and out of her. The couple who had been watching the show on the bed was now watching me. They sat against a nearby wall, giving each other handjobs.

“Fuck her in the ass,” the male half repeated.

“Yeah,” said Hourglass Girl with a growl, “stick it in her ass.”

Her words drew me back to them, and everyone else past my peripheral vision faded away. My cock was soaked with Naked Girl’s cum, so it snaked into her tight hole without any problem whatsoever. Her brow dropped as she let out a long groan that turned into a guttural grunt by the time I was all the way inside her bottom. Hourglass Girl came next to me, scratching at our backs and watching my cock move back and forth.

Naked Girl’s eyes were almost rolled back into her head as a huge orgasm welled up inside her like a tectonic plate ready to shift. Her loud “Oh!” was like a dam breaking and she pushed up on her hands so she could shove her ass back into my belly as she fucked me with an explosive burst of energy. My cock felt like a machine gun going off inside her as I came in her ass. I held onto her hips as my chest and back muscles convulsed with each spurt from my cock.

Naked Girl slid off me, rolled onto her side, giggled, and chewed on a lock of her hair. Hourglass Girl squeezed my balls, making me nearly jump up to a standing position.

“Hot,” she said.

“Yeah…best tip I ever got.”

She laughed at that. “You should be in porn.”

“I feel like I should be in intensive care.” My breath was coming in quick gasps. “You girls almost killed me.”

“You wanna relax for a little bit? We could take a bath.”

“Yeah!” Naked Girl was on her knees so quickly that I figured she would faint from a head rush at any moment. However, she looked like she had just awakened from a refreshing nap. “Let’s take a bath!”

“Okay. Didn’t you take one earlier though?”

“No,” Hourglass Girl said. “That guy with the cock ring passed out in the tub, so he was in there for a while.”

“Let’s go!” Naked Girl said, and bounced up. She took me by the hand and led me into the bathroom. The tub was easily big enough for all three of us and maybe another. Naked Girl started running the water, and Hourglass Girl locked the door behind us.

The fish tacos went uneaten.

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