Their First Blast

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Valerie and Vanessa arrived at the Cammy Benson hotel, room 186, at two o’clock that afternoon. Valerie was a cute girl with soft skin and very tanned skin. She had straight, long back hair, her eyes were blue and her face was covered with a smile as she looked at the door to room 186. She licked her pretty pink lips and giggled. She was wearing a pair of jeans and white shirt.

“Are you ready?” Valerie asked.

“To get my face messy, you bet.”

Vanessa was a tall girl. She was three inches bigger then Valerie. Her breasts were smaller and her ass was decent, though she wished it were bigger and better. Her chin was kind of big but nobody ever said anything about it. If they were smart they never would. Her eyes were brown just like her hair. She was wearing an orange shirt and also a pair of jeans.

They knock on the door and wait. At first nothing happens. They are about to go back home when they hear the voice.

“Who is it?” The voice belongs to man.

“It’s me, Valerie, and Vanessa.”

There is another long pause. They wait for a long time before they get the man’s voice again.

“Come in.”

Vanessa opens the door and walks into the worse looking hotel room she had ever seen. It was small and the walls were covered with dirt. Their were roaches walking the walls. The things some girls will do for money, Vanessa thought to herself. It was all a crazy thing though. The hotel shouldn’t have surprised her. Having a horny guy cum all over your face for five hundred dollars a piece was what they were here for. What had she have expected, a world class hotel?

They both needed money badly though. They both had college tuition to think of. They saw the advertisement posted on the internet.


It went to smaller writing after that.

we want you girls who have never let a guy blow his load all of your face. if you let one of our trained professionals cum on your face, we’ll pay you five hundred dollars.

Valerie was the one who came up with the idea. From their she talked Vanessa into doing it. Now they were here to get creamed on.

“So your a trained professional,” Vanessa said on the verge of laughter. The guy was a skinny, bald guy who were broken glasses. His blonde beard made him look funny.

“Hey, they pay me the same they pay you,” he says in voice that reminds of the girls of homosexual man with cock up his ass.

“This your first time with a woman.”

“No, but I wasn’t expecting two,” he said. He was sitting on the small bed. The girls were still standing esenyurt escort at the door.

“So can we get this show on the road,” Vanessa said.

“Hold on now,” Valerie interrupted. “I want to see some green before even look at your dick.”

The man blushed at this. There was a camera next to him on the bed. He reached in his pockets and pulled out a bunch of bills. He counted the money. There was a thousand dollars total.

“This money,” he explained very carefully, “is for all photos we take. These photos will be posted on the internet. Do you agree?”

“Yes,” they both said at once.

“I need you to sign this contract.”

The man got off the bed and walked to the two girls. He handed both of them a contract and the money. Then he handed them both pens. Neither girl looked at the contract, they just signed and went on with it. Vanessa walked to the bed were the man sat and handed him the signed contracts.

“There’s only two hundred and fifty dollars here, Vanessa,” Valerie called out.

“You’ll get the other two hundred and fifty when were done.” The man picked up his camera. “I want you in the white shirt to pose for the camera. I need both of you on the bed.”

“Posing,” Vanessa said. “Wow.”

The man got up as the girls walked toward the bed. They both got on slowly.

“I need names.”

They told the man their names.

“Okay, Valerie I want you sitting on the bed. Vanessa, you stand over here.”

He start taking the photos.

“Take off the shirt Valerie.” Valerie took the shirt off and revealed her magnificent tanned titties as they stuck out through the bra.

More snaps of the camera.

“Squeeze the nipple through the bra.”

Snap. Snap. Snap.

“Smile, Vanessa.”



“Move to the right of Valerie, Vanessa. Touch your chest through your shirt. Perfect. Lick your lips. Yeah.”

Snap. Snap.

Change of film.

“Take off your bra, Vanessa.”

Vanessa looked down at her black bra. This was it now. No turning back. Your nudity is no longer as private as it once was.

She took off the bra. Her nipples pinks nipples stuck out in the air.

Snap. Snap.

“Suck on them, Valerie.”

Valerie lifted her left tit to her face and began sticking it into her face. Her tongue was hanging out, swirling around.




“Okay Vanessa. I need you to move in closer. I need those jeans unbuckled. I need to see some panties.”

Slowly she did. Her white panties were hanging over the top of jeans.

“Sit down on the bed and put your gebze escort arm around Valerie.”

She got off the bed, sat down, scooted next to Valerie and put her hand around her.

More snapping.

A change of film.

“How much film do you have?”

“Plenty,” the man said. “Valerie, pull down your pants now.”

Again Valerie obeyed. She took off her shoes and then her jeans. She was wearing purple silk panties.

“Okay now, Valerie, on your knees.”

Finally she thought. Now this guy can pull out his cock, we’ll suck his cock, he’ll cum on our fucken faces and we can get the hell out of here.

Then a man walked into the room. He was a tall guy with a fat stomach. He didn’t say a word. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock.

“It’s about time, Robert. I was wondering when you were finally going to get here.”


“Are you hard?”

“I getting there.” He turned around and looked at the girls. “Hi.”

“Hi,” they both said.

The man walked closer to the two girls. He had a look of relief on his face.

“What’s going on?” Vanessa asked.

“Robert is going to be cumming on you shortly. I was just waiting for him. Sorry about the confused situation girls.”

Robert walked in front Valerie, cock in her face. He jerking it back and forth.

The man got on the bed and was looking right at both of them with his camera.

“Vanessa, I need you to get next to Valerie, but not on your knees. Sit back against the bed.”

Vanessa hate being ordered around like this, but there was money at stake. She listened unwillingly to the man.

“Stick your cock in her mouth. Half way.” His cock was six inches. It seemed extra salty to Valerie, but she had never even had a cock in her mouth so she didn’t know if this was a normal taste or not.



“Hand on his cock, leave in your throat, work it down your throat.”


Vanessa pull down your pants, look up at his cock and smile.

She pulled down her jeans slowly and showed off her red panties.


“Pull down the panties, shove your fingers in your vagina, but keep your eyes focused on the dick.”

She couldn’t believe she was listening to this. The sensation of her fingers inside of her made her shiver.

Snap. Snap.

“Keep sucking his cock.”

There were no more snaps. The man was changing the film.

Valerie moved her tongue all around his cock as she sucked on it. It was so hard and tasty she loved every second of it. She got her first taste of pre-cum as it flowed down her mouth. She was swollowing kartal escort it. She could feel his cock brushing against her tonsils.

“You have to cum yet?” the man asked.

“If I keep this up,” he responded.

“Good, wipe your cock against her face.”

Valerie felt the strong, hard cock brushing against her face and smiled while the man took his picture.

“Vanessa get on your knees. Robert is going to cum on your face.”

Valerie felt a little sad about not getting the cum on her face. She sucked him. It should her face covered with cum. But like the man with the camera was reading her mind, he said, “don’t worry about it Valerie.

Vanessa was getting to her knees wondering how it was going to feel. The man was changing posiion again. He was now next to Vanessa and Robert. His cock was sliding up and down her chin that was actually kind of big.

“I’m going to cum,” Robert screamed.

The cum shot and the first stream went from her the beginning of her chin to her eyes. The other stream got on the left side of her nose. Some cum dripped out of his cock and onto her leg.

Vanessa’s face felt heavy and alive. She was not even aware of the camera while the cum spilling on her face. She felt some cum on her lips now, the cock rubbing up and down from the bottom of her chin to her lips.

Robert moved away and start stroking as fast as he could. He too wanted to get this over. He was standing by Valerie’s face waiting to explode a few shots. It wasn’t going to be much though.

Valerie felt the tension in her ass. She couldn’t wait to look like Vanessa. The cum was all over her chin making it shine. They cum was in her eye lashes too. How sexy.

“Vanessa get close to your friend and look up at the cock.”

He jerked a little faster. Valerie was rubbing her titties.

Vanessa was licking her lips and tasting the cum on her chin. She didn’t like it much, but it was not that bad either.

“I’m going to cum again.”

Valerie picks up her head. Robert moves his penis closer to her face.

“Oh fuck,” Robert is yelling as the first shot connects with Valerie’s nose. The second shot flies into her hair. He lays cock on Valerie’s forehead and lets the rest dribble out of his pisshole.

When Robert stops cumming the cum on her nose is leaking off both sides and sliding toward her cheek. There is also a big glop of cum between her eyes.

The man takes the rest of his pictures and pays the girls their money. Valerie licked all the cum off of Vanessa’s face. Vanessa would not return the favor though. When they were done with the shot they cleaned up and went home. Two days later they were on the internet. Vanessa couldn’t believe how she looked with cum on her face. She felt so embarrassed.

They later posed for the man again. Valerie became a member of the man’s club and made a new shot every week.

Vanessa made an occasional appearance.

They both lived happily ever after.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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