The Workshop

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About two years ago, while working for the space agency, I was sent to a one week training/workshop in Huntsville, Alabama. I stayed at a hotel within walking distance of the Marshall Space Flight Center, where the workshop was to be held. There were about 75 people there, composed primarily of engineers, technicians, research scientists, a few administrators, and some military personnel. We were told beforehand we could bring our spouses along, but more than half the attendees came alone. My husband was off on one of his wildlife excursions out west in Yellowstone, so I went by myself.

It was a grueling week, to say the least. Every evening I, and most everyone else, was exhausted having had to practice using flight simulators, the zero g aqua tank, etc. Socialization was limited to a few drinks in the hotel bar in the evening, but we got to know each other quite well. The ratio of men to women, especially among the engineers and scientists, is about 8:1, so I was “one of the boys” most of the time.

There were some spouses at these evening gatherings, but they tended to leave early. Most of the other engineers and scientists were the stereotypical nerd type, although a few did loosen up after a few beers. You know the type, their favorite show was Star Trek, favorite movie Star Wars, that kind of thing. I liked them anyway. The military types were a bit anal retentive, except for the pilots; they were a lot more fun, and usually pretty good looking.

I received several dinner invitations at the end of each day, and I found myself sharing my evening meals with small groups of men. This worked out fine for me, as I didn’t have to offend anyone by refusing to accept their offer. I don’t think I bought myself more than one drink the whole week, as I was constantly being handed refills by my gracious colleagues. By evening’s end, we were all so tired, we dragged ourselves back to our rooms, completed our homework assignments, then fell asleep. A few of the men occasionally offered me a nightcap in their rooms, but I politely refused.

By the end of the week we were glad it was over, having come up with some innovative ideas that might just work. Management surprised us with an invitation to a formal dinner party in the hotel ballroom. Some people knew about this in advance, and had brought the appropriate attire. I was not one of those people, so all I had was jeans, shorts, tee shirts and tank tops, and a bathing suit; typical Cat attire. I asked the hotel concierge if there were any higher end women’s clothing stores close by. He said there were, and he offered to have one of his bellhops take me to them.

The spouse of one pilot, a cute little blond about 20-something (I was jealous!) also needed an evening dress, so we both went in search of something to wear. We only had about 4 hours, so it was not a typical shopping trip for either one of us. Fortunately we found a small shop that had an impressive selection of dresses (in Huntsville? who would’ve thought!) and a hair stylist right next door. I won’t bore you with the details; suffice it to say we both came back to the hotel looking like high class arm candy (or maybe high class hookers?).

My new friend, Candy, and I both bought long, slinky dresses, very low cut in the front, exposing the navel actually. The back was open down to the crack of our asses. Hers was black and mine was white. Candy is almost as busty as me, and she looked fantastic! I wanted to wear black as well, but the only thing they had in my size was the exact same dress Candy bought, so I couldn’t do that. We also both bought some new thong underwear; after all, we didn’t want panty lines showing, right? Neither dress would accommodate a bra, but that was okay with me. Candy was a little nervous about it, especially about what her husband was going to say, but I told her not to worry. He was going to love it!

Dinner was wonderful, we had a choice of lobster or steak, and the bar was free. They even found a band, sort of a Lynrd Skynrd type group, and they were actually pretty good. Candy and I sat at the same table, along with her husband and five other military pilots. We had a great time, and we all got seriously plastered. I’ve never danced so much in my life; well maybe when I was in college.

Candy and I got lots of attention and long stares, much to the chagrin of her husband. At one point, while we were seated at the table, I noticed when Candy would lean a certain way to talk or listen to someone, the front of her dress would spread open just enough to expose most of her breast. I was even able to see her nipples most of the time. I glanced down at my own chest and realized my dress was doing the same thing. I had been wondering why I was getting more lingering stares from the men than usual. Fortunately we were both into topless sunbathing, so neither one of us had tan lines above the waist.

When Candy caught ataköy escort her husband staring at my cleavage, she glared at him, and he became all humble and kept quiet about his friends talking to her. I saw some of his buddies dancing with her, and every now and then a hand would stray towards her butt. I’m sure I saw the top of her butt crack showing, especially when she bent forward a little. It didn’t look to me like Candy was concerned about it, in fact, it looked like she was dancing awfully close to her partners and was grinding against one or two of them.

At the end of the function, after all the self-important administrators and political types gave boring speeches, a bunch of us were still wired up and ready to continue the party. After all, we suffered through a week of pain and torture, and were now ready to finish unwinding!

The hotel management said they needed to clean the ballroom for a morning function, but we were welcome to use the hotel bar and pool deck to continue our party. Even though the drinks were no longer free, that didn’t stop anybody. The bartender was due to get off work at midnight, but he volunteered to stay as long as we needed him. Besides, he was making great tips, more than he usually makes in a month. Candy and I didn’t pay for anything, and after awhile, I noticed her husband passed out on a couch in the bar.

We continued to dance and party, and there was a lot of flirting and sexual innuendo taking place. The guys got bolder, and Candy and I got more suggestive. I felt many a hand slip inside the back of my dress and all over my ass. The bar was smaller than the ballroom, so with all the warm bodies in there breathing and drinking and dancing, someone suggested we move out onto the pool deck. Everyone agreed, and the party moved outdoors.

It was a beautiful spring evening in Alabama, about 72 degrees and very little humidity. I had been getting a little warm inside anyway, even though the dress I was wearing didn’t cover much skin. The guys had all lost their jackets and ties, and a few even unbuttoned their shirts or removed them completely. The only thing Candy and I had taken off were our shoes, as we had little else to choose from.

By now, some of the guys were getting touchy feely; soon Candy and I had an arm around our shoulders or waist almost constantly. There were a few other women still there, but they remained much more reserved and quiet. We were down to about 20 or 30 people now, including me and Candy. The rest had gone off to bed. It was after midnight, and we were a little noisy. The hotel night manager had asked us a couple of times to keep the noise down, as some other hotel guests were starting to complain. We tried for awhile, but when you’re drunk, you don’t realize how noisy you have become.

The guys were becoming bolder, complimenting us on our dresses, our figures, etc. One of the guys said he was going to skinny dip in the pool, and invited the rest of us to join him. He stripped down to his boxers (chicken!) and jumped in. A couple other guys did the same, and one brave soul actually took it all off. Candy and I looked at each other and thought the same thing: 10 guys, two girls? Hmm, very uneven odds.

Then one of the stuck-up ladies surprised us and actually said, what the hell, and stripped down to her bra and panties and jumped in. A couple more guys stripped naked and jumped in, so now we had 12 guys and three girls, a little better. While we were debating, four guys got out of the pool and approached us, evil smiles on their faces. They said they were going to help us decide by throwing us in.

At that point I said, no way, not with these dresses on. When they each grabbed an arm, I told them the dresses cost us $500 each, and I was not going to ruin mine in chlorinated pool water. Candy looked at me and said she wanted to jump in, so I abdicated. I told the four guys still holding us to get back in the pool and enjoy the show from there. They jumped back in and we began removing our dresses. Of course, the guys shouted and whistled, so Candy and I made a little show of it, removing each strap slowly, holding the top up with our hands over our breasts, etc.

Finally I let my dress drop to the ground and stepped out of it, and Candy did the same. A few of the guys whistled, and I heard a “Wow” or two. Now here we were, standing there wearing only a thong and a smile, so I took my time folding my dress over a chair so it wouldn’t get wrinkled or wet. Four perky nipples were poking out from the cool air and the thrill of exhibitionism. Candy and I ran to the deep end and jumped in, and the water felt wonderful! I was still hot from the stale barroom air and the alcohol; now I felt refreshed. There were 15 of us in a rather oversized pool, so I began swimming around and chatting with the boys.

The drinks were still flowing avcılar escort and after an initial sobering up from the cool water, I started to feel the effects of the alcohol again, and so did everyone else. Candy was talking to some of her husband’s friends (he was still passed out in the bar) and I was leaning against the pool wall in the shallow end talking to about five guys standing in a semicircle around me. I had noticed all the guys had removed their shorts, and even though it was a little dark, I could see floating penises of all sizes under the water’s surface. My breasts were floating just at the surface, and my nipples were exposed.

In our drunken state, we decided to play Marco Polo; remember that when you were a kid? One person is “it”, and with their eyes closed, must try and find the other players. Everyone in the pool joined in and soon we were all sloshing around trying to tag each other. I got tagged a lot on my tits and ass, but I managed to grab a few penises and yanked, just for fun. We played for awhile, but it got too noisy, so we had to stop.

One of the guys came up behind me and grabbed me in a bear hug, saying I looked pretty strong. He had his arms over my breasts, squashing them down, and I could feel a hard-on poking my ass. Two other guys grabbed my legs and tried to hold me immobile. The guys holding my legs asked why I still had my underwear on, when no one else did, and proceeded to remove them for me. Now I was bare-assed naked! Three other guys took the hint and grabbed Candy in the same manner, also removing her thong.

Now I’m all for fun and games, but I have spent most of my life competing with men, including three brothers, so I wasn’t about to be pinned helpless. I reached behind me and grabbed the guy mauling my tits by the neck, and held him in a headlock. The guys holding my ankles started to laugh, so when they accidentally loosened their grip, I karate kicked one in his chest, and he let go. The other guy was so startled, he let go also, and I wrapped my legs around his neck and squeezed. He was enjoying a full bald beaver shot until he realized I was serious.

The guy behind me lost his footing, but I still had him in a choke hold. He was laughing, and now so was I, so when he said uncle, I let go. Unfortunately, with my legs still around the neck of the other guy, my head went under, and I started to choke on the pool water. I released my leg grip, and one of the guys grabbed me and pulled me up so I could breathe. That was enough of that so we all sat on the pool steps, completely exhausted. My tits and ass had been fondled and squeezed, and I think a finger or two made their way into my twat. Actually, I had enjoyed it, as my fantasy of being gang banged by a group of men was coming to mind.

Looking over at Candy, she was kissing one guy and another was standing behind her running his hands up and down her back and ass. A third was playing with one of her tits, and he began kissing and suckling her nipple. The guy behind her moved up close to her back, and he must have started fucking her, because he was thrusting back and forth. The guy kissing her sat up on the edge of the pool, and she started giving him head! The third guy was now trying to get one of her big tits completely in his mouth. I was surprised by Candy, she’s actually very talented and erotic.

My guys were just staring at this scene, one on each side of me, and one in front. I was getting horny watching Candy, so I grabbed an underwater penis in each hand and started stroking. The guy in front of me leaned back, placing the back of his head in my crotch. He turned around to face me and Miss Kitty was right there to greet him. He stuck his tongue out and tentatively began licking my outer pussy lips. The guys on either side of me were each playing with a tit, and it sure felt good. Soon they were sucking my tits in unison.

Meanwhile, Candy was still going strong, her guys switching positions. The guy with his face in my crotch was eating me in earnest, and I orgasmed several times. My double handjob was having its desired effect also; first one, then the other moaned and came underwater, their little stringy semen floating all around.

The guy with his face buried in my crotch looked up at me with puppy dog eyes. Aww, his little guy wanted some attention too! My other two friends had gotten out of the pool, and were laying on the deck in a post orgasmic daze. I told Mr. Kitty Licker to sit up on the edge of the pool, which he did. He had a nice cock, not too big, not too small. Just right for Mama Cat.

I got between his legs and held his magnificent prick in my hand. I turned it first to one side, then the other, admiring its shape. Not one imperfection I could see. However, I felt it was my duty to continue with a more thorough examination, so I used my other hand to massage his balls, avrupa yakası escort gently rolling them around. I lifted his penis up so I could see better. Yep, perfect balls to match a perfect cock.

I planted a gentle kiss first on one, then the other nut. Then, using my tongue, I bathed both balls with my saliva, taking them into my mouth one at a time. He was moaning softly, apparently enjoying my ministrations. His cock was now rock hard, and I was slowly stroking it up and down. I’m sure he wasn’t too far from ejaculating.

Before he could however, I tilted his prick back towards my mouth, then I lowered my head onto the tip, taking him in about half way. I sealed my lips around the shaft, then began sucking him in earnest. I was bobbing my head up and down, still maintaining my grip on the lower half of his cock, jerking him at the same time. He continued to moan and started slowly thrusting his hips forward, attempting to get his penis further into my mouth.

While this was going on, I suddenly felt a hand on my butt, and a finger was running along the crack of my ass. Then, with a hand on each cheek, my secret backdoor admirer spread my ass apart, and I felt a tongue enter my anus. Someone was reaming my ass! It took me by surprise, but it didn’t distract me from the blowjob I was giving at the other end.

My new friend continued to lick my asshole, then I felt a finger slide in. Now I was getting finger-fucked in the ass by a stranger. I started thrusting my hips back, trying to get the stranger’s digit in deeper. I was sucking my other friend’s cock in earnest, my head bobbing faster and faster. He had his hand on the back of my head, and was lightly pushing it down onto his crotch.

When the finger in my ass came out, and I didn’t feel anything else, I was a bit disappointed. But not for long. I then felt something larger knocking at my backdoor, and realized he was now going to attempt penile penetration of my rectum. I braced myself; I stopped sucking the cock in front of me for fear of biting down, then my unknown friend pushed forward, and his cock slid slowly into my ass. It hurt at first, but just for a second. He was very thoughtful actually, he just left it in about half way and didn’t move until my sphincter muscles relaxed, then he started pumping slowly.

Just as I was about to put my front man’s penis back in my mouth, he ejaculated, no warning at all! It shot right on the bridge of my nose, on my forehead, in my hair. I managed to get him back in my mouth and caught the rest of his sperm shooting down my throat. I swallowed fast, and got it all. I continued to stroke him until we got all the semen out, then he just lay back on the pool deck, like his buddies.

Now I was free to concentrate on my rear man’s attentions. He was still thrusting slowly, and I held onto the edge of the pool, my legs spread wide, and just enjoyed the sensation. The pool water was sloshing around, and some must have gotten into my ass, but I think it was helping to keep me lubricated. Having a cock in my butt didn’t hurt at all, at least not while I was in a body of water.

It wasn’t too much longer before rear man was ready to cum, so with a couple of hard, fast thrusts, I felt him hosing down my insides, filling me with a mixture of sperm and water. He stopped moving his hips, but I could still feel his penis spasming inside me. It was certainly a new sensation for me. When he pulled out, I turned around to see my new lover. It was Candy’s husband!

Apparently he had woken up from his drunken slumber and wandered out to the pool deck to see what was going on. He told me later when he saw his wife getting gang-banged by three of his buddies, he almost went into a rage. Then he saw me giving head to another one of his friends, so he decided join in on the fun. He took his clothes off, slipped quietly into the pool, snuck up behind me, and began playing with my ass.

Things might have gotten even more interesting, except just at that moment, two police officers showed up on the pool deck, taking in the whole scene. They explained they had received numerous noise complaints, as well as possible lewd and lascivious acts being committed, and were there to investigate. Oh my god, we’re going to get arrested, I thought. But these cops were older, more experienced, and they just shook their heads and advised us the party was over, and to take it back to our rooms if we wanted to continue. They said if we left immediately, no one would get arrested, and that was enough for me.

I got out of the pool, wrapped a hotel towel around myself, kissed all my new friends goodnight, and went up to my room (alone) and fell sound asleep. I have continued to maintain a close friendship with Candy and her husband; unfortunately he got reassigned to an air base in the Marshall Islands. I haven’t seen them in two years, but we keep in touch by email.

I flew home the next morning, with a smile on my face, despite a throbbing headache. I was seriously looking forward to my next out-of-town workshop.


This story is another one of my true adventures; this one took place almost two years prior to the one documented in The Further Adventures of Cat. Enjoy!

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