The Wife’s promotion

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The Wife’s promotion
With the last few items shoved into my clothing bag, I zipped it up and placed it along with my wife’s into our car. Going back inside I walked into the kitchen where Joyce, my wife, was finishing up her breakfast. “Ready for the trip?” I asked her. With a mouth full of food she smiled and nodded. We were on our way this morning to a nice resort hotel a few hours away. My wife works in sales for a large national company and for the past year, she had done well and had been invited to the all-expense paid weekend at the resort along with other company sales people who did well. They all even got a paid day off because this thing starts today, a Friday, and runs through Sunday morning. This was the first time my wife had ever been invited to the event which would also be attended by senior management executives from the company and other than the planned speeches by selected motivational speakers after dinner in the evenings, we thought it would be a fun time. My wife was also looking forward to hopefully finding time for her to talk to her new boss about a recent opening in the firm that could result in a promotion for her. The sales leader where she works had recently left the position and if she got it, it would mean a lot more pay for her and we certainly could use it. She felt sure that the decision was between her and one of her male coworkers and she was hoping that she could influence the decision this weekend.

I really knew very little about her boss, other than he was relatively new at her branch office and had only been there a little over three months. He himself had been promoted and had been transferred there from another location in the company. My wife explained to me that he was a black male, about 36 years old, which is only 4 years older than my wife. She also said the rumor was that he was divorced about 3 years ago and said that so far he seemed to be okay but that she heard he has a bit of a sexist type of personality and has an eye for the ladies, both married and single. She also said that the decision on the promotion she wanted would probably be made soon and that she heard that the final decision would be made by him in conjunction with the Regional Vice President who also happened to be black. My wife said that’s she’ had been working very hard to try to impress the new boss but felt like one of the males in the firm had the inside track because he seemed close to the new boss and they often went out to lunch together and she felt she still had to find a way to prove herself. Beyond that, I knew little about the man that seemed to hold her future in his hand, and mine too since we needed the additional money, but little did I know then that by the end of this weekend, I would end up learning a lot more about him and also learning things I never knew about my own wife.

Perhaps a little bit of a background information about my wife and I would help you better understand our situation. I am 37 and my wife is 31. We have been married for a little over 12 years. My wife was still 18 and a virgin when we met and as far as I know, I’m the only one she has ever been with sexually. Physically she has what I think is an average body type, although I’ve also heard a few men say that she is rather “full bodied” which I guess means that she is a little on the chunky side, especially her ass which is a little big for her frame but I think it’s sexy and well-shaped. She stands 5’6″ tall and has a 36C-32-39 figure and obviously, her hips are wider then her waist or bust, but she has nice legs, well-shaped and strong due to all of her exercising and one other thing about her body that I find really attractive sexually is her nipples. She has very dark and large aureoles and her nipples get very hard and long at the first sign of sexual arrows all and excitement. She sometimes joked around that her doing well in sales had less to do with her talent than it did with the size of her chest. Her skin is pale and very white, and she has blond hair and hazel green eyes and she easily turns men’s heads when she walks by. As I said, she was a virgin when we got married but she really loved sex from that very first time and she has a very high sex drive, far higher than mine and I often have a hard time keeping up. If it were up to her I think we would fuck two or three times every night, but there is no way that I can go even once every night which I know sometimes leaves her frustrated. On a couple of occasions I’ve joked that we need another man in our relationship to satisfy her needs and keep her pussy satisfied, and there have been times when she has agreed, but I know all of that is just playful banter and fantasy.

The other thing that you should know is that I got laid off from my job about five months ago and have hard time landing anything so we have been depending more on her income so her getting that promotion certainly would be helpful and that was another reason why we both were hoping that she would get that promotion at work.

Heading off we had an enjoyable drive to the hotel and when we went to check in, we were told the hotel was nearly full and we were given a choice of having a room on the ground floor of the original older section of the hotel or we could have a standard room on the 32nd floor of the Tower building that had been added on much later. I personally like the charm and architectural features of an older hotel and so we picked the room on the ground floor. Going in we found it to be quite nice and large with a sliding door that went out onto a patio attached to an enclosed courtyard that was shared by about six other rooms. The front area of the room had a very nice bathroom, then the bedroom with a King sized bed on the left across from a large mirror above a dresser on the right. There was a sitting area at the back end of the room where the large sliding glass doors were was with a couch some tables and a large TV. The doors going out back had a pair of curtains that barely fit the doors and left a little space on each end that if someone were on the patio, they could probably see in. The older section of the building had been renovated and all of the furniture and other items were new but the only downside was that it still had its old thinner walls and we could pretty clearly hear the people talking on one side of us right through the wall. Not to the point of clearly hearing every word that was being said but you could still hear and make out most of it none the less.

After unpacking, we decided to take a walk around the large hotel. Inside was a restaurant, spa, pool with hot tub, a hiking path through the adjoining woods, a bar and dance floor, and of course several meeting rooms and a ballroom, and outside was a hiking path through the adjoining woods and a few other things here and there. As we were walking through the lobby we both heard a voice call out my wife’s name. Turning to see who it was I saw a tall black man coming towards us and right away, I figured it must be her boss.

“Hey Joyce, glad to see you made it here early” he said smiling at her. “And I bet you’re her husband. You’re one lucky man! I’m Joyce’s boss, Lamar” he explained as he reached out to shake my hand. His grip was strong that my hand slightly hurt as he squeezed it. Lamar was about 6’2″ in height, very dark, almost black skin, short cut hair, decent body build with strong arms, and a deep voice. I’m not one to say much about a man’s looks but even I couldn’t help notice he wasn’t a bad looking guy and I was surprised that he was single, but then I remembered he was divorced. So, I thought, this is the man who will make or break my wife’s chance at the promotion she wants. As she said she has been all she can I knew I would do all I could to help her as well.

After some brief talking he asked us what room we were in. Telling him the number he laughed explaining that he was in the room right next to ours. Saying our good-byes he said he would see us later on this evening during the dinner and the short company meeting and that he would talk to her about the promotion.

Saying our good-byes we left him for the time being. As we walked away I mentioned that I had no idea he was so tall and how she never mentioned he was a good looking guy. Joyce gave me a sly smile and nudged my arm. “I didn’t think it would make a difference what he looked like. He’s my boss and I need to impress him” she said. I laughed because I knew that look.

“But you do think he’s good looking don’t ya? … don’t ya?” I bugged her. I started poking her jokingly until she gave in.

“Okay, yes! I think he’s good looking” she said. “But you should hear how Jessica talks about him. She wants to jump him every moment he’s near her and I know she’s going to be here this weekend too so she might actually get her chance” Joyce explained. Jessica was one of the other women my wife worked with. Stopping she turned to look at me. “Just please, I beg you, don’t do or say anything this weekend that might mess up my chance of getting the promotion” she begged. I told her I would never dream of it. “I know you wouldn’t but we both know how important this is not just for me but for both of us. So, just let me do my thing and deal with my boss, just don’t try to butter him up or interrupt me when talking to him or vise versa. Just let me handle it, okay?” she pleaded. I knew illegal bahis how serious this was to her and I explained that she had nothing to worry from me. That I wouldn’t do anything to harm her chances. More so since the choice was down to her and a male Tim, one of her other coworkers. She thanked me and we continued on.

We didn’t do much until the evening. Just relaxed and laid around enjoying some time away from home. Late in the afternoon my wife got change for dinner putting on a nice green dress that had a slightly plunging neckline and a pair of heels. As we left our room to the conference room where dinner was being held the door beside of ours opened at almost the same time. “Oh hey guys!” the deep voice said. Turning to look there was Lamar stepping out of his room next to ours. “Mind if I join you guys?” he asked. Both of us at the same time said we’re fine with it. “Thanks! You look good tonight Joyce” he said as I watched his eyes trail down to her breasts before shooting back up.

Leading the way Lamar talked as we walked towards the conference room. About half way we were stopped and joined by Jessica. I had met her a couple of times before so she wasn’t new to me. Taller than my wife, dark hair, tan, average build, okay looking.

Sitting down at a table in the large room full of people I didn’t know I felt really out of place. A lot of greeting and small talk. My wife could tell I wasn’t enjoying myself and said that after we eat that I should head back to the room because the after dinner work conference wouldn’t be any more fun and besides, she was hoping to talk to Lamar about the promotion too. I agreed without argument. I did find it amusing watching Jessica almost throw herself at Lamar and he seemed to show little, if any, interest at all in her, at least not in front of me. Not sure if it was because he wanted to be professional in front of everyone else or because he really had no interest. Either way she didn’t seem to care. I did catch him a couple of times looking at my wife’s chest but even I have to admit they’re hard to miss.

The meal was good and they had an open bar. Joyce had several drinks and when I asked her about it she said she just wanted to relax and stay calm otherwise she’d be too nervous to talk to Lamar. I knew that alcohol sometimes made her too relaxed but I trusted that she knew what was best and knew she was having a good time. Once the meal was complete a company head stepped up to speak. With that I excused myself, gave my wife a kiss, and headed back to the room.

I was soon lying in bed with the lights out watching bad TV shows. A couple hours later I was dozing off when I heard footsteps, one in heels, come down the hall towards our room. I thought it might be Joyce until only Lamar’s room door beside ours opened and could hear a male and female voice talking as he closed the door loudly. I could hear that they were talking in the other room for several minutes, and then things went quiet. Actually it was silent for probably six or seven minutes. I began to doze off again until I heard the unmistakable sound of a woman’s faint moan followed by a bed creaking rhythmically though not loudly as these were nice newer beds.

“So, Jessica did get to finally have sex with Lamar” I thought as I listened. The moaning got a little louder and I could hear them saying stuff back and forth but couldn’t make any of it out. This went on for nearly ten minutes. I was amazed at how long Lamar could last and I thought it would never end at this rate until I heard a woman’s voice make a rather loud noise and then everything went silent again. Soon there was movement again as someone went into the bathroom and I thought that I could hear the toilet flush and that was followed again by faint talking and then I heard the door to his room door open and close again and I heard the clicking of heels moving down the hallway once more.

That’s when I felt my breath escape me. The woman in the heels was walking towards our door. The clicking stopped, and I could hear the swiping of the key, the door opened, and then my wife entered. I quickly acted like I was asleep as she got undressed and slipped into bed. She was asleep in moments and I laid there, my head swirling with thoughts of ‘did she just have sex with her black boss?’ Or did I make a mistake in what I heard? Could it have been a different woman who left as she was walking up? I knew I was likely k**ding myself but I had a hard time admitting that she could have done that. I also found it odd that tonight she had gone to bed wearing her normal nightgown, but she had left her panties on. She never sleeps in her underwear unless it’s that time of the month, which I knew it wasn’t. It was a long time before I slept and it wasn’t much that night at all.

The next morning Joyce got up and took a shower as I laid in bed trying to stay calm. When she came out of the shower I asked her how last night went.

“Last night? Oh it went fine. The meeting wasn’t much so I’m glad you left. I also got to spend some time with Lamar to talk about the promotion” she said.

I asked how that went and she said “It went very well I think” Joyce replied.

That’s when I told her I heard Lamar having sex last night with some woman and was wondering if she knew who it was since it seemed like she came back to the room just as the other woman left his.

Joyce stopped and I could see for a moment she was a little shocked but trying to think quickly to come up with something. “It was Jessica!” she quickly shot back. “Yeah I saw her leaving with him earlier and I saw her coming out of his room right before I got to ours” she continued.

I still had my doubts, but I wanted to believe that was true so I let it go for now.

After getting dressed we went together to the lobby room where the hotel was serving breakfast. As soon as we finished eating Lamar walked in, saw my wife, and with a big smile walked over towards us. “Good morning! Nice to see you both” he said smiling. Leaning down to the table he then began to talk in a soft tone. “Joyce I thought a lot about what we talked about last night and I came to the conclusion that you would be the best person for the job. I already know how good you are and how hard you’re willing to work. Last night with our talk I think you proved that you have everything it takes and that you’re willing to do what it takes. I don’t want you to tell anyone else yet, and I’m not going to make it official until tomorrow morning after I talk to the regional manager and get his approval as well, but there’s no doubt he will go along with my recommendation.” Then turning towards me he said with a smile, “You’ve got one hell of a woman there Barry. She’s very persuasive and I know I can count on her to do her best to get the job done.” Slapping me on the shoulder he walked off.

I wasn’t sure how to take all that but I didn’t say anything. After breakfast we went to the pool for a while and then my wife went off to the spa so I relaxed in the hot tub with my own thoughts until she was finished and came back out. We went back to our room for me to shower and get the chlorine off and then we decided to go out to lunch and see what we could find locally. When we got back it was getting close to the time for the company dinner and conference again so my wife went into the bathroom to change. Walking out back to look up at the clear fall sky on the small semi enclosed deck I went to sit down when I heard Lamar’s voice on the other side of the partition. Peering around the corner I saw him standing there talking on his cell phone. Looking up he smiled and nodded at me and continued his conversation. I let him be and a couple of minutes later Joyce walked out.

She looked great and was wearing a skirt, green V neck pull over type blouse with lace and a pair of heeled brown boots that went up to her mid-calf. No sooner had she walked out that Lamar got off the phone and walked over.

“You look really good Joyce” he said to my wife. She asked him if he was ready to go.

“Go? … Oh hell I didn’t even realize what time it was! I guess we had better head over huh?” he said with a laugh. I noticed that he followed us into our room and out of our door and headed towards the conference. I was about to mention that he had left his patio door open but then stopped myself. I realized that if I left early again I could sneak into his room that way to see if maybe I could find something that linked Joyce to who Lamar had sex with last night. Like the night before I excused myself after dinner complaining that I was tired. My wife said she would be in later tonight but I told her not to hurry because I’d likely be asleep. Giving her a kiss, I went to head off when Lamar said “I’ll try not to keep her too late tonight Barry. I have some things that I really want to go over with her after we’re done here.”

“Not a problem. I’m going to bed so you can keep her out as late as you want” I said and then I headed back to our room. Once inside I rushed out back and looked and sure enough, the door to his room was still slightly open. I went in and looked around Lamar’s bedroom. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for but I searched everywhere and in the end found nothing. That’s when I figured I’d go back over to our room but leave Lamar’s rear door unlocked and then I would wait until he came back and sneak on tipobet over to see what I could see. Getting my PJs on to make it look right I turned off all of the lights, left the TV on low, climbed into bed, and there I waited. About two and a half hours later, I could hear two people’s footsteps walking down the hall towards our rooms and could hear two people briefly talking. I heard our door open and I quickly pretended to be sound asleep.

Joyce walked in and softly called out my name a couple of times before leaving the room again. As soon as the door closed I could hear her say “No problem, he’s fast asleep.” Then I heard the steps walk back over to Lamar’s room and heard his door open and close. I could hear faint talking coming from his room and then again silence.

At that moment I jumped out of bed and dashed out our rear door and softly sliding it open, I quietly moved over to Lamar’s sliding door. Slipping a couple of finger in the one inch opening I left in his sliding door and moving it open slightly wider, I could see the whole room and what I saw made me lose my breath for a moment.

There was my wife leaning back against Lamar’s chest. Her eyes were close and she was biting her lip as his hands were kneading her breasts through her blouse. Her right hand was a big behind and between them and I could see she was rubbing his crotch.

I heard Lamar say “Tomorrow I’ll discuss this with the Regional Vice President but I’m sure that he will be fine when I tell him that I picked you for the position and then I’ll make the official announcement of your promotion Joyce” I heard Lamar tell her as he continued to play with her breasts. “I just wanted to make sure you’d still be willing to do anything, like you said and like you did last night before I make it known to everyone and I also hope you know that it will also mean working late two or three nights a week with me, and we’ll mostly be alone, if you know what I mean?”

“Yes, I do” Joyce replied. “And I told you before that I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get the position and to keep it and I thought that I showed you as much last night.”

I was about to burst in when I remembered what my wife had asked me to do … ‘Just please, I beg you, don’t do or say anything this weekend that might mess up my chance of getting the promotion or I will never forgive you’ … and with that I stopped myself. I knew how much it meant to both her and me and I knew how hard she had worked to get here. I decided to hold my tongue at least for now and decided I would have to find a way to confront her about it without Lamar around.

Lamar smiled when my wife said that she was willing to do whatever it takes and pulled his hands away from her chest and turned her around to face him.
“Well if you’ll do whatever it takes then get down on your knees” he ordered. Joyce didn’t say a word as she sunk down onto the floor. Lamar stepped back until he was against the bed. Kicking off his shoes he undid his belt and pants stepping out of them. This was quickly followed by his boxers. Bending down as he pulled them off I couldn’t see anything until he stood back up and got the second biggest shock of the night. His dick was huge! He gave full credit to the black guy myth.

As he sat down on the edge of the bed Joyce moved up between his legs and wrapped her pale white hand around that massive black monster. Guessing by the size of it compared to the different of mine and his in her hand I’d say he was almost 8 ½ inches long which is three inches longer than mine. He was also a lot thicker too by probably another 1 ½ inches of girth compared to mine, if not a tiny bit more than that. She couldn’t even fully wrap her hand around it like she could on me. On top sat a large deep brown head and I could see an equally large pair of testicles resting between his legs. I didn’t even know what to think.

Joyce knew exactly what to think though. She leaned in and slowly ran her tongue up the entire length of his monster black cock. Running it around the head a few times before sinking her mouth down onto it. She stared up at him as he moaned and placed his hand on the back of her head, grabbing her red hair. Lamar moaned as she began to give him a blowjob. “Fuck yeah” he said looking down at her. “Suck it! Suck that big black dick! It really is true what they say, white girls are great at giving head … shit I should have had you do this last night too.”

She continued to suck his dick for a couple of minutes until he told her to stop. Stand up he lifted her up to her feet and immediately pulled her shirt up as she helped him remove it. This was quickly followed by her bra. Grabbing her waist Lamar turned her around so he was no facing the bed with her back to it, and picking her up he tossed her onto her back on the bed. Without saying a word he unzipped and removed her boots before climbing up onto the bed himself. Moving up he cupped her breasts in his hands and began to suck on her nipples. He didn’t do that for long as he sat up and grabbed the waistband of her skirt. Joyce lifted her hips as he pulled both her skirt and panties off in one motion, tossing them to the floor.

“Move up higher” he ordered her. She did as he said, moving up to the pillows. Lamar pushed open her legs and crawled up between them until his face was above her crotch. Leaning in he began to go down on her. Joyce moaned as Lamar licked, sucked, and fingered her pussy. He was a pro at this as in less than three minutes she had an orgasm, screaming out in pleasure. I had never been able to make her cum so quickly and only wish I knew how he had done it.

Lamar didn’t stop there as he continued to go down on her she rolled into a second and third orgasm. Her entire body was shaking as she begged for him to stop. Lamar did as she asked, sitting up and removing his shirt as she laid there trying to catch her breath. Her chest was heaving and flushed and I couldn’t believe he had got her to cum three times in less than three minutes. And he wasn’t done with her yet.

“Spread your legs wider Joyce” he ordered in a deep voice. Doing as he said she spread her nice legs open wide while still trying to calm down from her orgasms. Lamar moved up again between them, this time on his knees holding his massive black dick in one hand, until he was all the way up to her pelvis. Making himself comfortable he looked down between them and I could see his arm moving as he positioned his penis. Joyce was also staring down between her thighs watching him.

“Just take it slow like last night okay Lamar? Like I told you, my husband’s dick is really little and taking your big black cock in my little pussy is like being a virgin and getting fucked for the first time” she said meekly. Lamar smiled and told her to just relax and assured her that she would get used to taking his big black cock in her pussy with all the fucking he planned to be doing.

A second later my wife gasped, closed her eyes, and bit her lip. At that moment I knew his large deep brown head was likely pushing open her little pink hole wanting to gain entry.

“So fucking tight” Lamar grunted as I could see him pushing forward with his hips. “Not that I’m complaining mind you. I sure can tell that you’re not lying about your husband’s dick being really little compared to my black cock. But then after you told me that, you were still able to take all of this big black cock, balls deep all the way into you, and twice at that” he added.

Holy crap! She took that entire thing inside of her, and twice at that? How the hell did it all fit? I didn’t even think that would be possible.

“No, I wasn’t lying about Barry’s dick Lamar. It’s only about four inches at best and that’s when he’s hard and it’s really skinny too. He’s nowhere near the size of your nice big cock, and not thick at all” Joyce said softly. “But like I already told you, if yours was even slightly longer, I don’t think there’s any way I could take it because I swear I can feel the tip of your cock touching my cervix last night.”

“Well then, you better get used to my large size” Lamar said laughing. “Because as part of your promotion deal that we discussed last night you said you would be willing work late with me alone two or three times a week. And we both know what we will be doing” he added.

Joyce let out a moan but I saw her nod her head in agreement.

Lamar reached down and lifted up her pale white legs resting them up against his deep brown chest. In that position I could see his massive cock was about halfway into her already. He then began to push again and I had a clear view watching his cock slowly disappear into her body. Gradually more and more sunk into her until Lamar let out a sigh and said “All in” with a grin.

“I know, I can feel it” Joyce shot back. “Can I ever feel it!” Lamar let out a laugh before he started to slowly pull a little out and slide it back in making Joyce gasp with each time. As he picked up pace she began to moan, louder and louder. “Fuck me!” she begged. Lamar complied, picking up his pace. Pulling out nearly ¾ of his dick before slamming it back down into her. Again an endless stream if moans were coming out of her mouth as he leaned forward using his body weight to thrust into her. Little over three minutes into it out of now where she yelled, “I’m about to cum again!” Holy crap! He wasn’t even touching her clit and tipobet giriş he was about to make her cum for the fourth time. Could only think that he must have been rubbing against her G-spot but I have never been able to do that.

“That’s it Joyce, cum on my cock!” Lamar said in a demanding voice. “Cum on this big black cock you married white slut!” With that Joyce came, screaming in pleasure and I saw her body shaking all over with her orgasm. Lamar stopped moving and then pulled himself out altogether. Joyce asked him what was wrong. “Nothing at all. But I want you to get up on your hands and knees when you’re ready” Lamar explained. Joyce only smiled, moved her legs off of Lamar’s chest and rolled around into the doggie position.

As she moved around Lamar just keeled there watching her. His large black cock was shining wet in the light from being inside of her right down to the base. I still couldn’t believe that entire thing was inside of her. The strange part was while watching up to this point I was getting an erection. I always liked watching but never considered of actually watching my wife. The color contrast was also hot and made me understand what some people see in interracial porn. Her pale white skin against his deep brown was sexy looking. Lamar moved back up between her open legs and lined up his dick with her hole with one hand while the other grabbed a hold of her waist.

“Do you want my big black cock in you Joyce?” he asked.

“Yes, I do” she replied.

“Then tell me Joyce. Tell me how much you want it in you like the married white slut you are.” he ordered

“I want your big black cock in me so badly. Please shove it deep into me and fuck me ” she begged.

“And you’re still going to let me fuck you after I promote you right? Because that was part of our deal though I don’t want to force you to do anything that you don’t want to do” he said in a teasing manner.

“Yes, I will have sex with you whenever you want. I want to have sex with you, I want to feel your big black cock in me because it feels so damn good. Now put it in me! … please Lamar…please fuck me” she shot back

“Now that’s what I wanted to hear” Lamar said. With that he began to push his dick back into her. My wife’s body jumped as a smile crept across her face. “So wrong but it feels so good” she said softly as he pushed it deep into her. Now with both hands firmly grasping her waist Lamar started to thrust into her. Slowly at first then rapidly until he was fucking her hard. Over and over again like a piston. The best was rocking and my wife collapsed down onto the bed with her ass sticking up in the air as he continued his assault.

“Fuck me! …Yes! … Fuck me! … Fuck me with your big black cock! … Feels so fucking good!” she screamed in pleasure followed by an endless series of moaning. “Harder! … Harder! … Ram it into me! … God yes!” Lamar did just that, fucking her all he was worth. I could hear his balls slapping against her ass as he slammed into my wife over and over again like a machine. He just kept going and going it was almost unreal. I couldn’t believe how long he was lasting. He was by this point fucking her hard in this position alone for about six minutes, not including the blowjob and the missionary position before. I had by this point been rubbing my erection over my pants as I watched him screw my wife’s brains out in front of me with her enjoying every second of it in a constant state of ecstasy. A little over a minute later Lamar began to grunt more rapidly.

“Shit, about to cum” he moaned as he began to thrust faster into her. “Ah fuck! … AAHHHH!” Lamar yelled out loud as he dug his fingers into her waist and thrust himself all the way into my wife hard, holding her tightly against him. Throwing his head back his whole body went stiff as he let out a deep low moan. I could see his stomach tighten and release over and over again. I realized at that moment that he was cumming deep inside of my wife’s pussy.

“Yes, that’s it….go ahead and shoot your cum in me” she moaned. “Drain those big black balls deep into your married white slut.”

Lamar got the biggest smile across his face by what she said as the last few drops of his semen were unloaded deep into her pussy. He let out a long deep sigh as he finally finishing cumming in her.

Never in my life was I ever so thankful that my wife was on birth control then I was at that moment.

A moment later Lamar was slowly pulling himself out as his now semi hard, yet still huge, black dick fell down hanging between his legs. My wife took a few seconds to catch her breath before rolling off the bed and heading into the bathroom. Like last night I could hear the toilet flushing and she reemerged. “I still can’t believe how much you cum. You also shot it so deep into me same as you did yesterday that I’m going to have to wear panties to bed again so it doesn’t leak out all night” she said in a joking yet truthful manner.

“What can I say? I’ve got a big black cock that plants my seed deep and I have a huge pair of balls that store up a lot of nigger cum” Lamar replied with a laugh. My wife just shook her head as she began to get dressed again.

With that I took my cue and dashed back over to our room. Jumping into bed I pretended to be asleep as she came into the door a couple minutes later. Changing for bed she again left her panties on and this time I knew why. The following morning I tried my best to act like everything was normal which was one of the hardest things I have ever done.

During breakfast Lamar came over to our table with the Regional Vice President who also was black and both congratulated my wife on getting the promotion. Her boss looked at me with that smirk on his face again and said “you know Barry that this will mean that Joyce probably will have to work late several nights a week and it might even involve her being out of town to do some traveling with me from time to time. Are you sure all of that is going to be okay with you?”

“Oh yes sir, I know that Joyce will do whatever the job requires and I will be fine with all of it” I said, knowing full well exactly what he meant.

Joyce smiled back at him and said “I told you that Barry will be fine with all of it Lamar. And I hope that I already have proven to you that I am more than willing to do whatever it takes” she replied with a smile.

I could only think to myself that, ‘We both know damn well what it’s going to take, and that means taking lots of Lamar’s massive black cock in that married white pussy of yours.’

“Yes, yes you sure did Joyce, but again, it’s really important to us that your husband understands and is okay with it? I wouldn’t want any problems to come up down the road” he said again with a big smile on his face and still looking over at me and waiting for a response.

“Yes Sir Lamar,, you don’t have to worry about that. Joyce has my full support and I know that she will do whatever it takes to satisfy you and the requirements of the job and I assure you that I will be fine with all of that” I said.

Lamar got another big smile on his face and said “That’s great Barry. You’ve got one hell of a woman there. She’s quite persuasive and I know I can expect great things from her” and then he slapped me on the shoulder again.

As if not to be outdone, the Regional Vice President who was also black spoke up and said that Lamar had told him all about Joyce’s willingness to do whatever it takes and that’s why he approved giving her the promotion. He then got this grin on his face and looked at Joyce and then back over at me and, and said that he too looked forward to having Joyce work under him and said that in her new position, she would not only be working with Lamar, but she would also be working closely with him as well. Then he smiled again and looked at me and said that he knew that he and Lamar would keep Joyce pretty busy, but that he was already sure that by the sound of my support, all three of them would get along just great.

When I heard that, I knew that Joyce’s boss must have let the Regional Vice President who was also a black man know what had happened between them the past couple of nights and it was pretty obvious that the Regional Vice President wanted some of my wife’s married white pussy too and I had no doubt that he would be getting all he wanted as well as Lamar in the future.

The next question for me was what would I do now that I knew? Should I just ignore it because we needed the extra monies? Well, there was no doubt in my mind that Joyce enjoyed everything that she did with her boss the last couple of nights and I knew she was telling the truth when she told Lamar that she loved black cock so there was no doubt in my mind that she would enjoy doing both of the two black men in the future.

Should I confront my wife with what I knew and maybe demand that I be allowed to watch sometimes, or at least be allowed to lick her clean when she came home afterwards?

Making the right decision was a bit of a dilemma, but I knew that we had the long car ride home for me to decide, but the truth was that I pretty much had already made up my mind. I knew that I liked the idea of having a hot wife that enjoyed fucking black men and I also was pretty sure that I could convince her to share the pleasure by at least letting me lick her pussy clean when she got home and I knew I would love that. And then I thought, who knows, maybe I could convince her to discuss with her boss and the regional manager the possibility of me watching and cleaning up afterwards some time in the future.

The last thing I was sure of was that I was a very happy man.

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