The Weekend Ch. 03

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This is set immediately after Chapter 2, so you may want to read that first. Just as a reminder, the story is set in a converted stone built farmhouse in the north of England.


Marie made me stay as John and Laura left hand in hand.

‘They’re going to fuck.’ she said. ‘Help me out of this. I need to shower.’

I helped her remove the glistening cock. She peeled off her tights as I turned on the shower. She followed me into the en suite bathroom. This was the first time I’d seen her naked. Her sex was completely nude. Her juices had oozed out of her and were spread over her mound and thighs. ‘I’m covered in sweat and pussy juice.’ she confirmed.

‘I’m surprised you didn’t cum?’ I enquired.

‘Oh, that’s your job darling. Let’s see what you’re made of.’ As she climbed in the shower she turned to me. ‘Wash me.’ I climbed in, my cock still as hard as hell. The warm water poured over us. Her body glistened. I soaped my hands and spread them over her broad back. ‘That’s nice.’ she moaned. My hands followed the curve of her spine and finished by feeling the weight of her full, rounded buttocks. The tip of my cock brushed her arse. ‘Wash my breasts.’ I allowed my hands to move around to the front of her body, pulling her back against my chest. Our soaped ümraniye escort bodies moved gently against each other. Her breasts filled my hands, the nipples long and firm. I couldn’t resist kissing her neck and shoulder. ‘That feels so good.’ she whispered.

‘John will be beating Laura. She loves to be spanked. Wash my cunt.’ I slid my hand down her body and pushed it between her legs. She opened them slightly to allow me to stroke my soaped hand over the smooth skin.

‘Shall I stroke your clitoris?’ I asked.

‘Yes, gently. I don’t want to cum yet.’ she groaned as my finger moved delicately across her clit. With my second finger I traced the ring of her pussy lips, my soapy hands gliding across the skin. ‘Push a finger in.’ I obeyed. Her vagina clung to the finger as I slid it further and further into her body. ‘Oh fuck, oh fuck.’ she slowly and deliberately whispered, treasuring each syllable as she treasured each touch. ‘Push a finger into my arse.’ Gently I teased her arse hole. I pushed against the opening. It gave way and I inserted the finger just inside her rear. I carried on kissing and licking her neck as she arched her head backwards.

She reached back. Her fingers found my balls. She rolled them üsküdar escort gently. I needed to cum soon. ‘Please let me fuck you until I cum.’ I begged.

‘I wonder how long you can last?’ she teased.

‘I might just shoot straight away.’ I teased back.

We made love on the bed. This was so different to the performances of the previous sessions. This was just a man and a woman using all their experience and skills to fuck as well as they could.

Fucking someone for the first time is never like this. You hold back, tentative about the reactions of your partner. What will they like? What are their limits? And it wasn’t like being with a familiar body. Everything was new, and every answer was yes. We were like boxers or tennis players, challenging each other with new ideas and sensations. Each of us gave and took in equal measure. There was a direct line of communication between our minds, bodies, souls.

First I pushed her over the bed and roughly forced my cock into her from behind. She pushed back. All the tension within us turned to aggression. Next I was on top of her, varying my speed. Our eyes made contact. We didn’t speak. We smiled, the tension lifted. The communication was almost embarrassing. I was then yenibosna escort on my back. I reached up and weighed each breast in my hand as she rode me. I slapped her arse. ‘Thank you.’ she laughed. She wasn’t playing a role any more. This was the real Marie.

‘Cum.’ I suggested.

‘I think I will darling. I think I will. Lick me first.’ I pushed her on her back and clamped my mouth around her clit. It was so hot in my mouth. Her juices were warm and stringent. She was so swollen. Soon she was groaning and slapping my head as she came. No I won’t let go I thought. You’ve teased me, I’m going to make you pay.

‘You bastard!’ she screamed jokingly and slid herself back onto my cock. ‘OK, fuck me to orgasm if you’re so good. Or will you cum first.’ No way I thought. I fucked slowly, I fucked quickly. I watched her. I tried to judge how near she was to orgasm. When she seemed near, I pushed my thumb between us and found her clitoris. ‘Oh you cunt.’ she was beaten. Her head was thrown back, her body rocked and she came hard.

To be honest it was a close run thing. I pushed her back on the bed, tore off the condom and ejaculated onto her breasts. The sperm just kept coming. When I haven’t cum for days, the second orgasm is always the best. Again the rush of semen seemed to come from deep within me. The release of tension was unbelievable. She tasted the sperm and rubbed it into her tits.

We had fifteen minutes of complete peace, laying there together. There was a perfect honesty about the two of us as we lay intertwined. Someone I hardly knew and yet, at that moment we were one.

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