The Subway

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I had just transferred to a new division recently and the easiest way to and from work was to ride the local subway. The ride is about 45 minutes long and the car is always full of men and women. But yesterday on the way home the car stops inside a tunnel, It was dark and I couldn’t see anything. I ask what was going on, and a female’s voice in front of me said not to worry it happens often while more than one car is running, it usually last 10 or 15 minutes. She said that it would be a good idea to hold onto the overhead rails when this happens. I reached up and found the rails.

A minute later while holding on, I felt something brush against my belly and a hand slide into the waist band of my pants, as it slowly unbuttoned them they fell to floor. I didn’t have any underwear on that day and my cock felt the cool air. Just as I was about to say something I felt a warm breath blowing on my cock, the contrast was enough to make me hard in seconds. The hot, wet tongue that touched the head of my cock took me by surprise, almost making my knees buckle as the expert tongue and mouth worked its way around my cock. I could tell it was the same female that had been speaking to me when we stopped. She licked my cock up and down slowly, savoring every crease and ridge, then licked her way down to my balls sucking each in, one at a time, rolling them around with her tongue. She worked her way back up and licked around my head göztepe escort bayan tasting my precum before swallowing my entire cock.

I felt the cum building and was breathing hard, she must have known I was close because she reached out and fondled my balls. Just when I was about to cum and fill her mouth, she stop and squeezed my cock hard while she went back to lick my balls. After the feeling of cumming subsided, she reached up and took my hands and placed them on a rail lower down causing me to bend over even further.

She moaned and engulfed my cock once again slowing working her mouth and tongue up and down my cock. Then she reached under me and was massaging my balls and sliding her fingers back to my ass. I could hear her playing with her wet pussy and the squishing sound while she finger fucked herself. Her breathing was getting faster as she was bringing herself to orgasm. Her moans were causing a vibration in her mouth that was driving me insane.

Then she took my cock out of her mouth and moved up to whisper in my ear “I want you to cum in my mouth, I want to taste your salty, sweet cum as it shoots down the back of my throat”. Before I could say a word, she sank her wet mouth back on my cock. I couldn’t hold back much more and she could sense it, she began using her tongue and circling the head of my cock moaning as she licked. She halkalı escort bayan took my entire cock in her mouth and began sucking hard. I told her I was ready and she let out a big moan, just as I was ready to fill her mouth with my hot cum I felt a tongue licking my asshole and my balls. I don’t know who it was and really didn’t care it just felt so good and I began to cum, letting go of my load into her hot, waiting mouth. I could hear her slurping and swallowing trying to keep up with the cum that I was pumping in her.

Minutes later my pants were pulled up and the car moved into the light, I looked around to find the women who had done this, but everyone was in the spot as before and know one even looked my way.

The next day my wife had been shopping in town and timed it just right to ride home with me. She wore her new skirt and low cut blouse that shows off much of her tits. The car was filled, both men and women as always. When the car stopped in the tunnel, I told her to hold on to the rails in front of her so she doesn’t fall when the car moves again.

We were talking quietly when she suddenly sighed, when I asked what that was for, she said someone just pulled her thong aside and slid their tongue in her pussy. The shock instantly made her wet as she moaned, making her feel a little naughty knowing her husband was right there but ikitelli escort bayan not wanting it to stop. I asked if she wanted to move, she said no, the tongue had stopped and she was ok.

A second later she moaned again and starting breathing hard, I ask now what? She said someone slid his big hard cock into me and is slowly fucking me. I thought she was kidding, but remembering my experience from yesterday I knew she was telling the truth. I couldn’t believe my luck, hearing another man fucking her was exciting the hell out of me. She grabbed my arms to keep herself from falling over. She was moaning the way she does right before she cums when I’m fucking her and I knew she was going to cum all over this strangers cock. It was exciting me so much I had to help, reaching my hand down her shirt I took her nipples between my finger and thumb and started pulling and squeezing them, rolling them between my fingers just the way she likes it. She whispered “I can’t help it, I’m cumming”, with that I felt her body moving faster as the stranger started pounding her pussy from behind. I could hear his cock sliding in and out of her pussy, just then she grunted hard and said he’s cumming in my pussy and she came again for what seemed like an hour.

I heard her sigh as the stranger pulled his wet limp cock from her pussy and moments later the car began moving. Once into the light we looked around but could not tell who the stranger was.

When we got home she took her clothes off and cum was leaking out of her still wet pussy. Seeing this made me want to shoot my load into her as well. I laid her on the bed, wanting to take her hard and fast, but also wanting to give her what he hadn’t. A long slow fucking that would bring her to the edge over and over till she came screaming for more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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