The Studio Ch. 04

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Annabel Redd

Lani’s Story

Lani Lee was twelve years old when her family moved to the mainland. She and her younger sister were born and raised in Honolulu while her dad taught Asian Studies at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. When Lani was in the sixth grade, her father became an Assistant Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures at USC.

It was an adjustment from the island life she had known but the biggest impact was leaving behind all her young friends and starting over. Just when she had begun to acclimate herself to her new community in LA, her family was uprooted again when her dad accepted a similar position at Duke University in North Carolina.

At 16, Lani was beginning to blossom into a beautiful young woman. Initially, she kept pretty much to herself and immersed herself in her schoolwork. She was taught piano at an early age and enjoyed playing in recitals for family and friends. In High School, Lani took up the flute and was named first chair when she was 17.

Lani wasn’t disinterested in boys but she was terribly shy and on the occasions that boys tried to engage her, she often withdrew. There was one guy though, Paul, who always seemed interested in her. Paul was also in the band and soon they struck up a close friendship. Many would consider Paul a bit of a science nerd but Lani liked him. Soon, she and Paul found themselves spending more and more time together — mostly Lani listening to Paul as he explained one of his ongoing science projects.

Throughout most of her senior year though, she was intrigued by four other girls in the band. Ann, Cindi, Jan, and Cheryl were among the most beautiful and popular girls in school. She often wished she had close relationships like the girls seemed to have with each other. They were always cordial and nice to Lani, but she knew she was just outside their small clique. Then one day, things changed when Jan announced she and her family were moving.

Within a couple of weeks after Jan left school, Cindi began to engage with Lani more frequently. First, subtle smiles as they passed in the hallway and then in the band room, casually chatting her up. After months on the outside, Lani found herself being asked to sit with the other girls in the lunchroom, walk with them between classes, and ultimately hanging out together after class, often at their homes.

Lani began spending less time with Paul and more time socializing with her new girlfriends. Graduation was on the horizon and no other event seemed larger than the school dance and Lani accepted Paul’s invitation to be his date to the Prom.

While Lani was a student of music, she had never really learned to dance. She knew a few of her native Hawaiian dances from when she was a little girl, but not how to move with the pop music played at high school dances and parties.

Over the next couple of weeks, Cindi, Ann, and Cheryl took turns teaching her dance moves after school. She felt funny at first dancing with the other girls in their living rooms but soon it seemed quite natural even when they would move into a slow dance – her body gliding slowly against Cindi or Ann. Cindi was just a few inches taller and she really enjoyed it as the girl wrapped her arms around her, pulling her tight, with Lani’s head resting on her shoulder as they swayed back and forth to the music.

Then one night practicing, the lights turned down low and the music ending, Cindi kissed her softly on the lips. “What are you doing?” Lani pulled back rather puzzled.

“Just playing,” smiled Cindi. “I was pretending I was Paul. You will let him kiss you, want you?” she smiled.

Lani sensing her playfulness smiled back. The truth though was Paul had never kissed her… not really. They sat together on the couch and mostly talked. There were a couple of times she supposed he might make that move but he thought better of it. But that was fine. She didn’t think of Paul as a boyfriend as much as a nice guy that she liked as a friend.

The night of the prom her mother had her dressed in a pretty yellow dress and lots of pictures were made of the young couple. But after weeks of practicing her dance moves, Paul didn’t really seem interested in dancing as much as making sure they both had plenty to eat and drink at the dance. Toward the end of the evening, Cindi walked over and asked Paul would he mind if she danced with Lani. Paul noticed other girls pairing up, particularly as many of the boys seemed more intent talking among themselves, practically ignoring their dates.

Cindi had removed her heels and was in her bare feet so Lani slipped hers off as well as the two strode onto the dance floor among the other couples. Cindi pulled Lani tightly into her body. She was wearing a low cut dress leaving her shoulders bare as Lani rested her soft cheek on her bare skin. Cindi smelled sweet as Lani sank deeper and deeper into her grasps, closing her eyes and letting her body sway together in time with the young girl.

Lani felt so comfortable, so natural, Sincan Escort in Cindi’s arms as they moved along the dance floor, first one song and then another. Finally when the second song ended to a much more upbeat dance, Lani raised her head off Cindi’s soft shoulder as their eyes met. Once again, Cindi closed the distance as her soft lips closed over Lani’s, only this time Lani didn’t pull back. She allowed the slightly older girl to kiss her.

It only lasted a few seconds but the feelings she stirred were ultra-intense.

“Pretending you were Paul again?” Lani smiled.

“No, I wasn’t pretending at all,” she countered.

Lani was unsure of the feelings she was having but she didn’t have time to dwell on them as Cindi grabbed her hand and worked her way thru the crowd back to Paul who was waiting with their punch in hand.

Later that night, long after the dance had ended, and she lay in bed reflecting on the evening, she felt a warm rush over her body. The feelings she had for Cindi were strange — not the kind two girls should have for each other. But yet, Cindi made her feel so relaxed, so good.

Lani was excited when she received a full scholarship in the mail to Penn State. Since she was a little girl, she had been intrigued by the Pennsylvania Public College and was excited to have the academic scholarship which covered her tuition and fees. She wasted little time calling the other girls and informing them of the good news.

That weekend Cheryl’s parents were headed out of town to the beach and left the house to her with the promise of no boys and absolutely no wild parties. Cheryl asked if she could have a sleepover with Lani, Ann, and Cindi and her parents granted their approval.

The girls began the night with pizza and Netflix movies but as the night wore on, Cheryl opened a bottle of wine from her parents abundant collection. It was on the second bottle that the four girls decided on a game of “Truth or Dare.” Lani, though she had never played before, was eager to join in on the festive nature of the game which first seemed to be innocuous questions about “the craziest places you’ve made out, your first kiss, and who was your first real crush.”

It was Ann who chose the first dare when Cheryl dared her to kiss Cindi. Lani’s heart seemed to skip a beat at the suggestion. Partly, that Cheryl was daring the two girls to kiss but partly because deep down, she wanted to kiss Cindi herself. Since that night at the prom, she had thought about it a lot. Lani watched as Ann knee walked over and then looking Cindi in the eyes, drew her soft lips down on the other girl.

“I want to see tongue,” Cheryl directed. Ann didn’t disappoint as Lani saw her pink tongue push into Cindi’s mouth which eagerly accepted it. Lani raised her wine slowly sipping and watched as the two girls kissed in an embrace which seemed to last a full minute or more. “That’s enough,” Cheryl smiled almost pulling them apart. Both seemed disappointed to break the passionate embrace.

“Okay, Cheryl… Truth or Dare?” Cindi smiled. “Dare,” the girl shot back. “You like to dance. Do a strip tease for us,” Cindi dared.

All four girls were dressed in colorful pajamas as Cheryl walked over to the entertainment system. She took out a CD by Kelis and began playing “Milkshake.”

Cheryl began dancing through the girls, standing on her toes as she undid the buttons on her pajama blouse, then twirling letting the top slide through the air allowing her full breasts to come into view. “….la,la,la,la …warm it up…”

The truth is Lani had never seen another girl’s breasts. Even at school during PE, the girl’s had individual showers and while there were a few girls who threw caution to the wind exposing themselves, Lani always averted her eyes. Yet here she was mesmerized by Cheryl who allowed the pajama top to slide off her shoulders and land haphazardly on the floor leaving her in just her string pajama bottom.

“…. Damn right, its better than yours… I can teach you… but I have to charge…” Kelis sang, the beat filling the room and Cheryl’s ass moving to the bass rhythm. She moved directly in front of Cindi shaking her gorgeous round ass. Then pulling at the strings of her pajama, she let the satin pj’s slide down her slender legs as she stepped free leaving her in just a beige thong panty.

Lani’s eyes were laser focused on Cheryl who turned and looked Lani dead on.

Walking toward her, Cheryl stood over the young girl, her crotch mere inches away from Lani’s head.

Cheryl hooked her thumbs in her thong and eased the panties down her legs and then stepped out exposing her smooth hairless pussy, turning in beat now totally naked, “…just get the perfect blend… plus what you have within…” the music played.

Lani watched as Cheryl moved right up against Ann who kissed the girl’s ass, and then let her tongue slide across her cheeks. Never in her life had she seen such a thing. All three of the other Escort Ankara girls totally in sync with the music, their bodies moving to the beat of Milkshake.

Cheryl moved her ass up and down, her breasts jumping around on her chest, nipples hard as she moved back and forward until the song ended and she collapsed next to Cindi. The two coming together in a west smooch. “Very sexy,” Cindi complimented.

“Okay,” Cheryl sighed almost out of breath. “I believe its your turn Lani… Truth or dare?”

“Truth,” Lani shot back. She wanted to say dare, but was terrified at what Cheryl might suggest after witnessing the recent lewd and naughty act.

“Oh, come on,” the older girl teased. “You don’t want me to dare you to do something?”

Lani thought for a moment. Her heart was racing. “Well, okay,” Lani acquiesced.

Cheryl crawled over to the young Hawaiian girl, her soft black hair framing her face. Lani’s big brown eyes locked on Cheryl’s naked frame.

“I dare you to slip off your pajama bottoms and play with yourself. Cum for us,” Cheryl teased.

Lani was frozen in place. Her heart pounding in her chest. “I…I can’t…” Lani struggled before Cheryl moved astride her. “Its okay baby, I’ll help you,” she purred as she moved closer until Cheryl’s naked body was hovering over her. Her lips met Lani’s, pushing softly and then more persistent as her tongue teased her lips until Lani parted hers allowing Cheryl’s warm tongue to gain entrance.

As the girl kissed her, Lani felt a pair of hands on her pajama blouse, unbuttoning the buttons and then someone pulling at her bottoms as they slid off her legs. She opened her eyes to see Ann helping Cheryl sit her up so Ann could unfasten her bra strap and then remove it altogether freeing Lani’s two golden breasts capped off by two very dark hard nipples which Cheryl took into her greedy mouth.

Someone, she assumed, Cindi, pulled at her bikini panties and eased her out of them now leaving both Cheryl and Lani nude as their bodies pressed together. Lani had never felt like this before. It was if her body were on fire as Cheryl’s lips were on her mouth, her neck and then moving down her stomach. No sooner had Cheryl’s lips left Lani’s than they were replaced by Ann. Though facing her from a different direction, Ann let her soft lips slide over Lani’s. The two girls kissing passionately as Cheryl now moved between Lani’s legs which she pushed apart.

While Cheryl shaved her pussy bare, Ann left a little patch above her mound and Cindi kept hers trimmed, Lani had never given much thought to her pubic hair. Cheryl simply parted her lips and lowered her mouth to Lani’s moist box. Lani moaned into Ann’s mouth as Cheryl allowed her tongue to move between her wet folds, lapping up the sweet juice that had already seeped out betraying her excitement.

Not to be outdone, Cindi positioned herself behind Cheryl and placed her face between the older girls legs, lapping at her smooth pussy.

Ann was holding both of Lani’s hands in hers, their fingers interlocked, as she pulled them tight over her head. “That feel good baby? Do you like the way Cheryl is making you feel? She loves turning girls. I can tell you love it,” Ann cooed.

Cheryl went at Lani’s pussy like she was starved. Licking between the folds, sucking on her clit, and pushing her tongue further, deeper into her wet savory hole.

The room was filled with moans and the wet sloshing of tongues and mouths against pussies.

“Oh my God, oh my God….” Lani cried as Cheryl pushed her legs up, her feet flat on the floor as the girl devoured her prize. “Cum for me Lani, cum for me baby…” she encouraged.

Cheryl pushed her thin fingers into Lani’s wet pussy, stretching the walls, probing and then lowering her mouth back to her prize. Cheryl’s face coated with Lani’s juices as she smiled knowing the young girl was moments away as her legs shook and quivered.

Lani felt her body contract and explode in a warm rush that overtook her. Her chest rose and her two dark nipples seemed on fire as she had the first real orgasm of her life.

Cheryl crawled back up her chest and kissed the young girl softly, slowly as their mouths moved together, their tongues working their way into each other’s mouths.

“Welcome to the sisterhood baby,” Cheryl smiled looking deeply into Lani’s eyes.

Lani wasn’t real sure what Cheryl was talking about but simply let go completely as her body finally came to rest under Cheryl.

“After Jan left, we were looking for who might take her place and Cindi wanted you,” Cheryl smiled as she rolled off the girl. “That night of the prom, when she kissed you, she knew you were ready.”

“Ready?” Lani looked puzzled.

“I don’t think she understands,” Ann chimed in.

“You know what a lesbian is don’t you sweets?” Cheryl asked, looking her in the eyes.

“Yea. Its,,, It’s a woman who’s into other women,” Lani answered back.

“That’s right baby,” Cheryl cooed. That’s Eryaman Escort Bayan what we are…what you are…” she added.

“Me?” Lani looked back. “But,” looking at Ann, “You and Cindi have boyfriends!”

Ann laughed. “Greg and Michael? They’re both gay as can be! Cindi caught the two of them making out after a game last year. Michael had Greg’s dick in his hands when she turned the corner. They both nearly fell over themselves trying to get their clothes put back on. She made them a deal. They pretend to be our boyfriends which gives them cover and nobody thinks the wiser of us either.”

“But, I’m not… I’m not a lesbian. I mean, this happened tonight but I’m not …” Cheryl placed her finger over Lani’s lips. “Come over here Ann,” Cheryl instructed the girl who was still sitting on the floor at their head. Ann rose on her knees and knee walked over. “Kiss Lani.”

Ann bent down and placed her lips to Lani’s as the two kissed. Lani put up no resistance as their lips moved together and Ann slipped her tongue into Lani’s mouth. The young girl sucked on it and let her own hands slide behind Ann’s back and under her pajama top she still wore. Ann broke her kiss long enough to remove the top, revealing two perfect breasts.

Ann lay astride Lani, their small round tits sliding together. Lani’s hard nipples betraying her excitement. Ann raised up and allowed her nipple to dangle in front of Lani’s mouth which she took in and sucked. Lani had never sucked on a breast before but loved the texture, the soft flesh which filled her eager mouth.

“Not a lesbian?” Cheryl chuckled. Lani stopped for a second before she let her mouth drift to the other breast. “You’re one of us now… well, you will be once I’ve initiated you.”

“Initiated me?” Lani inquired.

“Oh, you’re gonna’ love it,” Ann smiled as she looked down at the girl going from one breast to the other.

Lani felt her legs being pried apart again and looked between her and Ann’s outstretched bodies to see Cindi taking her place between Lani’s legs. “We are going to have to trim this up girl,” Cindi chided pulling at tufts of wild black pubic hair before she allowed her mouth to settle down on Lani’s moist box drawing a sigh from the young girl.

“Damn that does feel so good, so fucking good,” Lani moaned.

“Why don’t you give her a little taste,” Cheryl coaxed Ann who walked up and allowed her own pussy to come within inches of Lani’s mouth. Ann shaved her pussy bare like Cheryl leaving only a small tuft of hair just above her pussy.

Once she had positioned herself, she lowered her pretty pussy until it came in contact with Lani’s soft full lips. “Lick my cunt baby. Lick me. Show me what a good lesbian you are,” Ann moaned as she slid her bottom back and forth on Lani’s face.

Lani may have denied minutes earlier that she was a lesbian but now, tasting Ann, Cindi’s face buried between her own legs, there was no denying the feelings coursing through her body. She loved the taste and feel of pussy. She loved everything about what she was doing and what was being done to her. Lani reached up and let her hands grasp Ann’s small breasts, taking them in her hands, squeezing the little nipples between her fingers. “That’s right baby. Lick her, play with her little titties,” Cheryl coaxed.

Cheryl sat up and kissed Ann as she slowly rode Lani’s face. Within a few minutes both Ann and Lani exploded in an orgasm that rocked both, leaving Ann to collapse in Cheryl’s arms.

The girls took a break and finished off a third bottle of vino before Cheryl escorted Lani to her room. As Lani lay on the bed with Ann and Cindi to each side, Cheryl walked over naked to a dresser and pulled out a dildo and a harness.

The older girl pulled the cock into place and fastened the straps of the leather harness leaving a flesh like cock dangling from her middle. “Just a few minutes ago you said you weren’t like us. You weren’t a lesbian. Now’s your one chance to prove you’re not. You can tell me no, and we’ll all look back on tonight as a grand experiment. A night when you played with girls… or, I fuck you. I take your virginity, your lesbian virginity and there’s no turning back for you. You’re one of us… a sister. A lesbian just like me. Like us,” she added.

“Please,” Lani pleaded softly. “I want it. I want you to take me.”

Cheryl took some lube from a vanity drawer and coated the cock and then moved between Lani’s outstretched legs. Both Ann and Cindi leaned down taking a breast in their mouth as Cheryl moved the coated cock to the entrance of her vagina and eased it in. Lani gasped as the phallus entered ever so slowly.

Both of the other girls moved away from her chest as Cheryl let the cock move all the way in until their hips met flush. Cheryl began moving harder, more deliberate as Lani allowed her legs to wrap around Cheryl’s lower back. Cheryl bent down and kissed her young lover. Lani immediately plunged her tongue into Cheryl’s mouth.

“Fuck me, fuck me Cheryl. I want it. Take me,” Lani moaned.

“Are you one of us?”

“Yes,” Lani cried,

“A lesbian?”

“Yes, yes I am, I’m a lesbian now. You made me a lesbian,” Lani admitted as she moved her body up to meet Cheryl’s thrust.

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