The Story of Sexology

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All characters in this story are above the age of 18.


Nikki was finally a college student at South Harbor College. After recently graduating from high school and having an awesome summer it was time to say good bye to all of her family and friends that continued to stay in her hometown. Her older sister Paige helped her pack just about everything that she’d need for college taking a day off from work to help her little sister get prepared for years of college that is miles away.

“Are you all packed?” said Paige.

“I’m just about done really,” replied Nikki.


“Here, I got this for you, I’ve been meaning to give this to you… and I know how you caught me using this before, but I think this would be better off in your hands. I know you wanted one of these… and how Mom would probably catch you if you did have one of these before… so here, don’t lose it.”

Paige opens Nikki’s hand and places her trusty vibrator in it.

“Use it well Nikki,”

Tears drop on the vibrator, and Nikki raises her head with a smile.

“Thank you,” replied Nikki.

Nikki grabs all her luggage stuffs the vibrator in to the back pocket of her tight jean shorts and goes downstairs with Paige following behind. Their mom runs towards Nikki and gives her a big hug.

“Oh sweety, call every day, go to sleep early, study, and be a good girl!” said Mom sniffling.

“Don’t worry about me Mom.”

Nikki steps outside, with her father behind her grabbing the entire luggage and loading it in to the trunk. After waving goodbye to everyone she was off to the airport. For an hour long ride Nikki was unsure of what to do, she was too teary to talk to her father, and her father was rambling off with basic safety tips. Nikki’s jean shorts that were created from her previous old jeans that she had cut were gripping on so tightly to her waist and butt. Her tight tank top was showing ample amount of cleavage from her supple DD melons.

“Nikki, it’s okay, come back and visit us during winter vacation. You’ll do that won’t you?” said her father

Her father couldn’t stop taking small sneak peaks at Nikki’s breasts.

“Don’t worry, I will.”

After being dropped off at the airport Nikki realized she was 2 hours early. Unsure of what to do Nikki remembered that she had her sister’s trusty vibrator in her back pocket. Grabbing it out she looked and realized a hot guy was sitting just a few feet away from her, just a few seconds of thinking what type of fantasies he had to offer already made her dripping wet. Rushing to the bathroom Nikki locked the stall, put the toilet seat down and adjusted comfortably. Pulling down her tight jean shorts was like peeling it off, it was on so tight she took it and hung it on the bathroom stall door. She spread her legs wide, arching them up and letting one rest on the toilet paper dispenser, and another on the handlebar. Switching the vibrator on she slowly placed it on her clitoris being careful not to moan so loudly.

Rubbing the vibrator up and down slowly, she placed the vibrator in her mouth and licked it wet tasting her sisters juices which reminded Nikki of her, then placing it back down on her clitoris. Nikki let out small moans, none of them giving anyone else in the bathroom suggestions that Nikki was pleasuring herself in a public bathroom. “What a dirty little girl I am.” Nikki thought. Nikki lifted up her tank top a little bit just enough to reveal her breasts, and pulling down her pushup bra to let it reveal her nipples. Driving in the vibrator right in to her pussy, while caressing her nipples caused Nikki to climax, cum coated the vibrator as juices ran out of her pussy. Nikki licked the vibrator clean, and stuck her middle finger in to the pussy to grab more juices to lick. She then took a quick piss, wiped herself, put her shorts back on, fixed her bra letting her breasts fit comfortably in to the bra and then pulled her tank top back down. Slowly sliding the lock open and checking the time, she had spent a well 35 minutes in the bathroom stall pleasuring her greedy little pussy. There was still well over an hour left until her plane was ready to go. She grabbed a salad, and ate, then she was on her way to South Harbor College.

When she finally got a ride from the airport and arrived at South Harbor College, she grabbed her schedule from the Main Office along with her dorm keys. The College looked absolutely amazing, it was awesome, and so much better than home! Nikki finally arrived at her dorm room and opened up the door to find that there was nobody escort ataşehir rooming with her yet. She unpacked, and made her room comfortable to her liking. After getting the room to her taste, she went to sleep early to get ready for her first day of college.

Nikki was woken up by someone else who was in her dorm room.

“WHO THE HELL AREYOU?” screamed Nikki.

“Hey, hey, hey! Chill, I’m your roommate, sorry I wanted to wake you up because according to your schedule you have class in exactly 1 hour… My name is Felicia by the way.”

“Oh, sorry. I’m Nikki, nice to meet you Felicia.” Felicia had a luscious ass to die for with her beautifully straight black hair and her big breasts and perky nipples poking out of Felicia’s tight shirt made Nikki wet. Nikki gasped and tried to hide her getting wet but it showed through her yellow underwear and made a wet spot. Felicia noticed but didn’t say anything.

“I’ve noticed that we both are taking the same class which is why I woke you up. You know, Sexology 101?”

Nikki’s face flushed with red color.

“Anyways, I’ll meet you in the cafeteria be fast okay?”

“Okay.” replied Nikki.

Nikki got up from her bed, took a fast shower, brushed her teeth and changed. She then put her make up on, and grabbed her books and was off to the cafeteria for breakfast. Arriving at the cafeteria Nikki found Felicia sitting with a boy, and two girls.

“Nikki! Over here!” yelled Felicia.

Nikki looked over at Felicia and motioned that she’d be over there soon. Nikki grabbed a banana and then sat down.

“Everyone, this is my roommate Nikki.”

“Hi everyone.” said Nikki.

Everyone greeted Nikki kindly. Nikki crossed her legs, and peeled the banana, forgetting to put her panties on like always Nikki made sure she didn’t reveal her crotch. It was soon then time for class and Nikki headed to class with Felicia, when they arrived in the classroom it was filled with many people with their professor was in the front of the room.

“Settle down everyone, settle down.” said the Professor.

As the noise quieted down, Nikki took a seat next to Felicia in the way front next to the professor who seemed like he was in his late 40’s.

“Welcome to your first year at South Harbor College everyone. I am Professor Mandor, I have been teaching Sexology 101 for 23 years. You’ve all come because you’re probably perverts, or you’re actually curious about sex. I’ll take it that you’re all curious about sex. Now will everyone please open their text book.”

Nikki reaches for her text book in her bag, letting her skirt slide down a little revealing bits of her butt crack and her panties. A guy behind her was getting a hard on staring at such. Nikki unknowingly pulled her shirt back down as she put her textbook out on the desk.

“Now this book teaches you shit, so I want you all to rip the pages out. Come on now, don’t be scared, I want to hear ripping! Rip!” yelled the professor.

All of the students rip the pages out, rip after rip after rip, and one of them proceeded to throw their book out the window.

“Good, now. I want to tell you all about a story. How did sex happen back then? That is our essential question. I’m going to tell you all about a town called Sexvilla, this is a true village back in the medieval days.”

“Back then, people used to have sex actively, and of course unprotected because none of them knew about protection anyways. Sex back then was a token of appreciation; it was almost used as a currency. Let me tell you about a girl named Ayleth. Ayleth lived in a village called Sexvilla, Sexvilla didn’t treat sex as a taboo to children, nor was incest a problem back then. Sex was used as friendly hellos, pleasure for fun, greetings, tokens of appreciation and of course currency at some point. Ayleth was 24 at the time I tell this story. The King of Sexvilla demanded a lot of things from his villagers. Most of the demands were sex, the King would have sex with over 20 girls a day on average, 45 if he was very horny, his knights were also offered sex for their service in war. It was not only Sexvilla who believed in sex like this, if the King were to attack another village but the other King wanted to surrender and rather pay the King not to take over the village, the other King would send it’s finest knights towards Sexvilla, each girl having sex with everyone of the knights in Sexvilla.

The door knocked at Ayleth’s house, Ayleth was a single lady who lived with her family. The King and Queen obviously would have sex, but kadıköy escort their relationship was opened. If you were to spot a visit on the king you’d probably find him getting a blowjob, and the Queen getting her pussy licked by either a female or male, whatever she prefers that day. Ayleth reached to open the door and it was the mailman. The mailman brought a package for Ayleth, a scroll with writing from her friend who lives in another village that Sexvilla allied with. Ayleth thanked the mailman, she pulled his trousers down without asking the mailman to step in her house, and began sucking vigorously on his cock. After a good blowjob the mailman blew his load in to Ayleth’s mouth and Ayleth swallowed it all. The mailman’s penis was covered in Ayleth’s saliva. He simply placed his penis away, and said farewell to Ayleth. The mailman moved on to the next house to find another lady who he needed to deliver a package too, you can say that the mailman placed his package in to her slot.”

Nikki raised her hand.


“Is it only males who receive sex other than the queen?”

“It was believed by the king that males were to work for sexual pleasure, and that women were there for sexual pleasure as males worked for the women. However, if women wanted to provide sexual pleasure for other women they’d have to do it in secret, this was strictly forbidden. Only the Queen was allowed this style of sex because the King felt it was special for the Queen to be the only one allowed to receive sex from the same gender. Everyone else was required a different gender. The King however once attempted having a male suck his penis however the male had such aggravating facial hair and bodily hair that they disallowed males giving pleasure to other males, and only allowed males to receive sexual pleasures.”

“Okay,” replied Nikki.

Nikki bent down again to reach in to her bag, she revealed her yellow panties once again to the boy sitting behind him who already had a hard on. The boy adjusted himself to see her panties again. Nikki was aggressively searching for her cellphone as it was constantly vibrating. Bending over even more her butt crack showed. The boy continuously stared, and slipped out his phone to attempt to take a picture. Nikki sat back up straight, and pulled her shirt down again unknowingly.

“Damn it,” muttered the boy.

“Ayleth closed the door and read the scroll, the scroll saying that her friend was going to come visit her in a couple of weeks. Ayleth smiled and stored the scroll away. Preparing herself for a bucket bath, she fills the buckets with water in to a bigger, larger bucket. She calls her brother Wyeth over so she can take a shower with him to save water. Wyeth strips himself and steps in the bucket. Ayleth removes her clothing too, revealing her wonderful DD’s and her round ass. Together they step the bucket and proceed to wash each other. Wyeth grabs a towel and rubs her round breasts with a wet towel and proceeds to her ass. Continuously they caress each other because that’s how they lived. I know it might seem weird to take a shower with your brother, but having sex with strangers was no difficulty back in Sexvilla. Wyeth continues to wash Ayleth’s big breasts and her nipples become hard. Wyeth brings his mouth to Ayleth for some breast milk because he is thirsty, and this was pretty much how natural it got. Wyeth then bent down to dip the towel in more water and starts washing around Ayleth’s pussy. They weren’t afraid, and Ayleth enjoyed it. Wyeth started to eat out Ayleth’s pussy and washed her round ass. After Ayleth cummed Wyeth handed Ayleth the towel. Ayleth caressed Wyeth’s 8 inches of man hood with her towel and wrapped it around it. She mainly focused on his penis because other girls would be sucking his penis when he goes out to deliver lumber to women’s houses. After stroking his cock and washing it, they both dry off and step out of the bucket. Wyeth goes upstairs to his parent’s room where he sees his father nailing his mother and lets them know he is on his way to work. After his father pulls out, and cums all over his mother’s chest his father demands that he be home early today so that they can all have a grand feast at the King’s castle because Ayleth’s family was invited to go. The reason being that Ayleth’s family was invited was because Ayleth’s friend who was coming to visit needed to be discussed by the king and Ayleth. Wyeth doesn’t disobey and nods.

Ayleth decides that she must do more shopping from the fish monger and possibly some vegetables. Since today is a nice day, Ayleth maltepe escort bayan decides to go without clothing on. When Ayleth opens the door and steps outsides the house, the bright sun beats on Ayleth. She walks to the fish monger with a basket in her hand and greets the fish monger kindly. She asks for three trout, and the fisherman kindly agrees. Ayleth puts her head down to the ground and points her ass up. The fisherman then pulls his pants down and fucks Ayleth vigorously in the middle of the street. Ayleth screams in pleasure, and the fisherman blows his load into Ayleth’s dripping pussy. Ayleth then visits the vegetable shack. While she walks to the vegetable shack and stands there looking at what type of vegetables she’d like, cum runs down her leg. The shop owner was a female, she didn’t have any money on her and she knew that having sex with same gender was forbidden. The shop owner looked her in the eyes, and showed ample cleavage which Ayleth was already once again wet from. Ayleth picked her vegetables out and placed them in her basket. The shop owner motioned for Ayleth to come to the back, and they went downstairs where they were safe and sound and nobody would witness what was going to happen. The shop owner slowly unbuttons her blouse and reveals her small perky breasts. Ayleth begins to remove the shop owner’s dress. Ayleth shoves two fingers up the shop owner’s pussy, and removes her hand and looks at her two fingers that are all covered in juices. Ayleth licks the juices clean and continues to eat out the shop keeper. The Shop Keeper moans so loudly that Ayleth is afraid that people might hear, but the Shop Keeper lets Ayleth know that there is no need to worry. After half an hour of eating each other out, Ayleth grabs one of the celery sticks from her basket and shoves it in and out of the Shop Keeper’s pussy. After more and more moaning and a celery stick covered in cum juices, Ayleth eats the celery stick.

Later in the day, Ayleth and her family arrive at the king’s castle. They all sit at the table and the king demands that everyone of Ayleth’s family members strip naked. They all take their clothes off and eat dinner peacefully at the King’s table. They are all greatful for being able to eat at the King’s table with the Queen beside him. After eating the King talks to Ayleth about the friend who is coming to visit and allows her friend to visit however the King only will allow it if Ayleth were to have sex with her family right now on the table. Ayleth unsure of what to do with the fact that she would want to fuck her mother but she can’t because only the Queen may. Ayleth goes for her father. And Wyeth goes for his mother. Ayleth begins to jack her father off an little while sucking her father’s making it wet, she then continues to suck, and occasionally going down to suck on her father’s balls. She then slips his penis in to her vagina and her father fucks her extremely hard. Her father smashes his penis in to her vagina and then demands entrance in to her asshole. He forces it in while Ayleth cries in pain. The King takes off his clothing, and joins Ayleth’s father. The King takes his penis and shoves it in to Ayleth’s vagina while her father is in her asshole. They both fuck Ayleth at the same time and Ayleth moans and cries really hard. The Queen demands that Ayleth’s mom eat the queen out while Wyeth fucks Ayleth’s mom. Wyeth fucks his mom so hard that her entire body is thrown forth on to the queen. The King and Ayleth’s father cum in to her ass and vagina at the same time, there is so much cum that that the cum from the vagina leaks out on to Ayleth’s asshole. While Wyeth is fucking his mom, he quickly places his penis in front of the queen and the queen sucks his penis with pleasure. His mother then sticks her tounge in to Wyeth’s asshole, swirling around. Wyeth sticks his penis in the queen.

“Will you allow me to cum in you your Majesty?”

“You may.” Replied the Queen Wyeth then vigorously fucks the Queen and cums in to the Queen. There is so much cum that it leaks out and runs down the Queen’s leg. Wyeth’s mother licks the leaking cum. Now as you can see, they had wild sex back then, and society has made it a taboo to do such sex now. Any who, class is dismissed.”

After they leave the classroom, Nikki and Felicia walk back to the dorm room.

“Hey Nikki, you know how early today you got wet..? Was it because you saw me?”

Nikki embarrassed to answer, shyly squeaks.

“Yes… it was.”

“Well, in that case, this story in class today got me really wet, did it get you wet?”


“You don’t mind if I take a look at your pussy now do you? Here, I’ll clean up the mess down there…”

Felicia takes off Nikki’s skirt and panties, then she slowly places her face close to Nikki’s pussy and swirls her tongue around her pussy licking up all the juices.

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