The Stepsister Part 10

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The Stepsister Part 10

~~Start of Part 10~~

We all decide that we should probably get up and get dressed and act like we were going to do something productive today. Not that we needed to, but at least put on the airs… Being as I was the reason for all these bed changes, I gather up all my clothes and the three sets of bed sheets we have managed to totally destroy and take them down to the little laundry room at her complex. I slipped out without them catching me and trying to stop me.

Eventually Mandy comes strolling into the laundry room and gives me a big hug and kiss and says, “Hey, we have been looking for you…I thought we scared you off and you went running for cover somewhere!” We both laugh as I look at her.

“Nope not me, you guys are stuck with me for the duration…” I look around just to make sure there are no eyes or ears around and say, “How are you doing? I did not make you too sore with all the fast and hard pounding, earlier did I?”

Mandy looks at me and comes over to the counter that I am sitting on and says, “No honey, you didn’t hurt me, it felt really good and I loved everything about it. I was not sure I could make you that excited…like your Sister does, but I know now that I was wrong.” I look at her and give her big bear hug and a kiss.

Just then the buzzer goes off on the dryer and we both gather everything up and head back to Sis’s apartment. We go in and Sis and I make the bed with one of the fresh sheet sets and Mandy is out in the living room folding everything else up. Sis looks over at me and says, “that was really exciting what you and Mandy did this morning. Do you think you could get rough with me like that or was it easier with Mandy?”

“Sis, that just kind of happened, and when we were whispering, she told me she trusted me and for me to fuck her hard and just let go…pound my dick into her…” Sis is listening to me very closely and I continue, “I did not break her, like you said…it was just that opportune moment and she happened to be the one I was with. You are not mad at me, are you?”

We had just finished up the bed so Sis comes over to my side and sits me down on the bed and says, “No honey I am not mad at you, I just think it would be very exciting to let you take full control and yes…get a little rough with me. That is a turn on for me at least me…” “you remember when we used to wrestle around, and you would always end up getting me into some kind of pretzel type knot and hold me there?” I tell her yes, I remember…

“Well that was very exciting to me even back then, this big strong guy in total control and has me in a very vulnerable position, but does not hurt me…that is just very exciting…” I nod kind of understanding…it was a trust thing and I have learned with these two women at least, that exchange and handing it over to you can be a very intense emotional thing for them for sure. Being the one that is given that is a pretty awesome feeling.

Just then Mandy comes in with the rest of the laundry all folded up and sees us talking and comes over and sits next to me on the bed. She rubs the back of my head with her hand and looks at Sis, she can tell we were talking serious again…Sis says, “I was talking with him about this morning and seeing how he felt about doing that with me…”

Mandy looks at me and says, “I have to be honest hon, if you can do that for her, I think you two will be much closer than you already are.” She stands up and does a spin… “I am fine you big lug! You had me bent up in half and were pounding me so hard I thought the bed was going to break…” We all let a little laugh with that one.

Sis looks at me and says, “no pressure hon, just if you ever feel like you want to do that with me just let me know, I really want to experience that with you, ok?” I nod my head yes and we all get up and move out to the kitchen.

The phone rings and Sis gets it. She is writing some stuff down and then hangs up and comes over to where Mandy and I are sitting and says, “well Mand, looks like you and I have to go down to the hospital and make sure our intern stuff is done up right for the fall semester…” Mandy nods at Sis and they start gathering up some books and things to take. They file by me one at a time and I get a big hug and kiss from each of them and then Mandy asks, “Anything you need while we are out?”

I grin at both of them and say, “Sure, since we are doing all this experimenting why don’t you bring back some hot 40 something housewife that needs some young dick in her…” I start busting up laughing…but Mandy and Sis are not laughing…uh oh…

Sis looks at me, “why didn’t I think of that!!”

I take a big gulp and say, “you guys I was just screwing around…I can barely keep up with you two! I want for nothing really!”

They look at me and Mandy says, “ok hon, we will see you later on.”

Well I think I dodged a bullet there, holy hell what in the hell would I do with two 21-year old’s and a 40 something housewife that is starving for sex…I would end up in the ER for sure!!

A few hours go by and Sis’s phone rings, so I pick it up and it is Mandy…they are on their way home and wanted to know if I had any requests for dinner or just whatever they felt like getting? I tell her “you guys decide, I am sure I will be able to manage somehow,” and we hang up.

About 45 mins later they come in and have some bags of food that I grab and put in the kitchen and we all get plates divvied up and sit down at the table. They both start telling me about what was happening with their internships and what they expect to be doing this year as they move on with their professional training. It is pretty interesting stuff and we continue talking for a little while and then clean up the stuff and put leftovers in the fridge.

We all go out the living room and I flip on the TV and we watch some comedy type of show and are laughing about it when there is a knock at the door. I look at the door and at a Sis and said are you expecting anyone? She gets up and goes over to the door and opens it. I look over and there is this beautiful woman standing there in scrubs, like from a hospital. I figure oh great something got screwed up with one or both of their internships…so I sit back down, Sis walks her into the living room and sits her down next Mandy on the end of the couch.
I did notice that her eyes lit up a little when she looked over at me and then Sis says, “This is Becky, she just graduated from the same program me and Mandy are in, but for professional nurses trying to get their Nurse Practitioners license.”

I stand up and lean over Mandy and shake her hand and say hello; and I notice she has a massive rock on her left finger…Humm, odd I think, but she canlı bahis şirketleri is obviously several years older than Sis and Mandy but still a very hot woman, though it is a little hard to tell with her scrubs on. She looks up at me with very warm and almost glowing eyes and says, “Hello, very nice to meet you…” I reply in kind and notice as I look down that she has very nice tits for sure under that scrub top… Wow!

Young and naive, oh to be that age again…When everything is a shock and you never see it coming…even when you asked for it!

Mandy looks over at me and says, “I see you like her boobs at least…” I look at her with complete terror on my face I am sure…like what in the hell are you doing?!?!

As I sit down Mandy and Sis both grab a hand and I know something is about to happen…Sis says, “honey you remember when you asked me to bring you home a 40 something housewife that needs a young dick in her?” I turn bright red and fall back into the couch. Mandy and Sis are loving this so far.

I look over at Becky and tell her, “really you do not have to do whatever these two-blackmailed you into…I don’t want to cause any problems for you and your hubby…” Crossing my fingers and hoping she was just indulging their request to get them to shut up… NOPE

Becky looks me right in the eyes and says, “my husband has not touched me in a sexual way for at least the last two years. If you are repulsed by me, I can understand that, next to these two amazingly beautiful young women, I am an old worn out lady…but if you would like to experience an older woman…I really need some loving bad…” I can see she is turning red as she is confessing this to me and I do not think she is an old worn out lady, she is very beautiful…

I look at Mandy and Sis and they both squeeze my hands in reassurance and give me the go over to her look…I have been here before, at least I did not make her cry or anything…I guess she was not watching when I stood up earlier, but as I swap places with Mandy so I can sit next to Becky she says, “wow, you have to be at least 6’5”!”

I grin at her and nod yes and asked her, “what have these two ‘young ladies’ told you and how do you feel about it?”

Becky is one of the mentor’s now at the hospital where Mandy and Sis are going to be finishing up their clinical cycle and she has become quite good friends with Sis, and told her of her marital problems…well only one problem really in her words… “I need some cock!” She knows that Sis is really my stepsister and that Mandy is my new girlfriend and that I am 20 (?!?) and getting ready to ship out for Korea in the Army soon…she also tells me that I told Sis, early today I wanted her to bring home a 40 year old housewife so you could experience a much older woman as well…

Out of the corner of my eye I can see Sis and Mandy sitting there tensely as she mentioned I was 20. I look at Becky and say, “so, it was a requirement that the person you are going to be with be at least 20 then it would seem?” She turns really red in the face and says, “…no, but I really do not want to take advantage of man much younger than that…” She is nearly in tears now…great I did it again….

Mandy is a little worried, but I see a smirk on Sis’s face…she knows how to work me over…

I look at Becky and ask her, “Do you think I am 20? She looks at me for a second and then says, actually you look more like you are 24 or 25, but it can be hard to tell at that age with some guys. And actually, more of what I would expect these two ladies to be even considering…”

I look at Becky and say, “If you would really like to have sex with me, I am more than willing to with you, but I want you to know the real deal and if you are pissed off, then be pissed off at me not them ok?” She nods her head yes.

I continue, “I will turn 19 the end of next month, but at this point I would say I have had more sexual experience in the past 3-4 days with these two than most men twice my age.” Sis and Mandy blush a little but are waiting to hear her response eagerly…

She looks at me in disbelief and says “prove it…” I look at her and say, “prove what?”

She says “first your age and then that you know how to satisfy a real woman…” Well that one stung a little, but I guess I deserved it… I look at Sis and Mandy and they are urging me on…I get my wallet out and show her my military ID card which has my DOB on it, and she looks at me in complete disbelief and says how can you only be 18?

I grin at her and say, “good stock I guess…” She actually laughs at my little joke and seems to loosen up a little.

She looks over at me and asks, “would you really consider having sex with me?”

Without skipping a beat and much to Sis and Mandy’s delight I say, “The question is not if I would, but would you allow me to have sex with you knowing the full truth of the matter now…”

She looks at me and then at the girls and says, “could I have about 2 hours alone with him first?”
Mandy and Sis look at Becky and Mandy says, “if you need longer just let us know Beck…I am sure we will be getting quiet an audio show out here and will enjoy every minute of it…” Becky looks at me and says “are you sure you want to do this?”

I take her hand in mine and hold hit firmly, but gently and say, “if you would like to grant a young man’s wish, I cannot think of a more beautiful woman to be with.” That does it for Sis and Mandy they are nearly in tears over there knowing I just said a very sweet and loving thing to her when she was feeling bad about herself, and Becky is sitting there looking at me… ”how old are you again?” she continues, “I am 42 years old and I don’t think I have ever heard any man be sweeter and more considerate than you are…even the ones that were trying to bed me when I was their ages..”

I look at her and figure if she is going to believe me I had better make a move or I will lose this chance to be with a really amazing woman, so I lean over and take her head in my hands and give her a soft kiss on the lips and pull her hair pin out…Her long flowing red hair d****s down over her shoulders like a tiger mane and she seems to be warming up to me…

She is still sitting there, it seems like she is savoring that little kiss I gave her for a while and then she looks me in the eyes and says, “well I guess you think I am acceptable; you lead the way…” I get up and Sis and Mandy are giddy with excitement as I lead this fully-grown woman with years of experience into the bedroom, we have all shared many times in the past few days. Mandy gives me the finger trick motion and Sis pounds her fist into her hand…obviously she wanted me to do what I had just done with Mandy earlier in the day for her youwin as well…

We get in the bedroom and I close the door and turn off the light, there is the soft glow of the nightstand lamp again. I look over at Becky and say, “how would you like to start out? Do you want something romantic or…”? She looks at me and says, “a few hours I ago I would have just told you to fuck me silly, but you seem quite sweet, do you have something in mind romantically?” I nod my head and take her over to the bed.

I take off my shirt and shorts and am standing there completely nude in front of this fully-grown woman and she says, “wait a minute…Can I just feel your body with my hands?” I am fine with it so tell her, “of course you can, this is about satisfying you Becky…” She kind of gives a sideways glance like she did not believe me…I let her run hands over my body and turn for her as she is instructing me.

She says, “not bad, it looks like the Army toned you up pretty nicely…how is your stamina?” and she winks at me…

I said, “honestly with an amazing woman like you, I am not sure how long I can hold out…but I will do my best for you.”

I see a different look in her eye this time, it is a warm and caring look…like one you would see from…your mom perhaps? But it is very erotic thinking she was actually caring about me somehow…

I turn towards her and lift up on the bottom of her scrubs top and she raises her arms and allows me to pull it off her. Holy shit she is at least as big as Sis and perhaps a little larger…she has very soft looking and feeling skin and her breasts are topped off with very large full nipples that are just getting hard and have to be longer than Sis’s. She sees me looking them and says, “you like those do you?” I tell her, “yes they are very beautiful…”

She stands up from the bed and takes off her scrub bottoms and starts to take off her panties and I tell her to wait…I will get those for you shortly…She kind of looks at me but does not complain as I ask her to get up on the bed. She moves up towards the head of the bed and lays there, a little stiffly it looks like, so I ask her, “would you like to talk first?” She nods yes and I move over towards her and roll slightly over towards her and look her in the eyes and say, “ask me anything you would like to know…” as I finish up my words to her I start to slowly and lightly rub my hand on her amazingly smooth and supple skin…she has obviously been taking great care of her body for her husband…who will not even look at her with a twinkle in his eye….

She shutters a little with my touch, but quickly calms down as she realizes I am just caressing her beautiful body and she says, “Why would you want to have sex with me? I have to be old enough to be close to your moms age…”

I look at her and say, “right, but look at it from my point of view…you have experienced so much of life already and know things I cannot even think of to worry about learning…” “you have lived and loved and hurt I am sure too at times…all the things I have yet to experience…”

She looks over at me…” you have to be a 40 or 50-year-old man that got plastic surgery or something…there is no way a young handsome virile man like you can be this thoughtful…” I smile at her and just continue to gently rub her baby smooth skin with my hand. She looks over at me and says, “by the way why did you not let me take off my panties earlier?”

I look at her and ask her “would you like to find out?” she nods her head yes….

I move around and position myself, and she know what I am getting ready to do next…I gently move her legs apart and place them just over my shoulders and move in closer to her beautiful fire red mound of love. I can tell she is getting very excited as I slowly kiss her thighs on my way up to her fire bush that is hidden by her white lace panties…I place my nose and then my lips against hers and slowly run my tongue up her panties and she has a chill go through her and her whole body shakes for a second…

I look up at her and ask her, “are you ok…” She looks a down at me and says, “yes, this is just very erotic and not what I expected from you…” “Do you mind if I ask you a question?” I told her of course not, ask away…as I am now teasing her clit gently through her panties and lightly biting it with my teeth…

She moans a little and says, “wow that is amazing…you are making my whole body feel you…” I reminder he she wanted to ask me something and she continues, “Don’t get upset or embarrassed ok?” I tell her to ask anything….

She says, “does the smell of me make you happy and make you want to make love to me?” I look up her and say, “yes it does, you are the only one in the world that makes this particular fragrance that is getting me so aroused now…” I think she finally believes me now as she grabs my head and buries my face into her love mound…” I tell her to let me take off her panties now…she agrees and lifts up her hips and I pull them down slowly. Wow, she has a very full fiery red bush, that her mature lips are peeking through and she seems to be getting rather wet…I pull her panties the rest of the way off and put them on the side of the bed and I look up at her…

She is watching me intently as I move my face closer to her bare love mound and stick my tongue out. I trace her large inner lips with the tip of my tongue and then slide it in for a taste of a mature woman’s love juice. She is very wet and as with the other two she has very own unique flavor that is very sexy…She is running her hands over the back of my head and moaning slightly so I move up to her clit and take it in my mouth and suck on it gently…

This gets an amazing response out of her as she moans loudly and grabs my head with her legs and says, “don’t stop…right there, honey…that is very nice…” I continue to flick at her clit and take it in my mouth and lightly bite down on it as she is building up an orgasm, her breathing and rubbing my head is helping her to gain momentum towards her release.

I move around slightly and get my hand in position and she looks down as I am just about ready to insert my finger and says, “honey if you do that I am going to explode all over your face…are you ok with that?” I flick my tongue at her clit a few times and she says… “ok, get ready…”

I gently insert my finger into her fire bush and go through my routine to find that spot again…she helps me a little as she knows exactly what I am looking for… “There, you are just below it now honey…now take your thumb and put it right above my clit and when you start to massage the ridges track your thumb around on my clit in the same way ok?” Ok…this is what I was talking about…she is not being youwin giriş mean, she it is showing me (teaching me) what she knows is going to make her cum like a crazed nympho…nice!

I start to massage her g spot with my thumb tacking outside on her clit like she told me and within seconds her breathing is very rapid, and she is moaning very loudly…she is a talker too…she keeps telling me to lick, then stop and bite and then lick and stop and bite…I reach up with my free hand and give her my little trick from the girls…I pinch down on her large and hard nipple and her whole entire body goes very stiff and she gushes a load of cum on to my face that had to be twice as much as even Sis has ever given me. She is now in that post orgasm state and I am being very gentle with her…she looks at me and says, “pull my legs up around my head…” I push them up like I did with Mandy, but she grabs them from me and amazingly she puts them behind her head…

I look down and her pussy and ass are open and she can tell I am having a hard time deciding…she looks at me with longing eyes and says breathlessly, “I am fixed honey, if you want to pound a load of cum in my aching pussy you can…you are safe!”

This was very new and exciting; I had not considered the fact that older women could actually have had that surgery and not be able to get pregnant any longer…I toss the condom away that I had laying on the bed and I literally felt like I was mounting her as I slid right into her very warm and wet pussy. She started bucking up against my pelvis before I was even set and ready to go…I catch up to her and between moans of pure pleasure and ecstasy, keeps telling me go harder, faster, harder, faster…

I feel her sending wave after wave of pleasure out over my cock as I am pounding as hard and as fast as I can into this beautiful woman’s fiery bush…She feels my whole body tense up and she grabs on to me with both of her legs, that she released from behind her head and draws me down to her beautiful breasts and hugs me tightly and locks her legs behind my butt and says, “cum deep inside me honey…NOW!!”

Well I was locked into her and I could feel our pubic bones grinding against each other as I finally explode into this wonderful woman’s luxurious pussy…It was amazing… her whole body tensed up and then she released me from her legs and arms and was laying there spent, but very happy…I remember how much Mandy liked it when I licked her pussy after cumming in her and I move down and begin to lick Becky’s pussy again and it causes her to go into an immediate orgasm that splashes me with a large amount of her and my cum mixed together and I continue to lick away feverishly at her clit and get yet another splash from her…

She looks down at me and says, “you need to stop honey…I can’t take anymore…please stop…” I do and am now worried that I screwed up and have hurt or something…she just pulls me down on to her chest and places my head right in the middle of her large breasts and says, “thanks you sweetheart…” and is then laying there crying…

Oh shit…what did I do now…Sis and Mandy come in slowly as they hear the commotion has quieted down quite bit and I am laying there with Becky hugging me and crying and saying thank you, over and over… Mandy gets my attention and gives me the it is ok honey signal…and Sis moves over to the bed and starts to rub Becky’s arm a little. She does not say anything just sits there and is rubbing her arm…I notice that Mandy and Sis have what looks like tears in their eyes too…great…what the fuck did I do now…

Becky finally releases me, and I sit up and start to rub her leg that is closest to me, Sis and Mandy look at me and nod their heads yes and to just be quiet as Becky is laying there kind of whimpering and crying. She finally regains her composure and sits up on the bed and looks at me and says, “thank you sweetheart, I have needed that for about two years now…you have given me a very special gift and I really appreciate it…truly…”

I lean over and give her a kiss on her forehead and she hugs me and give me a very passionate kiss back and then lays back down on the bed. Sis and Mandy motion me to go out for a moment, so I get up and head out to the kitchen and get some coffee going…figuring there may be some talking that needs to be done…If I can help her I want to because that was a very emotional release she just had and I am completely in woods and cannot see the forest for the trees…

Mandy comes out shortly after I do and sees I have some coffee going and comes over to me and gives me a big huge hug and looks me in the eyes, and says, “you are pretty amazing honey…that was beautiful what you did for her…” I decide, why ruin the mystic and open my mouth, so I just grin at Mandy and give her a kiss. We go out to the living room and sit down, and I can hear Sis in there talking with Becky…but don’t want to mess with anything so just sit there with Mandy as we wait.

I am sitting there, nude with Mandy who is also nude, and Sis and Becky are also nude as they come out of the bedroom…so I am hoping I did not screw up and trying not to make an issue with a hard on popping up at an inopportune time…

Becky really does have an amazing body, she could stand naked with Sis and Mandy anytime and never feel like she was out shined by these younger women…Sis can tell that I am admiring Becky’s body as they come in and kind of gives me the not right this second motion and I keep my lip shut…Mandy gets up and lets Becky come and sit next to me and she slides down to the end of the couch.

Becky looks over at me and says, “Thank you honey, that was just so amazing, it was a release I have needed for quite a while and having it with you, this very young caring man was just so incredible to me…I was a little overwhelmed…”

The moment of truth…what the hell do I say…suddenly something hits me and I go with it, “Becky, you are a very smart and stunningly beautiful woman…If your husband can not see that he is either a completely blind fool, or does not deserve your love…”

Becky looks over at me with these loving bright green eyes and says, “my god…why could you not be 20 years older…?” She leans over and gives me a hug and a very passionate kiss and there we go…hello Mr. Boner…Jesus this is not going to be good… Becky looks down and sees I am getting a hard on again and actually lets out a little girlish giggle and says… “I really do start your motor, don’t I?” Whew… I let myself relax a little… Sis and Mandy giggle too and give me a loving look of approval…

We are all just sitting there and talking while we sip down some coffee and Sis gets up and makes another pot. Becky notices me watching her wiggle her cute little ass into the kitchen and leans over and whispers in my ear, “She is an amazing woman, you are very lucky to have been able to love her…” She looks at me and winks a knowing eye of approval…

~~End of Part 10~~

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