The Start of a Holiday

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Their bags were packed, hotel rooms reserved, and a house sitter had been organized. Norm and Jacinta’s vacation to Hawaii was going to be the best vacation since their honeymoon. That had also been in Hawaii. Being newly married at the time they had spent most of their time together in the hotel room. They had been hoping to revive some of that old sexual excitement, but considering the nature of their recent sexual escapades, Norm and Jacinta were going to have to greatly increase their level of kinkiness in order to top some of their recent shenanigans. Within the last few months Norm and Jacinta had both enjoyed adding more guys to their fantasy and also to their reality. Only recently Norm and Jacinta had enjoyed having two other guys join them for some kinky group fun. Norm and Jacinta were both eager to see what they could get up to in Hawaii. There would be no boundaries to get in the way of their fun.

As the day of their departure grew closer the days seemed to drag on. At least this was an opportunity to make sure that everything was ready for the vacation. One of the last things to be organized was a house sitter. The idea of leaving their house sitting vacant for two weeks didn’t sit well with either of them. Both Norm and Jacinta wanted someone to collect the mail, take out the garbage, and just make it look like someone was living there.

The person they had chosen to take care of their house was a recent high school graduate named Anna. Norm and Jacinta had come to know Anna when Norm had tutored her in math. Anna was an A grade student, but math was one of the things she just couldn’t wrap her head around. So Norm, being something of a math nerd, had stepped in to help. For the last two years of her high school career, Norm had often sat across from Anna at the kitchen table, trying to explain some complex mathematical problem all the while attempting not to stare at her perky teenage tits. He didn’t always succeed and Anna enjoyed the attention. It made her feel mature and desirable to think that this older man was so enamored with her budding sexuality and it gave her some sense of control over him. It helped that she thought Norm was handsome. In her fantasies she imagined him fucking her with abandon while she enthusiastically fingered her clit until she came with a shuddering climax.

One time while they were taking a break from studying Norm had shown Anna a photo of himself and Jacinta on a weekend away. They were by the pool. Norm was wearing a pair of shorts and Jacinta was wearing a barely there bikini. Anna may have been a bit of a flirt, but she had no intention of coming between Norm and Jacinta. But while remembering this image of Jacinta in her barely there bikini Anna often fantasized about sharing Norm with Jacinta. In her mind’s eye she could see Jacinta’s tits bouncing around while Norm rammed his cock into her pussy again and again. Then it would be her turn. Anna’s smaller tits, being those of a teenage girl, wouldn’t bounce nearly as much. But Norm would fuck her just as hard. This fantasy never went very far because Anna always came the moment avrupa yakası escort she imagined Norm’s cock stretching her pussy lips.

On the early morning of their departure Norm and Jacinta met Anna at their front door. Just before they officially headed off on their holiday Norm handed Anna the keys to the door. Norm’s fingers gently caressed Anna’s hand he handed her the keys.

“Remember,” Jacinta said, while Norm was imagining that same hand wrapping around his cock, “No parties, no drugs, no guests. You are free to use our house as your own. Just remember to collect the mail and take out the garbage.”

Anna smiled at the thought of someone trusting her with such a grown up responsibility. Norm smiled at the thought of her lithe, sexy, teenage body sleeping almost naked in his bed. Before long Norm and Jacinta were onto the expressway and on their way to the airport. If the worst thing they had to deal with on this journey was the traffic then this would be a memorable trip. But the cloud over their plans began to grow when the traffic showed no signs of letting up. Not only that, but it had started to rain. When they finally got to the airport they were at the end of a very long queue. No one likes standing in a queue and the sounds of grumpy complaining filtered back to Norm and Jacinta. By the time they reached the front of the line the girl behind the counter informed them, with a smile, that the flight had been cancelled due to mechanical issues with the plane. But they would be able to get onto another plane to Hawaii. That other plane was not due to depart until tomorrow. So Norm and Jacinta had no option but to return home and try again tomorrow. Their plans for holiday escapades were going to have to wait an extra day.

By the time they arrived home it was dark. The lights were all turned off, but there was some light coming from the lounge room TV. Norm and Jacinta quietly snuck in, thinking that Anna had fallen asleep in front of the TV. Jacinta went into the kitchen to plug her phone into the charger while Norm went into the lounge to check on Anna. The sounds coming from the TV were unmistakable. Anna had been watching porn. A cheeky smile spread across Norm’s face just as fast as his cock sprang to attention. On the screen two girls were madly licking each other to orgasm while a guy was ramming his cock into the pussy of one of the girls. The girl who didn’t have a cock in her pussy would alternate between licking her friend’s clit and, whenever the opportunity arose, licking and sucking the pussy juice off the cock that had been furiously pumping into her friend.

As mesmerized by this video as Norm was he didn’t realize that not all of the sounds were coming from the TV. Anna wasn’t asleep, but was busy working herself into an orgasm. In her ecstasy she didn’t realize that she wasn’t alone in the room. Anna’s panties were around one of her ankles and her other foot was on the coffee table. Her legs spread, so that if the TV could see it would have had the perfect view of her sweet young pussy. Anna’s shirt bahçelievler escort bayan was hiked up to reveal her pert teen tits. She was bra less and her nipples were pointing to attention. One of her hands was busy rubbing her clit while the other was gently twisting and pulling her nipples, one after the other.

Norm stood there for a few moments enjoying the show. Then when Jacinta came in to see what was going on Anna realized that she was being watched. She quickly stood up, trying to cover herself, and reaching for the remote control for the TV at the same time. All that she managed to do was knock the remote control to the floor. Norm quickly kicked it out of the way so that the porn would continue playing in the background. Jacinta gave Norm a look that said their holiday fun was about to start.

“I… I… I’m sorry. I didn’t realize…” Anna tried to explain while Norm’s cock grew even harder. Anna looked so sexy in that moment. Her lithe teen body was almost naked. Her panties around one of her ankles, and her tight shirt almost, but not quite, covering her pert teen nipples.

“I didn’t realize you liked girls,” Jacinta said, looking at the two girls devouring each other’s pussies on the screen. “You’re not the good little girl I thought you were.”

“I’m not a lesbian,” Anna whimpered. “I like boys.” Anna was desperate to defend her sexuality, not realizing that both Norm and Jacinta found her incredibly sexy at that moment.

“It doesn’t look like it,” Jacinta said, gesturing towards the two girls on the screen. “Why don’t you prove that you are not into girls. Suck Norm’s cock.”

The last thing Anna wanted was for Jacinta to tell anyone that she had been found naked in another person’s house, fingering her pussy, while watching porn. She had no other option other than to do what she was told. The idea of Norm’s cock filling her mouth, the taste of his cum on her tongue, wasn’t objectionable. She had often fantasized about what it would be like to suck Norm’s cock. But this wasn’t how she imagined it happening. Hearing this Norm quickly dropped his pants and stood at the end of the couch where Anna could easily grab hold of his cock. Anna climbed onto her hands and knees on the couch and reached out for Norm’s cock. Her soft fingers gently squeezed his cock as she wrapped her fingers around him, then stroked his cock from the base to the tip a few times, feeling how hard and warm it felt in her hand.

“Go on. Put it in your mouth.” Jacinta said, observing the action from beside Anna. From where Jacinta was standing she could see a drop of pre-cum oozing from the end of Norm’s cock. Anna reached out with her tongue and licked the drip of pre-cum from the tip of Norm’s cock before wrapping her lips around the cock head. Being a state of arousal from her own attention before Norm and Jacinta came home, and now having Norm’s cock in her mouth Anna felt herself edging closer to orgasm. Bobbing her head up and down on Norm’s cock each time getting him deeper and deeper into her throat, bakırköy escort Anna realized that it wasn’t going to be long before she came.

“MMMM!” Anna half moaned, half screamed, with Norm’s cock deep in her mouth. The thing that finally pushed her over the edge was something warm and wet pushing at her pussy lips. As the throes of her orgasm began to subside Anna realized that it was Jacinta licking her pussy. Anna’s orgasm had made her pussy dripping wet and Jacinta’s face glistened with Anna’s pussy juice.

“Did you like that? Did you like me licking your pussy?” Jacinta asked as Anna had rolled over onto her back. While she was questioning Anna, Jacinta continued to rub Anna’s pussy. Would you like Norm to fuck you? Would you like Norm to fuck your pussy like this?” Jacinta asked as she pushed two fingers into Anna’s tight teen pussy.

“Oh god yes! Fuck me, please.” Anna pleaded.

“But first you have to do something for me. Jacinta informed Anna.

“Anything. I’ll do anything. I need his cock.” Anna begged while Jacinta continued to finger fuck Anna with two, then three fingers.

“If you want to feel his cock in your tight little pussy you will have to lick my pussy of me.” Jacinta told Anna. In her mad state of desire Anna would have done anything if it meant being fucked by Norm’s cock, which she had been deep throating only moments before.

“Anything. Just put your cock in me, Norm. I want you to fuck me.”

Jacinta straddled Anna’s head and lowered her pussy down over Anna’s mouth. Norm watched momentarily amazed as Anna’s tongue first made contact with Jacinta’s pussy. Jacinta threw her head back and closed her eyes as she started to enjoy having her pussy licked and sucked. For a few moments Norm was spell bound. Then realization dawned on him that this was finally his opportunity to fuck this tight teen pussy that he had been thinking about for so long. Norm lifted Anna’s butt up off the couch and put a cushion under her. Then climbing between her legs, Norm gently eased his cock into Anna’s tight pussy. As he pushed in deeper and deeper Anna’s moans of pleasure were muffled by Jacinta’s pussy being mashed into Anna’s face. Soon Norm and Jacinta fell into a rhythm. Norm’s thrusts into Anna’s pussy were timed with Jacinta rubbing her pussy over Anna’s lips and tongue. As Norm pounded into Anna’s pussy he alternated between caressing Anna’s tits and squeezing her nipples. Then he would give Jacinta’s nipples some attention.

With one hand norm reached down and rubbed Anna’s clit while he was fucking her furiously. With the other hand he guided Jacinta’s nipple closer to his mouth. It was the combination of having her nipples sucked and her pussy licked that pushed Jacinta over the edge. Her pussy exploded in a torrent of girl cum that flooded all over Anna’s face. Seeing his wife in such pleasure just served o increase his level of excitement. The surreal nature of this situation, fucking his teenage house sitter, while she licked his wife’s pussy was just too much for Norm to take. Norm exploded deep inside Anna’s pussy. Pumping squirt after squirt deep inside Anna’s pussy; at that same moment Anna exploded in her second shattering orgasm for the night.

After they hand all calmed down a little Norm and Jacinta took turns licking Ann’s pussy clean. That night they all slept in the same bed and made love once again in the morning. This was the start of a very special and exciting holiday.

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