The Spread Part 2

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The door whooshed closed behind the two men, alerting Rose to their presence. She turned to face them, and the two groups stared at each other bewildered.

“I thought this area was closed after the impact?”, she heard one man whisper to the other.

“It was”.

“Then how did…”?

The two men pondered the thought as Rose felt an already familiar pressure between her legs. Her new “suit” was reacting to the men somehow, spreading and filling her. The strange thought tickled the back of her mind again. Spread. Suddenly she was overcome with a burning desire, deep in the core of her. She needed these men to fuck her. Now.

“Should we call it in…?”, one of the men continued, both still keeping their eyes on Rose. She took a step towards them, licking her lips as the suit rewarded her pussy with a quick pump. She reached up, tugging at the buttons on her blue jumpsuit. She needed it off now, she didn’t care if they saw the alien… thing stuck to her underneath.

“…Woah…”, one of the men said, elbowing his companion and pointing to the now-undressing Rose. The other man was already watching. Rose’s hands went down her jumpsuit, expertly unbuttoning herself. She pulled the top apart, exposing her breasts to the cold air of the ship. Only she wasn’t cold. The suit underneath was keeping her frustratingly hot. There was no terrified gasp from the men though, and looking down at herself she realized why. Somehow, the mysterious liquid had either made itself transparent, or become so thin against her own skin that she couldn’t see it. She knew it was there though. She could feel it.

She pulled her arms out of the jumpsuit, and pushed it down past her toned stomach and hips. She stepped out of the offending clothing, finally fully “naked”, and stood in front of the men expectantly. Her pussy ached; the liquid keeping her right on the edge. She somehow knew it wouldn’t let her cum until these men fucked her though. One of the men gulped as he looked to her bald crotch, and couldn’t help but notice bursa escort the distinct sheen of her juices running down her thighs.

“Well?”, Rose asked with a voice that was not entirely her own, “Are you going to fuck me yet?”. The two men looked at each other in amazement. Rose could see with a quick glance that they were both already hard for her. They didn’t take much convincing. They approached her quickly, letting their hands grope her tight body. She moaned as they roughly kneaded her tits, rolling her hardened nipples in their hands. One smacked her ass roughly, and she nearly came. The suit, unbeknownst to the men, was doing it’s job keeping her just before the edge of orgasm. It was driving her crazy with need.

She had had enough of waiting. Grabbing one man, she quickly unbuttoned his uniform. He stepped out of it obediently, his hard cock hanging now in the open air before her. She was practically drooling with need for it. Every part of her was on fire; she had to be fucked now. She bent over for him, shaking her ass seductively, and he got the hint. He put his hands on her hips and pulled her to him. She felt the liquid pull away; out of her dripping pussy, making room for his cock.

He placed his head against her entrance, her soaked lips parting for him easily. He pushed his hips forward, impaling her on his cock. Rose came as he pushed all the way into her; her pussy clamping down as it finally got the release it craved. But there was no real release, only more need. The other man approached her from the front, and she greedily reached out for the second cock. She obediently opened her mouth for him, letting him take up her mouth with his hard length.

The two men started to thrust, one after the other. First her pussy was stretched wide, and her ass slammed into the man’s hips. Only for her to be thrust off and for the cock in her mouth to nearly gag her as it slammed deep. Her orgasm hadn’t stopped, and she knew it was another gift from the alien liquid. Her body quivered relentlessly around her bursa escort bayan two invaders, and she knew why. She had to milk them. That’s what the suit wanted. For them to cum inside her. She wanted it too. She leaned back, and the man behind her got the hint, laying himself down. She squatted on him and put him quickly back inside her. She slowly worked her legs to ride him.

“My… ass…”, she moaned as she popped the second man’s cock out of her mouth. Why had she said that? She’d never had anything up her ass before. But now she wanted it more than anything. The man obliged, taking up his place behind her. She sat, filling her pussy completely before leaning forward, giving the man full access to her tight rear hole. It wasn’t long before she felt his cock against her tight asshole. He started to push, and the pressure was amazing. He pushed harder and harder, until finally the head of his cock popped into her, painfully stretching her virgin hole around him.

“Fuuuuuck!”, the man under her exclaimed as her pussy suddenly tightened even more around him. Now unobstructed, the cock in her ass pushed deeper, forcing more of the thick length into her guts. Finally her drove home, and she felt his hips connect with her ass. She shuddered. She had never felt more full, and having both her holes filled together like this felt somehow so right. Her continuous orgasm peaked; her holes clamping desperately around the cocks. Then they started to rock.

“Holy shit!!”, Rose screamed as their cocks see-sawed against each other through her, each stretching her as they slammed deep. The two men were obviously feeling it too, as she felt them start to thrust more erratically. Their breathing became heavy and primal, and she knew what was going to happen next. She was ready. Her body needed it.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum.”, one man grunted. He started to pull back, not wanting to cum inside her. Rose felt the suit react instantly. It thickened around her, reverting back to its’ regular black shimmer as it moved over her. escort bursa It wrapped back over her crotch in an instant, and she felt it run over the two cocks connected to her. She looked behind her as the man who was about to pull out screamed. The liquid had encircled his hips, pulling him back deep into her. He pushed at her ass, desperate to get out, but the suit held him in her. Looking down, she could see that the man in her pussy was held in a similar way.

Both tried to pull out of her, but the suit was too strong. Worse for them, it was doing more than holding them. It took over for them, thrusting their hips forcefully into Rose, fucking her with their cocks. The screams didn’t bother her; she was too busy cumming. Finally she felt them start to pulse inside her, and her orgasm somehow intensified again. She nearly blacked out from pleasure as the first spurts of cum were let out deep in her holes. The heat coated her insides as the suit held the men deep in her. The three of them came together for minutes as the liquid held them together. Rose barely noticed as the men kept cumming, letting out load after load into her, until she felt the cum start to leak out around their cocks. She felt so full. So complete.

After what seemed like an eternity the men had no more to give her. The liquid pulled away from them, and they slowly separated. Looking over them, Rose realized they must have both passed out sometime during their orgasm. As their cocks slid out of her, the suit quickly took it’s place around her crotch again, sealing their cum deep in her. She stood, and felt more full than she ever had. Yet, she still wanted more. Needed more. She reached down for her discarded jumpsuit. Then she dropped it with a knowing smile. The suit had already taken on the appearance of the uniform the two men had been wearing. Very clever. Looking back at the black orb in the corner of the room, Rose couldn’t help but think it was a bit bigger now. She loved that.

Rose made her way to the door, finding it now unlocked. She already knew what she had to do. Stepping into the hallway of the ship, she found a map. She traced a line with her finger from her location to the sleeping quarters. Spread.

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