The Silken Family Trap Ch. 08

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Part VIII – The Finale

From Part VII

“Of course even me and Eileen had to have help to drag you down here to the basement and truss you up; so Matron helped.”

Matron stepped into my sight. She was dressed in a black full body corset and waist cincher; her tits pushed up and out. From the bodice of her waist cincher, suspenders ran down her legs to her favourite smoky grey fully-fashioned nylon stockings. She had on a pair of the highest heels I had ever seen; black of course. She too was heavily made up.

“Hi Michele,” she smiled at me and winked.

“But why?” I pleaded again.

“Because Mike, you need to be taught a lesson. Although we enjoy having sex with you and each other, and really get off on your nylon fetish, you did rape us!”

“What?!?” I asked amazed.

“All of us Mike, you forced yourself on all of us to begin with. So now you are going to see and feel what it’s like to have someone force themselves on you. We have turned you into a girl; and now we are going to rape you!” Mom said viciously, her heavily made up face angry but so sexy.


“Remember Mike, you forced yourself on me first,” said my Sister Eileen.

“You dry fucked me fully clothed after I caught you playing with Mom’s pantyhosed legs while she slept.”

My mind went back the that first fateful evening, I remember my Sister pleading as I lay on top of her:

“But I’m your sister Mike, I’m your sister!”

“I know that. You are my cock teasing, slut sister, who lounges around the house showing off her assets just to tease me. If you suspected I had a pantyhose fetish, then you must have done all that on purpose!”

“But I’m still your sister, we can’t,” she sobbed.

“Well I can,” I said.

I reached between us and hiked up her skirt all the way over her hips, I positioned my now rock hard cock between her silky nyloned legs and against the gusset of the nylon panties she wore under her pantyhose. Then I began to move slowly back and forth, pushing my cock against her gossamer encased pussy. She had given up the struggle and was quietly sobbing, her head was resting against mine.

“Don’t Mike, please don’t, I’m your sister,” she whispered.

“I don’t care,” I whispered back. “I have wanted to do this for so long, I don’t care about the consequences.” I whimpered and then gently kissed her.

“And me Mike, you raped me too. I know that you will argue that I now love every second we spend in bed together, but the first time was Rape!” cried my Mother.

I remembered the first time I had taken Mom. She was setting me up to take me to some shrink because she had found out about Sis and me. It’s true I forced myself on her; I remembered her eyes when I fucked her, so icy:

I released the hold on her hands and lifted her silken pantyhosed legs up and around me. Mom didn’t fight; she hadn’t said a word other than the grunt as I entered her. She was just like a rag doll. Tears streamed slowly down her face and her eyes were closed. I shucked off my shave coat all the way so that I was now fully naked and could feel the gauzy nylon of her pantyhose legs on my back and thighs. I pulled back my throbbing cock all the way and thrusted deeply into her, once, twice, three times.

Each time I did, she grunted with the force of my thrusts. On the third thrust I pushed in as far as I could and rubbed my balls on her panty-ass and concentrated on the feel of her silken nylon legs against me. I exploded; torrents of semen seemed to explode out my cock. The pleasure was so intense that it was almost painful.

I shuddered and groaned for what seemed like an eternity as I filled my mother with my hot seed. Eventually I came down from the plateaux of ecstasy and opened my eyes. I found myself looking at my mother’s icy blue eyes; they were devoid of emotion. She just stared up at me.

“And with me Mike; you even had your Sister, assist you into blackmailing me to having sex with you. Yes it’s true that I had given you the ‘come on’ and would gladly have let you have what you took; but you did essentially rape me,” quipped in Matron, the last pendik escort of my three nyloned goddesses.

I remember that Matron had flirted with me and that was one reason I was determined to have her, but I did force myself on her to get my way; with Eileen’s help as I remember it:

“I’m commmming” I hissed and pushed my pulsating hard cock deep inside her.

I felt my member drive in as far it would go and her ass muscles grip and spasm all around it. Her fat white ass was shoved flat against my crotch and her stocking legs were forced hard against the desk. My cock exploded a torrent of semen in long juddering jets and I felt the hot jism wash around the head of my penis which had created a dam in her ass tunnel. I pulled on the reins of her garters and moaned.


Matron was quivering against me, I couldn’t believe she was coming; having an anal orgasm as I raped her.

I was smiling to myself as I remembered taking each of my girls, my Mother, my Sister, and finally, Matron; my Mother’s boss. They had all been willing participants for the last few months, so why now was I handcuffed to the ceiling with a space bar between my legs.

“So what are you going to do then?” I asked, a little worried about my vulnerability.

Matron turned around now; up until now she had her back to me and was fiddling with something. As I had noticed before; she was dressed in a black full body corset and waist cincher, her tits pushed up and out. From the bodice of her waist cincher, suspenders ran down her legs to her favourite smoky grey fully-fashioned nylon stockings. She had on a pair of the highest heels I had ever seen; black of course. She was heavily made up. But, more importantly; she now had a huge rubber cock growing out of her crotch!

“Why Michele we are going to rape you of course!” she laughed.

“No, no, no! You keep that fucking thing away from me! You girls let me down and get me out of these women’s clothes and makeup, right fucking now!!!” I screamed and struggled uselessly against my restraints.

“Or what Mike; you’ll tell someone about this? The full story about how you have a raving fetish that has been your only excuse to commit incest with me and your Sister?” Mom hissed scornfully at me.

“Or that you not only forced me to perpetuate your incestual, nylon fetish games; but cajoled me into helping you rape the Matron!” spat my Sister Eileen.

“Oh no Mike, we made you into Michele, so now you can feel the same sense of helplessness that we felt when you initially forced yourself upon us. I’m sure you’ll get to like it Michele, just like we did!” Matron finished.

“So now honey, as an old saying goes: ‘when rape is inevitable, lay back and enjoy it!’ Obviously some stupid MAN thought of that, but in this case it’s apt I think; although you can’t really lie down now can you?” taunted Matron laughing.

Matron reached for a tube of lubricant that was lying on the bench and commenced to liberally coat the monster black cock strapped to her pelvic area with the greasy liniment. My eyes shot open wide at the size of the rubber penis protruding from her loins. It had to be eight inches long and Matron was having problems getting one hand around its girth.

“Don’t worry Michele, we’ll provide you with foreplay so that you’re nice and lubricated when it enters you.” Mocked my Sister, pointing at Matron’s huge false cock.

“Oh that’s right; men don’t get wet down there do they? Never mind well see if we can take your mind off the your forthcoming ravaging anyway,” Eileen taunted me further.

With that, my Sister came right up to me, face to face, and put her arms around me. It felt strange being in women’s clothing as she held me, but the feeling of the slinky skirt against my nyloned legs was arousing and the feel of my Sister’s body pressed against me excited me even more. She looked into my eyes and whispered,

“God! You are quiet pretty Michele!” and mashed her lips against mine. My lipstick lips on hers provided a unique and wonderful taste and as she pushed her tongue into my mouth I felt my penis beginning maltepe escort to stir in my nylon panties.

Eileen continued to kiss me and rub her body against mine, her beasts rubbing against my false breasts and her nylon bustier rasped against my blouse, creating erotic sensations that I had never felt before. My Sister’s hand dropped from the embrace and came to rest on my right knee. I felt her stroking me there through the diaphanous nylon stocking, then she slowly worked her hand up my leg. It was the strangest experience; my legs splayed and held in place by the chrome bar clasped to my ankles, and my Sister sliding her hand up under my skirt and along my stocking thigh. She was still kissing me deeply and the taste of lipstick was delicious in my mouth. My Sister ran her hand up the a garter strap, lingering to tickle the bare skin at the top of my thigh where the stocking ended, and then her hand slid slowly upwards and gently cupped my balls through the gauzy nylon of my panties. I began to thrust against her hand, enjoying the sensations of nylon against my cock.

She then removed her hand and placed it back on my shoulder, she pulled her face back a few inches and looked at me,

“Better stop that; we wouldn’t want Michele coming before we are ready for her to come, hey Mom?” she said looking deeply into my eyes.

“No honey, not until we are all ready,” I heard Mom’s reply close by and to the left.

I looked over and she was right there close to Eileen, they looked so hot; my Sister in her tight nylon bustier, taut red Lycra hotpants, and glossy taupe pantyhose. My Mom dressed in her black leather miniskirt, low cut blouse, six inch ‘fuck me’ pumps, and sheer black seamed stockings. Eileen started kissing me again, pulling me to her against the strain of my hands cuffed high overhead. My wrists were starting to hurt but my Sister’s sensual attack was taking my mind off the pain. I felt Eileen move slightly and opened my eyes to see what happening. Mom was on her knees beside me, and as I looked she commenced to stroke my spread legs. She ran her hands up and down my smoky grey stockings creating little electric shocks along my legs. I was looking at the black seams running down the back of her claves to her shiny black pumps when Sis commenced kissing me again in earnest.

Eileen’s hands had now moved inside my blouse and she was stroking my false tis through my lacy bra. She also ran her hands all over my chest, which felt wonderful now that it was hairless. Mom’s hands had worked their way under my dress and stroked my stocking thighs, then she too moved over the brief expanse of flesh between stocking and panty and lay her hands on my sex organs. As her right hand caressed my balls through the gauzy nylon of my panties, her other hand stroked my hardening member through the tight nylon panty material.

“Let me look,” I mumbled into Eileen’s mouth through our passionate kissing.

My Sister eased back slightly and looked herself at our Mother on her knees, dressed as whore whilst stroking this trussed up whore’s legs and panty covered cock. As we both watched, her head went under my skirt and I felt the exquisite savour of my mother’s hot lips and tongue on my erect member as she worked on it through my nylon panties.

Mom reached out and grabbed both sides of the hem of my skirt and in one quick movement, pushed it up around my waist. I looked down and saw my Mother between my legs which were encased in fully-fashioned smoky grey nylon stockings, I could see that my toenails were painted bright red through the opaque reinforced toe seam. On my feet, a pair of Mom’s black high-heeled, open toe, pumps. My Mom was on her knees, close to the metre long stainless steel bar that held my legs apart. Her heavily made up face was buried between my thighs as she sucked my now fully erect penis through a pair of the flimsiest white nylon panties I had ever seen; the straps from a matching garter clung to my thighs and ran down to my stocking tops.

“See Michele; your Mommy loves you,” my Sister whispered in my ear.

“And I love you too,” she whispered again and kartal escort pressed her face into mine to commence another passionate kissing session.

I felt my Mom ease aside my panties and take my penis between her lips and gently and slowly begin to suck it into her mouth as she slid her tongue around the sensitive glans. The feel of the sensuous clothes I was wearing, the nylon stockings, the panties, and the strange yet exotic taste of makeup as my Sister kissed my lipstick into my mouth was arousing beyond anything I had ever felt before. My Mother was now sucking me in earnest, she had tucked the front of my skirt into the top of the waistband and her hands ran crazily up and down my stocking legs. Every now and then she would grab the bar between my ankles and push her mouth hard up against my groin, taking my member deep in her throat. My Sister continued to passionately kiss me and run her hand over the outside and inside of blouse, caressing the sleek nylon against my chest. I was close coming.

Then as if by some prearranged signal (which I’m sure it was), my Mom grabbed my calves and locked my heels solidly on the floor. At the same time my Sister put her arms around me and held me as tight as she could as her mouth crushed against me and her tongue went wild in my mouth. I became briefly aware of a presence behind me and my skirt being lifted from the back. Then I feel my panties being pulled down and a fumbling, as a cold, rubber object is nestled between the bare cheeks of my arse.

My God! Its Matron; I had forget all about her.

With that Matron thrusts and I feel my back passage ripped apart as the rubber cock enters me. I squeal with pain as the hard prick fills me and I feel the worst pain I have ever felt. I am held by my Mom and Sister and can’t move in any way, my Sister continues to kiss me as she whispers between the kisses,

“It’s ok Michele, relax, take it!”

Then Matron whispers in my ear as well, I can feel her body against my back as she wriggles and thrusts, forcing her rubber strap-on cock into me.

“Shut up bitch! Now you know how it feels,” as she commences thrusting in and out of me.

On each forward thrust Matron’s cock drives deeper into my ass. Because of the pain I have tears of mascara running down my cheeks but my cock remains hard as Mom continues to suck in rhythm with Matron’s thrusting. My Sister continues to kiss and caress me as my Mother strokes my stocking legs running her hands in spidery waves up and down my calves and thighs.

I quickly realise that trying to squeeze Matron’s cock out of my arse is only hurting me more. Matron is panting now and I can feel her hot breath on my neck. I force myself to relax the muscles in my arse, a strange thing happens; as the cock-head of Matron’s hard rubber penis rubs against my prostate, I feel a warm tingle of pleasure. The please is amplified by the sweet lips of my Mother, who is gently sucking my cock now that she has realised I’m no longer struggling. My Sisters kisses are sweet and I respond and offer my tongue back to her and taste her luscious lipsticked mouth.

I start to get into the same motion as Matron, pushing back on her as she thrusts, pulling back away when she pulls back on the backstroke. Matron quickens her pace whilst at the same time Mommy sucks harder on my now pulsing penis. My Sister Eileen sucks my tongue deep into her mouth and pulls me hard against her, her breasts pushed hard against mine, Mom sucks my penis deep into her hot wet mouth and sucks hard and ravishes the glans of my penis with her tongue. Matron is fucking me hard and fast and then as she senses my climax, Matron drives her hard rubber cock deep in my arse and gyrates her hips.

My orgasm is so intense I think I might faint. My cock convulses in my Mother’s mouth as streams of semen eject from my pulsing, turgid member; my arse spasms from the pressure of the hard cock stimulating my prostate; and my mouth tastes the sweet zest of my Sister’s fragrant mouth. I love the feel of the silky clothing caressing my body, the sleek stockings on my legs, the sheer panties still clinging to my scrotal sac, the blouse gently nuzzling my chest and back. I push myself up on my tiptoes as my high heels rise inches off the ground as my climax drives me over the top.

I am spent, all resistance gone; I am entangled in a silken family trap!


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