The Shady Stranger and His Slave, Ravyn

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Ravyn was a teen aged girl of about 15. She had shoulder length black and purple hair with bright green eyes. Her body was as pale as the moon light. She had two plump good sized breast about a b cup a round perfect sized ass, and her body was in healthy shape . Ravyn had here lip, her tongue and her nipples pierced. A black heavy blanket was now over her resting body, under witch she was wearing a spiked collar and ankh necklace, a silky black bra with a soft black g string, a black velvet corset and a satin skirt with fishnets and big black boots.

A stranger now entered her dark stone brick house. He had been watching her from some time. “ A perfect specimen”, he thought to him self as he planed how to use this girl. Shade first noticed the girls house because it was across from the cemetery he hung out in. He had been watching her for about a year and planned the perfect moment when she would be alone on a cold night where no one could hear her.

This stranger’s name was Shade. He was about 17.He had black hair that was short. His eyes were a mysterious dark soft brown and his eye brow was pierced along with his ear. He had a nice build and was very strong. His skin was a healthy tan color though he never went out into the sun. He now was wearing a black trench coat, a pair of black jeans some red plaid boxers and a black shirt with a band on it. He also had a chain necklace and he carried a black back pack.


He walked into the house that was light by a single burning candle. The door closed. Walking about the first story of the house he noticed it had not only two stories but three. There was a tower in the second story that added to its height. He walked up threw the huge house to the stairs. He kept walking until he was in the tower.

It was a fascinating room. A fireplace was in the room. He light it for warmth. He could now see it had a big soft bed and a couch. It had nothing on its stone walls but two bared windows. He also had taken notice that it had a bathroom complete with a big bath tub and a separate shower. The door locked from the inside and he found the key to it under the couch. This was the perfect room for his job.

He was very exited at this time and his 8inches were already hardening. Walking down to the second story of the house into the room he knew to be Ravyn’s he was tense with anticipation. bursa escort Shade had watched her in this room from a tree outside. From outside her half way open door he could hear her slumber. This was the perfect time to slip into her room unnoticed.

Creeping across the smooth tile floor to her bed he took in her sweet sent of roses and honey. Her room was dark and cold. It contained a bed a dresser and a chair. He looked out the widow and imagined himself outside in the tree looking in.

As he went over and leaned across the still sleeping Ravyn he slid the blanket off of her beautiful body and took a sleeping pill out of his pocket. It would keep her asleep for another hour while he brought he to the other room and put every thing in its place. She didn’t weigh much so he carried her up into the tower and gently placed her body on the bed.

She slept and he tied her hands and placed black rose scented candles in the room. He tended to the fire, the room was now comfortable and warm. He sat on the bed for another half an hour watching her body sleep. As she slept he teased her body and rubbed her nipples threw her shirt.

Ravyn woke up and looked at the ceiling with her emerald eyes clad in black eyeliner. She knew at once she was in a different room. She could feel her restricted hands. Fear ran threw her body as well as curiosity. Her eyes searched for the stranger.

They’re eyes met and Shade smiled softly.” Hello, lovely sleeping Ravyn.” he said in a soft voice. “ I know you want to scream so go ahead and get it out of your system. Ravyn said nothing. She just stared back at him not blinking. She spoke in fear “ Who are you stranger?” “ You ,my dear, can call me Master”, he said in a deep voice ,” For now that’s who I am.”

He laid himself on top of her and spread her legs . Shade began to remove her clothes . He took of her boots and fishnets, then her skirt. He carefully unlaced her corset. Her body was now almost fully exposed to him. But he just stared at her for a second to enjoy her perfect body, teasing himself. When he couldn’t take it any more he removed he thong and bra exposing her pierced nipples on her round breast.. “ You have a perfect body, my slave.” he informed Ravyn as he rubbed her breast. “ You cant imagine what I want to do to it.”

Shade proceeded to remove his shirt. Ravyn’s pussy was now a little wet. She couldn’t hide the fact that he was very attractive to her. He then bursa escort bayan removed his shoes and pants, then to her pleasure his boxers. He stood over her on his knees with his 8inch hard on at her breasts . She looked at him with a deeply anticipating look. “ I know you want me ,slave” he teased as his hand felt her soaking pussy lips. He rubbed his dick on her nipple studs. Then he asked ”Are you a virgin, my dear sweet Ravyn?” She nodded her head no. “ Good, so it wont be so bad will it?” and he smiled. He leaned down to her and kissed her softly. Ravyn’s mind was racing. She couldn’t help wanting him. She kissed him back. Her tongue stud felt nice against his tongue.

“You know what that stud would feel good against?” he thought aloud into Ravyn’s ear. “ It would feel heavenly on my cock.” He moved his throbbing hard cock up to her open mouth. She licked from his balls up to the tip of his dick and swallowed the warm sweet pre cum. She put 7inches in her mouth as she sucked and rubbed she stud on his balls. He moaned in pleasure as he felt he lip ring against his shaft and her tongue stud on his balls.

She picked up her pace and before he could warn her his cum filled her mouth. He let out a sigh of pleasure as she swallowed his cum and lick his dick clean. He then kissed her skillful mouth and got off of her. He sat beside he and said, “ That was amazing, slave girl!” “ Anything to please you master” she said.

“Is there anything I can do to reward you my pet?” he asked her .Testing her. “ I want anything that will please you , master” she said with a smile. “You learn quickly her don’t you? You know that I am your master now and you will please only me. But you deserve something in return for your skill until I can fuck you.” he leaned over and grabbed a black candle.

Pouring the wax down her chest to her belly she gave a satisfying moan. “ You like that don’t you my little slave slut?” as he poured some onto him self his cock grew to full length yet again. He put the candle back. And slid his warm hard cock into her wet tight shaven pussy. “ Ohh.. that’s good”, he moan. He let it slide back and forth slowly in and out of her while her watched her cum. She moaned with pleasure as she came once then twice.

After he watched her cum about five times he whispered” Get into the floor slave” in to her ear. After she nodded he kissed her a bit her lip. He then bit her neck drawing blood. She kissed him, escort bursa wanting a taste. Then he removed his cock and stood by the bed waiting for her to get onto the floor.

She knew exactly what he wanted and got on all fours. Shade got behind her and started to pump her tight we pussy once more, but this time with his hand pulling at her nipple rings. He fucked her harder and harder and dug his nails into her breast drawing blood. Ravyn winced in pain but it only drew her closer to an orgasm.

He then pulled back and pushed his cock ,wet from her pussy, into her tight round virgin ass. She screamed a little and feel onto her stomach. Pounding her ass she had another orgasm from the numb pain. He picked her up onto all fours again and slid it back again into her aching cunt. “ I’m going to cum in your tight little pussy slave!” He scream as he finish him self and emptied squirt after squirt of hot sperm into her vagina. Just then she also came and they lay there in pleasure together.
She rolled over onto her back and kissed him as he untied her hands. “ That was amazing!” he told her after a long sweet kiss. He picked her up and placed her on the bed beside him. They both slept until it was early in the morning. It was dark, cold, and hazy outside.

Shade woke at the same time as Ravyn. They looked into each others eyes and smiled. She could feel his morning boner on her leg and wrapped her hand around it. His cock and her pussy were still sticky from last nights pleasure. “ Shall we shower?” he asked her.

They walk over to the shower and turned of the steaming hot water. He slipped in first and then her. Shade washed her pale perfect body clean and then she washed his. While she was cleaning off his hard cock she began to work it in her hand. “ No,” he said stopping her” I want to cum some were else.” “Were my love?” Ravyn said in a curious voice. “You’ll see.” he said with a laugh.

They both put they’re clothes back on and went down stairs for breakfast. “I have been watching you for a long time, Ravyn” Shade said,” I used to watch you threw your window and you had to be mine. My name is Shade. I wont always just use you as my slave, I love you more than to just abuse you.” “ I love you to my Shade” she replied.

After they were done Shade told Ravyn he wanted her to make him cum in the grave yard across the street. She agreed as long as they could get some sleep. So they curled up side by side by the fire in the living room until that night when she would bring him pleasure in the grave yard….

More to come. Next-The Slave of the Dead.

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